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J. Cabibi, Proprietor and Manager-Shoes Made at,. Repaired by Electricity.
.I ('abih,i. the proprietor and mana
-r f the above plant, was born in
1'.l thirty-eight years ago. Twenty
-'n,': years ago he came to this coun
w':y 'ith his parents and for twelve
iars he worked under his father in
he shoe repairing business, learning
- ry detail and enabling him to be
, MQ'I
·· ~~i ·- r;.. ·
onll-" one 'of the' bl,-t i ll lis line c
At the age of \tw e\ -u(tie. lie talme
delsirous of bran hbina out for h!i:ii1elf
and eolwntd a Ih tle shop corner of lIon
ni and P'eliian aonUe. here his busi
neis began to grow and he was co111
polleld to move to a larger shop corner
Opelousas avenue and Ttech.' street.
Hlis strict attention to business and
tliorough knowledge of his work has
made him the Siccessftul nler'hant that
he is.
This plant, 712-14 Tle'he street, is
thorough!y e';auipped with the- latest im
proved elhctric machinery whiiich en
ables' him to turni out the, best made
shoes to be had and at plri es that can
nlot be beaten by anll. liegiles spe
cial attention to the manufacture of
l .l1n's and boys' shoes. In addition to
the improved machinery. which enables
n111 to make his shoei at a nominial
Sost, he pjurchases all his leather at
\i hh ·>:!h, ?etting both the l. ather and
the linidin:s direct from the tannery.
This dives himn the advantage of select
ing the very- best leather over the
smaller shops. In leaving your order
a ith Mr. Cabibi you can therefore- be
assure d of getting the \ery best value
for your money and a visit to his shop
will convince one of the up-to-date
manner in which he works. Our peo
ple should patronize such a progressive
spirit and patronize home industry.
In addition to the above low priced
new shoes, Mr. Cabibi has on hand all
the time from one hundred to one hun
dred and lfty pairs of unclaimed shoes
SAttention Ladies!
This is just what we are doing and we are selling these
goods so much cheaper than the regular stores, that
we have caused quite a sensation among the ladies.
We have just received and are now offering for sale
a great shipment of
Ladies Coats and
Coat Suits
Ranging in price from $5.00 up-You must see these goods. Store and fixtures for rent after
December 20th. This is why we are offering such exceptional bargains.
Just look at these special offerings
$110,.00 Bed Room Set for $65.00 New Iron Beds, Low Prices
Nottingham Curtains 35 cents up Blankets worth $5,00 $1.75
Best Sewing Machine Made for $16.00 Brussels, Rugs
Fine Pianos $165 to $200 and up 10 Cases of Fine Toilet Paper at a Bargain
Credit Extended to Responsible People. Cash or Time Payments.
Peter CallagherAuction &Real Estate Co.
334 Carondelet Street
.at a prit t ,ha'. rr
ý pie (an afar -1 9
'& winter
Mr. (:atibi i a ta\Jpa.~~~ m
jeritcan c~itizen,.iý. ;Itlt!:1 r Iirt
hoe reat~ht-d the' .,t~t or tatt ntV-ý il
F~or the past tift ).a rs lit, ha !''e-h
Ia Ineniher of Or.ua," 'talIt No. c" W 0I.
\ll t). \\, lit is also a int]tUii er o (f
h, a't .bo Knit- inaia ioIttt
I't r,o  i, in.: their s.:ate taxe.s lino
tiat thei:' late has bee-ti increased two
till!, Oer last year, and instead of
one.-mill l\ e," tax they are now made
to ptay tiitre, mills. In fac(t, instead of
th,. ol li\'e mIills state and one mill Ie
ie' tax o,f a feat ,a:rs sinec', tih pro
plrt:. ot. er< of Orleans parish thi
'eir linli th.et l<t .ies taxed *;t mill
ltait ttax- and : t mills levee taxes,
niaki:.g a total of ,lt q tuillt . Ite etnt
ltegiltti -e iatl tllents. \witit ttnstitt -
tihtal at etdit ltm'nt.s, gal e I mill for
( I'tnfederate terains and one-quarter
tuiil for good roads, britting the state
,\. ilop to t;tt mills, or a total of $S.25
on the tihottamld. instead of $6.45 for
Mlan.' persons calling at the otlhte of
Tax Collector John Fitzpatrick. in the
new Courthouse building, fail to bring
the requisite amount because of the
heavy increases, and have to return
home for the balance. As a rule they
are severe in their condemnation ofi
the increased taxes.
