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Algerines at Law#
New Suits.
M1r-. E. Von Huelow, etc. %s Life
Ins. ('. of Virginia: appeal from ('ivil Bc
I)ist'< Courti!. Iiv. U.- Robert O'Con
nor. f1 plaintiff and appellant. pr
Rehearings Refused. io
It 1y C. hMetr Co. v s. E. . Vas
quz ond P. F. lh ennessey: in r, Iiarr'
C. ME yer ('o. applying for certiorari
or ý\ " of treiew, to the court oft il
peal, larish'of (Orltan-. state of L.ou
ta.la . li
A\ ,., .1I. Tal is. . i ouandotd judo- T
mtn' !;:.missing pilaInti!ffs suit: judg"
( ' ti l'lon of d iL orcite'.
I.a walle lea:>y ('o. to W id. .: ih p.
M1 is6 .-s 'a Gr Lt 111o ogII le ol our I
-halllinii young ladies. was most
agreeably surprised by a numbler of
her friends last Saturday evening at
her homEt · ill Elmira avenue.
The jolly crowd met at the homa. of
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Pollock and
then proceeded to the Lennox home.
The evening was most enjoyably y
spent. Miss Retta Pollock furnished f
the music for the dancing. Delicious
refreshments were served during the
course of the evening.
Those present were Misses C'ora
Shields, Blanche Pollock, Hazel Mc
Neely, Thresa Platt, Inez Irving.
Blanche Vezien, Clare Keenan, Claire
Finley, Camille Spahr, Irma Schroder,
Alva Salache, Norma Weber and E.
Berthelot; Messrs. John H. Pollock, I
George Irving, Foster Ryan, Walter
Ryan, Justin Pujol, George Hebert,
Charles Corbett, Ed Luft, Eugene Le
fere, L. Bergeron, E. White and A. Ber
Be it known, that on this 5th of Decem
Ier, in the year of our Lord one thousand
nine hundred and eleven (1911). before me,
FrederI C'. Marx, a notary public duly com
missioned and qualified, in and for this city
and parish of Orleans, therein residing, and
in the presence of the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned: personally came
and appeared, the several persons whose
names are hereunto subscribed, who sever
ally dtclared that availing themselves of the
provisions of the laws of the state of Lou
isiana and more particularly of act No. 78
of 1804, they have covenanted and agreed
and do by these presents covenant, agree and
bind themselves as well as such other per
sons as may hereafter become associated
wlth them, to Constitute and form a corpo
ration and body politic in law for the ob
Ject and purposes and under the articles
and stlpulations following, to-wit:
The name and title of this corporation
and by that corporate name it shall have
and enjoy suceelion for ninety-nine (99)
years; to contract, sue and be sued, to make
and use a corporate seal, to issue bonds, bor
row and lend money in any manner it may
deem best or advisable and secure by any
collateral or Securities that it may see fit;
to have and employ managers, directors, of.
ers, agents, clerks or superintendents a
the interest of the company may require: to
make and establish by-laws rules and regm
latlon, for the management of its afair
and to possess all the powers granted and
Intended to be granted by law to corpora
tions In general and to do all things that
are n-essary and proper to carry out the
objects and purposes for which this corpo
ration Is organised.
The domicile of the corporation shall be
at New Orleans, Louisiana, In the parish of
Orleans, state of Loulslana, and all ctrS
tons or other legal process shall be serrved
upon tbhe president, or in his absence upon
te vice-president, or In the absence of
either. upon the secretary-treasurer at the
doflellE of the company, and thisl corpora.
tlon shall have power to establlsh such
bran-h oaices for the transaction of Its busl
ness both within and without the state as it
deem best or proper.
objects and purposes for which th!is
eorporation is formed and the nature of bus
iae to be carried on by it Is hereby de
elared to be dealang in, acqulring, parrch
l·a holding, as well as selling, mortgaging
boading real estate In any of the form
that may be deemed most advantaeous fot
the purpose of carrying on this baslnessu ; t
bold, rell and mortgage Improved and unim.
prmved ro.erty, real or personal, in tim
sate of ,oanisina: to develop, reea, dr
or cultIvate for the account of the compan
or os a share basis any lands or propert
in the state of LouIsiana; to engage in com
mereal eaterprises suceh as the operation o1
besrdlu boows, trading posts, tores, can
aeries, th eapettio of fish and fshe rie
tho orti·of railwaFhrs tramways, canal
b oUdlng nd camstrctIon of bosts and th:
operation of eea for navigatin purposea
'the tbuldinr of roade and hblgbwsy, the con
structo o wharves, leaoouss, ladia
piers and station homes, the apiotation o
timber, manuthctre of mhm, raising 1
cattle and tbe growing of ar prodct
generally; the oeratios daires and th
manufaetdte of dair proldto; the ereet
and construection of uldldp i eontraet o.
otherwise, dwellig bom, tbheater pak
and places of amusement, sad ia fartheria
the objects and purpose of thlis corporation
It shall have the riht to establish branche
in sad out of the sato of Louisiana and In
general to do anything that may be pertinent
to or ineldeat to the linaes of bmasiness out
lined tad set forth In this artlel.
