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$25 Reward!
It has come to our notice that some irresponsible
person or persons have been tampering with the
meters, seals and wires in some of the places we
are furnishing light and power to in Algiers,
McDonoghville and Gretna.
Notice is hereby given that this is strictly against
the law and all such persons that may be found
guilty of doing or allowing same to be done with a
view of defrauding the company will be vigorously
No one has any right to tamper with your wires or
meter installed in your premises unless they show
a badge of the company.
We are now making a careful investigation of all
meters and wires and hereby offer a reward of
twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for evidence leading
to the conviction of the guilty party or parties.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.,
222 Elmira Avenue.
Oyster Loaves and Sandwiches
Sandwiches of All Kinds Day and Night
Phone, Algiers 29. No. 222 Morgan Street
John C. Mteyer & Son.
133 eesaotur St., a Near U. S. Mint, New Orleans, Louisians.
M. Abascal & Bro., Ltd.
Dealers In
sd Wester roduce,
PELICAN AVE., Cor. Verret St.
Sierra Bros.,
IIeville St.& Opelosas Ave.
AL EiSe, LA.
0Dro.: 1 Carndolet Street,
s8 Pellan Ave.
Be It Known, That on this sixth day of
the month of June, in the year of our Lord
one thousand nine hundred and eleven, and
of the independence of the United States of
America, the one hundred and thirty-fifth,
before me, Frederic Charles Marx, a notary
publie, duly commlisloned and qualified, in
and for this city and the Parish of Orleans,
'therein resading, and in the presence of
the witneases hereinafter named and un
dermigned, personally came and appeared
Eugene I ). Saunders and Peter A. Balmer,
of the full age of majority, both residents
to the city of New Orleans, herein appear
ing and acting in their capacities as chair
man ad scretary, respectively, of the meet
ig o.f stockholder, of Swift & Company.
Limited, a corporation organsed under the
laws of the State of Louisiana, and doml
h8d Ii this city. incorporated by an act
9paed before Frederic Charles Marx, Not
ary Public, for the Parish of Orleans, State
of LouisIana, on July 18. 1901, and duly
recorded in Mortgage Ofce, Parish of Or
ena, In mortgage Book 676, Folio
eW; who declared that at a general meet
inl of the stockholders of aid corporation,
held In the city of New Orleans on the third
day of June. 1911, said meeting having
been called for the specific purpose herein
after set forth, the following amendments
to the charter of said corporation were
adopted by unanimous vote of the owners of
all the stock of iald corporation, to-wit :
Article III of the charter of maid corpora
tion was so amended as to read as fol
lews, to-wit :
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is established, and the nature
of the business to be carried on by It, are
declared and specified to be :
(a) To buy, sell, transport, distribute
nad otherwis dlpoee of and deal in and
with (1) any and all cattle, sheep, hogs,
poultry, dairy products, fsh and game.
(b) To manufacture, produce and other
wise prparo, and to buy and otherwise ac
-.mre, sell, sto.re, traert, distribute, d14
pose of and deal into anrd th (1) any and
all animal, mineral and vegetable products
and commodities of whatsoever nature and
character (including meets and provislons) ;
(2) leather, lumber, belting and any and
all merchandise and commodities of what
soever nature sad character; and (3) any
sa all materls, machlrery, alsances,
pradcts and mpplies proper or adpted to
a end Ia or ia connection with or iden
tal to the manufacture, production or prep
aration of any of the articles, merchandise
and eemmodities aforesaid, and also (4)
say and all artilels and things in which,
or In the productio or preparation of
whicb, any animal, mineral or vegetable
e-Qduet or commodity in an ingedi t or
rfte, a. of which the same may be a ere
Maest part.
(e) To epge In any other masactur.
iming, wareo ndi tradig or asll
m beeines of ay kind or character
! tmev idr.
(d To acquts, d opeso of hnae and uti
-h seae ad t the extaen pm.
mitted by law, slaughtering or packing
houses, lands, mills, warehouses, plants and
other buildings and structures, machinery,
supplies and any and all articles and prop
erty, including good will, whi.-h the corpor
ation may deem to be necessary or conveni
ent to the attainment or furtherance of any
of its objects.
te To hold, purchase or otherwise ac
quire, or be interested in, and to sell, as
sign, pledge or otherwise dispose of, shares
of the capital stock, bonds or other evid
ences of debt, issued or created by any other
corporation, whether foreign or domestic,
and whether now or hereafter organized;
and while the holder of any such shares of
stock, to exercise all the rights and privil
eges of ownership, including the right to
vote thereon, to the same extent as an nat
ural person might or could do.
