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gad that our Laundry
ha. reached a degree of
that few ever attain.
Cufs and Shirts i a
that Insures your satlsfa
ad delight
Julia and I
ndry, ,ain.
jI.I*RTH, - - Agent.
rts often said
tomala sale
Just as
LWt no such
juw from
gr time. -tried
that on this 30th day of the
h a, Y the year of our Lord,
se hundred and eleven.
-II.t0ha- ce of the United States
e ti ie hundred and thirty
SM, Ethelred Macaulay Staf
pnblic, duly commissioned,
in and for the said city
of Orleans, state of Louis
eame and appeared the
saes are hereunto subscrlb
a who declared that, avail
si the provisions of the laws
elsative to corporations, and
Act 78 of 1904 of the gen
r Leaisiana, and all other
therewith, they have
agreed, and by these pres
sad grm and bind themselves,
eth persons as may here
iqdated with them, to form
a aeepoeatiom and body poll
te re ese and objects, and
fleas articles and condi
ile of this said corporation
kie 8is hereby established
Nw Orieans, state of Louis
Its corporate name, said
have power and authority
SW ad be sued; to make and
sl, and the same to break
;to hold, receivse, pur.
alienate, convey, sell,
ertgage, hypothecate, un
name, property real,
;to name and appoint
aents and managers,
* lheteret or convenience
_ ay require: make and
ulee and regulations for
and r-ulatUon of its
he deemed eecessary and
-l e to ehanae and alter at
bto do ail ther acts and
r law, or as shall and may
i per to carry out the
of said corporatlon.
unle9sa sooner dis
with it- charter, shall
Br the perlod of ninety
't after the date hereof.
if la his alsence the see
ehall be the proper person
Sother legal process
(tZRI Il.
$pi oes for which this
e, and the nature of
arr5~ied on by It, are de
ilel. to-wlt:
erport and mann
both pleasure and com
specialties, machinery,
sad general merchan
* S mortgage real estate
ef any descrlption
,sell, manage or carry
of any nature coa
herein before set
a garage and to repair
h store automobil!es and
- a perform everything op
. atemobile business.
of this corporation
thousand dollars, ($25,
(i and represented by
t hay.hraes (250) of the
nlloar each ($100.00) ;
. or in cash at the time
• at such time uas the
shall tlpulate; said
at not leass than par
eliHderation; In payment
or rights actually
rby said corporation,
r such other valuable
Sevices as the board ofl
!iporatlon may deter
ock shall be Issued Un
therefor has been re
earporston. I
abeek shall be effective asi
h the corporation or par- s
--beLeds, until so recorded
. Wrporation. t
lall 'be a goin eoncern a
dollars of its cap
been subscribed for. t
IV. t
| this comPany shalla
u r chd by a board of I
i e the presdent snd C
; i--_e are hereby named r
ry-treasurer and to e
- berd of manan :
the rat day of Jul, e
d thereafter annnal-d
shall be elected byl
ay be inlereased
et the mjoty of a
st ea u whatsoever
ation, but th. managers then In olce as
wrenll as the oniera of said corporation shall
Shhl dover tintil thlfr successors are chosen.
At .-r ary elect ion and metting, each stt k-.
hoIler nshall I ' entitled to vote for each
* share, of stock reLgzstered in his name, and
I miry votie by proxy.
The tIs ard of managers shall have power
to till vacancies in their number, eU sttil.llt
d Inth, resignatltiu or n trsenri-t fIm aollen,
th i stocrklldolers In the-ir number of thie
S,'orI)rat ion.
Tih said bioarl shall have full control of
the lpropertyl of lt~is 'nlwtny, anti shall
Sso N nduct, mnlanat aidl Ilse thte samltli as ill
their dsc retion tohe t ' ti ti nit, and that is
o ns~stllt wltt the rlotits of this O collpanv,
or the welfare of the satl,,.
Said tan rd is furt hr aunthorlzed to friano.
lnd adopt such tb- hlaVs, rtuls anll rgt llat
inn ash a t th e affairs llt iine.ss of thet' coir
lwtratton tay require, and ,as it may deetn
thte.ary frr theail lllotnuing and ltianahe
tent tl hrlof: l ritvhlied thi : same salll not
: n fiit with thi c'hattr. lavs of this state,
or in thu t'n ltnd Sta ,,ts.
Sad ttoard shall elert SOuc.lth It,'rs0 agents.
tierlll te. smntrlllhs :andl rks as It Icit
demi- n.'iessery fIr the iltct utini m o if theII
I otlsll, f tit, crplrtthin: tic their tom-t
I ensuli and ternl of trvi.,-,' with the riht
to dit ilttiss theIt at thii l oi)ard's plea ire ;
Stil said uarti .hall hartvi th,. right o ftix
nd hori thi slari.s of tile aevral
i niei's het'i n prstvih.I f a, th.
S Thub ctharthur lHlaV , l' cllhtnlge'l, nlolijtied
I : id amndiIed). catlitil 'ti-k il,-rataed or d
I irh:ltd, or this torp tol;rtin niHy It ills
I sol' d i at it ,nprail mltet ii. of its. stotk
I ,lelniran:'lle.d fhr cr. pifrpyos, with th e :ab is
I tnt if threi -fourth. I o f chiir entire ti it;il
I st,'k. wheithbcr I',esnl or rillrseut, -tl ;It
' su it meeting : tent o in , lrie r no ti'he shall
SI. -',.ien IOr an- daily nl,'wpa1p,r lubllhcl
in ti city. Il
Ini taes: T IIF t .sit Dtittin or terlniation of
,his+ (,,l -at ln,.either b,- lhiitatio of it-s
, If its affair sthall I, ct0,tl l .tel by tire,
irs., Ith I ikt i5nlt. tt a nlI,, t in talled
f,.r that lltlr, ~'t'e a t aol,t , sth forth ill thli
I rt i,tI'.
