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Algerines at Law.
Mary Stone vs. Algiers Ry. Light &
Power Co., bond for costs $25.
W. H. Ward vs. Jos. Pizzolato et als.,
answer.-S. A. Montgomery and J. D.
Succession of M. S. Gordon, judg
ment appointing administrator.
Mrs. Mary A. Fanderson vs. Algiers
Ry. & Light Co., exception maintained
and suit dismissed.
Succession of John H. Scherer, ad
ministration.-Robert O'Connor.
Succession of T. Finegan et al. vs.
Blanche O. Finegan, administrator, ap
peal from Civil District Court, Div. E.
-J. Armstrong for appellant.
Mrs. Shorey, owner, additions,
Strueby Lane, Algiers, $360. A. I
Borne, builder.
Wilhelm J. Waguespack to Geo. L. I
Ricks, lot, Hancock, .McDonogh Cem- 1
Removing a Minute.
The mayor of an Australian mining
town, who was a noted boxer. had been
absent for smile months, and just be- C
fore his return to his mayoral duties
his colleagues passed a vote of censure I
on him. At the next meeting of the t
town council the mayor was present a
and found the minutes of the previous a
conference to contain this:
"A vote of censure was passed on the
mayor for outstaying his leave, and it
pras resolved to ask for an explana
"Who proposed this vote of censure?"
inquired the mayor.
"I did," said a councilor. t
"You did, did you?" said the mayor, I
stepping from his presidential chair. I
"Then take that!" and he struck him I
violently in the face. "Who seconded r
the resolution?" he asked quietly.
There was no answer. "Who seconded
this resolution?" he asked again. Still
there was no answer. "Then," said the
mayor, taking up his pen, "as there
was no seconder. It's out of order.
Strike it offthe minutes!"
Electing a Queen Cowl
In the Rhone valley. Switzerland, an i
extraordinary ceremony is carried out
every July. This is the choosing of a
queen cow by the cows themselves. A i
large number of cows, over 200 at i+
times, are assembled in a field to i+
choose their queen. The queen cow is p
the one which is strong enough to fight n
all the other cows off the pasture and
remain in possession of it herself. The
owners of the cows are not allowed to
encourage their beasts in any way.
The honor of owning a queen cow is
keenly coveted by the local herdsmen.
and they do everything they can in or
der to turn their animal out a winner.
In their eagerness to bring their beasts I
ft and well on the day of battle many 1
of the herdsmen feed them a week or a
fortnight beforehand on bread and
wine. The cows descend from a fight
ing race and are always eager to have
a scrap. The "election" of the queen
cow often lasts the greater part of the
day and is watched by crowds, who P
come to the scene from miles round. ti
Speaker ef the Hoeuee
Boggs-I heard a lecturer msay last tl
aight that we would all live to see the 1
day when a woman will be speaker d
ot the boose. Do you believe that? Il
'Henpeek-1 know of one woman that
is ahbeady.--Lodon Pu nch
Bewarel t
Beware of the man who knows too h
much, especially it It happens to be fI
ye~a--i-Life. t
French Market Patrons
Te may patrons of the French Market who reside In Gretna,
MoDomoghylle and Algiers will now have easy acces to this famous
market by the new electric car extension to the
Third District
The new electric car service will place you within only two squares
of the Preach Market.
Passengers from the Lower Coast and Algiers to the upper part of
the city may gain much time by goinl to the city via
Jackson Avenue
The filowing Is the electric car schedule for the Third District
and Jeckdea Avenue Parries:
PACIFIC AVENUE CARS arrive at Third Distriot Ferry at 13 min.
tur, U minutes and 8 minutes after the hour; Gretna Cars pss Third
Distriet Ferry at S minute, minutes and 46 minutes after the hour;
eomnet with all retna ars at Tehe Street. During rush hours an
extra ear Is added to the service.
RErTNA CARS arrive at Jackson Avenue Ferry at : Ia. am. and
every 0 minutes until 11:46 p. m. The 1t:06 and 12: for ear er n
via Third Distriet Ferry.
