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George G. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
SGOOD Union Saloon,
B E R Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
and Tobacco. UNION BEER
Theo. J. Lala,
The Grocer,
Dealer in High Class Food Products
Cooking Utensils, Liquors of All kinds. All kinds of
Food Stuffs. Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Grain, Etc.
Pittsburg Coal and Coke
Yard Offleo: 62a Seguln itreet. Roaldnoee 4A1 Pellen Amv
When in Need of
Can Supply You Promptly
Telephone, Write or Wire
838 Canal St.
Phone Main B67 New Orleans
Where and When They Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Offoers.
8T8. JOHN LODGE NO. 153.
Ste. John Lodge No. 153 F. and A
M., meets every Tuesday evening it
Masonic Hall. corner Olivier 8t. and
Pelican Avenue at 7:30 o'clock.
W. M., Shade G. Smith, 625 Belle
vile St.; S. W., Fred H. Galt; J. W.
* Adolph Spitafaden, Jr.; Treasurer, Geo
H rbert, Jr.; Secretary, L. J. Peterson
' 513 Verret St.; Chaplain, C. A. Suth
erland; Tyler, W. Senat; Stewards,
W. Lucas, J. M. Couget; S. D., A. W.
Lucas; J. D., E. Dosher.
Crescent Lodge No. 3, K. of P.
meets every Friday night in Pythia.
Hall at 7:30 o'clock.
Theo. Olsen, C. C.; Roger Chestnut
V. C.; Jules B. Babin, M. W.; E. E
Babin, 307 Delaronde St., K. of R. an
B.; Peter Clement, Prelate; L. J. Pet
erson, M. E.; C. Barthaut, M. A.; C
Miller, I. G.; Louis Martin, O. G.; Pe
ter Clement, representative; Jules Ba
bin, alternate; Louis Peterson, Dr. C
V. Kraft and F. C. Wagner, tras
tees, C. Miller, Janitor; Dr. Jno. A
Rupp and Dr. W. H. Weaver, physic
anas; E. J. Mothe, undertaker; E. E
Babin, organist.
Meets second and fourth Thursday
of each month; quarterly meetings
first Thursday in January, April, July
and October, in Pythian Hall, at 7:3C
p. m.
Gustave Peterson, 339 Elmira Ave.
chancellor commander; August C
Brill, vice chancellor; Geo. W. Stewart
prelate; J. U. Lewis, master of work;
Wm. A. Scholl, 132 Lavergne street
keeper of records and seal; Johb
Poraler, master of finance; Frani
Hening, master of exchequer; James
O. Stewart. master-at-arms; J. T
Hughes, inner guard; J. T. Stuherland
outer guard; Joe. Hughes, Sr., gran.
lodge representative; James O. Stew
art, alternate; Dr. J. E. Pollock fol
Algiers, Dr. C. F. Gelbke for Gretni
sad Dr. W. B. Clark for New Orleans
physicdan. Jno. A. Barrett, under
Virginia Iodge No. 136, IL of P.
meets On the second and fount Mon
days of each month in Pythian Hall a
7:30 p. m.
Chancellor commander, W. B. Ow
, 440 Ilmira Ave.; rice chancellor
3 Voestln; prelate, J. Penduas; keep
er ot record and seais, L F. GOlach, 531
Elmira arvenue; master of exchequer
H. A kcer; master o finance, 8. G
Smith; mastert-arms, J. Besson;
amer guard W. Goodwin; outer guMd,
0. K. resht; grand lodge representas
tive, & 0. Smith; lternate, A.L .
Kauaaa; phatelsan for Algiers, Dr.
hm eA Rupp; tor MeDoanavhrie and
erstms Dr. W. . Weaver.
Sts. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
the second and fourth Mondays of
each month in Masonic Hall, at 7:30
p. m.
Worthy matron, Mrs. Eleanor Nel
son. 323 Bermuda St.; worthy patron,
M'r. Arthur Lucas; associate matron,
Mrs. Amelia Smith; secretary, Mrs.
Augusta Burgis, 528 Bouny street;
treasurer, Miss Selina Sutherland;
conductress, Mrs. Jennie Reyn
olds; associate conductress, Mrs. Ele
lyn Corbett; warder, Mrs. Lily Good
lett; sentinel, Mr. John Cougett; Ada,
Miss Olga Nelson; Ruth. Mrs. Flor
ence Amuedo; Esther, Mrs. Erminie
Hiehl; Martha, Mrs. May Pollock; El
ecta, Miss Ruby Vanderlinden; chap
lain, Mrs. Lizzie Borden; marshal, Mrs.
Josephine Weaver; organist, Mrs. Vi
ola Huckins.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. 9-Meets on the
first and third Thursday of each month
in Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. m.
Amelia Smith, guardian. 625 Belle
ville Street.
Lizzie Borden. clerk. 549 Vallette
Street; Via Demuth, assistant clerk.
Anna Vanderlinden, past guardian;
Mary Jacobs, advisor; Hattie Tufts,
banker; Shade G. Smith, attendant;
Louise B. Casanova, chaplain; Dr. J.
Ernest Pollock, physician; Marguerite
Capdevlelle, inner sentinel; Josephine
Mock, outer sentinel; Grace Pruitt,
Emma Short and Ida Hymel, managers;
Gertrude Back, organist; Jno. A. Bar.
rett; E. J. Mothe, undertaker.
