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00 eAd that our Lanadry
gt has reached a degree a[
reoetia that few ever attain. )
C,1ars, Cufs and Shirts is a
My that ansures your satisuat
Pi nd delight..
American :
Lanndry r "'As'I
. J. NORTH, - - Agent. I
loffee gathers
dust and stodreh
sweepings. Paper=
bags leak strength.
fribsness and aroma.
in its air-tight can
b dust-free. strop,
.esh and ofer
fet qoat ity.
Iyp hat- trhed degree g
mwesa wn  ,l
Shaewn. that on this, t tu wenty- to
y d the monoth of November, in the be
s an d of the t dendarene of to
Am of America, the one th
ty-sRth, before me, Alexis
witha d the parish of
dust lsta, and topresence t
herein.after named and un m
ly came and appeared, deo
f h and Mr. R. E. C. Ries, o
st the tof New Orleans. of full b
f t and aVtar n theiry
ao. that on thisa. the twenty- I
-. tle mouth of November in the u
hr . ord, one thoumsnd nine hun- d
kand of the independence of
LiI of America. the one hun
-i dty-dlzt, before me. Alexis
win qdthin and for the parish 0i
erenomfter 1911,named and un
ty ame and a ppearetdo i
. ty of Newt Orlena. of fullhof
all rtrn tand acting In their
-o rpr te and mecetaritretm
J IM) cPOWER CO3r PA.m aeci
tis, domeciled In the city
pamtsed at a stokholdera or
_.. r mentioned, eortified cop
etortes of which meeting are- i
as part hereof:
of mied corporation, eld on an
of November, 1911, which bad Ti
int the sctl 'ppo, in A
_ tU law, the following mnend- e
strtW of mid orporaton was s
l ba thn steak of mid co rpora
er prateiond at amid meetig,
're f mid carter; was amended
leaL ua follow., via :
l tepontte ip of thi ot soa
Stecs in and exersed by T
41t reetors, of whom five El'
l eUntil the fira t Mond d
folaoioLn ~rsnons soall a
So. dNotioe of : l. sw.
dEa I. ll oRleas s ecretolry
rrow, Jules Dreyfus, Alexh
LuOrstar ofd prbinl t. il1.eal.
myi July. 191 and an
Sthe board of diretor li
hg the holders af the hem-dt
SCorporation by llot atl
eorporatlon. and eale shar ea
eslld le ast in person or
eestocsha ond be uoted ble
SS. htlion, who shal be
S to tohber ase tedy T
-la to all oldeIt of common h
---- tary by publcation in aw
It n thce scity of New
ta le than te day and nothe
days prior to miced dc
w dten Dotiee mailed to esea (
Merstdck shall be voted by bh
- thn orporation. o .al .
occurs iton ald board oy
atht. resignation, the male of
ro3M other aste the oa
shall elect fron among
e comean stock a suesesor to
mt of failure to hold the Ul
"''' 0l of directors on the day
. -irectors in oce shall oelde
mid oemies and thee me
i.11 another eletion ats as
Sporaction wacf T oter mn
oesifed ona she r it pleroded
Mited to an nothtr day nd
ther may be msveral theoae
i If they be neestsor te an
board of directors may np
mor to time, sueh officers.
i othr employtes a the
ary for the "lsinese, ean B
Me rorapona Te hoard *O
power to elect or appoitt
with" the c t of t *a
hoard of dliretos shall
ieand authority t t
d ,reas of soelo (U
- The whol tas more fully appeare by the
1 annexed certfled copy of the minute. of
1 said stockholders' meeting e m tes of
m And the said appearers having requested
me, notary, to put the said amendment In
e authentic form I do by these preents re
Sceive said amendment In the form of this
Spublic act, to the end that said amendment
S1thday of Julry, 9170.
1 hus done rid signed in my nince at the
'dcty of New Orlean, on te day ad date
Sherein first above written, in the presence
f Laweno Blum and 1. .. eal. competent
Switnesses. who hereunto signl their names
rith said aping s and me, notary, after
Original 81gned: F. W. Crosby, R. E. L.
S. ies.
1 Lawrence Blum, I. R. Saal
1 Notary Public...
I the undersgned, deputy recorder of
mortgages for the parish of Orleans. do
hereby certify that the foregoing act, amend.
Ing the charoer of the Southwestern Trac
Stion i Powaer Com wsany, was this day duly
I recorded in my oce in Book No. 1051,
S New Orleans, Novemlber .., 1911.
SDeputly Recorder.
I I hereby certify the foregoing to be a
1 true copy of the amenlment to the charter
Sof the Cruthwevtern Traction & Power "orm
* panr-, and of the certiticate of the deputy
w recorder of mortgages thereto attached,
* whicha are on fi . in my off ire.
S iNew Orleans, Novemler -4. 1911.
