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Algerines at Law.
Emancipation of Miss Agnes Maher
-Robt. O'Connor.
Succession of John I. Hulse amounts
to $2,545.
James I)emonrelle vs. Mark A.
Morse et als.. judgment for defendants
dismissing suit at plaintiff's cost.
A. Tufts vs. C. Weinberger, motion
for subpoena duces tecum.
Successionf of Mrs. Mary Ann Lin
den, widow of Owen Conly her hus
hand; possessign.--N. E. Humphrey.
Successioh of J. B. Collins amounts
to $3,413.01.
Mrs. Widow J. B. Collins at natural
tutrix of her minor children. $568.83.
Land Development ('o. of La., Ltd.,
to Lewis Ashbey, lot, River, Brooklyn,
When Parasols Began.
Parasols wheu they tirat came Into
use must have wleel cumbersome.
Henri Estiene. writing into 15Th.
speaks of a pIaraol as capable gener
ally of sheltering four persons from
the sun. And when they diminished
In circumfereuce the material still re
mined of the beaviesL Red velvet
parasols. with beavy gold fringes.
were carried by ladles of fashion in
the days of Louis XIV. At that time
it was possible when crossing a bridge
Ia Paris to bire a parasol at one end
sod deposit it at the other, the charge
fer the accommodation being a son.
Under the regency fashion went to
the other extreme. Men's parasols
folded Into the shape of a three cor
nered hat and could thus be carried
elegantly under the arm. Ladies' par
asols were hinged, so that they could
slip into the pocket, for ladies had
peekets the.-London do pectator.
Lengest Indian Weed.
The longest Indian word on record
is the following, that was printed to an
Indian Bible in 1061:
Wutappeittukquasunnoobwe tu n
It signlies "kneelaing down to him."
When the Rev. Cotton Mather, priml
al Boston's Puritan pastor, first saw
this comsolidated phrase it prompted
him a jestingly observe that the
words of the language must have been
powing ever since the dispermion at
Babel-New York Telegram.
Peeved Himself Greet.
With a sigh she laid down the maga
sine srtlle upon Daniel O'onnelL
"Tbe day of great men." she said. "Is
pee ferever."
"But the day o beautiful women is
et." be Asponded.
She smiled and blushed. "I was only
Joking," she explatned barriedly.
Wesarn Christian Advocast
Tee Late.
A good many men discover when too
late that they made a greet mistake
he life by not remaining at schbool a
year or two longer than they did.
Rochester Herald.
His Mistake.
Whst eared bim of tIrtlogr
"oe started a irtatio, with a lady
ho turned out to be selling ao ema
dopeoda at $200 a set." - Lousville
It Weuld Aaesee.
Rese-I painted this pieture to keep
the welt from the door. elaminge-I
the wolf is anything of as art etite it
wi do tt.-sart set.
* tKIStk.A.N PlAtII OP On
Be ft haewa. that on this eleveeth day
e Ie meath of September, In the year
of ouar Lv. alastees heaued sad elevekn,
beon e s, Jeeepsglh Kenta Blle, a noetary
pebic. duly omlmsoed aud gutlsled ton
end for the arrah of Orltega. therea rei
sidl ns a the presenre of the wlt.
m ere hetmltte named aod adersisel,
mSa seb and pp spared the several
Prin whoe aus are hereunto ub-.
etebd o seeraly declared that, availing
Sepel fh mep provislos of the laws o
Im'5teialeiaaa r~lasive to coepor
sties. they have coavenated sad agreed
n tcima. et eoet v aalt ad
h o tha s s vea. as well as all
aa ph1a may t beee aacalted wtl t
MI  se s liac rw ee ts ebjects
si erase measrt ie ete sa
fnto attr et
ste ex lat anaaaom Sr as
hsaraaph e sI
• r. .as N
-1 P~~t
Opelousas and. Slidell. $25.63 cash.
('otonio. u
er Mrs. Margaret McCord et als. to Ju
lius Bodenger, lot, Powder, Alix, Bou
ts ny Ind Pelican, $1,400 cash.-Mahoney.