The capital stoek of this orporation is
hereby fied at the sum of one hundrled
thounsad dollars, divIded itte 1000 IhM
of the par value of $100.00 ese, paI r
In cash or its equlvallt or to labor de or
In property actuall reeeived. The n-Pe
ration to be a Ia conmern so soe as
thre thoessad liars of ito ispiW osek
sball have bees subrerlId audld i. Me
stoekholder WaIl ever bo eeld 11 or ye
lrook!ynll and aIssisasipi , Juuao* ni.
ecognizing owner.- C. D. C. .h
Julius Bodenger to Ideal Savings &
lomes: ead Assn., lot, Powder, Alix, to
oun:. and Pelican. $2.20&i cash.
Puri haser to John W. Alkman. same ,r,,
)ropes :., $2,000 terms.-Renaudin. t
Rilet' Osgood et al. to Ideal Savings "
t Homestead Assn., lot, Newton, Hlo- ~I
ier. Itiver and Brooklyn, $401J cash.
Purchaser to vendor, same property,
40i( tt rms.- Renaudin.
Mrs. Polite Saunders et al. to Damnas
;ayaut, lot. Brooklyn. I.antarque. Le
.rmas and .lefferson, $475 cash. llen
iess \ '. tii,
.1rs. A\l'x Lewis et als. to Mrs. .los. i
iillanii half int-rest in lot. P'tolemty.
Ot he. N eit and .. -ft'eroln. $477, ash..
I'o i lnlonll\\ alth i hu i hdilg & L oa n .\ -
oi i.' lonl owner. one-Story double tot
age. - ate roof, Elmira, Slidell. lHotert
114 !Htlletill,. $:i,n.t . 11. .\ l 'Keef' :
Mrs. \V. S. Slack owner, tmoing, rte
pairs and addition 417-19 l'elican ate- if
tn,'. s100; Felix Borne builder. t
-p,.,-i , I'-,i th, i r'ltif 'lt , fa n:l - o~r , I,
f u111n. mu, ' ,hiaI :ll m111\ re l nfrmlll.llilty ill tlli
,F-t lirltitill Ila ' tII. . f"e " of l t" Illiter i it
hi. '! aI-lt1" 1 i o" of exposing the <lrk
il I t- i in . lit:! ,ilit. 1 li\. l, ll tl i. ll l i, I
.\Ti 'or 't1.1: ot r . I:1ti t
T.iti .,l ,ritin - a .l t. I- i 't"el . n.f r h i ,it' rlll e t
fI" not le ThI irch irlttl Ih l' til diretr . t Iare 1
il' of shit-Il ha; ll ,I a l t it ute a ; ! s rll,atll
I. I: tlllsh-t ItinlP,"s. 'ld thelly ,shall A,a't
fronl the, iF nmlr l rr a pr 'eid'llent, viel' pre1ldent
and :i secretor} ll reanrer T1"h ditrectols
:hall w, oelcted annullly b v 1,:l it. by th , It
ti,,stkholler. at ltitr of fi th a ni clrpa.
ilon lh,' i-r ' UttlIl t he ir: tI' of Tlh es'll o if Ieach
iear. Ei'r h stckhrhler shall Iis mhilled
viiher in p,,rsou or by plr,.xy. to itne vyite
f-l "tI'r share of stick in his ,111mI1' an4d
clh tl.lhetion shall tIN hehl under such rules
:s may Is' pr."scribwd by the Nosril of direr
h,trI. and a majority a the votes asit .shall
elF,. .llnk srs. .l n. . n. 'oo..lull s F. Ficnk
aprnd linry and . . vrot ar," declared to Ile ia l
tirst oItal'd f diret.tors of Ilthe nalt corpora
thin t'l serve until tle first Tuesdlay (of l. d
'itlilwr, 1912, or until their lt-esuer ors shall i
have Is-en nleada and qualitlie, with J.lihs
F. Funk as president. J. N. t'nlomb as vice .
presihdnt. and II. IL. Favrot as secretary
Ireas.lrer. Any vacancies occurring on said
board shall be tilled by the remaining direc
tors for the lnextpilred ternm. The sait hoard
of ditectors shall make and 'establish. as
well as alter and amend any and all by
laws. rllhs and regulatlions for th,- g,,vern
ItIent of said corporation.
This charter may be moiditied. chanigedt andt
altered, and tills corporation may be dis
s,olvied, or the said c·orporation ntay be
merged or consolidated with any other cor
poration with the assent of three-fourths of 1
the stock represented at a general meeting I
of the stockholders convened for thalt pur
pose afte.r ten days. previous notice shall I
have been given to each of t e stockholders
mailed to his residence as it appears ,on the I
books of the cmrupany.
Whuenever this corporatlon may tI' dis
solve'd, either by limitation or by any other
cause, its affairs shall be liquidated by
three stockbolders elected as commissioners
of liquldation. at a general meeting of the
stockholders to be convened for that pur
pose. after ten days' previous notice saali
have been given to each stockholder mailed
to his last known residence as it appears
on the books of the company. Sald com
misioners shall remaint In ofice until the
affairs of the corporation shall have been
settled and liquidated and in case of death
of ,ne or more liquidators. the vacancy
shall be filled by the survivor or surviving
comm inionlera.
