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In Four Years
Handled 157,000,000 pae
sengere, and not a single
passenger lost hie life
through a collision or de
railment of its train.
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Louisiana Pilsener Beer
New Orleans Brewing Co. TMlopw, Juksm 282
Innn aI m
Be it known, that on this twenty-third
d1y of the mouth of October. In the yea
inetean hundred and twelve, beforem s
Charles Rosen, a notary public, in and tot
the above parish and state, personally casu
ad pered the personas ereI narter sub
eebe,- who declared that, availling them
mireof the laws of this state, relative t
the organisation of corporations, n suroc
mes made and provided, they Constitute
hansevee, their associates, successors and
a corporation under the stipulation,
=--. oset forth, which they adopt as thoue
harter, to-wit:
he same and title of this corporation
shll be Feltz Realty Company. It shall
 eaeeFr-tlon for laninety-nine years tfrom
U dt, rd shall have for the ypuaro s
the business to be carried on by it all the
 sW conferred by law upon corporatio-ns
ld shall generally exercise all the powers
iesmary to carry on said business.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
b the city of New Orleans, state of Loo
,and all citation and other legal pro
='s ll be served on the president, and
n eUs of his absence or disability, upon
:Te *deets and purposes for which this
tion Is orgaise, and the nature of
e seam to be carried on by it are here
deeured to be, to buy and sell and to ac
Spomse and hold, by whatsoever title,
estate in this state and elsewhere,
by purchase, lese, don•ath, aE
eor otherwise ; to improve same b
. ectioa of buildings and other lamprove
thereon or otherwise: and generally
SoI in real estate in this state and ele
; and to do all thinlgs incdental to
-eanncted with said busiam.
the apital stock of this [email protected] is
l ed at the sum of thirty thousand
divided into sad repreested by
shares of the gar value of
b nd dollars shabre. This com
Shall have the ri t to comumu bes
be a going concer whe three
dollars o the capital stock shall
hbee subseribed for. All steck sub
Mfr ehall be paid for in cash or
sreeved or labor does at such
said on -se terms ad edOn tl
Ih bearl orf lheetws oall precrlbe.
the mwm of thibn ad a rth j
lea d by a beard et sdes --c
_--.4t t at wh s 81111i
_rawmea so eou caN
hP : whs adssne It
an y to.e and w.lll aold s.m
forever. sunn in " w
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320 W. Weddaaoe S.. CHICAGO
Geo. E. Bays, Jr.
Magazines, Newspapers,
Novels, School Books,
Sporting Goods, Tobacco,
Cigars and Cigarettes.
Typrmttag Os at leuseabl rics.
Prompt Attention.
No. 441 Slidell Avenue
-- -! - --,4. --!, - ÷ ÷ ÷ , 4 4.--
of each year, except the Brt bard of lrec
tors named In this charter who shali bold
office until the first anual meeting, which
shall take place on the first Monday of No
vember, 1918.
All elections shall be held by ballot at
the ofice of the company under the super
vision of two commissioners to be apont
ed by the board of directors. Noticea of ch
meeting shall be given by the secretary
treasurer in writing, delivered to each stock
holder in person, or mailed to his last known
address at least ten days prior to such elec
tion, or by one publication In a daily news
paper of this city at least ten days prior to
such election; but this notice may be waived
by all the stockholders.
At all such elections and at all meetings
of the stockholders, every stockholder shall
be enttled to one vote for each share of
stock standing in his name on the books of
the company at the date of said election or
meetlng; said votes to be cast in person
or by written proxy, and a majority of the
votes cast shall elect.
The failure to elect directors at the an
nual meetinf shall not dissolve or affect the
corporation, nor impair Its management in
any resapect; but the directors In office sbhall
remain in oice until their successors are
elected and qualified.
The board of directors shall elect as soon
as possible after their own election and
from among their own number a president,
a vice-president, aend a secretary-treasurer
and my grant to each ofcer such powers a
they deem proper.
All vacancies in the board, for whatever
cause shall be filled by the remaining direc
tors. Any member of the board may ap
polnt any other stockholder his proxy to at
tend any meeting and act in his place and
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved either from limltation or otherwise,
Its affalrs shall be liquidated by two com
missioners, to be appointed from amongst
the stockholders at a general meeting of
the stockholders convened for that purpose,
of which meeting nottee shall be given in
the tnime and manner provided or stock
holders' meeting in Artlcle VII of thi
charter, and a majority in amount of the
eapital stock represetted at such meeting
shall be requisite to elect. Sald commis-,
sioeers sall remain In ffice utll the af
fairs of the eorpoeation shall be tolly lgui
dated. In case of the death, resignation
or lnablity to set of either of said aem
_mishioners, the vacancy shall be filled by
the stockhlders after a stmilar nstiee, un
til which time the survivor shall continue to
act. The said notice of meeting may be
waived by uanimouas comsat of the stock
- i
Thi act ofineweat yybe medi
SeeM i sei ve wmith tek m arte at.
thiree-erthe of the osaktal soed reweassi
ed at a general meeting of the stockholdere
convened for that purpose, and after notice
shall have been given in a daily newspapel
published In this city once a week rfo
thirty days preceding the meeting. The
said notice may be waived by the unanl
mous consent of all the stockholders. Ant
change made or proposed with reference t(
the capital stock shall be made in accord
ance with the laws of this state on the sub
ject of altering the capital stock of corpor
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
for the faults or contracts of said corpora
tlion in any further sum than the unpah
balance due to the corporation on the share!
owned by him, nor shall any mere Infor
mality have the effect of rendering the char
ter null or exposing any stockholder to and
lahbilty beyond the unpaid balance due oi
his stock.
