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$25 Reward!
It has come to eaour notice that same rresponsble
peresn or persons have been tampering with the
meters, seals and wires in some of the places we
are furnishing light and power to in Algiers,
McDonolhvi/le and Gretna.
Netice is hereby given that this is strictly against
the law and all each persone that may be found
guilty of doing or allowing same to be done with a
view of defraading the company will be vigoreaousl
Ne one has any right to tamper with year wires or
meter installed in your premise aunless they shew
a badge of the company.
We are now making a careful investigation of all
meters and wires and hereby offer a reward of
twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for evidence leading
to the conviction of the aguilty party or parties.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.,
222 Elmira Avenue.
Oyster Loaves and Sandwiches
Sandwiches ef All Kinds Day and Night
Phone, Algiers 29. No. 222 Morgan Street
(John C. Meyer & Son.
133 eawt.r CL, N mr U. S. Mist, r aw ror , .Lwisias.,
U. Almcal & Br., Ltd.
Deales In
id Weern Proem,
PELICAN AVE., C.r. Verret St.
Sierra Bros.,
B-edlle St. & Opses Ave.
sMss: 1"1 Cae.sd.at Stee,
s8D Poleen Ave.
sowathtt on this 21et diy of
a.e s ono thousnd sna.
ad t mbefore theis
ate of and
mo" .... '=-- or lut .. shaH 1.
B It knows that on this 21st ay o1
rRnAt, o the year one thousand uaa
Aanrslrtl, .w ad s ollss, and _
&bMbsq UluieI euef. thme ,of,
iwho poerl oeersad t ea IesI thr.
tri eto the a corporate ap
Uers t he t ywntoe ar he thousan ab
we =CSrI and soves of th "dM
»e bire sad 1thirtyf befret unt
k .Shat Aierrnofwhese am e are
The domicile of this corporation shall be dr
in the city of New Orleans in the state of tc
Louisiana, and all citations or other legal si
process shall be served on the president, or is
in his absence, on the vice-president, or in ai
the absence of both, on any director resld- pi
ing in said city. Said company may main. ai
tan a branch office at Toledo, Ohio. m
The objects and purposes of this corpora- b3
tion shall be to purchase and otherwise I
acquire, reclaim, cultivate, develop and dis- It
pose of by sale, leases or otherwise, real
estate and lands to the state of Louisiana
t and elsewhere, as the stockholders or board
of directors may from time to time deter
mine, to construct drainage and sewerage is
systems, to build, operate and lease factor- of
lea to utillze the products of Its lands, to le
construct, maintain and operate dredges, d
boats warehouses, docks, telephone and tele- to
graph lines railroads and other transporta
tion lines, and such other structures as may
be proper or necessary for the development
and conduct of its business; and generally
to acquire and maintain, operate and dis- cc
pose of all klnds of property, real and per- cl
sonal, necessary or convenient to be ac- ac
quired or used in earrying out the general 11i
purpose of the organisation of the com- kh
I puny. c
. ARTICLE 4. a
The capital stock of this corporation shall al
he siyrt thousand (60,000.00) dollar, di- Is
Mvided into six hundred (600) sharesf one oan
hundred ($100.00) dollars each, payable on
call of. and In sueh manner as. the board
of directors may require; provided that no
tock shall be ssued unti the consideration
therefor has been recelved by aid com- he
his corporation shall commence business (I
and be a Igog concer as soon as three c
thousand ( o,00) doflars worth of capi- as
tal stock a have been subscribed for. mi
The ineorpators subscribing hereto do m4
hereby certl that the following persons aa
hae sum rbed for the number of shares of a
stock opk ite their aames : Harry Levison, a
tweptyix shares; John B. Crouch, one a
aate; B. Gllthorpe, one share; A. T. Du- th
senbury, one share; M. Caplan, one share. ca
The powers of this compaay, ecept such
as must be eercised by the stockholders, ra
shall be vested In a board of five directors, th
all of whom must be stockholders. Three to
directors shall constitute a quorum of the th
board for the transaction of business. Al
vacancies occurrn on said board of direc- of
tore shall be Ales by the remallnig dire of
tors for tahe unexpired term The board of pr
director shall be elected at the annual
stockholders' meeting, or at a special meet- pu
e ri of this r oempay shall be a
ee-p dent, secretary and ud
, all of whom shall be stoekhold- to
era. The presidat and vice-president shall m
be elected from the directors, and the of.