Notary iPubplic. ,
I -
sruFn t;harlM eAk.a lAr II 11 t i.NY ll
or I'r-- pOrl i oan , eA . -tatt. of L i si L, (F -
in theNS. 'lTne ofIoF NceseV t itrI it coN.
p au ttes namd fodersi d perIaio d of l ca m ne a nd
S oIt n it known, that n this tenty- w tird
dt~rea t haf N t-elsi-.. Ithe, e vesr i the t l -titni
It hit, relaltive t h t llf ati, , e -ornl , .af c T .ra
aio thll y o hldk. r thesl, pres ritcls , lnl lll2
selret , as well a4n tlltir a's. "-arts and iuetl
cnsopers, into aun cnstitnute u corpateaion l
lIudy a lld polrtic 1 inu. la,- o tllr tna purpoet
n oljrs asnd ruunlit th, e s ipulr tio, asd dI.
llrnaf thar set altaln thehselveosf the ro
adopt as their charter, to-eitd w
The onaf style n andand title of thi corhis
ration shall htivhe"aie forAthLn o' atrpora I
liuns they to bl icile shall e forIn the ity
o Sels, as well, state of ulsan and seIt
.hall have and enjoy sse properato toy its hor
ort'e srs n for and pnstltute a ninety-naine n
ears from this pollate n lawTh, for tt, or ins.
the event of his a lencr the secrretary- tas
The nansurer , style anddtite titl to liaorp
up ration shi lllb AMMegal prociA,Y t llo IM
be served. at
ThisN. corpts domicile shall have pon the cityan
Pof New Orleans, stah e of [otisiana, and ite
authority to hold, receive, purchased convey, p
mortgage, hire and lease property both real
hall phave and enjoy stlesueds may its cor
pouse a corporatme seal, name anp.rod appof ninety-nine
ollears fro this interest may reident, or t p
shall have ntall of his absencrights, pothe adv, th cretant
treasurers an is eremmunitiy des, granted bas the of,er
E upon whon citation, or legal process, shab in
a be served.
Thi corporation shall have power and
mortgage obje, hire and leapurpose property hich both real
ato hold, shll, mortgage and sub-divide the e
same h to rent and lease property; to act as h,
brokers for t uhe purchase, sale, and renting i
o shreal estatell to erecights, powerstruct advant
ssue cotes. bonds and other obliations and ,
agesnerally to do all immunities, granted byntal tolaw to
The objects and purposes for which this
coherporation is organof this corporationd e
Sthe busines to be carried on by it, are here
to hereboldy ed at mortgage aum of ve tound ie he
husamndre to rent and lease propertys, todivided Into as
thbrokers or valthe onpurchase, sale, and renting00.0
of real estatel ; to erect, construct, nad mm- ao
cash at the bonds and of subscription and th
gen corporally to shall hcommence busintl to the I
a going concern at once. sh
carrying out of aid objects alnd purposes.
The corporate poeekr of this company a nd i
ty- the full management of its affirs shall o di
& hereby fixed at the sum of five thousand live
hundred ($l,500.00l dollars, divided into
and repr. ese n d et rcised by ty-ve bo shar of
the. diretor value of e hundreed toc 0lder0
dof tllars each, which shall btute paid quor for in
Sth corporantion ofshall mmence business ad be n
ed era shall be held annually, on the frst Wed- ob
a going concernmber, at once. Oce of the
Th c ompany, undte powers of tis company and
l r-the full management of it affairs, shall
in dlretors, to be appointe of the stocholders,
t, id etions for direto by theld stockhold- a
• nedaoy In December, at the obice of thef
c. eompany, under the sprvisuio of two ent- ur
., other rules uas may be provided by the ret
ill board.
ir All elections shall be b ballot, mad a fo
majority of votes cast shall elect, and each
N hare of stock shall be entitled to one vote,
a eithr in persaon or by proxy. .
ty Each board shil, at its firt meeting af
et ter Ias election, elet out of its numbe, or
c, prealdent, vie-preaident, and a secretary- del
t treasurer, who shall hold ofce until their m
Ssucmeors are elected. Any vacancy occ r
P Ing in said bhard shall be filled by the "o
re maining diretors for the unexpired ter
The firt bard of dirtor shall o t d
f of Thomas H. Urndarmod, Georle A. Thon
n as and William Waller Youag, with the aid
i rd Thomas Underwood as president, George
in A. Thomas a vice-preasdet, and William
, Wiler Youang as secrtary-treaurerm , who alt
Sshall hold oece until the frt Wednesday in
SDecember, 1913, or until their 2 ueess of
I are elected and qualfied a
Thbi act of Lneorporation may be chaged o
or amended, or thdL orporation delsvela
with th te aent of the stoedbo tes ownng la
three-fourts of the stack of the eorpora- the
r- ton, repreented at a geral mseetisg con- b
Svened for that prpace, fter note theeo f a.
Sgiven as hereinafter th fr In the event i
aoo th lollli o otr hsognr of -a ort tl
p eortio e s tokhoidpea shah elee tol a
. llquldtors from amon tber number at a oi
i meeting convened for the urpoae, after ten d
Sdaj' written notiea, ent to each shock- be
Sodr by mail to hi last known address'
simd llqoudator shall have anthority to wind
Sup the btmhinesas ad at rlas or the com ay..
