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Model Steam Dye Works,
Corner Verret and Evelina Streets. Phone Algiers 162.
MARTIN KONING, Proprietor.
Clearing, Pressing. Dyeing and Repairing of Ladles' and Gents' :
Garmen:s at reasonable prices. G:ove Cleaning and Dyeing our spe
cialty. Sa'isfaction gutararnt(ed. All work called for and delivered.
. Su:ts 1'r" . ..I while you wait.
...:- :- .. .*-**·. *..:..".-.'-:.**":.-:-.:.
The "CITY GARDEN" Collection.
Price Sl1.0( or Free by Mail for $1.25.
r nrtan" I e' i ! of the fo!:owing . Ils)i' nt Varietes
S... DI ..rf, s rn ',-s , ,-,en p,Ad. Onion. F-iy \'h',e. f .r s.;c ng.
S .Parsley. ,,: - (u ".
T ,rr<,t. I .. , '.
r,'n. I -" Radish. I' : R :to nd R, 1.
uru'n er e . Squash. \\ ,: Se S-,:I ,pe 1 l; h.
Ltto . , .. ' Ilcado' g. Tomato. I-ar'. : , re
Turnip. l:,und \'hA e t I ,b e.
sEer)thing I'ault ymen for (iardeners.
-.,'s. .rknuh.tor. I Ie Stok. I -enln' I)ilt~ery in Alglers .'rre Th.urdai
Hit.E If 'ol I.IRY Ai%) .'.I:EI)r OMNI'VAY
.?10 ('.,nr.delet Street NElW ORLEANS. LA.
ýi Union Saloon =
* .
*. Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars and 201 MORGAN STREET
Y 'obacco. Consumers Beer. Jos. Tallon, - Proprietor "
Phone Hemlock 291 Corner Royal and Montegut Streets
Move Into a Wired House
:" When looking for a house with all modern improvements, see
_ that it's wired for electric light-it is as essential as the plumb
A House Wired for
Electric Service
affords conveniences and comforts not obtainable otherwise
electric light, electric heating and cooking, the use of electric
fans and other things electrical. All useful, labor saving and
If the house you like is not wired, ask the landlord to have
it wired-he will do it without fuss or bother to you, and at
moderate cost to him.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.
OTTO T. MAIER, Vice Pres. Gen'Il Mgr.
E. W. BURGIS, General Superintendent
You'll Enjoy
Yar as
200 Faselanting Subjects
at lovwedst Iterest wlkd witk
200 AbsonMag Illhstr"tis0
Sthe t tr
ewe dwa hNl ber
o200 anaslciae tluis auist
a.e l em. cl ,I trests ohs , wi
200 Abwl.go I ustrathm
eitl om--l tt Thie lmmeost entertai .
msgatn Jut ote Sethln bri-O semigr
01dM oo-wt ou t h orret go
Worms A vuc
GtIt Today From Yom.
m emar mno4 Rpml. yUS S hi
a o Withalsl ie [ uaomr a op al0d
31 nOCs.S. | mmm m r
rapuu1 meniIC~ rIUuuu OI
sue.. ca~ Sl~ t. ChI-ege
HENRY PECK'S COUSIN SALLY - - - - By Gross B IhiogsWeNeverSee
TMT,51 1LOCK 10E a E`1ýý1 M'KE,ý`1WE T4ESE Aý ACE GorJ6 To FACAPE ON THE RI-_ T To SIT L,
M Ee £ n TE IT.4 3T cULEuAl O 7T 4IS NA D A IJ9 EVA D +IE- IF I WA1 T
SIýT DOE DWhV4II woRKeep A1ý
3y v TAS'e I\
r , s, 0 , c
4 4,4
ti -
1 ' \c, :II I ~ 1
When in Need of
Can Bupply You Promptly
Telephone, Write or Wire
838 Canal St.
Phone Main 567 Now Orleans
Sierra Bros.,
Belleville St. Opelousm Ave.
