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George G. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
GOOD Union Saloon,
BE E R Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
and Tobacco. UNION BEER
Theo. J. Lala,
The Grocer,
Dealer in High Class Food Products
Cooking Utensils, Liquors of All kinds. All kinds of
Food 8tuffs. Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Grain, Eto.
Pittsburg Coal and Coke
Yard and Offlee: 828 Seguin Strct. Resldenees 421 Peilekn Avem
When in Need of
Can Supply You Promptly
Telephone, Write or Wire
838 Canal St.
Phone Main 567 New Orleans
Where and When lThey Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Officers.
Sts. John Lodge No. 153 F. and A.
M., meets every Tuesday evening in
Masonic Hall, corner Ollvier 8t. and
Pelican Avenue at 7:30 o'clock.
W. M., Shade 0. Smith, 625 Belle
ville St.; S. W., Fred H. Gait; J. W,
Adolph Spitzfaden, Jr.; Treasurer, Geo.
Herbert, Jr.; Secretary, L. J. Peterson,
518 Verret St.; Chaplain, C. A. Suth
erland; Tyler, W. Senat; Stewards,
W. Lucas, J. M. Couget; S. D., A. W.
Lucas; J. D., E. Dosher.
Crescent Lodge No. 3, K. of P.,
meets every Friday night in Pythian
Hall at 7:30 o'clock.
Theo. Olsen, C. C.; Roger Chestnut,
V. C.; Jules B. Babin, M. W.; E. E.
Babin, 307 Delaronde St., K. of R. and
B.; Peter Clement, Prelate; L. J. Pet
erson, M. E.; C. Barthaut, M. A.; C.
Miller, I. G.; Louis Martin, O. G.; Pe.
ter Clement, representative; Jules Ba
bin, alternate; Louis Peterson, Dr. C.
V. Kraft and F. C. Wagner, trus
tees; C. Miller, Janitor; Dr. Jno. A.
Ruapp and Dr. W. H. Weaver. physic
Ians; E. J. Mothe, undertaker; ,. E.
Babin, organist.
Meets second and fourth Thursday
of each month; quarterly meetings,
first Thursday in January. April, July
and October, in Pythian Hall, at 7:30
p. m.
Gustave Peterson, 339 Elmira Ave.,
chancellor commander; August C.
Brill, vice chancellor; Geo. W. Stewart,
prelate: J. U. Lewis, master of work;
Wm. A. Scholl, 132 Lavergne street,
keeper of records and seal; John
Porsler, master of finance; Frank
Henning, master of exchequer; James
O. Stewart, master-at-arms; J. T.
Hughes, inner guard; J. T. Stuberland,
outer guard; Joe. Hughes, Sr., grand
lodge representative; James O. Stew
art, alternate; Dr. J. E. Pollock for
Algier, Dr. C. F. Gelbke for Gretna
d Dr. W. B. Clark for New Orleans,
lans. Jno. A. Barrett, under
Virginia Lodge No. 136, K. of P.,
meets on the second and fourth Mon
days each month in Pytbian Hall at
7:30 p. m.
Chancellor commander, W. B. Ow
as, 440 Elmira Ave.; vice chamcellor,
B. Voegtlin; prelate, J. Pendas; keep.a
r ef reord and seals. L P. Gisch, 538
lmira avenue; master of exchequer,lI
K. Acker; master of nance, 8. G.
Smith; muasterat-arms, A. J. Beuon;
lame Iard, W. Goodwin; outer guard,
. 1. reseh; Sand lodg8e represent
tlva, 8. G. Smith; alternate, A. F.
Eastmaa; phytcia for Algiers, Dr.
Ja A. L Rp; for MeDonoSbrille and A
rOntha Dr. W. H. Wearer.
Sts. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
the second and fourth Mondays of
,each month in Masonic Hall, at 7:30
p. mn.
Worthy matron, Mrs. Eleanor Nel
son. 323 Bermuda St.; worthy patron,
Mr. Arthur Lucas; associate matron,
Mrs. Amelia Smith; secretary, Mrs.
Augusta Burgis, 528 Bouny street;
treasurer, Miss Selina Sutherland;
conductress, Mrs. Jennie Reyn
olds; associate conductress, Mrs. Ele
lyn Corbett; warder, Mrs. Lily Good
lett; sentinel, Mr. John Cougett; Ada,
Miss Olga Nelson; Ruth. Mrs. Flor
ence Amuedo; Esther, Mrs. Erminie
fliehl; Martha, Mrs. May Pollock; El
ecta, Miss Ruby Vanderlinden; chap
lain, Mrs. Lizzie Borden; marshal, Mrs.
Josephine Weaver; organist, Mrs. Vi
ola Huckins.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. 9-Meets on the
d. first and third Thursday of each month
in Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. m.
Amelia Smith, guardian, 625 Belle
ville Street.
Lizzie Borden, clerk, 549 Vallette
A. Street; Via Demuth, assistant clerk.
n Anna Vanderlinden, past guardian;
d Mary Jacobs, advisor; Hattie Tufts,
banker; Shade G. Smith, attendant;
Louise B. Casanova, chaplain; Dr. J.