.Saill clomntlli.tsln,.rs sh!iall r aInlin in offict,
unei in the affar of sairl roei .haslld
hIve hbend rd !ly n llele at ,I. b In came, tA
lo:ith f ln, tl lit e, t i. aid if o hlll S rlll is.rl. i.
Nt stOr l kh, tdltr of ttisi. ,rpr ii,iti shali t
liiir n etli t he filt nll ri ' ,if. wtIl . ui l rth,er
onllnllnhiT Iam r an Ltatpe.ar. theshevalu tp
inL tilnts of the sharist of totk hth ri!sttid far
o w i d tlh bi y ho i . nt or hi all t ii th foa m' alit.
ilil ir, ithn io t havll th e ,Iferlt't r of rn, thet
this ohfl'ttr nt t s f ll suchf case. maL.tdekh all
r to aen l, tialiy, he have, d te n id th a
lidly rthre In my oan z othe m-.
ine. trlf anyi of ll os , 1ttk
iS RTICLl Eiiutt L I. y an.
Thrus ne and t ., o atcopy. iy norla
jult 1e. the 0y, oth aug i v. ar hI'ritc irs
sBe It hnown, that on this 27th day of
lnne,ar In the ear of our lrs , done Nathousand
nine huendred dand lhei, c before met. m
rose La rtc. a notary publicd ie notary, duly ap.r
pointed and qalaitied, in ani for the parish
f Orleans. f thae wlof Lsiana n in t
preee oand Arthe undr Miller witneses. pr
onall cante and appeared the seryral ubler.
residents the puners riahe of aindt-on andtg,
ofn and for the rcity of ew Orlean. f n state oferal
dectlaredi, do hereby certify thtem tlves of the
provided, they have formed and organized.
and forby thesen practsents of organizen. o them
selres wntll a opoatny, and body corthis day
rateduly ror the objets nd purposes, and Book under01
the stipulations following. to-wit:
The name and title of this cororatonn
COMuPsANY, and its domicile shall he in the ,
ity of New Orleans. aruly sh of 19Orleans u
olthraasnals It shall gnexior the t.erm of nety
nine years from date hereof, and by tha
A tmerue copy.d be sued and contrat id e
uly any and20, 27 augll rts, 10, privileges and pow
her unacr the laws of the state of Lousn a.
The objects and porposes for which this
corporation is established, and the nature
of the business to be carried on by It, are,l
to produce, manufacture, buy and sell tur- I
pntne, rosn, naal storeII, and wood de-NS
ate mills and to selhat o thes 27products anday of
Juresidue or waste theof our Lor to furthousande
nine hundred and eleven, before me d Am
broseand manufacture. a notary publicd to pull ap
stumpointed and clear lanified, in awhe fther then connriec
to buy, sell sand lease reof Loui estate. tod operate
tramrece roads and the undbarge line bargnesses or
other vessels, In connection with the arry.
merchandise business In connection with said a
sary to or connecte and appearedith the opseveratil peron of
theons whose names are erntioeunto subscribeed
The presidents of the parishi of Washingtr on and
of the city of New Orleans, who severally
declared to act, avathe lce-ng tresidenlves or ofn case the
of his abs thence orstate in sucabilit, the cases made and
shallnd be the eroper pernao upon whom i
citateions or the objectse shall poses, and under
The name and st of t his corporation s t
COMrbANY, and t ts domicile shall be oin thed
dred sry of New Orleans parish alue of one hansdred bLou
(a100.00) dollr si acho hald shares etof c
stock shall be paid for by the subrnibers ci
thereto as rmall be reqred by the board of te
directors and tbe setoc may he irsned in. i
payment of property acqlired by fthe orpOs i
reai or ied compe nseurto for rwic re- is
decre. Ts corpration eshaaed an the dator e
to bten business t oon as five thbouand a,
(pni5,000.00) dollar or more of te aptad i
asocl raes sa hvoecb suall crlbed for. Anye
stcholder ma lys ase alg or traser is a
stocl in this corporation, provded thirty
es(30) das' prior ritte n reoor oe f suc is
be given the company, and the other tock- 51
hollers tbereof shallhave the fisnt priv- pl
lege of patraesin the rsame; after whc
notice the raid stock ay he sd in oen
mariet. A prior Ilen on all pare of stor
shall bue retained le the eompanyl on the
stockr of any saholderr e fnoe an s odebte
nssrd secred or unscured, b however evr Is
dene or crsated, dn ce at any time arto ther e
company by te bolder o stch soct A ndal
e transfers oftstnc stcnhall be tra sfeed
Alln an ower t of ts corporaean shall be l
ested in ae board of directors eamposetd of
sely be elected hon te eirt ronday of July by
in each year, commencing July 1912. at a fi
after tea president, ous notice n wrsentinge to th
lah stoctholder owning sctocr sdanding in s
hIs name on the tooks of ths corporation. tr
stockbolders arehe reb named ri the frst tn
hard of directors, and who sball theian lttr pi
of whom 0. P. Mason sal be president, J. th
I. Walrer shdtl be vice-presIdent. and John ha
C. Alen shall be ecrnetar and tra urer.l re
Thredsme person may hold tbe outces of seec- at
may be'held by a d oerent person ho n
The0 elction of the beard of directors hall as
he by ballot, and each stoeLolder shall be of
entliled to one l te, aeiter in sers or byamc
boy, for tea chsare o stock owned by to
hilandea majorltl of thte othe crst shall pr
elect. The board of directors shll, ime- st
numker a prsiodt, a icreallares oa t e- ho
rayll ad ra btreanynr. te
Th said oard of directors rll elect -t
and empoy any and allt emplaoyes mama- tb
-> and clerkb of tho grpoeatie tiey may sb
oen. This charter may be amended or alt.ered
ttrk- by the storkholders at a g:eneral mneeltin
each conven.dl fr that purpose. a:fter tona days
and written ~onice to each stockhoildr; or this
*trlpurptliogr In.Imy h' dissol-ved with the as
sent of t\o thirds oif thie capital sto k . lf
resentefnd at stchit a eetin.. In 'aa- of lif -
ther Inc n the airalst of thte .i ortior shia
oNwer s h ,goscd aniD li.l lidgfg t.i as-i t-ai1ll :i pi s . i
d b 1,1e. Ihy tt, or thll ee iltihiditoi : it.' ileh ,
i ''t. g or el titt . l " the sto, kig ,,t 'i at ilil m ..