Benevolent Associations.
Meets on the first Wednesday of ev
ery month at Renecky's Hall at 7:30
p. m. Julius Hambacher, president;
John Sprada, vice-president; George
Brunasann, treasurer; Prank Kraemer,
435 Bouny St., recording secretary;
Philip Essinger, financial secretary;
John Klnsinger, 233 Seguin street,
chairman of sick committee; John
Teteberg, chairman of widow and or
phans' committee; Peter Bensinger
and Theodore Duverth; William Oden
wald, marshal; Dr. M. J. Manent, phy
sician; George Brunssann, undertaker.
Address all letters and communlca
tions to Frank Kraemer, 535 Belleville
Meets every third Wednesday of
each month at Pythian Hall.
John Schroder, Jr., President, Ope
lousas Ave. and Nunes St., or Court
Louis F. Willis, Vice President, 615
Opelousas Ave.
C. E. Hildebrand, Treasurer, 435
Atlantic Ave.
B A. McCloskey, Recording Secre
tary, 433 Bonny St
9. E. Babia, Financial Secretary, 112
Verret St
G. G. Brunssana, G. M., 243 Morgan
P. Gauthreaux, Sergeant at Arms,
808 Belleville St
Ed. Lawton, chairman of Relief Com
mittee, 437 Opelousas.
Dr. J. R. Adams, physiclan.
G. G. Brunasann, undertaker, 243
Morgan St
Knights of Honor
Algiers Lodge No. 2549, K. of H.,
meets every third Tuesday of each
month in Renecky Hall, corner Val
lette and Patterson streets.
Chas. P. Fetherlln0, 8. P. D.; Chaa.
W. Brodtmann, dictator; Albert R.
Woolf, vice dictator; Patrick Hartnett,
assistant dictator; Chas. . Brownlee,
reporter; J. D. Richard, financal re
porter; Thea. A. Rhode, treasurer;
Albert Bourgeols, guide; W. LA. Nelson,
chaplain; Aaron Johnson, Iurdin;
L C. Murphy, eatteR; Chms. . ath
ertln& Patrick Hartuelt, end Ahron
Johaame, treteu.
1OF LO'ISIANA. l'.ItlSIt OF fltItANS. A:
It,- It known, that on tills, thel eleventh er
ay of the monllth of July, in the yea:lr nine
t''n huLtndred lland helevn. (1911). lwfor'e lne,.
IIBrtrand i. ahnl. a uotary public in alnd fIor,
I , l parish of 4)rleana, stat: e of loluisiana.
duly comnllone.d lantld qualified, and In the 1
p ti. rne of ilncs.4es hereinlafter named andl
I fllrsigne,. l.rsonally came and apla':red'
Ithe svra,'l £ 'persons whose namnl a1re htier' -
uinto subiscribed, who severally declared that
availing then.Iiislve.s of the laws of this state1
il such 11etla~w ri" and plrovided atnd par
liiullllrly of i1'e' provlsons of an at ~f the,
lglslatuli e ,' f t.l s state. known asl A .l No.
74. of the s. -on of 1.4444, they do by them,
lpr4sentI covallnt, agree' and bind t1hem
selves ;as well a. st1Ith othllr persons who
n IIV lherea:fte'r Islatue :tassociated wjith them.
to form andl t.on -titute a r'orpo, ratlol and
!.h ,lv polili,' In law far the object, and
IIr'4*sand unde4h1 ntr the' stlipliltiot fol UNE
p tow in:., to wi. t -
'I'h," n:4l' and title of this corloration 1tith
,hall !. the 11'1.1 'AN ;.\lt.;A 4;: ANI AI" S
l'OI i tll . I: . SI' l I09., IbrTi. Its dor ni l,' H1
'h;ell he in the (itV of New 4rl.ean:s, and nl
It ..:ll a d i , ,'n njoy suc' , sll,' sloln lunld.r it; of
',r l'a ,e n3e..' f.o a it 3.,rio of lninety nll the
.l.:ar. fr,tll anlld aftel. r the1l date1 hl'ereof. :I1nl til
.hall have and enjoy. all the rilhtl' :tand ll
prvil.",,. granted by law to corporatifon. "I
It shall b,."in to d,. business at once: It the
.hall have lmswr to contract, sie and I. :a,
notes and other ollizatlions; to ha, and wit
enlll|oy such ll anag.rs. direptor.s, olm.ers,
agents. clerks and olther emnploy'ee1 as the
inllterests an|d convenience of said corpora 1
tion may requlllre; and to make and estal) .h:
lilh such lby %laws. ruIles and reglulaltions an,
for the proper management and. contr4l of Joy
the, affairs of said corl.ration as may Ia grt
ne,,.'1 sary and expedient. exi
ARTl'LE III. tra
The preldernt, or in the event of his an4
t o dea:lth, absence or Inability to act from any to
8 O lls.e, the n secretary and treas furer is hereby ya
d ignate1d as the person upon whom all So
7:30 citations, or other legal process shall Iw oth
serve yn. Inl
l'The objects and purposes for whlich this ll
LtOn, orprationl is orgranlzed. and the nature of fail
the business to Ire carried oo by It in nee
M is. the state of I nulllslana and in other states
ree; of the U nited States and in foreign coun
trlies, at the pleasure of the hoard of dilrc
land; tors,. are hereby declared to be the follow
ing., to-wit : To conduct a school where in
Rey- strnuctioni In the operatlon and repair of "
Ele auto,.noblles shall be given: to conduct antid a
operate a garage for the storage and repair pro
,ood- of automhliles and anto vehicles of all i
descriptions ; to bully, eas or sell. as prin- 'sr
Ada, clpal, agent, or on commission, automobiles,na
Flr- auto vehiles of all kinds, as well as sup
pliies and accessories thlrefor. n tludin r
tliie tires, lubricating oils and all other Ipersonal
propertIy, that may. in the opinion of tile
El oard of directors. be deemed proper. nite. Ie
