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Algerines at Law.
Su'cces~i(n of S. (')nlon: judgnwmnt
appointing administrarrix.
Suc~lesslion of F. Rene( t::.: judgment
putting universal legatee in IoSs'es
Suicccasion of Luy A. ltas.se t to
Julius Ilodenger, lot. Seguin, Evelina,
Eliza and Bouny, 51.1, 0 cash. Itenau
Matthew II. Morse to WVm. I. \\arJ,
lot, Belleville. Alix, Vallette and I'eli
can, $2,100 cash.--Sheriff.
Ideal Savings & Hlomestead .\Asoci
O. THi ll-' t;l'lF sTfA T-I.s Lt.t-;tiN .%t.
TIMBER 'l O.\p'A\y. I.IMIfT~I.
I NiT' i., TATES F" A. fElRlI , '. I*.,'i'
OF lII'It4IANA. I'AI. II:IS111 tl::
LEANS. ,'IT'Y <Il F:1W
EI: IT KNOWN, that on this, tlh.e 14th day
of Augusit, In the )ear ,,of our lord one'
thousand, nln, huned and inteleven. and of
the Independener of tie I'nited States oun
hundred and thirty-fifth., bwfore me. Mark
.Mayo Itoatni.r. a notary plei,. duly com
mlhahinedndant qualititld ill nd for to- I'Par
lab of OrIleans. :iate if Iluiiisian,. andl in
the presence of the unldersigneld ,competent
witnesses, perso.nalty came -and appelared
Edward Nathan. t'lrtene-. E-. Fettis ant
John II. Eddy,. all ,of whom resile and are
domici'lled In the iity of New Orleans. State
of loulslisns, who dclared that availling
themselves of tihe general laws· of this State
relative to the formation of c(.rporations,
they have covenanted, and ido by these pres
ents covenant attil agree, obliate and tind
themselves, as well as siuch other peIrso.ns
as may hereafter Iw'come associated with
them. to eontitute andt forUt themselves
into a corporation and body politic for the
purposes and obiIjects and Iunder the ;ar
ticles and stlltl'atlions following, to wit:
Tits NAMs:E .AN TITLIE of itlh. corloratlionr
shall Is. i;I .r nTAT.Es I.;,;i.t; AND TIMBEIR
('oMPANY, I.TI.. andI by that naime it shall
have and enjoy stlccesslon for a period of
ninety-nine elIn, years: It shall have power
to receive, accept, hold. purchase,. acqluire
poseesalon, lease, improve. cultivate, con
vey, mortgage and hylpothecate, in its c-or
porate name. prclwrty. Irnth real and per
sonal: to borrow money, lend the same. and
to give and rerelve secntlrity therefor; to is
sue honds atld other evidence of debt. andt
to do and p.'rform all things not prohibited
by the lawn of this state re errIng to corpor
TttE tUaIMII'I. of this corpoptration shall Iw
In the city of NSew Orleans. State of latu
Iaians, and all legal cltation shall Iw served
upon the corporation as provided by law.
TuHE OJErrr'r ANti tI'I'RINtEN for which
this corporation is organized and the na
ture of the business to iw carried on hv
It are to buy. sell. manufacture timelr: tee
purchase and sell timber lands. as well as
to purchase, sell and umanufacture timlwr
and all forest products.
THr CAPITA.L aTNetK of this corporation
Is hereby fixed at Three Thousand Iollars,i
divded Into thirty :toll shares of the pIar
•'alue of (one liulltred f($14N.NI) ikollars
each, which shall be paid for In cash, lalbor
" done, or property actually received. In such I
manner and at such times as the board of I
directors may elect.
No ascrtlme,.no:s shall have the right to I
sell the stock of this corporation without
lrst ofering the same to the other stock- i
holders, In writing, who shall have the first
rigt to purchase the same, within a period t
Ao fve (t) days at the then book value. I
TFHIS CotrtOATION shall commence busl
nesm as soon as Three Thousand Dollars of I
Its capital stock shall have been subsrlibed I
for; and it shall Ibecome a going concern I
when the said subscrlption shall have been <
ALL THEa ORPORATE Ptomwea of this cor
poration shall be vested in a board of dlrec.
etos composed or three stockholders, who
ahwlI be elected by ballot on the first t
Wednesda of August of each year. exceptx
the firsnt hoard, which shall he elected Im-c
mediately following the Incorporation and f
the necessary subscrption shall have been e
sianed. Baid directors may vote In person, a
or by proxy In writing lssued to any stock- u
holder. Any vacancy In the board of dlrec.
tons shall be tilled by the remaintng dire- t
tors. A failure of the stockholders to elect e
a new hoard of directors shall not vacate a
aay office, and the board of directors and
the officers tn office shall continue until
their successors shall be elected.
THIs CHATra MAYt aBs AMeNDSn, modified,
changed or altered, or this corporation Inay
be disolved with the assent of two-th'ds d
(2-3) of the stock represented at a general n
meetIng convened for that purpose, after t
due notle in writing. in the event of the o
dImssolutlon and liquildation of this corpora- i
tie. the same shall ls' carried out by three a
llqtldators, who shall hold office until the
terminatlon of Its affairs, and in the event
of the disablllty or death of one of the same
his sucmcessor for the unexplred term shall
be selected by the remaining lquidators. c
Tlis noNa AND I'RAsED In my office, in
this city and state, on the dnay. month and h
year first hereahovre written. In the pres- tl
tece of J. C'. Ilollingswortb and J. J. Ken- ft
nedy, competent wItnesses, realding In this fe
city, who have hereunto signed theilr names i
iasether with the appearers hereto, and me, t
Witnessen: NAM OF IGNR.)
