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Where and When They Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Officers.
Sts. John Lodge No. 153
St. John Lodge, No. 153, F. and A.
M1., meets every Tuesday evening in
Masonic Hall, corner Olivier street and
l',.li.an avenue at 7:30 o'clock.
Lo,iis Acker, W. M., 721 Patterson;
F. W Sadler, S. W.; Edward Dosier, J.
W ; George ilebert, Jr., treasurer; L.
J. Peterson, secretary, 518 Venet street;
W. Senat. tyler; H. S. Manson. S. D.;
Thomas II. Regan, J. D.; W. Ii. La
husen, M. of C.: C. A. Sutherland,
rhaplain: J. M. Couget and B. IH.
hlorne, stewards, George Herbert, Jr.,
Crescent Lodge No. 3.
Cresent ent Lodge No. ., K. of P., meets
every Friday night in Pythian Hlall at
7:30 o'clock.
R. Chestnut, chancellor commander;
L. J. Burton, vice chancellor; A. S.
Covell, prelate; J. B Rabln, master of I
work: C. Berthaut, master-at-arms; E.
E. Babin, keeper of records and seal;
George Lecourt, master of finance; L.
J. Peterson, master of exchequer; C.
lMillr, !2ner guard; Louis Martin,
outer guard; J. B. Babin, grand repre
sentative; L. J. Burton, alternate; C.
Miller, janitor; F. E. Babin, organist;
E. J. Mothe and J. B. Babin, general
relief co-mmittee; R. Chestnut, J. B.
Babin and C. Berthaut, committee of
nine; Louis Peterson, Dr. C. V. Kraft,
and L. J. Burton, trustees; Dr. Jno.
A. Rupp and Dr. Chas. Gelbke, physi
cians; E. J. Mothe, undertaker.
Virginia Lodge No. 136.
Virginia Lodge No. 136, K. of P.,
meets on the second and fourth Mon
days of each month in Pythian Hall at
7:30 p. m.
B. Vosgtlin, chancellor commander;
Andrew Stecklin, vice chancellor; A. J.
Besson, prelate; W. Cuny, master of
work; L. F. Glach, keeper of records
and seal; A. F. Kauffman, master of
exchequer; C. Krogh, master of finance;
H. Munsterman, master-at-arms; W.
Goodwin, inner guard; J. E. Thorning,
outer guard; Shade G. Smith, grand
lodge representative; A. J. Besson, al
ternate; S. G. Smith and L. F. Gisch,
general relief committe; S. C. Smith
and H. Myers, trustees; John Barrett,
undertaker; Dr. J. E. Pollock, physi
clan; 8. G. Smith and W. B. Owens,
joint entertainment committee.
Order of Eastern Star-St. John Chap
ter No. 36.
St. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
tae second and fourth Mondays of
each month in Masonle Hall, at 7:30
Mrs. A. Smith, worthy matron, 635
Belleville street; A. A. Sperler, worthy
patron; Mrs. Nellie Reynolds, associ
ate matron; Mrs. Florence Amnuedo,
conductress; Mrs. Lillse Ooodlett, as
sociate conductrees; Mrs. A. Burgi~,
secretary. 528 Bonny street; Mrs. 8.
Sutherland, treasurer; Mrs Margaret
Arnold, Adah; Mrs. Mary Cary, Ruth;
Miss Maud Tfts, Esther; Mrs. Viola
Huckins, Martha; Mrs. A. Debia,
Elects; Mrs. Jouephino Frisch,
warder; W. LOcasU, sentinel; Mrs
Lisaie Bordeh dapialan; Mrs. A. Van
derlunden, marshall; Miss Olga Nel
son, organist.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. .
Orange Grove No,. 9-Meets . the
irst and third Thursday of each mont:
nla Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. m.
Amelia Smith, guardisn, 625 Bell.
vlle street; Liasie Borden, clerk, 541
Vallette street; M. Stalcup, uasistanul
clerk; Anna Vanudorlindon, past guar
dila; Mary Jacobs, advisor; Hattl:
Tufts, banker; Shade G. Smith, at
tendant; Louise B. Casanova, chas
ain; Dr. J. Ernest Pollock, physician
Josephine Mock, fInner sentinel; Mrs
J. Matchett, outer sntinel; Gr-e
Prpitt, Emma Short sad Ida Hymnel
managers; OGertrude Back, organpast
Ju. A. Barrett; E. J. Mothe, under
Ameleet Game ef Tennls.
Tennis is the game of kings. The
eldestt existing asll games-It Is
mntioned in the Arthurlan romances
-tenls was origially the pastime S
the kings and nobles a ud tt was log
before Its deseemdant-lawn teanni
begae, popular with all clases. The
Ime rnched andem from mhrae
sad Ita~, and br tbe time o HenrT
VII we Sad a ryal emals court at
WItnmer. Hery VmI was a eprt
at the mse.
tsgeolt is the mueaicl am, at
s enh aeleat whe has ntaveed a
wireless reewr o slletae, aeeor.
e t t s segs rmeetly given u
baeme the hieaS Aedsm or Iei
ma tht es dMete ti sihent St
a shm t eleImdm n sm,
)II" lI`P ISIANA. lPAil1li oF Ri.RIANS, b
Ie it known, that on this thie tenth day of
the motnnth of June In tile year of our ird
otil- ttIhot;tanil nine hundred and twelve, and IN
.if the li ndetilendentle of the Inited States of P
Arnleriter, the outn hundred and thirtyeveOth. O
I-.fore mile..ii lex Brian. a notary public duly t!
com.linti..ned and qualified within and for h,
lilthe pariah of o rl,.ans, state of Iiul.siana. hi
ther*in r.-idina, and in the presence of the 01
l ne -,i ihereintfte'r nameld and undersl;gn- I
*, pi ,'rsllnally calt nlia d alppeared Mi'ess-l I
.. S. l:rady a:nI lt.ilenjamini tilan, ir., here- 1,
in appearinl and acting in their apllliticttes
.i chairmllan tint secrletary, resplecl tiey, of h
II-- VInton 4il ltrillng and (tpe-rating 'oin
10, ly. :111 Ia . l .slanlat 1orporation dom lc led In
the city iof N.w ,!leans, cratei by airt
aI..id Ibefore .tlhxl( Ir:rian. notarly publ(ic,
lon .lily :1. 1ill, and lirsrililtlt to a resl
lilt iin passedi at the ttktohilers' meetlIng,
lii irc iaftellr ntii-t t loned. 1an original itcopy of
ithe min t of whith iieetinqg 1 h.- reto an
i.I as part hereof.