Aces of secretary and treasurer may be held re
by the same person. hi
The following persons shall constitute the of
rst board directors: Harry Levison, fal
John B. Crouch, B. Gilthorpe, A. T. Duien- up
bury and M. Caplan. Said hoard of dirc- ho
tors and the ofcers chosen by them shall in
bold oIce antil the second Wednesday of an
February, 1913, and thereafter the directors an
and officers shall be elected annually and no
until their successors shall have been duly
elected. sot
The annual meeting of the stockholders bho
shH be held at the principal offices of the ap
company in the city of New Orleans an the on
second Wednesday of February, comenc. an
ta with 1913, at whe t Ingat each sharebe
of stock issued shall he entitled to oe vote
cast by the owner in person or by proxy. tin
The proxy need not be a stockholder. Any ot
fallure to hold such annual stockholidr the
meetlig shall not annul this charter. the
The secretary shall mail to the last known or
address of each stockholder ten days' no. tot
tice of each annual stockholders' meeting cot
and seven days' notice of each special stock- esa
holders' meeting.
The presaldent shall be the echief execu-. t
tivre Officer of this company and bshall re- n
side at all directors' meetings and shall o
pcrfrm such other duties as are usual lyfee
d sl upon that ofcer; the vieprl.a
dent shall perform the duties of the press- .
dent case of his absence or inability to J.
All acts of sale, purchase or lease of rea am
estate shall be signed by the president and she
attested by the secretary. Jai
No tekholude of this compýsy shall eve
evr be held Mabe or tl debts tr
or uts theret Ia any greater sea than the
any napad' balance due this company on tto
h shures of ek; nor shall any mere la- ma
frmalt In the orgSnaltioa or proesedip of
of this company or the beard oft direto ung
have the eaect of amulling this charter or the
o p ay stockholder or officer to
any liability other than such as may be
o-wing hm to the company oa his stock
orothers. r
A izr'ICa & the
-th-pam a ets of the- tie eof
the seeao, rte
fit t a wn msr M the
bherein provided for annual meettings, WL
notice shall contain the time, place sad oi
ject of the meetting, and such notice shal
be published In one of the daily newspper
published In the city of New Orleans, a
least once a week for a peulod of thre
weeks immediately precedhing the date c
such meeting.
At the termination of this corporation, it
business and affairs shall be wound up, cot
eluded and settled by three commissioner
elected by the stockholders at the meetin,
hereinbefore provided.
The stockholders and directors hereo
may adopt additional by-laws, rules and res
ulations not inconsistent herewith, for th
conduct of their meetings and the othe
proceedings and the business of this co.
This act is done and passed in the cit:
of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the present
of the undersigned attesting witnesses, totl
of lawful age and residing in this city, wb
hereunto subscribe their names,. togethe
with said parties and together with me
the undersigned notary public, on the das
and year first above writtea.
lOriginal signed : A. T. Dlusenbury, E
;ilthorlit, M. C'aplan. Subscribed in thi
presence of J. W. Audis, JameT S. Webb.
J. G. Et'srls,
itSeala Notaryl Public
1. the undel.rsigned recorder of mortgages
in and for the parish of Orleans, state o
Iii-ianla. tdo hereby certify that the shabove
nld toregoilg ait of incorporatlion of the
L'adi.t Planting 'Company was this 21,<
da:y f Novemlter. 19:11, duly recorded it
mlly tiice, in look lt10.. folio --.
(Signed) EMILs LONARD,
Deputy Receder.
I htereby ce:tify the foregoing and withitl
to be a true and correct copy of the origins
act of incorporauiun of Acadia I'lanti.s
,mpany. together with the certilicate ol
the recorIder of mortgages on tile and of
re.-rd in my -tnee.
In witness whereof I have hereunto -se
my hand tand seal this 21st day of Nuven
li.r, 1911.
J. i;. Etrtis, Notary Public.
nov :2:, 3I di, 7 14 21 2 1:-11
O! L. 1W. UStoltNI,: e'MI'ANY, I.1\
it it known, that on this 17th day of
Noivemter. in the year ont thous-and mine
huIndredt and eleven, anti of thie Indeplend
1ence of the I nited States of America the
is, hundred and thirty-sixth, before tlec.
I:ulanuel iL.,ioolid Well, a notary public is
and for the parish of Orleans. state of Isu
islana. aforesaid, duly qualified and com
mllsioned. and in the presence of the wit
ne~ses hereinafter named and undersigned.