Union Ferry Company
etery, line of Verret property, and
other property, $900 terms.-Upton.
Geo. J. Forrest et als. to Mrs. Eliza
beth Forrest, interest, etc., lot, Belle
ville, Elmira, Pelican and Alix, $200
Mrs. Henry Carstens to People's
Homestead Association, lot, Morgan,
Gen. Meyer, Bermuda and Lavergne,
$1,000 cash.-Rouen.
Purchaser to John P. Vezlen, same
property, $1,000 terms.-Rouen.
Hilaire E. Estopinal to Security
Building and Loan Association, 5 lots,
Nelson, DeArmas, Newton and Oli
vier's property, $700 cash.-Zengel.
Purchaser to vendor, same property,
$700 terms.-Zengel.
Wm. H. Seymour to State of Louisi
ana, bond for $10,000 for faithful per
formance of duties as notary public.
Wm. Morgan Hannon to State of
Louisiana. bond for $10,000 for faithful
performance of duties as notary pub
The re-arrangement of the exterior
of the ferry houses has been begun on
the Algiers side. Just what the im
provements will be can not be learned
until complete. These improvements
are the result of the persistent efforts
Af The Herald and the Algiers Im
provement Association.
General Manager C. E. A. Carr of
the Grand Isle interests here, went to
Philadelphia in the interest if the com
pany, looking after a shipment of cars
for the extension to Westwego. The
report that the cars had arrived was
an error, due to the fact that several
new cars were seen in the S. P. yards,
but it was learned later that they were
for New Iberia, La.
Rev. W. S. Slack, who was painfully
njured a few weeks ago and developed
pneumonia as'a sequel to his injuries,
s much improved, the pneumonia hav
ng disappeared and his injuries heal
ng rapidly. He is still encased in a
)laster cast and it may be several
nonths before he has completely re
The Home.
The home is the cornerstone and bul
wark of the state, and everything
which tends to keep alive and renew
Its influence and associations should
be cherished and encouraged.-Cincin
nati Enquirer.
The design of the new nickel to sup
plant the 5-cent coin now in circula
ion will be perfected by Secretary of
he Treasury MacVeagh within a few
reeks. George E. Roberts, director of
he mint, and J. E. Prazer of New
rork, an artist who is working on the
lesign, conferred with the Secretary (
An Indian head will adorn the face
if the coin and the figure of a buffalo
he reverse. The design is intended to
lonor the disappearing Indian and buf
alo, linked together in American his
Dryades, Euterpe and Polymnia Sts.
Our 6th Annual Jubilee Sale
The banner bargain sale of the year-A sale that is going
to create tremendous interest Monday and all next week. The
most notable values ever contained under one roof.
COME--Let Nothing Keep
You Away'!
The South's Greatest Toy Store.
This is the first Christmas News of the Year 1912, and
it should be welcome news to all children. There is no better
time to buy than now. You have every advantage-Every
thing that training and experience can do to make Xmas buy
ing a pleasure has been done at the
Here, too, you choose from stocks that are most compre
hensive of all! We lead in the lowness of prices, that's known.
(All Goods to be sent to Algiers or Gretna will positivelv be
delivered within 24 hours after purchased.)
Good Luck.
