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Smmer and
RcTE 4
bit Rates 0," tffe't pe
,:Ilcally tr,,u l,, the Sunm
sr Rates a*n "T1't Iine
lottoSepte' :`' -i't . 1 ' .I
MiOTTO: ';'~' d . ('um
S3gipalg Loconlot(it\',. Electric
g  Signals, taIndard and
warist Sleepers. Observatioi,;
LrarylBuffet C'ars
: C"ar servi, e best in the
particulars apply at
St. Phone. Main 4027.
lasign, City Passenger and
Ticket Agent.
literature furnished on
E. Bays, Jr.
ls, h, School Books,
Gods, Tobacco,
as d Cigaretteas.
Aggr nt mangue Prices.
Peyapt Atteutiis.
S41 Slidell Avenue
Smram ae vow Qao
Ma m aasitmE er"
mS arof en Weedn at
w'l bad your keeart
b.? Two am-s at our
Paaim Ome m eR
a ne thousnd in
IRber a. M r,
WI N Wclmlone L -
-Jr the perish or Orleans.
and in the presence of
fter named and nder.
ame and oapepared: The
nmes are hereto imb
that availing them
ons of the laws of the
relative to the organlsa
they have covenanted.
eo )presents mutually,
and bind themselves, to
. as well ua such other
hereafter become asocl
to form and constitute a
te objects and purposes,
4lrments and stlplations,
ader its said corporate
oawer and authority to
meelso , for the full term
) years, from and after
S to contract, sue and be
ore a corpqgate sel, sad
or alteraT pleOrure, to
purchse nconvey, a
atnedn the property, reene
tname and appolnt uchr
ea alsents as its lanteretse
ay re quire, and to make
i ae d amend such by-lawsn
for the conduct of
soporatlon, a may bel
Sthie h crporatlon hall be
Orlans, prsrsh otl Or
an, and all citetloto
s all be served on the
tfo abence, on the vice
tite b o he to rln
pe ndoauhory to
year. d fro n ofr
($100.00) dol
see a c tk or sad
rerat pleret toM
We Make
The Best
Ice Creams!
Why We Make
The Best?
Because it is cooked and
has no artificial ingre
It is made of the pure fresh cream,
fresh creole eggs, highest grade sugar
and the pure vanilla bean.
Statistics has proven that you can
not kill germs by freezing but you can
by boiling. Hence our ice cream is
Odenwald &
Gros Co. Ltd.
619 Canal Street,
PHONE Corner Exchange
MAIN 2648. Place.
If you desire fresh vegetables
and all of the varieties the sea
son affords, we can supply you.
Our Sunday Special, POULTRY
and GAME. Wednesday and
St. John's Market.
PHONES--JACKSON 1080-1081.
What we advertise is so.
A Good
If we supply Ifty per cent
of the little boys of New
Orleans with their clothee,
Isn't this Just s pood a plan
for thore little Algerians?
KNEE PANTS.........60. up.
Mayer Israel & Co.,
All the corporate powers of this eor~ra
tlon shall be vested In, and exercised y a
board of directors composed of three (3)
stockholders, elected annually on the second
Monday tn December, beginnlng with the
year 1912.
At all elections each stockholder shall be
entitled to one vote for each share of stock
held by him, and a majority of votes cast
shall elect. Stockholders may vote either
in person or by written proxy. A fallure to
elect directors at a regular meeting shall
not dissolve the corporation, but the direc
tors then In oice will continue to act until
their successors are elected and qualifed.
Notlice of the time of holding any and il
meetings shall be given by the secretary to
each stockholder, such notice to be sent by
mail, five days before such meeting, and dl
rected to each stockholder at his lasrt known
Immediately upon being elected the direc
tor shall elect from among their own num
ber a president and treasurer, a vice-presi
dent, and a secretary.
The ad board shall also have full power
and authority to borrow money through the
president or some other duay authorized
agent or agents; to execute mortgages sand
issue notes, bonds or other obligations, and
generally to do all the things necessary for.
the proper carrying on of the busIness of
the said corportlon; os also to issue and
deliver full paid shares of stocks and bonds
and other obilgations of the said corpors
tlon in payment of the money borrowed or
money la or, services, property or rights
actually received by the said corporation, as
herelnbefore set forth.
The board of directors may devolve all
of its powers upon the prlesident.
Until the next meetlin to be held under
this charter, or until their duly qualM-ed
successors are elected and installed, the
board of directors shall be composed ofEd
gar Berthaot, Camille Berthaut and Mrs.
Evelline Berthant, of whom Edgar Berth·ant
shall be presldent and treasurer, Mrs. ve-
line Berthaut vIce-president, and Camille
Berthaunt secretary.
The eapltal stock may be increased or
diminished pon complying with formalities
Imposed by law.
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved, either by limitatilon or from any
other cause, its agalas shall be HlquMated
by a commlttee of three stockholder ~
Iponted at a general meettq ot the t -
olders neved tor that prpose, and mid
committee shall haveo tfull power to e
all ots necemary for tho rpose of -
No stoooldsr ot this e sortle shall
ever be held Lbe er r qeilbl for the
eeetracts or f al ts ot o la -
iay turther sum thani the j baIsaes
dIa byhh a1 a, _ef tsL oit. 
hr b bhim: Lee dma mea u labematy
Ia te tsa, ea hmte a,eet eo s
etoehut:l Wr g U e q
rise, shall be filled by the remaining mem
beir of the board of directors.