Iweronally canue, and appeared the several
petrsons whose naimes are hereunto subscrib
ed, who severa!ly declared that, availing
themselves of the provlslouis of ait :;i of
the General Ass.etmbly in I4S, as well as
the laws of the state of Louisiana. govern
ing corporations in general, they have con
tracted and agreed, and by these presents
covenant and agree and bind themselves as
well as all sucht persons as may hereafter
become associated with them. to form and
constitute a corporation for the itobjecte and
purposes and under the artlil,-s and stipul
lations following. to-wit:
The name of said corporation shal 1·s:
and under its said corporate name it shall
have the power and authority to have and
enjoy succession for the full term and pe
rtiod of ninety-nine years from and after the
date hereof : to contract. site and be sued:
to make and use a corporate seal and the
same to break and alter at pleasulre: to
hold, receive, lease, purchase and convey,
as well as mortgage and hypothecate pro
perty. real, personal and mixed. corporeal,
and incorporeal: to name and appoint such
managers, agents, directors and officers as
its business or interests and conveslence re
quire; to make and establish as well as
alter and amend, from time to time. such
by-laws, rules and regulations for the pro
per conduct, management and regulation of
its affairs as may be necessary.
The domicile of said corporation shall
be in the city of New Orleans. In the state
of Louisiana, and all citations and other
legal process shall be served upon the presi
dent, or, in his absence, upon the secre
The objects and purposes for which said
corporation is established are hereby de
clared to be: to conduct the business of
acting as agent and broker in effecting Are.
life, or marine insurance and all other
kinds of Insurance for any person, firms or
corporations: to act as agent of any and
all Insurance, casualty or surety companies
in the transaction of insurance business in
all its branches and generally to do and
perform all things connected with the in.
surance business.
The capital stock of saild corporation is
hereby fixed at ten thousand dollars, in one
hundred shares of one hundred dollars
($100.00) each; which shall be paid for In
cash in such installments and at such times
as the board of directors may order: or it
may be issued at not less than per in pay
meat for labor actually done or property
eactually received, or the property of insur
ance agencies or bmainess or other rights
acquired by the corporation. This corpo
rtion shall be a going concern as soon as
three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) of Its
capital stock shall have been subscribed.
All the eorprate'powers of said corpo
ration shall be rvested in and exercised by
the board of directors to be composed of
four stockholders, to be elected nnually on
the first Monday of each year.
Elections shall be by ballot at the omce
of said corporation, under the supervision
of one comnmissioner to be ppolated by the
Notice of such election shall be given by
publication three times in ten days prior to
date of such election in one of the news
papers published In the city of New Orleas.
ach eare of stock shall eatitle its ownr
to one vote in person or by proxy and the
majorlty of votesa shall elect.
Any vacanels occurring among the dl
rectors by death, resgntlon or .otherwise,
shall be alled by election for the remalinder
of the year by the remaining directors. A
failure to elect dlrectors on the date above
speified shall not dissolve the corporaton,
but the directors then in oce shabll remain
in oce until their successors are elected,
and they shall, as soon as possible, cause
an electloa to be held, after giving ten daye'
notice thernof, as above provided.
Two directors shall'constitute a quorum
for the transaction of bialanes; and the
board of directors shall at their first meet
ing followinl each annual election, elect
one of their number to be president, and
another to be vice-presldent, and a third to
be secretary.
The board of dlrectors may appoint from
time to time such oecers, clerks, agents or
other employees as may be necessary for
the proper m agm t of the bImsaines of
the comany; they may make and amend
or alter such by-laws, rules and regulations
for the management of the business of the
corporation and generally do all things nee
eary and proper to Its interests.
The following named persona shall con
sttute the first board of dlrectors, being
Invested with tull powers to do and per
nrm all things necessary to carry into ef
!ect the objects and purposes of this corpo
ntion, namely: James E. Warner, Henry
. RBlehardson. Leroy W. Osborne, and Ira
F. Warner, with James E. Warner as prasl
lent, Henry D. Richardson as vice-presildent,
nd Lerory W. Osborne as secretary. They
thall hold coe nutil the Arst Monday in
Fanuary, 1913.
No stockholder of this eorporation shall
ver be liable or responsible for its con
racts or faults in any further sum than
he unpaid balance due on the shares of
tock owned by him, nor shall any Lntor
ality in the ornisation have the efeet
f ndering this charter nil, oof epoe
No traer of sthlek hal be held valld
ad bininng uleas a~e the books et
he omnpay as ad stoeeoldor a di
e ocL ls stek withtout first hrsme 1
t the other asekholders thrag h t beard
f directors at its setupl cash or book
ls. IX.
