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Algerines at Law.
- - - -.
Mrs. Olivie Cook, widow of Joseph
Schumbrecht vs. N1. L. & T. R. R. & S.
S. Co., $31,600 damages for killing of
p'aintiff's husband.-Robt. O'Connor.
Succession of J. W. Howe and wife;
petition presenting resignation of un
deti tutor.
Emancipation of Ilennessey Derans
bourg and Whitney Deransbourg.-P.
I' and W. J. Ilennessey.
Albert E. Ilotard vs. Hly. L. tunting
ton; judgment for plaintiff, $50.
Ada Dunning vs. N. Y. & Porto Rico
Steamship Co.; exceptions continued
Land Development Co. of la., Ltd..
to Polly Johnson, 9-10ths of lot. Teche.
I.amarque. Nunez and Socrates, $:t 1..6
cash.- -Private.
Wilson Ross to James F. Keeney,
lot, Elmira, lielleville, Newton and
lilmer, $200 (ash.
Purchaser to, .lanies Morgan, same
property, $:390 tI rms.-Charbonnet.
Thos. Buc.hanan to Foster Jefferson,
interest in lot. Biringier. Monroe.
Franklin, and other iroperty. $5,00
terms.-- Sarpy.
No Chance There.
Kind Hearted Woman (In country
village)-A man as strop as you are
ought to be able to find work. Haven't
you any regular occupation?
Wayfarer ;with his mouth full)
Tes'm: I warsh th' winders o' skyr
crapers.--Chlcago Tribune.
The Word Slave.
The word "slave" originally meant
`noble." being, in the first place. "Slav,"
ene of the Slavonic race.
Beggars eof Paris.
Not a few Paris beggars have be
tome historical. Years ago there was
a female mendicant without legs and
with only one arm who could by a
trick in her breathing produce in her
interior a sound like the tick of a pen.
dulum. "Listen. ladles and gentle
men." she used to exclaim. "I have a
dock in my stomachr' Her gaping
auditors used thereupon to apply an
ear to her back. It was true. There was
a clock Inalde her. They could bear it
tick. Formerly at one end of the Pont
Nef there eat an old blind man, ac
companied by a poodle. Enveloped in
a large overcoat with seven plaits, he
did nothing all day but keep a pair of
expressionless eyes directed toward
heaven and shake his tin money box
from time to time. It was a tradition
In Paris that he had given his daugh.
ter a dowry of 800.000 francs on the
occasion of her marriage to a notary
and that in the evening after rattling
his money box all day the old man
eaid often be seen in a box at the
a.to whicb he had driven in his
e lriage.-London Globe.
Indestruotlble Lizards.
Tihe tUstara lizard, found in New
Zealand. is one of the most ancient
forms of animal life now found on
earth. Originally this lizard pos
seemed tour eyes, but in the course of
ages It has lost one pair and must
ew get along with two. The tuatara
lay eggs which are rem.arkable in that
they rquire fourteen months to hatch.
the embryo passing the winter in a
state ot bbernation. These small
survivors of past ages are found only
e a few localitles and are becoming
veY are collectons from every part
et the world belng coatnually on their
tball They are about two teet in
length and in common with other lis
arids have the fortunate characeterisatie
o bf able to replace portion of
tir abe or tails whcb bave been
destreyd. It is asserted that one of
thee lisards owned by a naturalist
had tai misfortune some time ago to
loseo an ee and that a eomplete new
ae, perfet in every way. has grown
bi the place of the old ona
A Craeb That Makes Its Own Wig.
Thre i a smail crab found upon
a English coast that li so afraid of
his enemies that he has found out or
has perhaps been taught a clever way
h )lde b rmsel. The writer once saw
moe it thes ecrabs which was kept as
a pet. and be was lucky enough to via
t iM when be was in the very act of
msklg his wlg. The crab frst tore
eia piece of green ribbonlike seaweed
with hl plaers and put one end in his
moth. This he asmcked and nibbled
and moistened with some kind of gle
that hardens under water, and thee he
plesed the stcky end upon hris hbeek.
fl and by his brad bhak was covered
with a rngular green and wavin wig.
e that as he crawled about be looked
he a bnch of seaweed in gentle me
sn. We must sppose that he make
a very sweet mouthful for a hngry
dub san that he makes thi wi be
pservm him tree bei obbled ug.
Vlem time time the wg requires re
pa ,ie eeer.-B-a Tga Mmaes
Mierie e the Red Sea
iN ths eates of the Red sa thee o
it i the ngines en a steame fer
a hIi mam eatreme phalysiel r.
q s pme agera ; fOtr a day it
scL vavv absolute tortura The
whic prvals ry day i na
het auphyzistiag blast. sad li egu
thesms dlrctkons are fam north am
sIeth beward the center. As a remt
w lat p e t~sel is suablh al b
two days it almost latelerable bsat,
bllowe b two rdyas of eosprae
mr~ but iseanac have been
-w- s evioa Wesru mse frem tpe
seIIie men ia t e see as
.nb- . nc .ed ': . . .. d- . l,
kt 'lt 'h
.·~- ' '~
Land Development Co. of La.. Ltd.
to Mrs. Geo. W. Christy, lot, Pacific.
