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Sjathes - act.
dust and store.,
leak. s e th, C
and aroma. panJ
in o1
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tsir-t h Canae,
and of per- e
S itte
fu -
that on this 30th day of th ve
le hundred and eleven, ne
e of the United tat th
IANNEd thirty
, teCOFFre Macalay ta na
air-tght can *Lous
-freu dstu rongoed,ulon
Iia and for the said rity reside
nd ofrleans, stater- of ous
011 SA july I
i lum are hereunto subecrb
that on this 30th day of the nire-e,
tsle hundred and eleveny poPlte
ace of the United State of Ort
one undre nd obd thrty
as, Ethelred Macaulay Stat- raee
, duly command onedi
Sand for the said city de
it Orleans, state of Louls
Scorporte name, mid The
ave end anppered the deulan
ames are hereunto subscrie
who decld, red thatve, avall- proali
sthe provisions of the laws t ad
lve to corponame and s, and
T8 of 1904 of the ge
gI algenans and all omher s te, t
therest orh, they hve t
may requind b these prand
agree and regulad themios forelves,
e renelartiy hefte- The
e poratioo and body poll- COMsh
te hanje and aobter at
aw, orts sand coaydl- eans
eto carry out
SunsCS I. sooer d
width Its chorarteron sa
de herebt etbreoTi
O la his abstene ote sole
habe the proper pdeson t
rl, and the me to ure to rod
; tor d o by reeit, are d pe- ta
lente, one-wl, t ll, ritie
Mete, export and mama (t1 0
sth pleasure ad cnd to bo,
spad eulteson mch its other a
an to angeneral mer hat nIeres
ndmortga reall and paybes
I,r to carrnal ort tca rry to
Sof ay nature earni the
sherein before set
r lara be abende to repair lls t
store automor rhleh th The c
lperft, e vort ehnd gap ($1s0.0
toh pobleure busand eo. te a
pclle hiry, thereto I
of nthis crportion loe of
ousll, maned dollars, ($r~rd 1
o and represented by gl
hereins (250) of the (,
*St such time a the
hl III. pulte;s
hllderatlon ; In payment '
ob this corporatiom a, o
bvices as the hoard of All p0
oror my doter- in
Sthreor ha(250) obeen - al be
orporeach (10003; eta
or lh a!sh ct thieti as a
ldecorporation In parent r t
d.or rights ctdall a
bpoathid ornor. t io,
or such other vlahei
itnleise the board of L all
mor rn the mpi dent en len
r-e shu!! he effective an gto nerl I
te borporatron or pmars mer tec
serporation. hei ana
shall b a gosll con- rCid sntil
th doirst oy lts alp sleet. ld
ben shererlbed pra. bdaste ow
Iv. h thir ae
my the presidet mmlC. A
. ation, but the managers the n ce a
Swell, as the oleres of said .r.raen shall
Shold over metu thei succesors are then.
* t every election and mettinl, each .tock
bolder shall be entitled to vote for each
Sshare of stock registered In his ame, and
1 may vote by proxy.
I The board of managers shall have power
S to fill vacancies In their number, caused by
* death, resignation or otherwise from among
cthe stekholders in their number of the
The said board shall have full control of
the property of this company, and shall
so conduct, manage and use the same as In
their discretion they deem fit, and that Is
I onsistent with the objects. of this company,
or the welfare of the samt.f
S Said board is further authorised to frame
and adopt such by-laws, rules and reguta
tions as the affairs and business of the cor
pIoratlon may require, and as it may deem
necessary for the conducting and manage
ment thereof provided the same shall not
c)nflict with this charter laws of this state,
or in the United Stales.
1 Sald hoard shall elect such ofcers, agents.
Semploye, servants and clerks as It may
deem necessary for the conducting of the
buslness of the corporation: fix their com
s penseathon and term of servlce, with the right
Is to dismiss them at said board's pleasure;
I and said board shall have the right to lix
Sand determine the salaries of the several
o trhcers herein provided for.
I This charter may te changed, modified
a and amended. capital stock increased or de
ul "reased, or this corporation may lwh dis
Ssolved at a general meeting of Its stoc-k.
h holders called for the purpose, with the as
I sent of three-fourths of the entire capital
I stock, whether preseant or represented at
Ssuch meeting; ten dayss prior notice shall
I b given in any dally newspaper published
In the city.
*. 1 In case of ulssolution or termination of
this corporation, either by limitation of its
s charter or from any cause., the liqudatiou
" of Its affairs shall le conducted by three
commlssioners selected fronm the stockholl
era, with like assent. at a metlntg called
for that purpose as above set forth in this
Said commissioners shall remain in office
Auntil the affairs of said corporation shall
have been fully liquidated. In case of
death of one or more of said commlssloners.
the survivors or surrivor shall continue to
No stockholder of this corporation shalli
* v-,r be held liable or responsiltue for tile ,
Scontract or faults thereof, in any further ,
sumn than the unpaid balance due the com
pany on the shares of stock subscribed for, oI
or owned by him, nor shall any informality tc
in organization have the effect of rendering oh
:his charter null or of exposing a stockhold- m
er to any liability, beyond the unpaid bal
ance, if any, of his stock.
-Thus done and passed at my notorial
ofce the day, month and year herein first
shove written, In the presence of Nathan Ii.
h eltel and Arthur Millier, witnesses of law- in
ful aged, and residents of this city. who o
have hereunto signed their names, together
with said lrties and me, notary, after
A reading of the whole.
e Signed by subscribers and Nathan H. -
Feitel and Arthur Miller, witnesses.
(Signed) ETHuELrED M. STAFOaD,
l d Notary Public.
Io the undersigned, recorder or mobrtgages.
in and for the parish of Orleansn state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation, of the
ll ore-Sewell Company, Inc., was this day
duly recorded in my office, in Book 1018
New Orleans, July 1st, 1911,
Dy. Rec.
A true copy.
tSigned) EnxtaxED M. STAFFORD.
Notary Public.