S'ho decla'tred that at at general meeti tog It
of the` s ,toikhtld.ti 'r of s:tlid cirla raltin held
"ni tIhe. Itlh dhay of . tlnuary. 1t12. whicth
'had It.i u ct n ,neiitd for thliat ipetal purpotei
in n,eordlitne with law. the folltowing amend
eilllito ,llI charter 1of iai corporation wai I
i ado itit bdty all un il tith vote oflta the holders
l Ill , htill ltniilt l ii ll- at. i lto ll l i lit I tlliiel'
,.f ,i the , ti tanding sto k oll' f sai coilrpli ,t '
:, ll tiipre l, It at said meetaing, to-wit ,
A.\rtiile i of .ltd ichar.irr ' , amended tso
. Io read as follows
"Al TItie '1.1 . .
• rhhe name of thi, corporation shall tR it
ithe "S,thl Sulphuiir Ia; l -tli t. . an I lperatin
I 'lll an lind arindt r tait i nli:ie it tir all tor- I
ili.t ' e . 'rt ttir f l l<tlte ti r i a i t rtl t of a nitl, le i
n tlrt t .lir"t f'ro l ate ih e rii ,f t oi lin ti!d"
"ha l - inrt ti t 'hI I a y i iof New tl ttl ans, wliy re
all teit tproel direri t'in ataiit-t it h t! beI. t!
ewlod ;.rti Iatas presipeni imll hitr al.ene1.
'tlion tI.,' v i pred t, annd in tie ale e i. a
if .til i of ail ,1  et ' I irer; o f it r secretairy.
I t la y haal e , i h tl l . l , l , t l il ''ri i . s e ll. t, .n
Icy iI'Or1ti , or pile pri pl.rtyl., ier-onal nI
r I t rl er rix d. It Ity f.l r " !.r t o l ted and
lmay have and uste It corporate triel and mally
hi and t enjoy all such other ights, inow- Ii
t1 er" a1 P l r.ratiVet a- I- n or Iimay
hetr..afthr I., nj, yed by , .orp" . .l ton. ,"`nei'Is
alt y anda h 0
F Inll" ,and iorations -it lil like .raLter lN
n. er th knoeral and h itr lats of thit da
The lhle .ltso mllle fitll in t; pear y the d
i annertd rl ini.a: d.opy olf the inteif Sail I
Sto'kholi db lrs' mi!eetin . t
fnd t.h. s taid i pl nare  hat i r e ir .uested e
t i. ,i t3rt,. to put the, id alaaendment o an
Snotiilh . I t'll. I have y0 c heset, p  entls t a
''veied i nw mn in an th in c hI . foatile of (his'
p oulente and h nd threcordedli an I th lhe read f
int, the otheriinal charter npaed fore ae 1
oil the :iate day of .lily. 112. and
'he sleitne and sioed in lle y oa i hre at the
I, of , tew oes leans o the poay and datle
lhereiln ti st iae written, itn the preatnce
of I. It. Sat and ey. . e v.arl. conpetentl
witnee.s, who thereno sign their names
with hid appearersn and in, notary, after h
lidue reading of the w thole
t lriinal si rvedl: J. S. Brady. chairmann
itenjamnin ,'l'rsen, Jr.. secret'' ry.
\'ittaneses - . It. Sanal. E. I.. Sza ry.
ALEXIS B5RIAN. Notary bl'e!dh'.
I. the undiermined depit reorler iof mort r
gages in and for ithe risn of Orleans, here- a
a certify othat the foregoing amendment to I
the charter of the Vilnon oil Drilling and a
th Operating I' olny Ws this day ly atre I
chared in my olie in mortge look 10i .71. I
folio -.
New Orleansr, ia.. Septemalnr 7. 1912.
i Sla nedn 1111." :la.N.
lDeputy Recorder of Mortgages. t
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a
true and co rret copy of the orillnal amend
nthe on tite in my of e. o o
ALEXIS oBRIAN. Notary Publric.
t.ht 19 _ti neot e 1 ai e 17 24 e
. Be it known, that on this thirty-first day
of the month of August, in the year of our t
lord, one thousand nine hundred and twelve
is and of the independence of the United States I
of America, the one hundred and thirty
)f seventh, before me, John Marshall Quintero,
a notary public, duly commissioned and tual- t
Itled, in and for this city and the parish of
', Orleans, therein residing. and in the pres
ence of the witnesses herenafterin named and I
Sundersigned, personally came and appeared
the several parte whose names are herein- I
after subscribed, who severally declared that, I
Savailing themselves of the provaisions of the I
laws of this state relative to the formation I
" of corporations, they have covenanted and I
h agreed. and do, by these presents, covenant
and agree and bind themselves, as well as I
a such other persons as may hereafter be
S ase associated with them, to form and con
stitute a corporation and body politic in
tbw, for the objecmts and purposesannd under
the claus, sti pulations and articles herein
after set forth and expressed, which they
hereby adopt as their charter, to-wit :
The name and title of this corporation i
shall be "Browder Bros.. Incorporated," and
it shall exist and continue for a term of
P aninety-nine years from the date hereof. It
Orleans, parish of Orleans, state of lou
a The president of this colporation, or, in
hisd ralene, the secretary, shall be the prop
er owcer upon whom all citation and other
m0 legal process shall he served.
