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Railroad Schedules.
\t ,t 1::.I %\ , sst I}IN AND .RAND,
I t\11.11LT t Arrlvy
A 121'r.
ron i I:,.
4 . 4I 4.1',l " :4 . .
,0; ,. N ..
,!. . " ,, ' 1 7 T :10.I N
r :4:3 9m11
4alt A. In mI .nute,.
r. . , l:3 " n l Tier tl: e h' ur.
i., ' 4:lm . 1 , • " ' 4. I . '" ii, ",xr, ". 'I 2144
, i- * . " , )-. h4 ,r . [ tr T 4,'.' . a . 444
* ,'. . .'. it:, far l I 1a r,1 l'.
Sl.n. 4 and . .er, ,,lilt l t.: a n. n t.
I il.lL',A '1 14 .N STATI44N TO cNITETNA.
r. ' ". n I : i:'t.. 1 r t e . 1 ..r,.
atr ImIrn mia nt, A letio. 1 7 minutes, 23
inut'. an. td :' , mliit4o ' Iafter tle hour.
n l 4 I n410 ao i ''f ter tahe r e ur. h r.
tN.wtol a11r T" r lr ta.. 13 mI. . Itle.
Ilrlm te and ) mrlnitea afterr the hour.
lirst rt" leavs ;rllullrat1oO Stalilon 5:30
ma. aun o n the hour
pdlu a40 iu h ma t. at 1 th. hou .
Ilst ar Iate N or Car rn, minutes, 2eto
anl.r ·t lTe the i tn.. 1 t.10 a. 1 e.
tinutes and 4 0: mtnutte after the h our.
u'lnuter ard 4:n -Inin(mt anft the hour.
F.om Car Bara, 9 mnloutes, 29 mlutes
and 4 mloutes after the hour.
tawee Gretma (Jackson Awunue Ferry
Ndnwto , and lo , C e arl.lt, 13 minutes, 33
'lnute and Pacifc ntd ou ftr the hour.
pirs to For letb treet. t ce atlon tat 5:3rth
last cur le over amme rtoten ation 11 :t0
p M.
"ets ar leavas afor ('ar arn asia Newton
t.rry at Gretna.
I.l:AE AGIITA-O 6:0, 5 :10. 50 0 .
6:30, 9:10, *:20. 10:30, 1:1
3:10, :50, :.10 a. m.:10, :50, :
ACIF. t50. 60, :10 .h 10T R.
20u nutarvey's Canal 7 mntea arr the hor.
Elmira and Newton rSt., 5 minutes. 25,
minutesh and 4 1 lnutes after the hour.
and 49 minutes a Ater the oour.
2:05, 2:5 3:25 ~, 4:45, 5:25,
laass alPrey Castl 7I mainues aoaNr Ga
T Tg AoneaItTle.
aves Gretna (Je Oacre tnamor A Ferr
i 3nd0nl .. along eopers. , is A llveu. : passing
Texas and Pacific and Soutbern PStcir De
T1:tret to. Public Road. creas rv
analst Cr a Ateolle or erltae.
t:rm. over same route, eet the
Ferry at Gretna.
LETVE GARENBA-- :50TES 6: F:10. 0 :IO.
: :O 3 .9:n. :. r. 1o. :30. 11:10L.
11 :Sa... a.; 1: 0. 1t :10. :30p, a.
70:10p. ..h0C0 :80. :10, 95. 106.
:30a. In....aelflO TRApre.. p.m.
1:300a. [email protected] ime&"... C:50p
15 p .m. Moble ALeeomt...1. :55a.0.
5:30a.m....CIntelo United.... 6:p.m
11:100 0. . Th11 :U lr It . p .
5:OOa8 ..Noatgo ine ry .... :40p.m.
's3:25ps r.Oel Canal 7 m autes
log Gretna.. acr..... Stsm.
IretsrIl. St l tt
E:AV p. m.... t&LL Wash.:0. 6:417:5.a
8 :05. , 8:45. 9:25, 10o.'6 10:45,
ll a.m... m.er 12ae0, 1:4.. 4 :25.
2:05, 2:45, 8:5 4:5 4:43, 5:2t5,
Dl: :0. :.t.1:l . laer.t. :•r
0 :4ttl eral.. 8:45 m.; 12:. a
a l0. a .man le,
inng vmesvtlle.
each Gretna 1 ..........es after
lst Cpar avess Gretnae for hLe e l
u'it lTaeaves mtae...vlle for a.retn
12:405 . m...... :8a.
1 rUieTeen " OPPIorTUNIa~ asO alS
Tll le CITY.e ab l W
2:36p, m.h.rge F t'.1tlvm.
: i mm. . err .........:45a.m.
r. , N.n.i e eLlmptort and
S: a. h. a. ............. :1 m.
::45 .. eamoal fe I e.
str e.................. 1: 2p.
iI:3 m....SnsetEspre te
oata, m AmtCl. Fee Worth l
ell a ch ad eher aer th fac.
asp5 .. .............. 6:45m
II :0 a. .ISe. ac Olte. I a
Ailesma aon CalIenIa c.. 60:4 p m.
