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Sr. .' F . ', ' i A N `;
i i)t tihe l 'Te if the citm
tat. ! ti r tIe 1 d.ys r n w ittig,
s- Ui have I it given by the secretary to
r"s t k ,l.,l. ,o his drily au11:lti/ed agent
S..r tta ne r . . ' t e given or
miarl I to .:a I s'., :.h biler at his residence
All el. " 't shell le by ihiilit.
A t.. ai yt of the 1 ,trd of di ictors sant'
t atite .i t-rtnw for the transactiotn .
iusinic s, they shill male by ias, alter and
panty s they think proper. Ihey shall exer
c ,ie all the corporate powers, and the said
board of diectors shall he authorized to del
egate its powers to any ofticer, by proper
Article \.-At the terminatison of this char
ter by I ritation tor otherwise, the businiess
and atfairs of this cor oration shall be ltqu..
dated and wound up iiy two (2) liquidating
commeniso iners who shall be chosen at a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders called iI
the same I imanter as the oeeting to elect di
rectors and otti:cers. In case of a dissolution,
there shall be two commissioners similarly
chosen at a meeting called to dissolve. The
election of either shall be by a majority of
the stock resent or represented.
Article VsI.-Tis charter may be changed,
altered or tiodited or this corporation may
be dissolved by a vote of two-thirds of the
stock present or represented at a general
meeting of the stockholders convened for
such purposes after ten (lt) days' notice shall
he given to each stockholder, in writing, by
the secretary, directed to his residence and
setit y niail.
Art ii e VII .-No strckholder of this cor
poration shall ever be liable or responsible
for the faults or contrarts thereof, in any
further sum thant the unpaid balance due
the corporation on the shares owned by hit,
nor shall any mere itformality nI organiza
tion hereof have the effect of rendering this
charter null or of exposing any stockholder
to any lialility beyond thae amount due on
his stiock.
Thuts done and passed in nmy office in the
city of New Orleats, aforesaid on the day,
monlth and year ir.st herein written, in the
presence of John A. Wentworth and James
11. Finley, competent witnesses of lawful
age, residing in this parish, who have signed
their names with the said parties and me r
notary, after due reading of the whole.
Signed: M. W. Jay, Edw. N. Eberling.
Mearti In. Manion, tCliften T. Jay. Wit
nesses: John A. Wentworth, James II. Finley.
I, the undersigned recorder of Mortgages
for the parish of hOrleans, do hereby certify
that the above and foregons act of incor
pirationti of the Electric Auto Service Coinm
atty was this day duly recorded in my office
an look 1119, folio -
New O)rleans, La.,
A true ofJRTIN II. MANION, Not. Pub.J
apr 23 . e mnsy 7 c 14 21 o
tited Stiates of America, State of Louisiana
PIarsh of Orleans, City of New Orleans.
He ait known, That on tlbi the third day of
the itionth of April in the year of our lord a
ones thusand n re hundred and fourteen, andl.
of the Independence of the United States
iit .\iriictta, the one hundred and thirt
rltil i ef-r' me, Joseph Smnai. a Notary Pub
II . ully commissred and qualified, in and\
for the partsh of Orleans, theren residing I
at in the presence of the hereinafter named
titt idersigned witnesses, personally came
Itil .il'l-r.ired the several persons whose names
e hereunto subscribed, who severally de
arel that availing themselves of the provis- i
oits of the laws of this State. they have cove Ic
nanted and agreed, and do by these presents,
covenant and agree to form and constitute
themselves and their sircessors itto a oro
poration and body politic in law for the ob- I.
ects and purpse. and under the conditions ,
IFnd T l- t ETns followinS, to-wit:
Article I. Said corporation shall be known -
anil desigtated as The Southern Arts and
Crafts Society. arl e ntler said name it shall
exist and enjoy success in for the term and
period of nnety.nrie yeats from atnd after the
date of these presents, and shall enjoy and S
exercise all powers and privileges granted now
or hereafter by law unto rorliratntis: to con
tract, sue and be sied; to make and use at c
corporate seal, and the same break anf alter .
at pleasure; to hold, receive, lease acquire by tl
donatihii iir otherwise, purchase atd coIve- IA
as well as mortagage, pledge and hypothrecase,
fill,, o FitI our
\\ I// _"1 ,', w r oI or IJo.