The first board of directors shall consisi
of Paul Felix; Alexander Marx and Adolpl
Naslts, with Paul Felix as president. Alex
ander Marx as vice-president, and Adolpt
Nasits as secretary-trea:surer.
The subscrlbers hereto have respectivelt
written opposite their names the amount o,
stock owned .,y theml in this corporation
so tuat this act of incorporation may alit
serve as the original subscription list o
the corporation.
Thus done and pas-e,.l at my ottlce In tie
city of New Orleans. state of |I/lsicana. or
the day, month and year herein first albov
written. In the presence of Mlessre. Arthun
\Ic'c;ilk and Thomas A. Taharvy. comlpeten
witnesses of the age of majority and rte.
dents of this city, who heretllnto sign thili
names with said nopearers and me. aotatry
after reading of tile whole.
Original signed: Paul Felix. "> shares
Adolph Nasits, 1 share,; Alexander Marx,
sllc re.
Witnesses: Arthur McGuirk. T. A. Ta
a ry.
'II.tIRLES ROSEN. Notary l'uhlic
I. the nnd.ersigned recorder of teOrtgages
in and for thie lparish ,f Orleans. state oe
Iisi:ln na, do her+ly cer'tify that the above
and foregoitn act of incorporation of thte
l'Felix Ixtealty 4',Cmpany is as this day doii
recorded in my -tficn bit ooek 10335, follo -
Ne'w Orleans. uhbtoier "4. 1912.
ISlgneI E MIII,E LE()NAI4D. 1. R.
I certlfy that tile above, and foregoing l,
a true and correct copy of the original ot
tile and of record in lmy olrie in this city
Witness my hantd and seal of office too
24th day of Octotber, 1912, at New Orleans
Notary Public
oct 31 nov 7 14 21 2_ dec 5
1OF' 'cllA l'I.\'l'NIN; AND \LtNU'FAe'
lie it known. that on tils eleventh da3
of thel month of Novemleer, in tlihe year inee
te'en hundred and twelve, and of the inlde
pendence of the U'nited States of Ameriea
the ,one hundred and thirty-seventh, teforen
Inme, lierman Michlel, a notary public, in ane
for the parish of Orleans. state of lsuisiana
duly tcommissioned and qualified, and in the
presence of the witnesses hereilnafter namet
and undersigned, personally came and ap
peared: the several persons whose names
are hereunto subscrlb'ed, who severally de
clareld, that availing themselves of the lawn
of the- state of Lulislana In reference te
the organization of corpore:tions, they have
covenanted and agreed, and by these pres
ents do covenant and agree and bind them
selves. as well as all such other persons as
may hereafter be associated with them, to
form themselves into and constitute a cur
poration and body corporate in law, for the
objects and purposes and under the condi
tions. stipulations and regulations follow
Ing, viz :
The name and title of said corporation
shall be the Cora Planting & Manufacturing
Company, and its domicle shall be in the
city of New Orleans, parish of Orleans
state of Louisiana, and by that name sals
corporation shall have power and authorlty
to have and enjoy corporate existence and
succession for the term of ninety-nine year.
from and after the day and date hereof:
to contract, sue and be sued; to make and
use a corporate seal and the same to brea
and alter at pleasure; to hold, receive,
lease, purchase, sell and convey, as well as
mortgage and hypothecate under its cor
porate name property, both real and per
sonal; to borrow and lend money and to
give and receive securities therefor; tc
name and appoint such managers, directors,
offcers, overseers and agents as the inter.
est and convenience of such corporation may
require, and to make and establish such by.
laws, rules and regulations for said cor.
poration as may be necessary and proper,
and the same to alter and amend at pleas
All citations or other legal process shall
be served upon the president of said cor
poration, and in case of his absence, upon
the vice-president, and in the absence of
both, upon the secretary.
The purposes for which this corporation
is established, and the nature of the busi
ness to be carried on by It, are declared and
speclfied to be, the development of agricul
tural resources of this state; the purchase
and sale of lands; the establishment, main
tenance and operation of manufactorles for
the conversion of products, raised, gathered
or acquired, by the corporation, into goods,
wares and commodities, and the sale of such
products, either as raw material or in the
manufactured state; the maintenance and
operation of steamers and other vessels, or
vehicles for carrylng the product and prop
erty of said corporation and other freight
and passengers; to buy, sell, lease and In
any way operate plantations or tracts o
and; to cause the same to be cultivated in
sugar cane. rice, cotton and other product:
to mantufacture and convert the products
thereot Into such goods and commodities as
it may deem proper; to conduct and carry
-on mantufactories of such material and com
-modities; to establish stores and mercan
ile houses for the sale of the same an.d
other goods, wares and merchandlise; to
construct, buy, lease, operate and hold
steamers and other vessels for carrylnl the
p.roducts and property of said corporation,
and generally for the transportation o,
frelghbt and passengers; and to construct,
work, maintain and operate railroads, tele
graph and telephone lines in connection
therewith, canals, plank-roads, bridges
fences and other works of public improve
The capital stock of this corporation I
hereby fixed at the sum of one hundred
thbqusand ($100,000.00) dollars divided into,
anf represented by one thousand (1,000)
shares of the per value of one hundred
S100.00) dollars each. Said shares of
stock shall be issued only at par and when
sued, shall be paid f r in cash or prop
erty, or in the equivalent thereof. All
shares of stock shall be aissued as full padl.