5:05 p.m.. Isytelaca Il•. taoe T
h t. o ptrt . 8:0d·6sm . :SO
teehel M. ....... .. . .. .4A .m
Feat Wet W s ....as a :d ethr
tea, ...lertdm Jiaeeo Fort
W .rth, Dalla m odet.r arth
T pinaOIts... ....... r.. ..
-l:4p 4.l n ll Nail,... ee Ia .
6:35am....Tua Ra......:.0p.m.
I:l8.aooa.Tetaecllds KIm.. 55_l.m
4:3 5.m....Prraer Mal ....l.:4e a.i0
1:O.l..her Otam. Dai... 555p-
11:45 m.rb eso aon . 1.t:15
(Staion Sd CMland1 md Elysa IJbL)
18. W a ~S..el.. Deach Ony..
A.Sllo etachl. ...... . :1: a p
A m 1on ..........:45am 5:10p
lave Shell Beach re
i.r. shell Beacn...... 7:40 am 6:00pm th
4r l'oydrss. ..... :0am 6:40 pm n
r NoSw Orlans . ... !'0a am t:"0 pm
I', 1'oin: . a la la-,he-- alt E a-pt S'aunda~y.
.v. Nw I hira m...... 6 ,th am 4 ::o pulli
Sir. i' . ir tr a ...... m i 3 a : pm
rt ]' il.u-, . a i l 'i . :45 am Ain :4 rpm
a rso r: salu 3:n:13pm
\. I\. , .,.. 4
I\. n1-t f ':or h ith :... ' ,·t o h as of <
,: '' a , i a i4'..... . . :1li piu ,
\e .A rol I T : .o"- . . ... . o Jo i
1, . 14 .1
1; I f Lo sIv. ,' i n 4 l-.-1a t.. i os orl in .t
Ni 1 '. i I I-its 'ks
,..tI :lt '
. s , up , t' vc -r e41d 7 n, ., 1 n
s-+, t l'iy ,h o r n'd p
i . la 1 p II th\ it \r , t-,\ o ,,
od ,. " ; oid " o i
:' tc, fct s' a 'ntd e m' i o' r" la'•
' .I ".n" .rd " r i l -I , " c io m m
11 't-y Ix' . rs " S "inS i y.
, [I c ktIo- -ol ,and ti 1 1o 1 !', 7\l
id tii, a:.l, l It. Is ll, a o ianos ant I oi
r :lt:ay ,llny b r
b-ll an Ir' lie: ' oll.o t lins- 0l i l S ru.
other u andc t Io terwok ,ll hte. r pit b1) i. or.
., S inslay a,.d' sn1 . wak \
7 i -, n . r 'oas , ,oin y ot hi ' sl n es, w hi) itc. h
-1 . lt p Nlae uidvlldin ma tia',ll or n
I 'ure.h I,lu. ilfoigati..a and In
ti-rn ,dlat . . ............ t I ,0 . i m . i
r ,I"1-. 111 .DI\ ; \ \i .I:IAI.. A, -Ii IAl-\ lIN t
aa, I'a " I
II- -- 'ii'i ,'ivi.lda Inln
BcND I : corp , r 'ao 1 "nd rlly t o r,:," d eo(I t dy ll
. hi n of " d n .." f let: thhe er , r oir t
2 0 ter :, ..T d : c':d . ": . f th e oI n te d I
N ,at,-d : Amr'.i t:e " - n' la indr-di and
2 th iri y- igd , th , b foire ,:n e. t Vn l hiran m \' ' .l r r
ouMgt, li sotoary + t, ansd for the parish
tes i (Irc.,irn '-art ,f L.ii-is ; a t're  duty
ttcm ri..I'clld aicl q;ialcit', aulo inr the 1it's
:13 eth ci ot- e to ::c-rt s heri:ato f r It tied alld
Itude-,'tnei. I-ertnn ,lv came arnd lappeared
:30 the sievral IV.-Tos ahhte nltoc ate her
. int supaicrs;he'l bho seve ally declare thai,
:50 availing tllhetnslve f the las.s iot the statr
of Lluisiala it: such case. made and pro
on idei.n thev lhave bo: tract antd agreed and
d Ji bv tlhe-e Ip:r cir t c . + t'r n t and aK:ee andI
bind thenc.Slde', ao wll as all such persons
as may hereauftrr hemanin e assdiciated with them.
to folrii a ,srlrtdim n fr the poidects and pur
ur, poses and unider the articl and stipulations,
23 Article .--The name of the corporation shall
be the "luilding Material Association." ando
2. tier its corlirate name It shall have power
and authority to have and enjboy sincesssoon
t i fr the full term and period of ninety-ninc
years from and after the date hereof; to con
tract, to siue and be sued, to make and use a
EN. corporate seal, and the same to break or alter
at pleasure; to hold, receive, lease, purchase
and convey, as well as moirtgage atnd hypcoth
ecate property, real. personal and mixed.
corporeal and incorporeal; to name and ap
ypoint such managers, agents. directors and
i officers as its business interests and con
D. venience may require, and to make and es
tabtilsh, as well as alter and amend from
time to time such by-laws, rules and regp
Sl.ations for the government of the affairs of
said corporation as may be necessary and
ueproper. ai oc
poe Article Vl.--The domicile of said corpora
tion shall be in the city of New Orleans.
slate of ouisiantia. and all citations or other
legal process shall lie served upon the presi
dent of said corporatlln. or, iu the event of
:10. his absence, upon the vice-president, and, in
:10 the absence of both of said officers, upon the
30, secretary of said corporation.