,- r 'y real. tper nal and mixed, corporeal
A ,. II :e d iiii;ile eCf said corpora
I , re City of New (r;.l .
. : rj " , f, all " .l" ,n r :! :1
S d r . t-.... ,t
. - s i '' 1-e
t i t . i a
t i -i:i ft till
,t h "- a,, t- a "
i v der , ntct n ry; to 1, .1 exe- .
S ttar . issue . o t-, In y ;c a -r . : s.
ll t .. d l v ,iy-i d all thing e -- y :n thesr
hae tl, n dy t, e 1,c ntel n aad t q , t . aid
t c r. a" to : ue alI d ti- 1:ser full pait
r ila Io t si of t k and h roi, r otau lre
r sat o~ nis a1 - r c lration, at i-. t leis thanf
n, "'r L d " o c . i or t on y, prtop rty, m y r
tis.,, at ayualy recera ed by it.t
Artlel VI the sret r n fa t r , ht ard
d of Directors, under t- t'. rtr, slhLd be Io Lof
n the I ,int M ew , a oftte i It w rh:ch
thirty dad writin .noice t ," e ,ven e-tleh
st r oo f :ord , . , nt t.l to hi l , tow as
last known ad" r I A f-,lare t, h.: l an tek
• t1` f r ,:, e I. at, as a. ~v,', t, ir any cause,
shall not si thelvegvthe crp, ra,·n, ut those in
attie shall hOld oovr until their cu <e sors
r have hbrn dluiy ac lited and qu tit:,ed.
Arti ,le VII. Ithe lit rd l f I)tre,:ors of this
ornt oration sha ll he. and is l.ereyi, authorr -
ed to sd lI adl iue Life hMI -c-llelships. for
cash on!v, and elect Min Irary Membliership,.
Arthle VII . - Ths charter tny de amended,
alterl:, or c lhanged, r the corporation may he
dissolved,l at any general rite e:ing of the
sthrkholdr rs clretned tor that plurpse, aftert
thirty days' public tltiue, puabshed in one of
rthe aly newspaphers of the City of New Or
of record, sent by mail to his last known adhe
,dre, . at which meeting the assent of three
fourths in am ,unt of the capital stock revres. I
enstcl at said meetin shall prevail, and in
event of dissolution of the corporation shall
r be determined upon, by a like vote,e the stock
Sholders shall select three stockholders to liqui
date and settle the business and atfaJr.. of said
e corporation. In the event of the death of any
of the three leyuidatng con hnissioners, the
stoclrholder to till such vacancy.
Article IX. No stockholder of this cobe rpra
shall ever be held liable or responsible for the
contrarct or faults of the corporation n any i
further sum than the unpasd balance due to
the norioration on the shares owned by hm; t
nor shall any mere informals i nen organiza
tson have the effect of rendering this charter Jue
nuill or of exposingl a stockholder to any li
a. V. W. Lymanr Jules Vnavant, and .George
.A Treadwll shall constitute the arst Board
of D rectors of this corporation, with the right
of said hoard of Directors as constituted, to i
select members of the Board to complete the i
suvcord; said Dawson Wa electson, shall be
President, Gcilbert Edge Vice-President. Jules
treasurer ; these officers to serve until the
Thrst Monday nn June. 1914 after which the I
sand Board of Directors shall elect out of its e
own numbers all psuh ofocers to serve until -
the hret Monday isn June 1915n, or until there
Ssu Messors lhave been duy elected and euali- I
A.rBeard. c The subscribterse have here-a
unto rspectiv etly ritten opposite witheir rsa i
pective names the amount of stack in this cer
plrton subscribed for by are, of them, so
thae;t this act of incaowrpaton may also serve
es e orinarel subscription list of the corpor
Thus done and sinned, in m4 a ftr with the
City of New Orleans, oni the d o ntid
year herein first before written, in the preil. 1i
nce of Mess chaeurs Charles LeBlace and Lesalie
P. heard clomperInt witnessesr who have here
unto sipned their names, together with said te
ittof thef the Pof
tani this a ct of i ncorporation of thso aere
ap thaerrsgind mes Sntary, after duo e rwrdings
Thaus doni i ned is tyne in Book 19 e
it V. ew. LNean, 50 shares. Jule Vivnt.
