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I por:
I Ir,
I man
r ' alh
U. t
nd that our Laundry
- has reatch a d"igre of
ecton that ftw ever attain. :
a delight. i 0ort
I on
American a n:
a-andry, a suT
g, J. NORTH, - - Agent. :
--------------------- hav
. a
_ . os".i.i.
Onmeve can th e i co
this coffee youl u ao
Til o ne d u I- far
and this p rinted ta
,f1 r using the trege t
ts Of this canyOu aret Ti
seaused in everyae- ue
yourprabcewilotnund e a l
nuofeypait r io. 7, o 9
notl i
FFE the
1uts RLY-TAYLor Co. b ste
ovagIM5ntd Ag n halli
in tt
Sihn in
es r
d ttlner oti o t and
In t
"_ FA .MS CeMPANY. . trn
OR. ANS. r
E d That on this
of aon, in the nature o r
ne ndred and
CHARTl commissioned and qual
S--OF- t he presence of the
iglmafter named and undersiga - iN
lcaI e anm d appeared the r.
ae. ,are here ICnto subcr TE and
I to corporations, and especial
o That of Act No. hi8, thrtof 1904,
Assembly o f on the is, they
Sagreed, anine hundred and
eCa commissioned agree and qull-bind A
and in tche presencersons athe
become associated with them t u
am titate a corporato subscrbe and
declared that, availing them- ..
IIre threo a the artclaro thi rce c
bpilowlag, to-wit :
a6d title of this corporations - •
'ee Farms Coeo pany," and It
and contpnue for a term of TE
io dmicle at New Orleans 19, n
Arssembl of Louisna they ( I
sand aeg nd reae, e a these o
e aned r upoee and bindwhom all
M etll r leal other persons abe
sato auloted for which this e
is sttns and othe nature of ad
b carried on by It are here- t
aor the lpurpose, sell and oth Ir,
lets the less 250t arpentle qua
less, I1 and 14, comprisns of
sptr a ud aanother tract os p
(a oeehalf of Trnct o lnd
s mdt 521 14-100 acres, the
north by Tract No. 12s a t unt
edstrehan, south by Bayou
_eltelltoNIhe Pariah of
M nA pJorty adjacent threreto. 1881
it Ide corporate name, tos Ion I
seal, and the same to break
to aculre, receIve, t o
e, ernjoy and dispose o hare
Itoal and personal to borrow er
to give and receive securi- unle
Sand operate ac d snb- de
and traways to e oper. th
lectric, steam or other me- .
dig aenals; to install and o
st atIons and other works sh
: to pave streets; to aba
ant other light and power prel
It this e arter;t to name and
tagore, ofcers, direllctors or
a may rere e; : to mnake T
S d reg utio ouf te t of ow
ti as may be propert, aend lau
alter ad amend at pleasure. p
tock of thIs corporation Is any
t seventy-five thousand dol- germ
divided into and represent- boaI
of the par value of one iawi
A$100) each. Paymenta as I
b1 e made to cash, or its dry,
at directora, and such cor- ness
SStheriaed to begin business is c
5e thousand dollars
ot said corporation may he A
such transfer h ae ad al
Of the corporatIon, at its of- cor
Louisiana. and on the lowi
mhe stock certifiate. No arst
fractional part of a share enr
4&TICLE V. *I.
te power oths orpora-ors said
in ant exercised by a uret
directors. Five members ces
shall constitute a quoru l dec
a of business, an3 their ally
to corporate aets. The Jan
day vacancy or vacandces oc- T
board from any cause shall hera
Velaalnln director or direc* thot
on so elected shall con- seni
a eag as they remain stock- the
ther dIrector to represent perl
and perorma al cts and most
eatlang as could he doNe of
otre such prinacpal per 7
The first board of directors of this cot- 'Ixl
poration shall be composed of Messrs. L. ba
I ,. Marrero, C. W. ROdaner, I. H. Marrer..
SJIr. Wm. Winans Wall. Johnston Armstrong.
le) A. Marrero, '. J. Larkin. J. F. Cole
man. Iluater C. Leake. W S I'ar'ro,
I' "R F A.K.Gordlon. W. C. Kenttr
U. l. Wlfe and Benj. W. Kernan " m ha
meia-re-, after the signing of this charter llr.'
a metin.g of said board shall be held Er ,,"i
the puirpose o ein" omtprs of this cor
Ifration The oiliers of this ',rport.tlo r
1tsell be a pre-sidenr, viepresident. ;..r- re
tary. n"tarv and tresiurer. The ntar ,
and thi , siiAr 'tav, seay or mna nitr
godo• F j*'rs I 'I-;' all; .
hlh t i f, e firing the, l)leaiir of th r. h I,
and may he dinmlissej an.i th,r an- t , ,I. "
i-cl"'-t vy a maity a riy rot. t. i 'r prh en ore
I',,irl at any heeting. l entire
ARtTT('L. ViI.
.in dir.in tor or oth trrofi - of th:. ,.r . "1.
I rat l hn h Iall r.'n eivae a .:r fir .r
I I:r:l)'rtuv er, wl hsh hr. • n, S.
1 All ,,, ,rrpai and w, b inr j.ir
i havr,)p;ry to w, i t" # int -I riti.o " is a ,11
I . ,ht envi r this, "rpi, -it'R I, 
kh. sitsint frm Jr h
tl oml' rintndpe of o t rgn till 'or- ' -
* .i trt J La b L. fIr Mr Ti I
purp.,), .fronm sha I~t, r u,.r tk. f t" i
* pkhar Ion, at a generai 50 n: n oiti i. I t
K")itra!n . 0 , . ...e . ,m o , , Ir (., r M, t
* AlF r mard rtor tt s ia .1o k
ac) itLhir ats Ann tau r.ma s, aes -s ug.
in.r anh i r n the l ar." it if r l, e r : i, rit f
uin an.diont of th rtpital st t i si
li.titatl. ra or I,.iiI tii ner hall rtinii ; " "k
n iff .. until ho i afrs i of th e 1.,ir r:i,?r
s rhall tio.- oT mn fhl.y li Bok o. -, olil
td.,al 'lh it.
