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Devted to the Upbuilding of the West Side of the River. "A very give and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RIECORD.
.-- -- - m m i mJ m m m I.. .. .. . .. . .. . . ..
Douglas Troyer, an employe
Automatic Fire Alarm
ead Miss Hazel Blanch
qre wedded in Gretna by
of the Peace M. A. Dau
lbs wedding ceremony was
shortly after 9 o'clock
-dht and aas witnessed by
C. W. Beckwell and
. J7. Kelly, United States
of hulls, who is enjoy
.tb's vacation, has gone to
t view the wonderful work
canal and will return in
sad Hy. Siewa'd return
agraing from a week's visit
Isatos has been the guest
ad Mrs. C. J. Mott of Abita
P. Martinez, Misses Mamie
.Marldes, Laura Meyer, Al
sad Alma Reaneault and
Andrew and Robt. Mar
gading some time at Mar
lasy Adam.
i- . C V. Kraft and chil
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peffer
iasSunday from Bay Adam.
r1Nrn to the Bay this eve
Dupuis and daughter Julia 1
Miss., have been spending
in Algiers, the guests of
of Olivier street.
Muntz entertained her
last week. Those pres- 1
blinette Kennair, Thelma
Florine and Annie Grimes,
ra, Ions and Gladys Roo
Rapp, Eunice, Macama and
Mlmsie Go.Žl and Lillian
Saturday fo: Monteagle,
ipsd a month.
i se Levy rettrned Sunday
and Chas. Meyer, Bos
sad Philip Reneault were
tors to Martinez Camp,
mra. fy. Donnenfelser and
Mrs. Aug. Schabel and
and children of Chi
y for Grand Isle to
*Aeock and children have
(il a visit to Baton Rouge,
on Wish
Par wishing and come
ienlait our plan to you
Scans easily make a
we spetlly invite the
N those about to be,
we eatead every courtesy.
beed Is the most mod
mash or open account.
pollecteL. Bay at
Al 0a up your town.
Week's Special
Quick Selling!
I TJJE have receiv
V ed by express
forthis week's selling
50 Dozen White Felt
Shapes, inthe newest
models and designs-
while they. last
they're yours at
n-Weinfeld , line r y
sons a s q., - 21 S42 Up de U
Ll a massIYeslr, wesnseva.v
Is just as nice in summer as at any
other season of the year.
How to Make It?
Buy a Can of Miaced Quahaugh
and follow the recipe on the label. You
will also find recipes for C'lam Fritters.
('lam ('howder, (clam Soup.
NO. 2 TINS, per tin........20c
The EI4'IH1IEI) (sweet) Pickle of Ii.
J. Heinz (ompany Is put up after the
manner of the early English. from
whence it derives the old English name
Euchered. as then applied to such ap
petizlng relishes.
IARGE JAR ..............40c
You have tried French Oil, Italian Ol(
California Oil, but have you ever tried
kpanish Olire Oil?
We handle one of the tinest grades of
(panish Salad 4)11.
PINT JuVrLE ........... Me
QIUARTS ................
IIALF-(AL. TIN. a tin.... $1.65
A. M, & J, SOLAII, Ltd,
Main House:
One Block Below Canal Street.
Very Rev. John E. Gunn, S.M., D.D.,
bishop-elect of Natchez, Miss., reached
the city Sunday morning and is the
guest of Father Larkin. He expects
to be here for a few days prior to go
ing to Atlanta to prepare for his con
secration. He has not learned defi
nitely where it is to take place, but he
hopes it will be in Atlanta, in the
Sacred Heart Church, where he has
been stationed for the past thirteen
Mrs. George Seymour presented her
husband with girl twins on Wednes
day of last week.
Wm. Harvey of AtJantic avenue fell
from a two-story building last Friday,
sustaining painful injuries. He was
taken to the Charity Hospital where
he is doing nicely.
Mrs. L. G. Matthews, who has been
Ill at the Presbyterian Hospital for the
past ten days, is improving and has
been removed to the home of Mrs. F.
Pitre, 317 Belleville street. Mrs. Mat
I thews will be pleased to see her many
I friends there, as it will be quite a
while before she will be able to re
turn to her home in Midland, La.
Mrs. Steve Glllen and children left
e Sunday for Bay Adam.
Roy Hicks and mother left Sunday
for a short stay at Bay St. Louis, Miss
Bertie Kinkald left Saturday morn
l ing for Chicago, Ill.
Misses Ida and Florence Klnkald
C spent a few days at Milneburg.
Mrs. Graf of Alix street left Sun
day to spend some time at Mandeville
Mrs. Jules Babin and son Walte.
will leave Saturday for Cincinnati.