(f) To apply for, obtain, register, lease
or otherwise acquire, and to hold, use, oper
ate, sell, assign, or otherwise dispose of,
any trademarks, trad;e-names, patents, in
ventions, improvements or processes used
in connection with or secured under let
ters patent of the United States or of any
other country, or otherwise.
(g) To build, buy lease or otherwise ac
quire and to maintain and operate, without
the State of Louisiana, railroads, tramways,
canals and terminals and all appurtenances,
together with any such transportation facil
Ities as the corporation may deem neces
sary for its business operations; and, to
the extent permitted by law, to develop,
improve and aid any properties, water pow
ers, Industries, manufacturing or merchan
dising enterprises or companies for trans
portation by land or water, in any of which
this corporation may be interested; and,
(h) To carry on any other lawful busi
ness whatsoever which the corporation may
deem proper or convenient to be carried
on in connection with or incidental to any
of the foregoing purposes or calculated di
rectly or indirectly to promote the inter
ests of the corporation or to enhance the
value of its property ; and to have, enjoy
and exercise all the rights, powers and priv
ileges which are now or which may hereaf
ter be conferred upon corporations organis
ed under the act herein mentioned; provided
always that the corporation shall not con
struct, maintain or operate any railroad or
telegraph or telephone lines in the State of
oLuislana, or engage in any business here
under which shall require the exercise of
the right of eminent domain within said
States, unless power In either or any of
said respects shall hereafter be conferred
upon it by law; nor shall anything herein
set forth be construed to authorize or evi
dence the formation hereby of an insurance,
safe deposit or trust company, banking cor
poration, savings bank or other corporation
deemed to possess any of the powers pro
hibited to corporations formed under the
statutory provisions aforesaid.
The purpose of the corporation is from
time to time to do any one or more of the
acts herein set forth as .within its author
The corporation may, from time to time,
conduct its business In other States, and In
the territories and dependencies of the Uni
ted States, in the District of Columbia,
and in foreign countries; it may have ab
once or omces, and except as otherwise re
quired by law, keep its books, in whole or
in part, at a point or points outside of the
State of Louisiana; and It may hold, pur
chase, mortgage and convey real and per
sonal property in any such State, territory,
dependency, District of Columbia, or foreign
Without in any particular limiting or re
stricting any of the other objects and pow
ers of the corporatloa, it is hereby expressly
declared and provided that the corporation
shall also have the power to issue bonds
and other obligations In payment *or prop
erty, Including shares of stock and other
securities, which may be purchased or ac
quired by it. or for money borrowed, or for
any other lawful object in and about its
I business: to moregage or pledge any prop
erty which may be owned or acquired by it,
or in which it may be interested, to secure
any bonds. guarantees or other obligations
itviauei or incurred; to guarantee any
. divi-ds. bonds, contracts or other obllga
tions; to male and perform contracts of
every kind and description: to declare div
idends payable in cash or otherwise as may
he permitted by law; and In carrying on its
business or tor the porpose of attaining or
furthering any of its Jjects or purposes, to
do any and all other things and exercise
tsany and all other powers which now or
hereafter may be permitted by law.
And Article IV of the charter of said
I corporation was amended so as to read as
follows, viz :
SThe capital qtock of this corporatlon shall
be one hundred thousand dollar, to bere
Sresented by one thousand shares of the par
value of one hundred dollars ($100) each,
I which shall be fully paid for before the
Scertlf,-ates therefor shall he issued. All
transfers of stock shall he mada upon the
books of the company.
The foregoing amendments and the auth
ority 6f the appearers herein will more ful
ly appear by reference to a duly certifed
cpy. of the minutes of said stockholder'
meeting which is hereto attached and made
deer and P. a Blmer. in their respective
capacities, further declared, that they
now, pursuant to the direction of said
stockholders' meeting request me, notary,
to receive said amendmenta In the form of
this public aet, in order that the same may
be promulgated, published and recorded, and
thus become part of the original charter,
wt which request I, notary, do hereby
CoTl dm sa d ard at my e ins tie
city of New Orleans, on the day, month and
year herein above first written, in the c
presence of K. Johnson and J. W. Murphy. I
competent witnesses, woo hereunto sign
their names with the said appearers and
me. notary, after reading of the whole.
