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George G. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
GOOD Union Saloon.,
*01. MOREAN STaKET - 201
CO LD __O_- _O - _I_1 l
E E R Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
and Tobacco. UNION BEER
Theo. J. Lala,
The Grocer,
Dealer in High Class Food Products
Cooking Utensils, Liquers of All kinds. All kinds of
Food Stuffs. Hay, Com, Oats, Bran, Grain, Etc.
Pittsburg Coal and Coke
Yard and 04fI*: 525 Seguim Street. RNldenin 421 PIllem A.e.
When in Need of
Can Supply You Promptly
Telephone, Wrilte or Wile
838 Canal St.
Phone Main 47 New Orleans
Where and When Thbey Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Omoems.
8ts. John Lodge No. 153 F. and A.
M., meets every Tuesday evening in
Masonlo Hall, corner Olivier St. and
Pelican Avenue at 7:30 o'clock.
W. M., Shade G. Smith. 625 Belle
vUle St.; S. W., Fred H. Galt; J. W.
Adolph Spitsfaden, Jr.; Treasurer, Geo.
Htrbert, Jr.; Secretary, L. J. Peterson,
618 Verret St.; Chaplain, C. A. uth
erland; Tyler, W. Senat; Stewards,
W. Lucas, J. M. Couget; S. D., A. W.
LuUas; J. D E. Dosher.
Crescent Lodge No. 3, K. of P.,
meets every Friday night in Pythian
Hall at 7:30 o'clock.
Theo. Olsen, C. C.; Roger Chestnut,
V. C.;'Jules B. Babin, M. W.; E. E.
Babln, 307 Delaronde St.. K. of and
S.; A. S. Covell, Prelate; L. J. Pet
eron, M. E.; C. Barthaut, M. A.; C.
Miller, L G.; Louis Martin, O. .; Pe.
fi Clement, reproegntative; Jules Be
bin, alternate; Louis Peterson, Dr. C.
V. Kraft and L J. Barton, true
bess; C. MiSer, JantWr; Dr. Jnao. A.
Rupp and Dr. W. H. Weaver, phJys
3m; K. J. Mothe, undertaker; . M.
11a, Otrganise.
Meets second and fourth Thursday
oa each moeth; quarterly meetings,
brt Thursday In January, April, July
atd October, in Pyth!ia Hall, at 7:30
Ountave Peterson, 3 BElmira Ave.,
eteellor commander; August C.
tI, vies chancellor; Gee. W. Stewart,
Ielate; J. U. Lewis, master of work;
W. A. Scholl. 132 Iavergne street.
b^emepr o records and seal; John
. e ser of Sance; Frank
la master ot exchequer; James
O. tsItewt, masterat4arms; J. T.
IMg re guard; L. T. Staboaad.
,4t1 aM5; Jos. Hughes, Br., grand
lady reggaomtave; James 0. Stw
alt, alterate; Dr. J. . Pollok eor
Algier , Dr. C. . Geibha for GretaO
.p Dr. W. B. Clark r New Oe1a3,
ghteydias. JaU A. Barrett, under
Virgsla Lodge No. 136, L et P..
meets em te eood onAd ObUa' Mon
das ea h moeth a Py~a HaB at
T:S a m.
nesdr eemmader, . . Ow.
3, Veagis; pdMe, a. Pandas; eep
erc reseesd and sae, L V. Oheb, Mi
imb avense; mser aemoe r,
h. mher, matsr e iaimeaS o ,
lth; mu er,eerme, A. J. Usbin;
r am e- , w. Geewi ete - mri,
O.K. .sebm; s-et aese rsms,
a- S et am; elturseai A. .i
anm: h hadm I Algise, ri.
Sa A. a I; 'e s s meilsae and
(bean, Dr. W. . Weve '
-gagagt o u -AT rM SmA
Sts. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
the second and fourth Mondays of
each month in Masonic Hall, at 7:30
p. m.
Worthy matron, Mrs. Eleanor Nel
son, 323 Bermuda St.; worthy patron,
Mr. Arthur Lucas; associate matron,
Mrs. Amelia Smith; secretary, Mrs.
Augusta Burgis, 528 Bouny street;
treasurer, Miss Selina Sutherland;
conductress, Mrs. Jennie Reyn
olds; associate conductress, Mrs. Ele
lyn Corbett; warder, Mrs. Lily Good
lett; sentinel, Mr. John Cougett; Ada,
Miss Olga Nelson; Ruth, Mrs. Flor
ence Amuedo; Esther, Mrs. Erminle
Riebl; Martha, Mrs. May Pollock; El
eota, Miss Ruby Vanderlinden; chap
lain, Mrs. Lizzie Borden; marshal, Mrs.