Thus done and passed in my office at New
Orleans, on the day, month and year first
above written, and in the presence of Noelle
Voorhies and Charles Munsted, both compet
ent witnesses, . who sign their names to
I gether with said appearers and me, notary,
r after reading of the whole.
(Original signedl : I1. L. Favrot. I share:
SJno. N. Colomb. 998 shares: Julius F. Funk,
1 share. ( Witnesses : Noelle Voorhies,
e Charles lunsted.
FatED. C. .MARX, Not. Pub.
8 State of Louisiana,
SParish of Orleans:
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages.
d In and for the parish of Orleans. do hereby
º- certifv that the above and foregoing act of
lincorporatlon of Fairview Land Company
wasr thin day duly recorded in my oftce, in
blook 10(51. follo -.
New Orleans. La.. December Sth, 1911.
(Signed) E'ILE Lorlatto.
Dy. .Recorder.
I hereby certify that the above and fore
Sgoing is a true and correct copy of the
original act of incorporation of FPlrvlew
e Land Company, together with the certlificate
Stf the recorder of mortgages thereon.
y New Orleans. La.. December 5th, 1911.
S (Silgned) FaED. C. MaUx, .Sot. Pub.
dec 14 21 28 Jan 4 11 1912
B.' it known,. that on this the fiftth day of
the month of December, in the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and eleven
and of the Independence of the United States
of America the one hundred and thlrty41-th.
before me, Alexls Brian. a notary public duly
commissioned and qualified within and fot
the parlsh of Orleans, state of Lousiana
s and In the presence of the witneses herein
l. after named and underignled, personally
e- came and appeared the several persons
a- whose names are hereunto suebscribed, who
ig, severally declared that. availing themselves
a of the benefits and provisiona of the laws
or of the state of Loilslana relative to the
o organtation of corporations, they have form-..
- ed and organised and do. by these presents,
e form and organise themselves, as well -as
n such other persona as may bereaftter join or
y become assoelated with them or their sumc
ty cessors, into a corporation for the objects
. and purposesa and under the covenanta, stlpu
o lations and agreements following, to-wit:
he The name and title of this corporation
, shall he "ST. MAI) DELTA IARMS," an.
Sunder said name, unless sooner dimssolved ac
Scording to Its charter, It shall exist and coan
Stinue and shall have and enjoy corporat:
o existence for a period of ninety-nine (99)
Syears from and after the date of this act
e It may have, hold, receive, borrow, loan, ex
a ehangl . aequire, parchase, sell, alienate, con
r vey, lease, pledge, pawn, hypothecate en
a cuaber or mortgage property of any kind
whether real personal or mixed, coro r
Sor inerporeal, movable or immovable; it
e may ahe, se and endorwe bonds and
In notes and other evidenees of debt; it may
t accept mortgages, pledges or other forms of
- Isearsty for money loaned or other debts: it
may oatret, -e and be ed, plead "and be
Impleaded, and make, adopt and nuse a eor
porate seal: it amy me, elect, appoint and
employ such manaers, directors, olers,
is agents and othe employe as its laIterests
I and eonvenlee may reqire; and may ke
eItn eatablh saeh w-law rules end rea
ir latlop se the repsrp mmgemet and con
,. roper nd imerally Im. sh
It arem e may hereaf-e
tie. and lav ra at ntte.
The domicile of this corporation shall be I
at the city of New Orleans. parish of Or- lim
leans, state of lmulsiana. and all citations corl
or other legIal iproess shall ti served upo can
the president of said corporation. or In the ruts
event of his altaence upllon the vice'-president. a
and in his alsIence thin uplon the secretary. Sal
ARTIt'LE Ill. dial
in I
Thr nature oi f the business to IM' carried Ils
on by this corporation andi the oiJtje.t anil in
titrpoties for which it is oiranizrd aret here,- rn
hy dleclarled to I t a, follows: I oiti
To dl a getlneral real e~ lat hillttis : 1o4 tri
-llt). ell. Irent. Ileat. sI i- least e or ni i llrent.
m or1ta e or other \'wis , encnlolllu hr. llliprove.
re llnt . drain. lever,, mlll p. "exchan. llllllr an l
ag *. :Ind ,lrate Irenai |ral t rty whilthr r hllt- im
prosve l 11o" ninll"l.ve, : to hI. s el. hII.hihsld.
