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Sad that uear Laundry
has reached a degree do
iosetloa that few ever attain.
js Cuffs and Shirts In a
a tbht insures your satisfa
Ssd delight.
ndry, "M-
J. NORTH, - - Agent.
in twohts sperior
atity gives it
a value double
its pries.
I known, that on this sixteenth day
asuth of September, In the year one
aine hundred and eleven, and of
dependence of the United States of
the one hbudred and thirty-sixth,
me, Scott E. Beer, a notary public
- r the parish of Orleans, state of
therein residing, duly sworn, com
and qualified, and in the presence
witnesses hereinafter named and un
personally came and appeared the
-arties whose names are hereunto
who severally declared that
mselves of the laws of the state
ia such cases made and pro
they have contracted and agreed, and
presents contract, agree and bind
as well as all other persons who
associated with them, to form
ties for the objects and purposes
the articles and stipulations as
t-wlt :
uOe of the corporation shell be
said corporation shall have and
1oreate existence and succession for
at ninety-nine years from and atf
date hereof, unless sooner dissolved
to law. Its domicile shall be in
New Orleans, state of Louisiana.
power to contract, sue and be
mnke and use a corporate seal, and
to break or alter at pleasure; to
lease, purchase, sell, convey,
s to mortgage and bypothecate, un
geporate name, property real and
sad mied; to borrow and lend
to give and receive all manner
therefor; to name and appoint
directors, omficers and agents
as the nlaterests of this cor
may demand, and to make and es
i* by-laws, rules and regulations
inagement of this corporation as
aimed necessary and proper, and
to alter and amend at pleasure.
and other Iqal process shall
an the president, and in his ab
the ice-president, and in his ab
e secretary of this corporation.
for which this corporation
and the nature of the bust
earried on by it are hereby de
to carry on to the city of New
and elsewhere, the wholesale
business. and to that end,
sell, at wholesale and retail, or
and spirits of all kinds
and generally to do all things
_IId to the said business and
reQwittb or which may be elai.
stoek of this corporation ois
at the sum of ten thousand
),to he represented bhy one
100) of the par value ofl
llars ($100) each, which
y be iereased or decreased I
with the laws of the state of
bsd to ha bessed at such timee
amoonts as the board of dlrc
The boared of directors
pewer to lses shares of
ds for the bhePt oi
ai r the actual value of rightb
smlerred to and getved by
or for other valeub eom
9 the hboard of directo rs 5
day suceh Issue, ower, _K1
_m me es action of the whlo
Mary stockholder shall be em
veot fr each share of stock
Sman on the beels of this
Each stockholder may give
ýwilng to any other stock
SP ther to d of t -tIs
setet of the steehold
mao in all eases he the
etla eo all the eabsertlbas
hal l  to fall erce and
eeperatien shall be a I1
a foer th sad doear
a epital stek shall have
to h be a t4 thre
thins eel rittro
eard oef diaetens e I
C t o h la s the
ber, Ml .e lw
aef- "
tockholder a per the address gives b i
on the books of this corporstlos The board
of directors shall hold oflce tor the term of
one ear. Any vacancy In the board shall
he flled for the remainder of the term by
the remaining directors.
Each director shall own at least one share
of stock. Each director shall have the
power to appoint a proxy In writing to rep
rese nt him at the meetings of the board, but
said proxy must be a stockholder of this
corporation. All acts of the board must be
I The board of directors shall, as soon as
I elected by the stockholders, elect from its
number a president, a vice-president and a
Whenever this corporation shall be dis.
solved, whether by limitation or otherwise,
its affairs shall be liquidated by two om
missioners to be appointed from among the
stockholders convened in general meeting
I for the said purpose, of which meeting no
tice shall be given in the manner and time
prescribed by the next article of this char
ter, and the unanimous action and vote of
I all subscribers to this charter, or stockhold
eras. shall be requiste to elect. The said
I commissioners to remain in office until the
I affairs of this corporation shall have been
I fully liquidated.
This act of incorporation may be changed,
altered or amended, or this corporation and
the charter thereof dissolved only with the
assent of all the stockholders of this cor
ration, at a general meeting of the stock
holders convened for that purpose, and after
notice of such meeting shall have been given
in one or more newspapers of the city of
New Orleans. once a week for four weeks
I preceedling the date of the said meeting, and
also by a written notice mailed to each
sI tockholder, as per the books of the corpo
Iration, at least thirty days prior to the date
of the said meeting, at the postofce address
designated by him in writing.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
I for the contracts or faults of this corpora
I tion in any further sum than the unpaid
I balance due this corporation on the shares
of stock owned by him, nor shall any in
formality in the organisation of this corpo
ration have the effect of rendering this
charter null or of exposing the stockholders
to any further liability than the unpaid
amount remaining due on his stock sub
The list of subscrlhers hereunto annexed
shall serve as the original subscription list
of this corporation.
Thus done and passed in my office on this
11th day of September. 1911, in the pres
ence of Messrs. T. A. Schuber and Sidney
Eckerle. competent witnesses who have here
unto subecrlied their names together with
the said appearers and me, notary, after a
due reading of the whole.
(Original signed) : J. A. Katz, 15 shares,
$1.500.00: H. J. Hlerrmann, 10 shares. $1,
000.00 : Herman H. Moss, 1 share, $100.00;
Henrietta Katz Moss, per Herman H. Moss,
14 shares, $1,400.00. (Witnesses): 1. T.
A. Schuber; 2. Sidney Eckerle.
(Seal) Scorr E. Bzra, Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned, recorder of mortgages
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Dixie Trading Co. was this day duly record
ed in my office in book 1051, folio 218.
