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$25 Reward!
It has come to our notice that some irrnsponsible
person or persons have been tampering with the
meters, seals and wires in some of the places we
are furnishing light and pewer to in Algiers,
MlcDonoghville and Gretna.
Notice is hereby given that this is strictly against
the law and all such persons that may he found
guilty of doing or allowing same to be done with a
view of defrauding the company wil be vigersealy
No one has any right to tamper with year wires or
meter installed in your premises unless they shew
a badge of the company.
We are now making a careful investigation of all
meters and wires and hereby offer a reward of
twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for evidence leading
to the conviction f the guilty party or parties.
-- 222 lm~ra vnuo.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.,
222 Elmira Avenue.
Oyster Loaves and Sandwiches
Sandwiches of All Kinds Day and Night
Phone, Algiers 29. No. 222 Morgan Street
f rrABLsHBD 1853.
((John C. Meyer & Son.
1U33 Osoutr st., a Wr u. S. mnit, a now or.see, L.isiawwe.
M. A scal & Br., Ltd.
Dealers In
as Wet Pands,
Sierra Bros.,
-DoAL~n IN
sIevIlle St. A Opelease Avg.
ersm : 121 CarM eIt Street
SA Pulsn Ave
O remEnts an
mnstmm iaskut* i a and
qeklassefalam oar smalsa
pIsatrw takenbrly sMa .
ScilMfic Iftr luita.
" I s a r 4 1 ,- m g ' n y stm . D
Be it known, that on this twenty-sixth
day of the month of August, In the year
of our aord One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Eleven, before me, Lewis Rossner
Graham, a notary public n a sad for the par
abh of Orleans, therefor duly commissioned
and qualified, and therein reslding, and in
the presence of the hereinafter named com
petent witnesses, personally came and ap
peared, the several persons whose names
are hereunto subscribed, who severally de
clared that availing theaeelves of bhe
laws of the 8tate of Louisiana in such
cases made and provided and particularly
of the act of the Legislature of the State
of Louislana for the year 1904, they have
covenanted and agreed, and do by these
presents covenant and agree and bind
themselves, as well as such persons as
may hereafter become associated with them,
to form a corporation for the objects and
purposes and under the articles and stip
ulations following, to-wit:
The name and title of this corporation
shall be the "Comemrclinl Truck and Auto
mobile Company, Llmited.L" It shall hate
its domicile in the city of New Orleans,
and shall have and enjoy succession, by
Its corporate name for a period of naiety
nine years. from and after the date hereof, g
unless sooner dissolved as hereinafter set bt
forth. la
It shall commence business at once as ci
soon as six thousand dollars ($6,000.00) in t
full paid stock is issued. It may have, at
hold, purchase, sell, convey, transfer, lease. to
pledge or mortgage property. movable and ga
immovaltle. It may sue and be sued and ai
have a seal of such f.rm and device as
the board of directors shall elect.
The president, or in the event of his
death, sickness, absence or Inability to act
from any cause, the vice-president. is here
by designated as the offeer upon whom
all citations or other legal process shall 01
be served, and as the officer who shall
act. el
The objects and purposes for which this h
5 corporation is organized and the nature of d
g the business to be carried on by it, are
Shereby declared to be: To buy, sell and
deal in automobiles, automobile supplies, ci
automobile accessories of every nature, and
motor trucks; and to act as sales agent b
for manufacturers of any of the above
specified items and everything incidental
The capital stock of this corporation a
is hereby declared to be ten thousand dol- a
lars ($10,000.00) divided into one hun
dred shares of one hundred dollars $(100.00) 1
each, which shall be paid for In cash, prop- t
erty or services. All stock shall be transfer- o
red only on the books of the corporation
by the stockholder or his duly authorized b
agent and attorney in fact. 0
The business of this corporation shall
be managed and conducted by a board
of three (3) directors, all of whom shall t
be stockholders; the first board of direc
tors is hereby declared to be composed of
Richard Brock, Edward C. Ansley and John
D. Edwards, with Richard Brock as prest
dent-treasurer, Edward C. Ansley as vice
president and John D. Edwards as secre
tary. These directors and officers so des
ignated, shall hold their offices until the
last Saturday in August, 1912, or until
their successors have been elected and
On the last Saturday in August, 1912,
and annually thereafter, an election for di
rectors shall be held at the oice of the
company after ten (10) days' notice, in
writing, shall have been given by the sec
retary to each stockholder or bls dulyI
acthorised agent or attorney-in-tact, the
same to be given or mailed to each stock
holder at his residence.
All elections shall be by ballot.