Ernest Pollock, physician; Marguerite I
Capdevielle, inner sentinel; Josephine
Mock, outer sentinel; Grace Pruitt,
n, Emma Short and Ida Hymel, managers; o
Gertrude Back, organist; Jno. A. Bar- c
rett; E. J. Mothe, undertaker.
Benevolent Associations. n
P., Meets on the first Wednesday of ev.
s ery month at Renecky's Hall at 7:30
p. m. Julius Hambacher, president;
at, John Sprada, vice-president; George a
E. Brunssann, treasurer; Frank Kraemer,
ad 435 Bouny St, recording secretary; t
t- Philip Essinger, financial secretary;
John Kinsinger, 233 Seguin street,
e. chairman of sick committee; John
a- Teteberg, chairman of widow and or
C phans' committee; Peter Bensinger a
and Theodore Duverth; William Oden. 1
A wald, marshal; Dr. M. J. Manent, phy-.
sician; George Brunssann, undertaker. 0
E Address all letters and communica- p
tions to Frank Kraemer, 535 Belleville' h
street. Al
" Meets every third Wednesday of i
each month at Pythian Hall.
John Schroder, Jr., President, Ope- dl
e"' lousas Ave. and Nlnes St, or Court a
House. to
Louis F. Willis, Vice President, 616 b
Opelousas Ave. al
It C. E. Hildebrand. Treasurer, 435 hi
in Atlantic Ave.
A B. A. McCloskey, Recording Seere
tary, 433 Bouny 8t thc
F. E. Babia. Financial Secretary, 112
d, Verret St tr
d G. . Brunssann, G. M. 243 Morgan .
IF St. ti
r P. Gauthreaux, Sergeant at Arms, an
a 808 Belleville St to
Ed. Lawton, chairman of Relief Com- on
r- mittee, 437 Opelousas.
Dr. J. R. Adams, physician. r
G. G. Brunasann, undertaker, 343 P"
Morgan St ma
i Knights of Honor
ALGIERS LOE Ne. 264. alt
, lgiers Lodge No, 254, E of H.,i
Imeets every third Tuesday of each T
Smonth in Reneeky Hall. corner Val-.
lette and Patterson streets.w
Chai P. Fetherlinal 8. P. D.; Chas.
W. Brodtmann. dictator; Albert R.t
Woolf vice dictator; Patrick Hartnett, a
asistant dictator: Chat H. Browele, p
reporter; J. D. Richard, financial e.
porter; Tho. A. Rhodes, treasurer;
Albert Borgeois, aguide; W. A. Nsoon,
ehaplala; Aaroa Johnson, guardisn;
LC. Murphy, smanel; Chas. f. Path
--,r , Patrclck aarte and ~ara
Johbes, trunteau.
Be It known, that on this fifth day of
the month of May, In the year of our Lord.
one thousand nine hundred and eleven, and
of the independence of the United Staten.
one hundred and thirty-fifth, before me,
John Marshall Qulntero, a Notary I'ublic,
duly commissioned and qualified, in and for
the City of New Orleans, Parish of Orleans.,
State of Louisiana. and in the presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and un
dersigned, personally came and appeared:
The several persons whose names are here
unto subscrited, who each severally declare,
that availing themselves of the provisions
of the laws of the Stale of Louisiana. rela
tive to to the organization of corporations, they
have covnenanted, agreed and do by th.'se
presents mutually contract, covenant and
agree and hind themselves, to and with each
other, as well as such other ipersns who
m:Urll hereafter i.s-cme assoelated with theml.
to form and c(onstitute a corporation and
blody l, llite in law. for the objects and pur
ploses. and under the agreements and still,
ulations, following. viz.:
The name andi title of this corploration
shall Is the ViN St'lliIEIll (11, (t1OM
I'A.\Y. and under its said 'orporate name
shall have power and authority to have and
njloy sclcession, for the fall term and
period of nlnety-nint e 1Itii years. from and
after the l:ay and late hereof: to contraict.
*le :Iiand lt- stued: to make and uise a corpor
ate seatl. and the sanle to break or alter at
pleasure; to hold. recelve, lease. purchase I
liIand cney as well as to mlortgage anil
laypotherlte property, real, iersonal and
mixei. ,corploreal anld incorporeal: to name
and p :Illnlllt sucl-h officers. malinagers, aenllts
Iand directors as its lilsiness interest anli
co'nvllniu,' maUI:rV require; and to mlike and
es!talish. as well as alter and amend. from
time to time. sucth by-laws, rules and regu
latioIns, for the prolwer govlernment of the
affairs if the, corlporation. as may lib nec
esary .and propier.
Th1' dlmi'ile of this corporation shall Ie
in the i'ity of New rleains. 'Parish of or
l-ns. Stlitt. of I.uisian:i. and all citations
or other lea:l plrotess sh:all t sierved on
the presildent oif said corpo r;iton, or, In
the event of his atbsence, ton the vihe-prs.i
dent. and in case of the atlsetnce of the Pres
ident anlld vice-lupresident, upon the treiasurer
oif the c-orpora tion.
A.lItTIl"-: III.
The ,h.i -it ani purplose for which th!