The objects and purposes for which this
fthe ouslne to be carried on by it are here
grall and other merchandise; to manufac
dtur, prepare or blead ourr, arain and other
merchndese, and to act as commission mer
Bchants in ryd lna s of bus.nesi il thil cliy
.of New Orlena , and to do arall tbehls on
aneed ad with or alpertatlag to said buMt-r
Thal corporation all have power and
pauthority under it9 corporate 1.e, to sue
orporate sefalr and the aine to breakl or
shalter at pieasure; to receive, aceftt, pur
sell, pledge, o otherwise acquiroe po weon
utenjoy and disapoe of property, both real and
pernal, ais the Imranetos of sid eorpor.
ton mayh require : to name and appol t sue ht
ofeer, mandat r, direetora, or agentm ai
-the nuecesit or the convenience of said
o cration sa require; to makec and er
talblsh sueh by-laws and rules for the proper
regultest and mrnagemewrt of Iti baslneas
umary lad preper for the eonet of its
hereby shaed at the oura of three thoesand
dolltrs (a3,000.00), divided Into and repre
oented by thirty (30) s hares ho the odr
The orsor.tlon shall be a hole g aontera
new when the eotire captll eto;k sh•ol
havte to he been berbed for ahd paid oo.
All trasers of tok eshall be made on
the books of the omaIny, under u ih rat
and regult ont asa th te toerd of dire tor
may pree ARTICL V
All powera of Irthis orporation shall bse
vetted i and e exereed by a othsord of
adretora, compoed of four reetora , threeal
of whom shall eonstmtute a quorum, whot
shpll elect from their number r ermidoet
Stad a neretayreaourer, and the ollowin
lectboard of direCtors: D. . Browder, J.
ltley, J. . s harry and F. e. Wilton, of
whom D. . Browder shall he prl dent and
SJ. E. Diseharr, seretiary-trelsurer. The
Ssild board of director and the amid oeaera
September, 1913
rAy falu to hold am mo l eleootea
S all not eect oreltre of the a ti th dirter
the rtmalalng d, rector.
he eletion of dre tors a hall be held tn
ItCly ea irat Mondey la September in eac
yLer and the diretor st their frat metn
eleeestvsm is the - m okho hereIn.
be. to tb allowd for ench sre of
The said commissioners shall reman ia
omice untll the stairs of the corporation are Wei
fully liquldated. Any vacancy occurring Pm
among them from any cause, shall be filled made
by the remaining commissioners.
No stockholder shall be liable or respon- the t
sible for the contracts or faults of the cor
I poration In any further sum than the un- being
Spaid Ibalsnce due on the shares of stock earth
owned by him; nor shall any Informallty in
organiz:attion have the effect of rendering about
this charter null or subjcting any stock- i aste
holder to any liability beyond the amount
of his sout crlption to the stock. out a
Thus done and passed. In my office. at tile hours
city of New , Irleatnsi on the day. month and
yve:r herein tirst above written, in tihte pures reach
ence of .esalenurs I.amar I'. Quintero and time
August II. Rltter. competent witlnesses. wiho
hereunto siln their nlailes with thle sait tip- ship
n pearers and ime, notary. after realding of lthe
t Original sitnel: I). II. ltrwdehr. .T. U.
Italley, per It. II. Blrowder. F. I . 11 iltn.
per 1). II. lBrowder. ... K. IPl trry. Wit Tht
SIv-4<e": lmmar t'. Qtintero . A. II itter that
.1 I IQNl'lN'tHIE . Notary Iultl tha
1, the undrtl,.ned ie,.order of .tr.ta-es. sides
in and for the 'arirsh of Orltns. Si.tt" oif Oa o
ltnisJlana. Ao hereby certify that the aalc l '
I and foregolng, a't of Intorlioratin of "Ilrowt- cheer
o ld,'r l'ru;., Ino.r' 'nat*.d" e ta s flit, y , duly haVe
re,'ordh I in my ,tli,'e in In.k 11:,. folio -
SNw , 'r!e,,ns. Ia.. S,'pt. 10. 1'l 2., lids.
S Si.ned, I:\11.1": iAoNAl{tl. 1. It. fac'to
o true ""op.t
Si. 1M I"NT'l'lt. Ntary l'tnhll. sunnB
S 'tpt 12 15 ,,,'t e II) 17 yhave
I/ dark
t i" TIIllE 1Ite.11.1S. LANit & Il'lIt'RVl: Ing
1 NI'T"Il. ' IT.ATI:.S OF . ll:itlht'A. ST'i'.ATI
S 1" I1.1 lIAN.. Ils'titill ItI" -1Rltll:ANS.
