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George G. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
GOOD UnTion Saloon,
I. TALLON, A Pr-is tsr
BE E R Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
and Tobacco. UNION BEER
Theo. J. Lala,
The Grocer,
Dealer in High Class Food Products
Cooking Utenslls, Llquors of All kinds. All kinds of
Food Stuffs. Hay, Cern, Oats, Bran, Grain, Etc.
Pittsburg Coal and Coke
Yard and OfflMes5 iS Segein Street. RsoIdenesi 41 Peli ..~l A
When in Need of
Can Supply You Promptly
Telephone, Write or Wire
838 Canal St.
Phone Main 567 New Orleans
Where aad When They Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Oeers.
8t5. John Lodge No. 153 F. and A.
M., meets every Tuesday evening In
Masonic Hall, corner Olivier St. aad
Pelican Avenue at 7:30 o'clock.
W. M.. Shade . Smith, 625 Belle
ville St.; S. W., Fred H. Gelt; J. W..
Adolph Spitsfadea, Jr.; Treasurer, Geo.
Htrbert, Jr.; Secretary, L J. Peterson,
518 Verret St.; Chaplain, C. A. Suth
-rland; Tyler, W. Seast; Stewards,
W. Lucas, J. M. Couget; S. D, A. W.
Lucas; J. D., . Dosher.
Crescent Lodge No. 3, . of P.,
meets every Friday night in Pythian
Hall at 7:30 o'clock.
Theo. Olsen, C. C.; Roger Chestnut,
V. 0.; Jules B. Rabin, M. W.; B B.
Babla, t07 Delaroade St.. .et i. and
S.; A. S. Covell, Prelate; L. J. Pet
erson, M. B.; C. Bsrthant, M. A.; .
Miller, L O.; Louis Martin. O. 0.; P-.
ter Clemeat, representatlv; Jules 3Bm
hbi, alternate; Louis Petersm, Dr. C.
V. Kraft and L. J. Burton, trom
tees; C. MiNer, anitor; Dr. Jno. A.
Rupp nad Dr. W. H. Weaver, physio
lens; B. J. Moths, undertaker; B. B.
Rabin, orgaist.
Meets second and fourth Thursday
of each month; quarterly meetlngs.
lrst Thursday in January, April, July
sad October. in Pythban Hall. at 7:30
p. m.
outave Peterson, $ Elmira Ave..,
oilier commander; August C.
vioe chancellor; Geo. W. Stewart,
prelate; J. U. Lewis, master of werk;
Wa A. Soholl. 132 Lavergne street,
hesper of records and seal; John
P lern , muster ci aasse; Frank
rmting, master 0 enmbeu er; James
0. tewanrt, ma nteratras; J. T.
Hughes, nner guard; J.. . tueriaad,
deter guard; Joes. Huhes, r.. grand
ladge representatve; Jasms O. Stew
st, alternate; Dr. J. B. Pollock for
Agleze, Dr. C. P. Gelbbe b r Gretas
sad Dr. W. B. Clark for New Orleans,
phsimnas. Jn. A. Barrett, unde
Virginia lodge No. 13. L t P..
-meets - th eeesded sad four~ Mon
.  et e* mos ina PalMe asll M
Cree-lar esmuander, W. U. Ow
ea.440 ia ltmr Ave; vies haDualor,
SVeugtna; Wdetaa a.Nads; bap
,a et egar nd asala L F. OGle, 52
-a- sems; master eoaaehaequr.
_. Aher; twer ci base. 8 U.
Ai t;.' tem r~r h. J. Beses;
bwe l W. Gee eedwm ; Wa guar
Sav G, aSnna. : eltmnt A. .
peasse; ghly s Asl e Dr
r A. ae ; nen Ma Ia svrmd
on rw. a Yw r.
,ome. w atU WA3.
Sta. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
the second and fourth Mondays of
each month in Masonic Hall, at 7:30
p. m.
Worthy matron, Mrs. Eleanor Nel
son, 323 Bermuda St.; worthy patron,
Mr. Arthur Lucas; associate matron,
Mrs.. Amelia Smith; secretary, Mrs.
Augusta Burghs, 528 Bouny street;
treasurer, Miss Selina Sutherland;
conductress, Mrs. Jennie Reyn-.
olds; associate conductress, Mrs. Ele
lyn Corbett; warder, Mrs. Lily Good
lett; sentinel, Mr. John Cougett; Ada,
Miss Olga Nelson; Ruth, Mrs. Flor
ence Amuedo; Esther, Mrs. Erminie
Riehl; Martha, Mrs. May Pollock; El
eota, Miss Ruby Vanderlinden; chap
lain, Mrs. Lizzie Borden; marshal, Mrs.
