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Model Steam Dye Works.
Corner Verret and Evellna Streets. Phone Algiers 162.
MARTIN KONING, Proprietor.
Cleain g, Pressing, Dyeing and Repairing of Ladies' and Gents'
Garments at reasonable prices. Glove Cleaning and Dyeing our spe
cWalty. Satisfaction guaranteed. All work called for and delivered.
Suits Pressed while you wait.
John C. Meyer & Son
1233 Decatur Street, Near U. S. Mint, New Orleans, Louisiana
Union Saloon
Fle Wines, Liquors, Cigars and 201 MORGAN STREET
Tobacco. Coasumers Beer. Jos. Tallon, - Proprieter
Phone Hemlock 291 Corner Royal and Montegut Streete
Move Into a Wired House
When looking for a house with all modern improvements, see
that it's wired for electric light-it is as essential as the plumb
A House Wired for
Electric Service
affords conveniences and comforts not obtainable otherwise
electric light, electric heating and cooking, the use of electric
fans and other things electrical. All useful, labor saving and
If the house you like is not wired, ask the landlord to have
it wired-be will do it without fuss or bother to you, and at
moderate coat to him.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.
OTTO T. MAIER, Vioe Pres. a Genl Mgr.
L W. BURGIS, General Superintendent
Train Do Luxe
New Orleans
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Leaves New Orleans Daily
11U00 A. M.
Caeilc[i Nov. 16,1913
A-l Steel Equlpment, Compartment,
Drawing Room, Standard Sleepers,
Tourist Sleepers. Observation Cars,
Dining Car Service Unsurpased.
For full particulars 1ak any agent
or write
Division Passenger Agent
Lake harlesT a.
General Pass. Agent,
Now Orlesasm La.
TRa Uasse
CoPu.s.vS "a.
le .o lng a [email protected] sand dmapti a1
17o aro an ota r opnoa .Wir e
u.mntln torobabl 114prbblteR,
t1Y1ýnl lnn) thuil f sP aR
s i AM u, tbr'out bMm -
Sr o( oay mtdnUo   ma
S: fu moseum, U. ,m
s awawsý.
Olis.s: 121 Carondolet Street,
88 Pelican Ave.
We are the Original
Pliakrtom & CoSpany
U. S. DOsetidn Agtc
Havinrlg no mcanctls with any other
m.ase4 Plakertom Agey. Its man
agemet is now lud has always ee the
Its leadquartersn Ccao, ll. Thris
rbhUand distinct dpartmentu, as
aest leed aa for hadlins sen
Anduab Bld.. Now Orlemas, L.
UeedBewfare Tmlp I WOt Du .l
Sierra Bros.,
elievlle St. & OpelenIs Ave.
M. Abascal & Bro., Ltd.
Dealers In
iai WRum Pres,
PELICAN AVE., Cer. Verret St.
U'nlted States of America, State of Louisiana.
P'ar h ,f Irler,ns, ( ity of Net ()rlean -.
Ile it t.n.n ., That on this sixth dlvs ,f
Februar). ton the year of our I.,,rd, oie tihl tU- I
satd1 nlne4 huldll Ired .,111 f ,,.rtectn (1'141. IT',
of the Inrtsepedencei "f the lsted Sta.tes oft
Anrern.. ti-': ,n 4 hundred aind thirty-elchth,
erf," tu., \\V. M1.rgeL't I tlrele_. a ntarv It ',
lu. ir I.I t'. r the Iiatr ?:! ,h I (4I 1h . ;--. S ,.T1
,I . , , 4l-.it I. . , tl s 4, ,: I . t h p1 1 "t 1 1 . --n II tI
two wal tnt h- e ,r .aft"tr tam ed and under
-,rt d, I·,. tl . ilý alple.,r,l Ih." IttI {,'"
-e,,tlly dl', l. .t. t , tLling the n \ri -
if th e p ,: ,, , th e ( ,  tt itt. n - a : . I! t
I ,t the ST.,tl I. r i .T4ta Tto Ch :lt an.1 ma. de
4 . t t
. e ll , I I . t ,. .. ' h, . . % t , t t r , I" ,,
. i0" . , .., . .t { , l. ,, , i .
A rtle . I . , I ! . !, '  .
n rtlll r. ,t . .i , 1\ 0 - . 1: I , I-- i l
-r.: : Ih .. , v t - , :... . t n . l e :he I -loU n : tt":
folr hat .l I .I t-,,i ; t!, ill 4 I "mi 4ll lV w-4 "
,n ,,p af.- , ' , 1 'itr the date i this
, Il. a: . . :,I t .h ... nI 1ther 1 l.e, d -
It .hr I : " ,. , t ie i, 1 ~ slit I t:,. It
t, r.<1 .nz I11s · - b:tIa l `rt u lny p ,th . I
It, i , ' ` 1 1 . l ll'% , I Ite - lt r e.1 r tind , Iynl ta
Ar tl .,e <., at t u , artl sor i, 1,i, a d,. ","
dS t lIl, t, 11 a. 1 , .,'and IT", s , n. ,;T
Itr r ~ne lt, ul ' 1 ~r th 'e i itiores's
\itha . < arp ti . . b ur'tock .i l + e t',l ed !I Stll,itr
ca Tt r l' i " i ! Il' i ist4 S1 .d
.i" .t)I ,i. t p,,.,, ,: a':ldT .1 . .l . ' ./,,t1
.i . 14 . . r. - '..!... V- ... - 4. 'l,.1 r4 . 4 ll . . .11 .I.