A majority of the board of directors
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of business; they shall make by.
laws, alter and modify the same as they
deem proper, shall make rules and reg
ulations for the management of the bust
naes and affairs of the company as they
think proper. They shall exercise all the
Scorp prate powers, and the said board of
directors shall be authorised to delegate
its powers to any officer, by proper reso
At the termination of this charter by
limitation or otherwise, the business and
affairs of this corporation shall be liquid
ated and wound up by two (2) liquidating
commissioners who shall be chosen at a
general meeting of the stockholders called
in the same manner as the meeting to
elect directors and officers. In case of
a dissolution, there shall be two commis
sioners similarly chosen at a meeting call
es to dissolve. The election of either shall
be by a majority of the stock present or
This charter may be changed, altered or
modified or this corporation may be dis
solved by a vote of two-thirds of the stock
present or represented at a general meeting
of the stockholders convened for such pur
poses after ten days' notice shall be given
to each stockholder, in writing, by the sec
retary, directed to his residence and sent
eth by mall.
ar- No stockholder of this corporation shall
fed ever be liable or responsible for the faults
in or contracts thereof, In any further sum
in- than the unpaid balance due the corpora
ap- tion on the shares owned by him, nor shall
aes any mere informality in organlsation here
de- of have the effect of rendering this char
the ter null or of exposing any stockholder to
ich any liability beyond the amount due on his
rly stock.
U Thus done and passed in my office in
mve the city of New Orleans, aforesaid as Me
.e day, month and year first herein prIttm,
ad in the presence of James E. O'Jlem and
a James J. Fortier, competent witnesses at
Im lawful age, residing In this arish, who have
nd slgned their names wlth the aid partkes
Ip- and me, notary, after due reading of the
Witnesses : (Signed) James O'(ern, James
J. Fortier.
(Signed) J. D. Edwards, one share; Edw.
on C. Ansley, one share; Richard Brock, selxty
to- seven shares.
re (Signed) LEWIS R. OR .HAM,
1s, oOatarub7 le.
by I, the nfundemo nd, et etr !ss
y in and for the iparih o Orl ýas sad
of LouIsiana do hereby certify that the RI
above and foregoing charter of Commercial C(
Truck and Automobile Comany, Limited. ml
was this day duly recorded in my office, in No
book 1031, folio 228.
New Orleans, October 18th. 1911.
(Signed) EMILE LEONARD, D. R. th
I hereby certify that the foregling is a of
true anu correct copy of the original act (
of incorporation of the "Comemrcial Trueck
and Automobile Company, IAmited," on file
in my notarial once.
Notary Public.
Oct. 19, 26, Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 1911.
Be it known, that on this fourteenth day P
of October. In the year of our Lord one II
thousand nine hundred and eleven. and of
th11,e ndependence of thle Inited States of
Amnerica. the one hundred and thirty-sixth. C1
li-folre moe. Philip iensl.r, .Ir.. a notary F
pblilic in and for the parish of Orleans.
- State of Iuislan,. therein residing, duly ct
Spmimltnissiontoed, sworn and qlualified. and p
in tlhe presence of the witnesses herelnafter
I;lnamed and undersigned, perstIonally calnl
and appeared the several persons whose Si
na:ltces are hi-ereunto subscribed,. who sever
ally declared that, availing themselves of CI
the laws of the State of l)ulsiana, in such g(
cases madtle and provideu. they have cov
enanted and agreedoand do, by these pres
ents. covenant and agree and bind them
selves, as well as all sluch persons as way
heretafter become associated with them, to
form a corporation for the objects and n
ipurloses and under the articles and stip- 0
ulatlions, to-wit : b
The name of this corporation shall be
Eiureka latnd and 111 Dtevelopment ompullny,
and undetr its said corporate name it shall s
have the power and the authority to have
and enjoy corporate existe-ntre and suea
cession for the full term and period of f
ninety-nine years from and after the datei
hireof; to contract. sue and be sued; to ii
make and use a corporate seal, and the g
same to alter and break at pleasure; to
own, hold, receive, lease, purchase antd con- P
vey, as well as to mortgage and hypothe- ti
cate property, real, personal and mixed.
cororporal and incorporal; to name and ap
point such managers, agents, directors and 1
otficers as its business interests and con
venience may require, and to make and
establish as well as alter anti amend from y
time to time by-laws, rules and regulations c
for the proper government of the affairs
of said corporation as may be necessary b
and proper.
The domicile of said corporation shall
he in the city of New Orleans, State of
Iulslana. and all citations or other legal r
process shall be served upon the president
of said corporation, or in the event of
his absence upon the vice-president, and in
the absence of both of said officers. upon
the general manager of said corporation.
