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Algerines at Law.
' " \ 'I' -I'."' "'.
* 11 ..'.
9 .r " r . n "
I"ft - ' -- -,
- -,h:.'".-,
shall I- 1 le 1i ''ern 1'"tre, ",1t: ' 1 ,
1 , 1 1 . ,
,'1111 . .l~ , .r 1K . . ' . \
,i ' *. .,,
'I " , .. . 1- w .
-hi ll I,r a I .u . i . 'trn : " .
I.sa , r 'le' an . ','1 .r m i' . t" , . pt {."
ag'i'-tn'tien' .)t rile i'f.i' .t ,' "
A, t r i.a he ,I , . n, . , pr . .
,,t' le 1 t . i-..1 , 1 ,
'I , hall 'h •ii the I -t \ , N,.
"tati 'it, L... -. , - " ' . " ,
leral p)o 'e'. , ha .. , ' i" i. . i ,, I'
dent '".t aid T, or..r . ,t
h : , ihs e r . n Ir- n 'hr2 %h 1 ' ; l e , t
anl . the 1. .. ,.' I - .l i , .r,{,".-1
upo "1n I I " . ,i, . a ,':;+-t , 1 ..I: P ,
it  I ll he l ,' d* .l,
t.alll",het L Ittn ! le ,l",l Ire . 1 ,--r ,,P+..
Ile i.irrtie, 'in 'i it i- htrv ',ly de i'ard l
lie l purJt ir '. ,.r ! . ,r e r n ,r
-1the w.,r, ln, 51"i all pure -r pairent righ a
pate-tel itii ' It " . ,n lid t. .. i t' it ther
. If | e , t. ' 1 .1 l '1 t  - r 1'3t,. tiv in ,t s I
wheel'., vehi .er. 'ini I,. lwhee. 'c'row,w ma
hti er',. and 4t, i, a 7 ni", iipI , ', na .utc
w r1 d , i . t .. , 'i , 1. mi % t , .* '..i 1!dt , i. j r
"I.lel , w'ties- .i '1 '.I." 1 tl k, wheLri.iarrow,
I |,i tany . ii, - ni n rk ,ta le .art, I '" r t in'
Ind al .1- , ' rn 'in itii t-eve r c n p. t rt It.r
,itell or Iea- rid ' r 'i it' r. ahnl i'v . uto '".
..1 te t .iy het .1)1rp w,| .t It']naI+.t a ,' , t ng .or
Iilft ,rhrw . aih  r d, Ianv rain il iet' l wInd
to pt.rrhae i'r , nd .l t itII pr'v.ir mn t Ti
' an ufacllt ,| ,- r np. a htle4,1 eI, a ny I/ , Ir'hi 1,
thing- 'l.etr'r .i tdv i.ilei by the HLiar . if
Ditre.'ttr, it , onnectin with the i ',,
. tn d t o r t h e mit t e r - ,t .i t ,I ,I v I n t .alg r i t t h er "
corphrat',:t., to own. !ase. "tntrti t. m.it.n
tatt and at"jiilre tactortres, depiot, wa-^hor..e,
it) purcha.e o.r 'ion,.ili,l.te with .Inv ther
c'rphtraiinn'. iorpantIer, under the I lw- 't
'h, 5tate at !a ll'. a .l. or any ether t.re. ,or
it the ( ntc., `tate,. or inv' tirtign ,"iun-v.
a!l t.o icqmpre Ind h!old ,t'cks,. ionnds .I:1.!
, r• t'l r ni t or uach other ,'rpr..rit|ano . to gu|,r
.ittre the .id, 'tcks, lwmins and securites
ior t'uch tcorporation. .as this ct'irpIrattion tmay
br interestrd 'n. to l',.' truct. own or oitner
w'" Icquire riilrt'a'l, and 'tramships and
othetr vr'~rel t ir '.irtalage ,t treight and, pa.
sengrrs fr here. to ,'llntrutt. Iwn and ,)ler
ate d.is'.' walk. '.ar Lunting it vessiri and
tir the rc,'.iving. 'taring and forwarding it,
treight an! i thr .ii')i/ntttcoid. i o' a.n .'t.