1t.a , the ýi, I tile the c .rpl "or tol ; I r n
\ .r 1l. II. 1'h, ., u a :'" nt, t ry,,rai . 't
-1e, bn li tll t I T I, l.nt ,r , . Il r ll.
, 11.141 ,,h i tr Is . ti4 . tI lTim" l , I.,,l t.1 it.TT
t re ,f lt.e ! t-,t t - r. ct or ta l iiu'l ,,in L . it
.lit 1't'It',y dc.lt i~., ht' i f,. iir, s!,+"1c,
.rts, . Te a - I a st ock a .l ,.h'r cil.,id -'. .tor1
S:th er t lu l th ' hu'.tr 1th" -d to!- ,: ,t. il
.i. , airTi .f i nll . h1 tiln r I . tllr Si l's a lT
il.T lI :, t r I I, TTl t o --.a"% -,r .- T ij
as,! the - h1 .l"1 a iks ', u4 i, a e iuhtr la,
In i .1 s tock shal l ei al d , or nt-,e, . It.t . ct.ih
tlo rc ,t t. it ', t.t'll t <t .,tt. ,Its{,,, '". . c
, llr bt e as rIed t n ,, l thne Itar If l.trt
"te" , d , t l l ide f,,"r *atnlf. ,or llr p, r-sht
Ir t o t,, t .,ihel d , u4in1 ur.n a1 s'i r14 it.I
-trt "ic r 4 ti t ck ,-nt l'l. 1 ti . (, ,u , , u Tr
lis l t h-c 1 a,,11 l ,th1 fy h lt It i.. o., in t or::.1 , 
n. t.1r.t:ll1, ,, yl m en.ts Ir s 4Ill k , i' - tu llc I J
Ioard of !,,irctorst ur tx ant l,di tmin , e,,-. ,
thc' li ,hk t tL t, t o i , o s tll :!. tran.! s ot ,r l
to l I' -" -.i t rl t l4, t - 41- -1, 441.1 ,i , il e.4
.lonlt .n . t," d.oIs, of1 the to4 pan1 n u ther
,4or: l, t ,"al s htt r- fe r lt thle- .Csitp sha 4
as:d , rlteit l ti tI,'k a"'l ,thrtgr ter ,'ed , iha h ld er4 i
ste1l4ll ' n th" s ckfo. dl a.iit ll uh tt :s. re
Atl iv e I, r l 1 It of. 3r4 ,r oit ,, t o thel
.:ci ,,nr lh l :.c tiS f tilt- di~llnt, 444 , Itt h is ia l ret, c .
,'1 ti at ll, i it4 i rt i tnd hId suoh atonk ov f
-,ti4er I' ,4 4 r.4,4 11,5 a4. 1ad .v lit- deemtel lt'rt- r-
nalrl r he llfurl ti,e ,n t' th e itBtoa resd s of
Artolr e aV. All 4iati4gns and or ther legal
poe , iat tll 4 thi) thir oraton shall b
et4h'r .,n itV or Presid its c -re
tar%, it the ,ehnt:icile of the cai rporation; or
Artll te tV. [ihe capital itock onf this cor
Itkhole rn ,hrll Ic flve hundrdc thousand duel
sars (iSl4l.lh. at dpivided to ftilive thousaind
4a.rdl.U soharet. fi hte hudred i dollars c $1rtl.4. d
As soo4 n4 04 a i 4e4n hundred (l.ýill1 hire'
of th o e capital sttoc'k r hpr 'ld 4 o ne a i4u dp-'l
oan d liftd hho t-and ti ollar p11 I$ of,.i. shill
have be--4n tsubscribed thi 1'4l44.411i1fln .ha4lt
have the right t4. or4gan4i4e an4d comme44ncel4441 11tl
1n11ss. Such stolk 14hall be paid fr in cash
or 14ay be 4144,sed at 44t4t less than par fr sir
sices rendered to sa4d corporation or fr r pr-p
erty or established b 4usiness purchased by it.
(ertificate, of stck shall not 4be isnue, u4 st
less they shall le fully paid for ine tontv ,
Thes secure! p y stock of this corporany m41
otherwise, as thec Board of Direct.ors may fix
and detern ee. Payment for 1stck subsckbend
thall he nadle ahe such time or tithes as the
only 44n tlt ooks of the ('mpany bon sur
render of the outstanding certificates duly
indorsed, either in persotn or ,y power of at
torney. Untdl such transfer the Co mpany shall
le entitled to treat the registered shareholder
as the owner af his stock for all purposes.
