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"Screen my cistern"
We Will Do the Rest
J. Bodenger, Pres.
ers Cornice & Plumbing Wks.
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a Few Days Only
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be all up i the air about your l
eyes-Consult STRECK a,
the Optometrist. No charge to
for good, honest advice, and a
only fair prices for the bet
eye glasses made. b
Urai, hbshlsu Gng tim. ti
theIPPI LANOptoD & INtrit. TMENT .
Be It known, that on this 25th day of the
month of May, in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and eleven and of the
Independence of the United States of Amer
ica the one hundred and thirty-fith, before
me, Martin 8. Mahoney, a notary publi,
duly comminaloned and quallfied, in and for
this city, and the parish of Orean, terein
residing and in the presence of the witness
es hereinafter named and undersigned, per
and Michael J. Rooney, a resident of the
city of New Orleans, state of 11ouis81ana8
herein appearing and acting in their capaci
tie of president and ASretary rc. tively
of, the ew OrleanA and Mi OiFsappl Land
and InveStment CITY ompany, a corporation or-S.
Beganied under the lat on thLuth dlana and the
domiciled in the city of New Orlead ons, a.,
thcorporated by acthundred aned before the under
Indged notary on the sixth dStay of ctober,
A. D. 1906 amissioned aduly requalicoed in andthe mort
gathise oe of the parish of Orleans, a book herein
849 and in the presence o the 709
es ho declared that at a general meeting
of the stockolders ofrt, said corporation held
in the city o New Orleans, a. on the 2uisianth
day of May, A. D. 1911, said meeting hav
ing been called In the manner prescribed by
law. for the speclnt purpose hereinafter et
forth, the followeang amendments of the char
ter of said corporation were adopted by
unanimous vote o the owners ofuian andll the
Sdomicileanding th city of said rporaton, to
Article IV of the charter of said corpo
ration was amended so as to read as fol
The stcapital stock of thi corporation shall
bn the iand s hereby firled at the su of two
hundred thousand dollars ($200,000.00), di
in been called In the masented by escribt thou
sand shares (8,000spci of the pr value ofset
casrth, tprope rty or othr amendment an the hr
dced by certificates issued and sined by
)cr thor r td ownetr aofpal the
the restandent-g seretary of msaid corporation.
Arto certificate of stock shall be said un
rationl the samended so a to repaid for ino
folowa : ARTICLE IV.
atsh, property, sr vices rendered, or other
equIvalent and no transfer of stock shlll he
efective without first olfering the same fordt
ther cthiscorporation at s hboorak vhallue
be orporatios reb amended ast theo read as
ndreollos nd dollars (:s00,000.00) diV
sided into acd retpraeened by eight thoua
lead shares (8:.a ntil the ar vrale of
wentyd-e dollarts rt.00) each payereaboe in
cash, prorty, e es redaed or othea
tlhective othe oluwaerls o erin te same for
a period ofo e minutes e other stokholde
met d ino trhchsr shtock astall aad mand
bindit Sa the corpor-laronuless and c nti
it shall thae be a enteure.d o the boos o
samo Articl ofe asVI her s charter' een , -
c qrete. wot rI tm edei v as to a meand an
The o fcr of this corpiraition shald be a
oreigintal chartr: Viceh w request and a
Tddnder t i charter5 as heredhebcml
provihus the aollowiase ngm d permon at ll
sety as lretorisA. voi and Mip A Dolat
Micha el J. Boon ac and ireivm llmami. wl
mid Phli. awDolfa ag ,Pre.. ent-retat
thillim Dmit asw id-Preddent and M, 
The foroingndncadm et s and the an
thor. ol the adin rer herein.wll mre
olr tgmlsined oPald stockholders'
meetgb, h hereto attached ad madet
Itpart herof
. . Phlip 5. ola.o and MeT.e J.bRo
SIansian, do h eyertif ta h
diegred that of nowuet to the dlr o
I the New Orl . to and M saI Issid andd man
I tnvestmet Comuimany wan tis Id dul m's.
e I 4 • inMy g) ein beak 101, --lls -'
I hetlre etfyot hoe fiea g e t
land and Inueimtent ('eme niy and of the
- certlcate at the _deputlrec at. ort -
- thi. rte att sr , w ..c is en £1. in
-e ..,7... ... Part . . u111..
) ,-- --si5.- Is'-, nI ll PsIe
It was generally remarked by thoe the
who knew the two Burson brothers
that they were strangely unlike in e*
cry way. I
Charlie Burson would devote hours st
Of serious thought to the disposition at G
a button on the tall of a coat, the
height of a collar or the color of a ,
necktie. Whenever he appeared in gu
public he seemed to have just escaped que
from the hands of a valet. At such prF
times a speck of dust would complete
1y spoil the day for him.
,nthony Burson, on the other hand,
seemed tc regard clothes as a neces
sary evil and anything in the way of
garments suited him. He would have
been just as happy in ill fitting ready
made clothes as in the best suit of the
best tailor in town. Charlie could
turn a pretty compliment and save a
situation, while Anthony might be I
counted on invariably to say the of
wrong thing, and to say it awkwardly. ;ij
Conversationally, Anthony was about ~r
as agile as a hippopotamus. II
Charlie could dodge an issue and till
thas make friends, while Anthony had r"'
an uncompromising way of blurting per
out the plain truth, thus reducing peo- "ul
ple to a state where they could have i,..
slain him joyously; in short, Anthony Pr:I
was totally devoid of social graces. t i.
but his eyes met yours clearly and in
f3mly. 1
Anthony got down to the Burson oM. .