er',, and gene-rally t. hl!i and exercine all
such incidentall power, and privileges '. re
late to the ihi et,' herelnlietore net hirth
Article IV lihe cap.tal sta'k ot thi, 'itr
paratiln is herel r tixed it the 'urm it Thirty
live thoutian, .lllars IS.t5itUI'. ,Ilv:.le ,it,)'
and, represented by three hundred and hitty
.15ti shar.. of stick if the per value it or
hundred d'ilars i$1110tlii) each. Said stoek
shall he paid tir in cash or in Inch ":tall I
m-,ett, md t suinuh time and atter 'nih n,.
tire tit lie 's.ilcqctlers aS the B[Lar,! 'it lbt
i-t'+ir". nian It, 'it' name na-y he- insuedr, a:
n,,t Ir,'- than par 'te i~aliitr t,i+ne ,r ienv1ce.
prnrtir+'ii,l f.'r the wal corp)rlatmn 'in prop.
erty reight' ..itually rei'eivei/hv saii l "'rpotr'
it' priiitt1i tt 1n.
rfu- <'Iir inrlt.on Itt..'y laetiome a g'iiugs -tn
'lrlI ",-h ill ii.'.itlth.,ri/eed to cnmmentce
''u'.itte'. when I .i~ a t anl tothree thmeii
.andI ,Idllars ![t.*alu.llh ,l stl rlpilll stock
-hall have ieeci .tibli.t'iiied ttr
All trun-fe-. 'it '.,.'.k oIr th'. i',,o rr t:.)in
.hall ic ""ate iin ',e iiiaik, ,it the ciirlaora
iioin a: in.l,iii'il in the I i t at New lit
"hr'ii'+le h AL]' the , irp,aiTat -'1. et"' . r'ai ild
.'iIreprath.n -hall ie tented in anil enher me ni
h) a l!.iir,! .,i tinectitrn til lie v'iiinpii'n'd ¢oti
'te ,'h e lecte' tht l eet i n tiall ',
,it thr'" r.,l .W',n.!an 'n Feiilrtiarv ,it eulth
trin. Ith, ':t'nt .ln he he!.! atter It.'he xpirt 'cit
the iiii 14,nilat',nrFehr'iat'. H'i". th-'ee
+|whl,'ni -Ita ic" nt'lqtitilte aI 'Jhurtini
,Ann lorn, "',r 'nan ,n writtllg give In, at
hin itiea~llrut'e e'..k" a prn'. ti ii't t it' md1,
retire y n t r el t ui anence it the neeting
pi the ml',iar,! ,t liu-e.'tr. a n!l 'tuch pr'i'.es i
,hail evercin ill the rghtin' pumweq ini petc
tIrle 'it tteir ciie'.titient'.n pr . .a.tei. hiw
en.'. that the said ernon 'It *rlredbnn wlioi
are app.tnted are ntik'khlrienn .f the aitdi .
,"lhrpct rat tin.
A'! sucth eleet-t,)n'. 'hail hein ti aiihit anti
ntall ,w hehl ian. cunductedt at the ,iftice
'it natd cI,)i'p)ratihn. 'anilge nuith reptatlain n ani
may be entBalria'.heD hr the Is aril 'i Otrector, .
Notice fnurin t eec'tt,in shall Ie" giVen y1
the Sec'retany of{ sa;,l c.uepuar.iti,tn hr pubiica Ie
titn ftr nit and than ten ilas ynpet theretoi
,in a dai.ly "ew'.paper puitithed tn the Eng
i'.h languae hen th p ilf New Irtean. b
hindct a.duh electians "and at all h ,bresrate l
fieeti 1g' evt't'yr ltKkh,',h!e" .hail he entttled
i,- ,)'ie wi,'h tar eat'h '.hate ,,i ntock ntandtnlt
in e h, name 'lit the Innik, i na,|t cuturantio
the ci a~', 'in hint in p.-tn, .ir 1w his rig
ten pt'JXv. and the 1aituri .if "ubh smarte A
Ann nc.inct' ,"',currlnlg antlt * the Dint'r
timr of na'dJ c:irptr.it uin I)n h~eath, resl1.gna~
Itill. a.r ,itherwinm.' shall he tilledl hr elen-tn .8
ticr the 'tnenplteu! 'ertn ny therenmat'.tng di
.4 tal1,.-. t, elect 'ltrectiirs on the' datic .