: Article ll.--The objects and purposes of
M. this corporation are hereby declated to be:
to acquire. preserve and disseminate infor
S T- mation pertainin to the ullding supply in
dustry if the city of Cew Orleans and state
rgn of I, uislatia; to promote the interests, to de
crease the risks and to improve the meth
ods in the conduct thereof; to establish, main
tain. and operate a bureau or agency for the
5collection or acquiring, by purchase or in
any other lawful manner, information, sta
tistics, facts and circumstances of, relating
to. or affecting the business, capital, debt,
solvency, credit, responsibility and comi er
cial condition and standing of any and all
iSY. individuals, tirns, associations and corpora
tions engaged in or connected with the busi
ring ness of buying and selling building materials
of any and all nds. wholesale or retail, the
rUl businecs of constructing buildings and any
other structures or works, whether public or
e private, paving streets and sidewalks or
laying roads, or any other business which re
quires the persons or concerns engaged there.
In to purchase building material therefor; and
to furnish such information and data~ sta
1W tistics and ratings to the members of this
LND corporation; and generally to do any and all
things to advance the interests of the in.
Sdustry in the city of New Orleans; to pro
SUE vide, own and maintain suitable rooms and
offices for the members of this association in
the city of New Orleans; and to hold and
exercise all such incidental powers as relate
to the objects heretofore set forth.
e. Article IV.-The capital stock of the ccr
L poration is hereby lied at ithe sam of ten
L. thousand dollars ($oft.0), to be divided into
Land represented by two hundred (p2o0) sharesI
aof stck in the saum of fifty dollars (o50.0)
P. each. Said stock shall e paid for al, whei,
p. U and in the manner directedby the board of
a directors. The capital stock mas he in.
pr. creasled or diminished ars provide by law.
a All shares of stock shall be issued as full
. paid and nonr-assessable, and no transfer of
atock shall he binding on the corporation
g unless recorded on its books.
p Said corporation shall become a goIng cons
cern and he authorieed to do businlae as soon
as sixty (60) shares of its capital stock shall
have been subscribed for.
Every stockholder who is a member of the
sassoiation shall he required to pay an an
S nual membership fee, and the payment of
SU.all dues ihed by the board of direcors shall
S be enforced by uch rule reginulations and
L Upenalties a1 the board of directors may dees
pU.proper. The shares of stock shall be liable
for any unpaid dues.
5. U Only such stockholders who have been
elected members of the association as pro
vided by the by-laws or constituted sucb
. members by this act of incorporation shall
have the right to vote at all corporate meet
ings held to amend the charter to dissolve
the corporation, to elect liquidators, or to
increase or diminish the capital stock.
p. Article V.--AIl the corporate owers of said
corporation shall be exercised y aboard of
directors, consisting of the total member.
p. . hip of the association. Seven directors pres
ent in person shall constitute a quorum. A
U director may be represented by proxy.
p. The board of directors shall elect annually
a from their number a president, a vice-sis,-,
a dent, a secretary and a treasurer. The ard
p. of directors shall have power to combine the
* goffices ofs retary and treasurer.
The board of directors shall appoint from
time to time such officers and clerks and
agents and employees as they may deem nec
essary for the purposes and business of the
corporation, who shall hold office at the pleas
.Uure of the board.
Said board may make. alter and amend any
and all by-laws and regulations proper for
the conduct and management of the business
a. U nd affairs of the corporation. The board
shall have power to apply the profits of the
co'poration to the promotion of the business
U and aairs thereof or to the declaration of a
dividend, or to both of such purposes, if such
profits shall be sufficient to that end.
Article VI.--%.'benever this corporation may
beissolved, either by limitation or from
any other cause, its affairs shall be liquidated
by three commissioners to be appointed from
amongst the stockholders at a general meet
p. . no ot stockholders convened for such pur
pose, and notice of which shall he given in
the manner and time provided for stockhold
ers' meetings by Article VII of this charter,
p. U.and a majority in amount of the capital stoch
of aid uaociatMn represented at such meet.
togs shall be requisite to elect. Said com
p. missoner, shall remain in office until the
affairs of the corporation shall have been
fully liquidated, In case of death of one or
La more of said commissioners, the vacancy shall
be illed by election of the survivinl com.
Article VII.--Thia act of incorporation may
;L be modifetd, changed or altered, or said cr.
poration may be d'aolved with the asset'
of three-fourths of the capital stock repro
sented at a general meeting of the stock.
LU.holders convened for such purposes, after
written notice shall have been given to each
L Article VIiI.--No stockholder shall ever be
held liable for the contracts or faults of said
PU corporation in any firther sum than the un
Lp. ptid balance due the corporation on shares of
LU stock owned by him, nor shall any mere in
PU formality in orlganistlon have the elct of
rendering this charter null, or of exposing
a s:,-.kholder to any liability beyond the un
paid amount remainirg due on his stock.