No stock shall be soti or transferred until
it is first offered in writing to the Corpora
tion at the then book value, which book value
shall have thirty days option on stocks so
offered from date of said notice; and any
stockholder or stockholders shall have the all
stock at its book value, as ascertained iy the
Board of Directors, upon the corporation de
clining same, before said stock can he sold
tion; and no sale o f the stock of said Ctor.
oration shall be effective unless said stock
shall have been first offered fur sale to the
said Corporation or its stockhold ers as above
set forth. o ote a sve ( ie
The capital stock of this corporation may
be increased or decreased as provided by law,
and in the event of said capital soack being
increased, then the stockholders shallo e haeve
the right to take the shares (f the increased
srstok in proportion to th be e of sharest
then owruned byi them. election a
Th e Board of D re ctors shall have the powers 11
to sell and reissue the shares ofeer stock which
shall be purchased y the Corporation undery
the provisions ao)ve set forth, or for at n
eanse, by restan ution of the board, at its the
event same eshall ce irst offere d to hs the stock
Sholders of record, as abve provided with re
gar to the increase of capts sital stock. And
stock of said ('ornratiot shall ever tbe hallde
except ofu the Board of Director of such surplus fas the ('ora
potatin onay then own.f the r et
Eratie n I. No stockholder of this orporat.
tion shall ever the l e hed l efor the contracts
or faults of this cpo ration in any furthers
Sthe shares of stock subscried for by hbt;
aor sallny tere infot- iality in organlatiion
nv the efaect of rendering this charter null
or of exposing any stockholder to any niabil.
Articl the VII. Aof the powers of this Cor. 1
five directors present in person to constitute o
Sa quorum. Vacancies on the Board of Direc.
tors due to hx iration the trms of its meu-a
bers shall be illed by ballot at an anouat a
genera! meeting of the stockholders to be held
he Boarstrd of said meetictors be held on the first
Monday in June, 1915c and any vacancy oc
curng n said board otherwise, oshall be ofilledm
for the unexpired term by election by a
emajority vote of the remaining directors.
shall be entitled to cast, in person or by
proxy, one (I) vote for each share of issued
and outstandinge stock held by him, for the a
eletio n of each d irector whose term may
ave expired, and the candidates who receive
the greatest number of votes shall be elec ted.
Tohe rules governing the annual election shall
Abe fixed b the Board of r Directorss it first
meeting. notie of the said general meeting
leans ten days prior to said meeting, or by a
written notice directed to each stockholder at
his last known address, but all notices called
unanimous consent of its stockholders.
aon the day fixed by this charter, it shall be
held as soon thereafter as possible, after no-tc
ings of the Board omd o th o orrd of te rescdent.
Each director shall, at the time of his quali
fication, be a stockholder of this Corration.
And And a of Directors is specially -a u
I.Coaspny. And the board may delegate thist
or any other power vested in its ofilters.
without referrirng to the shareholders for au
lh ,rlatlol r ratilh .atin of said act,.
iThe fI r l erI of this (orporlatt in shall b Ie a
at-id ,l V hv P're',ih'n t. S t retarv, Tra7
f tir nidi . 'sne'ral Man.ag r or Sq iTniT',,li.
S ent. 'h Pr''silnt. Vice l'rcs.,lc'nt, S, r
a . x ' t"a, , r ct ` ]h a l l ih , t ,, k h ,hlc ,. f lit
,I ,t' . ! ''r , s Thaltl t he tt qull t ,I ti Iiw n
I' ,e !r t l TI.f t '.c, 1 t ti t. n
SI,.n . , ,}...,. f iy Ith ,'l,.1:.) -. k
I. I ," i - 'It I , . l t. \l ,  ;
S , 1 ', .  I k,. ,. r ' ,y , t,. d -
- !1 -, , A, I , ,t, T. I ,t !. . ti h
- , , `I \ l .1 ' - . : ,
I I1.T
'TA - " , I' I \ t . t;) \ r .v . ,i"
, I \ , . ,. , i'tA : . ISTTT tl { l ie l TT
*r ,1 gtet
Till T'T Tlt h
.1i~u ttliT I T'I IT IT ih IT! 'I
. ' I- " -.' , ,11' .- . ' " ,n : . I I  gc nS
. " , tr lrt' tl i'.c ' t le
, s t T IT']0 hI~ t, , lv in the
''"' .: .T, v i,,,I,,I '1'", - T 'her1' b
, T T , u t \\ I .. t zr . s ' : I. ,TI ir.- I. t ,'ts' :
-' rt1.,: i l ,, l l.lll e or l 1. I, d oh,rIh , t
bT _ 11.1, 1: t d1 r
'" ' h " ll5', l , ti ,1 , ' \ r , nt I T
T I r 1 ,  III h .' l , 1 I .- t" I. a I ,I
 ' Ti l ''l r ITt, . 'l . Ill |,) I' ,,c ,,' ,r ht'
, -I I I ilT1,, I t:,
: ,l ' III -"- l,l'? ' l :t, tr
ii; t." ., l 1 I ,ll"  ,[ltl a d d.,l ,u,' fil ea
II , I,rH ' t I iI ,h \ 1d ar ' ,Jt Iit
c , .t tlrc t T.ln , ~ I, "". ",1
\ :, -- A ) .r,- :,n. 11 S. A it: -t,, :
T MtRI ,.N T, R F.Y, N,, l ,
IT l}' Iu T,T.T r  ' ,,,rh l ,, i .., .,I I .