I In cae of the eath of either of sid zIqul- Lqo
i- dators the srvivor shall Ippont a stock- abs
. holder a suessaor to him.
e Th act sall aiso ervE as the original
o subcrption L. the
r Thus done and pad in my notarial of. not
Sfe at the city of Nea Orlteans oresaim
in the prsene of Maloilm J. Taylor and
ST. Joseph Dobbi, .ompetent .wtness of s
lawf age, and realding in this city, who Si
Shereunto smlusrbe their names, together (e a
· with sad partie and me, notary, on the Va
,day and date st forth in the caption
(Originl signed): Names of subesribers.
S(Wltaeea): Malcolm J. Taylor, T. J. DolI
Jb J . C. WUIcC, Not. Pub.
I. the undesignd recorder of mortges Cal
a nd for the Wish of Orleans sta of in
and forego act of incot~ioan of th
•Gamma Realty Company,' Ur thsday
duly recorded inmy once, in o 1 1
New 0rlewa, November 24, 1911.
I (Sealt (Signed) MILs iLorItAD, nov
IA true copy r o the orltl .
nos 30 dec 7 14 21 28 1911 Jan 4 1912
OF S. A. CAI ONNE'S 8ON8. in
Be It knems, that on this 28th day of the this
m th of November, In the yr of our Lord o f
one thoasd sine hundred and eleven, and the
of the independe of the United Stes of hind
Ameria thte one hundred and thirty-fifth, ti
before me, Etelred bacauley Stafor4, a n&
notary publc, duly eommissnd, sworn and
qualied in and for the above city parlah
and state, there rein, an i tie pres
ene of te witnse ereilnatr named and t
ndersigned, ll over the age of majority, tb.
persoaly C sad apeared te several *,,
P w s 5 510 h5ermnto 5ubscri- city
ed, who dacaim that, avaiiag themselv nud
eeseelly1i of the p vslio trac
waflde and tr ee pe l r th oh.
esa-Y·- te-wt:
p' the ARTICLE L
The name of this corporation shall be 8.
ested A. CALONONE'S BONS, and under that
at In name it shall have and enjoy corporate ex
Sre- atence and succession for a period of nine
this ty-nine years from and after date hereof,
tnent unless sooner dissolved in the manner here
thus lnafter provided: to contract, sue and be
d be- sued; to hold, receive, purchase and convey,
1 the as well as mortgage, hypothecate and pledge
property, both real and personal; to issue
t the negotiable bonds and notes; to name and
date appoint such managers, directors, officers
sence and agents, and other employees as its in
etent terests may require and to make and use a
ames corporate seal, and the same to alter at
after pleasure; and to make and establish such
by-laws, rules and regulations for the pro
per management and control of the affairs
of the said corporation, as may be neces
sary and proper, and the same to alter and
amend at pleasure, and to enjoy all the
oi... other powers and irivlleges granted by law
to s cIUh ('orporatiol s.
r of
. do ARTI-rie: It.
rrac- The doruill. of thil cortoration shall Ie
duty In the city oif Nw Orlea:ns. larlsh of (Or
131, leans. stiate iof Louisliana. .\ll itlations and
other l.gal pro--ess si:lltl Ie stv;.resd on the
president otf tihe ctrporiatlton, or. in the. event
of hi- absence from the rite- or di.ahtlity,
er. upon it,- vice presidenlt or its secretary
I tit ril -t r.
be a
arter A TI'I.IE III.
putY The ll )rpo-,.s for which this corprititton
d, is ftortell d :lin l the natur* of the l,.i t.ll". I
is-ll ca:rid iIon y It are: t h,.ry dectlaredi to
lt a lneral ontracttog busin.--., such asi
il a t: . l lI , i .
i w t-p.ita, l stick of this ( lporll itiun is
i l rt ' iurt -Ii i r 't-, - l su ir of three thul n a-t,I
thu ,iii li, ]I a kll t itii the ll is i tr Of l lih.ite tIIIerf+ o):.
r idollar s :t I l .tr . t i' to li repreietly
thirty share, at prlt lalli of one h-idred
b- r h ill t thi t.,tt- all, sool on ll of lt,the
ffer .All shares of -stock thall t-l paid in ashI
iis t b ur perf irtnld. and i.t br d ue lt- pai t si
il th l it I. lt i let I t
and Sat st stok halli t represented b.ty sti.ck
tore iterli tiate tranfrale onl t thed books
iorn l besk value to the l ard otif dir. t-.trs of
tenrn the r ..rtratllo. who shall har. the option ,
u i- of purchasitir the same at the .said bookh d
Llon value at tit" time the said stuck is offered. t
isi5 :til shoul thte dir-etors fall to make th- t
as taltrchatie of the sald stock ahll uh. silty 11: ,
eby days from t-he .l ute of its offer, tllh i the ,
llder t al uttt,-nr of ih stock may tldl. se
The said, capital s-tock may te in.reased ti
rp til f til s1a1- it loitlit anat.
r- IThe afairs of this cilrporatn ion hall 1e
tne managed by at iosrtd of directors, and all the
in corporate s.wiers of this corillration shalli
tall hoides, a imajority of whom shalt constit
tute a qutoru forin the tranatck in of any f .
and ant ill busines-s of every kind for the cor
real Thlo shall have Jrower to tmakei all by.