New Orleans, Sept. 16th. 1911.
(Signed) Exira LaONARDs, r. B*
This Is to certify that the above and
foregolng is a true and correct copy of the
original charter of the Dixie Trading Co.,
together with the subscribers thereto, and
the certificate of the recorder of mortgages
for the parish of Orleans thereto annexed.
In faith whereof I have hereunto signed
my name and afixed my seal of ofce this
20th Sept. 1911.
(Seal) Scorr E. Bmaa, Not. Pub.
Be it known, that on this eleventh day
of the month of September, in the year
of our Lord, nineteen hundred and eleven,
before me, Joseph Kenton Bailey, a notary
public, duly commissioned and qualified in
Sand for the parish of Orleans, therein re
r siding, and in the presence of the wit
necces hereinafter named and undersigned.
personally came and appeared the several
f parties whose names are hereunto sub
scribed who severally declared that, availing
themselves of the provisions of the laws of
the state of Louisiana, relative to corpor
ations, they have convenanted and agreed
D and by these presents do convenant and
t agree and bind themselves, as well as all
such persons as may become associated with
them to form and constitute a corporation
and body politic in law, for the objects
and purposes and under the articles and
stipulations hereinafter set forth, viz :
The name and title of this corporation
shall be the Gasteam Heating Company,
and by that name it shall have and enjoy
corporate existence and succession for a
period of twenty-five (25) years from date
hereof, with full power In the prosecutios
I of and for the purposes of Its business as
r herelnaftr set forth: to sane and be sued;
Sto acquire property both real and personal
I by purchase, lease or othewrise and the
a same to alienate, mortgage, pledge, hypoth
ecate or otherwise dispose of : to appoint or
Select directors, officers, managers, or other
I agents or other employees as Its business
Smay require; to make and use a corporate
seal and the same to alter at pleasure;
- and in general do all things necessary and
I proper, permitted by law to corporations
I of this character.
r The domicile of this corporation shall be
i In the parish of Orleans. state of louis
lana, and all citations and other legal pro
cess shall be served upon the president,
or in his absence upon the vice-president,
I or in the absence of both, upon the see
I retary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for Whbleh this
corporatlon is organised and the buslanes
to be carried on by it are declared to be:
I the baying and selling by the wholesal
or retail machinery, hardware, rope, cord
age, burlap1, bags, mills, bluilding supplies
and materials, waterworks and sewerage
materlals, gas appllances, all articles of
eartheaware, stoneware, marble, stone, Iron,
copper, lead and other metals, and to man
I oacture and work any or all the msaid com
To do plumbing, architeetural, eonstrue
tive, and general civil, meehanial, hy
draulic, mining and sanitary engleearig
Sbhe capital stock of this cerporatisa is
fixed at fifty thoussad (50,000)dollars,
divided into and represented by five hun
dred shares of the par value or one hun
dred ($100.00) dollr each, which shall
be paid for In ca or may be issue in
Spayment of or for rights, property actually
I received by this corporation.
T This corporation shal h a c..
cern as soon as three thousand 0,0M )
dollars of the capital stock has bees sub
I scribed for.
All the corporate power of this o rpoa.
tios shall be vested i and emxrised a
board of three direetes, ajorty o
whom sall 6amtitt a quorum r the
Streasaction of boastaesrs
l aild directo shall s eleetd at a glen
eral meetly the stsehoesrs to e held
on the seoad Tesby of January of each
Nottee et as and MM al
meetinw sot otherwise geovde for by law
atkhallbe Lv . wltitg to ea- atck
er's bast kuewa dde ten lagus he
diroctors a-trr b eloetIs It small oet
ad al vaace aerlsg n als whis
rh threm r e~cthrs or time a
tI h s d T.5i sJ55t5l%
1 1S the olwla g shi . .l
Bist banud of Iptee muy: .wulm
T. Kee weltl tA. 5 w nlDe T. Jrs -a.
Ceemicla - pseslIt al the sid a, 5
K Cairs n - sseteaVtneswe atd s thlj
At all ofth eteebbellnssam each
the stockholders at a meeting for that pr
pose or at the meeting at which the dis
solution is voted, and they shall serve un
til the affairs of the corporation shall have
been liquidated. Should either of the
commissioners be unable to act for any
reason, the remaining commissioner shall
fill the vacancy.
No stockholder of this corporation shall
be held liable for the contracts or faults
of this corporation beyond the unpaid bal
ance due on the stock subscribed for by
him; nor shall any informality in organ
ization have the effect of rendering this
charter null or exposing any stockholder
to any liability beyond the unpaid balance
due on his stock.
Thus done and passe., before me, notary
In my office at the city New Orleans. on
the day and month and year first hereitn
abtove written In the presence of Edward
flare and W. J. Iealy, comletent wit
nesses who have hereunto signed together
with the said appearers and me, notary, af
ter reading of the whole.
ilSknedI Edward Hare, W. J. lHealy,
Wm. T. MeIormick, 150 shares: A. B.
uooth, one share; G. M. ('arson, one share.
Notary l'ubllc.
I, the undersigned recorder of mort
I gages, isa and for the parish of )rleans.
state of Louisiana do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing act of Incorpora
tion of the (;asteam Heating Company
was this day recorded in my office in book
1051. folio 211, New Orleans, September
12, 1911.
A true copy. J. KENTON BAILEY.
t SEA.) Notary Public.
Sept 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 3, 1911.
Be it known, that on this thirty-frst day
of the month of August, In the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven,
before me, John Wagner, a notary public.
