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Railroad Schedules.
! eaves Arrives
A!gltra Algiers
4 .00 p. m. .Daily ex. Sat. & un..9 :45 a. m.
? -.m,; . m..Mlxed, daily ex. 8un..7:25 p. m.
5 p. m.... Sat. & Sun. only...9:46a.m.
5 00 p. m..... Saturday only ....11:15 p. m.
2 :u00p. m..... unday only .... 9:00 p. m.
P :05 a. m. 7 :25 p. m.
Between Algiers and Gretna.
Leaves Gretna, (Jackson Ave. Ferry Land
log passing through McDonoghville, to Al
g!ers, meets Canal St. Ferry, pases Third
Iistrict Ferry, Southern Pacfice Terminals
end viaduct, crossing over the Newton St.
Viaduct, the Southern Pacific R. R. Yards,
along the rear of the U. S. Naval Station,
to the U. S. Immigration Station.
Returnlng over same route, meeting the
N. 0. and Western Railway cars and Jack
ronAve. Ferry at Gretnas.
From Gretna, 8 minutes, 28 minutes and
48 minutes after the hour.
Newton and Teche, 3 minutes, 23 min.
utes and 43 minutes after the hour.
Canal Street Ferry. 10 minutes, 30 min
utes and 50 minutes after the hour.
Car Barn Paclfic Ave., 15 minutes, 35
,inutes and 55 minutes after the hour.
lmnira and Newton, on the hour and 20
minutes and 40 minutes after the hour.
First car leaves Gretna 5:28 a. m.
Last car leaves Gretna for Immigration
Station 12:08 a. m.
last car leaves Gretna for Car Barn via
Newton and Teche 8ts. 12:30 a m.
From Immigration Station, 10 minutes, 80
minutes and 50 minutes after the hour.
Elmira and Newton, on the hour, and 20
and 40 minutes after the hour.
Car Barn Pacific Avenue. 3 minutes. 23
minutes and 43 minutes after the hour.
Canal St. Ferry, 10 minutes, 30 minutes
and 50 minutes after the hour.
Newton and Teche 8te., 13 minutes, 33
minutes and 53 minutes after the hour.
First car leaves Immigration Station 5:30
n. m.
Lest ear leaves Immigration Station 11:50
Lest car leaves for Car Barn via Newton
and Teche Sta., 12:10 a. m.
From Canal Street Ferry, on the hour,
20 minutes and 40 minutes after the hour.
Newton and Teche Ste., 3 minutes, 23
minutes and 43 minutes after the hour.
Elmira and Newton 8ts., 5 minutes, 25
minutes and 46 minutes after the hour.
From Car Barn, 9 minutes, 29 minates
and 49 minutes after the hour.
Leaves Gretna (Jackson Avenue Ferry
Landing), along Copernicus Avenue, passing
Texas and Pacifice and Southern Pacfie De
note to Foueth Street, thence aloag Fourth
treet to Public Road, crossing Harvey's
Canal io Amesville.
Returning over same route, meeting the
Algiers Railway cars and Jackson Avenue
Ferry at Gretna.
LEAVE GRO3 -NA-A6:50 0:30 7:10, 7:50,
8:30, 9:10, 9 d0, 16:30, 11:10,
11:50 a. m.; 12:30, 1:10, 1:50, 2 30,
3:10, 3:50, 4:30, 5:10, 5:50, 6:30,
7:10, 7 .50, 8:30. 9:10, 9 0,. 10:30,
11:10, 1U :5 p. m.
Pass Harvey's Canal 7 minutes after leav
Reach Amesville 15 minutes after leaving
LEAVE AMESVILLE-6 :05, 6:45, 7:25,
8:05, 8:45, 9:25, 10:05, 10:45,
11:25 a. m.: 12:05. 12:45, 1:25.
2:05, 2:45, 3:25, 4:05, 4:45, 5:25.
