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Church Calender.
Thos. J. Larkin, Parisah Priect.
Sunday (October 1 till June 1)-
Masses: 5:15. 7:00; High Mass, 10:00,
Sermon; 8:15, Children's Mass, Sun
day School; 4:30 p. m., Benediction of
the Blessed Sacrament.
Sunday (June 1 till October 1)
Masses: 5:15, 7:00 and 9:00; Chil.
dren's Mass at 8:30. Benediction of
the Blessed Sacrament after the last
Weekdays-Masses, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00.
Wednesday, Children's Mass at 8:15.
Baptisms-October 1 till June 1,
from 2 to 4 p. m.; June 1 till October
1, 4 to 6 p. m.
Confessions every day from 6 to 7
a. m. Saturdays and eves of Feasts,
from 4,p. m. till b:30 p. m.
Sick calls at any hour, day or night.
It is, however, requested that notice
of such calls be given in the fore
Alt-r Society the first Tuesday, in
the Ructury, at 7.30 p. m.
Confurence St. Vincent de Paul,
every Monday night, in the Rectory,
at 7:30 p. m.
Holy Angels Sodality, on the first
Wednesday. in the Convent, at 3:30.
Young Ladies' Sodality on the
fourth Monday, in the parlors of the
Rectory, at 7:30 p. m.
Children of Mary, on the third Sun
Altar Boys, St. John Berchman's 8o
dality, on the third Tuesday in rec
tory at 7 p. m.
Apostleship of Prayer-Gentlemen
promoters on Friday following the
third Sunday, in Rectory, at 7 p. m.
Lady promoters on the fourth Sun
day, in Rectory, at 5 p. m.
Holy Name Society, every third Sun
day in the Church at 7:30 p. m. The
Officers and Board of Councillors, om
the Friday following the third Sunday
in the Preebytery at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. W S. Sl. ack, Rector, 235 Olivier
St. Telephone, Algiers 236.
Sundays-Holy Communion, 7:30
a m.; Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.;
Morning Prayer or Litany and ad
dress, 11 a. m.; Confirmation Class
(children), 4 p. m.; Evening Prayer
and sermon, 7:30 p. m.
Holy Days, Holy Communion, 7:30
a. m. unless otherwise anounced.
Vestry meets frst Thursday of each
month at the Rectory, 7:30 p. m.
Ladles' Guild meets Tuesday after
the third Sunday at the Rectory, 7:30
p. m.
Senior Chapter Brotherhood of St.
Andrew, second and fourth Tuesdays
at the Rectory, 8:00 p. m.
Choir Guild first Tuesday after prac
Girls' Friendly Soiety, second
Thursday at 7:00 p. m., homes of mem
Missionary Society, second Friday,
Teachers' Meeting Saturday, 7 p. m.
Cor. Olivier and Elias Streets.
Rev. A. J. Sehllesser, Pastor.
Residence: 438 Olivier Street.
German-Every Sunday at 10:20 a.
English-Everoy Sunday at 8 a. m.
Sunday School-9:15 a. m.
Weekday Bervices-Conducted it
the English langPuage, every Thursday
night 7:30, from October to Jane.
Communion services are previously
Clhurh testivals observed by special
A parochial day school, conducted
Sy a special teacher, in connection
th the church.
Meetga- ongr gatioual meettng,
every osecond Monday, 7:30 p. m.; Ger
man lranerverein, every first Wed
asdeay, p. u.; Helping Hand Circle,
overy irst Wedneeday, 7:30 p. au;
Youngl People's Society, every second
Tueeday, 7:30 p. m.
Sunday Service,
LRev. W. Booth, 04 Delaonde Lt.
Moranig servies, 11 a. m.; ev
lag servie, T:M p. m.; Sunday
ISebol 9: a. m.; Junior Upwmt
League, 4:0 p. us.; lamer pwerth
Lease, :00 pI. u.
Junior Upwerth Leasue Social md
uslness meeting at the ebhorok e
the semoa Friday, 7: p. m.
Seater pwoerth League terary,
Seol ad slsness meetimn at the
heburea ea the fourth ridhay. T: p.
Wemsa Reuse Miedom Society at
the ehureh ea the tat Tesday of
.eme moath ad ae thrd Tuesday o
emerh mth at the homes tts -
hers a T:M :3. m.
Chir paetleae every astrday at
the eurneh at 7:3 m.
Snra y oa i held every usay
ery ymemd ~ayer at lhiam ral by
t . Mv. C. Se I i s.. L . DIl
Where and When They Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Officers.
Sts. John Lodge No. 153
St. John Lodge, No. 153, F. and A.
M., meets every Tuesday evening in
lasonic Hall, corner Olivier street and
'elican avenue at 7:30 o'clock.
