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One Way Colonist
and the WEST
Sapteber 25 to October 10, 1912
$37.00 from
New Orleans
Through Trains, No Change
Oil Burning Locomotives
Electric Block Signals
Tourist Sleepers, Chair Cars and
Dining Car Service Best in the
For full particulars, ask any
Agent of the
If you desire fresh vegetables
sad all of the varieties the sea
"son affords, we can supply you.
Our Sunday Special, POULTRY
sad GAME. Wednesday and
St. John's Market.
-- - - - - - - - - ----- I- - - - .......... .. .....
Move Into a Wired House
When looking for a house with all modern improvements, see
that it's wired for electric light-it is as essential as the plumb
A House Wired for
Electric Service
afdords copveniences and comforts not obtainable otherwise
electric light, electric heating and cooking, the use of electric
fans and other things electrical. All useful, labor saving and
If the house you like is not wired, ask the landlord to have
it wired-he will do it without fuss or bother to you, and at
moderate cost to him.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.
C. E. A. CARR, General Manager.
CHAS. W. FORD, General Superintendent.
, t It known, that on this 23rd da of
her, 1912, In the year of our r d
Sa aed nine hundred and twelve, and
W :: e takidendence of the United States of
SC the one hundred and thirty-seventh,
me, Philip Gensler, Jr., * notary
n aLouisinna oresaid, duly ammis
ed mn glied, and In the presence of
rn l s herelnafter named and under
perseonally came and appeared the
perso.n whose names are hereunto
terlibed, who declared to me, notary, in
Ihe pessense of the undersigned witnesses,
!at availing themselves of the provisions
of se laws of the state of Iulisiana, re
S a the organisation of corpo rti
y hatve mtually agreed ad coorcete_
Sbind nd obligate themselves, their Aels
and ign and all persons who may here
flter become associated wtlh them herein,
te form a corporation and do hereby form
ald orastae a corporation under the name
. /r she objeets sad purposes and under
thel terms, stpulatloos and proviskas con
/Sinds In the followig artilel, to-wit:
', ls coratlon shall be known as "'"le
fi _ atis Company." ead its domicile
Sall be ln t city of New Orleans, state
4 d J n. Inder its said corporate
It shall hare the power to contract,
and a0 sued; to make and use a corpor
aii, and the same to break and alter
; to hold, receive, have, purchase,
alienate, convey, selil, borrow,
m ortgage and hypotheoate, under
corporate name, property, reel, per
and mied, and to name and appoint
ecers, directors, agents, managers or
as the lnterest or convenlence of
lid corporation may require; to make
- tablbh by-laws, rules and regulations
-nm proper management and regulation
MI aelrrs, and the same to change sad
at pleasure ; to do all acts and titing
tall or may be necessary or groper to
ea the objects or purposes of sech
: said corporatin anless sooner
in accordance with Its charter
ealst and continue for the period oi
-*ine years from the date hereof. 'he
I, or In his absence or Incapacity
aeepresident. shall be the preper per
aes whom citation or other legal pro
ial be served.
a objects and purposes for which this
is oruaniaed and the nature of
to be carried on by it are here
to be: To hy and sell, pack, m
ian export oysters: to hold, own, buy
4ll, lease, operate and oatherwisa e
elenr beds.
eapithl stckr of this corporatios is
aled at the sum of t thousand
($10.000.00), divided into or repre
by two hundred (00) shares of the
i-e, of fifty dollars (0.00) each
ares hall bhe pagid la cash at
thesm and in such moouts as the
Sdirectors may detrml: or the
Smay be liead at not tees than
h paylment of perty a ly re
pdohe odr rvces rmerre, mol
may commence 4ns nes as
three thousad daolr ($00oo),
apial etoc sn faL bae hm a
shell be lsi in 1 h here
_H T d Ld eer.
tlit makes
sw m Yasvaine am
A GREAT co..a Sw.. ro Ii W..s.
ay time, and which wil hold roe intert
omvet. is rnning In
Popular Mechanics
Are on reading it? Two millions of your
bors are, and it is the favorite magazine
in sands of the best American homes. It
appeals to all classes--old and young-men
and women-those who know and those who
want to know.
as P8e A mLgA ass PeTu
e AnalscLas Er eusNmnaaL sTInsT
The "Shp Notes Deptmt a (20 pages)
gives easy ways to do things-how to make
useful articles for home and shop, repainrs, etc.
"Amstr MecJsnuks" (10 pages) tells how to
make Mission furniture, wirelessoutfits, boats.
engines, magic, and all the things a boy loves.
sa.se Pr vumr. sslssa c~Op as csmrs
Alk wo. N.wmd.inl., i show ... .em
wevle ee ssr s·ass co roo y
a20 w. W.da.msu. S.. CHICAGO
Geo. E. Bays, Jr.
Magazines, Newspapers,
Novels, School Books,
Sporting Goods, Tobacco,
Cigars and Cigarettes.
TpswrItlig hu at lealsrable Ms.
Prompt Attention.
No. 441 Slidell Avenue
hereof shall be managed by a board of dl
rectors composed of five (5) stockholders,
a majority of whom shall constitute a quo
rum to transact business.