Josephine Weaver; organist, Mrs. Vi
ola Huckins.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. 9-Meets on the
first and third Thursday of each month
in Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. m.
Amelia Smith, guardian, 625 Belle.
ville Street.
Lizzie Borden, clerk. 549 Vallette
Street; Via Demuth, assistant clerk.
Anna Vanderlinden, pest guardian;
Mary Jacobs, advisor; Hattie Tufts,
banker; 'Shade G. Smith, attendant;
Louise B. Casanova, chaplain; Dr. J.
Ernest Pollock, physician; Marguerite
Capdevielle, inner sentinel; Josephine
Mock, outer sentinel; Grace Pruitt,
Emma Short and Ida Hymel, managers;
Gertrude Back, organist; Jno. A. Bar.
rett; E. J. Moths, undertaker.
Benevolent Associations.
Meets on.the first Wednesday of ev
ery month at Renecky's Hall at 1:1
p. m. Julius Hambacher, president;
John Sprada, vioeprsident; George
Brunssanm, treasurer; Frank Kraemer,
438 Bonny St., recording secretary;
Philip Essinger, fnacial secretary;
P. M. Webert, Alix and Verret streets,
chairman of sick committee; John
Teteberg, chairman of widow and or.
phans' committee; Peter Bensinger
and Theodore lruverth; William Odes
wald, marshal; Dr. M. J. Manent, phy
sician; George Brunasann, undertaker.
Address all letters and communica
tions to Frank Kraemer, 535 Beoievie
Meets ever thir Wedneeday of
each mouth at Pyth~an Hall
John Schroder, Jr., President, Ope
louseas Ave. and Nnes St., or Court
Louis F. Willis, Vice President, 815
Opeloumas Ave
C. R. Hildebrand, Treasurer, 435
Atlantie Ave.
B. A. McCloskey, Recording Seers
tary, 4 3 Bouay St.
. B. abin, Financiual Secretary, 112
Verret St.
0.0. Bruasenna, . M., 43 Morgan
P. Ganthrean, Sergeant at Arms,
90$ Belleville St.
Ed. Lawton, chairman of Relief Com
mittee, 437 Opeloussa.
Dr. J. R. Adams, physician.
O. O. BrS oasa, undertaker, 243
Morgan St.
Knights of Honor
Algier Ledge N 13545, . of B.,
meb ever thr d Tuesdy of each
mounth a Rlmeky Ball, arner Vel
iette and P rusa streets.
COh P. athertisn S. P. D.; Ch.
W. Broatman, dictator; Albert .
Wool, vsie atatr; hPtrick Harusett,
asmstst dietater; C . . iBrewnies
reporter; J. D. Richlard, Mba hadal re
porter; The. A. Rhedes treasurer;
Alewt seareei Euide; W. A. Nem,
ebhir;: am Johelu , uatr a:;
enn~u lilek mes. mand am
J**** m d
lie it known, that on this sixth day of
Ocrt-loir. in the year of our Lord one theal
sand lntie hundred and eleven, before me,
Theodore Atug.ist Beck. a notary public, in
and for the Iarish of Orleans, state of Lou
liann, duly c ,umlssrinei and qualitled, and
In the presence of the witnesses hereinafter i
nant~.l and underslgned, personally came andI
apperared the persons whose names are heire
unto llbscrllteil. all alove the full age of
umajority, and residents of this city. who ,
.severally declarred, that availing themselv5es
of the provisions of the laws of this state
relativet to the organization of corporations.
thy have fermed and orzanized,l and by
these present. do form thermselves into and 1
contitlit.t a ('orporat ion and lbdy politic In
laiw, for tlihe obijets and plurposes ald under
the stipulations and agremnents Ihereinafter
sart for:h and explresed. whtlh they hereby
adopteil as their chart.r, to wit:
The namne ant title of the corporation
herely frtneid is declared It I. 'OII'TA
BItAtI Itl:AI.TY '--'l tANY. lthe domicile
shll ht in the tit. of New rlieans. state of
Louiianati. and it shall hat- anti enjoy sac
cession by its corpolrate aname for a lperiod
of ninety-nine years from and after the
date. hereof.
This corlporation shall have power and
authoritv to Cirntraut. sue antd Ite sied in
it p corpratl' name ; and to make and use a
cortiFrat Seal.
All citations or other e-'al pramot s shall
bht served upon Its presidetnt, inr c'ase of hlis
a lltnce oir inability to at froml any canule,
the same shall Is· serv'dl upon the secretary
(tr :sarer.
