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The Best
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Why We Make
The Best?
because it is cooked and
has no artificial ingre
-It i malde of the pure fresh cream.
s ass egg', highest grade sugar
-- t0 van*illa beam.
stiat bhasa provea that you can
1 ki gearms by freezing but you cas
jBjija. Hence our ice cream is
Odenwald &
Gros Co. Ltd.
619 Canal Street,
OP N Corner Exchange
RAIN 2648. Place.
. E J. J. GARVi'Y t'UMI'ANY.
Or LOU'ISIA\ NA. Ii'.ltlIS OF tilt
 It KIown, That on this twenty°
y of July. in the year one thou
- andred and eleven. before me,
Walter Young, a notary public in
ey Parish of O(ieans. State' of
duly commissioned and qualilfed,
- the presence of the witnesses here
mmed and underslgued., personally
Sappeared the slrsons whose
man hereunto subscribed. all above
-sle ot majority and residents of
d who declared that availing them
the provisions of the constitution
a eu this State relative to the for
- Joporatlons., they do by these
a  themselves. as well as their
anad successors, into and con
ecorporation, body and politic In
the purposes and objects and un
stslatlons as hrclnafter set forth,
m hereby adopt as their charter,
s>aie style and title of this cor
Jfl be "The J. J. Garvey Com
om dmicelle shall be In the city of
ggighg, State of Louisiana, and it
and enjoy succession by its cor
oal for a period of ninety-nine
this date. The president. or in
a-mt o his absence the secretary
, hereby designated as the offl
wham citation, or legal process.
as uSatiou shall have power and
oe hold, receive, purchase, con
• hire and lease property,
mis personal, sue and be senud
sea a corporate seal, name and
oehl officers as Its interest may
sad it shall have all the rights,
a-vantages and Immunities grant
-Vr to corporations.
sel a purpome for which this
Is orgned and the nature of
to.be carried on by it, are
to be: Manufacture of
apsters and roasters of coffee,
of molasses, and such oth
we commercial business said
deires to embark.
atol eslck of this corporation is
"a8 at the sum of ten thousand
dllsrs, divided into ad rep
tu m hundred (100) shares of
Uale at one hundred ($100.00o)
Wb8, which shall be paid for in
(a timeo of subscription.
-Ulpmatton shall commence busl
mla three thousand ($3,000.00)
- empltal stock shall have been
"'it powers of this company,
management of its affairs.
i_ls and exercised .by a board
i empomed of three stockhold
shall constitute a quorum
of all business.
-fr directors by the stoekhold
tha held annually. on the first
E Isu, of each year, at the of
mpany, under the supervslion
era, to be appointed by
mi elections to be held un
tsr rules as may be provided
bshall he hr ballot, and a
Wtes cast shall elect, and eachll
habll be entitled to one vote,
-Owes or by proxy.
shai at Its first meeting aft
Slect out of its own num
vice presilent and a secre
, who shall hold offlice un
rs are elected. Any vs
h saild board shall ie tilled
dlrectors for thle unex
d of directors shall con
. Garvey, Eugene B. Hly.
1 . lIyman, with the said
as president. Eugene B.
Ss at and said Bernard
sereCtary-treasurer, who shall
the first Tuesday in June.,
their successors are elected
a Incorporation may he
dbed, or this corporation
the assent of the stockhold
brle-foarths of the stock of
r resented at a general
.or that purpose after
vlenw as hereinafter set
Svet of the liquidation or
this corporation, the stock
two liquldators from
her at a meeting convened
after ten days' written
each stockholder by mail
address: said commls
W authority to wind up
ta afairs of this company.
of either of said liquldat
shall appoint a stockhold
to him.
Salo serve as the original
Spased in mi' notarial of
a New Orleans aforesaid,
of T. Joseph I)obbins and
competent witnesses, of
remiding in this city, who
their names, together
and me, notary, on the
at forth in the caption
Notary Public.
ad recorder of mort
r the P'arish of Orleans,
do hereby certify that
SIbraeioing act of incorpora
J. Garvey Company" was
IMeded in my office, In boolk
Jul , 1911.
l the original.
, W. W. YOUNG,
Notary Pablic.
.N. 1T, ai , s.1*11.
Be It Known that on this eighteenth
day of July, in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hundred alnd eleen, and of
tile independence of the 'nitcd States of
Amerlca the one hundlrd and thirty-sixth,
bIefore me, Gabriel ernanli-z. Jr.. a notary I
publiec in and for the Parish oif I )lelans.
State of L.ouisiana, duly commiissiioned andi
qualified, and in thie psence of t. .lti
nenss hereinafter Iltnlmed and undclxtned.
lpertnally cainme :and appleardt the -several
persons whose nas are hertllnto sb-l
scri.edl. who declare thait availing ttei
selves of the provisions of the tns\ rtla llive
to lit E or ganization of tIrporai Ull tinr tI tin
hereby from thensaelv- into alnd tni
tilt'- a corporatlon for the (httlcts io I i l
pose's anti underL tile stiltlllaltiO,:ls ;atdi aI.
tinll il 'e nafter set fort l \h Iw ' h y- \
adhpt a.n te oir charter, tto witr
Ar l ICI, 1." I.