Thus done and passed in my omce in the
city of New Orleans, aforesaid, the day,
month and year first above written, in the
presence of Slessrs. Edward J. Fleming and
Sam Ferber, both witnesses of lawful age
and residing in this city, who sign hereto,
together with said parties and me, the said
notary, after due reading of the whole. I
(Original signed) : Edgar Berthaut, 9S
shares; Evilina Berthaut, 1 share; Camille
Berthaut, 1 share. (Witnessest : Edw. J.
)leming, Sam Ferber.
ROBERT E. A'CONNOR, Xot. Pub. ti
A true copy.
I, the undersigned. rcorder of mortzag.es
in and for the i,arish of t(rle:tn-, state of t
Louislana. do hereby certilfy that thi allove l
and fore;ring act of incorpl.ratlln if tilt
Algiers Iron Work.. .inIted,. was thi- daty
duly recorded In tmy ollice. iS tIok 11(-. *I
folio 11.
New (Orlans. April t. 1h912.
ISignedll toed! I lalt .I'NA '. P. C. o.
A truie copy of the ,iriinal at of rincorpo- II:
ratlion anu ,ertiticte of r-,,rder i t r rt- .itl
rCe-. oin ie iand iof ri..-rd In noti tlar: i '
New tr ,eancn. 14a.. April 14ti, 1912.
* It I':e rT 1:. riv-i 'font. 'sot. j'ut.s
i -
('11 AI IT":lt l
I51" YI l'i' N I111:U I: Y .,' 11i1.\\'. ! `'
I ..
I n it kn ,o n that on i hi. s' i.ntit '-iih dIy.ii I
iof April. in t i l' ar II ' , i r I rdI ' .n" th"i ts
'lini' nine itiatirel t and twItvh". :I .Ii .'f th i
Illt iierti ce ll I i. .. t I ite St.ti . -t If -lI'-r I"
ia Ahe r.n- Ihw,, ,atr :i a thirty ixth, bh.,lr ,
III i li i .all .ipit Iir , a nitiolr :i bl iii duti}i (5
iin iilni, i. lit and ni tl.lit d , anit f tiz he It .
illllly  l, arll a;lll ared: t.i': I llllili L"s w he" i
rioti n l if all," kiulr i, ru- al isf lat' whititi* lir
.rll il, t i Liii gnt-a; t real ,luie. S lt ;lr-i h. ni
aruik are a i iu rilisd hrte, iti. wui d-l rhlratl
that, a ail ti ni'c tu" lii, olf tll"t pr vi ionI
opf thie la of I.ti i ir n-lidin:ll. the y ido tl e
florin th ll>n li t . i into ,ln itil i io : -r it
itartion fo .- ll'. spu. anr d upon the 'pr'si
sitionsl hereila lfterr s t f orth.
The atrnnt' al thle cltolf thiu pshall rtio
-ihtnll i.tou d IN Idollar1. di'tldeNY Ito one
dollar each, shaall I ll" in , paid lof N or it il
and ior mayll e ise fr niney nin pert atuallr,
Al1Ths'll'; It.
received by thefr w crporation or poric's ac-i
is e-tatali-hel and the nature .f thle tbim-s
tuall o rendered toi on ipor shallln, t the y
ini and selling of all kinlil ..f real . tat.-*i.,
iniportion ior altnilprl vd, tohe rin buine l it
leasing of sal.,-: to c.,ltrult buildingsh
hreuand bome a goio t conceri n a on as se-nd b
tall shanner whall haever; te leusnll and
The entintiu ref all kipoder of rthieal stcorporation are r it
for its town account or for account ..f oth" -
ers : to do a general real estate aency and n
br,,kera::e business: to do ai getiwral land
relanted tion and devt l busi nte busibe o nduct
with free ll ower to d" all thae t ma lto,
proplder, uful lor lucidental to any odt the
aprforeidl prlseah y.
'itati o s shall beserved upoen the prto one
dent; and in aeon of his absence froy and the
city tn the voce-president : in case of the t
aldence of aoth from the a lty, on the secre
The amount of the capital stock shall be
fifteen thousorum and dollars divided nto oneall the
unower od the rd and ares f one hundred- t
dollars each, which shall be paid for in I
cash or may be isued for propertney actuallyn
received by the cr oration or servicmber ac
tualhe boa rendered to the o rporaton, and the "
cor hiratm ion is autbenhorizce ad to begin busness
ancountme a going concern as pon as sev
The entire powers of this cdiretors.ation are
vested n,rd; and alts business shall be conduct
ed by a board of directors consisting of p
three stockholders to be elected by the stock
holders by ballot on the first Monday of
April of each year at a general meeting. s
Tch share of stock shall be entitled to one
vote cast in plearson or by-la proxy and the
majority of votes cast shall elect. The
board sahall electct a presidector a viceat a-prsi
dent and a secretary-treashe corpourer out of its
number. A majority of the board shall be
constitute a quorum and exercise all the
powers of the board and any amembersent direc- board
tor may give his power of attorney to an
other stockholder, or to another member of
the board of directors, to represent and vote
for him In his absence and in such case the
director thus represented by proxy shall be
counted for all purposes as if personally
present at any meeting of the directors. All
ecretary-treaplo and ees shall hold oce only at the pleas
ore of the board; and all ocers and andrec
tor shall hold oboarce only at the pleasure of
thull spoer to by and sell real estatolders.