,.irporatin 1i formed n ti h lhe nature of
thi.- busirnis to be carried on by It, are here
!Iy d.c'l:lretd I ft ble to prolis"ct n-, ltine. aP nd t ori
hore for oil, gas. and minerals of all kinds.
nt lands< ie:i --I or owned by this coripora
ont lin, or on ahih this corlporatiotn may have
the right of entry: toi on. lease anti tper
l aite minel. mineral, oil and gas well, and
30 ret Ine by-prons:lr i and tl o that end toi
le:i.s, w, - wn. -ldlstrlut anid operilte retinrl's
to hstore WisarIIehoi.ll , and to trlnsplirt ilt
rll -<. tineral oil anl d other mjineral fort
et- hilre by meansU of railroads. tallnk-. carts, trali
:e1a} I,pipe lineis. .lpowver vssielis. iarges or
uothter sutiltule means of convtvanice anl to
-n, that endl to lease. own constrlnt ant opiler
ile r:il'r a,Il., pipe tIne-, p. lumtl d g stationI.
stoiriag1 tainks, and iiasin , tink uciars, biarg,es
et hand other ress-.l whalrveis and wlrehonies
and t-,nerally to hold and exercise all sut-1h
d; other incidental ipowers and prlnvle.ges, ias
relate ti the it.halits herInhefore set fo rth.
an u id as ii ferrel iltupon like iorlporat ions. tan
liOn uor.orations ini generil. under the cin
stittiion anid Iia-s of this state. .Alt It
O 'l- onstints t fuincti.onus may ie slprformed in
lda, the Stiate if Ltouisiana, anld ini any of the,
iotheir states or territories of the Ulnited
Or- States-. SthI corporation is authorized atin
shall hli't e power to lui., oir otherwise al
nie l'li nillniiirsthi and iol trot to thle .sl llle -
El ' rent i a ilnatural person, by purchase,. de
ri>e. lease, or otheLrwise real estate, ton,
p- nenlt. her, litantents. personal anld nmixed
property :tnl the satme to sell. mort;,agel,
lbYthllull-ate or it.cinutr at its pleasure and
'j. itotielt grantI and rights of war for the
puirpose of ticarrying on the business of saidl
icorporat ion, and to acquire from Victor
Van Shhoeler. certain mineral rights assigned
to him by Aladin Vincent. original grantee :
and to do any anti all acts neerssary for
the cartry lt- Ut of the objects and par
Sposes of this corporation. It shall n prop
eor for this corporation at and during all and
anylil time to conduct. do. perform and Ionr
th carry out any one or more of the purposes or
obje.cts of this corporation, without Iwin
required at any one tine to carry out all
he- purposes and objects for which this
The capital stock of ths coshporatlon isbe
heruiy fixed at the sum of fifty thousand
I;$i0.iO .Oo dollars. to be representled by
one thousand (.00e0) shares of the par f
value of fifty dollars (=50.00) each, which
t; capital s tock may b e ncreased or dimin
l shed hy proceedings taken In the manaer
prescribed hby the laws of the State of ou- a
t Isiana. Payment for said stock shall be
made in lawful current money of the United
. ate or the said tok may Issued for a
t, other lawful considerations, or In paymeat
of property transferred to said corporation.
; or for labor or services performed for said I
corporation. This said corporation shall
Ibe orgalnized and begin business as soon as u
five thousand ($.5.000.00 dollars shall have
been subscribed to the capital stock. The
remainder of said capital stock shall he
Issued ity the Board of 'Directors as they
may deem expedient. But no stock shall
She ssued for less than the par value there
of. All transfer of stock shall be made only
on the books of the comalny, subject to
Sunh rulesd ad regulations as the Board o
Stirectors may prescribe. vi
All the corporate powers of this corpor
e atlon shall be vested in and exerc sred by the
Board of Directors, composed of five (5)
year commencing on the first Monday of she m
* month of May. 1013. This said election
hpall be by ballot, and conducted under the
he appointed by the Board of Directors for
that purpose bat each election. Thirty (o hi
days prior notice must be given by the sece
retary of the comp any, ian writing, oea
shareholder, by mailing the same by reg
aIstered mall to the lsast known address or
place of busIness, as left by the said share
Sholder, or shareholdersd. with the secretary
rof the company. Each shareholder shall be o
entitled to east one vote in person or by on
- proxy, for each share of stock owned by a
him, and the majority of votes cast shall
elect. The board thus elected shall serve
and continue in ouce until their successors o
shall have been duly elected and qualified
The falinre to hold an annal mIeting, or
to_ el.t directors on the date above apec- e
fled, hanll not dmisslve the corporation, but
curring in said Board of Directors shall be
filed by a majority vote of the re amMen alng
directorsu. Three (3) of thre directors shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of
any business. The said Board of rIirecu
tor shall make all by-laws, rules and ireg.