ces at 8 o'clock every morning the
year round and when Charlie strolled
in at about noon Anthony had broken
tit back of a good day's work. Charb
lie was always apologizing for his bad i°
business methods and explaining daily anm
-.with variations-that the Smiths' ro
dinner party the night before lasted U'
till 2 o'clock and that he really was
going to cut it out. I11
Charlie had an expensive touring 'n
car, while Anthony walked or took a :lo
street car. The touring car helped a en
let when Genevieve Gilliman ap- of
peared on the scene. Genevieve gr
had come to pass the winter at
with her aunt She was re
,markably pretty, bright and fasclan
sting and she had a fortune in her own hit
right. Genevieve could have had her "t
pick of a dozen devoted admirers, but
it was not long before Charlie Burson
seemed to have distanced the best of
them. ''
lie was omnipresent. If Genevieve
happened to mention that she was go- r
ing shopping the next morning she b
found Charlie and his car out in front
as she descended the steps. If she
went to an afternoon tea Charlie said e
he could just as well as not come
Saround that way from the ofce and
º take her home. If she was going to a
luncheon he found time to take her
to it Charlie was the sort of man to
that any girl would be proud to be S
seen with, being so good looking, popu- n
Jar and cloever. t
Charlie,. when at home, talked a lot si
about Genevieve Gilliman, praising her at
uastlntedly. Anthony listened silent- "
El as he ate his dinner. ai
"You ought to meet her," Charlie
told his brother. "I know you don't a
e are for girls, but she's the sort to
' bring you out and interest you." a1
"Maybe," agreed Anthony. "But rd '
Srather read than chatter. You go on
n and glitter for the family, Charlie!"
However, Anthony did allow himself '
to be presented to the fascinating Miss f
. OGillman. "She's a nice girl." he uld
Safterward to Charlie. a
i ".You make me .tredl" exclaimed
SOCharlie, disgustedly. "You are a petrl
r- Sod plnm 'Nice girl,' indeedl Haven't
Suu brains enough to see what a rm
it she is? r'
S"Oh, I haven't got time for that sort
Sof thing." said Anthony. "Besides,
what show have I in the social gam
alongside of yourt"
SCharlo thanked Genevieve in a dd p
Sleate way for being so good to Am
bthony and striving to talk to him.
S"I appreciate it, really," he told her.
"Poor old Tony doesn't exactly srclnti
Slate and I know it was hard work for
n eoIrotly he felt that Genevieve did
o it ifor his sake. She seemed more
t: than kindly disposed toward him and
ohis devotion was so apparent that his
i frands woere beginning to throw out
b hints about a wedding. Charlie con
n. eluded that the matter might as well
Se settled. So toward the end of the
r winter he took Genevieve into a a
r eluded corner robl in his most graceo
u Ii manner asked her to marry him.
n "Charlo," Genevieve said, laig
Sher hand affetionatoly on his arm,
*dthis is awfully good of you and I ap
I ,reeate oit--I lik yon iuaDmense
t I promisse to manry Anthomy this
a et it Will Prebabliy * There.
SNow il the nreenting attrm
I ars td say grattig he wiI make
yu a heap of troable. ies mus
s- iane fool that he doet know say
Setter them to be h*mest"
' hu- ii te ti p. He wet hea
id 1e any."
•o "You weat do any, ea"
ier m ussa st what I l We ew
Word of Kind tmse rgmreiet.
so must seaseSS" smid the leg
a d pemre "that I Uhe to heam m
e "Oh, we.." res/d im oqe
. k now the pod en a.dage a. y
a A little snsnen now ars then
, ULshed bh at bestt of e in.'"
Oie of His Peullasttis.
"hr are atme" said the eseoo
' tie boarder, "'when 1 feel almost se
I that I could anagle to eaist for d
least six months without hearng a
: as te e werds. 'prove and 'gaS
re Test purity Sugar.
WA sample tsat fot the nrity of ra
iB to barn It. If pure fre wi
tirely eonume tt; If Ia .lulterated M
e6 lavey m ash.
Beautiful Labradr Cast. ure
Doctor Orenfell says that the Lab , '
rador coast, which he knows so well. porca
Is every whit as beautiful as that of anpou
Norway, and he is working on a chart con t
which will be accurate enough to "
guide pleasure craft through the bays regal
and channels of that shore. There is afatit
really nothing to go to Europe for but ary
the ruins.-Youth's Companion.
in th
Queer Guy ana
Willis-Bumpus is one of the odd corps
eat men I ever saw. presi
Gillis-How so? lcrest
Willis-Why, when a fellow borrows tion.
a quarter and doesn't pay it back 'orpc
Bumpus finally admits that it is the
quarter he cares about, and not the .orTl
principle of the thing.-P"ck. of it
de ia
I1' TIlE J. RI'TTr.Eit & (0' It'.lNl.:S
ANDI, ST t 'K t'lA. lit
i'NITI.]I, STATES l.\MI.:IPIt'A. .'1 ITATE r
4F" IAlI'ISI4AN.\, 1'AItIIll 4 FiitlI.:ANS, hat
40F IAWI'ISIAN.t. 'PA.ll tI l 1' u) II.EANS. tr
IBte It known. that on til tfifteenth d"tv anti
of the' nonth of April. in the year of our  I
Lord one tho'usandl nine hundred anid elevn. ther.
anid of the Indeltlndencte of the nitilted State' log
of America the one hlundred and thirty-tifth. its t
tbefore mje. .Iotsah 4!ruso. a Notary P:I I'll. h. ne
duly commissioned and qualitiel. In and for tired
this city and the Parish of 4Irl-ans. therein and
resilling. and In the pres.tencl of the .It If
nfames hereinafter named and undner.ignl. shal
plersona lly rne and appear,: r the partties stol
whtose names are, hereunto stbttcritltd. all of writ
full age and reaident. of this parish, whocorp
declared that. availing tlhnmselves of the for
provisions of Act :36 .of lM of Louisiana. the
they have c',venantedla d nu :igree anti by tit,
these pr' se'nts c'ovelnant and agre,e, ant Ibind then
I themse'lvets. as well as suclth other per'on fIre
nst rtlay hereafter become iassotilated w it tiher
them't, to form and con-tluttte a tcorporation to
and luiy politic in law. for thi'e purposes anti ,tll
objects and undi'r the stipulations, a. rles who
andt conditions, following, to.-wit :
AltTI,'I.E I.