t ITlY tii NEW 0li1tl.lE ,
Iit' it k ownli, that on thit. seventh lt .ly ""f T-hi
Il tr month of Nit .a p ,d t -el r, In tihe ) ,a of i ,' or
cI -d, tone ithoultla llt lle hllndrel' anlld t S tl he ·l '
It'and of the ind, t le'tnl of.i, t f t il.lted Sltal e the e
. ,f Amelricla the ,l' hiandrel ;iand thinlt- the
sev ' nI h. IH'lt ort ' fitt. it . ',r.; I an ; rI.t',t" a
. noltary ,ublih. in a: ,dI ftr the l.t."ish ,, ot r I hind
, leans, State of ,I' I ii n.n, J,,ly mltrlilni i,ltl off 01
and q:allitttld and ill the lfry sener, of the
Stlllne-;se hIerinaftler tntlie.d and undehr- the n
) i ellt, ptr.ttout lly. .lc n, and i. l,e'.tl.rtl: tlhe looke
1,.ral a pr'on< who hllhernento tu.teurtt ibe thei ir
tI inttes, all resident; of this etty, iho t iv-o ir- tot t
-i s lly dei, larc', that o availirr the..I elnc. iof the, blem
pro. vi.ts lnsI t h of thi lt . t 1ittr Iti a d et n; inti' n ttt
u of ne statIe of lalltiiane a, '-r ntil e t to the s
it o:anizitbiol (of tol'rporatiun they !have wl moSt
tractedl and agreedc antid I, by tsthes l,prl'e
Senis, tontract, iagree. bind and ,bltalte ihe
In tius, as arlil as s tinuch pel ar n i:s I ay l aI
iassocliated with tllhn otr ImayI lea.rlfteLIr Itc
ris .Iine a.ss.ciated firtlh thIm. to famtii and t on A
-"' titute l .a itorportihnt e or e ,ti ly litlic in lawte
i lfor the objects anctl :II'pu'. h.li"etn ex- store
ls pre,ed and lnder t . aI',reement, and : tip- he h"
llationss folltowi ,. to wit:
: A.LI'TIl'E Ii. deed,
le The name of this ctorlop ratin shall Ibe Cshee
•e "Bogtalusa l Ind tand I prven e oliln act'o
at pIun.' with its deo omi,'lle i the lity of cheer
es Nw ()rleans, Sa:te of Louislan:, and under that'
er its co'rporatle nIame it snhall have snucreion e h
and existence for fllty tarlt years frooIttar dalen
a; hereof: it shall have the power and author- thlng
e;y to sue and be s ued ; to buy. hhold, reeivt., ed tl
iullrov, convey. sell, operate. pledge. nmortI
gage',ypotheate, renlt and llese prI pe' rly.
't real, llrsoval or ntixed; to name and aprstaint
e- all manner of employell es and aglients als its
a to iterests tlay require ; to have powet r aind
d authority to borrow and ltnd money, issur e Mr
e- lnds securlled or lunseculred, n sutch lanner I n
. as its Woard of directors tllay determine: anId
generally It shall have power and authoity ars
to do all such acts and things provided by gare
law, that may b necessary and proer to ue
scarry out the objets a ind purposes fcr whli'h
a this corlapratton is fortnel and is herel, and
d- vestd with all of the inunities, righllts andlain
IprivilePes.t confterred lpon COrlpla ratIons Ui
der tie Iaws of leuislana. To have the 1i.w- put
er to make. alter, ainld and a ndlish suchll
by-laws. rubl s and regulatLons fr the proaer
condotr t of its lusiness as It may reluire. It
shall have rpoIwer to act as agent or neprnl'
sentative of any person, per.sons or corpor 4rO
w ations, as the board of dlrectors nay de
'termine. yOUn
A8, ARTICLE II. enter
All cltations and other legal proctesses dl-s I
sy reeled io this company shall be setrved upon
ur the president or in the event of his alence immn
we or' nabllity to act, then upon the vice-prs- at
es ident thereof.
Y. ARTICLE IlI. repll
o, The objects and purpose.s for whlich this ven
ll- corporation is organized and the nature of
of the Iuasiness to be carried on by It are here
osf by declared to be: Tho do a general r.eal ns
ad tate business In all Its branches: to buy and
ed sell lands, to bulld houses, construct im
n. provements on land of any nature. and to
ct, rent. lease, buy, and sell improved or un- ptal
he improved prolwerty, no matter where aame
en may be located; to reclai wet lands, to tOr
d Irrigate dry lands and to construct any de- man
t vice that will mprove real estate or land
as generally.
on The capital stock of this corporation is be .
in hereby fixed at ten thousand dollars ($10,
ler (NO.INM), dlivithl Into one hundred shares
In. (lled0 of one hundred dollars i$14nf .thMe each,
ey which said stock shall be paid for In cash,
or its equivalent at the time of sultcrip
tlon, or may be issued full paid and non- T
on assessable for property actually purchased sol n
nd or services actually rendered to this cor
of poration, at a fair and market value. . tou
It This corporation shall be a going concern by i
aw as soon as the stock Is fully subscribed.
tu- ARTICLE V. d
All the corporate powers of this corpor the
in atlon ahall be vested In and exercised by a
board of sie (6) directors, who shall be
er stockholders. All vacancies occurring on
said board of directors between elections
shall be filled by the remaining directors for
his the unexpired term. Any director may be T
ol represented a t any board meeting by a gen
re eral or special written proxy gven to any tb
au stoc flholder.
. The board of directors ahall have power te
er and authorlty to exerclse all the powe- aps
ergranted to this corporation In Article I and
t Ander the laws of this state.d opr
nThe osers of this orporatlon shall bet and
sla president, a vice-presldent, acseoretary and
a treastrer. The last two (21 oaees may
be lled by one (1) person, if the boanrd so
ad determines. All of said oler most be
an members of the board. i
S The iarst board of directors of thles cor
or oration is hereby declared to be: Frank ha
lr. B. Hayne, William J. lPoltevent, John Potte- i t
te vent, June IPoltevent, Eads Poltevernt and
, erordo y . Orme. with the aid Frank to
ll Hayne a president ; sld William J. Potte- g
a. vent as vice-preolsdent, the laid John Powte
ach vest as Kecretary and the aid Eadl Potte
Svedt ase reanrpr.x Three (3) diretors shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of
a any buslanas.
poald board of directors and omers shaall
a hold their repective oresca until the econd h
,, Tuesday in January. 1913, at which time a•d
Its nnually therefalfter, an election for direc
tors shall be held at the ode of the eor- ean
poration In conformlty with the provisloe
a of this charter. Aad said dreecora when
hd so elected shalnl proceed at once to elect
,, from among their members the ollers here
paI tn provided for.