chap- sary. espedient, advisable or profitable; to ,.e
acquire by pulrchase, lease or otherwls the
rits. trade marks, trade names and patent. and ti
=enerally to engage In any business whether in
1. V same Ie Incidental to that specially stated oll
herein, or not, provided such bulsiness I ,.,,
not prohibited by law. o r
The capital stock of this conrporation is ma
hereby fied at the sum of ten thllsand for
ILthe alno.lnlo O dollars. divided Into one hun an
l rnth i(re. lutr shares one one hundred l $100r.-a
El(1 dollars each. payable In cash, or Its 'on
eqrivalent. as the hoard of directors may noel
dlirct, and the corporation is to l)tgin blust It,
n3e s as soon as three thousand ($:t.|)a)4oN I')
dollars of the rapital stock has been sub
acri:red and paid for. All shares of stock
lette rhall ie full paid and non-atssesable. No
transfer of stock shall he bindlng on thle
omnlpalny unless recorded upon its itanks. her
,Ian; and made in pursulance of its charter and .st
'hft, tty-laws. No transfer or sale of stock mre,
shall Ib made to any person without pre- ,r..
lat; von,,ly offerlng the same at the same price pah
to the stockholders of this corporation; less
Ir. J. said offer to be submitted In wrltlng to the pro
lOrite hard of dlrectors, statlng the number of por
share offered for sale, the price bona tldely pa1l
nhine offered for the same, and the name of the sto
person making such offer: sluch option shall unt
rUltt, e granted for a period of not less than
[r; .twenty dayc. unless the board of directors
runanimously wailve delay. In writing.
All the corporate powers of this nom
eany.v and the management an dcontrol of of
)s Its business, shall be vested in and exer- ant
cised bn a board of d irector ompos ma )
A three tk·bo dmlde t a majortya o the dl- P
rectors shall contitute na quorm for the vot
transaction or all buslnsa. The dlirecton tt
St g.shall be elected aanually by the stockholders sha
on the second Monday of July of each year. t11
':UO Each stockholder shall be entitled, to per- dirt
sci 3 14 proy to t vote for eree share o n
eOre shall be held under nuch rules and regula- dir
tlons as may be determtined by the board of de
I onnrIdirecton e sha
try. The hoard of direetors thus elected shall No
continue In omee for one year, nad until ar
tar; their succemors have been duly elected and ma!
.qualifled. Any vaeancy occurrringt on sid stit
het oard shall be lled by the remalning dl. bus
John retors fori the uexplred term. The board ioa
of diretor shall at Its d rr t meetlrp after tors
SOr- its election, nominate out of itn umber dir.
president, a vie prsitdent and a oeretary. e rol
ner treasurer, and these oces shall have such pre
) powers as my be conferred upon them by
the board of drertors. The board of direc
ph tors hall have the right and power, and
shall, from time to trime appoint or dis
*charge sneh elerLs and other employees as
unC a um s be deeamed elary, ei xpedlent and
ail nam et of the aars, bsusloneh and n
tereat of aid corpotalton. Any of the he
directors hall hase the rtaht to appoint of
by written Instrument another director as bey<
his proxy to act In his stead at any and oau
Sall meetings of the board of directors.
Until the election to be held in July 1912
O s at be the a nt bard ofdlreto: t a ert
OUrt oguenhnem. James R. Stewart, William p. o
James R. Stoc art al bo e presdent, and di
William F. Denny a steretary-trevsurer.
Tht s act of In eorpobti maly be ehnl
edo msallbed or autered or thles orpoeltao n
may be dlssolved wlth the a bent of the
O shareolders ofwnin three fourths of the ln
stock representlng at a general meetlng on- cea
erned ior thaot opurpenae n and ter at last r
een t er su throer h the al ddreulsed nto m
each ocfthol der at hca is t a orn plane of s oll
t ore.d In s aal of dlluton by the r i d bus
Johpn sratlon ofo the charuter or otherwrse theb
to oldrectrs shall aelct three ilqudatoes to r
serre adthout ofmpensatlsn, ave s re
one year shall .be nnted for the luda-o
thon or thoe drirs o the oroattionr en
hy- tar sohmarl oh es, the ri rltoan ow tr e
t. e rhall, f ommro oieet stue ll appoint ords
Ssu hemror to a
nIa o a-my be deemed notary. aterped ien eandor
per o e u he m ,le mr the coenrtr tndebt- an
teesta or sidnts terpo ton Any ofrther tem
dran cteor salld avlaete right tohe appoi ofa
y wioe oInntse trme oanod tr him, ror asbells
pohni a pranoxolder to hs sltaaty beyond ow
the amount of the bPoad bane do e dirctr
p rovioed, for _m the loregoing artklw
i the el ectton o n Lr tor bhed iMlen u t the
tlme fpeoined snmll not srall corontittr h
O op tht, le h:--,.., the ofirs bad olrt yen
ut-t sht olo tuer pl8 aoti theur sne
wtn h a lb e rat Cp
Jampeteat R .twa asin vic thre iety, ano vd
na615 ilam tDenr nas scretoa rltr casd
o4 tha wholf. i o may bc iq
m r ae , tism orspoain, fa r
I the undersigned. rcorder of mortga;es.