U. T subscribers hereto have respectively
written opposite their names the amount of
stocL in this cororation subscribed for by
each of them, so that this act of incorporation
.y _lso .e'a the original subcripsion
.Thlus done an .psed at my once in the
tl o . New Orleas, in the orcaenco of
osOle IL Torriber an" Ferdinand L Zim.
met-, competent wttness, of lawful a, both
residing in this city, who hereunto sign
the:r names with said appearers before me,
Sr.arv. on the day and date aforesaid.
. iOr,aial ,rc'ed: H. Ball Bowers. 7 shares:
1- pt ". 7 shares; john ). Vcelkel. 7
f,- -. I' Judlin. 7 shares; \alter F.
l" ; -!.ares; Allen Tu.per, 7 shares;
\ I'emorauele. 7 sL aren; \Warren
. .. ..r.-ares; F. W. Sal-en. 7 share.
SW. W. Vt'N;. N. P':s.
eurge II Terrr'.rrry, I. .. .
- -signed rec,.e " of c' ',r';,-*t.
e par -!: i of i: .ean,. -.: ',te o:
hereby rr-rti iv Ibit thie : v
a• , f t a .r r... to n i t!i
.MII.E 1. LE. NAlR. 1) I
.... . . "h. .. ,, :.,
-. \\ y'I N., N I'.
What Is the
Right Age -
To Marry? 3
1 1 t 5 .- , this
qu. !: nr i- ,1 - 'hat
m:.: t as;a.- r-:vnaln
less r rs :. ,: r,'ju.
.. d:, T. -e r.,:. av
m -. have
na-i trI wi o 1r.g
and f. .n n .. ha ;" :.
wll: a:wa t,, o ;ead for
I" the earl} u:.ian, ar.d
thv. w:.' 'ff'r the so iniest of .i -in ents
t,. ,i; ,pp ,'t their L, il',.t u n ti e. oth er
ha:,d. \here such marr aý l have turned
out 'ba-ll, ou wall f:nd the c, r.tractin
iparties lay!rng nine-tenth- of the blame
upon the:r youth and ir;,spr.I enr., quite
ignr:::g tiCe possiit'ty t:at .., ' they been
r ten ,.r even ti\e ty yea: )r.: ' ler th ngs
h n,: .; le b.,'. e'vesr woe.t
T'"rn.n there are tlo-c mert: an, women
whom cnance or clrctln-stalnce had kept
apart unt:l well along in ":dille age. At
. Iot they marry, to find nmuch happtnas,.
Sstraih:taw.a de.:aring that the propei;r a,
d to marry :s when one is in tHez merlduan of
r. If, on the other hard ttIr irake a mess
r, of th-,r affairs. they are held up by their
friends and acqualntar:ct- as a horrible
d example of the futile attempt to cheat the
:r little God of Love, who looks oith favor
S nly upon dewy maldrllrhood and callow
s youth.
, As a mattea of fact it is as fool.sh arbl
trarily to determine an age for marr.age
das t would be to Presc*ribe a remedy for a
physical allment. It all depends. What
n will cure one man may kill another.
s- Some persons never grow old rnolugh to
marry. Indeed, I bel,.ve that this is one
of of the explanations for our enormously
increasing divorce statistics-the contract
a- ing parties are the -ort that never may
:; hope to attain that matur.ty of mental and
ii spiritual developmentt which is absol'utely
in essential to the leading of a happy. aortaea
he l:fe. whether in marriage or out of it.
i- Personally, I do not think that age-that
in- physical age-has much to do with the
he question of a happy marriage. Maturity.
o- however, does play a moat important part
ng -maturity of heart, of mind, and of the
r- emotional nature. This maturity, we have
ill already observed. comes to many men and
si- women late in life, to many others never
iis at all A few rare individuals attain it at
e eightee and twenty-most persons not
or until well along in middle life.
One of the happiest marriages I know
re. of is that of a couple who married when
nd the woman was not quite seventeen and
its the man a little over nineteen. They have
all now been married twenty-five years and
ro- are the parents of sai boys and girls, all
ad healthy, bright, and as essentially normal
Sas their parents. To spend an hour or sm
ste in thisl charming family circle, and to see
this couple still in the very prime of their
en lives with grown sons and daughters about
ito them, is a moat agreeable spectacle and a
Swholeoome experience.
l It does not. however, in the least eon
i stitute any argument in favor of early
I. marriage. On the contrary, it may be
of construed a a cogent argument against iI
0 for the perfect happiness and success of
. this early marriage is ,nly the exception
Sthat proves the rule that most such unions
turn out otnerwise.
e On the other hand, take another amas
ble Itansy happy marriage I happen to Inow of.
