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Carstens & Vezien Co., Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
platI Attention to Railroad Orders. Presept Dellvery.
. Cs. a t, . Dot Bs. llwdwr .s i s. t Whi i.. i> rs
John Kleinkemper,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Wood, Coal. BHay. Corn.
Oats, Bran, Etc.
d.. DoUIorod Fu* U Cbrws Coar .A andl V.ev.t Street..
eIset Sanitary Improvenents. New Manegenment
Turkish, Russian and Sulphur Baths 50 Cents
0Me0ar and Chiropodilt in Attendance Ledl..' Day Every Day
CHAS. tANTEL, Proprietor
SS Cont Street -- - - - - - - N---w Orleans
HMe Cleaning and Pressuing Club Pbee Main 2812
VEAL ('uality and
R ' Honest Weight
EE Foto Market
J. Sprada's Cafe
EER, LIQUORS and Just at Frry Landin
----n-- --- --.- I w of it. Ito rtk shall have been sub
* I
ge e
* I
* U
Icto I tht er
: Launder
4 ollars. Cass and brts In a
ay that insures yUor w
.ta l nd .s Iat.
aw all men by tmhese preents, tht on
Stwety-sixth day of the month of As
In the year nineteen hundred and
(1912), before me, Lewis Roseaer
a notary public duly commissioned
gqalled in and for the city of New
parish and state aforesaid, and in
presence of the witnesses hereinafter
and undersigned, personally came
appeared the several persons whose
are hereunto subscribed who declared
avalitar themselves of the laws of the
ot louisiana, in such cases made and
and more particularly of act No.
of 1 they have covenanted and agreed,
do hereby agree and mutually covenant,
themselves, their successors and those
may hereafter become associated with
to form a corporation for the objects
purposes and under the conditions and
-l.as contained In the following ebar
he name and style of this corporation
be the "'agun Grocery company, In
ted." and under that name It shall
and enjoy all the rights, advanages
privileges granted by law to corpora
i;t rhal exist for a period of nnlaety
pears from the date hereof; it shall
-ower to contract, sue and be ,sued
Na said corporate name: to make and
" esrporate seal and the same to break
Wet at pleasure; to have and employ
I, directors, oieers, ageant and
e yee as the interest and conve
samid corporation; and to make
4~iablsh such by-laws, rules and regs
for the corporate management and
of the stairs of said corporation as
he deemed necessary and expedient.
SAleration shall also bare power to
reelve, purchase, hypothecate, con
.ll, lease or pledge such real or per
SIperty as pertains to the objects
for which this corporation is
domicile of mid corporation shall be
dti of New Orleans, state of Loualsd
·15 all eItatlons and all other legal
shall be served on the oicers of
iolperation as the law directs.
bjeet and purposes for which this
Is organised, and the nature of
to be carried on by it, are here
to be: To carry on the grocery
both wholesale and retail; to buy
11 all merchandise that pertains to
oeery business: to estahblih btanch
Send to receive and handle goods and
on commission ; and generally
engage in any other business, an
or enterprise connected with,
*et of. germane or incidental to
the puopoeee heroin abov set out or
ted by this charter.
"Oft) stock of this corporaton Is
siared to be the s em tea to
divided into one headred shares
hsrhed dollars each, GaN stck
M for in cash or Ia pgaperty,
labor or servioss mrade pr re
a corporation; e el e ith
see to be paid In isoh am5 m
Stames the s ari d or ~he
The emphal steR at thi
ary e inerassi ol r deeI rrt
same mas
- dollars of its stock shall have been sub
Ssecrlbed for.
I All the corporate powers of this corpora
Stion and the management and control of Its
Saffairs shall be vested In and exercised by
ga board of directors, composed of three
I stockbholders, a major:ty of whom shall con
* stitote a quorum for the transaction of all
Sbsiness. These directors shall be elected
* annually by the stockholders at a meeting
g to be held at the domicile of the corporation,
* on the first Tuesday of January of each
year. Each stockholder shall be entitled,
In person or by written proxy, to a vote for
g each share of stock owned by him abd all
g elections shall be held under such rules and
* regulations as may be determined by the
b hoard of directors. The directors thus
g elected shall continue office for one year
* or until their successors shall have been
* elected and have qualified. No failure to
/ elect shall be regarded as a forfeiture of
g this charter. Any vacancy occurring In the
i board shall be filled by the remaining direc
/ tors for the unexpired term. The board of
* directors shall at their first meeting after
i their election, by viva voce vote, elect from
i among Its number a president, a vice-presl
/ dent and a secretary-treasurer. The said
o hoard of directors shall have power to make,
i and from time to time, amend. by-laws.