Wm. Howard left last Monday fo
Sulphur Mines, La.
John McCarthy left last Saturday fo
New York.
Jos. Tallon and family have return
ed after spending a week at Milne
The Texas & Pacific shops a
Gouldsboro resumed work in all de
partments Tuesday morning after ha
ing been idle for two weeks.
Gretna Green again triumphed ove
Algiers Monday night when Mr. Fran
Miles Donnelly and Miss Leah Kate
Jordin, an Algiers couple, went to
Gretna to be married. The couple ar
rived at Gretna about 10 o'clock, and
by 11 o'clock had found Judge Dauen
hauer and were married.
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Davieson will
leave shortly for the mountains of
North Carolina. *
W. J. B rthelot of 223 Belleville
street, is visiting relatives in Chicago
and Milwaukee. X
Mrs. Cleveland Herr presented her ;
husband with a baby boy.
A penny party will be given tomor
row evening at 723 Pacific avenue.
Mrs. Tom Schaffer left Sunday for .
Ocean Springs to spend a while with
Mrs. J. E. Huckins.
Mrs. L. F. Gisch will leave to-day to
spend a month in New York, the guest
of her mother. She will also visit
other northern cities.
Little Mary and Emma Collins,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Col
lins, have recovered from an attack ir
of scarlatina.
Judge and Mrs. Sam Levy spent
Sunday in Biloxi, the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. Harry Cahn.
Mrs. Bud Goodlet, who has been h
quite ill the past two weeks, is re- a
ported much better. p
G Gilbert Powell, of New Albany, Ind.
was a visitor to Miss Alma Goebel a
this week. h
Miss M. Quiman of Houma, La., isf'
d spending some time with Mrs. J. Kop- d
epel. P
Ferd. McLean of Amite City spent
Sunday here, the guest of his mother- P
in-law, Mrs. Hy. Renecky.
Orange Grove No. 9. Woodmen ICr
cle, will meet to-nigi t. All members
are urged to attend
n The officers of Orange Grove No. 9,
W. C., will go to Independence. La.,
r Sunday, to unveil a monument on the
grave of their late sovereign, Mrs.
Selir a McLean.
1 The home of Emile Gerdes in Ope
louse s avenue is being remodeled and
m wher completed will be one of the
e mcs.. attractive residences on that
sti eet.
The picnic given last Sunday by
Orange Grove, W. C., was a decided I
success both socially and financially.
r The committee in charge deserves 1
much credit for their efforts in mak
t ing it a success. Mrs. Mary Matchett l
received the pin that was donated by
Hon. Jno. A. Barrett.
A. Weck~elnlg, of Alix street is
eft spending some time in Covington, I a.
Irving Neafus, of Pelican avenue,
found the body of little Mary Imbra
gugllo who was drowned at Milne
burg, Monday. Neatus found the body
I floating a short distance away from
where she had fallen overboard, the
id body being caught among pilings.
Rev. and Mrs. Stephen F. Reade, of
i- Georgetown, Tex., were visitors to the
**. rectory last Tuesday evening.
ter Charles J. Slack, of 1iaringouin, La.,
was a guest at the rectory this week.
or Howard Koppel left last Saturday by
sea for New York.
for On last Thursday the baby girl of
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Kestler, of 521 El
in- mira avenue, was baptized at the
ne- Church of the Holy Name of Mary.
The sponsors were Robt. and Juanita
at Heitmeier. The little one received
do the name of Grace Rlta.
v On Friday night at 7:30 o'clock,
there will be a meeting of the Holy
er Name Society. All men of the parish
l are invited to attend. Mr. Thoman
will address the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Peterson
Sspent the day at Mandevllle, Wednes
The baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Smith of 817 Newton street, was bap
tized Sunday at the Church of the
Holy Name of Mary. The little one
received the name of Florence Alice.
The sponsors were Eli Oauthreaux and
Anna OGauthreaux.
Mrs. Jos. OGeretts presented her hus
band with a fine boy Tuesday morn
Miss Ethel Allen returned from Bay
St. Louis Sunday, after spending some
time there.
Mrs. Robt Casey of Opelousas ave
nUe is spending a week at Bay St
Louis, Miss.
Jas. Poster is spending a few days
at Mllneburg.
Alvin Foster was agreeably surpris
ed last Saturday by a party of friends
at the camp at Milneburg, in honor of
the anniversary of has birth.
Mrs. Helladore Lecourt, accompanied
by her son Harry, is spending a week
at Salathe's Villa, Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Miss Ruth Pettlgrove, who spent the
past three weeks in St. Lois, has left
for Colorado.
