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Algerines at Law.
\m. Ii. . Ward vs. Joseph Pizzolato
et a;s.. $l17.7c; ilaim. -Robert O'Con
Su;r- c sio,:: of Moses S. Gordon, ad
inistratiu.i. --Robt. O'C('onnor.
Su' cession of Geo. W. Forrest,
amounts to $7.;',l.
Mrs. Ellen Ml Laughlin. widow of
George W. Garey, requests in her will
that her daughter, Mrs. Georgiana
Reaney, and her children should not
hate control of the tomb of testatrix.
Mrs. Garey also requests that her
daughter Mrs. Reaney and her chil
dren should be kept out of the house
of the testatrix pending the arrival
here of another daughter, Mrs. Isabell
Hermanson. She leaves all her real
estate to her children, John E. Garey,
Isabell Garey Hermanson and Georgi
ana Garey Reaney, and also directs
that her household effects should be
divided among them. She also leaves
to the Rev. W. S. Slack $100 for his
kindness to her and she names George
Herbert, Jr.. executor with full seizin
and without bond.
I Nc'i ) I')iORATEi .
1" Il 1'.ISIANA. i'AlliSIt OIF Olti.EANS,
CITY tºF" NFW %V l l.EANS.
Ite It known, that on this the fifth day.
of the month of Novemiter. in the year of
iour Ilord. one thousand nine hundred ated
twelve, anti of the tndelpndence of the
IUnlted States of Amerh'a, the one hundred
and thlrty-sevnth. Ibefore me, Ale-xis Brian,
a notary pllllic duly commissioned and qulal
itied within and for the Parish of i)rleans.
State of Louisiana. and in the- presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and under
signed. Iwlesonally came and aple-ared the
several ~wrsons whose names are he-relntoo
sullmcrie.d, who severally declared that.
availing themseilves of the benetts and pro
visions iof the laws and constitution of the
state of l.,nislana relative to the organl
zation of corlsrations. they have formed
and orsanized and do by the-se presents. florm
and organize themselves, as well as all such
other la-rsons who may hereafter join or
Itcome associated with them, or their sue
(essomrs. into a corleration for thel obljects
and pulrpoises and utnder the covenants. stil
ulations and agreements following. to-wit:
Tihet name and title of this cerporation
shall is. "',lwinsohn & Feltel 'omlpany, In
,erlporated.' and under said name. unless
sooner dissolved according to its charter. it
shall exist and continue and shall have and
enjoy c-rlerate existence for a perlid of
ninety-nine c!!he ye.asr from and after the
dlate of this act. It may have. holeI, re
celve'. Isorrow, loan, exchange, acquire. plur
chase, sell. alie.nate, convey, lease, pledge.
pawn, hylptthecate. eni-utnltsr or mortgage
proelwrty of any kind, whether real. per
sonal or mixeid, corporeal or incortloreal
movable or immovable; it may make, Issule
and endtorse Inds and notes anti other evi
dence iof debt : it may ai-i-ccept lmortgages.
pIledg'es or other forms of security for money
loaned or otlher delRts: it may contlract. site
and be sued, plead or i* impleaded, and may
make. adopt and Ise a corleiratte seal: it
may name, appoiont and enmploy suclh mana
gers, directors, tcm.ers. agents and other
employees as its interest and convenience
may require; and may make and establish
t-ch by-laws, rules and retgulations for the
proper management and control of Its af
fairs as may he necessary and pIroir and
generally shall poamess all the Ipewers.
rights, privileges and Immunities which cur
porations are and may hereafter he author
lied to possess under the constitution and
laws of this state.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
In the city of New Orleans, Parish of Or
leans. State of Louisianaana, and all citations
and other legal process shall he served upon
the president or in the event of his absence
upon the vice-presldent, or in the cvent of
the ahsence of 14th of said oficers upon the
secretary-treasurer of said corporation.
The objects and purpose for which this
corporation is formed are hereby declared
to he a general business corporation and
It is organised to carry on the business of
jewelers and opticians or any other business
not prohibited by law; to deal in jewelry and
optical goods Renerally, and aplaratrts for
carrying on the business of opticians: to
manufacture. buy, sell. import and export,
deal in and deal with goods, wares and mer
chandise of every class and description, and
In particular watches and parts thereof, In
cludlnlg both movements and cases, jewrelry
and gold and silver generally; eye glasses,
opera glasses, feld glasses and magnifying
lens for all pnurposes; canes, umbrellas, and
any articles of gold, sliver, glass and leather
ware, and novelties of all kinds and any
other artlcles that may he conveniently dealt
In In connection therewith.