This charter may bhe altered or amended
emat * of tbresaesartb in a t- e *
bh vend for such purpose after ten days' con
b- secutive notice shall have been given of
ll such meeting by advertisement in one news
rs paper published in the city of New Orleans.
at All amendments as to increase or decrease
ee of the capital stock shall be made according
of to the laws of this state In force at the
time such amendment is made.
ag Whenever this company shall 1be disanly
ed by expiration of its charter or otherwise.
its affairs shall be liquidated by two com
missioners elected from among the stork
holders at the m-.eting declaring the disso
f lution of said corijoration or at a general
g- meeting helt for that liurpuee after notice
te malleth to eatch stockhold.er, and publication
pr for ten days in one of the papi.rs published
a- in the city of New Orleans.
Said c.nmtmissoflner shall be vested with
:y full and conlmplete power to liqulidate the
Sbulsiness of said corlporation.
h Thus d mn and passed in my ofnic., at the
to ity of New Orleans, parish and state afore
r satid. on the day, month andl year first
e, aicove written. int the presence of Joseph
y 'ihomas G;all and J1,eph laiatenschlatae:-er,
.onllllt.Lnt witneses, tiho have signed their
ihnames as sucih with said appearers and mre,
e otary, after re:lding hier-tf.
Ssrtirina; l signedt : J. E. Warner, et al,.
ItWiitnes s .los. Ihus. ;all, .los. laute.n
". 'r i-r.
E:tMAstEL i.. WraLr. Volry Public.
if -Rcorded in moirtgage .,l,., this pa3rish,
e bok 1o501, folio t.i..
e A trute iy, frim the ori;ginal.
l' te-tsNrEL L,. Wr l .% otior y Public.
u Suit- 2l1 1 , lennn ltldg.. c ',,l noin and Ca
rInd,-t - Streets.
nuv ."3. :3: d, , 7 14 1 · 1911s
Woo Is His.
First.-My wife is my boss. I shall
tot deny.
Second.-She manketb me to lie down
behind the bed when swell company
comes. and shle leadeth me behind her
up Mlain street.
Third. -She restoreth my pocketbook
after she has spent all of its contents
i for stylish skirts and theater tickets.
and she leadeth me up the main alsie
at church for her new hat's sake.
Fourth.-Y e.t though I walk more
than half the night through dark rooms
with a crying baby I will get no rest.
for she is behiund me: her tbroomstick
and her hntpm tuey do everything else
but comfort tiri.
Fifth.- Site rep:aret iia n ,1,'i snat-k for
me. then maleth a Ih:-s ltt,- fr to :tid
society supper She :r i." it  tn:, hte:eld
with the roling omi t.-:-, ;:t;. .yM
Sarms rl]nnethi ovet -:. .hnd lusl i
before sit is half tet:w eil. ! o -hp
Sixth -Surely her fdres-;tnler's : t
millioerns bills shall f)i!htw :nt all I the
days of her life. and I will dwnell in
the house of my wife forever.- Urich
(Mo.) Herald.
Signaling at Sea.
The custom of signaling at sea by
Smeans of various colored flags Is very
ancient, and the method seems to have
been brought to a degree of develop
ment bordering very closely on perfec
tion. Many people have been astonish.
ed at the length of messages conveyed
in a few moments and with the use of
but half a dozen flags in various com
binations, and when the extent of the
language and the complexity of many
necessary messages are considered the
eighteen flags in the signal flag locker
seem very inadequate. However, it
must be remembered that the signal
cod.e tilizes a sort of shorthand, and
many long messages, known to be of
frequent occurrence, have been con
tracted to a single showing of flags
in a given combination. The number
e flags hoisted when a signal io made
never exceeds four. With the eighteen
fags of various colors, using four for
each signal no fewer than 78,642 com
bimatlons can be made.
An English Ghost.
A Westmoreland ghost used to haunt
the shores of Windermere, where the
Lowthers from time immemorial have
been lords of the lake-the "crier of
aifer." One tempestnous nsght In
prereformation times a cry was
beard across the water by the terryt
man at the Nab inn-"A boatU" The
terryman, against all his eonies' per.
suasions at the Inn, set out. After
many hours he reacbed the Nab again,
his boat dragged down by some un
seen weight and htmsoelf with hair on
end. a raving lunatlc. Soon he died,
and every stormy night his wraith was
beard in agonixed shrieks acree Utrom
Claitrte till at last the reandent monek of
Furness was sought in his retreat on
Lady Holm and persuaded to "lay"
the unhappy spirit, which he dauly did.