July 13, 20, 27 aug 3, 10, 17 nit
PANiY. ci
Be It known, that on this 27th day of f,,
June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand ott
the ine hundred and eleven, before me, Am- te o
broGe G. LaIce,. a notary public, duly ap- the
en, pointed and qualified, in and for the parish
tea of Orleans, state of Louisiana, and n the an
ty presence of the undersigned witnesses, per- per
Sonally ame and appeared the several pet
sons whose names are hereunto subscribed
residents of the parish of Washington and in
the of the city of New Orleans, who severally unt
declared that, availing themselves of the low
atl laws of this state in such cases made and
provided, they have formed and organised,
a and by these presents do organiss them
selves into a corporation and body eorpo- b
an- rate, for the objects and purposes, and nder sh
te the stipulations following, to-wit:
ao ARTICLE I. full
The name and title of this corpooration and
Od COMPANY, and Its domicile shall be in the
Scity of New Orleans, parish of Orleaons, Lou
isalna. It shall exist for the term of ninety- T
nine years from date hereof and by that n t
namesue and he su4, and contract and en- ana
oy any and all rights, privlegqe and pow- she]
era nder the laws of the sate of lilas cr
The objects and ipa for wbehich this the
ortion is established and the nIture T:
of the bitoses to e crresred on by It, ar, er
Sto produc, manufacture, buy and eell tar- mea
peattne, rosn, uval stoarsn and wood de- old
Ivlatives and products of all kinds to oper
Sate saw mills and to sell the oroducts end
r aldue or ate thereof or to further ae
st and manufacture the same, and to pall T
n stumps and'el sar land, whether In co r oe- co
. tlon with lueh b ailnes or apert from it; the
i to buy, all and le ral ertate, to operate by d
ir tram roads and baherge linea of brles or T
Sother veels, In connection with the arry- in rl
id g on of its bun to conduet ageneral cult
Smerehndse lsi a conanectlion with risd stat
id bue, and eerally to e ae in any es
Ssnss incident to or onveniently necs- or o
I sry to or connected with te operation ofead
l the busiesr above amentk ed pera
hr be presaldent, or In his abmance or hn i
Sblllty to aet, the rlc-pMreldet, or in aee or te
aof his abaene or nability, the seretary ces
Ssall he the proper persn upon whom all
cttion or lsal- poes sha ll be trved.
st t
T eraptal stock of this orptoratlon I oarc
herby e at the sm of fifty thouand
s red oa ofe par value of ome hundred row
($1l0.00) doellars sec. aild share ao bos
a hall he pad fr by tr he bserlbro s land
the·rdto as r·ll he reqired by the bard o e a
blrectr, and the stock may he l d  ei brea
aIymet of property aequred by the copt maali
ratioa or in compensaton for srvies Ur- proe
dared. This orptl hal be authaorisd appal
tohe bgialn bs as so as Etove thoaUend er
] (5,0.0) dollars or more of the apital veie
hIatoeb hllhve bena subscrlbed for. An a
SstocMher may sel, a n or transfer etab
stock In thin orpolration prdd thirty tions
(0) das pror wrtte notic of such in- ato
tnta to sel, assln or transfer the me may
be gvan the cmpm y, ad the othe sok- chana
holdr tereof shall have the first prlv- rit
lege of purcasing the same; after which porati
notlc the said stok may be sold in opm or lay
market. A prior lioa sh a r es ostk to a
sabll be rstaised by the company on the ts c
"stok of any shareholder for any Indebted- or tr
dec. ort crated, due at an1 time to the
copany by tha hoMer of sue stck. Ad
all tanaers of stocks hll het t
subjct to this clauine.
All powers of thli crporation shall he OlL"
ted i a bord of directors om-po.d of -._
nt lom than three () stokhlders 1e yat sc
jail be elected the first Monday of July tietS
in seh year, cmenc July_ 1312, at a timi t
general meutng eonvned for that purp t
after tm days8 provious notice In writing te Te
saab srloeklid owning stock standig ate
his name on thebooks of thinorportiten peity t
stobeaulde are bhreby named a the irst to It.
boar of diaretos, and who shall held their trasi
ohs end exrcis their tnetions until snce
ther succemmers a lr: ed e: e r. rc
-Maon Jams L Wailer and Judn C. Alln, p
L. Waer shlle k Jj. the ho
C. Alle shll ha tnsrr sgned
y mae hoal by a ersrnt psen-k
of ok a a the herd direlors sll pi
e to ens vaet, slber in mOesa orlywhoe
---, an marity o the vs ast in or
_-o :_--. r t vl e lib, em seen a
chose. This charter may be amended or altered
stock- by the stockholders at a general meeting
r each convened for that purpose, after ten days'
w, ad written notice to each stockholder; or this
corporation may be dissolved with the as
sent of two-thirds of the capital stock rep
resented at such a meeting. In case of dis
solution, the affairs of the corporatlon shall
power be closed and liquidated, as rapidly as 4ossl
sed by We, ty two or three liquidrator. appointed
among or electe dby the stockhtlll der at such meet
of the ing. The capital stock of this corporation
may be increased or ditrinisheri in :Icr-rord
etrol ofnce wtith thn Iawn of the state of ln111./rana
Ihall on the sllljrct rf altering thie capital stock
as in of corporations.
.bat Is
upany. AtTlh 't.: Vii.
Tihe slrlcrllsrrs hereto tave r'sper-tivrIc
frame stated orplsoIt. their sl:natr,.es iWer.t(, th'
regula- ller of shiares of the capital stork stul,
tie or- nriee to by theo reipecti'rely. 'nrstitrt.
deem ing the anr the sr ritii n.ai hevt tie
anage- inorporatnIrs firn thI) P wies ef ort:llelizin
Il not this corp.,rat ,n.
state, AitTh 1.1 Vi.
gents. No stl'kholler shall 1s liaree ,or rrispons
hmay ile for their t'ntr;rts or fuIltos f th er c.or
hf l the Isrtltihe In any fllrher ir than the n- I
Orim- tritI halne dute teo tihre orfthrretiirn. n the
rigtl sa re owned h bty tim nosr s.till any inrrP lIn
asrer; Irrlllity il orgaDnlati)n hirve elffect of rn
to l rirting 'hirs rtll;rtrr nter il l r rof rxlosing a
'era aticklrrtdIr Io liability iserind the amnournt
of hiis tunplaid rtorlk, if any.