6:05 6:45, 7 :25 8.05, 8:45. 9:25
10:0k, 10:45, 11:25 p. m.; 12:0O
a. m.
Pas Harvey's Canal 7 minutes aIter leav
inse AmesvUle.
ach Grftnas 15 mnastes after leaving
'Iast Car leaves Gretna for Amesvlle
11.50 p. a.
Last Car leaves Ametlle for Gretna
12:05 a. a.
-DearK. Arrive.
8:00 Qp...N. T. & N. O. Iam... 7~50&m.
S00 p. m...Ashevlle Limited .. 7 :50 a. m.
0a. m...Wsh. & N. T. MIi. O8:0p.a
9:00p. m...'hm & Cileinnit.. 7:05 a.
- S0a.m .....sbevlle Exprsin.. 8:309. m.
S:80Ma....lIsalsvio & Cit... 830p.n
5 :15p. m.... Mobile Accom. .... 1.1 :55. m.
53aN.m....Cicapo Iimited... 8:30p.m.
- p.m.Prs. & Jacka.vMle. 70I.m.
-.~5 m..Mot·ory ~Aeom.. 7:00p.m.l
except Sanday)..... 8 o 0am.
7.:30a.m....Snday Recr..... s:p.m.
(Terminal Statiton, CaUl Street.)
7~:3ep.a....N. . & Wasb.... 9:10s. m.
7:30p.m...Ca. & Ashevlle...9:10a.m.
4:45 p. m.•t. m LLei aChiM.. ...910LU.m
8:00a.m..Mlsrtdla Aeem... 43p.m.
4.45p.m... Meridian Lcal....
..Uattlire g Leal.. 6:10a.m.
-m Benassu
7:10a.m..CareIre & Int. Pin. Tep. .
II~MlNOIS Ct · * ..
11:00a.m. ."lfY a Umitad," Cin
*:0 a. a" New Orlasas £dmite
:1& . IAi n:a ZfBll
.:00a..... dl Mdl..... 4,pm.
8.It. m..Nortkhr xprss... _10 ._
8imO a."The Mery WiMw,.105 pim.
al ssas. betwe M eel Nlw Or
45.(m. es S sad Wm d
: i lmm. s ........ :eI 4.m..
, . t Sa rvleport an
elat ............. *:1*a .m.
Terth e8 .. ...--..-T:40*
1:48p.m..Tnme Leei Stre
4:28 p).. . ..... ... Lcal .....11:45.m.
1:00pm..o Oae Bal... :or p..
(aeas Tenmd t l nth te)
1:46 an..... sea ......· :1 p.m.
110a Oruet:, exr sa esl Sr
aunote naan CalirnIn a ... 0:45s pm.
W orth , Wiseh sa d olte ahae
Tewns points.......... T I:4a.
lIave Shell Beach
Lv. Shell Beac...... 7:40 am 6:00 pm
Ar. Poydras .........8:20 am 6:40 p
Ar. New Orleans...... 9:05 am 7:20 pm
) 'olnte a ia Hache-Daily Except Sunday.
Lv. New Orleans...... 6:05 am 4:30 pm
Ar. Poydha .... . 6:45am 6:10 pm
Ar. Pointe a Hace.. 9:45 am 6:45 p
Lv. Pointe a Ia Hacbe. 6:45 am 12:30 pm
Ar. 'oydra ......... 8:25 am 3:15 pm
Ar. New Orleans..... 9:05am 4:25pm
I.v. New Orleas ............... 7:00 am
Ar. Pointe a Ia Hache........... 9 25am
Lv. Pointe a Ia Hachbe.......... 4:10pm
Ar. New Orleans .............. 6:34pm
(Terminal Station, Canal Street)
No. 2. No. 1.
6:10 p. m. L..New Orleans..Ar. 8:30 a. m.
No. & Dally EL Sunday No. 7.
:40s. m.Lv...New Orleans..Ar.7 :lp. m.