Its I
Ideal Savings and Homestead' Asso- e
on clation to Mrs. Chas. Holmes, lot,
Belleville, Slidell, Homer and Vallette, a
In- $600) mortgage.-Renaudin. it
Is- o
its I,
Henry Jones owner and builder, one- o
story single cottage, galvanized iron
roof, Lawrence. Odeon, Hinds proper
ty and Bringier, $200.
al 0
John Lospatania to Samuel Levy,
$700, 1 note, 1 year, 8 per cent., lot, a
d., Patterson, LeBoeuf, Thayer and Pell- v
n, can avenue.-Mahoney.
divtided into and represented by five hun-~
tired shares of the ipr value of one hun- t
tO elred ItIIoo.IH)i dollars each, which shall r
a I.- paid for in cash, or may be issued in h
,pamen of or for rights. property actually t
r,-eived by this crporation. d
r This corporation shal be a going con
cern as soon as three thousand I$:1000.at) l
t dollars of the capital stock has been sub
id scrilwd for.
St n
a, All the corporate powers of this corpora- -e
ID tlion shll be vested in and exercised by a
luIn rd of three directors, a majority of ci
le whom shall constitute a quorum for the ,
transaction of bulsiness. r
id Maid directors shall or elected at a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders to be held I
(0 on the second Tuesday of January of each ti
. sear. 0
to hctle- of such meetings and of all other r
meetings, not otherwise provided for by law, 0i
II shall Is, given In writing to each stock
t. holder by mailing same to such stockhold
-era last known address, ten days before
Seach meeting. cl
r- At the first meeting of the board of p
directors after its election It shall elect of
from among its own number a president, p
d a vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer; s
and all vacancies occurring shall be filled
by the remaining directors, for the unelx
pired term. ti
I ntil the second Tuesday In January, I
IlI2' the following shall constitute the tE
first board of directors, namely: William
1 T. Metormick, A. B. Booth. Jr., and George
M. 'arson, with the said William T. Mc
Crmick as president. and the said A. B ec
k Booth as vice-president and the said George at
M. Carson as secretary-treasurer, and they at
shall serve until their successors are elected, at
At all meetings of the stockholders each
1 stockholder phall be entitled to one vote
for each share of stock owned by him.and of
such shares may be voted in person or
h by prosy.
M Thisa act of ncorporation may be amended tU
Sor this corporation dlhmolved by and with
the consent of two-thirds of the entire cap- vi
Ital stock represented In person or by proxy
at a general meeting called for the pur
pose after written a tice as provided for
by law. In case of Is dissolution of this
h, corporation, its aff .s eall be liquidated ei
by two commission*, atcled from among cc
the stockholder: at meeting for that pur- as
d pose or at the mee'lng at which the dis- cc
solution Ia voted, arl they shall serve uon- n
til the affairs of the corporation shall have ga
s been liquidated. Should either of the ft
commissioners be unable to act for any to
reason, the remaining commlssioner shall st
If81ll the vacancy.
No stockholder of this corporation shall I
be held liable for the contracts or faults
of this corporation beyond the unpaid hal
o ance due on the stock subscribed for by
N him; nor shall any Informality in organ- .at
Isation have the effect of rendering this ah
a charter null or exposing any stockholder g;
to any Ilahlllty beyond the unpaid balance g
die on his stock.
Thu done and passe. before me, notary
n ny office at the city New Oreabha on
the day and month and year r* hereln
above written in the presence of Edward at
hlare and W. J. Healy, competent wit- I
nesses who have hereunto signed together w
with the mid appearera and me, notary, atf- i
Ster reading of the whole.
S (igned) Edward llare, W. J. HeIy,
Wm. T. McCormick, 150 shares; B.
Booth, one share; U. . Carson, one share. a
Notary Public. ti
i, the undersigned recorder of mort
ip gage a and for the perish of Orleans, ti
sIt tate of Louisiana do hereby certify that of
the bove sanl foregoing act of incorpora
051. folno 211, New OrlemW SRpte cr
12, 1911.
S (Signed) geMILE LtOtat D, t. B.
-A true copy. J. KENTO BAIbeY,
(SEAL) :sotisr Public. -
Sep1 25, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 3, 1911.