h o l Th. . l 'n i:i,i:aI io ' ti, ,lf ti-.d I. ni.tr.ldn
-"n tlT 'I : VII
alto i t lf stit! of f:
it in
"tit, '.ny fg tg ., \tg 'g i, tir . l;.t- gt l i . i ~g g
'llg t e -ug-,. i t it h" i t i fig ...rgf g i t it t
i  t lit l.lir, i'..r I t! ,e, 1. . r,,, . t:1:,
co lsl- lit.g i-I-t. ,i l ,"i n p" ' ft. fi, -' i '
l l l 'ii' l I l i. "t f it 1 t - s . Vti 'g,''l in ' a i i I
lºal - itt ' ' -"li f ti-it" it. |,,ill. ... ; Zitinot i:
t Lat" T-,-tn \ (IIf.
n l, ,l h I it , ' itt, t lt', ol.it . I iulti . f 1. 1~
ith ":.r* a igi-. 1tnll' a1 n. trtl. -L. :all*r, 1.
f','ih iltv ft . r  ; lni 't t, . ha t t 'IT .f 'b i
I r,,,'r\ , i ,, l· i I vl t • 111 1 ,, , l , n li v
. bi f . i it histti at ' rii i : p 'g r ft t if gurs n,
.,f ht, un;., il " i,., k. J ' iif i nV.
til, i .g l 1i t, :i i il iii-. L tl Ii I all'a . ll
1ri gt. g', f tt r Pggttt'.
ill. la t 1 0i l tt l l l 0 i t i, tr'., l '"ll nl In t:, I
d :lr \ t, rI'f 't fi t h h t f i n a.t
I , r t e ttl tii i' ll'D I t.ig , f u l. fg I.'l
ititts- t r ftish , 'g it h L hnf iltl,'g,!, . if f ,t t r ,Dnut s -ta o
. "... I , in; : ll , *r t h t lt . I l . I" l li rl n h ,
II -----u- --- - IL t'
th' t',ITEI, STATES of AIi Li.' A. . STATE
day I 'l I.. ,l'l ' ISIA l A'. l ITY ii t- \I: .\'It l l r"i
S ll.. a ,I Ithe " ionih olf .h ne in h, te i -ar o i
,i 1 I'r r one A tlhnoiind nine 'nrirt and,
,'t'le ''n ,  li, and oI the IntI h i' nrie l e Illf
c. tite ,ni ed . Stat.s ol An'li. the one
'ir,' anti I hiirry-tifth l: k lip. fir 1.
- it-uilli.r..tt ind i and q\llti. .ied in ani fr oile
I'tl'rtli of (rl".an' , Si ate i n ,f I.. g'iagt, anti
in thle llr'lielne of the hlncrei, t hiloe sl etr
named gnd underlgned., persoi'aloy came iuli'
.l 1i)D ii.ll IO- the husIand of or I- -
MITT n'rllouITE wiithi whom he is now living'1
l. in , thhis city: , i " t h r1 , ' i ,,l i,
JlhN . DINTOn, and the 1 aid JOIN ii.
IINTON. to subt rize and assist his wife
-E hrein-,' and the siti Mr. John" s,. IIi. n11on
Oi i'ein, Ilere relrlesetied by her said huband,
",f " ,' lllO L IS t '. NA . IT' i- i .." N .
LJohn Ii". lntm n;liV til ' n
e to 'it knor t hn t ' ni i sI, i t e, . - nh. . Ih t l'i . 2th.
IS.-.l S. III,' . .
1. .a in the n tl orl,.,l Jn " ." l Ia.n l hei t ,t , {ro
ofr tL t oil'e t n..InOnin the hu lsbland
a lwhom he , li . ng aof t Lumbert on, Stae of
aP- S1S1'n T FERi AUSOh. the n husband o
ie I I)t itATiOiftI,. with , whom h is liv-E
.per- ". N L_ JOIAY, the hgll.ant of MARY
-el- F miyi neI'K. with whom he isn ivn iar the
ad Cith o fl ew Orleans. State of Louisiana; and -
nam' d I nd undersigned, personally came a td
aputa red :
p ItN It. IINTON WIIAM, the husband of tu
MltS. Ef METT WHITE, the wife of . .
e INTON, twho authorizeand a thout 190 his the wid
nd pearen, and th re saidn Mrs. John ton. illnton
ed. ibeingd s herein rerpreesented by oher said husband ii.
