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SIt Known, That on this thirteenth
t JIly, In the year one thousand nine
sa eleven, before me, William
a notary public in and for the
Orleans, State of Louisiana, duly
and qualfled, and toin the
of the witnesses hereinatter named
&inesged, personally came and ap
" rmons whoe namem are he
e all above the full age of
who declared that availing them
d the provisions of the general laws
S-tate relative to the organluation
es ,'atousa. they have covenanted and
ant do by these presents covenant
,"a, bind, form and constitute them
es well as such other persons as may
-r hereafter beenme associated with
" e a corporation and body politic
Ia. r the objects and pul.rpoe nd
Mbe aement sad atpulatloil fol
t ame and title of the corporation
 xie4d to declared to be the "Pan
Lamber and Land Company," au
that name it shall have and enjoy
s advantages and privileges grant
I sW to corporations. It shall exlst
Sgud of nnety-nine years from this
ad shall have power and authority
aitrct, sue and be sued, make and
merporate seal (the same to change
); bold, receive, purchase, con
Shypothecate or pledge prop
- l and personal; issue bonds.
Sod other obligations or negotiable
;have and employ such man
- setor onfficers, agents and other
sm the Interest and counvenence
atdl corporation may require; make
allish uche by-laws, rules arnd reg
rI the corporate management and
St the affairs of the corporation
p1 be aecessary.
detlmile of said corporation shall
th City of New Orleans, State of
a all cit eations or other legal
balhe served upon the president,
de event of his absenc or Inability
bm any ceause, the same shall be
ages the secretary of this corpora
asets ned purposes for whlh this
to be carried on by it, are
dIsed to be asu follows:
aehas receive, own and hold mort
Isbostures, shares of capital
rneis, obligaptioas contracts, evi
Silsb0 ednesand other propet.
ea the right, powern ad s ri
ioidasl owners thereof, to do
 ll ects and things tending to in
Svens of the property at any
by the eorporation; to iMue
eto scure the same by pled!5
- f turst or mortgage upon te
rt of the pr bld by
ad to sell or pledp snch
S1 aIn the promotion of its said
lases, to lease, purchase, hold
usttg and onrvey rea andi
r within and witota the
an dd it any part of the
te constract, execute, carry out,
tseve, work, develop, administer,
r esatrol In the 8tate of Iounlsl
elbwhere public works, improve
l eavienlences of all kinads, ln
itRways (whether propelled by
eiLttrlicit, horse or other powI5
-.,ps, eletric works, terminatl,
say and like works of ater;
t, Iceludlng sewerage, dain
water, gas, electric llght,
itlitutions and all other works
ot public utility; to apply,
r otherwise acuire any con
and eoaeesio tor, or in
the coastruettion, execution, ar
quiwsat, malnement, adman
_ Stiel of ay worts anod con
- us or private, ad to tinde
carry oat d an dipos oft
tan to aeue t, the same; to
everythrlg necessary, sutable
hi the accomplishment of an
and attaLnenuts of n of
herslabefore enumerated 05
at y time appear for the
the crporatio capable of bea
emied e in comnetIan with
Scalculate directly or dlnet
the value of or rtes prlt
--ne to bu r and illl
and any kind of wod-eet
hi o the ina tnre of d il and
o t intted 8tehantahI o pro
e , an tr ct drof telem , d
o ther thenIn nene satrs the
- a Clrlct IV.
he tred work and other mer
. e10.c nd to ky et wd ll
of- be paid for a to eas
, at such tme and h te mes.
I of the btrd et dretorus may de
511 the same vy be taed andt
setUly trnte rrd t t o the ria,
tork when oted, allt bed
muortsemM. coas~ e rl
sha rsIt re hald belem pre de
t shr esheall he  S h
offirs as may be designated by the board
of directors.
Said corporation shall commeace busines
and become a going concer so son a0 o
ten thousand dollar of the capital stock
shall have been subscribed for.
All the corporate powers of this corpora.
tion shall be vested In and the management
and control of ts tffairs shall be exercised
by a board of fve directors, composed of
stockholders, a majority of wuom shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction
of all business. The directors shall be
elected annually by ballot by the stockhold
ers. on the second Tuesday of January of
each year. Each stockholder shall be en
titled to one vote for each share of stock
held annedowned by him, elher in person
or by proxy. All elections -hall be held
after ten days' prior notice by mall shall
have been sent to each stockholder at his
last known address. Failure to elect direc
tors on the date specified shall not act
as a forfeiture of this charter, but the dl
rectprs then in office shall act until their
successors shall have been duly elected and
qualitied. Any vacancy occurring on said
board from any cause shall be filled by
the remaining directors for the unexpired
Immediately upon the signing of this
charter the stockholders shall mleet and
elect five directors who shall serve until
the election of their successors, to be held
as herein provided.
Said board of directors, and all succeed
Ing boards, shall, at their first meeting.
elect from their number a president, vice
president and a secretary. The directors
of this corporation shall have the right
to appoint and dismiss such clerks. man
agers abnd other employees of the corpora
tion as conditions may Justify or the hbusI
ness of the corporation require. The tenure
of office of all employees of the corpora
tion shall be during the pleasure of the
board of directors. Any of the directors
shall have the right to appoint by written
instrument another director or stockholder
to act as his proxy and in his stead at any
and all meetings of the board of directors.
This act of Incorporation may be
changed. moditled, or altered, or this cor
poration ma. be dissolved, with the assent
of three-fourt,.s of the capital stock pres
ent, or represented, at a general meeting
of the stockholders convened for that pur
pose after ten days' prior notice of such
meeting shall have been given by publica
tion in one of the daily newspapers three
times during said ten days.
Whenever this corporation is dissolved,
either by limitation of its charter, or from
any other cause, its affalrs shall be liqul
dated by three commissioners to be elected
from among the stockholders, at a general
meeting of the stockholders convened for
that purpose, after thirty days' prior no
tice of said meeting shall have been given
by publication in one of the daily news
papers published in this city once a week
during said thirty days. Said commission
ers shall remain in office until the affairs
liquidated. In case o, the death of either
of said corporation shall Save been fully
of said commissioners, the survivors shall
continue to act.