No. 8. Sundays Only No. 7
6:40a. m.Lv...New Orleans..Ar.7:50p. m.
Leave Milneburg--5:30. 7:00, 7 :"2., 9 :3.-.
10:30, 11 :30 a. m.; ; 2 :30, 1 :30, 3 :0)0,
"1 :30, 4:00, 4 :30. :4t1, 3 :30o, 6 :00,
6 :30. 7:04;, 7 :30, S :(K), 8 :30, 9 :(11, I9 :A; ,
10 :34, 11 :30 p. inm.
L.-ave P'ontchartrain Junction-- :00. 6:0()
7:5,0, 9:00, 10:02, 11:0( a. m.: 12 l)1.
1 :0(5, 2 :t)5, 3 :00, 3 :30, 4 :00, 4 :3)0, :o .11.
5 :30, 6 :04), 6 :30, 7 :No, 7 :30, 81:00, X :30,
1 :00, 10:00, 11 :00 p. in.
Ievae Mllne.burg- 41 :10. 7:10. S:33, 11.
11:59 a. m. ; 2 :00, : :30, 4 40, :30, 7 :4K,.
7 :,0 p. inm.
L.,ave l'ontchartraln Junction--S: 4o.
S:40, 7:.-0, !1:20, .11:34 a. m ; 1:20, 2 :4t,
(Terminal Station)
Daily Except Sunday.
6:50s. m..Jackson, Columtba, Ty
Slertown, Folsom and Inter
mediate .............. 5:50 p. m.
4 *6 pm.. Folsom, Columbia, Tyler
town and Intermediate... 8 :50 a. m
Sunday Only.
7 5 a. m..Jackson, Columbia, Ty.
: lertown and Intermediate. 8:00 p. m.
6:00 p. m..Columbia, Tylertown, Bo
galusa and Intermediate. .10:20 a. m.
Sunday Excurioeas.
7:45 a. m.. IFolom, Covington, Abita,
Springs, Mandeville, Lacombe,
Forest Glen, Bogalusa and In
termediate ............. 8:00 p. m.
For the spring and summer season
at the Lyric Theatre, M.r. Peruchi an
nounces a series of melodramatic suc
cesses that have made good here and
elsewhere and are sure to please the
patrons and pack the playhouse at
each performance. These were start
ed this week when "A Deserted Bride"
was selected and has filled the theatre,
coming close to breaking all the rec
Mr. Peruchi states that this class of
attractions appeals to the masses and
although there are many thrilling
scenes and startling features, the un
derlying plot is helpful because as a
rule the moral is worthy of emulation
and may e applied to all walks of life.
A large numer of electric fans are
eing installed and other means taken
to assure the comfort of the patrons
during the heated term. It will be Mr.
Peruchi's aim to have summer stock
and this rests with the patrons-if
they give the proper support and back
up his efforts to afford high-class en
tertainment at popular prices.
The company will be enlarged and
specialties will be introduced to make
the performances even more attract
Commencing Sunday, April 13, "Why
Girls Leave Home," one of the best
known melodramas written in recent
years, will be the play to be offered by
the talented company. Its plot is so
well known that it need not be repeat
ed now. The Peruchi-Gypzene Stock
Company is excellently equipped to
present it in a first-class manner and
a production with which no fault can
be found is certain.
Mabel Gypzene and Stewart E. Wil
son will sing and dance in their excep
tionally clever manner, using songs
that have become popular.
Some Melodramas Coming.
Mr. Peruchi announces the following
list of shows that will be played soon:
"Why Women Sin," "Beyond Pardon,"
"Her Marriage Vows," "Confessions of
a Wife," "Beware of Men," "Dora
Thorne," 'Tempest and Sunshine,"
"The Curse of Drink," "Convict 999."