A fallure to hold such election shall not
annul this charter but the then existing
er board of directors and omeers shall hold
al- their respective ocas untidl a new election
saU can be hebld, which hall be as soon as pose- a
slide theerafter. thg
on Any member of the board of directors
loc may be reOresented at ny or all meetlngs t
i ot tbe board, by a written proasy given to
one of the stoekholders of thlo corporation,
aid proxy may be special or teneral.
b Ten (10) days prior written notlce shall
o be given through te mall to each stockhold
iteer at hio last known addre of all meetnper
h of stockholders, unler by nanlmous con
t sent 0.eh meteng Is held sooner, ud ull
4,g stock teaed votes at the meeting •ad walves ag
rt the notice referried to.
io T eL charter may be altered or amended
.n or thLs corporation dlssolved by a three
a fourths (-4) rote of the stock lamsed and
S9reseat or represented at any regular or
Sspecal meetlin of the stockholders called t
for that purpose, after due notlea as hereln
At the dissoluton of thls corporatlaon,
* whether by limitatlon or otherwlse, the at
aCy lrs thereof shall be 1lquldated and wound
up by the then existin board of direetorn s
No stoekholder of thlt corporation hailll
at be held liable or reaponsible for the con
traets or faults thereof, la any further sum
tin than the unPald balance due the corgertion tb
on his stock, nor iall any mere tnformality
in the or latlr .ton hereof render this char
ter null, or of eGposl1n any tockbolder to
oany liablllty whateeve-.
the Thus dloe sad pased. In my odlee tn the 1
tw Ctty of New Orlesa, State of lonism asn
dl. t the presee of Ovlde La-kor aud Jo
>ek who ereaste lg their anaes, ""
av with the sid pprer and me, notary, at
be tear due rdlag of the whole. NN
a Orllnst Siged: 18ds Polteet, W. J.
ot v. Juncerot. eveut, FAr oank. gay
W'. M GUORL., NIo. Pak the
S I, the nderelne, retarder of mortgass,
an la and Sor the erlsh of Orles , state of (1
I la dIss, do y ertlry that the abo ag I
Sto b r terrbt dca o pl my e t len
sept IS 19SN ee8 1 a 1 la
Worlds Cables Made In Amerlca. t
Practically all the world's cables are d
made in this country, the first having t
been made in 1857, the total length of
the wire in the sheathing and core
being sufficient to reach from the 4
earth to the moon. When the sea Is
about three miles deep. and the ship
is steaming at Its usual rate, paying
out a new line, over two and a half
hours will pass before the cable
reaches the bed of the sea. By the
time the cable has settled to rest the
ship is 25 miles away.
Health and Cheer.
There is longevity in the sunny soul
that eases our jolts and makes our
sides shake with laughter. There is
a wonderful medicinal effect in good
cheer. Good news and glad tidings
have a magic effect even upon inva
lids. We often see a whole store or
factory or home transformed by one
sunny soul. On the other hand. we
have seen them blighted and made
dark by a gloomy, morose, fault-find-.
ing person.
When Wrinkles Come.
The first wrinkle of age comes on
the side of the cheek just in front of
the ear and its possessor is. as a rule,
the last person to notice it. Just be
hind the ear there is usually a falling
off of the roundness of the neck, and
the hair becomes thin, leaving a bald
look on the woman over 40 if she is
not careful to remedy these important
blemishes. Massage will do more for
these growing imperfections than al
most any other facial defect.
What Could He Mean?
A young woman went to a grocery
store and asked the polite clerk it
he had some good cheese. "Yes, in
deed," he replied, "I have some lovely
cheese." "It is not correct to call
cheese 'lovely.'" she said. "How is
that?" he inquired. "Because 'lovely'
should be used to qualify only some
thing that is alive." "Well." retort
ed the clerk, "I'll stick to 'lovely.'
Putting the Garters On.
Mrs. Brown was preserving peaches
in the kitchen amid an array of glass
jars, covers, rubber bands. etc. Mar
garet, aged four, watched the process
quietly until the fruit was in the jars
and the covers ready, then she ex
claimed. "Oh. mother, please let me
put the garters on!"
At Once.
"Oh, doctor," exclaimed the nervous
youn wife. as the eminent surgeon
entered the sick room, "if an operation
is necessary, we want you to operate
immediately. Expense is no object
at all." "We will operate at once,"
replied the eminent surgeon without
even glancing at the patient.
The Reason Why.
"Madam, I am just out of the hos
pital, and-" "Don't tell me any such
story as that! You are the 'same
man I gave a piece of pie to not two
weeks ago." "Yes'm, dat was just
'fore I went to de hospital."-Houston
Founder of 8. P. C. A.
The American Society for the Pro
vention of Cruelty to Animals was
founded in 1865 (incorporated 1866)
D by Henry Bergh, a New York author
and philanthropist. He also secured
the passage of much legislation pro
tecting animals. He died in 1888.
Blessings of Good Temper.
No trait of character is mpre vml
t able than the possession of a good
r temper. Home can never be made
d happy without it. It is like flowers
rpringing up in our pathway, reviving
and cheering us
For Today.
r- Those who live on the mountains
Shave a longer day than those who live
d in the valleys. Sometimes all we need
Sto brighten our day is to rise a little
Net What He Meant
I 8uitor-"I hope my nomination to
d the curatorship of the museum of an
d. tiquities will induoe you to trust your
r- daughter to my cara."-Meggendcrfe
Et ncouraging Him.