No stockholder of this corporation shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the con
tracts or faults thereof, in any further sum
than the unpaid balance due to the corpora
tion on the shares owned by him, nor shall
any mere inlormality In organisation have
the effect of rendering this charter null,
nor of exposing a stockholder to any liabil
Ity beyond the amount of his stock.
Thus done and passed in my notarial of
fiee at New Orleans aforesaid, in the pres
ence of William A. Wenck and Edgar (G.
Gould, competent witnesses of lawful age
and residing nla this city, who hereunto sub
scribe their names together with said par
ties and me, notary, on 'the day and date
set forth in the caption hereof.
(Original signed)
Notary Publle. I
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
In and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of Incorporation of the
Pan-American Lumber and Land Company
was this day duly recorded in my office
in. Book 1061, folio -.
New Orleans, La.. July 28, 1911.
I. the undersigned notary, do hereby
certify the above and foregoing to be a
true and correct copy of the original act
of incorporation of the "Pan-American
Lumber and Land Company," together with
the certificate of the recorder of mortgages
thereunto appended, on file and of record is
my office.
In faith whereof I hereunto set my hand
and seal this 20th day of July, A. D. . 1911.
Notary Public.
July 27 aug 3 10 17 24 31 1911
Be it known that on this the 31st day of
the month of July, ln the year of our lord
on thousand nine hundred and eleven, ad
of the Independence of the United States of
America the one hundred and thlrty-sixth,
before me, Alexis Brian, a notary public
duly commissioned and qualifiled wltbla and
for the parish of Orleans, state of Losli
ana, therelin residing and in the presence
of the witnesses hereinafter named and uan
dersigned, personally came and appeawred the
severeal persons whnose names are hereunto
sbscribedh who declared that. avaIli I
themselves of the provisions of the laws of
this state relatrive to the organsation of
corporations, they have organised and do by
these presents organie and form themselves
and such other persons as may hereafter
join them, and their successors into a corp
ration and body politic in law under the
covenants. agreements and stlpulations fol
lowing, to-wit:
The name of this corporation ahall be the
enjoy all the rights and privileaea granted
by law to corporation; it hall et or a
period of ninety-al (9) years. unless
sooner dissolved as hereinanter rove; Its
demicIIatle shall be in the city of ew Orlas,
state of LooLsana., whoere eltation and other
legl process shall be served on its psi
dent and in hls abeee on the resi
dent of the corporation.
This corpomatio shll have powrer to o
tret, se and hbe sued in tIo corpowat
ame ; to make a use a corpomra seal; to
hold, cir purehuae or otherwi aequlre,
covey, mortgage, hypothecate or plede pro
perty both real and personal; t ise be-d_
notes and other obllptlo; to borrow or
end money; to have and empley ueh ·ma
gers, directors, odmers and other employes
as the bulnes of this corporation may re
qulre for Its conduct; and to make and
tablish set by-laws, rules and reulatios
for the management and control o the at
tirs of sa id corporation a may be dulra
be or naecesary.
The objcts and purpe for whhl this
coyoentien is aise ad the nature of
the busines to b carried by It are
deanrd to be: to lurrhase, les or oter
ril acqre, to ll and genaly to deal
a lads this state or in neihbor
states; to oeostrent or otherwie acquire
wors and zc ieat necesry for the ex
tr_ of.e n o and ether
iereal st ebtn o aci rll ba nrd asse
ea rplortieas; a n semltoe ngaR~g o -
arye ohr thenet oe tepi den le
w ieth fntdeat e the - r-est heare set
t-s-dger at eshrll be dMaleg apm het
hereby Od at th - huwdred
tss- ofr sle rshal het bb"1 apn
board the preieat sad by the secretary. This
corporation shall begin business as soon as I
aslums ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) of Its A
on as stock shall have been subscribed for. 4
All the corporate powers of this company,
Including the right to purchase, convey.
rpora mortgage and hypothecate real estate shall
ement be vested in, sant the management and con
rcled trol of Its business shall be exercised by au
ad of board of directors, composed of three s*ock
shall holders, two of whom shall constitute at
action quorum for the transaction of all business.
LII be Messrs. J. 8. Brady, It. C. Wells and George t
khold- A. Simms shall constitute the first board of
ry of directors, who shall hold office as such until
e en- the second Monday in July, 1912. On the
stock second Monday in July, 1912. and annually
Jeraon thereafter, there shall lie a meeting of e
held stockholders, convened upon the call of the 1
shall secretary by giving ten days' notice thereof
It his to each stockholder thruugh the malls dl
direc- rected to his last known place of residence
t act or business, at which a board of directors
be dl- shall be chosen for the ensuing year. Each
their stockholder shall lw' entitled to oune vote
d and for each share of stock owned by himnt. to Ie
said cast either in person or by proxy. All ele
td by tims shall lie hell by hallot. If demtand is
Ipired made therefor Iy ah stockhold,.r. The
ballot shall le condted under lithe supervl
this lion of two sto-kholders alppolnted y tlhe
anl preshidn of the corporation. The directlrs
until appointed by this charter or any directors
held sis.qullently elected s11hll continlle in otile
until thei' einsuing annll tneetinlL of sItock
ced lholders. and until I their snltecessorls hae lmsen
cling. duly elected and qualiftid, and not failure' to
vice elect' directors shall be regarded as a forfetit
ietors ate of this charter. Any va1'cancy uolarring g
right l sail Iboard shall be tilled by the remaining I
Dian dlir.c-tors for the unexpired tetrm. The
rpora- Ioard of directors shall have the right from~
bltl tlme to time to appint and disnliss the
enure clerks, agents, nlanagers and other employsl.
rpora whihch the business of the comlpany may re- t
f the quire. Any one of the directors shall haver
ectors the right to delegate in writing to any oth.r
ritten director his autlhority and functions as such
holder director, to lie exercised at ally mleeilng of
t any the board.