John II. linton;
o ALho declared, . haINTON. the hmselvesban
der of MOoLI o the general laws owithe
hmState oi los living relativ Lumberton, thtate ofrma
tin at corporations. atey of Miihave covenantedi
J.and agreed an J they the these presents
toD as weil as such other persons as may here
E. ater becomeilK, with whom he is living in the
u- ton and of JENNbdy politic in law ior theof D. roe.
'type and objectsn and under nt of Lumarticlertos and stisp- i
p- Who daelaredfng, to-hat, aaling themselves
The of corporations, they haveis covenantedon
and ared, and they do by thsat name t shall hae nd presenjots
covenant, agree, biod and obliate themselves
as well asit such othaer powersons a may here
ire, gept, hold, purchase, acquire possession, a
E after become acultivated with them to con-i
stitute and form thndemselver ts nto a corporate name
fer property hotateo and merinc.; to borrow 0
tlon and money poland itic in andw for the purpose
San objects dianrectors ad under the oartclerss and sts h
t ulatioand conveniences may require: It
he essary and protitle anof thiso do all otherat
ry thiand by that name it shall haves, and enjoy haved
succession for a poheriod erof ninety-nine ty
Svested in, or granted yate, aconvey, mortgage
of ti
Theand ypothcate nder this corporatione shname,
in thproper City, both real and personta; to borrowu- h
Iscurltieana and all citation ssue bonds or other ega pro
evn shall be served on the and appoint suhor n p
managers, directors and oasers as its in-f
Shiterests and con teniences may requiren to,
se name absend establishe such by-law s as may bent
or in sry and proper, and to do all othe eretar-tr u t
things needful to I h purpols, and to hSave
and enjoy .11 other pOwer and authority
rd vested in, or granted y, law, to such cor
The domicile anof this orporation shall be
corporationhe Cit orgf anew Orled and the nature of ou
is ibana of and all citations or otheral pro-.
d shall ber anered on theng buresidentes, or in
La- absence, on the orst vice-p resident, or
cn bh absele, pon the seond vice-president, o
o every hind absenes o the secretion, and to purchreasurer th
Thease objects and prposes and timb for which this
corporation is organsed and the nature oft
orthe business to be to rred on by it, areha to
Stablsh, maintain and operatnduct, samil the Statenin
ed mills, railroads elsewhtrmertrmwys, a gendderal tiom
d mer lumbe and omanufacturing campbus alness, to ac
the s int and deselves and to purchase,
la, prhse, lease and sell timber and tmber landogs, mnd
Sfor timber landpur po anse to ar, burld, urchae,
lepurchae, lease, own and operae awmllte electric n
ty railways, power and light plants and to
In furnish and sell electric current for power
ne or light for publec or prlvate use;: and to do pr
*- all things that may be necessary to the w
i- proper conduct of said business, be
be The capital atock of this corporation is
d- hereby fixed at one hundred thousand dol- co
il- Dars ($100,000.00), divided into one thou- th
be sand (1,000) shares of the par value of one cl
id hundred dollars ($100.00) each, which shall
ed be paid for In cash, labor done, or property er
actually received, In such manner and at
such times as the Board of TDrectors may
The capltal stock may be inereased and
be diminished in the manner now provided by
of law.
sy All certificates of stock shall be signed
ly by the president, or in his absence, by the
a first vice-president, or nla hls absence, by the
, second vlce-president, or in his ablepee, by
to the secretary-treasurer.
in The secretary-treasurer shall keep a stock
a. transfer book upon which a record of all
id transfers of stock shall be kept, and no
st transfer shall have effect against the cor
Ir poration untll the same shall have been
ii recorded In samid stock transfer book.
F. No stockbolder shall have the right to sell
n, his stock without frst offering the same to
J. the other stockbolders In wrltng, who shall
m have the firt right, for five days after the
r. recleipt of such notice, to purchase same,
c- at Its then book value.
is This corporation shall commence doing
business and become a goingl concern as seon
.I as sixty-fve thousand dollnar ($65,000.00)
se of the capital stock shall bave been aub
,serlbed for : and when the Board of Direc
tor o hall determine to sell say stoel not
presently subserlbed for, it shall cause the
e- stockholders of. record to be notlded in
ir writing of such Intention, and such stock
c- holders shall have the right, for ten days
thereafter, to esubscrlbe pro rats, to such
it stock ; after the explration of samid tn days
l- the board may ofer the sabscrlption to pero.
-t sons other than msaid stocbhoelders.
