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$25 Reward!
It aes come to out notice that some lireponelbe
person or person. have been tempering with the
metere, soals and wire. In some of the piece. we
are furnlhinig light and power to in Algiers,
McDonoghvi.le and Gretna.
Neotice . hereby given that tis Ie strictly egainst
the law and all oach persea that may be found
illty of doing or allowing onme to be done with a
view of defrauding the compasy will be vigorou*
No one he. any right to tamper with your wire or
meter ibstll.d in your premues munlee they show
a hedge of the company.
We are now making a careful nvatlation of all
meters and wires and hereby offer a reward of
twenty-five dollar. ($25.00) for evidence leading
to the conviction of the guilty party or parties.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.,
222 Elmira Avenue..
P. IT. J.,NE ' SALOON tIE keR .
Oyster Loaves and Sandwiches
Sandwiches of All Kinds Day and Night
Phone, Algiers 29. No. 222 Morgan Street
S TerTsaLAT HeD 1EA53.
John C. Meyer & Son.
tasm Seger a., 5 mg' Y. 0. me.t, a Su. owl..., Io.esee.
M. Abd & Bn., LIM.
Deler In
ml wi. n ~me,
PELICAN AVE.,'Ca. Vrret St.
Sierra Bros.,
-a1-Dss f-
IIMsvMs St. " Opelesm Ave.
LLumes, L_
OSe.s: 11 Camreelen Sret,
I U Pelea Avw
Oomumns a
saenaam Ma a
J_ ties adM of tatpe
m a ._oa Ath.,.m , befoa an, br-.
tms 1dagy o the amoth of alep tb sIn
Sa~-u-an na artcbrelo that alr
I th an tathaei ed st mMo arte te en lsr, ,
a an·d t flrtthAc Te ato the Ait
seer elly ddateid that availin
athe h the elat heaftL.
ealatu' with them, . a crps
The domicile of aid corporration shall e
in the city of New Orleans. All citatioai
and other legal process shall be served upee
the president of said corporation .,and Ii
case of his absence upon the vice-preeidnt
and in case of hie besence upon the secre
tary-treasurer thereof.
The objects and purposes for which thh
corporation is established and the natuar
of the business to be carried on by it ar
hereby declared and speciled to be, to carn
on a general business for the purcesse, sai
and dealing in horses, mules and other 11iv
stock; to conduct and carry on stables fo
the feeding, boarding and handling of liv
stock, and to conduct and carry on an ex
change where horses, males and live stoc
may be sold at public or private sale; and
generally to bold ad exercise all such inc
dental poers and privileges as relate It
the objects hereinbefore set forth.
All of the above corporate functions may
be performed both in the state of Louisians
and in any of the other states of this Unlon
The capital stock of this coporation h
hereby fied at the sum of ive tbousand dol
lare ($5,000.00), to be eresentd by f'ft
(50) shares of stock of the par vaiu of
one hundred dollars ($100.00) each, all oI
which mid stock shall be subserlbed for at
the time of the orgaalsatiom of this com
pany and shall be aid for in cash before
any of the said tock shall be issued.
Transfers of stock shall be made only os
the books of the company, subject to such
reulations and formsattles as the board of
dlrctrs may prscrkbe.
- It is hereby declared to be a fundamental
condition attached to the stck of this cor
poration, which shall be expressed on the
face of the stock certllcatgs, that ever
holder thereof shall, before he sells his stock
to any other person than an existing stock
holder of thg company, ofer the stock to
the existing stockholders at the price at
which he is otered therefor by any person
not a stockholer, and no transfer of stock
shall be made on, the books of the company
until proof is administered that this condl
tion has bees complied with.