T The name and style of the saidl .orpra est
flon shall lie the "J. IRuttier & Co. Itutiness past
and Stock Club. Limlted.'" and its domiile whe
I is herelby established In New IOrleans. l.ulsi- tray
ana. and under IIt sll 'orortrate namlnt.. atl tion
corporatlion shall have power and authority T
to contract, sue and e nerl. to malke and p1o
u3 ' a corporate seal and the satme to break a
or alter at plelasure, to hold. receive., lave. The
pulrcha.se,. Improve, alienate. c"nvey. sell. tion
Iorrow. pledge, mortgage and hlypoltheate pre
lnder its said corporate namle. pr.operty. it
Sreal. personal and mixd,. to name and a stilt,
i point all requllred officer., agents or ein- tot
plyees,. to make and establish by-laws. rules sha
and regulations for tie proper manlagemlnt
t of its affairs and the same to alter at pleas
fure and to do all other lawful acts neces su'
sary to carry out the objects of this corpor- stC
ration. be
t- Said corporation, unless sooner dissolved. e
shall exist anl continue ninety-nine years Eat
from the date hereof. The president, or in eve
B his absence or default, the vice-presilent. on
Sshall he the proper person upon whom any in
legal process shall be served. the
The objects and purposes for which this vot
corporation Is organized and the nature of wrl
the business to be catried on by It are de- -
Sclared to be to buy and sell land. or prop- tiot
o erty. and to conduct a general merchandise sha
business. terl
it not
The capital stock shall be five thousand of
dollars, divided into shares of fifty dollars lunt
d each, and the company shall begin business flie
as soon as one thousand dollars shall have sha
been subscribed. by
The affairs shall be managed by a Board til
of Directors composed of three stockholders. as
nto be elected by the stockholders annually cot
Nby ballot on the 15th day of April. or any Ias
subsequent day fixed by the board In case of am
" no election taking place on said day. Each the
share of stock shall he entitled to one vote. fat
all by-laws and change or alter the same psl
i at pleasure. The first board shall be com- stO
posed of Jack Buttler, John Hi. Anderson
and Irwin C. Basile. and shall hold office
until the 15th day of April, 1912. or until to
their successors are elected and take their
place. They shall elect from among them
t selves a president, vice-president and a sec
retary and a treasurer. No person call be "l
eligible as director or an ofcer who is not a cat
stockholder of this company. Vacancies oc- COt
curring by death or resignation shall be tt
filled by the Board of Directors. wt
l Any stockholder may sell, assign or trans
p fer his stock in this corporation by giving an
thirty days prior notice to it and giving ra
them the first privilege of purchasing same m
and all transfers shall be made on the books ml
of the company at its ofce and for whole fu
shares only. on
The Board of Directors shall have full vs
't control of the property of this company and ro
shall so conduct, manage and usoe the same
as In their discretlon they deem fit and con
sistent with the objects and welfare of this
No stockholder of this corporation shall se
ever be held liable or responsible for the he
contracts or faults thereof in any further a
sum than he unpaidialanae due the com- n
51 pany on tit shares ol stock subscrbled for a
or owned by him nor shall any Informality m
in organisation render this charter null or at
of exrposing any stockholder to any liability p
Sbeyond the unpaid balance, it any, of his
At the termination of the charter or .Iis
EM solution of the corporation, the afnars shahilf
be liquidated by the members of the Board ti
f of D)irectors as liquidating eommissioneras. h
S Thus done and passed at my notaral of- st
flce on the day, month and year herein frst it
Sabove written in the presence of John Plereli
Sand Louis P. Lobre, competent. rsldent wit
nesses of major age, who hereunto sign pi
lB' their names, together with sald parties and at
el me, notary, after reading of the whole.
Original iagned:: Jack Buttler, John An- 2'
derabn, Williaum H owell, Joseph Rollins C."
C, Anderson. John 'ierce, L. .lobre. Josiah i
Gros, Notary Public.
SL the n1dernd Recorder of2 Motgage1
in and or the rb of Orleans, tate o
eLo iina, do herb certiy that the t ovre L
7 and forefoing act of incorporation of the
b J tan tler and Co. Busone and Stoc Club.
LtAd, mas s t a day duly recorded In my o
frce, in hook ioi, folio 383. New Orleans,
May 3, 111.
(Siged) EMItE LEONARD, D. B.
I May 1 25 June 8 15 1911 e
0I?  "THU BHL' OD 0O., IrD."
Be it knowm , that on this twenty-fourth
day of the month of April, In the year or
Socr lard, e theosat iume hundred sad
 ,ndted states of Amerca the oe huadred
whbm thirty Uf heasts me ... r Maye
Ch athat a
InM em, m eommioaed q _allted, mad
t they costracted and areed ad 1
P' wlit them, to form a cocration and body
he / ai s make an ns a esapeate m
and the same to break or alter at its pleas
ure: to bold, recelve, lease, purchase. and
convey, as well as to mortgage and hyppothe- TI
cate property, real, personal and mixed., i-r shall
poreal and Incorporeal. etc.; to nanme and ing
anpoint such managers. agents, dlirectlrs Ior
and oae-ers. as its Ibusiness interests and t.tt rsi
convenience may require, and to make ind from
establish as well as to alter and atmend. all
from time to time,. tsucth vby-lawa. rill-s andtl I,,.
