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Be It known, that on this eleventh day
of the month of December, In the year of
our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
twelve, and of the Independence of the Unit
ed States of America the one hundred and
thirty-seventh, before me, Philip Gensler,
Jr., a notary public in and for the parish
of Orleans, state of Louslana, duly commis
sloned and qualified, and in the presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and under
signed, personally came and appeared the
several persons whose names are hereunto
subscribed, all of the age of majority, who
declared that, avalllng themselves of the
provisions of the laws of this state relative
to the organistloa of corporations, they
hereby form themselves Into and coastltute
a corporstion or the objects and purposes
and snder the stlpelatIes herelnafter set
forth, to-wit:
The namnie, style and title of this corlvr
:ltion shall Ie the Ilumpty-liumpty 'oam
lpany, and under that name it shall have
and enjoy all the rights and privileges
granted by the law to corlporations. It shall
exist for a period of ninety-nine (99i) years
from the day and date hereof; it shall have
the powcr and authority in Its corplorate
name to slle and be sued, to make and utse
a corporate seal, and the same to breaut,
alter or amend at pleasure; to own, hold,
receive, purchase, convey, deliver, mort
gage, hypothecate and pledge property, loth
real and personal, Imprived and unimproved,.
and to lease and otherwise contract in any
way that may is necessary for the purllloses
of its buslnesas: to Issue notes and olther ob
ilgatlons, negotiable Instrllllents and other
evidences of debt, and the same to secure
iby mortgage or pledge of the properly of the
The domicile of this lorl*sration shall lie
in the city of New Orleans, state of l, ulsi
ana; all citations and other Igal pro-.s
shall IIe served upon the pr"sidenrt, and. in
the absence of the presillent, upon the gln
i-ral manager and secretary.
The objects and purpHnss for wh-hh this
corlporation Is org:anizil and the nature of
the lusiness to b,, ciarried on by it are here
by tde, lred to lw as foll,ws : to carry on
and sell in retail quantith- liquors, win's.
etc.. and cigars, and i.ver. thing inchldent.tl
to said business.
AltTI('I.E IV.
The iapital stuck of this corpolratlon Ilo
hierleby lixel at the sllla of three thlusandl
dollars i$.i l)lii, to be dlividedl into one hun
dred and twenty shares 12lll! of the tuar
valnue of twnty ltive dotil)lrs t l-, each,
np a y b l. IliU a s h o r its ,"ql lv a l, lt :; t lls c ,r -
turnlip~ to t et- )1110:t going cocl t , rn al. suna
ls tithe sait, f three tlh,,lstnd dollars if
slo,,k .hall have, bl n s'llscrlibed.
Th, corporate ls,owrs of this corp,,ration
aIre he;ieiy te-ld in and are ti, Ibe ,i-,ri-I-,- i
I,y a l.tiart l of d lire-tolrs. who .shail I el., t
ed ann .altly, l".ginning oi thn` tirnt \VWednl,".
day in .I anui ary, 1914. at a"n iI lc irn by tile
,t k.l, . l.rts, which i ,ct tion shall be calli
ly lailing to eachl stockhohltr at his last
I no n place of Ulnillnss of re-sidence ati
hlast live it . i days" written notice. Fl'ailure
Ito hold an election in the dale s, olli  it,
-hall not ditslve the c-orlorlathion, uet lhe,
ttdictlors then in offihe shall hlol their re
- cv ti e o fh .,es until an election I., h, .le subl
s.,qlietlly, after tive I ta dacs addition'al
notice of the time and plae' thereof. alit
ountil their sccessors are elctlel. lThe di
i ctorsl -ball htave the right to vot, by tpro y.
The ''liat ers of the comulmny shall c,.ti-it
of a pre·idlent, andi a genl'erall anag,"r andsi ,
secre..tary, to tbe eiectd annually by tlhe
l.arl of direcl-tors at a leeling htiId by
J thett.
No stockhltler of thi.' cttrploralion shall
ever be hell liable or respnsible, fur th-,
onltracts or faults of thits corptratiton int,
any fulrtl her sumd than the unsithl balaneit
dAi' to the corpolration on thei shares. ownedr it
by hin; nor sIhaill any mere infitrnallty in
orglaniza'tiotn have thel effet of ru ldering
thls charter will or tof ixl-s.ing any stock
h'lters to any liabilitlly beyond the amount
of his stock.
This at of int-crptratitt may lie amentitl. I
ltitered or meditled, or Ilthe c-orpolratiuu,,n may
I. dilssolved. by a vote of three -f,-lIrtlhs ,of
thi' s.iire't of utock pr0.istnt itr r'pr,,.,nteld.
at a general meeting of stocikhotllers called
for that purpose aftter thirty l:to, dtays no
It lhis lust known llace of business or resi
The capltal sto k of this triorattion may
Ie. in,-creased or decreased In aciordany e with
existing laws.
At the expIration of this charter, or If
s.one.r dissolted, the affairs of this icor
lpration shall bie liqlh!ated by the hoard of
directors, who are hereily vested wi:h full
power to sell any and all assets of tie eor
.itration and to convey full and cutntplet-,
title thereto, and shall have power to do
and perform all acts necessary and proper
to fully and compltely liqiiuhiate the affairst
and distribute the proceeds among the sto ck
holde.rs in proportion to tlhe anll int of
stok held by each; and said directors shall
have the right to apply to the c~urti for
recognition as liquidating commissione.s or
'Tlus done and signed In my office, in the a
city of New Orleans. state of Louisiana. on
the day, and in the month and year first
above written. in presence of Raymond a
G auche ant Paul Chasez, competent wit
nesses, who have signed these presents, to
gelther with the said appearers and me, no
tary, after reading of the whole.
Original signed: Names of subscribers.
WItnesses : Raymond Gauche, Paul t'hasez. a
Notary Public.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages, a
In and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above f
and foregolng act of incorporation of the p
Humpty-Dumpty Company was this day duly a
recorded In my onee, In book 1055, folio -. p
New Orleans, December 11, 1912.
