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Devoted to the Upbuilding of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
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Miss Ruby L. Walsh, accompanied by
Miss-s Edna and Endolle Verneull and
her sist;r. Clara, spent Sunday in Coy
ingto.:. La.. the guests of the Sisters
of St S, holastica Academy, where Miss
Walsh ,ompleted her education. They
also %.s:eed St. Paul's College where
.Miss I:.lby has a host of friends.
Th, Holy Name Society in Algiers
r.". i,vng a retreat wnich commenced
\.dl',- day night and will continue un
til F..day. inclusive. The members
rwill , " communion in a body at 7
',Io. i sunday morning. It will be
:arg, l" :,presented in the procession
tha" at: rnoon, when the annual rally
will b." held.
M1is- dary Louise Wilcox is spend
ing ,mi rtime in Franklin, La.
Miss Mary .Marsh Phillips returned
, h," ionie in Cuba, Ala., last week.
M:s. Edwin C. Kohn. of Pointe-a-la
lla.ch, sp.int the i)ast week with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Borne.
1last"-r .lulian Smith, who has been
tin: eztes of Mrs. B. C. Gilder, returned
t:) Cuba Ala., last week.
1Mrs os W. Daniels had as guests
last ,-' k Mrs. Lucy Maxwell and Miss
Naotti Tisdale. of Bogalusa. la.
.Mrs i. Zeringue presented her hus
band :i' h a bouncing baby boy last
Miss .1 Gibbs was the guest of her
asst.r. M.rs. J. M. Henry, this week.
Mrs. (Gus Kent presented her husband
with a baby girl last week.
Mrs. Robt. Springer and little son.
of Augusta. Ga., who were the guests
of Mrs S. Hogan, have returned home.
Th.re will be a grand masquerade
party e:v.-n on Friday, Jan. 31, at Py
':tlan Hall, for the benefit of Mt. Oli
vet Episcopal Church. It will be given
under the auspices of the Ladies' Guild
with Mrs. J. E. Huckins as chairlady.
The price- of admission will be twenty
uve cents for adults. Two children
-vill be admitted on one ticket. The
children will have full sway from 7 to
i,:0 o'clock. after which the floor will
be turned over to the older folks. A
fine band of music will be in attend
ance. Refreshments will be served.
Mrs. Foster Olroyd, Jr.. made a sur
prise visit to her reldives a few days
ago. She came in from Atlanta, Ga.,
where her husband has just made ar
rangements to represent the Ro%'rts
Johnson Co. In Mississippl, Alabama
and Georgia along the line of special
idvertising. Mrs. Olroyd will return
in a few days to Atlanta, where she
svill join her husband.
Mrs. Ed. McNalr and little daughter,
Rilma. have returned from Birming
ham, Ala.
Pastor Franke, a former pastor of
Trinity Lutheran Church, now at the
First English Church. will preach at
"rinity Lutheran Church to-night at
7:30 o'clock.
Mrs. W. S. Slack spent Wednesday
at Baton Rouge, La.
Mrs. Jas. Wiegman has returned af
ter a visit of several weeks to Rome,
Ga., and Anniston, Ala., where she was
the guest of Mrs. M. A. Foute.
Father Roman, of Brunswick, Ga., is
the guest of Father Larkin.
New Orleans Los Angeles
San Francisco
Weekly- Commenoing
January 2, 1913
WEST BOI'ND--lreave esr Orleans
12:3:o p.I m.. Tumrdays:; arrive Los An
geles S :4. pi. nm.. Saturdays: arrive San
Francisco 11:00 a. m., Sundays.
EAST BOUIND---Leave san Francisco
6 :E0 p m., Tuesdays : leave Los Angeles
5:1. i. m.. Wednesdays: arrive New Or.
leans 7 :20 p. m., Fridays.
Solid all-steel train of latest modern
conwrruction. 8tandard Pullman sleep
ers. with sectiona. compartments and
drawing rooms. Dining and observatihn
cars. El.ctric lights and taas through
out. Stenographer, barber shop, shower
bath. ladi,.s maid. manlcurist and hair
drss-er.' clothba pressing outfit and va
clam 1eaneOr.
Fines.r and most up-to-date train in
the Inited States.