SThais marriage presents the very antlitheela
f a the one 1 have just quoted. Hiere both
all the contracting partiet had long since
reached middle ife. To be exact, the
ly woman's age on the redding day was
id forty-elght. just the age of the woman
f whsea part 1 have played In "Years of
r' DlIecretea" while the man was five years
A beyond the half century marl. .ther
had been married before; he was a bache
,. lor and she a splnster--a fact which makes
ed their case all the more remarkable, for
while it isL a common enough thing for two
m people in middle life to marry and Jog
. along very happily together, such mar
the riage are invariably not the first experl*
ence of either the man or the woman.
my The mteresting tact about this particula,
e instance is the very great probability that
d had these elderly lovers married La their
es: ,eth., or even five years earlier than
I they did, the result would have been quite
different. I happen to have known both
stay he man and woman for more than twenty
ed years and from my own observation of
cm their characters arsd the testimony of thelai
. relatives and best ftriends. I am safe la
In sayin that at any earlier period in their
er, lives no man could have lived with the
et woman and no woman would have lived
. witUh the man. As It 11, they have Ino
thbeen maried six years and have not yet
Sseenm the weaila of their honeymoo.. The
all explanation is not tar to seek-at forty.
eight and fifty-five respectively, thU
say woman and this man roeached that matur.
ity which certain other sad more fortunate
- people attain earlier in lita
rk The quest:on of the right age to marry
mch would then, it seems to me, resolve Itel"
simply Into determinUng at what age any
Sid indvidual man or woman may be con
s idored uas having attained some degree of
in- mental and spiritual maturity. If this ageu
of 's fifty, sixty or even seventy, well and
cood. Who shall deny the right of elderly
men and women to a belated happinesa
and the companilonship of each other il
.by ther old age? It. on the other hand. It i
io g.hteen or twenty, so much the ette
•h everybody conosret.
WO~ILD be a friend to all
the foe. the frlrndless,
I woild be giving and forget the gift.
I would be humble, for I know my weak
I would look up, and laugh and low
and lift.
Here are some of the delightful'
Dutch dishes which any cook will be,
glad to know how to prepare: I:I
Butter Semmet--Dissolve half a
yeast cake in a quarter of a cup of
warm water, stir this into half a cup
of mashed potatoes and half a cup of
sugar and let stand to rise four hours.
Add one pint of milk, two eggs, half
a cup of butter and lard mixed, a .
pinch of salt, and two and a hbalt
quarts of flour sifted twice. The'
amount of flour varies somewhat.
Knead until the dough drops clean
from the hands, then put It in a warm
place to rise until morning. Roll into ,"
a sheet a quarter of an inch thick.
brush with melted butter, cut in two-i '
inch squares and fold the corners to, ,
the center, place two inches apart on
a baking pan and when very light,
bake in a quick oven. Fill the depres- r
sion in the center with butter and ,
sprinkle with powdered sugar whenl
Bethlehem Cake-Mix a pint of milk,
a cupful of mashed potatoes and a
cake of yeast which has been die
solved in half a cup of warm water, a
tablespoonful of salt and enough flour
to make a stiff sponge. Beat this well
and put into a warm place until it is
very light, then add two well beaten
eggs, one cupful of butter and lard 1
mixed, a little more flour and knead
until the dough drops from the hands.
Spread in shallow pans a half inch
thick and let rise, then make deep
holes with the finger at equal di.
tances, and fill each one with a lump
of butter and brown sugar. Dust cina
namon over the cake, sprinkle gener
ously with brown sugar and bake in
a moderate oven fifteen or twenty
Dutch Apple Tart-Line a pie pan
with pastry. Peel and halve medium
size apples, remove the cores and
place the halves in the pan with the t.
rounded side up. Spread thickly with
brown sugar. dot with butter, sprinkle
with cinnamon, and pour over them
two or three tablespoonfuls of water
Bake until the apples are soft.
A side car with a buggy top makes
it pleasant for the motorcyclist's corn
Some Situation, Bo!
The managers of a Brooklyn ceme
tery advertise: "Graves finely situated,
surrounded by the beauties of nature,
commanding a fine view of the bay,
and, in short, meeting every require
ment of the human family. People who
have tried them cannot be persuaded
to go elsewhere."
O nitcd States of America. State of Louisiana,
d I'arh of Orleans, City of New Orleans.