ulan lons for the proper gover mtent of the
actbusiness and stairs of the eor ration, and
alter and amend and change the same to
pleasure. They shall have full power to
t hnty and to sel mortgage, pledge, and leaset,
any and all of the property oft the id or
potation, except as hereinafter restricted,
The r oard o Diuretornds and other obmle~
lIons, and to asume thesame for this corn- v
io nye to ogrant and acquire all leases, on
tracts and agreements, and to perform bay
and all acts ne es ary to carry out the oh n
Jrects and purlme for which thsardll or ea
ton is formed. ba
The Board of Dlrectors shall not make act
any sle of p.roperty or grant any mort
to t soll, or mortgagers, sal e more than e
oLe-half of the entre holdlngt and owner- d
ocreot rloef tche owners of at lest th ma ree
fourths of th aptal ste ontrtandlin, at
a meeting of the stockholders held for that ha
plrpoe; and the holding of sh a meeting pl
mortgnge given in writIng, pcoflh all the abs
stockholders sign aild consnet, or notify the
Thr odfe [ireotts oef ontior consent to make
sure sal or mtg The Boar of Di
retoerS hall ha·ve full power and anthority
atlon. and to Ix t. tacir laryor mag es, ha
and require any"or allof themtote ivea bond ee
t present, a - v cetpreoden a y tiemu It.o ma
election The Boari d .aof rt mayn a-t_ -
- int-o - o neoruchper iod of ti a it may
day of May in the year o fou ron th
thosand nine hundred and the endhal
elected and m ullid . ad -mId beard e
John 'r. rim JL· n D. lrce . and .,,
dentVi -ter Von Seee.,, vo-'_ -- .-
and un ial ead Wa em
:- L  1 ,l. 14
This act of Icerporatlio may be changeld,
INY altered or modiied by a vote of two-thirds
of the capital stock, or the said corporation
ATE may be dissolved by a vote of two-thirds
N8. of the capital stock, at a meeting of the
stockholders, held for that purpose, after
previous notice of such meeting shall have
y of been sent by registered mail to each share
.ord holder, who shall have left his place of bus
and less, or place of residence, with the secre
ates tary of this corporation, or to the last
me' known address or place of residence of said
bitc, stockholder.
S Whe ,ever this corporation shall Itw dis
ed: solved by limitation or otherwise. its affairs
red : shall Ike liquidated by two comnlmissioners
sere- selected by a vote of the majority of the
lare, capital stock, at a meeting called for that
tos purpose, after due notice shall have been
rel given in the manner provided for in thet
they preceding articles. In case of the death or
helse resignation of one of said commissioners,
and the remaining conmmlssioner shall continue
Pa alone to final liquhlation. but in the event
who of the death of both of said commissioners,
ero. their successors shall ia' elected in tile man
anl ner as alove provided. Said conmission
r- ers shall remain in oftice until the full ands
ti tfinal settlement and lhlllqdation of tile al
fairs of this corporation.
AltTIrll'E VIII.
4\1t- No stockholder shall ever be held Itable
ame or responsihle for the contracts or faults
and of this company, for any further slim than
and the unp:ald halane' tll'e trpmn the shares of
and stock owned or srltsicriled for by him. Nor.
'act, *hall any mere informlltitles in the organ
por-Izatlon of this corporation have the effect
at tof rendering this charter null, or of ex
s.' positng the shareholders to any liability be
and vnd tile amount due on his stock.
and 'rhus done and passed In miy offie at tlhe
me 'lty of New OIrle'ans, I'arish of Orleans.
nts State of l.auisiana, on the day, month anti
anyI siar h'-reinalsvre first written. in thei pres
anld ene of Messrs. Philip S. ;idllere and All
ro~l gust It. Ititter, ltlh mnale residents of this
'c- parish, and ovier fourteen 1141 years of
the ge. tomtlwetent witnesses, who have here
nec unto slznedl their names, with said appear
ers. and tile, ,nomtary., after dlue reading of
the whole.
I ('tirh numlbr of shares of stock sullmcrtbeed
Or- for by each of the mundersigned. is set oppl
ons site their resltective nanwms, andi this said
on signing is Intended to and shall serve the
In pulrlpo also of a sllhscription list.)
-si- Original Signed : I hmnelsn ('affery, J.
re F'r Prl'm. Wmn. Mc'allmsland, John II. PI'rm.
irer J,thn . g;race. Victor Von $'hom'ler.
Witnett ses: 'lhlllp S. ;i hhiere. A. II. Ittter.
! M. Q'INTiERO. Notary Public.
on I. the undersgned lRecorder of Mortgages,
ia. In antl for the 'Parish of )Orleans, State of
Irn laislana. do hellreIy certify that the almoyv
v.' :lld foregoing ant of Incorporation of them
r- V\'n Simhoeler (i)l C'onpany was tills day
i lduly recorded in my i S,e in book loN'.
ti folio 111l.
es N0-w iOreans, L.a .. lav . 1911.
ait ISined, : EMI.: LEOmNAlti, DI. R.
to A tiom ciopy.
er J. M. eVI INTI.to( . Notary Public.
n. iay 11 lt 2. June 1 S I. 1911
a' ('ITY OF NEWI 1 l I-ANS.
mIe I It known, that on tills 6th day of tile
ri n" nth of Malrch. In the year one' tholmsand
eI nitne hundred and elevein, and mof the Inde
p''" endlnce of the U'nitied Staites of .1 erlia,
nil the one hulllnldred and thirteemntll, Ibefore me.