Harriet Martineau and others tell the
tal-London Chronice.
et---. iInraa Lodn e o 8o
Be it knowl, that on this twenty elghth
day orf the month of October, Ina the year of
our Lord one thousand nine hundred and I
elevea, and of the idependene of the Unit
0i States of Amerlea the one hundred and
thirty-sixth, before me, Philip Gensler, Jr.,
a notary publIe ionad tfor the parish aof Or
leans, state of loulsiana, aoreMaid duly c
commissioned and qgualied, and in the pres
ence of the witneses hereinafter amed and
unoadersligned, persoally came and appeared
Cried. sna who declared that, availing 5
themselves of the statutes and laws of the
state of LouIesinllna, lahldlarg Act No. 78 of
1904, provd i for the incorporation of cor
porations. they have coveanated sad agreed
to no. taey oheeby foemaad constitute
themselves and their successors Into a cor
portation for the following objects and pur
poeseisand under the following terms and
The name, style and the title of this cor- a
poration shall be THlE ESTATE OF LEWIS
8. CLARKE, and under that name shall
have and enjoy all the rights and privileges
granted by law to corporations It shall ex
1st for a period of ninety-nine (90) years
from the a ad da te hereof, anubject, how
ever, to a luidation of the afftairs of this
corporation twelve (12) years from the date
hereof ounder the terms and eonditions of
Article VII (7). It shaell have the power n
ard authority in Its corporate name to sue
and he sued, to make a.d ie a corporate -
seal, the same to break, alter or amend at
pleasure: to owa, hold, receive, purchase.
tom: to issue boeads, notes and other oblt
gations, negotiable ainstrument and other
eidences of debt. the same to secure by C
mootgage or pledge of the property of the
This torpoto may als acquire, hold,
ovn, by, sell, an p6 lege stocks bond I
all other act neuire 8stck neear o ther cs
busmes to be arried oe by It and the ob tl
Jacet sad purposes named in thi charter. A
sat a itatis a ether legal r el
shall b served spes the prsdt, di
the saee o thpesdent, spi the vies.
no rno-oornr o r S
a- The objects and purposes for which this
a. corporation is organized, and the nature of
oe the busines. to lie carried on by it, are
ig hereby declared to be as follows:
to First-To administer, invest and manage
the property tw-longing to this corporation.
,vcvond- To do any carry on a general
planting business ; to do tiny and all things
necessary and incidental to the raising. ci(
r- tivating and gathering of corn. rict, cotton.
e, sugar cane, or any other crops or produc
t- tions of thle soil that the corporatlion may
I- desire to plant; to build. erect, construct
I- and maintain, with all necessary inchlents
A] thereto. dwtllings, Ibrns,. sheds warelhouses
ic and buildings of any a:nd all kinds to be
a used in the carryIng out of the objects and
il purposest's of this crlporatlion.
T'hird l'o eng-atge in the raising, selling.
h breeding and buylng of live stock of all
ic kinds and d-escriptions. and to do any and
all things necessary and Incidtent to saidl
IC bite sltok Ulsllines.
lout ilh To purltchaste. erect, operate, own
;t and naltnage rice h11ll. cotton gins and
hb prels, oil rnill. saw nmills sugar mills.
r, ctrnl and grst nmill<, and to rent and leaise
r sallt-: and to manulfactllre and convert saill
iproductl ts of its own, or of any other farm or
pllant.ltion, whether said products are rege
. table. aniUmal or mineral, into any form and
tit tnmairketl same;il and generally to do anly
and all tIhing:- necessary and Incident to the
owi-t-ation and ntanag,-ment of said mills.
I 'ifth -To ex avate, dig and maintalan
tanalsi, and to ilt, .contstrIlct and main
tain lovers for tlihe pturlrise of said iplanting
ollperations; to town. manage and operate
-.t-irt<s for the purchae and sale of mer
Icallndise. and generally to do and engage
in any tither business undertaking or eater
1 prise~ connectled with or growing nout of, In
cl.lient or germanetl to any of the objtects anti
- Iplrl.o ,- for which this corporation is or
- ganiztd or set forth In or contemoplated by
tlhis charter.
rTihe capital slit-k of this cOrloration is
lther,-ty tdeclared Ito be one million 4$1.004.
4i14041 dollars. divided into and represnted
by tetn thllousand i ilo4i,50ii 'lIares of the par
vau: l of one hundredl t$100, dollars each,
which said stlck shall lie paid for In cash
or it< eluilvalcnt.
Tlhis corlporation shall become a going
i-lst ein as stttot as said sltock shall have
I'ln ,r -n.ritid for to the extent of five
hinllretd thollusand dollars (i$00.000).
The stck of this corporation shall not he
transferrted except Ilponl the books of the
corporation .ant no stock shall ie trans
fort,-d Iby any Sto klholder until It shall have
te,.en tirst lffer--d for :ta!i 1t the board of
dire- tors oif tils corporatiton at its market
I valui. or. in d-fauilt thiereof, at its par
''The corloratie potsers of this corporation
aret herely vesteid in and are to Ie exer
cis-tl dy it board of directors consisting of
tive t,i stockholders.