T he a mje s rand It h hle [th e" .. p orai ti 1
it shall hay,ve- pu t-r Ittl auth-itit\ to hlat\
al.l ailjoy ur,,t-' fenll fo r ta p . "rpIf[ of 1 e* 1 \r
t iltt.' a % e es, t utu I -ndaft.. de ti- mi: sot i
Utoe utr llul t , u-it i- ,t.c l ,i 1 t.. iu.lkt ,ni , i
urs1e a1 c'+tl' ,,1 otll aaniIt n rl,s ieo, t rt, an,..
Jill l 1 -. , ,t r ne m e Irial l r',,',na c.
m'l' f h roperty. I 't t l li he l al: roi !nttli ,
in td I le iint tedl i ti i th.l t iecti n l ofl t'1
irst ats.i . arntit al the uta m et : rit lt '. u
mi l l to :r akdi a ndtit., le ,n \ s.
i a 'l uc a o etisn l f n itlii eti t irmutt
bi'ls talllt u ae f ci ill f iiiw to t," I ll. Sll : ,n- I ll- I
nlw.ti tit, i and ll tt l ti lin tif Ih e nai ti- e ial
-a iiml le of t itt -l l a I ai i d l al vat, 1 t1 l
ieolrsi. ati . ant
Sani thie olnrect.tido, wlhic thai eioln natit,
is wciateI r ar gadecuppled INre.t ca. f ervi
teriail edliat oinal fa0tl N wlls ,iatli, tlllhtil
otf entritan, f lttl imti c to in thtoliegus, anttri
.ted. Itan ti utitr to tre purpose of 1te . r
secioln , and to that u lllilid tt "eniit"ae then
l"ave ient of tri-iti linti iditallk,. seitvr'
lidt and draina.gea, lightin. brldeb . i eflce
and tire aprod ection, lltcti t tnif arlout~i
S 'protection of aslter front tIto imrtpr ultnd I
ftenlltce mof LLnarale , las wel, a and va other
necessity of vthe primporltly ltr antie rsilntr
and elld. o shall frter d i in that etn of r l
illty of Newu" tllrleans known asnd "'.:kl ,
i- all ort or as tlo r aldtes of reiste ira
tl sction, developed i nti findl l nittld nut
ture l educar onal facrlrtt e, esnclail in it
S id encouraged in grl. standard of ieduerfit
Vhiw." andi to that ld to enct'ouae the
Spavementts and mttre all eans i ronlton tewer
i and ire protection, collety tl t ito garbII es
protection of water fction t and . roper min
Snecessity of vital imnportnce to those Inter
one ed. It shall furto r Itr the thepose of
t et c orporaton to tollect and dtse tulttra
re- Information as to the advantage of said
tl- in thall hre investment of xilt alt in ir
t mmidstr and in general,r to do and performtn
Said otirporatlon shall have thu Iiwe-r
all aits and uroe alme thn tio promote tire
hand committeand prosthrityr eofle tit, ti gt.
and powers: to ii the datmitrpunr necessa ry
'or erally of said section.
-or- for the transaction of businer s at its niit
tn- ingsu to ing hnll orhlp due. fanos. i-Iuc.,
of and generally to carry oudt t- olijt-t dn-Il
I pAllrp of this corporation. this cbrpora
ion shall be vsed in and e.er,.d th
r- This ae t ofa regulanorpor ation r any mtin
ff- in this charter, may he changelb. altentd
had or called in a manner provided by it.
Said or amended, oration shall have th power ds
and right to pened for suhe for the offrs, after -
tors and committees, thnsertet at lectiont thries,
ty nd t pimes n a dailtoy nix tle r unelthesa in
ud, the ite trancton of business at pr ts met
lsmd fourn ths embership durerees, fin tle
tag such meeting shall vote in fasor of such
, chand ge, alteratiy on, amendm thent octr dison
.nt- tion.
prposWhenever this corporation. shall e dis
solvedi achethe of by limitncorporation or anfrom anyle
on ther charuse, its affairs shall e iqudterite
's or amended, or the corporation may be dis
by a comolved at a gemissioneral to being of the lny it.
of O Aiig TltlIE e I.
o teeo member shall evnoticenserted atheld leable or
t- times orpor a daily n. w, urthr Iumshed in
atl have the w Orleans. providering threeis
charter null or of exposin favor of suherto
chane, lability eration,d the amouendment or dissolu
i uWhenever this corporat. shall be dis
d solvedhu done and passed tion my or from any
Sthe cseity of Ne Orleans aforesaid be, the date
byof month and year rst aforesaidppo in tede pre-by t.
Sene of . rthur art ad ByronITE VI.
f No member shall ever he held liable or
in. Tay, responsible for the contracts or faults ofsd
h- i this orporatio a o har ther sumned than
ad then ththe saied of his annual dues ; nor
chnotaryter null or ofe reading of the tohol
. J. liability beyond the amount of hien
t'I. unW. unta Ie . Nrholt y. . tedlau.
F. A. Fitch, It. Ieomanak. IIn W. Sievers.
Je W. tleart, .ew inrla. aloenay , Jr.. I. B.
ny, t;ore, 4'. Iy. ihaw, Walter A. iltpdnal, I.
ir n. F f ,ullMrkn E. Pilabury, J. in . anidByton.