After Dec. 31 taxes for 1913 will be
come delinquent and subject to a pert
ii. . . .- " .. .
. - . : : ' .
·--* ·' .!. . .
'. .::
` '...
\ ; 1; ;' ! :r t r a t!: ,': . 1 rd
m t h ' ali !h. ld lh" (Tres. ::I - lt 1u
urd, k aio 'rl .l r :b t :i of ;Ih,
'- t n t ;, t e , " ? " faki li.- ar, t . el ehd
e d[ gin't l t , ' ,orf ,V r c ut , 'ri d ti t h ' .
h.l - " 1i .1 1 h1 , t i , a' ) a::
I o,:,". o: r ii r it, , t -. m I lows to
UFsed is' .'I -rf pi l e o'' rt r t, t:'oK
ijackths atoid I l I s a ki  " :id, I l
and lIar I t itoo s ri, :sh tr I t.,l ,:
A drut-i sat Idlrtaa isiu,
shown, I]h i', (-lit fri-ni a ;mi 'f ' , I " r" l j
lwith half-inchi t lcks. It I..,- II, , l
tar kimono , sl a t .o is itill], l t, il::g
S.t in. throlugh ýi h.it'h :i it, !:-i \ ii
ribbon is run. t ih bot ldy its : a: th
a belt of embrmid,rrv. l'h , ltt [,at, u ,
set on the belt. isl plain aim l.t. -. d
with a narrow htui lsewt.w1 lit : At,
edging of Val lace is ',Wuiipt d to th,'
hem and finishes th,, m,.ck ainld i~i ''*vs.
oows of narrow ribbon d, ,ratm e the
sleeves and are placed over ithi. uttton
fastening at the neck and w'arst
The material for such a sack at!l
cost atinv"%here from one to two dolt
lars in good qualities.
A short kimono jacket of silk or
printeod cottons costs next to nothing
in the Itatter of material. Tlo yards
of yard-v ide goods is an ample allow
ance for it.
The woman who can sew neatly'
finds it bl,ible to take the simplesti
materialo - short lengths and remnants
of goods that cost next to nothing
and conve\rt them into just such pretty
kimonos alnd dressing sacks as are,
bhown hi re. It requires very little ex
'. ' ta
penditure of money, but some time and
ability to make them up-but they are
worth it.
8omethlng pretty and useful as well
makes the best of all Christmas gifts
to women frends. Here is a group of
dainty feminine belongings all easy to
make and costing anywhere from 50
cents to $2 or $3, depending upon the
sort of lace used in them.
The bonnet-shaped cap is made of
a half-yard of all-over lace and three
quarters of a yard of lace plaiting
which is bought ready made. A circle
having a diameter of 18 inches makes
the crown. This is gathered into the
bound edge of the ready-made plaiting.
Two yards of ribbon an inch and a half
wide forms a band about the face and
neck finished with a little baow at each
side. The plaiting is turned back
about the face and tacked to place
The crown of the oth er cap is made
of two strips of ribbon and three of
lace, each six inches wide. They ame
stitched together. A yard of plaited
net makes the rufe. The crown is
sewed to the plaiting and an elutlo
7 inches long is sewed at the jopint g.
8atin ribbon one inch wide is gathered
to form little flowers of four petals
each. Four of these are set across 'e
front of the cap with a hanging loo.
and end making a fnish at each slde.
The corset cover made of strrip of
point d'esprit takes some time to
make', but very little expense to buy
the materials. The point d'esprlt strip
(or narrow edging of this pattern) are
Joined by an inexpensive cluny pattera
of insertion. A beading of Swiss em
broidery about the top and the waist
carries a satin ribbon less than an
Inch wide. A very narrow Val edge
finishes the top and the shoulder
straps are made of these narrow Imnse
tlions stitched together.
These airy bits of finery are meant
to wear under thin dresses, for spe
cial occasions. They are so pretty the
recipient is sure to treasure them and
enjoy the luxury of wearing them.