The olieteis and purposes for which this
c.orporation is orgranized Iandl the nature of
the busines to It. carrierd on by it. are
herteby dcrlared to ti': to plrchasse real es
t:lte, aond.,. stocks and nmarketable securites
for Investment plur)poses, to hold, to sell.
nlmrtae or It:eige te same. 10to rent andt
I.:ace lproperty : to erect constrllt, and ni
prlove bIuilhings; to lran or Itrrow money;
tssue notes, binlds and other olillgationc.
and generally to do all thinga incidental to
the ctarrying out of said objects and pillr
A"TIC'LE lit.
The capllital stork or this cnrporation is
herrebty tixe(i at the sulm of live thousand
I$e). ttti.0tl dollars, divided into and repre
sented by lifty ti~Ei shares, of the par value
( of one hundred t $1O.t()( dollars each, which
slhall it paid for in cash at the time of sub
) scription.
This corporation shall commence business
and! be a going concern at once.
All the corporate powers of this corpora
thon shall be vested In and exercised by a
. board of directors, to be composed of three
stockholders. two of whom shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of all busi
ness. They shall be .vested with full power
' and authority to make alil contracts, pur
l. chases and sales, and adopt all by-laws, rules
and regulations for the government of the
hI business and affairs of the company, and
alter and amend the same, appoint, hire and
discharge all representatives, agents and
, employees. fix all alaries and generally to
do and perform all things necessary in the
transaction of the business and affairs of
the company. Said board shall fill all va
cancies which may occur amlong their nunm
I" ber.
The first board of directors of this cor
poration shall consist of Michel I'. Miler.
[- Emile M. Iteltry and Martin G. Gund, who
shall hold oice until the 8th day of Octo
ier. 1912. or until their successors are duly
elected and qualified: with Michel I'. Miller
as president, Emile M. Ileltry vice-president,
and Martin G. Gund secretary and treasurer.
On the second Tuesday of October, and
annually thereafter, an election of the di
rectors shall be held at the omce of the
company, under the supervision of two com
1 missioners, to be appointed by the presi
dent, and the directors; and the oeers and
directors elected shall immediately take their
seats and hold ofce until their successors
are duly elected and qualified. Each board
shall elect its own omcers which shall con
slst of a president, vice-president and secre
I tary and treasurer.
All corporate elections shall be by ballot.
and a majority of the votes cast shall elect,
and each share of stock shall be entitled to
one vote, either in person or proxy.
Written notice of all elections shall be
given to the stockholders by the secretary at
least ten days prior to elections.
SThis act of incorporation may be changed,
altered or modified, or this corporation dis
+ solved, with the assent of three-fourths of
the stock present or represented at any gen
eral meeting of the stockholders convened
for that -purpose, after thirty days' notice
of such meeting shall have been given by
publication In one of the daily papers pub
llshed in this city, five times during said
period, and such changes as may be made in
reference to the capital stock shall require
forty days' prior notice In writing, to each
Whenever this corporation be dissolved,
either by limitation of this charter, or from
Sany cause, its afairs shall be liquidated by
two commissioners to be appointed from
i among the stockholders at a meeting of the
stockholders convened for that purpose, af
I ter thirty days' prior written or printed ao
Stice shall have been given by the secretary
Sto each stockholder, mailed to his or her
last known residence or place of businemas.
Said commilesioners shall remain until the
afairs of said corporation shall have been
fully liquidated. In the event of death of
either commissioner, the survivor shall con
*tinue to act.
SNo stockholder of the corporation shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the
contracta or faults thereof, in any further
sum than the unpaid balance due to the
corporation on the shares owned by him,
nor shall any mere lntormality in orgasnsa
tion have the erect of rendering this char
. ter null or of expo~sling a stockholder to any
liability beyond the amount of the stock.
SThe suhbcrlbers hereto have each written
opposite their names, the sumber of shares
auberlbed for by them, so that this aet may
also serve as the original suberlptlon lst
Thus done and passed in my notarial of
Oice, at the city of New Orleans, aforesaid,
in the presence of John Leoger, Jr., and
Anthony Troyanl, compatent witnesses of
lawful age, and resldng in this city, who
hereunto subeerlbe their names, together
with said parties and me, notary, on the day
and date set forth In the aption hereof.
(Original signed): P. M. iller, 20
shares; M. G. uand, 20 shares; Emile M.
Deltry, 10 shares. (Witnesses): Ant. Troy
anl, Jno. Logler, Jr.
T. A. Buct, Not. Prb.
I, the undersigned recorder of morttgagee,
in and for the pearsh of Orleans and state
of Louslatana, do hereby certify that the
above and toregolna act of lncorporation of
the Cortablean Realty Company was this
day duly recorded in my oces n book -
f .oi .
New Orlesas, LaK October ItD, 911.
EMtIIn Inatm, D. t.
A true copy from the orlidgnal act:
(Seal) T. A. BEsc, Not. Pub.
oct 12 19 268 nov 2 9 16 1911
What Wan Wreng.