-It B. It .knows, that m this nineteenth day
in the year oe thousad
.- Ilm flnadn ots n In and otr og
-" quD7rao dud qn' the ct
it- prene at the wlt- kin hereinaer am i t
a appseared the pemene whaoe names are t
1I he reunto" roft all aoe
-: alvas o te" p' e'n at_ at ac of the ai a
at the general _aws o this Sate, relative c-:
to the arg an s ot eorporitions, they l
-am have fomred an and do bg t--s e
y, Piresents term e v dte do ned- ad
n v eoJ; 1 aprpoewr ad udr the th
el etlpolatloam anod ai a h.e..a.t set eo
-amteeh ad -es-ed whi- they hsie - -
.n T me sa tite of the acpta[a eb
-. a c e fb i-AtSi" = Its
n t vioe-prmipt. me
aat 4 L4
as the beard he directors say deterle.
or the same mar be issued at not lees
than per 4s full payment for property
actually received by or services actual
rendered to the corporation, such stoc
when so Issued, shall be full paid and
No stockholder shall have the right to
sell or dispose of his stock without first
offeting same in writing to the corporation.,
r hick shall have thirty days in which to
decide on the purchase of same, and after
which time the stock may be offered for
- sale In the public market.
Transfers of stock will not he recognized
unless transferred on the books of the
company. by the owner or his duly auth
1 orised agent and attorney in fact.
SARTIt'l.r. IV.
This corporation shall have power an4
authority to contract, sue and be sued in
its corporate name, make and use a cor
porate seal, the same to change or alter
at ýplaasure, hold, receive, lease, hlre, pur
Schime, sell, and convey, as well as mort
gage and hypothecate property both real
i and personal, to borrow money, execute
, notes, bonds or other evidence of indebted
neas ; name and appoint such managers, of
fleers and agents as the business and con
venien'e of the corporation may require;
make and establish such by-laws, rules
and regulations for the proper manage
ment and expedition of its allairs as may
) he necessary and proper, and alter, amend
e- or change the same at pleasure.
r All the corporate- powers of this cor
poration shall be vested in and exercised
by a board of three utrectors composed
of stockholdem, a majority of whom
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of all business. The first board
of directors of this corporation shall con
.' slat of George I'. t'are, Henry P. Wagner
and Prank J. Thibodaux, with the said G(eo.
i'. (talre as president. henry P. Wagner as
1. vice-president and Frank J, Thibodaux as
secretary-treasprer, all of whom shall hold
ofine until the second Monday in January,
1913, or until their successors shall have
Sbeen duly elected and qualified.
S in the searcond Monday in January, 1913.
and annually thereafter, an election of of
Sticer shall be held at -the office of the
corporation under the sunpervision of two
II commissioners appointed by the president,
n after ten days prior written notice shall
y have been given by the secretary-treasurer
to each stockholder, to he sent by mail,
directed to his or her last known reeldence
or place of business, and the directors
then elected shall immediately take their
seats and hold office until their successors
shall have been duly elected and qualified.
All elections shall be,by luallot and a
majority of votes cast shall elect and
each share of stock shall be entitled to one
Srvote. either in person or by proxy, at all
a meetings of the stockholders. ll vacan
f cles occurring into said ' board from any
e catus shall tie filled by the remaining di
r. The officers of this corporation shall con
d slat of a president, vice-presldent, secretary
b treasurer, who shall be elected by and hold
ofice during the term of the board of dl
rectors. This corporation shall commence
'r business and become a going concern at
e This , act of incorporation may be
changed, modified or altered, or this cor
I poration may be dissolved with the assent
t of three-fourths of the capital stock
t, present or represented at a general meet
;lg of the stockholders convened for that
d purpose after thirty days prior notice shall
.have been given by publication in one of
the daily newspapers published in the city
of New Orleans, five times d:tring said
e thirty days.
Whenever this corporation is dissolved.
L either by limitation of its charter or front
e any other cause, its affairs shall be liquid
Sated by two commissioners elected from
L among the stockholders at a general meet
b Ing of the stockholders convrened for that
e L)trpo.e, alter thirty days prior notice
Sof said meeting shall have been given by
r publication in one of the daily tewspapers
published in the city of New Orleans, five
times during the said thirty days. alid
commissioners shall remain in office until
the affairs of said corporation shall have
been fully liquidated. In case of the death
of either of said commissioners, the sar
vivor shall continue to act.
s No stockholder of this corporation shall
ti ever be held liable or responsible for the
g contracts or faults thereof in any further
sum than ,he upnald balance due to .the
- corporatiion on the shares owned by him,
i. nor shall any mere Informality in or
e ganisation have the effect of rendering this
e chbarter null, nor of exposing a stockholder
to any liabillity beyond the amount of his
.1 stock.