Loris Acker, W. M., 721 Patterson;
W. . Sadler, S. W.; Edward Dosier, J.
W.; George Hebert, Jr., treasurer; L.
i. Peterson, secretary, 518 Venet street;
XV. Senat, tyler; H. S. Manson, S. D.;
'homas H. Regan, J. D.; W. H. La
3use M. of C.; C. A. Sutherland,
-haplain; J. M. Couget and B. H.
lorne, stewards; George Herbert, Jr.,
Crescent Lodge No. 3.
Crescent Lodge No. 3. K. of P., meets
every Friday night in Pythian Hall at
i:30 o'clock.
R. Chestnut, chancellor commander;
U. J. Burton, vice chancellor; A. S.
.ovell, prelate; J. B Babin, master of
work; C. Berthaut, master-at-arms; E.
E. Babin, keeper of records and seal;
3eorge Lecourt, master of finance; L.
I. Peterson, master of exchequer; C.
Miller, Inner guard; Louis Martin,
outer guard; J. B. Babin, grand repre
sentative; L. J. Burton, alternate; C.
Miller, Janitor; F. E. Babin, organist;
e. J. Mothe and J. B. Babin, general
relief committee; R. Chestnut, J. B.
Babin and C. Berthaut, committee of
nine; Louis Peterson, Dr. C. V. Kraft,
and L. J. Burton, trustees; Dr. Jno.
A. Rupp and Dr. Chas. Gelbke, physi
liane; E. J. Moths, undertaker.
Virginia Lodge No. 131i
Virginia Lodge No. 136, K. of P.,
meets on the second and fourth Mon
days of each month in Pythian Hall at
7:30 p. m.
B. Vo'gtlin, chancellor commander;
Andrew Stecklin, vice chancellor; A. J.
Beeson, prelate; W. Cuny, master of
work; L. F. Glecd, keeper of records
and seal; A. F. Kauffman, master of
exchequer; C. Krogh, master of finance;
H. Musterman, master-at-arms; W.
Goodwin, Inner guard; J. E. Thorning,
outer guard; Shade G. Smith, grand
lodge representative; A. J. Besson, al
ternate; S. G. Smith and L F. Glach,
general relief committe; 8. C. Smith
and H. Myers, trustees; John Barrett.
undertaker; Dr. J. E. Pollock, physti
cian; 8. G. Smith and W. B. Owens,
joint entertainment committee.
Order of Eastern Star-St. John Chap
ter No. 35.
Lt. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
tae second and fourth Mondays of
each month in Masonic Hall, at 7:30
Mrs. A. 8mith, worthy matron, t25
Belleville street; A. A. 8perler, worthy
patron; Mrs. Nellie Reynolds, assocl
ate matron; Mrs. Florence Amnedo,
conductressu; Mrs. Lillie Qoodlett, a
sociate conductress; Mrs. A. BurSI,
secretary, 528 Bouny street; Mrs. &
Sutherland, treasurer; Mrs. Margaret
Arnold, Adah; Mrs. Mary Cary, Ruth;
Miss Mand Tufts, Esther; Mrs. Viola
Huckins, Martha; Mrs. A. BRabin,
Elects; Mrs. Josephine Frisch,
warder; Wmin. Lucas, sentinel; Mrs.
Lizzel Borden lhaplain; Mrs. A. VY-n
derlanden, marshall; Miss Olga Nel
son, organist.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. .
Orange Grove No. g-Meets a t hi
first and third Thursday of each month
in Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. nm
Amelia 8mith, guardian, 625 Belle
ville street; Lile Borden, clerk, 541
Vallette street; M. Stalcup, uasistanl
clerk; Anna Vanderlinden, past guar
dian; Mary Jacobs, advisor; HatUt
Tufts, banker; Shade 0. Smlth. act
tendant; Julia Erickson, chaplain
Dr. J. Ernest Pollock, physician
Josephine Mock, Inner sentinel; MNrs
J. Matchett, outer sentinel; Ora
Prultt, Emma Short and Ida Hymel
managers; Gertrude Back, organit
Jno. A. Barrett; E. J. Mothse, unde.
It Always Works.
"My wife prolonged her vestko an
til I was desperate. She. wouldn
o*me hornme. Pad uo attetion to m
"How did yeo brng about her r
"Got ens at er melghboee to wrib
sad 'smut It mteasflly."-WasbagI.
A Safe ket.
YeTd-bsey do say when a man'
ears are rd that somebody is tl ag
about binm. Crlmobeak-- es, and
he n bet that somebody's tliai
about him if his noM e is re4.--Yn
May a gol player s sut as berag
handed as any seu ot teI-hia g
Seesd-Hma. i.
showing It.
"I didn't know she was left handed." h,
"She Isn't." at
"But she seems to do everything with p,
ier left hand."
"Yes. Haven't you noticed the en- m
Igement rnig?"-Detroit Free Press. A
A Primitive Partnership.