.hoer 'pec~ne~i 'hail n,tt dissu,tlve the n'ot- b,
tatratiun nitr. Inpa' - ins marirate Ceitcte1.'q
..nd mtanagentent, hit the ditrect'tr then in tl
'tftice 'halI-etnain in office 'uzntil their sue-t
ce,..,tr- -hail 'lane been July cecated saod jual. '
The Huntr~ 'if+ D'treii,, 'a: is rSet meeting,
+hall] elect mtto their ,own niimnet' a l.'res.l
,tent and! h'ce Presitdents. They nhall asia. ' a
•-elet a Secretary andl Treas+uprer r one p-'
.nn to act 'in both Secretary and Tresose, lr.:
edher ,'t avhim may 'Ir may +not he a member
itt satd hoard, andi a General Manager. j'
The Board 'if Directors from time to tiel,' w
mar nalme and appoint all such ither a.ner'.
andl ag1ents as it may deem neceanam v t.ar'
imon. The saud hoard sh~all bare power to -i
tie an.! feline the dutnes of evr o~t'i'eri a
shall bold offie antdemployment at the b,
ipleanure it the oamul.. The bar may make,_
andu entblshap. asl well as alter and amendJ j
all suc-h by,.laws, rules and twgulsnnoa nee. I gi
emase andt proper un its Judgment for tN"J-+
Directrs shall bar~e fuill pewer an msaner- 
a-sdto- ceateli-" to issue bed sad ether
aebbgenee and tese , ma bymt-I
- - . .
, , ,
;1x1' ,1i +!", .I jr '.rýl..
' " l-. " ," 1 ". "{ . ,
! t^r+ ,r. ..,... ..,.,
r 1 " . ... 1:',r • : r" ^. , 1 . : . x. .+ . :,:Y,,
'n"' "I ' - h, rt" ,
o, k k. , r -. r' I r . j i- chr  e
nih' i'her . !Jni ar t i ' ' ''p n r
. h, ' .h'. "n'ginA 1':.u,rt~ liv
,*i M ' n I -"'a -r, .. n , r .1 , -' h 5
',e .r rn iclr :' .,,
. .b Pub
1' I ,+ r \ r' , r ) r: " y r I., :. 1 : ..
I r... .. I- .i- I 4' 'i, . '" "h i
d ,-.t.l hr,. tn'i" ,'.e ne, with
''t-'-" r 1. .n[  . y thI
Ir ,v ".t liet , r tie .rai.
B ir i !!) 1 4"1"ri l l '.I . i as iyte.
, i ar.l ,, Ia r ',. da , 'rtt r .. . u o's e
I .,, . ,t \  + ',e-"w ,],.-, n  i , 'h - hr: p p )
roa, en . alie, rt! 'r: -iar I p- o , -,i) a e
4 h l" e r ,rIet4 'sieI ' tl , It ., r1a. ge: t hi
i t , ,i h rrr ' i i- h 'e'i4 S ta .
ria , ar t, l 1e me.'t a nd h  - ,a e
:Rehr tw he l i r t re'int
A I irpit Aa, 'h, iv -Ial
ri-del iii1' k. £119 r, 111t
,har ie . I -4
- ritr W arwe"a", Sponsors Bi a ra
in ,e .. 411£ , r ... . ) har. h
,/ ri a.I, daugte ro Sar.. l v.ado,' r , aldlt r -~~l
I o ~n r,, Rn }ant Adli.t~:It Spn rs San-he
T :he . or. nier,". r , . K," ) e"r +" .,t m eI r -
i-n an i the rrtgtna a
/I- In trBr t .lPt t I. Stt e r
| spl ayev,;b "'r -"::-v ht th. of a
,I.HtIl i t r K O' T "I 1i Na M Ot '
, tbtul thelt Rr n Ot wEsto i.n ty ituS
Ba. New ,Iprm ls. M'u',rt.rv It. 1n114.
Fm .',gnerl, ' .MZI+1F J LEOJNARID. Dy R
coud tav fun ang hois anLeonkau
S hertl. sponv et toq Art pHalfna n
k oo p ao l. n h o n t rit,.
maery (olr daughvter ofd sLucs Snhi
s b)rat!Rosali (rrogiiwann. i Sn
> .aohn organh, d a b tou
swel, therl.tnri. oenmirat antipMs. Hat.
ii, Pu. h air'ltitn(f ["h ahae agmoan
Marty hr daughter of lvoasr Sahdei
St. aro a -alA asheroia aSponso San
t: (.ulstbnarl, andiPatrln Piazzors
ThieMonarh.ing Sar const goesmr
l wond thand ithe enrg anthe enthianth
d ayead hdagr ur oer cintsoarpsor aitd
soleiltoris most lratifying, It is
,lourbtful whether any pastor in the city
could have found among habs flto' suito
a hearty respori to his appeal for
whorkers as e have found among our
gwx]d people. Everyon e Is try in gl toion
trive some new stheme to inrerase the
number of our vines and securo new
subscriptions. Mrs. F. Vtarlets ant! 6.
