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Model Steam Dye Works,
Corner Verret and Evelina Streets. Phone Algiers 162.
MARTIN KONING, Proprietor.
Cleaning, Pressing. Dyeing and Repairing of Ladies' and Gents'
Garments at reasonable prices. Glove Cleaning and Dyeing our spe
cialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. All work called for and delivered.
Suits Pressed while you wait.
i Union Saloon
Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars and 201 MOR(IAN STREET
Tobacco. Consumers Beer. Jos. Tallon. - Proprietor
Phone Hemlock 291 Corner Royal and Montegat Streete
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When looking for a house with all modern improvements, see
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Electric Service
affords conveniences and comforts not obtainable otherwise-
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fans and other things electrical. All useful, labor saving and
If the house you like is not wired, ask the landlord to have
it wired-he will do it without fuss or bother to you, and at
moderate cost to him.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.
OTTO T. MAIER, Vice Pres. A Gen'l Mgr.
E. W. BURGIS, General Superintendent
The Cheapest Stores on
the other side where
can be bought for
Cash or on Open
At both of our stores you will
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Special Free Dellery of all
goods to Algiers. McDonoghville.
Gretna and Harvey.
(New Orleena' Most Progretsive
F~ritre Dealer.)
Uptown Store, Magazine and
Pleasant Streets.
Downtown Store, Claiborne,
corner St. Ann Street
i. Aascal & Br., Ltd.
Dealers In
aid Wdato Produce,
PELICAN AVE., Cer. Verret St.
&0x'CLASS TO ' ME '0 E T ~OP PoLiCF- SI'ýr4I* peýis ýE, wE(Z&E'
or- LBEEN OUT N Tfc~z
Icot ?QLICl ~ Jat ACLULE oTsaj
Q'' 1EICE W AOU H tto E 0 CIS y l( .E L
4E4 SWELL iy
.tI~ S tI~ CAWE L5 G oT
United States of America, State of ouisiana
Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleats.
Be it known, That on this 25th day of the
month of May, in the year of Our Lord, one
thousand nine hundred and fourteen, and of
the Independence of the United States of
America, the one hundred and thirty-eighth,
before me, EDGAR MAYER CAHN, a notary
public, duly commissioned and qualified, in
and for the city of New Orleans, Parish of
Orleans, State of Louisiana, therein residing,
and in the presence of the witnesses herein
after named and undersigned, personally camne
and appeared the parties whose names are
hereunto subscribed, who declared that, avail
ing themselves of the provisions of the laws
of this State relative to corporations, they
have covenanted and agreed, and by these
presents covenant, agree and bind themselves,
as well as such other persons as may here
after become associated with them, to form
and constitute a corporation, and body politic
in law, for the purposes and objects, and
under the stiplations and articles and con
ditions following, to-wit:
Article I. This corporation shall be known
and its domicile shall be in the city of New
Orleans, State of Louisiana. The president
of the board of directors thereof, or in his
absence the vice president, shall be the proper
person on whom citation or other legal process
shall be served, and said corporation shall ex
ist and have and enjoy succession under its
aforesaid corporate name for the full term
of ninety-nine years from and after the date
hereof, and shall have power and authority
to contract, sue and be sued in its corporate
name, to make and use a corporate seal,
with such device as may be hereafter deter
mined upon; the same to break, alter and
amend as might be deemed proper; to make
and establish such bylaws, rules and regula
tions for the proper management and regu
lation of the affairs of said corporation as
may be necessary and proper, and the same
to change, alter and amend at pleasure; to
borrow money, make notes, bonds or obliga
tions, and to pledge its capital stock; to hold,
lease, receive, purchase and convey as well
as to mortgage and hypothecate, under its
corporate name, property both real and per
Article II. The objects and purposes of
this corporation are declared to be as follows:
To transact and do in this city, and other
places, both within and without the State
of Louisiana, the business of dealing in wines
and liquors of all sorts, and such other lines
of business as may be incidental thereto or
connected therewith.
This corporation shall have the right to
acquire the assets of any other active liquor
concern, or concerns, and more particularly,
whether directly or indirectly, the assets
of the New Orleans Branch of the J. S. An
drews Liquor Co., Ltd., a New Orleans cor
poration, as well as the merchandise, stock in
trade, trade-names, trade-marks, and brands
of said businesses, also the merchandise, fix
tures, mailing lists and good will thereof.