All the corporate powers of said corpa
tion shall be vested n, and all its business
and afairs managed and directed by a board
of three directors, who shall be elected an
nunally at a stockholders' meeting to be held
on the first Monday of September in each
year, commencing with the first Monday in
neptember, 1912 Each subscrlber shall be
entitled to one vote for each share of stock
standing In his name, to be cast In person
or by proxy and a majority of the votes
cast shal elect. The directors shall hold
odice for the term of one year, and until
their successors shall have been elected and
died. The directors shall elect a presi
t, a vie-president, who shall be general
manager and a seretary-tresurer, from
among their number. In case of a -aconcy
occurring on the board from death, resigna
tion or otherwise, the remaining dlret
shall ll the vacae Until the t elc
tion. The beard of directors shall have
power to make and establish al necesary
rules and by-laws for the government of
mid corporation; to regulate the transfer of
stoctk, end enforce the payment of unpaidM
Installments of the sck subeerptin; to
app~olt all such other employees, desks,
aents, overseers and epresenttves, as in
their Jaudeunt may be necessary for the
conduct othe business of the crporatio.
and to fx their compestion. The shal
have the right to discharg or release any
emploee at pleasure. duties of the
of the company.
'se following named persons, to-wt: H.
H. Mcee, Frank M esry and Crence
lcC.Hopkins, with the said H. a Mcae
aspresident rank Mcenry as vceres
.tand meal manageru , and Clarenceu
-nd-. nHllsm' as sscetarytrsl,. , shall
he and ar hrb cntittd the ft bard
of directos ad sr. of misd esrpperatlsm
and shall hold their es untl the fist
Monday in Seotember. 1912, or unti heir
Whenever thris srll eeniatin dhl
eithr Iby limiatis r ahsrhe, ~bnls
sh-ll be- Iaidated b thr sane Iatub b es
be eleted by the t hld re at
ss slhall remain in ates ntil th
-L - w r- - r- ati have hme
u- I..  ta ..sa aof ta a a
K a h at._ ý ear ms r at one
ý_e,te as _ t
!i>U iT))-f
Louislan, oe the subJect de alterhg the a
capital stock of coesorations. p
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
or responsible for the contracts or debts of
said corporation for any further sum than
the unpaid balance due upon the shares of
stock subscribed for, or owned by him, nor h
shall any mere lnformality In organisation I
have the efect of rendering this charter ii
null or of exposinag a stockholder to any a
liability beyond the amount of his subscrip- b
tlion to the stock. n
T~die that this charter may also serve
as the original subscription list of the cor
poration, the incorporator. have subscribed >
the shares of stock set opposite their res
pective names, the aggregate being the whole o
capital stock of this corporation.
Thus done and passed at my omce, in the d
city of New Orleans, on the day, month and ~,
year first abhove written, in the presence of
Messrs. E. H. Parrar, Jr. and 8. E. Galiber,
competent witnesses, who have hereunto
signed their names, together with said ap
pearers and me, notary, after due reading
of the whole. c,
(Original signed) : H. H. McGee, 23 p
shares, $2300.00; Frank McHenry, 25 h
shares, $2500.00; Clarence McC. Iopkins, 2 a
shares. $200.00. (Witnesses): +E. H. Far- !
rar, Jr., S. E. Caliber. .,
AsBaHAM GoLDonrsa. I
Notary Public. a
I, the undersigned, recorder of mortgages,
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of t
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of Incorporation, of the
Mellenry Horse Exchange was this day duly
recorded in my oece, In book 1051, folio -.
New Orleans, September 11th, 1911. h
(Signed) ExILa LEONaoD, D. R.
I. the undersigned notary public, do here
by certify the above and foregoing is a true D
and correct copy of the original act of in- 4
corporation of "'lcHenry Horse Exchange" '
on file and on record in my omce, together e
with the certificate from the deputy recorder a1
of mortgages thereto attached. fi
Witness my hand and seal this 11th day it
of September, 1911. o0
(Seal) Notary Public. fr
Sept. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 1911.
t-T ,butt
e to yeu. I'll eat what tie st fe
~poundea the~
-- ,r a aids boteatm ofn thetsd eo
.ebleawe. AsI all
41 igt ow t te tbs, omat ti~
Ua N
the and body politic in law for the objec and
purposes and under the stipulatiens and
agreements hereinafter set forth and ex
pressed, which they hereby adopt as their
charter, to-wit :
s of
s of The name and title of the corp.raUton
nor hereby formed Is declared to be: I.NliERLAL
tion EXIOItT COMPLANY : Its domicile shall be
rter in the city ft New Orleans, state of Louisi
any ana, and it shall have and enjoy succession
:rip- by its corporate name for a period of ninety
nine years from and after the date hereof.