The objects and purposes of this corpo It
ration are hereby declared to be: to engage q
in the general business of drilling and
developing oil, mineral and gas lands, and I
to engage generally in the oil, mineral and
of. gas business and by-products of same; to
set buy. sell and lease oil. mineral and gas I
lands; to operate pipe lines; to build. pur
as chase or lease same; to buy and sell oil,
in minerals and gas and their by-products:
-e, and generally to do everything incidental I
se, to the development of oil, mineral and
nd gas lands and the sale of oil, mineral?.gas:
nd and their by-products.
blct The capital sto of this corporation
re- shall be fifteen thousand dollars, divided
re- into oneg undred and fifty shares of stock I
all of the ar value of one hundred dollars
all each. Sad stock shall be paid for in
cash at such time and in such amount
and after such notice to the subscriber
as the board of directors shall determine.
Any stockholder wishing to sell any of
his stock must first offer same in writing
to the board of directors for tairty t30,
are days, and they have the right to purchase
resame at book value.
eld This corporation shall be, ome a going
les, concern and authorized to do business as
Lnd soon as four thousand dollars shall have
ant been paid In.
All the corporate powers of said cor
poration shall be vested in a board ot
directors, to be composed of seven (Ti
lon stockholders to be elected annually on the
lol- second Monday of May of each year.
un- All such elections shall be held at the of
10) fle of the corporation under such regula
p- Lions as may be established by the board
fer- of directors.
ion Notice of such electlons shall be given
sad by the secretary of the company by written
or printed notice directed to each stock
holder of record mailed at least ten days
prior to such election at his last known
residence or buslness address.
ral At all such elections, and at all corporate
ard meetings, every stockholder shall be entitled
all to one vote for every share of stock stand
i. ng in his name on the books of the com
of pany, to be cast in person or by proxy, and
oh the majority of the votes cast shalltt elect.
S Any vacancy occurrmg on the board of
Ic- dlirectors by death, resignation or other
wise, shall be filled by the remaining mem
Sbern of the board for the remainder of the
the Fallure to elect officers of the corpora
nll tlon or directors, as provided herein, ashall
and not disolve the corporation, but the offi
cers or directors then In office shall re
12, main in ofice until their suessors are
d- elected and qualifited.
the The board of dlrectors shall annually
In elect froe their own number a president,
c- a vice-presaident, a secretary-treasurer, and
luly a general manager, or they may combine the
the poasitlonsa of secretary-treasurer and general
ock- manager.
The stockholders of thisa company shall
hold its first meeting October 14,1911, at
tore 12 o'clock M., at 804 Perrin Building, New
am- Orleans, Louisiana, for the purpose of et lect
inby. lag offtlcenrs and directors, who shall serve
hey nntil the next annual meeting of the stock
reg- holders and until their successors shall
si- have been qualified.
gate Whenever this corporation shall be di
tao- solved, either by limitation or otherwise,
its affairs shall be liquidated by three com
sioners to be elected from among the
stockholders at a general meeting convened
for such purpose of whica meeting notitee
bshall be ven In the manner and form
ba provided r stockholders meetings in the
and succeedingt article of this charter, and a
lid- majority ln amount of the capital stock of
ting d corporation, represented at sunch meet
t ing, shall be required to elect. Said com.
Iled missioners abshall remaln in omce until the
to sairs of the gorporatlon shall have been
of fully liquldated. In case of inability of
mi any commissioner to continue by reason of
call- death, regisnation or otherwise, the vacancy
shall shall be filled by the surviving commis
i or sloners.
This act ot Incorporation may be modl
f or led, changed or altered, or said corporation
di- may be dissolved with the assent of three
teok fourths of the capital stock, represented at
ting a general meeting of the stockholders con
S rened for such purpose, and after notiee
n shall have been given in one or moreJaewe
e. papers published in the City of rew r
sent ns, once a week for four weeks preced
ing the meeting and by written notice
mailed to each stockholder thirty days prior
to the date of the meeting at his last known
sum No stockholder shall ever be held liable
ah a for the contracts or faults of said cotporat
ion In any further sum than the unpaid
Cre- balance due the eorporation on the shares
bar- o stock owned by him, nor shall any more
I to informality in organling have the eltect of
I h rendering this charter null, or of exposing
a stockholder to any liability beyond the
u i npaid amount remaining due on his ock.
e Thius done and pase at my office, l the
ian, City of New Oreas, State of. Losliala, i
sad the presence of Fred. C. Querelas and A.
e a Miles Coe, competent witnesses, of lawful
nve ge. both of this city, who hereunto sign
rts eir names with the said sppenrers and
the bei, notary, on the day, dat and year
atoresaid, after doe nreadin of the whole.
we (Nnmes of gne omitted.)
w. A. MILB8 CO.
Ity. P ItP OBN(tLER, T..
L the ae u Nertrp
e. In a tr thr m Oroaas sleeI
COMPANY, was this day duly recorded In
my office, in Book 1051 folo....