The officers of this corporation shall con
sist of a president, a vice president, setcre
be tary andi a treasurer, any two of whichh of
s cr- tir.s, excepting those of president and vice
assent president. may be held by the same ludivid
pres- ual. Until the second Monday in July,
seting 1912, Mr. J. S. Brady shall lie president and
plur- treasurer of thils corporation ; Mr. I. 4'.
such Wells shall be vice-president, and Mr. G;eo.
hillca- A. Simms shall be secretary. On the- sec
three and Monday in July. 1912. and annually
thereafter, the board of directors Immediate- a
ly upon their election by the stockholders
shall mneet and select front their own num
her the officers aforesaid, who shall hold of
olved, tice until the ensuing annual stockholders'
from meeting, or until their successors shall have
liqul- beien duly e'cctd and qualified.
r no- No stockholder shall ever be held liable "
given or responsible for the contracts, faults or
news- debts of this corporation beyond the amount
week of the balance due by him on his stock sub
salon- scription, nor shall any mere informality
faIrs herein have the effect of rendering this e
either charter null or of exposing any stockholder a
fully to liability except as above provided. d
This act of Incorporation may be changed It
and modified or amended, or the corporation a
shall may be dissolved with the assent of stock- a
con- holders owning a majority of all the stock 1,
sum of the company, expressed at a general meet- it
npora- ing convened for that purpose, and after at h
shall least ten days' written notice of such meet- d
have Ing and of its purpose shall have been g'ven a
null, to each stockholder through the n il ad
Ilabil- dressed to his last known place of residence
or business. In case of dissolution of the
Sofcorporation by vote of the stockholders or
pres- ly expiration of this charter, the affairs of
ir G. the corporation shall be liquidated under
I age the supervision of three stockholders who c
sub. shall be elected at a general meeting of such
par- stockholders celled as aforesaid. In case of '
date the death of any one of said liquidating com
missloners, the remaining commissioners
shall select a successor to him. h
Thus done nod passed In my office at the 0
city of New Orleans, on the day and date
. herein first above written in the presence of
. Messrs. I. R. Faal and G. W. Schweltser, 0
competent witnesses, who have hereunto
signed their names with said appearers and a
me, notary after due reading of the whole.
gage (Original signed) : J. S. Brady, 39 shares; c
Sof . '. Wells 1 share ; Geo. A. Slmms, 10
above shares. (Witnesses) : I. It. Saal, Geo. W. c
f the hwelter.
oa1fin ALEXIs BRIAN, Notary Public.
I, the undersigned deputy recorder of t
mortgages in and for the parish of Orleans,
do hereby certify that the foregoing charter I
of the South Sulphur, Mineral and Oil Com
pany. Incorporated, was this day duly re
ereby corded in my office in book 1051, folio -.
erb New Orleans. July blst. 1911.
(Signed) tMnLE LEoNAaD,
1 act Deputy Recorder of Mortgages.
with I hereby certify the above to be a true I
Rae copy of the original charter of the South
rd is Sulphur, Mineral and 011 Company, Incor- a
porated, together with the certificate of the
1b11 deputy recorder of mortgages thereto at- e
New Orleans, July 31, 1911.
ALaxis BataN, Notary Publfc.
li. (Seal) aug 3 10 17 24 31 sep 7 1911
FATEBe It known, that on this 28th day of the
m,"th of July. in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hbndred and eleven, and of
SB. the independence of the United States of
America the one hundred and thirty-sixth, t
yo before me, Frederic Charles Mar, a notary s
public, in and for the parlsh of Orleans, J
,sand state of Louisiana, duly commissioned and t
tes of qualified, and In the presence of the wit t
3ixth. nesses hereinafter named and nundersigned. q
ublic personally came and appeared: the severala
a and persons whose ames are hereunto subncrib- s
osis ed. all above the full age of majority, who a
ene severally declared that availing themselves a
San- of the provisions of the general laws of this s
d the state relative to the organisatlon of corpo- s
sunto rations, they have formed and organised r
andli do by these presents form themselves r
and those whom they represent, into, and f
n of constitute a corporatIon and body politite In
o by law, for the objects and purposes and un- t
elve der the atipulations and agreements herein- I
Biter after set Yorth and expressed, which they f
mY adopt as their charter, to-wit: a
The name and title of this corporation d
shall be and Is hereby declared to be theI
JACKRON COMPANY. Its domicle shall
C the h in the city of New Orlesans, state of Lon. I
OIL iasiana, and It shall have and enjoy succes- a
shall sion by its corporate name for a period of t
ated ninety.-aine years from and alter the date
for a hereof. a
e All ieltations or other leLgal process shall
1; Its be served upon the presmldent, and In the I
les, event of his absence or inability to act from c
any ae, the ame shall be served upon a
p the vice-preident. r
The objects and purposes for which this I
eorporatlon is oranalsed and the nature of a
co- the business to be carried on by It are
orate hereby declared to be to eondunct a hotel, .
l; to restaurent and saloon businessa this stta t
IV or The capital stock of this corporation is
m hereby fixed at the saum of ten thounaand dol
oys isrs ($10,000.00), divided latb and repre
e seated by ene hundred shares (100) of the I
l5 per value of one hundred dollars ($100.00)
Itio each, which aball be paidM for in cash In a
a such amoents, and Ia such manner and at a
r uch times as the board of directors nay t
determlne, or the same may be issued at not a
lee than par value in full payment for pro
perty actually received by or services acta- s
ally radem to the company: scb stock a
i t when so Iued shall be full paid and na- )
deal This corporation shall have Dower and
l athority to contract, ee and be sed I
tIts corporato same, make and use a corp- I
rato seal (the same to change or sIter at
Spleasmre): bold, rerelve, lease, hire and 1
t er rehase serty, both real sad perm alI
and to sell, mortggs or pldge the sme: a
eborro menty. ise 1bond otes or other
t- evience o nlst ebtdne sad atsme the
ir ime; hhrelo ans d dasmcar, al 6- l
N e perha and amnt eeandun ut mao t anaeI
as my h a eessary ad prs, and alter,
samn ad ehattae the me at peaunr
mIred -u OlaEI(X V.