The board shall have power to make andi
alter, at pleasure, all by-laws, rules and t
regulations for the conduct of the com
panyre busin. Dtors or or and oother purposers shall, -
continulesse in octhere until their successors areby
velected, andmore thanlre to elect daysret priors at anythe
dameeteg called for that purmeetinse proided thatin no
comannernt aret the orporationh the secretary
occurring ithe compan the board of directors o shtocll bed
lled bmay the remaining timembers of ithe solchrd
by selectt ion fromth the prpother membeting)r.
The preidnt shboarll of directors al call meetn o tchold-t
and Mortimer J. Robelot, with Albert N. e
tas vduticerte-pldent, and Mortime or secJ. Robelotary I
tos secretary-treah issurer; and theyll. shall hold
oAte l the terminationday o this chartei, ,or on
orthe dissolution ol their sucorpos re elected an
or commissioners appointe by the board of dirctor shall have
oisi power or to bcommissioners so appointed.
The board shall ha ve fl ower ity their sell
peretional to unite two rporati more once and dstribte
thme to e n e e ton.
No stock lder shell he liable for the con
recta, auorts or debtsfor an o ther purpose rhall, un
nley u otherwisem tred bany nlaw, be given byce
dwritte on s stoc. denoered in person or madledect
to eacr n tockholder of r eord not less thean
fve, nor more this chan ten days, prior ullto thex
date ixed for the smeetingr, provided that
bconsent in writing, led with the secretary
of the com lny and meetings of stockhold
peraon untilmay be held at any time with sauchme
uncorporatimus connt. At the written request
pric(settl fortch the is purpoed of the meeting)
iof one-f urth in amount of the capital tock, notiy
the preholdent shall call meeting of shokold
er: shoulrchaed be teall toch do so W or ithin oe
the duty of the vie-president or secretary o
to forthwith csue chall be at.
InAt the termination of this charterm, or on
Sthe dissolution of the corporation lt, itshe af
fairs shall bhe liquidated by a ommite their r
sor cmmrihdioners apointed by eachthe board ofm.
shall havdone adfull power and in my authority tho sell
and dispose of all of the property, realr parih and tate or
persidonal, of the dcory and orationt and distributear
rt aboh e , in te prene oceed
n Lo C. WARTIrer and John C.VII.
cNo stokholder shill be eable for thae ion-ed
theeany further sumtt than anid unpad alance
mor informality of orgnisratin have the eof-l
feet of renderid):g this charter alt or -
bility.Waee e.
eBta until be a s , rst oered the me
Ito the dother stockholders of record of this
ti awl do the W kih sad oed shoae al
dobe purecehasrtI that the oe kaolddrs ore any o- a
them within esi Ma frn e lpI r oud
ctive na s the y number of shae of stock
subscribed for b each of the.
rst ahove wrten, irte ptr enJ o M
( rteenid . Pede) Ip.w Pttd e
the m ttllth of .April. in tie' year of i our
,all, thou ilali d ie llllull!dt. l and i 1 i1\ . e.
, ly lh , , 1no r 1 . 11", ul li on is 'ioneltd .tIlI 1 t'. -
ticd, in and f.'r th 'its ;l l and IhI, 1a,,:xs. ,,f
Ir!: ili. ThIr'.'Ti rl''. linL . T nIIIl inll h pI ,
enf * ' " I.hf t h tll. --it ' hIu 'e" inl:l tll .r If:,11 11 .I ..l ,1
lt.l's r 'lli", +t qn llttJ\ m o' al n a .!. i;I "ill ,
Ih" . "t l'.11 t.fTr 1 whoseiT i ' .l. .t ', I h ..r
aI'd . . :'I ll . t, 1I \ . 'l d " p'..,' :, T 'IU
r I..t .. an .d 1,'l \I ,"l;: l. f., t  .1 .Isr :.1 1,
!ti , 1.". r ! ," -"' ".',li , ,o t It : !p
. ,'' .a + , ,t it, r.-nt, r .r.i
I'!." t:. ' ,n .,f it i" c r p" .": tt:,'ln "1:. : .
