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5~At The Play = Hoses
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Tulane and Crescent Theatres to Open
August 31st.
Returning from his summer vacation,
Thomas C. Campbell, manager of the
Klaw & Erlanger theatres of New Or
l..ans, arrived Thursday morning on
the Southern Pacific steamship wi:h
his wife. He brought the first news
of the bookings made for the Tulane
and Crescent theatres for the comi=n
season, and also the statement that. in
!.is opinion, New Orleans would have
the best list of attractions this year
that have been sent South in a da ads
or more. Both theatres will open on
the night of Aug. 31.
With the exception of Robin Hool"
and the always welcome classi, ' 'Bn
Hur," every show at the fashionable,
,;'ayhouse will be entirely new to lo
cal patrons. As far as the Crescent
Theatre is concerned, the a:tractions
will be better than ever for populi:
pri, ,s. This is the ay- Colonel T. ý'.
Campbell. Klaw & Erlanger's repr.~
sentative in this (ity. announted the
plans for the coming season.
Manager Campbell announced that
there would be but one change in the
house staff of the Tulane and crescent:
theatres, Rudolph Ramelli will be the'
press representative to succeed Wood
Ballard. Mr. Ramelli has been on the
staff of the Daily States for some time,
and has been press representative of
the Lafayette Theatre for the past two
The Tulane-Crescent director said
that the Baronne street theatres' sea
son would open with 'Quo Vadis." a
magnificent Kleine-Cines moving pi-
ture drama, which will be the attrac
tion for the first two weeks. Follow
ing that will be a travelogue moving
picture, "North of 53." showing scenes
and views of cities, mines, mountains,
etc., in Alaska.
The list of attractions cannot yet be
given in their order, as the bookings
have not yet been so classified. Among
those at the Tulane will be: "The Mer
ry Countess," "Ready Money," "Regi
nald de Koven's "Robin Hood," "Bought
and Paid Fo.." "Little Boy Blue," "Ro
mance," Rose Stahl in a new play.
"Pine Feathers;" W. A. Brady's pro
duction of Louisa May Alcott's "Little
Women," David Belasco's presentation
of '"The Governor's Lady," "The Blue
Bird," "Stop Thief," "Within the Law."
Mme. Pavlowa, noted Russian dancer.
and her company; "Damaged Goods,"
a realistic play; "Broadway Jones," by
George M. Cohan; Arnold Bennett ant
Edward Knoblauch's "Milestones,"
"Ben Hur," and Robert Hilliard in his
great detective play, "The Argyle
Case." These three last named will
be holiday attractions. Charles Froh
man will present "The Conspiracy."
Henry Miller will play "The Rainbow,"
John Drew will be seen in "Much Ado
About Nothing," Grace George will be
here in a new play, Otis Skinner will
present "Kismet," and Mme. N6zlmova
will interpret "Bella Donna."
The Crescent attractions will be as
follows: "Mutt and Jeff," Annie Rus
sell, "The Butterfly on the Wheel,"
"Old Kentucky," "The Man from
Home," "The Littlest Rebel," "Little
Miss PFlit," "Dolly of the Circus," "The
Trail of the Lonesome Pine," "The
Common Law," Evans' Minstrels, Al,
H. Wilson. "The Shepherd of the Hill,"
"McFPdden's Fiats," "Quincy Adams
Sawyer," AA Pool There Was" '"The
8pendthrift," O'Blern's Minstrels,
"Where the Trail Divides," "Mary's
lamb," "That Printer of Udell's,'
"Man's Game," Fields' Minstrels, '"IThe
Confession," 'The White Slave" and
"A Romance of the Underworld."
Making the announcement that Ar
thur B. White will be manager of the
New Orleans Orpheum, Charles a.
Bray, general manager of the Orpheum
Circalt, arrived in New Orleans from
New York late Wednesday and early
Thursday morning gave his attention
to a number of details in connection
with the opening of the 1913-14 season.
It was announced by Mr. White that
all the staff of the playhouse will be
retained, as he is confident that they
are well suited to their respective po
sitions and know their duties and per
form them satisfacorily.