Josephine Weaver; organist, Mrs. Vi
ola Huckins.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. 9-Meets on the
. first and third Thursday of each month
in Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. m.
Amelia Smith, guardian, 625 Belle
ville Street
Lizzie Borden. clerk, 549 Vallette
L Street; Via Demuth, assistant clerk.
Anna Vanderlinden, past guardian;
Mary Jacobs, advisor; Hattle Tufts,
banker; Shade G. Smith, attendant;
Louise B. Casanova, chaplain; Dr. J.
Ernest Pollock, physician; Marguerite
Capdevielle, inner sentinel; Josephine
Mock, outer sentinel; Grace Pruitt,
Emma Short and Ida Hymel, managers;
Gertrude Back, organist; Jno. A. Bar
rett; E. J. Mothe, undertaker.
Benevolent Associations.
*. Meets on the first Wednesday of ev
Sery month at Renecky's Hall at 1:30
p. m. Julius Hambacher, president;
, John Sprada, vice-president; George
. Brunssann, treasurer; Frank Kraemer,
id 435 Bonny St., reoor4tag secretary;
t- Philip Essinger, finanial secretary;
F. M. Webert, Alix and fVerret streets,
- chairman of sick conmittee; John
Teteberg, chairman of ridow and orI
. phans' committee; Peter Bensinser
f and Theodore Duverth; William Oden
L wald, marshal; Dr. M. J. Manent, phy
- sician; George Brunsanm, undertaker.
L Address all letters and communica.
tions to Frank Kraemer, 536 Belleville
Meets eve third Wednesday of
Seach month it Pythlan Hal.
John Schroder, Jr., President, Ope
L lousas Ave. and Ntnes St., or Court
Louis P. Willis, Via President, 15
Opelousas Ave.
C. E. Hildebrand, Treasurer. 436
Atlante Ave.
S3 A. MeQ seyat , Recordiag Seer
Starr, 433 Bonny St.
'- n. Baba. rPamelal Secretary, 112
. Verret St.
o. 0. o.BrUasesa , G. M., 343 Morgas
a P. outhru, Sergeant at Arms,
a N saisvilUs St.
I Rd. Lawto, chairmea of Relet Com
mlttee O 7 Opelsas.
Dr. J. L. AdamI , hyswlem.
S. G Brusma, udmrtakbr, a43
; Knights of Honor
S ALOiERS LO E Ne. 34.
Alasers leu Nea 54a a,
Che adL Patte st . sbut
w h1 . r ltlU,. P P. D.; Cha]
Wll visc dletate; Patriek Bartmstt
ru disater wn H. rwaiss, a
reIM ter;l D.3I e r .L d lur ei
orhtT A. Rhall e treasur  r
Am ss guirde; V . A. Nesma,
JehmuB. trussq
y 1L
Be it known, that on this thirty-first day d;
of the month of August, in the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven, n1
before me. John Wagner, a notary public, it
in and for this parish therein residing, and ci
in the presence of the witne-ses hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally came Is
and appeared the several persons whose a!
names are hereunto subscribed, who de- ti
cTared that, avail;ing themselves of the laws tr
of Aulislana, relative to the organization of
corporations, they have formed and do here
by form themselves, their associates, suc
Scesors and assigns Into a corporation for
the objects and purposes and under the
stipulations hereinafter set forth, which tl
they hereby adopt as their charter, to-wit: hi
The name and title of this corporation Is
hereby declared to bw "JAMES S.'AIEN I
ItI:.ITY 4'iOMI'ANY." and it shall have I
and enjoy corporate succession for a period SI
of ninety-nine years, and shall have and ti
e'xerT'iso for the purpose of the business to I'
be carried on by it. all powers conferred by
law upon corporations, including the power
to receive, purchase, lease, convey, sell.