M. M. B)OATNSRi. o
Notary l'ubllc. It
I, the nderslIgned Recorder of Mortp~agl. a
in and for the P'arish of O)rleana. State of
toustatm, do hereby certify that the above
ad foregoing art of Incorporatlo of the
Ehlict States nlogIng and Timber Company.
Lmtted, ha been this day duly recordedi
In my oflfce in Rook No. 10i1, folio .. t
New Orleans, IA., August 14. A. '). 1911. I
I, the undersigned Notary IPblic, do m
hereby certify that the shabove and foregon pi
is a true and correct copy of the original tr
act of lncorporationm of the Gulf States Log
ang aod Timber tompany, Ltd., of record tI
m my office.
In faith whereof I have hereunto set my
hand tad the Impress of my offtleial a l r
n the 14th d-y of August, A. D. 1911. ne
(,eal) Notary .Public. t
Aug. 17, 24, 31, Sept. T. 14, 21, 1911.
k IT xNOW,. that on this fifteenth day
t he month of August, In the year one
thusan, nine hundred and eleven, before
-m, Bfeert Leger, a notary public. duly
esmmimnsed and quoallied ln and for the
Y t et Orle State of Ialseam b , ore
S t n retldlU. n id In the presee
_-tlw H I heeu~lnnl~e, lnamed and un-I '
*e _ erseually came and appeaged the
: a whose names are hereunto aseberib
-." wh delared that tvallih themselves
t the pov. l- a te lw of thIs State
wubtdle Se the nlbatlo of covnorau
havesm ,eonestt sad reed melfe, n
_Loi am a s wel as , tai
ti oll to Edgar Gt. sould. lot, r ;ndira,
itelle' ille. Evr.lina and Opelousas, $600
' nt ort)gaue. Renaudin.
.I. t'alderonne owner and builder,
moving and repairing loo Ileller\ille,
to Miss M. BIrunet owner and builder.
Ia, repairs 7:7 Atlantic. $75.
rJ. Mrs. Hattie Johnson, wife of Jacob
li- . lHollowell. to .los. R. IeGallez.
$167.7o, I note, I ear. S per cent., lot.
Pacific. Atlantic. Homer and Newton;
I lot, Monroe, Madison. Socrates and
i a Lapeyrouse.-1'arsons.
"l h," toot hI il and, t .!t.1" of thi- 'lorpl 'r":lian
-ihail !. I.. I' I." I liaii, I 'In , u.ll , ool'I
IAl\ . and unildl r that n no - I t haill ha.i1
alld .ni v :ill the righti aidvintng.'. and
pris ileies ;:irunttd l It to iorporati. ns:
it thall ,xi-t for :t period of ninety nine
n earl ' f1rom the J:ll, h,,rof: it -hall , ha
lorlporate nam." : t. , makeand n.." :, aorl. "
ati -:il. ant th'e sit . to i re.k oir alteir at
pl.i.esur- lto h tid. receive,. pur-ha e. ,el1
n il m Iii',i lh ." ri- r' il-t%. reatl l.personat l ior
mni edl : tolll t,.u1 itondI. notes al nd other ,i.
Ilgatlions; to lihave and employ such man
. s.:.s. direitor', and iother ,tmploti.s as the
inlterest and r-.nvh-nieniie of saidl -corp.ra
ti-ii may requir'l or di'iad: to mniak le andl
AIlTI'I., E I I.
i The, domitile of this corporation nshall !ie
in . the city of Nei- irleU.n . State o, f ' lnt ,i
irk ans. lit it mtay eStbhli.h offl',.s and agei,n
n . Tie ' throughoutl" th. I sited lStates. tits vari
Sr oi te'rrll.l'es. ,tand fr..r.ll n -.iicuntrie . All
in .ilation. and otheir legal proess. shall Ii,
nlit s.rve'd on lithe president.i and in his ahsene.''.'
id .n the vi'e pireslileit of sahid corporlation.
nlt In lae of the ha.oent or inabilitvlfl I.lth
,re of r.aid off irs thein Ihl prove .ihaill b.'
oie srv-.d 'in the w.l"retaru-t relasuLrer.
ti AllTl I." Ill.
S Thi otij,'ctl sanld pluriposes for wihhhti this
n l iorporlation is organized andl the natullre of
sthe tbusine tisn to Iw carried on lby it are
il he'relby dlared to li: To l dal In. biuy and '
*.'t sill, for Its own acicount or for acouint if I
he others., sugar. ri'. and molasses; to acit asc
r- brokr or agent In the piurchase and sale
oif this sugar. rice, molasses and their by
,it produtil'ls for the account of iludviduals,
;R 'tirms oir lrloratlins, and generally to d Ii
ill and engage In any stuch business. u, ndr
of taking or enterprise connected with. grow- I
er nlug out of, germane or incidental to a g.n- I
i' ral nsugar, r'ice and moilasses ibroke'rage
,n- buislui'ess.
r- ATIci'L.E IC.
od I
is- The capital stock lof this ilorplration is
iii hereby fixed as the sum oil f Thil r, Tholiusand a
e ltollars, divided Into 30l shares of the par
.r- value of Qone Ilundred li.dlars eacth, which
shall be paid for in cash. or may ie ilsu.ed
I at not less than par for flr prwrty pur.bchased a
u- hyl. r ser'vi'es artcally rendered to sait I
,j co'rporation. All shares of stock shall IN,
full paid and non asscssasll.e. No transfer
h of stock shall te binding uplon the corp.ora
- Lion unless made upon its Iooks.