regtulation.s for the ,proper government onlf the1 inI
aff.tirts of this .corporatiton as lt ty be ne'e" an
sary and prolfer. Inl
Tihe dtmttcile of this corporation shall I,
in the city of New i(ri,.ins. state of l.tt;i l k,
ana, anti all cita ti, s an , other ilial pr .._i1
t',ss shall ti" .,'rved on t ti t' relstrui tt of *ni- ,it
torporati.tn. and It the' ab,sen 'e of the s itl ild
president upon the vice prt.sident of this .,t- - i
iptration, andi itn the atsencne f itoth ith' ,ti
president and vice preidenlt of thlis ,rit. ra;
tion. Illpon the secretary-tre.asurer of thii
,orporat i on. it
AIT'I'I.E': Ill. t
The oh.jets andt purpotes for w'hih this T ia,
tcorporation ia etablished, arni the f ntue . tt
of the business ti hle t rtried on by it 'iare' I
de'laret and ispeltite, to be to etrn-. f.itrt a:
general restaurant and bar ,ll,IIt-iinll'ness in
adl its brani c s. In ithe ite of NSew t'lttnt.
stale if t l. niist.na. and t tno do all :tlh itn I'I
ne essary proper and relating I th.rI. tt . :llt i e
wlr11 .is to en :-l ae i ln any b sines or I n t j1 tt11
nesses tonnetetd therewith or tapp rtainini oa
The capital sto'rk of this l'orporattlrn is i tf'
hertbv tizel at the s jtt f m .t n t lni iani l d. l al :e,
lar k , 1tic (t.tO ln, to i." dividh ,l into tate I'lt
hundred sliartes of the plar value of one h i or
dred dollars a$1r.., tll ieach-. th t <r hari.i tflo
to be s-,il' oinly at par. and to Ie ftull p:lt thi
and lnon ase' ablet' and when ilntl. sha;eIl pILt
tw issued only for a .sh, or the eIqiv-'ent
thereof. No Transfer otf stck shall be hlli
Ing on this 'corporatlon unless re,',,rd'i on
its books. This corporation shall I- :I ^,inr T
,ine in a: soon asi three thousand five bn- a '
dred dollars $:{..11d.).O has been sullsril-.,e aI
Ia pa . an shareholdei.r of t thi corpt.rat In
shall evslr desire to dispose of his shares of ," lt
Sstock or any of thent, he shlatll first givet a b th "1h
Swritten notice of that intention to Toth this ern
Scorporation and the stockhohl.rs ther,.,tf.
for the full tl.ln of t -en day:i. nn11l. If. a:fte.r aIt
the lapse tf the sai t ten days. this torpt-rt ,
lion or the shareholder r thereof, or aniy oft
Sthd In nt not pur olite thlie osaid shtrtes orl
fered for sale at tlie hih.est h-na fist ,,ffer t l
Staherefor. the the sanld shrefhod,'r twishin e ,,ltl
Sto sell saltl shares shall hae the riih tho 'i
I s.ll thes ashl shartecls as he sets it. andl to,
whomsoever he sees lit
All the oower of this c rrpooratioon nhall ie a-it
vested in a board of lldiretors to die ,oit.- :Ii
aposed of three stockhlers. any two of ithr
nwhom shall .onfsitute a quru for t1i . shit
transaction of the business of this cortpora t ot
V That said board of directors shall tie .om- ito
;I posed f the followingr p aners: a trprtrlent. Inc
k a vicepresident. and a .secretary trieaurller. il
The first cbard of dlrectors Tof thei ,or.ra- p;lar
S tion shall Iie the following: Joseph t'. Beal. pl, l
,president : John Schlon. vle -preslid lent antI dee
Victor t'aparo. secretary-treasurer. which - fIll
said loard shall hold oftiee until the third', af
Monday In April. 1912. when a new Iarrd thi
shall ie elected, and thereafter at regular 1hau1
Intervalm of one year. eha
d All directors shall hold office until their ,I es
successIors are elected and qualitied. All i,
such elections shall I' ,by ballot and shall on .,,
be conducted at te onduted at the oe o this corpration wh
under the supervisla, of thro e d comnmission- to
ers appointed by the board of directapro . 'l11
Each stockholder shall hrave one vote for bt
n every share of stock standing in his name ftlt
tI on the bookts of this corporation, to su cast b a
v inlaw rueo or by regto and, a maJorlte of sor
the otesa east shal el T othe other affairs f
of this corporation shall t o determined on star
the same hants- cIr
Ikeroctors shall have power to aispar anfl eli
lw vote in person or by proxy duly given in slu
Swrit ing. Iter
Any vancay occurring by death, resigna- rft
P tion or otherwise, on the board of directors, ha
Sshall be tilled for the remainder of the said n
term by the remaining directors. A failure sit
to elect directors on the date specified shlall Iby
bnyt dissolve this corporation bat the shboard
ld of directors then to ofie shall hold offie lea
rs until their successors are elected and quali- clf
lsa ed Each director shall own at least one
re share of stock. All checks shall be signed in
by any oacer that may be designated by the r oa
ine board of directors may appoint from
rd time to time such clerks agents. employes,
, as It deems proper for the purpose of this col
' corporation, as well as to enact such by- d c
Slaws rules and regulations, and alter orn
o amend the same, necessary and proper for pr
rh the management of, and support of the af- tr
faire of this corporation. The hoard of di- p
Srectors shall have full power to Issue full elb
e paid, non-assessable shares of the capital be
stock of this corporation for cash, or in
payment A labor done, or for property or
business actually received by this corpora
ngl tion.
ir reut ARTICLE VI. or
.lWhenever this corporation shall be dis- m,
solved either by limitation or from any other th
cause, its affairs shall be liquidated by three or
commissioners to be appointed by the board li
eof directors at a general meeting of the th
stockholders convened for such purpose of
which said meeting, the stockholders shall
be given notice In the manner and time pro
vided for stockholders' meetings by Article
II of this charter, and a maJority in m
t heamount of the capital ock of this corpo
ration, reprtented at such meeting shall b Ie
requisith r to determine acnd elect tSuc com
missioners shall remain in office until the
n affairs of this corporation shall have been i
fully liquidated. In rase ofr th death of te
one or more o the samid commissioners, the
ull vacrancy shall be Alled by the remalneg a
ad commlrssiones, by election.