Homer. Elmira and Newton. $61.38
Geo. W. Cunnigham to Crescent City
Building and Homestead Association.,
lot, Pacific. Homer. Newton and El
mira. $700 cash.--Sheriff.
Mrs. Adele Norbert et als. to Thee.
P. Lala. 2 lots. Slildell, Olpelousas, Teche
and Brooklyn. $3,230 terms. -)reyfous.
.lean M1. Tapte to rheo .1. Lala, 2 lots.
Slidell. Opllousas. Techel and Brook
lyn. $t0 , ash, $2.700 mortgage.--)rey
Jas. F. lKeeney to .Ta.- .,lorgan. lot,
Elmira. lBelleville. Newton and homer,
$23, cash. $3651 mortgage.-Charbonnet.
Fir"men's Building Association to L.
.I. 1' terson. lot. Eliza, Seguin. Evelina
arid Bouny. $t.80 mortgage. -Zengel.
Viola Hlammner, widow of (;o. W.
Christy. to 1)r. William Laurence. $126.
I note. 1 year. J per .ent.. lot. Elmira.
Paicitic. limer and Newton. - I'pton.
Foster .efferson oanter and builder,
'mall double house. 16ý20 Nunez. $:U00.
E. I)eGear owner and buillehr. re
pairs 4:11 Pelican avenue. $60.
Saw His Chance.
When all Westchester county was
thrilling with the prospect of a rail
road comlpetirion an agent of the new
company that was to build went
through Pelham Manor bul ng proper
ty for the right of way. le rang the
doorbell of one resident, who was liv
ing in a rented house at $50 a month.
"Will you take $S.000 for this
house?" demanded the agent
"'Oh. no, I couldn't." stammered the
"Will you take $8.000?"
"1 couldn't do it."
"Well, think it over."
Mr. Tenant foxily runs around to
the owner of the property and gets an
agreement to sell him the property
for $6~000 if he can raise the money.
The railroad's agent returns.
"Will you take $9,0007'
"ren r
Oh. yes, there is such a think as
luck when a man has the wits to msee
it coming his way.-New York Press.
Killing an Unfaithful Lever.
When a Japanese girl has been
slighted by her lover she revenges her
self according to the following quaint
custom: In the dawn of the early
morning she rises and puts on a white
robe and white clogs. Round her neck
she hangs a small mirror, which falls
to her breast, and on her bead she
puts a metal crown with three points,
each point bearing a lighted candle.
In her left hand she carries a small
fgure of straw or rags-supposed to
represent her unfaithful lover-and
this she nails to one of the sacred trees
surrounding the family shrine. She
then prays for the death of the man.
vowing that if this comes to pass
she will pull out the nails which are
hurting the sacred tree and make of
ferings to comfort her family god. Ev.
ery night she comes to the shrine.
strikes in two more nails and makes
the same prayer, her Idea being that
the god. to save his tree from further
injury, will kill her lover.
\ A Strange Speeils of Do.r,
Just above the buffet in the dining
room of a Richmond boase there
hangs a bhuge, finely mounted antlered
head. This trophy of the owner's
hunting prowess is fastened so firmly
to the wall that the glistening neck
seems to be coming right out through
the plaster. When a little boy from
the city saw this decoration for the
first time he eyed it with considerable
curiosity and very evident uneasinesl
It looked almost too lifelike for com
fort Fnlaally the youngster asked to
be excued and slipped from his chair.
going Into the next room. He return
ed to the dining room fIushed with
"What's the matter. BHarry? asked
his host.
"I wanted to see," explained the
child sheepishly. "It that animal's legs
were really as long as that or it he
were standing on something tn the
next room."--Lippincott'ws.
A Clear Case.
The beuittiul young prisoner entered
the box in her own behalf.
"What is your ae mitls" uasked the
"Forty-elght." wuas the steady reply.
The femiine Jury caught its breath
with an adible lIttle gasp and mt
there ridL
"How much did o pay for the hat
you are wearuing"
"Ninety-tight cents."
"Are you uIlel of the crime that it
charged agalinast yro'
Thus did the wily pisr atteorlpt
to mbUlsh her vercity and them ee
vima the fpury that shea was t·Ile.
3ut doet otagt that this ws It-g
ot woma. A verdlet of ineurable ta.
sanIty was brought ita-Nev lork
"Yarb" We Have KI(ew,
Whet has beome et the elderly lady
whe ia the seveufes sad eariur al
ways erred to au "hmerb" as a
"yarb- The wrd hus gone out ot
nlt Arbet t ssmeaat "yarl'b" was a
bitter wee4d aned "theroghweort."
The. there was ammenmrill dockroet
-m dmbsee hm ther ihsrahle part
ersh lelibla sad e-tlp TheIn
the or had em&, tbhr t " pa , I I
The Amateur Tailer.
The university don is not always
the helpless and unpractical person
of popular caricature. There was, for
example, the Mr. (Joodhart of Trinity,
who, we are told in "'Iighways and
Byways In Cambridge." "was an ob
ject of special admiration to all who
knew him. He was, In fact. a kind
of Admirable Crichton: not only a
man of great intellectual power (as
fellows of Trinity must needs be, for
these fellowships are the blue rlband
of the university), but excellent at all
athletic pursuits and able to do suc
cessfully whatever thing he set his
hand to. It is recorded that on one
occasion a bet was laid that he could
not make himself an entire suit of
clothes and wear them for a month
without their amateur origin being
detected. Goodhart won."