OF TIlE .MOOIY u-i '.s: 4'OMi'ANY
IR. it known, that on this sixttli day of the
month of Ieembelr, In th- yeir: i-f ,oulr Lord
one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, and
of the independence of the IUnltt States of
America the one hnudred and thirty-eighth.
before me, Sol Weiss. a notary pubilitc. duly
commissloned and qualified In and for the
above city. parish and state, therein residlng,
and in the presence of the wltness-s herein
after named and underslign-d. personally
came and appeared: the several persona
whose names are hereunto subscribeld, who
declared that availing themselves of the pro
visions of the state of Loulaana .and espe
cially of the provisions of Act 7R of the year
1904., they do by these present·s. for them
selves, their associates, successors and as
stig.s, form themselves, their associates, suc
M arx, yman & Klein
920-922 Canal Street, Uptown Side,
Read These Extraordinary Values
(; ;tI *-:
Marx, Hyman & Klein,
920-922 Canal Street, Uptown Side.
-"lll: STOR :" THIAT (,TIVE. 'I l: IiES ' 1\L.'I:
75c 16.5
50c 7.9b8
l,' , , ' i . ' I I.. ` .:: , "
8.5 0 6.98
,r 5.. l.art.. t , . 19 C
15"00 .. r .
15.00 1.
A ltcrattons } re, 1 "' '
o30.0 Wone .n's Brocadd Plush C.it; 2.50
Hi ... ,me Plaum Lace Sets 18.98
98c ^ltton jr.
$10.uO Woment's Heavy Blaik Broad
Wumn' r . tsh Handkerch ets cloth Coats
See our Large Brown and Black Concy
Women's and Mss. Coats Fur Sets, also the Blue
ot Goat Sets, 6.98
S 6.98 They're Astonishingly Cheap.
Remember, and bei :- r: cn you purchase a dress or
suit of us, "'VE 1)O Nt) ':iA1:GE F:OR ALTERATIONS."
,, . .-..... i -, l I .. .l ill: l1 . . l, 1 , , 1.1;
au ni\ l i t I' ~ to i'' l ' tl ni ' . t'I "
.1 ` 11 l .11 :" '1, '' ht* an f p * 114''' pr port
' ' ' 1 .h " 1,;nl! l ti Il c-eh;c n ti-'
J" ar,'' ",' .rs l i -, u111 f, lia" Il s lla d
'''I·I ,,~l ,lli~l 'i - ; 1.,c--- I ' lite.ei?.
a, lh t" r t.ik, n :to, 'll a Ii  l te l 1 l. i
i~i:.ll id _ , illJ+. ~Iii, · i lr- i :li~ ~Ir,- ' , '.ll. ;iii I
ilie .1n11e ti altehr ind chat..-':l at h,I,; I.re,
an t, make an;d .tabllIsh tich by laws,.
ul!,s :ad r, ul:tt .n : fi r the pr- te'r n-.ilnaile
lieit and control ofif the affairs of the s:lld
icllrlpllration a mili Ie rell'e•ry and proplwr
t IlTI 'll: II. i'The domic i-le iof Ihl- cotrpo
atil, stai . .ill I -t, in th e ity of New Itrhlelns,
parish of etlril an, and state of inat' .lan.
All .tit ;1,,ls oinad othr ieeal proer-..s sll be
seirve oni Ihhe lpre.ident of the comipany, .or.,
in the. event of his albtel-. from the city, or
dilability to alt, uiionl the vice pr.eident, or
the s'-er.-talry treatiurer.
.UlTTIC LE III. The puirpere for which
this -,'rleiitiion is ftirid, andi the L nature of
the iusiness to Is, carried on bly t are hereby
dclintred to be to manufeactiur" and sell as
int-.,laos and all ruler goods or componsitions
including ttlllestos or ritlwer and for the
s'ellingl and dis.poingt of the samte; to tianus
fature and l iotherwise prepare ail sw.to rIoIf
ing; to manufaIturel all kinds of roitins, and
to deal thlreln : to rconstr.t, adJIsti and
place the same in bltildings. tand structurt.e,
andllll to make an deal in all kinds of alestos I
gitsels, tlre and flabrics.