Hatson. 50 shares;by Jlb-rt Edge, D.ilbert a
Edge 50 shares; Forank wt. eamnn t3 shares
ectnces: Mshas. Lhancr lselar Pn a a Llie
I. eatr creatnt wiecorderrh 1 h9 o haage s
auirsana. do hertby crtify thaR t the rabove
atehfLo-i-ma I aftincs oraotronean thCty
o -f . New rleani April 311.
has . .F Ta . I LEOArD, D. R.w
it'a itrsot, t0i ta o thitib bt Edge' ninth rt
O'p 'l: ('NTERh HeaATncR OsheAP. eard.
oi nf tetri.-df e Partishi of Orleans, City ac
I.o- ILnann, tdhiet on this fwnntt ninth dao ti
the ind.pen lente of Ithe troted tates of it
I uter:ia Iu onrt a :;.d dr aftd thirtyeighth, i:
tie lIte ie. J. Ienry Forcelle, Jr., a notary t
it ;puhlc, in and for the parish of Orleans, state
,f Laiisiana, aforesaid. duly commissioned.
- -'aorn and pzalIhed and in the presence of
i, w: r., eihs hereinafter ranemd and under
e: '1. eronl;y. c;n'e and appeared: the
' w, , : =e r an.. t 'c hereunto
-. - rI: '. w,. , "-e"vtily de lared that avail
t, a•i r , -h : . , - i the 4, h..a
,, , - . r.
- . ' . . - t . f
II \
,1 . " r e Ther i -.t
1 ' • " . - . , i i ., ft
iPi iiviy ,ill T r entitled
S , . , ." !
S v l r -r iir otst c" htanvietg
. . . ..
of si croration, w e.her by death,,• r.es .g-"
Sir . th.. e -i.t shall be t illed by l c
a "e ni ut tthe directors then in office shall
. ,,;c ,i: '! ,"" :. . ,,i " . . . . . J .u . , Ii
, :. "h. ,',i i-v '" , :.
rei '-in ofice until their successors shall
have hen duly elected and quali"red.
:e ot, ers of this c: i .'.rporation shal con
-- ,t
:.t . f a resident, vicepresident, secretary ra
'.. ,.. btei t " g !1at, IT Lc ,r:t :e% c rnll dt]
and treaurer. the secretary and t treasurer
:cm e ,i ciiniitn ]ed tn one person. Thie pre' i
Slelt nl C l, p .idilt shall cpe strckl"tdens
ian the ..i:rat: l. t suce otes halstl shall
elect I v nc the occurrin a o direc tors.
.i: or thig shall be firted board of
dire irs thugh E. Hun term te D. remainingter
:t! li itsi fal e l)act, es with iueghrs E. Hune
tare-treasurer atid thee shall hold officssolve untilhe
the rat Mon ay or f June. its existenche tior man
th rtist elut the tiruntoer this charter is to be sall
elir in oftilce u t heir successors shall have bee
have een uly elect ed and qualll d.ed.