The corporation shall have power and au
thority to contract, sue and be sued in its
corporate name; to make and use a corpo
enC rate seal ; to hold, receive, hire and pur
or- chase real and personal property, and to
ed sell, mortgage or pledge the same; to bor
rs- row money and issue bonds, notes and
bole other obligations. All citations or other le
gal process shall be served upon the presi
th dent, in case of his absence or inability
and from any cause the same shall be served
fo upon the secretary-treasurer.
lig The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organised, and rue nature of
2, the business to be carried on by it ,are
25 hereby declared to be: the manufacturing
- and exporting of pitch-pine timber and lum
ar- her, hardwoods, cooperage stock ,and oak
staves; to buy and sell timber and timbered
lands; to manufacture, buy and sell lumber
C. and staves in all its varieties; and gener
ally to do and perform any act or thing
le that may pertain to the purposes above set
of forth or to promote the interests of the cor
poraton. ARTICLE III.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of fifty thousand
R. t$,OQO) dollars; the said capital stock
shall be divided into two classes, to-wit:
er- preferred and common stock. The amount
true of the said preferred stock shall be twenty
five thousand dollars, divided into twenty
five hundred shares of the par value of ten
edollar each. The amount of the common
rder stock is hereby fixed at the sum of twenty
five thousand dollars, to be divided into
twenty-five hundred shares of the par value
of ten dollars each.
Upon the preferred stock dividends shall,
from time to time, be paid at the rate of
seven per cent. per annum out of the net
income of the corporation as the same may
be determined by the board of directors.
If the Income of the corporation applicable
to dividends on said stock shall not in the
Judgment of the board of directors be suf
ficient to pay said dividend of seven per
cent. per annum, as aforesaid, such divi
dends, or so much thereof as shall remain
unpaid, shall accumulate. The dividends
upon the said preferred stock, together with
all accumulations or dividends remaining
unpaid for previous years, shall be paid in
full before any dividends shall be paid upon
the common stock of the said corporation.
The alid preferred stock shall be entitled
to elect two out of the three directors here
in provided for, and the common stock shall
be entitled to elect the remaining directors.
In the event of the liquidation of the cor
poration for any cause, the preferred stock
shall have a prior lien on the assets of the
corporation up to and until it shall have
received the par value of the said stock.
Any excess shall then be gives to the com
mon stock until its par value shall have
been paid ,and anything remaining shall be
divided pro rat among the holders of all
of the stock, preferred and common.
laid stock, both common and preferred,
shall be paid for in installments of such
amounts as the board of directors may de
Any part or parcel of the stock may be
issued by the said board of directors In pay-.
ment of labor done or property actually
received by the said corporation.
Separate stock books and stock register
for each of the said stock shall be kept, and I
the two classes shall not be mIngled.
This corporation shall 'become a going
concern, and shall be authorised to comn
mence business so soon as three thousand I
dollars of its capital stock, either common
or preferred, shall have been subscribed for. I
/ All the corporate powers of this corpora- I
tion, and the management and control of its
afalrs shall be vested in, and exercised by,
a board of directors composed of three
stockholders, a majority of whom shall con
stitute a quotnm for the transaction of all
business. The directors shall be elected o
Snaay by the stockholders, at a meetin
So be held on the third Tuesday in Octoher
of each year. Each stockholder shall be en
titled, In person or by proxy, to a vote for
every hare owned b him, and all elections '
sha be held under such rules and regula
tions as may be determined by the board of
directors. The directors thus elected shall
continue In erce for one year, or until their
successors shall have been elected and have
Squalified. No failure to elect shall be re
garded as a forfettre of this charter. Any
vacancy occurring on said board shall be
filled by the remallrg directors for the an
expiredterm. The nerd of directors shall,
at its first meeting after Its election, noal
nate out of its numbet, a president, a vice
president and secretary-trsurer. said a
board shall have the right to uite say of
the two above mentioned positions into one,
or may ssgrsete the postion of secretary
treasurer and elect a secretary who need
not be either a director or a stockhoidr,
and it shall emply and dismiss such clerks,
managers and other employea of the corp
ration the interest and business of the
same may Jstify. Any of the directors
shall have the right to appoint, by writtena
instrument, another director or stockholder
to act as his proxy and in his stead at any
and all meetings of the board of directors
No stockhoider shall ever be held lIable ~
or responsible for the onstracts, faults or I
debts of tanis corporation, or shall any .
