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Be It known, that on this 31st day of the
month of March. in the year of our Lord, 0
one thousand nine hundred and thirteen
and of the independence of the United States
of America, the one hundred and thirty- 11
seventh, before me, Edgar Mayer Cahn, a b
notary public, duly commissioned and qual
ified, in and for the city of New Orleans,
parish of Orleans, state of Louisiana, there
in residing, and in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
personally came and appeared: the parties
whose names are hereunto subscribed, who
declared that availing themselves of the
provisions of the laws of this state, relative
to corporations, they have covenanted and
agreed, and bythese presents covenant, agree c
and bind themselves, as well as such other
persons as may hereafter become associated
with them to form and constitute a corpor
ation and body politic in law, for the pur
poses and objects, and under the stipula
tlons and articles and conditions following.
The name "and styb of this corporation f
shall be the "Great River Barge Line," and I
under this name, it shall have and enjoy all a
the rights, privileges granted by law to I
corporations; it shall have corporate ex
istence for a period of twenty-live years
(")2 from this date; it shall have power to
contract, sue and be sued in its corporation
name; to make and use a corporate seal,
and the same to break at pleasure; to hold, 1
have, purchase, convey, sell lease, mortgage. t
hbypothecate or pledge property, real, per- t
sonal or mixed; to have and employ such
officers, directors, managers, agents and all
other employees as the interest and conve
nience of the said corporation may require;
to make and establish such by-laws, rules
and regulations for the proper management
and control of Its affairs as may be neces- a
sary and expedient; and generally for the
purpose and objects of its business; to ex
ercise all the rights and powers granted by
law to corporations.
The domicile of this corporation shall be
in the city of New Orleans, La., and all
citation or other legal process shall be
served upon the president, and, in his ab
sence upon the vice-president, and in the
absence of both, upon the secretary of this
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized, and the nature of
business to be carried on by it are hereby
declared to be: to transport, import, btuy
and sell bananas and other tropical fruits
and produce anywhere in the world; to op
erate steamships, steamboats, towboats and t
other means of transportation; to own,
lease, purchase and use any and all kinds
of property, real, personal and mixed.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of forty-five thou
sand dollars ($45,000.00), to be represented
by nine hundred (900) shares of the par
value of $i0.00 each. The board of direc
tors shall have the right to issue shares of
stock only for cash, services-rendered, mer
chandise, property or other valuable con
siderations, as they may see fit.
All shares of stock shall he non-assessable
and no transfer of stock shall be binding
upop this corporation unless made and re
corde-d upon its books.
This corporation may become a going con
corn and authorized to do business under
this charter as soon as the sum of three
thouasnd dollars ($3,0(0.00) of its capital
stock shall have been subscribed for.
The corporate powers of this corporation
shall be vested in and exercised by a board
of directors, composed of four (4) directors,
a majority of whom shall constitute a quo
rum for the transaction of business, which
said directors shall be elected at a general
meieting of the stockholders of this corpor
ation to be held on the second Tuesday in
January in each year, and notice of such
election shall he given by the secretary In
writing to each stockholder by mailing the
said notice in regular manner in a sealed
envelope addressed to such stockholder at
his last known address as may spear on the
stock book of this corporation.
After said board of directors shall have
been elected, they shall at their first meeting
elect from their own number a president.
and a vice-president. They shall also elect
a secretary and a treasurer, or one person
to fill both offices of secretary and treasurer,
either of whom may or may not be a mem
ber of the board of directors, or a stock
holder in this corporation.
Immediately upon the signing of this
charter, the stockholders shall elect the
first board of directors of this corporation,
to serve this corporation under this charter
until the second Tuesday in January, 1914.
The election for directors shall be by
ballot, and the majority in amount of stock
holders voting, whether present or by proxy,
shall elect the persons for whom they are
cast. Each share of stock voted upon to
be counted for one vote. Any failure from
any cause whatsoever to elect directors on
the day named for that purpose shall not
dissolve this corporation, but the directors
and officers the in ofce shall hold over
until their succtssors are chosen and quail.
The board of directors shall have full
power and authority to fill vacancies in their
number caused by death, raignation, or
otherwise. The said board is further an
th6riled to frame and adopt such by-laws,
rules and regulations as the affairs and
business of the company may require, and
it may deem necessary for the conducting
and management thereof, provided the same
does not conflict with this charter, and
the laws of the state of Louisiana, and those
of the United States.