"Tommy." said his brother. "you're a
regular little glutton Bow can you
eat so mucbh"
"Don't know. it's Just good luck." ga
replied the youngster.-Christian Intel
lgencer Int
Some Popular Uuotateons. lan
In spite of Scott'.s silpularity few "br
people remember that from "Old Mor- cor
tality" we bare "a sea of upturned
faces." and Byron is never thanked for
"flesh and blood can't bear it." The T
"most humorous and least exemplary nsI
of British parsons" Is known to bare of
thought "they order things better into
France" and "God tempers the wind
to the shorn lamb." but we seldom
credit him with "I saw the iron enter OF
Into his soul." Yet that keen image e8T
of grief. so often on our lips. may also
be found in the "Sentimental Journey." of t
Cowper Is comparatively little read. the our
Immortal "John Gilpin" always except- el
ed. Therefore we may be forgiven if thir
the source of "hand and glove" or ta
"bher dear 500 friends" has slipped our of 1
memories. The same may be said of ne
Rogers' "To know her was to love her." whoi
Congreve's "Married in baste and re oI
pent at leisure." Farquhar's "Over the Loul
hills and far away" and Southey's t,,
"March of intellect." Sir Philip Sid. such
ney. who was poet. philosopher and. uto
best of all. hero. should share a better pose,
fate. How many can tell that it was 'low
he who first said In English. "God helps Ti
those who help themselvesr-Cornhill s'h
Magazine. unde
Flowers Instead of Beets fro
M. Max Reinhardt. the famousa pro It
\oeer of wordless plays. endured pov- and
erty in his youth, and of those lean
years many stories are extant seer
"Once in Berlin." said a German ae- T
ter. "Reinhardt. who was playing with corp
me in a cheap stock company. turned i
up at the theater with a magnificent acqu
mate orchid in his buttonbole and a
on his feet a pair of atrocious boots els
with their soles tied on by means of
twine, show
"I ventured to take Reinhardt to task. tl
"'Tut, tutf' I ald. To wer a cost- bust
l flower like that along with suchb
shocking boots" out 1
"Relnhardt frowned and answered pI'
"'For $8 I could buy a pair of ow- erp
momplace, machine made boots ton any buld
shop In town. but for the same sum
I can get at a florist's whom I alone lead
know three of these marvelously bseau- a
ttful orchids.' " ente
_ _v_ ente
Funny Blunders. orpt
The following is surely the funnjest d'
vote of thanks uttered for a long time. state
The speaker with evienatly the best in.
tendtons in the world nervously floun. beret
dered along through various msentences
complimentary to the lecturer and of o
maly flickered out feebly thus: "And ble
so I propose a vote of thanks for the ratio
lecture to which we have so ably its- py
tned." The audience was so wearied rtio
that it did not notice the fatuous re- sin
mark, and only the lecturer smiled. apI
It b fit tI be placed beside another No a
muddle headed senotence aade in co
veratikm to a north London clerg. shall
man. A man bhad been presdng hise o
views energeteaily on a certain que amp
tis when suddenly be paused and, All
d-tMig at the cleryman, said btskly shanl
"And mew, sr. what It your haumble
liaesl"-Londe. Tit-ht, ties
The Word "Legion."
"Legflo" was '.rlignll. tn word with
a definite nmea:ning. It meanst lipprsi,
lmately the "anlle as our word "'ltr
gade." meanlingl N ltuma;n r.;:lllln or
6.000 men or less in tfie .os.r.,-e ,
time it hbas lIroellt a rNigur ,-l f. t..*. hi
nlatended to express thle ire ml, .
IIrge numtlber of Iwrs..lls I' ii;,s
"brigade" or ".*iirl,&" %wII I* .',:ý,i,
corrupted a thols:lnii -.at fr,,o' n." .:.
C:nchona _ress.
The cinchona tr.e. foto wh!ch qul*
nine is obtained, ronws at an elevation
of 7.000 to 10.000 feet in the Andes.
Be it known, that on this thirteenth day
of the month of November, in the year of
our lords one thousand nine hundred and
twelve, and of the independence of the Unit
ed states of America the one hundred and
thirty-seventh, before me, William Ardill. a
notary public, duly commissioned and quail
fied, in and for the parish of Orleans, state
of Louisiana. and in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
personally came and appeared: the persons
whose names are hereunto subscrlbed, who
severally declared, that availing themselves
of the provisions of the laws of the state of
Louistana, they have contracted and agreed,
and do by these presents covenant and
agree, and bind themselves, as well as all
such other persona as may hereafter become
associated with them, to form and consti
tute a corporation for the objects and pur
poses and under the articles and stipula
tions following, to-wit:
The name and style of this corporation
shall be the CRES('EIT CITY AMUSE
under that name shall have and enjoy sue
cession for a period of ninety-nine years
from this date.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
la the city of New Orleans, and all citation
and other legal process shall be served on
the president, or in his absence, on the vice
president, or Ia the absence of both, on the
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation Is organised and the business
to be carried on iby t, are hereby declared
to he: to own lease, purchase and otherwise
acquire, conduct, construct, operate and
manage a theatre or theatres, picture show
or shows, in the city of New Orieans, or
elsewhere in the state of Louisiana, or the
United States, and to present In said theatre
building or buildings, or pictUre show or
showsl any legitimate form of amuememt.