't he boar ii directo rs ma from time ton
tim of a presid ent, vice-president managersetary
agents, e.pluT t. servantsary and clerks asur
t may deem essaryn on e person. Thurposes of
n the corplort ln and shall hae the power toe
Ix atid deti: the oaduties every os. ric,
Tho!e, fo lbst., shah!l be the first board of
diagent, niatugher and emuntloyee, Jhn servaD. nt or
an'd thepl"1%e nrlynet s with IfVle E. shun-al
clerk-tr, ard theye shall hold office and untiemploy
in t at the leasuire of the btearim.
O t y u a h m t:rtlction undler tits charter is to be
held or until their successors shall have been s
d uly elected and qualitfei.d.
'The boardi of directors may ak e and es- to
tim as well and alter ad amend all h ana by-ers
lawgents, rules and regulerations deeand propkser as
in ais judgment for the conduct and man--r
it mayget deof the busness and affaithe purs of sa
he orpratn and shall ave the pirst to o
Articld dee I heneer thies o rporation may e;
ae diolvei, ether andy lmitation oser other
clwise, ts affairs they shall holbe oquidated by three
liquidating chrtmissioners. to be appointed
for that pur the pleasure of the hstockholdersar.
f the board of directors a general meeting of -
tf which as weetll as alter l an amend all by
pu cation, fr not less than ten d prday ops ar i
thereto, idn am newspape r published in the Eng I
anit wrtten notice give n and s maled to the
last known adre ts ies of eas s er oflder ten
days prior to said n eting, and a majorty in
ramount of the capital stock ofi said corpora- a
tion represented at such meeting shdall be re
quiared to elect sai d liquidating commission- i
ers shall reman e in ofee until the a afairs of s i
said crpiration. shall have been liquidated. p
In case of the death of one or more of saidy
citutni ssioners the vacancy shall be filled
liy election from among the stockholders by
the survivingtockholders convemmissioned for that purpose.
Art which meeting natice shall be given maby
be mbcatined, chafr not ieor altered ten dthiys cr or
piraon may be disslvedpubshed inth the assent
ofunt tree-four the capital stock of said orepora
iton represented at such nimeeting shall be restock
ulres, to elect;id for such purpose, and aftrcommision
tial crporatn shall have been liuiatgiven in one or mre
guIn case nof the death of New Orleans, oncef said
anl by innttersn tihe vacancy shall bmalled to e
eah stncurkilder at hcommis last known address a
thirtly days pror ll.--l the datet of incorporameetion mayg.
Ae modified, changrposed or altered or this refer- s
fence tohreefurh of the capittal stok shal stbeck repre- In
ccntrd atance with the lawseetng of the state of c
Iirsana on thed for subjech purpose, and aftering the
No stockholder shall have been given held liable or more a
the culntracrs pr faults of said corporation in
any further sum tha In te ty he unpaid balance due a
the corporation on the shdate of meestock owned ing.
liye to the noapral stok shall beany informaladey in organi- i
.,lslana onave the effect off rendering this char
ter null or of exposing or subjecting a stock
ite holder to any liability beyond the unpaid
:d, am1out.t idue n his stick.
of ThIe su!-cribers ti, stck in this corptora'l'
er- have ~c,1c1! the hberet' attached stII scricptin
he I fr the .tu::it set ip .:e their nat e ;
. S... ..d
if:i I , , . tr ,r1. -, ' I f
w. l!.. 1 h r ·ly, . v r. 1: tr
<y' r Sc ' I d t r
*I *' l'' ' '* ' r'i
t.I . A
s. I : e t.n : - 1' .. of .