There are three partners in a boat in tr
t Yorkshire fishing village who will
lot accept a check because the bank -,
s too far away They hive two miles ki
o walk to get their money orders cash
ld. Only one of the three is able to
-ead and write, and he draws the mon
ty. and then the three sit at a table
ind divide it.
"One for yow." says the leader, and
ilaces a sovereign in front of one part
ier "One for thee"-and another sov- v
ýreign is punt in front of the other part
ier "And one for tne"-and he places
nother at his ownn corner
And so he goes on. "One for yow. one f
!or thee. and one for me." until the
overeigins are equally shared, then the
ilver and even tl:e pence are divided
i the same way.-LJondon Mail.
His First Chance.
A certain railway magnate is anxious
o have his younc son acquire a work
ng knowledge of husbandry. including
le art of carrving. says the Cleveland
'lain Dealer T'rih other day the young- z
iter had a pra,-ti'nal lesson when asked r
ro preside at the table and distribute a
roast chicken.
lie gave his mother a drumstick and fl
the next to his father Each of the
Sisters he helped to a wing. And then a
he sliced up pretty nearly all the breast
for himself. d
'It's my first chance to get all the
white meat I want." he said. "and I'm i
just going to try how it tastes."
Strange Young Man.
"Didn't I see your daughter with a
strange young man last night?"
"You certainly did. When he asked
daughter to go with him for some ice
cream he asked her mother to go along.
and be went home at 10 o'c!ock with- I
out any hints, and he wears sane socks
and doesn't seem to think be knows It
all. He certainly is a strange young
man!"-Houston Post.
"That pea will never come to perfec
tion." remarked a young woman walk
ing through a garden with Sydney
"Then let me lead perfection to the
pea," said be. gallantly offering her his
Where to Get it.
"A simple look is all I crave." said
the sentimental young man to the
"Then you'd better consult your mir
roe." she replied tartly.
Not Either as Yet.
"Er-I want some sort of a present
for a young lady."
"Sweetheart or sister"
"Er-why. she hasn't said which she
will be yet."
Be it known, that on this seventh day of
October, in the year of our Lord, one thou
sand nine hundred and twelve, before me,
Herman Michel, a notary public, duly com
missioned and qualified, In and for the
parish of Orleans, State of Loulsiana, there
In residing, and in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
personally came and appeared: the several
persons whose names are hereunto sub
scrlbed, who severally declared, that avail
lng themselves of the privileges of the laws
and statutes of the state of Louisiana, rel
ative to the formation of corporations, they
have covenanted and agree, and bind and
obligate themselves, as well as all such per
sons as may hereafter become associated
with them, to form and constitute a body
corporate and politic in law, for the oh
jects and purposes, and under the stipula
tlons and provisions following, to-wit:
The same and title of this corporation
shall be the National Petroleum Company,
and under that name It shall have and ea
joy all the rights, privileges and advantages
grated by law to corporations, and shall
hrave the right, power and authority to en
joy succeession and corporate existence for
and durinag the full period of nanety-snme
years from this date, unless sooner dis
solved in the manner hereinafter provided
Said corporation shall have the power and
autbority to contract; to sue and to be
sued; to bold, receive, purchase, convey,
deliver, mortgage, hypothecate and pledge
any real or personal property; to make and
use a corporate seal, and the same to breMk,
alter or amend at pleasure; to Issue notes
and other obligaptlons, negotiable instru
ments, or other evidences of debt; to have
and employ such managers, agents and other
employees as the Interest and convenience
of said corporation may require or oemand,
and to make and establish such by-larws,
rules and regulations for the corporate man
agement and control of its affairs as from
time to time may be deemed expedient or
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the City of New Orleans, parish of Or
leans, state of Loaluisiana, and all citations
and other legal process shall be served upon
the president, and In his absence upon the
vice-president, and In the absence of both.
upon the secretary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation Is created are hereby declared
to be, to bore for oil, petroleum, gas, salt
or any other mineral or earthen prodnets;
to establish, build and construct pipe Ilineas
and other means for the transportation of
sueh products to the market : to boy sell,
and otherwise generally deal in said oil, pe
troleum, gas, salt and other mineral pro
ducts; to buy, cell, lease, mortgage, hypoth
ecate, and otherwise acqluire or alieate real
and personal property of every description
whatsoever, and generally to do every and
anything not herenla speedlly enumerated
and not inconsistent with the other objects
and purposes herein set forth.
The erapltal stock of this corporation is
hereby axed at the sum of one million ($1.