Lililan Lyons Clarke. Louis Strong
('larke,. leorge Steele Ilarke. John Pharra
and Mauritz P'yk shall ie the directors un
til the second Thnrsilay in February. 1913:.
and each- succeeding year there shall be held
an electionl, of directors of the company,
whithb election shall te called bIy mailing to
each stockhiolder at his last knows place of
reside-nice five days written aotlce. Failure
to hold an electtin on tlie date speclited
shall not dlssolve the corporation, but the
dire-tors then in office shall hold their res
plrtive othies until an election he held sub
atusequently, after five days' notice of the time
and place thereof. lUpon the failure of the
pr.esident to call a meeting for the purpose
of Pelietlng directors, any stockholder or
stockholdlers owning ten per cent. (10%) of
the caipital stock shall have the right to call
ai~hI meeting upon giving the required no
All vacancies in the board of directors
shall he filled by the remaining directors.
The following shall constitute the officers of
the company until their successors are elect
eti by the board of directors, coming into
oetle on and after the second Thursday of
May. 1911 : Lewis S. Clarke. president: Lil
ilan I. Clarke. vice-president; George Steele
Clarke, secretary-treasurer.
No stotwkholder of this corporation shall a
ever Iw held liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults of this corporation in
any further sum than the unpaid balance
diue to the corporation on the shares owned
by him: nor shall any mere informality in
organization have the eefct of rendering
this charter null or of exposing a stock
holder to any liability beyond the amount of
his stock. r
While this corporation is incorporated for r
the period of ninety-nine years. nevertheless.
at the end of twelve years from the date
hereof a liquidation of this corporation may c
he had by any stockholder or stockholders
having standing In his or their names shares
of stock amounting to or numbering two
thousand shares.
This right is conferred on such stock
holder or stockholders owning or having in
his or their names two thousand shares of
stock standing in their name. on the books
of the company, at the time the meeting of
stockholders is held for the purpose of veot- I
ing upon the dissolution of the company. a
In case the proper officer of the company re.
fuses or neglects to call such meeting of
stockholders, after written demand by any
stockholder. such meetlng may be called by ft
a stockholder himself aften ten days' writ- n
ten notice sent by mall to the last known
place of business or residence of the other p
stockholders. This article is only for the
purpose of determining whether this com
peny may he dissolved sad liunldated at the
period of twelve years from its incorpora- I
tloa. and is not to be construed with Artlele
VIII. Should no aslication be made for
dissolutlon under thli article or should a-o
pliceation be made and wlthdrawa. or shou ld
the requlsite two thousand ohares not be
bhad for the dtissolution at any tie before h
the twelve year period, this article is to be
of no efet. A disslolatie aked by aMy
stockbolder to take efet before the sad of
twelve years, or iafter the expiration of
twelve years, can only be efected in accord
ance with Article VIII.
This aet of Ineorpontloa my b amend
ed altered or modlled, or the eoratiton
may be dissolvd by a vote of two- hirds oft
the shares of stock, prest or represented,~
at a generai meetiag oft stockholders called
for that purpose after tea (10) days' otlce
in writint malled to the last knowna place of
resldeace or place of bsalnessa of eace stock
The capital stock of this corporation may
be Increased or dereased ia accordance with
exlisting laws. 1
At the expiratiloa of this charter, or if ai
sooner dissolved, under Article Seven or a
der Article Eight of this cehrtr, the slire
of this corporation sha1ll be Ildated by
the board of directors, who are hereby vest
ed with tell power to sell any and all as
sets of the corpoatlon and to convey full
and complete title thereto. ad shall have ol
power to do ad perform all acta aecesaryw
and proper to fully and eompletely liquidate
the afla.t and ditribute the proceds
amonr the stockholders in proportion to the
amount of stock held by ach; and sid dl *
retors ashall have the right to apply to the
coarts tor recognition as liquidatlng com
mlsaoners or roeelwra
Thus dose ad lged in my eoe, in the
city of New Orleas, on the day, andi tn the
month and yeavr first above written, tn pres
enee of oIauis R. Hoover and Fred C. Quer
es, competent witneses, who have aied ti
thee prents, together with the said ap- a
parer and me, notary, after reading atof the
(Names of ortantal sambserlbers omitted.)
(Witnesses) : I L Hoovear, P. C. Quer
ens. PrtLIP OnsSLtas, i .,
Notery PsW4e.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages. r
in ad for the parish of Orleas, state of
Loanisiana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of The CO
Estate of Lewsl S. Clarke, was this day duly
recorded in my ofce in book 10151. folo -.