1 I l 1,' I 11 1i1:.1 I, " 111 1 Til,. .:.; ilkT -
hatte 1.,.1\."r to I,.."t .uind -o-- y ,..r1 r ,
:.I.cT ff or' hi: , 1.1r1 .I f 'If "t nina
v.".s s tr nd itftr .i i. .t l 1iai 1..(, btu
ha 'e ta Id u , ' ' a lit ' ' r ib .l.t ii l thi I .n.u
" I'l . r I I: c . J. ' I' . rll. I I TL .. .ll. i nd 'I: t
e s.l I.Iw"]. . , 1 I . I t l-ot i .I.. . ll fi
.1 Ilr l .I nl of Ill e1:11 _ 1 11 'it: Ill
t -ti ,, ." i' l i rl, i.' i l l lii ' .. I ' ll t anl l, dl
;i , l ..l t"· It t" t hi , l'f t l I . .l:' llIa " lIlt\ . 1i f
',1 11 t.rI.1 "i.l "'tii ;il' 11. l " . ll . " I.- 'll n IIirT
re to '. s thll .l"e tl t, \ r "': . itl 11 t11.nit " 1n"'l "
\i ' l ll ; II t1 " ul ..1 'l'l ' , I -,1 ll . ;tiY · l I.l,' r k.Il
ii' Tir,' il , i: ln al I'. I.'ir 'liy i ·i at tl:e
,t tl e It .1 ,'i"1! h .1 1 I , 1. nll - . r 1.I, a n d :l r, ' a -
tt.ul ' fr f tr n dull urs t ..f I c':i i ''l c .Ior l
li't . renIl e ,ti a . tin it-. not at'. ra i'or n rlnli . '11
rth uss. . Il'ti, ', go ir and ll. l.tI tr t i,'ne '- r er
.A lt'lII'l : 11
"Tl ""- doniill l , .lf thi"s "ury , rotlti": wilh l i, i
ilin , n l t It r ' f . r I"r , to Il' 'f lr ,l'.i
rln i t. nd A itndt ino u at tI,.' I'I, ot dlro.'i
.lt". 1 l 'i. rel ortii'' Til l "1 lit .irlt in h -
li,'I'I l '. "iu th oin v, i ic'"in n tl , s el r t ll' thor
a',+;in as threlr tholasan d',llars ,li $:lt.O)( kI
ru Its capItal stkr shprall \i:a tsi-n suli
S-ri. or in 'ili tonl f er ofl st.i'' hall bh
,ilndln llpon thIs clrpuit'tll n un-esi made
upon its 11.oks1 rty a.uthorn tany o ther- on r In
. i.rt of lirtor'. Na is.-ockhoin. shallfr
th Ithot frst hIn oierel te
Al:TI' 'LI: I!I.
Thme lUrl th for porlhion this corpots ioa ird
-lta 'li ed. :111, th, l.l lt'1 . ir 1u1d ,!"I ctcis
t l.retorf. and sailtd tio ir shall harv athe
alle with in thirty days f rot the dIati' of
Iailsl ni:r. lwhIh shall fte in, rit n . and all
ir f thus purchasedi in kimas be re-nlrs lid.
d:I,. pwar s t ol thi s . I r it l.Ion s'all lie
I, tite In a ,ardinl ofl dlhre'tors colontract
with alore th a lthie relres .entativhr.'nd stoll
holders. At tile annillti eleton In eat'b
iyear. it for lckhldrs shatll vei dthe r' aht
to n i thn nmandr wI thin the limgenertatl uons
here, etalIshed, to omposrate the board hol
ale hoarnd ret dirtrs shall, in the Orleans,
slt.e' of l+ ii.ianla. or el-ewhree.
The .,apit.il stock of thi< corporation Is
ilared cessary to and istl ria uorumi i at the
taidn hoard ot i directollars hall 0e elected.
dividannualedly on the thoand Tushares of the Januar
value of tearn d llrsd tlt ts eachll; be aid
stlock and hall I. paid for and onr its equcted
lent. real estate, isands. note, merchandise,
-ooilds. chattels, good will. hlalsr done or ser
vice; actually laerfornmed for this corpora
thei orsuch other propory ation uponder such
rules and condiregulations as thmay bard of dlrehed
tors may, approve. This corporation may,
Legmonie a going concern and shall bIe author
ized to commence business when and as
on as the hoare thousand dollars .ten das' prior
of itsh capital stock shall have given by written n suad
dressed for. Nthe transfer of stock shall last
bnn upon this idncrpoe oatr post ounle made
upAt I such ks lecy authorityns and of the orponer atn
meetron or by proxy. No stockholdholder shall
have the right to seahll any of the shtare held
by him without tirst having offered the
In histo this on the boos o the corporation through its board
proxy anrector, and said bord shall have the
privilegeAny vacancyf occurhaing said shares at book
vatorlue wthin thirty days from the date of
resignat offonr, which othall be in writshallin and all
shares thus purchased, may be re-issued.
All power of this corby elpoation shall the
eiterd in a tolrd of directors, conpos the dat of
not more than ivehall no than three stohis crk
holders. At the annual election in each
year. the stockholders shall have the rigllht
o fix the number within the ion shall ctions
hereand etablirer: shed, to compose the board of
directors for the ensuing year.