The following named persons shall con
stitute the first board of directors, who shall
hold their ofces until the first Monday of
May in the year 1913, or until their suc
cessors shall have been elected or qualified.
to-wit : L. H. 'rice, E. J. LIcoste, W. 8.
Lewis, Vincent Picola, Sam Michel.
On the first Monday of May, 1913, and
on the first Monday of May in each year
thereafter, an election of the board of di
rectors shall be held by ballot at the offce
of the corporation In the city of New Or
leans, Louisiama, between the hours of ten
o'clock a. m. and three o'clock p. m., of
which said election at least five days (5)
previous notice shall be given by mail, ad
dressed to each stockholder at his last known
place of residence of record on the books of
the company.
And each and every stockholder shall th
entitled at all elections, either in person or
by written proxy, to vote one vote for each
and every share of stock which be may hold.
Each bhoard of directors which may be
hereafter elected as above provided, shall
elect from their own number a president, a
vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer.
Any vacancy occurring on the board of di
rectors shall b filled by the remaining di
rectors for the unexpired term. The ofi
cers of the corporation during the term of
the present board of directors are declared
to be L. H. Price, preedent : W. 8. Iwis,
vicepresident; E. J. acoete, seecrtary
treasurer. These and all subsequently elect
ed ofeers of the corporation shall hold of
fice until their successors are elected and
qualified. .ARTICE V.
This act of Incorporation may be chbanged
or altered, or this corporation may be dis
solved, with the consent of three-fourths of
the stockhbolders present or represented at
a general meeting of stockholders convened
for that porpose, of which said meeting at
least ten (10) days written notice shall have
been given by mat1, addressed to each stock
bolder at his last known place of residence.
No stockholder of this corporation shall
ever be held liable for any of the debts,
contracts, faults or obligations of this cor
poration a say further sum than the un
paid balance, itf any, due to the corporation
on the shares of stock owned by them; nor
shall any informality in the organiaitiou
of this company reader this charter void,
or- expose any stockholder to say liability
whatever beyoed the amounat on his stoc
remalaning due. Nor shall a fallure at any
time to bod meetl gs, to elect oacers or di
rector, as herein provided for work the
forteiture of this charter or issolve te
tomortbon, but the existing beard t
rectors and ofiers shall remain i force
until their successors e elaected and quality.
Whenever this corporation is dissolved.
either by limitation or any other cause, its
alike shall be liquidated by one or more
commilaomers to be elected from amoast
the stockholders of the corporation at a
general meeting at the stockhblder con
vened In aceordance with Art. V, sad a ma
The jorlty of the stock repesentd and
voting at said meiesng shall have the right
to i and dens. the duty sad oem
psasatisa at sa atnd the
eseity. iany, to c hbe fsdrat by thn.
rematn Is aise estl the abds at the said
hall vewr b een La t em tore
"re es a sass death.
se with e
same power and shall be authoried to con
tinue and complete the liquidation.
No sale of any of the stock of this cor
poration shall be recognized until the s.ime
shall have been transferred on the btloks
of this corporation in the name of the pur
chaser. and in no case shall less than one
full share le transferred.
The persons whose name- aer hleretunto,
aultcrilted are hereby declared to Ise the
incortlsratore of this corlporation andl h:ave
respelctively written their natllls and the
amount of stock sutlscritlsl by caeh -Pii-- of
Thus done andl IS-ced in ny Iotarital .f
lice in tile city of New urlraten-. Il:triaht of
I)rlteans. stiate of I.lacislanin. in the rce'.nc,"e
eof A. Miles C'oe aind Flrelerich '. 4Vit4't-1.
,ilntlp*tentl witnlesse if lawful :l. eIt l're
atiin_ in tilhe ity of Ne %% Itl',tiIti. ost fhe l f
i.le dau.nitt. who ha llve hliert'it ic i tned theii
namei . t get li.I." witi t1h,c eaidl ta * 1.jeare r
an ilt , niltL. o lryt t lle l ter di e. re.adi "i,. "f ih ,
whole, oni tIe du3. .nod al atte herein
a. ot"ve w rit;e Il. l . l 'i l li .
W itltel . , - A. M i".- II'tl. I'r.de-', I '.
. just ii-.
1 III 1.11' 1lil: .llte ll. .11 t
Nota:- I'u 1m i s
I. tilhe inlu r'ii ne l r , lrd l"r ,f nel rtl':l- .
to nd for tt p..Iri-h or b urL".ný, ýIa.. o
Louit ie felllt h .re H ertif tlhat the a-ll ,
t ltuiv e tll,. tier jtcc-i i" t illtlell .tt teete,, i l,
.:uhf l'ien.tit. le "h l lcut l' a -. llt- 1d" l li
retcrdhed i itn c ft i, ,. l I 1 bc lk lo.lit-.. f.!G
e'i\" t~It..li-, N".1. ". . iI"1i2
?i :nie.e'li I 111 1. I.- N l N .IIl~ . I I t
. I true c.tey of Il. h 'rt, in.il aet eh cl .i
null" tf ..lt l lll.)" ri-..I for hi ""..,'!1
crIii c 1111,11' t i l.N.eit l let..I1 .