The board of directors shall have full con
trol of the property of this corporation,
and shall so conduct, manage and use the
same as in Its discretion it may deem fit
and consistent with the objects of this cor
poration and its welfare.
The board of directors may, from time
to time, name and appoint all such officers,
agents and employees as may be necessary
for the proper management of the business
and affairs of this corporation; It shall have
power to fix and define the duties of all
such omers and employees, and all such
ofcers and employees shall hold omee at
the pleasure of said board.
This act of Incorporation may be changed.
modifiled or amended, or this corporation
may be dissolved with the consent of three
fourths (3-4) of the capital stock repre
sented at a general meeting of the stock
bolders called for that purpose after ten
days' notice as provided In Article V.
Any change proposed or made with refer
ence to the increase or decrease of the cap
Ital stock shall be in accordance with the
laws of the state of Louisiana, with refer
ence to the alteration of the capital stock
of corporations.
In case of the dissolution or termination
of this corporation, either by limitation of
It0 charter or for any other cause, its afairs
shall be liquidated by three commissioners,.
selected by the stockholdera at a general
meeting caaled for that purpose as herelna
bore set forth, which said commissioners
shall remain in oace until the affairs of
this corporation shall have been fully liqul
dated. In case of the death or resignation,.
or incapacity of one or more of the com
missloners, the survivors or survivor shall
continue to act.
Should any stockholder or stock-owner
desire to sell or dispose of all or any part
of said stock or relinquish his interest In
the corporation or desire to terminate or dis
solve the same, he shall first tender such
stock, for purchase, to the other stock
holders of this corporation, through the
board of diretorsn and the other stockhold
ers shall have the preferred right for thirty
days to purchase the stock so tendered at
the price shown by the books of the com
pany. A stocL Iene or to be issued, p
shall be subject to the foreoing provision, a
No stockholder shall ever be liable or re- at
aponaible for the debts, contracts or faults it
of this corporation for any further sum a
than the unpaid balance due on the shares tl
of stock subscribed for or owned by him; a;
nor shall any Informality in the organiza- w
tion have the effect of rendering this char
ter null or of exposing a stockholder to any
liability beyond the amount of the unpaid
balance on his subscription to the stock. si
The subscribers hereto have written oppo- a
site their respective names the amount of Ji
stock in this corporation subscribed for by t'
each of them, and this act of incorporation u
shall serie as the original subscription list h
of this corporation. it
Thus done and passed In my offi.e, on p
the day and date first above written in the u
presence of Messrs. T. A. Schulor and Win. u
t'onkerton, both competent witnesses domi- b
ciliated in this city, who signed these pres- a
eats together with the parties and rue, no
tary, after a due reading of the whole. a
Original signed: Subscribrs' names and c
subscriptions. Witnesses: T. A. Schulwr, a
Wm. C'onkerton. r
ELn.;AR M. CAIIN, Not. Pub. a
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans. c
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages d
for the parish of Orleans, aforesaid, do
hereby certify that the above and foregoing
act of incorporation of the "(;reat IRiver
Itarge Lne' was this day recorded in my I
otfhie in book No. 10S. folio -. a
Witness my hand and offcial seal this -
day of April, 1913.
I, the undersigned, do herby certify that
the foregoing Is a true and correct copy of
tihe act of incorporation and certificate of
the recorder of mortgages, thereto attached.
of the "Great River Barge Line." with the
exemption of the sutbscrlbers whose names t
and subscriptions are omitted.
New Orleans, La., April 1. 1913.