t At l smeetigs seh share at stock shall
, be etitled to ome voto4 la pnems or by
writtn peqa,
altered All the. corporate poner; of this ',,rp.,ir
meetling tin Shall 1,. riv-rid in and xr,' i',l Lv a
i days BIard of lDire htor;. t,, I"." .o,, o;., 1,, of fir
or thiv st,,ckh ,,ler; w ho hall i. ' el. 'r..I I'v !.,l!I,,
the ats- on Ile th r, %ond i J f et i d n' .f .".i:'!   '
Sk rep- tw rins:hrr W ith th." y.".it 111 1 f:," l li . n"., i
of di . :a \yI r ,i.i t rl,tl:t.T 1. 11l :1iv, 1 Ii't.-r III.:1 .I
in sh 'll ' II k " h T, ' k h i,' r at hi. : l1! ."iI l. t'
i po k \ - b- ,1.t"i" n " fi I" . trI I ~, e h" I' . ;1 , ,
poiU l h'' f tI '' r, , :l .r t I 1
I nl Ti if ta, i t i l,.ll,. T1.I
i ;I l I "'T 1T ,
,111...1:1 iI r Il I I I .titf . ' IIIli ''I 1: Id t i I,
'I . i l'lt , ' V 'I m 1 btl t' I 'to . t' IT '11 . III"
ir . I I I .! " l i "f Il fo - a i l .at f '"
ii ," Till ' ''Ite in II tm I. T T' '
. , !m;\t\ ". l. i t , tl li. r l ii- , , I t,- . - N I; T
\lilt in1 ' ,f,'11,i . '. 1 11 .1 ,,  'r t , 1 .I . t. . ; , r I. " ,
hv t!. r , t I, I i 'h't 1.. b il: l . .'r . II ' v' 1..lt I r ,
iin l hii o I hiit aV 1 IIf, r h - . " 1 a, ! r, t liItf
itt," i' t, ' oTr- i. I .I . , f itwt _ s.'",I
i it 'Il.; k]ill i k 'r il :it ,'; l .- ,r.i i i hu "
T \ ,'* l , r l ,, r ,r, I. r 11r t. A b '.In ,, any
nth e -l.1 , . i * \ - 1-.1 1 ;1 ,r1. "n:l! , i l. h - !%,
'' t.l t l t' ,r' II 1,, T i I 'I:, lli t ,i ' . t l'ill . '*' h
u, "' ,' , lv i'.,ll, i , ,'e.1 l !l t ' : ,i nl ,'.'
it l ll i ,k . Ti" t 1iu's Id 'Ir;i _t'Ii 'i + ,il ''r ti'rl :''df i r T
TI h , If t lli 'i tl ff i;',, tlt'i f ,:lrtl 'i }. ir,,
S riTlt l l rin nl I hI ' ar ,,n111 .I. n l1 i- ti.I
In , I ' Ir " l . iu Iall t i. i . lit , l, . It Inta I.T +
,r,.l r,' I'h . of t he tu. w k , - -,, ,h l I.s , ,Ib
inini n lzni i j. II. 1 n l . ones .hu 1'r"
r J. r, h," " . i. i Itn I, l nt.. I i. Iir .in. r i
'air - ihnl r,,3l.ly inao 3 . ittn, .thrf_' ,- lti,
f an .ii,'i .1hI ,' 1a i i ai, i, b od .1. i n  l n, 
r , lAlTr'' hI .' I
-r I the I, nder t,. rni rh i, ci1rder o.f ortn ia's
,m lt Irn anrl ,orf the arh oft Orleans,1 Sta:t! ofl
LotIsiana. r.do hrti. c .' trt n ai tha it t ,e '
Iring t,"krune hlimher . oit' iat has teen t:ia ny
iltlsI reaorlled in my omi:e ,I hoolr 11t. f,.
*ff oi lb -, in ew.or arltin ola.. Junet 17a. 10t1
SI. ,(Sfne r EIrLE L-,IONAII h,, II, fr t.
'Jbad. I. the hundcrsved not r, dno herelty er-,
tfa . that the tlino and for. oinirrs a trine
Ia lnilt' correct cop oi the origI.nale a, t ot In
tate of coIporation of the Scwanee Lum,"ber Cor
pIn of .'c.rdIin m".. oic .
d inf o thm hero hal hal e hereunto set m'r
ind rmind thea mre. asl ohm o,,hinl s Ialhon
' I' ,th ( ,li l ' rif h f aie.tn tA. , w1 f,.
tMRYJ e Enl Y I.*. JAR, N othe. I'tub.I
h hi ,t. t liquida te n th" a hl yof ti!.t" -:h pab iy
Y i t. ,- ,, ;. , r: Iirna l l a c1nnz -,,1n h f ulA II,.
a ' m pe* ia n tn - wil t" , .' . wi,, l i n, i;n v thi it, ,-.
RInthe jthe hN. -rulyto s a13 tr 27 11
h it. r a r.r. f ra;a ,r r, a r , ,f,,aandult v if
forrms n ,'-IT D STTLEn OF A HERICA. Sn ,ATEn
Mr' i ,OF I.OUhSIA Ir ufi h o . OF ORLE 1S,ri
heret he s par ': A %11 . , ll t ln 1 :if ; hr ; ,: i any
o 'on- Be it nwnt o that on thI's tenth day of
rte IT one thou .
'rrioe one thensand nfne bltilldred eleven, and of the
d n- stp ineate : A of the nted States of Amernn
'1'hu- ,on' hundred thlrtiy oflth, be.ore meI hi
Leis Rossner ra, pllm, a Noar t Pubt lc.
In and nfor the 'Priah of irleans, State of
ous. iana therein residaing and theri or du
liviing h'll wt L m e;,"s Co. r.'p ilny in this 'iiia,,
whon ly rommlrsoredi and qoe. notaryl , ad fter d
" o P relion of the wholoesses here.nter named
Oenoy and undersigned: personallJ c ame and ap
(band ared the parties Whose names are herenton,
a las othe state, relative to corporationshare.
name, and espn the I pall o Act 7 of 1ra, oa theo
e tofeorm and constitute a ecorporation oand be
other and under the stpulations, articles and con
hahe dlt e ona dollo erflg to- het:
The nme and ore ctitle orf the said orpor-f
tion shall ie u Vitor tuber LMarble anda
all be ranite Companrd and ioff domicile Is hre.
hfLou- establshNed in the Ct y ofi e Orleans,
II pro- Stateo Lousina; and uader Its asid cor-.