Article III. The capital stock of this eor
poration is hereby fixed at the sum of Fif
teen Thousand Dollars ($15,000), to he repre
sented by one hundred and fifty (150) shares
of the par value of $100 each, payable in cash.
merchandise, or its equivalent. The Board
of Directors shall have the right to issue
shares of stock only for cash, services ren
dered, merchandise, property, or other valu
able considerations, as they may see fit.
Article IV. The corporate powers of this
corporation shall be vested in and exercised
by a board of directors, three in number, se
lected from among the stockholders of this
corporation. After the election of such board
of directors, the said board shall elect the off
errs of this "orporation, who shall be the
following A president, who may also hold
the ortice of trrasurer, a vice president and a
secretary. All ofticers except that of the
secre:ary shall be tilled by parties elected
as directr It shall be conmprtent, however.
tor the iottue of .ecretary to be tilled e:ther
Ilv ., nr;ce:..:- f, the iboard, or an ot::sde em
plocee ,f t.e oirporation, whtther he te a
The ! t I ird if di r. of ti!: corp,,ra
'lt:. mit:.lcr +1:s . ha-:tr, shall be cni -, -ed
, t , t , I c . J ,e-e RIv er tehi . I. ar
uI !',u  ,,: d M .v I, R, :.enft'd, with r .l
::. 1 - e unt: .1 :r-t 1
,. , ,f .1, " ci, i i. l ,
, . . ,I ·.·tm "r ot e .
S , - ". ... . .. `i ' . ..
, .r ' ,- . Itre
I· '.h x'. t :: t. r dl :
1, :.. . . - o r es as., ...
l,: ' r ". : I' , ,e s!,i ,,l .11 ov er ne,.tl
h L ldl s :as "! . h- t'.ll ,we
,' .- t : I, - : t i l t other-ly
Ie. I .' 1i br,,lr Ii . . l h re authe right ,
TL, ' 4 rp. n riat ; : n" d s hall b
, I. :. th. . sdt1, . c if a ll h ted Sraes;
w.it .I . alpoit.  n r.. if nagrck in
!'Is , , :. pt ' r , ,it !;. It ":1- . f t::}, hl arent.
,"rx. aii u ,,i ra "` .a .Lch.' ierloghces ato
"Ihe pi, -,h 'c lt t ,i r t: iis . . r al t i shall bed
n l ," ... t I. ! , !'lel'c . i:.v , •ll sluts, ac
, ,, ,- t : , rI; l tl ,tir t ifr the sto k
h .,.r , th . ;:.'' r that ulin. ha e a ti the
S:i the i. a:i -harrty of the ock whih
: Lv' , I.,ts i til l r reairnte ig at tosuh
d:-I - . ,,e and i'dl e t!r e -s lin to'. s
Arl.;, V.th "lhs ch.t'r maby !e amen. hed.
•: hl . ,r alt'red. or this t ,or{oration, dte
,il , at at i .t.l l; t ill t .e cthtioe sctcdk
h. tlr- I l .,',t 1 tt r tl:,,t pur "e W p ois tih.
",.t::t:.Ile lII . dlst n tlcde sha ll ever be
li' e cl"r ..f ils r teI : Incl .-, d e  r i ssract
' t . r it t li.l rp rctiniis r a y ftln, tier
; tl l . f "is ri.ip r ti shall hle ie onduc the
y th:t:c kll -il--,r ii tinr se owed in a like
!'il i-r a id bay like oiate ipul the organ a
, Ie the Ie stlr enderng thallis ha:-ever be
.!e ir art st e fr the debtle to any
i i l Id.t h u!la itain f r Iy fkh ultder eor
.k: n ei ttr u tcnll ar l.,e o due of all orthe
lau rt- if s,kaid stck r rei t ouiosh his in
hin,.t i l t ,e ,iy iirlrtiin tor des te to tergan
- e i r di. the ntiesm, lie shall tarst ten
SIt. ,nc liai s thc v for urcase t o the ori thers tock
sti !, 0o! rx beul-lu ae the ureflerred right,
tr sixtydn, to lirchace the stock so ten
t,; the price sl, by th e a bksnt o f the unpaid
naly . fll said stock issued, or to be issu ined
elr .t n thae ,re creasetil or decsireased on
an.te it s-ich bylaws, ae, me shall tirst tent
dwith tr se law, for purchasy be herto the other adopted by
Artlcr I This corporation shall bthe a gother
idergI at the rice sown byas the books of evethoe
cpa. A ll stock issued, or to be$,500 issuedb
sall be urect to the foregin provision.