Each of them will be produced with
Ispecial scenery for which Robert *La
pouyade huas been secured and is bur
ily engaged for weeks in advance pre
parling the settings. The same care
will be taken with the mechanical and
other stage effects. Mr. Peruohi has
shown his ability to act and manage a
company and he deserves credit for
having carried on the longest stock
season here and with more weeks to
The public is invited to hear the ad
dresses to be delivered at the conven
tion of Loulsiana Bar Association, on
Friday and Saturday, April 11th and
12th, at 10 a. m., and 2 p. i., in the
Supreme Court Room, new courthouse
Martin Behrman, mayor of New Or
leans, will make the address of wel
come for the city. Joseph W. Carroll
president, will welcome for the aseo
ciation and A. A. OGunby, one of the
vice-presidents, will respond.
W. A. Blount, of the Pensacola bar,
will speak on '"IThe People and the
Courts." This subject is of universal
interest, sad one that is being given
much thought by the great minds of
the country. Mr. Blount bears a na
tional reputation and his address will
no doubt be presented in a masterly
manner and be worthy of hearing.
Robert H. Marr will present an "His
torical Review of the Constitutions of
the State." That Judge Marr will
make this interesting and instructive
goes without saying.
'"Ie Law of Corporations in Loaisil
ana" will be discuassed by various mem
bers of the association. A resoluation
on the "Recall" will come up for con
sideraton. An amendment to the
charter is to be offered proposing that
the association refrain from Indorsing
any cadidate for Judicial ofice.
The fteds of Mesrs. BeJmln W.I
Kerman sand Charles P. Pnamer are
urtng their eeadUMacles for the pres
deaC of the aselda*tim.
NOTE-Juvenile Baseball News will
not be received by The Herald unless
they are brought in not later than
Monday night. Two different articles
from the same Club will not be ac
cepted, and the articles must be
brought in to The Herald by the same
boy each week.
The Clover Hills met and again de
feated the Webster Stars (formerly the
Lower Coast Hard lHitterst by the
score of 41 to 16. The batteries were
B. Glancy and N. Parmentel of the Clo
ver Hills. while Tierly. a pitcher from
High School with his merry widow
drop, was batted around the field. They
also had Rice and Chris Tiel pitching
and Theady, also from High School,
caught for the Webster Stars. The
Clover Hills were giving the Webster
Stars runs to encourage them. The
players of the ('lover Hlill team had to
run off the bases to get out. who would
have played their to dark that evening.
Good pitching was done by Mr. Rice.
The Clover Hill line-up are: B. Glancy,
p.: X. Parmentel. c.: W. Spencer, 1 b.:
W. Baron. 2 b.; 0. Borne, 3 b.: J. Glan
cy, s. s.: J. Braai. r. f.: D. Braai, c. f.:
.I. Smith, i. f.
Sunday, April 6, the All Stars met
and defeated the Behrman Stars by the
score of 14 to 13. The feature of the
game was the pitching of N. Johnson
and the sensational catch of C. Stacy.
Sunday, April 13. the All Stars will
cross bats with the same team. Any
team wishing games can communicate
with Charles Stacy, 426 Elmira avenue,
Algiers, La.
The Immigration Stars, Jr., defeated
the Silver City Stars Sunday by the
score 7 to 8, with ten innings. The
line-up is as follows: R. Cazaborn, c.;
A. Gaspard, p.: DeRocha, 1 b.: O. Mar
cour, 2 b.; G. Knowles, 3 b.; B. D.
Knowles, s. s.: C. Costella, c. f.; S.
Costella, r. f.; Ruiz, 1. f.
The Young Eagles were defeated
Sunday by the score 11 to 3. 31. Mar
cour, the Young Eagles southpaw ,will
be extra' pitcher for the Pelicans. O.
Mlarcour will play with the Immigration
Stars. Finley pitched a fine game Sun
The Champions of Algiers.
The Algiers Stars, a 16-year-old base
ball team, met and defeated the Belle
villes by the score of 10 to 9. The
game was very Interesting all the way
In the early part of the game the
Bellevilles had a lead, but this lead
was overcome in the sixth inning
when the hard-hitting team of the
Stars showed some clever batting.