(Signed) EMILE LEONARD, D. R. n
A tre copy, with the names of the sub
scribers and number of shares subscribed
for by each, omitted. ed
Notary Public.le.
dec 19 26 Jan 2 9 16 23. 1913tary Public.
Be it known, that on this third day of a
the month of December, in the year of our
tord one thousand naine hundred and twelve 1
and of the Independence of the United ai
States of AmerIca the one hundred and M
thirty-sixth: before me, Frank Edward Ral.
nold. a notary pubtic in and for Orleans ci
parish, therein res.dlog, and in the presence e
of the witnesses hereinafter named and un. ft
derslgned, personally came and appeared, the
persons hereinafter subserlbed, who declared
that, availing themselves of the laws of this e
state reltatlve to the organizations of corpo. Pt
rations. In such cases made and provided, tr
they constItute themselves, their associates. lto
successors and assglans, a corporation under pl
the stlpulations herein set forth, which they at
adopt as their charter, to-wit: lt
The name andi title of this corporataion at
shall be: E. A. RAINOItD, INCOR oRAT.
ED. It shall enjoy successIon for ninety.- cc
nine (90) years from this date, and shall ni
have, for the urposes of the business to he ot
carried on by it, all the powers conferred by at
law upon corporations and shall generally
exrctse all. the powers necessary to carry
The domhecle of this corporation shall be a
In the city of New Orleans, state of louls.
ana. and all citation and other legal process p
shall he served on the pradrient, and in r
case of his abc nce or dlsability, upon the
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it are
hereby declared to be to conduct the mbus
ness of sugar, molasses and rIce brokers and
factors and commission merechants: to buy,
sell and deal In sugar, molasses and rice or c
other agricultural products, as principals or
as agents; to make advances for the raleing
of crops, whether on notes or on open ac
counts secured or unsecurled: to loan money
on mortgage, or otherwise: to borrow money
and for that purpose to pledge mortgage
notes or other securitles: to acquire and dts- t
pose of negotiable securItIes; to acquire, pur
chase, sell, mortgage and dispose of real v
estate within the state of Louislana and to
Improve the same; to cultivate, lease, mort
gage or make other contracts in reference th
to plantatIons and other real estate, and th
generally to do all thIngs Incidental to the fe
objects herein stated.
The capital stock of this corporation is h
herebly fixed at the sum of one hunired I
thousand dollars (100.00)0.00)). dlilied into Ii
andi representetl by one tholnsand shares of ho
the par value of one hundred dollars
t$100.00) per share. This company shall
have the right to Enmmence Ibusiness anid be o
a going concern when three thousand dollars
$3:l.e,0.00 of the capital stock shall have
been subscribed for. All stock sulscrled thrll
Ior shall ie patl for In cash or property re- v
celived or labor done at such time and upon by
such terms and conditions as the board of me
directors shall prescribe. No transfer of tre
stock shall he admitted or held to be valid ho
or binding so far as the company is con- ad
cerned unless made on the books of the ele
company. No sale or pledge of stock shall all
he valid unless aid sale or pledge is accom.
panied by a written certiftcate signed by the of
president and secretary-treasurer of the com- e
ny to the effect that slid stock was of- ste
ered to the remaining stockholders through of
the -board of directors at its book value for or
a period of ten days, and they had failed or or
dteelined to Prnchas. same. v
Stock sold or pledged in contraventIon to
thts provision shall become the property of nu
the stockholder nrst tenderlng to the trans- cot
erree or pledgee its book valune. an!
All the powers of this corporatlon shall ele
be vested In and the business and afalrs
shall be managed by a board of dlrectors as
conasiting of three directors, who shall be the
elected annually at a meeting of the stock- der
holders on the first Monday of October of gra
each year, except the first board of dire- des
tors named In this charter, who shall hold
afce nntil the iret Monday of October, 1914. ca
All elections shall be held by bhallot at the tor
Dice of the eompany under the supervision an,
ot two commimlsoners to be appointed by the pta
board of directors. Notice of such meeting
shalt he gilvl be the secretary-treasurer i n
rn, delverd to eah stckholde I c
peesom, or mailed to hs inst kuowa address be
at I"ast ten days prior to such election. lalt
'pr- thits notlee may be walved by all the stuck
omw. holders..
ha:i .At all sllch elections and at all nmeetins
eges of the stockholders every stlckhlo.br shall
haltl Ie entitled to onie vte foir .t'h shalre iof
ears sttock standingl In s ntilie on the l.-ks oif
ave the 4'ompalInl l at th** date of saIl "".".,'ti",ti or
rate fmeie iti : salidl votes to h e calst inll pt ..--n or
use by writi ti prox, and a tlajoriity of itt is
ea ti, ite-s shall electt.
ol:, liThe fal!ti re to electint dire, tors it thin an-I
lort- nuaIl ietin;e shalll i tio slit ," or af, t tioe
Ith 'orliporati llnor tlnii r its Il;llltr  luient Il
a-iei fny ru pert : hut the di ir , ,ctors Il i li . , .hal
ny reltt i Itn l ti e uu t intil ti their surcesors tie
nses 'l''c'ted land qu:llitt d.
o t v- he " l aid of tir, - t -s shiall f.:tt i.i t , on
ihe as p s-it, il after i their own c-h li ni anill
h i, lll Cl(i f lni- ii-l+r Iitllts t..llla , t i m ill.
nur f-trohi Toheir own nuiltiitr a prlit-kislt. a vitt
the llleid" nt, al il in a seirc ;irt !a .lsurlr, anh
may i raiint to each otfitlllr .Isuch tiiiter as lthey
AI he ll val,.ancieah In te h.ir, firo wlhat. ver
Isi -  I-lie Shall I l illed by f ithe r. fu hinin r t n .