iontrut I' altei r aor uitprove hotriiais . ,o erlII
fn i[ lil;.z - " Iiir .tri- nr, : to atiml i t" :tilnd . I: 1 l
v . ,lo p r e a l |p r o |e r l y s , lrn.er a l l y . , t l t . h l% , I. l
m t i, n all n yII k tin olt' Il tl', it' . riti't l t r l-'trl l
'ni oi tn I . i ilind to t h I -, rit fr l "allli tl If aly
li tl.  eltit:l '. h-tlil", . I t Il t ill. hand . al
hit . rilli , t-li . seII t l. i rlt-ifter. tr 111
Iv < t I l o r l al tn "sai . il t r s tn -. flan lll lr
ohe a f rni a ti i t kf e ti t fr ti tIn , i ilf :n f i t r i
th i" : i lIn- . a. o I ,, dri. n gl e , o i- s tiond l
st ie lii eoltr iif t\11.1 l Ipu roll t a i. i ..n.tli lt in
it thin ' it ttu'i iitn ti'I' tlt. ' lil: I. ir ri 1 'if t ill
i, u'rI ir l'i l II I aliaII t : l l' , l ti n.II (Ill,' II ..i
Siltl iit.ia anti s i ftir ith a nth e ti tf i t h
yi.al ti.' i a-lt r iae t I , tal a ain; rII ,. 'ii l l dendt . t the
",' ti antlho rized ktih lit a l,'so k t f imtn atoi, . ar
aiI \e I rtlell alr anl l , .rell :'l 1.t lyl ,t ' tin'l ,
titin, dlrel fl tihi i arlll ur' e l I f te pr r lif
4I 'llttl tt111 , : ,in id -tom- k -Ithall s onti 11te l  1i
kl h irittnti to re',roied I nr k : a, Irtih ,ther
a "1refer1e ni stck. s hll b mat h.n"r,"..a r b
Sti lalt fIp t int, : tl i r. ir nt-i, hy t1 l t-of i a
lf:tIlrs uf .i eth l lrapo attn k t" " sh tall" i,e "fl
i r. u !t lii r t .tio ti is i 'teac . 'ti le ti I
ila ,,lta rlld " ofI. r io . and sr t a.1 tI ti i t tii' b rl sI
ellh on nl t, sldo ori.,n tio,, Ih l.andl ,f IXe
| Ir r; ll! e,'I" inllll , "1" i.' 1 ,111 rl l h,,m l.,
ir . llll nt ei t r e,.r , h I " lt , 'r I f ' .ll in tl
sit tcik at :1. that , tttn re,1 "t k ant ill il stttn l- I'
I.ai priatile d. u-Ir:the a lltat nil lt an ofr' e of
a Ii maiei o lntl ai pn ur .d I-n , r tink b , ttl i
i 'r Illlir o'l at ilel l f 'Ir t, of- the p i il s 11*l,
a o- T e to t f tha.ll ,o r Ipat.io , lr aile on
S .per i.vit pa i r un ilil h.v ft ll t ef. intllin o
ian rnli.ament ,fr at'll rref rrl lTor k ipenro
i at r il t rf rrp d atot k i. r :fIt\ o lf ait thrc sfll
hnl n t, ll inre. In I! ht'" *Inc tirill "! , the
, *. \,'l't ris, l :II':III tiIII h a ll,, nII, n
h Tle he ol(til palil anri nopnse l.Tans erst
n arl utierefr sall not be tilniiing funte co-<
Ilt ' , 'll t.ti' a t" ll i1 r, . .,\ i ar. ," , illa ll - ,i
Thh riphn in freordelo ir bioOkl.ve ch
icr poration ,l r hael it" opera r.ir apinted i
Inheslsrr atsn al tihe hruened utho sha nr of-e
the lr tferre sst ck of n a clhanlt (if tile f l. llre
,r lanahe lland lf the corporatlion lo ai.y Sruc
dihlun'. inl eaih nld e r' y,|r: htit in I
ae o f lh fhail ri e vsto e ar aniin lhre dhrlsd- y
ihoad of tihh iar trs.tlil Th adl, tors sha llw
dive el.n he fro o nthefl\vinc iolear or a
s mlon i of the na at I r r',lnd the e s lr iof lhr,
S ilrefrr ed sr tk s hall a1 aahl in full t st hsa re
IuTh ihe firt ha d theo disrewrato h all hacorpt
l i e l of .1 nI failu ,r thll d. ,'iVit Ine l the dva
ta ldtr·io of shall b.fercmo sd k of ltlls par
Evdlha wi.h all sch andLr.la oividwndit, the
red a 1 nanm a-I p i ansd fende iS all  I to lis r
11 ed amI , t he entohuble Io, odaf Ihe c immo ock.
herby l stsod he ock on o llne si ene ll r tI and
itwo - y r tIe tof ind dollares .11T.ekes astsec.
redithe Ind t ad rern ened iy twpenty fa te
hundro l sr 2..ohai ,holred lofc the par vlte of
f ifty dhllhrs i$.O.00) each.
s:sit uesod on cstmk 1hal9l 2i.t erntitled tlhe
dtvemaiengd and tIo share icn t als ses and -
y I- l. On the holdersaid she cnd Tsdayki
fTnhs glo toe corh ratonf ds oj thio lho re a
strhionmsh above herovhl d in favor of thea
pur. posel t oflecting dires orsthe for tenuingf
lref rreal sto ek.
n- The holders of iceno and prt ofrred
te lostck shall hae drp .ctively ehl atle r hl
Stio parcipae Lna th anag menal of ieth al t
nairs s of lthe corporation .d shll tre alike
enl or d to hold irs oiee in onellrs of iths
be ard of detrs , u and otf d at tokhhle r and
s cito e shall haroved, howe ver, tha no sle
t or monrtvgane of the ral eytast ao tny tihem
of en dtokholders forth e lecthi m oing
dirctrs, of whiechr.a meen ach stockholders'
r shall hai e three deay h rior notiche no rit
ing. moThage flu t o elrect diretorsa atytide
belonging to sal corporatlion shall be made
withour the written (on-tt nt oif the holdecrs
of at least three-fourths of th" preferred
stock at that time issueot anti ontstandlnl:
is- and provided, further, that no incr.ase of
r the capital stock of saind corporation shall
by N' maha until approved in writingr by thI
rholders of at least a majority of the saht
thhe preferred stock then issued and outtanding.