(Signedl E. I'. SAPNIERS.
I'Lt}:I, . MAIIX.
Notary Public.
State' of L.ousia ati,
Iarish of 4rleans.
I. thi. undersigned Recrd,.r of Mo.rt
:otmes'. in and for the 'Parish and Stlate
aforie"sai. do hlrely ,..rtify that the above
and forlgoing act amending fthe act of in
.orporal ion of Swift & Co'npalln.. Limiteid.
Oa. this day duly r.-,corded in tmy offl.e in
Hook 101%., Folio ---.
New (rleans,. tune tih. ,1911.
I'y. lt,-order o,f Mortgages.
A tr,:e cl' :
1 ";t1e d, "ItIN I. MAltX.
Noaury Pi'tldic.
J - 1 -- .- aul, 13 1911
'-i.NSI M ':1 4' -'FI'FE (1I I'ANY ()1'
N.%W ed{I+.LEANS. LIMIT.:l'.
. S -itL,11At. MEETINI; of the stockhold
-r, of the .'Ica n . m ' Cuffe ' ',' (',.tlipanty of
Ne ,w 4 -i, -. l.imiited. wiltl b1 hl-d at the
: . f tihe i'oti lan N . .1t li g;-i
iin." .t rc-t. on l+'riay. tlhn ::1i0th d:hy of
I p, rpt - - f adloptin:. or r 'tinll . t Ih
tf'i,\ inig prop<-ed :,nl,.ndm ntr . to t, ' Char
S!" i'f th* e cr1portiton
1. Attu,!- 4 of the l'hurter to ,e liamend
dl t." r, :.d is follows- "The c'apital slo ,k
I ,f th i i corpor ti,,n is lixl at ifti y thoull and
Idl nl lrs t ,o", lo . r,.pr.e"-,nted by .4o I ,
SLa:', sof twl ntoy-tliv-' dollars I ;.~ 0 ll e h.
wih, , ';ll t:l stock imay hi e ith retlilsild or l
dimini( h ed in l con.plianc , with the l:aws of
thi . oe o f Louisiiata In suclh in ls mae
ai iprovided. if whitch twenty live lthan
"itnd dollars ,$25.0.40i. r-pres-ntfd by 1.40414
-har-. of te o i rlY-fly o lItars . I1_ . ,n.each.
thu:ll hel preferredl tock. the holders of
which shall ls. entitled to an annual dirt
dlnd of two dollar .$2.0.,1 per share, witf
of the oirplus earnlng iof the company for
I':,ih icurrnt year in prefe.re'nce to any dlv- t
id-nd lupn the ,otlnnion stock, whichi divi
dend of two dollars I$2.1i4 per year. per
Satr.', shall bie cnmilative uht non interest
Ibearint. The hoilers of tlhe sa.id prefe.rred
stolk shall not in' entitled to rote at any
stlokholders nmeeting for any purpose i-.
-iept in matterf concernlng the liqluidation
of tlhe. corloration. Payment for stiock shall
s, made In cash at such times and !n sutclh
amounts and at sulch notie as may lhe pre
.eribed ty the Board of Ilirectors. provided. I
however, that said board shall have the
power to issuie stock in payment for prop
erty actttally transferred and delivered to
the corpration or for for abor done or ser
vices actually rndered. The cororporation
shall become organized and proceed to bus
iness when ten thousand dollars (I$10to.0 I
of its capital stock shall have teen sub
2. The following paragraph from Arti
cle 5 of the Charter of th' corporation shall
le cancelled, erased and stricken out from
the Charter: "Before any stock can t1w
transferred it must be first offered to theI
directors of the corporation who shall have
the option of purchasing the samle at the
look value of stock at the lime said stock
is offered, and, should the directors fall to
purchase the said stock within ten days of
the offer. then, the holder of the stock may
dispose of it in the open market." r
L. F. BEAT'VAIS., President.
Attest :
E. R. BEAUVAIS. Secretary.
May 25 June 1 8 15 22 29 1911 i
United States of America. State tlf Touis
ana, Parish of Orleans. 'ity of New
Be It Known. That on this twenty-third
day of June. in the year of our lrd one
thousand nine hundred and eleven. and of t
the Independence of the United States of 1
America the one hundred and thirty-fifth. a
before me. Frederic c'harles Mart. a notary
public, duly commissioned and qualified, in
and for the parish and state aforesaid.