mortlage, pledge, improve and exchance,
and otherwise acquire and alienate proper- ti
ty. looth real and personal, In the prosecu- I
tlon of its business; to contract, sue and be 4
sued; to make and use a seal, if It so de- "f
sires, the same to break or alter at pleas. ai
tre; to make rules and by-laws for its ci
government, the same to alter, amend or
change at pleasure; to make and employ at
such managers and employees as its busi
ness may require; and generally to exercise
all the powers necessary to carry on its
The domicile of this corporation shall be '
in the city of New Orleans, Iouisiana, and I
all citation and other legal process shall be In
served on the president, and In case of his ''
abscnce of dlsatbility, on the vice-president,
and in case of absence or disability of both, 1i
on tiihe secretary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for which this tr
corporation is organized and the nature of ll
the business to be carried on by it, are ''
hereby declared to be to buy, sell, mortgage, be
Uixrchange, Improve, build or otherwise im
)f prove. or otherwise alienate or acquire, and
generally to deal in real estate, :nproved
10 and unimproved, in this city or elsewhere, P'
for itself or for the account of others, as i
principal or agent, on commission or other- si
l" wise; to lease and improve the same and 'l
to generally carry on the real estate bust- lk
a, ness.a
. ar
The capital stock of this corporation is re
hereby fixed at one hundred thousand dol- co
; lars, divided into one thousand shares at no
the par value of one hundred dollars each,i
.- which stock shall be paid for in cash, labor
performed or property conveyed to the com
pany; the corporation shall have the right at
to commence business when twenty-tive si
thousand dollars of the capital stock shall si
I, have been subscribed for. All transfer of to
stock shall be made on the books of the
company on the surrender of the outstand
le ing certificate. Said stock may be increased at
in accordance with the laws of the state. Uo
The affairs of the corporation, including
i. the powers to buy, sell, mortgage or in any.
wise acquire or alienate the property, both
real and personal, shall be managed by a al
board of directors, composed of three stock- so
holders. The directors shall be elected an. th
nually by ballot by the stockholders on the er
second Tuesday of January of each year, fo
commencing on the second Tuesday of Jan. of
uary 1913. Each stockholder shall be en- Pu
0 titled in person or by proxy to a vote of I1
h each share of stock owned by him, and such P
election shall be held under the rules as re
may be adopted by the board of directors. f'i
The directors thus elected shall continue in st<
' omce until their successors shall have been
elected, and no failure to elect shall be re
garded as a forfeiture of this charter. Any
Svacancy occurring on the board shall be
filled by the remaining directors. The e1
board of directors shall at their first meet- an
Ing after their election, nominate and tw
elect out of their number a president, vice- an
1 president and a secretary-treasurer. Until at,
the first election as above specified, Mr. tel
James S. Gautreaux shall be president: Dr. tic
. hlenry E. (Gasutreaux shall be vice-president, to
and Mrs. Mary Scallen Gautreaux shall be lIt
secretary-treasurer, which three shall con-Si
stitute the board of directors until the said "e
election above specified. All meetings of ftt
L. stockholders, whether general or special, eit
shall be held after notice of said meeting tit
shall be given In writing to each stockholder,
I by the secretary-treasurer either In person
or by mall, ten days prior to said meeting.
bAt the termination of this charter either sul
y limitation or otherwise, the business or !
Saffairs shall be liquidated by two commis
sioners to be appointed from among the
stockholders at a meeting convened for that e s
purpose, after the ten days' notice required
above, sald commissioners to be elected by
a majority of the votes cast at such.. c.
tlon. ad commissioners shall remain inel
otomce until the atairs of the corporation t
shall have been liquidated .and In case of a c
vacancy the same shall be filled by the in
Sstoclkholders in like manner until such time A
the survivor shall continue to act.
or ....e. - r- - l-crporatfon sIail be
disMoveda or ordeed Inldted bL a vote of
two-thirda of the capital stock represented
at a meeting of the stockholders convened an
1 for that purpose, after the ten days' notice
shall have been given as above specified.
No rstocklholder shall ever be held respons.- th
ibis or liable for the contracta or f~tulta of d
' te corporation In any further sum than fol
the nnpaid portion of the stock subecrlbed
by him, nor shall any mere informallty In
orglalutaon have tbe effect of rendering
this charter null or of exposin the stock
them, n t0e stoci sulscribed by
Thus done and passed in my ofice, 317
Carondelet street, this city, on the day
Smoenth and year herein first above written
in th presence of Messieurs William Chris
tiansan and John J" MeCloskey, competeat
i-tnesse, who ereunto sign their names Lb
i ttr reading of the whole the said appearers
writing the numer of shares of stock sub. -
scribed by thn- opposite their names, which
.Oshall serve as a stoe sumcriptlon list. I
(Orignal signed): James ,. Oantraux, *
2 t0 sares ; M ary 8. nitraux, 74a9 sham
tauthorsew my wife, Henry .Oantreaux l
Henry.LOl~nr~0,Me. D one share.
