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Railroad Schedules.
I .\
\111 1 X 1 . 1 "l \
1 , "
I nt tn . t
I t,,'
It, . 3333, . ' .3 3 3 3' 3
mitt 11V 'i 'i l Itt T'IV E
'.t ,Tl N . llAl :Y tAN ,1!, ANIt
1 v' ;r.3 I 3.113k'.n Av,.33e F rry
S at r. I t o I - , , r. tv
r, .. ' ,1i Z '',"i'' '. j'\ = ; * 33 .n 3 . !I. 1 %i3 4 3
fi : rr'c 11 81 1 s il a
3" l ,. L ; ,3 ' I :"
1 1. :1 0 . ,, :5 0. a" m .
,A1 tr ve' ('n1 m,. a fter 'eh le s
ing et j m'e"ll vli 15 m'l't-is after ,'ti rlv'
I tvi: t lI'AtVI. 5 3 31 A) L A3 1 7
1 , . 1 , . ,. 12 f3 ,, 1 1 ' -. :I " ,
. -, 3 :5 . . 3. 4:25,
I r 1 . I , ' I :"1 ', -33 . u, , 10 'e.
t,,, n . ... t" 11 m - , ,. I n 12
aI : 0 . I. ' 1 .
.E' t t: t'E+4I'\ A - ; , i , l : I3 4.1 21 .
'a14 Ilarvdey' (aanal 7 mInlltl after leav
In. Alni3,lfl 15 l mnllutes after leaving
A1etnllentee ret for Amsille
Il1 .: ,r leSve" Am9 .vlle for 1rtna
32:05 a. m.
(tUloe Station.)
S:45l . . Te I a Lc al, for 4o,
ton and all statIons Intermi
diate. ..... . .. :2 ..... n, :25 p. a.
11:30a.m...a vsanalct 7press, e
o0 aton. Anattan. Port Worth.
allas etnd other north Tea
aa polnta ............ ..6:45p.m.
It :30. m..u seta E tpra . for Sanm,
Antonio. Mexclto El Paso,
Arlzuna and c'allforna ... ':45 p. n
a : .5 .. .I n tayette Local, for Ia
fatt a and all stalon In
term edate .. ....... .. 11 :40.
1 :30 p. m. ,exa Imlted, for Ilous,
to-n. alvton, Aust n. Waco.
Fort Worth, Iallras and other
north Texas poInts . :40 im.
Ilt:4 p m. m . Itunset Mall, for lNous
ton. Glaveston. Waco, Fort
Worth. Itallas and other north
Texaa poots .............:45a. m.
II.5 p m.. .tnoset Malll, for BSan
Antonol, Mexico, El Paso,
Arisons and (California... 7 :45. a.m.
I', i Ih Ia. IAl'TF lAIN AILtllR A, .
~I, 4I I U L. 5 3 3., :'i . 3, ? t3 , I I33, 3313, 3.3,3
i.3 l, 4 .", St1s, .1'ti. 13 t11, ,r 3i ,3 I 711, I Slf ,
7)31 , 7.3, 33 I33, 3 .3i ' It3l3 l, t (,3 l- ,)11  3 I 3. '
I '3 + 11FK Ii L'3Y I3itF f l l) 1.i
Siyt TH Le33 ti n 3, 44 , 5 I3), 7 3S.
I tl1I I'll a It I-'nt artr. 31. 3 It3 , "3 .,1
3 4 a l, . . L3 , 1 " , o . I .tl 3i, t 4' , 4.
N ltV 013 i I- 4 . :tREATr N Rltl ,i)itN.
I : lll. y E" t 3.lll3,3n 3.3,
3:31. :tO . ICsn 0 p. bia. Ty.
IIrtwn t nl33 I nll3lr t and IterI
3I3t331.3 ............ n.5 3 3
4 35 lp'n ,3 •iu3 3 olt, r i.F , Tyl h r
t1'n i3 . itnte t.nlitlt, . . 3' 5, t 33 I ,
, inda nonly
7 :4L m.. JackSon, 1 'lutit.3s, lty
tn l rtn I nee.a i
r 133 I In leMa.ab 3ern . I .