therein reiding, and in the presence of the t
witnesses hereinafter named and under- c
signed, personally came and appeared the
several persons whose names are hereulnto
subscribed, who declared that availing i
themselves of the provisions of the consti- t
tutione and laws of the state of Ilouisiana
relative to the formation of corporations. t
they do by these presents form themselves, .
their successors and assigns into a curpor
ation under the laws of the state of Itut
Islana. and under the stipulations herein
after set forth, to-wit :
The name of this corporation shall he
Delta land Iivelopment Company, under
which name It shall have and enJoy corpor- I
ate elsttence and succession for a period
of nInety-nie years from the date of this I
act, with full power in the prosecution and
for the purposes of Its business, as herein
after defined. to contract, sue and be suied;
to acqtirlre. lese, use. bold, alienate, mort
gage. pledge or otherwise encumber, any
property, movable or Immovable. In and
out of the state of Loulslana; to Issue
notes, bonds or other evidences of Indebt
edness, and to secure same by pledgea,. mort
gage or otherwise; to appoint or elect such
directors. oAcers, managers or agents, as
Its buslness may require: to make. amend
or repeal at pleasure by-laws for the man
agement of Its ffailrs, and generally to ex-.
ercise all the rights and power that may
now or hereafter be granted by law to
corporations of this character.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the city of New Orleas, parish of Or
leans. State of Ioulalana, and all citations
and other legal procesm shall be served on I
the president, or. In his absence, on the I
vice president. c
The obJeeta and purposes for which this a
corporation is established, and the nature c
of the business to be carrled on by it, are
hereby declared to be: To buy, sell, lease.
improve, drain, reclaim, trrigate, plant and
cultivate lands and real estate in the State
of Loulslana and elsewhere; to plant cultl.
vate, buy. sell and deal In cotton, cane, rice -
and other agricultural products: to con
struct, own. lease and operate canals for the
purpose of drainage and Irrigatlon,. to build.
own. lease, sell and operate sugar refin
eries, manufactories of all kinds, rice m!lls,
cotton gins and cotton compresses, and
warehouses as may be necessarry or conven
lent In connection with the buslness of this
corporation; to promote immigration into
and the development of lands In this state;
to feed and pasture cattle in connection
with their lands; and for any of the pur
poses above stated, to purchape or lease.
and hold, own, or sell or rent out property,
hoth movable and immovable, and for the
purpose of developlng the same to construct
and operate In connection with any of their
lands, such railroads, tramways, or bargie
lines as may be necessary or convenlent;
to make loans and advances to farmers and
other persons or corporatlons, who may
own or lease lands, or cultivate the same;
to own, conduct and operate general mer
cantlle and supply stores, and generally to
do any and all things that may be neces
sary in or convenlent to the accompllsh
ment of the purposes hereinabove set forth.
and in connection therewith to make all
contracts requaisite or expedlent to the ac
complishment of any of the purposes for
which this corporatlon is organlsed.
The capltal stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of one hundred and
fifty thonsand dollars ($150.000), divided
into and represented by fiftteen hundred
(1500) shares of the par value of one hun
dred ($100) each, whleb shall be paid for
In cash, or may be issued at not less than
par for the services readered to, or prop
erty purchased by, aid corporatlon, or pay
able in instalments on such terms sad con
ditlons as the board of directors may A.
The eertlates of shares of stock shall
not he issued until tully paid for. and shall
be signed by the president and by the sec
ruary, or In the absence or laeblllty of the
pt aeident or secretary to act, by the vice
p ident. . kid stock shall be transfer
able only ea the books of the corporation
anO on surrender or due proot of loass of the
orilnal certtllate; sad atIl such trams
frr on the Iooks of the corporation, the
corporation shall be authorized to treat the
recorded owner as the owner for all puir
This corlitration shall be organized and
teanlllt it going 4oinellrn fias soon t11 tifteen
ithouand $151. 004 doillaNrsi hall hllae bee
! illscrili.-d tto the capi.tal sl. tk.
A;! the loIw, erI of this corp' attilol iha.;
Ihe. vteIl. in ai nd ,exeried II y 1a bl.iard if
at leat-i itn." -,ift- i.f the capt.itail -1tck of
this clll.nn llly'. ilr uati l to .1,l ill ellh, met
ie ulal itlI .i. they mac adopt o tl he i, .1i
d '.ie.l.tor: -hail 1." . , ti.ld by i f11;ti t Iat ti
ainnual 11 iI, ttlili: of tlhI -shai.h. lt..r. iUj.te*
she ll r% I i it n of t lo ,inI. i llllllI rl .f
,l tetion apl- l intei- I y the i.,ai rd of - .1ire t
O1ar. wIt!, i tin. i Ie. g -hi a hll l .i t h .lll in ti.