000,000.00) dollars, divided into, and repre
senated by, ten thousand (10,000) shares, of
the par value of one hundred ($100.00) dol
lars each; mid shares of stock shall be is
sued only at par, and when issued shall e
paid for in cash or property, or in the equi
valent thereof. All shares of stock shall e
issued as full palid and non-assessable, asad
no transfer of stock shall be binding on said
corporation, unlesas duly recorded on its
books. This corporation shall be a going
conere as soon as ifty theusand ($50,000)
dollars of Its capltal stock shall have been
subscrlibed and paid for as hereinbefore pro
All the powers of this corporation shall
be vested in, and the management aad con
trol of its afairs shall be exereised by, a
board of dlrectors, to be omoed of srl
() stockhboiders, asy three (1) of whom
shall constitute a gqorum for the tran~se
tloe of the business of this cooeation. The
number of the board of directors may e
ineresed to nine (9) by a majority vote of
the stockbolders, at any regular meetig, or
at any special meeting called for that pur
The frst board of directors shaIll be eoma
.ot w . D. 8l tt 8r D . ith rLc
Curry and S. Lsarus. The eeers
oft sid Irst board ot dlrectors shall he H.
D. Smith, Sr. presldat H. D. Smith, Jfr.,
vicegresirdt and T. W. Cnrry, scretary~ -
treasurer; ad the sad beard et direeters,
sad the sid ocrs shall serve and remaa
li oe uti tih Int Madla . Octaber,
1913, wieh d a, nd iLthre
after, the board et d eete shell b elected
hem eletede an gs I sad ay b ianlue
to elect directors shall not be regarded as a I
forfeiture of this charter. e
In the election of directors, each stock- t
holder shall be entitled to one vote for each t
share of stock held by him, which must be c
cast either in person or by duly authorized I
proxy; and the majority of the votes cast a
shall elect. Any vacancy occurring in the I
board of directors may be filled by the re- I
maining directors for the unexpired term. I
At the first meeting of the board of direc
tors after their election and qualittcation, .
they shall elect from among their numler a
president. a vice-president and a secretary
All meetings of the stockhohlers shall tS
called by written notice mailed to the last
known address of each stockholder not ls
than thirty days before the date tined for
such mOe ;ing. unless said not le ins been
waived it. w tiing l.y the stoikholdrs.
AltTIl'.E VlI.
This at of Incorporation may be amtend
ed, mlodlt, .d, chan4ed or altered, or this i
c.rporation may Is. dilssolved with the as
-int of the stockh.lders holding and own
ing three fourths of the capital stock there
of, who mtay he present or represented at a
general metling of the st.ockhohlderi con.
vened for that purpose, aind of which dlue
tnot lIe has been given.
When.ver this iorpsratiton shall tee dls
solved. either by limitation or from any
itiher cause. its affairs shall 't lignidhatedi
by three I( ctmmissioners to tie iaplilinted
for thait purpose. at a meeting of the stock
htiilers., said iomneilsslionirs to be appoiinted
from aisoing lthe stockholders: sailI comniIs
e-iners shall retain in office tuntil the af
fairs of saild ctorptoration shall ti fully andi
finally thl:idate.l. Any vacancy occurring
aluong the lhinidat irs frotri ainy cause what
--never. shall le tilled by the remaluining com
Nio stockholder shall ever ie liablhe or re
lsponstble for the contracts or faults of this
corlporalltion in any further sum than the
inlanlid balance dite by him on the shares of
stock subscrilwd to,. or owned by, him; nor
shall any mere informality in the organi
zation of this corporation have the effect of
renderlng this charter null, or oif exposing
the stockholders to any further liability
than the unpaid amount which may be due
oin his stock hubsu.rlption.
Thus done and passed in my notarial of
fice in the city of New Orleans, in the pres
ence of John L. C'orcoran and Otto T. IHas
enkampf, competent witnesses of lawful ar:e
and resihlents of this city and parish, who
have hereunto subscriteed their names with
the said appe-arers and me, notary, after
due reading of the whole.
Original sitned : T. W. Curry. 2315
shares: ltBn Walker Curry, by T. W. Curry,
10 shares; Ii. M. Jemison. by T. W. Curry,
10 shares; I!. II. Smith, Sr., 10 shares; II.
Iie. Smith, Jr., 234 shares: Eldon S. Laza
rus. I share. Witnesses: Jno. L. Corcoran,
Otto T. llasenkampf.
II. MICIIEL, Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages.
In and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of Incorporation of the
National Petroleum Company was this day
duly recorded in my once, in book No. 1053,
folio -.
New Orleans, La., October 9, 1912.
I, the undersigned notary public, do here
hy certify that the shove and foregoing is
a true and correct copy of the charter of
the National Petroleum Company, together
with the certificate of the recorder of mort
New Orleans, La.. October 9, 1912.