M. Abascal & Bro., Ltd.
Dealers In
id Wnteru Prdim,
PELICAN AVE., Cr. Verret St.
rwwwwwwww vwwwwwwwwwwwwwr .
t iil: I'i\ I)IAS R<I- . I. t.IMPANY"
SS ., e• if I.'r" ara, l'ari-h ,f r 'icatn t try
: r ,1 . ' u ! t
b . d f dre r. m h
%. 1 r ,la t e
. .t d
log, she sheld i 1., :r ýc 1. A ll. ,. , e.:.c
t;.. . . at the.
!f .!r., i. o n the
!" th t t th ..i l h :o . t!,
I 'h . m , l su k
" n " I . 1 .",-t',11i t, '' r t ,i e In the
011:11 ' "IJ . ,I :1 ! i , ' . ' 'l : `. "' %%1. .it i t e ,
1!' 0 ,I , . -'. la , f ,:ll ts " t1 - f stock - :. , r1
ho .er , ee. t ` i-ibeid f . ui, r .
tin ,a ill i.e ha I .l in ai b maldln tly a
f!, Iee, the v .~r1in 1': " I. lld r schll el c
l tAt shall lite:I , it , U at the oi C sthe
Iratinrt, under the sitervis o of three
comissinoctr to he arpnonted by the board
cf iirectolrs and in tihe alsenrce of any corn
nititort ,s the res ident shall have lower to
till t hl in th e appointment. All a r:ch asuch
electins, as well ats ofa the tinsce of stock-e
,holders, eeratlOl ndr the supervliqln oif threein or
cdilli rss l n e o as llv te required by law,rd
ten daysrectoticers in the liene of mainy oto
ftic. ners the presiccent shall have I,oer toD
ticl the h stockholder who appears as suchnd of all suthe
velect.nc, as well ap rof al noeetince of stock
ten days nobice contine toiven by ivaihng tol
eacth stonldmlder wh appears as such on the d
e jks of the codmpany. at his last designated
address, mr at the general delivery, at New
()rleans. if he has not designated an address,
an anno nuncement stating the time and place
,,f the neeting. Each shareholler shall be
entitled to one vote for ecah share of stock
standing in his name on the books of the
company, cast in person or by proxy, and the
majority of the votes cast shall elect. The
hoard of directors shall have power to fill all
vacancies that niay occur on the board. Fal
utire to elect directors on the day above spe
cified shall not dissolve the corporation. but
the directors then in office shall remain in
oitice until their suicessors are elected. Due
ntice if another election shall forthwith be
given as anove provided. Such notice of elec
tion shall be continued to be given until an
election is held.
A majority of the directors shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of any business.
The Ioard rf directors, at their first meet
ing following each annual meeting, shall elect
from their numbler a president, a vice-presi
dent and a secretary-treasuhrer and such
other officers as the board shall deem nec
essary; hut said other officersn need not be
members of the board of directors. The board
shall have power in its discretion to unite
two or more offices, and t.he same to confer
upon one person, and shall have power to hi
the salaries of all officers and employees.
The board of directors shall have power to
make and estahlish as well as alter and
amend, all by-laws, rules and regulationsr
necssarv and proper for r the support and
managettent of the business and affairs of
said corporation, not inconsistent with its
charter. The said hoard shall also have full
power and authority to borrow money, and
through the president, or some other duly
authorized agent or agents, to execute mora
W gages, ssue notes, bonds or other obligations,.
in such amount and on such terms as in
their judgment may be advantageous, and
generally to do all things reasonably neces
sary fonr the proper carrying on of the bus,
iness of said corporation. as also to issue
and deliver full paid shares of stock and
bonds, or oliigations of said corporation, in
payment of iorrowed, orr money, labor or ser
vices or property or rights actually received
by said cornoration, as heretofore set forth,
and shall have power to do all such acts
and things as may be necessary to carry out
the objects and iurtroses for which this cor
poration is organied.