* rules and regulations for the conduct of the
Saffairs of the corporation, and to employ
/ and dismiss managers, clerks and other em
/ plovrees of the corporation as the interest
/ and business of the same may require. The
/ board shall also have full power and ar
* thority to borrow money, Issue notes and
i other obligations, and generally to do all
/ things necessary for the proper carrying on
i of the business of the corporation. Any of
/ the directors shall have the right to ap
/ point, by a written instrument, another dl
Srector or stockholder to act as his proxy
i and in his stead, at any and all meetings of
/ the board of direetors.
S The first board of directors of this cor
. poratlon shall consist of Joseph Ragusa,
taIvadore Ragusa and Alfred Ragusa, with
I Joseph Ragusa as president. Salvadore Ra
g ansa as vice-president and Alfred Ragusa as
Ssecretary-treasurer. Saield directors to re
main in office until the election to be held
Slan January, nineteen thirteen, or until their
successors are elected and qualified, said of
ficers, however, holding their oeces only at
- the pleasure of the board.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
N. or responsible for the contracts, faults or
debts of this corporation, nor shall any mere
M informality In organisation have the effect
s, of rendering this charter void or of expos
tng a stockholder to any liabllity beyond the
on unpaid balance due on the shares owned by
A). him.
This act of incorporation may be changed,
ed modified or altered, or this corporation may
be dissolved with the assent of its stock
in holders owning three-fourths of the capital
at stock of the corporation present or repre
as seated by written proxy at a general meet
,e Ing convened for that purpose after legal
ed notice in writing shall have been given
e throqgh mail to each stockholder at his
ad last known place of residence. In case of
lo. dissolution by the expiration of this char
ter or otherwise, the stockholders shall elect
It one liquidator from among their number to
settle and wind Sp the affairs and business
th of this corporation.
In order that this charter may act as the
r original subscription list made for the pur
pose of organising this corporation, the in
corporators have signed their names hereto
and placed opposite to their names the num
an her of shares subscribbe by each.
Thus done and passed, in my office in the
ll city of New Orleans, state of Loulslana,
es aforesaid on the day and the month and year
' Messieurs Voorbles and Geo. Wolfe, com
7- potent witnesses, who have hereunto signed
1 their names with the said appearers, and
me, notary, after due redling o the whole.
ad LFJW1S R. GcgrAHAM,
1k Not. Pub.
ay New Orleans, ta.
ad I, the undersigued recorder of mortgages
'e- and for the parLb of Orleans, state of
e LoistLana, do hereby certify that the above
- and foregoing ant of incorporation of the
ad Ragusa Grocery Company, Incorporated, was
. this day duly recorded in my office in ook
t 10.'5, folio -.
New Orleans, La., Sept. 21, 1912.
' (Signed) EMILE LIDONARD, Dy. R.
* I hereby certify that the alove and fore
t going is a true copy of the original act on
s file and extant In my notarial Tecorda.
New Orleans, , Sept. 21, 1912.
be sept 26 oct 3 10 17 24 31
of Be it known, that on this twentieth day
of the month of August, in the year of our
SIrd one thonsan nine hundred sand twelve,
and of the Independence of the United
States of America the one hundled nd
b thirty-seventh ; before me. Charles JosephaL
SThenrd. a notary public, dulyam rco ed.
sorn and usaied In and for the Parish of 1
Orleans and In the rence of the witness
t es hereinafter am and uadersigned; per
sonally came and ppeared: Mr. Jame Pre
or voet, Mr. Adolphe ID'AMs, and Mr. Geerge
Sarpy, residents of this city and of full age:
who declared that. avaflla themaelves of
is the laws et this stalt, relative to the organi
- satio of corporations, they have eovmsted
eanad agreed, and do by thse preses cove
e* nat and agree, to m themselves, with
y, ech other persons as may hattr e
a- came assseebted with them, into as eopora
ln AraAices, b-wit:
i Lam.e
SLouislana. The preeldent of the corpora
tion, or, In case of his absence from the city,
t the vice-president, shall be the proper per
I son upon whom citation or other legal pro
Scess shall be served.