Buahul Youth-"I'm so afraid to
msee youear father. Did anyone else ever
. ask hlm?' The Maiden-"Yes, Ar
thur, and they suffered like heroes"
S-The Club-Pellow.
l Time Well spet.
d- One minute spent in appealing fto
( divine guidance appears to have been
il one minute well speat-Rochesetr
Nature ls Perfectieon.
or One cannot Improve on nature. The
ed universal is not to be corrected by
the puartl
Argue Complained.
ll "A hundred eyes are of no use a
a lees there are a hundred knot holes i
on the fence," he mourned.
to Agreeable People.
he The agreeable person is one whi
pretends to enjoy hearing another tEl
., endlessilry of him or herseltt.
e it sow that a this Iteseth o
I h the ayth of uly ia eJr c ear
m. ene tboagd ie hdasred and twel;
f (191) sad of the hadependesce of the Unhit
- ! tates of Arues, e ie hus ndrei a
he tarte, e thif abfr m A r and Cl
t ,Cestituee - loago sto t he laws of thl
sad the ed upaers
That at a special meeting of the stock
holders of said company held on the first
day of July. 191'. after due notitication
thereof, as required by the chllarte'r. and
there belng the legal repre I: ntatnIi at said]
meeting repuired eiyi 1a1i charter. the sot
lowing amentdmlent to thle chartr wasi 1e-
ally tuade. to-wit :'rhat Article First of said
Sharter ht and the stnie nwas amendedi anil
re-enacted so as to roa as follows:
LThe nalme and style of this ilorporation
hail -'. "T1'he New t irle:ins. Fort .laekson
aitn ' rand lh e Ri ailroad ! onhpatny. I1V till,
tline thleh -:l i rl-rjsatI n shall halv 1i "ri
, ex,.it fr the full ter of nll ty ni nei. I.l I
,a-irs irol',l th dale of this a t r; : i itntl'r ' t.,
i e lir e hled, to ruikt' and uii" 1 'rpit
't .-lill. Itild the sate tio re:k :le .r and
itltli it plae s l ri'. th t illie,' alt r If ny. shall
I,. d..h.lIated by the it lalrI if liret-Iry: toi
enite o pioelie rat e-tate iau-i sllrtnilb I-:.
.f -ct-- itndi agnth- as the nterut ainddi
and ntlerhllV to ..o ill art: nelissalr toinh
u entniti or I any mainner apipr.prihte'
futr ith a: .-,, illiin, tll f the por l l ler-s
I 'ilt- iI 'ft ieirr.ll Iiet shaill , l lly' r ot r li ll
,l i t tre , lt izanil own il share f tl cha pital I
ri n i- o i :1111 th i linrtsrlllt. e'ntll t'lr is anili
.'ilt';i sell rII. i lli" if tiny illriel 1r t  t ti n
-iohato- l lit iiref. ri u - iin ri"ir t-o,
ri it-ll, i hii po iea Iti exercise all the ellti
ri " f h i n . li ,, i ali o wnere s t li reh ," o h, Cn l-l!
T,,1" anlos, 1 ay ll 'a ointI ly ti li in l d
- III t Ioi.lllillt ' Iaften r t e - l iiit-i"-r if ,ilie " "tel . Io
i i riji t i ll t-u , Iif rsl llh I I lbII, IV. s A Iiit -I
It "l t .l ANT.
' l ull a d,lth .et l'fil, . wI ith t any n
f I. ther iin. , ersiinel. ro'-nii f the tl-i rttll'rtl ,'
n.ll, said f h * p arIi af r:bt toll 'I1i . lllltar' 1
l.ui. t-ik nia. ii rli el y aert ify i nhat tI tho e
itll' fi lrl tl o f In nt if i-or i rt ll sntiin io : tie
New i :-ta ,n-i. Foir.t lai h .inl, atil aI of whi,,
115,5. flotly 36l1.ar. by r.fr.,ic to tl-,r.
li ciropy of the niy t . - of oihln d anodK l l
Ni.w Olilrl Iail. 1 ni 31,l . h 1' lf12.
lSin. i, E i' t e I NIIAi ), I). -
m I t ,II . nlta r', ater i. ,Iil2 of the wt\ hol,'.
A . 'it'illI II t. IltEOIO It.I
Notary ubillt. -.
tihth llai t-A- oI nuist.tl 2.1 . in 1. 0. It. No-.
I. ftho 4tn,1 ilnedf tis parisoh. f tn;i,'
It ~~Ell, I , NES I. i h AilB RIiRTt . l
i an d for the rt- flerk o f lh an lrt.eo
ind foeuiine ParishC of Orleans .tiny 31, lih2,
nit tl'-lge oltl, ort.l k 1. n . tiil I;io d l I.. e
t ii .lay duly rea.orded li nmy or e Ilit Ii,,k
N e, w t hl url ,a  . .Itlo y 3 1 . 1 91. 2 .
.tLsni,,atn EM I IE IO.:itNAIle , ID. R.
aItg 29 sep i2 1ll 21 oit t 1 12
STilrE LAKE sl ayE I littlANY.
Rleorde tep! iflrtem . r t lh i, n2. on th
, th t ii d a y o fl' A il l lls t . 1 9 1 3 . In M . 0 I. R . %,N ,
i f,:AN. d If r'l h N .W OrItEANS.
It. itir kidwn.h th is eleventh Iy of
t m lt- of Seatemler in' the yeoar of our .
Iort ni ie thiusand nine hundred ani twelve.
tnier. li. xi'I Ji'oseph Puig, a notary pibt
Ii-, iily -uiminsSioned and qualitled. nl and
ltr thle pa rish of Orleans. d Jin the pret-1
Sin-e ifo the witnesses hereInafter named and
I utnirlsiuie O h.e sll-,k ai .me and appeared.
i tt- several pirsons whose names are here
I-tl suscril e I. who vrail declared th1). at
:i an, 9 sep :. 13 19 211 Oct :t 1:11'2
I availng theiseIvIiEs Iof th proviss of theNY.