The board of directors shall fix the num
her neces this corponstitute a quorum of said
Said board of directors shall be elected
annually on the second Tuesday of January
In each year; all said elections shall be by
ballot and shall be heol and conducted at
thploment of the corporation, under such
rules and regulations as may be established
by the board of directors: ten days' prior
noticeli shall be given by written notice adll
dressed to the atockholders at their last
known place of residence or post ondice ad
mAt all such eletiohes andess atnd all cofarates o
this corporatime on the books of the orportion,
the sae tollowing shall nast by him in Itterson or byrt
deproxys. and they shall jorty of ue vountil thet
second Tuesdacacy occurring amon the dyear oi
htoren ofr this corporation, whethery by dieath
solved, either by limitation or otherwise, shall be lled Ibyts
aathe remaining diretorslqudated by threletion for the
unexpired term. to be appointed or that
Falpurpose rto elet dire stochrs on the datehis
whichabove mpeetinged, noticeshall not dibe solven by pub-o
lpoation, or notpair less than exstene or dayts prioman
thagement, bnt the directors tpuishen In othe
givshall remalnled tol the last unowesnrs addressll
ohave been duly elecr ten days prior to ed.d
capital ocers of this corporation represented
and treasurer however, two oreqaices may belect:
combined Iquin one person, within the fulall redis
in oee ntl the aars on this corporaton and all of said on
cancy shall be elcted by the board of dire-among
Thise boardct of dirncorporation may from time toodid,
time, named or alternd appoint all such managersy
o agents, capitalerkst employepres anted servants as tgeneral
may deem neeso try for the purposes of thisor
ch poraton ,and shall have power to enx all
salaries and define orthe duties of every ol.hd
Inter. manager, agent clInrk employee andew
servatht, and they shall hold ofce iand em-i
ployment at thirtye pleasure of the board.te
The board of directors may make and er
tablsh, as well as to alter nd smend all,
per I nlts Judgment for the conduct and
manageet olf the bushess aitnd a ars of
thos orporation.
ders. and they shall hold oeme until the
ond Tuesday of January, Iln the yearof
rectors under this charter is to be held. or
until their suecetsors halil have been duls
saet r*ltre a*esitl ie
thion In any ,further sum than the unpalidlbn
balance due the corporation ,n l- th sharte. li:
of stocak owne.d ty fhim. nir staIll any irnfor
malityil In organ!zation haive th.e fl'.t of i.11
renlderin this charteli r rilla . ,r of c ;."-i_ .,1
a stoi khotlder It, at ' li:afah f--tu n . ,. If
nlifputl am.lliunllt di. n i Il "fn t t.. h ..L nl I "i -
]ht i. d . , i ! .. . : . \
iu ',. i ni li-:, ,,
11 i 1 11 i, i \1 ii I . , i- i : . . \\ : i'-l.1 1
1i:1 u". L \, ll.'I '!,". ,, I \ ,:1.:"' T. 7I i .'Ii D 111. :,'l'l ' "
1. - I -. . --\. 1 . [ . . l l, . " i t.. il',I_.I
.: i .I ,' f"l .f l .f 4I" . , ,:
1 I .11 1 1 1 1.\11: 1: l.l,, \':1, I '.. 1:T 1
.f fa I! ' a A. lA IW-fl l ..\ .Ii
0:- I - , . .;y
,ti ' a hIt I1 . ! : . \ 1 aI *1 I I .' i' " 1
I'.\i IT l I.: ll l..1 fal\ ..
I \ 11 : . I1 t ' .. -farll' ! \, . I.\ia.
S:., , 1 I \lA.ai -1 . I) 11 1 I II . i.
,'!'-i ia. r if alit ~ - 1 i r 1  i t ll .
I1 1i, '. i t l i , t" il l .1 : ' ..( ,f 1 ".1.1 1 I I t ... 1 t .I .
.ito..- I:Illf ai.,ll l" ,.ie " tI .l aI ti.l a i ,"
Ti. in.i r tai . .ti .ta. t - : Ir % I r a-al !id
I t ,l l , I ii " .1 ' ," I t: l" "'-l, " " ' .
I-i,- I V. r ii a i l ki I ilt ,ll. u r l a ri I 1 ilr -,':
I1 ;.lf.1;"i ,:r 1 "f :ia rlatiil ia i I-a IaIt aI aI . VtI Ia
a.., 1,il, .t O , -f 1\ll ei i.ll - fitll Ififfl
in , tra ,, ,,if fa llib l ,r ail fjl n l v er i als ;11 l i l
iiti, f llla 'l.lt ,i it" faa t II 'I all aitriaaola. l,1
.1"" ,. 1 \. . [l l , r l r f r " h , h,,1hl li:., l,,i
f" a ifin ant i , It,r ;r s arluia l-ill m ae c;airv:i. iI
lu f..:l1. . lt.a i i a ln inifas aI n- l Iy Iac r i ,i
pfaa,"lt. it n l l ei a. aaa'trA 'Iar. t l ;1. a -;alaf"a
ith e 'i r t r t ,le eru a ry. i Thn e e:III Ital II"
'tll-k -li nI ailre lin~dlii- thlihia-u anid a,al
e-Ici s lai. arf. thrl,. e :thad ;li i. acltla.rs ffl'-I
t alla ifalt 'i-liak thill taae n t sb.lliasrlio.