Joss Sticks.
The composition of the candles called
Joss sticks, which are used in all the
religious ceremonies of Buddhism. for
a long time remained a mystery, the
preparation of the sticks being intrust
ed to certain persons chosen from a
limited class. Not long ago, however,
a French chemist learned the manner
of making joss sticks in Indo-China.
A stem of bamboo is rolled in a prep
aration containing fourteen different
odoriferous drugs. two of which are
signitlfant as showing a knowledge of
chenmical and physical properties.
These are aconite,. which serves to
protect the sticks against the attacks
of rats and mice. and camphor, which
causes them to burn steadily without
being periotlically extinguished.-New
York Press.
'fhty are too Iret.wious, these kids.
We met a little fellow on the street
the other morning and. seeing books
undr his :Irm. started conversation
"Well. well-arc' you going to school
now "
"Sure I am." sneered the infant
"W'yv wouldn't I' I'm over six."
"And do you love your teacher?'"
"Gee. no' Th:tt old hen's too old for
me!"-('leveland Plain Dealer.
Knew the Brand.
"Is that a Landseer, Mr. Croesus?"
asked the visitor, pausing before the
"No." replied the host: "reckon it is
a Durham. See how broad it is be
tween the horns, and see the color and
curl on its forehead. That's a genuine
Durham pure."-Exchange.
Ita'an Bo, a.
The fsvori ~,;:.e of the Neapolitan
street t-al, is alled "Indorinella,"
mea:ling. "the les.'r." It consists
merely in g:zes-ing how many pebbles
are held by the tplsinent under his hat
or hand. The little urchins play iJ
hours at a time. even more industrous
ly than our boys play marbles. They
aever stop until one boy has all the
pebbles there are to win.
Italian boys have the gift of whis
tling so well that they charm the
listening lizards, who remain quiet and
look up with delight. Their greatest
amusement is watching a bear dance
on his hind legs.
Propeller Building.
Ever since 'rlndmills were first set
up men have been diligently studying
the merits of different propellers. By
the time steamships came to be driven
through the water by rotary blades or
screws their modeling had become a
science. The builder, of rotary fans, In
turn, contributed still further to our
knowledge on the subject Drawing
largely upon all this experience, the
aviator bhs learned to build fairly ef
ldlen4 propellers, although there Is
probably no department of aeronautics
today so little understood.--St. Nicho
Try Theusm
Place your finger in a basin of wa
ter for about thirty seconds, take Jit out
and look at the hole that is left.
The size of the hole represents about
the Impressions that advice makes on
a foolish mind.
What sort of a mind is yours?
Heousehold Hint.
"Your meringues," says the mistress,
"are so delightfully frothy and light
How in the world do you get them
that way?'
"It's the new butler, mum," explains
the cook. "He used to be a barber,
Falsehoods not only disagree with
truths. but they usually quarrel among
Be It known, that on thls twenty-thlrd
day of the month of October, In the year
one thousand alne hundred and eleven, be
fore me. John Legier, Jr., a notary public,
duly ommbsloen-and qualified in and for
the parish of Orleans state of loeulsisna,
aforesaid, therein reeldin., sad In the pres
en'c of the witness bherinafter named
and undersigned, personally came and sp
peared the peron whose names are here
n bto sutbed who declared that. avallina
tamlcrsires of t provisions of the laws oa
this state relative to the organisamtion of eor-*
pE'tions, they have covenanted and agreed, I
na do, by tahese presennts, covenant and
agree, bind, form and constitute them- I
selves uas well as suceh other persons, uas may I
hereafter Join or become asmoelated with I
them into a eorporaton and body politei
ln law, for the objects and pUrposre and
the a mets and stpulatlo ol-i
The name and style of this corporationI
shall be the EMILE M. BABBT COMPANY,
and under that name It shall have sad ea
soy all the rights advantags and prlvi
eg granted by law to orponttons; It
shall exit for the period of ninety.nine
ers frq the date hereof; It shall haye
power and authorityt to eontraet, sue and 1e
sed ia its corporate name; to make and I
use a corpote sel, and the --me to break
-r alter at pleasuM; to hol reelve, per
cs coaey, mortgae, hypothoeate or
gPo rel, pereal sad mte: I
, e notes ad other obligatlos; I
th inteest and emsveism et sald" ceee. I
umo he`·
5 The domicile of Uaid corporation shall I
he In the city of New Orleans. state of 1,U I
islana, and all citations and other legal pro !