ati w~ e thall il y tile r.'. '),j
I shalliOreivr )ntirilil. ti Id irt,., uh
II,'HanARL. and wh,, ohh 1 ID . w In , a
pre ,o!,ail ,lrp , t il n Jl, ) a ,t th i r .,,
to a -eetltn of ith.- ;rt)'ktti l,h rs 1 I
thatl. purplis after t1-n 'IaV Niottl, li. Pi, u I
4ttik~iidyr air-osi" to atid nieil-. toR
aidi tl tkh ,ili, r a t 11. post-,i, A i , t,) s Iill.
o 1trpiiratitnl and tevlii haltl ten )ltws k ) ", hiri nz
t o s" it-h e iir i ti) n u a l..l n ai• l a ir a it .,f l I i n
fo IreI all. . -u in Id f . la t -f s o the ,
-shall f orfi it all '.tImiin-ati,)n fir th "i i r I,
sJires as liyulltatrs i
Th ,'ha:lrter nlay he anlinli althr.l -in -or
changil hb I voite of Ti f l t i
atnollnt. of thi capital t1,k r trt r hor, ' nli,
dilvd a v,)Pi if thir-.
flolttls. in anlotnt, of the c.apital Itork. at
a nieltln oit lthe stukhlaler.- ionli-ii
fir ciNh  erp after. thrty la previNous
ni-s of thit nhl tling shall hlav. ben gIven }''
in thei mannor h,-renablove prvh,.
NaT s.,'kholhr shall ePer I., lTiaT o
responnill for theI cIntrat-ts or fllNlts ,
this corporation In ant fuirther siim than
the unpald ha:ln.- dlie On the sharel of
stock Silhs.rltI-d for or nwnd hby hir : nor
shall an Informnality of organization have
the effect of ri'nlerlng thIs chartur nwlll or I X
subjectlng any stockholder to any Ilahlilt
e yond the amount of his Inpaid subscrip
tion to the stocik.
Thbls d,noe, real and pa~lFse at my onffie
In the city of N tew Orleans. State of Tnui
Islana. on the dady, month and lyar here- p
in first atove writtn, In the presencme, of
Anra Narimann and Fran-lIs . Schroeder.
enipetent subhscrirnl witnesses, of fulll age hl
and maJorIty, rusling In sald parlih, who I
herotnto sign thelr namoes with appearera ii
an nie. salh notary. each of said appear
erg hvinP g set opp)oste his sIgnature the ot a1
numlwber of hares of stock subscribed by in
him hereby constltutlng the signatuores heroe- 11
to the list n fs original ubrhsarlptlon made ,ll:
for the purpose of organizing this corpora
lion. Nl"
(Original itgneld) L. TH. Marrero. 50o in
shares: Leo A. Marrero. 50 shares: Johns
ton Armstrong. 50 shares: I,. H. Marrero. lt
Jr.. 50 shares: t. J. Larkln (by L. It. Mar- Il
rt'ro. Jr.. pdl.t 50 sharps: J. "H. Coleman. oI
50 harte,: Wsm Wlnans Wallt 50 shares 
'alhotrn FInker, 50 o hares: W. S. Parktcr- "
E son. 50 sharbs: W. C. Kent. 50 shares: II.
G. Wolfe. 50 sharbs: Hunter C. ake. 50 if
harbes: C. Rosner. 50 shares: BenJ. W. wt
Kernan. 50 shares: Amos K. Gordon (per Mi
pro J. Armstrong) 50 shares.
at Witnesses: Anna Naumann, Francis J. IS
1CrARI .FE. SCtRV.I--r.
o. Notary Public. I
te lea
I. the undersligned Recorder of Mortgages. I
SIn and for the Paralsh of Orleans, state of P'
`' Loulsliana. do hereby certlfy that the above IF
and foregoing act of Incorporation of the Ili
il "Leo Farms Company" was this day duly
recorded in my once in Book No. -, Folio if
New Orleans, I a.. 3une 2nd. 1911. lia
S (Sligned) EMILE LEONARD. an
(Seal) Dy. R. iot
nl A true copy: as
u8 15 22 2u16 13 '11 Not. Publ. st
UaNITE T ew O a R, an
I LM It wTato o thie yes
oIl T e seATEd Snie Opure deC . Tn E ble
OaLENnS o Ind e, an
Be It Known. That on thIs stxth day of cv:
the month of June. In the year fa out pm
as Lord one thousand nIne hundred and elevenr et
thirty-fifth, before me, Charles oAndrew But thi
h- ler, a notaty publlc, duly commlssioned and an
o qu~ali in and o s thi caty and the Parish yt
of Orleans, therein residIng and in the po
presence of wItnesses hereinafter named and
Sunderslgned, personally came and appeared
the several persons whose names ar here
i unto subscrlbed, who declare that, availing
. themselves o i the laws of the 8tate of In
ou Lonlalana, relatlve to the formatIon of cot- la
o nd In aecordance with Act No. el
ote eerl Assembly of the yer
1888, they bave covenanted, reed nd do le
by these presents cOvenarnt, r aeand bInd or
themselves, as well as such aothers as may
later become assoclated wIth them, to form
ad and constltute a eorporatIon or body politIc
to In lawr. under the ollowtnl terms and con
ad dltlonas to-wit: oo
e The name and style of said corporation
Sshall be "The Central Laundry Company, hel
Llmlted" and nader such name Itm shall clt
have and enjoy corporate exlstence itor a cl
Sterm of ninety-nine years from ths date, es
rj unless sooner dissolved, ss hereinafter pro- lea
b. vlded, fi
r- The domicile of ald crporation shall be le
Sopthe sed of trNew Orlcolderns, tste f Lou- r
dIs na. ll cditations or other tlegal prcss mt
t shall bhe served on the president or In h. qu
to abseence or nabllity to act, upon the ic- an
Sprs.dent or in the absence or Inability ot pu
Sbadth, upon the secretaryl-treasurer. t a
t The objects and purposes for whlch thls pri
at corporation Is created and organlied Is to
of own, operate and carry on the buslnes of a
d laundry. with steam, hand or other motIve
power In the city of New Orleans or else
where, and liker wise for the purpste of he
manufacturing, purchaslan and seillng anylat
and all things and conducting and operating sa
is any and all matters or buslness, coIncldent, hi
,I. germane, or in any way considered .b the be
, or b oard of directors In ompliance wlth the
ne laws of this State governing corporatIons, an
t as a proper conjunctlon of the said laun- ele
a dry, and generally to do and perform all
r manner of thins, incidental thereto or ap dir
ej proprlate for the carrying on of the busl- las
r- ness or purposes for which this corporatlon
Sis created.