In and for this parish, therein residing, and
in the -presence of the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally came and
appeared the several parties whose names
are hereunto subscribed, who declaredi that
availing themselves of the laws of Louisl
ana relative to the organization of corpora
tions, hereby form themselves, their associ
ates and assigns and successors into a cor
poration. for the objects and purposes and
under the stipulations hereinafter set forth,
which they do hereby adopt as their char
ter, to-wit :
The name and title of this corporation
shall be "JAMES SCALLEN.' and under
said name shall have and enjoy corporate
existence for a period of ninety =nine years.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the city of New Orleans. Louisiana, and
all citations and other legal process shall
be served on the president, and in his ab
sence or disability on the vice-president, and
In the absence or disability of both on the
secretary-treasurer. Said corporation shall
have power to contract, sue. and be sued;
to make and use a corporate seal, the same
to break or alter at pleasure: to bold, re
ceive, purshase, sell, rent, convey, or mort
gage, under its corporate name, property,
both real and personal: to borrow and lend
money to execute notes: to make rules and
by-laws for Its government, the same to al
ter or change at pleasure: to employ such
persons as its business requires and gener
ally to exercise all the rights of a corpora
tion under the laws of this state.
M The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized and the business
to be carried op by It are hereby declared
I. to be to carry on the business of retail and
I wholsale grocery and wines and liquors, and
generally to do all things appertaining to
f or In anywise connected with said business.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at ten thousand dollars, to be
divided into one hundred shares of the par
value of one hundred dollars each, which
shall be paid for in cash. labor performed
or property conveyed, which stock shall be
Transfer of stock shall be made only on
the books of the company, under such rules
as may be established by the board of di
All powers of this corporation shall be
vested in a board of directors. composed of
three stockholders, said directors shall be
elected annually by the stockholders on the
I first day of February, of each year, com
mnelncing February 1. 1913. At such elec
- tion each stockholder shall be entitled to
r one vote on each share of stock held by
In case of any vacancy on the board, said
avagncy shall be filled by the remaining dl
rectors. The board of directors shall con.
I tinue in omee until their successors shall
5have been elected and qualifited, and their
failure to hold meetings shall not have the
effect of renderlng this charter null. Meet
ings of stockholders shall be held only after
ten days' notice of such meeting shall have
been given by the secretary-treasurer In
writing either in person or by mall, to each
stockholder ten days prior to said meeting.
Any member of the board absent from the
city or unable to attend a meeting may give
his proxy to another director to reDpresent
5 him at such meeting. The board of dlrec
5 tors shall Immediately after their election
:apIont out of their number a president,
avice-president, and a secretary-treasurer.
- The firat board shall hold ofce until Febru
a ary 1, 1913, or until their successors are
e elected ,and saild first board of directors
Sshall be composed of James 8. Oautreasux,
Dr. Henry E. Oautreaux, and Mrs. Mary
- Seallen Gautreaux, with James 8. OGutreaux
as president, Dr. Henry E. OGautreaux vice
president, and Mrs. Mary Scallen Gautreaux
This charter may be amended or the cor
poration dissolved or ordered liquidated by
Sthree-fourths of the stock present and vot
Ing at a meeting of the stockholders called
Sfor that purpose, after the notice is given
as above provided for.
Whenever this company shall be dissolved,
Seither by liquidation or exptration or char
ter or otherwise, three liquidators shall be
apponlated by the stockholders at a general
meeting held after the notice above shHll
have been given, The Iluators ls re
main in ofe until the tull llquldaln od
the company, and In case of th or rea
nation or inability to act of one of the liqul
dators, the stkholders shall elect a sc
easseor u aboveaovlded for ad untll sueh
apotment, the surviving lquidators shall
SNo stockholder shall ever be held rsapoas
Ibl or lable eor the fatts or obliatioss of
Sthe company beyond the unpaid ba e that
may be due by them oa the stock sobserlbed
Sby Lhem uad o lnfsrmalty In orsalsatloe
shall Lave the edeet of rdJedrln this esare
Ster null or of posn the stesholdser to
any liabllty bead the aid unrspad balace
r that may ee a their stock sauserp
1 tion
This deas and ps od, in my efes, 811
;Carudslet stnt, , tbl ,a othe day,
I math and year here Irst above written,
Si the pmesene of Messieurs William Chris
tanson and John J. MeCleakey, cmlpent
witnmsa, rko heren elgud teir names
with the Mid aearers ad me, notary, the
theo, wih sha at as thm tocebdcIp
t s r s; M et atY l a 1treaeig hty-e
t wtnewasnesese:
l oambes d hsr4 besetif thea m
r e It known, that on this twelfth day of
e Splternewr. 1911. Iefore me,. (;lbert I. Dlu
Pr,. Jr., a notary pullic in and for the tl
parish aforesaih, personally appeared th, t1
y lt'ronos whose. nallls are heIreunto sub, I
' scrild. who declared that they do hereby
I-f orm themselves into a corleirtttln, uninder
d thei name of "'Terminal 011 Mill C'ompany. I
L for the purpose of manufnactrlng cotton- a
r seed oil and other prdcts il iand y-roIdtlcts
t- of cotton seed, and generally to do all things
n.eessary or Incidental to said bslintl,.s.
This corporraton shall exist ',r ninety-nine
Syears, and its domtiile shall tiw In the city
of New Orleans. C'ltation shall te served
Iupon the presillent or secretary-trasreurer.