Tile tock of this corporation in whole or
Sin part may Ie issued for mon's' or pro
ed perty paid or male over to thae ompany or
tri in payment for services or labor performed
m- for the corporation. All of said stk shall
e full paid and non-assessable. Transfers
h thereof shall not he binding upon tre com
h pany unlens recorded on its hooks. The eor
n poration may begin Its operation and busi
Sness as soon as one hundred thousand dol
lare of Its cumnstan stock shall be suglerlbed
thehe busuness of ths eormrati n shall bea
y f shall ea vaested nc and thexhrcsed by a
. oard of ive directors. The directors shanll
tse tele,o from among the stockholders and
r majority of the board present in person
tshall ato all times constitute a que or thum
tas ereof a
o The oe rst board of director of this orpo
:atios shall te composed .of ,Charles E.
sEdward I labary and L. JICL Eo. with Wil
scl- m A MceGure as o resident, Irving R. taale
retary and treasurerl m ad ofeers and d-r
teors shall holdco ofiec ntrsoI the secondr
urtalle. On the gid se ond TUh gay itne
iDecemboer, 1912.chee ad annually etherfter a
meeting ofr the stockolder of thl dorp ora
ton shall be boheld at its domicile for te
epurpo, of electing directors for the ensulng
ia year. bt ld election m all be by bArllot in d
(99 the stockholdera rpeeevang a msjority of the
athis sic d annual meetinsg or At allure to elret
directors of the day above spehaei d stanll
not diasolve the corporation bout the dtre
torl and oR~eerl ther in oe shralvl old
andover antl their tsueceieors sh all have been
duly elected, qualponed .ad lnstlled, and it
of stockholders for the nrese of elecr tln
dcreatoal, of which meeting each stoekioldeh
shall hve three days' prior nottee Ia wr
ing. The faluare to elbet directors at sid
s mond mnetrng shall likewise b ot dtisolve
this orp oration but the Incumbent oamenrd
shall remai o in oaer e and there hoall be n
- elachtion of dlrey ator by tokbeolder until
o the date oft the next annuso metng. r r
S The d lrectors as soon ap posesble afte
Sthelr elea t a o shall qualty, take *iee atd
elect from among their numberd presdeng,
oees of president and treasurer, or the of=
fles of vce-preldest ad treasur.,r may be
o l ld by one person. The board of dlrectoris
shall have the management and tontrol of
odttbe ordinar husines and aatlrai of ma_
stes orporation ad halal have power to aelect
and employ ueh agents and employees dni
Saly to enact seh by-lawa, rules and regulation
allyIn case of a vacaney on the board of dire-
ostos, or among any of the omeers, uIch w-.
eotney hall be alled by the remalning drec-
aler' of the oare.
I'pon the termination of this charter by pure
mitation or upon tile dlsolutionlt of the quirt
nrlrtration. the usllnes land aiffairs of the Ing
pifny sh51all be1 liequildated 13y three comn ery
I-ssiouers elected from the astokhoilers at ins;
.treneral Imeetinng called for I hat purpose. or
iI , tnullt/lll.oners shaI ll i te n rll't . c'll;llE lge tai
fthe Ilt h hlhtlon witlh I uthority t sell and tIran
:sl .se of the Assets of the r. i" p, ' ration ia nl tri i
11case of tithe delIthi or ri'esitin llnt ' f .:1 c - tp5ow
issionel' rih ll-i l .-t term of hsl i.s l  111r· . r agri
it . h fi hfl . his f ol r fll r' rtulle tl to 'l.rt, the p r
m.- I h ini e mI'II n e1, cr 1h lll ,b clar ," the
Iii..l'\ : 'n t and Iall l,;1 i Il I :1.. - li'"  ss lt" i
rtal ml-,i n the stockhol.''l' i , t
.liT'I 'L. IX veat
", .. , ,,r k h a d l * r . h a l l *. \' *r I h.," ,l i I l s d o , o' a n d
ut ;1an} aneI r Il rl " po" ' illi'r for the ; on(11 r r1 ls ter! r
o" falits if this corI or w itth!n .' t i .ll any ,in lUin
.aid halanic. that u111:1 e fill.. in the ."o.rpo paw
ali ,,n oi Ih . S h.~; l:1la f t, ck . th., '1ri h, ,Il fa r s u p
V h inlt : n o r h a ll; ] tI iii o r." in fo r m) ' l ,li Vy i a n d
l< l s a e, ' .or in ,t '. r :anizatiin of this c'tn oth
:In \. lIavI e th e eIT *., t o f r', e rl tn c thfil * . . 'l r p la
ahiill bavld ic-h ulllll i .l :inh e Ir.