(Seal) Not. Pub. I
apr 3 10 17 24 may 1 8. 1913
SBe It known. that on this first day of the I
month of April, in the year of our Iord I
one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, I
and of the independence of the United States
of America the one hundred and thirty- I
seventh, before me, Lyle Saxon, a notary i
public, duly commissioned and qualiiled in
and for the above city, parish and state, 1
therein residing in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
personally came and appeared John F. Rod
gers and Miss Catherine Rodgers, both of
full age of majority and residents of the
city of New Orleans, state of Louisiana,
herein appearing and acting In their re
apective capacities as president and secre
I tary-treasurer of the John F. Itodgers Comn
rpany, Limited, a Louisiana corporation, do
miciled in the city of New Orleans, louisl
ana, organiped by an act before Lyle Saxon,
the undersigned notary public on the 3rd
day of the month of August, in the year
1)11. and recorded In the ulortgage offce
of tihe parish of Orleans in book 1051, folio
Who declared that pursuant to a reso
lltion adopted by stockholders representing
.,o shares of stock, being all of the stock
issued, passed at a stockholders' meeting
hereinuafter mentioned, certified copies of
the minutes of which meeting are hereto
annexed as part hereof, said meeting hav
ing been held on March 31, 1913, which had
been convened for the special purpose in
accordance with the law, the following
amendment to the charter of the said cor
poration was adopted by the unanimous vote
of the 50 shares of stock present in person
at said oleeting, to-wit:
Article IV of the Charter to read as fol
"The capital stock of thills corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of twenty-live thou
I sand dollars ($25,000) to be represented by
two hundred and fifty shares (0, at the
par value of one hundred dollars 4$104lo
each; and three thousand dollars ($3,0.o ,'
of the said capital stock must .e subscribed
and paid in cash before the company can
organize and become a going concern. The
remaining shares of the said stock shall be
t Issued by the board of directors as they
shall deem fit and proper.
All shares of stock shall be paid for in
cash, property received, or labor performed.
and must be fully paid before the issuance
i of certificate therefor, and shall be non
e assessable.
Said stock shall be represented by stock
r certificates, transferable only on the books
of the company, or on the surrender of the
g outstanding certificate, or due proof of loss.
Before any stoc. can be transferred It
must be first offered in writing and at its
e book value, to the board or directors of the
company, who shall have the option of pur
e chasing the same at its book value, at the
a time the said stock is ofered; and should
t the directors fail to make the purchase of
a the said stock within sixty days from the
r time of offer, then the holder and owner of
the stock may dispose of It In the open mar
1 The said capital stock may be increased
r or diminished by proper proceedings taken
r in accordance with the laws of the state of
- Loulslana."
i, The whole of the above to be more fully
I shown by the annexed certified copy of the
I minutes of the said meeting of stockhold
i ers, which is made part hereof.
e And the said appearers having requested
I me, notary to put the said amendment in
I authentic form, I do by these presentc re
ceive said amendment in the form of this
public act to the end that the said amend
.ment may be promulgated and recorded, and
Sthus be read into the original charter, pass
ted before me, Lyle Saxon, notary public,
- on the 3rd day of the month of August. In
the year of our Lord, 1913.
SThus done and signed In my omce in the
city of New Orleans, Louisiana, on the day.
Smonth and year herein first above written,
SIn the presence of R. T. Scott and Justin
G recn, competent legal witnesses, who here
1 unto sign their names with the sald ap
Spearers and me. notary, after due reading
t of the whole.
Originally signed: John F. Rodgers, pres.
Ident; Catherine Rodgers, secretary-tress
. urer. Witnesses: R. T. Scott, Justin Green.
y LYLE SAXON, Notary Public.
C I, the undersigned deputy recorder of
mortgages for the parish of Orleans, do
-hereby certify that the foregoing det amend
a ing the charter of the John F. Rodges Co.,
Ltd., was this day duly recorded In book
1088, folio -. •
New Orleans, La., April 2, 1913.
e EMILE LEONARD Deputy Recorder.
I hereby certify that the above and fore
k going is a true and correct copy of the
original amendment to the charter of the
a John F. Rodgers Co., Ltd., and the certlfi
cate of the recorder of mortgages as per
the original on file in my obce.
New Orleans, La., April 1, 1913.
LYLE 8AXON, Notary Public.
- apr 3 10 17 24 may 1 8, 1913
r Be it known that on this, the 26th day
t of March, In the year of our oIrd one thou
Ssand nine hundred and thirteen, before me,
. Thomas -. Burns, a notary public, duly
h commissioned and sworn In and for the
c. parish of St. Tammany. state of Louisiana.
e thereln residing, personally came and ap
I- peared the persons whose names are here
y unto subserlbed who declared that, availing
it themselves of the laws of the state of Lou
a-lisiana, relative to the organiation of cor
poretloo they have covenanted and agreed,
and do by these presents do covenant and
agree, bind, form and constitute themselves O
as well as such persons who may hereafter
join or become associated with them, into U
a corporation and body politic In law, for
the objects and purposes anti under the
agreements and stipulations following, to
wit :
The name and style of this corporation to
shall be the "iacombe Lululier Colllpany," l
anti under that name it shall have anti n- at
joy all rights anti privileges grluted by law si
to corporations; it shall exist for the pIriod hI
of ninety-nine years from this day ; it shall al
have tpower to ctontract. sue andll be sued in
it, corporate ntame; to nlake andlll u. a or
porate seal and the samle to alt,.r at plea-- a
ure; to hold, receive. Ipurcha,. 11\'ve. :
mortgage, hypothecate or pledge ptr,7t.rt-.. 7,
msthi real antd personal; to Issue bt-ndls tilts p'
anti other obligations ; to have auld emptltll l.