The capital stock of this corporation shall
he tweinty-ftve thousand I$23a.o.(l dollars,.
di- lIvided into two hundrid and fifty 25thi
. shares. of the par valueo of one hundredl
It t1(00tt)) dollars each, payable In cash or
t- property. No transfer of stock shall te I'
y blnllin: on the corporation unless It be
k made on Its books.
r All powers of this corporation shall bev
reosted in a beiird of dlirictrs, c,)mppsIied
of three stockholders, two of whom shall
constlitte a quorum. It shall choose its
own officers. The first board of directors
I. shall he John E. Quarles. A. It. Geoghegan e
and Anilcar Lawson: with .John A. Quarles "}
as presld.ent, A. It. Geoghegan as vice. pres- n
ident and Amlhar I awson as secretary- n
treasurer. They shall hold oftlce until the ,
fifteenth day of October, 191.l or until their
sulcessors are elected and have qualified. .
Thereafter an election of directors shall be i
hold annually on said date. Written no- .
tlce thereof shall be given to each stock
holder twenty days prior thereto, and said
electlon shall tIe hell under the sulpervisio
of the board of directors. Each stockholder
shall ibe entitled to one vote for each share
of stock standing In his name on the books.
to be cast by him in person or by written
proxy. A majority of votes cast shall elect.
"Any vacancy occurring by death. reslgna
tion or otherwise shall Ie filled by selection
made by the remaining directors.
Upon the dissolution of this charter. by
limitation or otherwise, the affairs of this
company shall be liquidated by the then
president and secretary-tt iasurer. Should
elthe.r ie unable or cease i,. act. for any
cause, the other shall continue the liquida- -
tion al6ne.
Signed: J. E. Quarles and others.
d Witnesses: Charles Revertiga, James A.
r Fortier.
d G. L. II'RE, JR.. Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages
t for the parish of Orleans. do hereby certify
I- that the above and foregoing articles of in
corporation of the "Terminal Oil Mill Com
- pany" was this day duly recorded In the
Mortgage Office in fook Itc1, folio ..
d New Orleans. Septemlber 12. 1!911.
I, (Slgned) EMIII LmEONARII, P. R.
Sept. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 1911.
e a
a. - t
d I
II t
t IJ
Be It known, that on this eleventh day of
Id the month of September, In the year one
I. thousand, nine hundred and eleven, before
b me, Robert Legler, a notary public, duly
r- commIssioned and qualified in and for this
. city and the parish of Orleans. therein re
slding, and In the presence of the witnesses
hereinafter named and undersigned, person
ally came and appeared the persons whose 1
names are hereunto suberlbed, who de
clared that. availing themselves of the pro.
Is visions of the laws of this state relative to t
Is the organlsatlon of corporations, they have
id covesanted and agreed ,and do. by these
id presents, covenant and agree, bind. form and t
id constitute themselves, as well as such other I
:o persons as may hereafter Join or become
a. associated with them Into a corporation and I
body politcl In law and for the objects and
purposes and under the agreements and t
stipulations following, to-wit: t
Is r
h The name and title of this corporation
o COMPANY. and under that name It shall I
have and enjoy all the rights, advantages
n and privileges granted by law to corpora
tlons; it shall exlst for a period of ninety t
nine years Trom the date hereof; It shall a
have power to contract, sue and be sued In a
Its corporate name; to make and use a cor
porate seal, and the same to break or alter s
at pleasure; to hold, receive, purchase, con- 1
vey, mortgage and hypothecate property,
real, personal and mixed; to lmsue bends,
Snotes and other obligations; to have and e
employ such managers, agents and other
employees as the interest and convenleace
Sof said corporation may require or demand; t
o and to make and establish such by-laws,
y rules and regulations for the corporate ma- s
d agement and control of the atairs of the d
Ssaid company as may ,.be deemed necessaryd
or expedIent.
t The domicile of said corporation shall be
r in the city of New Orleans, state of Lon
e islana,and all citations and other legal
Sprocess shall be served on the president, and
h in his absence on the vice-president of said
I. corporation. In case of the absence or in
le ability of both of said ofmicers then said ser
re vice shall be made on the secretary-treas
It urer of said company.
r The objects and purposes for which this
a- corporation is organised and the nature of
- the business to be carried on by it are here- ,
s by declared to be: to carry on a general
, and bonded public warehouse and tant stor
y age business; to issue and grant negtlable ,
Swarehouse or storage receipts or certficate ,
e- and in connection and fir the purpose of
SsaIld business to own and operate tank and
other storage and transportation equipments
by land and water for the carrying and re
ceiving and forwarding of merchandlse, and ,
generally to do and engage in any other
r- business, undertakling or enterprise connect
y ed with, growing out of, germane or inc
t- dental to any of the objects and purposesw
4 herelnabove set forth or contemplated by
n this charter.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby Aied at the sum of ten thousand I
, 4$10,000.00) dollars, divided into two hun- 1
r- dred (200) shares of the par value of fifty
'I4( 0.00) dollars, each, which shall be paid
lfor in cash, or may be issnued at not ee
II than par for services redered to or pro
Sprty actually purchased by said corpora
SAll shares of stock shall be full paIld and
nou-saessable. No transfer of stock shall
- be o n l na pon the corporation unless made
l of diretern compose f d I tc lders, a
I majorIty of whom shall consttte a quorum
It for the transetio of all o e, aidd
Sdirectors shall be elected annually O ti
a second Meld in ptemer of eaeb yer
by ballot of the trockholders. Wh sck
holder shall be entitled in pero, or by
Swritte pen, to n vote on rech share of I
Sstock stadng n his same on the books of
the compay. Ail electleo sbhaIl be held
Safter at least ten days oetie s uh elec
Stie shall have been gives to each stock
t holder at ts lest arnw eddrier, or by
i n thed ity of New Orleu ! fer at
dayI or cadins such election. IlTle
diretors thus lectei sa eatine lin ece I
for ve s r or uatil their saoesese shall
Iha n d l electd s- d g9 l/ i No
faillue to held an electlo an beFrparde
as a Ieferture ot this chaster. Any ye
a fTO· cuflnon sid bord e of I
tesmi b d beard of dIredew a
?* shall, at t1 inst meeting, elect from aeugs
Its niaber a presient, a teepresdant, a
secretary end a treansenr. It may esmae
the two last mentioned ecas Into ens end
of said corporation, nor shall any mere in
formality in Its organization have the effect
of rendering this charter null, or of expos
Ing any stockholder to liability beyond the
unpaid balance due on the shares of stock
owned by him.