A man who bid b seen a lon tlem mu
- Inspector in the Immigrant service wa
given a desk at ills Ihsland. A seerO
tary went with the job One day the
seretary banded his chief a letter to
sign. The chief read It earefully. He
came acras the word "errneoeo "
'What's that?" the chief asked
"Why. It's wrong."t the secretrya r
"Tee" snapped the chki, "I know
it's wrong. but what is Itt"--Saturay
H Seeeer ta S t.
Be--Can you keep a secret? 8he
.On oo condition Be-What is that
She-Provided I do't k.ew it
He Wned the Leaden Cut.
"But. my derh boy. why do you go
to this beastly cheap tailor?"
"0. of my eCevah ideah, old chap
,y f rmer tallah made my elothes it
s uneemmonly well that I eouldaat
isak a lh to save ma e ul.-Olve.
sad ~risk Dear
INIT'i' :I STAT"IiS OF AfEllittl'-. STATE
OF Ill'ISItAN t, 'PARlI[ iii'
l:." it known. that in the ninth day of the
tlionth iof crt.l..r. in the yxtar of our L-rt
onll iI thiIuar nine hliindrel ind eievtn~,, bit
firel ni,. :.oii'lrd F. Hlenriloes, it notary
publi', dull y c .,,nl ssionlied tand tqualii l dl, in
iinil fr the 'li l ri-h of irlethin., tlit, of
li' h.'innu, therein r-h'dnltn, and n . in.4h.
, 1n., .if the wiln-oes h.reinafter naiiln"d and
uilnde'r ctlie, ersonalty camei and al;l.alred
thatl availing thmli nlelves of the pir, isilcns
of the staluttti andi lawt of thi state of
Il.isiiaIlll, rtlaling to ithe formatioaln of ci r
Init, iun. anld pinartlilarly of Act .o. 7M
of the s.e',ioi o.f lbh. generatl AII-lv of
the i Slat. of Loutt lln:na for the. year 19-t4.
lth lihave covenantel i and litrt'lr , and dit
I.y" thihT-- tiprlle- nt cvinant and agree. alnd
hind and libllgat tiheiselves, a well as nil
ui p.-rons at . may hlereafter t'ernite as
,iliiated with them to form and afinal tteill
a body clrp..irllt and pjlltit in law, for
thlie obi.j"t and lpurlos.i ind luniter th.
-tiputations following;, to wit
'The llte anditl ti ' of this -t,rporati.in
-hail L. thIe Mu 'ii "ltM . K t 1L1.1 N'tIIn
aII l'A lNY, a nd uner that nmen shall hatve
tand teniJv all the rights, aidvantage.. aind
privil.g-e grmnitd ty law 1t to ri'ratiuua.
atutd the power and aullthority Ito njov e11
.e.lS-ton lint hi. t'i rcorlp rateIitenia for
antid dIuring the pt.riod of ninely nine it:
ylars fritli the day and date hereof. unl,-ý.
s-oner is- Iscved in the mannerll hereinafter
It sal'al! have power and authoritiry ito cin
tract. it. sit'e and lse suet: t. inake and
to use . corpierate se al and theli santiot
realk, alter r ait od at pltiasure; to lhotl.
r',tive., pllrchs. cinvey. dteliver, mlortgage.
liypotlhiat a-'lt pledge property, loth real
and lptrC c; lto isue not-e 4land other ol.1
atl.t'lne. n inl i a le intl rume t-. iort lviden. i
if tllt : to hav and empltt such man
it.-rs. slen~t. idiretors, aftiler 1and nlt
pltes a- the interestsl of thie sid coriora
riii nie reire : and to imake ant ilest al
Iaih as well as to alter and amend tfrom
tune toI tine., such by-laws, rules and relu
lation', fir the tcorltrate naniutna*un.nt artl
t'ntrtl uif thei affairs of the ctriratlion, I 
lunle Li' deeted necessary and tprope..
. TI l t'l .l: II.
The .dtli hile of this crororaltit n shall, ae
in it ' city of New t)rleans parish if tir
lhans. State of Lotiilana, anti all citations
and other legal iro(ess shall ie sirt'vd il.in
the presitdent, and in the atlloene of the
t'resident upon the vice presldent, and in
the tlabsenc-, of ltth of these ipin the se
retary-treasurer of this corpotratlan.