The authoriseld capital stock of this cor
poration Is hereby fixed at the sum of ten
thousand dollars t$L10,000.00), divided Into
two hundred shares of the par value of fifty
dollars ($50) each, and this corporation
shall commence doinlg huslnes only when
four thousand dollars of the said stock shall
have been subscrlbed for. Said capital stock
shall he full paid and non-assessable when
Issued and shall Ic issued only for cash or
In payment for property, movable or immo
vable, acttially purchased by. conveyed to
and rreeived hy saild corporation or for labor
done or services renderd.
transfer of said cspltal stock shabll be
W upon this corporation unless re
on the books thereof and made pur
o and in accordance with Its charter
-laws. No stockholder may offer for
lsign or transfer his stock in this
. rparation without giving to the other
stockbolders ninety days prior notice of such
Intentioan, which notice shall be given In
writing to the president, who shall there
upon immediately communicate said notice
in writing to each and every stockholder of
record, in the manner set out In Article V
for notice of stockholders meetings, and the
other stockholders shall have the first prlvr
Ilege of purchasing said stock or any part
thereof at the book value thereof for a pe.
riod of ninety days from the delivery of sald
notice to the president, afniter which ninety
days said stock may be sold In open market.
In the event that the other stockholders
availl themselves of the said alnety day prli
Ilege and the demand should be for more
hares than are offered for sale, the stock
holders desiring to uy shall be entitled to
prchase upon the pro rata basis of the stock
-lready standIlIg in their respective names
on the books of the omny.
The business and aIfalrs of this corpora
tion shall be managed and conducted by, and
-ll the corporate powers thereof shall be
vested Ina and exercised by a board of three
directors to he elected from among the stock
holders of the eompany. The entire board
present, either In person or represented by
proxy, shall be necessary to constltute a
quorum of the board, provided that if at any
rmeting a quorum he not present, two dircc
tore present In permason or represented by
proxy, shall constitute a quorum at the
next meeting.
PUlti the first Monday in April, 1913, or
until their sucessors are duly elected, qual.
ifed and Installed, the directors of this cor
poration shall be composed of Jules D. Fel
tel as president, Theodore Lowiasohn as
vie-president and Milon K3. Feltel as ee
retary-treasurer. On the first Monday in
1prl. 913, and semi-annually tbhereafter.,
to-wit: on the first Monday In October sad
the irst Monday In April of each year. a
metin of the stockholders of this corpora
tin shall be held at Its domiclie for the
prpose of electnl directors for the enso
ngterm. Sa1id etoa shall be by ballot
and the stockholders recilving a majorlty
aof the votes cast shall be declred elected.
A fallure from any case whatsoever to hold
thls said semi-annsal meetilg or fallnre to
:elect dlrectors on the day above eceledI
shall not dissolve the cocportloe, but the
dIreeto  s an od icer theln ii odie shall held"
Thos. J. Jonet to Jos. A. Bourgeois,
$750, 1 note, 1 year, 8 per cent, lot,
Belleville. Elmira, Newton and Homer.
Jno. D. \Wiechmann to Chas. Rausch
kolb, 6 lots. Webster, Opelousas, Sli
dell and Wagner, -1.100 cash.-O'Con
Wm. L. Stevenson to Thomas Jos.
Jones, lot, Elmira. Newton, Belleville
and Homer. $659.38 cash.-Fleury.
Biaggio Bruno to Southland Realty
Co., 2 lots, Brooklyn, DeArmas, Diana
and Teche, $4,000) terms.- Moreno.
Wm. F. Spence, Sr. to John B.
Spence, interest. etc., Alix, Eliza.
Bouny and Powder. $130 cash.-Ker
Vinceno Taormina to Hibernia
Homestead Association, lot, Elmira,
Chestnut, Alix and Eliza, $1,300 cash.
Purchaser to vendor, same property,
$1,500 terms.-Landry.
Mrs. Wm. Hoffman to Helen J.
Hield and Lavinia Hoffman, 2-3d of lot
Delaronde, Pelican. Bouny and Seguin
(counter letter)-Private.
