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mereG at the Peetoeee at New Orleasmm
seceadulass Mail Matter.
Gs Coo. One Month. It Advance .. 10
o one n Tear, l advance..... $1.00
L. C. V. RATr...Bditor and Proprietor
Addres all eunaskatlons to
IDr. C. V. Kraft, No. 500 Verret itreet.
New Orleas, IA. Phone, Allier 603.
NEW ORLEANS, LA., DEC. 7, 1911.
TgS MRALD may be found at the fol
!R1S i.D (AgilesU OSes). 500 er
'®t ELUALD (City o0)c. 523 Perade
Wi-- OMBB-sU RO wren. Opelme.
A OU. I ATIKm de ll Avenue.
Msedbers raiting to get TH. BM.
ALD regualarly, will isle" notify the b.e
- u-Maner, No. S60 Tercet Street
pase sead oemmunleatioe for publea
-tes -m early as poealble, had not later
-nm Tmesdy sigt.
al emmiatlons, ach m a lettes from
the people and moe neo. of ls, lawn
se inirtded is TH alI A ftree wi
barge. No eeommunlcatJo will be re
-elved unltan Imed by the eeader. We
_e not pillabr your same l conanction
with the eommnnleatiotu sale you so state.
but we must Insist upon havtng your same
ms a guarantee of good ftath.
New Orleans exempts factories from
Tamaten untUil 191 Algiers the Fifth
Wistrict of New Orleans, has several
deerable sites for factories. Capital.
Ists will find It to their advantage to
On Friday, December 1, a delightful
party was given at the residence of
Mrs. William Reardon, 334 Pacific ave
nue, in honor of the ninth birthday
anniversary of her little daughter
iA ose present were: Misses Eloise
Bethancourt,, Mildred Brauner, May
Brauner, Lettie Coogan, Mary Castro
giovanni, Celle Cartrogiovanni, Annie
Curren, Mabel Comeaux, Katie Den
nis, Louise Dennis, Agnes Dennis, Mi
nerva Dillon, Amie May Dennis, Elsie
Dennis, Jeanette Dennis, Lois Gravois,
Jenivive Gordon, Nellie Herbert, Ada
Hoffman, Maude Lennox, Victoria Len
nox, Hollis Malain, Florence McQuil
len, Ruth McQuillen, Carrie Pope, Ela
sore Rooney, Ethel Reardon, Annie D.
Sadler, Clemaunce Sperrier, Sherly
Schroth, Olga Umbach, Mildred Um
bach, Bernice Williams, Ethel Wil
liams; Messrs. Joe Brauner, George
Brauner, John Birney, Raymond Cur
ren, Obrien Clark, James Charbonet,
Vernon Durand, Philip Dennis, Joe
Dennis, George Donley, Joe Donley,
Alvin Hoffman, Raymond Hymel, John
Lamor, Halsey Malain, Harold Mala:,i
Andrew McQuillen, Walter Pope, Cecil
Pau, Theodore Sperier, Edgley
Schroth, Charles Sadler and Albert
This morning at 10 o'clock the com
mittee of the Algiers Improvement
Association Will meet Captain Har
dee, City Engineer, to take up the
matter of the grade of the approach
to the ferry landing, as well as the
other violations of the franchise of
the Southern Improvement and Ferry
The committee will meet Captain
Hardee at the ferry landing on the
Algiers side of the river, after which
a conference will be held between the
The members of the committee are
as follows: Joseph W. Lennox, pres
ident; M. 8. Mahoney, chairman;
Jules Bodenger, P. C. Duvic, J. P. Ve
sien, P. S. Lawton, J. E. Huckins,
Charles Cieutat, William H. Ward,
George Koppel, Judge Maher, Dr. C
V. Kranfe
Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Jones of Loel,
La., ent1ertainef the following guests
at a Thanksgiving house party:
Mr. L. G. Gulley of Taylortown, La.;
Mr. B. N. Bledsoe of Elm Grove, La.;
Miss Norms Higgins of Natchitorhes,
La., and Miss Garland Gulley of the
State Normal School
Mr. and Mrs. Joens were assisted in
entertaining by the latter's mother,
Mrs. J. P. Gulley. A sumptuous
Thanksgiving dinner, with proverbial
turkey and pumpkin pie, was served
on Thursday, and the party joined by
Mr. E. O. Payne and chaperoned by
Mr. and Mrs. Jones, attended the
Thanksgiving dance at the Comus
Club in Natchltocbes that night Fri.