WTlrnesswes A. w enart. Iayron C. Taylor.
r nt N otary e Politic.
o l
inn . . Ines G)Irindr f V a.IeI
by The foregolngy act of incoirporatiotn of tht
on *Lake View Implroovement Assolactiont l .
ledhaving rlen subllmtted to me f1,r e1lmlna
t.on of its fliegrity. I at tf the optisth
tllt te ol.i j. ct la , Furpos. of thin said
Yi' in i ltsld in said a.t art
leal'. and that none of the ovstiu,
thal hin contatned are tonmroary utoli.
Nw ()rleans, La.. July 1s, 111.
It- TOr.glnal sgned it A S.
-re- ItIlsrlt Aitorney for the P'arlsh of Onrll-tin.
ci- I. the uindersigned recortir of mortgages
in and for the I'arlIsh of Orleans, State of
on- Louisiana, do hereby certify that th,, atstiv,
nnd foregoing act of incorporation if Iti-.
"IaLe View Improvement Assotlathon" was
i. this day duly recorded in my office, in
ard Book No. 1051, folio :17.
tall New leans, La., JulO 1, , 1911.
ne (Original signedi
Dy. Recorder of Mortgages for thiu Panrish
of Orleans.
A true he)p. •
(healt u AtRIEL FERNAllIEZ JR.,
eal) ( I Notary Io'ullac.
o July i27, Aug. 3, 10, 17, 21, i,1, 1!1th.
Be It Knowtn, That on this thirpeenth
nal day of July, in the year one thousans nine
hundred and eleven, before me, William
of- Renaudln. a notary public in.and for tile
mid, Parish of Orleans. State of ILoulslana, duly
d commissioned and qualified, anod in the
of presence of the witnesses hereinafter named
rho and undersigned, personally came and ap
her pered the persons whose names are here
the unto subscribed, all above the full age of
ton majority, who declared that availing them
selves of the pro- talons of the general laws
of this State relative to the organinationl
of corporationi, they have covenanted and
agreed. and do by these resents covenant
and agree, hind. form anti constitute them
selres. as well as such other persons as may
Join or hereafter become associated with
them, Into a corporation and body politic
)t- in law, for the obJects and purposea and
Is, under the agreements and stlpulatlons fot
hat lowing, to wit:
was ARTICLE I. "
Tot name and tlte of the corposatiosl
hereby formed is declared to be the "Pan
Ameirlan Lumber and Land Company," and
under that name it ihall have and enjoy
the rigits, advantages and prIlviees .ra_.t
ed iv law tSo ei,~tIOSn It IsaL aLust
fi a ,erIel of imei yesz fro tit
to eartmet, -r and be me, sw en
use a corporate seal ithe same to change i
at pleasuret : hold, rxecxeivx, purchallse, lco. n
vey. mortgage hy~lothlecat or pledge prop
,rty, Ist h real and personal: issue Ibonds.
notes and other ,bil galtions or nxegotiable
Instrlumelnts; have anld ii plo im suith lman
agers. directors. offclers. a.its 1111and otherl
employees as the intierest and .unvenlt.llln'
if the saidl 'xitirxilrtion ll;ly rullrut: ImL make
and iestallish suln l v-law:. rule.S and It ret IT
latlons for the corporalte x IIUiiit.I11 iniill "
control of the affairs of tis cit ,,r l' .,atxii '1I
as IImay te necx.,arv.y.
Tl e I dl i.icllt . ~f .aid .,;tl .i i 'bll .i
ise in the a iit of Net ai r. ith . itiIi 
I xlli sli1ilt. :Wi1 ill vi t.- lt ion. ~ i. h I 1 ." .,
pIrto'i, shall It. . ,rt0,I a;..up tth, lor',.io l. nit '
to ;l t froI m h 1 l. , 1 . 11... .. i ii. .I Iai' . . .. il .,
li io I iil'.lu tii% i - i i , . 1 l iii. i w ,
.111'i It-: IIIl
or t jititlii x I' uralii i ' ii ` iit e Ii i 1 .
- : u.. l t l . ll i l.. i ., . - . a n.I ii. ji . 1 . .
. it.- . it It . i i I* .
111 .1 . ." i t l - .rii x u- .i la i ., t "
xii ii l xxi l'x'ii' , , I ix ii, ' bi,
1, il i : l 11 l l t i. , . ill i . j! i 11 x I , i- l. i ; 1.' .
.lii.l. ' t et I T . th ii .i .,xI th 1 .iit x txii I it "11 1
I i~l.r, ,h . 1 Il ill tl l i : .\ n~I it r' I : .t - " .1
- xik, - xx'l lix x.-, ,,',lx: . li,*l x xii,:'.i 'l-. lix .1
x xi'i. 1' . 11 - I . li ' t ~",:.t.,l.- i ,- ii" ; , ;,i,, ',
Il I ill ll o i x, I'l1. ii \i .u i all ,I .. I
,li t ,t , l"xlit ;ia r ti I tl "h ,'' i It , 'i t i i
ii iti . llll il t i,. i111lI. I, . il" i.x .1 i I , -i ellt.