WItnesses) : John J. Mecloekey, Wiliam
'INLU·O Jouw Waowan, U
Not. Ps.
I, the undersigne recorder of mortmgaes,
In and for the parish of Orlean, state oll
Laonllnd f o hebl certiy that the shove
JadmeosSoanl act ofilacorporaton of the i
day duly mn wsh
New Orlas, Ia,,, epte_ 1_th, 1911. eg
(Sige;d) NLmt LdlOgIa, D. L
o the ---l charter of te James
ile in myh04. O, -mrt gs en
(Seal) Juo. Wawua 40
e14 21 28 oct 12 19 111
Or LOUBIS x, TA H IU8 0. O* O
LEANS, CIT_ 01' NUW (*IEAl? 5.
an I ,t te t I Mnr  _--l
__ the wemease the am . ess
.name s u me esaeul came sad ml
"" " .
they have brmed and organised, and by
these presents, do fors themselves Into and
constitute a corporation and body politic in
law, for the objects and purposes and under
the stipulations and agreements hereinafter
set forth and expressed, which they hereby
adopted as their charter, to-wit:
The name and title of the corporation
hereby formed is declared to be CItºlTA
IIItA" REALTY COMPANY. the domicile
shall he in the city of New Orleans. state of
I+ouisiana. and it shall have and enjoy sue
cession by its corporate name for a ls-rlod
of ninety-nine years fromu and after the
date hereof.
This corporation shall have power and
aluthiority to contract, so aind be sued in
its corporate niame; and to make and use a
corltorate seail.
Al citations or other legal process shall
Ib served u)pon its presidient. In caset of his
abise.' or in:ability to act frot atny eatse.
the tAIem shall be served uponI the secretary
The objectl andl purposes for which this
.orp.:ration is organized and the nature of
thI lbusiness to Iw carrb-di on by it. are
her-icy dwharlt t to I': to purc'hase real es
atI. llllnds. stocks anld marketable securities
for investmlltent purposes,. to hold. to sell.
Itmort gage or pileidge the satlne. to rent and
ai-,s property; to erect construct, and Iin
prove buillngs; to loan or borrow mnoney
I-lto Inotes. Isillds and other obligations,.
and gnterally Ito do all things Incidlental to
ithe carrying out of said objects and pur
A"TICI.E 111.
The capital sto'k or this corporation is
hlerely tixed at tilte sum of live thousand
$.it N,lG.c4II dillars divliided into and repre
senteld y fifty T6 I shares, of the par value
.of one lhundred a $l10il.)t dollars eachi, which
shall Io, paid for in cash at the time of sub
This corporation shlall commence business
and tie a going concern at once.
All the corporatle powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested In and exercised by a
Ilsard of directors, to be composed of three
stockholders,. tio of whom shall constitute
a quorultl for the transaction of all bustl
n1Ts. They shall be vested with full power
ind autlhority to miake all conltracts, pur
(lchases atnd sales, and adopt all by -laws. rutles
and regulations for lithe goivernment of the
iluine-·. and afflsirs of the company. and
illtItr and amlnend tile sanme. appoint, hire and
discharge all representlatlives, agents and
employees. tix all salaries and generally to
do and iperfornt all tllhings necessary in the
transa.tion of lht busliness aind affairs of
the colipany. Said board shall fill all va
ancles whitlch may occur aulong their num -
The tirst board of directors of this cor
pration shall consist of Michel 1'. Miller,
Enile 1M. lieltry and .Martin G. Gtund, who
shall hold office until the ~lh day of Octo
bir. 1li12. or until their successors are duly
elected and qualitled: with .Michel 1'. Miller
ias presildent, Emil.. MM.Ieltry vice-president.
anti Martin G. Gilnd secretary and treasurer.
tOn the seiond Tuesday of October. and
annually thereafter, an election of the dl
rectors shall be held at the office of the
compliany, under the supervision of two com
missioners, to be appointed by the presi
dent, and the directors: and the officers and
directors elbsted shall immediately take their
seats and hold office until their successors
are duly elected and qualified. Each board
shall elect its own officers which shall con
sist of a president, vice-president and secre
tary and treasurer.
All corporate elections shall be by ballot,
and a majority of the votes cast shall elect.
and each share of stock shall be entitled to
one vote. either in person or proxy.
Written notice of all elections shall be
given to the stockholders by the secretary at
least ten days prior to elections.