The feature of the game was the
hitting of T. Buchholz, W. Whitmore
and the sensational catch by J. Spitz
faden; also the hitting of C. Harding,
who, with the score tied in the ninth
with a man on base, hit the ball to left
field for a so-called home run, although
he is not credited with a home run
we thank him.
The Stars will p'ay the Parkways
on next Sunday at City Park. As the
Parkways claim the championship of
the city, a good game is expected. The
Algiers Stars will use the following
line-up: E. White, p.; J. Spitzfaden
tformerly Cubs backstop), c.; E. Hard
ing, 1 b.; L. Bergeron (captain), 2 b.;
W. Whltmore, 3 b.; K. Abbott (former'
ly catcher), s. s.; T. Buchholz, 1. f.;
M. Abbott, e. f.; J. Pollock (manager),
r. f. All challengers please communi.
cate with L. Bergeron or J. Pollock.
The Fatty Grubs have not lost a
game this season. They beat the Slim
team Sunday by a acore of 9 to 0. The
line-up of the Fatty Grubs is as fol
lows: Richard Maher, p.; Milton Mas
sle, c.; Alvin Dupuls, 1 b.; Prancis
Riordan, 2 b.; Leslie 8trassel, 3 b.;
Raymond Sterling, s. a.; Elmer Burton,
r. f.; Shabel Burton, c. f.; Robert Par
rington, i. f.; Alfred Christy, water
boy and bat carrier. For challengeq
see Milton Massie, 320 Pelica navenue.
Will play teams under 13 years of age.
The Busy Izzys will play any team
under the age of 14 years. The team's
line-up follows: L. Burdine, p.; A.
Francisco, c.; J. Brown, 1 b.; H.
Brown, 2 b.; W. Grundmyer, 3 b.; J.
Lamana, a. s.; (leo. Dobley, r. f.; Ben
Grundmyer, I. f.; Jew. Lecourt, e. f.
Bend all challenges to Geo. Donley,
manager, or Capt. Henry Brown, 300
Webster avenue. The Busy Izzys de
feated the Mohawk Stars by the score
of 10 to 4. The B. I. have played sev
en games and lost none. The B. I. will
play the Young Devils.
List of unclaimed letters remaining
at Station A, New Orleans post office,
for the week ending April 10, 1913:
Women-Mrs. Annie Barret (2),
Miss Sarah Green, Miss Mathilda Io
rio, Mrs. Augustine Philip, Mariar
Richardson, Miss Mable Scholl, Miss
Amanda Tanner.
Men-Mr. Bonmberitto, Grlgo Quar
tans, Charley Russell (2), Joe Rough.
Photo-Mrs. J. Bonnerrere.
A. . Leohardt, Postmaster.
3. W. Dmahld Su
Mrs. Jinkson-ls that the next dora
neighbor practicing in his trombone?
Mr. Jinkson-Partly on the trom
bone, but mostly on my nerves.
GOrau-Fred told me yesterday that
I am the only girl he ever loved.
Helen-Yes; but that was April
PIol's day.
She--o you sa r an author?
Oh! how delightful it must be to
earn one's living by wielding the
"Yes, I always imagned it would
Hewitt- asked my girl what she
was iving up during last sad sabe
iM mohan&
Jewrtt-Tem It looks as ift p
weot have to gt another girtL
Jak-I proposed to lis twst,
and now Mmi Swift, whose good opin
Ion I covet, says I am a fooL
red--Well, propose to Miss 8wift
and she will think you have lucid
Persian .rsd.
In Persia dough for making bred is
reled out uas thin ua a pancake and uas
ong as an ordinary toweL
Afr4on Meslems.
Today African moslems number lt,
-s leus than 80,000,000, about onethird
aed the total population.
"WIhat Is the ear?
"It t the ais enitra 0s the ihe"
'-Ulw TeL Paro.