and non-asessable, and no transfer of said
stock shall be binding on said corporation,
unless recorded on its books.
No holder of stock in this corporation
shall sell his stock to any person until he
has first ofered it to the b6ard of directors
ot said corporation at its then book value,
and it shall be optional for this corpora
ilon to refutase to recognise any transfer of
stock made ain violation of this provision.
This corporation shall be a golg con
cern as soon as fifty thousand ($50,000)
dollars of its capital stock shall have been
All the powers of this corporation shall
be vested in, and the managemeint and con
rol of Its alalrs shall be exercised by, a
board of directors, to be composed of fivre
stockholders, any three of whom shall con
stltute a quorum for the treansaction of the
business of this coreoration.
The first board of directors shall be com
posed of Casslus M3. Eiseman, E. K. Meyer,
J. A. Hickey, M. Elseman, and -H. Meyer.
The oeers of slaid first board of directors
shall be C. M3. Elseman, president;: J. .
Iickey, vtle-reldent and treasurer, and
H. Meyer, secretary; said board of direc
ors and the said oicers shall serve and
remain in office until the first Monday in
November, 1913, on which day, and anna
ally thereafter, the board of directors shall
be elected by the stockholders, at a meet
ag called for that purmpose. All directors
rad eicers shall hold oiee until their suc
essors are elected and qualified; and any
allure to elect directors shall not be re
grded as a forfeltaure of this charter.
In the election of directors, each stock.
holder shall be entitled to one vote for each
share of stock held by him, which must be
cast either in person or by duly authorised
paroxy, and the majority of the votes cast
shall elect. Any vacancy occurring in the
hoard of 'directors my be filled by the re
maining directors for the unexptred term.
At the first meeting of the board of direc
ors after their election and qualifcation,
they shall elect from among their number a
president, a vice-president and treasurer and
a secretary.
All meetnlag of the stockholders shall
e called by written notice, mailed to the
ast khaown address of each stockholder, not
less than thirty days before the date fixed
or such meeting, unless said notice has
been waved ln writing by the stockholdersm
T'his act of incorporation may be amesd
d, modifed, changed, or altered, or this
corporation may be dissolved with the as
sat .t the stocklolders holdaing and owalng
tbree-foorths of the capital stock thereot,
who my habe prst or represented at a
gmeral meetinge the stockholders con*
ened fobr that prpese, and of which due
lnotice has hees Is.
hen this eoerpeartl shall be dlolveld,
either n imitatm or from any other case,
its a~bsha *l ha Igaieteidb three cam
mslsmse to be appe ts t r that pw
pose from among the stockbolders, at a
meeting of the stockholders convened for
that purpose. Said commissioners shall re
main in once until the afairs of said cor
poration shall be fully and finally liqul
dated. Any vacancy occurring among the
liquidators, from any cause whatsoever,
shall be filled by the remaining commission
No stockholder shall ever be liable or re
sponsible for the contracts or faults of this
corporation. in any further sulr than th.
unpaid balance dule by him on the share, of
stock subscriltsd to or owned by him; nor
sh:lll any mere Informality in the organiza
tion if this c-orporation have the effect if
reilerinr this cha:rter null or of e-lxlr.in5
the stocskholders to any further liability thali
the unpaidi aulullllnt whish imay be tille oil
ii i stork suliscriplltin.
The list oif slbhscrleirs ihereto annexeI
-hall serve as t th- origiinal subscription li<s
of this c orlporation.
Thus done and i nIsel In tmy notalriail of
ti,- itn the cilty of New ilrieaits, in the spr.i -
nri . oi \lo-rt-s. uohn L.. (.......rir.a ant sIrI:t
T. liast-ulkimpf. comt,.et nt witnesse, f last
tl'i age andt ressjidlents - f this liv andl parIr
ilh. wlho have hIeretunto smubscrle.d ltheir
Inors ,. tozetlllIter wiith sit ll a llppearil.-rs land
Iui-. nstl ry, aft'-r dti realhl" oif the while.
i 5ri"Inll:l sltnidi, : i '. 1t . E-:isslran4n. 4ail
dh -:s-. ':slo- K. \lv- r. 2isis -silsrs--. Ilhl;i
il iter, : .o i s i ,is ;.: .1 .A.lx. Ilhke,., .- t
it1, 1: h ,yer I .itntl . s-ir , pr I 1:;,in S .
untsls . .I shaIr'lis; .it. I.. 'I-i'o rlin. titto
T Ini,e.krntkpf.