! , l , ll , d t t,; ,n a l l T. ir, l t i l
het- ITT' T t IT , Tt l t e I. , l
, 1.e. ti, .... Uo.. I m wh d ,'p
h  i ll, k N, l i', , Inr
St..,,! T -.i IIT 'y I . the I a Ni e .l liov
tl i" tle, \ ý,e:, , ,l I",!~ \1 ' \~ , tt," " .l nd ,,rlr
, '1' " : , t i" '.t' l, ,l p ,wcrs l'. ie\ l
l i 1 tT ,- - I , It s .' tiTrel tll
,!~ .,, ~I. ~' t ,, ,, ,t:,,r sin"e., i,,
Ti , I l ' tl TT IT , i, t ll', I ' TI TT I
~ I, I l' 1. ll ' It'l t r I l th T -
" \ .: iR; tl ta i 1 I. c1.rt f': r.
i l. . i .. 10, T. . itest ', n , the
i T i l Is I lI "A i" , 'f ilI.\ \ I_ ,t.
1. 1:., \f, i __., ti T b:", t t.T tT les c wt h ,,.
I':TS h tI i I.'l ' . . (stll .t \ N T' .Tw i rlT an .
Home at ,o n.T as thb .1 thteo third
til' it ' ( ,t T ::.t, tlh he i"h . .a\ h i ftin r
titlT• \, . It',, Tlll t. i l " \ ,t. Ir I IT' l r
I :1., -and illin hundredl . roi iour
1, (I1 ,R o f t, Insh'l cnd.n ,,i the
:t-t, hs ,t A:^n, , n . th" .o, " huole,.
!.,ll h:,1 I h th i, h ,e t,(i . i l e of w Rciatls r
hie i. ,tc , : .l y , t he . Ill anlld th er lhth
t i' iiT T IS Tti, i t. ,e ,.f I 5.-It''i a. lt lli t
1, -n: . - rvn, ant quah i d an d fout
it.. i ' ,, , "I f lthe - *T'I l it' rT'f .tf the'
tTe s .1 t to t heITTT i h hren.t'e
a," d ,anti l :lri Tgl, per Itally caoel: t asll
app, r ~1,. the ccStral pat t who.e nan1
tar hI e WITir tuh TrIbeti. wh,, sevTr.allv de
clared that, aitl n g thl' enS :.tles f t h ~
itt . thle tlaw of this State rtelatve t~
i , t" e ,' , i i tiltl it c ,rp lra.t I .tn th e y h a ve(
, ITIT , a'ri edt, ani d l dt by thee prvC -
lit s ",vtt IeInt. .igree a:Td an ht, hI. en st l
,t ' tih,-t' wlh, t ma i n" e hte eafter as,.o
c ed w 1'1 then:, t~ fh rmn themtniel ves into :1
it ,r, al. t, the oht ectl and prpe ot e, w  t ht n I
S an under tile tipul.it ions fllw
Irt,, le 1. The lttli a dt tl of t hlt cot-lratI -
'l l, lln al he 'y If l' n l. i ana flag (' it
Irt It tatd by said tirotorate i reyl it
1h.1l hav.e and enjy crporate uccett- ln for
Atil perItd o ninety- Iine years froem the date
hltere~f, untleg. ,oner i -lg nlv.ed, and bhall
ave all the right,, pra ivilecle and inmut nities
tl citatunt an otter legal proces shall be
i'rapd, yar. e. lax or hep nes. cotecs
h Artyicle Ill. The ojects and purpose, t fr
declared to be:y o carry on the business ofd
maneufactnringe tling and selling burm ia
urlap yarn,,s iets flax or hemp Ia ines. Cot
e i ag w an ed hags or sacks of all kinds; h
sy and sel unk of eeall kinds, and iron
bratissa copper and other metals, and bag
orthachnery; o buy and sell a ny other kinds
aif merchandise the managemen t may see tit
to act s agents for other parties, firms or
pcorporatloni for an'y of the articles above set
Sill the same, and generally to ehold and ex
ercise all slch incidental powers and priv
leth aes elree to the objects heretofore set
forth and to carry on any othler business in
cidlental o or rtaining tO its purposes.
Artcl e IV. The capital stock of this cor
poration h ereby declared to e tw hundred
a nd thh dollars s25hl u e0.00) divaid edo
int and represented by twenty s-five hundre
shares (251) of one hundred dollars eachll
wut or dsto't es to be fo thi corpor ationsh
Sret ar n thior ·a n ha s prt ioer t ie s tn d wing
sto khler todnt conr ani s eto d s thke hou
sald ancae fhe irsutprion e ate o pucai n.