H. MICHEL, Not. Pub.
oct 17 24 31 nov 7 14 21 1912
Be it known, that on this first day of
the month of October, in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twelve,
before me, Lewis Rosner Graham, a notary
public, duly commissioned and qualified in
and for the parish of Orleans, therein re
siding, and in the presence of the witnesses
hereinafter named and undersigned, per
sonally came and appeared the persons
whose names are hereunto subscribed, who
declared that, availing themselves of the
provisions of the laws of this state relative
to the organization of corporations, they
have covenanted and agreed, and do, by
these presents covenant and agree, bind,
. form and constitute themselves, as well as
I such other persons as may hereafter Join
, or become associated with them, into a cor
poration and body politic is law, for the ob
jects and purposes and under the agree
- ments and stipulations following, to-wit:
The name and style of this corporation
- shall be the Louisiana l'etrolithic Construc
tion Company and under that name it shall
I have and enjoy all the rights, advantages
and privileges granted by law to corpora
. tions; it shall exist for a period of ninety
Snine years from the date hereof ; shall have
-power to contract, sue and be sued under
SIts corporate name; to make and use a cor
d porate seal, and the same to break or alter
- at pleasure; to hold, receive, purchase, con
I vey, mortgage, hypothecate or pledge prop
erty, real, personal or mixed; to issue hend
notes and other obligations; to have and
- employ such managers, directors, offcers,
agents and other employees as the laterest
and convenience of said corporation may re
s quire or demand; to make and establish
such by-laws, rules and regulations for the
corporate management and control of the
s corporation as may he necessary or expe
.1 dient.
e The domicile of said corporation shall be
I- in the parish of Orleans, state of Louisiana.
I All citation and other legal process shall
be served dn the president, and in his ab
i sence on the vice-president of the corpoea
e ion. In the case of the absence or inahil
ity of both ofcers, then process shall be
o served on the secretary of this company.
The objects and purposes for which this
e corporation is organised and the nature of
r the business to be carried on by it are here
e by declared to he:
i, To do a general paving, levee, roadway
., and street construction business; to build,
a- construct and erect for other persons dams,
n reservoirs, canals, ditches, bridges, railways,
r railroads, tranaways, water craft, work.
shopa and mechanical plants, and all char
acter of general construction work; to buy,
is sell, lease or otherwise deal In all macbin
r- ery useful or appurtinent to said purpoees;
is to reclaim and improve landed property;
* to lay out town lots or suburbs, and to pave
ie and lay out streets, sidewalks and alleys;
i to put down sewer, drainage water and
g.s pipes to copmect with munecipal or oth
er plants; to deal in by purchase sale or
in lease, on royIty or otherwise, all patents
S or patent rights, and particularly all the
it patents used in or useful to what is known
as the petrollthic construction, and gener
'a ally to do and engage in any other business
f undertaking or enterprise connected with,
Igrowla out of, germane or ineldental to
any of the objects and purposes beerin
ahove set forth or contemplated by this
h- Icharter.
ed The capital stock of this corporation is
1 hereby fxed at the sum of one huadred
-o thousand dollars (4100,000.00) divided into
and represented by one thousand (1000)
shares of the par valme of one hundred dol
sa lrs ($100.00) each, which said shares of
,- stock shall be paid for in cash or may he
z. leaned at not less than par for ervlces rean
*f dered to or p roerty or rights aetually jur
l-I chased or acquired by the corporation. Alt
. shares of stock shall be full paid and non
s assesemble. No transfer of stock shall be
i.blhding upon the corporation nsles made
lel upon its books. Of such total nuthorised
id capital stock five hundred (500) shares
di amounting to fifty thousand dollars ($50,.
tsO 000.00) shall be preferred stock, and fiv:
g bundred (500) shares, amoutintg to flft
) thousand dollars (#50,000.00) shall be cm
en m~on stock
-. The holders of the preferred stock ehall
be entitled to reeive, when and as declared
from' the surplus or set profits of the eour
ill poration, yearly dividends at the rate 01
n. seven per cent (7%) per annum and as
a more, payable annually on dates to be flxet
il by the by-laws. The dividends on the Jre
a ferred stock shall be cumuintive ad an _l
c-- be payable belfre any dividends on the com
_e mon stock shall ha paid or set spart. 8
be that it any year dividends amountng te
of seven per cent (7%) shall not havebe
-r ld theroea, the deileency shall be payable
-i. ere my ? deaeshall be .paid upon ot
set apr fee the eommon stock.
-. Wh ever all eumulative dividends ea th_
ri preferred stclk for all vlreui yer ehall
d /v ee lared and-iai have becoeo_
rs payable and the aecred dividends- for the
*, current yer shall have been declared aa
c a.I shall haive paid such _umul
tUve dividndel fee previou yer and mci
s, dividends for the earnt year or shell hae
in set aeide from itt serplus or net prit
pr, sum enclent for the bsumeat thb
,. beard ot directorssa declare
ad the esmuen stock, aabethen or there
r after eat e0 any inl esplus o ea
ll pre-ts
ivoluntary, of the corporation, the hold
rs of the preferred stock shall be entitledl
be paid in full both the par amount of
heir shares and the unpaid dividends ac
rued thereon before any amount shall be
aid the holdeirs of the common stock, and
fter the payment to the holders of the
referred stock of its par value and the mI
aid accrued dividends thereon, the ret!aiun
rg assets and funds shall be divldeid and
aid to the holders of the common stock
icuording to their respective shares.