To deal in all kinds of attomotiille supplies,
e.specially rublwr tires and casings, eli., and
to deal tiene-rally in all kind; of oils and
tpaints iteces-ary in the rooting business. as
.-ll as it have, the right t e buy, sell, either
o il ion.sirgntl t or cottnisson. any and all
article's nressary tio Icarry on the ablive bius
ine.-: :ind to ldo all and any ither kind of .
ltsinessllll and tally atr.l or thig t halt may iwe
tireeiary to carry outill tihe o.jects ani pur
po. of the said l orporation.
.tt lrIIl l,: IV. The! ecapiltal stock of this
criilratiion is iheriebyv tilxel let the suin iof ten
thesitand l Inrs .t. dosesc, to Ie repreie'nt
edl by one hundtre'l shares at thlie par value
of on* hundre'd dollars 1(il0)It elacthi a ind
three thousiandll dollars $:l,eilO oif the said
clpital stock muslit ibe suberildl aeid pail in
ecs llb efore the compeefeany can organize' and
te-eome a geing concern. The retmining
stilres of ttaid stouck shatll tIw laeited by the"
tlstrd of directorl asr they shall d,,eim tlit and
pro;,e r. 1
A11 sh:ares of etoutk -hall tbe pall for In
rish, property reoelved', 'or labor twrftoritrned.
con i mtustl Ise fully will tNr pt- tihe i.sseunnee
f the ceiirtllct, thlerefor, and shall he non
,erthtir:lite, transfera t le, oly on thil hooks
of the company, on the inrrrentd.r of the out -'
lstanding ee.rtlittate,. or di.ue proof f lo lns.
ftel.fore alny stock can lee transfeI rre'el It
itutl ibe first offered In writing atlel nat its
lok talutee to thei board f ldirectr. of th le
,·l iatl;tny. who shall have th' ill opetion of llpur
,.hotinTl slame at the said book valie at the
tiime the said stock is offe-red; alnd shrould
tlll director fall to malke lipurcheii ofl sel
estok writ tlin sixty dcls from the timee of of-.
fer. tUin- thl hIht lr iand wier of thel stock
tniay diepse of it in t hee orpten tima-rket.
The. s~Ilhi capital stock maty tIc IncreasedrR
or dihninished by pror**.0din.;s Iiken in a'
Ierdance withit th laws of the state of I.u
ltTfrl(Il: '.- The" oficers of this torpo
r:ttin shalll consist of ea pre-itd,ntl. ta v.Ie
prl)e.ident and a eiretairy-t ri-tur-er, all of
eltwhom shtnll together ,on-tllcite iit .-,rd eof
dlre'ltors. two of whot shall con-etitt, te a
loritm l for lthe transaction otf iil.ile: andt
all rrporate p owers shall Ite ete'd1 in and
exer'el-d by this board of dirletot-'. Th'e
tirlt eboarl of dire"-tors shall consist if tyoins
I;.. Mwly as presilent aned reeral rtIn iteer,
and Italatnm .. I 'ol as vticc' presi. nt tand
l.yle i ,ax-n as secretary tre:as"trer;: whcc shall
s'ir're- untitl their i r 'cnecsoris are ie d ly c tle', tedl
rlnd qal i-d on tlie second Tiues liay in July,
19!1 4.
The..' ea hoard of dlre.ctcrs sNall tc elect
ed iannually- thereaft-er on the -''oneld 'i'celtcav
in .lly cof .'reli year, or as ''ill- tlih r"-aifter
ias p-tsilI. at a stoekholder-s' ti-- e"tlng ron
vene-d for thict epurpose.
Ilt--lh '.hare of stock shall I lee -l tle'I to
one vtcte, tio i,' cast by the '.'to,'khoiee ri
eit --r in person or by proxy. 'rte tm.a.nrity
of thee stock present or repre.c-nt.-l h proxy
shall pe-.t. The annual me'tln.- f,,r the e,"i.t
lIon of the board of directort shaI . t ,re
,-e-*ded by ten (101 d va' noteli,,c . r:c.tl,-i to
tiest stockholder to a'tend satd :n,.'-l h.