sucth managers, directors, oftilcrs, :ag. Its
antll other emulployees as the inletlt't t .11in
tonllvenienUe of said corporation may rei. lreit' , I
and to make anti establish, sucll by -:tXt-s, in
rules and regulations fur the priope.r IlntI- I.
agellenlt anti control of the affY:irs of :hte ,
cutporattit.tu as may be necessary antd espt. I
dicut. ,I
Tite domicile of said corpoiatlln shall he
In the city of New lrhI-ans, in this stalte, and
all citations and other Ihgal prt',e; s sbalf
ibe served on the president, inll i i absence,.
the vicet p:esident. andti in tile ab~elne of
eboth on the secretary and trearur r uo soall t
corpora tion.
The purirpses for which this corporationt
is establi<Ihed and the na.lture of tile Ibt-it,- -
toI e ttrried ont by It ate declared to be: to,
tcons-tllt, w-ork and maintain railroads, t.
nals. roadtis, ibridgtes, ft-r It.-, telegraplh andl
telephone lint's and other wt.rkstt of itltll
uent ; to iu.nstrulet, ownu, leasl., hire. iIp
chase and opert-ate s chltltiers, st. ttlmit.i:ts.
steamllsh i;s, tow boats, barges t antl other
water crafts for the trat. trtatilon of
freight and passengers; to purrhaoe, hrtLi.
and sell lands; to enigage in agricuiltuire; t.
acquire, construct, own, lease and opteratLe
planing mills, saw mills, sash, h, or tandi
blind factories and turpentine I tlill and rei
torts, etc.; to construct and to ctllntrat Iito
construct buildings of eviry kind anld de
scription; to manufacture bricks, tilt s aind
otler earthenware; to buy. sell and dtal for
its own atccount or on tconinsslon in Io;. ,
Ilmber antd other building materials anli in t
all sorts of mnerchandite, and generally ti.
do and perforul anly and evtry act anilI
thing pertaluing to tile Iusiness altove enuittl
metralerd, tconnected therewith or ariilng
therefrom, in thlis state and elsetsher,.
The capital stock of tiMs corporation 1e
hereby fixed at the suto of twenty- live thtou
sand ($25,t101.00) dollars, divided into an i
represented by two hundred and fifty ti., r
shares of the par value of one hundred ,
I f1l.Ol, dollars each, which shall ib. paidl,
for in cash when subscribed for or in saulth
manner as the board of directors shall des-'
Ignate, or shall be issued for labor pierfir-l
ed, services rendered or for the purchase ofa
propetrty ;s saul board may elect. All shlaris
of stotk shall be full paid and non-assessa
tile. Which capital stock may be increasedtl
to a slim not exceeding one hundred thou- f
sand I$10tH.tW)O.(4) dollars, In which event
during the period between tile call for tlhe
meeting for such increase and thue meeting,
the persons holding stock at the time shall
have the right to take shares of the addl
tihnal or Increased stock proportionate to
the numler of shares owned by them, and
any shares not taken at the expiration of
said period may be disposed of by the boardii
of directors for the benefit of the corpo)ra
tion at not elss than their ipar value. No
transfer of stock shall tie binding upon tilhe
corporation unless recorded upon its books.
All the corporate powers of this corpor
ation and the management anuld control of
its affairs shalll be vested in and exercised by
a board of directors composed of three (:;1
stockholders, a majority of whom shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of all
buslness. The directors shall be elected an.
nually by ballot by the stockholders, on the
second Tuesday in January of each year.