New Orleans. October 3b0th, 1911.
S (8igned) ExiLS .LnOAI). . 3. tit
A true copy of the orligaal charter with
the names ot the ashscrhers and number ot he
shares smbsrlbed for by each omitted.
(Sal) Notalry Paie. mu
nov 2 9 16 23 30 dee 7 1911
De it kaown, that on this 4th day of the p
mth et November, la the year of our Lord
one tousad nalne hadred and eleven, and as
the aindependee of the Unltae States of tol
Amerioca the oee hundred ad tllirty-sith, a
before me, W. Morgan Garley, notary pubab
le, duly commileaed ad qualied In sad au
for the pteb of Oler state of Ialonl-st.
Ise-ged pmealy ame an appared the ha
everal pss wh nam are hreaunto e
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S. C. Oswald, plubing
constitution of this state, relative to the
organization of corporations, they have con.
tracted and agreed, and do by these presents
contract and agree and bind, and obligate
themselves, as well as such persons as may
hereinafter become associated with them, to
form and constitute a body politic in law
for the objects and purposes and under the
agreements and stipulations herein follow
Ing, which they adopt as their charter, to
wit :
The name of this corporation shall be
shall have corporate existence for the pe
riod of ninety-nine (99) years from the
date hereof, and shall have and exercise
for the purpose of the business to be car
ried on by it, all the powers conferred by
law on similar corporations, Including the
power to make and use a corporate seal and
the same to break or alter at pleasure, to
contract, sue, and be sued in its corporate
name: to hold, own, receive, purchase,
alienate,. lease, convey, mortgage, hypothe
cate, pledge or otherwise encumber pro
perty, both real and personal; to issue
bonds, notes and other obligations, for the
purpose of borrowing money, and to secure
same by mortgage or otherwise, to name
and appoint such omers, managers, direc
tors, agents and other employees, as the
interests of said corporation may require,
and to establish such by-laws, rules and
regulations as may be necessary and pro
per, and the same to alter, amend, or abol
Ish at pleasure and to generally do and per
form all such acts as may be proper and
necessary to carry out and execute the pur
poses of this corporation.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the city of New Orleans, state of Louisi
ana, but it may establish and operate fac
tories, offices and agencies wherever it may
deem advisable. All citations or other le
gal processes shall be served on the presl
dent of this corporation, or In the event of
his absence or inability to act, upon the
The objects and purpose for which this
corporation is organised and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it, are
erebo declared to be the general turpentine
and lumber business in all its various
brancbhes, and to that end to manufacture,
purchase and sell turpentine, pitch, tar,
rosin and naval storesm; to acquire, own,
construct and operate turpentline stills, saw-.
mills, planing mills, driers and all machin
ery and applmances necessary in connection
with the operation of said business, and to
manufacture ~ny products of wood, such as
sash, doors, blinds, trimmings, boxes, furni
ture and articles of wood and its varlous
by-products, And furthermore, to own and
operate in connection with said business
tram-roads, logging roads, sailing vessels,
steam vessels and other water craft neces
sar for the transportation of its material
an products and also do a mercantile busi
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby ited at three hundred thousand
(.00,000 ) dollars, divided into and rep
resented by three thousand (3,000) shares
of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each,
hich said stock shall be paid for in cash,
r may be issued at par in payment of pro
perty actually purchased, or services actu
prt rendered to this corporation, which
mid stock shall be full paid and non-assess
This corporation shall be authorized to
rommence business and be a going concern.
spn payment n full of its capital stock, as
sbove provided.
The hares of this stock shall be trans
!errable only on the books of this copra
tion, and no transter of stock shall be bind.
ingor have any efect upon this corporation,
unless, and nuntil made upon its books ; and
I prior lieu on all shares of stock shall be
retained b this company on the stock of
my sharenolder for any Indebtdness, me
rred or unsecured, however evidenced or
rmted, dou at any time to the company
y the holder of said stock, and all trans
iers of stock shall be made subject to these
All the corporate powers of this corpora
ion shall be vested In, and exercised by a
tard of six (6) directors, who shall each
e a stockholder in this corporation, the
najority of whom shall constitute a quorum
or the transaetion of all business ,and a
najority vote at any meeting shall decide
ill questions voted upon.
Said directors shall be elected annually
rom the stockholders, on the first Tuesday
of April in each year, after due notice of
laid meeting shall have been given to each
tockholder, sent by mail to his last known
lddrcss, ten (10) days prior to the holding
f said election, which said notice or any
other notice required by this charter, may
Swanived In writing.
