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DevotL d to the Upbuilding of the West Side of the River. UA very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
gugenia :: ured home
short sta .:: i:.. ves a:
J. Watkin ' '.: i;ibson,
is spending - .:iie with
in Algiers.
Gentile lef : 1 spend
amer at Nor ', ,. Mite
J. Nelson .u., .. . riion will
the sumzier  :: E. A.
of Peoria, 1I1
Conrad Kraf' a ::t da.',Ihtr,
jIry Kraft, iho i:.hat' .pent the
a here with .Mrs. Fred (:.ebel
C. V. Kraft. t.': T:l'rday for
ery, Ala., to -peind several
Later th., w,:: re: urn to
.ge in New Ali, . in 1.
K. Goebel lhf' Fr.da* evening
.lmui Mont.. to jpentil a llmonth.
salso visit Ollllaha .a (' lhitago.
- nI (rs. C. V. Kra;: and daugh
aothy and Carlot'a. Mr-. Fred
ad daughter. Miss A.\la: Mrs.
lbabel, Mrs. Fred l'e'fferkorn
JHotard and son Emmnert. left
-O Dr. Kraft's nea Joat, "The
Sfor Bay Adam.
&. E. Dupuis andi daughter,
ai, left Saturday for McComb
- r will reside in the future.
' Illdebrand and chidren re
Isturday from a two weeks"
ylgenla Herbert has been the
SI~q Irma Daniels at the Sea
ag-ap Grounds.
. W. Bothick is the guest of
. H. Riley at the Sea Shore
hasis Pujol of the fire depart
1 an official visit to Algiers
visiting the engine houses,
put the men through their
a, afterward inspected the
ad equipment. Chief PuJol
t Chief Daly a high com
em the efficiency of his fire
ess and the neat and order
in which he found the fire
equipment. In each house
dill the chief made a little
mlen, asking their co-opera
pMkiag his tenure of office a
sea, and wound up by de
he expected each man to
-, s~ would aid the men
pesslble in their work. The
themselves as being
.IPrised at the visit from
I,as it was said that in
time former Chief O'Con
the district but three
upon each occasion only
an investigation of some
" e. 9, Ancient Order of Hi
 give a picnic for the ben
dist fund at Suburban Park
165, commencing at 6:30
band has been secured.
in charge consists of
i ata, chairman; F. H. Kil
;Andrew L. Green, J. E.
. Willis, John T. Olsen, W.
.. .McMahon, A. Grimes,
leasph Tallon, James Tal
D. J. Barret, P. Scully,
J. Reynolds, R. B. Maher
. Methe nd children re
.l~ierns Thursday after
Umth in and near New
Baker has returned
La., where she spent
With friends.
and Boscoe Bazza
etf Dr. and Mrs. Kraft
where they went to see
the Fourth.
t made a record trip
U last Thursday, taking
1t*4 to disease of
mal throat. Ofice,
ia Bank Dig.,
alrrt and Patterson
te 11:30--Tuesday,
4, Saturday by ap
Ofce, Medical
12 to 5.
t. 1st.
Of Some Suummer Delicacies
to be Had at Either Store.
S:1'NI'INIti ATi tll:It \'K: .* 1ITItI' I-II.'.l
l III Si IIA l 1:It l . in m. , It ,lii i
illi~,- di'h. ;.-. ," II A ..llll-l. f,"
'.. t\l i't1 rV1 ' l : n t i l . ai ,. I- u ai
p." ima e. . t t r4 i lc a I1 ai i
ill I l TI, I T I14. Itr i,' ;ll I;i t.i,, s-:11 .*
:7i1 of !lllrn llh M ill t l ,'i n t !',rlan, I.
\ ,. in . , , , rt l ,i .h t'lui l t'h ot . i.
th;n4 ta ind ,1i an ak, ha lfir uini
Ii,,1"r . i.; . "-,, :t 1I '- "h l ;,, - tl, l li' ti
F linllT nI If \. , ' it' w,." t . f n , ich fl' I,
A.M, I t . iOLARI, Ltd.
the long route via Baou Varataria.