Each person shall be entitled In person or
by proxy to a vote for every share owned
by him, and all elections shall be held under
such rules and regulations as may be detep
mined by the board of directors. The direc
tors thus elected shall continue in office for
one year, or until their successors have been
duly elected and qualified. No failure to
elect shall be regarded as a forfeiture of
this charter. Any vacancy occurring on
said board shall be filled by the remaining
directors for the unexpired term. The board
s of directors shall at its first meeting after
its election nominate out of its number a
e president, a vice-president and a secretary
and treasurer; said board shall have the
right to divide the office of the secretary and
treasurer and may elect a secretary who
need not be a stockholder, but whose tenure
of office shall be during the pleasure of the
board. And said board shall have the right
to appoint and dismiss the clerks, managers,
secretary and other employees of the corpor
ation, as the interests and business of the
same may require. Any of the directors
shall have the right to appoint by written
Instrument another director as his proxy,
to act in his stead at any and all meetings
of the board of directors.
Until the election to be held on the second
Tuesday in January 1914, the following
e named persons shall constitute the first
board of directors, via: Walter W. Carre,
D. Beach Carre and Tudor B. Carre, with
said Walter W. Carre as president, said ID.
Beach Carre as vice-president and said Tudor
B. Carre as secretary and treasurer.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
- or responsible for the contracts, faults andl
debts of said corporation, nor shall any
mere Informality In its organixation have
the elect of rendering this charter null nor
of exposing a stockholder to any liability
beyond the unpaid balance due on the shares
owned by him
This act of incorporation may be changed.
modified or altered, or this corporation may
be dissolved with the assent of the stock.
holders owning a majority of the stoch of
the corporatlon, at a general meetlng con.
vened for that purpose and after at least
ten days written notice of this meeting has
been given through mall addressed to each
shareholder at his last known place of res
In case of dissolutlon by the expiration of
this charter or otherwise, the stockholders
shall elect three lIquldators frop among
Stheir number, to lliquildate and settle the bus
ineas and afalrs of the company. In case
of death or disablllty of any one of said
commlsalsioners or iiquidators, the survivors
or thq remailnlng lqludators shall appoint
ea s.pecessor to him.
Thus done and passed In my ofee on the
day, month and year first above written, in
r the presence of John A. Todd and Henry
Keller, competent witnesses, who have migned
vith the appearers and me, the notary, after
readlng the whole.
Signed: W. W. Carre, 50 shares:; D. Beech
Carre, 50 shares; Tudor B. Carre, 50 9hres,
per W. W. Carre.
Witnesses: John 4 Todd, Henry Keller.
THOS. . BURNS, Notary Public.
SI, toe undersignped recorder of mortgages
i. In and for the pariah of Orleans, state of
Louilsanh, do hereby certRfy that the above
y and foregotng act of Incorporation of the
m- "Lacombe Lumber Company" was this day
, duly recorded In my olie in book 1088,
y follo 308.
., Yew OrleansLa., April 2, 1913.
Caovington, La., this 26th day of March,
A-. D., 1913.
A ta 8. . BURN , Notary Publicl
r- apr 3 10 1? 24 may 1 8, 1913
OF AT.ILJAMtRA BATHS, IN'ORI'tltit t rut ,
()F Li )IISIAN.A, I'AIllI OF" lRti. \S.'-\ ,
t'ITY OF NIW\V O(t.:.\ANS.
Be it known, that on thil to\llr)t .i"
of the month of M1arl,', in I.,' yiii .t
Ilard one thousand niti.n hb adt:''d i ". "
trn, betfre mie, 'arl 4'. F"riei|r ' . : +
putbli" doh ly c'.nm i:t i i..,,'I and qumt!l1;.i .
andi for the iparp h of I:'tr'.tns t i'' m
I.i. n,aftr i nld .tul nlr n , " II
:I "ly ' at l' a nd a ) ,..,x', l . h,. . :.'+, t
s.),n wVI. ,)- ml.t l i .t:"" ! I tt"* I .. -. . ,,i
th I..o v ,rtt ily dt t 'l.tr',| nt ' ,,) :', 1!*"
t .1 n111 tfOrtnell:.,i of t' e ai 1\ f t.,"a r
l r' t' d ,th fol ry . I . ! r" t 1,'' t .
II',purpose f" i.tr ' t i tn it .tli
,ni nl 10 ith ra .",F-- ."i: f' 1' ::I"..