mere informallty ia Its organbation have
the elect of rendering this ebarter void, or
of explosing a atockholider to any liability
beyond the unpaId baIlanee due on the
shares owned by him.
This act of lieorporation may be changed,
modlaed, or altered, or this corporation
may be dissolved, with the assent of the
stockholders owning thre-fourthe of the c
stock of the corporation, present or repre
seanted at a general meetlag convened for
that purpose, and after at least ten days'
Swritten notice shall have been given through
the mail to each stockholder at his last
knon place of resleae In ass of dIe
lution by the expiration of tlds chlrter or
otherwls, the stockholders shall elect thre
liquidators trom aMong their namber to
settle the business and afairs of this com
pany. In case of the death or dlsahllty of
any one of said commissioners or IlquLdat
ors, the survivors shall appont a sacceaeor
to him.
Immediately after the sigblng of this
charter the stockhloers shall meet anad
Select three directors who hal serve natil
e the election to be held in October, 191
Thus done and passed in my ee, on the
day, month and year, frst above wrttt, in
i- the presenmce of Frank B. Twkmey and Jo
I seph L Wesls, cempetet witmee, who
have slgne with th apper and me, the
of notary, after eding the whle,
lUtoen ath, I share, (Witbne(ss): .i, .
tI Twomey, J. L Wesm
A-. 0 Dasumoa , et. Pub. "
(Subetituting Pelis J. r afu, another no
tary pblle, n aew at e leave)
I, the undersn ed reoder of mortgngs
a ahd for the pari of Orleas, stateo
Louistana, do hereby certif that the above
p and fgoling act of leosporatidn of the
"I was this day
1d recor la atl tI oeoo
New Orleans, S. 1, 111. 1.
(..o) a-n muaun, D. r.
I, M'ede 9. ,Drnans nears pUt.
.amramy mowd a ad M a pi ulic,
hof Orlas ad city of New Orlekas,
brereby artI t tht te ahoe ad fn r -
- lar !a true ad earrect Eo of the
-mpany"- teuther with the e rt a'tt of
the rerdr of ertgmse therete apnd
-B a whole a il asl1, r i the
,IwonttU. . a- a
l' a o A L . Doau r . e . o ob
sa 14 se, Il at it 19 19I1
01 TUEa Dii W. PElNIU 3M CM
I4 O L0UlShZ, PIiSH 04?' 0i3-.
L:.m7um, c me~r. u, hw o aha
tad who severally declared that availing them
tad selves of the provisions of an act of the
ex- legislature of this State, known as Act No.
leir 36 of the session of 1888, as well as of
those of the general laws of this State rela
tive to the organization of corporations,
they have formed and organised, and do
by these presents form themselves into and
tan constitute a body politic in law, for the ob
AL jects and purposes and under the stipula
be tions and agreements hereinafter set forth
1st- and expressed, which they hereby adopt as
ion their charter, to wit:
Its The name and title of the corporation
po- hereby formed is declared to be the "DAN
or- W. 'f ITEL RAG COMPANY, LIMITara." Its
to domicile shall be in the City of New Or
or- leans, State of Louisiana, and it shall have
tnd and enjoy succession by its corporate name
le- for a period of ninety-nine years from and
esl- after the date hereof.