I', , u hf: or ;ol I ; l ;h .sn ~t,~'~. t p . ; i ii ii
lt . xi. l, ', l l xi,-:ll. . , l x 1,. 1 ,,l r ,x ' . 1.x . .ii ,
li. 1 ..ii l. it 11 i Ill.ill.. IIn. 1. .- i .I.
i", h..,l 1 .~. l , it:,. 11. . ,I 111 , 11,l i,,i- n ll.n
t, l , i .t ) ioiiiti i .t.x iii i l ix xh a, rt 1 . lit l i
, .lue . l .i l. a ,r -".i 'll, . I , ,",i.- , lt r ,1':'l 1i-!h , .
tile h n "ol l.l , ., I llhhIl 1.i :- ..e l li, ll" 1 '
I .l i "i i i .iiili iI mali 1 ill ii lir x lik, I,
.I, i iii, ,L , t i lil, l l ih l t,'se o r o therii ,tr , ii-i
,1 1i., x xiixlfee xxx tl ini x ol , Ixxi alx xi i
rI t nl_ Ioi t.e lualrt ll l, hlr ut.. , ;,i" r..
I t11 i 1,ii , l e tl ix . I ll .ilxn li x VI , I .il l. , "i l
hl0'liti l x lr ix iiiii itf. xind ltixiti ,tii ll x ki,
na, ,ti n  ,or I ux i trl.. ,f ll t " l ,it. I.. l iljl, i ,
1.i' IC'Ir.I . . tuorn xt! aixirni. i, ili" x '. iilt; rol
do all aln s erythi n xIitiiix tlxrixxxIi. xitijllx
ior alroie.r filr tlhl xp. ruiii it- . tttl iln I t aiy
1 li tle thlx eles nil ll l I, \nn li f i llxl.
1hillch sllll 'at xaly ti e ali lar fir thtll
li-ln illt oit ci l nix ill ifpr ait tii capabl if :l llig
nei.lnleu. lxi l c rI e thl l t ll nt " t n 'ix l Hi tin,l ii'
tI e a siell ii, r iul tltei, dire rlt y a d r iirt" r cti
..r ithe t'llm 0 ulln Itlo rrudi Ili l1%.- I.ani: tll.,
iy to enhxn·c lthe vait , li l rti~.fts otr irll:
utile aony lilft I'ilrnl .hirr . tio tnl ', orIxi1e l1,li
hi al t [ tni aillnll. x liay title of to rl Writih
ilng Ilants for pore manufactureal oif lt ai
oney kltd f oiods a u1" illrth tlxiaixlilx wirid
the cl "teL smI r nalul 'lin t Id e rul llrll d irt
Uiv to en in itac .tielt ofih i iitl'o rende. ix tiixiid.
r:adl any oxt hetigs nxratieo ar ' thep i et
pollalnt ilof a genera ilig an i nxtu-tlifirx
tinhg llslorines for thae m anufacture f lrin t
luneir. laths. tlrltltiui. sah tabhrl, plitiird
Iand iou lint t urne oar tn otler tli,~nli
phann l lre sadmtn i and to cons rf wnd-wir
ttnl rllanx t or in ti ie n citure of alln tan
and woodnol i tsurne ad wink lhaid nor e 1er
a knhdr ll oeef 1h 1 Uhsrall kttes and T (roi
anTd Ied inrthe wiytlatl t i t'f t ia. inl
any oit all of the foreign countris.lil alnd
to lo ld. purchase. mortlgage, ioivey rna.
anld r. ioni l property iln aid State li and
The capital stock of this ior'ixratiou
shall be and is hereby ixed at ten millita n
dollars I il.hllh0.t°il a, divided into and
repreisentedl by one hundred t.housand r4l14,.
eighty thousand sharei shatll I, prefeilrrted
imullative six lit per cent stock. ind twen
ty thousandhe shares shall f enmion slitock
which shall obe paid for it ca'sh in shll
manner, at such times and in such amounti
as th le oiard of directlors may deltermine.
or the same may be isllsued at not lless thn
par for iservices actually rendered, or prop
rty actually transferre to the t.corporation.
not be recognized unless made uilon thel
books of the corporation by thl ownler or
cates o r stock shall be signed lby such offhi
cers as may be designated by the Isiard
of directors.
nSad corlporaton shall commence lbusiness
and become a gonlg concern so soomi as
tenI thousand dollars of the capital stock
shall have been subscribed for.
All the orlporate powers of this corlpora
tion shall be vested In and the management
and control of ts affairs shall te exercised
bly a bioard of lve directors, composed of
constitute a quorum for the transaction
of al l business. T nhe dIrectors stchall ito
elected annually by ballot by the stockold.