In and for the parish of Orleans. state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregolng act of Incorporation, of tile
Pelican Garage and Automobile School. Ltd..
was this day duly recorded in my ,im 'e, Ir
CO1 (ook 1031, folio TII
New Orleans, July 11th. 1911.
1Signed i E IIt.: l,ºE .sil. , li,. Clk...
I. the undersigne.d notary puIblhi, do her.
by ce.rtify that thee above and fore týng is
a trite and corrc't copy of the orihinal act1 ' ITI
,o'f incorploratij n of the i'el ct: n I t r l-t'e atlt
.tllh lnttnh l,' School, Ltd., o ln tile and of r e 4)
.ANS, ord in imy ottice, with the exception of Ith'
omi.sion of the nitnt'r ,of share ,ltnril"t'i
for bly ithe incorporator:s, t.,ether with th'
eventh ertiittsate frotll the ideputy rel'.rer of mort I.
S ares therl eto attached. the n.
r % i Witnessl. my hand and seal thi el.eventh one it
re i :h y .f July. 1911. of the
isn tirl RTRA.ND I ('All'. Notaryl Pi'ublc fore
d n uly 13- , Au. 3 10-17, 1911. , du
her e siding.
(I that herein:
I lt CHARTER peiy
of lit. availir
.' I;ener:
ts n -OF KREltR AUTO COMPIANY. for th
Shem. they it
It ntd I tse
:I.d l4indl t
IBe it known, that on this tentil day of
ratlln lIth month of July. In the year, one thou
i .1'- sand, nine hundred and eleven, before me,
unlti;,.Il1.-rrt Le..er, a notary public, dully om- The
ii. anImsslined and qualitfed In and for the parish shall
iEr its of Orleans. State of Iouislana, aforesaid. N'*Y
Sni tl'therein residing, andi in the presence of 1thll sin a
f. intl witrl:esse's herinafter named and undersigned. shall 1
liand irsonally came and appeared the ersonu sil I,
,,ns. \hoi. n:ilnes are herntllo snlbsriled, wiho and l
ecilared tlat. ava ling t hlimnselves of lthp'
provisiont of the laws of this state, relative to mti
1to the organizatlion of corpolrations, they eraily
have covenanted and agreed, and do mahv 1
t: it these Ipr.-ents icovenant, agree, bind, fori m
Id I.' ant olInstitte themi.-ives. as vwell as suchl+
e and other persons as may herinafter join or
I alter r'collme associated with them. into a cor
lon iration, and body politlc In law, and for
prop the ohjects and purlposes, and ulndr thl e
ni. a:gr",ements and stipulations following, to in tile
" and wit :-- State
l-ers. ARTIt'LE I. le l
Is lit,' dent c
rr tors' The name and style of this 'orration te se
estal shall is' the KitEilElt AI'TI) '1MI'ANY.
andl under that name it shall have and en
rtt of joy all the rights, advantages and privileges
fay 1 granlted y law to crpolrathlns; it shall
'xist for a period of ninety-nine years from The
ithe dlate hetreof; t shall have power to con- coirpor
tract, site and be sued In Its corporate the bt
name; to make and use a corporate seal. detlar.
if his and the same to bIreak or alter at pleasure and le
ni any to holdl. rcelive, purchase, convey. mortgage. w1. in
herer lylpothecate or pledge propterty, rteal, per- parish
,n ail astnal or mixed : to issue lunds notes and upon c
all iw other Iblligat' )ns: to have and employ slluch
llanaers, directors, officers. age.nts and
other employees as the interest and con
venientce of said corporati n may require The
or demnand. and to make and establish suitch
by-laws, rules and regullations for the cor Ie ant
h tills porate management and control of tile af- tive tl
ure of fairs of the ciorpolratiton as may Ire deemed I'y tlt
t in necessary and expedient.
states Part
cult- AIITI'I.E II. cash.
dire.- for up
ar The domliile of said corporation shall No
air of i' in the city of New Orileans state of shall
San Iltilsiana. antill all titations or other le.il the sa
repair prcess shall be served on thei president and This
of all in hi' ansenc. on the vice president of said estn a
p ',rin- crlporation. In the case of the ablsence or its cal
oblies inaillity of both of said ottectrs then said ftr.