This act of Incorporation may be modl- b
tlo alteref d or amended or the said corpo r
ration may he d rssolumd with the cousent or
three-quarters of the capital stock repre- o
all sented at a general meeting of the stock- ia
Sholders onened bor such pu e ahter such
notice shall haoe bhn gven in one or rebl
lncppera oi the cio atoNew Orleansr ofe t
Sweeing nll this charter, or of exposing anyd
meetg, and by • wrlttea n to tae
stockholder t each liabltyb thirty dayu
Sprsigned with the said e rers and me, pot oce
la address o rsigned hre ded on ted
hm iran writing, eorto his lat tnowntao
of for the ontracts of Orleans this corporf a
otio s in do further rum that the unpaid
u balance due the corporati on hares olf
s Btok owned by him o nor shal any Inform.l
Iot In orpa ltton ham e the edet o render
ag nll th oi charter, or ol expsn
s w tcholder to ans lla.Allty beyond the u
2cth dicot April, 191rd, er the prtgsee oIn
t e. aifer due ra of the weas es hol. and
(Seal) Notari Pnblte.
pI, the undermay gd recorded o4 mo12gag5 n
in and for the imsh o Orleans. state oshr
I oR Oan•, do hereby certAiy that N ER aPve
re OLOIo I CA, UAd, was th day dly re-S
moonrdt my oteh In boot No. 1018y folto
one May, in LhOndd of our Lrd- ,
I the ound rin notar eo rDen
tof tt tehe wade lnlg.o of thhe : i Sarter
aertsAcate or the on ordu r an mtortgagr fIh
beaflor tme pFriah n Orulsn, N true aPbic
New Or lenas I, Sarll oLtb a 1911.
3, 09lt M l. Callri,
bpo of tcy 4 of Ne 2r Jau 1 1l11
Oodec TrE thaLt aTAiig BtNhem PUor t
pIss of theP Y lw oF tI s LWIT teD.
the havecOvenant dred and agr ,e, and
'a artse andmmscy he tre atrjoinco bttcome
r asscite-ith tohn, in.toa corporaionand
and boddltii ao other- objectsan par.
sa- pesse, and mist th agreements and cstme
sa,,iatimoa fo a u Ing o tht ot-wi, t:
-.I i l tamm1 mdm tL ar-mr: a d
Ia~k4 ibwnrtrt
The name andl st-le it this corporation
shall be. "'The t.ulf States Itanker 'Publish
ing * ompanv. limit,.' alid under Its o.ur
Ipiratle naio, it lshall h;v, an-I enjoIy enje,
from .ini ft,.r thit diti e it shiall *ni,'y
i..S'liil fir :i plr.ak1(i Uiflt nizlhnin ii,·a
tll the ri.llht .tllnd |priilee.. ,f u' rrl'.l
11,'. , shi l]l hn + p, ,r to ,tr+'i t" . - I
Illlh bIle 1I1.iI ill it* c·frl,r .n i t th III, . !,D I IlI -.
ll'rlk or llter at plai-l·. kie. to puriik ll.kl .
IltlS. awnt nI'llltktir, -ii rded iv , r.,I-il
.4ttt'tt-tE rop rit.relndp I
Ii. -it tr fI-, r, l -ititteit . 1" iar...1 ,Iht| if 1 t,1
II le. la it e t r ti 1111 - ,l-- r ' i l znll. ll. . i
|m11i. e ii nI 7 .iti h l r lurI , tI l i.
conshUtitt b: in.
ii ll li z-ne-lt'-- Ii- I..II :,' -1 {I-i'll I-i *IIi i'- . II'
-'n 1 l, apllf llle Stl, !tls:ii ;ItIii : -, r i i il , l 7 ilulhtii-
c~llii 7'il.P il'- t I l ig.lg. * t ill I'ii+ i'I il'i"i" ii,
knitll,' j ihi til ll n . - 'tiIi
SAli'l l tI; [! i
T'4 4iom kllldh ty h l.,iik. rUpor, n t h.it 1I '
tis I it f iL ew jou rni a s liliil lllh.iilkli il 01s
fll, pand ll ei tallol. .11 I athwr l'at pro
'-' shall I., serlVe.d onl !t'e prl's-Ib uI . .and~
I ih.4 b l t* g r, r l lln lhe vi le Ill.- prli. if
Tlil ln pitl.tl at-ihitk ( a s 1 rii mi ut, iedl ani Ii Thu
1-tuiog h!.e i n. at pany tiha u re. I o.. a rttiit
IIt l*"+l ,], ms ligeik agentli llli ,llelil ,lvei.1a .- t ii
iivhi, leve riur humyId-.n eharesi soi the la'
omilei ft. fift" anlm.erun initic, whi l bl . i.thn.ll I, lvi
iih for itr s tub.or IltI Is iuiut annl Ily phi I -i
1.'t 11 propl i rt y sk tio lltery pui irchilt , ' i b . l.i
l tI stdln ok t uiol I te s.lll t tie ent l -l t tlnll . tl r-lll I i' ,
son 11or ti, writte hiry. to n,'. Vile for 111tin 1
1ll,,l'll l t he @ . 1l ,I-I ll ,- p itd - itn lin t , - si .