I The objects and purposes for which this
I corporation is organized and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it are de
cl ared to be: to conduct a general Insurance
agency in fire, marine, life, accident, bur
glary, tornado, automobile, plate glass, em
ployes' liability, and all kinds or sorts of
Insurance whatsoever: to act as agent for
resident and non-resident Insurance com
panies; to inspect insurasnce risks, adjust
Insurance losses, and. generally, do and per
form any and all acts necessary or Insi
dental to the Insllrance asency business.
Thle capital stHsk of this corporation is
twenty thousand dollars I$20.(410l.o01, dlivil
ed into and represented by four hundiredl
shares of fifty dollarts r $.0.OO) each, all of
which have been sutiscrlltd and paid for.
AltThI'I.E1 V.
This corloratslon shall exist for the terni
,f n ninety-nle years. It shall hold, receive,
purchase. mortgage. lIdse. iase. scoinvey.
Illler its (,(s, ptattte name. property rea:l and
ersn:al, nmovable and hnova.ble. It shall'
e capablesi, to suel and ItI sue"n: to make andi
ls.e a c(ortloratle se .I : to adopt by -laws. rulei
a1nd reullations. and do etery'thin nieedfu'
for its good gnovrntlelnt and supllslprt : andl
irnerally, it shall pssess all the ,powers
re'1iredl or lproIwar for th e ct:rrying on of it
lbustiness as above,' dosIt lnlanttel.
The affairs of thisI csrporatlion .shall Ie
plndintl.ed, an tile corporate lowers shall
lie exe rcised. hy a It:ard oi f Directors, co
pise'd of thre. stol khi!dlers. ,I elets.l at it
oetneral netling of the stokholdier-s to t
h'ld annuallyit. at thle dolmihle of the cllr
ptration, oin the first Monllay otf AIugust.
.ei':nning n I the tirst Monda:y of August.
1t11l. iatil Itiard ulhill seh-e?. froi their
iwnn nSlulsr, a I'resihlenst, a Vic'e l'Prshlntl .
aId a Secrstar v-Treasurr.
lThe fsollowis:ng nat tlstI perslons are de,-larir,
to Ise the Itar s of I irsstors and thse ofiltl
of this sors.ration, alnd shall serve, until
lthe tirt Monday of Augustl. 19111. or inlt.
their slsssls-l, slrs shall, ave tIs, s elected.
nam:iely: .llames I'rl'evst, presildent : Ahidolphe
il Ast.itn. Vie -I'reside.lt : and Geolrge Sallrpy.
Seclret arvyT-'reastlt er.
Any vatcancy. front whateve r cause artsi
Ing. In the li.al:rd of Di re.ctors to be elested
in flutlure or as now onstitullted, shall hei
tilled ily the renmaining nltml'rs of the
This croraortion may t dtissolved by tlhe
vote of thrLee-fourlths olf all tihe stockholders.
ealh share counting for one voteil at a gene
ratl meeting of the stockhlolers called fsor
that Itpurpse, after pssli at in for at least
len days in a dally newspaper In isthe ity
of Netw Orleans, and after notice in writing
to each stocklholder, served at least ten days
tssfosre the meetling.
Ilipon the expiration of this Charter, or
tupon the dissolution of tilhe corporation, tihe
Illidlation shall he made iby three liltda
tor elected Iby tie stockholders, and said
Illiidators shiall serve until all the affairs
Sof the corporation shall have been entirely
Swound iup: and should any of the liqllda
_ tisr die, the remaining liqiidators or liqul
dator shall have full power to act.
lone and passed in my sffi.e, at New
Orleans. the day. month and year first
above written, In presenoe of Messrs. Del
vallle iI. Theard and Edward O. Cresap.
competent witnesses, who have signed with
the appearers and me, notary, after due
(Original signed)
Witnesses:-Delvallle II. Theard, E. O.
CHAS. J. TIIEARD, Not. Putb.
I, the undersigned, It.s-.order of Mort
gages, In and for the Parish of Orleans,
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Act of Incorpora
b- ton, of the James Prevost Insurance
Agency, was this day duly recorded In my
ome. e n Book 1055, Folio 417.
New Orleans, August 20th, 1912.
tA (Signed) Emile Leonard, D. R.
sy A true copy:
N- otary Public.
I sept 5 12 10 26 oct 3 10
ig Tried a Writer's Courage.
h All the work that Thomas Carlyle
I, did in years was destroyed in a mo
1 ment by a servant girl, who burned
d the manuscript of his "History of the
French Revolution." When Carlyle
hr heard of the mistake of the girl he sat
o down and read Marryat'a novels for a
wr eek. Then he began again and ret
we wrote the history.
m Forced to Rely on Candles.