ItC i nihn , { ,la in o r o th ,: h:lr!, n I . . `u
1., ti \ II t :ll  t ' 'II '1 II I ' t h I1
l hr, (. ir ;, ,l-t. n tii1 " ;t  ;-+ .. , i
:I oth. r k . . i .l.r int ' ,' ,in ., t , i 1t, .:
I11 4v1 on ed d w h11 11 1' I l( I tI dI
+;I," qo n ,te. ,le1  l!0 a I Ir i' , ( :1 t ll f.n iki , t
iat,1 ' h,.th!n.* e I"t.rhrin"a , lit.
fhe nli i r a Il t. tle ."f tht - '  . ,it , "
i I-h ll b h ".AlIitnbr . 11 l01. In!., I :iO : lt .
S .indl by that name it ,riall ha . ' t it : I q,
l .' il'..l, iifori iltt, Iy lO' at ",l eart t Ii ... ."
i h of h0 i.1 .,1 ro ati nt s lha.ll b. ik t
o1f N"w J" rl .",. < wthi t"re n.'tlItin " , "
'sr , ,I on ,he pre' , I, nt, or in h,- '
All then. r tlii :' , rt , rl,, p.toer slho, ll I v -t.!
in alF !,,. Itr ll f f' int' i t r oItlf t,, . I
SI ll:ijl "iY k. .tll o- ,h \V l 41o. I ·l h;rl-on, l1r
I :t1n . ,o atal e '. 4I'. l ' tl'lri ' TIl.k l llr
,af . irea ' rlt hall hf t , o. r ti lr arnd l ;l,'r'
f1roll te I lthil4ll t to ry fo)r t he'l.klll'r I,'
TiotI donf te anu Ii !l I at mh til om. . :t :n
tOrii, n . tntil the tirst n 1htla itl il Mar l'h 1,1 ..
r unti r their it. . r are s , .i -, at
anti mi. notary al ter readin o t lpre', I.l l'
rih \in\l ainhar: l-, ,e vi'ark. . ip'.- fi t .h :i
tin't \11 ndl.i, of \i'Marh it ,f ., o y, n r h,): ,
x. sht ar tes; d . F. thet anu alne i'l:rke,
, k.har er. fA.r t,.alherty, tion of a, "',ar.
I.e -inning at thI ' erplra htioln of the ..,. .
the pr: . nt Ieard. age Ck
hl'e. :pital 'k of thi ,rtby ap .,te -rk".
. forty thnal doll . .shares; Frano .
led itthe fo. r handrres; . Flower. shre. s;
i rEkiine W. Fi;aer. arold A. ho:ii.
(" . 4'. FR. IIi( illi'. Not. Pih.
1 n, the undersigned, recorder of mortgagead
fr in .an h for Ith equivahnt o Orleans, lht o
tanlly perforin d. acThi ,corpnration of til
^In l n-ine1-1 4 tas ..,,n :t three,' itho -:t .l . 1.
far1: s .: ,nI 1 n t 1 i l f llh b n h e tab  r l*. l : I
hail hav%' and ent.y all the poweiri ;ramentd
to .orporaitiol- nudtor the law; to mal.ke' an.1
I" n a trpath. acorportoed. ands hlla day:
Sollo a ire properltyeans ralrch r. 191and
,march 2y p , lr 3 1th0 rA 2, may , 13
to f*oo -.', lilt) ri nc' and hypothr ,|t 1+ the e
Iame; 11) i, I.- Im+l ', , 'rri % mouel and to,
U'ITre the sate by AorEt,, or S* TAliThE. 1
if eit Lntyn, to have o l t emplohth day so
the managentr, ntrc and n thye. i its in
hndredt may rithire: to ak me, ani t:Charle
by Ren notaryeg pulation ; and tor the allbo
nep'.sary and pro, per ton cary ouamet thand pur
pereds for which this eorporation s fbcrted,
No stdeclakhredr hall sllh or dthemi e of hi
thek with out thint otte, r hel ane to the or
rporaltion through tot honard of iruch trs,
hade hall hve tded, they onoptiute to puhem
s.ha,'s, a corpor and shunder thie ,rporultion
fall te avail orthf of this optiopt theiar
harter shall then it: at liberty to disp..o
of ht .tock li the ICopen markt.
Whe namver thnd ttle oratio tn shall corporat don
solved ,Ither by lhntiation or otherwise the .
sa shall be enber dne at a Compting f tad
styearkhromldrs cdate, fnd hall he or they a
majurpority of the bunek vtin. be crrhed aron by
stock being entitled to one vote. The 11,1inl
t, all the conducted y three stockholde uprs
elected for s l'h purlp)-+:.