Thus done and passed in by notarial of
fice at New Orleans aforesaid, in the pres.
ence of William A. Wenck and Jessile E.
Frederick, competent witnesses of lawful
l age and residing in this city, who here
unto subscribe their names together with
1 said parties and me, notary, on the day and
date set forth in the caption hereof.
( Original Signed) Henry P. Wagner. 48
shares, $2400.00; George P. ('sire, 48
Sshares, $2400.00: F. J. Tblbodaux, 4 shares,
r $200.00; H. L. McLean, 2 shares, $100.00.
e W. A. Wenck, J. E. Frederick.
WM. RENAlI'DIN, Notary Public.
y I, the undersigned recorder of mort
Sgages, i and for the parish of Orleans,
i- Lolsiana, do hereby certify that the above
i and foregoing act of incorporation of the
- "';uarantee Electric Company, IUmited."
r was fCbis day duly recorded in my office
SIn book , follo
1. I certify the forgoing and within to be
. true and correct copy of the origintl
act of nlacorporation of the Guarantee Elee
trc C('mpan., LhiLted, together with the
t- certlfcate or the recorder of mortgages
, thereunto appended, on file and of rec
It ord in my offlee. In faith whereof, I here
E. unto set my hand and meal this 26th day
y of ptelber, A. D. 1911.
Ss(8 ed) Wain. RE(AUCDIN,
rt (8 L) Notary Public.
Sept. 28 Oct 5, I., 19, 26 and Nov. 2, 1911
sLEAN, cITr or NEW
- Be it known, that oe tLs twetlith dy
eleven 11911), and of the hindsendese o
the united Sates of Ameicthoehu-
Sdred and thirty-xth, before me, Phlldp
5 Gede, Jr., a ntry pube duyr smmw
-Ipra~ree ne the wltneaes herafter named
I ad undersaIg , persnaally came and ap.
tI m.uto e n LM, , whe delared that,
; aviing theslves o the rovson a-te
-Iin_ relating ta t.. orplntle and fee.
eovnant nd ya hrnd tkh slves,
ather nes s ad nai nd suh i as.
eosma.may ho e es afw beam e nalatad
pand them b. m and tb od-
f ort, whhte hu adeptas their
L* -
ai w·a·~~~ oVb
Iunlana, cad all eitatiea or other legal
proces shall be segved upon the president,
and nl bhis absence upon the vice president
of this corporation.
The objects and purposes for whkih the
corporation Is organiled, and the nature of
the business to he carried on by it, are
hereby declared to lie:
To but, sell. manufacture and handle
shades, shade rollers and appurtenances,
fringes and other articles of merc.handise
I used for the purposes of or in connection
with the shading of premises: to-lbuy. sell.
manufacture and handle curtains of all
kinds and descriptions, mattings, carpets.
linoleums. rugs and coverings. and to own
and control all necessary appliances, ma
chinery, devices, patents, plants or proper
ties generally, for toe purpose of such Ipur
chase, sale or manufacture, as hereilnlsfore
set out or for the purpose of the purchase.
sale or manufacture of any kindred arti
Alt bs i.i. IV.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fited at the sum of Twentr-five
Thousand Dollars ($2.000.00). dvlided
into Two Hlundred and FI ty shares (25.)
of the par value of One Hundred Dollars
($100.00) each, payable in cash or its equlv
alent, as may, by the board of directors, bhe
I determined.
This corporation is to he a going ron
cern as soon as Twenty Thousand lDollars
i $26,WNN.aOi) of its capital stock shall have
been subscribed.
All transfers of stock of this corporation
I shall be entered on a stock book to be kept
I by the company for that purpose, and no
transfer of stock shall be. In any manner.
binding on this corporation, nor shall this
corloratlon be under any olilgat lions to rec
oanise the holder of any such stock unless
and until the same is registered on said
stock book.
No stockholder shall have the right to
sell his stock without first having offered
it, in writing, at its hook value, to the
directors of this corporation twenty (20)
days previous to the contemplated sale of
said stock, and if the directors of this
corporation, when said stock is offered to
them at its book value, desire to buy it.
purchase shall be made on behalf of the
corporation, and the said stock shall then
and there become treasury stock, to be dis
osed of as shall be determined by the
of directors, and to that end this
corporation shall have full right, authority
and power to acquire its stock, and to hold
the same as treasury stock, as hereinbe
tore set out. and the same right and power
shall vest in the corporation should the
stock be offered on the market, and should
the directors desire to acquire the same on
Ibehalf of the corporation, and to hold the
same as treasury stock to be disposed of 1
thereafter as shall be determined by said
board of directors.