This act of Incorporation may be changed.
modittfied or altered, or this c,,rpiration may
th diklveud with the assent of the stock
holders owning a majority of the stock of
thIte corporation at a general mnle-lng con
vened for that purlp)se. after at least t,,n
days notic., shall have Iwn given to each
st,;'kholder in the manner and form pr.
-crihed in Article V of this charter. In
case of the dissolution of this compnlany by
the expiration of its charter or otherwlse,.
tie stoc'kholders shall elect three !,luliat.irs
fronm among their number at the tme.tin,
which decides to flqulldate, to liqluliate and
settle the business and affairs of the co:l
pany. In case of the death or inabilitv of
any of sald comtmissiou.-rs or liqulhiilors.
the survivors shall appoint a suuc,.-ssor to
Until the electlon to lie held In Septe.m
tir, 19112, the following namued srkho:d,lrs
hall constitute the first board of directors,
viz: Joseph lirg. John A. Wogan, Jules M.
Iturguteres, It. A. Oxnard and Joseph IL
Itollings, with the said Joseph hlire as
president, John A. Wogan as vice-president,
and Jules M. Iturguleres as treasurer.
This corpo,' ttlon shall be.tome, a going
conce.rn as in as three thousand dollars
of its capital stock shall have been sub
s-,rltl.d for.
'rhus done and passed at my office in the
city of New tOrlBans. on the day, mouth and
year herein first above written, In thte res
ence of Theodore A. Beck and Ant-t,,ny
Troyani, Iosth of this city, competent wit
nesses. who have hereunto signed their
natlltes with the said appearers and me, no
tary. after due reading of the whole.
(Orig.nal signed, : .Ios. Bire, I'. P. John
Slack, Jno. A. Wogan. Jules M. Iurgulieres,
1'. I'. John Slack, Joseph L. RItollings, 1'. 'P.
John Slack, II. A. Oxnard. (Witnesses):
T. A. Beck, Ant. Trovanl.
ItoBERT LEUtIR, Not. Pub.
I. the undersigned recorder of mortgages
for tlhe parish of Orleans, and state of lol
islana. do hereby certify that the ats ve and
foregolng charter of the Louisiana Tank
Storag:e Clompany, was this day duly re
corded in my office, In li.ok . folio -
New Orleans, l.a., September 11. 1911.
(ilgnedl EMIL.E LEONARDS , L. R.
A true copy front the original act.
(Seal) It ,uEar LEGIER, Not. Pub.
Sept. 14, 21, "s; Oct. 3, 12, 1d, 1911.
Be it known, that on this el-hteenth day
of the month of August, in the year one
thousand nine hundredl and eleven. lbefore
me, Felix J. Ireyfous, a notary public, duly
commlsasioned and sworn in for the parish
of Orleans and city of New Orleans. therein
residing, personally appeared, Messrs. Ernest
Lee Jahncke and Paul F. Jahncke. both of
this city, a special committee appointed for
the purposes hereof.
Who declared that at a meeting of the
stockholders of the "JAIINC'KE REALTY
COMi'ANY." a corporation organized under
the laws of this state, by an act passed in
this oece on August 23, 1908, recorded in
the mortgage office, book 912. folio 370-on
July 24, 1911. pursuant to noticee sent to
each stockholder at his last known postofice
address. Article IV of said charter was
amended so as to read hereafter as follows:
The capital stock of this corporation is
fixed at the sum of fifty thousand dollars.
divided Into five hundred (500) shares of
the par value of one hundred dollars each.
which shares shall be paid for in cash, or in
the purchase of property. All shares of
stock shall be full paid and non-assessable.
No transfer of stock shall be binding upon
the corporation unless made upon Its books.
and all certifiates of stock sha'l bhe signed
by such offiers as may be designated by the
Isward of directors.
All stock in this corporation shall be held
upon a condition precedent and under con
tract and agreement in the nature of vested
rights that all such stock is so held and
possessed subject to the. rules and provisions
for the transfer of same hereinafter set out,
to-wit :
First. No sale or other transfer of shares
of stock in this corporation shall we .valid
until and unless the opportunity hbaa been
first afforded the shareholders of record at
the date of such transfer, sale or other
alienation to purchase such stock at book
value plus twenty-five per cent., the value to
Ie ascertained in the manner herein pre
scrilsd. The right to acquire said stock
hereby first vested in the other stockholders
of record shall follow the stock Into any
hands to which it may pass anti may Ie ex
erclsed against the holdlers thereof within
ninety days from the time any sale or trans
fer thereof has been offered to be entered on
the books of the corporation.