W. Walters organlzf a d euctohre to
swllr th se thI otbattlcuc
rlt tSo t of their reheipts. That
wrty thich took plate last night in
St. Mary's as h te oi ,t a
blla¢gathering andt a most sut'cess
ful and enjoyable so-labte affair. No
wonder that with usuh a body of enthu
* sastis workers we have steadily forged
ahea of all the other contestants and
are at present In the lead, It is that
-+spirit, of bolidaritv and cooperation
{among our people that enables 'n to
',work wonders In Alg'iers and command
- the respect and admiration of our
neighbors acroos the river who for
merly had ntnhing but sneers for our
burg. N'ow the northern tourists who
viit New Orleans are directed to Al
giers to see the most beautiful cturch
In th Sout~h and after March 1, the
close of the contest, the A~lgeriae will
hem La the Cruseat Cityr.
Th - tiirs of our eco met to heiU
PAGreen PeasT FrenYh 'e.
_ .on.
i. -a.
r t , -.a. t. " , r a "
" 1 ""t r ,' . -" t ,i st
b : w a ad; itt
te. S doto, - a - r.. f " . a
• i--, -, :' r . -a , 1-'r ' .
Tw- -e. 4f-. a,* ,rt . I-s rn,
.% flr . { f1:. " A u : . .. "n-+
~r:.' an.-, " . _ ...- "^ s
h a n c u pf ul a n .. ,i : n , r ' : s. .rp .) ne
1 . . ,r in *-- is
nt f ra:. -we 'e i si - An! add..
the Jul:e ,,f one 1 m,,n. Adt I reas:.n. just
2efore se-rvag.
G ln etretta Cake.
Make sl. '+ ert rf ;
Make o n s cn 1::. .1 .vr - a l- ý r '1't
n* unti . t .' ,r n t« . H, -e m!«tFt
over hot water tw,) ,a;+ ,f unsw-+et.,*+t
- rhoR oote. t sei w:.h l i t .:a + r br, and
e.mb r knif k w : , t ,a *..-,' k r,  L n ;r -
t'on co.er e - rr n t .' :-"- it t,
not but wh.-n r- jrter q¢' eg-ae a.:* -I -i
liyerr tageth,1r and t ',i .as ' ,+ or tn
hoot 1i.a t e to harden. .: e e em.
Fruit Salad.
# v 7.- mI
Two eupAD of s:e-ply frang th'e spr--. two
chlrken or. b¶utt try bn-:a d.ng ,: i".
c-is on ,h tne ma-t A el., ,u uti mleto,-n
ha~f cupful "1n-I. dI -uurr'e. W:1.;; in'!
int of prepai.ng .hckn in r.cord in erv
wrth it cream+,! pota~to+'s anrd ,-rn fr, tter+
The muicnte bf nit W. mn a. fresh fruit Jamust
will adId to thisl combination. P:neapp,+
BgvarianI cream is an excellent sW.e'tln
now desserngt.
h xdl < "ousanm m*
Cora Pl',.tt-er. La [.m L BIeam+Il'
Ph,eople Ba~lraran a'r**am. ,'.-llt+
Allegrettd Chicke.
CMtke a latender -hike :t, any.vn pe-. . s. r.
Makea anl Oi'ng aid pu' -"vr e 'a~ch L}+r .+ t
stanfd until it -~ Ir. -- n ton. Have nm.-it.-'i
over if for fryingtw, -aroll -n beaten f unks erf.
two eslOt. then wih fnrly i ated a.: rea l
crmb seaor knie with chopped par.ley o
etippn cver ad eat- p-ac *n a dripping patn.i
idot the pieces nt bts of buteri and at e
Ichottle water hake oy bting often. rden.