e All corporate poarwperp of this orpornatn
e shall he vested In a board of directors,
if' composed of three stockholders. The fol- Ir
b lowing named peruons snhall onstltute the tr
o first board of dlrretols via: Elmore H. H. tra
re Verltde'. Harry 8. H, Verlander and Da- po
vid E. Verlander, with the said Elmore H. r
H. Verlander as president, the said Harry
5, H. Verlander as vlce-prealdent, and the bit
- said David U. Verlander as secrtary-trs- th
aurer, who shall bold oflce untll their sue- ha
r ceesora are duly elected and quallfid All rem
m elections for directors ahall be held annu- at
it ally on the first Tuesday of the month of
be January. bu
le- The capital stock of this corporation Isact
Il hereby declared to be of the snm of "fifteen tol
ic thousand dollars," divided Into and repre pr
a- sented by one hundred and ff rshares of sts
k. the par value of one nundred dollara each, wa
J, whlch shall be paid for In cash, or labor ho
t nertformed for the corporatlo, wmhen called th
r Or by the board of dlrtors ofsa1id ot- ala
Sporatlon. This corporation shall egin tb
ad busies u son u fye thousad dllarso
seof mid stock sball hrae beess subscrlbd.
if Tram t o to l  made oyi he
tbr beeks ·I the €o a; =I A -Wa
bolder who may desire to dispose of his
stock, shall first offer it for a perlod of
sixty days to the corporation, through the A:I
hard of directors. lin
ARTI'CLIE. V. ,.t,. kl
un tih
This 'orpor.tltion shall have pewir to con- It..inl
tr:act. *, i and be suedlt to nmak, u, .and 4*Iv.
have a corporate seal, and t lth n .line I to ,.
br. ik ani alt lr at phi':tr.., to hold, re- ,
e'ive. rent. piri.ha.e,. s,.l1 and , nvey,. as i ....
r well 1-s nmrtgage andi hypothe .te uInl+ r Its f 'v
'corporate :IIn'. prope. rty tr )th r,,1l an, IIri
pe  i)nal : + , , rr.'w an-I ..,nd iil .n v. to , , .. ;.n",
ut. nl .,tem ,ndI 1) b)t1 1., 4; . _, u,.1p tr:alm , t do i
v,. hi vthn n. .-.rv to rar -'v ol't tI. i)h
" nd1 Illl ,'r ;),.-e of 'hI . o.rl o,tr+ "'n. .n ', .'! "
i ll.'i iv 1 ii V I r I : 1 li I'
,,.t , ,
" i- "i,- r r n it . i i v !.f I' , n"n
, tr.--t? ' if n.'t iJ *ig thj . - Ti k til' in
r'ii In
t 'Ih . n.e i.ni,,. l m " i' 1lI , h a,, ,llf : I." cos
•t th, t -,,' \nl rin.- t l ir '.l \ i- t ilf n. \'
" ' -iri t lii r.f 1ib tr i . .l y,, Labitrlv tn.i, -
Ah i . r -Mh*l , 1, It t .., " 1 ti .A l It. vi l
f I f - -, , Od i ,. n o " ,,'." ' '!t." nd,'
i. . . ie , l.l( i t )l: , I :lLt i. - :c l :t ` I ^i
:ly r ,-bl,' .itnll pr: I, -', , i- . I , I T 1,i o"
r P aI , -i ,irIti-n of it e i f ' . tiil ni. .If li
uf : nl*i"' T I I r :11 li' wit TI tl iiti"i .l I. n i mi wll1' i ,lu 1 i)
i .ne: r. r I Ii : IIe ITr, . :Itf" l.' w if'v if
I. I,,ll - N i l ) . . t Li r tn .' I :in.li histy It.' -
'1'1, 1 dh ." n 14 ,a: I cd -t "i tirt I h
!l'hr tfn o intl, l.' ll l n . hth I". I, m inthIan
I . ,"'iln, nIl II.,lm
f " if , .i.hl Iir-; ai'1,5 1 - ritt . In A IL.t i pr -i r.
'r cwh. i.' .f o'f, ,inr. l:at . in l..l ti,.r :in. atE mil ni
SI I INI. - h. .1. E ii I ) t dii y titn if it
.in . It " . er il ,u Io t:at. ' i fi ." ueii r '.I- il
C itorifit N ,len, S tat.' if.'tun., It I I t.ir
hlAn MESr. , harn,.: l"av;,l.I.: \'.rAaMl,.tu 1 bis.
STi, rln , Jizer I. I:m I; S. Ii l I-, f l . II -i
lloirsey. whodied lit,. th ail
if lb,, beitndgreien t of',rl et. of oMrit:u.
inW tho i'ari lh .f t)rlha lt). vIl h'",n y t 'he rti-.
v Ith'a It." ovi ann ft h renal lawt of tie- ' r
.'t t '.'I f' " i .a n r.ll t tl.i .ry l' oln
parny r.imiT,." wan they i vb ll tlhe:y r.,TledsT:
iintinS, rile halinil ad oblie',i e -. atit
as iell a,'nst.. . ritsnns - may he ."- 4r
sfter ineme moteul i Iit: th. . . to ion-.
ton and b'ody p lt in lwfA BI'rIpI s th
u'tins- fr olo winl to- wit Not ul il.tor
CHARTI E R 1: ,x,
. S 'VANI:I I.I Ii :I Iin aNY. w
Thelnall e anI'AT le. tl" of . .this..roratI ti
isha I .lhe .W AN .E IT L lm BE it n .W livn l y
Ilr lI.) t na n ,'n. I hlll" IlhI ' d e.iN 11.1 hI
. -IiT\N, slon for a teIodi. AneS.nie ' l)lp ,i
ye it;n.  thall,. ohav p.o.i to. reh II,. a-n pa
d t"n hol, thepryoth a se -. ir she s sb i sr ob.