I!. hI\I'l!:1. IAI " iotr hl' l -r.
i, the undersl l t'ilned r",'rdeil.r itf mor-tgag.s
in unit for the paIrish oif Irls'.ani-s. st.ate s if
Il, ulsians, ido h tsr.eL . rtlfv that the aoy.v
ulld frorgn oti n sit i t in torp.ntilon ol f the
I,'ora lanitin I& \iantf:l cttrnrlr ng tilo. was
thi-s da dily ireide,'d in mny oIlice. In Look
ltssS- folls - -
Ne tW rb ani , N5s vei tir 1. 1r12.
SSi sne l I :1 1I1.I-: .l:O s N Nll ),
Isv. lIeossrd r.
Statl h if l l .l ni 1:tail. lParish of it rleans.
I heres'iy cs .rtif tlhi i' i se s a rio i andi fl
• ine l t- n trute and icorret iopy of the charlt
te fit the 'ora ir'linnttls & lManutfaturing
'.,iupanl . ii getltlls'r with the scertis i at' of
its. riecordhs lof miortgages.
Int faith wlheir-f. itness my hand and
ol this twelfth dy cof Novembier. 191t2.
II. MI4IiHEL. Nt. l'on.
noir 14 21 21 di'c 3 12 19 1912
ite It known, that on this the 19th day
of the month of October, in the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and twelve,
anti of the independpendence of the nited
States of America, the one hundredt and
thirty-seventh, before me, Alexis Brian, a
notary public duly commissioned and quail
Iled within and for the parish of Orleans.
state of looulslana, therein residing, and in
the presence of the witnesses herelnafter
named and undersigned, personally came and
appeared Messrs. W. S. lPenick and Mf. 8.
Standifer, residents of the city of New Or
leans, of full age, herein appearing and act
ing In their caplsacities as chatrman and sec
retary respectively, of the general meeting
of the holders of common stock of PENICI(
& FORD. LIMITMII, a Louisiana corpora
tion domiciled In the city of New Orleans,
originally organized by act before Alexis
Brian, notary publlc, on the 6th day of No
rermber. 1911, duly recorded in the mortgage
office of the parish of Orleans in mortgage
look 1051, folio 376: and pursuant to the
terms of a resolution passed at the general
meeting of the holders of common stock of
said corporation held on October 13th. 1912,
a certified copy of which resolution is here
to annexed as part hereof: who declared
that at said general meeting of the holders
of the common stock of said Penick & Ford,
Limited, held on the 15th day of Ottober,
1912, which had been convened for that
especial purpose in accordance with law and
the trms o terms of the charter, the following
amendment to the charter of said corpora
tion was adopted by the unanimous vote of
the holders of all the common stock of said
corporation, all being present or represented
at said meeting, to-wit:
Article It of the charter of said Penick &
Ford. Limited, was amended so as to read
as follows :
"The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it, are de
lared to be:
To buy and sell sugar, molasses, syrups.
rice and products manufactured from corn
and kindred products: to receive on con
signment and to sell the same on commis
lon ; to mix and blend said products or any
af them, and to sell the same : to manufac
ture, buy, sell and trade in any and all of
the products, articles and things into which
the foregoing products, or any of them, en
ter as a component part ; to buy, sell and
generally to deal Il the stocks, bonds and
securities of other corporatlons; to pur
chase, construct or otherwise acquire, own,
control and operate one or more factories
for the manufacture of, and to manufacture,
buy. sell and generally to deal In, tin cans,
tin boxes and other tin receptacles and arti
cles of like character; and generally to do
all things that may be necessa or con
renient in carring out the several purposes
above set forth."
The whole as will more fully appear by
the annexed certified copy of resolution
aforesaid hereto attached as part hereof.
And the said appearers having requested
me. notary, to put the said amendment to
authentic form. I do by these preseats re
retve said amendment in the form of this
publie act, to the end that said amend
meat may be promulgated and recorded and
thus be read Into the orignal charter pass.
sd before Ales Brian, notary public, on
the 6th day of November, 1911.
-Thus done and signed in my oee at the
Sity of New Orleans, on lthe day and date
heretn irtb above written, in the presence
af Jao. Richmond aid . W. chweiltaer,
rompetent witneases, who hereunto sgn
their names with said appearers and me,
notary, after due reading of the whole.
(Orlginal mlinedi: W. 6. Pencek, chair
man: M. S. Standtter, secretary. (Wit
-esses) : John L,. Rlehmond, Gee. W.
ALarts BaIAW
Notlrg Psilte.
I. the uodersigned deputy recorder of
mortgages for the parimh of Orlens, do
erevo certify that the fortegng act of
Limited, was this day duly recorded in my
olle in book No. 1655. folio 607.
New Orleans. La., 19th day of October.
1912. Siagmed)
S Depat Reeerder e Mortgages.
T hereby certify the above to Ie a true
ad correct copy of the origlanl amend
neat to the eharter of Palek & Ford, Lim.
ited, and of the certafiate of the deputy
eorder of mortgaee atteebed thereto.
New Orleans, October 22. 1912.