and laws. rules, regulati ons, andi to alter or t
uch chang- sawt. to purchase andt atcquire the
I i property, business and good-will of any and i
tt- all of the businesses of any kind, or to
panies in any line with the objects and tsi
purposes of this corporation as they may- re
dieent advisable, and to pay therefor in full,
hi paid stock of this corpora tion, or cash or t
oIh paper for same; also to mortgage, pledge iii
o or hypothecate the property of this corpo
ire- ration for the putrposes of its businets. It
te; The said board of directors shall be elect- at
the ed every three years by ballot of the stock- .,
a5 holders. Each stolckholder shall be entitled
ing in person or by written proxy to one vote hii
im- for each share of stock owned by him and it,
le, standing in his name on the books of the
the corporation, for at least fifteen days prior m
iAll elections shall be held under such it
rules and regulations as may beal determined m
by the board of directors, and after ten ti
daTh notice of such election shall have to
be.n g"en by rmail, addressed to each stock- sr
holder at his last known address, or by pub- mt
o lorthed in the city of Noew Orle -ans. an
A majority of the votes east at such soi
bn election shall elect said directors. In
h The directors thus elected shall continue ps
in office for three years, and said directors ch
shall elect, from the hoard of directors, a
president. vice-president, and secretary- he
treasurer. rof
The first election shall be held on the viict
all dred and fourteen, and, until then. Mrs. th
of Sallie A. Forshee, widow of Sidney A. Ca- ci
*rs longne. Sldney Edward Caloncne and Wil
or ford F. Calogne shall constitute the first
Id board of directors, with Sidney E. Calongne
as president. Mrs. Sallie A. Forshee. widow
Sof Sidney A. Calon ne, as vice-president, po
he and Wilford F. Caloagne as secretary-treas- pe
urer. fr
itAny vacancy on said board of directors tl
he caused only by death shall e iled by the
remani a directors, for the unexpired term. th
No failure to elect shall be considered a du
Sforfeiture of this charter. di
No stockleolde r oshall eover e old liabrle fra
or responsible for the contracts, faults or ret
fehts o cots o ration, nor, shall any thi
mtre nfirmalletin horgani hation have de
rthe erect of render tog the charter null or ag
void. or of exposing a stockholder to pay no
further itabtity than the unpaid balance las
ldue on the shares of stock owned by hlnt, T
This act of inco rs oration may re changed o
a alere or modiied, or the corporation may d o
ube dissolved or go iato liquidation by vote rot
a specal meetig called for that purpose, for
after Its objects have been made known by pl
ten days' prevIous notice in writing, dcliv- net
oered or maled to each stockbolder of record of
Slaws of the dtate of Leuiosana. Whenever tl i
a this corporation is dissolved, airs shall ter
be liquidated bity two comrmasioners elected et
among thero stockholders at said meetn aro
rt majoerity vote tof the stockholders, each share coe
a of stock voted shall count as one vote. co
T However a said commissioners shall and must to
ka be direr or on the ereinbefore mentioned or
ScorratioO aon. the
hua done and passed in my notarial of- thu
-ftee, the city of New Orleans, state of cat
a sove written , the presence of Messrs.
Leonard i Vacher and Howell Carter, Jr.
ompetent witnesses, who hereunrto sigted
their nameos with the said apperate trs atnd me, a
notary, after due reading of the whole, Crel
d (Original signed): Ashley Calon a e, 8 hsol
t shares; M rs. Salle A. Calongnes 10 a res, aos
e idney E. Calogne, 9 shae;s Wilford elce
Satlongtne 8 shares. (Witnesses): Lm C. tl
a ETunsED i. BSTirvOD, sha
w uI, the undersignea, recorder of mortgages, th
in and for the parith of Orleans, state of ter
Louiseana, do hereby certify that the usove 5t
and foretorin act of ierenooation of S . alo
CalongTus dons was this day duly recorded oft
leINew Orleans, Nov. 28, 1911. ori
(SeD aned) ExtiLa LowAe Nar, y. R.
noA true copy. untra in o t e
sEnaares ;i ra 8 L ~ .onn., AbsOrD, hay
no 30dec 7 1421 928 1911 Jans 4lo1912 cf
lnd ae, 8 s oar. (Wtnaes ) D. sha
Vi lahe, Hoel Ca~orlter Jr.
Be ait know that on tbl 31st day of July, or
in the year of our Lord nlneteen h-ndred in
and eleven, benfore me, Ethelred Mao lly thi
Staeord, a notary pubic in asl fr the hold
nprish of Orleans Stste of Louisiana, duly 192
tnd appeared the followig named persos, e
th A cit ,ho decIared that beAng desire.s Inbe
Iof form nga corporation nuder the laws of Hey
I the state of loulsoa they hereby do r wit
indnlg themselves, their successors, al who
those who may become asb ociated with them, p
under the fol conditions, to-wit e the
iThe Lame and taitle of the said to rra
and its domicile is hereby estabished in the
city of New Orleuas, state of Leouisana; and
tin shali have pe er sad authority to con
tract, se and be uad; to make at d use ath
corporate seal, and the at to break esad ti
altenr t pleasre; to bhold, reelve, have,
leapseve, aleate bove,; ,n,
u nd Mi eseposete name, Apotee t A
meagst t, at a oor h ee
convenalence of said orporation may require;
to make and establish by-laws, rules and
a S. regulations for the proper management and
that regulation of its affairs, as may be deemed
ex- necessary and proper, and the same to
ne- change and alter at pleasure; and to do all
eOf. Other acts and things permitted by law, or
ere- as shall or may ibe nec'essarv and proper to
be carry out the objects and purpo-ses of sail
vey, corporation.