All the corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested In and exercised by a
board of directors composed of three 31i
stockholders, two (2) of whom shall con
stltute a quontm In the transaction of busi- I
ness, which said directors shall be elected 1
at a eneral meeting of the stockholders i
to be held on the second Monday in Janu- t
ary of each year, and notice of said clec- 1
tion shall be given by a letter to be writ- I
ten ten (10) days prevJous to the date of t
said election, and sent to the last known I
addreea of each of the said stockholders. I
But Mectlon of directors may take place I
at any time upon a special meeting called I
by a majority of the stock outstanding, upon i
a ten-day notice, stating specially the ob- I
ject of said meeting. i
The said board of directors4 at its Arst r
meeting after each annual election, shall I
elect from its members a president, vice I
president, and sad board shall appoint ali
The said board of directors may fill all t
vacancies occurring on said board and aris
ing from any cause whatsoever.
At the first meeting of the stockholders
of this corporation, held under its charter, I
the offleers and directors of the company I
shall be elected, and such officers and dl- 1
rectors shall hold their tiosition as officers
and directors until the first regular' meet- l
Ing of stockholders, on the second Monday l
of January, 1913, shall be held, or until 1
their successors shall have been duly elected
and qualified. I'ntll such election in 1913 i
the following shall constitute the officers i
of the corporation: Richard S. Alens, pres
ident : ('batrles H. Patterson, vice president, m
and , secretary
treasurer; and he first board of directors,
to hold office also until said election in
19!3, shall be Richard S. Alcus, Charles II. i
Patterson and Henry Alcuas.
fIn the second Monday in January, bein- I
niag In 1913, shall be the regular day for e
the meeting of stockholders to elect direc- l
tors; the faUlure to elect directors on the D
day specified, from any cause, or on any a
postponed day, shall not dissolve this cor
poration, but the officers and directors then
In office shall hold over.untll their succes
sors shall have been duly elected and quall.
In the event of failure to -old election
on the day stipulated, the president shall
call a new meeting on a ten-day notice, as
hereinbefore set out, as soon thereafter as t
practicable. t
At all elections and meettags of stock
holders, each stockholder shall he entitled
to one vote for each share of stock regis
tered in his name, and such registered stock- I
holder may vote in person or iy proxy. All t
elations shall be by ballot.
The board of directors shall have full t
control over all the proerty and blnsaem
of this company,; ad stll conduect, man
age and use the same as In its discreton
it may deem fit and consistrent with the
objects and welfare of thib corporatlon.
It may make and estabish, as well uas alter I
and amend, any and all by-laws, rules ad t
ulatlonas necessary and proper, in its
Judgment, for the conduet, suPport ad man-I
agement of the bsluaes adraftire of the
corporation. ad it hall appoint sueh offl
crs, agents, clerks, servanMts, emprIoyees,
nlclding the secretary-treasurer of the cor
poration, or others, as may be nmecessr for a
the conduct of Its buslness, and shall fx I
their compensation ad shall have the right
to dismiss them at pleasure.
All negotiable paper issued or accepted I
by this coreoratlon miot be signed by the 1
president of the company. 5
A director of thn eorporation shall have 5
theL right to vote by geral prosy en all
questions of admIalstratio relatgt to the
roadaet of the buiess of the eorporation, t
btu should there be a desire to exerecise the a
power herein vested of selllag or mortgag-I
Ing any of the property of the compay, thet
directors caan, on each matter. vote by proxy
only when the proxy specially eais the e
sbject to he voted pon, and hot the saed c
proly shall be cat. I
rThis act of iacorporatsn may be "chagLed,
modied, altered or amended finamentally
.or nciden tally, and thi eorporation may he
solved with the asst o a majorty ofb
ae aptal stock resstnted at a aenera
meetang of the todtcheles called tfor tat
p--rse1 after a tey netibe
oher t ad boty eithe, by limtatr e e
,ta eJmto a ac h r oe, itsh
its charter or ay oether ease, e ale asdel
hal be I dMated a tw coaineas
elected b stocholders, and fll right, a
vested in the etoethel dse, whe shell, at the a
time of sa elstais, I the ei t a
this coporatio saR have mon I a
dated - as o the death or
owfoe 1a the . eeMslMi i
appars en na ~ ~n~un.