or In porate name e.sid corporation shall have
nt, or power and tuthorety to contract, sue and be
det, Be d; t known thate on this corporatenth dal, ofand
orpathe month of May. In the year of our Cord
urero the samethound nine hund alter at pleasure:nd of the
and hepeothete, undene of the United States of Amer
c. this e one undre d thirty-fifth, before med;
irou o to name and apthereint surechsiding anerd thediretor du-s,
r to agents and m rs, or empqualfied, and in the
State interes of the witnesses hereinaidter named
tl mand undequreigned, personally came and ap
Srules anred the partieons whor names are hereunto
r- smcribed, all of full agen who declared that
rlaws of athe state, reglationsve to corporatraons,
Sneral Assdeemedbly of Lounecesar and roer, andve
e covenanted a nd me agreed and by these pl re
e ts covenanth and a gree, and bld them
chaselves, ted bas wellor as suchll other ma bpersons as may
tm- hereaftoper become associated with themand pur-to
0 ac form and constitute a corporaton ad by
ectr d politco in law, for the purposes and objects,-nne
ad to (9) ears rom and aundter the stdpulations, articles and con
rdtions following, to-wit: the c
be served
on The objects and rptitle of te said corpora- this
Sbdo- Gorporanite ompany" and its domicilte nats here o
thou- by established in the ness to be carried of New Orleans, de
ldent sed to make theand use a corporate seal, ading, tt:
sharer the osame to breaktion and alter at pleasure : toe
prt name ,property, real, personaln and maed;
dato name and appoint such oeers directors,
ad at -*S*- * *
MME / 'I ct i
~~ tflL~~,; b~/
Ic' ~L,·7
I.1 rl- . :t., '' I I'v r.f-. , .
. , , . \,:,1"1 1 1
I " .sI h 'i .. '. ,
"n. for povi .\ I tl " h r. I a h
.,, I h .' , "i I :, . , . .
, , . ..l , , ..
" '4, -.t - I 4ro.4 I, n , ,d1
"la1 4ihi , ii .. ,. h i t : r Ia
I''"h ' ",', oeaml hII :, ' " mo'd+ r., ,
t! a gi' .al m ee in o t 111 Itoc old ,, o s
AI-i'' F i1-.
hal'.. bf -dll Eni sh nw
I fa o .' I r,'o u tio t.. . . 't`la o oI
:Isoro t Io , Irr by. li - ta o o 1 its;
1 : - ,1, r · . 4 itt 11 4,, : ' I.... 44tI,
hrt ,IIrl from anA,' 1au.I.
Nf ir ,.t- i . shal l brh1- , di u tdil ,, It
, with "ir e nt,1 u and . I, , {;'a t In f c- m..
I,' d o" i s'I,. o 4 1 Ua : alll . I -l r mi, n I 4.'" ,
unt ,l Ih tairs. f a:ll i io rp ral'. t'in shai i n.
hav be fn iquidae. nInt c as of thea
h i d r', ltlorn h ll I,-.lo s ,illr ,onti. , tole."
l,*4 4k.l i, 1 n 1,', l . u li, I. i"." :t ,'.ii . ,, iI ..,
'in*",1of .ih i B ia I:-I4l.h I 4...;,.i;t,. ,rf id
S I d te .,' ,lrl oif i corpii orti shalla 4
,4lir .b.e 44l 11bl4.' s -.'rkh.'! ." o ib4l4 ' t~ . .th
um 4than the upid bl4 t e dule fl t tell
pan. on the fhilr e of istol bi Ite l ,ii IfIt
o loni e d I l., .- ti rote .nt shall ani ,.rlit
SorI . irn any 'hau , the -tvi.r 4, . ren .. l
toirs h t r' t " i nall or I tit ps;i . e shto
nldt di lve the a l rib l4it . b ut ot the dirp d
al thel, t itn - we a the ooffihers o
Thlsdone and hass hld "ter untiala of44
m1on' "ei r are r bho-. , wni ,
nhe eient the pDre i. Dt.o l shall cas.
asnother n etion to e holer withi ti p irtir
d e--i. and shall ',ae noti there as her.l
ill-tore proVi d tl h
Aht. D rb e',2 . h anr e m tile ac. i sItok.
The election of directors abtsor h ber, by
Iaelot anId Die lmajority in artnt of votes
cast, each share of stock voted upon to e
onitned for on V ote . sal elect the person
,or ersons for whom they have been cast.
After each election the board th f drectors
Srhall elect from their own number o the orr
cers of said company.
The board of directors sha ll have full
power to fill vacanciest in . their number.
from among the stockholders of the corpor
ation.o ato tr oee
TLhe said board shall has full control oat
conduct, manage , and lte the same as inh
ior the weilfarei of the same. al l
frame and adopt such by-laws, rultes and
the corporation may require and as it may
ideem necessary for the condcting anlld man
a'ement thereof; provided the same shall
not conflict with this ch arter, or with the
laws of the state, or of the ,ni-nted States.