\, I.rs. Ain nl ' l -'t r 'of the oI.,I" s ayll tpl
in' Point any V lo hior director his p",, to :,'t inl
s tr i tlrni, aI t j a ltl , at any tif tinu tof thi
tiAtThliIt VI.
thits This seft of inr ritlitlon mayi tei m- ll
Iof tid. .ihanged 1"r altl. re., olr i ai tl orlt.p rati I
ie r 11 ullll disA. o %l. utl wit the ai-i nt oi f thr ,e
onr f"i-'lths o If the apiitIl stu. ick ,lo stian tll. at
n,^ Ia meeting of the sto'kholders convened for
ta l Iiat pirll i' and after tn days' norlti has
I bi en -' iv.-n ly registered letter mailed to the
las-t kniow address Iof rs, I stikholder. The
If saidi notiie may li laivu-ir. by the utnanimos
in ii'"'n-nt if all the stokhal,,hir+.
ui i I tcase of lth ,ti.asoltihn if the corpora
t l i,,n its 'laffairs t ha!l I. , lr li hlaIet l l," the i.-i
i e ritti"" irs in o ice at tuse dlate of tiu he ill a-til
,o t No .t1 kt,,le r sh ill tver .,t hedt f .i!iN
tof fir Ii flin its or ntrila s fiii liint cirpo th
- inll itt any fu-rti sr ln than titt- ului t Il
n I'. Ie l Itdinu n. tothe corl Iration on ti lt hares
S11 h4Ah v hr l v," IffI t l , r inr tteo ilr r,1 .
r1- ,rms. L-teiorilr 4i :ll th . 1 .lt h
null' I Ior liso inf anty satikh leai r to any
''st iilnn f I i . . td ln th e unp lt ncire i i tt.due on
lT hI', first ol-t a"l ~of iir tors shi-tl 'ion lt
at of ile i . It-ain mit , who shal tr heir ti llsrstI
tilre pus ent : 1,rnest aogr', who shalll t ittt
led first vll a prt"esil, nt. and frank , . Itainold.
the ttho shall he it secretary trha2 rer.
re- iThe .ohs.ii nrs t eri to hal e t'asn."d nd *th
1 written s ,pposite their name the amoint of
nal 1.,,k subscrth"d by themn it this eorlearation,
I.l sl that tlis art of inArporaton I aly eno
si NitE s the or iginal sueripton list of the
ry. corporation.
rist l itus don, atn ptasetn at nl ofiven in tho
nil city of New m rns, state of Loiblann, on
he tho dayti, month and irear heire.in i thel alve
by written, in the n.prence of Itb ielnr andtl
It Anj.it i eIfo 1Ite. frcn pEt.-ti w ita nthsi s ofl
theri rtofsn.d hally tnellp reent-s otf tlhis
all citye who her,-into stgn their n:tdnes with
t .aid appearvrs cean me, notary, after reading
tng as-a1inl.n1so r h o ulis tae
k I l, the ni rsthigned. o recorder of ortgage
t in thane for the parish of ltrleansiate os f
ltisia na,. do herein certify that the al liv
ct ro. . ttain al, IncorporaiN ted w.If thie pd
- dty a re oredl in ony ofe e. in l uok 1o t
td Npoe nOle:lnca 4th Deaeye o s1a 1 i- 12
,1l SignedT ( I I" .l: LAM , eI tu"A , A I
1, 1'y. Ii" N ecortdIr.,
ler New k rloans, uthicsmer 4th. 1912. o
d I ohe, o l certify the borre anti foregoing
i to e ra ty . aof Norleat copy of the at oil t
ithorporatan of F. A. Italnard Incorporated, a
rl thle ert itione of the recordn of or ota
li his sn herseto attached. und th dsecrey
*.trytr astuure roiu lic.
1 The onaeT and SGArtite o hMANs orY.th
hr l beNITEAl STATES OF pany.It sh STATE
or ale it known, that on tienis seventh day of Iats
rothe nth of Dare, cmbr, s the year of our
Spose r one eas thousand nine hundred and twelve
Sand of the inders ndence of the anited Statoes
of America the one hundred and thirtya
r sixth, efore me. Frantk Edward I, eainold, a
S tarn public sn and for Orleans prarits; 1t
thoerein residing, and in the rresne of thes o
e witnesses herenfter named and undersigned, s
Spersonally caue and to oappeared the persons n
t hereinafter suaer bed who declared that, e
I otheling themselves of the laws of this state i
Srelagtiveal to the organizations of corl th
- ionse en such cases made and provided they
stipulations heerein set forth, pwhichn they r
Z adopt as their charter, to-wit: n
c The name and title of this corporation
from this date, and sall have, for the putre a
iny dand sollar cane a ndol itws, pirodut t o
Sposs of the business to be carried on bry ites, cc
Sall the powers conferred by law upon cor- to
porations and shall generally exercise all et
the powers necesay to carry oand saie d busi- th
Iness. acndrtd pro ote r thinglls ocars •l
.o shall be aserved on the president oand f e
of bhee oabsece or disability, upon the secre a
utary-treasurere. I tane o
vThe objects and purposes corp which this
corporation is organe t boonature of heund
If s had puresne tod bolne toruandge shaes oeI
or other valsuie s; of socne uned re ars(e$100)
Sthe bauness to be arried on by it are here
by declared to b e as follows, to-wit : o
Tosl boe pd fort Ie cashe s or pr ohertr- aon
tr actes onl rerece done and ands a nd p ea
u teh r san onisi on aihat a; the boare d oin