Ingit nr O Iell n ortre. Aetrl
g33133t1t oil l3!.+.3Am ,tllla .o 3 33lr 3
ull Einday Ir.' rl.lnr.
7 : f45 a. m .'ret ainn, l o 3agt . Alo s t,
Sprt nc. Mnaltatil', o Ans In er
l lireet 3le33 1ti ou: tia and in
termeoiate .............. .:43 p. 33
1 00 300
(tI30/s m.n. o, 300t E p fo
Popular Meechanics
Augrue sYou CAN mW5SiiTsA5O I"r
A rEhATrns andit r the fWaorit.. W:lp.
at any time, and which itll b I nour
interc; t fopever. You are livin io tio bs
ear.of the most wonderful age.. ohaeri.
oubtress the greatest world in t.... 3n313 e3.
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t othisa ,azine.in ordertokeep nforthedo
our proges oin En.neeing and Mechanic: .
Are you re g itu ? Two millions of your
neighbors are, it is the favorite maga.
zinc in thouaandA of the best Ameri.
omea. It appeals to all e
young - men and waoen.
Tha "I'l lNeba" D+hrabat (90 wag2s)
gtee ' es: ajrs todo tligs-how to make
setnIl articles home Iran ahop. repairs, e..
* ,its.l arbse.aia" (10 paee) aIells how ,
smake Mtla'n turnltnr, wrlrces ot1it. bnata,
Sengine., magic, and all the thilngs a boy luvea,
\a \ wI.ar drY so hoWI wea or
If 3ou Lreve borr 0" 'arch i.
tic t ýhv yid m crrj e r lj. say
ei., ut t)Qc, oc,'n the .r'o'n
S5e ixct ucur m dte J5 Lf y0U
kr~eca wnat you &QVQ 6bout.
GuY Di~
SvER1 'A' p 4
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Gr lYS' V!
LAT N H ;,.E rFA ?1
&l i cnywd omuhf
nruin the teeth. IF youhale
~oo4 teeth, dont eat candyi.
hfya hierit an2 teeth,
Sow cant eat candy. You,
save money both says
ELEHAH ($) 7
J° ou crtmake use
fof pai oflow shoes
during cold weather.
Tthey will lue plenrty of
them in our stouer -
o. 'a
'i~ohe abovae usow
membe ars of thelad sge
a urid w ll be tio rz w eahen
Wa r m be a t f i m i d u mt e r' s
dhe. an paurt9o stOuri
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i Wa k e sa tro le d a c ys to e
a tbrip to the opandy
wetuern..woktev parts,
he journ ey won fot.hey
[n aypatifn mtdn~swhich
sw eet san pd T m d he'~ q d r
byaiddsn theonther 6oodb
wier hen qtti Iyamd s atd
Iii tht ians 'I ithl~ a
' trdb e s a I'.: .' - I N' ~
*:Lr tr~ i N. . Stpa r
r'e" : . 'e , o
. . . . ., .: ] : , ' , ' i t
S. ',~ , , I; , - -,r. not
OGIve SrIi I.
: .. - V . . "  itver
th ' - : r. ; " : . three
S - . ' :: " 'ir over
R.slphetirrc Ic- Cr"a In.
S 1 I 1 . , ,:*" .t ý , cr0-arm .
'n. , · ti , t ' . T:.: . .uac. iii n
sil- c p-cu-e
/N TtE I
ll: .if , rn,.i ,,r"n ! di-h ^v".n is
't fr.,: ' , , nt f.'n.. l., , !n,
; 's; ,: I .1'1 I- ii,:. . A n
i:'*n: iii, dl. I ak I app:1, t . nos
I t i , tl .I' I l, sitis.
Bean Soup.
Soak a quart of fnavy bhrs over night.