Ity All citations and other legal process shall
red be served upon the President. and in the
event of his absegre or Inability to acset from
any cause, the same shall be served upon
the Secretary-Treasurer.
are The objects and purposes for which this
Ing corporation Is formed and the nature of
im- the business to be carried on by it are here
mak by declared to be to carry on a wholesale
red and retail business in buying and selling
her new and second-hand burlap bags, twines,
er jute, sisal, hemp, bagging, ties, etc.. to
Lag handle the same on commission, to act as
set distributors and agents and generally to do
or- and engage in any and all business under
takings or enterprises connected with or
growing out of, or incidental to any of the
purposes herein set forth.
it: The capital stock of this corporation is
ant hereby fixed at the suam of five thousand dol
ty- lars ($3,t00o.0), divided Into and repre
ty- sented by fifty shares of the part value of
ten one hundred dollars ($100.00) each, which
on stock shall be paid for in cash, at such
ty- times and in such amounts and manner as
Ito may be fixed by the ioard of directors.
Lue Said corporation shall become a going
concern and shall commence business so
ill soon as the full amount of five thousand
o dollars subscribed for shall be paid up.
let Transfers of stock will not be recognized
ay unless transferred on the books of the com
rs. pany by the owner or his duly authorized
ble agent or attorney in fact. All stock or
he shares must be first offered to the company
uf- for sale during a period of thirty days.
ids This corporation shal lhave power and
Lth authority to contract, sue and be sued in
ng its corporate name, make and use a cor
in porate seal (the same to change or alter at
on pleasure), hold, receive, lease, hire, pur
chase, sell and convey, as well as mbrt
ed gage and hypothecate property both real
re- and personal to borrow money, execute
all notes, bonds or other evidence of indebted
rs. ness, name and appoint such managers, of.
ro- feers and agents as the necessities and con
ek veniences of this corporation may require;
he make and establish such by-laws, rules and
ve regulations for the proper management and
:k. expedition of its affairs as may be neces
m- sary and proper, and alter, amend and
ye change the same at pleasure.
,, All the corporate powers of this corpor
ch ation shall be vested in and exercised by
k. a board of three directors, composed of
stockholders, a majority of whom shall con
be stitute a quorum for the transaction of all
The first board of directors of this cor
poration shall consisat of Dan W. Feltel, A.
J. Sperling and Morris Burka, with the said
SDan W. Fetel as Pl'resldent and General
Manager, A J. Sperling as Vice President
and Morris Burke as Seeretary-Treasurer,
.- all of whom shal hold office until the first
a Monday in August, 1912, or until their suc
s censors shall have been duly elected and
, qualified.
On the first Monday in August, 1912, and
annually thereafter, an eelction for direc
tors shall be held at the office of the cor
a. poration nader the supervision of two com
ts missioners appointed by the President, after
ten days' prior written notice shall have
h been given by the Secretary-Treasurer to
.. each stockholder, directed to his or her last
d1 known residence or place of business, and
a the directors then elected shall immediately
take their seats and hold office until their
er successors shall have been duly elected and
. qualified.
or Alt elections shall be by ballot, and a
as majority of the votes cast shall elect, and
each share of stock shall be entitled to one
o vote, either in person or by proxy, at all
ill meeting of the stockholders.
Ir All vacancies occurring In the board of
vs directors from any cause shall be filled by
e. the remaining directors.
This act of incorporation aay be changed,
modified or altered, or this corporation may
,. be dissolved with the assent of there-fourths
id of the capital stock presenat or represented
a at a general meeting of the stockholders v
convened for that purpose after thirty days'
prior notice shall have been given by poub
icatiea in one of the daily newspapers •
n, pablished in the City of New Orleans, ive I
times during said thirty days. c
, Whenever this corporation is dissolved, e
either by limitation of Its charter, or from s
Sany other cause, its stair shall be liquidat- e
o ed by three eommasioneer ppotnted froml
among the stockholders at a general meet-l
ing o the stockbolders convened for that "
purpn, after thirty day' prior notice of e
Ie said mreting shall have heen given by pubr
ir letlon in one of the dally newspapeprs
Spublished in the Cl of New Orleans, dve I
tmea du'i said irty days. Sid conr- i
Smimoners saI remain In oice untl the l
aratre of said corporation ashall have been
fully liquidalted. In ease of the death of I
either of said commissioners, the survIvors
shall contlane to act.