Mtas Black-Mr. Brown, does you
know what a bird of paradise is ?
Mr. Brown-Well, of co'se I doesn't
know foh sure, but when I gits ter do
nex' worr I wouldn't be a bit surprise
ter dlskuvah dat it was a spring chick
The Senator--re given the best
years of my life to the service of my
The Governo--Glven! You mesa
Katherine-He claims that a ie has
never passed his lips,
Kidder-I suppose you haven't nm
Used that he tas through his noson.
Miss Gu - h I ow llsh I
eneM paint a prett bset
Do aber (the atMt) - Tea
ueidn't i pea posesmed emel
Manages-Oreat Sot! Ain't you
ready to open the slde-show #et?
His Assistant-No; we can't and
the sacred camers hump.
!taly's Trieler.
Napoleon gsave Italy bet tricolor (red,
white and green) In 1805, and it is the
sag of United Itraly.
A lsmtsd Always.
"I always aree with my husban."
ery swet of you." "Except, of
ars~s, whom hers wronC."'--xehaag
seed Maxims.
Good malms are Ierm s Of an soot;
mrml s opres on the meory, th
-eml the mL.-JsertL.
Orpheum Theater
PRICES (Niht-1c, 25c, Sc., 7.5c. R or Seats $1.00.
Matinee lOc, 25c, 50c. Rox Seats 75c.
Ticket Office Open Daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
LY R IC IPhone Main ,579
ATINEE'S:-Sun., Men.. F,. St. innin A pril 13
I PRICES, IOc., 20c., 30c., 50c. Sun. Mat.
Why Girls Leave Home
Nemo Theatre
Every Night--Prices 5 and 10 cents
SUNDAY - - - 10c for Adults.
Opelousas Ave., Bet. Bouny and Powder Streets.
Grand Entertainment
Given Under the Auspices of Committee of Nine of the ,
Pythian Lodges
Crescent - Halcyon - Virginia
At Nemo Theatre
on April 6th to 12th inclusive.
Vaudeville by Local and
Other Talent.
Admission, - - 10 Cents.
Don't Worry
Will Install Your
On Easy Monthly
It is better to have us
do your work than to
wish you had.
On next Monday night, the 14th
inst., at the Masonic Hall, the mem
bers of the order of the Eastern Star
will give their seventh anniversary
supper to their members and also to
the members of the Sts. John's lodge.
Sts. John chapter, which has been so
well and favorably recognized through
out the city as delightful entertainers,
will no doubt make this entertainment
also a "star" event. It will be a pleas
ure for us in our next issue to herald
in detail the celebration.
The old Washington Pleasure Club,
located on Verret street opposite
Kleinkemper's, is again to be rejuve
nated. The newly elected officers are
as follows: Geo. Brunssann, president;
John Tierney, financial secretary; M.
Sweeney, corresponding secretary, and
R. Keen, treasurer.
On Friday evening last, Miss Blanche
Vezien was agreeably surprised by a
few of her friends. The jolly crowd
met at the home of Miss Blanche Pol
lock and proceeded to the Vezien home
in Morgan street, where the young
lady was completely surprised. Danc
ing and games were enjoyed. Misses
Alma Tufts and Grace Lennox enter
tained with piano selections. The
following were present: Misses Alma
Tufts, Blanche Pollock, Grace Lennox,
Cora Shields, Edna Gerrets, Irma War
drop, Verorica Hanley, Louise Vezien,
Wilhelmina Vezien, Madeline Vezien,
Clare Keenan, Esther Gahn, Camille
Spahr; Masters Foster Ryan, John
Pollock, Bruce Barrett, James Gerrets,
Charles Corbett, Warren Whitmore,
Thomas Buchholz, Louis Bergeron,
I James Murtagh, Warren Wainwright,
George Herbert, Andrew Bevan, Eu
gene Lefevre, William Donner, Clay
I ton Umbach, Walter Ryan, and Mr. and
Mrs. H. Vezien.

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