Article i. Nti stockth oo te thsero forn
rasrynn tory ldanys polra y nuotice in thwritn
Theal sasv ibers hers to p i vlege o respec tinl
a period of thirty dayirom said notice, after i
which thirty days oltice the d ' or
ibe seld i'the ien markel to
ati, rat, schall e sted in and scx-I
Friteld y toard FIf D elected froim
iantlg tilt stmi, klithlers two of whom shall
constitute a qFtlrum fsoer the transacetiron f
any anil all Tusines. The si board shall
rltliist of thIrs e i rect rsc. o c
anOtally thereafter, a' general meeting of the
orf electtng Diltrectors foram the oensuing o ear.
Sal lctin sthall be by ballot at the omi
cile of the cororation, ad the shoaraeholders
receivingt o the highest number of the votes
cast hall lIe diec ared a elected Each share of
tokt shall le entitrled to one vote, whether lin
hallber hereof is present or frepresented by a
mmen fiatel after election, the said dire
toes shall select frm.il their nimber a Presi
dernt, a Ve vic'restdent.Secretary, and a
Treai arer Teasure
Article VII N dtice of all meetings of stock-e
holders for election of office r for a
the Secretary to be deposited fi te ma
at least ten days before such meeting is held:
and directed on each stockholder to his name
atd adidress as the same shall appear upon
the boos of the corporation, unless said
notice is waived in writing by all of ithe
held liable or responsible for the contracts,
the City of New rlasaforesad, the day,i;
m :1tm lh and 1,tr .t 1 ab,1ve riltetn. It the
pr-. c ,f Natha. I lFet Frt'l and Nelh \',or- I
1 1 i -, . l , 14 1t'?'' n } rt N I ti l r , " 1 I f 1t' thlis
t \.. T,"T T , ,I : T I t: ' . "^t',. S., ". her
x 'tL th, ý,t',l . +I". t:'s .1"i',! ,. n t, lta  1letc
T ' .l, 'A ! 1 I 1111
1 , ,. " ' ,:,',I:. . 7 . . '.... . . . . .. . , 1 . .. . .
xýy " . . !l 1" I I I.1\ \I . 1". t
fi I I +n \:.\mt I
II I I ll \\ \ ie , o ~ vi t i , 1 0 !
b. o. he rI l ,,ct ?, : I th , , r I
,  - . .t . . 1i
. u r.' t f th c . I .
} I " , Ie, 11 e, . I l u
-, , ii - . . II, t I ' " - I t, t.. It. .! ,e y
t I T 'T -TI ., a"i.. .,II I . f t, .
1, r ,, il e, ' . t . (' , 'l "- - _t,'ed a n j ` .
-7 h , i , r w I. IIt, r h
- i t 'T f tl I
T" " , t. L, . t i , ....
t\'l , ' I , . ., :, I ',1 ) J. "! t, .''" I u. T
St .i , ( I. I . ., I . , "i 1 R..i. t , I t .,
I . . ' , . ' . 1' I, ,, . t i .1 . .. .. f,
titl tt. . ' I A. " I I .,'t
1',I I' I 1t '' ,I t . I n .i ., 'It ' T I "
. ,' , - it - ' i at e , f,' " n, , i'. I. . n t+ . tI
'.t. i.' , I ', ~ tog - aIS t Ilt , I ., ,t r lt , 1t
i . m . v inc 4nB o 11", 1. , 1.a -
. anT, . . r... a  t T. ,a m. , t' l '
"!. ,II 1" I 1 t ,.51 ' t
, . , I. , ,: ,1 , 1 L" , A . ,, i, :
lilT Ii,,; , . , T t IT'l ,, -T. . ,-;,Tr ,tI' l IT , ,r . ,
''he , , l .,trI 1. ,, t. , , , , ic, .IT , "htr l
ICi, 1'r,'- h , th" r". ita h.e', ont" l III o, i
k!l , RS ,I.T.,,?,1, I i",'i Il i ltf '' la 'f .h r 111 ,,
rid .117 ,,tf. %c 1 I.'
;I~I 1ITT . .1 til 1 ~T- h r ,1,- (r ll' t at of 0!t, a
tI.'TTii!~ 11 ht'r .l Cetf IflIt til , ai it. '
,.' , l f~ " ' .' I. l ~ h ,LI t r I, a t It - di t l ksnl: s t i.