The party left Capt. Hintz s boathouse
at i a. m. and arrived at the bay at
7:0 p.In m., making the trip of about
14)4) miles it' twelve house. The party
inliuded the following gentlemen:
Jack Schlirer. Phil Borne, AF. Bl. eans,
Richard Smith, Jmo. Laskey and Archie I
Murphi. They are spending a few
days at the Security Hun'1 ng and Fish-o
ing Club.
Chris Webert came up Sunday night
from Bay Adam.,
Jno. Clark. who is representing the
Wales Adding Machine in Florida, is
here for a few days.
Louis Webert returned after spend
ing a few weeks in Northern cities.
iMr. and 'Mrs. Albert Dugas have e
turned from Franklin. La.
H. Ardondut returned from Franklin
after spending a few weeks with his
McKinley Vezien has returned from
Mrs. Josi. Thorning and two daugh
ters, Susannah and Mildred, are spend
ing this week In Lafayette. the guests
of Mrs. Ceo. Pefferkorn.
Mrs. James Higgins and children and
aunt, Mrs. M. . Wilson, will leave on
Saturday morning for Cin Flgton, La.,
to spend the summer. after. Higgins
will make weekly trips Northern visit his
The ice cream sale wh h is given
for a good cause at the esidence of
Mrs. J. J. Vanderlinden n Bellevlle
street, will take place to-m Franklight.
Henry Pujol and wife :rre at Milne
burg for a few days.
Miss Blanche Vallette left last
Thursday on the steamer Imperial, to
be the guest of her cousin, Mrs. A. K.
Grace, of Plaquemine.
Mrs. Armand Delcazal and sons Ar
mand D. and Preston B., are spending
a while at Bay St. Louis.
Rev. Fred Wambsganss, for chidrve and
a half years pastor of Trinity Evangeli
cal Lutheran Church, Algiers, left last
Thursday evening to accept a call from
Fort Waspne, Ind., where he will be as
sociated with his father in charge of
the largest Lutheran church in that
city. J. Mr. Wambsgans, durinrlinden g his
stay in Algiers, made a host of triends,
many of whom were at the depot to
see him off and wish him success. He
is still a very young man, and his
friends believe he has an excellent last
ursday on the ministry before him.
The families of Messrs. TheM. Him
meirich and James Brodtmann have
taken a cottage at Mineburg for two
Mis. Viola V. McNamara and Mr.
Harold E. Davideon, a young Algiers
couple, igured In a Gretna Green event
on Saturday, when they quietly pro
ceeded to the offce of Justice of the
Peace D. uenhauer at retna, and were
married by that obliging offcial. Miss
Isabell Jenkins and Mr. James Gould
were the attendants.
Louis Lacoste, a well-known resident
of the Lower Coast, died shortly after
12 o'clock noon, Saturday. He was 35
years of age and a native of the Fifth
District, and leaves a wife, who was
Miss Lola Cuquet, together with other
relatives and a host of friends to
mourn his demise. The funeral took
place at 4 o'clock Sunday from his late
residence in McLellanville, and inter
ment will be made in St. Mary's ceme
Oil Inspector Nick Verret is taking a
fifteen-day vacation, during which In
spector John Minvielle, of Algiers, is
looking after his Gretna interests.
The members of Company H, Uni
tform Rank, Woodmen of the World,
appeared in their new uniforms at the
Woodmen's Euath of July picnic at
the Fair Grounds on Tuesday. The
boys heard with much delight on Sat
urdeay of the arrival of the "togs," and
lost no time in having the finishing
touches put to them so ras to make the
bert appearance possible on the occa
Orange Camp No. 8, Woodmen of the
Worlad, weres well represented at the
Woodmen's Festival on Tuesday. The (
camp took a deep interest in the big
event this year and much of its success
was due to the work of our local nmem
Ed. Grimes and family will spend a
while at Milneburg.
Eminett (;rimes is on his vacation
and will spend a while with friends in
Mobile. then join his family at Milne- a
burg. f
Sai (;rimes. president of the DIrift.
.rs, will summer at the lake.
iMr and Mrs. F. Johnson. Miss Mar
cie .lhnsonm. Mr. and Mrs. Allan ;nil
lot and little son, and Mr. and Mrs
Goodlet and little, dauglhter are spend
ing soine time at Rlay .Adani.