Bright and early Friday morning
Colonel Bray and Mr. White were at
the big St. Charles street vaudeville
playhouse getting things in shape for
the opening on Sept. 8. There is a
great deal of preliminary work con
nected with the installation of a new
manager, and it kept the general man
ager busy until be left.
All the attaches were there to greet c
Colonel Bray and be presented to the
new manager.
n The Lyric Theatre, remodel'd fron
top to bottom. refurni-he.t and newi:.
decorated. will .eg'.n its h:'-14 seasor
next Sunday afternoo:, when 1Br: Ga
non and Edith Pollock a:ii the.ir a-s
'ciate players r:ill pres-. t f.,r ,ho first
time in New Orleans Doutias Fair
banks' great success, IHawtornte. I'
S. A."
s The Ibervinle Amuse:,--:.t ('ompany
Sincorporated under th, :aws o. N-.'
dYork and Louisiana. hacve taken o.--:
the lease of the cozy luri undy stre.
theatre, and expect the se-as n to
brilliant. "Hawthorne will b fol~.v
ed b`y ".\Aias Jimmy Va'e::::ro." 'T
Third rDegree" and other h:g:.as
t Because he is itn r. e-d in the I
velopment of each .:iy w h.r e .;e h:: a
playhouse. Alex Pantag-s has jo;!
the Asso iation of Con:nuere and ha
'entered in the ::name of l'an az"s Va
'rieties. the way the Gree'n'.vall Theat.t
is now known
t Sol Myers, the lo, al manager for
the Pantages aa',!l'ille cirui:, re ei.
t ed a letter from Mr. Pantace.s autho:iz
'ing him to file an apptlcation in the
1 commercial body, and this has air ad:.
a been done. Mr. Pantages has the ,iý
tinction of being the first out-of.to'w:.
f theatrical man to join the Assne is'ion
of Commerce.
When the Lafayette Theatre reopen<
rafter the two weeks' darkness, it will
pass into the management of Charles
Fourton of New Orleans. That an
.nouncement was authorized Saturday
night by Charles E. Bray, directin;
manager of the Orpheum Circuit, un
der whose direction the new combina
ltion vaudeville and moving picture poi
icy will be continued, commencing Se,
tember 8.
Mr. Fourton was visiting his family
'in New Orleans when the offer to ac
cept the position of resident manager
came to him, and he decided to stay.
The Lafayette is to be under the
joint control of both the Orpheum an'l
Klaw & Erlanger, but will be und.er
the active wing of the Orpheum. It
twill furnish five high-class vaudeville
acts and two moving picture features.
with three changes of pictures every
week. The acts are to be furnished oy
the Orpheum circuit management, and
while not of the same quality as the
Orpheum shows will be high-class
small time acts.
Miss Victoria Giepert was hostess at
a hay-ride given by her many friends,
Saturday, Aug. 23, 1913. They took in
quite a space of time in going from the
home of Miss Glepert to Spanish Fort.
passing City Park, West End, Jackson
Barracks, Chalmette, then proceeding
to St. Bernard, where they partook of
Among those present were Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Lux, Misses Camille Mitch
ell, Aline O'Brien, Emily Hintz, Mollie
Kinkaid, Mamie Chestnut, Hazel Gle
pert, Josenhine Forrest, Grace Hibbet,
Irene and Bessie Gerrets, May Glepert,
Katie Gallinghouse, M. Escouse, Vic
toria Giepert, Miss Baron, Ida Kinkaid
and J. Younger; Messrs. Curtis Green,
Jr., Chester Green, Joe Kinkaid, Roy
Hicks, Jno. Abele, Philip Manglaracina,
J. Torres, Paul Lubere, Blaise Tread
sway, Robert Vicknair, R. Escouse, :.
C. Rostrup, Leon Garatie, A. Fells, Jos.
Guvermberg, Jos. Altenhofer, Willie
Boylan, S. Lavender, Robert Anderson
and Andre Lacoste. Mr. and Mrs. A.