r All the colrpirate powers of this company" a
shall I vested in, andi the management antd n
control if Its business and affairs shall Iwt h
al eerctsed by a Io ard of directors coinpised
r oif three stoiwkhoideri. a majority oif wh m
r shall i"nustite a quorum for the transa.- t
r thin of all business. Said directors shall ci
-It li elected annually by batilot of the stock
hf holders on the second Tuesday in July of c
each year. Each stockholder shall be en. I
: titled in person, or by written proxy, to d
t one vote of each share of stock owned by
. him and standing In his name on the books a
et of the company. All elections shall be held n
d under such rules and regulations as may
Ie. determined by the board of directors, but I
I- after at least ten days' notice of such elec'
f tion shall have been given to each stock
d holder at his last known address, or by a
n publicct ation for at least ten days in one
n of the daily newspapers published In the
city of New Orl.sans. The directors thus
- elected shall continue In office for one year.
. or until their suctessors shall have been
a duly electel and quatlied. No faIlure to o1
Shold an election shall be regarded as a
forfeiture of this charter. Any vacancr oc
- curring on said board of directors hall t It
1 filled v the remaining directors for the un
n expre term. Said board of directors shall.
, at its first meeting, elect from among its
c- number a president, a vice president, a sec
retary and a treasurer. It may combine cc
the two last mentioned offices and may I
t even appoInt a secretary who need not be a
e stockholder. cc
to No stockholder shall ever be h,,4 liable o0
yor responialtte for the contract, faults or ir
a e cets of Mild cirporation, nor shall anydi
. mere Informality In its organization have
or of exposing a stock holder to any Iail-I
ity beyond the unpaid bllan ce due oin the
I This at- of Incororaton may ibe changed,
be dissolved with the assent of the stock- an
holders owning a majority of the stock of it
the corporation, at a genral meeting called t
in case of the dissolution of this corpmora- In
tlionI by the expiration of its charter or oth
erwise, the stockholders shall elect three
licluidators from among their number at the
mi,,tlog which d'cldes to liquidate. SaId
lqtcldators shall have full power and a- b
thorilty to settle the busineaM and af.Ir o
of the company. In case of the death or thi
Inability of any one of said Ilguidators the WI
survivors shall aliplolnt a succ'saor to him. ho
I'ntll the election to be held in July, 4
1912, the follo-ing named stockholders oct
shall constitute the first board otf directors: era
touls P'. ilamNt, Willllam M. Garlc and L d.
I'. i[lardy, with the lad Louis p. sam-. t
ot as president. Wflllam M. (arlc as vlcede
presldtnt, and L. P. Leltardy as secretary-pe
Tan'Ls )iOx AND PIRasD at my office In
the city of New rleans, on the day, month ol
acd year herein lrst above written, in the hs
presence of Theoduore A. Beck and Anthony to
names with the said appearers and me, no- fill
tlary, after due rc'adtng of the whole. lol
c)riginal signed:
Wm, 1. .larlc, 10 shares. a
l1ouls 1p. amsot, 10 shares. 1
L. P. Lettardy 10 shares.
T. A. . per Wm. M. Garlc. an
Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages. tnt
or the JOarLsh of Orleans, State of b
Lousan do herey crtIfy that the abovee
and foregoing ac t onorratIton of theto
LP.. I41_ary Brokerage Camp..v, wan
Book day duly record tn my offl In ic
New Orlmans I., Au itt 15, 1911. in
A true copy. r. i
(STeal) . Notary Public. et
Aug. 1,. 24, 31, Spt. 7. 14, 21. 1911. an
_e te r _nWn, that om thll 28th day oft3*
July. 1911 befo reme, rW. . Tomg, M.
UYP M 1* COr INI* rri 13*: pmI -
purchasing and selling personal property and
generally such other things as may be nees
sary or Incidental. This corporation shall
.exist for ninety-nine years, and its domielle s
shall .e in the City of New Orleans. t'l.s- e
tlon shall be served upon the President or e
Secretary Treasurer a
Te.E i AI'llAL sTI .K of this corporationl f,
shall Is Three Thousland i$3,.t)0t IDollars, p
divided into Thirty e;tti Shares of the par V
valve of one Iilndred I$li1N).Ot) thnllirs
e· ,ach. No transfer of stock sIhall ie blinding, a
,on the corpora;tion, unless it IMe made on its s
ira, books..
.t l.I TilHE I'wtsi of this corporation
)I hall ,e vested in a ilioard of Dlirectors con- a
s.ied oif three sto.khlolders, two of whom
shall constitute a qIuorum. It shall choosei
its own officers. Th' lirnt Board of lirt, n,
tors shall lie .ieob T. Kiran. Lawr--nce T.I
Kirn and iltiert I.. Dupre, Jr., with .iahcob
T. Kiru as Itirsilent and lawrence T. Klrn
ler, ;s rS,'rtiry "tTr*t.l r,r. They shall hold of
1le tiro until the "oth d yiv of Novend -r. 11)11.
or until their sucttce-,,rs arc elected andil have
iualifed. lThereafter an i-]-,ctin for ilire' P
rs shall !w l hill anniailliy in s iaid date
I Written n ict I thereof s~thall lie givn t i i t h it
lstockhoiilhr Itwenty dlayvs prior thier-.to, and
sothl ,l--tion shall bl e held under the snler ,
vision of thi, Ihoard of lint-e rne. -'arh fl
.toeklidhler shall Ile entitled to one vit~ for II
,'h shatve of stock standing in his namie w
o in th, lboks of the ilicorporation, to ie :ti-I f
by himntt In per,n, or uby written proxy. A iu
mez itijority of votes cast shall l-ect. Ainy ia oi
,it-c " oi-u' rring tv death, rei.n:ination or othi '
ot. ers is,,e shall Ie tilledl by selectliotn muade bi
the relmania nz directors.