the . G. Euistis, a Notary l'thltli in and for
ii i Parish of Orleans, and the State of
SI.olisiana. duly conmmisstoned, sworn and
lemd qtaltfled, and in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned. I
opersu,nally came and appeared the severai
ar- persons whose names are hereunto sumll.
tP -airiled. all of the ac" of majority, who de
n'l caretl that, availing themselves of Act 3 1
ir of 144. as well as the tGeneral Laws of the
o0 State relative to the organization of cor
g pImratlons. they hereby form tllemselves into
ll andi constitute a crorporation for the ojiects
mis and purposes, and under the stipulations
hereinafter set forth :
Is The name and title of this corporation I
nd shall be PI'LAQ1'FMINE$ LANID ('I'OM IANY.
by and by that name it shall enjoy succession d
for the term of ninety-nine (til) years from I
h the date hereof, unless sooner dissolved. It F
shall have the power to sue and be sued. n
er to horrow money, hold, purchase, lease, sell v
t and hypothecate real and person property :
to make and use a corporate seal; to name v
ed and appoint directors, managers and agents.
or and to establish such by-laws, rules and
regulations for the management of the bus
I lness and affairs of said corporation as may
SP necessary. the same to alter at pleas- a
ure: also to make and Issue bonds and other a
evidences of debt, and to secure same by t
mortgage or otherwise.
The domicile of this corporation shall be ii
Sin the City of New Orleans, and all citation *
or other legal process shall be served on
the president, or, In his absence, on the T
The objects and npurposes of this corpor
ation shall be to purchbase and otherwise l
scqulre. reclaim, cultivate, develop and dis
pose of by sale. lease or otherwise. real i
, estate and lands in the Parish of Plaque
mines and elsewhere. as the Board of Di- te
rectora may from time to time determine. ym
e to construct drainage, sewerage system, to I
huld. operate, sell and lease for operation '
dredges and ditchets, manlatain such ware- r
Shouses. docks. wharves, rallroad and tram- o0
way lines. and other transportation lines f(
Sthat may be found necessary or expedient
for the proper development and carrying on as
Sof the company's business, to erect, main- c
tain and operate telegraph and telephone (r
lines. and generally to acquire by purchase al
or lease, operate. sell and otherwise dispose d
Sof any and every species of property, real of
and personal, necessary or convenient to be t
II so acquired and used in order to more ef- be
e fectually carry out the main desigln of the em
orranisation of the company, and particu- di
L larly in connectlon with Its real estate at
r operations to acquire and operate dredges l
Sand boats.
The caspital of this corporation shall beI
fixed at twenty-five thousand (825.000.00) pr
e dollars, divided into two hundred and fifty h
(250) shares of $100.00 eachb. payable in be
Scash, or Its equivalent in property or labor.
All the powers of this corporation shall mi
bhe rested in a Board of Dire'tors, composed pr
of three members, two of whom shall con- Ct
stitute a quorum for the transaetlon of Jo
bhuslness. They shall elect from their num. I
ber a president. vice-presildent and treasurer. fr
The following anamed person shall con- s
stitute a Board of Directors: Mi. C. Baker,
SG. IT. Randolph. L. L. Baker. and M. C.
Baker shall be president. C,. II. Randolph.
vice-president, and L L. Baker. seeretary
and treasurer, and they shall hold oame un- all
tll the third Tuesday of February. 1912. or or,
until their anecessors shall have been duly by
elected. Any failure to hold an annual meet- qu
tfg shall not cause a forfelture of this me
act of Incorporation, and any vacancy oc- the
curring In the Board of Diretorsr from any fl
coause. shall be filled by the remainingl dl- th
rectors. se
The Board of Directors shall elect its og- me
eers, and shall appoint such agents and is
managers as may be necessary, and shall ul
fx their compensation. The board shall also
hve the right to dismis maid employees at ta
All acts of sale, purehase, lese, or others.
shall be slnmed by the preident, and at- he
tested by the secretary. at
On the third Tuesday ina February, anaa- Al
ally, l'lglnnng wlth the year 1912, therefor
shall i3e held a meeting of stockholders, to by
elect directora for the ensumlng year. which
meetlig shall be called after ten (10) days
notice;: asmid nottice to be depoilted in the
mall. postage paid, and directed to each 1
stockholder, at his or her last known ad- ere
dres. At said meeting said director' shallthe
he elected by ballot, and a majority of the anl
votes cat shall he neeeuary to elect, ad a
each share of the atock shal he entitled to ed
one vote, uand the shareholdef shall vote in J
er shall be eligbe u dIretors th
the hooks of thl company. We stokholde rl
shal he held liabie for an cotractne or for
hi et leslrperatlm ha mer
CLe - eeelIed s
S thes may be dissolved by a vote of three
fourths of the stock represented at a gen
aged, eral meeting held for that purpose after
hirds due notice shall have been given by publli
ation cation for twenty (20) days in one of the
birds newspapers published in New Orleans and
the in case of dissolution, two commissioners
after shall wind tup and settle the tffatrs of this
have corporation, and in the event of a disa
hare- greement between them, they shall select
bus- an umpire, whose' decision shall be final.