M. Lux chaperoned the ride. The
crowd dispersed in the wee hours for
their respective homes, after assuring
their hostess that they all had a de
lightful time.
Coming Saturday, that good old Ger- I
man Volksfest picnic, at Suburbau
Park. There will be dancing, races,
games, music. All Germans are invit
ed to sing those good old German
songs, "Hoch Sollen Sie Leben," "Lanu
derbach," "Die Wacht Am Rhine," etc.
L G. Webert will sing "Heirathen Ist
Gut," and John Teuteberg will sing
"Ledig Blelben Ist Besser."
Don't fail to attend.
Look for Mr. Raffles on the ground
and win a prize.
The season for dances will be opened
this year by the Arcadians. who are
booked for the first dance at Pythian
Hall on the night of October 10th. The
club is made up of some of our promi
nent young men and it goes without
saying that a most enjoyable time will
be spent there with their gaests.
The club members are as follows:
George 3. lorrest, L and A. Tuts, A.
EI~~~~ .. Clb. R mr~k
r . r J u C : : o : 2 .i,- : ; . , ...n ', .. .
world f!mou~s n .o.'. , :.- th- - :!.
TlhIatre Sr.: da
t. a' :r.T- t. rl ;ý .!:.: °::- '.I , : .ai ..:r tom'
smooth." etc. is proven as far back as
A rD 66 and 6S by this very picture ro
mance. It is human and human nature
is the same to-day as it was in the
days of Nero and all the other Caesars
and Roman emperors And that is
what the public likes. whether it is
novels, dramas, paintinrs or photo
There has been much wonderment
at the magnitude and beauty of some
of the scenes, notably the interior and
garden scenes. But the locale is Italy
where landscape beauty is still a world,
sight. The Cines Company of Italy s
composed of many of the wealthiest
men of Rome and the Bank of Italy is
also said to be largely interested in
the company. Many of the wealthy no
bility are stockholders and when these
pictures were being made the stock
holders gave special permission for
the use of their gardens and palaces.
By this means many of the gorgeous
scenes were produced with compara
tive ease whereas to have built the
grounds and palaces specially it would
have taken several million dollars and
rendered it a business Impossibility.
Special permission had to be obtained
from the Royal Cabinet for the use of
some of the buildings and assurance
had to be given that none of the his
toric arabesques and marbles would
be disfigured. Even with all the ad
vantages at the disposal of the Cinl
Company it is a wonderful achieve
ment which could hardly be duplicated
anywhere else than in "Eternal Rome."
"Quo Vadis" furnishes amusement, In_
streetmon and inspiration sad fuy mr
It the rest imeem it h be acieved.
T :: : . . .
, . , - 1 `"1 ,T '. - .
." . v . . . . .. . : T
,-; -. Mka .... H : m :.:. In'a . .:- 'i
S ... ' :r. a :! 1 , I:: .. K:::.k a: . M r
:: . . an M... .i.....r n a. .:1 e .T.
T:..:,. ar that . e. : ,:. f all roari:
,rus al farce s C. ta 1-, .' McFaI r ';
-thin' rearranged, sparkline and reju
,inated. The manaeml n I . has r-.
plated elerythinz heretofore used wi:h
entirely new up-to-date material and
in conrs quene it is a brand new and
tkorouhlk finishMr e and comdMr. spectac
nklar review of te la'est fads and runn
Chines of tha dace s. taFa>. den c Flats.
thnas on sarrac. sarnin the and reo-not
p-naiton among inaravaenant faes .
land the idea of remodefori the scenic
Senl ironment and reconstructing the
enpiece enerallew has been an annual oand -
in currence, but this season an etra ef-w and
fort has been made in the way of re
aneing the lines, situations and a de
anidedl refreshin modeling there scenicrm
jcidedly refreshing atmosphere perme-!
ates the entire performance. A bril
liant and prettily costumed chorus 3f
youthful maidens assist in the attract
ively arranged ensembles and the mod
ern popular music leaves nothing to
be desired in a musical way. The spe
cialties are the best that ever appear
ed in any musical farce comedy. A
wealth of money has been expended on
"McFadden's Flats' 'this season to cos
tume it beyond the fondest dreams of
the indulgent public.