eris on uthe seconl d Tue lday of January t
each year. t ach stockholder shall be on
Ittl lld to one volte for each share of stock
cheld and ownayeed by ha, etlhr In perlln
or dby croryo All elto ctona shall he helds
after tn days s' pr ior notite y ailal shall
ahave ben sent to each stockhrlder at his
last known aditreas. FaIlure tii elect drire
tor tin the ditte suecled shall nxt ait
s a torfe ture of thIs charter bt the iir -
rectors thln in offIce shall act mnllI ItemIr
and oes.ntro os Its hal ars shall elicted an
iallfiid. Any vilency dr ccurrng on seldo
okard from any cauoise shall e tilled y
the rimatning directors for the tnepirlrn
Immdinately sec on the sdaiyng xif tryil
chti r the l ach tolrkholders shal eel I an
ltht ld e lonir elteor wehl shalt si-rie out
ras birxn provtIy ll"eh. all e l
-ifubtl itn Ird lt rior thr e nld all sueH-at
Ing tarls. sehall, to ihei s ichod r amthii
lrstiknowt anu a secrs tr. aur thelet direr
if thIs corporation i shall have tnhI ritlti
aigers anid tlnr lmloyeys ot tlrln rn sarxl
Ion fni anitinay mus hstly or thilled l
ness of llix rtrioi rilitre. Thexi llth'n
her rema tig directors foAny the liirectoir
ttlavI th e right ii ilislint Ixy ttt trilln
lnst ritu i ui t i iietr i r Si I't i tioiiha xl
thl atit aii trox indi in his slatel at xnii
and melal l lns of the sboaril of tlreiiol.
Tcli a nt oxlf inlcorihra ion ntei lnx
ecliange. mldilrel. or at terii. or i- iars i
piiraoln may te diissolve wili tlhi assent
lht hrelelot rtoIs of the iit.tal stuko nels
Int or rillrsent.h, at a geiniral meeling
If the lstockholders colvened fur that pur
Itor aftnd er ten lays' prior notIce of sltch
Imeiting sha rll r have btn given by hllellr
lon In oni of tle daily newpaplx rs three
tlhis during saId ten days.
any other cause, Its affaIrs shall be d ulqol
dlatlld iay three commissioners to be electid
that purpose, after thirty days prior no
title of said meeting shall Ilave slaen given
lnV pubiliation in one of the daily new
pauer . pulil1hed in this cIte once a wiek
Txrs shall remain in offe until the affairs
lquIdated. In case oi the death of iither
of said corporatIon shall wlhve been fully
of said commissIoners, the survivors shall
continne to actr
No stockholder of thIs corporatIon shall
ever he held liable or rieponsIble for the con
tracts or faults thereof, in any frther sium
than the unpaid balance due to the corpora
any mere Informality in organizatIon have
the effect of rendering this charter nlrl.
nor of exposIng a stockholder to any liabIl
Ity beyond the amount of his stock.
Thus done and passed in my notarlal ofi
hce at New Orleans aforesaid In the pres
ence of Willam A. Wenck and Edgar w .
and resIdIng in this city, who hereunto msub
ties and me, notary, on the day and date
set forth in the caption hereof.
(Original gloned) tsurivors s
o sto oders orehscorder of mortgage.
ee held tile or Onrisles, f tat.e of
tractsaor fu s there tif i tat ther boe
Pan-American Lumber and Land Company
was this day duly recorded in nimy ,ltl,
in Book 10.1. fo!io --.
New Orlean-'. I la.. Julyti "i.. II 11
( Signe * I 1 .11:. 11 i I.I.N.\ lI. 1 It.
t I I l.
II t' nI" ni.i f".; II
|11 . " . Iu a L II'' 1 II. n . . ' .. I' 0 il 1
(II.' t r ight by A" lt ! .rica ." I'r . 1 . .-. _ II
Itlorniy was but Iwetiy-t a i
can legatilh , at I er"lin. !t1
Ilornity "ais ver'I ois iular in soci-
i ty, though. _"at ha.ing a forui . he i1
was rather sought by Iimlrried r tmeUn
coveting at teuti on t hanr voung girls i
angling for  I bi d.1 I:I:.\I t11\
wives who intt'rest'ii I tlhtnill·elt in
the young ilijtlomat was l rue. Ilir
thnlow, the wife of a I'risi:iti tI
cier. At that tie. thre - rld wL -
stirred by the l.ricco aff air. i .\, it
ryas feared tlheret \wlld h e a w: iIe
tween leFrgain ant ;eriy. ei l. ir
thalow bwas in verlin endl:r illn sit- I
secure thoue tirgh, not news ing cas f tle he
peror decided to go to war fidr s%%icu
lative purpo rested . i
One evening diplot a curt bil Mne
Berthallow, sthe wife of a pass tier.
called him to her on sole pretext and
laterr while hanging on his arm. iaid
to him:
"Mr. llornby. do you think there will
be war?"
"1 don't think about sucah things."
eror am s ore go to war is declared you
will know it before it is made pub
"Why do you think that?"
"Because I have been told that be.
fore going to war the emperor must
know how the other powers will actl
and your government is now one of
the powers. The American minister?"
will be able to judge if there is to be
war and will know it beform his government. pub
What he knows you know."
"ornB y smIled without making any
reply. The laotherdy spoke of other mat.
ters and finally said:
"I presme all mportant dispatches of
are in cipher."
"They are."
"What is the word for'war' in your
cipher code?"'
"Oh, it wouldn't do for me to tell
you that."
"Please tell me that one word. I'll
not divulge It."
"Well. on your promise, I'll tell you.
It is 'woman.' "
"Good gracious! Why was that
word chosen?"
"I don't know. I didn't make the
"And what Is the word for 'peace?' "
"'Man.' "
"Upon my word! I should have sup
posed those two words would have t
been reversed."
"Perhaps that's the reason of their
use as they are. They are not so1
easily deciphered."