pdeclatins shah r easibe s N trce ans other s
Stoagricultural broedmts o r nl to re trei ne o
or bi nin a sdno farr the aopnyprod o crns b
a ceroted ur neds t he onthlo oks s on t-e
r t any.on of salern ; to pdofo s noc all of
Sbo thali uns osae o genrdl moraldige ios al-t
boy other presirdte ndsecretardy-treasurr ofip mi
tess cmany to th ef thec that nsaid stocrky5
Sors neotaed to the reartiring sto cuhl o ld th
atoverih the oards lof irctorateit and bo oiss
vale oc aiot saeo of the Is ae othey atond As
fa yietthe orsuita e to pilncase toe hndae i
ptiocand sold rs pleged r ctra dvtnd on to int
by and re selle byr cone and itshareodts; of
th aqire svald op onae tnre dolarsbar $1,0o
hpoer arion v son s omhall hd tos t ase tpopne
he sorncklden fst te aesring totr trsh I
ferree or bplte sitsn posiet vaue. plrl
All the powethltrs of this corporation sl n
her vb't ed nat the sm oss aneti h red s e
shall te msanaelda t0 0caril0of diroer itos r
ed rensti loed t one atresu lea share ol t
sected s andnt t ndyto namee of the boatr thi
l the or thall o e drsrttey of tlaier of(1 i
stocr shame d This coharr, wheo talle vho ld
olrie unto osilme and f bisoood of the thn
i0'00 of two capi.int-al r tor p le hapointbk tat
by the bore doet drectors a. sotice anuf sote
h emnin sall ont ios sb the rearect tha d sof
elretison but this notice. ma boe waisve by ar
ale hall t e e ritte orn eldto and tskoe an
ot alld su felertis tn aurct al meeigs
ofth stoc klh oldrs every nc korder asa t
eentl pro tosione vote foreache srpe of
t stocksla nd ingn thnen te o t t books t bh l
orcanf sa hec a le or pledgte of stai electo po
orbay written pr ox ane ar maty e bige tt
An rsect; but the d irectrhts iorathie shall
ele v ate do inqariod fitein ay and d.e yadr
asosible oftet the dirhow se and from Au
thes owon n hmer prtesoient, y of vice-pr he
enth yand ahecretrt treauerir aotd mof tn
All vea iorns oI thl orpord t on hat ll ai
a shall e far ed by th d ore No direc Aor . ch
any othng er hr d iretorh isr hx sto act his
plateu annusead at a meeting of the stock- In
This actmo in this coratioe may be moifed by
Ag llsc elections saidd t alrp etiont masy l
by dtiessold so a neot orf etachse ofouch e
-lt of the ia i stuck s.it,+:n ldnt.
.k imi oif the,' srckhI-.,.olde- .',..2a. wI f, i- ,*
2of .! ,~ r d a n f :1.1 t d,. i .I , , k2,'t -
ilr la| , f th,, ,I .t f..i ' i - ', 6, , I,
InAr h.lll VII
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o ; i i . I -:1i -ir a'1 ', : I .i
or to ".1. , ' . ii. .t: ",ri, r2
2 2 2 , t V .t ,' 1 l.' * ff . ' , f ,' r b 2 . r n.2 ,
I l2.r l Ill. *r' 2.1 .P i2 any 222 . ,, k I, 2 lr . :.
ii. .fir. 2.1. 2 1 ' ,npubt 2.! ,. : d t.. . L.
T" . r e ,. i. fi2r- l. l ,r2 r, .i.. i... ,I .. . ' .
n Th f IIcr-" , i l-,r2l2 f rtit2., t ,lo l 1n.1 ;;,
1w2tt ". ' :" " 's .'i r 2.2la . an .: ." t n ,.
2 2 . .2'll4,,1,I l l f . .. 2' I 1 1. 1 2  ."fr . 'il" . "2 II' l2 i .
it,,,k -b' . ,'".i ,'l ly th,- in 1 i. ,"',2 ., 2n
th" 12 1r4 2 22r2 2':Ion
2writ, An I . 2 ,'h -. n,,I . ,,' i.l, I K it.r ,tl
' :-vn2 . - .t 2 2 , .m 2 ,it .ei, ; i\ , ri '-i,
chin i xr , a h"r..I al' Ise s1.111 2. '. 2.12 c ".1 n r.'.
i1hrl; .. . tt2h i ' ty, h2 ,t2 2* rt2." ,, ; ,", .:; \. \ it
a:ift 'r r:a i ,,2, . .f th, .II h, .:e.
2 2ri' iu2 . l -t2 . r*,I: K 2 ,,,,' & It i. l l2, a '.!2
" 'I -,.r a l i.' ilii2' + . 2212i: 2 rut. I 'n ,- ,I.2 :
T hu , " d'.n l l, ',.It2 a22 't' 2 '''2, ' . ,i
re2 of N.-\ th* .2risn -lf2 of2r.2 2 lei, Fi
" in ith e . y , . ,u ti i'b3 ,r i f h t ,,i .";n ofir a ' .\,
' 22tr.i i:n· , I. 2 .. .1 -ll." r I2L2 h2l r 1if .'
is11i" Iil . I:l" '. I " I i ll. II.lv rl.,
1: . '.i I t . 2 t"h 2 llT, i,i . . 'r 2'. IIn Sr i 2: i.
II l l It .\K 1: I I . 2% ' I I, .
S 2 14 12 122 1.f: n " f l tI :si s 'f
'I.21 1222 2 AT. 222". 2.22. 22;:lt h I '. . .' '
n ' I.' 1 222:i, a I of.in r22 .,, 2 l. !' .f
2l, '2l i' - \t + ..t+P l'2 'b.- I. - Ill ,1..;, fI."rt : , -2
2222 2 I2. 22222 2i. lc.Ji Illl;ll2 2lV 2i 22,i 42I' 21 . li l
l 2. f t he Atlas 2'r, 2r I 2i 4 i,2 3i .l . '.o f 2, , 1 ;ni
sr.e ft hern, ."t1, r1 2 2ofri: . 1. on.P h. r I'. ,
2.2'" 1. 22ll 2 . 2.2i 'l . . 2 2 . 9 l't
0a ' 1 ll" . i an. .f rl. ti AK a r; l t'hIIl'\ Y
I'n\ 1.1'. 'l . rl2 A ln1 t2I2 2 I.ln e I i .. T A. .I "I
th, iOresenclt k oIf% th, wi+ itn th!, herllXe i tl .I
2nl2.' h'.. 2n.i2lll l 22 ICi . ll2' r I 1 2nll 2 ih' t,.ll 2 I
,it 2,2ll . . I, 22l22. th222l22n22! 2 i2l2 ' hIl.. . , .tin'I
'.2I2l.o , and ,' h 2 of t he\ 2. hltl' .' 2222.f t22 I.'. it 2
Th' S hlmat i o f A'. i'r" at, ih, o , w.. th 1.2i1 inl.