This act of Incorporation may be changed,
altered or modified, or this corporation dis
solved. with the assent of three-fourths of
the stock present or represented at any gen
eral meietlng of the stockholders convened
for that purpose, after thirty days' notice
of such meeting shall have been given by
publication in one of the daily papers pub
lished in this city, five times during said
period, and such changes as may be made in
reference to the capital stock shall require
forty days' prior notice in writing, to each
Whenever this corporation be dissolved.
ilther by limitation of this charter, or from
any caue, its affairs shall be liquidated by
two commissioners to be appointed from
among the stockholders at a meeting of the
stockholders convened for that purpose. af- t
ter thirty days' prior. written or printed no
tice shall have is-en given by the secretary
to each stockholder, mailed to his or her
last known residence or place of business.
Said commissioners shall remain until the
affairs of said corporation shall have been
fully liquidated. In the event of death of
either commissioner, the survivor shall con
tinue to act.
No stockholder of the corporation shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults thereof, in any further ^
sum than the unpaid balance due to the
corporation on the shares owned by him,
nor shall any more Informality in organiza
tion have the effect of rendering this char
ter null or of exposing a stockholder to any
lability beyond the amount of the stock.
The subscribers hereto have each written
opposite their names, the ndmber of shares t
suhawcribeld for by them. so that this act may
also serve as the original subscription list. n
Thus done and passed in my notarlal of
flce, at the city of New Orleans, aforesaid,
In the presence of John Legier. Jr., andr
Anthony Troyanl. competent witnessea of
lawful age. and residing in this city, who
hereunto subscribe their names, together
with said parties and me, notary, on the day
and date set forth in the caption hereof.
(Origlinal signed) : P. M. Miller, 20
shares; M. G. C.und. 20 shares; Emile M.
Ieitry. 10 shares. (Witnesses): Ant. Troy
anl, Jno. Legier, Jr. t
T. A. BICt, Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages,
in and for the parish of Orleans and state
of Loulslana. do hereby certify that the
above and foregoing act of incorporation of
the Cortablean Realty Company was this
day duly recorded in my ofce in book -,
follo -.
New Orleans, La., October 7th, 1911.
EmLa LaoNaRD, D. R.
A true copy from the original act:
(Seal) T. A. BeCx, Not. Pub.
oct 12 19 26 nor 2 916 1911
The Caus of Dreams.
Dreams are not mere fantastde of
the brain, due to a bad stomach or a
diseased mind. but are the natural
sequences of events which hare ac
tually taken place in life. declare. an
eminent peychologist and professor of I
medicine. The doctor aserts that the
brain, working while one sleeps actr
as a arreen, on which the things that
one has been dolng during the day are
roaected. He declares that supersti.
tion retgarding dreams is "bosah" and
adds that it one wmereo to realisz thmt
redma are nothing more or les than
the photographs of events in whlch
ee hue been the chief actor a great
deal will be added to one's pace L
rald--New York Tribune
Nene .. Hand.
Doe Squires was a queer old "yarb"
dotr of decidedly limatted edcastilon
who fourislhed In New England a good
many yar ago One day some *e C
aid to him:
"Soe here. dc, have you any dipl
WnI, no; I in't got none on hand
lmt nrow, but I'ma goh' to dig some
moa as the groud thaw. out n the
Eesnemy. 0
Bh-Doa't let us have oyster thi Is
wemn o. Iet's be economical, and
Syou esa buy me that pearl ock.
-ee I told y o.-RIre. *
A Healthful Seggestles.
I think a trip to Europe weald fi
pra wi, but maye I'd better call a
-m-ltatiok . W at etber doctes wel
'I wold mgst a eele et res.
-ser, d'.-E lvill OherlJein. hb
41 1." 1 . IIS .IANA, P.lAitlSIl i " ' lt.
5Be It known, that on this eighteenth day
of the mionth of AI.\ust, ill the year our
thilousa..nd nine hunldrd and ihvenu, before
tno, F-elix .I. lr.yt'us, a notary pubc.. dauiy
coltnmissioinet, atr:l sworn in for the parish ,-f
Slrleans and city of New I rletas, therein
residing, personally appeared .Mes~rs. Ernest
Lee Jahnike and Paul F. J.lahnck -, 1sth off
this city, a spe.ciatl cowmitt.ee appointed for
the purlpmes hereof.