1 ls o I hi
"t Mh d' . . . c - n u l o
L.. l ie. ." o .i a ., t' . r f this fcr
c i at caer t n , .d arn
i le s . . ,
c'ne , ct i fi in ca. ~ ,iic l th s cirporati in "'
I'" r he f ! idl C nec i as s"l as , ,e e a th, . ' : I
' c di . ..1i: ti r " 1S'1. !1 tc ,'a h e Iec..nt su r
"' le'" s l te ecle to of t
t he atc 1" 1 1h i e i , yn c .e
1 tic rc1 tod, of Api oft pech hyar, oirt
eiei:tionlve.nc th'er thcs bater to 'e haed in
ctihe t fsacd ollccn hsia .ice gctv l hy ishlce
c't.c" r l' t :c'.ic . t ,ac .lc tc h ccd , r'" I ;11.
e cicti, tn cls i ro oy a sai ,e , ectc eac
" ..ast e y i c the o, riLc pr ndu; th
'r L a t '"ctd. T t
T' e . .clc the ccie' c raitic bt' c e . o b o
p'ireti e. sh ll cdcat cin of cand t thary r
icsaer wh shave been elected The board of
Teoaicer s of th e corporation shall be e aie
cn' a i b d- : dre cctr and ser oa trIe. .
tan. cresident; [mile L. Aschaffenbug, vice- -.
prescient, and A. Asch"affenr,cug secretary- .
't c"a k pital stock of this corporati on may a
hie crease d or decreased, ac cording to the d
laws co'f this state. v t
Article VI.-Thio act of incorporation may c
e moded, changed or altered, or the cor-p
noratico may be dissolved with the assent of n
three-fourths of the capital stock represented e
I at a general meeting convened for such pur-,
pose, after written notice to -ach stockholder p
:cailrc to him o" r ,otherwise delivered at, his s
ness, at least lie- days prior to th ate Etaof
the tmeeting. thern ers x the
Article elIe -No stockholder shiall ever be
held lia e for the contracts or faults of the p
said corration in any further sum tihan the n
'snaidlt c de ue the corporation on the a
cre informhal cty i o n.in rai e in thave the
pc:sng any stcckh older to any liability be- c
cut r ,li ts drs have' br te en- electid.T .hebor
shcnd thaheunpaid anount remaining duv e on
hce stock lar
Article VctII s-Theall subscribers have here h
lti trespectively wri tten oe psie Their namesll
hie amocnt of stock in this corporation such- p
clcle for mcy acti of tihei, so thaththis act '
of iecicl'icratcon .ay also serve as the orig- a
inal s riptio lst o f the c.o rporat ionccaon. oe
rls done hanid passed, in mye thsat the ia
city cf New Orleansh on the day and in the n
tnthc ad year v irsi hereinha efore written, d i
all the piresence of as. i. tlack ant d Then- t
diare dRoelrs fom ietent w.itnesses, of lawful a
a-e. wholic have scgcced these presents, tccgethl- n
e Iwith the said appearers anid m, notary,
Atce icreai of the corporatle a
rsignal signced: Abeert Adschaffenhurer, 14 cisr
sires; M. Za lermoan, 14 shares; s . M. Feolk. a
chas. I. tlackd , Thbe elected Innuly o e
I. the undersigned recorder of mortgages in
an. fr tide nt;arish of Orleans, do hereby vicer
fy that the al itoe ac foregoing act of an- w
corticpe s raction of the Souther ooien o b y u
ilyt otopany was this daye duly recorded hin at
mr ofice, in book 1119, fclio - n ai
sw Orleans. April 2Uo 1oil a4. 1ae of
(Signed MILE . LEONARD, D. R. .
aid I : S ,t tf l.ousana, l'a- ish .,t Orleans.
'I . , :': licr : ned aub ris. ,," her, bly cer.
•n-: t '" ," the .·,"v .". 1 ft'r,. i' is a true
o . .,. , , : . . ; :I
1 a
c . " ,:'d -
, 1 iiNARD., ' R..
- , . - v • : - , . .i i, I , . i, . i.
- " ':. - · ,', :" i s ie - . . .f it -
t, l !.is lt:h day
I' F . . !. ."I . I . IVi- , . N r ;. P :ul' i.
the be't h e to give you ma... res
assured it "will :'y o: u :. ck in your
; - ':. . . . ,-r" : . t . 111 , . .
own coin tomorrow, a;nd with interest.