(aeanl Noter P&Itoe.
et 24 31 novr 7 14 21 2
About thet same N Ow.
The story thI told in Joubert's "Pop
ar Errors Conherning Medicine." pub
Ished in Bordeaux, France, in 1579.
hat one Gonelle, a Jester at the court
of the Duke of Ferrara, insisted once
upon a time that the trade which had
the most followers was that of doctor.
rTo prove his assertion h left his home
one morning to go to the palace with
his nightcap on and his jaws wrapped
up. The first person be met stopped
him with the question. "What is the
matter with you. Gonelle" "A terrible
toothache." "Ob. is that all? ill tell
you what will cure it." And every pej
son he met had some advice Ito i
him. When the Jester reached the
duke's chamber the same question and
answer were repeated. "Ah." said the
prince. "I know of something that will
take the pain right away." Goneile
Instantly threw up his kerchief, saying:
"And you, too. moamelgneur, are a doc
tor? I have only passed through one
street In coming from my house to you
and have counted more than 200 of
them. I believe I could find 10.000 In
the city."
Hew About It?
"It's a free and equal country, et
"But we all swell up whem we get a
brief nod from a milhlialr."-Wash
lgtoma Berald.
Value Reseived.
Grw- Who'd ever suppose that
Drown wouel lend hlmself to such a
eomntmptlble scheme?
Brigga-He ddn't lend himselt; he
se ad himelf for cash dowu.--iea
I was stopping in Loudon at I hiar
Ing Cross and one aftt'rull"l strll'edl
down Whitehall street iand entere'l'
Green park at the horse guards. l'a,
Ing on through the park to Queen Vic·
toria's statue o,,osite ltuckiligh: il
palace, I toppedtl to look at it I ini
ticed a man standing before tihe statlle
admiring it and asked hint if lie 'iuiI
tell any interesting ftacts (c'tcerniilll
its construction lie replied very 'i\
illy and proved quite anll admirable
guide. lie was evidently not a poli, i
ed gentleman, for hle was plainly die
ed and isappllied his li's.
"'Er Imajesty." he said. "was one of
the finest sovereigns that hever lived.
IIi was in the lpublic service undier or
for many years., durin' whiclh er lie,
pie was 'alppier than at hany iother
reign, though that lappiness was conil
tinued under the reign of 'er gracious
son King lledward."
"Did your otliee hi ung you In con
tact at all with the queen?"
"Ill! in contact with 'er niajesty
Not IIi, sir. Iii never sor 'er except
when she was hoult hairing. Hut II
was hoften at court, sir."
"Had you duties there?"
"No, sir. Iii 'ad no duties at court.
Hi went there to see the notables.
"I presume you could give bits of in
formation about many royal and emi
nent people."
"Yes, sir. HIl've seen Justice B. often
and Justice W. occasionally and many
of the most heminent barristers In
"Army magunates?"
"No, sir. Iii never met any army
officer. But HI once met a parson. HI
'ad official connection with him, sir."
"In what way?"
"Ile was doin' too much talkin'. Very
windy. sir. IIi shut it off."
I was puzzled to make the fellow
out. At this bit of Information I fan
cied he might be a sergeant-at-arms or
something of the kind attached to the
residence of some one of the royalties.
employed to see that no inadmissible
person forced his way into the palace,
or if such succeeded in getting there
it was his duty to put him out. Hav
ing been brought up to consider ques
tions as to people's business Ill bred. I
refrained from asking him what his
office was. I let him go on talking, ex
pecting that in time he would state It
of his own accord.
"It must have taken a One lot o'
cordage to swing that block o' marble
into position, sir," said my companion.
"I don't think they used much cord
age for the purpose," I replied. "It
would only be needed to guide the
mass as It was swung on to its pedes
taL They doubtless used chains to
lift It."
"Now, really. Hi wouldn't 'a' thought
that. Hi should think ropes would be
better. Chains might break the marble,
sir. They couldn't 'ave swung it by
the neck, could they, sir?"
I looked at the man surprised. He
appeared to be sufficlently intelligent
to know that a statue would not be
lifted on to its pedestal by the neck.
"What made you think they would
do it in that way?" I asked.
"Well, sir, it seems to me the nat
ural way to lift a person."
"With rope? You would break a
living person's neck by lifting him
that way."
"But you wouldn't break a marble
person's neck."
"I think you would in this case. The
fgure is solid and must weigh a great
many tone"
"And It wouldn't do, sIr-not in this
case-to swing 'er most graclous majees
ty even in marble by the neck. 'Eaven
fbrbld that bany of 'er loyal subjects
should think o' such a thlngl Hilt's
rank treason. sir."
He seemed terribly shocked.
I was not espeelally edified by this
latter part of his chat, though before
he got on to it he talked sensibly
enough, so I thanked him for the in
formation be had given me and start
ed away, saying:
"I expect to go to court soon. Per
haps I shall have some attention from
you there in your oelal eapaeity."
"HI shall try to make it as easy as
possible for you, sir. If you do."
This added so largely to my ecurlos
ity that I was sorry I bad not asked
him the nature of the position he held.
He was not a gentleman and likely
would not have taken it amiss. How
ever, It was now too late.