n: I N Ils. tutssri.l To iof this ('hirter, bl
nil limitatin o r it othierwise. Its affairs shall is
liuidatid bl the l'r'-sidlnt anl d the Secre i i
iary -'Tlresurer. Should either e unable or i
cse to alt,-, for any muse,l the other shall fi
continue the hliultiih tioi n aline.
tri nll l si, i n i d
SNamesis f Suibsrilr-r.. t ti
ll tntsse , ii ,
1. S ilY :I t'
ion .IAJIHS J. A. FiItTIElR.
1t W. l. .Y il Ni. Notary I'utbilc.
is I. the unders-i.mned Recoirder of Mortgages st
Ind In and for the Parish of Orleans, State of 5I
ls: i- itia,. do liereby iertify that theli aove it
ine and for,-going act of lncorl ration of thel
ale Amerlican Comptiany was ithis day dulyt r,-
its corded In imy th"er In ook 111:., folio ill.
r New Oirleansn. J11ly ,I 1911. :
t i Signedi Ii IL EINAlI. at
:ell I iSeili ' . It. st
or A true copy of the original.
Si Signed, W. . OI'Ni;, Not. Piih. v
in Aug. 1 . 17. 24, 31; Sept. 7. 14, l11i. P
1 lF Till.: COMMEI1i'IAI. LAW AND AD. o
• ''TMENT AGi:N('CY, INt'. In
lie th
al it: IT KNitWN, that on the twenty.eighth or
if day ifI the month of July. in the year of eil
Ire oir Lord one thollsand nine hundred and At
nil eleven and of the Indelpendence of th pr
if United States of Amet rlca the one hndred r
11fand thlrty-sxlth. before me. Sidney FrancIs
Gautier. a notary public, duly commlisione~n
Sand qualified, in and for the Pariah of (ir
Ileans. State of Louisiana aforesaid, therein
h ri-siding, and in the presence of the wit
r- neases hereinafter named and undersigned., o
personally came and appeared the several
.n persons whose names are hereunto sulsecrtlb-m s
andd. and who are all of full age of majority
and rehlilents of this city: and the said ap- su
peartirs declared that. avallnng theniiIsves 1at
if the Ia-s of this State relative to the or- o.
ganlzation of commercial corporatlons, they
Is do by these presents. contract, covenant.
agree and bind themselves, as well as such Or
ar other persons as may hereafter become asso- ir
icli dated with them, to form and constitute 4
di a corporation for the objects and purposes ne
and tinder the articles and stipulations fol- nat
,i lowing, to wit t: te
The name and title of this corporation
shall be the C('oMd.ERcrAL LAW AND AiJUS.T
tEoNT Ac..iY, Incorporated. tn Its said
name and corporate capacity It shall have
- andi enjoy successihn for the term of ninet
ipl nine yeats from the date hereof, and shall
d have the power and authority to contract,
.su and be sued to make and use a seal, In
m and the same to break and alter at pleasure; Lo,
r.to ritve. purchase, iold, lease, sell. ex- o ni
iI change, donate, mortgage,. pledge property. to:
- both real and personal: to issue commer- 1o t
,i cial reports and commercial ratings, to issue my
bonds, notes and other certlficates or evi
-o dence of Indebtedness: to name and-appoint
such managers, agents, directors and officers
as its business or Interest anl convenience
Id may require: and to make and establish as any
well as to alter and amend, from time to
Stime, such by-laws, rules and regulatons
for the proper conduct, management and
r- regulation of the affsairs of said corporation
y as may be necessary and proper.
This corporation shall be domiciled In the
SCity of New Orleans, and all citations or
Sother legal process shall be served upon
Sthe president, or in his absence upon the
r- secretary. and In the absence of both, then
n In the manner directed by law.
The objects and purpo es for which this
e corporation is orgal~hled and the nature of t'N
the buslness to be carried on by It, is to c
commercial paper, o Issnue commercial re
ports and commercial ratings, for profit, to
buy. sell and otherwsle deal in all descrlp.
tlon of bonds, notes or any other certlfleates of
elor evidence of Indebtedness, as well as to or
r bUy, sell, mortgage, pledge and otherwise es
- deal In both real and personal property. L'i
The total authoriled capital stock of this and
corporatIon hi Ten Thonusand ($10.000, Dol
har, divided Into Four Hundred Sharee ofre
stock of this corporation shall he paId In
ash. or its equivalent In property, merchan
dis, labor or value, at such times and In
such amounts and with such notices to the
sulbcrlbers as the directors of the corpoa. cas
lion shall deem for the best interest of all
parties concernedi No stock certificates them
shall issue to any person until the payment It
in full of the shares subcrhbed.