Capt. W. R. Pettlgrove spent Wed
naesday at Abita Springs, La.
Edwin Pettigrove ett Wednesday
ftor Heartaase Park to spend some
Misses Etta Pettigrove and Roberta
Hafthuesbring are spending the week at
Sea Shore Camp GrOmnudaM Miss.
Clerical work, aceountant, -boo
seplng, openlng of new sets at bk
.d all other matter patresin to the
. -. . . . - ' . , . . .
Movin Pictures! 1
Elmira Pleasure Grounds x
The Elmira Pleasure Grounds has been converted into a Motion .:
Picture Show.
Films direct from the General Film Company.
SThree Rolls of Motion Pictures. all for 5 cents.
I lllustrateo -(,nts. Vaudeville.
S. DUERR, Manaer.
President Fasterling of the police
jury of Plaquemine parish, and Simon
Leopold, who represents that parish ti
in the Legislature, called on Mayor
Bebrman Thursd, v and stated that at
the parish of Plaquemines police jury UI
bad adopted an ordinance appropriat
ing $2,000 for the construction of the
cut-off road and that private citizens
had agreed to give $2,000 in addition
and asked that parish of Orleans ap
propriate $2,000, making ;6,000 in all. a
Mayor Behrman, after consulting S
I with City Attorney Moore, instructed e1
him to draw up an ordinance providing
for an appropriation of $2,000 and also
directing City Engineer Hardee to pre
pare the plans and specifications for
the work. This road runs in both the
parishes mentioned and the roadway
was used for military purposes over a
hundred years ago. It will facilitate
truckers and others in coming to New si
Orleans and Algiers. ft
1 tl
On last Friday night, Miss Lillian v
Schroeder was agreeably surrised by C
a party of friends, who met at the n
e residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. Olsen
,t and then proceeded to the home of p
Mr. and Mrs. E. Schroeder. c
y Dancing and other amusements were f
d indulged in and dainty refreshments f
r. were served. Music was furnished by
s the Ivory Band. Those participating
E. were: Misses N. Olsen, L. Olsen, R.
:t Dinckel, A. Mongrue, L. Howe, N. Cox,
y E. Berger, J. Forrest, M. Welber, N.
Johnson, E. Abbot, F. ,enner, B. Gou
s ey, L. Schroder, M. Sc'roder, M.
SSchroder', Messrs. J. Olsen, W. Mc
Garry, M. Spitzfaden, R. Harper, F.
Berthelot. A. Christy, L. Vallette, A.
Sperier, W. Harvey, A. Muntz, M.
e Howe, H. Glass, W. E. Schroder, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Schroder.
For the present at least the Navy
Department has no intention of dis
mantling the New Orleans Naval Sta
of tion.
C%- Nothing that is not of a perishable
he nature will be removed.
-y The Station is to remain open in the
ta future as in the past for such commer
ed cial business as is trarsacted there.
This information v as given to Sena
k, tor Thornton and Representative Es
ly topinal, who went to the Department
sh last Thursday to pay a farewell visit
an to Beekman Winthrop, the assistint
Dn Mr. Winthrop told his visitors he is
a. preparing a letter covering the entire
situation as to the Department's atti
tude in the naval station matters.
The letter is for President Taft, and
is in response to a note sent by the
President to the Department earlier
in the week.
There will be a joint picnic given by
Orange Camp No. 8, W. O. W., and
17 Company 8, U. R., W. O. W., at Su
5e burban Park on Sunday, Sept. 17th.
There will be amnusements of all kinds
re and a band of music.
It. The general arrangement committee
is composed of C. J. Donner, general
chairman: Peter Clement, ex-omclo;
Jno. A. Barrett, J. T. Olsen. C. J. D.
Gerrett and Wmin. Flynn of Orange
Camp, and G. E. Camus, chairman; L
SF. Gisch, exoficlo; C. M. McCloskey,
W. F. 8prerer, R. Chestanut and M. M.
Glancy, Jr., of Co. H, U. RH, W. O. W.
ed Publicity Committee-J. T. Olen,
ik chairman; 0. Camus and Wm. Flynn.
s Ticket Contest Commlttee-R Chest
he nut, M. M. Glanesy, Jr., and W. 8per
General Contest Committee-C. M.
d* McClauskey, Peter Clements, L F.
aisch, Jno. A. Barrett and C. J. D. Ger
y rettra.