Mme. Berthalow looked up into
the young man's face. It was as guile- I
less as a May morning. She continued
her investigations.
"Our family have an old claim
against the United States. dating back
a hundred years or more, for a vessel
owned by my great-grandfather, de- I
stroyed by an American privateer. I
should like you to advise me concern
ing it"
"I shall be happy to do so.., I am at
my office from 11 to 6 every day,
where it will be proper for you to
This was not satisfactory to Mme.
Berthalow. She would have pre
ferred to have the young man cal
upon her where she could talk with
him in secret, but on second thought
she considered that there would be an
advantage in goldg to his olile. She
might light on some information not
intended for her. The next day at 12
o'clock she appeared at the legation.
"Ah, madame," Hornby said. "we are
very busy today, and I fear I shall
have to keep you waiting. If you will
go into nay private office for awhile I
shall be happy to advise you presently
concerning your claim."
He ushered her into a cozy room in
the center of which stood a table with
writing materials and papers scattered
about. Mmine. Berthalow, being alone
in the room, made a hurried examina
tion of the papers. One of them bore
evidence of having Just been written.
It was marked to be sent by cable to
the secretary of state at Washington.
The lady eagerly seized it and ran her
eye over it. There was a jumble of
words the meaning of which was un
intelligible to her, but she noticed scat
tered throughout the dispatch the word
"woman." It occurred five times. She
had all the time she needed for the ex
amination-indeed, more than she
wished, for she was anxious to get
away that she might impart the Infor
mation to her husband that there was
to be war.
Presently Hornby came in and in
formed her that be was ready to listen
to the matter of her claim. She told
him she had left home without hav
ing locked up the jewels she had worn
the night before and must return at
once. Hornby gave her one of his en
gaging smiles and saw her to her car
When Hornby returned to his offce
he threw the cipher telegram into the
wastebasket and wrote one to a broker
In Paris announcing that a prominent
financier would probably "sell the
market." If so it would break, and the
broker was to boy largely for Horn
by's account
Hornby by the operation made a for
tone. Some time after this Mime. Ber
thalow said to him:
"Are you sure that in your cipher
code 'woman' stands for 'war? "
"It does net now. You convinced me
that its use thus was ungallant, and
I arrnged tr itb bklg cean53 tS
a n 'pee'"
He Was Only One.
A soldier who had ju<t enlia.ted wag f
placed o(n gnnl:rd 4,vr at .nlnon it
was not long iefar' e adaldoned his
post and wi lt lito trlern not far off.
where he indulgedl in the flowing howl. R
"Fellow. w hy did 3o1 :atiiandnt your
post:" e,'claitned the laptaiin, who,
happIen'd to itnt ill : ll appeara:n'e
"Capta:in." was the reply of thI' itn
clpient son oaf Mars. I''ve tri.al to lif'
that cannllln, anl I' n sa:-ti ctl ito olnt,
can carry it awaiy, aund if inmr,., than
one of the 'lneltly ' t'lnle after it I
can't keepl them off."
lgmble Silkworm Furnishes Cat-Out :
Much Used by Disciples of ha
Isaak Walton. I
Iome. Italy- It is d,l,, tful whether
the average rod and rte el fisherltian ic
who angles with flies and hooks strung t.
with flne translucent cat gut is aw%are
of the invaliuhbl friend he has in the
h.ible silkworm The c:t-gut is the
most utnltreakable subst anlce that
holds the hooks against the fierc~st ba
struggles of the struck fish andt coit:es
front silkworms Thb ;princlipal cnt-itr
Of the mn:tnfaetur iof this kind of cat
gt is the island of Iroilda, in the- 1
Raw of Naple's. but tr--t of the silk-.
/ I
-r_ w - .
Resists Their Fiercest Struggles.
worms employed are raised near Torre
Annunslata, at the foot of Vesuvius.
The caterpillars are killed just as they
are about to begin the spinning of
cocoons, the silk glands are removed
and subjected to a process of pickling,
which is a secret of the trade, and
afterward the threads are carefully
drawn out by skilled workers, mostly
women. The length of the thread
varies from a foot to nearly twenty
New Terpsichorean Feature, Bore
rowed From Orient, is Introduced
In France--How Executed.
Parls.-Almost every important
change in the fashion of gowns in
Paris means the introduction of a
new dance, or at least one compara- ti
tively unknown to the western world. w
As is natural, the orient has been i
drawn upon for a terpsichorean fea- t
ture in keeping with a trousers skirt. al
This dance, which is called "La Che
roulle," is said to have been long l
popular in Turkey, Syria and Arabia. Q
A dancing master's description of c
how it is done follows: ra
'Place the right foot behind the g
left. Slide the left foot to the dane
er's left. Cross right foot. Raise leg
sideways without bending knee, toe
Spointing to floor."
This dance is said to be impossible a
of execution In a hobble skirt. French
dancing masters in general hall with
Sjoy the advent of the trouser skirt, as
Sit will, they say, force' women and
girls who heretofore have been con
tent to be pulled around a ball room
to pay proper attention to their stepsm.
I With the trouser skirt every move.
meat of the feet is noticeable.
Keeper Climbs Tree in Order That
Animals May Eat In Easy
Manner. 11
New York.-The giraffe in captivity
is one of the most delicate of animals
and requires the closest of care on
the part of the keepers. Aside from
necessity for cleanliness in their hous- o
Ing, the most important feature in
caring for them is the selection of the
Feeding the Giraffes.