It shall be the duty of any holder of
stock in this corporation who Intends or
d,-slres to sell. transfer. alenate or otherwise
dispose of the same to give ten days' writ
ten notice of such Intention or desire to the
board of directors of the corporation, who
are hereby constituted agents of the other
stockholders for the purpose of such notice,
and said board of directors shall give Im
mediate information thereof, in writing, to
all the other stockholders of record. Before
the expiration of the ten days from the re
celpt of said notice by the board of directors
any shareholder of record may offer tb pur
chase, and may acquire the right to pur
chase, said stock hy notifying the board of
directors in writing and thereafter shall de
posit the price of said stock In cash with the
corporatldb on or before the expiration of
eighty days from the last mentioned date.
U'pon the receipt of the first mentioned
notice,. the hoard of directors shall advise
the person owning said stock, his agent or
representative, to Join with said board in
fixing the value of said stock, which value
shall be established on the basis of the last
annual or semi-annual statement or report
of the corporation and the last monthly trial
balance ~precedlong the date of such notice.
and to the value thus found and established
there shall be added twenty-five per cent.,
and the sum thus found and establlahed shall
constitute the value and price of said stock.
If within twenty-four bours after much
notice, the owner, his agent or representa
tire. does not Join with the board In estab.
Ilsahlng the price or value of the stock, the
board may proceed without forther delay to
fix the said value, using the report and trial
balance aforesald for that purpose, which
writlng~s are declared to be conlchalve evl
dence for and agaplnst all partles In Interest
in the premises, whether the value Is estab
lished by the Joint act of the owner, his
sgent. widow, heir or representatives or by
the board of dlrectors acting In default of
the co-operatlon of said person or persons.
Upon receipt of the offer or aceeptance of
any shareholder to purchese said stock and
upon obtaining guarantee satiafactory to
said board for the price thereof, the board
of dlrectors shall thereupon give notice
thereof to the owner of the atock, hl agenat
or representative, and before the expiratlon
of the period of eighty days aforesaid shall
call In the certileate or certlfcates repre
seating meb stock sad pay the price or
value thereof and eagm the same to be
tranterred on the books to the purchaseur.
Second. The preferece, optio and rlght
of purehase heretofore veted by aragraph
Flrst in the other sharehbolders shall exlit
In fall force and efect in their favor to ae
quiare the ·abares of stock of a deceasedtock
holder, and the ormalities sad course of
proedure, the terms condltiou, stIpul
aid paragbra h sall y ,in all rspeeta
to the procedure to be-followed in came of
death. Immediately nupon reeeipt of tnfor
mation of the death of ay sharebolder, it
shall be the duty of tM board of dlrectors
to eause the neemary steps to be token to
carry out ad enaece thesbe provislos.
Third. The preference, option and right
of puchae herinbove establshed shall
run In favor of eah shareholder of record
for his virile habare in proportion to his ex
shareholdei'r to exercise his right 1a this
m rd is rtbtn shall p to and be a
that the owner, hiL widow, heirs or klegan
the ofaes to purchase the same shall inelude
and cover the entrety eof the el s un
der Pwaar irst o all of te holdings
I rth. Arll eartaesi t of stoek han
bear thek fae a referee to the
righthereln estaibiled in favor of the
Carstens & Vezien Co., Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Speclal Attentlen to Railread Orders. Prompt Delivery.
rey, Car. SOats. rma. Hardware. Greceries. Etc. Wiaes. Uquere
John Kleinkemper,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Wood, Coal, Hay, Corn,
Oats. Bran, Etc.
GSrde DeUvMed feo o Charge. Career Alix ad Verret Strlts.
I. R l t nl.l, n .ri l,n I. r ] or i r o-f ro airce'
ill ;Iu llicfl ri tlta li.'l!E i of O)l'll':ilni :lilI -:: ! ,'
Ia b i I nc I ,p i ,h t le a m1.{ , ir dm t . ' i t,lta i ,
,f inirl~.r.itl-n if the '.l.hn-k, lIn~!ty
'* onill.ll" w!i ItI s day diy1il retord-,-i ti ltuy
,lt CH '. in R TEk . fiR
I -. V 1. ('t IAN A -, A I' I. l '1 1 ) l.
SIt known, i that on this , th day o
ptnlr, In the yetr oi.t o,,llr ',l. I'.Ron
1tuisnul nine tiundr.'d and e"lrleen, and of
A rri ca th one hunt odrl and :thl rty-fth.
Iior ix .I.me. Alfred 1. lnzer, a ota Pury
L'ulii. duly porrumlasloned -it qualified In
ahnd lr tane stlt and rI.L & . ot.il.,lie ani
in the pr"l.ince of th ile witneses alter am
an IIlInders lo Td. peronally appelnr"d ILst.
('. F Li 'rISIANA, i lr '. ItnSll n VIe
ALrefIi.nt an tirenaurer, and W. E. rol -
pt known Ltd., thatll o this ith day o
thousand whnine hundredrs, actnd eleveng and ofrad,
the ndea at a mene of the ted stockholders
oAeriR t he one hundred anheld thie ourtyen th
llf or meut. 19Alfred . anz er, a Notaryhe
city of New Orleans, two-thIrds of the atock
I'ubl duly commssrporationed and qualpried insent an
amendment to yragraphf ne ou ArtIdoe
ndou for the (tarteandrar as bforeelow shown, wasnd
Ste presoldene of the witnesses afcorporater named
ampearers were authorlzed by said resolu
tfons to appear before a notary publIc and
embodly the desIred amendments to the saId
to the law and to serve as In justice may
In pteprt.l n or occasIon may requIre: the
andwhol undersigned personally appeard by reoner
4'. Wels. l'r,.sident. Walter V. Keonan, Vice
heresident and Treasurer, and W. h. Do.s
worth. Secretary of the C'ontractors' Oil1
C ompany. Ltd., all of this city.