.:J..en yp, eaif tl, fte tdr in'Itucleoroa law
sf e LIen es Iof db toa an.da1ptoiH ns. elts
ir mnag iers, ndiretoras l and oilers asd fit tin e.
Te anid, c e e mrayh', ,qr w r t bre
d nhcsllslr iad livein at Iollll drtalln, pa nd
StIngtES need fltfits irosesand the ahn d of
nd and eny allionher p*ower and authorit yltlian
.1 1,1IN HI. IIINTl), the hu.:.and of HMEl
\II'I' DIIIH . with whom hi. is low" ivin th n
p. Ivrteyd who died a ,t l0a: the shIy ap
h, parerin and e rl.ai tf l I.r. ., rton II ][intn
"e lpli. and is herein rprynl he, Jsai hn IIub
eJohn In I, t
S hAI,~ Nclare:i that. IavlT)in thrm hlsta' i
of thlle provision of the cArral laws l with eIn
htatthe oi livnrl atna rell , ativ e to the of rma
ItS.iiIn iorpaoratitntis, tlh w harle enis liantd I
iand agrll, rleand they do by thIesie present
IoAMEnnt, aree,Td and bbe, WIIAMe, the selves
a nrsy, who disch other prsons as may hee al)
hotitute and orm themselves into em corpsr.lv~- e
tion and dy p in lawthe provisons of he or tl pawur of the r
and olrectsd, and uthder the rties and stip.- one
ulations following, to-it :d
The name and title of this wocrlhtorhtln,
shall be " isW aNEE idLUMBER a 'n h ANY... of n
and by that name it shall have and enjoy paee
uheraslon for a period m ,f ninety-nine 19in rue
years; it shall have power to receive. at- puep
ppt. hold, purchase, acqulre possession. sub
I;Pase, improve, culrtivate, conrvey, mortgae agel
id hypothecate under its corporate name. laws
Sropev rty, both real and personal; to borrow d
and lend money and to give and receive se- a -
ourltles therefor; to aissue bonds or other cover
Sevidences of debt; to name and appoint suls ents
Smanaiers, directors and omicers as is In- snve
aterests and convenienes msay require: to hrea
Sname and establish such by-laws as may bes trm
Snecessary and proper, and to do all other polIti
a thlngs needful to its purposes. and to have and
d and enjoy all other power and authority dtiol
b rlsted in or granted by law, uto such cor
e poratlons.
SThe domicile of this corporation shall he ;ran
In the City of New Orleans. State of Lou- by cr
r Islana; and all citations or other legal pro- State
. cesa shall be Merved on the president, or la port
r his aIbsare, on the irst Vice-president, or powre
in his absence, on the second vice-president, sued
daor in his absence, on the secretary-treasurer, the
I The objects and purposes for which this a
corporation is organised and the nature of t as
the business to be carried on by It. are to b
establish, maintain and conduct, in the State ter
of Louislana and elsrewhere, a grenerl tim
her. lumber and manufacturing buslness. In- r
cluding the authority to manufacture, pur- m
chase, seIL export and aImport luumber of
, every kind and description, and to purchard o h
Sleat and sell timber and timber lands, nd an
for that purpose to acquire, build, purchase, ted t
- leas. own and operate sawmlls. planing n
I. mills, rallroa is. tramways, skldders om
smlsarlts and logging camps: alo to ac-m to
is quire, purchase, lease and tell logs. titlr
a and timber lands: and to acquire, build. sh
I purchaipt lease, own and operate electric a
railways, powen r and light plants. and to
furnaish and sell electric current for power
or liTht for public or private use: and to do png
all thilnles that may be ngecessary to the h
is proper conduct of said business. .
SThe capital stock of this corporation in T
I hereby i ed at one hundred thousand dol- corp
y lare ($100.000.00), dlvided into one thou- the I
Ssand (1.000) sharmes of the par value os one lare
t, hundred dollars (s100.00) each. which sball Tc
Sbe paid for in cash. labor done. or property erI l
he actually received, In such manner and at
, such times as the Board of lDlrectors may
I- elect.
rt The capital stockr may be Increasd and
dim olisherd In the manner now provided by
a All certinscates of stockr shall be salged
by the president, or in his absence, by the
rwt vritr presleQnt, or In bls ahsenc, by the
second vice-presldent, or in his absence, by
a the secretary-treasurer.
g, The secretary-treasurer shall keep a stock
1. transfer book upon which a record of all
Ie transfers of stock shall be kept, and no
I. transfer shall have effect agalnst the cor
r- poration until the same shall have been
I. recorded in said stock transfer book.
y No stockholder shall have the right to sell
Io his stoek wlthout Orst offering the same to
s- the other stockbolders. in writing, who shall
e- have the iret right, for fie" days after the
11 receipt of auch notice, to purchase same,
o- at Its then book value.
tt This corporation shall commence dolng
business and become a goinag concern as soon
as sixty-fie thousand dollars ($65,000.00)
of the espital stock shall have been sub
la scribed for: and when the Board of Direc
a tors shall determine to sell any stock not
*presently subserlbed for, it sball cause the
at stockholders of record to tw notled il
i, writing of such Intention. and such stock
,r holders shall have the rlght, for ten days
d thereafter, to snbscrlbe, pro rata. to such
r- stock; after the explration of said ten days
Ia the board may ofer the subscription to per
rs ons other than said stockholders.