ecre- At the termination of this act of Incor
last poration. the business and affairs of this
said corporation shall be likewise woIentl ple and
settlled by three (:I) commilssioners ele.tled
by the slockholders at I1 illeeting etalled for
that Ipurpose, after twenty days notice ont
dis altoee.
fairs l'ts done and passedl on the day. month
ers and year first albove written at my notarial
the office in this city., in the lpresence cf it.Ii I..
that 'aplan andl ('. A. Itansotu. cotuletehnt wit
br'e neslMes, who together with the said Appllar
tite ers and me. Notary. have signed these pres
h or cts after dule reading of the whole.
tiers. Original signd : M. I'. Baker. 2OI) sllare :
te i. a. Baker, 49 shares. G. iI. Riandolph, 1
Vent share.
ners. Witnesses: R. L. Caplan. I'. .. Itnsomt.
an J. Il. Ei'WrlIS, Notary I'lublic.
I. the undtlersigned Recorder of Mortgages.
in and for th., Parish of Otirians. dc, hereby
certify that the attove and for.'eginig art of
Ineorlporatihn of the l'laquemiunes land I' omi
lablh paIn was this day duly recorded in nyl of
tlits fie. In book 10t1. folio 9 ei . New Orleans,
than L.,. lMay 4. 1911.
Nor. Sigiedli IMI,1E LEONARIt, D. I.
•ee tiiue copty.
e J. ci. E:ISTIS. Not. Pilb.
May 11 I 25 June 1 x 1: 1911
ear OF "'CLl'B ON WItEEIS."
t 'Nl''l.:l STATES OF AMlf:ltl '.1, s',TATE
tb c tF IA t ISLtANA, 'Al.tltill hOF OiHi.iANS.
sai i ITY OF N-I; t(iI,.EANS.
Ite it known. thalt n tlits twe-nty eighth
.i. cay of the' nonth of April. In lihe yer of
rimt . elr l.er onie thotisanid ni ine' hlnliiidrIe and
ehl'esn, and of t1he Indel'eenci.nc- of Ihe I litl
ter. e'll States of Americari. the tine hundred aind
thirty-fl. Ifth. lefre nl-. Je thn MIarshall qIe in
tI'IO. a Nolatlry l'eebhie. dluly its'ellteieslntne.l
incd qualifie'e,. in aine for filec 'iari.sh oef Or-.
ans. State of I.,llsisina. llerein re-sillno g,
gs. andll In the llc' cesence of the' witne'sls.es here
of it:ltter named sdll undersigned, lpersonallv
s atite'aallllItli aIelll- te lerspcrlds -ler ese' nalllle's
t l'ae he-t'c'nleeI sllle-erellil. all a l.ove tice fall
lay age tf miajority, who severally ail''Ie ii
115. thati , :It vlailintg ieithe'lins lves of the ten-ril laws
If tlihe tate of Ioisiana rel tive io the
etg';eieizat ilen o)f eecl-el .atlins, tlhe, he-re'by
'. fztlcus itteihie 'lve-s inlto and stee l l-i title a (or
Iterctli..'! fer tie" ,citejee.ls 111111 tee1',ees  'llii
undele'r thee stiutlttie nl e- hei l-reinafte'r se't feerti.
The name, style and t lite' ofi tis orltor
::hlon shall lw o'4"I.'LII tON W1 il,-:i.:.S'" Itad
I-; tihat lamet It shall ha'e power and aze
Stirt ic cx ipst anti r enj e enn siieieoete fuir
tie fitle ternti of ninel '-lne years froe and
Ie suee : to mnakre anlc Iuse' a t'eel)srtlte aceal.
toe -tialeo to ,re'ak el or istl an~e at p!easurr:
,!e aeinul iree tecll d. rei e'lk-o. terehase. lc-s.-- -
and lre' leroler- of cvery nature lnd kindi
TE fti. ne'esaly or se-'fl for the lpueose tef
the corporatilon anid the s:me to cllnvte
Ns. illst-tlie eer dlisleeoe of at l"te-itaiCre : to mansice.
St nel atleiclnet elh Orenfi.'ris. uteteeers oel
:l-eels as tIe' interect ofl scill e:crleler clene
the tttlt ril-qilire tio nomlke' aild eslitaliash slcl.i
ie - Ic-lanws. rs antd reglllartinrles ,f its at
ie- fairs :es ItIeee lee Ie--'essa'sV arnd roeeper anel
Ica. thll' sane' , alter or chang" act Ieleosill..
nel The omicl ate of sal eorporatln shiall 1tei
It he in lIe ('lts of New O)rleans, State of Los
l. Islana. aRtel citatiotn olr ther legal proconss
r:1 shlnll It served ton ile presilent, o-. in
cait- isc' of hIs ahsene,. on iche, vle'-president. I
dc- or. in the aesence of bothl, n lhe secretary
36 tre:sirer of the same.