P. Sherry, owner, repairs 272 Belle
ville. $800. Pollock & Killeen, build
over until their stI.cessors have I.en duly
elehcted, qualitled and installed and there
shall be no election of directors toy stock
hiolders until the date of the next semi-an
nll meeting. to which or to any salllllluent
semi-annual meeting or meetings the same
rules shall apply.
Exctept as herein otherwise provid.ed,. no
tice of all meetings of stockholders for the
election of directors or for any other pullr
laose. shall le given in writing by the se-re
tary-treasure.r at least ten days prilr to the
date fixed for said meeting, and shall sith--r
It. delivered personally to the stockholders
or deposited in the mail directed to each
stockholder to his address as sanme shall ap
iwar upon the ooks of thile corporation, and
if no address appears upon the looks of the
corlporation. then said notice shall li depos
lted in the mail directed, care of general
Ikl-lvery. New Orleans. la.
Any notite required by this charter may
he waived in writing by any or all of the
stockholders appearing as siuch upon the
books. At pill meetings of stockholttlers.
each stockholder shall lw e-ntitled to -a-t one
vote. either In person or oy proxy. for each
share of stock owned iby him and standing
in his name on the lathks of the company.
and except as herein otherwise provided.
a majority of the votes soi cast shall be sil
ficient to elect or decide a any and all quels
ltions voted ullon.
The directors of this corporation as ,soon
as ipossible after their electlon. shall qualify.
take office and elect from amnong their num
tIer a piresident. a vice,-lireshdent anti a st.e
ritary-treasurer. The tItard of direc-tors
shall have power to appoint sucih other ott
ters. agents and emllployees and to :lra't
ttuch by-laws, rules and regtlatiott< as they
miay dtl-m neceissary andt prolir for the i-itn
du'ct of the business of thi-s corporation and
!n case of a vacancy on the lioi-ard of dire
tors or among the ticsfers from death. resig
nation, removal or other cause. the said va
cancy shall tie tilled at a slweial stokholdl
ers meetling called for that purpose after
three days notice thieretof has leen given in
vwriting to the stckholders of this corpor
-t tin.
Except as to the increase or decrease of
the capital stock, which must he done in
the manner and form required by law. this
act of incorporation may ie changed, amend
ed. modifited or altered. or the corporation
may lie dissolved by a vote of three-fourths
in amount of the capital stock present or
represented at a meeting of thie stockhold
ers called specially for that purpose,. pro
vlided that in order to dissolve the corpora
tlon, at least a majority of the entire capital
stock must ta present or represented at said
meeting. Upon the termination of this char
ter by limitation, or upon the dissolution of
the corporation the business and affairs of
the company shall he liquidated by two com
missloners elected by the stockholders at a
general meeting called for that purpose.
teald commissioners shall have entire charge
of the liquidation with authority to sell
and dispose of the assets of the corporation,
and In case of the death or resignation of a
tommissioner during the term of his duties.
or in case of his failure or refusal to act,
the remaining commissioner shall declare
the offie vacant and shall thereupon imme
diately proceed w!th the liquidation.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
or in any manner responsitihle for the con
tracts or faults of this corporation beyond
any unpaid balance that may be due to the
corporation on the shares of stock subscrlbed
for by him: nor shall any mere Informality
in this act. or in the organliatlon of this
company have the effect of rendering this
charter null or of exposing stockholders to
any liability bheyond such unpaid halance.
Thus done and passed In my omce at the
city of New Orleans, Ilouslana, on the day.
month and year herein first above written,
in the presence of I. R. Saal and E. L. sa
hary, competent witnesses, who hereunto
slgn their names with said appearers and
me. notary, after due reading of the whole.
ligned: Jules Di. Feltel, I share: Theo
dore Lowlnsohn. 50 shares: Milton M. Feltel.
49 shares. I. R. 5a1l. F. L. Sabary.
AIEXIS BRIAN, Notary Public.
I, the undersigned deputy recorder of
mortgages In and for the parish of Orleans.
state of Louisiana, do hereby ertify that
the above and foregoing act of Incorpora
tion of the "Lowlnsohn & Feltel Company.
Incorporated" was this day duly recorded
in my oce In book 1055, folio -.
New Orleans, La.. November 6th. 1912.