:otitr o iiil
, t li et to 17 1 ::1 1l 1t
Tl," ('AIAMIE'T ItANlD AND T'IMIllll e teM
I'NITIlle STATI":i Til- AMIlh l.'A. StIAT
le It known,l that on this ninth day of
.lei, In the year of ouer Lrd,. e thoeciand
nine hindrel anld twelv-e. nd of the inpde
lelndence of the Unilted Siaite, f Alterinca
the one helndred and thirty-sixth, befre me.
Ito1* I. Itreazeale, a tieotary ipublitc itn and
for the state and parish aforesti. duly cilei
mi-ioined and ali ied. alnd l in the lreenee
of the citinsse lhereinIftefir natied and ten
.ecrsigned, lierdit ly t 'Ia l and lappl treel :
the p lee i t whore ln me aC re hereunto sul
serltiel. w~co dieclared that, availing themr
sel ves of the plrivileges of the constlition
aind laws of the state of l.ntisilana relaitive
to the formation of eerlporations, they hitave
covenantel and ai greed, iand do by thesie pres
ents covenant and agree antid ind them
selves, their successors and aisihnst , and
such persons who lay hereinafter become
assocliated witlh them, to form and consti
tute it corperation and lItly politle In law
for the ohjects and puirpose.s, and under the
stipulations and conditions following, to
wit :
The name of this corporation shall be the
c"Ialumet Land and Timbler tCompany," and
under such name, it shall have and enjoy
corpolrate existence and succession for a
period of ninety-nine years front the date
of this act, with full power in the prose
cution and for the purpose of Its business
as hereinafter defined : to contract, suite and
he sued. hold, alienate, mortgage, phledge, or
otherwise encumber any property, movable
or Immovable, In or out of the state of Lou
isiana; to issue notes, hconds orther evi
dences of Indebtedness and to secure same
by pledge, mortgage or otherwise; to ap
point or select such directors, oicers, ermana
gers, agents or other employees as the na
ture of Its business may require, and to ex
ercise all rights and powers that may now
or hereafter be permitted by law to corpor
ations of this character.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the city of New Orleans, state of Lou
istana, and all citations or other legal pro
cess shall be served upon the president, and,
in his absence, on the vice-president, and,
In his absence, on the secrteary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is established, and the nature
of the business to be carried on by it are
hereby declared to be:
To buy, sell, lease and deal In timber.
agricultural and wet lands, within or with
out the state: to buy, coistruct, lease, or
otherwise acquire saw-mills for the purpose
of manufacturing lumber, and to sell the
same; to buy, construct, maintain, lease
and otherwise acquire railroad. railroad
equipment and tracks for the purposes of
Its business; to undertake works of drain
age. and reclamation and to promote colonl
sation and migration In connection there
with, and gm erally to do and perform any
and all things incidental, pertinent or ap
propriate to the powers hereinabove enu
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at one hundred thousand dol
!art ($100,000), divided into and repre
sented by one thousand (1,000) shares of
stock, of the par value of one hundred dol
lars ($100) each. Which said stock shall
be paid for In cash or may be issued in pay
ment of and for rights or property actually
received by this corporation. All transfers
of shares of the capital stock of this cor
poration shall be entered on the stock book
and no transfer shall be ian any manner
bnding on this corporation tutil so entered.
This corporation may become a going con
cern, and may commence business woen
twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) of
its capital stock shall have been subsrkbed
All of the corporate powers of this cor
poration shall be vrested in ansld texercised by
a board of directors, composed of three
stockholders, two of whom shall constitute
a quorum in the transaction of businels.
Said directors shall be elected at a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders of this cor
porathoi to be held on the fifteenth day of
April each year, unless said day shall be
a legal holiday, in which event said election
shall be held on the next succeeding business
dIotice of seid election shall be given by
publication for seven successive days pre
cedling the election, in a newspaper of gen
eral elrculation published in the dngish
language, inl the city of New Orleas. aidtl
board of directors shll at the first meetig
of its board of directors elect a prelient,
vice-president and aecretary-trensurer.
The fiarst election for directors under thisM
Schbarter shall be held and shall take place on
the kth day of July in the year nineteen
Shundred ad twelve, and they shall serve
antil their successors shall have been duly
elected and qualified.
The following shall constitute the first
bhoard of directorl: Henry N. Sherburne, E.
C. Glean and C. . Williams, and the said
Henry N. Shrbrne shall be presdent, the
saidE. 3 . Glenn shall be vice-prasident, and
Ithe said C. S. Wtllams shall be secretary
The failure for y caee to elect direc
tors on the day tipulated shall not die
Ssolve the icorporato, but the oters and
direltore then in charge shall hold over un
tI their successors shall have been duly
elected and Oafed. In the event of any
failre to bold the election on the day stIiqp
ua..., the president of t erporation, or,
o ble abreacel, the viee-president,.shall Im
mediately thereafter call a new election t.
le held after otrle s hereliater provided.