day morning the party went boat rid
inag and the afternoon was spent quail
hunting. Two delicious quail suppers
were the result Priday night, sfter
playing cards until 10 o'clock, the
young people retired to rest up for
what was to follow. Saturday was
spenat horseback and b~at riding and
hunting. Saturday nilght a splendid
euchre party was enjoyed and Miss
Virginla Rohertson of Baton Rouge
and Mr. E. O. Payne were the other
Rellsaig that this would be the
last night o fu n, the young people
stayed up until the wee small homurs,
and Messrs. Bledoe and Gully left on
the 4 o'clock train for their respective
Miss Galleys school duties called
her beck to the normal oe nun
attoernoo, and Mles fls nii w e
Mrs. Joins' eest some ten daysag
It is now a common thing for the Algiers business men to be misquoted
in the Daily Item. This has been going on to such an extent that many of our
business men are becohming very indignant regarding this matter.. On sev
eral e.ccasions The Herald has ponited out where several so-called interviews
were published in the Item from some of our people, and in each instance
they were denied absolutely by the parties who were supposed to have given
the interview.
The first supposed interview took place with Joseph Tallon, who denied
that he had even spoken to the Item reporter upon the subject he was
quoted. Then comes an interview with Mrs. J. E. liuckins, who also denied
that the gave out the interview that was published by the Item.
Mr. Charles Cieutat of the Algiers Manufacturing Company is lquotcd by
the item regarding the increase of salaries of the firemen of the Sewerage
and Water Board as saying: "I look on the raise as a political expedient of
the moment to counteract any forces that may be working against th.l Ring.
I wish I had a job there myself." Mr. t'ieutat absolutely denies that he had
made these statements to any Item reporter.
'ir. Frank C. Duvic, our hardware merchant, is quoted by the item as fol
lows: " 'I see by the morning papers,' says Frank C. Duvic, a businssý, n:an
of Algiers, 'that the Sewerage and Water Hoard has reconmmended an inrease
of over $11.0t'0 in its monthly pay roll, while we in Algiers can't, inl stven
years. get $.:".,0,i t," for a public park.' " .r. I)uvic( stated tiha the Item re
porter was in his place and he refused absolutely to give him any ilntervi,,\
on the subject, except he stated to the reporter that the questions he had
asked him he was in no position to answer, and ipreferred to see Mr. Lennox
before lie ga e out any interview. How lie could have bet-i quoted in his
way is beyond all his reason, as no mention was made of a public park or of
$511,.iItJ or any other subject with this young energetic reporter.
Tli, last fake interview published by the Item is with Joseph WV. Lennox.
who i.s president of the Algiers Improvement Assoiiation. The I:em says of
Mr. Lennox as follows:
"Lennox Patient Sinee .\ppointment.-- We are not going to push the
('anal street ferry company for improvements. We don't want to antago
nize them. By conservative measures we may accomplish something. If
we get results within six months from some of our demands we shall
think that we have done well.'-President I. W. Lennox of the Improve
ment Association.
"Mr. Lennox, prior to October 17, the day of his appointment to the
Sewerage and Water Board by Mayor Behrman, was an ardent advocate
of radical ferry reform. Mr. Walter J. Verlander, manager of the Canal
street ferry, is councilman from the Twelfth Ward, and a close ally of
Mayor Behrman, who appointed Mr. J. W. Lennox to the Sewerage Board.
"Since Mr. Lennox's appointment he has been counselling patience."
Of the above interview, Mr. Lennox has the following to say:
"I was called up a few nights ago by this reporter of the Daily Item
and asked what would take palce at the Algiers Improvement Association.