.colnl Thiurd.la, of M:rI'h of a i.ll h yI(ler"
aftl.l r (ltji t t i 11 and :ilv i th. li-lmltll ir n nle
lof It d iv ineIll ;.apel l rs . for Ien d s prllll r
to the. ho li iig of sii , ri' i .i ir;1 1 .i j i f . 11i
i ,t.jt i1, i.f t ill aIt ii  Ir hit lrs ja l i sthIaire
11u person tr I"I ;"ropy. on e wh shar." of
to kll 1 eh"iI by Li.im. butlir ill rillon :hall.
-io f k lin l i-.k u.,j ftrret t " hit withintll
', i lleiltl 1 i riill-u 1i' ij i tij. liih e tl hl
t liln loi d ,- prior to flh h.lidiiL g of anill
, . i" , .t \ any Iie€,tines "1f lhI" 1,oird of
jIl'l'ti.i \ Ir , directort. ll, a l it frol l ti , t ilt
L ;.i~ijiijlli r , tli 1,, l It \\riillf ij f i l
~slit director I.-. lording to th,- writ et· n hi
- 1 if I jlnll i if -s ll tr l, 1t il. l t itor
'I'll, . -i. aI ' of dir l, r hai ll La e fall
It.il r * n l, 1" i tior I ll i,'ty to a ,ai 1. iea -. . ltu
clo .,r pled,;i' any i and al ill of the t pro tl .
ltiii il anl.l i i 'o. It lei. 1.e.oni Ti tl . tne
holb ri f,"r poweri ,tl"i t ir lt . i 1. ridll y tv II
alo p. urhal-. ftr t rail, At on to raI't . lpro;
I a ty oiif any kinld tt reaiatt r fll tany Aif Itl.'
l.pu,,-i oif f the iotn.iy without rl uti rityo
if htd o 'harehoilr"ari . o" Italk i illh y contrhal
1it.1- tlaoprtd for tand ilu lo the limn f a Ih
!t;. u c Ip o I ii w itb. i
hany nere Inort of diri It < hall h.av fhave
,ewe'r and iuthoritl to ,'tloy. ln .,polll for
cthe e1t of r tndert g any prtocp,. lad toi
1It'lle and a la pin I r . tit. Mloo
to fi iel'! iA. Tuli CE lti, i.
The lr i r tie hii taton i ,tiihey r ii, th i
plterm iad . .1 Ii ,of thilt. ;e i h d r,. ta i a
. airs sha.nlr Ith .i rtated u ndr the teI.. r
ton ttkhwldtr oi. itulitirs t 'itt
Ifr that hpru at a genl ral In ilng of oth
.tok thel addres It, f e l t i ihltdr hi s :eft
Ai thm wtth the ecret, Troda the u1mrany.
11and sha ie fuill sine ii Tin day  on .tone
co, the tdaiy nesr f dii ol the. ct/. : .e
1 h.uir i . . .\ IPharr. .I. I:. lli rcui,.r, .. .l Ill,,
At sIch meltuie, to. I' lcoik. eithl .1 1da
determined by.. p lt. I. .o . Ithree-fiurt
oIc the istoc· .reent or r. it lned < . a"uc
terry, "aid .lille's . Blll t ieres a: trel ,-r r't.
Imetn. In case oi l'a the dIlnth or inabi't
ity to act o one of dithe tor, ators the sur-l
the city lainie Orleans. -hll hve day, month
Sand ll year herenae irs. and writtll enirn the
and ,Itticer o f this o y shaner ll mand i. John
ot., oe util hient tluess. who hrutd ni
quaiilirtI s , is r." to ho l the anniual uttl
tig wsht il not 4ll -:,vce the corporation, ll it
thin their names thl held said appe arer
le after ihi,- r. uilar aisl,. allot aflter th,
reiulla"r notiii " , , which may I se given he tI lilt,
erd mc notary. atesi t.r due reif din o the
are unaill . to 7it, thtu by any thre, stork
T(hins act f ihancorporat ion mharr pl
hanged. , A. ithrr d J A Ihatrr , r hi A arr
palrailon may .t. dlt<.olved with the a-<env
of three-fourths of the stock preselil of
repres.'ntld at ai mieetin 1 co.veitlI for that
pur .poe after thirty Jlays written u renotice by
wll lohld it each sto'khlid.Ih at tics lai
known A. ,urfce aldrres, t A.left witur the
All iproedings relatvl , to the increas
Ing or dcreasing of the capital stock Oshall
I. aken In il nlnner prescribeer d y ort
laws if he taor the of arish in. rleans.