The said board! shall elect or appoint a
secretary and suchtl oither oiers. agents, em
ployees, servants and clierks as it may deem
lnecessary for the conducting ofh the buseiness
of the cotp oration: fix their compensation,
term of servi e,, with the right to dismiss
olhe alr r shall hae pthlead te and dte
inre tharies ohor e sev lofficer heir
This charte miaery be hane moinfied orn
amhe n ldedti ot l scd icrpoeasdor dehal
creae on thi aorlotratin may bne ds o vted
Ataereahl meectinone of stockoldiersc
shaed fortfroh os arthei the asernthe of
Th hreefoutrh of theentirs calpal stoc kll
wheter hprenath or rresenaten aor sthermee
thsm caonr the ionkeiher by l the ofpits
car tone or from an sthe lu.idaion
oT f aid bi a i r shall b ae fcdt boytreleof
ehse with ol assenth, and atameehtingalled
ar ut icnlen.ag e d it tile
ttat co sammstoner reman ine asoic
uhntiltear aferesn ofsa more orstn tshall
have bleent fique oidated. Ion cse of thne
da the ofone or morthe of sa id c srmes,
The saurorar o fur rvrahal thcornie to
81fram R L VIIaop such by-.ares. An
Noe socholdn er rof ur th d corr ation sha
devee el ciabl eor res onctsi blefrd th
contractsor fults troideo, .th say fuher
or the d byrhmd shall aont nform apity
thsctarte arndull ohr ofexposisn a stoc -a=
Thusecr don the poaisd act om ntri buofe
ficoe In the Cityno ew Orleans, onte day.on
them presence o d. Vo.r' oueur and PI)E
Carstens & Vezien Co., Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Special Attention to Railroad Orders. Pro-not Delivery.
Hay, Cora. Outs. Bras, Hardware, Grecerles, Etc. Wines. Liquer.
vvWVWITY I' Y TWVYyyyv wyW WV , IvyWvTvyvVWWWVyv vvvvyvWvy ' vyyvvyW y yyy'ry YW gYWW'y
John Kleinkemper,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Wood, Coal, Hay. Corn,
Oats, Bran, Etc.
Geeds Delivered Free of Charge. Coroer Aha and Verret Stre'et.
-- .; L:m :
: I11 . ý
,S.. I I ll , ,
th t 1."I m 1411\ , lt A !I'1 tA i ! 'IN
T i I Ik\ 'i t ,t ,l; , tiit-t , f , e, '
!t ut e, 1 l - r.e * ..! \o i 'd tift ,'. V" n1 1 .T
r.l" I ". I.l N A, t' Y t,," Nt; ,: qL i,
I. 1 ft . . \ n . ", t : . mr
111.1"'tc~t e I ii ,1 1 " . 1'
tI n,,: , tr .1 r:l . 1 - I ,.:11 , ,!I f ! :.l- ' i: I ~' . lt
I1 -i if ' l''t: ' n,1 dit. Iar 'sl11 i. hI ' ; i..,,r t; 'f t
'1 i11 i. , il, ii l , u ni, a t'nitrs lurtinr , i :f. '1r
"aI . :., l .l, - ,, . { r , ,I,
T'he i'na:it and title of t , cLarporatl',r
,l''rely firmpa"il'.l is clct itred to Ien: "IAl I,I
do.nc lle. , ,all e in the , lity of New t r
Iti.n. State of Louislan., andl it shall .ar,
inra anjdY sie2i.issio n by Its corporate na'n
for a prid o nin. ty 'ine years froe m th
All ctlation, or othler legal p.rocss. sh:li
ew servedl upon the president, and In tans.
orf his alence or inhablity to act, upon thr
vice-president or secretary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for which thl
corporation is ortianlzed, and the natlre 0,
tle busliness to be carried on by it, are de
h y forme s lared to b: UIe:I
To engage In the plantng, culty oivatng a
marketin Stat of citrus and other fruits, pel
mills, agricultural and horttcultural proil
I ucts; to raise poultry, bogs and orp ther liv
ftoc an ped to marnet same: to urs from h
Alela or otherwise acquire real, personal o
i ropert, upon the and to sell and isn pose
earnm ; to develop, drain and reclulin silt
uierii'l landis; and generally to do any ane
all things incidental to and aecssary t n th,
The captal stoc o thirposes corporation th
coherepory tied at the sum of ifty thousan
dollars ed 50000.0Ol. divided into and rep
resented by the huntingred (cultivatinars a
the par aueketing of one hndred dolars 1, petal
each, awhich shall be paid hor at such time
I In such amounts and manner as ther Boar
stock, airetors may determine. toald purchares o
stock shall be issuned full paid and non
assessabl for cash or in payment for prop
leart, or rightherwise actually recealved y the crsonal or
poratlon. proAllpe transfer of stocll shal e in
scribed on the boops oi the corporation.
This corporation shall commence burporation es
as soon as three thousand dollars ($hoOant
of Its stoc shall hae been subscribed; sarep
amount of stock having been subscrlbed by
the nded byfor the nrepectived (500 shares set
opposite their names; this company shal,
immedis tely go into operation.
All corporate powers of this corporation
sha ll be ested in for anby a tioar
of Directors, composed of three (3) stochares
holders, two (2 of wuuedhom sall constttepaid and non
a ebluorum for the transaction of all business
Through said Board of Directors, this cor
poration shall hane power and authority to
contract, sue and be sued, in its corporate
name; to make and use a corportmmence seal and
hans ge or alter same at pleasure: to hold
nd receivts stoke, have, purchase, mproibed ; salen
atem contey sell, borrohaving, pledge, mortgage
and hypothedca te, under Its said corporate
name, property, real, personal and mixed;
to name and appoint such operationers, drectors
agents and managers, or employees, as the
Interest or conreniencr of said corporation
mayll rere to makevested in and estabxercish by-la Boaws.
rules and regulations for the proper mant
agemcnt and regulation of its a alrs, as may
na deemed nces and useary and proper, and the
same to change and alter at pleasure; and
to do all other acts and things permitted
by lreceive, or as shall or may be necessary and
proaper to carry out the objects and purposes
ofand hypothecate, under Its said corporation.