Thj. iitffiral ro thle trla ira tin .shall ti e ian
ald ly the ,lard of dllrctars infai of aall lf
tIra-a- sl tkhaltaaiaiers, the tirst foari ut iirec t
ilrs i hlta otie for tive yearn , anl the aire.
iafler tl lie ele-'tled annual . by ballot. ohl
Ilo lirl dar of July yif each year. or as
in ll thireaither as pousslle, .ea ch share of
itak siaall hlvre on ote In all ssttckhe al e
ers n, uetlings to be cast in persion or lay
iroIry. The first card of dirtctors will tie
',anilsed of ilallir J. ta devlelle, t rtsi
i-,nt anl gaener:al nmanagir; Marion .I. tapdel
vinlle v-,e- preuident anIl Clemence oallier,
t.c riltary and trekasurer; andl succea-iing
Iahfrbs  shall lett oticert froa among ti heir
niumlr. This lharter may be amenled orai
flia a-ariioration diissialved lay a three-fourths
vite of the sltc-khoilers ri-presented at a
ules.ting, held after ten days' notice In writ
ing. niaIle to the stockholders, and in case
alf dissoltln thle board of directors shall
act as liluitlators. The board of directors
will have tie power to aaopt by-laws for
the gineral management of the affairs of
thai corlaoratlon, and can amend same at
otheihr l aeaslre.a
Trlaum dne and bass at my office on said a
dait in the iresente of conletecnt witnesses
who ign lhernto awith said appearers and
me. notary afater the reatding o tbe whole.
(triginal slgneda : Clemence Gallter, Ma
rion J. shallevielle, r. J. Capdevielle. (Wit
nt.ss"s) : I. nnemoser.Ia O. Shackelford.
Eth.EST T. FLORAn.ueirt,
Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned, recorder of mortgage.
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louislana, do hereby certify that the ahoave
and foregoing act of Tincrporation of The
Fithnane & Realty Comp any of Louishana was
thls day duly recorded in my office in book
la.vilt folio 175.
Na-w Orleans. March 28th. 1912.
(Signed) ExILE LEONARD, Dy. R.
I hereby certify that the apove and fore
going Is a true and correct cofy of the
original thereof on file in my Gmce.
ElINsT T. FLOaiNCEl. Not. Putb.
apl 25 may 2 9 16 23 30 1912
Be it known, that on this the 22ord day
- of the month of April, in the year of our
- Lord one thousand nine hundred and twelve,
Sand of the londpendence of the United
States of America the one hundred and
Sthirty-sixth, before me, Alexis Brian, a no
tary public, duly com assioned and qualr
t Bin within and for the pcarsh of Orleans,
state of Louuslana, therein residing, and in
Sthe presence of the witnesses hereinafter
a named and undersigned, personally came and
I appeared the several persons whose names
- are hereunto subscribed, all above the age
I of majority, who severally declared that
- tavaling themselves of the laws of the state
of Loulslana relative to the organizatIon of
- corporations, they have covenanted and
I agreed, and do by these presents covenant
- and agree and bind themselves as well as
I all such persons as may hereafter become
assoelated with them, to form a corporation
for the objects and purposes and undier the
articles and stipultlona following, to-wit:
The name and title of this corporation is
hereby declared to be "BAltATA.tlA LiANI)
C(OMPANY." Its domicile shall be In the
city of New Orleans, state of Louislana, and
It shall have and enjoy sucrtcession by its
corporate name for a period of ninety-nine
99g years from and after the date hereof.
It shall have power to contract, sue and be
sued in its corporate name; to make and use
a corporate seal; to hold, receive, purchase
Sand hire real and personal property and to
sell, mortgage, lease or pledge the same and
to borrow money and issue bonds, notes and
other obligations; also to buy and own or
sell bonds and stocks of other corporations
and to issue its own stocks and bonds for
the stocks and bonds of other corporations.
titations and legal process may be served
on the treasurer and in his absence on any
other oficer of the corporation in New Or
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized and the nature of
Sthe business to bqCarried on by it are as
To purchase, or otherwise acquire, own,
hold sell, convey, lease, mortgage and en
cum"er property of all kinds, real, personal
drain, imprve and develop irrigated, sbT
merged, swamp ad other lands for pur
of sale or otherwise and to do and perorm
all thing. beneciaI, necemary and lawful
for the development and improvement of
the same for agrleultural, grazlng trade,
I business or rasdence purpose.. To buy, cut
and sell atier ad lmber from lands own
ed by the company'and from other lands,
I and to pubr Rhe, Ild, eet, eqp ad op
erate sawmills therefor. To buy and sell
Sstanding timber on ni d not owned by the
r y nd to buy and sell timber ad
m of al ids, To farm, plant and
cultivute lands owned by the company and
other Made under lessee or otherwiee, and
Ji,_ ,..ii 'I,:" !,, "l,. ,, ul,, !- .,,'.c 1..
.1 - ,,1... ... I ,"i 'I ' " . .I-,
i- .
, , , . I " 1 'I
, ' " ,.. . . .It t
- ". , . , . ' • . . 1
t a
. ...7 , . ; . . '
.' ." 1 ,', ', t i . . . ..d- ' ' : .
I . t _ - i : I 1 t1t, . ti
T ... . . : . ,t .f I , , ,. n
- " , I.
1 * t. r * 77.7** I t t " I .'7 f ti,:.. 1b n'17· P
"\,, - , .' .I ;, ,l - . :! u n n tiil . int
n "l r.i ·-.nt.l I thr. th .i ,,nd .:.m
1,s d oll,. : ,i tI k ha.. I . p 77 f :r.