Articlhu done and passe, capital stck of thes on thcor
ce of M essrs. T. A. Schubed or decreased . Con
kerton, bth comipetent witnesses, domicilated
in this city, who signed these presents of the lawto
eerd with he arties, and may be, no tary, afte
Slte iling of theas whole, the parties he reto
tle ar g opoite their respective names,,ard.
Article IX. This corporation shall constitute the go
irignal subcotern as sption list of stock seven thoubscribedu
iand tive hundred dollars ($7,an0) is ub
scribed for.
Thus done and passed, in smy dice, on the
ce of Messrs. T. A. S chuier ad . nER,
erton, bothM. CApetent witnesses, domicilated
I, the uncity, who ersigned Reorder of Mortgagess, to
It hed for th the Parish of Orleans, Snotary, afte of
thisd frporaton act of incorporation of the Jesse
cried ian mysub offpte in list of stock subscribed.
New rleans, this a., May 26,ororaton 1914.
(Signed) E(OrigMLE LEONARD, Dnal Sign. ed).
EDIAR M. CAIIN, Notary Public.
I, the undersigned, Edgacorder f Cahn, notaryge
in and for the Parish of Orleans, State of
Loubiana, do herebherey certify that the foregoing abovct
of incd forporatoion, act of inwellcorporation of the ertiicte osse
Rosenfeld (Co., Ltd., was this day duly re
acrd certiticate my on file in Bookmy notarial office.
New Orleans, La., May 27, 1914.
S thgned) EDGAR M. CAHN, notary
of incorporation, as well as the certlficate of
the Recorder of Mortgages thereto attached,
are true and correct copies of the original act
an'd certificate on file i my notarial office.
New Orleans, La., May 27, 1914.
(Signed) EDGAR M. CAHN, Not. Pub.
May 28, June 4 11 18 25,July 2.
State if L.oui-iana,
Parish if JetTers,,n.
l|e it kn ,wnii. That on thir the 14th day of
the motth iif Moay, tn the star of ((or Lord,
iineteen hundreld itnd fert i en. btefore Imi-.
pubili duly commissioned and qualitied in
aind for the Parish antdI State afresaid. there
in residing, and in the presence of the wit
nesses heteinafter named ant undersignedu,
tiersonally came ndi appeared the persons
whose nianues are hereunto suiiscrlbed, all of
the full age of majority, who severally de
claredi that, avaihing theniselves of the laws
of this State governing corporations in gen
eral, they do by theo e iresents covenanti,
agree and htind themselves, as well as such
thler persons as nmay tbecome associated wsth
them, mn order to form and constitute a cor
poration or Isdy politic in law, for the ol
jects and purposes, and under the stipula
tions following, to-wit:
Article I. The name and title of this cor
poration shall be TilE UPPER CI)AST
shall have and enjoiy succession and exist
ence for a period of niety-nine years from
the date hereof; it shall have the power and
authority to contract, ts sue and be sued;
to miake and use a corporate seal, and make,
break or alter same at pleasure; to hold,
purchase, lease, sell, mortgage, hypothecate or
pledge property, real, personal and mixed,
necessary and proper for its business; to make
and issue bonds and notes; to name, elect
and appoint managers, directors and agents,
and t,, make and estailish bylaws, rules and
regulations for the management of the busi
ness and affairs of such corporation as may
be requisite and necessary.
Article II. The domicile of this corporation
shall be in the city of New Orleans, State of
Louisiana, where all citations and other legal
process shall be served upon the president, or,
in case of his aibsence, upon the vice presi
Article Ill. The oljects and purposes of
this corptoratin are here !iy de riared to bc
thte tra: rtl ' of pa , ,V .,: fr. .:ht
. II 'I
A . , . I , , .
11 ., . ,\; , . '. . I .
,; I I , .,. . r
I . . t ... H r + , 1. \.~.1: f , . .1'r
I . 1 s .r . A' }, " . c i V. s .tre
S' 1.i " " - ( i ' .\ . 1 i^ •
i \ ,' , :. i t r. fit' , . . p,'" . ' i s I,
er II ir- , 1 . . 1.. '. I r (per.
1l I . G i . I e p I 2. 1 i hs a t h, i
\l,, , ( \ 1 1.· , I ha (pe : - Ii. H irsch', Sam
At . ... - i !i.r (per 11. Hirsch ; In. .