New Orlean, October 14th, 1911. coD
(Signed) EMILE LEONARD., D. R. thb
A true copy of the original charter with he
the names of the subcrilbers and number
of shares subscribed for omitted. thi
Notary Public. ph
Oct. 19, 26, Nov. a2 9, 16, 23, 1911. as
Libeling Old England, an
According to General Pillet of an
France, the author of "L'angleterre Is
tue a Londres et dans see Provinces." I"'
published in 1815. wife murderers a hr
hundred years ago generally went ki
scot free in England. In this engag
ing work the author says tkat "the
murder of a married woman by her Ir
husband is hardly recognized as a o)
crime. If by some rare chance the '
guilty husband is brought to justice pl
he is bound to be acquitted. This ac
counts for the heavy death rate among ar
women in England. Most English- "u
men of fifty have been married at ,.
least three times." Pillet had been a to
prisoner of war in England and pub
lished this work in revenge. It was '0
so full of libelous statements that its
circulation was forbidden by the l
French government, and the few p'
copies available brought very high ti
Apparently the English did not con
sider the work very dangerous. as a
copy was secured for the British mu
A Well Deserved Snub.
On one occasion an English gentle
man called to see Lord Westmoreland ii
on particular business. lie was at
breakfast and. receiving him with his o.
usual urbanity. asked the object of his
visit. The gentleman said that he felt di
somewhat aggrieved, as he had brought
an official letter of introduction to him
from the foreign office and. having
learned that his lordship had given as
great dinner the night before, was sur n
prised and hurt at receiving no invita
tion. Lord Westmoreland exclaimed, 4
with his usual heartiness: "God bless i
me, sir, I am really quite distressed. a
I think I received the letter of which
you speak. I will send for it." Ac- .
cordingly the letter was brought to
him. and on reading it he said to the s]
stranger: "Ah, I thought so: There, 'p
sir, is the letter. but there is no men
tion of dinner in it." On which the
gentleman rose and backed out of the
room in confusion.
How He Won the Votes. t
A physician in a small town wanted
to be mayor. Politicians told him he I
had no chance-the machine was ,
against him. A few days before the
election be printed the following card
Iti the paper:
"To the People of Bingtown-I am
getting old and have decided that be
fore I die I would like to be mayor of ,,
Bingtown. I have no particular plat- ,
form to run on except that I want the "
office. I have lived here forty years, n
have paid my taxes without a murmur, .
collected what I could and forgiven t
and forgotten many omissions. If [
am not elected I will publish in the
Bingtown Herald what I know about
people in this community."
When the votes were counted the old t
doctor received all but three. and those
f three were cast by people who had
4 moved into the town that spring.-St t
Louis Post-Dispatch.
Thanking the Bishop.
e A vicar in England was taken sud
denly ill, and his church warden was
In great difficulty about getting a sub
. stitute when the bishop of the diocese,
t hearing of the circumstance, offered to
take the Sunday services himself. The
church warden, wishing "to do the
right thing." at the close of. the service
d went up to the bishop and after thank
Ing him stammered out, "A poorer
n preacher would have done for us, your
Slordship, but we were unable to And
The Ame-rican Temperament.
"You observe," remarked the hboast,
d who was showing the dlstingulahed for
esign visitor around Newport. "that we
r. Americans devote ourselves to pleasure
- regardless of expense."
e "I'd hardly put it that way." retorted
- the witty foaligner. "Rather you d,
Svote yourselves to expense regardless
ef pileasure."-Boston Transerlot.
Be it knowa, that on this twesty-eighth
day of the mouth of October, in the year of
our Lord one tbousend nine hundred and
i- eleven, sad of the ladepesdence of the Unit
e, ed 8tates of Amerlea the one hundred aad
a- thirtrh-sixth, before me, Philip Genaier, Jr.,
he a notary public in ad for the parish of Or
ed laeas, state of luisiana, aftresald duly
e commissioned end qutalied, and in the pres
m ece of the witnesses hereatrer named and
be naderslged, personally came and appeared
a the person whse ames are hereunto sub
of serlbed and who declared that, availiang
t- themselves of the statutes and laws of the
a. state of Loustiana, lneloding Act No. 78 of
he 1904, providing for the nlacorporation of cor.