TWhen done take out chicken and makespri
ray chick the pan buty tadirg a mtr.n ot i
sflour and butter; make smooth by star-is
1of preparing -.hick-ti on record Serve
with t creamed Potatoes and rn frter
The minute biscuit wi:: a fresh fruit jamn
CutBavarian cream boilsed potan etoaelen small eeiubesn
Shalf inch ar, and for two cupfuls odessert.
potatoes allow three table.spanfuls rmelt
ed butter. o.ik togethd.r thre mauteu.
Breaded 4'h1.'tea. Ctrw"si C.-l -ate'..
Coa r, t~ri-t'. «-w Lung EB-a"+
Psponing wth svalt. pepper ad s da h
Breaded Chicken.
of papr ktd Ther sprknkle over two ta,
blespoonfula ,tf flour and ong tdpfur af
thin cream and cwtk vhry slowly pr tle
bpck of the r plge md. for tip n a.ty
Winute Bitscuits.
One pint of wour milk or buttermatk.
OIe teaslpow.futl of soda. two teas,),)nfuls
of melted butter, enouigh flour to make
Went doeh, takt utiff enough to mandle.
Mix, roll and cut omae rapidly wbth as
alhatle ichdln acr sy be aa d bake p n ot
quick oven.
lPinepple Bavarian Cream.
Twoe tablespoonfuls mlt-ulated salatln.
haLt utt o cold water, one cm grtes.
ofneaprk a. cup of spgnr. one table
spoou lemof JUice. whip from three cups
of cream. Soak gelatin l clld water.
Heat pinepple. add sug.r, lemon Juc ev rd
soaked gelatln ; chill in a pan of ice water
until it begins to thicken, then f,)ldt n tte
whp from cream mold and ch:l1.
In order to prevent strands of bradt
strung on strntea breaking esily. strng
them on d nra, fl.ss. It is the most dur
@b5e of thread for thisd purosoe
of bmle brt war, r enou -hlou to tea
P na: ' ra-"e a , + : . . o sta n
outdone by their aothers have arrang
ed a Valeatine party for Sunday after
noon to help otut t~he cause.
May be after a while the promoters
of the wve million dollars Exposition,
realizing their opportunity will decide
to mie their headquarterus to this sidea
of the river-mthe Brookwi of New Or-cp
leam-. a
Very Rev. P. r. noilter, s. an., head s
ib te of treisj t sther purpthe.Uie
anoon i tohel ouet etthe r cause.
8.Mayb. le hletepo tr
I II..1:. WC.ti
M I' . g:' t..t ",.
t ..." Ii ... "e '.-d W :
ir..l w ':.d;"j . , } :n .
I . . r.."- , i to get :'n t.
No, hited :.:z at
.::" '° L a.., , . t ..-la er I a r
t '-eisf ,. * .,.Ct " a -an I b e '.f t ee
s t h 1 1 y h ie , t . , , t h e i:E . x ,r ,,p
er*y L"., an ,! f:.,".,: \ i'r,- h."r ,,."par
E lv.;.tr i I I : .t "&t : na.
her'i,e! 1 t""1- ..-. . ,":...t in :."r f.1
t.:et'. s Ia ," t.i.. '"1, '". u .t :...! a C :  :..S
fi e t:mit R ,...t "v te L .mr as we l. as
,: :isei f
T e u , , . . . " r , ,. : r ; 'r v : l S i e
R ," t b. , t h . . t e. , . . i e _ t o , r e "'b l io
" o" . i-1. .. :I.-.t. g and try
to ld t' ',.:"1 . n ta .AS t  w, ut up
th e s V : .i . . t ' ," ar . . ýer t t . m a , .tt
,t a u , , o : r f:.e p," r ,' o i l a, ,..i. nh
his h ra::! . p*.- ,,. h ets I T.hilug the
ap, r ,ma.. w
is Mr \\ at ..-"l. iu nhe aseºel.
No>. thle is [iat."
"' '1an } u t,.h b e wp ui-re I ':tn see
"It is unterl: ti t' an I be of ServIc
to yo""'
"'I wlsh t,. Tee him with regard to
selng h's pro pe-ry to the Exelsior
Electric word. I own the next place
and am inter.sted rh 'e company will
not buy Ii nle% it can have both
"Coie in." saitd the yung man, and
he ,l.d the way int,' the drawin. room.