Very few houses in the French
SWest Indes possess kerosene lamps,
e. candles being commonly used for
Sbousehold illuminating. The import
a- duty makes it impossible for the peo
ple, who are poor, to use either kero
- ene or gasoline.
n I reatment for urns.
if Sweet oil and Ilmewater spread on
a piece of cotton and applied to a
:y burn is very soothing. Every medi
idne closet should contain a bottle of
r- this remedy.
S Example of Jeweler's 8kill.
A skillful French jeweler has made
Ira perfect watch and set it Inside a
pearl but a little more than halt en
talh in dlsmete
se RANS.
y Be It known that on this 12th day of
September. 1912, before me. Edward B.
Ellis, a duly qualified notary pnlhile in and
f. for the state and parish aforesaid, and in
Sthe presence of the witnesses herelnafter
- named and underslgned, personally came
II and appeared the following persons whose
- names are hereunto signed, who severally
t- declarie that. avaliing themselves of the pro
I vislops of the general laws of Loulislan rel
an stive to the orgasizatlon of corporatlons,
Is they have covenanted and agreed, and do Iby
hf these presents covenant and agree, and bind
r- themselves, as well as such others as may
f hereafter become associated with them, to
:o form a corporation for the purposes and ob
Is jects and under the articles and condltlons
following, the domicile of said corporation
to be in the city of New Orleans, and cita
Ition or other legal processa to be served on
r- the president, or In his absence upon the
i- secretary.
*- The name shall be the Emma Realty Com
pany, and by this name It shall exist for
ninety-nine years. It shall have power and
Sauthority to contract, sue and be sued; to
ir make and use a corporate seal; to Issue
1- bonds; to borrow and loan money secured
Sby mortgage or otherwise: to have anrd em
d ploy such managers, dlrectors, omers,
Sagents and other employees as the Interests
of said company may require;: to make and
Seatablitah such by.laws, rules and regulations
for the management and control of the af
Sfate of said corporation as may be neces
I ry, and to have and possess all the powers
' granted by the laws of Louislana to do all
Ic thlns necessary to carry out the objects
for which this corporlion is formed.
The objects and purlposes for which this
corporation is formed and the business to
L. be carried on by it are hereby declared to
b he to deal in, acquire, purchase, bold, lease,
n sell and mortgage real estate and all manner
of lands a In Louistana. or elsewhere: to de
velop. Improve as well as to sell, and mort
gage the same, or any portion thereof: to
plot out In subdlvisions any and all lands
- acquired by said eompany; to erect, build.
repastr, remodel, construct, and to contract
for the building and erecting of, dwellins,
honuses and bulidlnss, roads, streets, side
3 walks and pavements and all structures of
L any bluilding material, and to operate, lease
or mortgage the same: and generally to do
y real estate buslanes in ll its details for
lr Itself, and as aenhts for others.
dThe capital stock of thbls corporatlion shall
d be fifty thouaand dollars, divided Into five
b huadred shares of the par value of one
I bundred dollars eaeeb. Tbhis corporatlon may
t begin bsaneas at once as a golag onaeern,
e fity-Sve sharea havinI been subserlbed by
r* the srers hereto. Aany stockhbolder most
give this company ten days notice of his in
Stestion to sll his stock, the first privilege
Sbelal given the other stockholders, or any
. of thrn, to urchbase within this time. No
I- stockbolder all ever be bheld liable for the
lcostracts or faults thereof tIn say sunm be
SIoad the aud hbalance due the eommany onea
Shis aw of ntork: nor shall nsay latr
- mality a ortaltio have the eoeet of
I- renderig this charter ill, or of exposnt
ra stoekholder to sayr Iability beyod the
I unpaid baal e I hsstock.
B am sm a on a
,"I iu e i l es ut
Takes Laurels From Brooklyn.
"Don't call Brooklyn the City of
churches," says a Globe Trotter, who
is equally familiar with the Hudson,
the Rhine, the Ganges and the Nile.
There is a city in India which is
looked upon as "holy" by Buddhists
and Brahmins which might dispute the
title. Benares has about 2,000 temples
and in these and fixed in the narrow
streets where the public is free to
worship are about 500.000 idols. Ac
cording to Hindoo belief, it is the gate
to paradise, to which all who dwell
within its walls enter immediately.
Desecrated Burial Vault.
In a dilapidate4 old vault in a
churchyard in Philadelphia. contain
ing the bones of some colonial man or
maiden, a group of roystering mena
were found the other night, laughing.
talking, smoking and shooting "craps."