The olbjectsl and puirposes for which this
cnrporattioi is organized and the nature if
the bustin a sto its carried on by it arte
here3 dec'lared to be
'1'o mianiufacture, construct, purchase or
otherwise acquire, deal in, sell, hire, leas,',
use, repair, operate, and maintain, cottlon,
tiotton-oll. cotton-seed and cotton-delinting
inachines and machinery, engines, boilers.
mrtHrs, tools, devices, etc., and generally
to deal in machinery connected with the
ginning of cotton and the crushing and di.
linting of cotton seed; to plant, raise, gath
er, clean, gin, bale. compress, prepare and
generally dalal in cotton, cotton seed anti
its produicts, and to import and export cnt
ton, cotton seed and its products.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixedt at the sum of five million dol
lars, divided into and represented by fifty
thousand shares of the pat value of one
hutndred dollars each.
Said shares of stock shall be issued at
par only, and when issued shall be paid for
in ash, or property, or the equivalent there
All shares of stock shall be issued as full
pa.d and non-assessable, and no rtansfer of
stock shall ie binding on said corporation
unless recorded on its books.
This corporation shall be a going concern
as soon as three thousand dollars (s3,
000.1o51 of its capital stock has been sub
rcritwdt for, hi cash or its equivalent.
All the powers of this corporation shall
be vested in and the management and con
trol of its affairs shall be exercised by a
board of directors, to be composed of three
stockholders, and two of said board of di
rectors shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of the business and affairs of
thtl corporation.
The board of directors shall be composed
of James T. Iaryer, Charles A. Duchamp
and Alvin G. Met'ormick.
Each board shall elect its own officers,
whlth shall consist of a president, a vice
president and a secretary-treasurer.
The officers of the frst board of directors
shall be:
James T. Dwyer. president; Charles A.
Duchamp, vice-prt'aldent, and Alvin G. Mc
Cormick. secretary-treasurer, and the said
iard of directors shall serve and remain
an office unti the first Monday in October,
1912, on which said dite, and annually
thereafter, the board of directors shall be
elected by the stockholders at a meeting
called for that purpose.
All directors and officers shall hold offle
until their successors are electe, and qualt
fled, and any failure to elect directors shall
not be regarded as lorfelture of this char
All such elections shall be by ballot, con
ducted at the office of the corporation, nn
der the supervision of three commissioners
to be appointed by the board of directors;
each stockholder shall be entitled to one
vote for each share of stock owned by him,
to be cast in person or by proxy: and a
majority of votes cast shall elect. Any
vacancy occurring ln the board of dlrectors
shall be filted by the remaining directors
efor the expirted term.
The board of directors may. from its
imembers, appotnt sinch committeea as it
may deem proper for the management of the
affairs and business of the corporation : and
shall be vested with fall power and author
ity to make atll contracts, purchases and
sales, and adpt all by-laws, rules and ruelu
lations for the government of the business
and affa~t of the corpora'ion, and alter,
Imend and change the slame at pleasure.
All meetnags of stolkholders shall be
tailed by 'notice matled to the last known
atddress of each stockholder, not less than
thirty days before the date lwied for asuch
This set of lacorporation may be amend
ed, modified or chalnged, or this corpora
tion dissolved, with the assent of three
foruths of the capital sttek, present or rep
resente·d at a general meettlg of the stock
holders convened for that purpoese.
Jnenever this corporatkio shall be di
either by Hatitatlon or fronlm any
other canse, its aallls shall be iqulidated
by three commissioners to he appeoated for
that purose from amlg the tokholr
for that cause, lald comlssioners shallI
remain lt ofies unatil the afalrs of said
corpiration shall be fully iquldated. Anyl
vacacy occeurrin amo them from any
L shll ie ann ell by tae remanlaig com.
No stockholder shal Ibe lisble or respon
alble for the contracts or fanlts of this
orportion, in ary further sum than the
ulnid bhalance du, on the shares ot stock
owned by him; nor shall ay mere lnfor
mality li organtatlon have the efect of
rederli this chartelr null or sbjectlaig any
stockholder of any ilbhlity beyond the un
paid amount duoe on his stock.
competent witnaeses of lawlul age rest-a
dents of this eity and arish, who have
hereto subslbed their names, together
Orgia a l2ge: of the whole.
ih uied: es A. tDie.a 10
a me T. Da er, JO shares; Ilvla
John C. Banmana, Adolph HBenques,
Notary Pu le.
1, the understned recordr of mort
New Orle Octobr 1311,.
UM led LONARD, D. 3,
xrrae nlo an, uo_ te sd io my
it ..i i.
"l'ItiIl'Z JAIIN,'KF: t iN'.,'"
I XN1T ':1 STATES ~I' A.lEl ,tl º. ST.tT I"
I I-' 1. º1 I 1.ºN A., I'A lIb ll tF (ill
It. it known, that on this eighteenth day I
of the Iwionril of Auctist, in the, yar one
tlhu-.and nine, hbinnr ,d inl et -,n. befire.
ito., IClix J. Ilreyf, us. a no.t; ry puiblic, dly
• ommissio.,d aeldu sw, 1 In fur the pariah of
urlehtns anl city of ecw 4irleans, therein
residin,4. . rsonally appcare . IMe.-rs. Earnest
I.ee .J:tlin'k, ;taln Paul 1' . .lahiuck*-, both of
thiis clty, a tla.cial olutliittce apiointed for
the purpoises hlereof.