Age Said corporation, unhbs sooner dissolv.l.d
isue in accordance with its ch:rt. r, shall -xl-t
and and continue for the period of niinty nin.i
cers years after the date hereof:
in- The rcesidenf. or in his ai,.rue th,. vi,.'
pe a preident. shall le' th,, prop I't n n, n
t whi, m 'ltation or other ,l';al pr.,,`ss shialI:
uch il.e wred.
pro- ARTlICtE II.
es- 'The hieft :and prposcs fir which this
and cr'iiilarl ist ornilr.i ant II,, n atire iof
law Ir veil t, I. h f,,l' ,wiz :. " -a lf "T o'
c.rrv on tl.. ihirns, o, f f .i'ilfactmring
I.11%int. "ellin t plyd in 3 ll not rt inin or in
r n b:lli n, i4 any 4 fill;n-. "r th'I f. l, fl.i a
at ,i' ilt) nts fir Jth r plrti n. t t,- tll, La ri.pt
'nt liolns fi r . i one r Ifany of the artll.l.s -'.t
t, fortlh in iti s purpoe-,i anrd lbiiet. : , rI
'try- Iv,'. ot .. o 11n c ,nt ission an11 , Ito -e'I tlhe"
- "ll and .ii en,.rally to hold and ,.e ,, i+, ll :l
sch in ilfnt I i.powers andi ;i ivi. p s ri-'i.
1 !1' to the o, j,.t h,,r,.tofo',, , t, forth. :1n.1
I., ra "I% in ani other bu~ in"",s in Iie l o r:al
10 l pert:iiftl  ti Ito ts pi po.'ss
at .X1ITI I.I: III
"hail tl, l - - rti.-k ,of 1.1,l r,' , r,,arinn .- i ll
fher a.si ,ld in-ti and rf.u.r,t.lnt.I : b ii, i.r i.,lllIi
th S.iih f :liil .ti..-k shall bIi p:ll for in . ,-h
.i tlu tim i f the st,*, ri'J i",, . or "n,-! in
"lun;l ntl I :tI thi. l-i,;r l ,f , lrc, ,r- malI
ina i. or the :tre nlll lI ; iatl, d. at u In t
K le than p::"it i(f pantn li t i or" .,hitlfln, for
I prp,,, .rty r ihits ir" iht afl t iit I r,., Iv,,l
an or p hi based i,} " , w "l ']opo !tIT,. .u' the
S 'I. Illt ,in cd andl f Il"or such other v.Ii ltt' lr. co
to n i i.r:,tinl or entrvi,,is a , t. l."-ard ol f It
SlT. vis lld. that nol st.ck shall '., i-i-uI.l uni til
lif, tt consid i, ration therefor Ii.. been reil ,.ol uiV
i fIy the "a:id ,orl lir:thi i : f irthefr. fto k tl I.v
, IsI ,ed.I n.,t he.s t han pn:r, for I t,- II.r1
nio- i" ;,n d c,,n i l,.,r:tin 'f alcqirini titl e
n:rIl n ,o,, %i:ll to, ;Itn " il to,, any tirnstll. tn
ck p.m y v .''orpl't°,ration ".r t.lin i.In .. In fi '?thcr
Ik ill, I f Ilthl, p rllpi .,s of tilt s co.rp ol.r ti tl-n
it A i li' ntl i khOi l,,r 1 ni s aln i it- or i r tII rof ,
S'ell or plac . hi- -tokl in thl corporation,ll
It wi ilr lit hll t tirst fferi n: nt to t1 ll i torporal
its Liont r other mem l frsO. hlt.,. r IThlefr- if.-k of
of itll corporation IlIt Ito' trnfl.rrrl without
ol "ntr' thll'r.o. f on the coltipanf iv book,r andi
Ik such purch < ni ll hi ni lsae al vIafhl title
th t..rota.r rovhl.ed Indorselnont of th'e .ni ,
h"I" tralf" r or aOn-ln t shall Io ln+ril»,llte
ft il n the bactk nthereof. ad the hardlr ,or prir
Ie- ,ha li, r thrll,, if shall havo the right al t any
e- ll, te to clau tisl hi nlame to isl inoartfd oni the
corporat ion'l t )ks provshed for stf okhold
.d tir. and until so don i,. the liallity .he this
As forporation shall extenord to only sonh re- I
,,rl",,l stockh , older.
Tisl ,-,rporatlo,. shall commenl-e ntlInss
a` `o<nn a< three thlsnd ,dollars of the
,apital stock shall have been 'thsrilsid for.