Ih holders, andsall be etm at the annul
tim shall e meetinag sha l he g a
se tber At sai metin ery arehslsmr
di'i. I byhIm'at emnd a aeel F o I
s~ byjeet~ JI3 daM.;;
Is The board of dlrector. shall prescribe the
as manner in which said meeting shall be held
to and the votes cast and the result ascertain
ed. The failure to hold any annual rmeet
ing shall not terminate the charter but the
officers then In office s1all continue in oom',
and shall summon an annual mecting as
r, soon as possible.
F" Tie board of directors of this corpura
i llion shall exercise all the powers, both gen
eral and special. vested in the I'corporation
a as fully in every restsct as toin siae ulightl
SIs.- exercised by the share.hht.ers of the oun3
a pany sld shall in no iase he r'etqulird to
W sulullon a le.lethl of the st-h1r..holder s of
Ithe cIlrtllliaun to ratify or u:lthorize any :lI't.
If ctnt lral, altlInaliln or enlnlllllrance. dlun.l' ft
it lntered Into by the said s,Ward if directors:tl;
e said board of directurs shall lha1e power to
Sallplstitlt all agents. lllmanagerlll , clerks anlld
f enlploye*es, and to Ill their salarl,- andl1
etll lt*lslion. They .htll hbae power to , I
hmake, bhang., ailll- allnd modify all prlpei'l
1 by lawV. 1111"s and rlgullatiolns fo"r rar+%illg
their charter lutl 'ff]i't anl for the mllnl l,."
s nient of the bu i ,ness of i!1." .'orp 'oratio 11
h Said l.ard of director.s -h1all at its1 tfirst
e IUteeting aflter its town eletitol, elect a p,.
ldent, l i , -president. and It..I.ullrr, I:ll .,
sec re ta ry . T h e s 4"e re ta' t  n e 1 .- ,'d tmt ". 1
I sharl.eholder or dir'iector.
S \Within ten tdays front the ig"lllig of trti
S lhartier lthe stackholl d".r3 hall h1,11 d 1 1 . I t.i
i ng for the lllpurpose olf . c'ting tl h, thi it
b a I.l d f dir. 11 '1 .lr. ' l id the Illi erI's111 ,f l 1
m lpas . and tlhe dirtl'r  1 1 allotl ,t' iers s.I
eleicid lshall hio 11l stthtitl utntil the first i luoi
day of July 191:3. and until th.'ir euloli t.i
lEacth boa.rd .of directIr- ha.ll I,.lt it- r 11
g ollicers a 14d till all vacancii." o.rurrilg ill
gltheir number froml de athll, re.si'ltillon or
e titherei . of Ts io talsllolkl of tii bta'el sbhall
1 llonstiitut a quorum fior tihe Itru ettl of t
e AtiltEAny dr I. t
S lto a tIe ll I.r directollr.
"Transferst of stock t shall not til reF.soglll.li
I ullnl.s tn atle on the ill kls of the tIli p ili
Sby thell owl. I r or his dull1i iuthorIizel d 111g utl
Ti'l'n corplloration shailll conIll Itce huil'.s.
and Il heone a going iid rlltll 1s s3 it e
three thousand dollars shall hiIvlIle tln srllf
suIbscribed for.
This act of incorporation may be c.hanged.
rnoditlled or alltered, or this iolrra tin I ay
Iet dissolved with Iti en of its two-thirds
t of the cpital stck present or rlprstil nltedl
at a general meeting of the sttockholdot ers c
convened for that purpose, after thirty days'.
Sprior notice of such llteeti shall halve Iten
giveon bly pullhnadllion il one of tlhe da;lylv
e nsewsanliPers published in thie city of Ned I
irleans ,ichte a week during said thllirty dayls.
and such changes as may be made In rtefer
cni.e eto. the caplital stonk shall require In
addition forty days priojr written notice fby
e urall to each stockholder. t .
s Whenever this cororatiolln Is dtiolved, a
Seither by limitation of its charter or from
r any other cause, its affairs shall be liqui
dated by two commissioners elected by the v
stockholders from among their number at a
general meeting of the stockholders con- it
vened for that purpose, after thirty days' v
b prior notice shall have wen given In the
Ssaime manner as provided In Article VI, and im
at which meeting their compensation shall I
t le tined. Said commialsoners shall remain
Ion oflae until the affairs of arthe corpraton it
t have been fully liquidated. In case of e
-death of either of said commissioners, the t
survivor shall continue to act. d
No stockholder of this corporation shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults thereof in any further
sum than the unpaid balance due to the Ir
corporation on the shares of stck owned
by him, nor shall any mere Informality In t
Sorgansation have the effect of rendering
this charter null or of exposing a share
h to any liability beyond the amount
aofe his stock.
The subscribers hereto have each written n
opposilte their names the number of shares r
Ssubscribed for, so that this act may also it
serve as the original subscription list.
Thus done and passed, In my oiee at the o
city of New Orleans, aforesaid In the pres
ence of Eugene . Saunders and K. Johnson. d
competent witnesses of lawful age and re
siding in this city, who hereunto sign their w
names with the said appearers and me, no
tary, after due reading of the whole. h
(Orlginal signed) : C. ('. Jackson, 20
r shares; J. P. Wallenbuy, 5 shares; Jas. L
rlarding, 5 shares. (Witnsesses : Eugene Iº.
Saunders, K. Johnson.
FRED. C. MARx, Not. Pub.
State of Louislana,
I'arsh of Orleans. 1
I. the undersignedl recorder of mortgages,I
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
SLouisiana, do hereby certify that the above I
and foregoing act of ineorporation of the
e Jackson Company was this day duly record- a
Sedo in my once in abook 1051, folio - f
New Orleans. July 28, 1911. t
i Signed) Eaii.E: LEtNARD. I
(Seal) Dr. Recorder. u
A t ruce copy: d
FaED. C. MUax$ Not. Pub.