together with the conduct of the tbeatrical
business and moving picture and vaudeville
business, in all of their several branches,
and to that end to do and perform any an
all things that may be necessary to carry
out the objects and purposes of the moving
pitre vaudeville and theatric bursiness in
neral o buy, se own and lease movable,
mmovable and mixed property of all de
sriptions, for any and all purposes whatso
ever: to rove the same and to erect
buildings and atctures of all descriptions;
to borrow money and to secure the same by
mortgage, ypothation and pledge, and to
lead money and secure the same by mort
gage and hypothecatlon and to sne bonds ;
and generally to carry on any business or
enterprise that may he ncidental to or con
venient in the proper and scceesni exer
isel of any of the powers conferred on this
corooration b these articles of incorpora
tion, not lneonaest nt with the constitution
anad laws of this state and of the United
The cpltal stock of this corporation is
here - nxed at the sum of five thousand
(4o o.00) dollars, divided into and epre
seated by, fifty (50) shares of the pr value
of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each
which stock shall he paid for when called
or by the board of directors of the corpo
ration and may be Issued for cash or in
payment of property received by the corpo
ration or services rendered It. This corpo
ration shall be a goinag concern and shall bhe
muthorlsed to commence business as soon as
three thossand ($3,000.00) dollars of its
Dapital stock shall have been subasribed for.
So stockholder shall dispose of his stock
without first oelipns mae to the corpora
tlon at Its boo e and the eornration
shall have ten deps within which cept
tr decline said Or. All stock transfers to
be valid must be made on the books of the
All corporate powers of this corporation
hail be vested In .a hboard of dtretorJ be
oft a tretockhoa es two ta ns!
saof_ btate , aqr tuhr the trru e
The Gessner Co.
611 Canal Street
New Orleans
Phone Main 3832
Iward of directors shall consist of Edwin 1.
Kerwin. Walter McEnery. antd Edwin i'.
Itrady. with Edwin B. Kirwin president,
Walter .MltEnery vicepresilInt, and Edwin
I'. Ir:dy secretary treasurer. In the event
of de.ath or reslCnatlhn of one or mlore of
said Ia:lrd or omof-rs. the remanllnlng mem
ler or mnemlwrs of the l.mard shall supply
the vacancy or vacanc'les. There shall I
a president, a vice -president, and a s.cre
tary tre.atl. r, which latter office nlny be
hid it by one and ithe samte iplerson.
No stockholder shall hIe lhld liable or re
Slinslhble for fithe contra.cts or faults of the
cjrporation. nor shall any Informality in
.irianization hlave the effect of rendeiring
thll charter 11ll or of exposilng- any stock
holder to any liability Ileyond the amount
due on his stock. The corporation may ie
dissolved Iby a two-thlrd vote of the sioc'k
holders or by lilmitation of its charter, and
such lqilhilation shall I conductid ,by the
toartd tlhn In oltice. This act of incorltora
tion imaty Ib alllended in the manner pro
itlitd h.i law-. or it ts llpital stock clhalnged as
provide d by law.
l'Thus done and passed inll fi. omfle. In tllhe
it-1y of Neiw IOrltans, on the month, hday land
year herein first alove wriltent . In the pres
a'nec of JIohnl I,. 4orcoran and Otto T. Ila
senk:nlilpf. cotillll*tent witnes-is. who have
hereutl-tnto sailitned their namlles with said ap
pearers anld ld notary, after reading of the
c Signed) : Edwin It. Kirwin, ten shares:
Edwin I'. Itrady. iten shares : Walter Mc.
I-nery, ten shal:res..Ino. L. Corcoran, Otto
T. Iliaenka:llnpf.
Wi,.tlIAM ARIttEL.., .of. Pub.