1h',1: n and iitOsedS Ii IIn e'4 lt , ,t l :i O - c1u
it- if New l.,h t l ,ns. Louit-it n.s "n the day ball
in lth ii an id V " hn erein l ir rl (i. ritten. i ntll.
f Ii\i' ille. lt;'r','. ,, in.' r . noitlIIr'--,. p lihi',, I
h the I,'.lli.enc l of 1 rills. " i t. tI . ' inc nit for f the
I s 1 tII a, II tti e I . . r'ni hte t o if :l . . , n i. o l ts
r' jtIIo n d itI ther nr es- with -ofllll ' ap ter, I - I el
r i an I II, r Dut t ir. .iet' nd ue', at sink, of er a d
t hole 4;1.ri
htre me.notarn. that I It frmal: t\ilhen l lg.
thilu a 'l rl r 1 -X 1 a nir l , onu oll i i n I1. ofi
:1ai: fo II l.dII' , I 11, . Itill"ny 1 ..L ' i n i L a Ily
Sn art t 1e lt.are , osih ." Ii . III'I - oni -I
ihalle o hinu l ih lIIf s hll ti i t ct p
1. 'h on ltheprsliet t "or In hun absenes abo e
III a Isl , iill n the I vI e- pe i id e:In, -ate A If and
oI.rpI at" e it,, 1-.r I h he rift e that Ih :" aIh  a:
ntui ' of I itr st oc..rhoatd'rn of there s-ur
l''hS r Moll.,veli.-- Iralent an\ d thienry iht'} ing
orl'ue a nd in d reI, in tk il.1t , t'f t wao
N e . ; I r , a l . . l9,1,2 .I i ,,r . h . i l l in
s ine, l, 1:NIIIII o. ,, I:[,. loo
I,l tI I,' , ,, f , ,f 11 ,,, l.0 ,# t
\ 'it e,'- ... 1:". ", I \S. and*l" for
lh direc"tira t o be electedannu 1all, q
.'l of ri: n i l of
i. St i .n l , It. fI arth , and , of I:, . -,
hnr. ." ,f i l. ii et1it T ,e s lha le of nert ma 'k
h,"r t b ritla , ic Ied . an dre ', l ln l d, h 
I,) I , :rt.(lll.ll..o . Ir, , 1 .? l - III" o h . 1'" ,il E her
oll thbins nlel s ary and proer oth. ctl rr L
\I 1\t \ . l )l It IX . \ " r,/ ' ' I , , ' !,,", I,
Itf1' ItIll ol .\nlY I.ANr'. dIide~dInol f 'o
S-rT.\Ti': OF 1. 1 I .)I,-N .. A PAltISII OF OR- P,
le it kn,arwn. that ,n this r -G th ,lay of the
moreth of hltoer. Iecn the yar of our L erld an
uine. thoand nine huandred and eolarn. ic- 'si
f-"re Ine, G~eorg', Montgomery. notary publih, wi
,lulv commiissioned and qua'ltied, in and for Po
this city and theI parih of Orleans, therell
r iding ,and in the presence of the witness- an
s herelnafter tnane t anti undersdined, per. do
oi~nalley am and appeared pHenry L. Nick.It '
Petern StIfft and Henry Prince. wh declared nm.
ero rsney.tary, tht thy do for themselvese
Into a corporalin and a tnly politic in lcaw
in accor ance with sth. general laws of thl.
state, fovr The purpose of btuying. selling and
developing lands, and generally to deal in
real estlte here and elsewhoer. TIo domal
ile of ths torporation or shall ur In the city
of Nelw Orleanrs where cltation shall be
served on the prsident, or in his absence or
iability on the vice-president. All ts hnd
corporate powers shall be vested in a board o
composed of the three stockholders here sua
scri inh. Henry L. Nick being president o
Peter .atifft vie,.-president, and Henry Prince d1
oleers and and rectors until the fourth Mon- t
day In Octobate 1912. qi
the dirrectors are to be elected annually, I
eginning with the fosurth Monday of Octo
ber, 1912. They shall have power to make
surch by-laws, rules and reulatilons and to
do all things necessary and proper to carry
oat the objects and purposes of its business
fr which authority is given by law and not
n conflict with these articles of incorpora
t ion. I
The capital stock of ths corporation shall ti
be forty thousand dollars. divided into four
hundred shares of the par value of one hun
The name of this corporation shall he
the "RIll;SWAY LAND ('OMPANY." andf
by that name it shall contract, sue and be
sued. It shall hav and enjoy all the pow
er granted to corporations under the law t
and shall have power to buy, sell, mortgage,
lease and pledge rest and personal property
in its corporate name.
It shall enjoy existence for nlnety-nine
years, unless sooner dissolved, which may be
one at a meeting of the stokholders called
for that purpose, by a majority of the stock
voting, each share of stock being entitled to
one vote. The lquidation to be conducteds
by the board of directors. No Inormality
In this act of lincorporation or any fallure
to elect ofcers at any time shall operate
as a forfeiture of tbhis charter and there
shall be no litability by any stockholder be '
yond the unpaid balance on his stock.e
Thus done and passed at New Orleans,
Louisana, aforesaid, the da month and It
year first above written, In the presence of
Jans. T. Montgomery and William V. Saun
ders competent witnesses, who hereunto
me. not ry, after rading of the whole.
GS O. MoIrNG OMA, Not. Pub.