I. T ;Irtl t ,trltI)i , .. til 's I l'.- duil a lrec rd' l 0
Ntw 4r t leans, I hraoary "l. 1,14 s. It
, Sl 'l e-,t,. -1 I, ll, e. c I',l +. L ...INA tr I u. it
II t,,. lilt',t ,d .IItld t, hr pt. IC,'c doh ere b:," tI
I etty thet ave a",tcd irelngII le.c at ITUI t1
Ii111 Iv;-c CIyof th c harpt: tert ~of the, Jt:s.t{.r s
, e .. ', " u tlt r .t Cr , T, : ra " 2 i , we ,,hll a 1 th , II
h a r ,1 tI;I,i ' V it ' 't I ," t,t , )l 1 I. .t k! , .r] I:. t , eli
thOF :I to aEtItaAeontilHan attdCM N fl
-7+'", -t. ,I, kr ;,,d im rv' tlnrt+,l to ni)t. ,,tt' : ,
Ne itr kn ew , Thctonthsy , the 1th1 .t
t"r n r ", "f,; I":d ....... g ne t.! A~t'.
ofll tl, i't',,I . t.nth of r r,, n th. yt.r P t:.u t
It'Lrd o f, i ,+t ,,s - t ints w huno ' atn, t ur, - t".
t"t. a It1914 -d nirtr :the tIn eeec rotaf the u
d ....r..d.ate , . . hundr d a. d th... ...
1, ( angina ,, gn ,t 11h, ,) I I. 1 n.l n, - .: -G .+ ,(at
lFih,,.I\',. Ibr O', lERiS Ad Rnirrah , a
I ,, L' 14 I T EIS J..siNt u t i
T n hletl State ofAnericia.n, S tat o ouigaena, d
Pnadf~ h arish of (rlean. Stt f 9
Be nit lctos-', Tuharb etion thtday, the ninthe
ohand t q.,t,, , lhi , art , in the y"sar oef o ta
Lor litne thrtsa f ttite hunded and fudr- P
Newt 41944andso the mdcy W.tdec 19f4 itte
1i.the Staers, t mne hundred apnbado therty II
tstciy the, in avean lltd feir t aritshe, ao tr
anl, otaelte o of the L artn.vtt of the i asins a
sellti , attl ata ilt .mand, it the. ras nce t0e rf
tit aitnse theetnate cov'namted and udr-ed I
sant d, ytersonll pestntte coand appered, the f
sect-calemsartes wn hose tahe mare hereunt c
aftr lscite who asveirall detclare that, aa l-r t
thr thenselves onf.t h  rpovision ofo the laws Cl
ct purpo'tiotls, the hta tve nanted and agreed, sI
Artincdlte t the Rande thds of whtoays hor- h
thistt t rshetlleto ab tt c aion for the and of!
rte tdt ip utions following to wit: an
ArticOleans, Thebrname and style ofti scr a
tany, Incorporated, " and by said corporate t t
name it shall have and enjoy succession for pc
a Period of ninety-nine years from the date oi
herettf unless sooner dissolved, and shall have
all the rights, privileges and immunities a'
granted by law to corporations, at
Arttcle Ia. The domictle of ths corporation
shalt be in the city of New Orleans, and all si
citatittns and other legal process shall be cc
serveit on the ofiicers as the law directs. td
Athle IIIf The obtjects and purposes for st
Swhich this corporation is formed are hereby i
tlclared to be: To carry on the retail and it
Stwholesale furniture and household goods and
furnishings business; and to sell such articles t
fort cash or on the installment plan; and get- od
erally to rr L oin anly other buoinmss, or buy e
on anll Iny other kind nof merchandise con- ft
nected with, growing out ofe , or germane to dT
the aidv- mentioned cusiness, ie
Article IV. The capital stock of this cor- S,
potatt-o its hereby declared to be fifty thou- at
sand rllars ($50 , i.) divided into and rep- t
resented by five hundred shares (500) of otte da
hundred dollars each, which stock shall be S
payable in cash, or may be issued in pay- ti
talent of property purchased or for services Ii
rendered to this corporation, and shall be tc
paid for at such times as the Board of Din w
rectors may require. rd
This corporation shall be1in business and o.
become a going concern as soon as ten thou- r t
sandtt dollars of its capital stock shall have al
been subscribed for, el
Article V. No stockholder may sell, assign ot
or transfer his stock in this corporation with- r
ouit gvtng to the corporation through its it
secretary, thirty days notice n writiang of a
such intention, and the other stockholdera
shall have the first privilege of purchasing t?