en poratlons, the have covenanted and agreed
of to and they do hereby form nnd conastltute
of themelves and their surecessors Into a cor
y poration for the followingr objects and par
is- poses, and under the following terms and
conditions :
The name, style and the title of this cor
poraon shall be THEi ESTATE OF LEWIS
-& cLRKE, and under that name shall
o have and enjoy nil the rights and privileges
granted by law to corporations. It shall ex
Isit or a perind of ninety-nine (99) years
from the da nd date hearo, abject, how
ever, to a lquldatlos of the arFalrs of this
Seorporation twelve (12) years from the date
r- hereof aunder the terms and eondltlons of
Article VII (7). It shall have the power
Ice and authority in Its corporate name to sue
or and be sued, to make and ae a corporate
. seal, the same to break, alter or amed at
pleasure: to owan, hold, receive, purchase,
convey, deliver, mortgage, hypothecate and
pledge property, both real and personal, Im
r nproved ad nroved, and to lease planta
e iones; to issue bonad, otes and other obll
tgatoo, negottsble Instrumeats and other
dd evidences of debt, the same to secure by
mortgae or pledge of the property of the
of 'his crpoporation may also acquire, hold,
own, boy, sell, and pledge stocks, bonds,
mortgage notes, and other evldences of debt,
and borrow and lead money on same; it
may own and acquire stock In other corpo
rations and vote the same; t shall have the
A. right to invest and lead money, sad shall
ul bave the power to do and perform say and
Sall other acts ineldent and necessary t the
baanes to be carried on by It and the ob
ar jects ad purposes named in this eharter.
The domicile of this coarporation shall be
In the city of New Orleans. state of louisl
a;n: all citaftoe and other legal pressm
ic. shall he served uone the praldst, , Is
ps the abseae of the ~uldt, un the vles
.ymstt mad a ths abee o both of
bluf tsi d-e  W m
The objects and purposes for which this
corporatlbn is organized, and the nature of
the business to he carried on by It, are
hereby declared to he as follows :
First-To administer, invest and manage
the property belonging to this corporation.
econd--To do any carry on a general
planting business: to do any and all thinIs
necessary and Incidental to the raising., cIl
tivating and gathering of corn. rice, cotton.
sugar cane, or any other crops or produc
tions of the soil that the corporation may
desire to plant; to build, erect, construct
and maintain, with all necessary incidents
thereto. dwellings, Iarns, sheds warehouses
and buildings of any and all kinds to Ibe
used in the carrying out of the objects and
pul'rposes of this corporalion.
Third -To engage' in the raising, selling.
breeding and buying of live stock of all
kinds and descriptions, and to do any and
all things necessary and lncident to said
Ilve stock ,isliness.
Fourth- To purchase,. erect, operate, own
and manage rice' mills, cotton gins and
presses, oil mills, saw mills sugar mills.
corn and grlist mills, and to rent and lease
samIe: and to mannfacture and convert said
proditis of its own, or of any other farm or
l flantation. whether said products are vege
table, animal or mineral. into any form and
to market same: and generally to do any
and all things necessary and nlchlelnt to the
oilwratino and management of said mills.
Fifth- To excavate, dig and maintain
canals, and to build, conttruct and main
tain lvees for the purpose of said planting
operattions ; to own, manage and operate
stor.-s for the ptrchase and sale of mer
chandise. and gene.rally tdodo anti engage
in :any other busitness Iundertaking or enter
prise. c.nnected with or growing out of, in
cident or gertuane to any of the objects and
plrpoles for which this corporation is or
ganized or set forth In or coutelpilated by
this charter.
AItTlt'IL. IV.
The. apllital stock of tlhi c arporation Is
hr, bly deca'red to be one million I$1.00.|
ttles d,,lIars. dllvided into and repr,.ented
tv 1.tn t ti t tousand li.ttH)I I shares of the par
saltle if in-- hitndred t$100 dollars each,
whicih said -tick shall Ire paid for in cash
or its:- ,.iltlV nt.
''hi- orporat in shall te.,ome a going
cont-rn a;t s sutn as said stock shall have
I '*ten -slhu cril.'td for to, the. extent of live
hundlled thosainnd dlli:ars I tn).1.000t.
The strk if this corporation shall not be
tranlllfrr.-id .x'cept uIlpon the Ibooks of the
I crporal.-:tiion .ands it no stock shall le trans
ferrsd lby any s~tiikhotlidr untIl It shall have
been tint1 o ff.reed fur atle (3 tihe board of
directors of this cirlperation at its market
valt.-, or, in defaulllt thtcreof, at its par
TI'-... corlor:te' powers of this corporation
I arhe lireby vest-ed in and are to be exer
cised byv t, isi ard of directors consisting of
live .i t stckholders.