C cess shall be' served on the president. and a
in his absence on the secretary and trea -
' RI''l.* * J*l. t
)The otbjects and Ipurp.oses for lh ich ttls :
corporiaIion is organized and the nlatulre if
the business to Ia carried on hv it are '
hara-l.by declared to Itw : ('contl'ratling andll hal:- .
inag in lpllnllabing work. eactrlc instalhlatlon 1
and supllllis, steatr;l. ihot walter Ilhlting anI!
glas litt tlng to ialy, sell and itmanufartlilre
any slad all artlales connlected wit t the
pltulbing, gas titling. heating and el,.trlcal 1
and lighting busln.as:s to; lbuy, selll andl man I
uftalture hiatar filtersa Io f olnrstrilrilt or erect, I
oir cao'ntra;l for thae c(onsltrultion anlt erec- I
lion olf any and all kinds of pillumbing and
abla.tricnal work, tiltrat ion and Plrifncation
1plalnt<. and generally,. to dl and on ag.r in I
any oithler lbusiness, utndtl'ertlaklng or entelr- I
fpri-.ae connectedi with. growing Oal1 of. gear
manline or inctidelntal to. loany of tihe oblects I
atIil purpaaose hereinlithaIv .let forth or ruon I
tl'mplatteld by this clhaº*ter.
The capltatl stolk of tll'i corporation is I
lhereby tined at th'e alu of ten tllhousland I
I StlauMIk.aIip dollar. divided into one hun I
ired tl , shares tof the par sauita' of one I
i untlrred Ia$1istni.i dollars. tane-l. which shall l
Ire Tad for In asIh, oir ltay tie Islsaed at not t
l" 1,s ttho lipar for pirolp'rty lpurarlised by or
-.rvla at ar lllty rlendllred to sa;ldl corllwora
lhaiia. a
All lhat' o(f stock shall It. full pal and nd
nIaitl -i' .ss- aila'. No Iransfir of stunk shall 1
e It hialliug iullit the tclpol rll atLion unless miladle
ilaplst it1 laa iks, andi l t el 'rtitialle of slt k
Shall I' sign l iby the lprn.il llt anld t1he
.hair-tar; and I rea' urrllL'.
AIlrlt'l.l: V.
Alt th1 - .urtsarat' owlsl,  'rs of this mlllpatny I
shall h," v,-strld in. ut the n nagemeeiint and '
o tlilrll of Its lbusiness and' l affairs shall be '
vt laled In :anld i'x-ri-'seld by a .1.l1d of dlire'
furs tintlcompod of litre sttockholdcra, a mnil
julri:y of wh rl n , t 51:111 .n tlntitill t, it nIoi un t
for th' tlransacloioi il f all l'ltslie'sl . 'r h. di l
r,'tir< shall 1Ii ,lth tei d a ull ll yI ' b alot
of Ih I stockh- I rsl il llil the, ecoI l't'ult t,ii f
oVu eltber of ra'h ytar. 1:-ith st. nkhold' -r i
.hall It, ntl ledi it, u '. personr l a ll la tI illt tn
proxy, io ine rote tn ''aril sharit. of .st .k r
lll ltl al t h n It l l standing il n his n:lll, till
the b. .'lks of tl his '.tutll . 11n111 e1110l ini It
.hall b,' hrhtl - titsl r such itler s. iIlalil re lla I
r1111 ltortl e ut ' aft r i at ll'a al t Ian l'r a clit. Ontce I
tof . l.a il ,l",tliuun shall hLov. Ie,+ gi u in '
Stritin! ht,'ot 'ch ..lt.o khol hlr Iyl a letter
nltil', l hio . lastI knownir rl t iit. . eor ila
,It e tirl l Itlan fir at t all t t" dill, t y prceIl ti '
.n, h n t11 ting in il of the s tlly tiew,1'a
l rat pl- i lihd itll the citly f Neiw O lnitns
'ile dir t- r.t hu Iiil ;rr t'' . hal s .ns iintln 0, in '
'H .tt' ,"r uant year. 1 r notil thtiri ,- t 'il .,a.',r I
h;lat' I-ion t l'ilt-" !',',heteI and yiltiili'+l. .dNo
falt' l l ialrhl lt, r at atl a lt r dl, tn is a fur"
tti'llltnr of tllhis chtl r r. .lit vacancy rlln
nlrrig onl -att l tar ll lt! shall ie tilit'd tthe I
r,,tli l lhlstIlla' , f Iti I' ('ultr rat '-i , fl ttltl, air.
reuaia ludit r iectors fi r the cul. pirr a tii arn.
Said r, ' ntart 'lt' dirta It.rs hall ofa its firsta'
tliellt'if laftrl Its eh' tion, nl i ni'tlrIt. (aind a
al,"' l fromlll a tli li i tnllltl r an prlialent it
Si,.- tl'aidei't, a stir,'tary ind it tre tl' lrer.
II a'lly Cabl i e thll e Iltwo last i1 en tioned tlrlo
laIrfs aln ld inty Ie n lech t a s" cretary,  h l ll
nie'l i ,ot It a stockhllder. ti-ihl loard of I
directors shall halve rthl right anld pilwr to
appoint and dit -ilm-~ ll il rk lli. Lnalers
and other l ,e loyees oflls cf hi or rilon - r
hl ding th . sla retary whlli' o irs nt a ll st ck
ider, as con,'liilonis mally justify or the
hu a.lies of lthe oar ratiton may reluir. an
'The tetlllre of ants r' tf Ill of11 tIlll y,''es of ri
lthis corporation shall an t dtrina tig e pleasure
oaf tie srh oatrd of ltdirecttorI.