1 apprteess shall ts' served on the secretary
ludl ing treasurr.
rsonal ARTI.'IE III.
if the All
t'c's- Thl'te olject'ls and purposes for whicth this ration
e: itt torpiratittn is organiz.d and the nature of tors c
erwsl th.e usinr'ss to Iso carried on bly it are here litt a
s, and !,y ,ticlared to he: To buy, sell and deal All
(ietier in autl,mobil.-s and its accessories for its t11tt 1t
state. own atount or on account for others on proper
's ,ncomnmision: to lease, hire, rent, construct The
,or ertt., or to contract for the .onstrue- trs of
Lion or erection of aultomobile garages, and first dt
,to operatte and maintain same for the con after.
vt'nience of its patronsi; to operate ani At
ion 14 ainitain workshops anti mechanical plants holder
tsant for the repair and rebullding of automobils, stock
hin- and generally. to do and etngage in any shall I
i... other blstiness. undertaklng or enterprise.
tor its nll.clted with. growing out of. german orno Ele
. may incilental to any of the objects and pur- notice
,I t I. so hereinabove set forth or contemplated mail t
It, 'y this charter. IntI
t sub- for, A
sttuock ARTICLE IV. Nichol
Nti and Jo
the The capita! stock of this corporation is treasul
looks. herely fixed at the sum of ten thousan compot
-r an Itll,iHHllio ) dollars, divided Into one hun- tor.
stock idred shares of the par value of one hun- l un
t pre- tird $100.010) dollars each, which shall Ice t the
price paid for In cash, or may be issued at not electeu
ation; less than par for services rendered to, or
to the property actually purchased by said cor- Thi
ter of poration. All shares of stock shall be full modl
fidely paid and non-assessable. No transfer of
)f the stock shall be binding upon the corporatio: a vote
all unless made upon the books of the company. pr
than purpoe
.etors ous no
ARTICE V. the ci
All the corporate powers of this company
shall be vested in, and the management and
control of its business and affairs shall he No
co ercised by a board of directors composed ever b
rot of of three stockholders, who shall be elected ness, c
annually, by ballot of the stockholders on ther a
d o the second Tuesday in June of each year. the ah
e di- Each stockholder shall be entltled to one
r the vote on each share of stock owned by him,
eton either in person, or by proxy. All elections
olders shall be held under sach rules and regula- At i
Syear. tions as may be determined by the board of case ol
c per- directors, and after at least ten days' wrilt- fairs a
share ten notice shall have been given to each siones
etions stockholder at his last known address The and s
egula- directors thus elected shall contlnue In of- a-lth
rard of eice for one year. or until their successors proper
shall have been duly elected and qualfed corpori
shall No faillure to hold an electlon shall be re- convey
until garded as a forfeiture of this charter. A to do
d and majority of the board of directors shall con- proper
Ssaid stitute a quorum for the tranactloq of all the ad
ag dl. business. Any vacancy occurring on said trthute
board board shall be filled by the remainlng direc- with II
after tors for the unexpired term. Salid board of Thui
her a directors shall, at its first meeting, elect lee at
ry. from among its number, a president, a vice and d
a such president and a secretary-treasurer. the pr
d ARTICLE VI fereun
'as a No stockholder shall ever be held liable due n
iand or responslhle for the contracts, faults or (Or
t and debts of this corporation, nor shall any 10 *hs
nd in- mere Informallty in Its organizatlon have Arthur
f the the eItect of rendering this charter null, or A. Mil
point of exposing a stockholder to any liability
ora beyond the unpld balance due on t.- sharesm I, t
owned by him.and
Tlhis acset of incorporatlon may be changed, Mgnol
modillfed or atlered, or this corporation may duly r
191 be dissolved with the assent of the stock- follo 7
19t1 holders ownlng a majority of the stock of New
the eorporatlon at a general meetlng con
vened or that purpose, after at least ten
mF.ays' no tics shall have been gLven to each
ident. stockholder in the manner and form pro
and vlded for In Artivie V of this charter. In (Sea
rer. case of the dlssolutlon of this corporation july
by the expiratlon of this charter or other
wise,. the stoekholders ahall elect three -
Ilquldators from among their number to
hang liquidate and settle the business and af
rato fairs of the company. In case of the death
f the or disablity of any of said liquidator,, the
f the survivor or survlvors shall appoint a suc
I con- cessor to him.
S o Immediately after the first meeting of the
he O oard of directors of ths company, the sald
Sthe board shall elect from among Its number, a
r to president, a vice president and a secretary
wThis corporatlon shall become a oln UNITl
ui- concern as soon as five thousand (#5,000.00 -
Idollars ofits epital stock shall havs been 01
ponT us doa ad passed at my ofee In the
lcity of New Orleans, on the day, month and L
year, herein first above written, In the
encen of Theodore A. Beck and Ahnthony Be I
royal, both of this city, comqpteat wit, the m
ness, who have herento ligaed their mies one tI
shall wlth the said appearers and me, notary, 11911)
mdebt- after due readiog of the whole. United
r .m (Origlinal lied): Charls Kreher, 20 and th
rpora- share; Bertha reher per Charles Ker Jr., a
shall 10 shares; Charles . Kreher 10 shares qall
r the Witnesses: T. -A. Beck, Ant !or L state
. e- exRt'3er in, Not. P'b. the wi
eyond I. the undesiged recorder of mortgage signed,
e on i and for the arish of Orleans and statle tahl,
above and foreping earter of the"~elhre decle
Auto oMpay' we thLe day dly rojied provi
in my oie. i Book 1018, folo-,---.