" in" '.117 ' , fs us . h' T,:Iu7 t7 a , . . . 7 rh
Sin77*. as ti' 177 l7r7 d of di, . I rs it"IC 7 t.rr d
77in.". !nt ",a .a -t ,r 7 aI " f ,il. . t7 ., k
"7 y ": e ' ':7 be said 17 7 .. ,)\ard of ir7t7 r _ at
, ,t . _ r , . ... i : ,n pay ,nt . .f la ..r .ti.. d
or , rpe... rt, a, t a.. ly re.' .. vel y sail , ,,
ration. Ihis 7'7Ja.ratiot .ha:ll co7 7en77 .7 C
*111.17' 75 :111 Is a Ci7 int concern as 5o7a as 7.
t: i hlou7 an, l d~ilars '*n,,ttf7 s.,, of it, capi
c1 ,p.rat rs': . ,,
Al:' ,It.' 1E 1 ,
f stockholders, two t_) of whom shall con
stitute i quorum. for transactin g all busi
ne>. The hoard! of directors shall Ie vest
,ed with full liower !and authority to make
all contracts, purchases " and sales,, and adolpt
,lall IIy-law's, I es and regu lat ions for the
government of the business and affairs of a
the company, and ailler, amend, and change
the Same at pleasure; appoint, hire, and
dischlarge all Uiicers, manallgers, agents and d
e11 iloyle llllfix all salaries, an.d generally do
Siiad perform all things necessary I n the
Stransaction of the biusiness and affairs of
the comran. Any vacancy occurring in
said board hall be f"lled yr c the rema~in
Sdirictors for the baalnce of lthe unexpired
term in the manner eprovilded for In the l
, by-laws.
r The first board of directors of this corpo
f ration shall consist of C. P. Davidson, 0. 1). t
t Weed and F. It. lavdlison, wIth the said C.
I'. Iolavilso as president. and 0. 1). Weed!
Ia secretary and treasurer, whol. shall hold t
their offices until the second Wednesday in
I Jianuary, 1913, or until their successors are
"duly elected and qualified.
On the second Wednesday in January,
1913, and annually thereafer, an election the
for directors shall be held at the offire of
the company, under the supervision of three
commissioners to be appointed by the presi
dent, and the directors then elected shall
take their seats immediately and shall hold I
eoffice until their uccessors are duly elected
The qualified. Each board shall of thi cmedo
W ately uand its selection annually elect its
Sofflers, which shall consist of a president.
a secretary and a treasurer; any two of said i
offices ay be held by the same person. Said
officers shall have such powers and duties
as the board of directors may prescribe anduary
impose. All corporate elections shall be by
bdenlot, and a majority of the votes cast shall
elecet,ry and all stockholders' meetinwo of held
oe entitled to one vote sameither person. Ior
ohiera shallve been haregi such powers and duttered on the ooks of
s the board of dirctor least ten days prescriorbe andto
anyse. ll cororte eleto shall be bmeeting.
elecWritten notice of stockholder' meetings held
shall be given to each atockholder by the
secretary at least ten (10) days prior to
elections, by mailing same postage prepaid
to his last known post oluce address.
This act of Incorporation may be changed,
B altered or modified, or this corporation dis
L solved. with the assent of three-fourths of
the stock present or represented t any gen
eral meeting of the stockholders convened
for that purpose aften ten days' prior notice
Sof such meeting shall have been given by
publication in one of the dally newspapers
published in the city of New Orleans by
d three publications during said period, and
like notice by mall to each stockholder, and
- such changes as may be made in reference
to the capital stock siall bw made in ac
Scordance with the then existing laws on the
r subject.
e Whenever this corporation is dissolved,
t either by limitation of Its charter or from
e any cause, Its affairs shall be liqulidated by
Sthree (3) commissioners to be appointed
d from among the stockholders at a meeting
t of the stockholders convene.! for that pur
Spos after in days' prior notice shall have
e been given bIy the secretary to each stock
n holder. Said commissioners shall remain in
e offiee until the affairs of said corporation
shall have been fully lquldate.d. In case of
the death of either commissionecr, the sur
vlvors shall continue to act.
LI No stockholder of this corporation shall
e ever be'held liable or responsllhle for the
d contracts or faults thereof in any further
a sum than the unpaid balance due to the
e corporation on the shares owned by him,
i. nor shall any mere informality In organiza
e tion have the effect of rendering this charter
e null, nor of exposing a stockh-hler to any
Sliability beyond the amount of his stock.
SThe suthntcriers hereto have each wrlten
d opposite their names the number of shares
subscribed for. so that this art may also
' serve as the original sulbscrtiptlon list.
r Thus dlone and passed In my notarlal of
L flce in the city of New Orleans. Ioulslana,
d in the presence of G. W. Schweltzer and E.
y L. SUzaary, competent witn.-ses of lawful
. age, and residing in this city. who h-reunto
subscribe their names, together with sail
psrties and me, notary, on the day and date
set forth in the caplilon hereof.
(Slgned! : . P. Darldson. by O. i). Weed.
. 20 shares: O. D. Weed. 20 shares: F. R.
Davldon, 20 shares. Geo. W. tchwettzer,
B. L. Ssabary. ALExs Bata.,
Notary Public.
i,. the undernigned deputy recorder of
mortgages in and for the pariah of Orleans.
atate of ILoulisana, do hereby certify that
Sthe above and foregoing act of incorporation
a of the *Barataria land Company" was this
a day duly recorded In my omce in book 1055,
folio -.
a, New Orleans, La.. April 23. 1912.