L.illian I.yons ' larke. ulltis Stroen
Clarke. 4,-Lerz S'tle, Clarke. .John 1'harra
and Ma'lritz I'vk shall is' the directors un
Stil thI.' s-nnd lThursday in February. 191:;.
aandi each sttnewsling year there shall i.e held
an 'i,.ctihn ',of li.recttors of the company,
I wlich .Ietll in shall be called by mailing to
- each st.,ckholder at his last known place of
ressid,,.nc"" five dattys' written notice. Failure
to hold an election on the date specitied
shall not tliisolve the corlporation. but the
direc.tors then in offite shall hold their re+
Spertive otfices until an election be held sub
- ll'uently. after live days' notice of the lithne
and ,,late the.reof. I'pon the. failure of the
pre.ilsdent to call a meeting for the pulrpose
of s.lee'ting directors, any stockholder or
stockholliers owning ten per cent. (10%c) of
the capital stock shall have the right to call
msid met.tinu upon giving the required no
All vacancties in the lboard of directors
I shall Ir tilled by the remaining directors. -
Ta The following shall constitute the ofcers of
the ,ompany until their successors are elect- cc
5ed by the tlbsari of dilretors. coming into of
a -,es on and after the seconud Thursday of tr
.May. 191" : L.ewis S. t'larke. president ; LiI- C
lian i. i'larke,. vie -prteside.nt: i;eorge Steele It
t larke, se.r-n.tary-treasurer. he
No ttockholder of this corporation shall
ever i.' held liable or responsible for the w
Scontracts or faults of this corporation in
any further sum than the unpaid balance
dui Ito the corporation on the shares owned
I, by himn: nor shall any mere informality in
orgraization have the eeffct of rendering B
titls charter null or of exposing a stock- sl
0 holder to any liability beyond the amount of ri
( his stock.d
e rI
Wt While this corporation is incorporated for I
the period of ninety-nine years. nevertheless,
at ithe end of twelve years from the date t
I hereof a liquidation of this corporation may
ie e had by any stockholder or stockholders n
having standing in his or their names shares a
So,f stoc'k amounting to or numbering two ca
thousand shares.
This right is conferred on such stock
holder or stockholders owning or having In p
his or their names two thousand shares of p
stock standing In their name. on the books a
of the company, at the time the meeting of i,
istockholders is held for the purpose of vot- it
ing upon the dissolution of the company. a
A In case the proper officer of the company re- r
fuses or neglects to call such meetlng of
stockholders, after written demand by any
e. stockholder, such meeting may be called by f
Sa stoc~kholder himself aften ten days' writ- a
ten notice sent by mall to the last known p
e place of business or residence of the other
1 stockholders. This article is only for the
purpose of determining whether this com
pany may he dissolved and liquidated at the
c. period o~ twelve years from its tincorpora
tion. and is not to be constrned with Article a
VIII. Should no applleatlod be made for
Ir dissolution under this article or shounld 1
plication be made end withdrawa, or should
the requisite two thousand shares not be
had for the dissaolution at any time before
the twelve year period, this article Is to be
of no efect. A dslmolution asked by any
stockholder to take efrect before the end of
twelve year, or after the exirattio of
twelve ears, can only be e aeeted In accord
ance with Article VIII.
This eact of Ineorporattion may be smead- 1
ed. altered or modlied, or the corporation I
Smay be dissolved, by a vote of two-thlrd of
i the shares of stock, present or represented
at a eneral meeting of stockholders calledI
I for that purpose after ten (10) days' notice
in wrlting mailled to the last nown place of
relsidence or place of busines of osen stock- I
The capital stock of this corporation may
be increased or decresed ia necordance with
existing lawn.
Srrip.n x.
S At the enpiration of this charter, or if
sooner dissolved, der Article Seven or un
der Article Eight of this chrter, the aaitrs
of this eorporation shall be lquidated by
tE the board of directors, who are hereb vest
3. ed with full power to el any and all s
sets of the coporatlon and to convey full
ith ad eomplete title thereto. and hall have
of power to do and perform nall ets necemssary
n and proper to full ad competely Iquodae
ad mong the etoekholders In proprtion to the
Samount of stock held by each; and ardd dl.
) rectors shalU have the right to apply to the
I courts for recoglitloa as Ilqulddtlng com
Slsowners or reeelvers.
SThus done and signed int my ice, In the
Scity of New Orlesas, on the day, and In the
Smonth and year Arst above written, In pes
eaece of Iols . Hoover and Prd C. Qer
'he ens, competent witnss, who have signed
of these presents, together with the si ap
r- pr uad me, notary, after reading of the
(Nss of original slustribers omitted)
S (Witetaases) : I 3 Hoover, P. C. Quer
nr- e, PattL r GwaMLnn, J.,
nd Noterl Plbie.
I, the underligned recorder of mortgages,
In end for the parish of Orleas, state of
loalslana, do hereby eerttty that the above
Sand foregoing act of nlaeorporation of The
Estate of [wlws . Clarke, was this day dulyI
all recorded in my oee in book 1051, folio -.
SZNew Orleans. October 30th. 1911.
ex- (Snied) EILs - LeOAlnD, D. U.
t- A true cony of the original charter with
the ase of the sbserlbers and number of
his hares sabsecrlbed for by each emitted.