The rst Board oreal, pDirectors shall e elect
ed at namhe andrst meeting of the stoc, direcldrs,
to be convened for that purpose, and the
members o said Board of said rectors sall at
once select rom to mher number a president a
ice-president and a secretary-treasurer, who
shall hold other acts uch until the ingrst on
day in January, 1913. or until their succes
by law oror shall hae been duly elected and quall-nd
propern the rst the oondajy in January, 91os3,es
unless said day e a tion.Dies No, then, n such
case, on the first succeeding judicial day and
annually thereafter, an election for directors
shall be held at the oeting of the corporation,
tnder the supervision of three (3) commIs
sioners to be apponted by the tocbose, anders
the directors so elected shall immediately
tase their seats and hold oee as such until their
successors shall have been duly elected and
qualified. All vacancies in said board shall
be ailled by the rematrnolog directors.
Notice of election shall be griven by the
secretary-treasurer to each stockholder tea
days prevIous to electle, by wrlttea notice
malled to his last known address, and by
publIcation in one of the local newspapers,
three times In ten days.
All corporate elections shall be by ballot,
and a majority of the stock present, or rep
'\t -'t" . 1. "t ' i' . ", t ! ,. f ' , f ,,,;'tr 'l
I ' " ' ,'I I . tI , o r
:II, . ,,. ,, I. . ,, , -.
.' " '. t. '. . ' ,, f.. r + h.. - ' ,  ,. ,I, , , m -
'  ,': , '1 l~ l t+ I".' L , . it . ;" .,"a , It , ik
, , ,i, . ... . ..i . , . ,t t ", I , ,n .
Il-tV-.; 'I- r ap tliVbf In the
- f \" . , i: , . !I%. :" thlu ' dartre. thirty
lI TriT'l.: VIII.
\'. et ol~'· c 'i +a r o' f I ci rpi ortition shall
.tl.' ' h I" hi'"! lia ' -Or re'" ip 'p n ihili for the
n I t.I ' tI, or t . l. .. , f 'ia 1n . in a. y ft,  lt ,r
il" than fli ' inpaI,,- ;, :lara'w due to th-ehar
Sil++.,.t ( f ill.l t hl , , h +/ll 'tl l',h n i , ·*l ,'k
: ,,u i. o n . . l th r., ' I o air .it, by hintm : nor
ill :In nv ir,- it r.f r: ali.l y in h rganztliti
ch t,,' ,,of - ,' t of r ,nderin- , thin charter ntll
S or if ,ali '.in, 'lt, kh. tI r to any liability
boy nd the unp:hin l aRnatnt if his sto ck.
Ti'aa don. antd pa-a-at in mya notarial of
ti,.. at t h. lity of N.ht  ri-n rn,- , in thea. pre'a.
an ? If las .i. hral Siat nt I Iirscrath and Ftr
nan F. Tel,,-i, r., roi*p'i tent witn.aI.lays of law
1 fit age and ridl-ntl of thin city, who ha"re
unt.o c serjil t I hir ti nes, togaethr with
ah ate ,. a ipp :arers aintd ne, notary, after
lduti' reading, of t h. what.l
(tsignatur*.i -
e Witne, a'a, : Sartm 'l I.ir.c.h. F' . F. Telastler.
WM1. J. FOitHMENTO, Not. Pub.
e I. the undlersigned. Recorder of Mortgagee
in and for the parish of Orleans, State of
Iol,.1siana, do hereby certify that the above
anl foreaoing act of rncorporation of the
"Iaawilana Orange irovces t'ompany" was
s thia day dul y In my omee, In hook
f 101. folito 696. New Orleans. June 6. 1911.
lSeigned) EsIiE IFONARDe , 1). ItR.
A true copy from the ori ginal.
WM. J FORME:NTO, Not. Pub.
June 22 29 July 6 13 20 27 11
n Broadway and the Strand.
 Broadway New York, is the more or
aless exact counterpart of the London
Strand. It li actually broader, but it
appears more narrow because the
houses are so much higher, and it is
a little straighter because it is a made
road, not a road evolved from what
was once a path along river mud. The
general effect is identical. There are
the same kinds of ashops and a crowd
Sof the same type passing to or from
the business quarter of the city. But.
as I have said. one rubs one's eyes
looking out at the crowd upon the
gone another so closely that the tops of
1 their heads appear to form another
tier on the street, a tier paved with
hats instead of wood blocks or gran
the sets. There it Is, the crowd. But
I it appears to stop still. In one's first
astonishment one thinks that all these
people are waiting for a procession to
pass. One cannot believe that they
are the procession. Nevertheless as
the slow trolley passes onward one
realizes that the crowd is actually in
motion-that it is the thing Itself, not
the procession. It is an extraordinary
shock, this first Impression of the land
of hurry.-Ford Madlox Hueffer in At
Victor Hugo's Golden Gift.
A Paris chlffonnler makes a living of
i sort. and he sometimes in overhaul
lag the Qust bins comes across a find.
In this respect a Paris contemporary
relates a capital story of Victor IHugo.
A little silver gilt souvenir spoon which
the poet valued very much disappear
ed. Through the carelessness of the
maidservant It had found its way
into the ash bucket and in due course
into the hands of the chiffonnler who
practiced In the district. This worthy
succeeded In getting the poet to awake
from his reveries and to descend from
the lofty heights of Olympus-in other
words, his study-to receive back the
lost spoon. Hlugo was delighted to get
back his souvenir. The author of
"Hernant" was never a prodigal, so he
rewarded the chliffonnler by presenting
him with a copy of his 'Les Chansons
des Rues et des Bols," saying, "There,
my man; you will find in it as much
gold as is contained in any Jewel case
in the world."-London Globe.

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