At all meetlag each share of stoek sIhll
albe aettlte to one vote, In pereo or by
b- wrltte pre.
f ml
S A:1 th ,-- '.r rpor;i. iwr1 if :h -. ,'rp:'-r
I..il l halln " , . ",'I u ! " , i r i..' 1 ..
Itou I ,of Ir : I ' r ' t, . i»" , .:tn;, . f . . 1 '1
, ,1 -h .' , h, n,. " .
T 1 '. ' , , ' I 1 .
, ', _: .+' ' tt.,'n : , - 't+ tt . - , ... I . ,A..
I ' I
II I to
:' -. 'L, It. , .: 1 , . 1.1 . :" i
• f i ' T, 1' 1 .... I , 'I . ,' ' I . I l I . . 11
1t. ' I . iVI
Ir : II . air .- I "'. .' . . 1 ,
.. .'i, : 1 h " a ,. ''1 ,.l ' ' I tI 1 " 'n I I- '
1 1 .... i.1. I .,. . rI ,h ' " I I ' al. : 1 'I: . . "
"' " to l \i "s. :h '1 'I .n1 ,, I . T I r
I IY, - , i l ,I'1 1-'I
Si. l t "I. I i , 1 .' !,T: , I . ... '
'»1! ii. r -ii T -.I I t, I ',' , l '` . .. n ' i.lf Iti, 1' l
, ' r - , III,' ,' . '.1Ih '' .k , '.." . r ,;!' ,'
i, 1 , , r T I ,ir I I. i ' lt IV a. h, i iTa' 1 t . "
I T,'l k" ab,, l .r i hi lI .In rll, , .' l II. a IT'.
Th,' ' ,,,' kh'i b' ,.r, a ht ai' Ii. a t l l iT ia , T T
It %h, l . A1iL I I'Tl CfIl I TI ' II " :'T'I',t r ; I D t l,+a
'if - c t 1 , f rn', r i l' .r Ii li i', . l r T 'r 7n . h . "r ' .f "
' I,, a ah,,a l,'T TIo aTI, ' I la la ita :..
an-lI Ti ,' at-iaTlie tT , f a:. , 'a,-i raTi I i Ta,
. l 'l'l, I.I: \-11.
i b.\ . a' , ''i 'r.li,,L I,.T':l' "i l ' I,,'r 11 l...i I' IV :I
t : n7 m a ia i ,'l rv l T i, tfhr i ll.. l Ttrt i " ;11 l.
TripTI.I li-at -if -a l ' .rIT.ia
7.'i '. iy Ir T ; a i. v i n r. a iIt a'.'ar tirat .' I'
' it !1" ino, 'i f h:. .'1!...'1. 1 l 1 .t ' , I .1 1
w r'i't.', hl erl,), ntn• ?h,,ir TlI n1." r h n"am o i'lnt if
it bk ai al tit 'a I r .r il an . in,.. i 't a l ,'i',', a fto, r ,v
Iur.. l- . Itin :intl n. -, t . yI.i lii i'.t i. i '4 '
iit v. thr,: A i. lintlil h a , l V""i ,itir. a ,; .1 ;
S 'i- ri en. 1i ih ip' ir, ''n.n . . ,, -il'a .-i r-u . \I'l .I
ii : a.-'.'4 1. A. an TInr,, an . W, AI. hlar-,nan.
,,l ," tlit l :ILY I,. r A t.liY. N it. P 'i. ,
,a'i aia: dV herbnt . ri t i.n thirat the al.W '.l
r":iliat re, in. lf t if n a ratan t w'
hinisi ini L Inili-er : .1 In . llln a ,n. ,al-n lthati nay
ln. .1 !er1. Iin oIn mY Iy .'. I .n ib 10. , 1,; fai
I 'ta N,- w r S. Ilain . i t.n ." . ia r. ;17. t I. 1
if TtSltonr.'ti 1::1 IIIJ' .1':INAltla. Ia . T I '
I1 tilf tlai t 1h . ai l va - anat f.r- in i\. t t1r'ie1
anal ' rri; t .. a'. 'at i tI . b.r i Ii -' t' a in
pan oa? r---'or-l In nay iffic.
In faaitlh wher--af. I have la raunIta set my
ian.t aI the Imnlr.i,.- a I 'a rir m f .m i , rtt l ,,tl -ra I
in n. f r the ':if .Ian, . A. II. arl tln . t t f
I ,,lli~iainai, dI'. hereby ' Mrifl that the Pub. iv,
i N w te rl 2n', La 1...l , 1. i.
a- i
Son ,rr OI'Il fANA. thARISH f O EAt if in
a. Be It known, that on this i tenth dao- I
oe the month ,f May. In the year of our tA.rd
p. one thousand nwhe hunrred eleven. and of the m
ind apendene of the oUnited States oif Am r
la-i. the one hundred thlrt flit. hlfore me1
IwIs Rossner Iraham a lNotary Publi. h
in and for the Parish of Orleans. State If O
,n I*uisiana, therelo residinn anat therefor du- 11
.l caommlssloned sni aluatlieyd. and In the
pra'sence of the wItnesses hereInafter named
Ii anal understgned. personally came and ap
Spared the partIOe whise names are hereunto a
nsNulacrbed. alT of full ag, who declared thatE,
Savallmonthemel May. o the provisions or the a
Slas oo the state, relative to corporatIons. '
and ependnceial of Act 7 of 1tat04 of the t
*. IGeneral Assembly of Ilolosana, they have a
er covenanted and agreed, and by these pres- Ii
*h Ants covenant and agree, and bind tem
n- selves, as well as such other persons as may "
to hereater become assocated thrty-fthhem, to P
Ie form and constitute a corporation and body
BC politic in law, for the purposes and objects,
re and under the stipulations, articles and con
y r dltions followIng, to-nwit: o
The name and title ofl the said corpora- a
tion shall be "VIctor Iuber Marble and
Ie eranlte Company," and Its domIcIle Is here- a
u- by establtshed to the City of New Orleans, h
o- State of LoulasIana; and under its said cor- d
In porate name, aid corporatIon shall have t
ar power and authorIty to contract, sue and he a
t, sued: to make and nue a corporate seal, aad
r. the same to break and alter at pleasure: to
hold, receive, have, purchase, improve, alIlea
ate. convey, sell, borrow pledge, mortgage A
and bypothecate, under its said corporate -
is name ,property, real, personal and mIxed: 5
f to name and appoint such ofmicers dIrectors,
to agents and managers, or employees, as the o
te Iterest or convenIence ol saId corporatloa I
n- may requIre; to make and establIsh by-laws, t
n- rules and regulations for the proper maa- h
e agemetnt and regnulatIons of Its salr, as b
may be deemed necessary and proper, and
' the same to cehange and alter at pleasure; It
d and to do ail other acts and thlags permIt- ai
A' ted by law, or as shall or may be necessary t
ig and proper to carry out the objects and pur- I
Sposes of saId corporation. a
eI Said corporation, unless sooner dIssolved, a
in accordance rwIth Its charter, shall exIst a
e anal contInue for the period of nlnety-nIne
to (9) years from and after the date hereof. J
r The president, or in his absence the vIce- a
ro president. shall be the proper person aupon a
e whom citation or other legal process sahall s
be served.