No stockho Louier shall edo hereby c heldrti thatr
rsthe nbloe for the gontr acts or faults of
tion orp thera onlta any furtever sum than
tile unpaid balance due on the shares of
stuck owned by him, nor slhall any mere
informality In organization have the effect
of renderiy wasng this charter null or of In my pos
in a stockhold 1018r Folito any lihility eyon
The amount of his un 11.aid stock; nor ha
any mereby enformality n therg aboe antin have
the effect of rendering any stockholder lia
ble as a partner.
henever act othis corporatio on s dissolvand
eithelr im the lomptatiny of time or by the
detrmination of the stoorder kholders, its an
fairs shall be liquidated under the super
vision of two liquidators to be aplilnted
for that purpose a a general metord ing ofmy
the stockholders convened after ten days
notice. which notice shall te sent by mall
to the address of ach stockholder as left
by them with the secretary of the companyi
and shall been publomittshed for ten days n one
of the da)ly newspapers of the city of New
At such meet1ng to consider the liquida
tion of the oWeddrporaion e result shgod all
determined by the consenright of three-fourths
of the atocddk present or represented at such
meeting. In case of the death or inabil
ity to act of one of the liquidators the sur
a marveor shall act alone.
Thus done and passed n my o the at
teenthy of New Orlansd on the day, month
Theand yeaxtreme lnaboveht toirst written t o the
prenaret is e ght. a fener and K. John
serene abtent i00 fees, wh o hereuntod
sign their names withrom the said appearers 00
eand me, notary, after due rdbng of the
(a tineda E. ClA. he torr, II. N. tharr, pere
w E. nurgu leres JuleWds M. Wurgulered , by
N. A. Burgulo Cent; Ernest A. urguleres. -
Sterate rof u o pim to tostanao
rhlich teof Orleanse om dried pimnto
Staterrie of allstana, do hereby rtfy iethat
the above and foregong at andof cortera
a ctloncer of the Delta oand Development Com
tepany was this day duly recorded in my of
pcliarDeputy Recorder o the Mortgages. rom
I he dreby certify that the above and foret.
gothing , a true and correct copy of he orig
oral act of lcordrato of thde Dlta Land te
Develt pmest Company, together with theld
dnexe anotheret on foilthe and of record in myant.
peollar slpagoda known as e wed-i
Maxims For Golfers.
Don't say ti, your opponent on the
Brat tee. "I am afrtid I shan't be able
to give you a game." or "I am so
frightened of playing a great swell
Like you." This kind of modesty,
however genuine, imposes upon no
body. Don't decline to take your
proper allowance of strokes. It's not
tair on your adversary, who will get
• o pleasure or glory out of beating
you, as he probably will do. whereas
you will be able to boast abominably
of a chance victory over him. If yon
have a particularly cantankerous
member of your club put him instant
ly upon your committee. He will
probably be flattered, fall into the
trap and be muzzled forever more.
Dry's Magazine.
Bruse*ls Spdrnts.
An Italian dinner combination is one
of Brussels sprouts served in a circle
of mashed turnips with slices of boiled
beets arranged on top of the turnip
and some small oblongs of fried bread
arranged around the sides as a garnish.
The dish should be well seasoned.
June 6, 1911.
-e It Known that on this sixth day of
the month of June in the year of our Lord
one thousand ninae hundred eleven, and of
the independence of the United States of
America, the one hundred thirty-fifth. Ie
rore me. Edward Alexander Parsons, a no
tary public. In and for the parish of Or
leans, State of Louisiana, duty commis
Bioned and qualified, in the presence of the
witnesses hereinafter named and undersign
ed,a personally came and appeared, the per
sons whose names are lereunto subscribed
and who declared that, availing themselves
f the statutes and the laws of the states
t Louisiana, including act 78 of 1904, pro~
riding for the formation of corporations,
they have covenanted and agreed to form
and constitute themselves into a corpora
ton for the objects and purposes and under
the terms and conditions hereinafter set
The name, style and title of this corpor
ation shall be "The Reeves Company" and
under that name shall have and enjoy all
the rights, privileges and advantages grant
ed by law to corporations. It shall exist
for a period of fifty years from day and
date hereof. It shall have the power to
ontract, to suee and be sued in its corpor
ate name: to make and use a corporate seal,
the same to break, alter or amend at pleas
re: to receive, purchase, hold, convey, de
tver, mortgage and hypothecate property,
both real and personal : to issuae notes, bonds
and other obligations, negotiable inastru
ments and evidences of debt : to have and
employ such managers, directors, agents
and employees as the Interests of the said
pooration may require or demand : to
make and establish such rules, regulations
and by-laws for the corporate management
of the bhainess and afairs of the corpora
ion as may be deemed necessary and proper.