Mr. and Mrs. A. la.llane and chil
dren, Mrs. ('asler. Wallace Magui re.
Felecie and Emma grimes, Nellie 1)u
bret are spending the we4k at Bay
Fred Weignian and wife and childrent
are guests at G(illens ('amp at Hay
The st amshlip Morgan has been let
out of the NeS Orleans 1)ry D)ock No. 1
' anl the steamship ('orinto taken in
for general repairs. The steamship
C'orinto and the tugboat Neptune hale I
been taken in l)ock No. I for general t
repairs and overhauling.
Some time between I o'clock Satu r
day afternoon and 10 o'clock Sunday -
night an unknown thief entered the
premises of .I. ('olnone, No. I2l't Teche e
e street, and stole $15 in currency and
t an open-face' silver watch valued at
t $2 , which were found in a bedroom. I
v There is no clew.
;Mrs. E. Kinkaid, of Belleville street.
spent Sunday at Covington, La.
e Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Biuckins and
[daughter Zelda left yesterday for
Ocean Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith of St. Louis
were the guests of Mrs. Short of Se
guin street. They left Friday morning
e for San Francisco, Cal.
5 On account of illness, Rev. Slack
will be detained a week longer and will
not arrive until July 7, 1911. The meet
ing .)f the Bible Class will be held July
loth, and all interested will please at
n Miss Mamie Bourgeois will leave on
s Monday to spend the vacation with
relatives at Mobile, Ala.
n Miss Grace Daudilon and niece, Em
eld Butcher, left Monday for Asheville,
1- N. C.
- Robt. Talbot, Jr., has been recently
8 laid up with rheumatism.
Miss Irene Higgins of McDonogh
d ville will leave shortly to spend the
n summer in Boyce, La.
Rev. J. M. Henry an& family left last
week to spend a while at Camp
A merry crowd of young folks met
at the home of Melba Butcher and pro,
ceeded to the residence of Miss Shelby
Gibbs, where she was very much sur
prised by a watermelon party. Music
and singing was enjoyed before the
cutting of the melon on tne lawn,
it where great pleasure was had until
o time came to bid their fair hostess a
E. pleasant good-night and thanking her
for the pleasant evening spent. The
r- following composed the party: M. But
g cher, Inez Daniels, E. Olroyd, L. Ra
moin, C. Spahr, G. Butcher, R. Acker,
I. Daniels, Grace Butcher, S. Olroyd
.i sometime next week for Pennsylvania.
it Miss Lizzie Guillot expects to leave
Sand K. Acker.
s- Supt. Joseph Daniels of Station A is
)f now taking his vacation. AlI. C. Pat
tt terson, who is acting superintendent,
is will remain with us until Mr. Daniels'
s, return.
Phone Alg. 330 W.
re Graduate Midwife and Obstet
rto ric Nurse,
Hours I to 2 o'clock. i
rsl 119 Brooklyn Ave., Algiers,L
*M.-:-:-X:*++*M +*M~-:-.'-:*
e Until October 1st my Algiers ofoe
d will be located at 232 Bermuda street,
hours from 8:30 to 7:30 p. m., or I
at may be seen there by appointment.
er Phone Algiers 310-L Robt. O'Connor.
as 4385
k The new school census which has
te just been taken shows an increase of
ar- 10,394 children in the city. The data
le for our district is as follows: White
children, 2,461; colored children, 1,924;
a male, 2,157; female, 2,228; total, 4,385.
4, Leo Johnson was surprised by a
te number of friends on Thursday, June
at 29, at his home in Elmira street, and a
le most enjoyable time was had. Many
Lt- games were played. Refreshments
id were served. Those present were:
ig1 Misses V. Hilderbrand, M. Johnson, A.
ie Kossler, H. Leonard, E. Ells, E. North,
a- M. Sntherland, N. Keenan; Messrs. R.
Johnson, J. Lamana, V. Wingerter, H.
1* Seymour, F. Hider, A. Lennes, '. Ger
l tis, T. Goe.
What is looked upon as the fi'rst of
a series of orders that will tventlll li
lead to the abolishing of he .\lgiers
ni:iaVl station is the notification that
has been ret-eied by ('oitmander it
ihilm, in c.large of the Ai .ers sta: l n,.l
trderini. a hig: reduiit i l  it he for, e..
as well as a reductionll ill ;al:irie. of
fte(tie .July 1.