I told the gentleman that if he wanted to know what would take place he
would be welcome to come there, and the secretary would be glad to give
him such information as he desired. He then asked me what would be
done about the ferry franchise. I stated." says Mr. Lennox, "I did not
care to be quoted in the matter. He then asked me who was chairman
of the committee. I told him it was Mr. Mahoney. He then again asked
me my opinion as to several things regarding the ferry franchise, and I
again told him I refused to be quoted on the subject, and started to hang
up the receiver when he again asked me several questions, and the only
statement I made regarding the meeting Monday was that if he wanted
any information thereon to come to the meeting, as I absolutely refused to
be quoted.".
Mr. Lennox made this denial before the members of the Association Mon
day night, when he stated: "Gentlemen, you may realize my surprise when I
was told the Item had published an interview with me regarding my position
toward the franchise of the Southern Improvement and Ferry Company."
Rev. A. J. Schliesser of the Algiers Lutheran Church is also quoted in
the Item as saying:
"No Rublic utility regulated by such a body as the Railroad Commis
sion could'give such abominable service, fall so short of its franchise and
hold its franchise."
Rev. Mr. Schliesser, when asked regarding the above interview, stated pos
itively that he had had no such interview with the Item reporter. He did not,
in his conversation, mention anything about the Railroad Commission, but he
was asked by the Item reporter what he thought about the lights on the ferry,
and says he stated to the reporter that they could be better. He was also
asked about the steep grades and other accomodations, which he also criti
cized, but as to the interview, as published, Rev. Mr. Schliesser stated that it
was positively incorrect.
On Monday night the regular month
ly meeting of the Association was
held in Pythian Hall, and quite a good
deal of routine business was disposed
of and some important matters taken
The committee having in charge the
matter of the erection of a school is
the vicinity of the Naval Station re
ported that the Council committee ha4
approved the erection of a 16-room
school instead of a 6-room in that see
tion, and it will now be necessary to
wait for the appropriation, after which
time the building will be erected.
The matter of the drawbridge over
the Outfall Drainage Canal was again
taken up for consideration and almost
every member present had something
to say as to the best method to be
taken in securing this big improve
ment. It was pointed out by Mr. Peter
Lawton that in getting the right of
way for this canal for the city of New
Orleans be had found that none of the
deeds of the property had any inscrip
tion at all showing that the Grand
Isle Railroad Company had ever been
given a right of way over these prop
erties. It was also pointed out that
after an examination of the transfers
of these different properties to the
city of New Orleans no inscription
could be found wherein it was stated
that the Grand Isle Railroad either
had purchased or been granted a right
of way. Mr. Lawton further stated
that the city of New Orleans was
deeded this tract in fee simple and
that he believed, and it was the opin
ion of Omer Villere, former attorney
for the Sewerage and Water Board,
the Grand Isle Railroad was a squat
ter on this property, notwithstanding
that the road had occupied this prop.
erty for many years. Joseph W. Len
nox. president of the association, was
requested by the association to ascer
tain from the present attorney of the
Sewerage and Water Board the pres
ent statue regarding the bridge over
the canal, and report back to the as
sociatole. A letter was received from
the fire Prevestio Bureau, In which
it Save its resems why rates had bees
raised is that part et Aisrs lust at
th- uies. They stated, as there
were no water mains within a thou
sand feet it was necessary to increase
the rates, and they would remain so
until the mains were extended. A
committee was appointed by the asso
ciation to wait upon the Sewerage and
Water ,Board to see whether or not
these mains could be extended. The
Herald was also requested to state to
the Algiers people that if there had
been any raise in insurance tates any
raise reported to the association
would receive prompt attention, from
this body.
The principal matter of the evening
taken up was that of the matter of the
violation of the franchise by the
Southern Improvement and Ferry Co.
Martin S. Mahoney, chairman of the
committee, stated that he had written
a letter to the superintendent of the
Southern Improvement and Ferry Co.,
and having received no reply he urged
that the matter now be taken up by
the association. The following is a
copy of the letter sent to the superin
New Orleans, Nov. 26, 1911.
W. J. Verlander, Supt.
Southern Imp. & Ferry Co.,
New Orleans, La.