In every election to be hel-i by the cor
oration each share of common atck shall
e entitled to one vote to Ito cast by the
wner thereof in person or by proxy; the
referredlI stck shall not be entitled to any
All thie corporate powers of this comipany
II:l I. vested in, and the mIanagetment and
ontrol of its business andI affalrs shall le
z1rs ised by a tboard of directurs composed
f three :) stockholde.rs, which lllnumberlll
s:y I; Inlrre. .led to to in tire than five i. )
tthe dills!retln of the :board of illrector<.
L majority of the Iloard of directors shall
onstitute a ioirinm for the tritns:ation of
II business. The dlretors .hall 1N- el !.'- I
nnuatlly on the 7th iof 4t)olber of each y'-ir,
v hallot of the stockholders. Each sruoc
uhler shall be entitlied, i1n person or by
rlittnll proxy, to ,one vote of ieach share ,f
tock otned bIy hlti und standing lin his
susall o1 tlhe tIroks of the corpolration at
a-t lht thirty i day preceding such electlin.
11 cloction. shall Ie held tinder such rublts
ind regulations as inaty I determineld by
le Iiard of direcltoirs, and aftel at least
in days notltie shall have teen given to
:rh stockholder at his last known addre-I
3 mail, or by publillatlon in one of thet
lapers published in the parlsh of 4Irlmeans
*or at last ten days preceding such el,--
I-n. The directors thus elected shall cion
iuccessors shall have Ie,.n duly elected and
lualltled. No failure to hold an election
shall be regarded as a forfeiture of this
-harter. Any vacancy occnrrlng on said
i:lrd of directors shall be lilled by the re
naining directors for the uneixpired term.
rlie said board of directors shall likewise
lect the additional menmbers in case they
should determine to Increase the said board.
is above provided. Salid board of directors
ihall, at its first meeting, elect from among
its number a president, a vice-president, d
secretary and a tr.-asurer. It may combine
the last two mentioned office and may even
hIi't a secretary who need not be a stock
hbhler. Said board of directors shall have
the right and power to appoint and dismiss
ilerks. managers and other employes of the
orlporation, including the smcretary, who
I not a stockholder, as conditions may ii.;
Iffy or the usinlress of the corporation may
reluire. The tenure of office of all the em
ployes of this corporation shall be during
the pleasure of the board of directors.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
or responsible for the contracts, faults or
debts of said corporation, nor shall any
mere informality in Its organization have
the efect of rendering this charter null, or
of exposing any stockholder to any liability
beyond the unpaid balance due on the shares
of stock owned by him.
Any director or officer of this corpora
tion may at any time be removed by a vote
of the majority of the stockholders at a
meeting called for that purpose, in the man
nor and form provided for in Article V of
this charter, or by notice In writing by the
president or secretary, depositing said no
tice in a mail box to be estaolished by the
affidavit of said president or secretary, and
day of mailing of notice and day of meet
ing to be counted in the ten days.
This act of incorporation may be changed.
modified or altered, or this corporation may
be dissolved with the assent of the stock
holders owning a majority of all the stock
of the corporation, at a general meeting
convened for that purpose and after notice
shall have been given to each stockholder
as provided for in Article V of this char
ter. In case of the dissolution of this cor
poration by the expiration of this charter
or otherwise, the stockholders shall elect
three liquidators from among their number
to liquidate and settle the business and af
fairs of the company. In case of the death
or Inability of any of said commissioners or
liquidators the survivors shall appoint a
successor to him.
This corporation shall be a going concern
as soon as twelve thousand five hundred dol
lars ($12.iI.00) of Its capital stock shall
have been subscribed for.
Until the election to be held on October 7.
1912,. the following named stockholders shall
constitute the first board of directors: W.
i'. LIngworthy, president: C. W. Solder,
vice-president; W. T. McNabb, secretary
The subscribers hereto designate the
amount of stock each subscribes so that this
act shall serve as the original subscription
Thus done and passed at my office in the
parish of Orleans on the day, month and
year herein first above written, in the pres
ence of J. K. Byrnes and H. P. Creger, both
of this parish, competent witnesses, who
have hereunto signed ..seir names, with the
said appearers and me. notary public, after
due reading of the whole.
Bigned: C. W. Snider, 40 shares: Wm.
T. McNabb 40 shares; W. '. Langwosthy,
Witnesses: J K. Byrnes, H. P. Creger.