Tlar: put thr-In on the fire, awith three
qia! is of ater, thr.,- o nllills, fried or
.a;:tel : aI 3 little butter; ontie little carrot,
two pottoes, p1rt3y !,o.:ed ill other stater,
a. small cut of pork, a htt:e red pepper and
s.ilt. Let it all bil slowly for five or six
hours. Pass It then through a coland,-r or
sltve. rerturnl thJ pulIp to the fire, se.lson
iol'er!'y with salt anid ca.Vin) pepper.
I'ut into tureen croutulon. Serve.
F eef and Macaroni.
Five onions fried in butter, one pound
beef cut in small pieces, ourne quart toma
toes, strained, onlle cup cooked macaroni.
Season with salt, butter and pepper and
bake two hours.
Chiffonade Salad.
This Is namedl rom its dressing rather
than from its base, which may be of let
tuce, romaine, chicory, tomatoes, beets or
celery in season. The dressing is made
as follows:-Take a hard-bolled egg and
mash it as fine as possible with a fork, then
add two pinrrhes of paprika and a pinch
of salt. half a te:tspoliuful of French Inus
tar,i a teaslrunful of h.tshel chips, two
tart.espounffuls of oil and three tablespoon
fuls of vinegar. Add this to the salad,
mix it well and serve at once.
Baked Apple Dumplings.
Peel arld core required nlumber of tart
appIles ;a t cisc l 'r each ,ith a good r Ic
crust. P'ut iti bakin-; pan ald pour over
rach a little syrup. Turll irto the pan
olle cup of brownl sug.tr ;arld two cups hot
water. Ill, .iiin.pllngs from tlire to
time, cookinlg urril aipples are done and
crust is a tool, rich browln.
It is a iioi,,l id,'a to have, on handl several
coilillg bove rnltes to serve wl'ln the wtcath
er is warlri. Ic. l tea. ciffee, Ilonir and
orangcalte atre all fasurite surriinlr ,trinks.
aHiili .Ce ce.it'-.ns arid ices are always
halled a itlh joy). Several recipes for codi
dainties are gilen telow:
Pineapple Lemonade.
I'are and grate a ripe lineapple. and
pour uver this the str.itied ihjuice of five
hm rionsl; make a syrup with one pound of
eugar anrd on, p:nlt ,..f water boiledl to
gether for tell niiriutes, nix all t.:e in
grttients. anrl add olre quart of water,
strain through mnuslin, put into well
c ,rkedl bottles, and keep in a ciol pliace;
allell ser\ingl, t,)ur it over brokent ice, and
put a cherry in each glass. The abuve
keeps solmie months, if tightly corked down
Creamed Asparagus.
\Wash car:efully and break ,not cut) into
;ne h lii't as tar as each stalk can be
broken. When it will not snap off quickly
thre stalk is too tough to be utsed. Couok
in bolihng sa,:t.d a ate:- f.fteen m lutes.
I)rain anil :nlke . a white salce of onle
cupful of the w\L1:er in which the aspara
gus wa., t .ked and urone cupfui of :ti;lk
iof flour ·one l w'it twI o :. b-lt i.spo~ uiu Ulf
;Lt't,. S-ason with u saltsloonful of at
aid hal ais ruIIrUh white plupper. Have
lealy . ,:,::g pieesa of :oast. Put tlhe
aaparaa;s ohr theml and pour the -hite
masIce uv's alL
Humor From the HoepitaL.
a Perhaps the best story in 8ir 34
in ward Cooks8 "Life of Florence Night
Il ingale" is that of a vounded Crimean
ir- sergerlant who pickedl up a wounded
in comrade and stumbled back to camp.
The rescued man turned out to be a
id greneral and waited on his rescuer in
t hospital. The latter, wrote Miss Night
Le ingale, exclailued: "Oh, general, it's
an you. is it, 1 brought in? l'm so glad I
he didn't know it was your honor, but it
he il'd known it was you I'd ha.e saved
nou all the samme!" ... .