AlihTI'Li-: CI.'1
No wtot kholder shalal lvar e held liable
lr raspnsidt for the i .n lltrl a , faicltha o
debts of this corIfe aoration. nor shall any
mlre informality In Its organizalion have
thel ,ffect if renderingl lit thr lartr iall, or
of exl l ing a stoliohlder to any liability
beyond the unpaid tlallanite due imn the shares
if stor'k owned by himt. Nol stocbkhoide
blpor:' itl without llhai firsl t ifftered ame a
Ito thIe latrd of directors for at least ten
aAllTi('LE. VII.
Thl'el act of ineortorathon may ih In hanged.
moditfied or alltered, or this t'orlcloration may
I' dlissol"lvedt with the assrnt of the stock
uule s uwning a majority of all of the stock
of the corporlation, at a general meeting t
convened for that purpose after at least ten
daysE written notice shall have s. e a given
as provided for in Article V of this char- -
ti-r. In case of the dissolution by the itx
piration of .i ('harter or otherwise, the
Satorkholers shall elect three liquidators
from atoing dhelr numler to lihuniate and
settle the husiness and affairs of this conm
pany. tad lieqnidators shall t e elented ath
the meting whaeh decides to liquidate. In
case of the death or inhlty of any one
of said Iiquidators. the survivors or remain
ingl Iquldators shall apponint a succssor to
m. i
AtTIC'.E 'II1.
U ntil the election to be held in November,
191i. the following named stockholders shall
constitute the first board of directors, viz:
f4harles p. Babst, Emile i. Balst and leter
A. EIizardl. with the saahl harles J. Babst
as prasident. Emile M. Babst as vice-pres
dent and manager, and Teter A. Elizardl as
se.r .tary and treasurer.e
Tho done and pased at myoee to the (
it of New Orleans. on the day, month and
e'ne of Theodore A. Beck and Anthony Troy°
who have h(reunto signed th)ir names with
the maid appearers and me, notary, after
S(Original signed : ('has. J. Babst, 48
JOHN LEGR, JR., Not. Pub.
I, the underslgned recorder of mortgages,
islana. do hereby certify that the above and
foregoing act of lncorportion of the Emile
. Babst Company, was this day duly re- I
corded in ay offce, in book --. folio -.
(Signed) EMILs IEONARD. D. R.
A true copy from the original act:
JoHn LEGIER, JR., NOt. Pub.
(,eal) oct ,6 nor 2 9 16 23 30 1911 5
Be It known, that on this elhteenth day
tof the month of August, in the year one e
thousand lne hundred and eleven, before a
me, Feli J. Ireyfous, a notary pubpI, duly
commissoned and sworn in for the pimi of a
Orlenas and city of New Orleans, therein
Lee tahacke and Paul V. Jahncke, both of
this city, a special committee appointed for a
the purposes hereof It
Who declared that at a meetng of the
stockholders of the "ST. TAMMANY 8HIP
YARD," a corporation organlsed under the
laws of this state, by an aet passed in this II
ofce on Auust 25, 1908, recorded In the
mortgaoe oee, book 912, folio 872,--on p
July 28, 1911, pursuant to notice seat to a
each stockholder at his last known post- o
omee address, Artlele IV of said charter was
amended so as to read hereafter as follows:
The capital stock of this cor tion is h
fixed at the sum of ten thousand ($0.000)
dollars, divided into one hundred (100) m1
shares of the par value of one hundred f
($100) dollars each, which shares shall be a
paid zr ol csh, oriln the ,urchase opro
perty. All share of stock shall be fall aid
and fon-assemmble. No transer of stock
shall be bihding upon the corporation unless
made upon Its books, and all certlicates of a
stock shall be s by such elers as may el
be dealssted bthe board of directors.
Abe stoc bhy- corporation shall be held cI
upon a coadition precedent sad under con' *
tract and agreemnt in the nature of vested .q
rights that all such stock la s held and ci
possesed subject to the rale sad provisleon
or of mama as hereiaftler set
out, to-wit:
Firt. No mle or-other trasier of
share of stock thl corporati shall be h
valid until and unles the opportunlty has T
been frst aforded the shareholdler of record Ia
at the date of such transfer, sale or other 01
alieation to purchase such stock at book (I
value plne twenty-ive per cet., the valt a
to be ascertalaed in the manner herein pre- a
scribed, The right to acquire said stock
hereby irst vetol in the ether stockhelders c
s t dy shei the tim ay sale or ta- ml
r heshme r eAn be eatum n hi.
_tlI hlll ii i _iti0 l
el JaN Vslill"+it l heut ssell k
to sell, transfer, alienate or otherwise dis
pose of the salme to give ten days' written
it notice of such intention or desire to the
iuI i)iard of directors of the corporaltion, who
"o- are here-by cConstttuted ageInts of the other
nit sto,ckholdiers for the purpose of subh notice,
is. and ntil ltimrdl of directors shall give imme
diate Inftrulali,,n theri'of, in writlng, to all
tih. tother stckholders iof record. Before
tlie ',xpiration of tithe ten lays from the re
S''ilpt of said nottice by the istard of dlirectors
is any shareholder of retcord may offer to pur
f chliass-, and may ai.quire the right to pllr
r' chase. said stock lby notifying tile Is.arl iof
il. directors in writing and thereafter shall di.