At all electos and meetngs of stockbold
ers of this corporation each stock older
shall be entitled to one vote for each share
of stock reistered lin his ame and may
The power and authotity to sell, mort
gage, enacumber or otherwae dispose of the
realty owned by this corporation shall he
nested in the stockholders, aecording to their
laudgmentr ameedsat d meeting ca lr e
by the prdealedent or I his abeene the vies
Sr tunder the listr.tim of theboard
of Lrecorsty oe majit stock or
mt he disve and with the n asa
of a marity of the capital stoc eo thrb
oate oresent or renb se er sat a e
bem blmein of thse stockholders ealled for
that pwo after ontics gie in theman
ner provded in A-rtie V hereo.
ea the dita soluetio f this c atrter by
-be mle or ee as to act for y cause, the
orthr two shaeh oentiue the liquidaio
be held liable or eibl for tih con
tracts or umt of thas crporatlon nlany
I ati eo the shares of stock sub
e eit ina osalmbati; m .e einct
th md ebas. iMa e nt a st
Thus done and signed at New Orleans.
Louisiana, this 9th day of July, nineteen
hundred and twelve, In the presence of
Sterling Parkerson and Albert Singer. com
petent witnesses. rttling in this parish.
who have hereunto signed these presents.
together with the said appear-ers and m-e.
notary. after due reading of the whole.
Original signed : henry N. Sherlilrne.
I"1' shares: E. l'. Glenn. 120 shares: 4'. A.
Williams. 21io shares. Witnesseis: Stirlin2
I'arkerson, Albert Silnger.
1:OSS E. RIL:.\%Z'\l. I:..
(Seal) Notary li'tlb-i.
I. the undersigned IRectordler erf ( .rtf:l·,i.
In andl for the pari-ih of Orleans. i ate of
ihti.ia. na, i-do hereiiy ertify that th-" ial ve
aill foireping act of incot'ipr:tltion of the.
Saltlulet Ihndl and Tihnel,e" C'opn+y"" wJ -
this day duly recorded In mly olltel, in li,,k
114O . flio - .
New IIr!,tan+. La. Atlluit. I4ll2.
I Ihr-liy certify the alo-tIv, and fre-,.In
to 1.- a tr. e and I irre t copy of the ioriIlIiii
on fil,' anii of record In my aoffie.,.
In faith ,-herteof witne- aIny oficti- a l
and sinatt:lre tthis ftth dly oi f uily, l:12.
RIr SS . I'. It.lI".ZE IE. , N. It.
intg ".1 seti 12 Lt "c oct 3
Why Deep Streams Run Still.
Deep streams run still-and why?
Not because there are no obstacles,
but because they altogether overflow
these stones or rocks round which the
shallow stream has to make its nosay
way.--William Smith.
Noble Practice.
Let us all resolve-first, to attain
the grace of silence; second, to deem
all fault-finding that does no good a
sin; third, to practice the grace and
virtue of praise.-Hlarriet Beecher
- -III.- -
I Nifl.': STl'AT-:S ,1 AiltitihA.. ST-Ti
i.F IIItIS.\INA., 'PAIISllI ii-'" ultl.l:.iNS.
4'l'rY ill NEW 0il:.el\\ .
Ite it knowiln. that on hits thirtieth day
of thlle imonlth of A.illl at, in the year 1141t.
HI f-orie lit-,. Sc-lt E. Iterll . 1 notary pui.lic iIn
andl flor th.- Parleih i f (irlansil State of
l mli.hiaI , ther-in ri'hl in., d-illy . sworn, cons
Il,-! lnes ;and ylulallii'le, and in the rlesentllne
of Ile Hi i ll'see oio hlertlltio szn lithe.r
nates ll S stih'. P'eroiilly (lme alnd t apl ealr
Ie.ll Th'l sIevrall a.lrtie. \llhoie naimes are
hterei nt lli l s- .rltiod, I . "--verally declared
tha:it alllin thtem elvle lf the lawI of this
State lin sihh I::, s ade al nd plrovhetl, lthey
have irot nltraitil aind ntre-edl i, anl d1. by thet
lpresenilts. c--ntlral. agree and bind thlietusel
v-",, n IltII aii all olther tpe.rsons who iyt
herelftiltr eomlla a-"tcinllted with hem, toi
formll a irporlation fr th iibjects and llipur
poses1 andt uinder the artircls and stiula
Slonl tas follow, to wit :
hile nlame of llthis rptrtiratln shall l-e
".Marx, Ilymtan & Kleln," by which said
nane this corltpra ion shall have and enjoy
corporate exilstine aind scession for tile
trlm of ninety-nine years fromn and after
the date hereof, unless sooner dissolved a
-irdiing to law. Its domniile shall ie in
the c ity of New Orleans, State of louisalana
It shall have power to contract, ie and I
Sied; to make and use-a corlorati seal andi
the same to ireak or alter at pleasure: to
hold, receive, lease, purchase, sell, convey,
as well as mortgage and hypothecate. under
its corporate name, property, real, personal
and mixed. and to borrow ani lend money,
and to give and receive all manner of se
curity therefor: to name and appoint such
managers, directors, officers, agents and em
ployees as the interest and convenience of
this corporation may require, and to make
and establlish such rules and regulations for
the management of this corporation as may
he necessary and proper, and the same to
amend at pleasure.
Citations and all other legal process shall
be served upon the 'resident of this cor
poration, and in case of his absence or disa
billty, upon the Vice-President thereof, and
in case of his absence or disability, upon
any officer of this corporation.