Seual; aug 3 10 17 24 31 sep 7 1911 t
e LEAN8.
Bs IT e Now that on this th ird day of a
Sthe month of Aupuot, In the yeas one thon
y sand laie hundred and eleven, before me.
SJohn R. Upton, a notary public In and foro t
s the Parish of Orleans. State of Lo(lalansa.
Stherein residing, duly tcommlmloned and
Lqualsied, and In the presence of the lwit
Ineses hereinafter named and undersigned
Spefronally ome and o ppeared the several o
Tpersons whose names are hereiafter sub-s
lcribed, who declared that, avaling them- u
Sselves of the provisona ot tre vlue of this p
state relative to the organlatIon of corpo- P
rations, that they do hereby form a corpo- ts
ration for "the term of nlaety-nine ysus
I from this day, eader the name of PELICAN
REAITY COMPANY, with a domitle In I
- this city, for the purpose of buyling and el
-ing rtam estate for both its own account and a
I for account of others, and the doing os any e
and all thlnage h connection with or per
talning to tbe general real estate bnalneu.
The capital toke, shall be Fifty Thoanand
($50.000.00) Dollhars divided into Five Hun
adred (500) Bhares of the aper value of One t
aHindred ($100.00) Dolnlar each, whichb
Tshall be paid lor in moacy, property or erv- o
Ies rendered, at such time and in such a
manner a the Board of Dfretors may de-n
termine. e
The corporation may biect buorsw atl
once, and yhall have all the power and au
I thority to borrow money, cntract, sue wad
be sed Ian Ilts corporte iname; to hold, re- t1
Scelnve, purchae, ll and convey, and mort-t
I lge eiecti and bypothecate prosperty, bot
ireal and personal, tad to name and i p
polnt sueh oleer, asemta and employee
ia sincerest and convenene my req lre.
The bastlcesr shabll be cohneed l ia
I Board of DIretors of not less tthan reeb
nor more than seven directors, who shalln
Sbe eleeted by ballot oa the Irst Monday oc
SJuly of eieh year, at an election of which
Sten days' notice in writins harll be sent to
each director by small. Esth share oi stck eI
shall be ettled to one vote eithesr th per- c
ron or by proxy.
I All citations and a11 other leoai proessa
Sshall be rred ot the PremIdent, ad In hisra
- nLabvce or wnability to set upon the oVic-f
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
Sor responsble for the contraeta or J aulta
t of thris corporation in any e rther w m than r
the napatid blane due to the sorpordtloe
on the shares owned by him, nor sall any
Smere infolmllty in ornaniatlon have thead
I- efec, of renderlng this charter null or of t
Sep3osraln a stoekbolder to ay liabilty be- a
Syonad the amonnt of his unp bed tock.
It the ter stlon of this ehalter the at- c
tatre shall be Ilquld ted by th od of DS- d
Thus done and passed at my oftice Inla
Sthi edity o the day, month and yeer ere
Snastbone irt wrtes a. in the preseece os
t Messrs. orae U . uptol aid James M.
SSurke, opetnt witnesses, who hereuntoI
Sthen their inmed, toRetber with the rtlade
appearers ad me, notary, ad tls id ap
puarers la adlttlo ave set oelte their
Smesr the number of rhares lbed by a
Sthem, so that to aret slall tlao serve I
anthe orlfa n acrptloa Ist, a/l atter dneo e
ltneatd :
JOHN R. UPTON, lotry Pubtle t
l I, the Md of Yortlq_
t miLo do beb cert if that the above
·ob letlan act ol lneorporatiuo of the (
-I IiMua tIONARD, D. I
A trn esy.
a 1w O 1t , Ia., 1 ; 1. UP
1 (Seal) I. 17P15N k
n Lug 10 11, S.4 ,S; Semt. t , 191L S
(il-" r Till: IIX I .: lt 1 1.1.\ i'.All l . ' 'll%
I'- NY
.TA.\'I'I tpl" 'o1 l ISIAN\A1 . I'\ 110 sit , " ",i:
I..LAN.S. I'llY l' NI :\\' tl.l:A.1 1
l1: l. II I ' \\ . Ih a.t \l a !1i." l I t : lilt h d \.i
it .\i ;: t,It- i i tithe l .ir "! .11 ,: i I' , ,I ., "
t ou .:011,t1 nin,, ll idri ' 1 , , . !,t'' .'
1 'i,. I lh l Il, 1l: ti" , e .1 .1 ," ; . ,. 11 :! 1,1
i r t' l i. ' I 'llsh itf 41tiI, I111. : . "" ,l ".
i .Ina . lII} c\t. I'+ l \-,,:r, .I :1h l ,.h" 1 1 , ,I. .t11 +,1 '11
tiI. 11' 1'. i, " . .i t ;i,11 "" . i- i11 .-." .lj 11.1 '1
l i.l i I ll4I1 ltl 'l', . t . i i. -.ln.. I , l1
.1 i l n IIII':I Ioll th ,'" i,,, ll - \!,,1 '- ,, 1.1 111. . : t.,+
! . l'.' tnt ., "'I' , I'. i . . . ,, , I' t _
,,It"I l .lal,*lllll . t i .
. f 111.1 1",4 11 . II 1."I ., I ."1.1 III .t. . I 1I1 "t t '.1 '
,i I it, i ll,'- .. .i . .'-.,.'..Ii !i- " :.. h, l "i ,
A:I . t, i A". t t'i l . ll\, " I. . I1 , 11 l .n t
: . rl ' i I. 1 , t ,' ', ,,i."ll ;, b. ; 1 ,1t ., , " , .;
:1: It' I 1 t ' ,. iii' "11 "ý
.I1 1. I l"ll' . i.t i.ilA *'1.i i - , : ..
.\Il"UI 1ll .I I
i lt h ' 1 itii. .il, I I:itt .,f il .. ,,. ': "11'
In I.l', 1' ;n d i. ,li. 1 , i 1, ' A.i l ; i ,, ll- I Ill.
t In t l'.\h l ate - t , l ti' i'.