Be it known, that on this first day of the
d month of December, in the year of our Lord,
one thousand, nine hundred and thirteen, atd
II of the independence of the United States i
America. the one hundred and thirty-eighth,
hef,,re me, Arthur John Peters, a notary pub
Slic. duly commissioned and qualified, in and
f.,r the parish of Orleans. city of New Or
leans, and state of Loutsiana, therein resid
ing. personally appeared the persons whose
t iamcs are hereunto subscribed, who declared
that avasling themselves of the provisions of I
the laws of the state of Louisiana, relative to I
the organization of corporations, they have
covenanted and agreed, and that they do cow
enant and agree, and by these presents, bind,
form and constitute themselves, as well as
such other persons as may hereafter join
them or become associated with them, into a
Scorporation and body politic in law, for the
objects and purposes following, to-wit:
SArticle I.--The name and title of this cor
poration shall be: "Kracke & Flanders Com
pany," and its domicile shall be in the City
of New Orleans, parish of Orleans, and state
of Louisiana. Under its corporate name the
said corporation shall have the power and ao
thority to exercise and enjoy succession for
a period of ninety-nine years from the date
hereof, unless sooner dissolved; to contract,
sue and be sued; to make and use a corporate
Sseal, and to break, alter and change the same
at pleasure; to have, hold, use, purchase, own,
Sreceive, lease, sell, convey, mortgage and hyI
Spothecate or pledge property real, personal and
mixed; to borrow money and to lend any
Sportion of its income, proceeding from its
Scapital stock or otherwise, and to give and
receive securities therefor; to make advances
Son real and personal securities; to purchase,
Sreceive, hold, sell its stock, or otherwise deal
in bonds, mortgages, notes, shares of capital
i *tock and other securities, obligations, con
d tracts, and evidences of indebtedness of any
private, public or municipal corporation, or of
I the government of the United States, or of
i any state, territory or colony thereof, or of
any foreign state or country in which this
5 corporation may have a lawful interesti to
Y receive, collect and dispose of interest, divi
dends and incomes upon, of, and from, any
t such bonds, mortgages, notes, shares of cap
Sital stock, securities, obligations, contracts,
evidences of indebtedness, and other property
4 held, managed, or owned by it, and to exer
c. ise in respect of all such bonds, mortgages,
notes, shares of capital stock, securities, ob.
* ligations, contracts, evidences of indebted
ness and other property, any and all rights,
powers and privileges of individual owners
u thereof; to do any and all lawful acts sad
u things tending to increase the value of the
properties, assets or interest, at any time
r held. owned, controlled or managed by the
1 corporation; to issue bonds and to secure the
same by pledges, deeds of trust, mortgages.
t or trust indentures, of, or upon, the whole, or
any part, of the property owned by the cor
poration, and to sell. or pledge such bonds for
i the proper corporate purposes of the corpora
Stion, in such manner, and at such time as
the board of directors shall determine; and
r in the promotion of its said corporate businessm
and to the extent authorized by law, to lease,
purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, pledge,
r mortgage, and convey, real, and, so far as an
cidental to these purposes, personal property
of any name, kind, or nature; to sell. or issue,
i or buy, all or any part of its capital stock or
Sany bonds or other evidences of indebtedness
authorized by its board of directors in pay
1 ment for the good will, rights, business, per
sonal property, real estate, or leases thereon
of any person2 firm, association or corpora.
* tion. and the judgment of its board of direc
wtors, as to the value of such good-will, rights,
business, property, real estate, or leases
- thereon, shall, in the absence of fraud be
conclusive;: to cause or allow the legal title
estate and interest in any property acquired,
established, or carried on by the corporation,
p to remain or be vested or registered in the
Sname of or carried on by any other company
or companies foreipgn or domestic. formed or
Sto be formed and either upon trust for, or
as agent, or as nominees, of this corporation.
or upon any other terms or conditions which
Sthe board of directors may consider for the
benefit of this corporation, and to mansge the
Saffairs and take over the business of such
a company or companies so formed or to be
formed, either by acquiring the shares, stocks,
or other securities thereof, or otherwise how
a soever, and to exercise all or any of the prow
ers of holders of shares, stocks, or securities
n thereof, and to receive and distribute as
a profits, the dividends and interest on such
shares, stocks or securities; to guarantee the
payment of dividends or interest on any
shares, stocks, bonds or other securitiesa own
ed by, or any other contract or obligatton of,
any trporee wrhenver proper or necessary
for the busess of this compny, and so fa
as incidental thereto, upon such terms andI
',d' it . , ; . in s"i' h nmal in. as Y " Ie I. .
.t , .. . It ai. a t t t
- . , ",
:,; •I .. : -,, t r ! ;:t , i u.i _ , t. , . ':'.
~ n c wth: , . . : . ". .i : .!
. . .tt t. tI n ..... ! d . i: , . .t h : ,. , .
.t ti .t a. .i. U : o ..,eT .i .-d , . ar 'it;
Sp : i i' .tt. , r t -a i ..' .
t e.. -- he th ,. ; t. d i'. at v t i. e t.-"
1 I , . -ll ,t:n r i. t a, .r . np e, " t. a"d ets
.tin t r ntdo th,'r'iit ti quarrts. t rkie,
. .e t. t re'. m.tralg mat e t. are. t..r mnt at'.
., ,. , ·' -·n'u . lr t e, .r : : y 'c, '. H'. : ,
Se , tti t'' n .ket, tt'., t: talt and n. '" nal
I tie - f all c nIt. and to cariy on a,
. n " leit"al i - condtu ie o. aity oi the r ci. -
I I att ' t1 t"s; i bit' f- , sell , manrtature. and.
th'.el in. t"itts titr d;a to imacittery. imtiple.
,i,;. ,t ttl., i...ic r. , .o s .. tn., a. t d th ings
tnug otenati.nis or nequrt ed by 'isorkten and
rthiersemtleoded by the eorpiaationy ti man
itiictt", e, sell and deal in oIqutland cesment,
.rtictal. Irine. limestone. ' rick, stone, cal.
Sued aid other plasters artt, ticias l tone, con
<rete and building materials if all kinds.
ohether natural or artic icnal.