And which appearers, acting as aforesaid,
declared that: qu me, Notary, to
Whereas, at a meeting of the stockholders
of the said corporation, held the fourte-nth
day of Augusthe t. 1911said at ts omadment in the
haty of New Orleans, two-thirds of the stock
of said ce orporation being present, anor
amendment to Paragraph one of Article
four of the Charter, as below shown, wasr
adopted by a unanimous vote of the saident.
stockholders of the sa oriporation, and
appnorarrs were authorie end by said resolu
tiones to appear before a notary public and
emally the dreer rd amendments to the said
charter in a notarial act, so as to conform
to the law and to serve as in justice may
apprtain or occasion may require; the
whole as will more fully appear by refer
Tene to certified copy of said resolution
hereto annexed and made a part hereof.
Now, therefree, the said appearers, acting
as aforesaid, have requested me, Notary, to
promulgate said amendments and make
them part of the charter of said corpora
tion to the end that said amandments shall
have the same force andered effect from this
day as if the original Arttedcls of Incorpora
tion had read as Paragraph one of Article
IV as now amended reads.
s. Notary, have accordingly promulgated
'rsaid amend d do by therec preseretarnt.
I make them part of the original Arlticle of
Incorporation to the end that Paragraph
one of Article IV theroof. as now amended,
shall hereafter read as follows, towit :
The capital stock of said corporation, theirs
hereby fixed rtat forty thousand dollare
ment$4000000 o the divided nto sherewitn hundred
shares at a par value of twenty-five dollars
Eat $.00 each. The stock of the corpora
tion shall be issued only for money, prop
erty, or services rendereds o this amendmeorporaton,
and shall be represented by certicle fates, ands
sued by the company and signed by the orna act on
President and Secretary.
All holders of outstanding stock, issued
under the original charter, shall, within
thirty days from notification of the amend
ment herewith promulgated., rrender to
the Secretary of this corporation, their
sahereid originalst certificates, in order to re
ceive therefor new certifi hatereunto ssued in ae
Snardnce with the provisions and rme. thquire
ments of the amendment herewith promul
atedar eaftr hold ne readinshar the of stock
as lashed under the origdinal chrter, being
entitled to four (4) shares of stock Issued
underPresi the provisions of thisdent amendment.
Paragraph two of anid Article IV, and
all other articles in the original act of in
corporation.-Psd befor Erandst T. Floreaser
enceA. Notary Public, on March 3rd, 1911.
are to remain unchanged and unaltered, ex
Aept as affected by the foregoinalg amed
medmt to the arter o the ontrct-t.
Thus done and pased in my oefief at New
Orleans, Orla., on the day, moth and year
herein first above written, i the presence oR
ol Weiss and Delphe Austin. compe9, te19 t
witneosses which have hereunto stoped their
I tonames with the said apearrs and me. the
Notary. afterd ne reading of the whole.
(Or t mnal be egntoppeed.)
toN C. WEImprise.
President and General
President and Ge tronl Manager.
ry may bie-Presdent and Treasurer.
1 A. dk . DANrIGER, Notary Public.
Sam ate looel. T tcWEI S thrt
A true copy from the original a thet.
A. D. DANZIGER, Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mort
a geblo do hereby certify that the above
Amendment to the prharter of the ontractn
New rd the tnla.mb oveptber t27, 1911.ond
The prompr t thppe laion of tior ter
aquet or en of the anger to stop tthe
t he tMgh may be easily stopped by a
Salways ond ready to had, is linen
I l't I t ilkl I . t t., I s llixt +1' ily t.
Tbm iiao I. 1 : 4 I. i L in ,y, - .ib llv Th -
tl4.4I f,.44l4 . ' 4 144 t! !!- -4. I' ' !.4ITI .jii4lll .:i '.i ~ i4 .
11nd f 1"+l' NIA% rs 1( o tan.E* 1 " I
liCi . 4 a 4 ""'h i n. , i ha . -t .l alI!ii. '1 , l;1nid. l
.lrlln · i! l lll.ll ,''ll, . .I" rnlce oll i erwe t n 1tir
I tII, 4 ab. '-'4 I'... :L 4I . ,4." th o f ll a4ge f
slvrlt l y u ,'I r 1 ,h?: . 1 44 .4illten ? lhmseve 4i
hnf th, pri,. in. :,f h . l .l ,t tf th ' tati li
h. ,ti . h It1. t 4 ..L ! ,I.t ,I ,'1 4 t 'I:II II .1(. r a i nti
h,44 4l ' 4 .-'nll |-4 . -I . ! tl i 'l : (444l 4'5al 4 444 U 'ld.
inll h 4 pr-i 1 n...s .f4l d 4irm.4. i4- th -l ie irn nafnr
co th)at~llt' am coIor+ n mat 1 ly po Ilde in
.i4 , 4I -rhi fill II I I 'I -i.- d ;. 4l' .1i4 t l illd hrenlr
he" !i(u*i nsli. a!,n ii  '.lr.) it4 hs.re hnafer
ut* f rtlh d, l r x pA. '.I," a' hV hh they hf l reby
tladt, as tle , i h riit.', t h w t :
AlnTIT'.I1 I.