Tiers done and imased, at rley orPfir In
New Orleans. (rlcrans pIriish. lnrillana, on I
the nay and year tirst :rroe written, in trhe
)drlf.e . trr .ar- e ot ref I ' . It rll a it rtlirn ang In. Via
or de- \rtr', ctrnlllpetllt witnes.,r's r',sirlintg in 5aihlt
dirt- parhh, who have sigolrlI thrir anes,. to
gsto- Etier with sald aripearl-rs, ;Ind mce, notary. I
he as- after clue reading rf tre whellr-.
plitrl e iriltnal aintel : .1. 1. attller, sliscrllrei
il at ir one hllndreid shre's : J. I'. Allen sillrrllr
shall r iito one ilunrrerd srliare.s : GI. I'F. Masrn, sine
hahed raltel to one hurnltlir-dl shres. \Vltniss
osn : of . Van Note. E. t'. Italitntine. -
onA. G R. l,.I'l' .Vrotrrr Public.
f its George F. Mason Oand l;ns I. Waller. two
latirt if the in(orporl tors Il-rlln. deilare under r
three ioate that they are nearrlieid nis. have iren t
chold- married butt once, their wives are now liv
alled Ing and resitlln witle thei .
Sthis J. C. Allen, the' other ineorporaior hirein,
declares under oath that he is a single man, I'
e never having been married.
shall fOriginal asine : ;. r. Mason. J. 1. a.
Sof aller. . ('. Allen. i Witnesses) : N. J. I
l'er.tBarris E. 4. . detdallpintl. t
re to "Sworn and sulescrilrd before me this 27th I
day of June, 1911.
(i:al! A. (. I'.tIIer, Nnotnrp Public. al
I. thie undersigned notary, do herely teer- r
tify tine above r and forrgoiing to Ibe a true st
shall a orrnd t cir t rop of the Inororation lio i
the ol the 'orols "luff Turpentine to. passed ict
forrther the me on the 27th fay of June. 1911. fi
com- together with the certificate of the recorder w
for, of mortgages for the parish of Orleans there
ltyto annexed showing its recordaton In his
homreo. the original of which s of record In t
bold- my current notarial register.
S Given tnder my hand and impress of my tit
orial opelal seal this ath day of July. A. D. 1911. sh
Brut al A.. .1..LirCg, AO,tr1 Public. in
law. Origitnal recorded in book 1051. folio I
aw- in the ofce of the recorde.r of mortgages pr
ho lfor the parlh of Orleans, state of Iouisiana. an
'ther july 13 20 27 aug 3 10 17 1911 f
H. rer
e of ril
thoe OF E. T. BDL Rlc'E ('OoI1'ANY the
the tr
c Te It known, that on tills 25th day of sal
Jurly, in the year of our Lorut one thousand not
nine. lhulndred and eleven and of the Ind"el- or
-l'ndence rof the Unlttdhe Statl~ of America the
- the one hundred and thirtyv-sixth, Itefore me -er
James Zachari.e Spearing,. a notary public. ri
in and for the parish of Orleans. state of alit
Louisitana. diuly comnmisseoned and qualified. o P
and In the prensecnce of the witnesses here- in
inafter named and undersigned, personally iir
- ctame and appeared the parties whose names icy
are hereunto suhacrilbe, who severally de- des
Glared that, availing the-mselves of the pro- sat
visions of the laws of this state relative to pie
,TE the organization of corporations and espe- ned
cNS 'ally of Act No. 78 of the legsltive acts sat
of the General AssemblI of the state of Wle
laoulsiana for the year nineteen hundred and
of flur, approved July 4th. 1904. and of the
ond other laws of this state relative to corpora
m- tlions and the organization and formation -
a thfereof, they have covenanted and agreed, Iosh
and do by these presents covenant, agree par
the and bind themselves, as well as such other try
Or persona who may hereafter become associ- to
id' ated with them or their successors, to form Int
red and constitute a corporation or body politic his
Sin law. for the objects and purposes and wh
ily under the agreements and stipulations fol- sha
the lowring to-wit : whi
wo he
ad. ARTICLE I. ofe
le- pprod
The name and style of this corporation
shalt be, E. T. BEL RICE TTlrPANY, and hig
by that name it shall have power and an- na
thority to exist and enjoy sucession for the the
full term and perlod of npnety-nine years, the
commencing on and to be computed from T
o and after the date and day hereof.
hbe . ARTICLE II. teen
ln- the
The domicile of this corporation shall be Otho
at in the city of New Orleans. state of Lronusi- hav
en- ana. All citations and other legal proces the
r shll, e swerved upon the president of saidthe
Slorporstlon; or, In case of his alesnece or high
inability to eact, upon the vice-president: or char
In the a·orne or Unablllty of both the prtel
Ident and vice-president to act, then upon ho
i the soeretary o tbhi company. the
e The president shall be the executive om- o
e, cer of this eorporatlon: he srhall preside at the
er- reey eti the board of dlretors and dto- and
- holders. eah.
ll The objects and purposes for which thissld
c- oeporaton is establrshed and the nature of nch
I; the b ne t im o be arried on by it are here- ame
te I hby declared to be ras follorws, to-wit: that
r i To arry on a ienetal business u a dealer dy
7- in rice. Its by-prodneta and in all the a·rl- atci
tl eultural products and by-products of this with
Idlatate, and to the end, to pur chase, use, o
r lease, rent, mortlage, pledge, hoy, or sel. e
-or otherwise racquire aya llnd ianterests abon
and rghts, In and to an property, real or ance
persronal, which may be ncessary, in the tdt
opino of the board of directoars, to the or
arrylg on and suees of the business, In- hibrt
eluding the milling of rice, rnts
- and generally to do all things nemry o t
a or convenient to properly conduct the busi
lm of thias eorporton.