Who dleclared that at a meeting of the
stockhull,-rs uf the "Fl'I'I' J.AINll KEl
lINk'.I." a c'orIp-ralion organized uud,.r the
(aws of this .state, by an act pa,-el 10i this
offie on Allgulist ~".. ltl:l, recorded in the
Inortgage f fle. itook '91 , folio atas- helId
oil July 2, 1111, pursuant tI notices .sent
to each ,stokhuodltr at his ia-t known post
,,liher address, Arti,'. I\V of said charter
was amlntded so as to read hereafter as
follows :
The capital stock of this corporation is
herely tiled at the sum of thirty thousand
dollars. divided into three hundred (:3o0,
share,, of the par value of one hundred
($l4dtl dollars *each, which shares shall be
pald for in cash or in the purchase of pro
1,'rty. All shares of stock shall be full paid
and non-assessable. No transfer of stock
shall be binding upon the corporation unless
made upon its books, and all certitcates of
stock shall be signed by such officers as
may he designated by the board of diret-tors.
All stock in this corporation shall be
held upon a condition prectdent Alnd under
contract and agreement in the nature of
vested rights that all such stock Is so held
and possessed subject to the rule and provi
si-ns for the transfer of same hereinafter
,it oat, towlt :
First No sale or other transfer of shares
of stuck in this corporation shall ito vaidl
until and unless the opportunity has been
tir't afforded the shareholders of record at
the date of such transfer, sale or other
allenation, to purchase such stock at Isook
v;altue plus twenty-tive per cent., the value
to be ascertained in the manner haerein pre
scriled. The right to acquire said stock
he-reby first vested in the other stockholders
,of record shall follow the stock into any
hands to which it may pass and may be
exercised against the holders thereof within
ninety days from the time any sale or trans
fr thereof has been offered to be entered
on the books of the corporation.
It shall be the duty of any holder of
stock in this corporation who intends or de
sires to sell, transfer, alienate or other
wise dispose of the same to give ten days'
written notice of such intenjlon or desire
to the board of directors of tile corporation,
who are hereby constituted agents of the
other stockhohlers for the purpose of such
notice, and said board of directors shall give
imlmodlate Information thereof, in writing.
to all the other stockholders of record. Be
fore the expiration of the ten days from the
receipt of said notice by the board of direc
tors any shareholder of record may offer to
purchase, and may acquire the right to pur
chase, said stock by notifying the boardl of
directors In writing and thereafter shall
deposlt the price of said stock in cash with
the corporation on or before the expiration
of eighty days from the last mentioned date.
IUpon the receipt of the first mentioned
notice, the board of directors shall advise
the person owning said stock, his agent or
representative, to join with said board in
fixing the value of said stock, which value
shall be established on the basis of the last
annual or semi-annual statement or report
of the corporation and the last monthly trial
balance preceding the date of such notice,
and to the value thus found and established
there shall be added twenty-five per cent..
and the sum thus found and established shall
constitute the value and price of said stock.
If within twenty-four hours after such
notice, the owner, his ag'ent or representa
tive, does not join with the board in estab
Itshing the price or value of the stock, the
Iboard may proceed without further delay to
fix the said value, using the report and trial
Ialance aforesaid for that purpose, which
writings are declared to be conclusive evi
dence for and against all parties In interest
in the premises, whether the value Is estab
ilshed by the Joint act of the owner, his
agent, widow, heir or representatives, or by
the board of directors acting In default of
the co-operation of said person or persons.
Upon receipt of the offer or acceptance of
any shareholder to purchase said stock and
upon obtaining guarantee satisfactory to
said board for the price thereof, the board
of directors shall thereupon gIve notice
thereof to the owner of the stock, his agscent
or representative, and before the expiration
of the period of eIghty days aforesaid shall
call In the certificate or certificates repre
senting snuch stock and pay the price or
value theaof and cause the same to be
transferred on the books to the purchaser.
iecond. The preference. option and right
of purchase heretofore vested by paragraph
First In the other shareholders shall exist
in full force and erffect in their favor to ac
quilre the shares of stock of a deceased stock
holder, and the formallties and conrse of
procedure, the terms. conditions, stipula
tlons and delays herelnahove estabhllshed In
aid paragraph shall apply In all respects
to the procedure to be followed in case of
death. Immediately unon receipt of Infor
mation of the death of any shareholder. It
shall be the duty of the board of directors
to cause the necessary steps to be taken to
carry out and enforce these provisions.