the said stock at the book value thereof for Ic
a period of thirty days from said notice, after el
which thirty days notice the said stock may ti
be srld in the open market. t
Article VI. All the corporate powers of this ci
corpration and the management and con- hl
trol of its affairs shall be vested in and ex- di
ercised by a Board of Directors composed of ti
not! less than three stockholders, all of whom ot
must be present to constitute a quorum for ir
the transaction of any and all business of cl
the corporation,
On the frast Monday in January, 1915, and m
annually thereafter a general meeting of the pt
stockholders shall Leheld for the purpose of 19
electing directors for the ensuing year, Said N
election shall be by ballot at the domicile Pd
of the corporation, and the shareholders re- pa
ceiving the highest numher of votes cast shall P
be declared elected. Each share o. stock I
shall be entitled to one vote, whetier the
holder thereof is present or represented by a
written proxy. mth
Immediately after election the said direc- VI
tors shall select from their number a Presi- re
dent, a Vice President and a Secretary-Treas- Pt
urer. gi
Article VII,. Notice of all meetings of orf
stockholders for election of officers or for any m
other purpose shall he aiven in wristng by St
the Secretary to he deposited in the matl at ne
least ten days before such meetang is held, t
directed to each stockholder to his name and hu
address as the same shall appear uph n the A
books of the corporation, unless sad notice Pt
is waived in writivn by all of the atockhold- to
era appearing as such on the books. I
At all such meetings every stockholder, hi
whether present in person or by proxy, shall la
be entitled to one vote for each share of stock
standing in his name on the books of the ar
corporation, and a majority of the votes so be
cast shall he sufficient to elect or decide all as
questions voted on, at
Article VIII. No stockholder shall ever he co'
held liable or responsible for the contram-s. t
faults or debts of this corporalion in any fur- at
thee sum than the unpaid balance due to tfe n
corporation on the shares of stock subscribed at
for by him, nor shall any mere informality de
in organization have the effect of rendering of
this charter null or of ee ag a stock. pc
holder to any liability on the unpaid th
halaaes due upon the sald staock
Article IX. I. .. . - :
tLe amSendep.at In-I r
ct l . i g nt- " . '.: : I •" . . '.!• ; . , '
'i;ii ,i-t ! -
- - ! ,
t , . " . .. ,
I 'll I, - ._ !. , . i '. I
1t1 ,
OF" \RI" N NI 1F
I .ti-.
II. . , a
a r t:, '! "+.,. • ,, , - ' f r .
I l s- . .. t . 1 Iin J
_ , 1 ! 1t l1 !t . , \ \
U i t s , :. ' I i!' t \ Vr a
Its, , . ,I , .
tIn iiir thesli1.,.iat . turp slAn unde
up .1iLA\ Iiih.s \1.\I" I vi\ \'I
ag,,t .i n S ., • I. .\ - t i ,. a l I a - i h
I lt - ,i - ,t i !- 1 , ..i ti d .i. i t in d :r
the -tuhulsltuios herisiissier Sri jirth and cer
tif , , ..lI . "t f
Artin le, I T: e ., i e .I th i criiration
sIll e the , r' , I , i- e-tu t ii a ny.
ait. ld t.it , a e it . IIll .e kn w n sh ll
e] j,,,y x,, "ceni. . .. r - h t • , f n. ety-nine
sear- fr i ban t a .tie the d.,;e hereuf, unkss
sioner Iu.i lved.
Antie e I I.-Au suh -- nporatiun it -.hall
have tiwer t, sue. and ie ,ie, iit enter intI
ati cntr, t1, .t ir. w ,! d l; n , m ine to!
purchase. on , lease. ll and ,t',erwise con.
ye. real and teir oa trl,\t w ti make ai d
u-e a ciirliraite nsal; toi nmie anil select three
lsts, an, agers," agent, ., and thr ittS rs; to,
,I:,n -<, h ,a- . .:? " : ,I'r t:-I t, , I ,i L o
agrke y, liws and thi estailish rul and reg-i
u11in ,:ts fir he anageent of the b usiness
anil affairs oft aid c:rliiratiunr; and to fxr
cute and issue l.\Iiis and tither evidences ofh
dti aniltot u to e the saute by mortgage or
Article I I.-The domicile of this corpora-in
tin shalt he the city of New Orle ' ans. parish,
,of Orl eans,, stat e of Loisianal, and all legal
process shall lie ,erveil- on the president, or,
in his absence, upon the secretary.
Article . V.-The objects and aiurpeoses of
this corporation shall be to buy and sell real,
hpersona lt t and mixed property , to nortage and
accept mortgages upon real estate; and to bor
row and loan to rt"ey upon any security ac
ceptalile to it.
Article Vn-The capital stock of this corpor
ation is hereby tixe, d at 1 the sum of five thou
sand dollars (prsal.00)s which shall sle divided
into two thousand dollars h$2,000.e0) of com
m Ln and into three thousand dollars ($3,000.00)r
tof preferred. Of the commont there shall bes
andt affitrs' o,,f ,., .aid ;Il..tti corporato ; a d o ex -
forty shares (40) of the par value of fifty do.
lars ($50.00) each; and of the preferred there
of f ,fty dollars ($50.00) each. The said e
ferred stock shall be esntitled tho receive atvi
dends at the rate of ten (10) per cent per an
nu, payable semi-annutally, on the first Mon
day of January and on the first Monday of
tJuly of each year, out of the t earnings of said
t corporation ll, before any dividend shall be pald
upon the said common stock and such divi
dends shall be cumulative so that any defi
ciency in the dividends to be paid on sady r
ferred stock in any year shall be made
Aou t of the earnings of subsequent yearsbe
fore any dividend shaill be paid upon he said
sl'an dollars ($5,000.00), wht ichi shalll belt divided
intok tw houis and doll.arls~ ($,00'00 and com
common s tock And in case the earnsings of
the corporation shall permit a dividend i ex
cess of said 0ten o ) pr cent, so ft beif o
semi- annually, th e sai exess earningse or
ly or in part, as the directors may deem ad
visable, shall be paid to the common stock
holdef rs And on the final liqidation and edis
tribution of its assets, arrears of dividends
reshall be paid to the eholders of such preferred
stock, and the shares of preferred stock shall
num hpayablesemie-anpnuly the theta irsty on
darty of --h January and onth ufrst onday of
be poraid oi fulln before any payment shall bea
made to the iholders of the common stock; butd
cwhen such arrears of dividends e and the facer
value of such preferred stockny shall have bee
paid, the holders thereof shall receive no
ether or additional payment.