Prte ItLIP Gr Lunt, Ja,
of (Beal) Noterl Pbe.
rer nov 2 9 16 2 80 dec T 1911
blli -
ll Be It knowa, that on this 4th day of the
d month of November, In the year of our Lord
the one tonsand nine bundled and eleven, and
o- the Independence of the United States of
America the one hlndred and thlrty-sixth,
before me, W. Morgan OGurley, notary pub
lie, duly eommmllsoned and quallfed in and
be for the prish of Orleas, state of Lonisi
H- a therein midig, and In the preseene
omo the witness heriafrterr named and un
in deried, personally ame ad appared the
Iee- seral paos whose names are herento
-- chs ofthersa -w
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constitution of this state. relative to the al
organization of corporations, they have con- ti
tracted and agreed. and do by these presents ti
contract and agree and bind. and obligate P!
themselvs,. as well as such persons as may a
hereinafter become associated with them, to a
form and constitute a body politic in law d
for the objects and purposes and under the 1'
:agreements and stlpulations herein follow- ti
in,. which they adopt as their charter, to. a
Th'ie name of this corporation shall Ie a
shall have corporate existence for the p- a
rHod of ninety-nine (990 years from the a
date hereof, and shall have and exercise n
for thfe lurpose of the business to be car- it
ried on by it, all the powers conferred by h
law on similar corporations, including the
pojwer to make and use a corporate seal and ti
the same to break or alter at pleasure, to r
contract. sue. and be sued in its corporate .
name; to holdl, own, receive. purchase,.
alienate, lease, convey, mortgage, hypothe- t
cate, pledge or otherwise encumber pro
porty, both real and personal; to issue '
bonds. notes and other obligations, for the
purpose of borrowing money, and to secure
same by mortgage or otherwise, to name d
and appoint such omcers, managers, dlrec- a
tors. agents and other employees, as the t
interests of said corporation may require. t
and to establish such by-laws. rules and
regulations as may be necessary and pro- t
per, and the same to alter, amend, or abol- I
ish at pleasure and to generally do and per
form all such acts as may be proper and
necessary to carry out and execute the pur
poses of this corporation.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the city of New Orleans, state of Lnouisi
ana. but it may establish and operate fac
tories, offices and agencies wherever it may
deem advisable. All citations or other le
I gal processes shall be served on the presi
dent of this corporation, or In the event of I
his absence or inability to act, upon the
The objects and purposes for which this '
corporation is organised and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it, are
hereby declared to be the general turpentine
and lumber business In all its various
branches, and to that end to manufacture,
purchase and sell turpentine, pitch, tar,
rosin and naval stores; to acquire, own,
construct and operate turpentine stills, saw
mills, planing mills, driers and all machtn
ery and appliances necessary in connection
with the operation of said business, and to
manufacture any products of wood, such as
sash, doors, blinds, trimmings, boxes, fural
turen and articles of wood and its various
by-products. And furthermore, to own and
operate In connection with said business
tram-roads, logging roads, salllng vessels,
steam vessels and other water craft neces
ars for the transportation of Its material
Sand products and also do a mercantile busl.
V The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at three hundred thousand
($300,000.00) dollars, divided nlato and rep
Iresented by three thousand (3,000) shares
e of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each,
F which said stock shall be paid for in cash,
or may be issued at per In payment of pro
perty actually prchased, or services aetu
ally reandered to ths coarporation, which
said stock shall be full peid and non-assess
' This o ttlon shall be authorised to
commence usiness and be a going concern,
Supon payment In full of its capital stock, as
above provided
The shares of this stoek shall be trans
ferrable only on the books of this or
tion. and no transer of stock shall be ad
ing or have any efect upon this corporation,
* unless, and until made upon its books; and
a prior lien on all shares of stock shall be
retalined by this company on the stock of
• any shareholder for any adebtedness, se
cured or unsecured, however evidenced or
created, due at any time to the company
by the bolder of said stock. and all trans
fers of stock shall be made subject to these
All the corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested In, and exerdcised by a
b board of six (6) dlrectors, who shall each
f be a stockholder ton this corporation, the
majority of whom shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of all business ,and a
majority vote at any meeting shall decide
all questions voted upon.
Said directors shall be elected annually
from the stockholders, on the first Tuesday
of April in each year, after due notice of
skid meeting shall have been given to each
stockholder, sent by mail to his last known
address, ten (10) days prior to the holding
of said election, which said notice or any
other notice required by this charter, may
. be waived in writing.
At said election, and at all other meet
ings of the stockholders, the vote shall be
by ballot, and each share of stock shall be
i entitled to one (1) vote, to be cast by the
owner in person or by written proxy. The
majority of stock voted at any stockhold
ers meeting, shall decide all questions voted
te upon. except as otherwise provided.