First Lawyer-I bear you are having
trouble in getting a jury for that auto
mobile case? Second Lawyer--Yes
We object to everybody who owns a
car. and the other side ruole out all
who don't.-Pock.
On account ot making a trip to e.L"
grea. Ala., I will be absuat from my
le from the 15th at Agsat to the
lat de a pteme.r. Dr. 3. 0. ýawq
Very Little. but Too Much.
Fc:""1 . T',,. . r , f ": ... . .. rt r,.:r;
t i X1-,' - C. 1.
St :' ,- i:. - ' ' . : .
The Rest ess P.per.
St ..a . .. r a .-: .' ,,r
g.um.sF a .:.' '. . t. . : ,N ,,r .
e ..j e *4 . i rat: r: :(" 1
. t he . ' l.r Le ': . . t;:.
1: 1 street : ". to his f
'1 cant .t r ft.' .C
one getting theu :. e --th1 a coutL.e
stone.' "
Barbers In Egypt.
In Egypt a large pr . n-:: . f "!:e
bar!.l r, re state fun tllt.arii  A,
cordi..; to an edi t issu:c- ty Ibrahi:n
Paýh.h In 1'.4', every vil:age barber
was crrdl.rte. wh,:n death occurred lan
his I:tr<i t ti t,:.e a areful exanm!na
Utir., f the ,-."r-,-, ai:.d rep,,rt to the au
th,,rt:- i ,y1. .-:a ,o,.urring through
ei e.'t!: . td:i e:,- e r foul play. Severe
pe:i: ties wer, n ::.il->tsl for any neg.
.-, t ,f thi- Iu;:,. and a fee of 5 cents
was lp::dl for ean h c:teth regi.tered.
So-,me e..rs -o t!:he syste : of payment
by fees wa. at:o .-la:., an: each village
b:r!,er ntw d, ws from the govern
Sment a fixed salary for his services.
New York's First Elevator.
The tirt pas.-l.zer e.c :,r i:, New .;
SYork was lo,_atrt in the o,lI [tIfth Ave
- nue hote;. The tar was pr -,,e::.-,i up,
h and down the e.evator slhaift :low:y by i
d the re-vuotion of a :arge steel screw
i In-ide a s:t-e\e or a. ket in the center
of thie ar The :n,. :tcient was s:n,,oth .\
and ord;,.'triiy cu,:frtalt e, anI the
e!evatsr ,trxted its i,u:rt.se fur many
eara.--New \urk TriLuue.
Mc ia is prid,, ed rommercially by .
eight states. North Carolina leading In ;
the industry. i
i ni' ., S:at- of Am"ri -a. :tate of l-u'.i- YS
- ana. Parish of Or.-,ans. City of N-w 'tr t ,)
Be it kn ,wn that on thi< twenty-fifth ,lay a'
.,f the month of Auglt.t. in the. y,:ar of our Le-a
I.,rd one thous-and nine L':ndlr,.,t and trhi -
t.rn. andI of t:i". Independen,' ote If he n.t.- "I
ia',s f Am.-.r:;a. the -,n-e unidre andI "
tirtv-er.!:hth. l--f-r, ne. W. Mor-art t ar *.-.. tr1
a notary public. duly c mmtssione-I and I!
-worn. In and for the city and the parih
of Orleans. therein resiln, and in :
presen, e ,of the witnesses herinaft. r named alt
a.n. und. rigntd,. personai:y came and ap--'"
peared : "
1st. Mr. Arthur B. LACour, a resident
, -f this ,ity of full age of majority, pre t- em
dent of the Ezania Re-alty Companyun and ace'
tund. Mr. Ro.=.-rt E. McEvy. a r '.1nt Iat
of this city of full age of majority, sere- :
tary of the said Etania RIaity CoiTmany. an
herein appearinz under and by virtue of ta
auth:ority in th-m vested by a resoiuti,n
adopted by the stockholders at their me.-t- pr,
inc of June tith, 1:93:i. at the office of the abll
company, at the hour of I u'clock p. mi.. of
which said resol'ztion adopted certain n
chane.s to, tw made in the charter of the
sail Eganla Realty Company. .imitntd. anI wb
instructed said president and secretary to th"
appear lefore the unde.rsi.n.-d notary and by
it s-aid changes into authentic form; a copy tut
of which said res."lutlun .n its entirety duly In
certified to by the secretary-treaiir of tic
said company. Is hereto attached andI madeI e
part h.r- ,of.