Is The ohjects ad purposes for which thins
at- morporatlon Is organlsed, and the nature of
u- the busIoess to be carried on by It are de- t
ae dared to be the followIng, to-wit: c
al The operation and conductIng of a gen- a
ty eral marble, granalte, stone cutting and man
i i ti / f, / ri,
~vr60 /7n6Y
;I"P 4-jLb(i~~
:1't '',+' u i' rl ur , , ,- '1 ,41i "1
3'1.1 1.1", '·
', . I :,. n ., "1' k , " r, • ,-.. .
.... ii .t ,1. i.
l ni .
A lt . 1 ' I .
hi 1 , ,.i ." ," . - . . , ,
S i ' , I . 1 " . f1:- ' ni " " I -+ 1 1,
of 1" . , . . . II , , I .1 •n t . ,
t1 in' -. ' I. 1. 1 'r -n ix:1 1 .
'I t
.. .. . " I" ' . , t I "I' 1. i " ;1 '"3
' ' K ·I h . I. ' I , .3.::, - I1
,' ', 3 . i . 1' .' nI I' ' " ..;
i.3 ' "I II.... I '1 ' 1. r . 6' 1 '. i h, i
1 0, "' . , ,', , a e n ti. f j'- , : . ^ , I ..ti .1 ~
V3. ' - ; ," .1 . , 1 ,3!, 3 . i t' '.1 '' 1, , "''' i.
I'1 t h' ii ' k n :il i f ir in Iiii . '3: I
" 1f .li. " 3 t , " ', 1 t.-li '.01 ' . l n 1s. " "lj . :, , 13,i '
:in . " ~ ' ' n!".' ", "13 i.,n:I',,i''i; " it i n th 'i'
'I !."I :+t.1 "hi, ' 1 .141. ,lv' .' 1 1 ,' th'r .'.it 'II han.'
A'r' ' ' .' v eI .t ll in. n .l ,l',3ll,' ur'lll . :ih , Ii i' .
to'ni'"r" 3.13:1 h.'I',;, nr..l i rl..l . 1 v ' '.'" i , *'.i. '
oly- n , It- . inof' i f,.''r.'tVm , hil i hia l 3 :Ii
1'1 411: ~ l", r th,' ," st'r ""l", n. I .ih t ." . dire ..
"1" ''1 'l'- T h:ir' ' ....I . i.3 i,, . ",u 1. 3 I ,i'
:'I"int.i fi r 'inr - T ii?.'. n 1iIii el,"r l iii" ;iet Rh.ai
l . t! er ho l .r! . iiti n I T he oi,, 1 wif'liir' t "irtl
il .hai! "h lr f rom Tt·l'ir own f in ihi e nanr i.' n''
Te osald ionI 1i. ' or'.hai ha
lot ani"1, the majorit, in tmointf te re.i'
TeII. inurh suvinr he of it.iik v. I allio , flt,
,'ho,,,ntrdl lor o e,, l vote. t hall . rl -t tlle ;wr, ,n
+if,1t-r la'ch i ·Ytle on the I,,", ofdll mh0 elt"",-i
atI heir l i Irit lro l i, t ,Ir ww y .iri th it l .,
dar. :1f . sihl l ,u ,, " h r, I hOmran. h
ile T h,,i l r, irtor shll hae
powler t till vau! n.ifle'. in th.ifr numler
hire1 by death, reirinatihin. oir atherlwi .'
Srm amn, the slo'kholi'ru o'f thp rorps.r
The enii iharon shall h1 v.o fuitsll !'in n!I N t
ithe riliert i, f this company i., ani shall i.i
? 'anduc't. mangi anvd ine the same is in
ftheir lisc retleiin they bi'm rlt and that is
onsistent with the olsJadts of this company.
lr the belfare of the same.
The p satit oar,! is ftmrthir aIn themrlzed to
Iframe an adilpt rIsuch blaws. rtlles andi
regulations as the affairs and businmfss of
thle corporatlon may reqtllre, and as It may
d.-m neceisarty for the condhlctin and man
Iatment thereoflt proVided the same shall
i not rnilt with this charter. or with the
la of the state, or of the Ionted States.
The said board shall elect or appoint a
secretary and such other oaniers. agents. em
e ploye-rs, servanti and clerks as it may deem
 necessary for the conducting of the buslInss
l of the corporation: fi their 'ompensation,
theim at said board's pleasure: and saii
'lboard shall have the right t itr and deter
mine the salaries on the several oftiers here
in provided for.