I The htIerd tof directori shall hav thei rlro ht
he to letlu rn-i e how ml'ci stock shall o is
o ARTIi a c Ile the .
te Thale crralt, pioi.ers of this comlpanv
,- halnl Iti vrtred in and exrcle nd b' a bontar
fr of dirctor ,nsistingoe of three p.-rsons, who
'h- ent th, preanrota. who shall alo of tIhe c
SsIretry of staid orporaton. ice-presid tent t
orand treasurer. Two of sald bard shall eon
l titiute a qrurum for the transaction of bust- a
lid pne. and ltheir decision< <hall ho valid cor
I T .ra rd act. The followinc h rt seons shall
'"o tltlh the firstthe b oard of directors t one
mtres : Benjamin s okol e. topt1, president. see
, Mrs.. hMyrtle r+ aneltel, treant',r. During
Sh.on al ct meI of the pri dent the va e-r of esi.
re tefacr of saich coammunl ssinmer hor onam a
o d hent shall act and prs ai.
the t day of Otoher. 1911. on which date
anl The reoard oann diruetors ually a ard of direct
Ir mail to each rcordancd stokholder of such
m.,"tings at their last known address. And
a the board of directors shall appoint one ora
d more stockholders to preside at such elec- p
t ion as commissioners. In failure of the at
re tendance of such eommissioners or commis
ik- lone, the president shall make an appoint- a
- ment to fill the vacaney. Any failure from
b any cause whatever to elect directors the
day named for that putrpose shall not ds
' solve the corporation. hlt the directors then
In oAfce. as well as the ofaers of said com
Spna eshall hold over until snlcessors are
rs chosen.
a At every election and meeting each stock
Sholder shall be entitled to vote each share t
If stock registered la his name. and may
SAfter each election the hoard of directors c2
.hall elect from their own nulhemr the o8
I',-ers of said company. IM
w The hoard of directors shall have full
t, power to fill vacancies in their number.
a- caused by death or reaignation or otherwise.
from among the stockholders or outside of b
s the corporation.
e The said board shall have full control of
t. the property of this company, shall so con- 81
a duct. manage and use the same as in their
discretion, they deem fit, and that is con
Tihe said board is further authorised to
e frame and adopt such by-laws, rules and I
Sregulatlona as the afftairs and business of
y the corporation may require. and it may
Sdeem necessary for the conducting and man- W
r agement thereof: provided the same shall
Snot conflict with this charter, or with the
e laws of the state, or of the iu'nited States.
The board Is further authorised, without y
calling on the stockholders for assent, to
purchase, buy. selt. pledge or otherwise ac
quire any interest in any firm company, cor
poration or individual businesaes, with the
good will thereof for cash or stock in this of
cororp rton.
the said board shall elect or appoint a
foreman and such other o~leers, agents, em- LI
pioyees, servants and clerks as It may deem t
Snecessary for the condutctinag of the business
of the corporation, fixa their eompensation,
Iterm of service, with the right to disamss t
them at the board's pleasure, and said
board shall have the right to fix and det- y
termine the salaries of the several orers
I herein provided.
The said board shill have the right to
negotlate with banking corporations or
firms or aindividuals for the suance to the
company of letters of credit or standing, to
cover whatever purchase the saId corpora- gI
tlon may bargain or make in this country
Ior some roretr country; shall likewise have
the power to negotiate loans tn the name of $
this corporation, and Issue proper certlif
cates or notes therefor.
Thls charter may be changed, modlfed or
amended, the capital stock inacreased or de
creased, or this corporation may be dis
sotlved, at a general meeting of the stock- tel
holders convened for the purpose, with the
assent of three-quarters of.the entire capt
tal stock, whether present or represeated at by
much meeting.
Ten days' prior notice of such meeting
hall be given ln any dily English news- t
anr peblished in the city.
Icase of dissmolution or termination oft
this corporation by limitation of Its char- D
ter or from any case, the lIquidatilon of its
alrairs shall be conduted by two commias
sioners, selected from the stockholders or
otherwise, with lIke assent, and at a meet- g
Said commissioners ihall remain in ocee h
until the afairs of said corporation shall
have been fully liquidated, nsaless removed
by three-quarters vote of the stockbolders ]
called for that purpose. In caser of death
of one of said commalastoners, the survivor
shall continue to act. The salary of such a
Ilquidator shall be fxed by assent of the
three-quarters of maid stockholders.
No stockholder of this corporation shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults thereof, In any further
sum than the unpaid balance due the com- ti
pany on the shares of stock saumerlbed fora
or owned by him, nor shall any lformality
in organization have the effect of renderingt
thisn charter null. or of exposaIng a stock.
holder to any slabIlity beyond the unpaid hal
ance, If any, of his stock. Pe
Thus done and passed In my notarial of- th
fiee in this city of New Orleans, aforesaid,
on the day ad lan the month and year hers- a
Inbefore written, In the presence of Otto N
Heyn and Leonard C. Vacher, competent
witnesses, both of the city of New Orleans. A
who hereunto sign their names with maid laM
a1pearers and me, notary, after reading ot
the whole. lW
(Orginll signed) : Names and number of ta
shares omitted. (Witnesses) : Otto Heyn.
Leonard C. Vacher.
ETaRLnaa M. TAWOzD, Notera Publo.
I, the undersigned, recorder of mort
gages, in and for the parish of Orlieanm,
state of Loliata, do e r certify that L
the above and foresoing act of laeoipor
ton of the Veltel Bag Coerporatio was this WS
day duly reaerded in my , in book 1051, gs
A true copy.
aey 80 dee T 14 S hS 1911 4 1*11 U
xt t
in Copyrlgt,t by Ani, ri'nn Press Asso
i' n 1911.