All lh- powers of thli corl ratIon shall
o Directors, toe composed of not more shal
than seven nor less than three stockholders, unit
Sholder' meeting to he held for that putrpose jo
on the First Tuesday of (he month of Au- the
gust of each year, at the domicile of the
corporation. From and after the first Tnues- toa
day of August, 1U11, all elections of dlrect
ors as well as of all meetingp of tckhold
era, except for the purpose of lquidating or
dissolution, oras otherwise requlred by law,
ten' days notice sent by mall to hbI last tJ'
odeslnated address shall he given to each to
the hooks of the earlrtlo h r
Each stockholder sall beentitled to one cure
vote for each share of stock standing In w!•
his name on the books of the cbrporatlon, r
to he cast in person or hy proxy, and tbh to a
majorlty of the votes east nalJ elect.. The ,rl
-oard of Dirtors shall have the power to and
fOI all iscaneles that may occur on the and
The fillre to elect directors on the dateand
above specilfed shail not diso.lve the cor
poraton, but the drectors then In office aen
shall remain in office untll their succeusors
are electeti. De notice of another election
Shall e~ .as Iabove provided and sueh
notices ofe eeton shall contlaue to be given Ti
until the election Is held
A majorlty of the directors shall conrtil- Iler
tute a quorum for the transaction of any shall
us Ie. At its ldrt meein following -bs
each annual eletion, t.he-oard of _ntre
torsahaIll elect a Prlsdent, Vice Preeldent,
a SeCretary-Tremmrer, and asch other of
ficrsu as It shall deem necemary.
The Board of Dlretors shallhave power,
fi ee, ndtmreuon to .Unlte two or more of. of ti
so an. e confer the sme a one tier- herel
eablish, as--w-ell as alter and amend, ay pape
sary aed -~ rr for the support sad ma.n- ad
full poer and autoritoy tO borrow money ce
through the ...dent o some other dlyt
authorIaed agIent or atents; to execute
mortg.... ILsu notea, bond or other obll
gatosu; isu commeocal reports and co-
mercial ratila I ad enrl, to do thin-- Tb
leasoashle and - -e ynl the proper he t
carryl on of the busines of the corpra- 00)
tio, and also to isu ad dliver fal-aid (250
shar of sto, or heeds, or obllgtiogs of dreg
aid corporatloin aym--t of labor, or in -
mosey horrowor
who may he absent from the domicIIeo sand
tall Whenever this corporation may be dill
•lei solved, either by limitation or by any other
tra. Cause whatever, its affairs shall be liquidat
or ed by three commlssloners, to lie appointed
at a general tmeeting of the stockiloldir+
ion for the purpose of liquidating. as hereinafter
Irs, provided, each share being entitled to one
par vote in person or by proxy.
ars Said commissioners shall remain in of
lug, fie until the affairs of said corporation
its' shall have been fully settled and liquli-'atdi.
and shall have full authority and power
ion to transfer and give title to all the ass.ets
tm aind property of the corporation.
tII In case of the death. disablity or resig
nation of one or molre of said ,Inrmmlssion
e'rs, the v:acantcy salla lie filled by election
Sby the surviving comnmissiloners or ci.mins
Irn r.
f Tihe stocklhold. rs are e.specially eoplow.
t11.i 'r'ed iv a tlhree -tortths vote of the entire
,. ~tock. cat :at a m nietling called for that
e Ilpurpose, to sell the entire assets of this
ite 'rpoir.tion, either for cash or for stocks
lIn in s)tle ot iher icorporat ion.
anl IBefore any stockholdler shall dispo.le of
wr his stock to any one not a stockho,lder ito
iih tlis corloration, he shall offer same to the
for Hoatrd of lircthrs of this corporation.
tIt which is atilthorized to pIlrclhase the stock
t for the icorpoi-ration, provided the stock shall
A lie ipurchtasedii within ten days from date. of
a offer. and thlie sale shall be effected at the
ith 'aik value of the stock.
!" This iat of incorporation may be moll
re tid. h:chaniid or altered, or said corporation
or iiV ti di.siolved. with the assent of lthree.
all fourth. oif the capital stock represented at
a general meeting of the stockholiders con
v'ned for such purpose. after previous no.
ti ' shall:l have iwen given in one or more
daily ntewspaperrs pililished in this city.
iithree i,,tes within ten days next preceding
unhi iietin. and after ten days' notice
sent bIy mail to his last desilgnated addlress
:es shall have iw'en given to each person who
of apealrs as a stockholdel r on the books of
iv  te corlporation.
i Any clringe whicif may be proposed or
ri- made. in reference to the capital stock of
this corporation, shall iw made in accord
ance with the laws of the State of Loulsi
ana on Ithe subject :and the said capital
stock may io increased or diminlshed upon
compliance therewith lpon an affirmative
vote of two-thirds of the st,'kat of the cor
No stockholdsr shall ever he held liable
or responslhle for the contracts or falllts
of this corporation In any further sum than
the unpaid balance due on the shares of
stock owned by him: nor shall any mere
informality In organization have the effect
D of re'ndering this charter null or of e.'pos
Inc a stockholder to any liability beyond
the amount die on his stock.
The first meeting of the stockholders of
this corporation shall beh held without fur
ther notice, on the first day of August. Is
the year nineteen hundred and eleven. and
the following named stockholders shall com
pose the first Board of Dilrectors, who sha..
serve until the next annual meetlng, to take
place on the First Tuesday of August. 1912,
tli or until their successors have been duly
of elected and installed. namely, William M.
ad Avery. president: Louis E. Schriever. vies
hi president: Marce, R. ;Guerin, secretary.
ed treaslrer.
tn Said corporation shall commence liusiness
as soon as one hundred and twenty shares
1of the capital stock shall have been sub
a scrilswd and paid for. and in order that this
charter may also serve as the original suh
ty scription list, all stabscihers hereto have
P- set opposite their respective names the num
s*er of shares of stock subscribed for by all
c of them.