The domicile of this corporporation shall
he in the city of New Orleans, state of
Loulshana: all citations and other legal
process shall be served alon the president,
and in the absence of the president, upon
the vice president, and in the absence of
both of these, upon the secretary- treasurer
of the corporation.
The objects and parpoes for whieh this
corporation is organied, and the nature of
the busitaess to be carried on by it are here
by declared to be:
To acquire from J. W. aReeves eertal for
malae for makinlg and manufacturing metal
and roofinag pailnt, and wood preservers: t
manuateture and sell paulnats and wood pre
servers made from aid formuhlae, and to
.o any and all thigs necessary and iid
To do and carry on a general palint
manuftacturtng blsines and the sale of
said predets; to bllmt and erect warehenses
sad etory blldlaags to carry ito efRect the
pureness of this corporaties.
This esgeraoties my alse ow, lease, sell,
masge alstellsad inmess af real nsta
Do You Know
That in the average three-minute telelph ',e :wversation at
least 300 words are spoken?
That, unlike the telegram, a telephcne t is a mess
sent and answer received?
That this is accomplished at one and the ::.e time for the
same price?
What would the cost be if you sent by :elegyraph the san
number of words spoken in the ordinary t!elT hne convers
tio ?
Our splendid facilities go everywhere.
The rates are reasonable.
Save time and money by patronizing uF.
We transmit money by telephone on reasoale terms.
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co,, litc
Improve Your Parks and Gardens
Hinderer's Iron Works
1112-1118 Camp Strut - - - - New Orleans, La.
Iron Fences Cheaper Than WOod
Iron Chairz, Taobe, Settes, Flower Boxes, Hanging Pots, A r.
Arche., Vases, Fountaine and Benches for Public Parks. Office RdeI
Stable Fixtures, Hitching Posts, Carriage Steps, Malleable and Gray Im
Catrings, Water rreoghl, Fence Material, Hygienic Drinking Fenatei
Cemetery Fences and Memorial Crosses
Comfort and Convenience
N.O.Gas Light Company
S. C. Oswald, Plumbing and
Oswald.Sewerlng Work
Improved and unimproved: It may purchase.
acquire, bold. own and dispose of stocks.
bonds and mortgages and other evidences
of debt and borrow and lend money on the
same: and it shall have the power generally
to do and engage in any other business
undertaking or enterprise connected with
growing out of or incidental or germane
to any of the objects and purposes set forth
in or contemplate.d by this charter.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of twenty-five thou
sand ($215.000.00) dollars. divided into and
represented by two hundred fifty (250) shares
of the par value of one hundred $100.00)
dollars each; said stock shall be issued at
such times and in such amounts as the
board of directors shall deem ft and proper.
All shares shall be full paid and non-assess
No transfer of stock shall be binding upon
the company unless made upon its books.
Said stock shall be represented by certi
ficates of stock signed by the president and
the secretary-treasurer. and in the absence
of the president, by the vice president.
All the corporate powers of this corpor
ation shall be vested In. and the manage
ment and control of its business and affairs
shall be exercised by a board of directors
composed of three stockholders; no mem
ber of said board to own or subscribe for
less than ten shares of the capital stock of
said corporation: said directors shall be
elected by ballot at a general meeting of
the stockholders on the third Wednesday
of June. 1912. and annually thereafter on
that day. Every stockholder shall be en
titled, nla person or by proxy, to one vote
for every share owned by him. All elec
tions shall be held under such rules and
regulations as may be determined by said
board of directors. Ten days' written no
tice, directed to the last known address
of every stockholder, shall be given of all
elections. The directors thus elected shall
continue in offce for one year, or until
their successors shall have been elected and
qualified: any failure to elect ofcers shall
not be considered as a forfeiture of this
charter. Any vacancy occurring the board
of directors shall be filled by the remaining
directors for the unexpired term: a ma
Jority of the stockholders shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of any bust
Said board of directors shall, at its first
meeting after its election, elect out of its
own members a president, a vice president
and a secretary-treasurer: and the said
board shall have the power in Its discretion
to unite two or more omces, and the same
to confer upon one person.