The purposes for which this corporation
is established and the nature of the business
to be by it carried on, are hereby declared
to be to condut nduct and carry on the business
of dealing In ladies and children's ready to
wear apparel, millinery, and kindred lines.
and to do all anti every kind of business in
cidental to said lines of business or con
nected therewith.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of thirty thousand
dollars ($30.000.00) to be represented by
three hundred shares (300) of the par value
of one hundred dollars ($100) each, which
capital stock may be increased or decreased
in compliance with the laws of the State
of Louisiana. Stock shall be issued in such
amounts and at such times as the Board of
Directors may prescribed and determine. The
said Board of Directors is empowered to is
sue shares of stock of this corporation, at
not less than par, in payment for labor ac
tually done for the benefit of this corpora
tion or for the actual value of property re
ceived and transferred to this corporation,
and for other valuable considerations, as
the Board of Directors may see fit.
Transfers of the stock of this corpora
tion shall be made on the books of this cor
poration, subject to such formalities and
regulations as the Board of Directors may
FJach and every stockholder shall have
one vote for every share of stock standing
in his name on the books of this corporation.
Each stockholder may give any other stork
holder his proxy in writing to represent him
at any and all meetings of this corporation.
This charter shall be ln full force and
this corporation shall be a going concern as
soon as the full sum of twenty thousand
($20,000) dollars of the capital stock there
of shall have been subscribed for.
All the corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested in and executed by the
Board of ia)irectors to be eomposed of three
stockholders of thais corporation, two of
whom shall constlitute a quorum for the
transaction of the busminess of this corpora
tion. The Board of Directors shall be rcom
posed of a President, a Vice-President,
and a Secretaryreteasurer. The allrst Boeard
of Directors shall be made up of the follow
ing :-Jacob Klein, President; Aaron Mar-,
Vice-President; Samson Hyman, Secretary
Treasurer. The offeers above Just named
shall remain in ofe nntil the first Monday
SJanuary 1915, and the electionsl of the
Board shall be annually thereafter on said
All directors shall bhold ose until their
successors are elected and qualified. All such
elections shall be by ballot at the oee of
this corporation under the superhvision of
three commassioners to be appointed by the
board. Notice of every such election shall
be given -t the tokholders by a lettoer di
rected to elaeh and every one of than ad
dressedt at the address given by hlm, on the
books of this corporation. Any vacacya oc
coning in the board of directors sallhbe
flled for the remainder of the term by the
remainng directors. A failuare to elect di
rectors on the date specified shall not dis
solve this corporation, but the directors then
nla oce shall remain in ofee until their
successors are duly elected and qualified.
Each director shall own at least one share
of stork in this corporation. each director
shall have the power to appoint an proxy in
writing to represent him at all meetings of
the board of directors, and this proxy may
be rgiven to any one, even thogh not 4p
stockbtholder of this oe pation. _
All directors shall be choseln frsom the
stockholders of tthis poraion.
Whenever any stockholder of this corpor
ation shall desire to sell, trasfer or dia
pose of all or any of his stock in this cor
porationh e shal first oter the same to this
corporato and the oth er shareaholders
thereian, for a period of ten days, datig from
the day of his wlritten offer to said corpor
ation and stockholders thereof; the ofer to
he to sell the slaid stock at the highest boa
fide ofer which has been offered said stock
holder by any person, and, If after said ten
days, the ad ofer -a not been acepted by
slaid corporation of the stockholders there
of, the said stockholder wishl to sell his
Lsaid stock or any of it, may or
eof ame to say one he asy e .
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved either by limitation or otherwise, it
aiars shall he liquidated by two commis
sloners to be allinted from among the
stockholders at a general meetin convened
shall be gives in the manner and time pre
sereilb by tbe next artlele of this charter,
and a m rity n amount of the epital
fiee until the affatrs of the mid corperaties
altered or modifed or m Ior this co,
poration ead the charter t fmay
disslved, with the meat of thre q -arten
ena! et tingr -.
a geral met for that pnrpose, sad -
ter nottee e meeting and the p--ose
By G. A. Deanen
Once upon a time there was a girl.
She was a very pretty girl. Some
people might think that had nothing
to do with the case. but I assure you
it has a great deal to do \with this
case--and most cases.
This particular pretty girl \was on
her way home for a vacation from thu
((cliege where she spent Iapias nloney'
and learned a good many things more
or less good for her.
It was vacation time and the pretty
girl was in a wacation humor So, lhe
ing a daughter of Eve, she betook her
self gaily to the stores where the
pretty things are and began to pur
(base largely'.
But first, because she was a wise
young woman and knew some things
she hadn't learned at college, she
purchased her railroad ticket and her
Fullman section for her homeward
Lost in the mazes of a great de
partment store, she enjoyed an hour
or two of entirely feminine ecstasy.
First there was a hat. Anybody,
even a novice, could see how much
prettier that very pretty girl looked
in that hat. So it was bought and
placed on her head.
Then there was a long coat. The
hat and the artistic unities seemed to
require that coat. Besides, it was a
"real bargain." So the coat was
bought and put on with the hat.