He said he ,. ,iI,l r,-resent the matter
to the ova.dr ,f the prperty and in
vited her t" A t.te her case. This she
did remarkabiy w tll. the young man
listening attentively. though he seemed
to be o wr:ppted in admlrtio)n ofe
Missl Hiackey that she doubted If he
took in all she said. However. after
she had lshedtl he promised to repre
sent the matter to the owner in a fa
vorable light. Then he invited her to
Inspect the place. taking her Into the.
greenhouses and presenting her with
some line Amercan Beauty roses.
When she departed he said that as
s-on as he had anything to report he
would cull u mpon her
Mr. Alexander-that was his name
called two days Later and said that.
while he had represented the matter
as she had given it to him, the owner
was still averse to selling. Miss [linck
ley asked the young man what rea
sons had been given for the refusal
and was told that no reason whatever
had been vouchsafed. He suspected
that the owner wished to build on the
property himself, or possibly ie might
be negotiating with other parties.
Belle was very much disappointed.
She told the gentleman that but few
concerns had the means to purchase so
large a property and if the opportunity
were not taken advantage of both
places would remain as they were.
producing no income and paying taxes
that would gradually eat them up.
The young man said that he would
again confer with the owner and en
deavor to Impress him with this view
Iof the case.
In a few days Mr. Alexander called
again to report that he had failed to
impress the owner of the property
with the remasns Miss Hlnckley had
brought forth and teared that he had
other views for the property. The
matter dragged along. The would be
purdhasers were known to be Iooking
at other sites, and Miss Eldnckley was
o'The only way p know for you to
move the old curmudgeon," said Mr.
Alexander one day to Belle, "ts to
marry him. When you have done that
you can make him do what you like."
Belle scouted the Ides Indeed, she
had taken quite a fancy to this Mr.
Alexander. but anyway she wouldn't
lmarry sn old man, especially a stub
born one. But she thought of the
matter and concluded that she would
look the old chap over. .t exander
agree to arrange a ms.-toag, but
when he admitted that he tould not
Sto mOy eep as the beginning ofha
batrior b pegotlation Belle balked
alaln: but. rdeeving an advance on the
offer for her property conditional on
the purrhase of the adJoinian estate.
she eonsented. It was arranged that
she go the next day to make the all,
Mr Wllkinson having an attack of
gout which kept hIm off his fet.
MIss Hinckley was reeilved at the
door by a servant and ushered hoto
the library, where she saw Mr. Alex
ander sitting in an easy chair with
leg stretched out on a foot rt. But
he rose without difficulty and said:
"'1 am the owner of this property.
having bought it the day before yosu
first call here. If you wish me toryin
you tn effecting a sale to thse elea
trc men you will halve first to prom
ise to marry me. I hae got another
bsd for both plates and can make
these parties to whom you wish to
sel pay double he t amount they have
offered, for hey must have the site."
Miss Hinckley was quite ready t
make the promise, and bothem."
marriage d the real estate, wet
through ret Lily.
Mrs. Ale indiew facetiously calliba
husband "Old Curmudgeon."
An Unpleasant E~neseantr.
"I was told young Staylate had quite
as encounter with Maude Brown's
"Yes, he did. He met the old man
tac,dng home from the club Just as he
w--as leaving the house and in trying to
a-void one another they both fell down
teterrace and broke a seven dollar
garden vase. And now the old man
says he was assaulted by two burly
-tumlna. and Staylate doesn't dare to
go sear the house for fear he'll be
rec-galsad as hoth ot them"-Cv.
tls Plt Dealer.
7, r
T-e Lfe of Aiexar'dee - Step'lers.
St: .
.- 7 , ' . . -' "- , , .. "I F " - - :
"A "t 1 i". J:"  . " " `r .'
S . i , J-: rt .. - . i -
t. . . i. n' i.... I. " n at
nr in 'ir -. t
l ...r t t'- n id -
r " . t- 17r "'"Is a n" , A: \ r:1 -
-d F art \j rrmt. I,-" i ar' or
-nti' " ti". -.: ;' n "" wa . s par'I .i
[{.- Aar - .-ct -d 1 . ,., '.t : I . " E" d
Sroan Sernate and r-f -.1i a±
. turni hit attirent:son t,) a . .' ,
t ory of the ,e tionai , )ontr,)' ,r'' . From
a 174 to I"2 S'epheos 'a- in he lo'wer
r hou of Conzres'. r--izn.n. to be
come Go4 tirnor of t;-rs:a En ' he
,%as e-I ct.d ZoVerlor a majort'. of
, i54 ) over his opponnt. a 4onfeder.
a'"-' soldier, and mad aitn - - ~lnt _o.