S No stockbolder of this corporation shalll
ever be held liable or respoible for the s
eontracts or faults thereof in uay furtherlt
sum than the napaid balanee due to the cor
t poration on the shares owned by him, nor s
Sshall any mere Informality In orfanisatlona
have the eegte of rederling ths ebuarter (
null,-or of exposing a stotkholder to anay
Sliability beyond the amount of his stoek.
t Taus oan AND ASE ns in my notarial I
ofMee at New Orlesane aforesaid, in the c
to preseaee of Marcelin T. 8Efert and William a
SA. Wenek, competent witnesses of lawfuol
age and residing in this city, who hereunto 1
t subscribe their names together with said
Spartie sad me, notary on the day and date
set forth in the capto hereof.
(Original signed)
I ah.re..... $100.00 a
1 share....... 100.00 -
48 shares...... 4,800.00
Notary Paubic.
S I, the bmeesigne, eorer of Mort
. I• and tor the Parish of Orleas,
tat I an n. do hereb catify that
the above a ,d f oh· at inerporet 
of the "Dan W. It Bag Cimorpo. Lm
te" was this day duly recorded l my of.
S.ee l Boo- .161, fols- ..
New Orleans, Ia. Aw SO, 1911.
I hereby ertity the foryoiag ad within t
to be a true asd orreet eopy et tim orl- b
Itl set of ineorporatio o the "Dea W.
etMh t e m o t
dthwes on Ale and o
la failte wreunt I mylerte t h and U
I l this thirtieth day of Angaut, A. D. p
S ) Notary Publie,
Saug 1 sep T 14d 1 28 eoct g 101
- - s
a1EZ~ kI
U3~Dr·&~r 1Y~0i
IANS siit
thte hetat·
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puy ior same 10 cents a month.
Sign H.ere............................
Address........................ .. .........
with all powers and rights granted to eo
poratlons; with a capital stock ofonea hau
dred dollars pr value each, which shall is
paid for when subserlbed; all eorrat
powers to be vested In a board of dlretorq
composed of three stockholders, who sha
be elected at a meeting of stockholders to
be held as soon as this act s signed anad
passed and whose successors shall be elect
ed on the frst M day of June, 1912, and
annually thereafter; mediately after i
election said board of directors shall select
from their number a president, vice-p~es
dent, and secretary-treasurer, wb shall
hbold ice until Juneaw 1912, when their sue
cessors shall be selected by the board of dl
rectors to be chesen a that month, and all
vacancies in odce and board shall be flled
by the rematnllg directors and at its diss.
ltlon this coponration shall be liquidted
by Its president.
This act shall constitute, also, the orig
inal subscription list of the corporation, a
us done and peased, In my olce at the
city of New Orleans, on the day, month and
year first before written, In the presence of
Alphonse J. Cuneo and James Thrlmey
competent witnesses, domiciled In this city
who sign with said appearers ahd me, n
tary, after reading the whole.
(Original signed): Marl A. Bernard, 2(
shares; 1A O. Young, 5 shares; Ed. Gaut
schl, 5 shares. (Witnesses): Alphodme J
Couneo, James Thrfdley.
J. . Rossesn, JR., Net. Pu.
I, the undersigned recorder of morta
In and for the parish of Orleans, bee
certify that the above sad foregoing Ca
of Incorporation of the "Osark Land Co.'
was this day duly recorded in my oiee Is
book 1051, folio -
New Orleans, July 7th, 1911.