Dear Sir: The committee from the
Algiers Improvement Association, of
which I have the honor to be the chair
man, and which called upon you about
a month ago, to advise a readjustment
of the grades of the "Passenger and
wagon inclines leading to your ferries
on both sides of the river," and which
you promised to take up with your en
gineer at once, have been patiently
waiting to hear from You regarding
the matter.
Unless I hear from you by Tuesday
morning next, outlining some plan of
action, I will consider the matter off,
in so far a your company is concern
ed. Hoping to hear from you by the
appointed time, I remain,
Yours truly,
Chairman at Committee.
After some discussion, and again re
viewing the shorteomings of the Per
ry Company and the violation of their
ranchise, it was decded that the or
lanal committee o foer ,be anreased
to a eemmitte at tea, and that the
mnater now be takes up with the City
Iglaser esd City Attorme to compel
he Southern Improvement and Ferry
ýompany to live up to those portions
)f the franchise which they are now
riolating, and to make such other im
provements as the franchise calls for.
While on the subject of the ferry, Mr.
Frank C. Duvic produced a letter from
one of the large sand companies in
the city, in which they stated it would
not be profitable to them to hsul ,:and
to Algiers by mule team, as it would be
very expensive, not only to them, but
it would make the cost so much
greater to Mr. Du\ic that there would
be little profit left after his sale. The
company urged that in order to oler
conme this barrier of the steep grade
of the ferry to purchase the sand in
carload lots. This is only one of the
many things that will be taken up as
e\ denuce before the City Engineer
and ('ity Attorney to show that there
are many reasons why the grades on
the approachtes of the ferry should be
lessened. The association is making
quite a collection of these letters to
be used in evidence in this particular.
The following members were pres
ent: .Judge Thomas F. Maher, Jules
itdleltger, Mr. Laumnann, lion. J. P.
Vezien, lion. I'. S. Lawton, Hon. M. S.
Mahoney, Howard Koppel, F. C. Duvic,
J. E. liuckins, Peter E. Muntz, lion.
Joseph W\. Lennox, I)r. C. V. Kraft.
Now on Exhiition at 610-612 Canal
A real live a monster, known as a
sea cow, 11 eet 4 inches in length,
weighing 1310 pounds, and nearly 200
years old, may be seen at 610-612 Ca
nal street, where this monster curiosi
ty is now being exhibited.
The animal arrived in New Orleans
after having finished a successful en
gagement at the State Fair. It was
captured at Point Isibel, on the Texas
coast near Brownsville, several months
ago. Ninety-two men and thirty-two
seins were employed In placing the sea
monster in captivity. It is such a rare
specimen that scientists have become
greatly interested as the species was
believed to have been extinct since
1784, and was never found except
around the West Indies and along the
South African coast.
The animal travels in a tank four
teen feet long and containing 1200 gal
lons of water. le feeds on vegetables,
devouring great quantities of lettuce,
a plant it is particularly fond of. The
age of the sea cow is estimated by the
thickness of its skin and its size.
Other species of the sea cow or Sir
nekan family are small in comparison.
It s stated that the monster may join
the scientific family at the Smithso
nian Institute, as zoologists connected
with that institution have seen it and
desire to add it to the collecion there.
The cow has been named "Grandfa
ther" on account of its age.
A very interesting meeting of the
Mount Olivet branch of the Woman's
Auxiliary was held at the rectory last
Tuesday night, after which light re
freshments were served.
We are glad to welcome back again
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Chapman and fam
ily, who have lately returned from
Franklin, La., and are domiciled at 211
Pelican avenue. The young folks
signalized their return by being in
the Sunday school bright and early.
The choir is busily practicing the
Christmas music. On Christmas there
will be an early celebration of the
holy commnlnion at 6 a. m., and morn
Ing prayer, holy communion and ser
mon at 9 o'clock. These will be the
only two services on that day.
Our choir has been invited to take
part In the joint memorial Pythian
service at Odd Fellows' Hall next
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
The regular monthly meeting of the
vestry will take place tonight at the
rectory at 7:30 o'clock.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Har
old Eleuterius Davldson. was baptized
last Sunday afternoon, the name of
his father being given him. The spon
sors were Mrs. Maud Davldeon and
Mr. Charles Nicholas Gould.