Article VI.-The casi preferred and common
stock may be issued for cash, for services
actually rendered to and for pro ery actually
received by this corporation, ant when issued
shall be fully paid and non-assessable. This
corporation shall begin business when three
thousand dollars ($3,000.00) has been sub
scribed for. No transfer of stock to be bind
in pon the corporation until made upon
Article VI4o-All the corporate powers of
this corporation shall be vested in a board
of directors composed of five (5) stockhold
ers, three of whom shall constitute a are oium
for the transaction of all business. e hich
directors shall be elected at the annual meet
ing of the stockholders, to be held on the
first Monday of January, of each year, unless
such Monday be a dies non, in which event
the election will take place on the next legal
day thereafter, beginning with the year 1915.
Saos election shall be held upon ten days no
tice, duly mailed to each stockholder, at his
last known addscsA. The election of direc
tors shall be by ballot and each stockholder
whether of common or preferred stock, shall
be entitled to one vote for each share of stock
owned by him, which stock may be voted in
person or by written proay. A majorit yof
all the votes east shall be necessary to an
election, In the event that any vacancy
occur in the board of directors, whether by
resignation, death or otherwise, a special
meeting of the stockholders, called as afore
said, shall be held to flll the vacancy.
Immediately following the adjournment of
the first annual election, the hoard of direc
tors shall hold a meeting and organize by
electing a president, a vice-president, a secre
tary, a treasurer, and such other oeicers as
the directors may deem proper. The said offi
cers shall hold of.ice until their successors
have been elected and have qualified. The said
directors shall have the power to provide, by
the necessary bylaws, the duties of the vari
ous oficers, The failure to hold sanual meet
igs or to elect offcers shall not forfeit this
Article VIII.-The board of directors to
manage the ansairs and business of this cor
ratinlupto first Monday oin J anuary e e
suhMn a lber L distewar, Ed whinh -
Muller Jacob Zielly, Charles L Stewart and
Miss tl ba Morales, with Albert L Stewart,
resaident, Jacob Zoelly, vice-president Edwin
e Muller, secretary, and Miss Ella tlorales,
t asurer.
Article IXo-These articles of incorporation
may be modified, changed or amended, snd
this corporation may he dissolved, upon the
vote of three-fourths of the capital stock rep
resented at a general meeting held for that
purpose, after thirty days previous notice
given in one newspaper, published in the cit
of New Orleans, state of Louisiana, at which
meeting or at any stockholders, meeting, each
stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for
every share of stock owned by him, whether
it be preferred or common, and which may
be voted personally or through written proxy.
And in addition to the notiace by newspaper
publication, each stockholder shall be entitled
to written notice of any stockholders' meet
ing, which notice shall be mailed to him at
his last known address, at least ten days
before such meeting,
On the dissolution of this corporation, by
any method known as, the law, its affairs shall
be liquidated by three stockholders, acting
as commissioner., elected by the stockholders, t
at a meeting called for that purpose. The
rmmissionerII to he elected, oust recetor
three-fourths of the capital stink retreseuted I
at this meeting, and, when elected, -shall re
main in ofiece until the affairs of this corpot
ation shall have been fully settled and iqui
dated; and in case of death of one or more
of said commissioners, the affairs of this or-ai
poration shall be settled and liquidated by
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Article X.-No stockholder shall ever be re
sponsible or liable for the contracts, faults,
defaults or debts of this corporation, in any
manner or in any further sum than the unpand
balance due on the shares of stock owned
by him; and mere informalities in the organ
ization of this corpora'ion shall not render
this charter void or expose any stockho!ler
to any liability beyond the unpaid balance
due by him on his stock.
The subscribers hereto have placed oppo
site their names the nutter of shat.:s sub
scribed by each, so as to conntitu'e the orig
inal subscription necessary for the purpose
of organi7.ng this corporatios.
Thus -lone and passed, in my once, at the
city of New Orleans. state of Louisiava, in
the pretence of Messrs. Fer:ianul F. Teissier
and Archibald It. Wagner, competent wit
nesses of lawful age, whi he'eunto sign
their names, s th said alpearers arnd me,
notary, after reading of the Eho RS.
WM. 1. F(RMENTO, Not. I'ub.
I. the undersirned recorder of mortgage. in
and for the parish nf Orleans. state of Lou
i'iana. do hereby certify that the above and
foregorg act rf in rporpatnon of the Orleans
Investment Company was this day duy re
co-,leI in my offbce, in book 1119, ol;,) J.3.
Nerw )rlcans, January 5. 19t4.
A true copy from the original, signat
omitted. M. J. FORMENTO. Not
jan 22 29 feb 512 19 26

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