' thirty 2Vi22 i: . .,fr I2 ,.' .i ,h 2.n ; .Ir-!l ; I ].
,pin 2222, a rnota1v ry 2ublc ,. 2lyi n ',uin'..i, ,,t: -
and lii:t intla. irn dfr thi .le " and unset
o r2 nef Irle elta .' he srti rl .i:r a nl2 ad Il
thel2 2t2 2.,2llc..x2t 22lh,2 w(i'2"2,22 ' 22'2r2.2i2fhl2"2
which atn oedreby adopt aere , t 31e1. harnd,
;.22 a 'r2.' li.' 2222,d 1.'- , tisv ra l2 partie ' .12.' 122' 2.2. "2
a r12 h , ,.in af!ti r * .'l2 -. rr t.,'I2 1 2h2 - 1 v 2 '.'r , i l 2 .2 ' i -
1 22.2. 2222 . 222.1 1iv.ii 1i 2 22 2h, rn21': '." i .f 2,2' ,th ho
I, . ' i2 ' lh fif2 I.hi. ta2t'222'2.i2ive '
The. ' firleai, n if o.rt, 1ati po. th y io' t12
,i''2 1rli2 2..I :nd,2 2 i '.' , and si.,. hi tev,.'
1p. 'nil2t . cl'i * i tlt and -: "n'. e2 f. iiord, t1',i I2
Is h ha, s2 2 11 i 'r l,' it lthe poi- 212  i oI 2
ft 'ire . i n ' .tiin t , I ' i or por ati nl I r, al
and2 .oIe r.'. a1 1 . 2 all nar nd t e i.. 'p '
S1 Iit i' i at a nw, fr t fhe oj .ct: nhl tur  s . '
-rnd ui2n. l,- 2h,11. Ilai ze.1 n In nlll i . 222 d ar' !- "'
"T'e h ,'r, in l ret et frtkh, 1a in1 a . '"-i,', . I a 
Itherey tid hti tor % idt h , thoir arh irorI t
Irrs w a a - I a kr blt'l"1 Ine'.'tht 1r. t
and it ushall .1x. t an d a tl t in't for an o erI n l l
I .hall n en o,.. hr dln tkeo ell Ilin ciont f
nhs rene-ll,.'t olfshisd erliranint or, to
olr Ii ithle rth sp"t r lln t sni b tdstho- etr
2221i e. d r wo a ll 52ta other m rn. 2
-ll praos s sh ally kn ght and ohl n hsr
The s 'or.Ptrlon puis c orporatio n s hall h fh h
authorty under i rn corpor.d ate name, to su ofl
tand he s,ned. contrato i, to make and useby It, ar
corporate seal and the e e: to breary or al to
ter at pleasure to akery eceve, accept, iu- t
chase, lease, hold, mortgage and bypothecate, tel
enjoy and and spose of property, bothn all and te
personal, as the bus ne of saikry d corpora- oh
buch by- laws and rules for the proper rega o
lraton and mand agement of ts busness an ofh
may be lproperl : and to do all things nec- o
ary ated prothpe or for the conduinct of said bus
lnaess. :.
Thie capotal itock of ths corporatIon In
herebyporate se and the sum of ten to brak or al
aer at pleare000000, dtoded recei and repre p
hanted leaby e hold, moretgage and shares of the
sel, pledge or otherwise acquire property.
enjoyar value of ondpose ofhundred dollars ($100.00)
per sharel, s the busnes of said orpo sol
The corpomay reation shal to mal be and estag coner shllca
ansuch by-laws and rules foed to commencer - co
lanests wheon and management of Itllars (ne as of
ofmay be protal stockd hto do ll th been su
All transfers of stock shall be made on ha'
the hooks of the company, under ouch arles In
andand proper for the board of Irectors bus-al
may prescrIbe. res
All powertal to of this c orporation shall be ma
hereby Axed at the mara of ten thouslnd dol- m
lars ($10,000.00), divided Into and reproe. p
ested in and e hundexersed (100) shar of the- co
arectors, composed of three darectors, 0two of
whom shall contItute a quorum, who shall salc
npreside nt a secretary and ao treasurer. The aslo
onesa of presidwent and treasurer, and the
ofA rIac of vice-president and secretary, re
sprtively, may be held by one person. the
lThe followirng named persons shall con- co
atitute the first hoard of directors: J. E. of
iharry. John A. Icharry and on E.a
Halley. of w hom J. E. Dicharry shall be so
preiedent and treasurer and John A. Di- afl
said boarmd of direc tors and oacers shall e
hold oae untilte first Monday In Janl- we
actr. 14orunil the ir successorsden are lic
elected ane alied eaertar da trurlr. The
Any faIlure to hold annual election shall of
not effect a forfelnture of this charter, or
this act of hcorporati on. A ny vacancy o. f
occurring oin said oared so hall be filled byo
the remanIng dIrec tor dlrio:s.