The vault in which they sat was the
oldest in Old Trinity and it is falling
into decay. For more than a week
residents of the neighborhood had
heard uncanny sounds emanating from
the churchyard after midnight, and
the place was believed to be "haunt
World's Debt to Books.
How safely we lay bare the poverty
of human ignorance to books without
feeling any shame. They are masters
who instruct us without rod or ferule.
without angry words, without clothes
or money. If we come to them they
are not asleep; if you ask and inquire
of them they do not withdraw them
selves; they do not chide you if you
make mistakes; they do not laugh at
you if you are ignorant.-Richard De
Seized by an Eagle.
A huge eagle swooped down on the
home of a Westport, Conn., man a
few days ago and seized Anna, his two
year-old daughter, in its talons and
attempted to fly away with her. The
screams of the child brought the fa
ther to the yard. The bird then drop
ped the little one, and the father seiz
ed her and ran into the house. The
little girl's clothes were torn by the
bird's talons, but she was not even
Original Woman Suffragist.
A modern historian makes the claim
that Congru Hrolf, the mighty Viking,
who afterward became the first duke
of Normandy and the progenitor of
William the Conqueror, was the orig
inal woman suffragist, and that it was
this valliant Norseman who sounded
the first clarion call for women's
rights ten centuries ago.
Best Disinfectant.
Sunshine is the best possible disia
fectant. The rays of the sun penetrate
and disintegrate all organic sub
stances. Let it flood the rooms which
are occupied whenever it is possible.
Lay the bedding In its direct rays for
an hour every bright morning. Dark
corners that have a stuffy smell are
dangerous to the health of the house
Right Doing.
Practical duty enriches the fancy
and the heart, and action clears and
deepens the affections. No one can
have a true idea of right until he does
it, any genuine reverence for it till he
has done it often and with cost, any
peace ineffable in it till he does it al
ways and with alacrity.-J. Martinean
,et Little Sulphur From Sicily.
Immense quantities of sulphur ar
mined in Louisiana by pumping, and
the result is that Sicily exports very
.little sulphur to this country, although
seven or eight years ago it sent more
than one hundred thousand tons per
Nothing on Him.
First Chicago Child-"My father is
connected with some of the best fam
ilies in town." Second Chicago Child
e-"Pooh! That's nothing. My fa
ther is separated from three of
Well to Learn OurParts.
All through life we have to act; so
the sooner we learn some of the parts
that will fall to us-hero, modest help
er, accepted or rejected lover-the bet
tsr we shall conduct ourselves.
Very Old Text-Book of Heath.
It is said there are 285 verses in the
Old Testament and 240 in the New
Testament relating to disease, sick
oess, their causes, treatment and pre
Man's Faee.
Parisians are concerned about the
question of wearing mustaches and
beards, the tendency being to part
with these long-honored ornaments.
Giving Up Everything.
Hope must have departed from the
advertiser who inserted the following:
Por Sale-Edison phonograph; also e
heater and a cemetery lot; cheap.
Poor Rich.
Sometimes poverty consists in just
feeding the poor. Half the millionaires
in the country don't know how much
they are worth.-Atlantle Constiot ,
Drawing the Une.
Patriotim is oar proadest paslan,
but we refuse to let it induoe aus to
wear a certain sort of hat in the inter
est of any candidate.-Atchison Globe.
and treasurer may be hel by the amine
Tb board shall be elected by ballot by
the stocktolders at the akc of the cor
aIPy on the Arst Wedmesiy of Pebruary.
1913, sad anually thereafter, such election
to be held uador such raesm my be pre
serbed by the board. Eaeh tockholder
ll be .setiled, dther is ,ers or by
pproe, to on vote or every held by
m sad a majorlty of votes shall elect.
ile L.eva Joha e . Teulhe. hmn
els J. Keller., Edward B. Ellis, WIllim .
Cosmmeley, are declared e be the srat board
of detors to serve uatil the rst weee
I day of ebruary, 19, or until their see
I  us u ectel sea t , wulnth m=
A. Kasael as imt; WilIms . (oe
dmhe, as ansdre , l FIhends I. Ke
Rumanian Amazons.
M. Vechln, the superintendent of a
large farm at Buzco, Rumania, was at
tacked by an army of 50 women, says
a Bucharest correspondent. M. Vechiu
had refused to allow their cows to
graze on his land and to frighten the
deputation away he had fired over the
heads of the women. Infuriated the
milkmaids rushed upon him and it was
only by the intervention of some shep
herds that he was rescued from their
Born; Not Made.