Some time after this I was walking
en Oxford street witb my triend Har
grave, a Londoner, when I saw ap
proaching the man I had met at the
statue. It did not occur to me o ask
Hargrave who be was, for I had no
Idea he would know.
"Do you see this man comingY' ask
ed Hargrave,
"'Be's Caleraft. the hanlgma."
Then I understood the man's refer
snces to court-that he meant a legal
court Instead of a royal court .. I ap
preelated his horror as a loyal subject
of Queen Vlctoria st the idea of pot
tig a rope around his sovereilgn's
neck even I~ stone. But I was more
especlail a.letted at the remembrance
of his words when I told him I ex
pected to go to court.soon. "HI shall
try to make it uas easy as possilble for
y0o, ai'."
dlnce that memorable interview I
have never pasied Queen Victoria's
statue without thinking of Caleraft and
the court to which be be longed.
White Paint.
To remove match marks from white
paint rub them with a cut lemon. To
prevent a repetition of the marking
and cure the offender from attempting
it again smear the spot with a thin
oat of vaseline.
Helping Him Out
"Life Is a burden to me."
"Take an interest in somethnlag.
Have so avocation. Take up golf."
"Aw. life Isn't worth Ilving."
"Then take up viation."--Lolavflle
Optical Illusions.
Professor trlriing exl:lained a variety
of optical illu! 'or s illnlul ting the afte_
effei'ts of seen Tirlvt'ltts and enlt:las
or convexity iii itrvature. lie dentin
straitel htow the llreek arcititects h:a
realized the existelnce of entassiis :l
had cton.tructted tllher hoirizontatl hIe:til
in convex fiorm in rde, l o t' re tt, Il,
alparentt conct Iiv :I;I.llearanle :and h;
given to the l r t til r the l'lrtlherto-i
and either :ncieni t nihhlrit s just sat
a bulge as Iwas 't,,esra ti detri \
the erratic etfect of a aeries of p:ara:lleI
coli 11ii -,
in detline with colo',l .sh.t ,,lx.
Profe'ssr Stirlinr. i'a~n .l-trate'll tlhe
gre:l t dltli,,; ties Ith:t ,ii,. .it uall i.
set tlhe eil erIi'sl of fr ml:ata ials
licently il i I- nch,t r, he Ii . : ltetd. :
tl nte r,,rs rat, ,,,: ., the : ,a t.-,r in or e ,
pink habl ir in ",!;u" tin i-lee 1m1 ttri:11
The dlibl,te, ,ouhl h:Lve tendl.I in :
lawsuit had1 no, ! . ittiat cI ,.m '
strated the fa: t that tit'he e.xitnit. , ,I
pink wa.ts nertiely in illtii,,n trotn .e,'i
icolors and that: to , iI t-. l :al I ie"- .a
troulineeld e-xcet tht<te -nuillied by ith
desirtner.-- 1- ,lo lnl Sttia i .
African Superstitions.
(ioncerniit- the i lt erstitionts tha:t art
rift' ill Ni-eria. .ifricl . : tra:veler I.;ti
"*'The bird which tui,l in at ytur ion
selves disglisedi toi diio youvl hurt S~,e
times the te'rror of witchii'r:ft will se:at
ter a whole town. Sihould the sit
picion of witctheralft fall on anly o(,i
only trial by ordeal cian free him. Th,
most usual tri:il is that of eatinii
"esere.' :a poisonous bea:n which alllmost
invariablty kills the suspected persionli
The ordeals of boiling oil poured olii
the palms of the hanids and of pepper
corns inserted in the eyes are far less
dreaded. not only because their result
are practically never fatal. but beetrlust
the physical anguish entailed is lno
knowledged to be less Intense than
that caused by 'esere.' "
The Two Ways.
A hunter of the old school, who live'
among tle foothills of the Alleghenies
was teased into making a wager of $14
that his antiquated gun would shoot it
bullet through a railroad crosstle. The
old hunter was confident of winning
as he had tested his gun on crossties
hlckory. oak and even ironwood.
The bet was to be decided in the tum
ber yard back of the depot. The old
hunter arrived at that place in advance
of the others. lie arranged several o01
the thickest crossties for the test by
standing them against piles of lumber
with their fiat sides forward. Imagine
his astonishment. If you can, when the
man with whom be had made the bet,
upon arriving, exclaimed:
"Flatways: Are you daffy. mani
Turn them endways'"
The hunter of the old school lost.
Philadelphia North American.
Deadly Snakes.
The deadliest of snakes is said to be
the mamba. an African cobra. It flies
at everybody and everything: It goes
out of its way to quarrel; It will even
come down from a tree to solicit an In
terview. Over In India there is the
great king cobra, or hamadryad. a size
larger. quite as fierce (it has been
known to chase a man on horseback:
he had to ride for his life). but Its
poison is a degree less virulent. The
difference. however. may be considered
negligible and ceases to Interest the
patient after a few minutes. Among
the Australian cobras, the pit vipers of
America and the great West African
vipers there are species with evil repu
tations, and the most alarming tature
is that the aggressive Dmakes are all
desperately poisonous.
August and July.