Spare the Rod. Etc.
l1! I I ý
T ,. :* ," h. r I . . . . i 'z t h , r ,l t1 y w a y
tI ,,,o "! ,rt. J iI Set liia
,h.el,,e , - .\rd v!!:It mtlae you
th in k tIh a: t - .,If i -tu pi °d : .,cu e ?
Vi.' "im - 1 n at 0, *."n thl, 1n1 +,
w ith 1 "l";%:"7-l. :1 !A h,. ,;slidl morne .' tt tt l
I tion to the ,;.I !,::;i th:In h." diI t o m e.
I . L,,ui.tl,, GI,, lIsa,,,r:it.
Sooling a Good Thing.
rs. .yeI - I - t hear they :re goitig to
stop gossio 'ill - ove, r tl., tet'I lhone.
Mrs. Iayt,,-W hhat a way to spoil a
practical inve ntiion.
Such Nervel
" f
Hubby-That lawyer of mine has a
Wife-Why so?
rHubby-Listen to this item in his
bill. "ior waking up in the night and
thinking over your case, $S50."-Pitts
burgh Press.
In Bad.
I 4.A,
j -
*F.* I
Tramp-Would you give me a dime,
A.utolst-No. darn you! I wouldn't
even give you this car!-New York
Perfect Manners.
"Here' You mustn't come here!
Couldn't you see the board?"
"Yes. sir. Ihut we didn't read what
was on it ht '.use it said it was 'pri
vate.' "-Comic Cuts.
The Holy Carpet of Turkey.
The holy ,ariet of Turkey is a gor
geous piece itf red v,'lvet eumbroidered
with gold. It takes a year"to make the
carpet, and tie sultan of Turkey then
Intrusts it to the Egyptian pilgrims to
place on the tomb of the prophet at
Mecca. At the end of that time It Is
replaced by another carpet and is re
turned to Cairo with great ceremony.
S The right to carry the carpet has been
I handed dowvn from camel to camel i_
I the male line for hundreds of years.
SLosidon Globe.
\ II
b . , It, ,' t ý i" .. y m .g o t, h;"
1'tu .+ V. c li p " t finn t p a '2 ratiin m
l ad granti
. h. a , hydo
ptr wthe tsen
f t. s r act ,o
e.d .g. t a eeti g oif the s.t-ckliu -lers
.nee.d :ir t:.ht tprpe attd after ten- day,
n lihas !ien giien i-v registered letter
ti: , .,. the I,-t k . iwn address . f each
mt, ckhi,1er. The sail natt.e may he waived
iit, :n inii. r •,. t: of all of the st:ck
In ace - f the .lisst uti.n if the c p.+ra
ii t.r, i, i ft.ce at the date of the disisol-.
Art" I. VII. Ni sti- khAler shall ever the
hel li'e jt the faults or contracts of said
1ip . t",1 in at:,e farther Ir,:i than the tin
i". 1 hi-l:: , ne d'ie to the corp r.iti sn  oi the
',h yre , w" nil by fi:m. ear shall any .:ere
nuari:. t:iv have the efiect of rendering the
aIs iabl-ilite hley-ond the unpaid balaince due
Artmle V'III. The Siu'.riliers hereto have
te.p zlv ss ritten o"q'l te theit name the
amount1111 of sok s rbihied hv them in this
rii. .oi in that this art of incirporation na
lte ,Iy toere ,ais thle original sublcrip-itt
Tis il,4 , ne i :ln Ihas-,dI at n:v ftce in tlhe
mifsir Nt ,is trleii". State .of ln isiat, a. oiti
,: thli el pre . s iece r f Kalinar and Jamces
shtir. e, :r tiett ssrlte-sens of the age -f
ii- an. res i ide ni- ol-.i f this csto, whi
n - , th. :iarv, after reading of the
snicin l SicntelI: Otto 1. I)rewes and
Ar i Ve-i. Rnta K h.ir andl Tamesll eeurte.
heh hlle \NR ll. fcCiALrr.i Nitars Paile.