(Signed) Buis Lnaoxsa, D. &
A true :sp ot. P:
41. Hilbern'la ldg
aug 8 10 17T 4 81 dp 7 1911
Bs rIr eows, that oe this tweaty-fitt
day of August, In the year of our lard
nineteen hundred and eleven, before me
John Wasner, a notary publie In and f.o
this parish, and in the presence of the here
latter named wttneeses, personally camn
and appeared the several parties who
names are hereunto subscribed, who &
elared that avaling themselves of the laws
of Leoulsias relative to the organlsatlon o0
corporations, hereby form themselves, thell
associates, assils and sueessoeere into a cor
poration for tae objects sad purposes aad
under the stlpulations hereinafter set orth,
which they do adopt as their charter, to
The name and title of this corporatio
shall be "M.uLaHna AND Co[MPAr," and -un
der said name shall have and enjoy corpor
ate existesce for a period of ninety-sin
The domicile t this corporation shall be
ia the t of New Orleans, Lenisisas, asd
all eitatl and other legal process shall
be served the President, ad Ian his ab
sence or disability on the Vice President,
and In the absence or disability of both, on
the Seeretary-Treasurer. 8aid corporation
shall have power to eentrct se and be
seed; to make and see rte seal, the
same to break or alter at pl re; to hold,
ieetive, pr e, sell, e vey or mort
,-e under its esorporate name, prope,
real and personal; to borrow d iend
eand to es eeo notes;: to make rules
n d berlaws pte Its gsvernmee the same
to tr amI e chnae at pleasure,
and to do all things neessary to carry oa
IM belinea.
The oesetb and utsse for which this
sn saee ad the nature b ,
--to w s h i, el
. al "
I The apital stock of hmU n
Shereby fred at ten toh
divided nlato ftour hundred
vlbe of enty-o ve .
t shall be paid for In eal.
I or property conveyed, wbM
* nolassessible. Transfer e
I made only on the books of
u onder such rules and bya
t established by the boarded
*ncorporation shall commesOe
Sthree thousand dollare ei
sublcrIbed and paid for.
All powers of this
1 vested in a board of d
three stockholders, said
elected annually by the
I fat day of February of each
lag February 1, 193. ft
e stockholder shall be en
I on each share of stock
case of any vacancy on the
cancy shall be flled by the
tors. The board off directees
In office until their
been elected and qualifed,
> to bold meetings shall net
of rendering this charter naL
stockholders shall be held
days' notice of such
been ven by the
I writing, either in perseona
stockholder ten dayr
Any member of the bae
I city or unable to attend t
give his proxy to another
resent him at such me,
directors ahall, immediately
tlon, appoint out of their
dent, a Vice President
urer. The frst besad
until Feb. 1, 1913, or
are elected, and said first
shall be composed of J
Joseph Mailhes and Miheel
James S. Gauthreaux,
Mailhes, Vice l'resident,
Mallhbe, Secretary-Tressrer.
This charter may be
poration dissolved or
three-fourths of the st
ing at a meeting of the
I for that purpose, after the
above profided for.
Whenever this company
I ed, either by liquidation
charter or otherwlse, three
be appointed by the st
eral meeting held after
i shall have been gives.
shall remain in office
dation of the company, sad
t or resignation or inability
1 of the liquldators, the
r elect a successor as above
until such appointment the
I dators shall act.
No stockholder shall meer
sible or liable for the til
of the company beyond
p that may be due by them
scribed by them; and ae
ganisaton shall have the
Ing this charter null or
holders to any liability
unpaid balance that may
stock subscription.
Tacs DONx AND ?
I 317 Carondelet street,
I day, month and year
in the presence of Mh
tlanson and John J.
I witnesses, who hereuate
I with the said ape;.arers sa
said appearers writing
the number of shares of
them, which shall act as 1
tion list.
(Original si ned)
I, the underlrgned,
gges, In and for the
tate of LouisIna, de
I the above and for"gotag
of the Msllhes and
dul recorded In my
New Orleans, Aug.
(Signed i FiIl lL
A true copy.
.Jag 81, tiept. 7, 1ý
,- .-

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