The. n0l44e and tithl. ,f thu cirpiratlio
,.rvh. fti rmed in d .al i. ,ld t1, b.e I t.V'ENI
.f'l 4 Itl;l i.TY ll ' if te L a . thse domicile
.hatll iin th1e 44ity of New at)rIans, st atet of
Lu.siana. and. It 4shall lav altl enjoy sler
-.-esion by Its i44rpoira4ll4 nSilmt4 for a lerlodl
of nint.ly nlint' .Iar. from and afler the datnd
Tlhl coror:th !.. 4hall liar. polower and
InIithority to ntlrn:t,. so s nl bn anued uIn
ItI tcorpoll'ate nini;.n, and to make and use a
Aill ctitI. ions and other legal proce.s shall
ie serv-0d u|pon Its lpre.5ihh'nt, in case of his
Ibs44ni4'e or lllnli~llity Io Lit frolm any cause,
tie srtllle shall Is sIerved uponh tthe steretary
The objects and purposes for which this
'orporatim lit organized and the nature of
the husiness to be carried on by It, are
1hi.r1.by declared to tI: to purchase real es
Itortgage or pledg tihe rlsame, tO rent and
lease. proplrty; to erect, construct, and Im.
prove buildings: to loan or borrow money.
Issue notes, bonds and other obligations, and
generally to do ill things nidental t to the
carrying out of said objects and purposes.
The capital stock of this corporation is
helrby tized at the sum of fri e thousand
i$,lsMe.i u ( 0 dollars, divided Into and repre
tsentd by fifty ina ) shares, of the par value
of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each.
wheich shall ho paid for in cash at the time
of subscription.
Thlis r lorporation shall commence business
and Ibe a goIng concern a: once.
All the corporate powaers of thIs corpora.
tion shall bie vesited l In andi exerclsed by a
Iserd of dt lirctors, to bei' composuaed of three
stckholdIers, two of whom p shall constitute a
ilorunt for the transa.tlin of all busineass.
'T'hey shall Ib vested with full power and
authority to mlak all tiontracts, purchases
and sahlis, and adopt all hy-laws, rules and
regulations for the government of the busi
ness and affairs of the colmpany, and alter
and atmend the same; appoint, hire and dis
'hargi' all representatives, agents, and em
ploy4ees; ix all salarles and generally to do
and pertorm all things neciessary in the
transaction of the binineass and affairs of
the comnpany. Sald board shall fill all va
ecatncies which may occur among their num
The first Itard of directors of tbls cor
seratlon shall consist of liHrold A. Glearon,
Joseph J. Ilitaylk and Samint L. Jacobs,
who shall hold opioe until the ath day of
October. 1912. or until their auees in are
duly elected and qualiiedl; vlth-flarold A.
(.leason as president, .los. J. ityi vice
president, and 8. L Jacobs secret I and
On the second Tuesday of October, and
annually thereafter, an election of the di
rectors shall be held at the oxlice of the
company, undler the supirvision of two com
minsloners, to Is' appointed by the prel
dent, and the directors; and the o teer e and
dlrectors elected shall immediately take
their seats and hold oice until their sue.
cessors are duly elected and quallied. Each
board shall elect its own ofrcrs which shall
consist of a president, vice-president, and
secretary and treasurer.
All cororrate elections shall be be by llot,
and a majorlty of the votes cast shall elect,
and each share of stock shall be entitled to
one vote, either In person or by proxy.
Written notice of all elections shall be
given to the stockholders by the secretary
at least ten days prior to elections.
This act of lncorporatlon may be changed,
altered or modified, or this corporation dis
snlved,. with the assent of three-fourths of
the stock, present or represented at at y
dgneral meeting of the stockholders con.
vened for that purpose, after thirty days'
notice of such metlIng shall bar been
given by publication in one of the daily pa
pers published in this city. five times durln
said period, and such changes as may he
made In refrence to the capital stock shall
require forty days' prior notice, In wrtintlg,
to each stockholder.
Whenever this corporation be dissolved,
either by limitation of this charter, or from
any cause, its affairs shall be Ilquidated by
two commissioners to be appolnted from
among the stockholders at a meetlnr of the
stockholders convened for that purpose, ait
ter thirty days' prior written or printed
notice shall have been liven by the secre
tary to each stockholder, mailed to his or
her last known residence or place of bnsl
snhs. Said commisloners shall remain in
olce until the affairs of said corporation
shall have been tully liquidated. In the
event of death of either commissioner, the
survivor shall continue to act.
No stockholder of the corporatlon shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults thereof, in any further
sum than the uDpaid balance due to the cor
poration on the shares owned by him, nor
shall any mere lnformality In orgaisoatlon
have the effect of renderinl this charter null
or of exposnlg a stockholder to say lability
beyond thie amount of his stock.
The suobscrlibers hereto have each written
oppoelsite their names, the number of shares
subscribed for by them, so that thibL act may
also serve as the original subscription list.
Thus done and pased In my notarlal of
lee, at the city of New Orleans, aforesaid,
in the presence of John Legler, Jr., and An
thony Troyanl, competent witeases of law
tal age, and residlng in this city, who bhere
unto sbsecrlbe their names, together with
said partles and me, notary, on the day and
date set forth in the caption hereof.
(Original asigned): H. A. Oleason. 20
shares; S. L. Jacobs, 20 shares; Joe. J.
Ritaylk. 10 shares. (Witneses): Ant
Troyanl, Jno. Leter, Jr.
T. A. Ban, Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages,
In and for the paerish of Orleans and state
of loinlatasna, do hereby certlify that the
above and foregoinl act of incorporation of
the Ravenswood Realty Company was this
day dnly recorded in my oce. in book -,
New Orleans, La., October 7th, 1911.
Busl Lsoxa, ,D. IL
A true copy freo the oriial act:
(Seal) T. A. Bmace Ne. Pub.
oct 12 19 2 nove 2 16 1111

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