This charter may he changed, modified or
Samended, the capital stock lncrealed or de
creased, or this corporation may he dissolved,
Sat a general meeting of the storlckholders con
vened for the purpose. with the assent of
three-fourths of the entire capital stock,
, whether present or represented at such meet
Ten days' prior notice of such meetinglr
shall et given in any daily English news
,, paper p nublished In the city.
hIn case of dissolution or termination of
this corporation, either by limitation of its
bcharter or from any cause, the ilquidation
of its alfars shall he conducted by three
Tommissloners, selected from the stockbold
ers, with like assent, and at a meeting called
for that purpose, as abovre set forth in this
SSaid commissioners shall remain in ofice
. ntil the tllfairs of sarid corporation shall
have been fully lIquidated. In case ofl the
death of one or more of said commissiatoners,.
ethe survivors or survivor shall containue to
No stockbolder of thIs corporation shall
Sever be held lirable or responsible for the
e contracts or faults thereof, in any further
sum than the npapid balance due the com
, pany on the shares of stochk subscritbed for
Sor oawned by him, nor shall any Informallty
a in ordanization have the erhect of readertq
I, this charter null, or of exposing a stoc
i. holder to any lIability, beyond the unpaid
s balance, if anyr of his stoclk,
SThus done and passed at my notarial of
fie. In the City of New OCrleans. on the day.
-month. year herein first above wrltte, in
a the presence of I. V. Doussan and D. E.
Pope, competent rwitnesses, of lawfunl age.
sad residents of this city, who hereunto
L sign their names, together with said parties,
t and me, notary, after reading the whole.
S Signed: Victor huber. 95 shares; Albert
J. Derbes, 2 shares; Emle C. Reisig, 5t
- shares; John F. Popp, per Victor Huber, 10
a shares: R. De Roode, per Victor Huber, 5
I shares.
Witnesses: D. V. Doursan. t. E. Pope.
LEWIS R. GRAhAM, Not. Pub.
S I,. the undersigned notary, herebty certify
that the above and foregolng is a true andh
corrnect coy of the origInal art of Iaorpor
Sration on l nmy notarlal o .icP. .
at EWIS R, GRUhA, Not. Pub,
Carstens & Vezien Co.. Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Special Attention to Railroad Orders. Prompt Delivery.
Bay, Cora, Oats. Bran. Hardware. Groceries Etc. W&nes. L.e0re .
John Kleinkemper,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Wood, Coal, Hay, Corn.
Oats, Bran, Etc.
Good Delivered Fre of Chart. Corter Alar and Verret Streets
N IiAtl'E \i
It" . I ' tl\\ . I'i '1 ,It: ,
1. . , .  . , .. , .," ..1 . , ,
",' l il
. th\ f
I . 't ý 'f r44 1 . "'11 r1 ' '- ', n ' , 1 I
1" i. f rI.It. l , rtif, . ' ei- i L i' f 't I t ,
:IU l "I i .1 ;n , 1 1 n ! l e ;n t I, n . o rp ra t 1
;1+l.. , t. .. . "" \r" it, I , e n .' : .1 1.. 1, .+i ti,l. ,_n i 1.~
; . tn 1 1 >,t<, : 4I 1 : ,i. - 1 : . n. I. "
,1 ll ' t it* -,if' I tt : mhntI " l tn  ivi
., i .f t. " f,1, ', i) ] .i_ 'f+t i. i 1 1 y . ' t-i' - t, "
lit. ift- I. I' l I w hol b- ,, ,, *1" J .1
:!1 t -, .l IIV ,'sit, " irI t il if Ir I I, -, " ,
.l ".'+ - ,f .. he-.. ,'i'yr . thenh. > I, V .." ,Ir~ ".' J;'.+I
AltI" , 8l , i i
T *i ,i I rlz.u and ti' pt, --." t. ir 'lo t i n tiii .
.Ind furJt-n i-i -t, an j tl. j l t It.. nat ire f t
, 'triini+, i ai. I t * i- ta r -, ,- ty i t  r - di -
1 ettgiae .In th pith mi!."nt t-izroativitn in!t
,inf , ,t a t' 1 , lh,, t- . w in: h. h.} I n ., ll ,. v I
mint . njurl.-ialura nd byit ortt-utratl r-wI
1;tl :1 ptl - .t' i ,l tin ty n In, h lr: . f.'1 -" ,
,lits ;l .retfiil Ititi- ltr. ii!,ii d ot i
.llt 'l, 'IF: 1.
l i lita l ti n d '., ,f ttre real. p tro .ilti on
A\A hi la a.;nr1 inilIrLt 1'-I'A it\ .y Its
li, i" ,h~hi nt -i ti tho a .nd 1 n itf N r .r ith
re oiat- . ofe a itntiei. tand it nhtyil hai o .
.th~ "'n!."n .... "io n by a rIt. ."n by it, are d I
dilari, it *eiI:i,.i .i listded Into ant! rJi
t ,entedVo, lin the prnrind nlt i n har i-i of
tf hie p ;lue' or inaehundlity di llar, ils. ll
eaih .wh.rIcht aldt b, e  a ora' tutl cmteurlr.
ThI , ,uchaout s and p altrnn, , r asd oth iBvr
ftilprcatiorn im ordatiznd. +iand ti hr n ofur1 f
tiea or rhihtes-, actuar retielu by it, -re or
.' !.r.'.l to I»" :
lit;t, slirl.lltr an d hor stcull ursal pre l
I ctre; do rthe boukltsy, hofs tand othp r aion
I a'sk. and ath tarkhot Sand ; do pars$l'h.iii.t,
l,'a<- +r oItheriwiseP ac'quire real, ;w~r+,nal ,or
tifxIt prosrth. and ta, sell sbd cisbe,. ofal
.ie; tol developr, d srain and rheclaim stub
Imered land: and , nuerally to do any and
ill thin+s incidental to and na..ce.ssary in the
The capital stock of this corporatioln Is
h."relry fixed at the sulm of fifty thousand
dollars IvstIn,0 n.Oh. divided into and rep
resented by live hundred i ,OO shares of
the patlr value of one hundred dollars l$1itO
each. which shall be paid for at such time.