No nformalty nclin the po t hall to on-perate
as a frfetu borrof this hartue note and ther
hall be no liabilion anty to any stpurckhe, ler e
yond e unll mortgge palance on his nd o thk.
Thus done and passed at my ofit, at New
Orise ans. Loure, anate on the day, month andrt
year hereison first above written, n the preon o
tenee of Erskine W. Fisher and e arold A.
to mase, competent witnesses, who hereunto
seal, n their names with the saider at pearrs
y and mthe notary after reading of the whole.
Original signed: Gage Clarke, 15 shares:
C. . Friedrch to 10 shares; Sam Stonuc Jr..
1 20 shares ; Wm. F. Tebbetts, by Gage Clarke,
5 shares W. A. Daugherty, b Gage and emlark.
5 shares: J. W. Corry, bmay (age (lark,
sharen: e . to. Ldyard. by Gage Cpo larke 1
Sshare: Peter redenhurt hto by Gage s'larke.
10 shares. ; Jo. W. A. Richardson, 3 shares;
W. It. Ch mherlain. 10 shares; Frank J.
Matthew. 5 shares ; W. P. Flower, 2 shares ;
rEsklne W. Fisher. Harold A. Molse.
r. . . FRIHDRICIIS, Not. Pub.
I, the undersige d, recorder of mortgages
In and for the parish of Orleans, State of
I onlslana do hereby certify that the above
Sand foregoing act of Incorporation of the
Alhambra Baths. Incorporated. was this day
Sduly recorde on my odiabile n hook 1088,
0 folio -. New Orleans March 20, 1913.
eA true copy.
A C. t C. FRIPEDRICHS, Not. Pub.
march 27 apr 3 10 17 24 may 1, 13
The It kectwn, that on this eighth day of
the month of March in the ybar nineteen
parishd and state, petrebolly dame anred to be
thganato of morpor ationsd deer In surt es o
made and provMed, they eporttute cturem
selves, their assoeates, or retails an artls
boy rad sall, t wholesale or retail, articl-=
of u,:: "ani eo. whether as prinirpal oi
a, ! tt. , ,:ulas or otherwise; and to
1 t outieedl with or incilental to
AIlI''I. IV.
t:,; ak of this rorl.tation is
., " I it the s mt of one hundtrr l
i. . , ltvtvlil into and rpre
, n" t . 2" '. ' i -lia r.- p r sh tr.'. "l'ni
Ow right :ut ulit eh
1 :.. ,,one:. tt ' n three
S . p,.i l ,t " k k ,hat!
.--I till,: f " ,"", 5.,,'
',I ,r ,..-i'r ," t .. - , , t k
,f, : "" -. \, a . " Itth r
" .
I -,. O .e 1.
\ . 't ,t 1i t ,if l , h, ...
1" t ,( ti ltn , ' b, ,l sir -ll l .
iT l'.. t t tilV
'l t' .' ,-'i t nth t, l ttly n ', t! oI 
i , t,,r 1.... i, l r t, be - . ',ty kn
, ,t.I . :;I .LI ti e I'-h o fI. tf: ,il
\ II i s o hf it " Iir - lo ; i t e t I " ittHa
e r Ihtit -tin dgivi itrer tilt --'i'i 'ett:cIk
t a:- nll t',I ln,. :i : l \i i ' , '- h h.it ! t kill e i (".l
n ie tsir- t \t ', efary tntr. kho.lr h lll
All ti ,ti fi ,.i - .ht1t .' h'tt ,l if ,a - tly tt ao f
S , i- .t'inli t!n' Iii'itt nt. ye oTI tle ti., '1ult.t
It ,toiin a! vitts totte itos In t'r~n orv
At'I aiiI ll t-r'zy. tinaui a nljttlty mt tile
I b nitlr.dnr · to -letig ditrecttors at ther an
hItat, r ittn lg, In. i I niat'd toi ie or aet knothe
itii, rnit:lan itn tii. de l ntl theio r succealr
TInhe ld vof lir-tetirt shall cli-ct as son-t
tn ,, it biy ni ," p lter atilr own letlny n wnti
frt;ll, titr nt n i llyt} atir a 1 i st te dion i prir v t
bty all tht .; 'll ,o!.b.re .
At r all -n." .,ton al i tret all m-ithe an
't, ellty Eent to etitch officr utltr aowre of
stc'k rtantion. lin hil ntne on the mbnk ofn
IOt y ,rlt; ,t bt the d et of sh n tlou orr.