or- ARTIT'I.E Ill. 1
etc The objects ande purposes for whi'h this
eas ct'rporation is establlshed are declared to
be : Iet To s i-cceed the corporation and
clbbi, of the same name: 121 To regulate e
rsoetal Intercourse and amusement among
the menmlrs of said corporation by rules t
Ion framed after consnultatlon. by mutual con
;y. sent, toe promote enjoyment. harmony. re
on finement of manners and intellectual Im- a
m proveoment: (3i To purchase. tease, hire. e
It possess and operate and maintain one or
h motre coac'les or cars for the use and con
ll venlene of the members. and to run same
over and on the lines of Ltoulrsville & Nash
te ville Railroad ('ompany, or other railroads.
ts. n
a. All the corporate powers of this cotSpor.
s. atlon shall be vested In and exercised by i
ter a Governing Committee to be composed ofa
by the president, the vice-president, the sec
retary-treasurer and three other members n
all to be elected by ballot at the annual d
meeting of the club to te held on the sec- t
ond Monday In July, 1911, and annually
Sthereafter, officers so eleted taking their P
on seats on the first day of the fllowlng Jan- p
an nary. A majority of votes ceast shall elect. a
he The omce of recretary-treuurer may be q
filled ty one person.
Should the annual meeting and election
fall to be held on the day speclfid, the In
c'imhents shall continue in ofce until suzch
er- meeting Is held and their successors elected
se and It shall he the duty of the acting pres- B
Is r lIent to cuse another meeting and election i'
a to ee hlhi within thirty days ther'after. o 'i
- The ofh eers and the Governing Commit- 1
,. tee shall hold onice for the term of one
Syear or tntil their smccessors are duly elect- t
t ed ant qualified. The Governing Committeeal
n shall fill all vacancies occurring for the un
Sexplredp term of the same. Three members A
n-lof the committee shall constitmte a quorum
for the transaction of any business. Pc
t The blsiness of the club shall be man
en aged and transacted bv said board and
a committees ofl said hoard. The governing
Slcommilttee shall have the power to adopt L
S eall sby-laws, rules and regulations which the A
rdc l neesssary for the proper government F
i of the club and Its members and nto amendlF
P.the same. nclldlnug the fiing ofl the num-i
Sber. quafi tlltlon, election. suspension or
Serpnulon of members and the feea and
. dues to be paid by same. provided that they Cc
Ic shall have no power to reduce the mei- B
Sbershlhp be!ow eighty or to increase the an
nual dues shove twenty-five dollars I $251.
or to levy an assessment without the con- 0.
sent of the members of the club to be I
Sgtiens at a speial meeting after ten days lB
S pprinted not~c statin1t its purpose, shatll
h ave beaen mailed to etch nd every mmr
I ber. C'opies of this charter and of the
r. by-laws shall be printed from time to time
fear thbe use of the members.
The following are declared to be the op
cers of the club and the Governing Comi- l
Smlttee ofl the same: Louis H. Isrehld. oo
d president; Ilenry I. Dart, vice-presidentl
SCharles A. 'ardle. secretary-treasurer
etJohn M. Parker. William P. Burke . pr
Locke Breaux. Members. to serve until the ia
first day of January. 1912, or until their
. successors ohai tee elected.
I General and special meetlngs for sny and
Sall purposes may be called by the preident.
r or. in his abaence, by the vlce-rsldent, or in
- by the overniang Committee, or on the re- L
Squest of ay five members in writing, auchla
meetings to take place u follows: )uring C
T the period from May 1 to October 31. after in
rne Tdayis notice posted in elub ear; dunring
the remainder of the year by printed notice
s ent by mail to the member, provided tat
meetings for the prposes stated i tho pre
Ial artile shall bea iovered and rag
lated aa provided tbherelmn.
- At all meetins suchb members I good
standialng salil obah hava one vote to be
cast in person. Mt
Filftean memberl is tgoed standingl shall
a quorum fore the trrnsaction of bninet s
at all meetingts and the decision of the ma
Jeoity of the quorum present shall be valid
s a corporate act, save U to amendment.
to ths charter, which are provided fior In
Article VII, and save aio as to electionsa
efor membershlp, which aball be regulated
This club ebi! be' deemed and onsid
ered and is declarod to be the auccesaor of
the corporation called "Club on Wheels"
land all thse by-laws and rules of that club
shall remain iforce mntf cangd amend
ed or repealed, u herein rermdtted.
SAll the memeers of said 'Club on Wheels"
are declared to be memers of this club and -
they shall rema.in oblllsted to p to the
clb whatever claim te euisting club has
or may hv herater glaist them.
All the property, contracts sad smets ofi
that club eha l-bcr lerrted to this
eluh, all te debts and lhblltle of the
former are Lheeby mU ed this club.
re-ted ad eprd i acquire, take over
ad in ebsi o thh club t o pem sad
enre rs n U irsrur, atruet ad ebets
.rai )ro+YI r semat to aU selc
TholkSar + ilas Yor ,e y
a 8ewir,K :,, hIne
S3916 Canal' New Orlea.
Beer Brewed in New Orlea,
brewed to suit the climte
That is wihy
American Beer
Is Best .' ,*
American Brewing
John Couget,
Beef. Veal, Pork and Mu
St. John's Market.