Pepita was a Mexican girl livinig
with an aunt In southern California.
hi Pepita was an orphan and had inher
I. Ited a patch of ground, on which the
o two lived. Near by was another Mex
i c lean family consisting of father, nmthl
er and one son, Enrique, just coming
. of age. Enrique and Pepita, being
neighbors and there being no other
young men and women near by to di
r- vert them from each other, naturally
t loved.
",- One day a man was seen digging in
I a patch of ground adjoininig l'epita's
propertly. lie was an American and,
though roughly dressed. gave evidence
of being a gentleman. Seeing Pepita
standing looking at him curiously, he
went over to where she was and ask
ed for a drink of water. Pepita got
it for hint from a spring hack of the
house, and the stranger c(hatted with
r her. She asked him what he was dig
.ging the hole for, and he s5aid he was
prospecting. There had been no hunt
ing for the precious metals there be
fore, and I'eplta did nit understand
ii what he meant.
"' The stranger camne over occ'a<ionally
after that fo,r a drink of water or to
Sborrow something. lie said his name
- was Thomas Burkhalter: that lie was
the son of a gentleman in the east.
lie hadn't got on well with his father
r an had cone out west to shift for
himself. Pepita thought him very
nil fine. After hooking at his white face
Enrique's brown visage was not at all
attractive. Enrique noticed a change
r in her, but was at a loss to account
} for it.
- One day a man came to Burkhalter's
' hole. He was a well dressed man and
wore a diamond stickpin in his neck
h wear. Pepita saw him and Burk
ir. halter standing together talking and
Ih looking over at her house. The stran
ger went away. and that evening V
Burkhalter came over to see Pepita.
She asked him about the man who had
rd visited him. but Burkhalter was un
ie communicative on the subject. One
tt thing Pepita noticed-that he was very
ý. attentive and deferential to her.
Burkhalter during the next four or
iive days did as much courting as is
usually done in months, sometimes in
years. He quite carried Pepita off her
- feet. She discovered that Enrique
II knew nothing at all about making love.
to Enrique was much distressed. What
: could he do? But Enrique had more
a sense than Pepita and knew a little
a more about the world, though not
, much more. At any rate, he had sense
enough to suspect that Burkhalter had
ir some motive in devoting himself to
Pepita. He went to an old rancher
who had always been kind to him and
t told him his trouble. One day Enrique
e went to Grigsby, the rancher, and told
him that Burkhalter had asked Pepita
. to marry him.
"That's all talk," said Grigsby. c
"No, no." cried Enrique; "they are s
r to be married tomorrow. Pepita does
y not wish it so soon, but the man in
slats. She would like to raise a little
money so that she may get some new
clothes to make her appear worthy of
so fine a husband."
i Grlgsby thought. He was turning
something over in hls mind. At last
I he said:
f "If Pepita is going to be married eR
- she will not need her farm. What she
r needs is a little cash. I will buy her
r property. Go and ask her for what
she will sell it But ay to her that
SI will not buy It unless she keepm my i
offer a secret You may tell her I
- will give her $00."
SEnrlque sorrowafully bore the mes
sage and returned with Pepita, who
was delighted to get so much money
for what ws really not supposed to pi
be worth more than halt the mount co
ofered. Origpby drew up the Ipap I
conveying the property to Enriquo
and placed a mortgage on it payable
to hlmselt
"Now," he said to Pepita, "you mayth
tell whom you ILke that you have sold e
your farm."
In the eveanig Burkhalter eame to
se his fiancee and asked her if she
would be ready for the wedding the
nezt day. Pepita said bshe would andI a
gleeftlly told him bshe had sold her
property for the enormous sum of
$600. Then she showed him the money
she had got for it.
He stood lookLtng at her with a blank
exapremon for some time, then told d
her to put her name on the bek of the of
cheek and he would ride to a town
ten miles distant and draw the moey.
She must he ready for the ceresamy
by the time of his retur Shel did as
he bade her, and, laving her, forgt- 
ting the kss, he departed.
Pepita waited all that day and the
next for her lover, but he eswme not .
Nor has he come to this dasy. Pepita's tot
aunt at last told her that he must
have gone away with the money for
the ftrm. What should they do? Their att
home was sold, and they had nowhere
to lay their heads.
Meanwhile Grigsby had gone to the
hole Burklhalter had left with experts to
and had found that Burkhalter had a
struck a vein of ore too narrow to pay, w
but beginning to open up in the farm t
Pepita had sold.
Then came Enrlique and showed her
his deed to her property and told her
that It was likely worth a fortune. .
And so it was. Grlgsby furniashed the
means to develop It. and it was sold gg
for a large amount. Enrlque forgave el
Pepita and they were married, but
the wife never forgot her folly ard C
bher bhusband's common sense. me
Hew "Abide With Me" Was Written. ale
At the age of ftti-four Lyte found
himself doomed to die of consumption,
satd in sorrow at having to leave his
task unfinished be prayed that at the to
least it might be granted to him to las
write something which would Uve to till
the gfory of God when he was dead. pI
Then on the ist evening be ever spent f
at Brixham, after preaching his fare
well sermon h took pea and uas the
s wuas setting over the ships that
lay to the barbor "Abide With Me"
we writteme Next moraning be start. r
ed for the lslvr a ud ther died a i
month lter-Lea~ie Telegra . ph.