T, buy. contruct, lease, sell. convey, main
I tan,'. oi ct. ato ip rove. manage, control and
Superainnt , roads, ltridges, ways, reservoirs,
ovater wnks t w ater courses, wharves, tram
,,as trlleb lines or raitlroads, to the extent
I hlloeatt or by law.rie r d
To buy, ctostruct. lease, sell, convey, main
utain, imlove. manage, control and super a
andal. fkrnaces seltens, concentrators, mills,
rttclt 'g "irks. h ,ydraulic works, wrkn., fac
i"l ste kad orehouse s, ard other clonveniences
w!Ich iii,"y seem directly or indirectly neces
ar,. ita dental tir c tinducalve to anyi ithe
oblet" o , if the corporation, and to contribute
to. nabst.e tira otterns Se aid or take part in
To take, acqure, aown, hold, sell, lease,. ex
change, mortgage, pledge, improve and other
se deal n real estate, town sites ,, reand divi-,
a.sons, lots oesr sudivasions t thereof, and to
rect thereonti, andt lease, manage, sell or coan
tey houses, stirees or other budings, and to, ,
make and maintain all other necessary and
desirable improvements in ci mnection there
ar ith; to itue bonds ande to sell or hypothe
Late the same, a tid to secure the payment of
ame . y mortgagid e or otherwise, upon all ort
any of the properties of the corpration; to
ttake, cand all contractsd, and tol acquire
Satid transfer any and all species of property
this c oration. and to possess tha e same powr.
ers in d uch respects as private individuals
niw enjotc to bisanufactue, purchase or other
wise acqut re, to hold, aown, mortgage, pledge,
Ssell, assign and transfe r ototlherwise dispose
gkods, wares and merchandise, and real and
persinal property of every class and descrip
shares, stocks, securities, concessions, pro
duacte, policies, books, debts and claims, and
any aintserest in re al or personal property,
and any claims againsa such property or
, against any person or companyoe , and toe carry
o n any obusinessuct, concern, or undethaking so
d acquired; to acquire the gdood-will, rights and
rs property, and to undertake the whole or any
d p ay fo r same in cash, stock, or bonds of this
if rporation, or any other ans, which it may
to she aterestedc, or otherwise; to acquire, hold
e use, sell, assigne, lease, grantr licenses in re
r. spect of, mortgage or otherwise dispose of,
, letn ters patent of the United States or any
s foreign country, patents, patent riwhts, Ia
.n censes and privileges, inventions, improve.
a ments and processes, trade marks and trade
he names, relating to or useful in connection
owith any business of this corporation; to en
r. tee into, make, perform and carrt out con
ta tracts of every kind for any lawful purpose
:y without imirt as to amount, with any person,
wi firm, association or corporation; to carry on
sioany other suwf business necessary or an
ea cnsa to he forethegoing, which the corporand
r ton may deem propera or convenicat to e
t carsied on in connection with any of the fore
wt, going purposes or calculated directly or in
te directly to promote the interest of the cor
se poration, or to enhance the value of its prop.
n, erty, and to have, and enjoy, and exercise
y. all the raghts, powers and previleges which
ad are now or which may hereter he conferred
ty upon corporations organtse under the genw
ts eral laws under which this corporation is or
o Article IVt-The total amount of the cap.
w ital stock of this corporatdon is hereby p xed
a at the s-in of seventy thousand dollars ($70,
n. shares of one hundred dollars ($100.00) each.
sy Of said stock three hundred and afty shares
of (350) shall be preferred stock, and the hal
of ance three hundred and eaity (350) shares,
of shall he common or general stock. Said pre
ns ferred stock shall entitle the holder thereof to
and annually, before any dividend shall
ay gaiset apart or paid on the common stock.
o ter the payment of the six per cent divio
a idend to the areferred stock such portion of
pro the surplus le t as the board of directors shall
ps, authorize shall he paid to the common stock
n. up to ten per cent, and when the preferred
a. stock shall have drawn six per cent and the
s common stock ten per cent, an any one divi.
sdend year, if there s any surplus left of the
net earnangs, the same may e divided equally
he btween the preferred and commo nttock, y
he be pand for an such obligations or cash as
h called for by a majority cf the board of direct
nes tors, or may be issued as full paid stock, in
wi. The holders of prefered stock shall, in case
as of dissolution or liquidation, he entitled to
dnd paid di full bthsihe ncia and ccrned
: ! 't.troumot the hiolers of th cormn
anydofo th property of the company or pro.
ae l The olrs of preferred stock shall he en
r No transfer of stock shaee he binding on
o.the corporation unless duly and legally pee
s Stock ho er wshall hahe the right to disr
he ti p e of their stoktas theytt see fiet.
t sto ld of this corporation s i herapipv o
soaons o I hu d dollars ($300.00)
e cil.obroaonand then aner ment and cont
mee wai of tres s ad, s aid trl i o
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action upon any matter shall be considered a
valid, corporate act, when, previously to the
holding of said meeting, and after the ten
days' notice hereinabove stipulated shall have a
been given, the other four directors consent r
in writing thereto. Said written consent shall
be spread upon the minutes of said meeting. e
The board of directors shall have power to t
determine the manner and cause for which
vacancies may be declared on said board, and r
shall have the right to fill any vacancy oc- a
curring thereon by the election of some qual- a
ified stockholder, who shall serve until his
successor is elected at the annual election.