1 Thus done and passed at the city of New
'O (rleans. the day, month and year first above
w written. In the presence of Messieurs M. ('.
to Sehraff and Emile T. Combe, competent wit.
i, nesses, who have hereunto signed their
lnames together wltr the said appearers and
me," notary, after reading of the whole.
t Original signed)
Wm. M. Avery... 120shares
L. E. Schriever.. 3shares
in M. R. Guerln....120shares
r" Wltnesses :
11 Notary Public.
t, I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages
i, In and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Louislana, do hereby certify that the above
t- and foregolng act of incorporation of the
r- Incorporated, was this day dbly recorded in
re my office. in Book 10,51. folio 64.
1- New Orleans, La.. July 31, 1911.
'e Clerk.
e A true copy from the original of record
s and on file in my notarial office.
o New Orleans, Aug. 2. 1911.
4 (Slea Notary Puh lic.
Aug. 10, 17, 24, 31; Sept. 7, 14, 1911.
Be It known, that on this eleventh day
" of the mnbth o0 July, In the year of our
SLord, one thousand, nine hundred and
lcevent, and of the independence of the
United States of America, the one hundred
and thirty-alixth, before me, Frank William
Hart, a notory public, duly commlsioner
and quallfled In and for the parish and
state aforlesaid, therein residing, and in the
presence of the witnesees hereinafter named
and underslgned, persomnally came and ap
pered the everal persona whose namew are
h,.eunto suberilhei, who declared that,
avatling themselves of the provisions of the I
constitution and laws of thls state in sch
cases made and provided, they do, by these
presents, form themselves and any per
sona who may be hereafter aocilated with
them, Into a orporatlon and body politie
in law for the objects ar pnrposes and un- I.
detr the following terms and t iplatlons, to
The name and title of this eo ratlon
shall be W. B. UTLEY CanPA,Y, 0rd,
under it said coroate name, itt shall
have power and authority to have and ca
Joy succeslon and corporate existence for tI
the term of nlnety-nine years from the
date hereof; to contract, sue and be ned
to make and e a corporate seal, nd the
ame to break or alter at pleasure; to punr
or otrse dipe o uor encmber prop
ulert-ra perlona an mizen necessary Wi
to emaLe and endorse bills of texhnge aind
promissr notr; to ine noters, heonda or
other eviences of indebednes, and to oe
cure same by plede, mortgage or other
wise; to name, appoint and elect such dl- C
retors, omcrs, manager and agents, and
to make,, etabllsh and later seh by-am,
rules an.d reglation as may be ncesary I
and reqtuiste for the proper management
and conduct of its busines and asalrm
and genernlly to eeretIs aII of the rights
and porwers that may now or hereafter p
granted by law to orporatlona of this chair- a
The domiclel of th eorporation shll be
in the city of New Orleans, parirh of Or- f
lens, state of ouiiMana, w there etation
shall he served on the presldent, or ia his
absence or dislability, on the tle president.
The obJects and purposes for whleh this
corporaton is etablihd,_ and the nature p1
of the busalness to be carried on by it, are
hereby declared to be the manua ct uri
cd and products of all ature and kLids. a
and to engage In all matters onCident or to
germane to the manuihetro annd sale, at a
wholesale or retail, of the atboe mentionaed ti
_artils,. and to do and perform all manner
of thing s n eonjuneion therewtth and in
cidenalU trto, neemsy r nda proper to
the operatkin o" said haine .s
a ~p~.. thuan d dollr (4iM 00l.- s
.!, dl into two hundred sad fty.
(s r m f. oi  par valu ol eo hun-ta
The _rp tlem aibe a gslngonbern
esb sel eo=tl gj ad in, r
in dlum ~emj~ nUs amk
mhrrad aah uri-a U gol us
No stockholder shall have the right to
sell or otherwile dlspose of his shares of
ills- stok In this company without having tirst
her offered same to the other stockholders.
ted ARTi I,.E V.
tier All the corporate powers of this corpora
one t lon shall tin vilstel In and exerci-sed by a
Ilarit of directoris composledr of live I ,
 stockholdlcrs, who shall I elected by the
on stockholders at the annualh m-eeting of the
te 't. porporatlon, which shnlil bi held on thie sen
wer on Monday of F..hruary of each year.
rts Thr.ee rnembers of the board of directors
,h.ll1 constitute a qluorum.
The oltliers of thle corporation shall is' a
si president. who shall also ti gene-ral nlana
in g.r ; a vice Ipresiidnt, a aecretary, and a
ton treasulrr. provdted that, at any annual
ilis meeting, the sto'ckholders may separate the
ittli~e of general manrager fronm that of pri-si
o,- .dent and consolidate It with any of the
tire fi';l or create it as a new oimee, In whi-ch
hat latter event It shall be filled in the same
his manner as herein provided for other oflt
uk'- errs.
'The, oui,mers hereinabove designated shall
Iof electted annually by the I ton-kholters it
the annual meeting fronm among the nutmlber
the f directors elected at suich uratling.
I'ntil thie first annual me-,ting. hereIn
.: alive provided for, or until their araes+urs
ial are elenteld and qualified, the following sh ll
i constitute the boardi of dilrictors of thit
thte corporation: Waldlo it Itley. August W.