Extra fares will be charged for addi
tlonal luxuries and comforts alorded.
Othllur firat-class trains between New
Orleans and lParllc Coast:
Saut Eprrn (DAILY) Saut MailI
carv reoKRT OFaIDB,
227 St. Charles Strut, How Orldes
THEO. ENSIGN, Cityr Paeagir and
Ticket Aget.
'Beautifull- llustrated literature fur
iahled on request. r
Parcels Post
This new branch of Uncle Sam's
service is a great institution and in
many cases will result in a saving
to the American public, but it is
yet in its infancy, so we wish to re
mind our friends in the country
by that there are many articles that it
d will not be practical to send through
the mails, others that are not per
iv- missible, while there are still oth
rs ers that the cost of packing, so as
as to comply with the requirements of
the Postoffice Department, would
more than equalize the saving in
re carrying charges.
In many cases it will not only be
rs <heaper but much safer to send it
sd by express.
n. It will ever be the aim of
ly to give their patrons the benefit of
the knowledge gained through a
d very close study of this new mode
of transportation.
a- A, M. & J, SOLARI, Ltd.
SMAIN HOUSe-Royal and Iberrflle Sts.,
one block below Canal Street.
.s Mrs. Frank Smith. of 101i Teche
street. presented her husband with a
is- tine baby boy..
st The home of Mr. and Mrs. Jos.
Schmitt, 614 Belleville street. was
er brightened by the arrival of a baby
Id Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hornosky and
daughter Bernice have returned after
n. a pleasant visit to Lafayette.
ts Mrs. Ned Kline, of Atlantic avenue,
e. presented her husband nith a baby
le boy.
The Euchre and Five Hundred Party
y- that was given by the Holy Name
n Gymnastic Club on last Tuesday night,
te January 7. at St. Mary's Hall. was a
to grand success in every respect. The
11 crowd was one of the largest that has
A ever attended a euchre here. The hall
d- was decorated for the occasion, and a
(ql:artette consisting of four members
r- rendered sevePhl popular selections.
rs Ten prizes were awarded to the win
,., tlers. and the fortunate ones were well
r- pleased with what they had won.
a- The club will again entertain before
a Lent. the date is Tuesday night, Janu
al ary 28. A committee. to make all ar
n rangements has been appointed as fol
te lews: G. Herbert, chairman; R. P. No
lan, ex-officlo; 0. H. Lindquist, F. Mo
r, roy.
g- The club also intends to entertain
with something new in the line of a
f hbig minstrel and vaudeville show, the
e date has not been set.
t The next thing in the line of enter
it tainments that the club will produce
will be a boxing stag which will take
y place In their gymnasium, they having
enough pugilistic talent in the club to
f. produce at least ten good bouts. A
committee will soon be appointed to
make arrangements with a good referee
for this stag.
Mr. Reuben A. Tansey, the popular
manager of the Nemo Theatre, was
luietly married on Tuesday evening to
Miss Loulse E. Richards. Father Han
3aban, of Sta. Peter and Paul Church.I
omfclated. The wedding being a quiet
affair, only the relatives of the bride
were present.
Miss Richards, the bride, a pretty
lrunette, is a talented young woman,
having made quite a record as a teach-i
or in our public schools. She was pro
nroted on several occasions, was one
cf the teachers selected for the night
schools, and her last recognition of
2aerit placed her in Ithe Normal School
:rom which position she resigned short
iy before Christmas. Miss Richards
has also earned an enviable reputation
as an artist, most of her work being
done on china. She has also executed
many pieces In crayon. Miss Richards
is of a lovable disposition, her friends
?re many and enemies few.
Mr. Tansey is also well and favor
ably known here. He has been an Al
gerine for about ten years and in that
time has made many friends. In his
connection with the Westside Realty
Co. he became thoroughly acquainted
with our lands and is an authority on
appraisements. Mr. Tansey has made
a success of the picture show business 1
in our district and is at present the I
manager of the Nemo, "The Theatre of I
Quality," in ~which he also owns an
The young couple will reside at 223 1
Delaronde street, where they will be
pleased to receive their friends.