In Iisit the lirice of said sto.k in cash with the
ti' corporation on or i~tfire thet expiration of
ri' eighty days front thie last mentioned date.
ie 1'ltm receipt of the first mentioned no
hat tie, the board of directors shall advise the
n person owning said stock, his agent or repre
nt, sentative, to join with said isard in fixing
- the vatle, of said stock. which value shall
nd is' established on the basis of the last an
un nual o semli-annual statement or report of
in the corporation and the last monthly trial
r-i balance preceding the date of such notice.
r and to the value thlus found and established
ts there shall te added twenty-five per cent.,
n- and the sltm thus found and established shall
constitute the value and price' of said stock.
If withlin twenty-four hIours after such
notice. the owner, his agent or representa
is tive. does not Join with the hoard in estab
rd Ilshing the price or value of the stock, the
nn hoard may pro.eed without further delay to
ni lix the said valueI, using the report and
il trial balance aforesaid for that purpose,
ut which writings are declared to he conclusive
or evidence for and against all parties in inter
-a eat in the preminses, whether the value is
estaliished iby the joint act of the owner,
ti his agent, widow, heir or representatives or
I y the Isnird of directors acting in default
dt. of the co.operation of said Ir.rson or p~er
lie 'lpon receipt of the offer or acceptance of
any shareholder to purchase said stock and
upon ,ilitaining Iguarante satistfactory it
stii hotoardt for the ,price thiereof, the board
of dilrectors shall thiereupoin give notice
Sthliereof lto the o'wner of the stock, his agent
o11 tr representative, and tisfore thie expiration
, of the ltrlod of inighty days aforesaid shall
. :ilt in the, c,.rtftlicte or certlit'lates repre
a- sentling such stock andti py the price or
value thetrt.-f and ctuse the same to be
li transferrd onl thell lbooks to tte purchaser.
t S'oindl. 'The prefertnce, option and right
,i of purch;ase hieretofore vested by paragraph
,, I'irst in the othter sliarehohlers shall exist
Sin full fors-r anti eff,-,t in their favor to ac
k qI'ire, the, shares oif stork of a deceased
, sockholller. and the formallties and course
n, 'f pro.-.lilre. the terms, onnditiho , st, pil.
a ,lons andl dtla-yts IheriIlntl,.o tr<tttillslhed in
~f sIIhl lpar:iraph shall apply in all respects to
C tihe proedinr. toi li followed in iase of
i t iileath. ii lned'ately uporin reic'Ipt of infor
, n:lltion of the death of any s!lhar'lohldr. It
,s siall Ii- the dllty of thei loart of dlr.-ctors to
- rt l*~e thei niiece<iary teps to ie taken to
a -:rry nlut andl icnfi.rce these prtFvisiint s.
is. Third. The preference, soptin and right
in of puril-rt.i.t ' hireinalov, e'sthablilshed shall
V ruln i' fa:vor of each tshareholdler of record
a fir his virile share in protlrtion to his ex
tr ising ho)tl ini. in the stlck. hoit shllntld any
,i ib rh hlllr fail to ertrcise his right in this
realrtd lis rihts shall pIass to and be ab
S<orbet bty the other shareholders, provided
t that tile ownner. hi< widowl, heirs or legal
d r.-presi-ntatives, as the lase may hi'., shall
Stinot i' oliged to deliver said stock unless
i thei offers to piurchase the same shall Include
i- and ico.er the ientirety of the off--rings under
atirag'raph First or all of the holdings under
oif .paragrap;h Seicond.
tI Foulrth. All certlficlites of stock shall
rs hear uipon their fiacei a ,rtef reference to tihe
rl rights hi-ruin estlallilished in favor of the
k stiitkhotliirs.
I. As the wihole more fully appears ty the
a.nnexied certited c~,py of the minutes of said
if meeting, tmade a part hereof.
. Thi dotine and passetd in nmy office. on the
day, nmonth and year first atlve written, in
the presence of Frank R. Twonmey and Frank
.I. Ittlle. competent witnusses, who have
sinted with aplsarers and me', the notary.
tle after reading the whole.
or tOriginal signd) : Ernest Lee Jahncke.
l' Pall F. Jahnc.k'.
, F'. It. 'Twomney, F'..1. Basle.
SFEL.Ix J. IiREYrs'R., Not. Pub.
I. the undersigned. recorder of mortgages,
r in and for the parishl of Orleans and state
r. of Inisiana. do hereby certify that the'
, above and foregoing ame;ndment to the act
'n of incorporation of the "St. Tammany Ship
Yard" was this day duly recorded in my of
tice, in book -, folio -
New Orle'ans, August 19, 1911.
d. EstIL L.EO.ARD, D. R.
ty A true copy from the original act:
k- sELx J. I)aEYPi'8s, Not. Pub.
.k (Seall "104 L. & I,. & G. Build!ng.