Since last report the following have
contributed to the Birthday Guild:
Mrs. A. Conway and M. E. Fortier;
Misses Corinne C. Hughes, Mand
Tufts, Alma L. Tufts, Ethel North,
Frances A. North, Rebecca I. Bentel,
Elizabeth ,M. OGlsch, Florence Forrest
and Norene V. Niklaus; Messrs. L. J.
Peterson, Alfred G. Tufts, Joseph L.
Hughes, George E. Pebeck and War
ren B. Beymour; Masters Stewart K.
Gahn, Martin Buras, Benjalmin
North, Roland Briel, Irvine C. P. Briel
and Clayton J. Borne.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Kindergarten Mothers' Club was held
- on Friday, December 1. Mrs. A. J
SAmeudo presided. After all prepera
tions for the Christmas celebratios
were completed and all business traps
acted, the election of officers the
took place, which were as follows:
President-Mu. A. J. Ameudo.
STreasurer--Mrs. H. Butcher.
SVice President-Mrs. L. Gisch.
r ecretary-Mrs. 8. OGllena.
SAfter the election of omeers a Sa
I program was re~derred ad refresh
Smeats w ere ved.
The club R s ed to meet the ima
Sriday la January.
Thanksgiving, :lll, was a time of
kindly thought and helpful deeds at F
the Belleville School. Sympathizing
eyes had been keenly on the watch for
some time to note the deserving poor
of the district, and the little observ
ers htwded to the committee, this y,-ar,
composed of Miss Ethel Rhodes, chair
man; Miss Ella M1. Rees, Miss Reene
Martin, Miss Grace Averil and Mrs.
D)aniels, the name, residence and nuni
ber in the family and means of sup
port of those whom they thought de- I
serving. Slips were prepared by the 3
coummittee and baskets were brought
by the little girls. Just after "inter
mission" the contributions were hand
edt in by those who cared to bring
them. They were divided among
those to be supplied, according to the
needs of the family, and when the
scihool came down at noon it was to
speed on their way a piroct-ssion oF
fort.-eight baskets filled, not Olly
with things to eat and to wear, but
brimming over with good wishes and
kindness of lpulpils and teachers.
Later there was dropped in big b:'r
rels what the children called "ticke-ts"
to the afternoon exercises, seats by
potatoes, oranges, apples and onions.
In all forty-eight baskets were sent
out: one little lad was fitted out with
winter "togs; $..7;5 was sent to a local
charity organization, and fruit and po
tatoes were sent to the Little Sisters
of the Poor, St. Alphonsus' Asylum.
and the Newsboys' Home.
in the last hour of the afternoon the
school had the pleasure of .nterrain
ing its director, Mr. Frank Hemming,
who distributed the forty-six gold pins
won by pupils of the school by last
session's work.
Irrespective of grade, grammar or
primary, any pupil of any public school
who is, for the entire session, satis
factory in scholarship and conduct,
and who makes the requisite record
in the three athletic events-all-up re
lay, goal throwing, and running-re
ceived from the Public School Athletic º
League a gold pin. This was explain
ed. The significant fact that but forty
six pins were given out among the
202 pupils' names sent in in Novem
ber, 1910, at the beginning of the ses
sion, was commented on by Mr. Hem
ming, who closed with a brief review
of our reasons for being thankful, per
- sonal and national.
The following named received pins:
Marcus Johnson, Blanche Pollock,
Ida Keogh, Hilda Nicklaus, Alma
Smith, Nellie Reaney, Blanche Val
lette, Clare Schroder, Lillian Durgin,
Alma Hildebrand. Eleanore Richard
son, Rita Humphries, Sidonia Suther
. land, Dorris Donnenfelser, . Alta
1 Hornoski, Erdyn Brune, Olive Mar
- lowe, Lillian Knowls, Clair Finley,
i Thelma Johnson, Inez Irving, Iva Dan
I iels, Cora Schields, Alice Gayaut, Myr
tie Attenhoefer, Ruth Hafkesbring,
Mildred Hausknecht, Nettle Horn, Et
ta Pettigone, Clemence Sperrier. Wil
helmina Meder, Antoinette Reynolds,
Fredonia Mongrue, Maggie Mustachio,
Irma Schroder, Emma Gayant, Alma
Salathe, Mildred Hlmmebrecht, Thel
ma Layard, Gladys Butcher, Edna
e Hintz, Margaret Delzell, Grace Pol
l lock, Virginia Norton, Malress McGar
ry. Fontilla Stengel.