Mr. Ueo. L. Ricks and Sons, of Mc
Uonoghville, who raise each year a field
of cane for the purpose of convertingC
,t Into syrup, are offering this year a
genuine cane syrup made solely from l
the Juice of the cane and is offering this
at the small price of 50 cents per gal- I
lon, delivered to your residence. If
you desire some of this wholesome pro- c
duct, drop a postal card and it will be a
delivered to you within a few days.
s '.lr. Sheridan Congratulates Men Who
Brought Train on Time.
For the first time in Southern rail
roading, so far as is known, the con
t ductor and engineer of a train were
rewarded Friday night for bringing
their train in on time. This happened
as the first east-bound Sunset Limited
f de luxe from San Francisco. finished
Its transcontinental journey, and pulled
i'"to the I 'nion Station Friday night at
-:20I o'clock on timle to the mlinute.
t 1 oui s ilandry. engineer, and John J.ohn
son, conductltor, wee. in ctharge of tihe
:rain, and as they stppied fronm it they
vere nmet by Secretaryl ('allahaa, rep
resenting Hliram W. Sheridan. the niew
general superintenldent of the Lotuisi-I
a:na lines of the Soulthern Pacitic. who
handed eachl a personal letter of con
Sgratulation fromi Mr. Sheridan. A box
of fine cigars also waas presentied the
train officers. The letter read:
"Congratulations. I appreciate very
ru.th your efforts which lresulted in
bringing No. 1002 over the division on
:nme." Signed. "l. W. Sheridan. gen
eral superintendent."
Engineer landry is lhe oldest engi
neer on the line and lives here. lie
was much affected by the regard shown
:,y his superior and said ihe intended to
he franme the letter and keep it in his
ia ioie. lie remnarked that it was the
first time In his experience- that he
8 had been rewarded for efficienc'y. Con
as ductor Johnson was also greatly pleas
td and said he intended to frame his
Id It was the first eastbound tie luxe
er train of the season. and Mr. Sheridan
was especially eager to have it comle
e, :n on time. lie had followed the first
westbound train over the division to
Echo. La.. the limits of his jurisdic
tion, with equal interest, and when the
engineers and conductors of the divi
sions completed their runs on time he!
sent each a personal message of con
y ratulation.
As the eastbound train was approach
it, ng New Orleans he sent a telegram.,
a for Mr. Sheridan is an operator, and
te keeps his key in his office, to the engi
s eer and conductor. In it he said he
dl was following the movement of the
a train on his key, and would be pleased
rs to divide a box of cigars between the
a. engineer and conductor if the de luxe
n- reached thy- t'nion Station on the dot.
11 He was true to his word, and added
his letter of congratulations to the
re smokes.
U Engineer A. Walker and Conductor
.T. L. McMahan of the Louisiana West
- ern lines also received congratulatory
letters for their work. The train offi
cers on the outbound de luxe who re
ceived messages for efficiency were:
in J. Walters. engineer and J. J. Vander
a linden. conductor, on the Morgan Lines
and W. Emery, engineer and Conduc
tor Bright on the Louisiana Western.
r- Last year the de luxe was delayed
e Many times and it was Mr. Sheridan's
desire that the delays should not be
Mr. Chas. Vezlen, who now holds a
position with one of the big mining
supply houses in Denver, Colorado,
writes an Interesting letter to his fa
r ther, in which he compares our allu
i vial lands to that of the arid deserts
o of the West. Following is a portion
i. of the letter: "I received your calen
. aEar, also the sketch book of Algiers
t and its leading business men. both oft
,e which I greatly appreciate. I think '
you folks give too much room in your'
y sketch book to the saloons and not I
z enoug to the possibilities that can be
,. derived from the idle lands that ad-i
· foin Algiers. From what I have seen
e of deserts that are converted into prof
it ,table farms out here, I believe you
,f folks, with the land that lies within
a few miles of you, have possibilities
t. that are worth a lot more than all the
a navy yards and dry docks in the coun
Stry, and could be converted into mil
lions woen properly drained and pro- I
4 tected from high water, making Al
4 glers a winner."