At any meeting of the board of directors
any director absent from the meeting may
be represented by any other director, who
may cast the vote of said absent director.
according to the written instructions of said
absent director. Until the next general meet
it,, held utniler this charter on the tirst legal
day of Ftriruary. 19L5. or utntil their duly
qualified successors are elected and installed.
the board of directors shall be composed of
George Jurgens. Mrs. IouisaJurgens, George
1. Jurgens, Abram Boden, Charles A. Tes
sier, Jr., and Charles E. Wermuth, with
George Jurgens as president, Mrs. Louisa
Jurgens as vice-president, and George B.
turgens as secretary and treasurer. All other
officers are to be elected by the board of di
Artile I .-W-Vhenever thIs Crorpt:atiin sha l
dIe dl"- lvtd. ather by lI mt *'ni i ,r ftor
· , ,t c· t 1 .1 .. l.!. Ic 12 : t . ,l
ii. -` .t. "S"
1, . 1 ,
'" . . '. i '; . ; a' . '.. 11
c ia. : . : ' i I-b .. .: o
. . • i ."I 1.',1
e h Lr'et C h - a !. oin n of
Medim . an ..t Gr ad. e "
ture and House Furnishings in
the city of New Orleans at
one's purse.
Special Free Delery of all' !
goods to Alders, McDonoghville.
Gretna and Harvey.
e (New Orleans' Most Progressive
Furniture Dealer.)
(New Orlea'sat Strorets.
IDowntown Store, Claiborne,
corner St. Ann Street
AIk l 6"( . \ 9 ...
SUnited States of America, State orf Louisiana,
Parish of Orleans.
Re it known, that on this sixth day of the
month of April, in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and fourteen, and of
Sthe independence of the United States of
hefore me. William J. Formento. a notary
ptblie , duly commissioned and qualified, in
ad for the parish of Orleans tate of Lou
isiana, therein residing, and in t he presence
of the witnsurses hereinafter named and un
ei n in their respective capactes as pres
lent and secretary of the Orleans Invest
e et (onepan a corporation duly incorpor
s ated. iy act before William n. Formento,
Snotary public for the parish oOrleans, Lo
: intana. on January 5th, 1914, and duly re
Sft. No. 33. and dmiciled in the ity of New
(Srteans; the said president and sec-etary
I appearing heerin der and by virtue of an
Sresolution adopted y the stockholders of
the said company, at a meeting held on the
Ssixth of April , a duly certified copy of
p hereof,
a Who declared, that in order to carry into
r holders tat a special meetinge of the stocki
in writing had been given thereof to each
stockholder by letter mailed to his last
.-A -'t
V i
I\ , l
\ i' •iT. I . . \, i . . -
:: ! . . . . .,. .". lt . w an e - .
Si s p. e .;le ., 1, ii " ai
ic the v- :cr
S'e •- if all such ....er upon the
'I, , i t1 ,i. nrii" . ,
et r c "ra ! , ',ra t ays t'.
"..!rot,. " Ic ..itc' it' c , lY ti.1
Stir I ' " 'her t I . a t u,. a , ' tII r at l C
lire! b., ruit-.,"t t!.i .: .a t , it', ,-t . as ll
As: 11 Teet a irai , Ile "fads railways and ra
!A I.-,. : ,,, r, i': ., .  a -, r ys n d tr. -"
. S t",, ...i 't to e stathe I Luiu-.s ana. and
,"I "ir rit. ' assegir'. Iarcel-lost and mail
Artle IV.--The capital stock of this ror
.p-t! n , .is he rey :Siei at, one hundred
re' e- .i-iSte  Iy ten thuad li.a Ir shares.t
r, :iV i" " ,t !!IV , - ,' t b4 . ··e: t', i o by it
it the ar valu e of toen ii.ui dollars each,
roperty r:I ceived, or services actually rend
ered, at such- tne. and sun such conditionse
'rt he Ioltsr if nsirectors may determs ne.