.1ITI{'I.F VI.- 5e srtloekhel-i-er a all ever
Iw lilable or r.-sponsihlel for the' , t-eia'ts or
fauilts of this corporatlion. rer. shall atny
mere informality in theI orian!z-titln hare
the eTfeet of rend*'-"!ne thli- ,!atrt,'r ni'l., -r
of expositn a stckh<,c.!d.r o nnv Iltbil'c.
ctwond the amount dle on hl- rit"altil t-k
AIITI It.l VII. Thi- act c!f int,.crp, raln
nasv t -tlangedrl. altered or o'le'itiwt r tih"
c irporat;eii tn rim y It diellc e d, ecl ' ;le a Ce-te
of thre,' foutrths of the coieck re.r- ntedl it
a sp"clal mecttng called for ti-it lcpitr'.. ,
after It. reijer-ts' have teen iiade ktenown it
ten 110e days-' previouts nitle' ito wrl'in:.
dl,-ivered or malltted to e. I. stocirho' Ibc.r and
'non eomplinrng with the law. of lthe state
of Totlstana
Whenever the -rporation is di-sn'wd. Its
affairs shafll ee llttidated hv ltwo "ommi-
satoers appointed from the stockholders by
the board of directors.
Thus done and paissed In my ofe, In th1
city of New Orleans. Tlinlalana. on the day.,
month and year firat above written. In the
I. , I.' . n.-- h
*t in., t ! ;t, l
i , , I (:V II ,: .. 1.1..
.i-*.. DL'i T , a . 'i i! .4
IIp  ' ty, iR
I h, r l , h, ..-rtimy th Iit tfoe t Ve un*,
', The I I.t I ' (lI-'oe 4 r.npiLny and the lertitt
tL .f thie ri.ord-r "f nmortgLºg.-a oif the par
ith of iArl.l1n1, e'X cet. t the nurmbtr of shares
%ulu.b rbl».d are, omlitted.
.New Irln.o,, a., II. lomblr 6th, 11I1.
SIt. Wr.Iss. .otary Public.
der 1 4 25. Jan 1 S 15 1914
A New and Beneficial Organization.
The "Legal Aid Society" was official
ly launched on Thursday, Dec. 4th, in a
parlor of the De Soto Hotel, when the
board of dirertors of this new corpora
tion held an organization meeting and
.elected the following officers for the
ensuing year:
Win. J. Waguespack, president.
Mrs. Thos. J. Semmes, vice-president.
Mrs. Jessy Benedict Gessner, secre
Fred S. Wele, treasurer.
The other members of the board are
.Mrs. O. W. Chamberlain and Messrs. J.
.McLoughlin, John A. Grehan, Fred C.
Marx and Charles Ii. Patterson, thus
consisting of four lay members and five
awyers. Membership is open to the
public at large and we hope to soon
have a large enrollment, for to have
many people interested will guarantee
the success of our efforts to maintain
in successful operation this society,
which will afford free legal advice and
lc-gal services to those unable to pay a
lawyer's fee. The legal services, when
such prove necessary, will be perform
ed by various members of the bar,
many prominent lawyers having volun
teer.ed to help in this good work.
This movement was started by the
Louisiana Bar Association, and though
the Legal Aid Society is a separate cor
poration, it is under the auspices of the
Louisiana liar Association, which gives
it a strong position from its Inception.
All deisring cases coming within
the scope of this work should be re
ferred to the office of the Society.
wifich will h,, temporarily in the offlices
of the secretary at 309 Camp strt-,t.
The following committees were ap
'ornmittto on By-T.aws Mr Mare,
chairman;: Mrs. ('hamberlain, Mr. Pat
Finance Committee-Mr. (Grchan.
chairman; Mr.. Semmes, Mrs. Gessner.
Membership Committee--Mr. MI'
Loughlin. chairman; Mrs. Chamber.
lain, Mr. Weis, Mrs. Semmes, Mr. Pat
('omnitt",e to Systematize Our Work
Mr. Patterson. chairman; Mr. Marx,
Mr Gr,-han.
Dr. Harry E. Nelson, formerly of th
Hotel Dieu, has now taken up his re
dence office at 3801 Canal street.
Downtown office, 411-412 Macheca
building. Hours: 2 to 3:30.

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