Thits corporation may seo and be bed in th
itas corporate sname; bhold have, receive, amoo
l prea eonvsy, sel mortgalge, rPothe-a
I ate, pledle, les an sublease, and enjoy l e
Ireal, personaI and mixed property; also her
I row money, make and oue notes and mann
e hndas; tmake oratet, receive grants of tr.
land or of personal roperty; and make and
I ue a eorporate usal the same to alter and et
ebrea at leasure ; bat the failure to have a any o
seal shall not invalidate any of the acts or witho
- proeedlng of this eorporation;: name and stocl
I apoint such managers, dlrectors, oelrsrtr
Ilerks and sagts as the interest and con
I venlace of soid eorporatia may require,
nsd throtgh its board of dlretors make and
establish sueh by-laws, rolls and regula- Win
tions for the proper muaagement and reg- either
lation of the afails of sid eorporatlon u afin
may be neeary, and the aue to alter and tede
ehange at pleasure, and shall posses all the for th
rllgh, powers and privileges to whclh cor- the 51
portions are or may be by any generml law gmr
or laws of this state authorsd end entitled which
to psess. 8aid corporation may exercise st
its corporate powers within any other rstte fair
or tenqtory in the United trates, or forelln ful
country that shlnl permit the same. on ci
ARTICLE V. anothe
The apital stock of this corporation is of the
hereby aLed at the sum of twenty thousand to ad
($20,000.O) dollrs, represented by two
hundred share of one hundred ($100.00)
dollar each.
All stock sbIscribd or ed all be shalbl l
at such tImea and on such terms and holde
o as the bhard of directors ma, y ,- holder
time to time fix and determine in aeh par
tlculrr oa by ngeeral resolutlio
The board of dlroetors may issue certif
cates of paid-up stock in payment of r No
petty or gooda actoually delivered to this cor
poration or for servlces actually rendered rpnsll
to It, er for rhlbts privileges or firaehes corpo
transerred to It, the valuation In reh Le n- apad
stanee to be agreed to by the board of d- nor s
rectors, which shall have full and final have I
power to do so.
Alu transfais of stock shall be made on null c
the bhoos of tis ornporatlon and srhll be tany
signed by the toteeinldad or by his attor- e
At a1 _elctios er' MeetI e the
sbLeko eah 'bLar o stc, whether da
prfu lr la onr nt, sall he etitled to inihis
oae vote to he ea either by th Ies in
whoe me th e stodk sears oa he b ae sd
of thl eratilo at tim e oft thevt t
tal stock shall have been authorized or ad
ditional stock issued, fifteen days' writt'en
altered or printed notice shall l' given to each
meeting stockholder, within which time persons holl
days ls g stock in this corporation, shall have the
ir this right to suliscrie for said inirea:tse stock or
he as- additional isisue of stok in prop.,rtion to
,k rep the nurlier of shares of -,tok then htld by
of dis- them. and whlich additional share- shal! ti
I shall paid for :as the bio rd oIf tlir.ctlors may .t
posl- tet. ..ftpir tle i.xlpiratin if si t! i e th'
Iinted .lairid ,f dliriectoris Kall:yi lii-.isI, if the dshaml'
meet- nIt Iakei , for the i lI'l ll.lnetit f t l i tl l nc i Il
rat ion such ltmannir adil on l tl tlI rli n n rid iniil
iord. iitn asi they imay think ipl .-r.
stock AltI'l ,1: VI
T'lii.l bu.Iineisi ianI atffa:irs :Im ciororlate
t poiers of this corp ration hall I' trans.a
l-ub direeiis to i'e i.iL.-el I f . io ikhllde'irs iof
stitut this horpor tion. llr, . · ktlhl -ll lr rlll m a t,
Iv the ilany a, I iii ntle ine ilet I. s, tha:ln tire dli
it il annu:lll i m,-eet in tiotl . prior ti the inext
annual meetin. lhect one or nlior., addi
tional el.libers of the islard of direct.rs so
pions- asl to maIke it ll board of iirec' ' 'or, nIo it mir ml
h un un v it K llihlkholders or . i the foard of dil
,n the re-tlirs. shall e i leted b.hi.m a majority of thei
Illd t lK'r ' ulr' li'2 . lll ' W'inst lttti' tli't tilllrt ll ilslar if
re in- votes it a tutu ttin' rf the stA' ckhIlit rs or of di
f ren ' the directors, i0s the 1 a  may I1i nl
Iln. t il ti'en evel I l rll f r  of dire Itori consists. tI
nount of aive antlt et the giforlim thereof shall he I
ne on the quorum i the c.of shall af two mtin irs.
n the E. T. Ilt!. ii . pir sidi n : .. i.. Many hares
aren, vi t, usidenk t ind 11r T lill. ias serri-s tary
said trl'll'er. hall consttit e the tirnt hourd lof p
man, to director. and tlh e lItk ll hol lta 0 e until p
htars, the second Monday in .lul;lut. 1011:. or uni
ilitl th ,ir iner tor are elected and quits t tl d;
i ted each sit'!w i-ent Il o trd shaill tai ke their ats tll t
.r a t immediiatelye . t non afll tr as practi.cable th
alt l and shall hold their itliea untinl thieir ui
,ness.- ,<isors shall have .laen elhcted and quall
i.th in thel et Mndav r.n in Ilst. 1_12
two and alnualllyi thereafter lln -ltion for dl
inder rectors by the sta-kholerr shall Iw held at
eien the office of the company after ten davs
r li- written no the or lien ted notl shiall h- ve
ttre ,n m ltled to ntlacll stoc khol tbllr mit bsfit sl
rein, ,r to i tllek at their respective l a lddresses tp
man, iearing on thell bolik of the coir tlpan In very iti
rdrdr oller f directors shallr at It shat llmtting a
re i after itsn le manne, or as soon thiroleaftel r ashh
iJ. ratial nictle. shlec a president. i vice presi- to
dent and a secretary-treasurer from their us
town i m tlr. m
A fath ilure et let directors on the dalte p
blic. shall sold oert shall not nedissot annlval the corp
indtruertors ishall tied nue to hold their olcs,
iaed t yerafter an practihable at a tim. give h l r
, fixed iy the l rd of dirntors. t represIent himn
rdrat anyerof ive day prior notie ,shall sal
-retoriven in the manner car he pro ed. which pr
his said notices shall he full and complete no
Sir held to all stockholders tof suclh meeor nother iings.