I, IIti . are of.t" ,t oweii, tiy' htn,,k h ni e l.
flanilng inhi name ron thtl ks ofte II
eluiton. At!bok etitin stioatilehld uiter na
tiih rules * ani reglations a .s smay .Iheierh
tercitned 1w like Board ofpva -liritir anitinO
have lbeen gtuns li aiadrae t atii
T , l'lTl,'. IV
he toctil r atwl- lastr,-, fkor sulihrs th:
.1 tiy tilllii attn irnix one of the itatle n
iiililtipeail ttl" S uielt tn,;AIl.' th tt y~ of, Newtll O'lr
itel .llin, shall ell+ ..real t, of i, .d I and
Ilel 1 dtre .'tllirls · t,,tilS l e cte ,l thalt conitnite h,+ a
du in s oe foronehlyer Jorn untiltersoc. i
,j "ra h lhae : Ibee dtat y- , let e hl. so,  h .uai;tl'.
y v n olltillli to the nlI r d sa lllh tlli.n .t al l :l (
h'lor l  the r lelmtni rin Irtr , fr tiletlst (un
tirn dlt , ter enofat-Ire tho betc shal, n i , hil
i c~I lO.- il and j fo i ftt'ilti ,f thi cliirt . ti am
Ituae r lly of ,trerilSlnl Ih atull-srfirn:tll meetl
,r pare+uiten , a ice ident ,and all ths creary
chih*.IX. .ippa;lattil.,. , ,, \+,, ll. *+l',.ll~ "*'IIg
,-l teatsurer w .hoh all o instit-rdte its iln to
e cllllrIl-lnld wIelt"llr, tihat saildll board aiy o
It beall stockllhltlder or l a r olf'- said oaru. hot
rlATICL.E: VI.ine
AI. tt luirorte powess o thi o urpo I
oin st ha ol ber shatel ie verl ben heni halt n,
al ll,urd of IIp..14rH-or to , t ', illpo,t f , o,"
thr., -t-,.kh,,bd. ',. al maj,,rity ,,f w~h,, nl i
orall ansitilate a quartl for tec tr tr. fal.ts o
debts all lthslcoprai+. onhny shall ahnv p ywer tur
o ,aklin o rall by Ia,. itlso oanid la l olin ha1e
rand ur tur the re1t o llftnerin  is chater naull.i
cilllctlon AlIlU r+' l ~ti," s l R'O , at ll ,Inc e- Ilnllll nrn+
w;ill of aIlly joturnal lub~i'hing w',llpaly or aI"
iartn,.l..lilD inl lir witlh th' object'l and bhl
r. ollfo theo -sin trcllotrIon, as may frhert n 1
llaeb dviit blth thunpl aly blhelrefdr I n fh i
t fhll pst aroc of this <orlnoreid b : thiml. mor
I'Ife, abled., or hY.oth,+ate the property of
I This ac  fOrfoinctlrnpo f or the p berlcnged ' i
mdsifiness; to ltdt a tornth i scot l rand io m l
,hange the .utlrl, at pleasutrle to alppont .$.a
Stlcih managerd i agents and eofloyees stoi
Sp e nt ,c  rery e o en rod, rly teoneult thetn of
. cornera ion r b uinesue; and genrally to d,
h taever dayse noay Ia necessalry lend prolv at
to direct, managlie and coldulCt its bulsiness. t.
The directore .hall ca dlectled anno lly "thi ut
r~poradtion ahalal beinreaet or delcrse i shil 1(
olmotl o the sitockholders on the irrs at Mn s
stay frllowing t ianchary mart ot erIh year. th
ii- by expirt ir aon o t chater orn otherwie hi
ach ts ockaholder shall b be enttlted In cwr ic i
son, or s y wrltten Iroxy, to one vmte for O
each - hare of skoler k owneh d by hl and i te
kItandcng in his name on the inbok of the fix
company at lemt isfteen days thrior o smmch ar
ehscton. All fle vacl lby held under el
Cl e sote stocktholder. ntamm~ lsadbad
suih rules and regulathrns as may he de
ermined y the Board of irectrs and
ftr tU n days' notthe of stch elect la sall or
b have tn given by mafll adln re.nsed to eachr
.sto<khohler at his last known address, orth
bty islul ctlon ti onthefo Bto o daily newr
n kapers lIblmlshed in the a liaty of New Ora
leans. uir mjority of votes cast at m rnch a
eh prstidons shall electm f c
The dlret ors, thus elected, s hall contie nue
Id n office for one year, or until their succes
esors have twen duly elected and qualified.
Any vacancy on said t oard shall be figned at
Ibi the rhemaning directorsb for the une r
4,p red term. No fanhlre to elect shall be ho
Sconsidered a fol itre of this c harter. Bahr n
B Hoard of Directors shall at its orst meet
ThuI dlsonre andt phassed t myol i the aot- I
hi Ct hof ew-Olens on~ll th-hr~ rUe daymont m
Ing elect from smong its own n imbner a
r present, a vce-prestiden t and a secr etary
Streasurer, who shall w onseswh hae its olers t
I provided, however, that said board may H
1 ele t a secretary-treasurer who ried not of
b he a stckholder or a memaer of ad board. ti
No stockholder shal ever be hehl liable nia
or reponsible ifor the conract D, faulthis or
debts of thif corporation, nor shall any c
mere Informality o its organlation have r
r the effect of Tendering this ehnrter null. l
Sor of exposing a stockholder to any further t
d liability than the unpaid balance due on
theI shares of stoch k owned by him.
ges Wlsitnemmsses: Rbt.e 'Mcauhlin D. Fer- ti
This act of incorporation may be changed.
modifted or altered, or this corporatgoe may
e dissolved witho tOheas aent of the stok- '
sholders owning two-thirds of the stovk a
Spregent or represented at a general meeting
rconvened for that puo irpo after andt least
aten dayn' notice shall hare been given to a
the stockholders in the manner set forthi wo
ic in Article V. The capital stock of this coP
poratldo shall be increased or decreased in di
Scompliance with the general laws f this a t
state relating to such matter, in the event
nof the dissolution of this corporation, either
t-by expiration of its charter, or otherwise.
Its affairs shall be liquidated by two om
of missioners to be appointed at the meetig ol
of stockholders which dectdes to liquidate. Oz
In case of the deanth or Inability of either
Sof said commissioners the other commia
reiaoner shall fill the vacancy by appolating l
another stockholder.i at he r n i
tr e oARTICLE VIII. a o
S noI'otl n the eletion to be held aes set forth
f above, the following named stoekholde w
shall constitute the first Board of DhMectors.