W11ih delared that at a meetlint of the I
stoI kholders of the "lI'I'TZ .IAllNri'KE
iNt., x ucorporation organized undier theI
laws of this staite, by an act pissed in this,
uffice nn .-liult .'., 9Itid , recorded in the
ioiwttgi;e f0l e. Iook {1i., folio 16.,---held
on Jilty ", 1911. pulrsuut to unoticcs s,,at
to i.cthi .-itckhiltr at his last known post
ffit.e address.. Arltl. I IV of solid charter
.It4s alUin-diid sio as to read hereafter as
"AltT'Lft'll. 1v.
The capita;l stock of this crporatlon is
lhreb.y tild at tin- siarl of thirty thousand
dollair,. dijited into three hundred (:{,,
il'hares of the par value of otie huundred
I$lini dollars r-cth, which shares shtall be
paid for in cash or in the purchase of pro
ewrly. All shllires of stock shall be full paid
and1 Ilnassessable. No transfer of stonk
shall is- binding upon the corporatlon unless
madiel upon its iooks, and all certificates of
stock shall tie signel by such stll-cers as
umar Ih designated by the board of directors.
.All stok In this corporation shall be
It.ll sIpIn II condition piece-dent and under
,contract and agreemelnt In the nature of
veste.l rights that all sueh stock is so held
inId possessed stutje.'t to the rule and prvl
sions for the tIr:Imusfer of same hereinafter
set out, to-sit;
First No sale or other transfer of shares
of stock in this corporation shall he valid
tol until an nlss the opportunity has twea
tirst afforded the shareholders of record at
the date of such transfer, salie or other
alienation, to plurchase such stock at book
vallu pIlus twenty- ive per cent., the value
to Ine ascertained in the manner herein pre
scrtllid. The right to acquire said sto.k
hereby tirst rested in the other stockholders
of record shall follow the stock Into any
ianlds to which it may pass and may be
Se-rc'tlsd against the holders thereof Within
ninety days from the time any sale or trans
fir thereof has been offered to be entered
on the books of the corporation.
It shall be the duty of any holder of
stock I this corporation who intends or de
sires 11sell transfer, alienate or other
wise I ans of the same to give ten days'
wrtttet otlce of such Intention or desire
to the board of directors of the corporation.
who are hereby constituted agents of the
other stockholders for the purpose of such
notiee, and said board of directors shall give
immediate Information thereof, in writing,
to all the other stockholders of record. Be-
fore the expiration of the ten days from the
receipt of said notice by the hoard of direc
tors any shareholder of record may offer to
purchase. and may acquire the rilht to pur
chase. said stock by notifying the board of
directors in writing and thereafter shall
deposit the price of said stock in cash with
the corporation on or before the expiration
of ehihty lays from the last mentioned date.
I pon the receipt of the first mentioned
notice, the board of directors shall advise
the person owning said stock, his agent or
representative. to join with said board in
fixing the value of said stock, which value
shall Ibs established on the Iasis of the last
annual or semi-annual statement or report
of the corporation and the last monthly trial
balance preceding the date of such notice,
andl to the value thus found and established
there shall be added twenty-five per cent..
and the sum thus found and established shall
constitute the value and price of said stock.
If within twenty-four hours after such
notice, the owner, his agient or represents.
tive. does not join with the board in estab.
lishing the price or value of the stock, the
board may proceed without further delay to
fix the said value, using the report and trial
balance aforesaid for that purpose, which
writings are declared to be eoacluslve evi
dence for and against all parties Is interest
in the premises, whether the value is estab
lished by the joint act of the owner, his
agent. widow, heir or representatives, or by
the board of directors acting Ia default of
the co-operation of said persoa or persoas.
I'pon receipt of the offer or acceptance ot
any shareholder to purchase said stack sad
upon obtaining guarantee satlsfactory to
said board for the price thereof, the board
of directors shall thereupon give notice
thereof to the owner o the stock, his agent
or representatlive, and bfore the expIratlon
of the period of eighty days aforesaid shall
call in the certlificate or certificatea lRepre
senting such stock sad pay the prmt or
value thereof a.d cause the same to be
transferred on the baks to the purchaser.