Ierdon, Edward Neurrwrth. Jr., George E:.
i-:gtorf and Timothy r'Rlrlen. with Waldo
R. itley. as president and general manaier:
Augus,t W. Iterdon as vice president; Ed
ward Neuwwlrth. Jr., as secretary, and
i;erge E. FEgdorf, as treasulrer.
ton All dirertors and offr.ra shall tie elected
for the term of one year. but shall hiotl
at their re*spective ofneces until their successors
on are elected and qulalitled.
no- Any vacancy ocrlitrring In the board of
ore tirectors, fronl whatever cause, shall be
tilled. from amrong the stockholders. by the
tog remaining memctrs of the hoard. provtded,
hie however, that In the event of the death of the
e prasildent, while actlng as general manager,
ho a general meeting of the stockholders shall
of at once be called to elect his successor.
All elections shall be by ballot and the
or majority of the votes cast shall elect.
of At all meetings, each stockholder shall
rd- he entitled to one vote, either In person or
I- hby written proxy, for each share of stock
lta standing In his name on the books of the
io corporation, provided, that no stock shall
iv be voted at any meeting which has ben
or transferred on the books of the corporation
within thirty (30) days prior to sa.d meet
ble The general manager shall have the
it power to employ and dismiss all sub
offcers. agents and employees of the cor
of poratlon and to fi their salaries.
ere The salary of the president and general
t manager shall be fixed by the board of di
rections of the corporation.
All checks, promissory notes, drafts, ac
ceptances, contracts and other evidences of
indebtedness, as well as all obligations of
of any king binding the corporation, shall be
ur- signed by the .................. general
is manager, or In his absence and inability
ad to act, then by the secretary, countersigned
i- by the vice president.
fty This act of Incorporation may be changed.
M. altered or amended, or the corporation
ice dissolved, by a vote of three-fourth of the
ry- stock present or represented at a general
meeting called for that purpose, after thirty
idays' t.o) notice of said meeting shall have
been given by advertisement in one of
the daily newspapers published in the city
s of New Orleans.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
ve or responsible for the contracts or faults
m- of the corporation in any further sum than
ill the unpaid balance due on the shares of
sto'ck owned by him, nor shall any infor
mality In organization or the failure to hold
w meetings or elect officers or directors at any
e time have the effect of rendering this char
'. ter null or of exposing any stockholder to
it- and liabillty beyond the unpaid balance due
'Ir on his stock.
es At the expiration of this charter, or when
es this corporation is otherwise sooner dis
es solved, its affairs shall be liquidated by
three liquldators to be elected by the stock
holders at a meeting convened for that pur
pose. Any vacancies in the liquidators shall
be filled by the remaining liquidators.
Thus done and passed, in my office in
es the city of New Orleans, on the day, month
of and year first above written, in the presence
re of Messrs. t;ustaf R. Westfeldt, Jr., and
le Horace D. Knapp, competent witnesses, who
V- have hereunto aigned their names, together
in with said appearers and me, notary, after
reading of the whole.
(Signed) : W. B. Utley, A. W. Berdon,
Timothy O'Brlen, E. Neuwirth. Jr., C. P.
Ellerson. Geo. E. Egdorf, Joseph C. Maurer.
rd Witnesses: Gustaf R. Westfeldt, Jr., Hor
eace D. Knapp.
KaaNg Wxi. HA T, Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the fore
going charter of W. B. Utley company, wsa
this day duly recorded in my office in Book
1051, folio-.
New Orleans, July 11th, 1911.
(Signed) EsaIL LaOtDaNs, D. R.
True copy.
FRatN WM. HAr, Not. Psb.
July 13-20-27, Aug. 3-10-17. 1911.
C Be it known, that on this thlrteenth day
Sof the month of June, in the year of our
SLord one thousand nine hundred and eleven,
and of the Independence of the United
8tates of America the one hundred and
thirty-fifth, before me, John Marshall Quin
tero, a notary public, duly commissioned
and qualified, in and for the parish of Or
leans and eity of New Orleans, therein re
siding, and in the presence of the witnessese
herelnafter named and undersigned, person
ally came and appeared the parties whose
names are hereunto subeeribed, who declared
that, availing themselves of the provisions
of the general lawn of this state, relative
to the organisation of corporations, they
have covenanted and agreed, and do, by
these presents, covenant and agree, bind
form and constitute themselves ,as well as
such person or persons as may hereafter
join or become associated with them, into
a corporation and body politic in law, for
the objects and purposes and under the
aleements and stipulations following, to
The name and style of this corporation
C3OMPANY," and by that corporate name
mid company shall have power and author
ity to enoy and have succession for the
period of ninety-nine years; to contraet,
sue end be sued in its eorporate name; to
make and use a corporate oeali; to buy, re
ceive and hold an asnment of a ntent or
patents upon a certain rerleratng plant
apparatus or method, lately invented by
ealel C. Smith, for which the mid 8mith
is makng application to the United States
Patent ODce for a patent, and to contract -
enverlang the same for the mantacture of
mid appartas by others the ales of rights
under said patents, and for the use and
enjoyment by others of said apparatus and
metho covered by mid patents, and to
ie, sell and ssign to any other person
l, absolUte and cluie rights for the
enalyment of the rights covered by said
patents, to have and employ suceh managers,
I diretors, ..cers, agents and other em
l.ee, as the ainterest and convenleace of
aid eompany may rqUlre, and to make
latons for the pro. - anagement end con
trot of the ailrs of said company as may
be necessary. Bnut not to have the rtight to
manuntcture the sald patented artiles or
to sell the seid patnts, except tbhat the
msaid patens any be sold by a vote of two
thirds of the stock of the compnay.