Frank Dameron, William P'faff and Itvid a
prterdento mpid William Pfar , as vie-pr3s.
ldent ; and aild David R. McGuire, as sec- en
1"e RA?4K 503LB. Not. Pub. cI
1. order to org2l5 e this o1poratLon and
to rve the purpoA oS f the original sTb- a
lc rpton list, the several o ndertigned par
tes do hereby subscribe fora the share ofo
a stokr of this corporation set anfter their n
namh doone and pa nd at my oaee ti thy
Scity off New Orleans, on the day, mont m
ansPbic, ndul comsindan ulfe
nd year herein frst above owrlttean, In the a
pre ne of Robt. Mel iaugh the rlland D. lcer- to
rark competent witnessesn, who have huerO
Iunto signed their naames with the a d apd
pa rers and me, Notary, after reading ofh
tbeOr ginl aprigned: Frank Di meron. 100
pr. poration.at organied uncder telaw of tthaea
shares; W i. PfaL , 99 aharetlr David R. ie
Wtnh eit o fhRobt. MeLaughtn., D. per
. FRANK BOULE, Not. Pub.
re-D EN TQ ta
lo I, the underaigned Recrdr of Mortgage,
for the ParIsh of Orleans, State of loutsT
arna, do hereby certtfy that the above sad
- forelgOlog aet of laeorporation an subserip
ter tion list of "The Gulf Statue Banker Pub
i I h ig * .o * n yl Li it"e 'd ". w s it ed t t ay
aino --. New Orleans, May 3, 1911.
my (S11ned) ]D1[IE LBONARD, D. R.
I hereby ertify that the foregelag ls oa
triu"e*and eorreet eoy ot me ormanl ato
b W C unInsgd- 2o 11m y,. .r _t ," o o 9 lle
the ertl6cate of the Re rder of x ..oitp .
thereto 84p ANew Ol May e,
coRA NR~Cd g 8OUI, NoL·~ tpctlrcl
[T-May 11 18 25 June 1 8 111 1911
1n8. (a odW lc. Insaarr
it tte'ptm er the I.+t a M I1 ." to the
a!s'i'-cr the e ,n I : i I.'e :i Ieo.
siit !ity .f fhie tri . :r. t ' ,. Its
6i5 ",i-n ble :'mar: IfH !I: ".n , ,ar f·i
to lee tiat their t I ' .
Ip it ) their stan,l.sri ' t e .:."n e. .
I heft Woo v t ker, ;Ilan -l 1 , 1 om
"II~h a matek~r, vo'ir 11, ,':I
y ,' have tII, rill til W. r I'-. le
with the 14 11\1 S II 44it IIAN )ii
the c II 4- : [ItitI.s I' 4`. I ,4 r tIhe
1 l i K, 4 ' IA : Y .: f t iu tt
aill a'tu al lx- .1 -r' e a" -i-'t t,
,1 1i4 their nlakitnL£ I ! 'ev are as
e, f., t as it I pos-ibie t"1 .,k t4 tem
Teor in l. p.tio elof flew -4it ri tllen:s t
n'.w a: rin: l . Ifhviyln d
1:1 IAl I'IIIVN S'I'.
... SPECI AL ...
SI o tne' t d 1'l1.in5,o are l|et' r tlhan n 'r
ltali rih. ta l .w ontls. \\e !trve "ee
,ral $.). $,;,) $7'. 11 t$1,o ui tern,
53. 54 and $S. tiastnr,.
- +
{lfl u- f k! i e ,f 1 . ll I: ,1i ,.-i
, l ,I:e ", .I : ,' I o :, .i I ' ,2 i: ,: " I : ,i ,.
\f ,i -,I-,' n i bh ,, I'f t , '.1,l- 1 ,! ,f . .Ito.
hI ," . i ftl ,Lee ",f .l n.ll 1. ii . . d , i
:n1 . li n I.. ln t a fI Inf. i th . ", i Ilt!
ý 1...." I," 1, . 1 .le1 at forth. 1 the Io:hl..ew an;;
o .il \ IiI" ,,f I ft , lI .l.-,li- k . -trrk- of Sai-d
citi i he ft ci i N iiihiii fir 1 7lliit. lat of. icti i
'I " Ji1.,ini. 1 . eI i:
.\rti, III tf lil- ,hlartlr of tll I corpor.
Ia ti.itc, i.ei l ")et ,lc it I', -t""i , kic ~ild. 1 IIo t tca,
nI cm i 1'41 on lf iIt. lte 1rI.th. l!iuM , anI asc
,r a .iil ;iii 'Iend.( ;It tilt' "t ,- kh, l,.1rs' llmleetilln
Ih ,' I 1 in 'tol,' 11. 1l4 T, 1%.1: allnl14t1 so
Sa IT follows
iThe icital stock of this corlpo.ration
I.hall Ibe fii' i hnl trid thousaind dollars
it ( .,oo.IclO) divided tIltl anld r lepresented by
i' five tIlhousand It,,tiH41o sharestl of the sum
etf on, l huntidrei'I dIIllrsi (4 $t10) eaclt,. Twenty
lI tiv hiandred I ,")Olc of said shahres shall
lr e ItleIssithiul anll cialled Serielis A and twenty
ti. tve hundredl 2"..4Ol snhares shall be classat
.y tid atid called Seri'sc II; ito effect thil there
nh .ll lce ,illr i.ti 4)1 4 lli shares oIf mone hlundllred
r. ($10) dulluri eiacllh of1 lhI stIelck of lthis
r' corpoiraatti l, il addition to lithe two thou
r sand shalres at pr.-sent olltstanding. Fif
iii tIc hullndretld shll. of ilthI sald new iccsut
ci shall c IR e claesltticd anid iraled Series A. and
SIth ,l relllining tiftceenl Iundred shiareT.c of the
ir new Issue slhall Ie c'lassitfitd and atlled Se
e ries It, all of which sha:ill Ibe represented by
0 tsh ll actIlly reT'elv'd bIy saild corporation.