Ths Ir orat.n rhall ,ad, a goinw g concer and tas
wts n hn'ugh.li't the stater ,o I.trsla ay and
by a sar f nt t less t thlan ive or more than
fite irect, aof tn ajority of whosa shall
ande of the board shall e paid for n elected
rto e cld on the seornd Turviesda y of June ofnd
each year at s the o of this condirporation.
by the board of directors. ma determine.
Any sacatn y occurring in the oard of di-ncer as
rectors sharll le ltl ed by the remaining di-been
Artore fo.-r the thunex copired te powm. Thers of this
andine directors he majorityed shall remain inshall
ontice ut their successors are elected and
inducted into otidce.
Thel rt ard of thdirectorsd shaof tll behis corpor-elected
atiu shall be elected at a meeting to bers
to lie held on the thire sd Tuesday of JuneApril, 1914,
an theyear shall sthe untilof their sucessors
are elected. At the ardst meeting ofof directorsirectors.
after heir election each year shall elect di
from amongr their own numbexpired term. a pThresident, a
nfirst and second vice-president, a secretary
a lu a treasurer.
Article VI.-Notice ofr all elections and
Tmeetings of the stockholdeors (except as o pror
Tvided otherwise by law) shall be given byee
written itotice mailed to each stockholder at
his last kitown address, and by publication
in a daily newspaper published in the city
metice untI. ti cesor are elected and
At all meetings of the stockholder s tenro
Sstockholders shale constitute a a equorum for b
Sthe transaction of usiness, and each share
of stock shall entitle its owner to one vote,
- which may e cast in person or by piroxy.
? Article VII.-This act of corporation may
- fe modified, changed or altered or the cor
- thiris of the capital represented at the meet
ing called for that purpose and in the event
- of iqtuiation the aefairs of the corporation
- d shall ie managed by three commisioners
r electe te ma eehing at whiech the dissole
hti is vate, or at a eeting held for thpato
Sriose, said commissioners shedall remain in
- offie ntil the affairs of the corporation shall
Shise lire n fully liquiilatei.d
SIn cale of the inability of any comms- e
Athe rea mneing commissioners.t o oers
ArtiilI VIll-No stockholder shall he held
hliaie or responusinle fur the contracts or
f aul: of this corporation in any ftorther sumo
Sthain th e unpaid balance due on the shares
Sof shtio t he affairs nor shall any in
forma ity in organiz ation have the effect of
Srendering this charter null or of exposing
l Thus done and pacommissed iefore me in mi i.f
fice at the city of Nalw Orleans on the sday,
rice at the city of,'vOrleans ou the day,'
. . '
I i
-i .l iao. iil i. thi .1
I• ., 1.. ; .. I : t o' . s sh..ill I, bhl. l I
. , , a . . .. . . ! elt t1
\ , \ir I h shll con it . . a iresi lent
, I rs . I. a trea'... . r . ,all if th.I
I', e I . i• r r e , • ect r .r s shall he.
. .s tt ' l hi i . "i its , • "f the v ! is . t
I htll let. t I h 1!l re :, f , '.tck beitsg ont,
tii. t. iar sIte either eiri r., p i- r by writ
i',riten . intice of electin , shall rhe given to
.ch sitc n l.ler Ih f the secretary at least
Ii is r prr tie thei election. hv said no
S i~ri.n e if addre's shall be furnished in
..R pit r' t the e~eporation by said stock
,..ratio- dIes l, ed, with the assent of three
fiurtlis if the stock preset t or reliresented
at any r eneral leeting ihf the stockiholders
c-l!veel, fr thlat purpose after thirty days
I"h"ri niet of suh re'stiig shlall have been
ia l Ir t tive publicatIons of such notice dur
e ll si'! peric d in one of the daily newspapers
till ,, dih , t the city of New t rleans; and
ill prilosed changes as may be made in ref
cVrncs to the captal stinck shall require in
adihtclnt five days' writen notice to each
stockholder addressed as throvided in Article
lsiltietsl either y limitation of its charter
or tii aiey causel . its aofairs shal be liaui
pulated liy three ctynis oitners to be apoitnt
el frth, tot the tOstockolders at a mreeting
of the stckhollers convetirled for that Iurpose
after thi frt days' notice shall have ten
Siven t.h the secretary to each stockholder.