Ig oct 12 19 26 nov 2 9 16 1911
st Be it known, that on this twentieth day
;I- of the month of September, in the year of
s our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
eleven (1911), and of the independence of
the United States of America the one hun
te dred and thlrty-slixth, before me, Philip
(tensler, Jr., a notary public duly commst
Ssloned and qualified in and for the parish
Sof Orleans. State of Louislana. and In the
h presence of the witnesses herelnafter named
and undersaigned, personally came and ap
peared the sverl persons whose names are
hereunto subscribed, who decla-ed that,
iS availing themselves of the provlslons of the
. ('onstitutilon and laws of the State of Loin
y- isiana, relating to the organlzation and for
mation of corporatlons, they have covenant
b. ed and agreed, and by these presents do
covenant and agree and bind themselves,
, their successors and assins, and such per
sons as may hereafter become associated
w ith them, to form and constitute a body
Ic politic in law and corporation, for the pur
e. pose and objects, and under the atlpula
tlons., terms and conditions hereinafter sert
forth, which they hereby adopt as their
charter or articles of Licorporation, to wit:
I1 The name and itle of this eorporatlon
shall be Alcua-Pshterfst BAede Mansfdcer
tag Coampea , and under such name and
- title is shall have and enjoy succession for
- a period of fifty years from the date of tbhisl
act, and with full power In the prosecu
tion and for the purpose of Its business, as
herelnatter defined, to contract, sue and be
sued; to aqulre, lease, use, bold, allenate,
mortgage, pledge or otherwise encumber any
property movable or immovable, In or out
of the State of Louallsiana : to Iase its bonds
or other evildence of indebtedness, and to
secure same by mortgage, pledge or other
wise; to purebase or otherwise acquire or
hold, the stocks and bonds of other corpor
atlons; to aDpOint or elect seh directors,
officers, employees, agents, as the interests
or convenience of its business may requlre;
to make, amend, or repeal at pleasure, such
by-laws, rules and regulations touching the
y management of Its affalrs or business, or the
e exercse of the powers of this corporatlon,
re as may be necesasary or conven!ent; to in
I crease or diminilsh its capltal stock ; to adopt
af a corporate sea, and to make, break or alter
La the same at will, and generally to exereise
t all rights or power permtited by law to cor
t poratlons, whh may be in keeping with
tr and promotes the objects and purposes of
its business.
C The domicile of this corporation shail be
is in the city of New Orleans, in the State of
SLouislana, and all eltation or other legal
Sprocess sbhall be served upon the president,
o and in blhl-bsence upon the vie prealdent
- of this corporation.
The objects and purposes for which the
corporation is orgasisd and the nature of
the busines to carrie d on by it, are
hereby declared to be:
To be. sell, manufceture and handle
shades, sbade rollers and appurtenane.
turlte and other artlele of merchandise
e o5r the lurposes of or in connection
with the shdg of premises: to buy, ael
d manutacture and handle curtains of al
k bainds and descriptions, mattinga, ecnpets,
linoleums, rougs and coverlgs, and to own
I and control all neemart appilanos, ma
I chler.y, device, patents, plantso or proper,
ties generally, for tne urpose of seh pur
d chase. sale or maauactre, as herlinbe tre
1' t out or for the purpose ot the purchass,
The epltl stock it this eororatios is
hereby led at the snm of Twenty.-sve
SThoiand Dollars ($25,000.00), divided
Sinto Two Hundred and PUty sharee (250)
of th Sr valIu of One Hundred Dollars
(..?b 10o , bl oa ee Ir it squtv.
I determined,
k This cosepratlesli sto be a goir con.
5 cer as aeon as Twety Thousad Dola
I- beeno -e .,
SAl tsss at e t this cepea tlie
Sshaln be atrei e a It bk to obe hpt
ognize the holder of any such stock unless4
and until the same Is registered oa said
stock book.
No stockhollder shall have the right to
sell his stock without first having offeredl
It. In writing, at its look value, to the
directors of this corpororation twenty (2.I),
days previous to the contemplated sale of
said stock, and if the directors of this
corporation, when said stock is offered to
them at its book value, desilre to buy it,
purchase shall be made on ibehalf of the
corporation, and the said stock shall then
and there becomle treasury stOck, to be dll
posed of as shall le determined by the
IHard of directors, and to that end this
corporation shall have full right, authority
ani ,power to acquire its stock, and to hold
the same as treasury stock, as herelnbe
fore set out. and the same right and power
shall ves: In the corporation should the
stock be offered on the market, attd should
the directors desire to acquire the same on
bi-half of the corporation, and to hold the
same as treasury stock to be disposed of
thereafter as shall be determined by said
board of directors.
All the corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested in and exercised by a
board of directors composed of three (3t
stockholders, two (21 of whom shall con
stitute a quorum in the transaction of busti
ness, which said directors shall be elected
at a general meeting of the stockholders
to be held on the second Monday in Janu
ary of each year. and notice of said elec
tion shall be given by a letter to be writ
ten ten (10, days previous to the date of
said election, and sent to the last known
address of each of the said stockholders.
But election of directors may take place
at any time upon a special meeting called
by a majority of the stock outstanding, upon
a ten-day notice, stating specially the ob
ject of said meeting.
The said board of directors, at its frst
mee.tlng after each ann tal election, shall
elect from its members a president, vice
preishlent, and said board shall appoint a
secretary- treatsurer.
The said board of directors may fill all
vacancl-es occurring on said board and arls
ing froml any cause whatsoever.