Tl - , rl, l ,, o han h.ill bht. , wI% , :> 1
I"r tt l. 1t-l1 t111,- ir c.ll t',!1. 1 llllt l :t il :IIt ilt w
lt11 w1ulr Ih" I tlan. or Ila.nts ut wit* t
t* l.r k,1ind) oI r natlue. . lir the :1 rie nd 1,
lit ,l1 sln,, I' tlli. I,' 1" l ti rl.k 1 t.ilial 1". inl .
pand t"ll.n. l a. lul. 'r i 1thrwu,, ! clls,. 1 riL.
h le, ,'r. Ightl te, tIi iir ellttl-r . . in wlilttl,
e- .er fol l ir natir." , e I.nd 1i. e.11\11 t .lu I,
the customarye anu: neci-e shalr powers il
To anctiure y 1 pu.r ints.- or o e11lrwl*e. tit.
il,t lI''I sellu. l 'lu ,m:iy. lease. IitII , t . .i ,
A.n ll l.nli.r reil e prt.- or  t hier p !,prti.
Srp.onal ior ilxiei1. and t,' r .illm. ll inrvr t.
sth b'i e pin t Il:::jiriu'. r il" i li -ehili ip, Irri
itot. oiujerEgli- and other Isnir. litir
,oist-1tI ofle and oihrwis. l e, ind t, i.l k antl
'5rfiirm all thIngll nedfntl anti : wI"114 f"r
the retlant, ot. de1 n. .elitment anti Imrp1ri'
cont of .hel. lam. for t1grlcrultl. i p  nt
lin. cattle rilln. resld' ei. 1ir1d and it s .l'
t' plrt-ballse, or otherwi ie act-ir. and itrt
hold. own or control. rlacvlle. store. c iney.,
or lature. fsell l ieae ir otrise dif iose of
tnds. rIclie or molsuture In ands, or, sor
in water ofs, any na the ini and to water or
lnother pulg e or phlof.
n rallha. to leasrry on othr nlerale any.
erect, eullpl. lllllmove, extend, w.,rk, de
velop. operate. maintain. own. repair, con
trol. sell, lease, ,.r oitherwll' e dispose of wa
other rights, reservf ir. damse ennall nturel.
dwhitch. from tes. drainageme to systems, tll
ilire works of this corprlants, or plants of wha
soevr kind or ntl to re. for the piaor i-nf
purchasing, leasing r. otherwise acquiring.
and sellingth leasing orf an of thrwise disposing
of power, light, heat, or energy in whatsii
pver forle or nature., and the exeris wl iof
the customary ant necessary sowers o inizl.
dent thereto.
To acquire by purchase" or otherwise, own,
hold, buy, sell, convey. lease, mortgage or
Tenumler real stiate ofr othll r t proprtiyt I.
personal or at ixed, and to reclaim, surved
sulbdivide. plat. Improve and develop irri
gated, Tsutlerosand and olther lands for lur
edoss in and otherwei , and twit dous and
perform all things needful and lawful for
the reclamation. develoharmet and improvale
i nt of the same for agriculttr cal. plant
hngf atile raising, residence, trade and st -.
Tan purn-halse, or otherwif shall cquire, and torr
hold own or control, receive. storeumul. convey
deliver, sell lof se en pr otherwise dispose of
atn.r ice or moisture in ay forlm, or
sidght of any nature in and to water, or
the usage thereof.
Generally to carry on or undertake any
other business of the same general nature
which, from time to time, seems to the
directors of thisan corpor anti sh pall le of r
Ilg conveniently carried on in citonneti co
wilh lhe ove objects, or canulated dpreferrect
ly or indiretly to reder valuablone or overn
herred the value of any of the company's
privileges or rights, and which Is lawful in
!.otisiana. for a corporation so organized.
Th capintal stock of thio corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of Two Hundred
anify Thousand t ollars seven (7 per cent divil
ed Into and r whireeh pointl y two housand
five hundred 12,.xl) o shares of the pr value
of One hundred llollars 1$1111 each. One
half of said stock shall nd common stock.
and one-half thereof shall e preferand pred
stoerrk. ed d prferred stock shtall oce en
titled to draw and rteelve a cumulative an
nual dividend of seven -elther cent there
upon, which shall be paid Iefore any divi
dend is paid upon the common stock of
saidu the company, from the arnngs and prssetof
itsand of said company, and shall full par
ticipatlng In voting quality with the comr
made In stock of saidth company.
All stock, both common and preferred,
shall have equal vor ing qality, and if any
and above even (7) per cent upon the pre
Sderred stork shall e mid by id company prt
-such excess shall l applied to the eommon
tork untiprcel osuch common stock may hae issued
parn equivalment of labor done oper cland ord
prdperty actually received by dividend c forpo
Thi corpreferredton shallnd common cetock sallnes
bn paid equally uponcern both common and prOne
unerred stock.nty-ve Tousnd (.tn
Dollrd avaols of the companyc shall bve useden
subsock anrbed oallr arrearnd ths chrteof divr sidend thereon
ec fulltd by thefore any distribution shall ber.
made in favcororrte ofpoer o the cormmon -ck.
shtlon sall be veid forted In stallments of such
of directors mayve () dretermine, to bute composedrt
or parcel of said threek may bom sall on
nsaid Ti rd of directors at not lbess than
edpar itn payment of labor done authority land ormae
Sproperty tractually rchave and saies. rnd corpora
all by-laws, rules and regulations for the
oveThis orporation shall commence busi the bness nd ar o
nd bthe ompany, and altconcern as soon an One
thundred Twenty- levure re andThouand ($12.ds
Doll sar of its capital stock shall have beenr
subormribed forall thn and this charter strgned andcton
o executed by the ancorporators. the omp.
be All the corporate powers of t ors in tora-e
mnion shall be veded ior n thand exersed by a
Theboard of 8oe (rd o5) directors, to be ior
of stokholders, thrconsst of whom sha. Clln on
ne. Ther bold of d. ertors shall be ven t-.