In such amounts and manner as the Board
of Directors may determine. Said shares of
stock shall bw issuued full paid and non
assessable for cash or in payment for prop
,rty, or rights, actually received by the cur
Iporatlon. All transfer of stock shall be In
scribed on the books of the corporporation.
This corpmratkon shall coommence business
as soon as three thousand dollars u$:.;o04h
of Its stock shavell ha been subscribed ; salid
amount of stock having been subscribed by
the undersigned for the respective shares not
opposite their names; this company shall
immediately go Into operation.
All corporate powers of this corporation
shall be vested in anu exercised by a BHoard
of Directors, composed of three (31 stock
holders, two (2) of whom shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of all bmusiness.
Through said Board of Directors, this cor
poration shall have power and authority to
contract, site and be sued, in its corporate
name; to make and use a corporate seal and
change or alter same at pleasure; to hold
and receive, have, purchase, Improve, allen
ate,. convey, sell, borrow, pledge, mortgage
Sand hypothecate, under its said corporate
name, property, real, personal and mixed;
I to name and appoint such ofcers, directors,
I agents and managers, or employees, as the
Interest or convenienore of said ecorporation
may require; to make and establish by-laws,
Irules and regulations for the proper man
Sagement and regulation of its affairs, as may
bde deemed necessary and proper, and the
º same to change and alter at pleasure: and
to do all other acts and things permitted
by law or as shall or may be necessary and
proper to carry out the objects and purposes
I of said corporation.
nThe first Board of Dilrectors shall f elect
h'a at the first meeting of the stockholdersn.
)to be convened for that purpose, and the
members of said Board of Directors shall at
i once select from their number a president, a
vice-president and a secretary-treasurer, who s
t shall hold oice as such until the first Mon
day In January, 1913. or until their succes- I
sors shall have been duly elected and quali
On the first Monday In January, 1913.
unless said day be a lDhe Non. then, in such
case, on the first succeeding Judicial day and
annually thereaftr, an elngction for dsrectors
shall be held at the ofec I e of the corporate,
under the supervislon of three (3) commls
ston-rs to be sppolnted by the stokholIders;
thy directors to electod sball Immediatelyt
take their seats and hold offie until th,.tr
succni sors shall have been dudy elects d and
quapitlcd. All vacanetes in sahl board shall I
tr ftllmed by the remainyng dsrectors.
Notrce pof election shall be given by the
andrtarymtreasur r to each stockhoen, r tea I
day previou a to election, by writt - nodi,
mall,)d to hl last known address, and by
Spinhtliation in one ,)f the local new.pap ra,
ithree time's in ten ,Jays.
All corporate electtons shall be+ by hal'.or.
and a majority of the stoc present, or rep
. '.s .' - I , "11
,·l·i I. I I X I
ll . . ' . I ;"g , . 'll . , .. .f"`
1 ,t r,, , 1 . '. i n l I ti
Si -' "",.l 1 . ""- ;it . 1 " : r, ill.^y r
I 1' ' i f I . o i g t ar rnu
. git e T.r I,- ofi I'1: V. rln.iI i inth.. ,i
".,' l -i T " y .1 1 . h. 1 l i ' l. In ; I w. ' P i `i
. .!IT h ' F11 M. l E I I: InI 1 ol? , I 1 "I. "
S ' 1 :11 I .l'1 I' I 11 n.' l I.- h T, il. r I
;. t1"" 1.I r" il o hn1 t :I no
.!1:I 1IIV til t'," n tl', l-'11 '1l i1 in ""l _: l ll I/+ lll· tl
- .L t tl Iltnll r i c e·i I :iil mrllrt f hi- +" rt.),'k
Jonuin na. 2 12 h2Iri by rify that July a1ov2
I in f I.Inl' Itll pi.l-- 1 ill n lv rporaiy .f
day ton.e ho hasi i. ined with o:t
stretched \l and to catch a iy cannotI
fail, to have noticed Its wonder. 
fact that the fly was watchng the
movements of Its would be captor out
S1.' 11;" . i . ". 0 n. .. ... .. f
of al or mo. t of It. 8.000 eyes. "n
other reason ior its rapid iretreat .
that instead of seeing one band cant
at least 7n,500 I hands all looint aIike
oand all moving down a lpon it nl the
same direction. A third reason of the
y's nimblenes i"s its a lll"t to vt
irate is wings nearly 700n t ees in a
Ieond ando to travel through the atir
at a rate of a mile Lin two and a hal
minutes or twenty-four miles an hour."
nwith eqall shredone1: bit Iher e
pession did not oten. inr the les
You see, it'es iks this, mait'," said
the Ttramp h mbly, lywerin his ey
Any one who has tried with out
antl to have noticed on d ts wondharful
oalertnress in escaping. howine below
heract thaort rthe y was mwatchis ago the
had a little home ould be captor out
ofmade an nortuna of ts 8.000 eyesrrg. An-y
other reasonmper w such that itd retreat me
"Ir toward it thee y would have seen
and all moving down upon Iy t m the
sameo, did rection. A third reason of the
y's nimblewness ins ts ability to mdr
brte its wings nearly 700 tomes in a
nd and tot t ravel through the pib'
drut a rate of a miletl in two and halfd to
give the doctor another call I tot no
inutes you hador twenty-four miles an hour."
he said. 'nrSely Crebody doe. It
Thseems tseconmpd nature shor everybodyt
eept nuearhawk and she returned hidrus gits
wtoth equal shrewdne the label sidex
pression did not soften im the oppo
"Yousite side and leeke the label clean. sa-id
until they rested on Mi8 1parrawk'r
ment, ater they have atlyd th e price o
a ort skirt. "r the eperieneths ago I
adopt that etle home "-of my own. but e
made an unfortunate marrige. My
wife's temper was such that it kept me
in hot water all the time."
"M-m!" said Mies dparbawk dryly.
"It's a pity there couldn't have betn
a ittle soap with It. Only six months
ago. did you say?--Youth's eompan
ThI Medirine doetle,
from a bottle cost me $2," a man said.
"Because I poured it out on the label
side and got the number of the pre-

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