Carstens & Vezien Co., Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Special Attent!*n to Railroad Orders. Prompt Dallvery.
Way, Carn. Sate. Bra. Hardware, Grecerie. Etc. Win... Liqaer.
John Kleinkemper,
SGrocerie, Wines and Liquors, Wood, Coal, Hay, Corn,
Oats, Bran, Etc.
4e»s DeYIered F.ee a Charge. Cerer Ali sad Venrret Sreets.
First Aid.
Speaking: of Ih litlI - eI1it v fir wile
injured. the st. Loui, T'imue soyd.
"l'erhaps it will lo , e t taken amaa:-s
if we call ;itentillo t to the bv\ioul tat
that zlue-tinthls if aill the" tirou eil.- lIn
the worltid I dlle to Iit '1ra:lnl.e f cer
tain slmplt e thin1gs. It inizht evtqn 1,
said sºi ely." that all I-tIhaps; (if wli:at
ever kind-mental, ph.-i hyal and spirit
ual-are due to a w;Iant f experience:
s and training. .\~ccidelits of a thou
sand variketies. fromlu dilowning to the'
taking of a dose from the wrong beit
tie, are in a niljority of cases fat:al
simply Ieeause there was not present
some one ' ho know what to do. n
i juries which almost tear the Ibody to
pieces are curable if the man of train
Sing and experience Is at hand. The
simplest injuries often prove fatal
Swhen they are not properly attended
to, when the injured person does not
get the benefit of a little simple help.'
How a Great Surgeon Died.
While Bichat. the famous surgeon.
was dying of typhoid fever he turned
to an old colleague who was sitting
beside his bed and said to him:
"My friend. I am lost, but it is some
consolation to know that my case is
very curious. During the last few
days I have noticed some odd symp
toms, and I am studying them care
"Oh. you may recover yet." said the
r "That is impossible." replied Bichat,
"and if it were not for one thing I
would be quite willing to die."
"What is that?" asked the friend.
"I am exceedingly sorry," answered
Bichat. "that I shall not have an op
portunity to perform an autopsy on
myself after my death, for I know
that I would make some wonderful
scientific discovery."
An hour later he was dead.
When the World Was Drunk.
Nowhere in all the world today can
be found as many confirmed drunk
ards as there were among the Thra
clans, the Iberians. the Celts or the
Scythians. The man who didn't get
drunk every day or two was regarded
as queer. The Greeks were moderate
drinkers until they began to copy the
luxury of the Persian feasts. The Ro
mans imitated the Greeks. Then the
whole world went on a mad drunk. It
was a saturnalia. Caligula owes his
niche in the hall of fame to the drunk
en banquets with which he made even
Rome marvel. The excesses made
fashionable by such potentates as Lu
cullus. Nero. Verres. Tiberius. Calign
ia, Vitellius and Domitian really began
In the days of Pompeii. and they mark
the beginning of the end of the repub
Shekels and Half Shekels.
The early Biblical references to
pieces of silver do not in the original
convey the Idea of coins, but of
weights, shekels. The Mosaic "obla
tion to God" was a half shekel, and
the shekel is explained by Josephus
as equal to four Athenian drachmae of
the value of about 55' cents in Amerl
can money. The first Jewish coinage
under authority was, it is believed,
struck by Simon, the blaccabee, about
the year 140 B. C. It consisted of
shekels and half shekels. This coin
age had its value signified upon it.
"Shekel Israel," in Samaritan charac
"While coming down In the train
this morning I noticed two deaf and
dumb men sitting opposite me. One
of them had an Impediment in his
"How could a deaf and dumb man
have an impediment in his speech?"
'Two of his tngers were cut off."
Patience is the most important fac
tor in making a success of life. No
great work was ever accomplished
without a wholesome amognt of this
attribute practiced by the achiever.
Eager to Go.
"My good man, how did you happen
to be thrown out of work?'
"I got out." replied Weary Wombat,
with dignity. "1 didn't hatter be
thrown out."-Wuashington Herald.
Hope Deferred.
Elngieton-I understand your moth
etain-law is very rich. Does she monjoy
good health? Henpeekke-Enjoy It?
She positively gloats over 1t.-Ex
Conscence is harder than our eoao
iles, knows more, accusesa with moe
nlcety.-George lot.
Aim High.
No matter what yoere oing, aim
for the bigbest 9po0t Im. TIe may
land tn a aJump, and if you tfall that's
time enough to lower yaour aim. Pgo
ple give you credit only for your best
eort.-Baltimore Sun.
Young Mr. Highup-Goong abroad,
yr say? But have yoe seem America
Sart? Mm. Blase-Oh, yes; theres
aurdly a spot tn New Tear we bavesm
Span sh Law.
;s t 1< I-li ,I **r." rl ziiisb lieve w yeari
"t &athruu taillu hWv a ,ltkd upon by the,
Ii aul !itrit .* te giu a. tVte - idn as to the
w A

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