"August." the name of the month. I
accented on the first syllable. 'Ao
gost." the adjective, Is accented on the
second syllable. This Is due, no doubtM
t the fact that, though both started
from the Latin "augalstas," they have
arrilved by different routes. The ad
jective is the Preach "atuguste" while
"Aungust" commemorating the Roman
emperor's title. Is the French "aout'
and the middle English "aungst" o
"aust." "July" used to rhyme with
"duly." even In Johnson's time. as ii
had done centuries earlier and as 11
does In southern Scotland to this day.
Goeethe's Mether.
The poet Goethe owed much of blh
greatness to his mother, a woman well
made to bear such a son, a perfeci
mother and. better still, his Intimate
friend and confidant Brought up in
strictly bourgeois and limited circles
with very little educatlon, sucb were
her natural intelligence and sympathy
that she afterward became the friend
of princes. poets and philosophers and
her bouse a rendeavous for the great
minds of her day.
A Good Memory.
Churcb--You say Flatbush has a
good memory. (lotham--Sure thing.
Church-Well, he borrowed $5 from
me three montha ago. and be's forgot
ten to pay It back. Ootbam-Oh. no:
be basn't! le's never tried to borrow
any more, ha be?-Yoonkera States
He Got 'Em.
Friend--What was the title of youa
poem? Poet-"Ob. GIve Me Back My
Dreams!" Priend-And what did the
editor write to you? Poet-"Take 'em.'
--McCall's Magazulie.
A man cannot-leave a better legacy
to the world than a well educated faim
ly.-Thomas Scott.
Forgot HimseIf.
She-My husband in a brute.
Frend-All men are brutes, dear.
Sbe-Mine Is simply abominable! I
asked him it be did not think you as
pretty as I. and be said "Yes."-New
York Weekly.
The Jestsr.
He that will lose his friend for a Jes
deserves to die a beggar by the bar
gain. Such let thy jests be that the.
may not grind the credit of thy trlend
and make not jests so long that thot
becomest one.- Fuller.
SAT ..1t'l:l' TI 4'I,!;\t1:NT' & 'o\Ir[ANY.
t NIl I': ' I..ll le 41lltl t'iA . i vi'. i:
,1 l,14! 1I .\ º, e lly I " Ni . (Olt
f in I t' o ,;i " lY i ,1 t .lflkinlO
. i I . I i.*
l..1" t l, t e" t ll w n., at", 1 i t 'it A ( , he
• 1 , 1 .r h h1 .t k , ... i. . :I 1a, n ,, .
\ l I I I" I. : I
T1', ta' l nto'k ! f t e .1 '1 c ,,:ora ,i
.bl , "'\into ~n ..:r'IInt . ",\ile h liir
1, ! It \ ..ut, f- ., , c . . , ,,' , . ,.u
"i i .. . .. I' t I , I ,,t ` ' -
,11"1 I' /t . I " ,'1 \ l' I ý . . .. . .I 'I1 ,1 . .. t,] , '
11!` jh':'j`" . 1. ;11-r:it In Im n o x b n lf
, \ , t I t .·l , , .I . , lI .'.
I. , It. i 1,, 1!i,, ; : ,,1 ll lt
r' ,'It to ':,.1 t" "acth l,' I r!, '.:11 p:..r ut" r- . " tl.
,ll' i; + i: i l ti I i' mr j .l! ll , IIi. ll~ ii ' ti.'r"Iki! i1
1.,. l11':ne 1 ,. lI ",ll h, ".I In !'V 11. ;ar'e li'
L1.0 "d , .1 IIh I f","Io , ton , . t. ,it A m ema
", ll f o ll ';. t lllh;i Ik.IrI f,:-%% T lLh i l ea s.l' I ll
fr ill.ue;. f .-ll p:a' I d. .I'IIt. !fo ,g mo U. " Ianell l k r) , la"
iotr biu.cneh of t ,ara ter lik, thoite liaroe
in ai!,ive nllltlom rd,l fU r genirally to io all
tir .- ltion a--.,y tfir ineli ps ieful olrat.
tdi th lereoef.
.%1'l IClU, II.
The clti.1tl stck of tle silil corporatlion
iharl IN.0 fifty Ihollhnil dolIr ttr  ,oNlsh dl
v'hi'ld Into Ind lrcrslsented by tlrve hundlrel
i.HlA h sl r i-s o t sli II Of one hundredi
dilarm i$ll aO 4" each, h'lih ahmid stock
ihall lie pall for In c;sll al the tlime of sut
ilriptIon, or the sallne lavy Is lssel, at iuot
lec than liar. In isayumlent or exichange for
ilopeerty or rlhigs ailtually reeelved or pur
ih·a;ed Iy stllcl said corptlon, or the iatne may
tle lsaufred full pail for money aidvanited. anil
for such othelr valullalle h onhlieraltons or
survlces as the board of tllreftors of :alhl
corporatioin alny determine, providel, thant
no stock shall be Ihassued until the consldera
tlon therefor has been received by the said
Any stuckholder may sell, assign, or trans
fer his stock In thllis corporation, provllded
thirty 130) days' prir notice of such Inten
fion to sell, assign or transfer the same be
given the company, anil ile other stock
holders thereof shall have the first prlvl
lege of 9urchasing same, after which thirty
days notice the said stock may be sold In
open market.