(Signed). LEWIS R. GRAHAM, Not. Pub.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Louisiana Petrolithle Construction Com
pany was this d day duly recorded in my ef
fiee in book 1055. follo 555.
New Orleans, October 3. 1912.
A true copy.
L gIS R. GRAHAM,. Not. Pub.
oct 17 24 31 nov T 14 21 1912
Be it known, that on this sevteeeenth day
of the month of October in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
twelve, and of the independence of the
United States of America, the one hundred
and thirty-seventh, before me, W. Morgan
nurley, a notary public, duly commissioned
and qualified, in and for the said city of
New Orleans, parish of Orleans, and state
of Loulatana, therein residing, and in the
presence of the witnesses hereinlafter named
and undersigned, personally came and ap
peared the several persons whose names
are hereunto autmesrlbed, all of full age of
majority and residents of this city, who
avaling themselves of the act of legisla
ture known as Act No. 154 of the General
Assembly of the state of LouisLana of the
Mession of 1902. and also avalllng them
selves of the geheral and speldc laws of
the state and provisions of constitution oi
Loulisiana, relative to the organiation of
corporatlons, they have covenanted and
agreed, bad do by these presents, covenant
agree, bind and obllgate themselves, as well
as such persons as may be associated with
them, or may hereafter become aseociated
with them, or succeed them to form and
constitute a corporation or body politic in
law for the objects and purposes herein en
pressed and under the agreements and stlp
lations following, to-wit :
The name of thil corporation shall be
TINE COMPANY," with its domicile in
the city of New Orleans, State of Lou
Isiana, and under its corporate
name shall have succession and existence
for ninety-nine (99) years from date here
of; It shall have power and authority to
contract, sue and be sued, to make, use and
break at pleasure a corporate seal, to hold,
receive, lease, sublease, rent, purchase, or
acquire in any other manner, and conael
property real, irsonal or mixed, and ti
mortgage, hypothecate and pledge and pawn
same, and to buy and sell generally; to
borrow and lead mone, to issue bond
notes and other evidences of security aimac
for the purpose of borrowing money and ti
secure the ame by mortgage or otherwise
as provided by Act No. 30 of the Acts of the
legislature of the year 1902, and to do all
things provided in said act. To appoli
managers, omier agentr and employees ai
-the interest of said corporation may
quire: to establish, alter and amend suc
byI-laws, rules and regulations for the con
duet and management of the boutanes as ma]
be necessary, and shall be authorised to de
business without, as well as within, the
state of Louisiana, all as herein set forth
and generally to do and perform any and al
bupinees and thins not contrary to law.
.All citatlons and other legal processes di
rected to this company shall be served upol
the president or in the event of his absenet
or Inability to act, then upon the vice
president thereof.
The obJets and purposes for which tht
corporatton is organnsed and the nature o
the bualines to he carried on by it, ar
hereby declared to be: the operatinal a
dealing In turpeatne stills, turpenttne, a
mllls, planln mlls, timber, tlmbeed lads
sal. sh -rodae of timber; to oprate
eetablluand loease turpentine silla or any
tbing connected therewith: to owna, build
operate nd lease railroads, traroade
steam m se llal vessels, or any ata.t
Iof water crat and to operate same In eon
neetiok with ahir I buinesa, or to sal
or lease same: to engage in or conduct,
Igeneral mereatils buasians both whbolesa
Iand rai at ny tint or points dedi
anld to eMate, b¶I. J o1, or sa me: -
 m~lth oeba Ida same
IF you spend O
Tehusand p.i ,
S Swi Now H;oa ,
S!E Canal St., N w
Beer Brewed in New Or
brewed to suit the clim
That is why
American Bor
Is Best " ,.
American Brewingc
John Couget,
Beef, Veal, Pork and M
St. John's Market
George G. Brunssan
Funeral Director and Embales,
Theo. J. Lala,
The Grocer,
Dealer in Hitgh Class Food Prodmsb
Cooking Utenslls, LIruer of All kinds. AI klaM dI
Feed Stifs. Hay. Corn, Oats, Bra", SrIsi, be
BPlttsburg Coal and Coke
Yard and Office: 828 Seugin St. ResidM.c: 421 Pi
and to operate, own or lease any kinad of
manufacturing plant or any kind of business
not specially prohibited by law; to own,
possess, lease, sell, operate and work mines
of any and all kinds; to act as agent or
attorney in fact for individuals or corpora
tions and as such, to conduct any kind of
business for persons or corporations and to
buy and sell on commission or otherwise,
and to conduct a general commission busi
ness; and generally to do and perform any
and all acts or business not contrary to
the laws of the state of Louisiana.