('om anlllll de;l rl th lin s'.'sel L.t-' :.i.:.,
tha' he btelie\ed the o:itir 'Alilh lhe
has te 'ei\ etl is the lir" of . ,ries
'hat will 'eltl t u1:lls (l0;li the l:, . al t
station. lie s:illd lh:(r hi sU11 rior, l
had notitied hini to cut sal:Iri.  a; wet!
as o tL, ndismiss UI!.ui.
heen etideal\o rini, to hai eht the hloal
oilic, closedt. d llespiite trh i t'lt halit
one of the largest dilr docks in the
wor'ld Setie,'.. as a partIt of t1 etii -ip
iment of the New ()rlea ;ili', atti,
those who ha'.le been working toILL hae
the ,tationi kept here sau th (a this ap-/
parently thas Ino weiglit.
Th ose who will suffer a gittea' deal
lby the close o the sta'io are the resi
dents of Algiers. Almoist ever eiI
ploh e of the station. with the e ,,ep
Tion of ('ormmUander ilelin and oine Lor
two ottiLhers. lives in Algiers.
The order received by ('oltiUUander
Ilelm practically instrul ts the oteicer
to get things in such a shape as to
oi,raie for the time being at the low
est possible Lexpense.
Inspector of Police James W. Rey- l
nolds reached home Sunday night, and
Monday morning le was as busy in his
office as the proverbial bee. Besides
taking hold of the Davi case and bring
ing order out of the chaos of theories
which had been entertained. Inspector
Reynolds was engaged in greeting his
many friends who called to congratu
late him upon his return to health.
Early in the morning he went to the
Charity Hospital and interviewed Mrs.
Davi, in an effort to secure a further
description of her husband's assailant
from her. The inspector then sent for
tLe two Italians arrested as suspects
by Detective Chief Long.
Inspector Reynolds is iooling as we.
as he did before the operation for -
pendicitis was performed on him sev
eral weeks ago and is as cheerful as
ever. Mr. Reynolds said that he had
inspected departments of other cities
he visited. He said he would change
the system of traffic squads now used
on Canal street, but said that he did
not care to go into details on this pro
posed change until after he had con
sulted the mayor and police board.
Last Monday night. H. E. Munster
man was tendered a surprise by some
of his friends, headed by a band of
music, who marched to his home, the
occasion being Mr. Munsterman's 41st
anniversary. Frank Beninate, the
young mixologist of F. B. Moore's cafe,
with a neat speech presented Mr. Mun
sterman with a fine grey horse. Mr.
Munsterman, who also has the gift of
retaliating, responded thanking his
friends, saying it was a very useful
gift as he needs it in his business. Mr.
Munsterman also received a pair of
handsome cuff buttons and other pres
ents. Jno. Remos, who had charge of,
the refreshments, said there was an
other surprise to take place shortly
after all presentations. Dancing was
had until an early hour. Those pres
ent were: Capt. C. J. Daniels, Capt.
Win. Heuer, F. Heuer. J. Mustachio,
Sid Moulizino, Win. Dell, Louis Lutz,
R. Aubert, A. Klink, E. Klink, V. Gu
risco, R. Dixon, F. Beninate, W. Sa
lathe, J. Schroder, T. McGann, J. Re
mos, L. Vinet, H. Hoffmann, W. W.
Duffy, Geo. Bayas, Sam Ridge, Jno.
Zatarain, Sr., Jos. Steckler, Louis ~un
sterman, Ed. Munstermsn, Mr. and
Mrs. George Munsterman of Burans, Mr.
.and Mrs. H. E. Munsterman, Edith,
Maud and Ruth Munsterman, Brother
Dulon, Mildred Duffy, Irma Guresco,
Mr. and Mrs. P. Cafiero. Music was
furnished by Jules Melraya's orches
Fourth of July Regatta Proves a Big
Success-Gordon's Launch Cush
man Wins the Flag As the Queen
of the Fleet.
At Bay Adam yesterday one of the
most successful regattas held there in
years was conducted in the presence
of a large number of persons, many of
whom came down on the Grand Isle
train in the morning and returned.at
night The committee in charge ot
the entertainment provided lavishly
for eve one, and the anniversary of
the republic's birth was celebrated
with fireworks and other features, i-
cluding dancing, as a concluding part
of the entertainment.