I, law of wn, a o this elative to the organa
Sn of corprationlr, i they have contractedf o
and arne thousand nine hndred andnd d b these presentslv cn
t-raict andl agree and bind and oblIgate them
i,elfeir, as wFell as allh ul, aother pnoersons a
. dly tome associated wthand qualifiedthem, into aform
lint ansub trily politwho in law, for the objectat
a vailing themse anl unofer the prondions of tandhe
Si law tio of the artive to the orllowng, to
The name orand ttl of this corponratined
andpower agrnd and duthorit by teand enjoy successtIon
trat the fuand agreerm and period oblf ninety-hem-ol
.-elve, as well as all sucii other persons a.s
Syears from aocnd after wthe date herem, to form
a cirporate seal and the same to break and
ohel and convey. as wll as mortgage an r
yon and i ute under its in law, for thname, prop
and oth res and undersonal; to nameonditions and
r and agentsa the aris th te owingt tconve
uThe nae of sai corporat may requir one and
shatol make and estabsh ase well oas alter and
Samend at pleasure, sue by-lawe its, rules have
reulatr and of theor aaira of said corporation
for the full term and period of ninety-nine
Sas may frome necesa r and date here.f: to
cntraet, sue and be sued; tQ make and use
a corporate sealof and tcorpohe srate on shall ane
at ew at rleasre, parih of Orleansve, state of
hol and onave and all citatios or other legal and
hyprocess shall be served ucorporan the pmresident, prop
erof said corporationd pe or son casl e of me and
nce upon ucthe e-presidentd dire, or in the ab
Ssence o boaenth ofas the inters upon the se
retary of thet corporation may require and
to makhe object and establipurposes for which thiser and
orporegulations for established anagd the nature and
of the busgulatiness to affairs of said orpor by itio are
declas may be necessary ed to e to purchase,
own, hold, sell, mortgage, lease, alienate, re- I
atc Ne and Orleans, parise aof Ocquire and disptate of
real estatena, oilnd allnd mcitatierons or other legand oil
procand m eral right and n other ienterest
g sna the landa, both i Loreuatana and else
whereo to buy, sell, erect, own, lease or a
Sotherwise aocquire and to operate and man
i tai as pracipal or as agent, i this state
cry descrip tion usedasda and other use la
othe extraction oil or anyohe otr ineralse
frota the earth, d forl thoe houai , preser
ration, handling and tresportation of same i
when so extracted; all solelny for the sees ofa
its busles and without the powerl ofd eml
net domaa: to bu.ye, sell or otherwise ac
y quire and nleate and to ship, eeport or im
Sport oilw, mieralslg or mieral products ofn
all kads and in connection with said object
er to lease, buy, sell, bould or otherwise ac
quire and alteate adnd meanalain warehouses,
aoheds, ndwelllgs, storehouses and repaire
shops, to seli merchandise and carry on a
general store sad commissear to conduct
otels, boardland g-houses and aoin houses
for its agents and employees. towbuy and
sell timber, timber lands, and other art les
N' of wood, manufacture same; to own, lease,
and otherl mnachery for lhandlrnlg rlogs to
t erintlato contracts for wli o i to bldo a
general loggtlag business; to dry docksi
and wayse to charnter, own and operate ships,
tags, iunaches, barges and other fessels for
the tresportatiogn of los, oil and other ma
nerals for reight and hire;ll to lease, boildt
and o rate dredges, dig canals for trans
port eand re lelmation purposes; to con
Sstruct, ownhe, mainLtai and operate a tele
phone exchanged a ecessary lies and ac-de
cessdores; to lid, own, malntain ad oper
nte electric pleante and loan or sell electric
Ity or electrc current, and supply same fohlr
compensatinl to any person or perseos, frm
or colporation, or golitnt olest division or
the state of lelsiana or elsewhere; to bild
or operate railways, or tramways, whrosr r
docks, ipe inaes, to on and operate ma
7 chlnae a l to own, operate, constractn and
manltaln pipe lines or other naderground
methtods of lconveyancre and trasportation;l
And generally to hold and exercise all such
indental powera sand privileges not ex
pressly exelded as relate to the objectsa
hereinbefore set forth.
Ia The capital stock of said corporation is
hereby Ixed at the sum of two hundred ad
fity thousand dollrs ($250,000.00) divided
into or represented by two thousand five
hudred shares of par value otf one hun
dred dollars ($100.00) eaeh. The whole of
said stek or any part thereof may be eamned
and delivered to ay person, irm or cor
poration for the acquirement of the rights,
privileges, fraches leases sad property of
any kind or any part thereof now owned
or controlled by Wilton E. &ymar, or other
person or persons, or to •ny other person eor
corporation for property, rights, tfeachises,
4D etc., purchased and acqulred by this corpor
ation, also in payment, settlement and ad
11 jutment of the costs, fees, charges, and
IS, expeases and commissions incurred for ser
vice rendered in the formation and organ
of iastioe of this corporstlon sad in acquirlng
rd and bringing about the purchee of the
le property, rights, sad franchises aforesaid,
sit- also for ash or in Installment of such
ad amounts as the capital stock of the Board
a of Directors may determine, also for mer
all- chandise received or service renderedto
ad this company. The Beard of Directrs here
the lefter created is specially atheoriled to
g. ispose of thi stoek for any •ad all the
T. purposes above stated, as in its
Dr- may seem fair and proper. All mid shares
tr- of stock shall be noa-aasmesmble sad fall
hls All the powere of this corpoatlee sall
ie- seetors, eea ofe whom shall held in his
W ews same aileeas nem  haxe of stock; sad
Ai, bed eh di aers L be elected ranmlly
en the ect Neamby .f harch of each yost,
If you spend01y
Th I sand Dollars
. S ac. R ehliae
. ew Ho
~ (iustav
Ca- a a l8t New
Beer Brewed in NewO .
brewed to suit the cliti
That is why
American BOa
Is Best W't
American Brewiug,
John Couget,
Beef, Veal, Pork and M
St. John's Market.