SIn the recent essay contest that took I
Si'lace under the direction of Camp
d Beauregard No. 130, U. S. C. V., for the
a best essay on General Robt. E. Lee,
e Wm. Hildebrand of 615 Pacific avenue,
a received the first prize. Young Hilde- I
a brand is a pupil of McDonogh No. 4 1
f School, being in the eighth grade A,
I and is one of the best pupils in the
school. He will receive a gold lapel I
Sbutton with two Confederate flags
e crossed in the center. At the top of
the button is "130 Camp Beauregard," I
and at the bottom are the letters "U. S. a
C. V.." and on the side are the words
S"Prize Essay, 1913." r
I Miss Ninette Fabares, of the 8th v
Grade A, Belleville School, received
ahonorable mention, having the next t
Sbest essay and will receive a hand- t
some book offered by the N. O. Chapter t
' . D. C.
The successful competitors will re- e
Sceive their medal and book Saturday C
Safternoon at 2 o'clock at the Confeder- I
ate Memorial Hall.
0o comPANY
Assoiiation Will Visit Mayor Behrnian
d in Body Regarding Violations of
d tlhe Ferry Franchise.
e On Monday night tlihe annual lteet
Sil'g anil e'l.tion of officers of th'i Al
) pierS Illmpro\'vement Association took
" plae at the chltl rooms of tihe. Alham
i- bra I;ymniastic (Club, 'Presilot .los VW.
Io .nnot' preshiling The eletion of otfi
t- c rs and extcl' ti collllllittee for the
x 'ear w;as at once taken uip. tile follow
e ing othfiers being elected: .os. W.
I Slnnox. presidenti: F. C. I)uvi'. 1st
vi ice-presid ent: I)r. '. V. Kraft, 2itd
i tl ie-Iresilldent ; Juliits Iodenger, treas
1 Iurer. The election of the sec-retary
I waas left open until the next regular
,mieting, in February. Besides the
i'election of officers tlhere was a linlancet
.mnimittee appointed. as follows:
I Adolph Spitzfaden, \M. S. Mahoney, .1
"i. ilucikins. Chas. Cieutat and Dr. C.
V. Kraft. The officers and nelmbers
of the finance c(onmmittee. together with
the fifteen following menintlrs consti
itute the executlfive commllitte: Edw.
i;tart haut. Ben W. Borne. Euitgene )yer.
G;eo. Herbert. .Ir.. (Geo. Kopple. Thleo.
.I. Lala, J. .1. Manson. Jos. E. Renecky.
e Albert Twickler. R. A. Tansey, J. P.
1 \'ezien. Wm. H. Ward, Chas. ii. Bot
rick and .1. E. Dicharry. Mr. Peter S.
t Lawton was unanimously chosen as
chairman of the executive committee.
The committee reported that the En
gine House No. 17 in Delaronde street,
:it the junction of the ramp. was in a
very dilapidated condition, and efforts
will be made to have a new building
replace same.
One of the principal things before
the association Monday night was the
matter of the violation of the franchise
.f the Southern Improvement and Fer
ty Company. It was pointed out that
the few improvements that had been
made by the Ferry Company were not
"t all in accord with the recommenda
tion made by the Association and that
no relief has been given in handling
crowds. It was pointed out that on
the city side of the river as well as on
the Algiers side it was necessary for i
the purchaser of ferry tickets to recross
in going to the ferry, the stream of
people coming off of the ferry. The i
v.heels in either case have been left
the same and the only change made in I
the city ferry house was that the tick
et seller's office was moved a few feet
nearer to the street.
The passenger gates to the ferry I
have been a slight improvement, and a
could be made quite efficient if thel,
handling of the passengers was done :
in a sensible way. Going off of the a
ferry on .the city side the left hand c
gate is taken; going off of the ferry i
on the Algiers side the right hand gate r
is taken, and so it is the old story of :
"going right and getting left" with
tais puzzle garden 'of iron fences, etc.,
that seems to have been erected espe
i'!ally to aid confusion.
The most important thing asked for
by the Association was that the two
wagon passenger ways from the ferryI
to the top of the levee be of a grade as
ts specifically stated in the franchise.
No attempt has been made to Improve
this condition. The passenger gang
ways from the boat to the ferry houses I
are also of such a grade in gross vio
lation of their franchise. The ferry
houses on either side of the river are
poorly lighted and the toilets on both
sides of the river are seldom lighted.