The election of directonr shall b held for
anl once untlon the first Monday in Janary ian po
each year, and the ditr atr a their first r al
me.tlng In eal r year shall alet out of their tha
own number the officers. Ten days notice no:
of rnch etiton shall be given to each stock- 7ay
holder by the seclretary in writing, at hIs t
lost known place of residence. The electIon dla
o directolers shall b e held at the oce of the by
corporation n under the su pervison of two
commissioners appoited by the hoard of sh
directors. All elections shall t by ballot of
oand a majority of the veotes casnt shall elect :
e filled byo the remainIng directors for the 2n
onexpred term. h ut
oson a TpToTIed I h. son
This act of incorporatfon may be changed,
altered or amended, or this corporathon 1mlo t
Ie' dissolved b12 a vote of three fourths In $1
amount of the capItal stock at a general
moeatng of the sto kholders conned for
|that purpose, after thirty days previoys no
iAnfe of the meeting shall have been gIrro th
the manner hereinabove provle r for the ie in
el t ton of directors. h .o
Iln the event that this corporation Is is- an
solved, its affairs shall be IIrquidated uler ;
monters. o be appoInted for that paurnora o
from among the stockholders of the onl rpor
ation at the meetlng at which the disjs' tion 5
12 voted, or at a special mneetlng nenowned 1ft
fir that purpose, after the same note, given no
in the same manner as heeInabove pro- inth'
In oie until the affaIrs of the corpora t ion the
are fully lquidated. Any vacancy occur- B
ring among them, from any cauIse, shall be nno
filled by the remakning commissIoners. D
No stockholder shall be liable or respon
ible for the contracts or faults of the cor- ec
poratlon in any further sum than the unpaId -
balance due on the shares of stock owned by
hlm; nor shall any mnformality in organiea
tion have the effect of rendering this char
ter null or subjecting any stockholder to any OF
itability beyond the amount of his suhacrlp
tion to the stock.
Thus done and passed, In my otce, at the niN
city of New Orleans, on the day, month and b
year hereIn frst above written, ln the prhs- C
once of Messieurs Lamar C. Qulntero and
August H. Ritter, competent witnesses, who the
hereonto sIgn their names with the said befo
the whole. , Lou
Original Slned: 3. e. Dicharry, J. E. coti
Bailey, o. A. Dicharry. Lamar C. Qulntero, on
Au H. Ritter. und
Louisiana, do hby certify that the above "St
and foregoag act o oacorporation of the corj
Alers .lakilg Compeary was this day duly the
recorded rsuy Ree, rebookrd 5, tollot-. f.
: I i\-' : AI ' I. 1. 15.L \\
t! - tn 1: , 1 \.. 1 , " :1.t . . ,
l I 1t x 1 1 1 " 1 1
11 T r . " , ,
et n l nt I I " t
itit I . 11
" r. -. " " I -. t. . , . - . , . , " ' " '.
f un tit a I"rt- It ti it'
S s ir : r it: , . 1 .. 1.. '.) . r . at i It t - :1
ai.,t f it . ; , no pir- i t' . ii .r1 ,. .1~1.
ni n I,.- "toi l.r :oe I t I i o t
'1 i'11 i t. • ,. .,t r o f t: ..". t' , t ,hr i - i ,. i
. tr t r t t -t of a *ttt.
! , . lrn'-. i i ri V .'-t i i .etrI a rt; r,'.i ,,i- ,f
, rol :' ;"i'] in " I t i;'i, '", , r'' - , r . ti'i -, t' i
i s" it! t' , t.,, ' l;," t . .' t 'r ' ',- 't;r 1: i
oftj-tt nti: tt
Ii l aniti filly tt tier f vrst dSt tit itT tt
l.t ii ita ..t . i . .1 t i l riiofttr "hl. l . hol o1lf
'r . '.i:nr ,. i t' a t th" -oi tie o"f ti s itir tit n ft. .
tin , r . . t.. i. i ..r.n. - to I o.f . it . ii tn...sl .. .
• *' ' , n ,., 1 : Isr. : . t . , - - ,r , 5. l" o,
Teri a oilrtd t r tfh t 1rin of ii.rttnh . I I"1 I
Id -l r:.- .: h ll I i' i .." t ar :,ni:" 1.I.,: "t I t
'rckt. . r si l hata: ,t. .. f, .v t . I t all
harpe of steo slnd in hst nameon theh
lo "nk , 1 o l tis . c lrpora tion ' . .to b i' , tt i'n err- li litf 1
: tn or ,, t ri . i r.t i .rc , ani a m" , o'1 t 1. i'e
t i thf 11vol k t ah l s t h -s o, ll1 h le c C1:t. ,.. 1, :
I Aniyr -aolcan o ccuritn ng ll :, I am nr.te dIrec- In
ar , ath, rietsie tiho or o their. ise, sall a tI
ie; fit an tb , el enfowver 'the srinr o f t.
t ll teei d eto-rs i thshal no dis s iov this ch!r! mu
l ter, vut tih bard ofrrl deo t henIn of fice. n
eb letea nd i fe aln a ~ ch i4 s tl di, re to , sl, . l T ,, .
f ofdiret - h all ,f i-', tt ll have po e prt aue fll en
th- cah, ,i or II. fymile tf.r labf o-ne ora fto t!