And here the said appearers declare-I. that p:t
in conformity with the r.soltln adl,peted- it
and the ftrtherhne of their Instr ,itlns t, cia
change. amend and alter the charter of .ald tO
-,npany as her-after fol:ows, they do now pat
chan.ze, a an a-nd the -iiarte. f'C this com- nt
pany. chantint the n;al .J. rtot fr mn the 10
Igania Realty Company. Limit.,l. t, the o,
Andry Realty c',mipany. I.itrel." s that -
henc-f-,rth., th, said company will use on'y l)t
tne namu-. and !- known as. the Andry
Realty Company. Imimited. and said char- lh
ter stands so amended.
And ,n obedience t, f, rth-r instrui ti-on-' la
under said resolution, instructing them to,
change alter and modify (he chart-.r ,f sha
said Eganla Realty Company. Limited. in -i·
r,-ference to the arrangement of the cap;- wh
i:al stock, without in'readng and diluin- of
lshlng said capital stock. anti that raid cha r- ,
ter be amended so as to read that : er
"'The capital stock of this cotlanir shall prr
i- one hundred thOlsand dl-.lars ,$1"..- tir
in.l).a . divided Int, and represented !,y , ni' the
hundlred thusand t100,'0c ,ga'-s ,f thee
par value of one dollar I$sl1 t eactl." itL onf
:I.'u and in playce ofI th. par..-raph radinz. t ,
that the capital ar,-k of thi. crp-,rat::,n by
.hall be one hundred th..,alnd ,b-la-.,
,.$1 ,._I .".0, d iv -ti.d int o one hun red tir ,
thousand shares tl*,.otiO, at une hJndre-d trr
doilars ,$li,.'s3, ca-h. ho!
And the said appearers d..-lare that sai ad,
meeting was cal,,d and be!l in c.nfo'rnli:ty ist
with law after due pl.:iaeatl.n. and that t:e on
entire outstandirg stock voted at said mn- - at
Thus done and passed In my off-ce. t tth, I
city of New O)rleans. on the day. mu-nth and voI
y ear herein first a irv, written. In tv.- ;,r.-~- his
ence of Alfred DL. Preston and Joseph Arm- dal
ishaw. competent witnesses. whi- here-tnt-, i- -
sign their names with the salil alpp;,ear- ri ir
- and me. notary, after reading ,,f the w:-,.-. ~ha
O()rigrinal signel: Arthur It. La' --.r. pr.-- of
i dent; Robert E. McEvoy. secrretary-tr-as- pr,
a urer. A. D. Presten, Josepn A-,shaw.
W. MORGI;AN ';LKl.EY. Not. P'ub. me
I. the undersigned. recorder of m-,rtapes po
In and for the parish of *rleana. .tate of ,t
: Lulsiana. do h. reby certify that the above e
[ and foregoing act of incorporation of the dir
•.Erania Realry Company. tImlt.- was
I amended and was this day duly recorded In Ri1
my ofce In book No. .. fol No. - *.
New Orleans. La.. Aug. .sth. 1913. sht
SSigned, EMILE J. LEONARD. I. D. R. Ja
I hereby certify the above and foregohn= e:
to be a true and correct copy of the amend- shi
meat of the charter of the Eranta iRealty
Company, Limited. together with the ertl- ofi
fleate of the recorder of mortgage- for th.- tot
parish of Orleans hereto appendled. on file p-,
and of record in my notarial ofce in the tI.
gcity of New Orleans. Loutsiana.