,On the other . if you seek revenge:.;
Ing revenge, you are hut even with
- our ene , ut in p ing over n -
as "getting even" if cherished, swell
and erow the entire being, ing
That is the way the sou..l ,,grows. ,Th at
i the way to cultivate personal mag- ,
hetI sm-spiritual - Edward B. War
If play in wol Intensityo" man.
takes nay bre th
own onl wish It orotuldw" gloomily rie
S"gted States o f Amerca, State of Louisiana,
:e it s , t n w th h grds day of thea
i month f Apr in the year one thousand.
. Dreyfous,. a notary public, duly commis
Sleined and sworn in and .r the parish of
S1Ieans and city of New Orleans, therein
residing, personally appeared, the persons
whose names are hereunto subscribed, who
deIared that, availing themselves of the bpro
vsons of the laws of thisc State, in such
I cases made and provideds la , heagto the or
gantztion of corporations, they have tove
nantied and agreed, and do, by threse res
Srots. coenan t land agree, bind, form andt r
persons as may hereafter join, or become ais
sociated with them, into a corporation and
body politic in law, for the objects and ur
poses, and under the agreements and stipu
Article I. The name and style of this cor-e
poration shall be the "London Development
Co.,t and under t hIat name it shall have
and enjoy all the rights, advantages and
Sprivileges granted by law to corporations; it
shall exist for the period of ninety-nine
name; to make and use a corporate seal, and
the same way to break or alte personal mag-to
i othecate or pledge property, both real andr
obligations or negoutiable instruments; to have
and employ such mnaagers. directors, offi
cers, agenplats and other emplny said the in
terest and co-betieen-the of sad-acts orporng mantion
may rked thquire or demand; the and estab
Baltmhe corrate anagement and control of the
altairs of theAmerica, Stcorporation as may be deemedLouisiana,
ation shall be in the city of New Orleans,
dent a know n his absence, on this the vird day of thce pres
demonth of theApri in the year one thousandoration.
Artile III. The objects and purposes for elix
which this corporation as organiz the parish of
naturleanse of the business to bew Orleans, therein
ersidingeby delared to be: To deal in,perons
anwhod sell, namer its ownare heraccounto subscribed, who
sons of the awl of this State, inements, Iuch
mortgcases made and provided, borelating to the of r
mortgages, mortgage notes, bonds, shaxreq o
In these m, i ,,rn ; ., ,: h ,I ".,: a '..s t i:'. :'.:!, : "
's igurative! y (:· rfi rt ,,i at , ated.
i . . d' .'.- - c ,: . , ,. :,'- , :c :5t ,! .. ' : e:, " n - ,. -:
M ,,t ,",, a-:'! . " . e ," t e t' , " . ,t , K .t
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Co., Inc.
The Murry Hill Buffet J. H. Vezie
Short Order Lunches a Specialty c~ines. L cqu
Open After July 1st. 1912
507-511 Patterson Strt:
Comfort and Convenience .
N. O. Gas Light Company
Subscribe for "THE HERALD"
Louisiana Pilsener Beer I
New Orleans Brewing Co. Telephonea, Jackson 282
stock and other securities- to lend money on
property, real and personal, bonds, stocks and
other securities; to lease, rent or hire prop
erty, make leases; to act as broker, agent or
trustee for individuals, firms or corporations;
to reclaim and improve landed property; to
lay out town lots or suburbs, pave streets,
sidewalks and alleys; to put down sewer,
drainage, water and gas pipes to connect
with the municipal plants, or for the sole
use of such subdivisions; to erect poles and
lay conduits to support or receive wires for
electrical transmissions; to construct or erect,
or to contract for the construction or erection
of buildings, and generally to do and engage
In any other business, undertaking or enter
prise connected with, gowing out of, ger
mane or incidental to, any of the purposes
hereinabove set forth or contemplated by this
Article IV. The capital stock of this cor*
poration is fixed at the sum of five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into five thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each, which
shall be paid for in cash in installments, on
the call of the board of directors, or given
in payment of property or services rendered.