Mi Within one (1) week from their election
id as above provided for, the board of direc
tf torn shall elect from among their members
h, a president and a vice-president: they shall
b. also elect a secretary-trururet who may or
id may not be a member of the board or a
I- stockholder, at the discretion of the mem
e ber of the board.
a- All the said oflicers and directors shall
e hold their respective oces for a period of
to one (1) year from the date of their elec
r. ti m or, nntil their successors are duly
ST tar o the fast bard of di4roes
and odfilcr hr-nin nam.d, shaUl
the first Tuesdla of April, 1t-,"
their surwetsrs are dlyr electeds t
provided for. But the failur (a
snnual electioin r to elect the
albove providlhd for, shall not
dlissolution of this .orl.ration. it
board of dir.rctors and ocrre.
their respletire Uct-s until their
are duly elected.
Any vacane-ts occurring on mi 1g
dlirectors, shall be tilled by the
memiers of said board for the
,.erm, at a mosting called for tha
after ten dayil prior notice in
hy mail to sail directors at their
address, and if the said board I -
at said meeting. then the eleei
made by the stockholders at a.-gagi
in= -allled for that purpose in a
hrnrln provided for the election e
1The said Imard of dlrector,
regtlations for the proper
condiuct of the affairs of this
and to change., alter, amean a
the same at ple.asure, and shat .
execr-s.. all the powers rof-m-
oi tlls c',rporation and as mt~
this charter.
The said h.ard of directrs
delegate any of said powers n
action of the business of this
lion to committees of their mn
to the officers and agents of t*
lion, and said board shall ha,,
to suspand or remove any
All the employees of this
except the o.tes of presldtpt
president, shall be considered a
by the month, unle srotiherwh
contracted with In writing.
The first board of dlret
poration Is hereby declared is
;LL.ICAN, of this city, J.
of Ashburn, Georgia, C. W.
Ashburn, Georgia, BUCI-Iu
of this city. AB. YcKOT,
and GEORG;E T. Burr8
Georgia ;: with the said M. B.
president and the said GODOM
as vIie-president and the alM
CiPLEY as vice-president sad
A. TAYLOR e secretary
shall holq their respective
their auccessors are dly else
vlided for.
It shall be the duty of the
this corporation, or in the eqg
Inability to act, then the
to call a special meeting of W
directors or the stock-holder, s i
request to that efect, sd~a
more directors, or upon the
quest of ten per cent at the
This corporation may
of three-fourths (3-4) of the
thereof, at a general meeting
that purpose in the manner as
,vided, for the calling of the
held annually for the eleedsn
dirdetors, except that in t
notice in writing shall he
stock holder thirty (30) 411
said meeting at his last
Whenever thsl corporationll
either by limitation or
affairs shall be liquidated
dating commissioners to be
general meeting, and In the Sam
resignation, or Inability to set
* the said commissioners, the
miasioner or commissiloers
a successor and together thug
tinue the liquidation to its
D This charter may be chaemd
ed, and the capital stock may .
or diminished, by a vote of
of the capital stocqk issued at
meeting called for that p
(30) days prior notice in
been sent to each stock-holder
known address.
No stock-holder shall ever I
r ble or responslhle for the
faults of this corporation in
sum than unpaid balance dae
e on the shares of stock ownli
shall any mere Informality In
nisation hereof, have the eSAi
Ing this charter null, nor of
stock-holder to any liabillty
unpaid balance that may I ,
b Thus done and parssd. in l
Sthe city of New O)rlieans. LAm
day, month and year herein
a mentioned. In thel presence Of
e Preston and Eugene J. GomlU
male witnesses here residiLn
unto sign th-eir name. togst
f, said appi-arers and me, notrl,
b reading of the v-hole.
nOriginal signed) : J. 8.
n Brunner ('hilph y; ,;eo. T. d1
nor Chiple 1. E; ans,.
y 'hlliley; ]t:rnner i hlpley, V.
Edwin . McK,' y, Morgan
(Witness-s) : A. TI. Prest
I the unt.drwetl-,ed recrded
in'and for the parish of Or
Louislana, do hereby certify tht
I and foregolng act of I
this day diuly tecorledl In nl
1n o1, folio .... New Orlea -
her sixth. 1911.
(Signel ) EMIL'
I the und.-rsigned notary
Sthe above and for~loing t
Sc .rreZ . copy of the ,r)gl al e -
, poratlon o. the rIETTs UYAV
CI5PII'ANY. together with the
11 recnrded of mortsagCps fOr
Ileans th,.r,,into appoud_4,
rcord in nwv ntarnal -
New Orleans. !A.
W. Mosoona Go
I nov. 9, 1(, 23, 30; dc. 7, N.

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