Ii and that no stlok shalllo Ie t dlleil until the
h cnslder;ltion therefor lhas laen received by
ir the corporation.
*'Further no transfer of stock shall affect
r- the corpo-ration unlesh.s made on the books
1It of the corporathcn at its ofhle in the City
of New Orleans, where a:lld corporation
shall Is donmiciled, andt only on surrender of
the certfllicate therefor."
Article IV of the charter oif sail corpor
ation, as anlended at a nmeetln it tofe Itock
h holders held on Aplrll 13t)lh, 1IHi. was again
Samendid so as to read as follows:
t-ARltaICE IV.
'TThe corporate Iowers of lthis corpora
tlon shall Ice vested in and exerclteld iby a
t Board of IDirectors c'omposed of six stock
.. hoklers. The following iperswns tall con
stitute the present iBard of Itrectors:
Messrs. W n. P. nclk, Jr., J. 1'. Ford, Na
than T. Penclk, M. S. Standifer, August SBo
Iet niat, C. . Be. ard, with W. S. Penick, Jr..
or as presicdnt, J. i'. Ford as vice-president,
and i'. S. Beard secretary. The said om
ve cirs and directors shall hold their said of
II fires until the first Tuesday In JanuarA
r 11112, and until their successors shall have
on been duly elected and quallfied. On the said
first Tuesday of January, 1912, and every
five years thereafter, a Board of Directora
shall be elected unless said date shall be a
legal holiday, and in that case said election
shall be held the day following the said
ia holiday. Notice of said election shall be
- given by ten days' nottce published In one
of the newspapers publlshed in the Parish
In of Orleans. The Board of Directors shall
st appoint one or more stockholders to preside
to at such election. Any failure from any
rtc cause to hold said meetings or to elect said
o.r hoard on the day named for that purpose
in shall not dissolve the corporation but the
his directors then In omre shall hold over until
n their slticressors are chosuen and quallfed.
Ir Afler such election the Board of Dlirectora
Ise, shall elect from their numnler the ,ffcers
m- but the above named tners as president.
Icg vice-president and secretary shall remain in
o1ce as above stated uintil the first election
fixher ed herein on the first Tuesday In Janu
al- ary, 1912; and until the successors are
ing elected and qualitlied. An vacancy occur
ring among the offices o president, vice
president and secretary shall be filled by
the Board of I[lrectors, but any vacancy in
the Ioard shall first be filled before any
rth vacancy among said officers shall be filled.
er "In case of any vacancy prior to the ex
irs. plratlon of their term shall exist or occur
vid among the first three directors herelnabove
as named It shall be filled by a selection made
rs- biy the owners of stock of Series A and in
c- case of any vacancy prior to the expirattlon
of the term. occurrlng among the last three
nd tllrettorr alcve named it shall be filled by
lib- a selection made by the owners of stock of
car- Series B.
of "At every election and stockholders' meet.
elr Ing each stockholder shall be entitled to one
vote for each share of stock represented on
the the Iooks of athe company in hbls name; votes
tih may Is. cast in person or by proxy author
the tci in writlng, but at each election of dl
'er. rectors (by the stockholders) the first oc
erc- currlng the first Tuesday in January, 1912,
p and every fifth year thereafter as above
Sprovided, the holders of stock of Serles A
shall elect and designate three directors
1 and the holders of stock of 8erlies B shall
Mc deslignate and elect three directors. After
each election of directors as above provided,
Per the first being tbe first Tuesday in January,
1912, and qulnteniaIIy thereafter, the board
Sshall elect from their number the ofIcers,
to-wit: President, vice-resident and secre
tary. The president in addition to blh othb
er duties shall be general manaler and in
* his absence the vice-president In addltlon to
isl- his other duties shall be general manaler.
and "*No by-laws of tbhis corporation shalt be
t mded or repealed except by the vote of
astochkholders ownnlag three-fourths of the
d capital stock."
o- The foregoing am endments, and the as
thorlty of the appea rers beertn will more
f. ully appear by reference to a duly certified
copy of the minutes of said stockholdera'
meeting, which Is hereto attached and made
part hereof.
is a aid Plek and Beard In their respectlve
t of capacitiesl further declared, that they now,
aber pursuant to the direction of said stocbold
and ers' meeting, request me, Notary, to reeive
it sad admendments In the for-m o this publhk
act, ln order that the same may he promll
gated, published and recorded and thus b.
Scome part of the original charter, with
which request I, Notary, do hereby eompay.
Thus done and passed In my offce at the
City of New Orleans, louaslana, in the pree
eace of (I. W. Schweltser sand E. LI 8sabary,
competent witnesses, who hereunto a_
their names with said appearers and me,
Notary, after due rading of the whole.
W. I. PENI('K. JR., President.
C. S. BEARD. Secretary.
E . AIXI B BRIAN, Notary Publle.
I, the undersliglaed Deputy Recorder of
a Mortgages, hereby certifyth that the foregoin
act of amendment of tbhe charter of Peck-
eve & Ford, IAmlted, was this day duly recor'
tate ed in my offee In book 1011, follo -.
ty New Orleans, May 6. 1911.
stry (Slgned) De y IIE LEONARD,
f Depty Recorder of Mortgages.
i Mr. I hereby certify the foregoln, to be
both true copy of the orIgln l act of ami-ndment
here- of the charter of l'entf & Fotrde l,lmited.
cities and of the certificate of the Icpety Recorde
y of] of Mortgages theerto attached, which is on
cor- file in my oace.
f the New Orleans Mday 6. 1911.
ad in ArJ XI BRIAN. Notary Publle.
ad bh MaY 11 18 25 June 1 8 I 1911l

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