I proper food to insure good health. Our
i illustration shows a pair of giraffes
in the Bronx Zoo receiving food from
their keeper, who It will be seen is
perched high up in the branches of a
Stree in order that the animals may
eat in an easy manner.
One in 275 Is Insane.
New York.-One out of every 275 1
persons in New York city is insane, I
according to Dr. Albert W. Ferris,
president of the state lunacy commie
sion, who is delivering a course of lec
tures before the New York School of
Philanthropy. The state hospitals for
r the insane now house 33,000 patients,
and private institutions care for 11,000
a more. New cases admitted to the state
I asylums average about 150 a week.
* The coset of earing for an insane pa
tiet is approlmat*i $200 a year.
Railway Postal Service First Op
erated in Missouri.
William A. Davis. Before the Wair
Postmaster at St. Joseph, Devised
System Now in Vogue for Dis
tributing Mall En Route.
5' Jo"> ;h. \ !,, r i r,-- In the
(arro' i'n ; ,! t l rn;' ut ti n: ."r' I nite4
Sta'es jtail. !.,as l,',' i 4 .!:rki!dc lin
hal'f rtnr . t lo t:h. first r i:'ro:t er t
of ',is' I,! tl ',r ', from lltInn ilbal
to St .lo,-1 .h, i.. was cnul.irtc td,,
and ion ILis r .a, t! e rail a :ail a: Rtl .erv"
l- ofi u . th  unr. ha: d I t., ,riiila ao:d
t t,. ; ,"! , ·n I'! "n if ,n' t ilie n.:ii, fl ,r the,
,h . ." - w 10 "0,n l: .'aion., it. bulk
on ifr ;trU! I'l -. .r train s tI be
!itrilitb . ! 4. "n its aril caIrrl-. to
: ,a n ,t ,, - - i ' ourI, r. 'i hb(u k
board. i, br,.! a ':. d -ti:t.. la' S. th
It relt.;.hr., I ftr \\ hi;t': .1 I iaivi ,
groat st ein ni., iii V, ,; " thi.lt. for
this tin,' t.. iatti'., all m ix ,ed :L ii ilt
bulk. were carrieI to (- tl- ien' ratl is
triluting Point Indt'p t t, lie,. ' MO.,
as tinothii r Wt. i, tie ra:Llroad lwas
hullt the tlak all i iei to, tihe St Ji
seph office, in distrliiuting the entire
overland mnail.
Thie idea occurr.d to Mr. Dlavis that
these mails could be listribuited while
in transit. It seem d to him in every
way possible and desirable. So he
wrote to the people in Washington for
authority to tit up some cars on the
Hannibal & St. Joseph railroad to try
out the experiment. The authority
camne and Mr. Davis went to the rail
way headquarters at Hannibal and su
l.erintended the arrangement of sev
eral way cars with pigeon holes, doors,
windows and other conveniences andt
the initial run with a carload of nmal
was made from Hannibal to St. Joseph
In record time, the mails properly dis
tributed and ready for the overland
stages, couriers, etc.
The first trial was so satisfactory
that other cars were brought into re
quisition and soon a most remarkable
change for the better was made in the
receipt and distribuation of malls. The
reat railwayailwmil service had been
The problem of forwarding overland
malls without delay wa solved, and
wr. Davis wa soon made a special
agent of the department and giver full
h baree of the branch of the sveranvice
thch he had originated.
The firstam A. Davis, Invenistor of the
railway mail service, was born in Bar
tt1809. In early youth hoe went ito VIe
ginia, where he entered the postal
service, at Richmond ands other places,
angd wi th his car eer in 8l Joseph he
had been in the postal service about
The e ri t car for the distribution ofm
gthe mails was an old-time "way" car,
atted up with pigeon holes. Extra
windows were arranged and the "dlans
tributorh" used candles to assist in
lghting the cars. Mr. Davis made a
trip on the frst car as far as Palmyra,
Mc., and then left the work with an as
wlstant while he returned to Hannibal
for the second car. There are many
old railroaders yet alive who remem
ber the first mail cars.
Object to Understudy for pinger In
Halle Performance of Humper
dinck's "Konigskinder."
Berlln.--An amusing incident oo
arred this week at a performance of
Humperdinck's "Konigskinder" at the
-alle opera house.
Live geese are employed for the
Halle productio n in contrast to the
papier mache variety which indulge in
make believe cackles at Berlin. The
prima donna who regularly sings the
part of the goose maid was taken Ill
suddenly and it became necessary to
obtain an understudy. When the lat
ter, however, went on the stage the
geese rebelled against the intrusion of
a stranger. They became so enraged
they threatened to do the singer bod
dly injury.
The conductor of the orchestra had
to stop the performance until the
seese could be quelled. They refused
to subside until the familiar figures of
the wood chopper and the broom mak
er came upon the scene
The Llama.