•I':,- che, 1 s re (per ,II ,s- ,hI; J. .. Pct t.
s 'hre ." Ii. II, ih, , \ \'. os- an, 2
share- pter II. liI, ,.: Arnedhe Fortar. 2
,sares (p. r II h.. ch: ,L i, s ouns, 2 shares
tper 4. W. 1 ~..'e; .,e' Keller. 2 shares
,per C. W. M .e .,): F. Feller, 5 shares -per
.\, W. M I re\'; . M. Trr.x:e-, 3 sa'e; . (per
,,. \' M e, . (.sne, ) shares per C.
.W A i,, . t : ,l,. I hire (per I. ,W .
,, .. e : 1 \s Il. I -,, 'I r r C. W . - " ,re);
i · ri ,tu s, ; shaIlre. , 'prl C. ls. Mo' re: Ed
I.. lkt, .2 hares ,per (. W. Moore); Thi.
P', D')., 3 , Li.r," (per ,.. \\. M ires; I'nl,
S,! Il 0 ' ,t. 1 " .I,) e .p , t . . . h .....; ( i.
and J. Ilasdrl I share (per C. W. MHire);
I. Or & s.. I shre 'per I W. Miors: A
Mille". lI t, , re Ier C. ' . M ,IreI; ' rank
Ittiheln;. ]i Ih-.re per C. W. Mrlrtt: A. arnd
L. aiarel m 2 shaft (per ' W. Mi"tee: Joe
Ant iIa, I sh t r <,er C . . '. :re l, A. ().
Ah.1-,, I shire per C. W. MIt-re; E. I.
(.,ere.-ve, 2 shares (per C. ., . toitre': JToe
( .a.s-,e. 2 ;h..e. (per i. W. Mare : Helnry
1. iranrV. I share iper C. W. M.ore'; Alvin
t. Irane. u5 hare. -per C. l . ll..l:e II. a ).
Keller, S shares (petr C. . Mi-hre: . tlred
.hri.' r .., I share Iper 4. . W. 1 re : Mrs.
T. J. Sellers. 5 shares i(per (. W. Moore);
(iane l'.auc.ir, I share (per Paul Ie thelt);r
A. I.. t.s's;er. 3 shares iper Paul iertheit);
T. Naiel, 5 share: ('per Pul llerth elit i Ed
wIard e. thelt . shaeres (per Paul ir-thel. t);
J. I. Rsdri ue. 5 shares (per '.un rel HertheIt);
P. Rene M, unit I share rper C. W. Moore).
. na' n d. r tiC (l" ,'ssel
AI.luhN I,. H lltl)L h I"IVN
in aniil fit the Partish. of Orleans. State of
oiutsanah . di hereli ter if. that the al ove
Ail friit on act ll f nco r'.ratio ore the
Sra eroast Packet w o n'. . Limite.; wasin
hips daiv t tul eiordled in any tatice in Book
rew 4 re as. ala.. May 2'. 1914..c
E1Mtl LE I. LEot tNARD. ' Drel.; lfre.
A true ecnvp
F. MIDDI' ET.N. Nit Pit.
United States of America, State of Louisiana,
Parish of Orleans. City of New Orleans.
tBe it known. That on this 23d day of Mayr
1914, and of the Independence of the Unitedt
State s of America, the one hundred and erthir
INhER, a notary public, duly commissioned
and quahifed, in and for the Parieh of Or
of the wtnesses haerepinafter named and on
dersigned, personally came and appeared the
several persons whose names are hereunto
subscribed who se. verally declared that, avail
ing thetmselves of the laws of this State, in
such cases made and providedr t they have
covenanted, and do by these presents cove
nanter, agr e e and bind themselves to form asd
constitute a corporation and body politic in
law for the object and purposes, and under
the terms and conditions following, to-wit:
Article I. This corporation shall be known
and as such shall have continuous succession
for ninety-nine years, unless sooner des
solved, and shall have power to sue and to
be sued, to acquire and hold by purchasse
lease, or otherwise, property, real and per
sonal, movable, immovable and mixed, and
pothecate or otherwise dispose of a to say
and indorse bills of exchange and promissery
notes, and to isstte bonds; to elect and ap
point such officers, directors and agents asth
the interests of the corporation shall require,
and to make all necessary bylaws, rules andi
re litis ti r ti'e prioper mn;nagement of
it, attairs, a-.d :l+v " e to alter, amend, or
,pea it.d .t I . ::t. . r g. nc'erally to ex rcie
Sr : i ' 1 [t !, 1 ^ .,r t. hetrt .1m"it r stated
A : t Ih d . . 1 . 1e "f hi c r- ,
. .1 - - iu : '.:il t t .