The following program was well ren
SEighth G-Governor's proclamation
of Thanksgiving, Clare Finley.
Eighth B-"Reaaons for Thanks"
1 (reading), Mildred Morse.
Seventh A-"First Thanksgiving"
n (reading), Margaret Pope.
Seventh A-"A Thanksgiving Les
son," L. Herbet, C. Branninger, F.
e Rooney, R Rousselot.
SSixth A--"Origin of Thanksgiving,"
K. Campbell.
SSixth B--"Hls Thanksgiving Dream,"
(reading), Dons Graham.
Fifth A-"Story of the Pilgrim,"
e Blanch Ramos.
SFourth A and B-Songs, "Tommy's
t Army" and "The Hayloft."
Fifth B-Songs, "Abilde With Me"
and "Dream Man." Reading, "A
e Thanksgiving Dinner," by Alma Pujol.
Third, A and B-Song, "November's
Party." Recitation, 'Thanksgivings,"
d M. Dillon, A. D. Sadler, Janet Calvin,
t Mary Hogan.
Third B-Recitation, "Counttig
d Blessings," Lois Gravois, Marguerite
Sarbeck, Julia Cayard, Helen Covell,
SCarlotta Kraft, Mildred Vesien, Carrie
Lawton, Louise Koppel, Emily Slack,
SStella Zatarain, Ernestine 8tockflieth,
d Maude Lennox.
One A-Recitation, "Thanksgiving
, Day," Salome Acker.
t Songs-FPirst Grade.
el Per
Words Words tect Class
dic- mis- pa- age
Grade. tated. spelled. pers. Pet.
Eighth B..11)50 22 15 97.2
SSixth A...1500 77 9 94.86
Seventh B.1450 89 15 94.88
, Seventh A. 850 47 6 94.46
u Eighth A.. 850 49 2 94.20
IPourth B..2028 186 7 90.80
a Third B...1100 110 4- 90.00
Fifth A....1950 202 8 89.864
81ixth B...J75'0 185 .. 89.54
Pourth A..1650 190 1 88.11
Third AL...1350 10 2 87.92
Third ... 50* 84 1 83.30
'lfth B....3 383. .. 83.00
For the Week Ended December 7.
.1.EyN Dr. Abraham, Willie lIas-i" ,v
V. C. Cooke, I. C. I)earman, ). .1I
Fention, Mr. Haris, S .Johnison It i.,
W\'I; Edward .Jackson, tC. Julian. \l Ik
Iangerniaier, Francisco LunI.la
Tholmas Riobertsonl, Wallacf' Itr:h4er
ford, Luck Rhodes. Manuel Ito,:n.on.
WOMEN--Martha .Iohnson , tl .s
lBertha Porter, Miss Suie Rutlin, \lr
M. Sylvester, Maery Williams.
'PA('K.AGE-Mich. Lang ,rmInl.r
.\ F. I.I:ONII.\ItlIT.
I's. nas' rl
Superintlendent oif S:;. .
November 30---Alit hia \I'l , .e
daughter of W. 1). (;orman and KaE:ci
IDurgin of the Lower ('oast. Sponsors,
Charles A. Durgin and Bertha l)urgin. i
DIecember 3-Godfrey ('harles, son
of Ilarvey McNeely and .IJennit Biar
rett of Opelousas avenue. \\'itness,
C. G. ,Moseley; sponsor, J.uanita Bar
D)ecnember 3 --\illiam Htenry, son of
W. II. \\ittenburg and Cecile Bour
geois of Pelican avenue. Sponsors,.