In Bolivia, one of the highest inhalb
itated countries on the globe-La Paz,
the capital, being 1c2,00 feet above the
aea level--much use is made of that
graceful and invaluable pack animal
the" Ilama, which will travel farther
and with even less food than the bsrro,
but will not carry more than 1of
pounds. The lama in some respects
resembles the camel, kneeling in camel
Tashion to receive its load, and it will
not rise it more than 150 pounds are
placed on Its back; moreover, thbe
weight must be evenly distribted over
ts back and sidts
It Is Male of Mu:tn,. Sheeps' Kid.
neys. Cystr s. Ptat:es and
Spanrh Orrnns.
On ,, ,r t ;. .,~, ,f t.,, Pn't
end . *, .. t.,i <lid
S .: : l, i . . ! rt. . ..n of
't : "' , . ,or +. tl `i p-, h lt.s ,: :t :,d
Pa ,r tt I·'+,, ,tt.,t -'.,*' th" o , lon
till i:1 "t r.. "!. i:,,;rys. : nmi 0t
'5.a h I1" "t \ or ,'.0 !it >t p'5: .tnoO tilt
tbe to -1.' I I IS i !C. ll Fl. i the ,.is
-t(role .' 1h :,t ers of. rsllt. meat, n Ixt
kid ,'c , r:' , l ,t! t. I'" !~ cr , t1:etl onH onl S.
it-,O , f ' d:.tto : tl se't-otiit.g, ''tte
t l. l, c"' h,'. 1,t1 bet o" . ither halves
,r :',r. of ;otat, Pour in the
;t, t th ,e hatter in nmtall pieces
on tili p :! pt1iato I'nl on the lid.
ar,1 ,i :,' I It mod.r tt,' oven from
twoi Iu :t t . it to throe hours.
P'ur h., tso half hlor takl. off the
114. t, i.i tI. p ,h ito s nt:ay get nti'4e
ly broisndt f t!, ;:.t.y c, us dry
In to o1o much. ,ubt m e -toa.'. land
juat tfor.. ser It pour it a little
nitr,.' ',1. I, S. tt' in th." c: 'sserole:
this till l i ure thi, .t'w twix n really
'mt if more rrntl (out. 1l|;1 pota
tosi e,1d not hei partly io ed tl before
hand. it In ti ; i , is.' th,' in at somei
tintes gl,.ts rati or owxrdoni., if the po
taiesws used haitpted to be slow
CoAok.' a.
It Spreads Out Lake a Fan or Folds
Up Like a Bundle of
A clothes dryer that will be a boon
to flat dwellers has been designed by
a New York man, and is shown in the
illustration. It is adapted to extend
from a window or balcony, and when
not In use can be folded up into such
a small compass as to be scarcely
noticeable. A bar with a groove In It
is hinged to the window sill or porch
post and held in horizontal positimn
by a wire or cord fastened above it.
In the groove slides a hub, which has
spokes extending from it, and cords
connect these hubs, like the cross sec
tions of a spider's web. Indeed, the
dryer resembles a huge spider's web
wbhen extended. As will be noticed
there Is ample space to hang a large
wash on this dryer, which can be
drawn in to a point where it is easy
to reach and the clothes put on.
When out of use the hubs and sup
porting rod can all be drawn Into
parallel position with each other and
the whole drawn back against the
post, like a bundle of sticks.
The materials required for thi
characteristic German holiday cake
are one pound of pulverized sugar,
four eggs, one pound flour, one lemoa
rind grated, and anise seed. Beat the
eggs and sugar together until feath
ery. It will take about one hour. Add
the grated lemon peel and sifted flour,
mix all together and roll out on the
molding board until only one-eighth of
an inch in thickness. Have In readl
ness the small square wooden forms
with designs of swans, flowers, etc.,
stamped upon them.
Cut this dough Into squares, dust the
forms with flour and put the squares
into them, so the design will become
imprinted on the dough. Remove care
fully from the forms and place on nap
kins powdered with flour, over night,
to dry. Then lay on buttered tas
strewn with anise seed and bake in a
coolish oven until about the color of
the ordinary soda cracker. If these
are kept In a stone crock the spring
erle will remain soft.
Hints for the Table.
For the very delicious dish of dev
lied clams prepare a cupful of chopped
elams gnd season them with cayenne,
salit and the Juice of a lemon. Mix
them to a soft batterlike consistency
with the yolks of two eggs and some
powdered crackers. Put the mixture
Into little ramekins, broad scalloped
shells, or into tiny cups,. spread the
surface with soft butter, and bake un
til well browned. For a change the,
mixture may be spread over crisp
crackers, and then browned In the
Flaxseed Lemonade.
Steep two tablespoonfuls of flax
seed In one quart of hot water for ten
minutes. Stir In and add the Juliee
of three lemons, a large cupful of
sugar and a wineglassful of wine.
Drink elth-r hot or cold. This Jg
an excellent drink for persons ant
tering with colds or lung troubles.
Stories of "Old Q."
The "wickedness" of "Old Q." (the
Duke of Que,.nsberry) has passed into
a proverb, but two tales of his other
traits may be quoted from Mrs. Jer
rold's "The Beaux and the I)andles."
One is that he "'paid a dlo-tor to keep
him well, deducting fees when he was
ill, and thus when he titled left his phy
sician his creditor for £10,.3, and the
other that "there wa:s a popular prejtu
dice against drinking milk in London
at this time because it was believed
that the duke bathed each morning in
milk. which was subsequently sold to

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