It was decided at the meeting of the
-ssociation that instead of sending a
committee, the entire Association
would call on Mayor Behrman and the
City Commission to lay before them
these violations and ask that the ferry
company be compelled to live up to
their franchise.
The matter of the donation of the c
Ollvier Cemetery to the Church of the
Holy Name of Mary was reported by j
Mr. Mahoney. Mr. Mahoney stated that
I.e was Informed by Father Larkin that
the church would accept the site upon a
which will be erected a Boys' School
Provlded that an acceptable title could
?e secured for the property.
The matter of a park for our district t
was again brought up and quite a
engthy discussion was had as to what a
the Association shall ask for, Mr. Ma- 1
honey favoring that an appropriation i
samflciently large to buy an extensive a
tract be asked for and that it should d
be the counterpart of either our City .
or Audubon Park. The ground for this a
purpose is now available and Mr. Ma. i
honey pointed out that it would be only
a few years when a large tract of land
will not be obtainable. Some of the
members thought that a play-ground
would be much better than a large tract
for the present. The matter is left in
the hands of the Park Committee who '
will make some investigations before '
they make final report. A
The following gentlemen were elect. n
ed as new members of the Association: F
Chas. Botnick, Syd. M. Caflero, J. E. n
Dicharry and Geo. G. Brunssann. There C
were also present at the meeting Chas. n
Potnick. \I. S. Mahoney, Albert Tick
:ý-r. Adolph Spitzfaden, los. W. Lennox.
ben. W. Born-e. F. C. luvic, .I. E. Di
charry. Geo. Kopple, J. E. Iturkins,
('has. ('ieutat. Julius Bodtnger and l)r.
1C V. Kraft. The following were namned
as a Park Committee: .Jullus Boltenger.
chairman; Geo. Kopple, M. S. Mahoney.
P. ('. .Duvi' and D)r. C. V. Kraft.
A big moVtemt'nt hIas bseen start-d il
'h, lower coast section by residents alli
along tihe public road r.r Patti .rson St
for thei shelling of this thoou'ghiftre
front Merrill avenue to Staltont Plan
tation. a distance of ;boL t seven t. il-s.
I cot llittee of property hohllers ifrotlt
this section will shortly visit MNayor
Iehhrman and place before himnt theiit
ilans. which they hope will h, a-c-,pted
anld be successfully carried out. They
!ropos- to apply to thei city for the
.bhelling of this thoroughfare just the
t.-nie as ,-itizens of the city or our totln
petition :lhe council for the paving of
ia str.eet with tecrtain materials. Their
object is that the property holders pay
thleir share of the cost and the city its
share in the proportions as has been
decid-ed upon for the city streets.
It has been estimated that the pla,
ing of shells and ditching will amiount
to $4,0l00 a mile, or $2S,d0o, in all.
Michael .1. Rooney. one of our promi
r:ent politicians, has deoveloped a con
siderable amount of strength for a
'well merited promotion . Mr. Roo
ney's friends have put him forward
ac the next United States Marshall of
this district to succeed Mr. Victor Loi
sel. It is stated that Senator Brous
sard. Mr. Robert Ewing and Mayor
Hehrman and others are backing Mr.
Rooney for the position. The position
'arries with it the appointment of some
fifteen or twenty positions, with sala
ries ranging from $500 to $1,So0) a year.
We trust that Algiers will be in pos
.ession of the long pole that will reach
the plul.
Mr. J. E. Dlicharry, a new comer to
our district, who recently bought out
the establishment of Hy. Niklaus, has
incorporated his business and is known
as the Algiers Baking Company. Mr.
l)icharry states that he has already had
a big increase in his business and it
has been necessary for him to place
several other employees to assist in
getting out a supply of the "staff of
life." Mr. Dicharry at once associated
himself with the Algiers Improvement
Association and will become a member
of the Alhambra Gymnastic Club, and
is here to become one of us, and we
extend him a most hearty welcome to
our district and trust he will have suf
ficient encouragement that he will not
regret the selection of his new loca
Daniel Tumey, well known in public
life here, died at his home in Eliza
street. between Seguin and Verret.
Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock, at the
age of selxty-three years. He was a na
tive of Algiers, where he spent all his
life, devoting the best years of his ex
istence to the uplift of the community,
as he took a deep interest in public
affairs, and always was active for good.
Before entering politica in the mem
orable Citizens' League campaign in
1896, Mr. Tumey followed the calling
of a caulker, and was prominent in the
ranks of the Ship Carpenters, Joiners
and Caulkers' Union, of which he re
nained a member until his death. He
was chairman of the Fifteenth Ward I
Central Committee of the Citizens'
Ieague, and, after attaining victory at
the polls with that party, became chief
clerk of the then Fourth Recorder's
Court, under the late Peter Clement.
Four years later he returned to hisl
original calling, after the expiration of
his term of office. He again became
amliated with the regular Democracy,
and about seven years ago became con
nected with the City Board of Health,
in which service he remained until ill
ness compelled him to retire, at which
time he was a dairy inspector. He was
a member of the Woodmen of the
World. Orange Camp No. 8. Besides
his wife. who was Miss Elizabeth Stew
art, he is survived by two grown chil
dren, Daniel Tumey, Jr., and Mrs. Ar
.nand Delcazel. The funeral took place
at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, and
iaterment was in McDonoghville Cem
Three affidavits were filed In the
Third Recorder's Court on Friday
worning Board of Health Inspector
Ardill, aginst alleged violators of the
:milk ordiances. Mrs. J. H. Lewis and
P. A. Com4ax are charged with selling
mnilk belo' the standard, while W. J.
Cuny is charged with refusing to fur
nish a sample of milk.
An Expert Corsetiere Is Here
for American Lady and
Lyra Corsets
Mrs. Stevens is here to assist you, to explain the science
of Corsets to you, the proper selecti.;g of the Corset,
the proper titting, the proper wearing. All o: this 's o
great importance to every Woman1. It 1means the sue
cess of failure of her personal appearance. If the Cor
set is not right in every detail, aua.' it it does not tit
perfectly, the foundation of one's gown cannot be right,
and consequently one's appearance cannot be correct.
Come in and talk to Mrs. Stevens; get pointers
from her as to what is correct in Corsets, to assist
you in choosing the correct garment, and to fit the
Corset properly to you.
D.H. Holmes Co.
Pori., N.w kr. L I I T E D r.,.,li.
Berlin and London. in /M42.
Will help to curtail your living ex
penses to the lowest minimum.
Our PRICES and TERMS are
within reach of any one's purse.
We have in stock at either our
Uptown or Downtown Store Furni
ture for every room in a house.
Suppose you stop in the next
time you come over and examine
our goods and see how much cheap.
per our prices are. -
TERMS: Cash or Open Account.
A. Burglass
NITOI STE-1721-34-32-34 MITI
The Finest Kitchen Utensils in the
after Christmas to Join the DUGAN CO-OPERATIVE PIANO CLUB. DO
IT NOW. Pay $5 and your piano will be delivered any time. You get a
$375 piano guaranteed, for $277, on terms of $1.50 a week and no interest,
or a $650 Player-piano for $485 on terms of $2.50 a week and no Interest.
Do not lose this chance. We positively will not repeat this offer for
twelve months.
Successors to Cable Piano Co. STREET
Etreablid 1881 $1.00 Depot. Welc.mw
CommerclaI- Genrania Trust & Savings Bank
CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $2,000,000.00.
311 Camp Street 811 Common Street
3 1-2% on Savings
People who are
HAVE arul, .f*t th e
mney keow by ex
periemce the ceen
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iest-elan arttelr.
t t able article.
a man or I to e WHY
a plane by looktang
at it. ny artic NOT
ahould hbe boestly
made and well '
a Pisae hav la JKIM
Jiles Hart Plan ias,Ltd.
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6amuiN Pare Supr Can
Grown and manufactured by
is the pure cane juice boiled down
-no adulteration.
Delivered to your door.
Send your order to
The Herald has received from the
author a copy of a new song. entitled
"Oh. You Beautiful Moon," written and
,omposed by Mrs. H. L. Hennessey,
and published by the L. Grunewald
Company, Ltd. It is an attractive
work and ought to prove popular.

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