Albert Zatarain and Mrs. Nettie Ec k
Hl"l I \iNuN IPL'E _.iii.IN; 4 OMlI '.\NY.
STATi OF I)tISIANA, I'PAtlsi (OF i1t.
lie it known, that on this second day of
thei month of l remlber in the year of our
lrnl one thousand nine hundred and eleven,
iswfore me. Andrew M. Buchnann. a notary
p1ublle duly commissioned and qualitti.d in
and for the parish of Orlu.ans. city and state
aforesaid, and in tile presence of the wit
nt-aes hereinafter nam.ed and undetrsigned,
personally came and appeared tile wersons
whose names are hereunto subscribed, all of
this t ity, who seve.rally declared that avail
ing themselves of the previsions of the gen
erat laws of the state of Louisiana. relative
to the formation of corporations, they do
hereby form and organize themselves into
and constitute a corporation for the objects
and purposes anti under the stipulations set
forth, to-wit :-
The' name and title of this corporation
at shall be domiciled in the city of New
Orleans, state of Louisiana. and it shall en
Joy and have succession for a period of
ninety-nine years from the date hereof. It
shall have power to contract, sue and li
sited, in its corporate name. to purchase.
hold. sell, mortgage, or lease property; real
and Isrsonal; to issue bonds, notes anti other
obilgations ; employ such managers anti other
employees as the interest of the corporation
may reqalte and to make and establish by
laws, rules and regulations for the proper
man-tgement and control of the corlpration.
All citations and other legal process shall
lie served upon the president, or in his ab
sence, upon the vice-president.
The objects and purposes of this corpora
tion are to engage In the business of pur
chasing, storing and selling, on commission
or otherwise. rice and other agricultural
products and mercantile commodities of
every description; to buy and sell stocks.
bonds and other securities, to borrow and
lend money and secure same by mortgage or
pledge, and generally to carry on any law
ful business or enterprise not inconsistent
with the constitution or laws of the state
of Louisiana.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby ftied at the sum of twenty-tive thou
sand t$25,000.00) dollars, divided Into one
thousand shares of twenty-five ($25.00i dol
lars each, to be paild for In cash or its
equivalent, at such times as may be deter
mined by the board of directors, provided
that the corporation may commence bus
ness when three thousand dollars (t$3.000.00)
of its stock shall have been subscribed for.
Transfers of stock shall be made only on
the books of the corporation by the owner
or his duly authorized representative.
All the powers of this corporation shall be
vested in a board of directors, consisting of
three stockholders, a majority of whom shall
constitdte a quorum. They shall make all
by-laws, rules and regulations and do any
and all things necessary to conduct the bust
ness of the corporation. They shall till va
cancies that may occur in their number from
any cause whatsoever. The first board of
directors shall be elected by the stockhold
ers immediately after the completion of this
charter and the said board of directors shall
at once elect from among their number a
president, vice-president and a secretary
treasurer, all of which directors and ofcers
shall serve until the second Monday of Jan
uary 1013. On said date and on the second
Monday of January of each year thereafter,
there shall be held an election by the stock
holders of a board of director, who shall
elect the ofcers as soon as practicable
thereafter. Etch share of stock shall Ie
entitled to one vote. Ten days' prior no
tice shall be Aiven to each stockholder of
such election of the board of directors.
No stockholder shall ever Ie held liable
for the contracts, faults or debts of said
corpoltation, nor shall any informality in or
ganization have the effect of rendering this
charter null or of exposlng the stockholder
to any liability beyond the amount of the
unpaid balance of his stock.
This act of incorporation may be amended
or this corporation may be dissolved with
the assent of the holders of three-fourths of
the shares present at a general meeting of
the stockholders called for the purpose, after
ten days' notice by publication. In a daily
newspaper published in the city of New
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved, by limitation or otherwise, Its affairs
shall be liquidated by three commissioners
chosen by the stoekholders from their num
ber. at a general meeting called for the pur
pose. after ten days' publication, as pro
vlded above. 8aid commistsoners shall re
Smain In ofce until the affairs are fully
liquidated and they shall have power to fill
all vaeanieis in their number. Said com
missioners shall have authority to fully 11.
quidate the affairs of the corporation and to
do all things necemary to that end.