"Professor," said Miss Skylight, "I
want you to suggest a course in life
for me. I have thought of journal
ism-" "What are your own inclina
tions?" "Oh. my soul yearns and
throbs and pulsates with an ambition
to give the world a life-work that
shall be marvelous in its scope, and
weirdly entrancing in the vastness of
its structural beauty!" "Woman,
you're born to be a milliner."
Locomotive's Diet.
Young Freddie is a natural student
and observer, and he is especially in
terested in railway matters. The oth
er day, waiting with his mother in a
train mysteriously "held up" at a way
side station, Freddie pondered: "Mam
ma, I guess this is where the en
gine gets its dinner. They feed it on
coal, hot water and matches, and I
guess they let it have all the hot air it
wants for dessert."
No Longer Forbidden City.
Lhasa, which is the capital of Tibet,
for generations known as the Forbid
den City, because of its political and
religious exclusiveness. In 1904 a
British armed expedition opened the
mysterious old city. Previous to that
time practically every European trav
eler had been stopped in his efforts
to reach the place. The population of
Lhasa is about 35,000.
English "Hunting Parson."
The Rev. Lawrence Capel Cure, rec
tor of Abbess Roding, whose death is
announced, was known throughout
West Essex as the "hunting parson."
He invariably wore the old-fashioned
smock and tall hat and was a famil
iar figure at the meets of the Essex
hounds, which he attended regularly
though in his seventy-eighth year.
London Evening Standard.
Making His Opportunity.
A New York banker has made It the
rule of his life never to swear except
when be drops his watch, as he some
times does absent-mindedly, and
breaks it. Under strong provocation
he took out his watch and flung it on
the marble floor of his ofice. So, it
seems, when you put your mind on it
there is a way to solve every prob
The Old Wagon Show.
The wagon show of long ago, it had
a funny clown; we lined the way at
break of day to see it into town. Our
money went to the last cent to get us
boys inside. But what of that? For
hours we sat with eyes distended wide.
The wagon show of long ago, it only
had one ring, and we could sit close to
it, and never miss a thing.
Selfish Philosophy.
"You can be a great hero," said the
campaign adviser, "by standing aside
and letting someone else have the of
doe you wanted." "Yes," replied the
energetic candidate. "But the other
fellow will get all the medals and ap
plause. What's the use of being as
anonymous hero?"
Worked That Time, Anyway.
In the Irish rebellion a bombshell
whizzed toward an Irishman's head.
Pat dodged it with a low bow, and it
went by, taking off the head of a man
behind him. "Fath," exclaimed Pat,
"ye niver knew a man to losew ay
thing by bein' perlite!"
Hoouseholder-I give you my word
three seventy-five is all I have in the
house. Burglar-Well, soy! When ye
figure me time an' me tools, how d'ye
expect me to make any profit at thai
Fatherly Pride.
"Is he proud of his baby boy?
"Proud of him? I should say be is.
Why, he spent two hours yesterday
trying to imagine how be'll look in a
silk hatl"
Always Bustle and Change.
It is a mistake that our times ae
harder and more flurried than those of
our grandfathers. Every age is te
itself an age of bustle and changea
Right Men Always on Hand.
One of the most striking features of
the present decade Is the miraculous
way in which the right people have ap
peared to meet new needs.--Ezhange
Belief Deeply Rooted.
Ihad rather believe in fables in the
Talmud and the Koran, than that
this universal frame is without a mind
Not So Dumb.
"Are you a friend of the dumb
brutes't" "You bet I am. That's why
I just hate cats and parrotsa"
S Dally Thought
"Love can never die. That's the
present He gave to everybody."
reainlalng board of directors for the uonex
pfred term, sad in such cams directors may
vote by proxy.
The board shall make and establish, as
well as alter and amend, any and all by
laws, rules and regulations for the govern
ment of smid corporatlon, not rep~sgnant to
law or to these articles of ainorporation.
This charter may be changed, modified or
amended, the captal stock Increased or de
creasd, or this corgoratiom he dissolved, at
a gemeral meetig of the stockholdems called
br that p e, with the uasset of three
Softh et the estire esI stock. Ten
deas Wobr eoti of sIMn stiag shaIl be
at tlsr lt gaews adiru.
Icase tof ihsisteto or terminatio of
this eepestlethr by liattatisn t its
Ses r r tm . eases, the llIsthim
To Clean Fountains.