Deputy Recorder of Mortgages.
A true copy:
ALEXI BRIAN, Notary Public.
nov 7 14 21 28 dec 5 12
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Man is the artificer of his own
happiness. Let him beware how
he complains of the disposition of
circumstances, for it is his own dis
position he blames. If this is sour,
or that rough, or the other steep.
let him think if it be not his work.
If his looks curdle all hearts, let him
not complain of a sour reception.
If he hobble in his gait, c-t him not
grumble at the roughness of the
way. If he is weak in the knees,
let him not call the hill steep.
Old Time Floggings.
An act of tihe tim .f juter Eliza
beth orda:ined t hat vagrantls were to be
"striledI fro,i the middile upward :and
whipped till the I.1y is bhosly." Four
pence acith w:is tiite recognized charge
made by thet "'whipman"lu: for every
male and female vagrant who lpassesi
through llis h:inds. but on special ocal
slone this sum was extcedhd. Says the
constalble's ac,'oua:t of Great Statughton.
Hiuntlngdonshlre: "May. lt1.).--'ald in
charges taking up a distracted woman.
watching her and whipping her next
day. si. 8d." After whipping people
according to the statute the authorities
sometimes gave them a letter recom
mending constables and others "to be
as charitable as the law permits."
Itching Palm Oil.
"Palm oil." a synonym for "graft." is
not at all a novelty in this sense. In
l1t'7 Middleton wrote that "palm oil
will make a pursuivant relent." The
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
reveled in varieties of the metaphor.
Greene speaks of rubbing palms with
"the oile of angels." a humorous allu
sion to the colt named after the an
gelic figure stampeed upon It, and "oll
of angels" set~rna to have been quite a
common joke in England. Another
writer has a reference to "anointing'
an ecclesiastic in the fist "with Indian
oyle." Both "anointing" and "greas
ing" were frequently used to mean
bribing, even without special mention
of the band as the part greased.
Cold Blooded Betting.
The extreme callousness of the old
English gamblers-or gentlemen, as
they were tllen called--is illustrated by
the following account which Horace
Walpole. the celebrated letter writer.,
gives of a curious occurrence at White's
coffee house in London. In one of his
epistles to Sir Horace Mann, under date
of Sept. 1. 1750. he says: "They have
put into the papers a good story. made
at White's. A man dropped down dead
at the door and was carried in. The
club immediately made bets whether
he was dead or not, and when they
were going to bleed him the w;:gerers
for his death interposed and said it
would affect the fairness of the bet.
and they stopped their efforts."
Linnaeus and His Works.
How mutah sleep do men need? Jer
emy Taylor was content with three
hours. Baxter with four. Wesley with
six. Bismarck and Gladstone needed
eight. but Goethe. Napoleon. Mirabeau
and HIumboldt professed that they
could get along very well with less.
Linnaeus. the naturalist, was one of
those who robbed themselves of sleep
during their earlier years and made
up for it later in life. In his wakeful
periods during his old age he would
retire to his library, take down one of
his own works and read It with a sigh
of regret. "How very finer' he would
murmur. "What would I not have
given to be able to write a book like
"Pa, what does it'~easn when it sarys
a man huas arrived at years of discre
"It means. Johnnie, that be's too
young to die and too old to have any
Incanoescent Mant.Il.
To save incandew ent mantles when
lighting turn on the gas for a second
before applying the match, then hold
the match about two inches above the
top of the chimney and the mantle will
last much longer.
Murder In Anoient Persia.
Among the ancient Persians murder
was not punishable for the first of
Hallowe'en, the mystic night of hob
goblins and spirits, was celebrated in
most approved manner in the vacant
house of Erwin T. Salathe, Opelousas
avenue. The scene of the festlvities
was beautifully decorated with pal
metto, mos and evergreens, inter
mindgled with the characteristic hal
lowe'en decorations and Jacko'-lan
terns. The young ladies .resent,
garbed in long checked aprons and
caps, together with the artistic deco
rative arrangements and in the dim
lights cuast by the jack-o'-lanterns, gave
to the scene every appearance of a
beautiful forest at midnight infested
with mysterious ghost-like figures.
Dancing and typical hallowe'en
games were indulged in by all Vari
ous refreshments, all appropriate to
the occasion, were served during the
evening and the festivities extended
into a late hour in the night.hL Mr. and
Mrs. Salathe chaperoned the party.