Then there were some lovely long
gloves, they were very delicate in
color and they matched the coat. So
the gloves were bought and put on.
Then. indeed, the very pretty girl
was quite irresistible. She pinned a
large bunch of violets on the new
coat, smiled at her reflection in the
long mirror, and called for the sum
The sum total was presented, and
the very pretty girl's smile faded and
grew rather sickly. Her mouth pursed
itself in a round O-but she paid it
without a murmur and stood thought
fully regarding her remaining quar
Then it so happened that a second
look in the mirror restored her se
renity. She recalled the law of com
r I
Became Aware of a Very Sad Fact,
pensation learned in Philosophy A.
Cheerfully she gathered up her suit
case and went out to hail a passing
street car.
All the time the very pretty girl
had been satisfying her feminine long
ings, she had been dimly conscious of
another longing, still unsatisfied. It
so happened that when she alighted
at the railroad station this other long
ing began to clamor with a voice that
would not be stilled. She was hun.
Now, though her pocketbook was of
silver links and large and exceedingly
fine to look at, it contained only two
little dimes, that jingled with a for.
lorn and lonely sound. Tbe very pret
ty girl in her new hat and coat took
the solitary dimes from the fine silver
purse and looked at them wistfully.
Distractingly good odors were wafted
to her nosMtrils from the diner at the
rear end of the long train. She sigh
ed, and returned the dimes to the
purse. Then a sudden thought struck
her. She ran quickly across the plat
form to a near fruit stand and in a
moment more one of the lonely dimes
was changed for a bag of bananas.
Now it happened that when the
very pretty girl was safely seated in
her section and the train had begun
to move three lusty young men enter
ed the car. They were also on thetir
way home from a neighboring college.
They also were in a holiday mood.
They meant to spend a joyous vaca
tion as a relief to the deadly grind of
football and fraternities.
As these three lusty ones made
their way down the car aisle their
mglances fell upon the very pretty girl
in her distracting new hat and the
coat that went with it. With one as
cord they all stopped and greeted her.
For they all knew her. One knew
her with the knowledge of dancing
parties and college football games.
The second knew ber with the in
timacy of a childhood friendship.
And the third-he didn't know her
at all, because he loved her, and love
is blind.
"Have you been to dinner?" asked
the first young man.
A gleam of hope lit up the very
pretty girl's eyes and made them star
(at his address, delgmated by him on the
books of this corporation) at least ten days
prior to the date of said meeting.
No stockholder shall ever be hebdd liable
for the oatmets or nults of this corpora
tim in ay further sum than the unpaid
balanc e due tLhis eorporatios a e the shares
ofa stock ownel hlm. nor shal any an
rlemality is the emitlon of this cor
a am a.y fther u tashe unpasd
tis -b'~~ l IIC~ bel
ry; they were in color like the violets
on her coat
''N ," h. ..e ,aid ioyfully.
"Then dinie w it' ime"
"No." with me," interpo'~e.d the sec
ond qu~ickly.
The third said nothli:g, lut in hi.
eyes w ias a stea~ ; Irl:p, e and sih,,
lookeil u:p and saa it the ".
Shall 1 t np i'th ,, :a :" !~,t
hE r look sough; his auain i it ha ].:it
of chal:erne,.
T'h re is . a t nott. t of he..:t, n
which tihe -irl did n,"t ut .a r-tal l at
all. llllt tlhe thrloee n !,nl rl ' -' onIi
too w1il. .\nd the tr-i i an t ,,i , :st
the se..und, and th r itil ,ol,..l .t
the third f.,r it w;-, \; a:titn -tii i t..
dig game \ as just vter and tIht ir
finances w. e sadly i. a.
"That woih! tnot d,. at all "! si th!
third ntata d ,t c ll ' \V,. n"nr t h.t.v'
a council ot ear. We\ itt:' r eport
progress In a t.\\ mn.it.: t int
SO, it hapl ntid th:at the'y aithdrew'
hurriedly o o the srl;ki"·e . tr. :tr!
there the y lt their hi adls :a 1,! their
pocket hooks together. andl t c:!:
aware of it very sad fact itr . d.l I'. r
their united finance,. tIurn anl ti :-t
themo how they wI'!ild. 'wcrel oitt\
enoullgh for one of thI im to dine as a
gentleman should in the conlllany of
a very pretty girl. 'Th'e othelrs titi-st
go dittnerless to bed.
Which shoul Ibe the lucky man?
"\We must decide Iby lt." saidl the
third man again, and lhec:i.se t he sn
gestion was his he claimed thet. right
to oversee the drawing.
lie tore three strips of paper of dif
ferent lengths and placed theun in his
hat. holding it out to them.
"The short one wins," he announced
The first man drew carelessly, and
looked at the long slip In his hand
with a smile and a shrug of the shoul-.
The second man drew carefully. and
the sight of another long slip c(alled
from him an exclama ion of regret.
But the third man looked at his
short strip reverently. Hle folded it
up and put it into his pocket.
"Lucky dog!" said the first man
"I envy you." murmured the second
The third man's face was full of
"I can't lose." he said.
Then it followed that the third man
collected all the dimes and quarters
of the other two, and made his way
back to the car, where the very pret
ty girl sat waiting.