The best way to clean drinking,
fountains which cannot be reached on
the inside. Is to use scalding hot wa
ter and a big handful of shot. Fill
the fountain about a quarter full of
hot water, and then pour in the shot.
Shako the vessel briskly so that the
shot will scrape along the bottomr and
sides of the fountain. This will re
move the scum and leave the fountain
sweet and clean.
Eagle Not Always Brave.
Eagles are generally believed to he
very courageous. That they are not
always as brave as is supposed is
proved by the following anecdote: A
naturalist tells of a combat het~een
ten missel-thrushes and a white-tailed
eagle, in which the latter was thor
oughly vanquished, and was discov
ered squatting down in a shed. where
he had been driven in hope of refuge
from the angry birds.
Band for Pigeons.
To place a band on a pigeon, hold
the hind claw back and press the
front claws through the ring; draw
the ring close up to the knee joint,
and then, when on a level with the
extremity of the hind claw, gently
pull the hind claw through the ring.
and the ring will be in position and
will not, unless it has been placed
on at too early a date, fall.
Ingenious Swindler.
A laughable and ingenious fraud
was played on two Glasgow (Scot
land) women the other day. By rep
resenting to two housewives their hus
bands had fallen in the Clyde, and
that he had been sent for a change
of clothing, a man named Young re
ceived from the women the clothes
asked, and appropriated them to his
own use.
Leonidas, king of Sparta, when de
fending Thermopylae against the Per
sian host under Xerxes, was told by
one of his soldiers that the Persian
arrows were so numerous that they
obscured the light of the sun. "Never
mind that," was the reply; "we shall
have the advantage of fighting in the
To Pack a Trunk.
Take a couple of horses the height
of a chair; they take up little space
in a storeroom. Use them to set a
trunk on when packing it. It will save
your wife many a backache and save
you or whoever removes it after it is
packed, from lifting it up from the
What He Took.
"Going down the river to spend
Sunday with the folks." panted the
excited week-end jaunter, as he swung
aboard a moving car. "No, I don't
need any luggage; all I take for these
week-end excursions is just a night
brush and a tooth-gown."
Prove and Know.
I pray you with all earnestness to
prove, and know within your hearts,
that all things are possible for those
who believe in the possibilities and
who determine that, for their part,
they will make every day's work con
tribute to them.-John Ruskin.
French Revenue From Gambling.
From the state tax on games of
chance, including the tax on the total.
Izator, the machine which registers
race track bets, the French govern.
ment receives about $1,500.000 a
You Know the Kind.
"What sort of a chap In Wombat to
camp with?" "He's one of those fel
lows who always takes down a mando.
lin about the time it's up to somebody
to get busy with the trying pan."
With an Eye to Economy.
Lawyer (to wife)-Well If you are
determined to sue for divorce, at least
let us keep down the expense as much
as possible. I will act as your coun
Lilacs and Lilacel
Mr. Cliffe-t"By George! When we
get into our suburban home I'm going
to grow lilacs." Mrs. Cllffe-"Don't
do it, Henry. I like you much bettm
smooth shaved."
The Ear-Marks.
identity a stolen hog. On being asked
if the hog had any ear-marks, he re
plied: "The only ear-marks dat I saw
vas dat his tail vas cut off."
Invitation to Failure.
A large proportion of the failures It
Ife are to be found toin the ranks of
the chronic leaners.-Orlson 8wett
No Change.
Old Woman-"What are eggs to'
day?" Kld-"Just the same as any
other day-little things with shells
arond 'em."
Woman's First Industrial Venture.
It wasu In the manufacture of tea
tiles that woman first appeared in inl
duatry outside of the home.
Thilef-Pref Bank.
If a man empties his purse into hit
head no man can take it from him.-
of its sflairs shall be conducted by three
oummlssioners selected from the stockbold
era, with like assent, sad at a meeting called
for that purpose, as above set forth in this
article. Sald commissloners shall remaln
In olece until the aiatrs of said corporation
shall have been fully liquidated. In case of
the death of one or more of said commslnsion
ers, or of a vacancy otherwise oecurring In
their number, they shall hare authority to
fill such vacancy.
The Incorporators have set opposite their
names, sIgned hereto, the number of shares
subscribed ty sacwhich shall colttitute
the original s list to the capital
rek or the opporSttor.
Thus doee isd s slgd o my oaee In the
eity of New Orlesas. theL· rsece of Her
bert kEea, and JOe a. M 0 mel Jr., com
Damage by Lightning In Cities.