Saug 2 sept 4 11 18 2.3 oct 2
United States of America. State of I;uis!- pr
ana. City of New Orleans. pa
Be It known, that on this twenty seventh -a
(27th, day of the month of August. tn th,
year of our Ldrd. one thousand nine hun- ,,
dred and thirteen (1913'. and of the Inde- ra
pendence of the United States of America lic
the one hundred and thirty-eiglhth, before mi
me, Melonay Charles Sonlat. a notary pub th
J Hle, duly eommiloned and quallled in and fo
for the pariah of Orleaa, state of laoist- sh
* ass, sad ia tie ot the witnesses at
Matinees Daily
"Quo Vadis"
The World's Greatest Motion Picture Ever Produced
August 31
Matinees--Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
"McFadden's Flats"
Nemo Theatre
Every Night--Prices 5 and 10 cents
SUNDAY - - - 10c for Adults.
Opelousas Ave., Bet. Bouny and Powder Streets.
High Class Vaudeville and Motion Pictures. Two Performances
Nightly -Three on Sunday.
PRICES-Week days. to all S cents. Sunday. Adlits 0c.: Chbldret Sc.
, *, .in :e::. ., - an , nt : !.,: t:. `'
Arti-' I -The niane and t' f
rp....~i, n .sha : . t. v Itv-.y ,art.
pany. an it sha: li tare and 'n;
p brate isu '-iin f-or a perl,, 'f nin tv '"i.
year' ifrm this dat., and s.t,. ha.- f..
i r . ,,:  e. ,f t " bul!n. a t" 1 car; it'
on ly it, all the p.'wer: ,onf.. I -d in a
aima coirp.Jration. including thie p'wer t'
.innrcst det i. trrow mne.y,. is-u.' nti.--e
and other ) '.iatinsi. and to pir- has., leao-.
-*tli. n r:'a-. p;,llg. exih.anLge and oth,-r
wi<** a !q.i ,,. aienlan e ,r ,t!.<.;-. of pr; -
ert. real, pe-r:inal or mixnd. :n the p'ise. t
t!,n of its- tIii.n s- : to contriet. -au- and l,[
sted : to make and iu.s if it s" d.'lr, -s, a
c.,rpolrate seal. and the nsame to -reak ,r
a:t'r at pleasure: to make 'y' aws f,,r it+
, vernm,,nt. and the same to alt.-r, amn'nd
or repeal at plrasulr.' to' name and employ
such managers. directors. odiers,. a:i-ent anldi
employeesi as its interrete may r quitre. antd
Generally to ,.xercise all the pw.ri ti...s
.ary ,r -onven!ent to, carry on .-ali busines..
Artiie II.--The domicile if this -or; r
ation shall be in the city ,f N,.w Ilri".rita
state of Louislana, and all citatin- and
other t0-z.al prIir,.-. shall ,'e ervet lon the
president. and in case of his alenie. or dl.
ability, on the vice-president. and in cisen
of the absence or disability of lbth of said
a)eert. then on the tecr,-tary tr--asurer.
Artfile III.-The objects and purposes f,.r
which this corpratli.n is organized, ant
the nature of the tnuilness to .i caurriedl ,l
;y it. atr, here.!y declared to tbe to mnanullfar
ture. purchase. ,or otherwise al'llre, d.-al
In and sell. novelty articles, and more par
tcularly clasps. garters. t.r an ssu<ip.-n!.
res if ,,very kind and c.hara-.tr lllat..avy r.
ls.) all parts. d.-vices and instrumrnts. a;,
;:ances,. mac'hnery and thilns n,.ensalrv
in the manufacture of salt n--,vel. artl.i-c.
rla-ps, s arters. elts and sispeln,}.-r . iand
a ac-uire by lease. purcha.e tr aht-r. i-,..
atent rights and trade marks in th.e in
:erest and weha!f of salt ',uines,. and ?
to any and all other thins ini.lental to, .
,nn.-t~ed wtl:h sald business.