The domicille of said corporatlon shall be
n the city of New Orlcan, and all citations
and other legal process sall be served on
the presdent, and, in his absene, on the
viee-president of said compan, and, in the
absence of both of t nameJ oers, ser
ice of prorem may he made on the secre
Theobjct end cpe f t di cato
ratios are hereby Isolated to heoakig,
rate and hold a siunmerrt aors apatI
sen fteeumt es e tr mtal
- - r I )-' ld
faictuire of said apparatus lby others. and to
.lve. sell andl as-.in to any othe.r person
f11i. alt,soluit and v.lusive rtlhts for the
enjinoymennt of any and all rights under and
covered by said patents.
AlrrTI l,l: IV.
iThe capit:l -to-k of this ionipay IS fied
at tihe sum of five thou-.ind dIilars I$53,
loul, repre-sent-dI by tifty (.,t shares "f
commoin stock of the par val 1. of one hun
dred dollir I 510011 e.ch. Th, s.lidI stock
shall Ibi paid for in cash, as , illI for ty
the u.ard of diruector., or shall le i-'ul :is
full paid stok for the purhia-,e of pr -,p .rty
or In paymlenlt of la:s ,r done andl servfc.es
rendler,-.l and all of the stock thu4s fo.luf
shai be full pahl andI non-a.w.ssale.
.1i stonk shall lti transferred on th-,
ibooiks oif tu ctilmpany by the stockhlder i
pl*rwon. or by his dilly sauthorized agent or
attorn-y in fact. No sale or transfer oif
sto k .altl he valid or hinding on this car
piratlon lunles rhade o t on books of tlhe
All the corporate p)owers of sail corpora
tion shall ti vestedi n and 'xer,"rcied by a
te.ard of irectors, -omliisedl of not more
Iltn eleven f11l or essq than three I4.
stockholders, to bl elected annually on the
secondi Monday of Fe'tbruary. tlhe first elec
lion to hw held in the year 191.. A.1 such
letitlons shall Ih. ',y ballot and ronducted
at tilhe office of the corporation. under the
lslu.rvision of two comtmlissltioners to be ap
pointed by the presidilnt for that purpo.e,
of which P!etion ten 10t) days prior
noiltie shall have ibeen given by the secre
tary to each stiicholler. by notli.e sent to
his domicile., or plaiei of businis., and ea'h
share of stick shall be entitled to one vote,
to be cast lbyv the owner in person. o, byi
written proxy. The directors thus ele'teil
shall serve ant continoe in oU.e until their
slcesslors shall have been electel.
Vacanuiel occurring In said lsard, from
any c:ise whatever, shall bie tille! by t
remaining directors; and any director who
mlay tI compelled to ie absent from this
state, may appoint, under writing, another
stockholder to act as his proxy on said
Moard and exercise for the timne being all
the powers of such absent director, and any
one director may represent by proxy one or
all of his co-directors. In order to carry on
ite business of the corporation. A major
ity of the directors shall constitute a quo
rum, for the transaction of any business.
The said board of directors shall make all
by-laws. rules and regulations for the gov
ernment of the affairs and business of the
company, and alter, amend and change the
same at pleasure. They shall also have full
power to luy. sell, mortgage and pledge any
and all property, real or personal, when.
ever, in their judgment, they may deem
surh acts necessary and proper, without
recourse to the vote of the stockholders, and
shall have power to hire, employ and dis
charge all officers, agents, employees and
clerks, and to fix all salares and compen
sations, and generally do all things neces
nary in the transaction of the business- and
affairs of the company.
And the board of directors shall have
full authority to carry out the powers here
in granted without recourse to any vote or
grant of power by the stockholders, and
shall have like power to Increase or de
crease the number of directors at any time,
upon on (1) week's notice, in writing, to
the incumbent directors, issued by the sec
retary under instructions from the president
)f the corporation.
This corporation shall begin its opera
i:ons and shall be a going concern as soon
is thirty (30) shares of the capital stock
ihall have been subscrlbed for: and the
allowing named persona shall constitute
he first board of directors of said com
)any, and shall serve as such until the
econd Monday in February. 1912, or until
helr successors shall have been elected and
uallfied: Daniel C. Smith. W. J. Kelly and
rnest Dale Owen, with W. J. Kelyy presi.
lent. Daniel C. Smith vice-president. Ernest
tale Owen secretary, and Ernest Dale Owen
reasurer. The secretary and treasurer of
his corporation need not be stockholders
The board of directors shall also have
ell power to appoint or employ all omcers,
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the shares f a,-!st k Is' ri tl
shall any lnfr:naiity In the orm
have the .ffe t .f rnderlng a
null, nor of e ya Rb trato'khoId to
liability ..n . tb amount dNt
ato -k suiscrit ei i1 tin.
Thu ia (ne ant ' tr n my.,at
year herein first aSIlve writtenI ti
enre of Philip S ;.'ider.. and,
Hitter, corpe~ten witn- ere, who hwll
sign their name, with the said atp"
anldt ,,{ tme, -n ft.,
and me. nhotary, after rendrlng oftbt
(Original stne, bW J, Kellto.hl
Owen la y W. J. Kelly, , tI. t'. dmi (ý m
t. Ke lly i.
e itot i 'hnessellp S I ll S. Oand lee,
Ritter, omrpetn: i +. who  •
in and for the parish of Orleans,
ulntheiana, do hereby ertify that the
and foregoing ar, of incorporation of
smith Refrigerating rom ,any was tib
oI 7b W). J. Kl, I. 1
New Orleans, J.une 14th. 1911.
(Slgned : !lp . LdoNAs, & -
A true copy:
J. M1. QrvINTro, Notery
uly 20 27 aug 3 14) 17 24
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