I. the undersigned, Preorder of m otga.
iltn and for the prish of Orleans, ate of
S usana do hereby tertefy f oti the above
tand forellot ad of inorrmton of aer the
. New Orleans, October 27nam 1911. r to
(SI, gnedi) Ed La L DNARD, D. R.l
I hereby erltti he above to the be a trueo o
ad correct opy of the orlcoatrct, oal. -
Geo. MoxToomsar,
Spo(Seal) oor th ob t. Pulr
ose 2 9 16 23 30 der 7 1911
BThe t knoame n, that on this, the third day
o the month ofe Novemhe, IN the yMr
Cor ornd onder Itosaid roe hrte name
heleven, bef e poer and atorit to have
en withicn sad for f the nuih o Ormand.
r tate date bolana, ad ; the presence ed
t the witne nder itereportle named and pr
e ertl both eal came a d apo ppe t ae the
Sbondsver and other wo~se om debt far e lue
I beernoed, whe eenre thand, pld to
Samsel vee of t such lmanrsthe laws o
ed o te rela ofte ato the ormplation oa
uorporatsod they have ond cted aadbl
areelu, la nd rltoby these pre t ontrct, v
ia erp mnoemet eand wre ation ot the
orm. a air of itut a corporan mand bohe
pose . nd oder he article nd slp
The damie ind ie corporation rh e
oh in the cty 8AN JOleB MININsGe O Lmoi
eshall hbve power vnd ath reito have
athd e spresiden o eor ion the cue r athe
apence of both presyears from ad ces
odert the cdate ey to onthct, sai at
sa To cone t, purh as mow lae or otbe
in rwis aqolur, maintal i anod oprte tunes
rp ions atr otrher. eandee o debt for nlue,
wn i eiatsc sod transportation put msrs
req and to akeo sad Lestbli Gile
t ldby-mwlls1 rmles nd , t tnel st he
sthlrs et sami orpolation a may be eems
sr , propes el
he dol)l of id orntion shll e
,t Isads ti a111eis, tCanel alte8.
tys private tramwrays, private roads-, 1F '
sements, franchises, and licensest; also to 1
rchase. construct, lease or otherwise ac
ire, operate, and maintain electric light
R ani power plants buildings, macla
f appliances and tqulipments appertain
Sther-eto. To purchase, tconstruct lease,
otherwise acquire, ope-rate, anti main
in teltgraph and telephone lines for the
usllnission of tnl.ssaages and sound by elec
city ; to furnish gas, watter, electriciy,
ewer. heat. and light for mining, milling.
rlcu'turl.,. domlestlc, andi other uses and
irlNtces, and to sell, lease, or dispose of
e s.tt to su llch rsois, or corporations,
iti Jor suib prie or prices and on each
ruls and iconditions as to this corporation
Ty sete-nm proper ; to develop, sell, store,
ntract for, and generally deal in and
Sim.se of to such persons or corporationss,
It for such price or prices, and on such
-tms and conditions, as to this corpora
in way seem propr-, electrical and other
ewer for theI genteration, distribution, and
apply of electricity for ruining, beating.
ad power purposes; to purchIase, lease or
therwise acquire., constlrutt, and maintain
Iuts for tile purpose of extracting val
w front refractory ures; to purchase,
.at, retine, extract, reduce, cruab, aIl
ne, smelt, concentrate, and atanlpulate
II kinds of ores, minerals, and metallifer
is substancjes with a view to obtaining
t-refrom gltd, silver, tin, lead, copper.
n atid other metalas, combinatioa of
telal or other valuable substances with
view to preplarlng the siate for market.
ntuerally to engage in mininng, selting
-durting. crushing, refining. miltling, treat
tg. a-saying, and selling minerals and ores
all kinds, classie, and dese-riptlons. To
uy, s llt., imanufacture, and generally deal
iImachinltery, ilastiltng lpowder, and high
tp:otvets of every di-scriptiloe, fusies, caps,
tpitlltelntns, candles. anid convenieces asiat
le for iuse In co'Iunlicllos with mining
id nlelallurgical op,erations. To purchase,
ae,e or otllherwi-e acquire lands for the
irpols- of ret ing thI lereotn otics build.
g,. ilattitl. wn-IrkhI opw , dwI elling housues
arehou.-e-,, store-, hotls,. anti other build
-:s in cunnectilon with the foregoing pur
,.s Is; and generally to do and perform all
i1tu, tcolivenintt, iequlisite and neressary
,r carrying into effect the aforesaid de
arted tpurptses,
AltTIc'l.E IY.
T1he capital sttck of this corporation is
itrieLty izetl at the sitlu of one million
1,i.000,i1t/ii dollars. dividled into and rep
e",ntidl iy one hundred thousand shares
f the liar value of ten i$10.00o dollars
w'ch. Said stock shall le paid for in
ash. or property, or in services rendered,
s called for by the board of directors. As
hall hereinafter be providedt for by the
toard of directors. such of the said stock
is may bt- deiterulned by the purchasers
nd the board of directors, and paid for
n icash, msay be guaranteed jointly by the +
orporation and a trust, or other banking
orpolatino, hereafter to be selected by the
sard of directors to the purchasers, by a
elposit with such trust or basking cor
toration Iey the corporation of the pro.
portion of the anlout paid fur the stock
for the account of the stock so guaranteed,
lntl for a term of ye.ars, as hereafter pro
ided by the board of directors, which
will. compounding interest upon such de
poslt, equal the amount of the purchaser's
tubscription in the given number of years.
ot stotkholder shall be liable for any
debt or obligation of the corporation fur
ther than thleir unpaid subscription to the
capital stock. This corporation shall be
gin bualness as soon as ive hundred (500)
shares shall have been subscribed for.