myo h hbdt ~ m d -
adint h eidg
Be it known, that on this fourteenth day
of the month of August, in the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven,
before me, henry George Mcl'all, a notary
public, duly commissuoned and qualified in
and for the parish of Orleans, state of Lou
Isiana, and In the pre.ence of the witnesses
hereinafter named and undersigned, person
ally came and appeared the persons whose
names are hereunto subscribed, all residents
of the city of New Orleans, state of Louisi
ana, and of the full age of majority, who
declared that, availing themselves of the
provisions of the general laws of the state
of Louisiana relative to the formation of
corporations, but especially of act No. 78 of
the general assembly of the state of Louisl
ana of the year 1904, they have covenanted
and agreed, and they do by these presents
covenant, agree, bind and obligate them
selves, as well as such other persons who
may hereafter become associated with them,
to constitute and form themselves into a
corporation and body politic in law for the
purpose and objects and undir the articles
and stipulations following, to-wit:
The name and title of this corporation
and by that corporate name it shall have
and enjoy succession for a period of ninety
nine (99) years from and after this date; it
shall have the power to contract, sue and
be sued; to make and use a corporate seal;
to borrow and lead money secured by mort
gage or otherwise; to issue bonds ; to buy,
sell, hbold, own, lease and rent real and
personal property ; to have and employ such
managers, directors, omcers, agents and
other employees as the interests of the said
corpoearation may require to make and es
tablish such by.laws, rules sad regulations
for the management and control of the af
fairs of said corporation as.may be neces
sary: ; and to have, enjoy and poesess all
the powere granted by the laws of this state
to do all things necessary and proper to
carry out the objects and purposes for
which this corporation is organised.
The domicile of this corporation is here
by fixed in the city of New Orleans; and all
citations and other legal process shall be
served on the president, or, in his absence,
on the vice-president, and, in the absence
of both, on the secretary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is formed, and the nature of
the buslness to be carried on by it, are
hereby declared to be: to manufacture, pur
chase, sell, lesae, and to deal generally In,
all kinds of films and pleture machines for
the exhibition or reproduction of moving
plctures on screens, or otherwise, for its
own account or as agents for others, in the
state of Louisiana and elsewhere ; to build,
purchase, own, lease and operate theatres
for the exhibition or reproduction of moving
pictures on screens or otherwise, and for
sining, plays, vaudeville and general
amusement; to buy and sell, as well as
lease, property, real and personal, patents
and patent rights in connection with the oh
jects and purposes for which this corpora
tiob is formed; and in general to do all
tbings necessary, incidental and proper to
carry out the objects and purposes of said
The eapital stock of this corporation is
Axed at the sum of twenty-Ave thousand del- t
lars, to be divided nlato and represented by
two hundred and fifty snares of the par
value of one hundred dollars each; and said
stock shall be paid for in cash, or its equiv
alent, as called for by the board of diree
This corporation shall commence doing
business and become a golng concern as
soon as three thousand dollars of Its capital
stock shall have been subscribed for. No
sale or transfer of stock shall be valid or
binding on this corporation unless made on
the books of the corporation.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
for the contracts, debts or faults of said
comoration, nor shall any mere informality
in Its organisation have the efect of rend
ering the charter null, or of exposing any
stockholder to any liability beyond the un
paid balance. if any, due on the stock sub
scribed for or owned by him.
The corporate powers of tbis company
shall be vested in and exercised by a board
at directors composed of three stockholders,
each of whom shall own at least one share
of stock In his own name, and a majority of
the board shall constitute a quorum to
transaet business. They shall elect from
their number a president, a vice-president,
anad a secretary-treasurer.
The directors shall be elected annually,
Sballot, by the stockholders, at the oace
the company oa the third Thursday of
January of ae ear, beginnlng with the
ear 1912. Each stockholder hall be en
tied, either in person or by proxy, to one
vote for every share of stock bld by him,
an said electlon shall be held nudr such
rles as man be presOrlbed by the board of
ilrectors, and a mjorttt of the votes east
at seeh meeting all elet.