In tine event no election takes place at
my the second meeting, the hoard then in office
11.director. hall hold over until th next annual meet- be
. In or until their successors are duly elersoncted
and qualified. tr,
1. Any director may at any time give his or
Angs proxy or power of attorney in sa riting o pr
cna. any other stockholder or any other memlwr
of the board of directors. to represent him
at any or all meetings of the hoard of di
rectors, and in suuch asby-laws the proxy whth
er held by another may tockholder or another is
dirthe tor, shall in every reusspect count for all
purp saides a if said director were personally ic
preent. ing
Any vacancy occurring in said board of pro
amend theor from any plecause, shall be filltd by f
the remaining directors. The board of di- me
rectors may make such by-laws, rules and ant
regulations as they may think proper for I'll
the transaction of the business and affairs Wi
TE of said corporation, and change, alter and tint
DR amend the same at pleasure, and shall exer- ter
R- se all the powers of this corporation or of
* may d.elegate the same to one or more ofl- uth
cers at its pleasure: appoint and fix tile anti
of salaries of all offcers, clerks and-employes, tlu
and not herein mentioned,. the same to change Vie
idi- or dismiss at pleasurse: fix the salaries of pat
rica the offl'ens provide.d for herein: sell. con- age
me, vey. mnortgage, pledge, lease and purchase ant
ili. rights, privileges. franchlises property, mov- wal
of able, immovable and personal borrow mo- pro
led ney. Issue notes and Iaonds: make contracts ten
Pre andl sign or callse to tie signed by officers or nee
illy drectors specially or generally authorized esti
nes ly the board of directors, all necessary acts, the
de- deeds, etc.. and adopt a corporate seal. the Inf.
same to change or alter or dispense with at sect
to pleasure; and to do all things which may le cou
pe- necessary to be done in the management of mli
Lets said business and permittetd bly the laws ap- all
of plicable to corporations. hap
Ind era
the ARTICLE VIi. era
lo No stockholder shall lie allowed to dis
ed prose. directly or Indirectly, in whole or in A
ee part, of the shares of stock held or owned tiin
hr iy him without first giving written notice men
e to the secretary of this corporation of the had
rm Intention of such stockholder to dispose of by-I
tie his shares of stock in whole or in part. ,
nd which notice shall state the number of and
ol- shares proposed to be sold and the price at tors
which such stockholder proposes to sell, and and
whether or not he has received a bona fide for
offer for any portion of the shares of stock Ings
proposed to be sold. If such bona fide offer and
on has been made, the notice shall state the purl
ad highest price offered for said stock and the
In. name- of the person offering the same. If
he the offer be in writing, it must accompany
the notice. Ti
The secretary shall thereupon transmit to in
each stockholder a copy of such notice, cer- or a
tlfied by him to be correct. tIring the fif- solve
teen days subsequent to the said notice, by hers
the said stockholder to the secretary, the teen
be other stockholders of this corporation shall time
sit have the privilege and option of purchasing the
, the shares of stock proposed to be sold at four
Id the price named nla such notle, or at the such
Shighest price ofered by any bona Ode pur- chat
or chaser. If, however, the prices above men- tion.
tioned exceed the value of such stock as W
In shown by the books of this corporation at solve
the end of the fscal year immedilately pre- othe.
*, ceding the notice, then and in that event by a
at the stockholders shall have the privilege
k. and option of purchasing the shares of stock
proposed to be sold at their book value as
ereln stated. Should more than one stock- N
holder delsire to purchase said stock at such reap
price, the shares of stock proposed to be this
I sold shall be proportionately divided among the
t such stockholders as desire to purchase the snal
i same and give notice to the secretary to izati
that elect prior to the expiration of fiteen chari
r days as above provided for. If none of the any
, stockhbolders elect to purchase the said stock un
is within the time shabove provided the stock
h, holder proposing to sell shall have the privi- the (
I lege and is authorized to sell the stock mont
s about which he has given notice, In accord- ence
r ace with the terms and conditlons of the C. T
e notice given him, and not otherwise. The ing I
oficers of this corporation are hereby pro- name
Shlbited from issuing certflctes of stock sold notar
contrary to or in confletict with the provision (O
Sof this eharter. C.
This charter may be changed, modled or . .
altered, or said corporation may be dissolved Gore,
Swith the assent of three-quarters of the F. 31
amount of stock present or represented at C. J.
any general meetaing of said corporation, Klcks
Sconvened for suceh purpose, after ten days' Levia
Sprevious notice shall have been given in the Wii
Smanner provided ln Article VI of this char
f ter.
SBut any and all meetings of stockholders,
I whether for pdrposes of Ilquidation or for
Sany other purpose, may be held at any time The
r without notice by unaalmous consent of all "Lake
stockhbolders, In writting led with the ee- hrtnj
retary. tion
that 1
A, RTICLE IX. incorp
S Whenever this corporation is dissolved, terel
either by limitation or from other cause. Its Ne
altlairs shall be liquidated under the superIn- (Or
tendenace of two stockholders to be chosen
for that purpose by a majority In amount of Distrl
the stoekholders present or represented at a
general meeting of tbe stockholders at
which the eleetion is held. ald commis
stoners shall remaln In ofee untll the at- , t
fairs of said corporation shall have been i
fully IIquidated. In ca5e of the death of IoulI
one of said comamtisioners or of the refual and
or inability of one of them to aet, the ur- Lae
vivors shall continue to act and shall elect this d
another stockbolder In the plaee and stead Boo
of the commisioner who shall have ceased N
to saet. (O
The president may in his discretion and of
shall upon the written request of two stock- (eai
holders, call a special meeting of the stock
holders of this corporation. July
No stockholder shall ever be liable or re
qponsible for the contraets or faults of this
corporatlon in any further sum than the
npamid balancee due to the company on the
shares owned by or snbserlbed for by him:
nor shall any nlformality in organisatlon
have the eect of rendering this ebharter OF TH
null or void, or of exposing the stockholders
to any liabity.