Sadl cinliessioners shall retnaii in otfie un
lit the affairs of said corportation shll have
ieen fully liquidated. In case iof the death
<f esither ttontnissioneir, the siirvivors shall
furtlher c o than the Itpa l s i hallance due ti
iNr siall i any mere sinfrmalty in organiai
Articl he .-he effenet erf this corn th on chartisr
null. tior if eterlonlig a stiockholeri toi any
li-ai!,litc Itrhl tlr mioiuitit if his stock.
Tihe trrta' clereti, sit firth ppositle iheir
iate n. y tie tumnber Cof sh, ieso 'bscrlael hv
tmaii. res1 iiUset Is. 0i that this charti'r shift
irtintte in a lrithiti toi the iact ef tinicr
r.aton the toh orld Iel soel tiht a lst rof thee
shrens if stick.
Tul l nia acrl of. asseld nrlat iln ihelle t the
eits fu News ltliains. Ltjistnis.. o the dat
oeith il'r senr herei t ret surve writsna
in the pieseice if Anna Naiia.ii ini isear
Artice .--hoc. wtho leretiof tisucrpoie
f 'eir t nh ce ith siori Iut's hs ;rnf ic, na
f ir ther mRea h n 'e of ae wiele. ,
t 1iier I l-.ilil a di Ite l, silf.rm het for l1t -
h -u Mars' ielell I salu W,.illiam e ottrla
Ilacskiit-. I shtre. Wi nieos: Aisna Naut
lhc Ir.E:' S It N-t If, . oclre Public
r T, tIe iwlrr-i.ien reerler , f itl ortgage'.
lo isiana, dtiberelty cccithi ttha the trove
-,itt fii'.o tte ,in rtof itc rlitrtin if lilt
I catt'riti V illa ioir;lu ny' wsi this day duly
i r in t y e iti'ce in boui. s 11,2, f!il -)
!News iiclar.'., l-a., Mtay 5, 1e14.
'HALES SilNi-lI)AU,. Na.y PurlItc.
hu - 7 14 M1 y8 Jure 4 11
Train De Luxe
New Orleans
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Leaves Nwv ()v!tans ha)l,
I !. () .', M .
iommlln l l NOV. ` I 1913
For full ;ar l% : : :i , ..\? i 'I.r t
or writ
W. l. STANR .\I :`i.
Ilak Cha 1.1 , I.L
J . U . i . I ' .\P t t -; , N ,.
Gen"ral l'a.I A , :.
Nt n Orlians. I.n
Bicycles and Motorcycles
Repairs and Supplies
Harley-Davidson Agents
What we advertise Is so.
A Good
If we supply fifty per cent
of the little boyb of New
Orleans with their clothes,
isn't this just as good a plan
for those little Algerians?
KNEE PANTS.........50c. up.
Mayer Israel & Co,,
Anynne ieilinr a ,k.trh arid dr( rt1lnn ma,
Scienific Jlnlerian.
Ah dn lrty i*"'r trll s ,I l yil . I stehr ' r1
I rr llrlllf ' lls. l u $1. 4 al n w I -slrer .
MUNN & CO.361roadway. New York
Branrh ()m'ae. *1) " 't1 W1rhn-l, tlriL fh. II. C·.
OfMtces: 121 Carondelet Street,
828 Pelican Ave.

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