I. the undlersign-ed reciordelr of mortgages,.
in and for the pairilh of ()rleans. state of
Itlanliana. dio hirerl certify that the shove
and foregoing a.t of inco-rporatlion of the
('resce'nt City Am.sllenent ('oampany. Incor
lrllated. was this day tilly rectordIed in my
offitc, in Ioik 105. folio -
New O(rleans. N'ovetnlw'r 1:Ith. 1912.
iignedt) EIMILE I.EOARI, Dy. R.
itthe of l aisilana.
Parish of Orleans.
I. the undersigned notary, do hercbly cer
tify that the al.tve is a true and trrect
iopy tof the chartetr of the Cresent t'lty
Amnusement ('omnpany. Incorporated, as well
as the- certlficate of the recorder of mort
In faith whereof witness my hand and
seal this 13th day of Novemlber. 1912.
Sign.ed, WII.r.LAM ARDEI.L,
nor 21 2_ dec 12 19 _1 Nlot. Pub.
Be it known, that on this 30th day of
the month of September in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
twelve, and of the independence of the Unit
ed States of America. the one hundred and
thirty-seventh, before me, Scott E. Beer,
a notary public, in and for the pariash of
Orleans, duly commissioned sworn and qual
tiled and in the presence of the undersigned
witnesses, personally came and appeared:
the several parties whose names are here
unto subscribed, who severally declared that
availing themselves of the laws of the state
of louislana. in such cases made and pro
vided. they have contracted and agreed, and
do. by these presents contract and agree and
hind themselves as well as all other per
sons who may hereafter become associated
with them, to form a corporation, for the
1 objects and purposes ant under the articles
and stipulations, as follows, to-wit:
The name of this corporation shall be
SGeneral Contracting Company, Ltd., and un
der its said corporate name It shall have
of power and authority to have and enjoy suc
cession for the full term of ninety-nine years
from and after the date hereof; to contract, -
and sue and be sued: to make and use a
corporate seal at its pleasure, and the same
to break, alter or amend at its pleasure; to
hold, receive, lease, purchase and convey
property, real, personal and mixed, corpo
real and Incorporeal; to name and appoint
such managers agents and employees as itp
business interest may require, and to make
i. and establish such rules and regulations and
by-laws as the proper government of this
corporation may make necessary and proper.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
In the city of New Orleans, state of Louisi- 3.
ana. and all citations or other legal process 4.
shall be served on the president, and In his
absence on the fvice-president, and in the 5.
I- absence of both, upon toe secretary-treas
urer of this corporation.
The objects and purposes for which this
y corporation is established, and the nature
f of the business to be by it carried on, are
d hereby declared to be, to buy and sell palnt
t. oils,. wall paper, decorating materials of all
d kinds, sheet metal and tinsmith materials,
a and to carry on the businesses of house dec
I- orating In all Its details, as well as that of
e tinsmith and plumber, in all its branches, as
I- well as to make contracts in regard to all
1, of said classes of buaslnes sand general house
s contracting and building contracting, and
o to do all things necessary and proper or in
a cldental or related to the said business above
described. -
SThe capital stock of this corporation is
II hereby fixed at the sum of fifteen thousand
e dollars ($15,000.00) to be divided Into one
I- hundred and Oft- (150) shares of stock of
r- the par value of one hundred dollars ($1)0)
t- each, the said shares to be full paid and
non-asseesable, and to be issued only at par,
in return for eash. work done for this cor
* poration, or property purchased by this cor
*- poration, and actually received by it, after
d proper resolutlons to that erect by the board
of directors of this corporation.
5 No transfer of stock shall be binding on
this corporatlon until said transfer shall
have been made on the corporation's books.
e This corporntlon bsll be a going concern as
a soon as three thosand dollars ($3,000.00)
a of It capital stock shall have been saub
scried fot.