Investigailnons made over Europe
seem to ju tify the belief that '1:" dam.
age L.. ligh:irin !n the il:lea patrtlcu.
larly. has decriased to ; very marked
degree in reetfnt years and it is ez.
ilanltid by the presenc(' f ele trie
wires. .hich :c t as a prot, tion in If.
vertlng the e!ectr• bIts. As the
wires are p;ft ind'rgrott:d, it is ex.
petre(d tlhat there will hb niti'cied a
great inreas ' in thl at lr Int of da.m
age ,by light ning and a 'i:irn will be
generally made to the use of ligh:ning
Genuine Belgian Charity.
Ari,rtl a hut A !cre, amccording to
trard:t th. a youinf Iriil ;rim ess wias
turd iered, roew ui; the prlllnt taus n
of Gheel. in lelgi im., which became
known as. "the culony of the crazed."
At fir:t a temple i nin emnory of the
print ess was erected and la'er it be.
came a refuge for the "sIck In mind."
The remarkable thing about this liel.
gian town is that the residents accept
patients In their own home, so that
*hey may enjoy the l'eneflial effects
it domestic and social intercourse.
Made His Demands Definite.
The "minnimuni wage" idea appeals
to one English boy who was asked the
other day by his teacher to write, as
the daily composition, a letter to his
father asking for an increase in pock
et money. The boy set forth the need
of large funds, and ended with a
courteous demand for a "minimum
sum of money." One of the reasons
for the demand was that the boy did
not get enough taffy to eat and had
no papers to read.
Sadness of Unbelief.
I look upon unbelief as the greatest
of calamities. It is the loss of the
chief aid of virtue, of the mightiest
power over temptation, of the most
quickening knowledge of God, of the
only sure hope. The unbeliever would
gain unspeakably by parting with
every possession for the truth which
he doubts or rejects.-William Ellery
Only One Real Road.
There is only one real road to hbi
man prosperity, and it is the same
for a nation as for an individual. That
is the honest road of hard work un.
der free institutions, and when they
tried to teach people that they could
be made rich by some short cut, they
were doing that which was thoroughl
ly dishonest.-Walter Long.
Layman's Definition.
"What is a court of last resort, pIt"
"Courting an old maid."-Judge.
Better Pay First.
It is hard to pay for bread that has
ben e'ten.-Danish.
Optimist and Pessimist.
An optimist is a man who does not
care what happens so long as it does
not happen to him; a pessimist is a
man who has lived for a long time
with an optimist.
Nature Kind to the Giraffe.
Besides its long neck, the giraffe has
a useful tongue, which can be greatly
elongated, and in this state can be coll
ed around branches for the purpose
of drawing them down.
Her Household Gods.
Miss Oddways in receiving a friend
In her new apartment the other day
said cordially: "Well, here I am, you
see, In my new home, with all my lasts
and pennants gathered about me."
What Constitutes Man.
It seems to me that the wit of man,
strength, his grace, his tendency, hisl
art, is the grace and presence of God.
Better Than the Mighty.
He that is slow to anger I bettes'
than the mighty; and he that ruleth
his spirlt than he that taketh a oty.
Wrong Kind of Man.
More women would probably marr?
for money or a title it it wuasn't for
the kind of men that usually go aloag.
The egotist merely thinaks publely
what other men think in secret.
Have something to work for-mad
then work for it.
Out of Sight.
"How do you Ilike that lot you
bought in Bingleharst?"
"I haven't seen it yet."
"Why, I thought you had been out
there several tlmes?"
"So I have, but the blamed thing Is
still under water."
Sort of Corporation Lawyer.
Willie-Was Jonah a high priced
lawyer, pat
Father-What a question! Why?
Willie-It seems the whale couldn't
retain him.
A Lone Occupant
"I have an idea it my head."
"Please e llent for a moment.'
"What forT"
"I want to see If I can hear it at.
tlig around."
petent witnensses, who have hwreunto signed
their names, together with the said appear
ers and me, notary, after reding of the
Names of 86I~berlbers Omittedp.
Witnesses: Herbert Kaler, John ItM.
Toelke,. Jr.
Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recordr of Mortgages,
In and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Loulslana, do hereby certify that the shabove
and foregoing act of Ineorporatlon, of the
Emma Realty Co. was this day duly recorded
in my offe, in book 1005, folio -.
New Orleans,
tA teAD D B. LLIS. Wotary Publei
sept 2 oct 3 10 IT 24 31 101t2

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