All shares of stock shall be full paid and
non-assessable. No transfer of stock shall be
binding upon the corporation unless made
upon Its books, and all certificates of stock
shall be signed by such officers as may be
designated by the board of directors.
Article V. All the corporate powers of the
company shall be vested in, and the manage
ment and control of its affairs, shall be ex.
ercised by a board of directors composed of
three stockholders, which number may be
Increased from time to time to no more than
nine at the discretion of the board of di
rectors. A majority of the directors shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of all
business. The directors shall be elected an
nually, by ballot, by the stockholders, on the
sccsnd Tuesday of February in each year.
Each stockholder shall be entitled, in person
or by proxy, to a vote for every share owned
by him, and all elections shall be held under
such rules and regulations as may be deter.
mined by the board of directors; after ten
days' notice by mail of sucl election shall
have been sent to each stockholder at his
last known address. The directors thus
elected shall continue in office for one year,
or until their successors shall have been duly
elected and qualified, except the first board,
which shall continue in office until Febru
ary, 1920. No failure to elect shall be re
garded as a forfeiture of this charter. Any
vacancy occurring on said board shall be
filled by the remaining directors for the un
expired term; the said board shall likewise
elect the additional mneAtbers in case they
should determine to increase the number of
the board, as above provided. Said board
of directors shall at its first meeting after
its election nominate out of its number a
president, a vice president, and a secretary
treasurer. It may elect a secretary, who
need be neither director nor stockholder. Said
board shall have the rignt to appoint and
dismiss such clerks, managers and other em
ployes of the corporation, including the sec
retary, who may or may not be a stockholder
or director, as conditions may justify or the
business of the corporation may require. The
tenure of office of all the employes of the
corporation shall be during the pleasure of
the board of directors. Any of the directors
I shall have the right to appoint, by written
instrument, another director or stockholder
to act as his proxy and in his stead at any
and all meetings of the board of directors.
Article VI. No stockholder shall ever be
held liable or responsible for the contracts,
faults or debts of said corporation, nor shall
any mere informality in its organization have
the effect of *endering this charter null, or
of exposing a stockholder to any liability
beyond the unpaid balance due on the shares
owned by him.
Article VII. This act of incorporation may
be changed, modified or altered, or this cor
poration may be dissolved with the assent
of the stockholders owning a majority of all
the stock of the corporation, at a general
meeting convened for that purpose, and after
at least ten days' written notice of this meet
ing has been given through mail addressed
to each shareholder at his last known place
of residence. In case of dissolution by the
expiration of this charter or otherwise, the
stockholders shall elect three liquidators
from among their number, to liquidate and
settle the business and affairs of the com
pany. In case of death or disability of any
one of said commissioners or liquidators, the
survivors, or the remaining liquldators, shall
appoint a successor to him.
Article VIII. The stockholders shall im
mediately after the execution of the present
act meet and elect the first board of direc
tors, who will serve until the election to be
held in February, 1920.
This corporation shall be a going concern
as soon as thirty shares shall be subscribed
to its capital stock.
Thus done and passed in my office, on the
day, month and year first above written, in
the presence of Frank B. Twomey and Jo
seph L. Weiss, competent witnesses, who have
signed with the appearers and me, the no
tary, after reading the whole.
(Original Sigaed): Names of subscribers and
numbers of shares subscribed by thet omit
ed. F. B. Twomey, J. L. Weiss.
for the parish of Orleans, do hereby ceriiiy
that the above and foregoing act of incor
poration of the "London Development Co.'
was this day duly recorded in my office in
Book 1119, -clio 732.
New Orleans, April 3, 1914.
(Signed): EMILE J. LEONARD, D. R.
A true copy from the original act.

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