No person shall be eligible as a member of
the board unless a stockholder of the cor
The officers of the corporation shall be a
president, vice-president, secretary and treas
urer, of whom the president, vlce-presidaett
and treasurer shall be elected by the board
from among its members, and the sceretary
from among the stockholders. The ofice of
vice-president and treasurer may be combined
and be held by one and the same person.
Immediately after the signing of this char
ter the subcribers hereto, as stockholders
shall elect from among the stockholders said
board of directors, and at the same meeting
elect the officers to serve the corporation.
Said board of directors shall continue in
office until the third Monday in January,
f 1915, on which day, and annually thereafter
I a board of directors shall be elected by ballot
for the term of one year. Such election shall
I be held under such rules and regulations as
may be provided by the board of directors.
Any failure from any cause whatever to elect
a board of directors on the day named, shall
not dissolve the corporation, but the board of
directors then in ofice shall hold over until
I their successors are chosen. At every elec
l tion and meeting of the stockholders the vote
shall be by ballot, and each share of stock
shall be entitled to one vote to be cast by
a the owner in person or by written proxy. The
stockholders receivin a majority of the otes
cast shall be declared elected as the board of
directors. The board shall have the right to
appoint and discharge such managers, clerks,
I agents and other employees, as may be deem.
ed necessary or expedient, and to make
a change, and amend all by-laws, rules ani
n regulations for the proper conduct and man
Sagement of the affairs, business and concerns
of the corporation, and not in conflict with
Sthis charter or the laws of this state.
All warrants, checks, drafts or other obliga
e tions of this corporation shall be signed by
the president, or by the treasurer.
a Any officer or director may ot removed by
a majority vote of the stockholders.
" When all seven directors consent thereto
d or are present, the notices otherwise required
for holding meetangs may be dispensed with.
SArticle VI. -Meetings of the stockholders
may be called at the pleasure of the presi
y dent, or on the written conseat of a major.
f ity of the board of directors or stockholders.
:-xcept as otherwise provided in this act, or
n by law all questions submitted at the stock
holders meeting shall be decided by a ma.
Sjority of the stock voted at said meeting.
) All meetings of the stockholders, whether
h general or special, shall be held only after
L ten days' written notice to each stockholder.
s Such notice shall be sirned by the president
I or secretary, and shall be sent to each stock
holder by mail directed to him at his last
d known place o residence. The said notice
e may be waived by the unanimous consent of
ro all of the stockholders.
a Article VIL--No stockholder shall be held
e liable or resip.,,ble for the contracts, debts,
II faults or defalts of said corporation in any
at further sum than the unpaid balance due the
le corporation on the shares of stock owned by
. him nor shall any mere informalit is or
Sgalation have the efect of trend~ers this
I charter null, or of exposing a stociholder to
a any liability beyond the amount reianla<ag
* unpaid en his subscription to the stock,
Article VIII.-This act of i
nma be amended, altered, changed "r
fled, or said corporation may be disMv t
a three-fourths vote of the capital stock s
resented at a general meeting of the I ~t
holders convened for that purpose, after
days' notice, as prescribed In Article VI d
this charter. Any change made or
with reference to the capital stock tr
made in accordance with the laws of
state, on the subject of altering the
stock of corporations.
A rticle IX-Whenever this corporatis b
dissolved, either by limitation or ot
/s affairs shall e liquidated under the
ision of three liquidators to be
from amongst the stockholders, at a I
meeting of the stockholders, cona st
due notice, as required by Article VI d t "
charter. Said liquidators shall ressill
offce until the affairs of this cororratiea -
have been fully liquidted, and any S
occurring in their number shall be ildsih
the remaining liquidators.
Thus done and passed, in my offie, at  
Orleans, louisiana, on the day, math st
year birt hereinabove written in the l "
ence of Theodore Cotonio and Loyd 1 }
witnesses, both of lawful age, and '
ciliated in this city, who sign these pi5l
together with the parties and me, sMm;
after due reading of the whole.
Original signed: Names of subsmelb
Witnesses: Theo. Cotonio, Loyd Tasat.
A. J. PETERS. Notary P.lt
XI, the undersigned Recorder of MeaL ,
in and for the parish of Orleans, sI a
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the
and foregoing act of incorporation dI
Kraeke and Flanders Company was this
duly recorded in my office in book 113,
2  .New Orleans, December 3, 1913.
riinal signed: Emile J. Leonard, D.
I do hereby certify that the above and I :
oging is true and correct copy of the 1
iofincorporation of Kracke & Flandefs dw
pany (except names of subscribers, which
omitted), as passed before me on D
Irt, 1913, together with the certificate si
recorder of mortgagles for this parish 0
and of record in my notarial office. New .
leans, La., Dec. 10 1913.
dec 125 jA. J. PETERS, Notary PtM.
an d1 Tseinsa s a tl. lsns M
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