Than one and gassed at my ofee ia the
cit of New Orle~as, on the day, meath and
vear irst above written, in the presence of
wesamn Chter i. cchneldan an Aenander UNITE
BpdugIa Jr., competent witasee. residing 01
in thl city, who have hereunto sIned ther LI
lames with the appares and me, notary,
ater due rend te whole. * Be
_Orl lp ) an : B. T. Bel, snd others. July,
r.) :Cheater M. chneida, Ale. nie hi
ffsishl, Jr. Laden
. t ac. 1amanrie, N. PN k ou
the req ee etI John Il
the - a* hs m sioss,
"e"n,; -nm " .i
or ad- New Orleans. .an., July 211th. 1911.
ritten (Signed - E" tMII.Fj ,:tN'.
eaic Ittp,-p f Rr,,orrlir of Iforlt-ii"S.
tIoli- I. ti- Undrsie rnl noitary- i!,, in iand
,e the for the pariah ,f Orleans. ,i, herey .,"t if'
ik or t,0 ator,- and for,goin t0 - 1 te , 1,- t l
itt o ,rr,.it r'pv rof the originail a,!t ..f tr',irp,,
st 'i fir this p:trith, thretit ap|i'nilei atI , if r.- -
ti the -rdt In itv t fi,,.
a e In failhl Ivh... f, 1 .11 111- h,",:-1,, ',i -.,"t il t
T .I. .i II 1 I. 1li:, 1l
e l N lT f ;; ll 1: 1 ; .
ntlP e ar ' r
.II. lo P I11
ai l t e -n -- -e t il- u " . ' i n
InS n Stnlll( ll , liliui ii r i a I·It\ I,,rio ,nrlin;yl,
iIinhne Il'u, -t
.I i)t IN'li ll liltl' t Ih l, I t ill. .-NS I
lri o ildayi', f tlln i la anrd a f e ' orhe 1. rl ,inre ,i
heisrt l the iorp"r 'ilt e ofl ;t e iip ,1 I r t. , F 1
I i he lmu  wit t,- o n- d, antal tirin ty r tl
hil n lI t erpio er na meda  inei ryi ,n.d
itlli.n  h i,.tt ,r
Al at AlTILl
n rile i i 'hn ihnle a Hnl , a ihe i nol i
•ritir- puhall In " oln fir t iiii ilrovt li fn t 'I,-oia-.
.t i t h irinll til ', - ti- a a i'tar an triln t o lin-il
Itt-il ot-lve of the provistono f the tti-wi riot iv.'
.a to i r th, org e a nzat Io a of .op ir ,, t isa Ib lnl u
"ahl. luhrceb , folrm -eh-, iverli lnto anr. ,i" ,
-tst.e- ri oat-i ti oruor tlhln it a v ret, ,i t
alln- o map e t under the diitaitlatt . ad til.
ri.nts and irngi-aflr l t for th. an ,h perh tl
19 adopts and use llcha tern to wt t
lahl cynr lsl-dn as may ofth npceoprv gen-l
r ii rol-r.
h Tle IIdomiiae title of t c orporatlon hall
ri shall e ('ISt o a enw Orleanse Sbate oia
a'P- tLisian aund all citations or poier t ug
ve process sy t hall srvld on the prtwhlten
-ttrig and enrorgh succession for a oiterii di c t otilt.
r s ne nead frommt anti tfter the datin heredutif
uor In case of his abencea, upon tma e vhreo
ire s dnt. a r la ti or thi . rtio l i
hsl retate atetderlaretinj o to memlows:
s a ie of ti t for i th p rp m le ehearl t
+!""cs rt ndtomae and es tablis sh by-loa.b d r
ett en Inthe (iay itatNer Orlas, tState of
ling loul aln l uestions relating tor mioler al
proersa seanit ation se alon toe prtom te and
bs ar cotse material aelaoe and advance l
i nt mt h l po er ho l d lide
ith The domticcte of hb this corpo urationhal t
he I rated arely of N ew Orleans, s: tero
iltd w A" as oar as the tamoe reoa thear-tif
tinarly ti, education , dcebntinlc and Sit- th
teral educa tional aclitiesg estmablihmcntA
of ltrog lnaril achbe ol and on tle pres anti
m other means teending t hoatd l oet lorofthia
ne anof tMnellra [email protected] a hiGl srtanrd Bo educT
or. Tln in the inhabltank ofl said "Lak.d- tl
Ire Vhlw," and to that end to encourage tite
Spiement o streets and scdenatlns m-wer
a- er ad drain. o el lltine , r est, lhment
and ire rotnector n. n collection o a tl
r- othctron om e ater ront and proper mainr tq
F. A nante oh Ia.erways, as well as es , other
her eeait tu vitar l Importance asto those Dnt r
ore, . n shall urther in the purpose ofa hI tltf
on-ag anddras, ise. ulisb ing, dGig aid ndeat-, lic
. Ih corpora etion to ilect and disseminate
oinformation sa to the pdranoaoe ahd
ov water and gas wuply, faree ca adevanc- tito
- itseton developerd ond und eveloped men
The tIormeaton atsteo ten adateion of the anf
be courage the investment of capital In its itt
or mst, and, In general, to do and perforn
ip- all acts and use all means to promote the
happiness and prosperity of the people gen
eraliy of said section. said
in All the corporate powers of this corpora- I
ed tin shall be vested in and exercised by thew or
ice members at a regular or special meeting ant
he hail or called In a manner provided by itsto
of ity-laws. hot
ii, Said corporation shall have the power
of and right to provide for the officers, dlre- co
eat tor and committees, their election, duties soo
ad and powers: to fix the quorum necessary
de for the transaction of husines at its meet-cr
Ic ng; to fix membership dues, fines, etc.,
'er and generally to carry out the objects and
he purpo"as o this corporation.
he -.a
This act of Incorporation, or any article tht
r or amened, or the corporation may bea dis- its
- lved a at general meeting o the mem- h
Shers convened or uch puoe, after fit-se
e teen days' notice, inserted at least three A
in times in a daily newspaper published In l
the City of New Orleans, provided blthree
fourths of the memb ershi representied at
e suh meeting shal vote In favor o such g
Schange, alteration, amendment or disso1lu- wri
Whenever th c orporation shall be dis- at
it rolved, whether by imitation or from any
e other canne, Its aflalra shall be liquidated A
t by a commlesionerx to be appointed by it. m
ATILE VI. bein
Sresponlble for the contract or e faults ofelect
Spthis corporaton in any iofarter sum than A
the unpaid balance of his annual dues: nort
eThsl acny me incoormaitiy In Its oran- th
Scharter null or of exposing a member to A
any liability nieyond the amount of his aho
unpaid dues, .por
STuso doa e and tha sed In my ofee, in
I- the City of New Ordnal foresaid, the day, rem
k month and year firt iforesaid, in the pres- elect
Sene of eslo, Arthur Glnart and Byron TI
. Taylor, wltness, of lawful age, mhid elect
Sng in thi pariah, who have oiged theire vine
names with the aid apparers and me or
notary, aftenr due reading o the whole and
(". J. Deebe" 4arland H. Veal, Owen
Calvert, ILois J. Ierbs W. C. Lovejoy, gen
T. W. Lunt, D. P. Nloll. iEd. H. Pedeaux ploy
F. A. Fitch, H. RomanekL, H. W. sievers, th 1
J. W. Stewart, Edwin BeLknap, Jr., D. B. cons
Iore, C. D. 8haw, Walter A.-Hudnall, ther
. F Mul/lien, E. Plllsbury, J. 0. Middleton,hal
• C. J. M.lK. Masry J o Al
Hicks, C. P. Gable, F. C. Dahlgren, J. J.