All the corporate powers of tie said cor
poration shall be vested in and exercised
by a board of directors, composed of not
less than live or more than seven stock
holders to be elected annually on the sec
ond Tuesday in January of each year;
but the tirat election shall be on the sec
ond Tuesday in January, 1913, and the
directors hereinafter named shall remain
in osace until that time, or until their
successors shall have been selected and
qualified. All such elections shall be by
ballot, and shall be conducted at the once
of the corporation under the superlntea
dence of three stockhoders who shall act
as commissioners, and who shall be ap
pointed by the board of directors. Tena
days prior notice of each election shall
be given in a daily newspaper published
in the english language in the city of New
Orleans. Each stockholder shall be en
titled to one vote for each share of stock
held by him, either in person or by proxy.
and each stock-holder may cast all of his
votes for one individual, or may divide the
same among several individuals, as such
stockholder may desire; provided that no
fractional vote shall be counted or con
sidered. The seven persons receiving the
highest number of votes, shall constitute
the board of directors for the ensuing
term. and shall at once assume their po
sitions as such, and shall serve and con
tinue in oice until their successors shall
have been elected. A failure to elect dl
rectors, as above speclfied, shall not dis
solve the corporation but the board of
director shall continue to act until an
election shall be held, which shall be as
soon as may be after the ten days' no
tice as above provided. Vacancies occur
ing in the said board from any cause
whatsoever, shall be filled by the remain
inug directors. Four directors shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of
any business. The said board of direc
tors at its first meeting following the elec
tion each year, shall elect from its num
ber a president, a vice-president, a sec
retary and a treasurer. The board shall
also appoint, from time to time, and dis
miss at pleasure such oeersn, cler,
agents and other employes as they may
deem necessary for the muiness and pur
peose of sald corporation, and may make
sad establish, as well as amend and alter,
it by-laws, rules and regulations requl
site for the support and mnawgement oF
the corporation. Sald board of directors
shall have the power and authority to
eargy into efect and to execute the pur
poses and objects for which this coso
tion is formed, and as herelnabove speci
fed, and to do all thlngs necessary and
appropriate to this end.
This act of ntacorporation, or any artl
cle in this charter, may be ehaaged, al
tered or amended, or the corporation may
be dissolved at a geweral meeting o the
stockholders coarened for ech purpose,
after ten dyst' aotico shall have been ad
verttsed In a daily newspaper publled
in the city of New Orleuas, provided the
owneas of three-fourths of the bshare of
stoek ropreseted at esuch meeting shall
vote in favor of such change, alteration,
amendment or dissolution. Buah chn
as may be made in referene to the ai
tal stock aball require thirty dspi'
written or printed notle addressed d
mailed to ech stockholdor at his wesal
plaee of Irld oand the airmative
vote of the ow of a majority of the
shares of the capital stock.
SWhenever thli corporatkn shall be di
solved, whether by hlitatio or from any
other cause. its aatrsa shall be liquidated
by a comamis ier to be apohted b the
board of dlirectors, ad i case of the
death of said commlssomer, or of his re
tusal or lability to act, the aid board
shall appoint a successor, and, if necessary,
be such eemmislomer in ofie until the
f afi of the coarporattn shall have been
fully and ibnally nquidated.
S No stoekhlder shall ever be held liable
or respnaible for the contracts or halts
of said corporatioInin ny tfurthe su
than the mLpaid balance due oa the shares
of stock owned by him, nor shall ay
mere informality a orgnlation have the
etect of redeing any stockholder IIa
ble beyond the amount due on his stoe~,
Sor of annulllang this charter.
S esrs. Charles Kohlmeyer, Joseph
M.eer, Geore G. Votteir, rCh ese fale
Sand James WI. Ts awhall ete · -
Sserve as the lmt boaerd of direets at this
d corporation; with Charles Esh yra a
reeldetn Charles alaey as v si__t
_ Geor O. Voltier as weretary d Jew
I, V. te a teourer.
Thus doe l td passed In mi eie r
the city of New Orleans, saeressl, the day,
Smonth and yar as ar the
Ipmne of Messrs. Benjamin . War
ad Jseh. Day, witaaeses of whl a
o their names with ted sid arrn ead
Sme, rtar, after due readlang o th whoe.
(I -(intd): J. E. Vege 15 shares;
George . Voltier, 125 hare; Ches. _hl
meyer, 125 shmares; Chas. alnm , 125
Sshaes (Wtnesses igned): SenJ.. Wal
SLawis 3. OGamaM, Not. Pub.
f I hereby certit that the foraln is
Strine and correct opy Of the orig l at
e in incorporation of the San Jos Minl
- Company of Czaec nd Chihuauh~ , Mei
- co, on "le, in my aotaril archives.
Ilwis I Gamaxu, Not. Pub.
1, the undersined, recorder of mort
- gages, in sad for the parish of Orleans,
, state of Lm hereby certify th
the albove sud a let tt acw~
* tiesoat the a Qrob. *f (Giesa
Sani ChlhhLu, Mxic tls-. Tdnl
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