Artitcle IV.--The caplat! -,ork if this car
ioration is hereb-y fizs! at "w-.ntrv th ,t-lanlt
Idltars a $*tain ea.i1 pald - alt. th vitl+1
nto and re.preseut-d by itw' !.unred ,:-1i ,
hares of the per value of ,ne hun'ire',lI dpi
:ats iSlt-e.i'i per share.
Article ' .-All powers of th:l! ,r-r. stl',n
hail be vested in a board 'f liret. t-'r. .,n
.tin" ,l if nit less 'han thr.. e + khi . l",i 'l .
nhI, shall i. *..-,t,,l annuil:.vy at a m -eeit!n
if the st,,,'kholilers. to 1 . he.lil ,. l the tircs
Molonlay in January of ea h antd vs, rv y"--r.
'Icp t the ,ar, of dlirct': rs her.:naf' r"
rovlt,tl , f r. wh,, shail ho:.l - ntil I', ,
rat MonLday in January-. ,1:I. :r nI :;
heir suc·es-s,,r- art e '. :-Pl an!, i 1lU.tl"1.
A tlll t t lon s *it be h lab i-a-.: at th
ifhre of the ::i uan. 'unlter t'.." u'i er..
tlon of two ,nlttiislt:.. ers, to i a ;-"':nt,-i
iv the !.-ar-.
N,:tirl c'f ,ai koller' ment-',n_ or .
tins slihll . gvren iy the ,:.nry "r.i
irer. in writung. ditliv, r,.- r -ed et h -'
io.-ri- in per-son or mall'.-l t., his ' i-t kn.win
adidre-'ss. at i.. ast ten days pr. t, , .,h
st'". khotlers" meetiti- our :"- .,t : --s. ,r .y
in.i pibllcati:,n in a newspal'a-r .,f t his cIy.
It least Iten days prior to sib,?1 .-.rtr::.ns :r
meetings of stockholders.
E:very stockbltetr shall b" entiti.! to -.n-e
vot.' fir each sh.are of -t,,ck ,.anding in
his name on the '*.ka if the . nrmr.alyi at tf.l'
date of said st'i-kh-sitert- mistini ,r elee
ti--n. .asd rote ti 1$' ca? In persan. r '-a
written proxy, and' a :najorlty of ",t.*. .."t
shall .!.b t,. or pr.v:1t. p .rtided a maju.ri'y
of shares <f atr'k tu:--d stal hayve ":ti
present or re;,ronte.t.
Failnre to -li-et directors at any ann :lat
meeting shall n--t dissolve or aff,-t '- -"
poration. 'lt the dirictor~s in 'e - t .!
-.nln::e i1 -si-h intil their si-.a's -s .,,"
-ltc .d and qualifled. The firut I-rltid '.f
directors. undr thll ch.irt-. `,' ,n-.
'f" Nagl-nt B Va!rin. pr.--.!le.t : . fna, i A.
ifet!. vice-president; : ;u-sta I. lia-lain.
s.cretary-treasur-rr : 'sait tard t .f i lirre',,r "
shall hold ofce until the ti-d: \i ntlv in
January. 1915. or until their s~-ie. .pors are
e:l. ted and qualified. and any two -if whom
shall constitute a qu,.r:; n.
All vacancies In the board. or among t!:
oficers, shall be fil::l by the remaining dir -
tors. and any member ,f the board may a;
pint any other t:w kh'lder his prtxV it" at
t.-nl any meetinl In his place and '.t I
The e.aarl shall be vetted w!:t f't : ; ,w
er and authority to make all ,',nitras :r
bases s.al-s. ant I irfottrm all "' r 'to r,.,
-seary f-or the prioper con-l ift :f t. ! 
The slgnatltre of the pre,id-,' ,- vr''
pres!* n shall +e tintlnt '-n ' .. . "- :
panty wh!n attache- t, cL.k 'ksr " ...
'aid c,)mpany.