The board of directors shall have the
power to appoint and dismiss such oscers.
managers, clerks, agents and employees as
they may deem necessary and proper for
the purposes of the business of this corpor
ation, and to arrange compensation for
The board of directors is specially vested
with the power to mortgage or pledge the
plant and property of the corporation as
they may deem advisable; and to purchase
and acquire, mortgage, sell and dispose
of such real estate. improved and unim
proved, stocks, bonds, mortgage paper and
other evidences of debt, from and to Indi
viduals, firms or corporations as they may
deem advisable and proper, at such prices
and upon such terms and conditions as
they shall think best.
The board of directors shall have the
power and right to borrow money, execute
mortgages. Issue notes, bonds and other
obligations, pgyable. principal and nlaterest.
in lawful money of the United States of
America. as they may deem fit and proper:
and generally to do all things necessary
for the proper carrying out of the business
of this corporation.
This power to mortgage, pledge, purchase
and acquire. to mortgage, sell and dispose
of. to borrow money, execute mortgages.
issue notes and other obligations, to be ex
ercised by the board of directors without
the necessity of referring to the stockbold
ers for special authorisaltion.
Said board of directors shall make all
the rules, regulations and by-laws for the
government of the business and affairs of
the corporation, and alter, amend and change
the same at pleasure.
No contract shall be signed without the
authorization of the board of directors.
The following stockholders are hereby
declared to be the first board of directors.
all of whom shall hold office until the third
Wednesday of June, 1912. or until their
suecessors shall save been elected and
qualiled: J. W. Reeves, Lewis S. Clark,.
Jr.. Louis R. Hoover.
Until the third Wednesday of June. 1912.
or until their successors shall have been
elected and qualified, the following named
persona shall be the oicers of this cor
poration: J. W. Reeves, president: Iewis
. Clark, Jr., vice president; Louis R.
Hoover, secretary-treasurer.
This corporation shall begin busigs
be a going conrn as noon as t[uj
thousand live hundred ($'_.,.50.Y}
of its capital stock shall have bel
scrlbed and paid for.
No stockholder shall ever be I-y
responsible for the contracts, faults i
of this corporation, nor shall any m
formality in its organization have tig
of rendering this charter null, or e
lng any stockholder to any llablty, -
the unpaid balance due of the sharm a
or sulbscribed for by him.
This act of Incorporation shallbe do
modified or altered, tr this corporatiag
be dissolved, with the assent of two'
of the atock of the corporation tip,,
at a general meeting convened fa
purpose, and after at least ten days'
notice of said meeting shall have hbel
through the malls, directed to ds
known address of every stockholdsr.
In case of the dissolution of this
by expiration or otherwise, the st"
shall elect two commissioners from i
their own number to liquidate and
the affairs and buslness of this cae_
In case of the death or disablltyl
of the commissioners, or Iiquldss
surviving or remaining liquidator
point a successor to him.
Thus done and passed in my oes
city of New Orleans, state of
the day, month and year hereinhs a
written, in the presence of Mesasr
MI. Gore. Jr., and James R. LA~liN4
petent witnesses, who hereunto i)
names together with the said -l i
and me, notary, after due reading
(Original Signed) J. W. Reeve f
8. Clark, Jr.,. It. Hloover, J. M. GWW
J. R. LeGallez, E. A. 'arsons, soetl(
lie. -
I, the undersigned, recorder of ..S.
in and for the parish of Orieai,
Louisiana, do hereby certify that thef
and foregoing act of incorporatilW
Reeves Co. was this day duly -'_
my oice, in Book 1018, follo T1#.
Orleans, June 7th, 1911. (81sigd)
Leonard. It. R.
I, Edward A. Parsons, notary
hereby certify that the above sad
is a true copy of the original. 08
of record in my notorial archlivq.
E. A. Parsonso Not. Pub.
June 15-22-29-July 6-13 20, 1l11.
La Fontaa
Pattersem & UeewV
711 Gail Stret Ihme, 
Ice Cream
delivered to
place in to
at the time
Park & T

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