,Witnesse: A. Ginart. Byron C. Taylor.
Notary Public. powe
The foregoinl act of incorporation of the ters
"Lake View Improvement Association,"pora
having bees submitted to me for examina.- exh
tion of Its elegalty, I am ot the opinion pore
that the objects and purposes of the said
incorporation as speclfed in said act are o
legal, and that none of the provlisons
therein contained are contrary to law. tomai
New Orleans, La., July 18, 1911. pledg
District Attorney for the Parish of Orlcans. meat
I. the undersigned recorder of mortgages nlt
in and for the Parish of Orleans, State ol
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above affir
and torgoing act of incorporation of the slonet
"Lake View Improvement Asociatlon" was holdet
tholthis dayo duly recorded In my otice, in holde
101, folio 37.e
New Orleans, La., Jul-i 19, 1911.
(Orilinal signed) in th
Dy. Recorder of Mortgages for the Parish g
of Orlean. such
A true copmm
Notary Public. been
July 27, Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 1911. Inabl
PAN. for si
Be it knws, that on thl 27th day of Any
July, in the year of oar Lord one thousand ence
nine hnndred and eleven, and of the Inde- accord
endeaa of the United States of America Loul
one hundred and thIrty4fth, before me, caplta
JoLh 3. Uptoe, a netaxy pable in ad for
i , : and q e and is the No
mi s dgs: pe osafl ea ed a tie I
bwgl 51
Carstens & Vezien Co., Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Speclal Attention to Railroad Orders. Prompt Delivery.
Hay. Cars, Oats. Bras, Hardware. Groceries. Etc Wines. Liquors
John Kleinkemper,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Wood, Coal. Hay, Corn,
Oats, Bran, Etc.
Goode Doqieroed F&e Charge. Corner Ali: and Verret Streets.
d.. .tote . .f l.,,)an ; t , it . '.I" r.,, r ,i , .u..,r
lli ,iar . .|. n h,' h c," t: , I'pr ,.:',,1 . 'rI.
' .ga ndg dl,. L,- :It li i' . , , , .,i ;n
Lit . i",'il 'F )lr :nil II lll I I -'1 111 a )i'i+,Iti:,. g ,,
a i" I'.en .isin I.n theellnco. f t.. wit o
,la y W .li Tl, t lh i . I.: Ie .1. 1! o
til'. Itl ;iv ; T- li;ii. -rI: d.I i I. -I ItI- ' l 1 ') I gI'\\ .
-it. ast-rg h fro wii ito nd at he a -t.- oit r . to- hair.
' i.in 11t , iij - .inii "ii- , .' r".' I .Ii . ,I t,"." g . tl
and forp tih n. dll] arl atnd hIi pl l n,.f 11111 i1la.
tI h r1 n rl " )l.:it o" and I he ll l to ) alrk ands un
ffi ,rak at pleh L..r. l It hgill. rcicii.c, la:i e ,
iv" tl) l1trchg a, ,IIn.[ is w nt.1- i Ii th mo -
II"., gtirg and hY th.t11. lcras,' tp r .o ri ,., Iii-
i.in t nT i. anti :a ipil)in nt stlh l nh lt i irs. m n'le g ,ts
of llr,.n torg n tnl n tth-er, Ia It, oifines.g ltseir
an .its and i ulini i elini.+ liiy riitjire. atnl ti
mI ake ng ll tghit fli h al.i well l .l t lg at ndr nii
a iendll froitl t li ho thie Iyi lawn, rw le,. alt
guffgmlr-i if ,ahi iciirpiirg t ,in is ay gi tie tc' s
iil -gry niii lird propr."
aA liTICLE It.
Ice The dlmlici of saold corporti ion shalm o is
In the ity- olf New 4c )reans. stat if li.uldiiil
tns. and all itatlions or oth)ler lgtal lmr.,tiiss
shall he serveId upon lthe liri.-sihlent of sald
i-orl)rAtioin. or In the event if hisr ais on',nl
Ion upon thi viie-prislidoent thereof, acting Aml
preismli nt, andl in lthii iAsence oif both of said
ar- ifigers, ulion lthri sedretar3- of saidg corpora-
pal ARTIl.E III.
nd The ol)ject alnd purposes  f this corpora.
u hc- tin are, htereIy dle'lareIi to lI :
rts 'irs -To <i ngagc. in the general blllness
he of buying andl selling Itimler, logs, and hv
kI prorlurets of the lamnitlr manufacturilnE in
Ar-llustry, for Its own accoullnt, or for tither
a- iorlprai tihns. c'o-partnershllips or Inli rulals.
nt 'ireorsl --'To til andi scll tlmler lands and
nd tlber: to bulld., lease or purelllose and
ir operate saw mills or other wootdworking
a- pIants :o to lil. lease or piurchasi. and
k ie o lrate loguging otiittI.s rallroals. steanl
lie itats or large lines In cilnnectlo n with
er- same.
tIe hirdl---To own iunir yards. storagen
g". sheiks or warelh i is. swnitch tracks, po.omio
e tivres, ilrs. cranes. drays. trucks, wagons
n- and all ither adjunotshe. oparaphernalIa.
inr means and ipllsne.·s, inclidental, convenl
r- ent or necessary to the conduct of its mailn
S mllusless anld lurises.
te firth-- To exe'rcls all powers Incidental
id and aplroprlater to the fill and complete
on- carrying out of the bulslness and purposes
Its iof the corporation.
n- The capital stomk of this corporation Is
hlereby fixed at tile sum of one hilndrem
thousand doullars I$lu).o .ooo , dlvldled Into
and repres.ented by one ;hoensand shares of
stor.p, of the sum of one hundred dollar.