George G. Brunssa
Funeral Director and Emblma,
Theo. J. Lal
The Grocer,
Dealer in High Class Food Produls
Cooking Utenslls, Liquors of All kinds. All kIds eI
Food Stufs. Hay, Corn, Oat ran. Gr~ . I
Pittsburg Coal and Coke
Yard and Office: 828 Seugin St. Residence 41
the first election to be held In the year 1914.
All such elections shall be by ballot at the
ofmce of the corporation under the supervi
sion of five (5) commissloners to be a
polated by the board of directors and in
the absence of any commissioner the presi
dent shall have power to fill the place by
appointment, and of all such elections, as
well as of all meetings of stockholders. ex
cept for the purpose of liquidation or disso
lution, or as otherwise, required by law, ten
days notice shall be given by mailing to each
stockholder who appears as such on the
books of the company, at his last designated
address or at the general delivery at New
Orleans, if he has not designated an ad
dress, an announcement stating the time and
place of the meeting. Each shareholder
shall be entitled to one vote for each share
of stock standing in his name on the books
of the company, cast in person or by proxy
and the majority of the votes cast shall
elect. The board of directors shall have
power to fill all vacancies that may occur
on the board. Failure to elect directors on
the day above specified shall not dissolve
the corporatiba, but the directors then In
omce shall remain in ofce until their suc
cessors are elected. Due notice of another
election shall forthwith be given as above
provided. Such notice of election shall be
continued to be given until an election is
held. A majority of the directors shall con
stltute a quorum for the transaction of any
business and the board of directors at their
first meeting following each annual election
shall elect from their number a president.
a vice-president, a general manager, a sec
retary and a treasurer, and such other ofl
cers as the board shall deem necessary. The
board shall have the power in its discretion
to unite two or more of the above or other
oifces, and the same to confer upon one per
son and shall have power to fix the salaries
of all offcers, and of such other ofcers as
they may deem necessary. The board of di
rectors shall have power to make and estab
lish as well as alter and emend all by-laws.
rules and regulations necessary sand proper
for the support and management of the bus
iness and afairs of said corporation. sot
inconsistent with its charter. Said board
by unanimous vote shall liso have full pow
er and authority to borrow money and
through the president or some other duly
authorised agent dr agerns to execute mort
gages. Issue notes, bonds or other obligations
in such amount and on such terms as in
their judgment may be advantageous, and
generally to do all things reasonably neces
sary for the proper carrylng on of the busl
ness of said corporation, as also to issue
and deliver full paid shares of stock and
bonds or obligations of said corporation, in
payment of money borrowed, labor, services.
I property or rights actually received by said
corporation as heretofore set forth. At any
meeting of the board of directors any direc
tor absent from the meeting may be repre
sented by any other director, who may cast
the vote of said absent director according
to the written directions of said absent di
rector. The full board of directors shall
I have the power, by unanimous vote of the
Sive directors, to sell, lease, mortgage, (by
I bond. mortgage or otherwise), or to pledge
any and all of the property movable and
lmmovable, belonging to the corporation or
to receive in exchange therefor money or
I stocks or bonds or other oblistions of any
other corporation without referring to the
shareholders for the power to do so and
they may also purchase for stock In this
t company or or cash or on credit. property
of any kind acquired for any of the pur
poses of the corporation without authority
of the shareholders.
Until the next general meeting to be held
- under the charter on the first Monday of
I March, 1914, or until their duly qualified
* successors are elected and installed the
Shboard of directors shall be composed of
I Wilton E. Aymar, Henry B. Warfield. Clar
e nce L Foretich, Wnm. P. Williams, Ormond
i.R Aymar, with Wilton E. Aymar as preJl
I dent, Wm. P. Williams as vice-president and
I treasurer, Clarence I. Foretlch, secretary,
and Henry B, Warleld as general manager,
Sall other oicers are to he elected by the
hoard of direetors.
a Whenever this corporation shall be dik
I solved either by limitation or from any other
a ause, its affais shall be liquidated by three
i stokholders to be potInted at a general
mesetin of stockholder econvened for the
perpose of liquidtion, as herelnafter pro
I vided, each a e being eotitled to one vote
a to be et b the ald,, either in reon or
by p kll eommtssoners shall rmain
m JS m ill i1e airtm of seld copora
Sties shall have been tl settled and lquo
r, date. nd they shall have tll power and
When in
T*Iupm% WIC`
Pholn mIa Il
authority to tMraulk
the assets and Enp?5I
and distribute the
In ease of death w
tloa of one or meas
caney sball be
misloner or cam
This act of I
fled changed or attsfd.
may be d smolved Wie
fourths of the eagll
any general ueettS d
vened for each pe
tlee aball have
dally newspapef
New Orleans, once
days next precedhl
the date of nsee
mailed at least
meeting to each st
such on the boob dl
post office addres
In the case of falt
dress to the genee
Orleans. Any eta
posed or made with
tal stock of said
in accordance with
Lousliana. on the
altering the amoant
poratolns, and It 'Ij
Ished upon complpaltI
amrmative vote of
of the corporatbo
No stockholder ha
or responathle for the
said corporatlon In ti
the unpaild all" of
stock owned by his, I
foIrmality In orgU
renderine this' chatt
any stockholder to
amunnt due on bhisn 5 .
shall commence bahntW
as throe thoussad d
shall have been io
that this charter ay
lnal subesrlption the
set opp.ilt" their
shares of stock
ThuC s done and pas
city of Now Orleaei
said. on the day,
above written. In te
Thomas '. Nichill. t
meier. competent
who here'nto alga
said appet rerls and
readin; of the Wusls.
others. WitOnetseI:
Ieo 4. Waterme*kr.
FELIX 3. 111%
I, the undersit4l
in and for the pa
I Louliana. do hetber
and foregoing a d
Take Shore Oil
recordd in my oY .
New Orleans,
e ( olnle d)
A trJecy Rjj1;
I sept 19 I2 oct 3 1

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