'." , " ' de•. . .t .-: .. 'r
• • .. .. t ; . . f
. i i. I ,.
. , :1 lu f i
.., d .n. t . i pr a ii . y es s il
t -, o, t . . o,, p !.a, r : 1 . t. t. r
SI II .t ic i.I t...r i ..ds o
S : . . I ftlk h., t.he
I.,%" .t .. .. . .\ I ....I :t - u",` ,:7 te ".. ,i.
- t t , , I t ho d. to ,i r ths , .t . r str ,
1'. . " ', : 'c . ;" i ":.r i-..' t I :, , ., l e nti
,c ia nl tai c divided and pait, t i holrd
i:,,, , t, r .ie ,, oI.inr sto ck a l -id n ti , tg eir
I h.lr .in i "C.u". I l' , la v- trea otc. a . tl ,thi
:..S 71.ri t, o uitl -hr .. ic t a S i-n gt cn ci nr
I.in lfc Iii. ua d dollars . sl .. oft Itor l n
l, ,n' 'i ,i the li,,, k of t he c ,rl ,ra tt." nor
-hll any- st:c kholder p-ledge ,. . h.liotheca'e
l, ,:, ,, iik thoU t tiSt Oit"t it th e i ir tiso
it" it. lder ' i, , e - r' ci:i . c.tr tr shall ato b
.r :l; e .i.t I, s " .tk value , said offer ti be in
- ,tit to a th holde r to the l,  f d. ,rec tos.,
tIe i pr oini to have ten (1Ii) da s  n which
r' it rs the ,board :t drectors shall deter
i,e arrived at.
Art, le V. All of the corprate powers of
this,- rpor t.,in shi.,all  e hirted in at d ex
rclied lbi a hard of rdrectors cposted of
three sto.t sihlders ,a majority to constitute
a tqut rtm i.. the trar .crlatl ,f all business.
lie Ic, rl of directors hereinabove provided
for shaill Ie elected annually at a general 1
iilcti.ng -if the shareholders, to be held on
the sCttn.l loinday in May, 1915, and each ,
aild eve ry stceedlng year thereafter, after
ten (liii days notice ian writing mailed to
acl thlilier of common stock at said share
holdrrs last known address.
Thle bard of directors shall elect from
their own n, ,ber a president, a vice press- o.
detit. tand shall further elect or appoint at
sretary-tireasu rer., who may or may not be i
a share holder. And su th oard of directors ,
shall serve until their successors have been (
duly elected aid have qualit:ied.
Special meetings of the shareholders may be ,i
held at the request of any three shareholders,
by a call of the board of directors, after c
ten days' notice in writing as abovell
privided, stating the oeiject of such meeting.
Any vacancy in the board of directors, from t
Article VI. This act of incorporation may o
le changed, altered, or amended, or this cor
thtlll, nmay be dissolved byvt a vote of two
thirds of the colmon stock issued, at at
genieral meeting convened for that purpose I
after thirty (30) days' notice an writingt
mailed to each shareholders' last known ad- I
ldress, and after ten (10) days' publication in
one of the daily newspapers in the city of a
New Orleans, and as prescribed by law. c
Article 'VII. Whenever this corporation is I
dissolved by limitation onrotherwtse, its af
fairs shall he liquidated under the supervi
sion of three commissioners, elected at a
general meeting of the shareholders convened oI
for that purpose, after the notice specified in
article VI of this charter. In the case of the i
death or disability to act of any one of the
said commissioners, the remaining commiis- a
tloners shall elect a successor or aucceslsors
from atong the shareholders.
Article VIII. No shareholder of thir com o
any shall ever be held liable or responsible d
for the contracts or faults of this corporation
in any further sum than the unpaid balance 1
due on the shares of stock owned by him; nor z
shall any informality in the organization
have the effect of rendering this charter null,
or of exposing any shareholder to any hlia i
hility beyondthe unpaid balance due upon I
his stock; nor shall any informality or ir- a
regularity in organization have the effect of I
rendering any shareholder liable as a part- r
Article IX The first board of directors of
this corporation shall consist of Lyman C,
Reed, Vi. P. Conery and G. W. Stem with
Lyman C. Reed as president, W. P. Conery I
as vice president, alnd C. W. Stem as secre
tary-treasurcr, and the said officers shall
serve in their respective capacities until their
successors have been elected and qualified,
Thus done and passed in my office in the
city of New Orleans, Parish of Orleans, State
of Louisiana, on the 23rd day of sMay, 1914,
in the presence of Messrs. Frances Eifer
\ !1 1.I .\.
t . 1 r , f l 1
I I T I rI I , .