New Or Ia, Jly 10, 1911. ssign
tings (S1gned Wla IaDoWaa, a corp
a for D1St) l eaordr.
it the A true copy tfrom the origal ac.
et I _re Boonat Ieon, Nt. hab.
re uy 1- Aug. 8-11, 1911.The
Swho tUUW? date h
"N.i na," replid tha ae. 'We geG ahor
to call It a bi temper, but now her i o
, ry a ba ncome so lar that w po aOe
have to iter to It ma mracmhanne
f tihe
i, Ili
I'IA . iITY Nii" NlNW ºII.E-ANtS.
mart 1ie It kniwn. that on this thil dtay vof
the month ,f J:uly, in the v-ar of our Itrd.
venth one thoInsn nine httundreid aindi eleven, and
of the lnldepentHnie' of the I nit,.d State, rf
America theI one. hundred and thirty-tifthi.
ic tbefore, me. 'Philip h.ensler. Jr.. a notary pub
lie, dily comminnssloned and q(lalti.ed in and
for said city. parish land stetli, therein re
siding,. and in the presnc, of the witna~s"ei
he-reinafter nanmed and undersignedt, persoin
ally came and appeared tthe uilndersign.ned
persons who declared unto ime'. notary, that
availing themlselves of the laws ,of the sta'e
of Louislana relative to, corporations In gen- n
iral. and espe.ially of Act No.. 7 of the
;eneral Assembly of the state of Itllouitlna
for the year 1901, approved .tly 9th. 19ot.
they have covenanted and agreed, and do by
these pents covenant. agree. obligate and
hind thllemselves, as well as such persons asi
'ATE may hereafter becnme associated with them.
OR- or their sil'cessors, to form themselves into
and constitute a corporation for the follow
lug purposes:
ty of
thou- ARTI'IT.E I.
coal- The name and title of this corporation
urish hall he "TilE .IAi;NO.IA REALTY i'Oi1
esal I'..ANY," and It shall enjoy and have suer's
'ned slin and existence for ninety-nine years. It
d shall have aulthority 'o contract. SUe and ie
*rsone self. manlke and Itst. a corporate seal. liorrow
it' andl lend: to pIrt-.thase, lease., sel, mortgage,
ative pledgei, property. real. personal anI! mixed:
h to make andil Islsue bonds and notes: an-l gen
they erally to do and perform slllh other a,,ts as
o tr may te replusite for the carrying on of its
ri business and affairs.
coA-ARTI'I.E It.
Stfor The domicile of this corporation shall he
to- in tile city of New Orleans parish of Orleans. -
State of Louaisiana. All citation and other
legal procelss shall w served upon the presi
dent or, in case of asence. upon the vice
presitdent, or. In the absence of both, upon
;ition tile secretary-treasurer.
i en
from Tile objects t'id purposes for which this
con- corporation is establlsued, and the nature of
orate the business to be carried on by it, are
seal. declared to be. to buy, mortgage. pledge, sell
sure: and lease property, real, personal and mix
gage. el. in the parish of Orleans. or any other
per- parish In the state of Louisiana; to build
uand upon or improve the same.
itie, The capital stock of this corporation shall of
uhor and is hereby htil'd at the sum of twenty- esI
er five thousand dollars t$2.5.0i,)). represented at
emed by two hundred and fifty shares of the pIar fo
value of one hundred dollars ($1001 each. ite
i'ayment for said stock shall be made in
cash. property or labor, and shall he paid he'
for upon the call of the board of directors. ra
shall No transfer of stock by a shareholder
to of shall le binding on this corporation unless
leg'l the same appear upon the books thereof.
t and This corporation may begin business as
said soon as three thousandt dollars tf$3.toOi of
i r its calital stock shall have been subscribed
said tor.
'tary- th
All the corporate powers of this corpo
tills ration shall tIe vested in a hoard of direc- to
re of tor composed of tile president, vice-pres- Ill
here li-lit and secretary-treasurer.
deal All vacancies occurring shall ie filled by tin
,r its tihe hard in such manner as it may deem foi
s on proper. nt
trluct The first election of the board of direc- Ail
ttrue- tors of this corporation shall be held on the an
and first day of April, 1912, and annually there- ftr:
con after. oil
and At all elections and meetings of stock.- op
pants holders upon all questions a majority of the
bil., stock voting shall prevail, and each share o
any shall Tee counted as one vote. 1b
prise, am
in or Elections are to be held after ten days' u" t
pur- notice in writing shall have been sent by me
late.l mail to each stockholder.