Henry W. Idab, John Albloa laxton and
Anthaony 0. Boardet are declnared to be the
Arst bhoard of diretors of said esoporation
to serve until the third Tharsday of Jau
ary, 1912, and until their sueessors shall
have ee elected and qalified, with Henry
W. Jamb as preseidat, John Alblon Saxton
as e-presidnt, and Anthony G. Beardet as
Any vacaneles oeeuorrng on said board
ail le flled by the remaining directors
or the uneplrid term, from among the
stockhoides. dly dinnetr belng about to
absent mself from the etty o New Or
en may nominste a substitute to act dur.
ngb h besne, provided aid substitute
A-U-be a stocbkolder of the enrporatle
nd h acpted b the board f ditrs
Thm board of directors shall make ad a
tablish, as well as aIter and amend, n and
!l by-laws, rues sad regulation fr the
-v--met of saMid erpotls; ad au
S lv the ad beard t do nad
perform a al ac and thing eery to
nrry oat th objaets and parpas of thin
rpari, as ell as to hae j ad
ercie 'althe rights ad pers grnted
0 orporatkin by the laws of thn state,
ad t repn gmat t the artiles of In
This charte may madied, Canged a
1rptrsst said corpmstl my b dilved
W mime of three-I
eAUthe of the stock snt a tren
i at a aened mean of the stoeholdsrel
ee mase lsb easm ktr beath ot th e
he e a tin ejlem st aeds
-Ueder md maile hA lat known
me t astle ses mes
an Icicle
If you want to think ýf
crisp winter weather and
sparkling frost; if you want
to forget the heat and the
dust and the thirst, for real,
cool comfort, drink
:As sparkling, wholesome and
refreshing as a spring house
icicle. So next time you're
hot or tired or thirsty, if
you're anywhere near a place
thatsellsCoca-Cola,goin and
give yourself a real treat.
Delicious - Refreshing
ac E-oiwhere
Send for our interest
ing booklet, "The
Truth About
Coca-Cola." Whaiwe
you e .
101 Arrow t .
of Coc -Cek
Atlanta, Ga.
.u h
Charles Carroll and Bertrand Klera, corn
potet witnesses, residing Ia this city, who
have hereunto signed their names with ap
pears and me, notary, after due reading of
the whole.,
Original signed: (Signatures of aubserlb
ers omitted).
Witnesses: Charles Carroll, Bertrand
Klern. HNsxr 0. McCALL,
Notery PsbHe.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
In and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoinl act of incorporation of the
"National Film Exchange" has been this
day duly recorded ina my odece, in mortgage
book No. 1051, folio -
New Orleans, La., Aug. 14th. 1911.
(81igned) EuLt. LaoxAs,' D. R.
I, the undersigned notary, do hereby cer
tify that the above and foreoaing is a true
What we advertise is em.
A Good
It we supply Ifty per cent
of the little boys o New
Orless with their clothes,
Isn't this just as ood a plan
efor those little Algerlast
KNEE PANTS.........Ms. up.
Mayer Israel & Co.,
Remember the best gearatee is the
siibity of the manufacturer. is
aoMtble matuaturers axe careful
  to tar standard Kt eseaeitee
Wheno ye selet a plane eemI them
sech a maker, your minl is at rest
as aistiss ever its pea
the CHAIS bIOS. PIANO er the
BACELT IANO. Lears fe theeht
and leal ria re embs4
apeeet as It I p ste ake them.
leer tpcts ew lsntrumests
mow a inaItled
131 DAIWPHaao ST
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Ues nesd Plaes are bhtter than as
tl eshea new seam We have as
p.~~ ~ sismaetb~r
r M rrW.Ji $1.00Dd
OmC:i-Gumia Trust & Savis
321 Cn Stiust 811 Comr-c
Patterson and Verret Stre
3 1-2% on Savings
VEAL (uanity and
Honest We
ST.odore DU
ý Foto Mark
and correct ropy of the o
ord in my or'e, and of the
recorder of mortgage. endo
In talth where.of. I have
hand and have aMx'd the
omclal seal, on thit 14th dey
of August, A. D. 1911.
(8ea1) fiaistr ,
aug 24 31 sep 7 14 21 28 111.
Your E
should have o
Cheap Glamss is false
pay dear lar it is the end.
To be ere that yes will
that ssesey am bay-turn
watnb h
OffiM, Suburba.
Gife an R
Ladies adl
The best the
fords, properly
and expertly
at popular
Music 6 p.
Conrad Kolb,
125-1,7 St.
IWlay tle baee

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