l i.l i n toer l '.:irilh .f rlelan,. State ofU
I.lii-:'I . ilt I · ere certify that the an(tve
ti ,,rn;:d v }in : r t u' f itei rporaitin riof the
-III , in ev .ce nii fnk 1110, llo --.
hrSl, I iI11l .Ep EN.ll P. Dva . - ecorler
a ew Or ih .1. vlid I 214.he r unpaid berlie er
Ar t,-leeV II 1 fe .-ug to ie a trute atil
r,,e  of that ! act-f in n epratioii of the
t1)r1ewe , -rveir . anyle oi and i uertlitante of
ite I N . w - <fr ,. lo cte lernt ItieSatena o
s IIin HE YG. Mc4AI. Niotry l'itblie.
ii Ite.l Stire of Alerica. State of JLta-ian.
IHe It lu-io,' . That oti this lath day of the
r:.irb oit i: rei i the rear of thi Lit wdone
it-rii,!,n nne hl : -led annd fsi rteend aprnd of
'rhe tleIr.de oI d-aic.f the Ufited States oft
e4rl ist.. the hinincedi ado thir rty-seven,
I'.-t., l II N ir:: A M;. hteno. a notary pl.ub-i
in and - the Piarih , of i o Orleans, State
-it I-l . :ata, ili..ty crtiissio ne and qhialib
.I andi toi the prienire of the watnesses
hellrei" atcr tlaCnalai and nlerigned, persot dy
aily iine arn a-pearel the following persons
,whise I'neies are hereunto subcribed, to-.
.ether with the atmo.nt, of their re pectie '
sib-eriptsirs to the capital stock of the cr- 1
p.ran' n ti, lie f-arced, who nes-erally derlared
i'i the general laws of the State of eLouisiana
relatise to the organization of corporations,
they hase cos-enantted and agreed, and do by a
the-ic hnrcrits eavenant and agree and hind
,d obliate thetmselvs-,ao. ad h e!lo s such d
other perNins as may hereafter become asso,.
I anid r-nt htitute thrmnselves into a corporation
itio brulos piltaic in law, and fur the objects
d tpur· and i der agreenents and sl ip.
S Article I The name and title of this cosr
prio-r. n nhall be thi I oan (ahn Company,
lewer ani aathuEr:t to has-c and enjoy suc
-froet the diat hereef; tuO rantract, sue and be
stedi to in-ike nm-I tuse a carporate seal; to
putreha'e and receisr. lease, hold, tell and
e cons-cv. as well an mortgage and hyp-atheate,
m a-- d appoint sath of ci-ro and agents a; the
tntere-t of said cerporatian may require; and
Sto iake al establish such by-a l tatws and regina
Slatins. e for the proper manaeent and regu
la n of it; otTirs as on aisy Ibe daeemed nec
S seiaru. and the ame to change andt andlter at
Artie t Tche d.oehie of theof saitd trpora
.tion shall le in the City of New Orleans.
State of Louisinna, and all citations and other
D .egal proness shall be served upon the presi
h dent of said cooroation, and, sion case of his
absence, upon the viceh t presi t, and, in
case of the absence of both of these rffceti,
upon the secretary thereof.
Aretive It The obrectso os oporionsr
I,~~~~~~~~~..~.~.~~.~.~~~~'~~~*~~ -~- ----------cl~-~ I- --- -7~~~
Beer Brewed in New Orleans is
brewed to suit the climate.
That is why
American Beer
-i~:t American Brewing Co.
John Couget,
Beef. Veal, Pork and Mutton.
St. John's Market.
George G. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
The Johnson Iron Works, Ltd.
Machine, Forge and Pattern Shops and Foundry,
.Z Shipyards for Building and Repairs to Steel and Wooden Vessels.
Boiler, Tank and Pipe Shops.
-1 P. O. Drawer 241 Al.(ilERS, STA. Telephone Algiers 491
Soule College Night School
"ý . Now in Session
English, Shorthand and Busi
ness Courses, SS, $6 and $7
SOULE COLLEGE per month.