There were many entries in all of
the races. Squally weather Interfered
with the sport, but aside from this ev
erything was satisfactory. The ofi
cials were: John Dymond, Jr., Judge
E ntmett Hingle, Captain P. Doullut
Rene Clerc, Simon Leopold, Captain
W. A. Rodrigues, Henry Kneff an.
Sherhf '. C. Mvers.'
I)R1 I lMI)')TON .1. WiVlTII(1!:
Lr Pra,'ti. ,. i.ii,o',,l to , i, ,l. . ·'s s ,
"-yo. O)tie: (,,nn r : -t;
man'a lank l11"1. ,orner ' rr
:ant1 i';at.'rson S'S. Hlolrs: 'o
1 I':"l .1,tlay. \V lnslay it l ,.
-'rbi. t . Sun ,.iy. 1 l a. nt " º
4 l ,t Il ,ur:, I2 '") 1 ana I_ 'j
.lj 'A. ,'A, " b, Si d llllt'f d l ('It ll> . t.
li t wis won by "he lu11h Lorl,. A.lu
A. ieri,'.i, Ila - \ :4 ".wA iln by - he ;;a n 'i
('utl"; ,i. i ll 'l h, it. G iri,,orI . oif l',ir
:a ils .\ lair of 'h r!nis bh tio !'s ,.,i:e
ion !k t int aun;. h 1l)D! runnll er, o\%w neil lix
(I ' aill liiuras. The motll or lttlarit
late- was \%1 on 1i Ne w. Pr'i-e s, *uowlili
hi t('hi nrl s (lol'i l .\A lIras listrl
ieas wonll i the ski fl iat i!itr illni ('.
V.. on ile, by ('harle Van '. A iipr oif
uder horns was won by' the laln-h
Iluina. The luil;er 11. \. Robertson
won thee so nd sil\r ser . The l.iutlani
Transir, own1d by E. I\Vashlurn, won
a silver pitcheir. A aeht-i ehsiln was
wiont l li the ('asey .lnes..
In thl free-for-all, for the -ihanrpion
silk hig of the Hlay Adam reaita for
1.1 1, the latiisn h ('ushinian, os ried by
taphael Gordon. arried off thie honors.
On Sunda>, .luly 2. Mrs. Annie Nlar
garet Anderson, the wife of our well
known townsman, Mr. i. L. Anderson. ,
died quite suddenly at her home in
Bouny street, after an illness of only
a few hours, at the age of 52 years. :
Mrs. Anderson was a native of St.
Iluis, Mo., but she has been a resident
of Algiers since her early childhood,
her maiden name being Annie M. Blan
schard, and during a lifetime of excep
tional usefulness and unselfish devo
tion to her family and friends she had
endeared herself to.a very large num
ber of friend acquaintances, and
was regarded by all who knew her as
an example of the very highest type of
true womanhood.
Among her relatives are several
prominent families in Algiers and New
Orleans anad there are many other fam
ilies who, while not kinfolks, have re
ceived innumerable acts of kindness at
her hands, and have had for her such
affectionate regard and admiring es
teem that it may be said of them that
they have lost one of their best loved
There survive to mourn her loss, her
husband, Mr. Bernard L. Anderson, one
son, Robert B. Anderson, two daugh
ters, Mrs. H. J. Thompson and Miss
Maud V. Anderson, and one grand
Schild, Marion H. Thompson. To these
e and others less closely connected, is
f extended the sympathy and condolence
Sof a large circle of friends in their
t great and irreparable loss.
I More Than $250,000 May Be Spent for
Buildings-New Plant Will Repair
f All Engines and Equipment in Lou
- isiana Division.
Unofficial information was received
here yesterday that the shops of the
Texas & Pacific lines at Gouldsboro
would be moved within a short time toI
Addis, a town formerly known as Ba
t ton Rouge Junction, just across the
river from the State capital. It Is
stated that the plans contemplated em
brace the appropriation of more than
S$250,000 for the erection of a set of
Sbuildings which will serve as machine
shops not only for the Gouldsboro
.Boyce district but all of the Louisiana
lines of the Texas & Pacfie'as well.