r.nesll i t Ed lhr Rel'rma nnHi werI trly,- tr, nsn- ,I
t or: ,i in ,,re 1. It lmntn t sl l reide pnt "
ro pery a i ally a irevd cyt hars h.l'l h !, II
1 arlepnt atpoxLy to prsn hims aton the t I
SItirLs o. the,. hlrl ohdiretors.r  hn the ai tI
poy to h e tin, tilnr e +r. a lcti a th h
Woleetver this corpt ion shall be dis
sonAlvde the blrrimiation or tro anyorrhaer he
nr tvcu e, isr leraill en lo q th reide the ,I, i
er  its soie toe alnlpoi n' toe . b t aell biare
Sofl. directritnors a gelnerarllm'tr ing-r. oThe ,r
hiric sa lo the soa oln edir sh s en m'l os f leI
ill have not ive o llin nthe ann protiddn mli
majofrity In amout of the capitall trep- dir
resnte vatancy sid meing halln bte d-requie at
to elirte ain. r.Scna com diretors shall lant
mhan lenp u o unetil the afairsdof the siad rie
So t diretorsai shall thae pI~n ol iue d.h. m
i alltr, The osard o f direct orprstlhi ln oie i
Shcaeld of tu dant thei r o on ormo ofi te
I aitr ,nd cm m Anlle . directorac shall olie ,t
file byt elect bn the ,ore arinn. lTcte oaid a
i of d ire dr .ha llrhIoa p wi i rall to ll-,e ful lo
Thsld hatofe Inc t"orainie io may lporioeaot thi
ange-d , arcltpered t or aedor d the orli fot
conertohractunay recei. ved thr t'i orponml
tio,' Each director shall  are a rilht to c'
mfetlalrs eorl the board of direltors. the aid
shprent to ca be i in r lte tin i. be i
L eaerier this corporation o shall be die
soled either by l mitation or irom any other he
lcwOsl. Its .ta shll be llldated by three yti
commissionersy to be appoted by the board t
oi dreatori at a iteneral meetadr oe the o
stoclhoaders con ened or o n that prpose. o r d
Ioefte so corporation the manner pror tdd mq
to el the net article o solve this cha r.rter and a
shall old amount oil thei cptl stock re ap-yi
resented at id meetfed Ell shall be reql lte
to determine. Such commiastoners shall re- to
main in oace urtl the suamlrh o the sunaid t
of directors shall have powbeen Ill Iuated. full
thid shares of stock in this forpbrati forin
In cash, o the dmeath for one or more or th
proplled brty electuaionll by the remaisn commsrpora
ton rs.t
haned. alteh dred or hall have a or tohe to
corporation may be dissolved sailth the assent ual
ppo thrnt a pros to the rapital him at thepre
sented atint of thene brd of direc the saidto
shaolders called toCether i ortht ionplset qit
f er tisc ther eorpor shall hae ben vent
nls edoer mor lpaenppers m of the t on thle
ea, Orlet anst la.. one ra esat ior t our p er
enes prceslogrs the date ol the said meet- r
soo, ande by a nrtten notice adurosed to til
roeer todrletfdtitnes Iti hal n w riting . te
to stockrolder shall eler he held lhable r9
pOrntaion in any uillrther sum than the unaidt
the sharer of stoci soscrtird sor by himd t "
nor shall any mhre bnformallty in orhanr- tl
ration haer the etect of renderin this chr- o toe
ter nill or o er~pitIn- a ntocskholl r to san ti
fIlaledty elctiyond the aid unpaid amnint dueo
by h-im as aforesalIl. tal
The liste or sunelrdlwr' slrner hereunto "u
shall trve ar the orthnal pltlucrlption lept qu
ol this charte erhrand orforatit on. e
Ti one tr reanrl paspen in my oie n the tht
day, month and year fornotice, In taddres tIo
encf of srla, . Eug)ne ILa.lie . R2: 8ott 1111
Recrh aomdetern wstnoes~ir hon the horos
untg nil ad their names tEoNAtI)r w*it. t lr
sI, the lprers an eti notary, dater a dier t
rl dine of the trhi tl at t le.
ol.Tieof tedorlg II. ctlmrnn. 2b shr Ln , witin.
titn sues: Etlern Itiarkna. niert E. herl r. lb ie
It the rtndirtlenr o rmtrtder sf nhortEi-itao t
in ant hor trae parsh or f ralthns, sath o r-t
an ce doreoine at hi Intothiporlratln on h hn
t.h shar E. E. Iof lmonn suc. itd. fAr tyhim.'
n fl1r r horella f in I hrmali in olrnk 1to. s
atil that the rfxcm osal trl anlth cdarr-tf l
ttertlmber, 1912. tont
ShNotary Iaubio.ea
dec 20 Jan 2 9 1 .1 23 30 o
Be it known, that on this tenth day of Ne
the month of December, in the year 1912.
before me, Scott E. Beer, a notary public
in and for the pariah of Orleans, state of tit
Louisiana, therein residlng, duly sworn, an R
commissioned and qualified, and in the pres- Itt
ence of the witnesses herelnafter named and hor
undersigned, personally came and appeared: the
Leonard L Stern, preasident of the "Stroud- the
bac.k, Stern & Guml, Limi ted" and Ho'rae I
Gumbel, secretary-treasurer of the sadl I
"Stroudhack, Stern & Gumbel, Limited," a and
corporation orgaalsed under the laws of 191
the state of Loitasa, by act tbefore Gustat. (81
, Weetfelit, notary pnbtle, for the parish
lil th t to a~vo I, a ril, a d ,orr.<
I '
I- . . I I
, , , . " :1 . .'I 1 1. .
111 It, t 2 1 1'
II . I t I . I
" 1 ' ii. II I I ': . .
11I ' 'l, ' II
. !. . . l I l. 1 11 1. 1, ' ,r
-' I 'f ITT th :I. niT, 'I
\ I 1. I. ). .1 01 . r i I 1 .' I
!i r , i..n - ,'th .- :' i l , .I ,-'
\I-' at t i' .-i" TI- '.'' : u-, -0t
I " ' :I i ' l 111.. .. . 1b
. t I , \I I ,) l ,, r ,l , , .. . . . i I ,y
. I..', I i- . Ic i of , " ,-lw 1 ,I',
1'" 1\I I' !' I 1 1 1. \ .' i . ,
Irt 21, of I.1 t1 11t ft o: ,,I t' . I ' ;
) 1: T n 1 1 ' I I tllt In ' llrire ' ' 1, ' f
in faork f soli re,1o untl r an . .y .-r1 1irt
I2) t o nil : aI. lr . atl- the if- r 1 '1:n.. :, if .ll-t
\III \ , ill T . 1 n:"11 i.. I I
er I i I. "1 Ii nd I ria.11 i. ir.1 r111 : . f"1 his
,11 " I, till.n iP r aell l' nI ' \V '' I.th I 're f
h de l i'1 tIe , I to be n ' . a ie on . It Iir
`hrd" y in Artile Fift, , f tll e ) ll .1:, r - ,f l'u ,idr
,i I'l .:1, "",iI r."t ·V l bt ,. :i i i. ' :",i fli t"e
el-l and ownrl etatbe ii 1the s t e ll'or
o i r'n a 1 oh lll er t hti' l toi llmin: ll, d hr
uopn wburey and sne llatonegael and and
and manurf at ureolayr ticle our prdtctis
cd.i of griae, sanil and ce:ni, t erento
annd maintain bidi sar, m oa ch neiy asc
mnerufact deubred to hb at sellace mnt, limleor
tI, ,iiandt an:1o,1ee Ithe olr11 ine , aEndl
frigmp, h; to d eno soteiris el and cuislr .