Is the Gateway .I:os :u.F , l p ith ti-r, that pY
to Success  '  . t ;. . t ,'r.r anr rnill| ",
in Business ,..." It , Ill pa} " 3 t) attnl. t
IFine Wines, Liquors of all varieties
Cafiero's Ice Works
PHONE Crystal, Clear and Pure as Dew I
Algiers 709 Prompt Service to All Dealers
+ Works at 216-218-220-222 Homer Street Sid. M. Cafiere, Prop. ;
Mothe Undertaking Company
Successors to E. J. Mothe
Phone Algiers 29 222 Morgan Street
r;tore of the business to be carried on by .
t are declatrd t, be ti carry on a general p
Ser. ha'd I. e bUine'. that it t to buy and sell ri
,iear. ric'. se.tbl.th i a.nd other farm prod- u
:-, as wll as all otlhr kinds of tmerchan- ,
i. aril to riet ,c se tIr sale and to sell on c
~,. l:trl -i-ini - ug.ir . rice, vegetables and other t
armti produht, andl all kinds of merchandise e
awh.at ter ,set Silgnricd for sale; to make ad- ,
t.a!.. ' , ,nII iich ciit: iiin ier its, and to charge
fir -uh -ails and advances, and generally i
ii do all .i " and to enter into all coni
, that n:.,yv e tecessary, convenient or t
iltroprltr.lte it: the accomplishment of the v
:lt,t rr,: ;tld I:to el. , .
Artice IV. Tlhe tQapital stock of this cor
pt anon i hi l hr te ,ie hundred thousand (I$11),
,' , ,hfiltr rihviled into a thousand shares I
,i' the pl .r vli of one hundred dollars .
.l ,) each. ipa able shlen -'sued . in cash. t
, 'nhr Irpeyv. ior cr rvices rendered, or I
.,:'iilly ipet:itn-l as decided by the board
f d ot, ,rtt. a ind thu corporaititn is to be a
.'rlug ( c.r iern w -hen $3tl3 ) of said siock has
i.en ii.r;l ied andl aid for. Each share I
,,f c4 hlil be entitled to one vote at all
ge.,lir1l it i t ,1n..
Aile V. N) tockh'ilntcr shall ever be t
;I e or re-pin-tile for the indebtedness.
i .t, or d io ,, of this cirpi ratiton, nor
I, .tiv o:ere Iltnfor:nalty in the organiza
..o ft the corp.i.r ,itin haive any ettect ofi
"" ling the shatrter null or of exposing the .
o, hhlers to arty liaility beyond the un
tii :1 Ia;.rite, if any, ýn his stock subscrip
it-: ld any stockholder desire to sell his
,,, k he si all trst offer the same to thei
S-,. 1,.hbders of the company through its
i.,,li of dirertort, and the stockholders who
,t -Ic to t clihase shall have the right to
i', ba-ise the same. in proportion to their
Ir; !ing of -t, ck in the company. Shoubll
-,r,1 rrckholriri in seventy-two hours after
.ti.-e ha. intr been given fail or refuse to
p : l::se the stck offered for sale such stock
:;oav be sold to any one.
No transfer of stock shall be made or held
to lte valid and iinding unless made on the
Books of the company, and unless made in
put;trance of the provisions of this charter.
Article VI. This corporation shall have all
poiwers granted to such corporations by law,
attd shall have the power to contract, to bor
row money and evidence the same by notes
antl to secure the nutes by mortgage or
tln:ie of any property owned by it sue and
ie sued in its corporate name, and to own,
'.,'1. receive, loan, lease, purchase, sell and
c-nvey orr mortrage any and all acts or things
of any other kind, nature or description, as
r:av le ntecessary to carry out the objects
and purposes of said business as its interes:s
ai.d " -:vetenece-s may require.
Article VII. The business of said corpora
tion -hall he directed by and vested in a
I -,ird of directors composed of three s'ock
hbiler~, a majority of whom shall constitute
a ttuorum for the transaction of all business
a tOe said directors as first constituted
-hal! Le Le-n Cahn, M. Coguenhem and Leon
l'ferf r, and they shall hold office until the
!ast Wednesday of March, 1915, and on that
day and from each any every day thereafter
elections shall be held annuallay for directors
at the principal office of the corporation.