"So you are the one," she said, but
she did not look disappointed.
"Yes," he answered, "I am the
He guided her down the aisle of
that car and across to the diner. And
the unlucky two followed at a dis
tance, for they were very, very hun
And behold the two had quite for
gotten their hungry brethren, neither
did they take much interest in the
bountiful dinner placed before them.
so that those watching burned with a
desire to take from them the steak
and salad they so little appreciated.
For the man sat looking into the vio
let eyes of the girl, and the girl toyed
with her fork and listened to the
wards he was saying, while her color
came and went.
So when the watchers could In no
way gain their notice, they crept sad
ly away and were fain to return to
the smoker. And behold, as they pass
ed the seat of the very pretty girl,
their gaze fell on a partly opened bag,
and from the bag protruded the end
of a plump yellow banana.
It was long before the very pretty
girl came back to her seat, and when
she did, her cheeks were glowing
with a lovely color. It was longer
still before she missed the bananas.
Even then her suspicious glance fell
t upon and wrongly accused two itino
cent urchins across the aisle.
As for the two real culprits, she had
I forgotten their existence. She had
forgotten the dinner their money had
Spurchased-she had fogotten every
thing but the look in the eyes of the
man who didn't know her-because he
loved her.
American Negroes Have the Instinct
of Harmony Almost as the
Birds Have It.
The American negroes are natural
singers. Nature has "placed" thelr
voices and givren them a genius for
Improvising the alto, tenor and basu
Iparts of their songs with emotional
riehness and perfect harmony. The
American negroes, writes a contrlbu
tor to the Craftsman, have what has
been called the "harmonic ear." At
Hampton institute, the industrial
school for negra nd Indians in Vir*
ginia, a chorus of 800 negro students
slngs without accompanalment and in
faultless pitch throughout an evening,
chanting In the untaught harmonies
Speculiar to the negro the old plan
tation songs of the past generation.
SOnce, when I visited Hampton, a
musician from Europe was present.
He asked me who trained the chorus.
"Nobody trains the negroes," I said.
I "*Thelr singing is natural."
"I don't mean who trains their
I voices or teaches them tone-produe
r tlon," he said. "I mean who teaches
Sthem their parts and trains them to
Ssing togetber?"
"Nobody," I repeated.
"That is not possible," he said. "1
Shave never heard finer choral sing
S"If you do not believe me," I replied,
S"ask Major Moton, the negro leader
who starts the chorus In each song."
r Major Moton answered as I did.
5 The musician was amased.
"How do you do It'" he asked.
I "I don't know how we do it." the
negro answered. "We Just sing, that's
F all."-Youth's Companion.
shall serve as the orignlal subserIption ist
C of this corporatlon.
SThbu done and peaed In mr ole on the
day and date aforeuld, inthe presence ol
Messrs. Edgar M. Cabahn and T. A. Schuter
competent witnesses, who have hereuntc
Ssigned their names, together with the s-i
. appearere and me, notary, after a due read
d ins of the whole.
Signed: Jacob Klenla, Aaron Marx, Sam
n sm neIan. Wituesmes: T. A. Schuber,
. r M. Caba. a
Is OTT . BEERM, Not. Pub.
Id I, the undersised Recorder of Mortiga
p- tin sad for the garish of Orlesmans, State
IaSiana, IS be fr1 ettf that the _asa
id as isg eLg t rt os oraa "M a
r, . . :t1\ 1 1 ' 1 1 I't t,
: , L s ht, p , ,r . i . -
-' . t' ', , ,- .its an(. 1 ,t'ir :t!." , ý.11: ·::.. f,";
rn l ! t n 11 u.1 rill (( "r.1i ""t s .I iI is n i for
r ?.
s 1" I t i s1d: it".1 t ,1 1 1 l'il. .! - , nrnrl
Il!4n tIle tor . k rII :IhIt r i r . In I n i I
t'it , \l'o , t.... iil je s h tl t l. s I. Ir liu t i,
;oI".r".1 in Is (ri-t.trt u. " ar 'iiw re. y I , I.1.re n
I141, tll sh. l 11.,1 an I(-: ri+ - "' , r pIp.l p ntt(- anl
real ~r "w 1 atal pr t lt"rtl, a:nd to i-. ,e notes
tIll rr herns llor tie trans porte;tlon oInstru.