Remaining at Station A, New Or
leas postoffee, week ending August
17, 111:
k Women-Misa Ada Bush, Mrr. Jo
e sephian Johnson, Miss Frannw Jf
h son, Miss Ma FY Kenny, Mns. Sarsh
r, F.ows, D . Suthm. -
' . Vw. nedMla oL St. A.
Robert J. Spahr, a machinist, aged
twenty-one years. reported to the Al
giers police Monday morning that an
attempt had been made to hold him
up on the old viaduct while he was on
his way home Friday night, bi that
he had fought his assailant. An in
vestigation was made by the police,
and two negroes were arrested on sus
picion, but, as there was no evidence
against them, they were discharged.
Spahr could not give any description
of his assailant, saying he was attack
ed from behind.
Louis Burges, age 9 years, of Diana
street, near Teche, while playing in
front of his home early Thursday
morning, was attacked by a supposed
mad dog, and bitten about the body.
He was taken by his parents to the
drug store of Chris. L. Stumpf, where
the wound was attended, and the ad
vice given to take the child to the
Charity Hospital for Pasteur treat
Patrolman Prados, of the Enghth
Precinct, was nearby at the time, and
concluded that the dog was suffering
from rabies, so he shot the animal be
I fore it could hardi others.
This is the time
to buy Real Es
tate-Times are
hard and many
need the money
If you will watch this space
each week we will post you on
one or more bargainus each week.
FOR THIS WEEK is a splendid
double cottage, located 418-22
1 Vallette street, containing 4
plastered rooms on each side,
a- slate roof; property in good re
pair and a real bargain at $1,600.
If you should not have the
money we can secure it for you.
at Y
is West Side
t Realty Co.
id 500 Verret Street
or R. A. TANSEY, Manager.
at 2:30
D. Ofl
: antil Sept. e1st.
all white; large, stlW ears; smrll
Jlemaon br spot on right eye
.and ear; very short, stub tail.
Return to 60 PelIoan avenue
mand reslve a liberal cch ro
"Algiers 48"
About your
Plumbing Work
We Will Do the Rest
J. Bodenger, Pres.
Algiers Cornice & Plumbing Wks.
Practice limited to diseases of
eye. Office: Commercial-Ger
mania Bank Bldg., corner Verret
and Patterson Sts. Hours: 9 to
11:30 Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. Sunday, 11 a. m. to 1
p. m.
New Orleans office: Medical
Bldg. Hours, 12 to 1 and 2 to 5.
Practice limited to diseases of
ear, nose and throat. Ofce.
Commercial-Germania Bank Big.,
corner of Verret and Patterson
Hours 9 to 11:30-Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday by ap
New Orleans Ofce, Medical
Bldg. Hours, 12 to 5.
HOURS-A Ia carte.
.Mrs. William Schabel will
conduct the Restaurant De
partment in the Old Schabel
Cafe, which is now opened
under new management.
Schabel's Cafe, ALBEIT, i.
Fine Wines, Whiskies,
iToba ic a d irs Coldest Beer in Town.
Desirable Cool Rooms for Rest. Sandwiches and
Short Orders at all hours.
Nos. 509 - 511 Patterson Street.
P507 Patterson Stret
Next to Commercial
F. P. Trst Company.
B= Official Watch Inspector
---.- M. L. & T. R. R. Company
T. TRACI West End Hotel
'verything in Season Well Cooked
,-ajoy see l mer meal. m the big gUallery while yoe ee the show and
bher the hend. Opem thrbughet.
Why You Like to Get Your
Shoes at Our Store
Because we make you feel that we want to please and satisfy
you thoroughly, because we don't grumble at showing you any
number of styles and sizes--until you let just what you want.
because we don't hurry you--we let you take your own time
to decide upon a certain style or size. because we act cheer
fully about it--and help you in every possible way, that's why
our customers stick to us year in and year out.
Renecky Shoe Store V~kR.. *
Hart's Great
For a Few Days Only
We need the room and they've
got to go regardless of value.
1te daily arrival of our now Spring
Stock of Planos mad Player Piaos is
so crowding our bonse or wareroeam
that we are compelled to eactrlSc a
aumber of hblghb-grade used pano to a
cur. thb mcsaaryd ezblblton speca..
Never before bave we ad such a larg
collection of such Inetrumentm, and pae
mibly never again will such am oppor
tunltl present itself to buy on such
terms and at such pricea
dulis Hart Pla l sm,Lti.
J. P. sIMMONI, Presdet.
18.,M rA SIiTm , 1M. muI
Until October 1st my Algiers oace
will be located at 232 Bermuda street,
hours from 6:30 to 7:30 p. m., or I
may be seen there by appointment.
Phone Algiers 310-L Robt. O'Conmor.

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