I i i, o arran:t e for the tr:nafr into this .cl,;
i of the nti.lership tihereof in gool standing
.i .' In th  case of the ni.lliWsrs. f tilhe
old chih. :As here.in provided. a lneulllrship
f*I' of oner hunn r l re and fifty id lliars ,$13-,
r shall be paidl irnluteliitely upon acceptance
"f rio,-.tlacr..hijp in this c, nh. A ,ertitcate
shall I., I.sued for one htntdrel dollars
,.r 1' .diu tihr,.,..f. which shall Ise deliveredl
Sto thie mll.'tlllr ;wd 'l san,.- shall h,. non trains
fe.r;a.;le and tiin ni,*i :oiaL le. ineitlhe'r .Ihall anyi
I, rigt. of :any kind. pass there. nider I.v any
Xe.iit liot or to anyT heir. assigan. sil.ceor,
.xieultir t ;ll lln t..lat, to ir ,ir ithur l..i-,, ili
us ithaitever,. ut wh)len'ever sl.th tllaull.er -hallI
a (',lr.e. for any caue whliatever. t., Ie aii n.TIi
. ther anild whleni. -,r thslli corporation s ll
,,haitie illIe the vaiaRncy ithl. trtlll .*, th,
r :l il ' ertiit ate shaill l' called in nil re
d'lte,l t by thi. ,nrporation at I.-th fa..
v iIe oI f the -.uiai. "ite sulsta ne., of this
,-pro lsi, n -hall rt printed in or upol, n all
llcertilti. t ls I lshed l theretlnder.
It i< -pe iall understood and a greed L v
the lsu,sl'ri-ers to this cha'rtier and Iy all
perstons who laIly thitiom, UIeIniaers of this
corpol ration thait upon the, death of any
ealer, or upn his 'easiing. for any iau.,,'.
Sto |le a rniltllr of this corporation, all
Sright,. share r., interiat which the said
n wenaler lmay have I the asetsa of thel cor
poiratiuon shall revert to the corporatin and
shall in no %Iase haelong to said nlenlr, his
estate or his heirs and. the nuenmlershi
of this corporation is strictly personal and
not transferable.
RThis act of incorporation may be amend.
e ed, changed, moditied or altered, or said
Scorporation may he dissolved by a vote of
two-thirds of the members present at a
special meeting to be called for that pur
pose, after five days previous notice in
writing by mail shall have be given to
each and every member, at which meeting
a qtoratu shall consist of thirty members.
Whenever this corporation is disscved,
either by limitation or from any other cause,
its eaairs shall Ie liquidated or settled by
three commissioners to be appointed for
that i,.rpose by the members of said cor
poration, at a meeting to be convened for
that purpose, afte aa printed notice sating
_ the object of the meeting shall have been
mailed to each member: and in case of
death of one or more of said commissioners,
- the survivor or survivors shall continue to
act until the vacancy or vacancies shall be
filled at a special meeting called for that
purpose by the acting commissioner or byl
any five members, after notice as above re
No member of this club shall ever be held
liable or responsible for the contracts, debts
or faults of said corporation, nor shall any
informality in the organization have the
effect of rendering this charter null or ex
pose the members to any personal liability.
Thus done and passed, in my officle, at -
the City of New Orleans, on the day, month
and year herein first above written, in the
presence of Messieurs Philip S. iidtere and
August II. Ritter, competent witnesses, who
hereunto sign their names with the said ap
pearers and me, Notary, after reading of
the whole.
Original Signed: L. II. Fairchild. Hlenry
P. Dart, C'. A. l'ardne, John M. Parker, S.
Locke Breaux, Wm. I'. Burke. A. Baldwin.
A. Baldwin. Jr.. CI ('. Fallon, Edgar II.
Farrar, J. T. Witherspoon, A. I). Parker,
Frank T. Howard, p. p. L. II. Fairchild.
Charles Janvier, Walter R. Stauffer, S. P.
Walmsley, lHenry P. Dart, Jr., Wm. Kernan
Dart, Peter F. Pescud, George Denegre,
George P. Agar, T. II. Lyons, Alfred Le
Blanc, John A. Wllington, J. H. Lafaye,
Charles W. Ziegler, Frank S. Walshe, John
McCloskey, John N. Stewart, G. W. Clay,
O. 1'. Geren, H. T. Howard, Eugene Martin,
Charles A Farwell. J. G. Olivier, G. B.
Baldwin, I. E. Merilh.
Witnesses: Philip S. Gldiere. A. It. Ritter
J. M. QUINTERO, Notary PubUc.
I hereby certify that I have examined
the within act of incorporation and am of
opinion that the purposes and objects of
the proposed corporation, as specified in
said act, are legal, and that none of the
provisions therein contained are contrary to
District Attorney, Parish of Orleans,
New Orleans, May 4, --.1.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages,
In and for the Pariash of Orleans, State of
Louisiana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Club on Wheels was this day duly recorded
in my oftce in book 1018, folio 590.
New Orleans, La., May 4, 1911.
A true copy :
J. M. QUINTERO, Notary Public.
May 11 18 25 June 1 8 15 1911
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