nItlroii ot.' to ire nlarle'nls; to leti, ltol have
t erl, i plnry; .altn, clela In naer oil, petro
r emp. as. isalt ant interI t n o lri nvei rolucts
'to it. y sell, leal s. srl.rtgalih-, I 'y-th. Iaws,
rintl o herse latilnre or alenate .reael an
not In onsatent th the other off ets andfrom
ptime to l reln set Porthe.m e'pllin o
The onpitil toc of this cor-tiporal til Is
h "in l the ity slim oof e rleans. p:t of Or
Ians. state of. ollars dn nto, and rep-l citations
rtesnted l fi,,vle thousand (.3,r4)0 aharca ol
te par vallt e of ten (l10.04)1 riiillara each;
said otshares oeal pstocess shall he served onl at
thr, ae pre hent, anssd shisall he pd or the
vich o prdent, andor in the all.lliI alnt there
uon the secrets or t L-treasurer.hallissued
ulhl paljet s and purposes fsrnl winoh trhis
corporation isnl reted are herebym its hoolar
No hotler of stoL , n this cerporatlon
shall sell his stock , to any per ion unil he
toas fe t of ere for oil throleumoa, rd o, dreclt or
any ther minerporal or arthen rboodets; to
establish. hultlh and construct pipe lines and
otanh t shall he optional nor tation orporationf such
tproducts to reomarket an; to rlle, sell and
otherwise olat generallony deal n saprosi ol, petro
lern as soonlt and othree thmineral prodcts:
to lay, sell lease. capitaortal stc, hyall pothecate
and otherwise and paidre or alienatboe real and
personal property of every description what
soever, and generally to do every and any
thing not herehl specially enumerate and
not Inconsistent with the other objects and
purposes herein set forth.
The capital stock of this corporation sall
herety etied at the sum of fgemty thoand co
1 o0,000.0ts) ollars, divlbed into, and rep
resented by live thousand (5.4,)0) shares of
the par value of ten ($10.00) dollars each:
bo shares of directock shall be ompossued only at
par, ann when Issued shall be paid for In
caitesh or proa norty, or in the equtvalon o there
of. All shares of stdirctors k shall be ossued a
full paided and nonas l, and. no trans-. W.
fTher of said stock shalld rst be oarding on directorid
corporation unless recorded on its books.
No holder of stock In this corporation
shall sell hiJ stock to any peresde untl he
has first offered t tond the board of directors
of said corporation at Its then book value,
and it shall be optional for this corporation
to' diretorse to recognie any tranll ser of stock
made in violation of this proviston.
This corporation shall be a directorins ohan
cern as soon as three thousand (3,000.00)
dollars of ts capitalorstoc s all have been
subserlbed and paid for as heerinabove pro
All the powers of this corporaton shall
e ested election, and the management and con
trol of its aalrs shall be exercised by, a
board of directors to be composed of five
satoekholderstoc any three om, whom shall be
stitprote a quorum for the transacton ot the
bushall nele of this corpraton.
The first board of directors ma be shall be om
posed of J. P. Landry, E. P. Brady, O. W.
ma directrawford, C. M. Else orman and Albert Phens.
The ofiers of meetaid rst board of directors
shall be J. lect. romdry, president E. thr number a
Brady, vice-prerident, and C. W. ereman,
cretary-treasu rer. nd the id bord o
reAll mcetrs and old otesocL shall shallerve bed
remain bIn orlttee unotic the mailedrst Monday la
non adeptemberess 1913 on whicholder not lesann
tally thrt dasthe beord ofte dctoe fxed for
abe eleted in rtnby the tstoockoldrs t meetrs.g
Thalled for that o puorpose. All diretors and
edrs are elected chand orqualied, altered ny falor ti
corpoure to elect dimetrs all not be retharded -
as a forntelture o f t his ehnldarter.ad
thrin the eletio e directors, s ch ttofk
holder mahll be prentitled to repme vote foa ah
genshare om tock held by him, which must beo
ct enthed or that peroe, and or byhc duly utherid
Whproxy andr the majorpority of the vote dt
salled, either bAy vlmtancy ourring o thean
board ot dhretoe (3) may be mssoelled byr the ponted
fn that pdrpose for the unexpla term.
Atholders, at a meeting of the oard of ders
tonrs after their taelet pron, and quallc ctmn,
otheyrs shall elet from among thoer nul tmber a
prmdent, ha vl be-preslidet ab d y seretary
oAll meetl of ts sockholders hall eer ber r
called by writtn noue ralled tom thae tht
known addrens of eh sto or kolder not lehm;
tha thi ty dayhs beforre the date thed for
uecth meetring, vnlehis charterid nullotice hor been
powained l writoclt by the tokholders to any rther h
o this act of rporportn.o may be mend
Thed, modoned, hanged paor in m notarlteredal o-r this
icrporation mate ty obe dSolved with the pras
entce of the stockholders oldrtiger and John wla
athree-f and residents oo the capital tock thereof,
who may be phereent orssred their namesrepreseted at a
gnotary, amter dte readtng ofo the tokholders.
Crawvened ford, that purpes;e, and of which due
notshares hpera been g. aars; Albrt Iven.
nsWhenever thares. orport .on shall be dldon
solrtled, Jo.either by Imitato or from anyLCororn.
other rue, i Its ~rt sICIhail be lqodatedb.
Iby thre (3) ndeommrslnoners to be ole morted.
for that frpothe pafrom ish mong the ans tate ok
olders, t a merebtlng ofert thate stockholders
, fairs of id cinorptin shall be fully atde
SBamong the Ilqudtors from any cathis day d.l
so I, shall be rsillned nobry pblcthe remdo ag
b ponsle fort the eabreta or fault oo tlnhis
a orprat lond correc ny further sm t chan ther
theunpaid Balou Cane due by him on, tohe shrest
gan athe certion fcat ole th Reorderao have the et
feet of rendering this Lharter .ul. or of 01.
The list o bscrber hereto annexedP
oIf th2s e 2poroaton.

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