The stock of said corporation may be
transferred under the above conditions, pro
ovitd such transfer thereof be made on the
books of said company, at Its omce, and on
surrender of the certificate therefor. No
transfer of any fractional part of a share
shall be made.
This corporation shall commence doing
business as soon as five thousand dollars
($,.000) of the capital stock slhall have
been subscribed for.
The board of directors shall have the
right to determine how much stock shall be
The corporate powers of this company
shall he vested In and exerclsed by a board
of three (3) directors, consisting of the
president (who shall also be the treasurer
of saId corporatlon), vice-preslident, and one
stockholder. Three of said board shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of busi.
ness, and their decisions shall be valid cor
porate acts.
The following named persons shll consti
tute the first board of directors: Alfred II.
Clement, Fred. Muller and Charles J. Arm
No person shall be eligible as director or
an olicer who is not a stockholder of thls
D.)uring the absence of the presidents the
vice-resident shall act and preside.
Said board shall continue In office until
the first Tuesday of June, 1913, on which
date and thereafter, annually a board of
directors shall be elected on te first Tue
- of each yeahr.
notiee of election and of stockholders'
meetinl shall be given by at least tea (10)
ays' notice Immedistely preceding electkio
ar meeting, addressed by maeell to each stock
holder at his last known address Any fall
are from any cause whatever to elect di
rectors the day named for that purpose shall
not dissolve the corportion, but the direc
tors then In ote, a well as the oalers of
another electloo to be held within thirty
iays, and shall he notice thereof as herei
holder shall be enttled to vote for eae
harer of stok registered In his name, and
Th election of director shall be by bel
lot, and the mJority in mount ofr vote
anst, esh share o stocrk voted ona to he
rounted or oe ote, shlhal elect te terono
or person ror whom they have been east.
Alter ach elction the hbard of dlrctons
hall elect from their own number the ort
elr of sad cof;-te e.
The board of dirtorr sherll hred full
power to fill vaeancl eaIn their naumber eaus
rd by death, resignation or otherwise, rom
emon the stockholders oi the corporation.
The said board shall have full control of
the property of this ompanyd and small a
ronduct, mnage and use the sam as In
heir discretion they deem tfit, eand eoslst
cnt with the obJect of tehis ompay, or the
elftare of the tame,
The said board Is harther autborlsed tt
frame and adopt such by-laws, rulse and
reulatioas as the afalrr oand busnlns of
tbe eoporatlon may require, and as It may
deem neeasary for the ctnduet and muolae
ment thereor; provlded the same shell not
ronflct rwith this chrter, or with the ismls
f the state, or of the United States.
The said hoard shall elect or appoint ae
secretary and such other oficers, aents, em
ployees, servants and clerks as It may deem
necessary for the conducting of the buslness
of the corporation: fix their ompensatlon,
term of servle, with the rliht to diiste
them at said hoard's pleasure, and said
hard shall have the right to fix sad de
termine the salaries of the several ofleers
herein provided for.
This charter may be changed, modified or
amended, the ecpltal stock increased or de
creased, or this corporatlon may be disslolv
ed, at a general meetlng of the stockholders
convened for the purpose, with the amssent of
three-fourths of the entire capital stock,
whether present or actually represented at
such meetinlg.
In case of dissolution or termination of
this corporation, either by limitation of Its
charter, or from any other cause, the Ilqul
datlon of Its sffairs shabll be conducted by
three lquidators, selected from the stock
holders. with like assent, and at a meetlng
called for that purpose, as above set forth In
this article.
Sald liquldators shall remain in ofee un
til1 the affalIrs of said corporation shall have
been fully iiquidated. In ease of the death
of one. or more, of sald liquilators, the sur
vivors or survivor shall continue to act.
No stockholder of this corporation shall
ever be held liable or responlsible for the
contracts or faults thereof. In any furtber
sum than the unpald halanee due the com
pany on the shares of stock subscrhibed for or
owned by him. nor shall any Informality In
organliation have the effrect of reonderlng
this charter null, or of exposing a stock
holder to any liability beyond the unpaid
balance, If any, of his stock.
Thus done and passed, In my omce, in the
city of New Orleans, on the day, month and
year herein first habove written. In the pres
nce. of Messelurs Jacob D. Dresner and F d
ward P. Quiniua. competent witnesses, who
have hereunto signed with the said appear
ers and me. notary, after due reading of the
(Orlgltal snred) : Fred. Maullerr 100
shares: Alfred It. Clement 300 share:
Charles J. Armbruster, 15 shares. (Wit
nesses) : J. D. Dresner. E. P. Qunlous.
L azwlR tc M. JAEm.,
(I.tal) Notary Public.
I. the undersigned, recorder of mortgages,.
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Loulslana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoling act of incorporatlon of the
Alfred II. Clement & Company was this day
duly recorded In my ofme,, In book 1055,
folin -.
New Orleans. October 4th. 1912.
(flgned) EMxLn LUonIeD, Dy. 3.
A true copy:
LawaInica M. JA.It
(.eal) Notary Pnke.
oct 10 17 24 31 nov 7 14

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