Second. The preference, option aid right
of purchase heretofore vested by paragrph
First is the other shareholders shall exist
in full force and efect lI their favor to ac
quitr the shares of stock of a deceased toek
holder, and the formalltis and coirse of
pronedure. the terms, onditlons, stlpula
tions and delays heenftbove established in
said pragraph shall apply In all Iespcts
to the prhoednre to be followed bi e a of
death. Immediately upon receipt of lifr.
ntion of the deoth or any shareholder, it
·hall he the duty of the board of dlretoral
to crause the neaesary steps to e taken to
c-irry out and enfore these provlslons.
Third, The prefrece, option and right
ot purehase hrreihbove sttsbllihed lahll
ruan ir avr o earch sareoder olaf record
for his vlrle share in proportion to lhis e
isring holdlngs i the stock. but should aly
shareholder fill to exercise hs right in tbhi
rnard his rights shall ass to and b ab
saorbd by the other shareholders, provlded
that the arner, his widow, heirs or legal
representatle ae s the ease may be, shall
anot be aoblled to delr aid rtock ntleas
the offers to purchase the nae shall ieludae
nd covrte th entt ot the ofehLing under
paragrph First or all at the holding under
pa graph Second
'Fourth. All certi rteas of toc.k aall
bear upon their face a brief referee to the
rIhs heretn established in frvror of the
as the whole more fully aipesre by the
anneead eortlfed eopy ofi the milute of
sald meetlng, made a part hereof.
.Thur dan ad panred in my eEc, on the
day, mnth and ylear irst above rlitten in
the resnue of Frank 3 T mey and Frnnk
•. asle. eompetent wtanes , who have
sined wthn thm appearre and me, t o a.
tary after readhin the whole,
(Origiual sioedo: ernat Lee Jaheke,
Paul F. Jahneke.
F. . Twomey, F. 3J.DBuele.
Pzr-x J. Da-rrous, Not. Pus.
1, t 2h undersiged recorder ot lortslF.
in nad for the parish of Orleans and state of
eulitana, do hereb eertify that the above
ad forelong ameodmet to the ct of in
crporatlon of the "Fritz Jahnkhe (lne.1"
was this day.duly recorded in my edce, in
hook -L oll T -.
aew OrleaS,. Aulust 19, 1911.
C lIYLsL n oNUW i, O . 3.
A true copy from the orinal aet:
Foarl J. Dalrrloua, Voet. Pst.
(Seal) 204 L & L & 0. Buildhig.
oct 12 19 2 nov 2 9 16 1911
PAN. .mNITEf."
ae it known, tont anInetgeth day
Sep nhe er oae thouand
nine_ u d sad el oevin, hefor me, WU.
1am Renaodn, a nomta ypul In ani for
te priah o Orgun, stte at Louiiaam,
duy comem Lm s and quliIled and tn the
ed a d ersagnel d geonall am and
apeaed the w hboe name are
hereunte ausru_1 all above the full are
SmaJority and rens Mtst to s et; wio
elesa o the prs of an a f the
-hflalstro at th stskn ,° as Aet
no. "6"__ the es s _ I , sad nil
$100,000.00 "`
N,. Ho
t I'" Car -., New Oar i
Beer Brewed in New Orly
brewed tle sai the clurua,
That ~s why
'. -American Beer
Is Best " ,
American Brewing
John Couget,
Beef, Veal. Pork and Mu
St. John's Market.
ror the objects and purposes and under the
stipulations and agreements hereinafter set
forth and expressed, which they hereby
adopt as their charter, to-wit:
The name anu title of the corporation
here formed is declared to be the "Guar
antee Electric Company "Limited." Its
domicile shall be in the city of New Or
leans, state of Louisiana, and it shall have
and enjoy succession by its corporate name
for a period of ninety-nine years from and
after the date hereof.
All citations and other legal process shall
be served upon the president, and in the
event of his absence or inability to act
from any cause, the same shall be served
upon the vice-president.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized and the nature
of the business to be carrieu on by it are
hereby declared to be, to manufacture, sell,
construct, and repair motors of all kinds,
automobiles and other vehicles or crafts of
any kind operated or propelled by eleotric
ity or other motive power, install electric
plants, wiring or other electrical works or
apparatus, own and operate an electrical
manufacturing and repair plant sad gen
erally do a general electric construction
and automobile repair busiaem in all its
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of Ten Thousand
Dollars ($10,000) divided into and repre
sented by two hundred shares of the par
value of fifty dollars ($50.00) each, which
shall be paid for in cash, at such times.
In such amounts, and in such manner
as the board or directors may determine.
or the same may be issued at not less
than par in full payment for property
actually received by or services actually
rendered to the corporation, such stock
when so issued, shall be full paid and
No stockholder shall have the right to
sell or dispose of his stock without frst
offering same in writing to the corporation,
which shall have thirty days in which to
decide on the purchase of same, and after
which time the stock may be offered for
sale in the public market.