Article VI.-This crpra)rin -m.,: !-. I -
solved either by limitation or a '- . '' !
vote of the capital stolk. is"ti:'. an I -.: I
liquidation shall to ,carried . n by tw., e',:::
misaloners to be appint-.d fr' m am,-nin-:
the stockholders at a general meetln: -a;l·l1
for that purpose. of which meeting not!,
shall be given as hereinabove provided for.
and a majority of the capital stock present
at such meetlin shall elect. Said commis
slobe shll remiia In o uie until a full
iird.ltuin ., .-f T : p, -,1 ang.
, '.- d i ,r t , ... t . ., i ' i" .- r i r . . h .
n?1 V. r r *
" :-". .!nl -l I i- . i ,", % ? , ,irt i x i ,a rr.'
info :na'i rv ini .. In: zati :1 !ive th. t ff.ct
i 'rn rin n .r "I * .ing
any -.2 kh.l dr! t,, :ny 'i.l.ii' v !...yod th,.
uitpz i!i ,.itat mI, .n ri . k.
Thut d.,n*n antd p t-,,I. iti unM oltl-' in
the " iry N. ~%. 1r..in+ th. dlay. month
.tnd , . r tir +t v ."" . :to"n in tI " pre.sen.e
of M\ . .- i'.l- t : r: .. J Itlvt and Th',,·lnor.
P' Son at. cnj.. tent witrnl.... reh+linyg In
t tyv. wh,, hinv. h,:.: .,in'm , sirld their
namen< i!th appt.armsr an me, notary. aft.er
di'.e r'ading f te wul ' .
iOriginal s !.ne,: N,' .nt R Valrin. 149
shar,:: A. ,. Itiff.l. :., ,ha",. Glins Riahl
win. I share. Wliru,".o. . ý' ia,. J. Rivef.
The, I'. Stntat.
M. . S1INIAT. Not. I'nb
Ie:PorId,l In th.* m rrt.a.-, .,tm,. tmhk No
1119. follo --. New Or!lans. Ia.. Aug. "7,
FMII. .1 [.E 'NA.RI. Py. Ree.
I. the undersatnei notary. do bereby cer
tify that the at.ov." and ftore',ong is a trle
and correct copy ._f the oriinail act of r·.
ord In my oflier.
In faith whereof. I hav,' hereonto set my
hand and ailfiz.d1 the inlmpre -f my ,mclaLl
sial. this 27th day -,f .1,rultV . II.!::
M. *. SiNI.A T. Nut. Put,
au; 21 sept 4 11 15' 25 ot 2
Miss Louise Koppel, the winsome
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Koppel, entertained a few of her
friends on last Thursday, the occasion
being the tenth anniversary of her
Many games were played, among
which was "pinning the tail on the don
key." Dorothy Kraft received the first
prize, while Reine.tte Kennair received
the booby. Dainty refreshments were
Those present were: Cecelia and Em
ily Slack, Dorothy and ('arlotta Kraft.
Ada Malone,. Lois and Alicia Gravols.
Rienette Kennair. Janet ('alvin, Louise
Koppel, Mr. and .Mrs. Geo. Koppel. Misms
Ophelia Koppel. Al Koppel and mother.
It has betni officially announced by
P. J. Orfila, g,,neral Southern agent of
the French Line, with headquarters in
this city, that two of its steamships
will bring immigrants to this port next
month. The Hudson comes on Sept. I
a-d the ('alifornie seventeen days
Commissioner Re.dforn !,'lared that
was the best news !..' had hoard, as to
the immigration mo(tnmeent in this see
tion, for many mor.'hs, and: it looked
good for a busy season this winter.
While nothing dc.ini:e (ould be learn
ed as to the nuln.,-r of aliens to come
here it is (ertain the shi;ps will bring
a large list in cabin and steerage.
The state immigration department.
with Justin F. I)Dne haud representing
it locally, will be ready to divert as
much of the immigration as possible to
Louisiana. and he will b, assisted in
every way in this con:mmndaab'e unt:er
By the time the }Hi is. n :ni,.s here
everything at th stat:i,,n will be ;a
full working order,. as there cnly re
mains a few f:.~i:.ig touches to the
grounds and equipment, and the new
comers will be handled In an excellent

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