It : , . , 1 , _ 1
, I "ir '- ' ' " , , t Mr' 'I
I H . 11 1. n a.ullar.nl
• ; t, , I ,ls 11 ! i, .1 ,i , i, , r
,Ir . . .
",. .. ".t drr" ' .. t I I.'- l " e .f . , .
,rr nd ,, C ntl. , rt t :,., •...r-..n .... y : ..
n ,, other . :I ,i, .i .. t l n rt lly, t .
do all thime , r . ... , , d n e arv f,
the eprrp r t i ,,rr l 'v in Iof, t ihe a itt i f t
irp ' ,iat oi
Art Iule Six. tis t of i nclrpratnn In:.,
lie iii... lli. Ilchann i i-,r , ile, l . I "r d rr"l
p ra i ,tit ;ay 1e h..s..l * : d, ,,tl the asl tit -f
tthree f- 'trt . ,f the at, ; I !t. k r to resIr t , l
,it a lr.t ral .eIting i the stckh.l trs cni
vene! fr thI t purpl. s, after pre. i s n. iu,
i ,i le ' , m i. " ad"ltes"i ' to r.r , st.,ckh ld r
deptsitid tn the pItir t rii at Nr.w "(rlians,
at lit ten day , h 'i ,c the late uiof sj I
iie tini g.
ltie l e i... . Noir resit.i ib lie fiMr the I -.
trtts , r fait, s if ,i, e. rira ticn , n, t
any niere it irtma ty itt ,ii,,| riir atitnl htse
the effect , i f tti int t S Ar ,t,,rnull. iR
of esp, suit a st-locktiIler ti atih liability Ic
ciii the urie .ut duiiin h i Ii.
liicuirlateid ,,r three Iiliin latiir u ltiusen friot
the sharehk'l i rs. ai til sin shtlt I -e le ,
Artile- Ner -'.In order thit th s chart.
Iay alsi shr ,e as the . igi.tal I t if svti,
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fitine ie e shari Frank L. aIanker. tder,
shares : ielaille II. hweard. ine share: Rch.
atl Hanker. hiy hrelvastle in . iheard, one
share. St tphu Pereet, Frederick Ihland.
I. the ititersigitdu rei order - morig'gek .
iun and for the p Irat if Orleains, sh-ate of
Lih sin. do haerelih certify that the alhtive
aIy fire aing act of inisrporaton of the
Lickoirt Realty (in lrmirany was this day duly
recrrled in il, tilhe, iii hook 1127, foar in I..t
New Orleans. pite h, 1te14.
,Sinedi thl.E J. LEONARD, Dc R.
s, ib S. A. ILAMBIAS. Nit. Ib.
jIune II It 25 jaly 2 9 c1i
Train De Luxe
New Orleans
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Leaves New Orleans Daily
11:00 A. M.
Comm ellcilln Nov. i , 1913
NOE I .: 1.P", :
Tow' : . c, l I, , s. rvat 'l Cars;(
i':,or ý':ar S.: ,t, !'lisurpas.sd
Fur f :I par:'I ;.rs ;t-ak aniy agent
or wrje
hi si,,n Pass, rig. Ag, nt.
Lake Charles. La.
J. It. I. I'ARS)NS,
Gen,.ral Pass. Agent,
New Orleans, La.
Bicycles and Motorcycles
Repairs and Supplies
Harley-Davidson Agents
What we advertise le so.
A Good
It we supply fifty per cent
of the little boyb of New
Orleans with their clothes,
isn't this just as good a plan
for those little Algerians?
KNEE PANTS.........80c. up.
Mayer Israel & Co.,
A co
Anonn. mntltng t tketLrh n.n 4erlpctip n mgA
,?ll frc'l Ir lI4'.t agecrv fcr nnetarln/g plt im.
I atBt taken thnr,,luh i. lunn £ Co.•( re ls
aptica nottc. without harg~e. la the
Scientife iimerkaa,
A hand ,mcly lillnerlt.I4 weekly. Irrrnt Cl.
yr : I ,,r n,,,ntba. *L Soldl bylN mnewdealera.
MUNN & Co.'"s**,. New Yort
Branch Omcee. a I Mt. Wauhllton. I C.
Ofices: 121 Carondelet Streeto
R2 Pelican Ave.

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