The capital stock of tisl corporation Is
hereby fixed at one hundred thousand dol
lars ($100,000.00) to be divided into one
thousand (1,000) shares of one hundred dol
lars ($100.90) each, to be paid for In money,
or Its equivalent, at the time of its issuance,
or to be Issued full paid and non-assessable
in the payment of rights or property or
franchises or concessions bought by or trans
ferred to this corporation, or for services
actually rendered to It. This corporation
may commence busines as soon as five
thousand dollars ($5,000.00) of its capital
stock is subseribed for. All transfers of
stock shall be made on the books of the cor
poration subject to the by-laws governing
them. The capital stock of this corpora
tion may be Increased or decreased by a
three-fourths (3-4) vote of the stock Issued
at a general meetnlag, after ten (10) days
notice sent to the stockholders as herein
All the corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested in, and exercised by a
board of directors consisting of not less
than three (3) or more than five (5) stock
holders of this corporation, which said num
ber for the ensuing term shall be determ
Ined by the stockholders at the meeting
held for the purpose of electing said direc
tors and Just prior to their election. The
officers of this corporation shall be a presi
dent, a vice-president and a secretary
treasurer, all of which said officers must be
The first board of directors of this cor
poration shall be elected by the stockhold
ers immedfately after the signing of this
charter and said board shall at once elect
from their number, the officers herein
named. Which said board and offcers shall
retain their respective omces until the sec
ond Tuesday in October, 1912, at which
time and annually thereafter the stock
holders shall bold a meeting and elect a
board of directors as herein provided, and
said board shall upon taking their seats
proceed without delay to elect the ofcers
nheren mentioned.
All boards of directors and officers shall
remain in office until their successors are
duly elected and qualified. Any failure to
have any such elections at the time fixed
shall not have the effect of annulling this
charter but the then board of directors or
ofcers shall hold over until such election
can be had. Any vacancy occurring on the
board between elections shall be filled for
the remainder of the term by the remaining
directors. Any director may appoint, by
Swritten proxy ,any other stockholder as his
proxy on said board and exercise, for the
time being, all the powers of such director.
All elections shal be by ballot. Each
share of stock shall be entitled to one vote,
either In person or by proxy, and a major
ity of the votes cast shall elect or decide all
matters voted on; and all meetings of
stockholders shall be held after five (51
days' prior notice in writing, sent to each
stockholder at his last known address.
The majority of the board of directors
shall constitute a quorum for the transac
tion of all business, and a majority of all
votes cast shall decide all matters voted
Said board of dlrectors shall have the
right and power, by unanimous vote, te del
egrate so much of the corporate powers vest.
Sedin them as they may deem fit, to the
spresident, ie ident or the secretary
treasurer this orporation, and he shall
I exercise the same as though each act so
done wes passed by the majority of the
h oard of dlrectors, and shall be binding on
the corporation. The board of directors
shall have full power to discharge all em
plc ee or ageint at pleasure, and to fix
Stheir compensation and slaries, and g
eerally to do all things necessary in the
premises fr the transaction of the business
1and awairs of the ororatlion.
_ No emplo ee shall be considered as em
s p1t7od by theo year, unless so contracted
with In writing. All rlgbt herein granted
m ay1 eerelss, and busiss conducted,
y t uyes sr ples that the said eom
r yJ may ue 1t to do without any reotri
Sliotns hat.. ai Lcontikr
When in NM.
Cau BIapp T* V
TeIqpheo Wil
Phone aIm WI
This charter may -
or the coro ratia
fourths (3-4) rotee la
Issued, at a sped i
purpose after thirty (t
having ·been seat to emn
era at his last knows aI ,
purpose of sal t
Whenever this
solved, by litstatlt..er
fairs shall be lialut
dating commilo ,
stockholders at a _IJal
for that pruOos after
written notice, as above
commissioners shall reim
the affairs of this
quidated. In the vt
any of said comUN)iM
other two (2) shall Csh
to completion, and I hr
of two (2) or all* ofs
serve, additional
elected to form the fll
(3) as above f V
No stockholders of t
ever be held liable a
contracts or faults ot
yond the unpaid balam
owned by him. nor Sll
alty in the orgaMab -,
rendering this chrter il
stockholder to any
paid halance de an
This corporatio sha
consolidate. or fors o
other corpora tion oS
tlions as may be de
ity vote of the bar
at a geenral or
a three-fourths ( 11)
sued, at a special
purpose after thl
tice sent to each
vided for.
Thus done and p9 5
city of New Orlesl s
year herein first above
ence of Alfred . ANe
shaw. competent
and me. notary. after
(Original signed!Ji
Ibetlo Buckter
I, the underslE_,,
in and for the palr
Loullana. do hereby
and foregoing act d
"Southwestera lAnd
pany" was this da
fieaIn book 1065, feM -
I hereby certlj -
to be a true a 
inal act of inafctPOO
ern Land and
er with the
mortga5es for the
appended. on le ls d
tarail ofier In the i
isiana. ) . r
oct 4 11 so 1 16

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