Third. The preference, option and right
of purchase herelnabove estabhllshed shall
run in favor of each shareholder of record
for his virile share In proportion to his ex
Istlng holdins in the stock, hilt should any
shareholber fall to exerclse his ribght In this
re-ard his rights shall pass to and be ab
sorbed by the other shareholders, provided
that the owner, hs widow, heirs or legal
representatives. as the ease may bhe, shall
not be ohllged to deliver said stock unlen
the offers to pnrchase the same shall Include
and cover the aentlrety of the offerlags under
parrarph First or all of the holdIgs under
paragraph Second.
Fourth. All certIfcates of stock shall
bear upon their face a brief reference to the
rIghts herein established In favor of the
As the whole more fully appears by the
annexed certified copy of the minutes of
said meeting, made a part hereof.
Thus done and passed In my omce, on the
day, meath and year first above wrIltten, In
the presence of Frank B. Twomey and Prank
J. Basile. competent witnesses, who have
slamed wttb the appearers and me, the no
tary, after readlng the whole.
(Orlpgnal slgnMd): Eernest Lee Jahncke,
paul F. Jabncke.
F. 11. Twomey, F. J. Bastle.
'FELIt J. DarrsoUs, Not. Ph.
I, the underligned, recorder of mortraes.
In and for the parish of Orleans and state of
Lonulslana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing amendment to the act of in.
rorporation of the "Pritt Jahneke (Inc.)"
was this day duly recorded In my oee, Ina
book -, follo -.
New Orleans, Agust 19, 1911.
A true copy from the origiapl net:
Farax 3. Dearsous, Not Pub.
(8eal) 204 & . L. & 0. Bullding.
oct 12 19 26 nov 2 9 16 1911
Be It knowa, that am this nlaeteenth day
. r d ehe d&
tle Reanndl, a oawyp usae In and for
duly cosmlaslomed d quoaliled sad f tle
presence of the witaas hterenafter nm
--meet th.e easo whel me to as
hereaIe a ca s, aU ahoy. the fall age
majoit ani raldem s of Is idy h
Ld t #r e a h Weliiusl is b ti
If You sp, nd One l(
Thousand 1)o!ars youc
a Sewing Machine eg t
SNew Hoe
Gustav Seeger,
i16 Canal St., New Orie ,
Beer Brewed in New Orlean
brewed to suit the climata,
That is why
American Beer
Is Best .,,
American BrewingCo.
 --_ - - ---- --
John Couget,
Beef, Veal, Pork and Mutto,
St. John's Market. K1
fo" the objects and purposes and under the
stipulations and agreements hereinafter set
fortb and expressed, which they hereby
adopt as their charter, to-wit:
The name anu title of the corporation
here formed is declared to be the "Guar
antee Electric Company "ltmited." Its
domicile shall be in the city of New Or
leans, state of Loutsiana, and it shall have
and enjoy succession by Its corporate name
for a period of ninety-nine years from and
after the date hereof.
All citations and other legal process shall
be served upon the president, and In the
event of his absence or inability to act
from any cause, the same shall be served
upon the vice-president
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized and the nature
of the business to be carrieu on by it are
hereby declared to be, to manufacture, sell,
construct, and repair motors of all kinds.
automobiles and other vehicles or crafts of
any kind operated or propelled by eleotric
ity or other motive power, install electric
plants, wiring or other electrical works or
apparatus, own and operate an electrical
manufacturing and repair plant and gen
erally do a general electric construction
and automobile repair business in all its
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of Ten Thousand
!)ollars ($10.00) divided into and repre
sented by two hundred shares of the par
value of fifty dollars ($50.00) each, which
shall be paid for In cash, at such times.
in such amounts, and in such manner
as the board o, directors may determine.
or the same may be issued at not less
than par in full payment for property
actually received by or services actually
rendered to the corporation, such stock
when so issued, shall be full paid and
No stockholder shall have the right to
sell or dispose of his stock without first
offering same in writing to the corporation,
whic-h shall have thirty days in which to
de.clde on the purchase of same, and after
which time the stock may be offered for
sale in the public market.
Transfers of stock will not be recognized
unless transferred on the books of the
company, by the owner or his July auth
orized agent and attorney in fact.
This corporation a'all have power and
authority to contract, sue and sued in
its corporate name, make and use a cor
porate seal, the same to change or alter
at pleasure, hold, receive, lease, hire, pur
chase, sell, and convey, as well as mort
gage and hypothecate property both real
anti persofal, to borrow money, execute
note, bonds or other evidence of indebted
ness; name and appoint such managers, of
ficers and agents as the business and con
venience of the corporation may require;
make and establish such by-laws, rules
and regulations for the proper manage
ment and expedition of its affairs as may
be necessary and proper, and alter, amend
or change the same at pleasure.