:1 ca -It -ahi vi tot I bes fi ast In person or
by orl. An ntriyer a i thl a ajor may of thep
Iltetl man nttinga t ant dissolve or affet thla
are ctied and quallthd.
The board of directors shall let as soonet
at p hle after theiandr own election, and
from their own number, a president, a vice
pre-idnt, andr a sccretary tresrer, and
imay grant to elch ofanicer such poll wer a
they derm prop, r.
All vacancies in the board for whatever
canwe shall Ir e lled by the remaining di
recntorsl Any mte lnr of the onard may ap
point any tither stockholdemay, r times proxy to
attend any mel,tingit d nl act in his place
and stead.
The board of directors shall be vested
with full power and amothority to maky dee all
csntracr, puand rchalls and sales and to make
all by laws, rull-s and regulations for the
coindlct of the busitnes of the company, and
the same to alter, amend, or repeal at pleas
-ure; and the board may, from time to time.
1.name and apptldt all such oficers agents,
servants and employees, as they may deem
necessary, and shall have the power to fix
and define the duties of every dteer, agent,
servant antd employee.
All checks and evidences of Indebtedness
must be signed by the presidlent and the
secretary-trean4rer, except that In the abh
sence or disability of either, the vlce-presl
dent shall act In his place.
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved either from limitation or otherwise,
its affairs shall be liquidated by two com
missioners to be appointed from amongst
the stoekholders at a general meeting of
the stockholders convened for that purpose,
of which meeting notice shall be given Io
a the time and manner provided for stock
f holders' meeting in Article VII of this char
e ter. and a majority in amount of the capital
e stock represented at such meetng shall be
y requisite to elect. Said commissioners shall
1. remain in omee until their affairs are fully
liquidated. In case of the death, resigna
tion, or inability to act of either of mid
commissioners, the vacancy shall be filled
by the stockholders after similar notice, un
til which time the survivor shall continue
to act. The said notice may be waived by
the unanimous consent of all the stockhold
This act of Incorporation may be modified,
changed, or altered, or said corporation may
be dissolved with the assent of three-fourths
of the capital stock represented at a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders convened
for that purpose, and after notice shall have
been given in a dally newspaper published
I in this city once a week for thirty days pre
ceding the meeting. The said notice may
be waived by the unantmous consent of all
the stockholders. Any change made or pro
posed with reference to the capital stock
shall be made in accordance with the laws
Iof this state on the subject of altering the
capltal stock of eorporations.
No stocklholder shall ever be held lIable
for the faults or contracts of said corpor
ation In any further sum than the unpaid
balance due to the corporatlon on the abares
owned by him, nor shall any mere Infor
mality in organisatlon have the effect of
renderlng the bcharter null or exposing any
stockholder to any liability beyond the un
paid balance due on his stock.
SThe first board of directors shall consist
I of Otto L. Neugass, Cuhas. Mendeson and
a Ephraim Rosenberg, with Otto L. Neugams,
e president; Chas. Mendelson, vice-gresident;
y and Ephralm Rosenberg, secretary-treasurer.
l The subscribers hereto have respectively
written opposite their names the amount of
I stock owned by them In this corporation, so
, that this act of incorporation may also
a- serve as the original subscrlptlon Ilst of the
r, corporation.
S Thus done and passed, at my oece In the
Scity of New Orleans, In said state, on the
,- day, month and year herein first abote writ
t ten, Inh the presence of Messrs. G. Arthur
t Bleaver and James M. Dillon, competent wt
- nesses, of the full age of majority, and real
i- dents of this city, who hereunto sign their
d names with said appearers and me, notary,
m- after reading of the whole.
SOrignal signed: Otto la. Neugwas, fifteen
(15) shares; E3ph. Rosenberg, fourteen (14)
shares; Chaa. Mendelson, one (1) share.
Witnesses: 0. Arthur Bearer, Jas. M. Dii
e ion.
- CIhARLES ROSBN. Notary Publie.
e I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
I. In and for the parish of Orleans, state o.
I.ouislans, do hereby certlify that the abovre
and foregoling act of incorporation of the
Rosenberg-Neugass Company was this day
r- duly recorded In my omce in book 1088, tfo
e lbo -. New Orleans, March 10, 1913.
se (Signed) EMILE LEONARD, Dy. R.
AL trueal LES- ROSEN, Notary Public.
is march 13 20 27 apr 3 10 I1

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