Lrno)r. hut h- ,:-.i .'fr.- th:- -n,-1 of
1.- t-r:n Ii- I t-, :t: -sr :'a. Mar' h
4. 1 " .I,
lie a.- a lo-al a:: n! ff-T :ve
.,:-aker. * ".uot th> arts of 'hi popu
lar on::or. 11- tas remrarkable for
. ,: m'h)ral and phi-.al ,'oirage.
and in .)ii:t:, sas notabie for h:t in
d, nin, of ;ar , He puilhshed A
5 ')n-t:tut: Tonal Vi-'w of 'he War Be
r 'asen the Sta-s' and A Ssho,)l His
Story of tho- I n.tetd States.
E. 1'h , ;rad,. Belle-tile '-hool
5lhar-l--y l-r. al:as Bad Eye. and
his brothr .-lamni-s Alwo-rr. who liv
Son ti- lo)wer )ast of AI:.-!rs. and 'who
lla,'- ti-lturz ' in many isolis"- ee.apadies.
I ar un;it, arrest again. ,hargesi with
"h- larm-n' of a skiff worth $1,. the
proert'y ,1 Hartlhv Campbell. '12:1 St.
I harI-.is vnuts. The skiff was stolen
Th-,dsay night from the head of Car
rollion aivsenu-. and was tra.-,d by
2 Campbell i Algiers. wher- it was
taoszni near the Alw-rt boys homnt. Po
l :*Pnan Mleyers th-n took the two in
, titoy ,)n Campbell's ,,omplaint.
, I IE 1 '.It I'HINE '-L. E € ' . IN '.
1. :,..ina. P r:sh ,i *2 r -. s.-',. City
-" New )orleans.
, ' -. ' n sh- " 1.ent-elghth
i., ; 1.: ltr '' t)'e v -.tr ,f unlr Lordt one
:' ",sret - fiur'een - 0 tOli
.. , e. -."m . I notary pub
. . ei a.i t ,iui e, :n and
' -e- . I, rOronallv up
; , B" n. R,'Wh.ri J Del
1 ' ; - '-t I lie lach. all ssf the
u " v . reaients of this
... %''' t,<;led that 'hev have formed,
" ., - p e-ents form themselves
, . n n, body p5K''i:i in law in
,i , 2 . t he ee - law- if thus
%.1"" 2 pe p s- .f buy:ng. sellirng and
. : e .mt ther bnin;'ng material.
S s- e , .h 'le-ale ,sa"-'a-Il. Isisi d'.ing every
n.' t,. : "here,. in the i:tv of o ew
• ' e-. ei'ewt,'rc The dmscile ,f this
2 " ,,r ' , s.il !i e sri t'he i sIt of New
e in- . stai e a ,i L.iis.).i2,. and all citation
i-id Othe- legal p-,ce-s .hall be served in
•he P Coent..0r tn h2 ;i!ence or il.ability,
,n 'he Vice l'r,,,.oent. All the corporate
•.i -r,, - o 4.2.t , p'.r ,rpt.in -,hai! he vested ,nt s
I.ard ,,mps252-e.2 ,i three .tiickhol.ers to be
ele-cted annal'' .,n 'he fourh Monday in
J lnutry of each ve v. the ni'st Board to be
smp.,-ed of appe~srarr- with Thimas B. Brown.
ai Pesiden. 'S, Aram J. Iellbach. as Vice
Pre-ident. i ndt R,'hard J l)elcazal. as Secre
'arov an Treaur,'-. who shail .erve as such
.t er' and d: ectsr, until the fourth Monday
n January. nineteen hundred and tifteen.
'-'as Board ,tail have the piwer to make
nh 'y laws. ,tises and regulations. and ds
rll ,Oher things ais may be necessary and
proper ', carry out the objects and purposes
, it5mness n,5t io cs1crh with this char
The capaii stock *f 'hr, corporation shall
.ie ten thlusn ,sllars Es$x0..sl)0.i) divided
,n 10 .harei ,f 'he par value of one hun
5jre, ,iiiaros each, with the right to begin
hu .me as ',sin a- three thiusand ($3.Ol0.Oou
5 sulu-,criied. The stck to be full paul and
non-atssesnaie, and to be paid for in cash,
.r p-npe "v transferred to the 5 -irporation, or
jernvies renrdered 'hereto.