Failure to hold an electi -n on the day speci
fied shall not dissolve the corloration, but
the directors in office shall hold their re
spiective office until an election shall be held
after ten days' notice of the time and place
thereof given to each stockholder. The an
nual election shall be held on the last Wed
nesday of March, 1914. and thereafter on the
last Wednesday of March of each succeeding
year. and the directors shall be chosen by
ballot, and the election shall be held between
the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. All vacan
cies dn the board of directors for whatever
cause slal be caled by the remaining di
sctors. L s Cahn shall be the firt pti-.
.'. ^-. .?%t..
d c:. M. Coguenhem shall be the first vice
pr-,,t. ),Leon Pfelter shall he the tirst sec
retirs treasurer, at:.! they shall hold ofiwe.
ulis't '.ed:nely in March. 1915, and e;clh
rd. "lg board of directors thereafter shall
el(., t tI principal otlicers fr the term o1 ,t
theI r . orct on.t and only stockholders shall bto
cii l'ule,! ifr election as a rtert.ber of the board
.,t i,'rrt' rq.
Artt,le VIII. !Whenelnver this corporation ii
d:- 1. either bhv l tilttit n,n or ir anty
i nl ue its ;it'f.irs shall be liquidatet Iv
Sr of directors, who are herelv si(1
i:'h ll power to sell any and all assets
,, it e , dr),ir i ction, either Separately or in a
,d to nvey full td compiete title
'e:ir. o. an|d suat' have full tower to dto ant
t t ccfaLry 'Lnmd proper to forlly
" : l " " auidate the afairs and dis
t'1 , ple.tee te ,rcecrs a If a noyv, lng the st .,k
i el " sail corlr.ationt to the ar:i',uo lt
Selit hd bo caci.
tle 'his act of tncrporatiin n. y
a a:endI, alterecd ,r modtied, or tth ior
Dor,oi',, l'tlslvcd by a vote of three-fn ,trtt:
St It, ot-.res ,,f the ttal amount of s,,, i
.it a :;'icet og c,,tivene,-i fr that purpose :t,.-r
t'': (1 ,' lotte Ini writing mailed -) the
ail T -s" f each stt,.'-klider.
hn. d me atd {t ueil in my notarial of.
1! , ! the cltv -r" Ntw Orleans. State of
,'IL-I,.l - n the day, month and year first
w rtten, it the pre'sence of (;,stave
11. , ('atesy .Ione, competent wit
w:'-v, Hho, hatve hercunto sig ned thesepre ,.
e- " :"her wi'th, the parties hereto and me,
:-! -'ry.,tier a re.ling of the wI:, Ic.
S t It share; M. C'oguentem., 2q
" I to Pfeifer. st.it- .
\u ai ustave Lenmle, WV. Catesby
A. A. MORENO, Notary politi,.
. Ithe undersignel. Recorder ot Mortgages
ci and for the l'ari.,, f( Orleans, State of
I- l', , . do here',y .ettify that the above
i til t"rryomin act -, ii'crrporation of the
I.eor, ahn (icrcp:u:cy was this day duly re
-"'t led l my ofice, it Book 1119, Folio -
New O)rleans, La., March 20, 1914.
EM ILE J. LE:' NARD, Dy. Rec,)r,1,
A true rp'y of the oriinal on file an-I if
r(e.,,( IT ::tnv )ffit e.
ARTIIItR' A. MItRENO, Notary Pu',-.
-"t -"--.
S latru laker, Ft sit ure Iptretr. UO altire, 
f mid Chair Caner
p81elal attention to the repairing of
Felt and Box .priug Mattreses, Mo
Sand Box Sprimg Mattreasae made to
• rder.
SDon't worry about Most. When you
Swant your Mattree, repaired just call
i AT 713 TECHE ST. Phese. Algiers 127

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