The,'I hlJie fan~lt; purito 'or I n 11'. thi,'l
eae ars toe, te itoC enide. eectI coi
trat.s, ,i n fo .ulic w1ri ksz e r, ndl, sIr hat"e oI i
mun"icial; ayn ge1nherallytoengage in siy
ther businesso, to bue takind o ent it re
hr or e cind tol bt llo ln , ,f mra, apuoie
hereian sn reorh or ctate in ate hertteb
Thie capa sdck o for sthits' corpinr dIs oh
b ibfd tto the sit of wr I unldtl . and,,
anid tIolan rticlel" ar of th, o odt, d iidt
ma'el oif w1. Invel b y thn an c rm, t.i . to hrei_
land ha of the chapa vu of onel h'um- ndi o
tolln ea the tusiness o tren and prtled
icights to oin or otlabor ose rv q ics
operate caf to renter Inton and dutey ,rton
alwnxte and tode pixrt hbyeo: th hie b a @
itracts or peblle orti, l dl, state rcaled
aod cipal: and S neall to nlolwe in asnl
mt tr bustIess, ndertaklag or entfrprsid
cwith or Inre subl ted and the o ail onsl
herea set rorth or contemmited my p
The capital stoc po thies orpor w onh his
eoreb ained at the organizedum and the utdr andof
theo buslnees to be carrnede on by It are
hereby declared dollar (be to p00ch.00), acquire,
sed llt and own real estate In thwnte thoa
sand isharesnd o the par states of one undr
dollump buy and sell stone, gravel aid sand
ind manufacture any articles or seproducts
made of er or rendered to th cmenorporati, ton erect
and maintain bupident s, machinery for such
anufacture to buy and bsell cthe oardment, lime o
any other kind of buildingme a the boardial and to
etransporting of any of Its products, also totee ma pr
engAll the orporate powbusiners of thransorportig
atonr shate llars ; to ented Into and execute ond
t racts for public workcto federal, ate or
municipalt own atnd leat flly to shareoge In an
other bnuinetr, undertakrne or enterpriae
withis corporation. a morty of whom sehall
tionatthey ha lorum or the transpcrtino ot
The oaepts oo this corporation shall con
slest ore asident, veet-par adndt. a crta Irer
1and and treasnrer who shall hold oterae tdurn
the term of the alrd. The hd irttori of
this crporation to serte lor o tler nsllln
Februiary. t1R anEd bshall hoe haerd t
Sthi e ohllrth Thaersdae in Felbr.srec. et12
or wntil their succensors are dolf tl-lned and
tediretors ten eeieted shallter their aell
taon ther shall ont ahd o bce pr" it thirt
5lc)-prcesidsnh, seretar- and a treaultrer.
ocn the ourt h Thursdasy o bar flltar,
eor directorn shall be held it the omae o
the corporation pnder the suervsiopn or.
prlshallnt e alter ten drys pri-r write~n no.
tiel shall Iac ve tiedn icrn In thue ,reltar y
tknown residence or lace shaol Iostinr. and
the diraetors then elected shall Imme lht al
tnae their seats anqo huld for les tntionl or
earh soard of dsorctors Imhlnl e tIlv after
their electi on nnioalls r at thlr ailt ent
Inc, shall elect a virlent- eiden, reshlenta
d cretare andl a treashirer.
diTr-torl n rom any Cthue , stockthvole-ll.
be fr llrd 4 the rImarnn edirector. sa
hAll orplrat' ello tions shfill 41I. . h2allt0
and a mallbot te of voten east ollurt Thst and
each Fharey or stof shall h ntil.d to one
hote urithtr In persdyon or Fe bruy at all
A Ilnlllrte te elect eesiorto reu on thel date
spoltia ed, sall nd t I dlalely ft,.r srlhra en
renr thI Irors Thr iursdayn ofTh. oh l-' Itua
to hole samE until thr-ir ai.ro <s nb l
hae lean annly u1 all tatrn- r n::-- -
Ano director o he ll is rhe:ld nt t halo
have heo ripht ton nndellr the *0 t h·rvllnr di
reOtor in rlhtinr anto of appoited btn
ch2rtr 5h1nt, rft ain d aly rlr. lwrltn f - I
Tihts I-n he anl pan el In ly . .raof
l-e at N s t (oh-rl-anr, : oflrectl . h ]as
0ncC cf WillIam A. W4-nck an .1 1n '*l r,
comnp -hlInellel of laewfl In22, and r
sIhing r thirs rlthI elolt er IT rs 'I,-h riby
a rand tloe noltar, 'TO tl it- trli l setI
folirtl ie n th l cat e erien to-r l 'r laf.
uCllk, Joln Inter
I, the ttndllrsgn-l record- of 11r2-" Inie
hin on ani for the parIsh of hrlmns, t of
lortuaana, do hr-hresy certify that . 110
and foreanncg amendment to tile a . of In
orp4orst rt of the Laoisaa wh1i.l 1',,,r, .ial
Land c vtompar- was this dast'r - .Iy re- oi
In my offile. It book 1055, follo -.
I, the utnhersInepr. nTotarr, do lre, v cr.
tify the abhve and foregoing ta at- 2 trute
sd clrrectco clf the kori2.nal aTmTOment
l.a the act of nt-ortoratlon of the ilCd4tana
Giravel and ~ia1oi lmpanyl . th,! ,-er with
lite certlir-ates of the recorler -.f nlh rT,,l1lgl
thereunTo aspp4ndlleil, on file Sill 'I f *--alord
In my office.
In faith whereof, I herentl' ll set liy han-i'
snd seal this 4th day of ,ecem!.-r. A, I.
(8igned) WM. LIlRENAUDIN, Not. i'lb.
iec 5 12 19 26 Jas 2 9

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