It (Signed) ExiLa LII7nAo,
Deputy Recorder of MortOgaOes.
I hereby certify the above and foregoing
to be a true and correct copy of the originaal
act of incorporattion of the charter of the
SBaratarla land Comony, which was pass
ed before me on Aprll 22, 1912, and of the
Sorignal certlcate of the deputy recorder of
aorta thereto annexed wbich is an
Saezed to msaid originsi: said original aset and
Scertifcate being on file tn my current no
tarlal register. a BIAN
' (beai) Notery Psbh
apr 25 may 2 9 16 28 10 1912
Church Calender,
Tr . rkl . ir ' i r r.
tda I "', ,, t ii m, , It.
c oUPl· y .,I, . y dift. t.. t e : t-r I
L x" I . A,: l" I ": d "i:., o. " ; (fa st
V1 .. d ,.:iV . fi r ::\:l a r .... -n.?L at ,.
I 't . ih a ra rtob, r I till . tri I,
fro : t, 4 l. i.; .th..e, I till O( tuhl r
1. 4 (to ; . t!. .
(', .lf,-si.en , t ry day frt e,, t, 7
a. li. Sat rdl:t ant. ,v. s of s .
f lteI 4 p. Im. ti.1 B to. , in.
Sick aills at any hi ur, day or '
It is. how, .tr, r,-t1l.I.Mtit that not!I++
if sill'h calls b.e gi .it, in tihe f,-t
Alita So.e.ty the first Tuesday. in
the it. 'etory, at 7.%:t p. ll.
Confetrec. St. Vincent di" Paul.
every Mond niayi.'ht. in the Rectory.
at 7:i p. I n.
Holy Angels Sodality. on the first
Wednesday, in the Convent, at 3:3,.
Young Ladies' Sodality on the
fourth Monday, in the parlors of the
Rectory, at 7:30 p. ni.
Children of Mary, on the third Sun
Altar Boys, St. John Berchman's So
dality, on the third Tuesday in rec
tory at 7 p. m.
Apostleship of Prayer-Gentlemen
promoters on Friday following the
third Sunday, in Rectory, at 7 p. m.
Lady promoters on the fourth Sun
day, in Rectory, at 5 p. m.
Holy Name Society, every third Sun
day in the Church at 7:30 p. m. The
Officers and Board of Councillors, on
the Friday following the third Sunday
Sin the Presbytery at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. W. S. Slack. Rector, 235 Olivier
SSt. Telephone, Algiers 235.
t Sundays-Holy Communion, 7:30
t a. m.; Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.;
e Morning Prayer or Litany and ad
I dress, 11 a. m.; Confirmation Class
S(children). 4 p. m.; Evening Prayer
and sermon, 7:30 p. m.
9 Holy Days, Holy Communion, 7:30
e a. m. unless otherwise announced.
Vestry meets first Thursday of each
. month at the Rectory, 7:30 p. m.
Ladies' Guild meets Tuesday after
4 the third Sunday at the Rectory, 7:30
e p. m.
Senior Chapter Brotherhood of St.
n Andrew, second and fourth Tuesdays
at the Rectory, 8:00 p. m.
I- Choir Guild first Tuesday after prac
d tice.
Girls' Friendly Society, second
ts Thursday at 7:00 p. m., homes of men
d bers.
id Missionary Society, second Friday,
id 4 p. m.
jf Teachers' Meeting, Saturday, 7 p. m.
to Cor. Olivier and Eliza Streets.
Rev. A. J. Schliesser, Pastor.
Relsidence: 438 Ollvier Btreet.
of German-Every 6unday at 10:30 a.
re English-Everey Sunday at 8 a m.
r Sunday School--9:15 a m.
Weekday Services-Conducted in
id the English language, every Thursday
c- night 7:30, from October to June.
"e Communion services are previounsly
S Church festivals observed by special
SA parochial day school, conducted
' by a special teacher, in connection
re with the church.
SMeetings-Congregational meeting,
Severy second Monday, 7:30 p. m.: Ger
r- man Frauenyerein, every first Wed
nesday, 3 p. min.; Helping Hand Circle,
every first Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.;
I Young People's Society, every second
STuesday, 7:30 p. m.
Sunday Service.
Rev. J. W. Booth, 204 Delaronde St.
Ut Morning service, 11 a. m.; eve
i, ning service, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday
t School, 9:30 a. m.; Junior Epworth
SLeague, 4:00 p. m.; Senior Epworth
i. League, 7:00 p. m.
r, Junior Epworth League Social and
. Business meeting at the church on
the second PFriday, 7:30 p. m.
Of Senior Epworth League Literary,
SSocial and Buslneuss meeting at the
churca on the fourth FrIday, 7:30 p.
' Woman's Home Mission Society at
the church on the irst Tuesday of
eaca month and on third Tuesday of
each month at the homes of Its menm
bers at 7:30 p. m.
Choir practice every a8turday at
he the church at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school 1 held every Sunday
evenrmiag at S o'clock and prehinS ev*
ey second BSnday at Pythian fHall by
- the Irv. J. C. ibrr and .v. . P. DMi

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