All the powers of this corporation shall
be vested In and exe red by a bord of
dI rctors to o of thM sto -
h nolde, 8m two of whom hanll constitute
a quorum or the trnsaetion of the busi
ness and affair o tsis eorporton. Th
Sbard ot dlreeto shall he elected amnualll
1 6tthe th day of Oetober. -All director
r ad oeers shall bold oee until their rae
easers have been elected ad qualified. All
r se electios shall be by ballot at the of
o a oth orationp under the supervi
s of thrne electIem commis ar,. hch
Sstockbolder shall be eatitled to a vote for
each and every sbare stnding in his name
on t.he booL of this corportion, wblch vote
may b crst In emen, or b prox in wit
t tr, abd t marrl, of the votsa ast laslU
Select. Imedtore to mat be rpreaeted by
Sproxy at any ared all metaings of the board
- Any vacancy arming in the board of dime.
to rehall he alld o orthe rematinde of the
te by the bord of directos. A failure to
elet dlreetos at the time specifld shall
rnot aolve thas corporatio , bat the board
s then in oee shal bhold oae untlil their
surcesorr are elected and qalieihed. ch
Sdirector hrall own ta lest one share of
a stock in his on name.
ofT board of directors shall be compoed
athe followin ocean, inaely: one pas
ident, -aviepreidat and a ecta-trea
urer. The first board shall be as follows:
- Abraham L Ishm ,prei dent; Joseph
a vic-pr elsdlednt; uraore layn-lc, sc.
ArL~fCI3 VI.
r Wbhenr this eorportion .*hall he die
i solvd either by limltatkio or otherwis, or
rom any ae whatoever, its afarlr shall
e liuated bytwo ommisiom r to be
sad b the ard of dlrctors from the
sockholder or others the mri lquidator
- or esmu enra to be ap in~ at a gen- Nei
eral meeti t f th  tckhbolidr convened w
rfor that pulrpose of which mid stoekholders a
meeatig notice shall be givea in the manner spq
provided for in artlee VII of this charter to
and a majorit, in am ount of the captal the
srtck represented at sid meetlng shall be
_resite to elect. d liqusidators or coin
milssoners to reain In she untll the ai- for
aire of this eorowatien e fually liqda-te tos"
datorq the rneminlng ilqaidators sll
h e ArTICIE VII" tie
ThI5 aetof tie b notia~ l
fourth .of .with the t of three.
Trust and
Capital Stock
Surplus $400,000.00
4%c Paid on Savings Account
MRS. L 0. LOWe. Asat. Cashier.
John C. Meyer & Son
1233 Decatur Street, Near U. 5. Mint, New Orleaa,
----El Tosto0
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stock In the South u -ead U
wants for prkces.
J. STECKLER SEED CO., Ltd., 5l.rsNcwW
New Orleans. La., once a week for four
weeks, or by otice mailed to each of the
saed stockholders to such addresses as may
appear on the books of this corporation, or
to such addresses of said stockholders as
they may appear in the city directory.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
for the contracts or faults of this co rora
tlon tn any further sum than the unpd bal
aace due the corporation on the shares of
stock owned by him, nor shall any lnfor
malty in the organisation of this corpora
tion bave the efect of rendering this char
ter ui, or of eposing any stockholder to
any 1 ls d the unpaid balJance due
on his 'Th subscribrlersohereto shall
form the orgnral -u list.
Thu r dn s aed' in the etty of New
Or as, a t my ee, on the day, month
m yea  at ao written, in tbe pres
me s s . , ehber and Wim
Cafe and RenalI
Ladies aid 6i ,
Ti:e best the .larketr
lTrds, properly r d
a!nd expertly serv
at popular.pric
Mhsic 6 P.m.to
Conrad Kolb, p
125-127 at Cahrlt
Midway the hloehhgg..k
or Conkerton, omspett
he hereunto signed thtlr
my the said appearen rsw
or due reaung of the whS.
as Originall sined: A.
$1,400: Isldor
J. Sliver. 2 shar..
ºie Witnesses: T. A.
a- ton.
of I. the undersigned
ºF In and for theb dr e
a- Louisiana, do hernbe
ir- and foregoing act
to General Contiraet
me this day dul_ Y
il 105,. folio 5
- New Orleans,.
Iw (Signed) PY L
t A true copc. r
a oct 17 24 31 oVet

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