Thus done and passed inmy omfce, at the
city of New Orleans, In 'the presence ol
5 Mark M. Boataer and Joseph F. Walton,
competent witneses. of lawful age, who
n hereunto sign their names, together with
said appearers and me, notary, on the datt
set forth in the caption hereof, after due
reading of the whole.
) (Original slgned): Names of signers omit
ted. IWltnesaes) : M. I. Boatner, Jos. F
) Walton.
A~onaw M. BecHuAn..
S(Seal) Not. Pab
I, the uallersigned, recorder of mortgages
SIn and for the perish of Orleans, state ol
Loluisiana, do hereby certify that the above
L and forellola act ineorporation of the
Unilon [ Milling Company was this da,
I duly recorded In sg, omy, in book 1031
INew Orleams, December 4th, 1911.
Exua Laoysas, D. IL
I 1 hereby certify the above and forol
act to be a true sad correct copy of th
Soriginal, o4 regsd i my ole, except thal
the sam 01 the sbseritbeva and th,
amounts sabsertld by1 eac are omitted.
Aamw M. Bucm axyw,
be 2 les as ls ~Net. Pu
Want Colu
I;ilia, woman for h
ookir.g. A IpIy 305 Vaillgt
To :1 ., (t u,.ginger5 ,ea
"omltd .1 ers sad
ritn,;v v .1 :,, able to
Inl o: n . Apply Jp4
'ring to be talght
man uiar;:-. a, at night, Pl
itat~,n . A!x and Ber
L-et: >:d at reagp
1.( 1t SALE.
1:,0 fe" .e, od picket Ien.,
to r. A 1 Er.r, 3--5 VlUe.
ICule ('ottage-5 root "
side; s:a'e roof. Lot meag
Ilcate4C at 3:23 and 325 Vafg.
tents for $'4 a month.
~ouble Cottage-5 ro0m N
side; ren's for $20 a tt~
at 614-616 Al,x street, betwe
and Va'l'e:e streets.
Apply to JOSEPH W. Lg'>
Elmira avenue.
Double cottage and two Lh
Webster avenue. Rents bl
month. Apply 426 Pacige
street; 4 rooms, bath, ,;
painted and in as good
new house. $12.50 per i,"
rooms; will inclose two gy
to go with same. $14.0O r
COTTAGE-317 AliUh t
rooms. $15.00 per month.
612-614-616-618 PELICAN Ml
soon to be placed in gad
bath, iron fences, large yal
each tenant. You shoil ll
name on our list for ths
houses. Ready abqpt Jamseq
rents will be reasonable.
street; $10.00 per month.
ville street, near Pelicaa;
boarding house. Will li
good condition to suit taet
lease for a term of yeaw
157 Del ronde bll
R. A. TANSEY, Ime gg
Nice five-room hoLa SI
avenue, $12.00 a mosth.
room house and fullbs ,
335 Bermuda street. mgg
muds street.
VINET-On Monday,
11:15 a. m., MRS.W3,
(nee Rose Eleanore
Deceased was born il
fifty-four years ago 41 U i
resident of our district
years. The funeral took
day at 3 o'clock, fro Idr
dence. 328 Dearmas rL
was in St. Bartholomew
Miss Edith MahoUW
nue, who was operasd
ago for appendicitis
tions, is now convdlesLS
dence of her parents.
Thanksgiving servio'
Lutheran Church were S
service opened with a
glers' popular plane
Schoen. The con
a song of praise. Net
of thanksgiving and S
son. This was fo
from Miss Dietrich. She
contralto volce, with a
only few singers possess.
of thanksgiving was M_
gregation. This was
sermon. After this
also an accomplished
sing. but she was IlL'
school then sang the
giving hymn: 'Now
Our God." The servl
the congregation sdl
ogy. The church Wis
strangers heard the
in which were also
spicuously that we O
for our religions li1r .
unadulterated word.
Engllsh soervi~
Sunday school at *: - .
service at 10:30 5 -.

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