The following were present and had
a most delightful time: Alva Salathe,
Albertine Lecourt, Olga McNeely,
Clare Finley, Edna Gerrets, Clare
Keenan, Miriam Russo, Alma Tufts,
Blanche Pollock, Grace Lennox, Irma
Wardrop, Fredona Mongrue, fEsther
Gahn, Myra Kelly, Sadie McCord, Car
rie Wagner, Zita Gleoert, sallan Hard
ing, Blanche Vezien; Brace Barrett,
hndrew Bevins, Charles Corbett, Geo.
Herbert, Vallery Judlin, Louis Nelson,
John Pollock, Thomas Kennair, Walter
Rya, Poster Ryan, James Gerretta,
lames Murtagh, Bugene Lafare, Was
ea Whitmore, Clayton Umbach.
The Gessner Co.
611 Canal Street
New Orleans
Phone Main 3832
English service Sunday, 8 a. in.
Sunday school. 9: 1., a. m.
Congregational meeting, Monday ev
ening at 7::0.
Young Ladies' Society meets Wed
Service Thursday at 7:34) p. m.
William Lloyd, son of Eugene Le
Boeuf and Stella Peterson. of 3-7 Ber
muda street. Sponsors: Louis W. Pe
terson and Mrs. Nick Humphrey.
Walter Joseph, son of Wm. N. House
and Blanche Bertrand, of 915 Belle
ville street. Sponsors: Chas. E. House
and Aline Harvey.
Zoe Wilmer, daughter of Duval He
bert and Ida Roddy. of 228 Hebster
avenue. Sponsors: Alvin Roddy and
Adele Chauvin.
John Lewis, son of John Hallenus
and Gertrude Lewis, of 336 Belleville
street. Sponsors: John H. Lewis and
Naide Lewis.
OF 4 N-:ltAt. CONTRAi'TIN4 C')., LTD.
Be it known, that on this :10th day of
the month of September in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
twelve, and of the independence of the Unit
ed States of America, the one hundred anti
thirty-seventh, before me. Scott E. Beer.
a notary public, in and for the parish of
)rleans, duily conmmissioned sworn and qual
Itted and In the presence of the undersigned
witnesses. plersonally came and appeared:
the several parties whos, names are here-i
unto sulbscrl!*ed. who severally declared thalt
availing themselv,! s of tli, laws of the state.
of IAuislana. in suctlh ca- -s made and pro
videid. they have c,ntractted and agrt-ed, and
do,. y these pIresents (ontract and agree atnd
hIind thelnlsIves as wtell as all othetr per
ons wit may hereafter betome associatted
n ith them, to form a corlporation, for the
o'tjei-ts and purlposes ano uinder the articles
and st!pulatlons. as foll.,ws, to-wit:
The name of this corporation shall le
;General tt'ntr:iatin, C'oimpany. Ltd.. and un
der its said corplrate name it shall have
lptw,'r and authority to have and enjoy sot-
cession for the full term of ninety-nine years
from and after the date hereof: to contracr,t,
and site and Ibe sued : to make and use a
corlporate seal at its pleasure. and the same
to tIreak, alter or amend at its pleasure: to
hold, receive, lease, purchase and convey
property, real, personal and mixed, corpo
real and Incorporeal: to name and appoint
such managers agents and employees as its
business interest may require, and to make
and establish such rules and regulations and
by-laws as the proper government of this
corporation may make necessary and proper.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
In the city of New Orleans. state of Louist
ana. and all citations or other legal process
shall be served on the president, and in his
absence on the vice-president, and in the
absence of both, upon tae secretary-treas
urer of this corporation.
The objects and Ipurposes for which this
corporation is estabilshel, and the nature
of the business to be by it carried on, are
hereby declared to he, to buy and sell paint,
oils. wall paper, decorating materials of all
kinds, sheet metal and tinsmith materials,
and to carry on the businesses of house dec
orating in all its details, as well as that of
tinsmith and plumber, In all Its branches, as
well as to make contracts in regard to all
of said classes of busines sand general house
contracting and building contracting, and
to do all things necessary and proper or in
cidental or related to the aid business above
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of fifteen tbousand
dollars ($15,000.00) to be divided into one
hundred and aft- (130) shares of stock of
the par value of one hundred dollars ($100)
each, the said shares to be full paid and
non-assessable, and to be issued only at par,
in return for cash. work done for thbls cor
poratlon, or property purchased by this cor
poratlon, and actually received by it, after
proper resolutlons to that efect by the board
of directors of this corporation.