IUntil the elrction hereinabove provided In:
for, Arthur II. licks shall be president,
Nicholas lGentilich shall te vice-pIresident. es'
and John Jay flowkshead shall be secretary- sta
on is treasurer; and said officers together shall
ianii compose and constitute the board of direc
hun- tors; and all of said olcers shall hold of
hun flee until the first day of April. 1912, or un
11 l, til their successors in omce shall have been he:
electtu. t.:
not ARTICLE VT. set
,or- pal
This charter may be amended, altered or e
r modified, or the croporatlon dissolved, by in
t a vote of two-thirds of the stockholders vot
lol Ing by shares at a meeting convened for that (t0
pany. purpose after ten consecutive days' prevl. bet
ons notice given In a newspaper published in the
the city of New Orleans. Ats
Sand tr
II he No stock.older of this corporation shall col
posed ever be held liable for any of the Indebted- fer
ected ness, contracts or faults thereof, in any fur- bee
a on ther sum than the unpaid balance due on re.
year. the shares of stock owned by him. or
one tin
tions prl
glta. At the expiration of this charter, or In
rd of cae of dissolution before that time, its at.
writ- fairs shall be liquidated by three commis
each sloners to be elected by the stockholders,
The and said commlssoners shall be Invested rai
n of- with full power to sell all the assets and hoi
asors property reai, personal or mixed of thils te
Iled corporation, at publle or pr'vate sale, ad
e re- convey full and comnlete title thereto, and ral
. A to do and perform all acts essential and All
con- proper to a full and complete liquildatlon of by
t a!! the affairs of this corporatlon. and to dis- j
maid trhibute the proceeds, if any, In accordance sut
Ilrec- with law. q
rd of Thus done and passed In my notarial of
elect pee at the city of New Orleans, on the day tot
vice and date herelabove first written, and in sal
the presence of A. Miles Coe and Fred C. Ap
Querens competent witnesses, who have T
tiereunto signed their narqs, together with shi
the parties thereto and me, notary, after
ibla due reading of the whole. shl
t or (Original s ed): Jio. J. Howkshead, be
any 10 shares; Nicholas Gentillch, 10 shares;
have Arthur H.'Dick., 10 shares. (Wltnesses): ot
II, or A. Miles Coe. F. C. Querenas. te
blltty PHILIP GsatLa. J.1., Notel Pubpi. st9
aare I, the undereligned recorder of mortgages
In and for the parish of Orleans, state ofr
Loulslana, do hereby eertify that the above e
and foregoing act of incororation of "'The fo
Magnolla Realty Company' was this day
Sduly recorded In my om, nli book No. 101. l
tk follo 796.
k of New Orleans, July 3rd, 1911. thi
con- (Signed) EaiLE LuDARDo, D. R. am
each A true copy:
pro- PHILIP G stEaat, JL, NoterY Pubie.
In (Seal)
tton July 13 20 27 aug 3 10 17 1911 ele
r to
I at
maid PANY. e
the LEAN.di
the the
bony Be It known, that on this 19th day of on
wit- the month of July, in the year of our Lord,
ames one thoeamd nine hundred and eleven -
tary, (1911), and of the Independence of the -
United States of America the one hundred
20 and thirty-sixth, before me, Philip Gensier
her, Jr., a notary public duly commissioned aid
ar qualled in and for the parilsh of Orleans,
state of leoimiaa, and in the presence of
aS. the witnesse herelnater named and lnder
agso naed, peronally came and •pred Carl
tate 8tahl, Altrsd W. Daun, lrik Jammes,
the William K. Eaox and Wilhela Fisher, who
rehre declared tLhat, avaling themselves of the
ded provislons of the laws of the state of Lou
islana, for themselve, their sucacessors and
assigns, they do hereby form themalves into
a corporatlon, asu follow:
The name of this eorporation shall be
Its domiclel shall be in the city of New
Orlans, and it shall have and enjoy suc
cesion by its eorporate name or a period of
_ ninety.nne (W) years from ad after the
This aeoration sall have sower and
U authority to coltaet, se, sad emd i
er its eoqyate name: to make ad se a cor
,p at,l; to  ld r  ve, hirm ,ad ugs
LM- chang peperta, real sn ps I and to
merg r hyelth t the sea; to ire
sow or le messy; to asseInt magus,
$100,000-00 I,  , '-4 'te ft
New Hou mea
SGust a v Seeg er
P J". ' TOR,
.0 Carl S ew Orl
Beer Brewed in N.\w Orle.an is
brewed to suit the climate.
That is wizy
American Beer
Is Best '" ,?,
American Brewing Co.
John Couget,
Beef, Veal. Pork and Mutton
St. John's Market.
omfficers. ssntt.i and emplvoyes in the state
of Luilians and ,rh.r srtate. it in lter
eIts may r,.,iire: to stabllish, alter and
am-.nd all roll.s andi regulatiaons and hy-lawn
for the condl'ut and manatg-ement of its bus
inPtes as may Ist ne,..essary and proper.
All citation ,,r ,other Ilegal proc'e-ss shall
hb. srveed upon the pir.sient of the corpo
raltin. and in :"h, e.vent of his absence or
inability to at from any caus.-, the same
shall Ihw served upon the secretary.
The l.ijts. anti purposes for which this
corpolratlion is orgIanlzed. and the nature of
the business to Il. carried on by it, are here
bly delared to lie:
First The carrying on of a general mer
cantile bItiness and trading generally:
NSienid-The exporting of forest pro'dlets
to other cotuntrties. anid for that purpose the
illying .ind selling of same:
Third- The lylintE. selling and leasing of
timln.-red and other lands,. timber and other
forest products : the nltlnlifactullre of same
Into ither pro.iuits. in thli and other sta. -
and for that pu rpose, the bIuylin:. building,.
and selling of such manufa'tiorles or mills.
dry kilns and other plants Incihlental to sail
business in this and other statas, and the
operation of same.