At said election, and at all other meet
age of the stockholders, the vote shall be
Sballot, sad sech share of stock shall be
stitled to one (1) vote, to be cast by the
wner in person or by written proxy. The
n~rity of stoek voted at any stockhold
•s meeting, shall decide all questions voted
Ipon, except as otherwise provided.
Within one (1) week from their election
a above provided for, the board of direc
ore shall elect from among their members
president and a vice-preident: they shall
io elect a secretary-treasurer, who may or
may not be a member of the board or a
tockholder, at the discretion of the mem
scr of the board.
All the said oears ad dlrectors shall
a their respective eees for a period of
(1) year trm the date of their elec
. a., ntil their neaosses are duly
the tem t tI he bat eau o demtersa
and officer herein named, s
the firs Tduesday of Aprlll
their spowero ae all
thprovided for. B are duly ele
annual eilction or to elect t
hore provide, for, shall a 
diasolutlon of this rporathse 
board of dlrectors and i
their resupective oflces unU
are duly elected.
Any racanci,,s occutning I
directors, shall be flled es
members of said board h l
term, at 4 meetin called f h t
after ten days prior notice
by mall to said dlrec tors at tI ll
address, and the said ra
at said meeting, then the
made by the smockholders ate
ling called for that purpoog th
herein provided for the etlc
The said board of d rt e -
the power to make all byLin,,
regulations for the proper
conduct of the affairs of
and to change, a:er, amtm t
on this corpo et lorn m a&yaj
the same at pleae, . al metn
i raton and
this charter.
The sairdoard of difet,
delegate any of said
action of the busenest t t
tion to committees of th ser
to the officer and agents rl
tion, and said board shall hew
to suapand or remove say
All the employee of thi
except the oces of 'l t
president, shall be coI
by the month, unlse
contracted with in writlyg
The first board of l _rths"
poratilon is hrcb ofdiecltI.
GIscANeor y declared toge
UILLI4 AN of tbhl dv, 5, &
of Ashburn, Georgia, •.
tAhburn, Georgia, U. C .
Sthis crityE. mE . M
and GEO RGE a T.,B
Georgia; with the s
president and the said
·"el~ee~pt and the
CHIPLEY as vier-press
A. TAYLOR as sec
shall hold their a e
their successors are
vided for.
it shall be the duty of 1
this orporation, or the
Inability to act, thea thM
to call a special meeting of
directors or the stock.lehuids
request to that efect, sd
more directors, or ape tIhe
quest of ten per cent I IIt
fThis trporatlon may dls l'
of three- ourths (3-4) of the
thereof, at a general mestlng
that purpose in the maamsr i
vlided, for the calllag of
held annually ifor the it
4irdetors, except that Ih
notice in writing shall he
stock holder thirty (30)
said meeUlng at his last
Whenever this corporate f
either by limitation o
aifhirs shall be liquidated
dating commissioners to be
general meeting, and ina the
resignation, or Iabllt ~to si
the said commissioners, the
missloner or commisslome.
a successor and togethe. r ,
tinue the liquidation to It
This charter may he
ed, and the capital stock Se
or diminished, by a vote of
of the capital stocqk lass I5
meeting called for that pTp h
(30) days prior notice in
been sent to each stocklhsW
known address.
No stock-holder shall ew I
ble or responsllle, for the
faults of this corporatl Is l
sum than unpaid balance des
on the shares of stock Owa1o
shail any mere Informality I_
niratlon hereof, have the inle
lng this charter null, nor at
tock-hlolder to any liabllit
unpaid balance that may N 1
Thus done and pased, In
the city of Now ot-leans,
day. n,,nthi and year herelt
mentiond. In the presence i
Preston indl Eu,,ne J. OeUO
male witnYeis. tlere resid ,r
unto sign ti-tlr name, to10ti5
said aplahreris an me, nae i.
rendling of tl.e -whle.
eOriginal i.rnedi: . K=
Brunner Chlph.y; G;eo. T. Bet,
ner ('hipliv ; '. W. Evat.
('hlplty: Itrunner t'hlpiey, 1.
Edwin i. 'McKey. My org as a l`'
(W'ltnses) : A. ID. PrTSiS
I the nn,lers!gned recordti
In and for tih. parish of
Louislana, do hereby certify
and foregoing act cf In
this day duly recorded I1 to
1031, folio ..... New Orl M
her sixth, if911.
(Signed) Evi _
I the undersigned notary
the above and foregoing is bh
correct copy ot theoril
+ration of the
*OMP'ANY. towether with tLe
rcorded of mortgages ter
record In my notarial ocel II,._
.Iew Orleans, IA.
W. MosOAN og"tif
soy. 6, 1 23, 30: da. 1',

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