At the tir-t nmeeting of the stockholders
of this corporation, held under its charter,
tit, office-rs and directors of the company
shall be -letted. and such officers and di
rectors shall bold their position as officers
and dir+retorv until the first regular meet
io:; of 'to.-kliolders, on the second Monday
if .January, 191i:. shall be held, or until
their .-huctsors bhall have been duly elected
and qualia tleld. t utl such election in 1913
the ftollwring shall consiltute the officers
of the rurporation: il-hard $. Aluts. pres
idlrnt: (t'arles II. Patterson, vice president.
and - - , secretary
trt.aslr r: anr i the first board of directors.
t., h,:dl offlee -, ao until said election in
1l1:1. stall be Ril-hard .. Alcus, Charles II.
P'atterson anid Henry Alcas.
'In the seicnd Monday in January, begIn
ni:tg in 19,13, shall be the regular day for
the uweting ,.f st ikholders to elect direc
tors; the failure to elect directors on the
day s;ipeithed,t frlti any cause, or on any
ptlned day. shall not dlissolve this cor
por.ltion. hit th.e offlcers andi directors thee
in office shlnl hold over until their succcis
ora sl:all have been duly elected and quail
In the -vent of failure to hold election
on the dIay stipulated, the president shall
call a new meeting on a ten-day notice, as
h.-reinlfore set out, as soon thereafter as
pract ica ilie.
At ill elections and meetings of stock
holders, each stockholder shall be entitled
to one vote for each share of stuck regis
ter-ed in his name, and such registered stock
!:lder may rvote in person or by proxy. All
ilie.tlous shall be by ballot.
The board of directors shall have full
control o\ur all the property and business
of this company, and shall conduct, man
age and use the same as in its discretion
it may deem tit and consistent with the
obtjects and wielfare of this corporation.
It may make and establish, as well as alter
and amend, any and all by-laws, rules and
regclatins necessary and proper, in its
judgment. for the condlect, support and man
agement of the business and affairs f the
corporation. and It shall appoint suc offi
cer, ai-'nts, clerks, servants, employees,
including the secretary-treasurer of the cor
poration, or others, as may be necessary for
the conducet of its business, and shall fix
their tompensation and shall have the right
to dismiss them at pleasure.
All negotiable paper issued or accepted
by this corporation must be signed by the
president of the company.
A director of this corporation shall have
the right to vote by general proxy on all
questions of administration relating to the
conduct of the business of the corporation,
blu should there be a desire to exercise the
power herein vested of selling or mortgag
ing any of the property of the company, the
directors can, on such matter, vote by proxy
only when the proxy specially details the
subject to be voted upon, and how the said
proxy shall be cast.
This act of Incorporation may be changed,
modiified, altered or amended fundamentally
or 'ncldentally, and this corporatlofl may be
dissolved with the assent of a majority of
the capital stock represented at a general
meeting of the stockholders called for that
purpose after a ten-day notice.
Notice of all meetings of stoctholders not
herein and by law otherwise provided for,
shall be given to each stockholder by letter
addressed to his last known place of real
dence, and deposited in the mail at least
ten days prior to said meetings.
In case of a dissolutlon or termination
of this corporation, either by limitation of
its charter or any other cause, its affairs
shall be liquidated by two commissioners
elected by the stockholders, and full right,
power and authority to fix the compensa.
tlon of the two commissioners Is hereby
r~ested in the stockl~lders, who shall, at the
time of said electln, fix their compensa
tion. and the said comtalssioners so elected
shall remain In office until the affairs of
this corporatlon shall have been fully liqul
dated. In case of the death or incapacity
of one of the said commslloners, his sur
rivor shall continue to act with full power
until the vacancy shall have been tilled
by an election by the stockbold-rs of an
other stockholder to take the place made
No stockholder shall be held liable or re
sponsible for contracts of this corporation,
or ltd faults, In any other or furtber sum
than the unpaid balance due tbe company
on the shares of stock subserlbed for or
owned by him. nor shall any intbrmnality ln
organiation have the effect of rendering
this charter null, or of exposing the stock
holders to ani lhablity beyond the un
paid balance, if any, due on his stock.
Thus done and signed at my office, in this
city, on the day, month and year first above
wriltten, in the presence of Messlenrs Ralph
J. echwars and Fred C. Querens, compe
tent witnesses, residing in this city, who
have herennto signed their names with
appearers end me, notary, after due read
ing of the whole and the gigners also de
elare the following to be the stock sub
scription list :
(Original signed) Richard 8. Alcus, Heary
Alcs, by Richard 8. Alcus, Charles H. Pat
terson, lph J. Sehwars, Fred C. Quereas,
Philip Gensler, Jr., notary public.
I. the undersiraed, recorder of mort
gages, In and for the parish of Orleans,
State of Loltuisiana, do hereby certify that
the sbove and foregolng act of nlacorpor
ation of the Alcus-Patterson Shade Man
ufacturing Company, was this day duly re
corded in my otffice, in book 1051,
follo -
New Orleans, September 20th, 1911.
(Signed) Emile Leonard, D. IL
A true copy of the original with the
number of shares subserlbed for omitted.
(Ieal) Notary Public.
Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12 , 19, , Nov. 2.
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