"rThe name ,f the .norpiratiiin shaill be the
Daiphi e State s',.. Inc.. and by that name
:t 'hal. have psiwer ti contract. .ue and be
sued. t.2 buy. sell, snrtgage. lease and pledge
propent'. u'th -eal and personal. and have
a'd ,.r .y ill .ther powers g-ante-2 to c-r
nratiins 'der the laws -rf the State of
Leuiosana Sisi corporation shail eio.y ex
.-tence .,r - netv-y ne years. anless sooner
,issolve-i. whsch may be done at a meeting
•i the stckhiiders calied specially for that -
purpose. , 1 majorstv if the capital stock
if the cpr!tin. each 'hare being entitled a]
to ,,ne vote. the lquadatsin to be conducted b
0y the Bard of Directors, under such 'ermos
and conditions as they deem best.
N,- nfrinality :n this act of incorporation. t
a'- any failure to elect ofticers at any time, S
'2r hold meetings, shall operate as a forfei- w
ture of this charter, or have the effect of ci
exposing the stockholders to any hability w
whatever beyond the unpaid balance due on
their stock. no stoaholders being ihable for sI
more than such u4aid balance under any J.
ct rcutnstances.
_Thus chrter may be amended by a vote
of three-fourths of the stockholder repre
sentedl at any maeetialg aie in thaz purpose
nater sen als' *n by masil or t se
mtast s ehssekb'lar so the Deard of L
Eatehi.AAw 1881 51.00 Deposit. i ticom.
Commercial- Germnuanila Trust & Savings Bank
311 Camp Street 811 Common Street
3 1-2% on Savings
.-.~ ~~ F, " l[ [."f
Phone Algiers 377 1127 Teche St'e
Stoves and Ranges
B. V. REDMOND & SON, 314-31-31s-a320 Chartr.s St.
Look At Our Delicatessen
1 ': N :I', ti':id here the <i ,ice-t thie narket: ,~ ,r -
Investigate this department of our store
I am now prepared to do all kinds of PLUMB
PLAN. Call and see me.
Do You Want to Repair
Your Home or Install
Sewerage and Plumbing?
Offers you unlimited facilities
to do so on easy monthly terms
R. A. Tansey, Gen. Manager,
Office, 157 Delaronde,
Residence, 132 Laverque,
Phone, A 526
or can be seen every evening at the
NEMO Theatre.
- - - - - - - - - -
We are now located in our
beautiful new FIVE FLOOR
building at
532-534 AROIIESIT.
where we have stocked the lar'
gest assortment of up-to-date
furniture in the South.
We want you to investigate
our New Credit System-It is
the best ever established-asic
about it.
We are giving souvenirs to all
Datrons of our new store.
532-534 Baroune Street
also to all other mneetings of the stock
Thus lone and passed in my office on the
day, month and year herein first above writ
ten in the presence of Messrs. Clarence
Schroeder and James H. Donovan. competent
w tnesies, who have signed with the appear.
er. and me notary, after due reading at the
1Orgnal signed): W. J. Hellbach, one
share; Thomas B. Brown, five shares; Richard
J. Delcazal, twenty-four shares.
A true copy:
{.. Donovan Clarence Schroeder.
. thundersigned Recorder of Mortgages,
in and for the Parish of Or(ies, Sa of
an .d eee of _nm, , o -h
Caf an Rostaurn for
Lfis ad Sela
The best the market af
fords, properly cooked
and expertly served
at popular prices.
Music 6 p. m. to
Conrad Kolb, Prop'r,
12-17 sLt. carlees St.
mi., me b==.. s.. d
Dtauphne Slate Co., Inc., was this jav duily
recorded in my office an Book 1119i,1 ,o 48L
Original signed):
New Orleans, January 9, 1914.
I. George Montgomery. a no'.-,:: y
and for the Parish of Orleans ad a
New Orleans, ido hereby certify ,ne above
and foregoing to be a true and cor'rct copy
of the act of incorporation of the Dvxphina
Slate Co., Inc., as well as of the cer,.nica
of the Recorder of Mortgages thereto append
ed, the whole on tile and of record in my no
tarial office.
In faith whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and official seal at New Orleans, La..
SMY, Not. Puab

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