Transfers of stock will not be recogalsed
unless transferred on the books of the
company, by the owner or his duly auth
orised agent and attorney In fact.
This corporation shall have power and
authority to contract, sue and be sued In
its corporate name, make and use a cor
porate seal, the same to change or alter
at pleasure, hold, receive, lease, hire, pur
chase, sell, and convey, as well as mort
gage and hypothecate property both real
and personal, to borrow money, execute
notes, bonds or other evidence of indebted
ness; name and appoint such managers, of
flcers and agents as the business and con
venience of the corporation may require;
make and establish such by-laws, rules
and regulations for the propor manage
ment and expedition of its affairs as may
be necessary and proper,- and alter, amend
or change the same at peasure.
All the corporate powers of this cor
ration shall be vested in and exercised
ay board of threeo rectors eomposed
of stockholders, a majority of whom
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
aetlon of all business. The rsat board
of directors of this corporation shall con
sist of George P. Caire, Henry P. Wagner
and Frank J. Thibodaux, with the said Hen
ry P. Wagner as president, George P. Caire
as vice president, sad Frank J. Thibodaux as
secretary-tresurer, all of whom shall hold
omcs until the gecond Menday in January,
1913, or until their successors shall have
been duly elected and qualitd.
On the second Monday in January, 1913,
and annually thereaftor, an eleetioa of of
fcers shall be held at the office of the
corporation under the supervision of two
commissioners appointd by the president,
after ten days prior written notic shall
hate been given b the secretary-treasurer
to each stockholdr, to be sent by mail,
directed to his or her last knows residence
or place of business, and the directors
then elected shall Immediately take their
seats and hold offle until their successors
shall have been daly elected and qualfied.
All elections shall be by jlAliot and a
majority of votes cast shall elect and
each share of stock shall be entitled to one
vote, either in person or by prory, at all
meetlngsa of the stoekholder. All vacan
ies eccurring in mid board from any
eause shall be tiled by the remaining di
The oftcers of this corporation shall con
slst of a president, vice-president, secretary
treasurer, who shall be elected by and hold
office during the term of the board of di
rectors. This corporation shall commence
buslne and become gotnlg concern at
This act of incorporation may be
changed, modified or altered, or this er
poration may be dissolved with the ament
Just at Ferry Landing ALGIE
DIXIE BEER, Always Fresh. All Other Bottlec Beers. plý.
Liquors, Cigars, Etc. HOT MEALS AT ALL HO
Furaslhed Rooms at Popular Prices First-CilUs
Delivered to your
prices that will c
UEVROEUELL ~with any in the city..
FRAIK iASTROIIOVAll, .s A 53., 1000
of three-fourths of the
iresent or represented at a
ing of the stockholders eossa
purpose after thirty days uirst
have been given by publlcatllc
the dally newspapers publitshe
of New Orleans, five tlmae
thirty days.
Whi never this corporatlie
either by limitation of its
any other cause, its affairs
ated by two commissionsm
among the stockholders at a
ing of the stockholders
purpose, after thiblrty das
of said meeting shall have a
publication In one of the dsl
published in the city of New
times during the said thir ,
commissioners shall remala la
the affairs of said corjersd
been fully liquidated. In cau
of either of said commitbsl
vivor shall continue to act.
No stockholder of this
ever be held liable or
contracts or faults the re
sum than the upnald balaag
corporation on the shares
nor shall any mere
ganizatlon have the effect of
charter null, nor of exposiag
to any liability beyond the
Thus done and passed in
flee at New Orleans aforesal
ence of William A. Wench
Frederick, competent wltn
age and residing in this
unto subscribe their names
said partiesa and me, notary,
date set forth in the caption
(Original Signed) Henry
shares, $2400.00; George P.
shares, $2400.00: F. J. Tb
$200.00;: I. L. McLean, 2
W. A. Wenck, J. E. Frederk.
I, the undersigned recorl-s
gagese in and for the parmi
Laulstana, do hereby certify
and foregoing act of lace
"Guarantee Electric Comrn
was this day duly recordi,
in Book 1051, folio 262.
(Signed) eMILE
I certify the foregoing sad
a true and correct copy et
act of Ineorporation of the
trle Company, Limited, torerh
certificate of the recorder et
thereunto appended, on filet
ord in my office. In faith
unto set my hand and sal r
of September, A. D. 1911.
(Signed) Wi.
(SEAL) m igap
Sept. 28 Oct 5, 1, 19, 28 sa IUtR
Geo. E. Bays,
MagesineL wsses
Noslis, schoo oi'
Sporting GoodaTtsh
Cigars and CiIldE ,
TipouUs hfd auimm
Prempt Atush
No. 441 Slidell A
1300.1302 DRY

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