Fourth -The c,.nstrnction and operation
of tramways and railways, the building.
bullyin and owning of harges., steamboats
anld other water craft for the purpose of
ondllucting it said business, but not as coom
nmon carriers:
Fifth---Tihe acting as agents and forward
Ing arents for others:
.sith--The. power of doing all things nec
essary End incidental to the business above
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby declar-ed to be fifty thousand dollars
($:T.000.)i,. to le dlvid-ed into and repre
sented by five hundred (500f shares of the
par value of one hundred dollars ($100.00)
each, which said stock shall be payable for
in cash or its equivalent.
This corporation shall become a going
concern as soon as the said stock shall have
been subscribed for to the extent of fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000.00). each. by Carl
Stahl and Alfred Dunn. and five thousand
dollars ($5.000.00) by H. Janssen.
The stock of this corporation shall not be
transferable except upon the books of the
corporation, and no stock shall be trans
ferred by any stockholder until it shall have
been first offered for sale to the board of di.
rectors of this corporation at Its book value.
or at the lowest price the holder is at any
time willing to accept, the board having al
ways the first right of pre-emption at that
All the corporate powers of this corpo
ration shall be vested in and exercised by a
board of directors, consisting of three (3)
stockholders of this corporation.
The first board of directors of this corpo
ration shall consist of William K. Knox,.
Alfred W. Dunn. or any nominee appointed
by letter duly signed by him, and Hendrik
Janssen. who shall hold office until their
successors shall have been duly elected and
The first election of the board of direc
tors, consisting of three directors, as afore
said, shall be held on the second Tuesday in
April. 1912,. and thereafter, on the second
Tuesday of April of each year the directors
shall be elected agnually.
At said elections, each $100 of stock
shall be entitled to one vote, and votes may
be given either in person or by proxy.
Notice of said election shall be given
forty (40) days prior to the meeting of
stockholders by mailing to each known
stockholder, to such address as shall have
been last furnished by him to the company,
or by publlcation inserted in one of the
New Orleans newspapers three times in
forty days previous to said election.
The said board of -directors shall make
all by-laws, rules and regulations for the
government of the business and affairs of
the company, and alter, amend and change
the same provided holders of two-thirds in
amount of the issued capital stock approve.
The omcers of this corporation, to be
elected by the board of directors, shall be a
president, a secretary and a manager, and
a treasurer.
Until the first election of directors, to be
held on the second Tuesday in April, 1912,
the following shall he the oScers of the
company: William K. Knox shall be the
president, Hendrik Janssen shall be the sec
retary and manager, and Wilhelm Fisher
shall be the treasurer, until the first elec
tion of new directors, or until their succes
sors shall have been duly ele-ted and quall
This act of incorporation may be altered
and amended by a vote of two-thirds in
amount of the issued capital stock of said
corporation, and said corporation may be
dissolved, (a). it at any time the balance
sheet shall show that one-third or more of
the issued capital shall have been lost: (h .
on the written requisition of any stockholu-,
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ha ten pu',I -h. .l I The dally IeWlI
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suh mt,, r tin , ..... ,-. ,,,!older ati b
lte .of the .u t.khI"'" l lror tl2)1
shall i"l e!eted i c Th 4 tockbd f
"'n.ral tne.lt in, .t t h e" obolde
i-i. 'Thes.e li.1lat h r. .hall te
offi.e until the, ful 1" ':, ion of the
ration. and in case ,f h.4 death of.tiUt
them. the .tokhoIIler- tn elect a agg
sir. or, if the do n e t a sueeam,
Al T'IC.: 1 t iii
NX. smt.khol; !r fI thi! .orporatig
Iv"Ir !e hebl lia .!, r <p nsible.
contrnats or :fauilts f this eo
any further sutu than ,env halasa
may 4.. unpasid ani dine t ' the
on the slhares wni. I b him; nor
merre inf.ortyality in a,r,..nization hi 
effe., of rT"ndering tti, 'harter nalI a
expo.sn_ a stockhotbb ir to any liability
yond the andmount of .l, Ilslltk.
ThI,, done and, p.ase. , at my
this city. the day. n,nth and
ahoe written, in thei presene of
A. Mils Cote and I'reid 4'. Qtere
ntr witnesses. res.linc. in thisa
have hereunto signed their names
,pear.+ and me. notary, after due
the whlole.i
1 4rlinal signedl : Cartl Stahl,
dred, and fifty (1,.0 sharets, by W,
chell., tty.: Alfred W. Dunn. onm
and fifty l150o sharn., by J. h.
Atty.: II. Janssen, fifty (0n) ahaa, -
(Witnesses) : A. Miles poe. n red C -
renas. PHILIP (Gwa .
I. the undersigned recorder of
in and for the parish of Orelsea
lonislana. do hereby certify that t _
and foregoing charter of the UIit.
Lumber Company has this day e
ed in my once in book No. 1051 A "
New Orleans, Louisliana, the 9t y
July. 1911.
(Signed) Exi.E Lao.sag1 a
A true copy :
I Sea) l)Nerg
aug 3 10 17 24 31 T
Geo. E. Bays, .
Magazines, Newupqpuag
Novels, School Duie
Sporting Goods, Tobcm U
Cigars and Cig r tmi
Ty eWfrles eis at snS I IIh
Preept Atteatims.
No. 441 Slidell A w.s
1300-1.02 DIRYADIMS

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