'a- $1rathr).i each. Said stock shall be paid
he for In cash or Its equivalent at such time
ag and In such amounts and after such notice
is to the sulscriber as shall be fixed by the
hoard of directors.
er The corpiration shall become a going
pc- concern and authorized to do business as
-a, soon as ten thousand dollars ($10,00..00)
ry of the capital stock shall have been sub
t- scrlibed and paid for.
ll of the corporate powers of msaid cor
porstion shall he vested In a hoard of di
rectors, to be comnosed of not less than
le three nor more than seven stockholders,
b each of which shall own not less than ten
a- shares of the capital stock of the company.
a- This board shall be elected annually on the
f- second Tuesday of July of each year.
meAll such elections shall e held at the of
n flee of the corporation under such regula
tons, as mat be established by the board of
it director. Notlce of such elections shall be
h given by the secretary of the company b
- written or printed notice directed to each
stockholder of record mailed at least ten
ho days prior to much election.
d At all such elections and at all corporate
meetings every stockholder shall be entitled
to one vote for each share of stock standlng
In his name on the books of the company to
be cast in person or by his written proxy.
and the majority of the vote cast shall
SAny vacancies occurring among the di
r rectors by death, resignation or otherwise
shall be filled by election for the remainder
iof the term by the remaining directors.
A failure to elect directors on the date
Inabove specified shall not dissolve the cor
poratlon or impair the corporate manage
ment, but the directors then In ofilce shall
remain in omce until their successors are
elected and qualified.
I The board of directors shall annually
elect from their own number a president, a
vice-presldent, a secretary and a treasurer,
or they may combine the odces of secretary
and treasurer.
The board of directors may appoint a
general manager and authorise him to em
ploy such suhordlnate ofcers and agents uas
the business interests or convenience of this
corporation may require. They may fur
ther authorlse said general manager to dis
charge any or all employes at his discretion.
-All offcers shall hold ofce at the pleasure
of the board of directors and they shall
have power to define the duties of said om
cers and to fix their compensation.
The hoard of directors shall have the
power and the right to borrow and lend
money when necessary or to Its advantage
in conducting Its business, but only In mat
ters connected with the objects of this cor
corporation, and the same to be disposed of
by sale, exchange or In any usual or cus
tomary manner, and to lease, mortgage or
pledge any of the assets of the company.
The board of directors shall make all
rules and regulatluns asare in Its judg
Whenever this corporation may be dls
solved either by limitation or otherwise its
affalrs shall be liquidated by three commls
aioner., to he elected from among the stock
holders at a general meeting of the stock
holders convened for such purpose, of which
meeting notice shall he given In time and
mannir provided for stockholders' meetings Il
in the succeeding article of this charter,
and a majority En the amount of capital
stock of said corporation represented at thi
such meetin snhall be required to elect. Said
commisaloners shall remain in offce until
the affairs of this corporation shall have ha
Imeen fully liquidated, ln the case of the tlo
Inability of any commissioner to continue
by reason of d~ath. resignation or other- ba
wis, the vacancy shall be filled by the
surviving commissioners.
Tols act of incorporation may be modified, Tb
changed or altered, or said corporation may
be dissolved with the assent of three-fourths
of the capital stock represented at a gen- bc
eral meet ng of the stockholders convened
for such purposes, and after notice shall
have ben given in one or more newspapers are
published in the city of New Orleans, oncr
a week for four weeks, preceding the meet
ing. and by a written notice mailed to each ito
stockholder thirty days prior to the date of to
the meeting at the post ofce address deslg
nated by him In writing.
Any changes proposed or made in refere
ence to the "apital stock shall be made In
accordance with the laws of the state of the
Loulsiana. on the subject of altering the
capital stock of corporatlons
No stockholder shall ever be held lible Pe
for the etracts or faets ot mid eorpora
tin Ia any ifrthee sam Uhan t.. unpaild
hlme_ Ie the ereoqatke es the shave Tot
.- sk mel Whim, net" M TU ay rm
r l Io , t 1,r1 ., n ru g
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Per a d f.ill .r f, ,ri. ,lti,, :r!t.ll i of I h ',,vporaol n of
1 Itiijg3... l'r,.II I.,', il l,3,3r 1,panv was this day
3 ct1, 1 ,11I . rh,, I ..' .m. " of eC, In b,,ook 1051,
e New Orle an,.. luly .9th. 1lb1 1.
3 .E333 itL ) L .ARD, I). iR.
Shtt..if l.",ii,.anta, Plarish of Orleans. City
I, oh It. Iphton, the tnder.igned notary
14 lhll'. i. d,, lircl ,3'.rl l1fv 1hat l1he alhove and
RI i'33,rl.3 ,3 i+ it tr 3e an3 correct copy of the
P553 orhiginal r i, of In3,o3rp3oratio0n of lirg-Ter
323 rell i.ll33i3 r i'o l33li3an. with the nlatnel of
'" Ito sili .4'rii33l.ll-r~3,3 , of record and on
s the In itl IIa3:lrI l o(),f.3
3231 In f33ith whe re',of1. I hae, hereunto sct my
ra h- han :3332 a,,:l .,n this twenlty-nilnth day of
Jily. 1',111.
rae- l JOIIHN R. I'PT33N,
S t~eal .Vot Pub.
t33lt . 132 17 24 :t1 ap 7 1911
r neli of the Playhouee.
time of Ae.chylus. creator of drama.
porary wooden oe of which.
ing collapsed during r enta
tion. the Athenians wre induced to
build the great t er f iony
alling it the Ln , wi was the
.as decorated s, as to represent the
on. is ootles. w . hii ,truture. Iut
toms ometmes
ably the atoris were rrh.h , who wore
• mask with mouth i.i,','s. answering
m ,oal vasasi were phacel inder the
seats to serve as. refle<tor s ,f soun
cerfomanes begn ln the morn
aid asually lasted twelve hours.--New
Tork Teleeram.

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