No transfer of stock shall be binding on
this corporation until said transfer shall
have been made on the corporation's books.
This corporation shall be a going concern as
soon as three thousand dollars ($3,00.00)
ofrl It cpital stock shall have been sub.
All the powers of this corpoation shall
be vated in and exercised by a board of
directors to be composed o three stock
holders, any two of whom shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of the busl
nuess and afairs of this corporation. The
board of directors shall be elected annually
on the 10th day of October. All directors
and ofcers shll hold omice until their suc
cessor have been elected and qualfied. All
such elections shall he by ballot at the of
ice of this corporation, under the supervi
sion of three election commissionersa. each
stockholder shall be entitled to a vote for
each and every share standing In his name
on the books of this corporation, which vote
may be cast in erson, or by proxy ain writ
ing, and a maJorl' of the votes cast shall
elect. Each dlrector may be represented by
proxy at any and all meetings of the board
Any vacancy arising In the board of dlrec
tors shall be filled for the remainder of the
term by the board of directors.. A failure to
elect directors at the time specified shall
not dissolve this corporation. but the board
then in omce shall hold oeice until their
successors are elected and qualified. Each
director shall own at least one share of
stock in his own name.
The board of directors shall be composed
of the followlang ocers, namely: one pres
ident, a vlce-relsdent and a secretary-treas
urer. The rst board shall be as follows:
Abraham L. Fishman president; Joseph
t nrv ..en ldent; Isidoe Alaynick, sec.
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved either by limitation or otbherwise or
from any cause whatsoever, its afsdr shalla
be liquidated by two commissioners to be
appointed by the board of directors from the -
stockholders or others, the said liquidators
or commissioners to be appointed at a gna
eral meeting of the stockholders convened w
for that purpose, of which said stockholdersa
meeting notice shall be given In the manner a
provided for in article II of this charter t
and a majority in amount of the capiltal t
stock represented at said meeting shall be
mrequisite to elect. Said liqouldators or com
mistoners to remain ln omce antil the at. f
Ialrs of this corporation re fully liquidated.
In case of the death of one of the liqni-a
dators, the remaining liquldators shall ii
qnldate the aailrs of ,~s corporation. a
This act of inaeorporatioa may be modlied, tt
2.uqged or alterl or the sad crporato a
.ytk d iol!ed with the ant of threeo
feurtha of the capital stock reoresented at ft
a gnral meting of the stockholders cor
weed for that ,nspbs and aftetr noti to (
that efet at av been gi n ems or a
mere nwspapers puWblihd in the city of e
Trust and
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reeks, or by notice mailed to each of the
.aid stockholders to such addresses as ma:
Lppear on the books of this corporation, o
o such addresses of said stockholders a
hey may appear in the city directory.
No stockholder shall ever be held Ilabli
or the contracts or faults of this corpore
ion in any further sum than the unpaid bal
ince due the corporation on the shares o
toek owned by him, nor shall any Intfor
ailkt in the ormanisatlon of this corpora
na have the erect of renderlng this char
er eull, or of exposing any stockholder ti
ny liability beyond the unpaild balance du
n his stocek. The subscribers hereto shal
ors the urlnal subscription list.
Than deand pa ed i the city of Nev
rleas , at my aee, on the day, monti
ad tr ar it abM ristten, in the pres
.Ce of Mast T. A. Ichner and W Illa
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ladies and 6
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and expertly served
at popular price
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Conrad Kolb, p
125-127 ot C. o,
Midway "the l ,
Conkerton. competert w .
hereunto signed thelr gII
the said appearers nd s
due reaung of the vbd.
Ori!nal signed: A.
1,400 Isidore Ala 'a
J. ,ilver, 2 shares. $
Witnesses: T.: S
I, the underslged' s l
in and for the prM
Louisiana, do hereby eta
and foregoing act @
General Contractlwif b
this day duly rc.
105.5, folio 553.
New Orleans, OetOS
i Signed) ]F.1
A true caopT.7 i,
oct 17 2431 soy 7.3

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