All the corporate powers of this cor
poration shall be vested in and exercised
b a board of three usrectors composed
ostockholders, a majority of whom
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of all business. The first board
of directors of this corporation shall con
sist of George I'. Calre, Henry P. Wagner
and Frank J. Thibodaux, with the said Geo.
P. Caire as president, Henry P. Wagner as
vice-president and Frank J. Thibodaux as
secretary-treasurer, all of whom shall hold
offce until the second Monday In January,
1913, or until their successors shall have
been duly elected and qualified.
On the second Monday in January, 1913,
and annuaily thereafter, an election of of
ficers shall be held at the office of the
corporation under the supervision of two
commissioners appointed by the president,
after ten days prior written notice shall
have been given by the secretary-treasurer
to each stockholder, to be sent by mall,
directed to his or her last known residence
or place of business, and the directors
then elected shall immediately take their
seats and hold office until their successors
shall have been duly elected and qualified.
All elections shall be by ikllot and a
majority of votes cast shall elect and
each share of stock shall be entitled to one
vote, either in person or by prosy, at all
meetings of the stockholders. All vacan
clies occurring in said board from any
cause shall be filled by the remaining du
The officers of this corporation shall con
sist of a president, vice-president, secretary
treasurer, who shall be elected by and hold
offlce during the term of the board of dl
rectors. This corporation shall commence
business and become a going concern at
This act of incorporation may be
changed, modified or altered, or this cor
poratIon may be dissolved with the assent
Just at Ferry Landing ALGIERS,
DIXIE BEER, Always Fresh. All Other Bottle Beers. Fine
Liquors, Cigars, Etc. HOT MEALS AT ALL HOURS
FarnlatSd Ress at Ppaular Prices First-ClIas
GR ERIES Delivered to your hoa,
prices that will con)
with any in the city.
FRAK ASTRSIStVAIII, m mas 58., 1000
of three-fourths of the capft i
present or reprosentel at a gmeqj
ing of the stokholders convened
purpose after thirty days prior neft
have been given 1,y pulicatioa I
the daily newspapers published ian
of New Orleans, five times q
thirty days.
Whenever this corporation Is
either by limitation of its charter
any other cause, its affairs shall I
ated by two commissioners elkec*
among the stockholders at a geaneal
ing of the stockholders convened 4
'prpose, after thirty days prlu
of said meeting shall havre bee
publication in one of the dally
published tp the city of Newr Oi i
times durlfg the said thirty dai
commissioners shall remain in l
the affairs of said corporation ta l
been fully liquidated. In case of il
of either of said commissioners, t -
vivor shall continue to act.
No stockholder of this corporatlU
ever be held liable or responsible M
contracts or faults thereof in Uay
sum than the upnald balance dg M
corporation on the shares owned -
nor shall any mere Informall
ganization have the effect of r
charter null, nor of exposing a
to any liability beyond the ameoag
Thus done and passed in by
flee at New Orleans aforesaid, ia tM
ence of William A. Wenck and
Frederlck, competent witnesses f
age and residing In this city, h
unto subscribe their names togetLis
said part!es and me, notary, on the de
date set forth in the caption herse.
(Original Signed) Henry 1'P.
shares. $2400.(H); (eorge P.
shares, $2400.00; F. J. Thlbodaun, Z
$200.00: II. L. McLean, 2 shares,
W. A. Wenck. J. E. Frederick.
I, the undersigned recorder el
gages, in and for the parish of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that tihe
and foregoing act of incorporatls at
"Guarantee Electric Company,
was this day duly recorded I1 *m
in book .. folio .
I certify the foregoing and w>tt
a true and correct copy of the
act of Incorporation of the Guarsi
trle Company, Limited, togetherw 1
certificate of the recorder of
thereunto appended, on file ad -
ord in my office. In faith wheretl
unto set my hand and seal this
of September, A. D. 1911.
(Signed) Wm. RENA
(SEAL) Notary
Sept. 28 Oct 5, 1, 19, 26 and Nov. -
Geo. E. Bays, J
Magazines, Nowspaeprs,
Novels, School Beli. '
Sporting Goods, Tehse
Cigars and Ciga'stts
TipuanIUe husat huubemr
Prmpt Atteate..
No. 441 Slidell Avewmi
1300-1802 DRYBADN

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