ed with full power and Peauthority tohe makeid
11a tracts, vice purchases and JohlenS, and adopt
secretall by-laws, rules and regulationshall forld thelr
191 ogovernme unt ofil their busnces andsors affairs ofduly
electhe comped any, and alter, ed and change
Onthe tme at ondpleasure; appoint ecembre and dis-1912
chande annall offters, agentsr an elmptloys, fodi
ftorm all thle neessary inat the otrance o tone
ofmmssoners to bed alppointed bof the ompany.
be nt lleand by the drectmaor then eldrectred shall n the
manne ter serovtded for Immedlatel the by-laws.hll old
The findrst boalrd of diarct ord s of this cr
oratn oir onc shall consist of Jmt A. prcliton
dentr a ecetary sdand a treasurer, who shall hold theiro
officd ontil the rst Monda by te sceme per
1912All corpora until theinr sceslors are dulyot
anelected and ao l ol the votes a all elect
and at nuall thereafolderr, an election for d-or
any prectorspoa be held at the office of the
ompnoy, und ers the whprvis on omt same
commltrestmerds to be appootd byo the ompany.re
dent, and tbhe directors then elected shall
take tnhelr boseots immediorately aneod nhall holdt a
offcedl untl thelrt dar sueors anyre duy elect
hed d quallied. to ach board shall elect it
dent a sretary at least ten (10) daysurer. Two o
eslcd otiob may be eld by the same per
paidl to rate ehtpons shall bce by bldrlot.
Tande boardty of dthe voters ast hal elert,
tod etablis stock toldrs' meetag held for
entitled to one vote, either nl persoo in tor by
cprtey, bo tNe peOrn , whose andame Ccagome
Ill. and at ered on the books of the y mpany
ad the ear d of directors may eloe the
ceeding thirty days breqfore any meet.g
Wttes notice of srporatokbold mra ' meethanged
shalterl be given to each stocorpholder by ation de
oild, with the aossnt ofi thre-ourths
(to eotablh stock trsent or rgen ted atn
anydeem eeary and the btin of theoldr
say geea meetlia of the stockbolders
_ 2. 1i.- ha "" I
\ l- , I" . t 11, . 1- i ll, -, i I 1 1
\ I; I'I1 '1 I \ I
I j,
! t t 1 1 1 1 n .
, A ll ,t , I. ' ,11 1
SIt 1.11 2. I '.i,"I. . I, I : ,- 1; il. ll2 t -"
1 1 1 I l i .. \ 1
;  :, :. 1 l. , - 1 1i .
, ti I;. 2 1 _ " 11 -1
I','t I'ý,, \ I t .:
li ti l l ..1.'."1 1... . .l
S Inil l ,t ' u ri, I In I I 'ff1 .
LSttslAT · 40 h re Ilt-. IAA . IS I h II ll.
ol! , l h i it ' a u nt , h oh i n Iul, k i t uI
Si . ndI n I i 1. 1111.1 4' 1.;aui l:. " I ".
yIea of our tIert 012*' tho" ithitnd
in le ." thrul.de and llent, u'l'o;illnty oI l
llsal nI' of ili ar orlt! ii' l of lt'i¢+ liln i. lnle.1
"l 'iti," I'l. l d.Tarn!: I,,,'tll* tr tltlh ih. dalll
Fli mt t t)i l mp.m" 1. a ti. r 1Ll'. i.ll.s 1 . 1 1 1
Intei.'t of ti iSw I I: ntul \tates of Al,
andli ilf r tcor' iln In\ ,,ffi,',
lin faith \whe'r'l I h vI it c h no' 0" 1
ihia t aine hr.l ti foand hrtth idt itf Afr:
no'. oth f ere·i [ acauInla t afford , aftt` i . I,htar!
a",trildl. aparei*t thplers I.iga Itaa tea TI e
thlel.u IT. e4. ;nt.. and. It . e 1. 1 al d i
frm a.td i onstitte thtttsev. a 1 wll .
.'1 .I.1\111:s III T I. I 4 t 1 11'. NY.
STATE OiF IAiI'ISIANA, i'.\IAltI!S t, dill
LEANS, '.'ITY 1,i"' NEW -:"I.ItANS.
Tlie r: IT K wN that on this thiorletirst dal
of the mo Sth oIf July, in the
yeand of our Inartd onel housandln
ioy alle hundrged ts, ada and rii-of the
indell ndence of the Unlited ofStates of tAmne
Ia the one hundred and thirty fifday, f rt shall have wer t
lionra, Ethered Macnd auay Stafford in , a ororatary
publicme; duly commissie and to uned sworpon and ual
anied in and for the r anid city and plarsh of
and alppared the persons whose names are
hereun; to suholdbsceld, who drchlared that.nv
vailirtg themselves of the provisions of therty.
aw Iof this tae.nd n suhonal; to i case proed.
elati ngor other urgallnization of nerpgrltions,
trumhey have cntven; to haved and aemrloyd, anhd lin
y therse presenorts covenant and agreend oth, erind
form and constitute themselves.,  well as
such other persons as may hereafter join or
tllcomees ass the d with ther em, nto a cer
oratid ororaton and mly p l, in law, for the
to mabjects and purposes, ad un-las.der thrules aree
andt and tropula o tions folloairs o the or wl.
AlrTI'I(E I.
The name andof style of this corporati shallon
halle in t he ity . JAMEw OrleasL In thi AN.te,
and undeIt mayr that namle t shall have and enc
oy allhot the riht, advantages orand priv
egesntries. ed ll aw itations and orpora ; il
roces shall for the period of nney-n presidne
ears from this daya; it thell have power det.
onract, ectsue and ur sued ior whIts corporathi
rpname; to make aned and tuse a corpature seaol
andthe b same to alter and bronak at pleare
urey dlard; to hold, rece: To leasive, purcha-, convey,
mortgage, hypothecate or pledge property,
both real and personal ; to issue bonds,
othases, or other obligation or onegotiable
Instratment o L to have and employ such man
agculerar, dlretors, offleers, agents and other
emioytel s at the Interest and convenience
this said corporation may require or demandrorm
to makthe otd el tablsh by-law ru, regu.