The shops will have a capacity for
Shandling and repairing all of the en
Sgines and other equipment which are
or in use on the Louisiana division. They
will give employment to fully 2,500
men, according to the plans outlined,
and will be modern in every particu
The proposition to remove the shops
from Gouldsboro and to replace them
with enlarged divisional shops at Addis
is said to be one of those on which the
directors of the Texas & Pacific had
-been working for months before the
n new management came into power.
For lack of financial support in New
York, it was impossible to consummate
ie the plans, but with the reorganization
In and the practical refinancing of the
to Gould properties In Louisiana and Tex
of as, it is said that Judge Freeman, the
le first vice-president, has been placed in
at a position where he can secure an ap
of propriation.
iy It is stated that it is not the inten
of tion to dismantle entirely the Goulds
id boro shops, but to leave enough of a
a- roundhouse there to handle all emer
rt gency work on this end. Already steps
have been taken to carry out the plans,
of it is said. A turntable and a twenty
td five holster roundhouse shed has been
v- erected and a large amount of land se
5- cured on which, it is stated, the new
;e shops are to be erected. The Goulds
at, boro shops employ about 400 men, and
in are second In Importance to those at
ad Marshall, Tex., the main shops of the
Texas & Pacifc.
"Algiers 48"
Just say-
"Screen my cistern"
We Will Do the Rest
J. Bodenger, Pres.
Algiers Cornice & Plumbing Wks.
Semi-Annuual Statement of the
At the Close of Business, June 30, 1911.
"_ L./ Sli. ',) xntI .... 7. I ri., .: ::. , ,
I," . :tD k .... ..... '".:t0),) .4ti, C'apita I......l ..... ....... $1.1 11I.M0 ). t
I ankini ho'i-.,. fIrIItf r'. Surpl: rIi . ..... .. ........  ,HOINI.IH) )
rixntlr, S. : n . safetv d I ndiivi did pr.it: . ........ 4.7S2.. ._
IMIit i.i. . . : . . ... . 475..'2 I)nviidend: now piaby.ible.... 6,'i i4H).
S f'a lh .n I htand and with 4lther divdnd+ unpalid... II s.*)
thr Inki . .414 $'Kt lel, iti ................ 11,547,31:2.44
 m" m. \iia, n Smith ......................................... 'resilent.
S .. . ult ..................... ........ e- re i nt.
;. Ad BI:tf,,r ................................. .... .. . Vice·- Prldent.
. I. I. Lichtnstin ......................................... V e rsd nt.
I Hart 1). Newman .................................. Vlre-I'reshent.
L ;. I)w.in 1incnlent. 'a.Thier. E. B. Lpice, Supt. of Branhlhe
S .II. A. Wuf. A.4is.tant iCashier. G:o. J. Steven+. Inspector.
S .1. . I jowi., A,~.· tant C4ashir M. S. Senton, Assistant Inperlctor
X. C. F. N~bewr alI. Trut Ioti.'er.
Elmira Pleasure Grounds
There will be three shows every Sunday Night at 8, 9 and 10
o'clock P. M.
PROPERTY, corner Powder and Eliza
streets, can be used as a store or
double dwelling. Will sell on easy
terms payable monthly, quarterly, or
semi-annually, title guaranteed. Only a
small amount required to be paid as
cash first payment. For further partic
ulars and Information call on
Sho Patterson Street
Next to Commercial
(termealrBank snd
S * Trust Company.
EST sqen city
S---L " Official Watch Inspector
give to ihlr ef
". .,.- M. L.& T. R. R. Company
T. TRANHINI West End Hotel
verything in Season Well Cooked
Esjoy *e* o er meb en the big gallery while yea see the show ad
her the bead. Opes threghealt.
Why You Like to Get Your
Shoes at Our Store
Because we make you feel that we want to please and satisfy
Syou thoroughly, because we don't trumble at showing you any
number of styles and sizes--until you get just what you want,
because we don't hurry you--we let you take your own time
to decide apon a certain style or size, because we act cheer
fully about it--and help you in every possible way, that's why
r our customers stick to us year in and year out.
SRonecky Shoe Store vAYS..

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