The domicapitale o d cth rorporation shall
Ie inat the sumcity of New Orleans, in thi oltalre,
throughout the United inato e or foundreign
hountres. at the parions and of Ther Iogallr
)roc.s shall bshare ervedach on the pshaldentl
and inor In cashee on tse vice presidtenrt.
The objectndng and purpothes fror whlch tnless
mroratde pon is organioed and allthe ncature of
toche business to be carred on by it are
mtaty e digof Louna and elewhere, and par
teularly to own and operate the St. James
to the . tel busne.
All the corapital toekr of tlth comrporation iy
shalr be atested in and the mu of Fanaement andr
3control oI.), divided lto Five erclundred by
ed or dlmnashed at thue dlof Teon olar the
bo.rd per shadretor, each of whr shall he
rctaid for shall cash, or ists ea quoruivam lont thereof.
trAll sactreon of stoallk shall e full paid andrectors
onastnable. No transfer ch stotoldck shall
be entItledg uprson the or by proray to ina otunle
inad upon ismts o book and all erticate or
meetonk shal d all elections schall be held un
dety be designated by teh board of ddrector, -t
alter the corporatie powers of thelection shallny
ehal be vested shall con and the management anyear.
No atroilure to elect shall be exercied as by
rrn on d board of diretors, compe illed of the
rmtokholder, which oumber mey bpred term.
the or dmi hoarlbed shall be discretion of ththe rma
oard of diretors. A majority ofrd the dt
bectors shall constitutse electa quorum for thdd
intokbolders on the ncond Monday ithen Au-rd,
as abole nrodame on theid boaroks of dirthe ctor
orationll, at te tirmeetn of the election o
eetlon , end ll elections shall be held unt.
aer such rulesnt, a ed regulatarony ands may tr
etermy ho ned by the neitherboard of director, butoc
ter ten days' notice om such elers action shalln
last known addresploys. The drthe orpor thu
leoted shall ucontue ict offe for one yea.not
o failure to elect shall bdetor asr garded t o
myor lturety of the harter. Any vathe corpor
arrln the eP on loyesaid board the corport lled by th
remadnlng the pleas for the boarunexpred o term,
thNo stad oard shhall eder by theld remailn
orng dranebtorae for the contractsexpred termaults, theor
dbtsa o the ad orport shall lkewse elect theall addy
debts of the said corporation, nor shall say
ftthe lat os mirn t.'heBa
.I .. I 't, . I
d wI h " , , ,' 1r r !p
.: ,
,a , adI n t.
I the Braz :l Nu.at oTee .
t I',,
1rt t 1e eIs o0 oI 13 feth
.e. i 1 th .I is bran , the
ends of which ha.g like ', trope .
Thel1 alle , smooth i .ichl truk has as "
Ir cu.e .rn c ro t: le to e . enten
e Is I I: d i, tn b -a ), Ji i ,r.a -
\ l7, I. :I. ý 1 ' "-. I 1 , 1. I'+i ,
nd to~the Brosiol aNut onae.
In the district watered by t he river
lareon abhe mafy earletloi o pams
,ower i the frtl, oIt being the Bra .
nut treoe, the ins 100 t 130 Ileet I
heighto with horsionsr baranche. the
ends i which hang like a re at hropae
The smooth cliandrina o tink hats
weelt o a hesigh.t o i gI h tI Iarom
the ground The every des ted
overd the wraioutl aust Tin reage
ev e the tree attractive at Indieans
tenhanced the lowereng. Ti byad '
growing like ears of corn. After the
itreer ng the iruit o s iormed i, the
shape oi r lwy large seed ressels, om-t
monvery ealled pods, which ary n ries
(rn cntain eerom tfteen to 2centy
nuts, closely adhering In similar mas
erson. the ll, a person of this sort, an
poelderly woms incasiang the nut re abt of do
an Incher own marketing hard a longthe
duster. The duster a heavyid her purchases.
It prevented her, while usurping her
the act. Asremove the nutswoman onate hot morn
ng was walikaring homeward d he
duster from the Marche ant. Honor
Ite s the ustom In arieyacin the.
and a legly of mutto the ook's income, ll and rolled
every dealer allows her 5 centime
(1 cent) on every franc (or 2o cents)
across the sidewalk. A pass ingstr an
thger mapicketing up the leg of rerogatton andhe
retrned it. awith soa bow and smilert,
elderlymi mean madame-yourn the habit a," he
ami heng tharketing errymander. lo
dThe gerrymander hidwas christened prc
It 1818revetheough it msthe have been hern
operation long before that A stanch
Gerry controlled through his legla
underat tou the o s1810. In the oe
of Benjtamn Russell. ran ardent Re
publican editor, hung a map of the
state as newly subdi ed by Gerryed
and e tmean. Gilbert 8tarlt's rerdy
pencil whimsically added o to the out a
lines of a grotesque distrit the wi gd
and taell of a dragon.
Ha!" he said when he had rin ished.
"How's that for a salamangdere' I
the Repubiict Russell growled.tt
"Better call it a gerrym ander." And
Amerecan poeitecans have taken hisb
Heroilm, ei which I ioclude courage
fortitude and self denal, is an essen.
danger whe adnever thereto called by
dty; fortitude. the power mand pera
tice of endurance, which reraders dim
superior to pain and makes him ac
cept with cheerfulness whatever fate
comes, adnd self denial, the subordin
tion of the materal to the spiritual, of
athe lower to the higher nature of manet
which renders his will master of bhe
to forego every personal benert for
the ake of honor and stercm eee.
David Dudley Feied.
Oldbach-Do you believe in hereditary
lheoace th Youngpo saure. Now, sy
believe it is just because my wife al
ways ialited on sitting up and wait
-ag fore me to coped home-Phladei
eoWinning aw Nameo. .
re-Tour cousin's name Asile is a
her Eliza, and she simply reversed it.
-Boston Transcript.
bSspicions are weeds of the mind
Uewhich grow of t bemselves and most
apidly wthen least wantederWallatea

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