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j % i'[ I t o la., M.iiai Y :1
A I a
... . . t
a t tmain p.t."!te'1 valveteis closet it an,
by it re de .are. to be the purthas and
putonb.r g' ai-s and supplies, and to do a~l
r:ght t' "oanutift' r the i.d valvele-s l' ist;
and to these ends to purchase, use, lea+,.
genirlly to di all acts a d to ei ler it. all
contracts that may be ntiessary, , o, veieit
or a ..'rlop .t - in the .i emptishrrrti ,of the
Ao-i s: id purposes: t represent iIrs as
at'its or otherwise, in the sna.ie -, i,.r
lines of Nosiness; to at: as iinnit..ctirer
agents and to rectise goods in ensignment
Article IV The .iotIl st a k oi f lhi, for
poratii shall be $ & 1,1tid ilsl t nto ive
ihuire i sh eits of the pitr value of one
iuTnIrt-d dollars per shr.., payable when . is
sued ii cash, or other p "opirts. r for serv
e. rendered. or . cr .il. y iertot ied as dr
ctded by the board of directors, and this co
otration is to he a goingi *ncetn when $7,P0
of said stock has heo siubIcried atid paid
to otne vote at all gtnerat e le et tiisi
tle or respons ble for the tindebhtedness, r auls
or defaults of this courporatio, nor shall any
mnire tnformality Ior the igan aiotir of ther
eorp ration have arsonaly effrect of renderi the
charter null or that may xp ng the stocrkholders
to any liability tevond the un pal d balance.
if any, on his sto k subscription.
lineshould any stockholder desi a to sell his
stock he shall first offer the same to the
stockholders of the company through its
board of darectors, and the stockholders who
desire to purchase shall have the right to
purchase the same, in proportion to thesrrv
holdings of stock rtu the company at book
value. Should any stockholders in thirty
days after notice having been given, fail or
refuse to puryhase the stock offered for sale,
such stock may be sold to any one.
No transfer of stock shall be made or held
to oie validte and binding unless made on
the books of the company. and unless made
in pursuance of the provisions of this char
Artitcle VI. This corporation shall have all
powers granted to such corporations by law,
and shallt have the power so contract, sue and
ie sued in aits cotrprate name, and to own,
hold, receive, loan, lease, purchase, sell and
corpvey or mo hrtgage ay effecr all of its efec the
or to hypothecate its property akhd to do
any and all acts or thl..gs of any kind, na
ture or description. as tray le necessary to
carry out the objects and purposes of said
bif ansiess a his is teresto and cihs veriienlces
ayShould any srekhouire.r dere to sell his
rtock he VIshall. The uirsiness of said torpor the
atok shal be directed and vested ithroug a tsboard
bof ard of dietors composed othree stockholde ers,
a major ty of whom shall consve titute a quoht truo
for the transaction f all bproportusiness, and the
value. Itabs and they shall hold oer ine until
the fterst noticeday in May, een. aed on that
day and from each and every day thereafter
elections shall be held annually for directors
at the pr ofncipal office of the corporation.
Failure to hol an electroio on the day sechar
tied shall not dissolve the conrpration, but
the d.rectors ian office shal hold thetr respec
tove or ice untal an election shall be held
after ten daysp notice of the time and place
ual elect n cts or th of athey kind, nTuesday
dayture of May of each succeeding ye nccar., and tohe
election shal be held betwee the hours ofsaid
ten a. m.ls as Itsid four p. m. All vacancies on
rthe board Vi. Te usiness of sabetween de-rpur
thn for whatever cause shall lie felled by the
,f drectors anr cpry sueedi f treeg board of dchers,
tars thereafter wh.m shaelect its rcipal ofrui
cers for the terransaction of 11their electionss, and onthely
stockhlrers shall bre onsteligible for electon asle
a ewbert. A. E. MartlT. of directors.Jr. and Emile
M.other causet and tarey shall held office untled by
the harst f da ectorn Mays, who are hereby vest-hat
eld ctwins sfull power to senuall any and all as
eat the prncirporalion, either sepa oratlon.
massilure to hold an eletion on the day stitle
thereto, and shall hano dsove fullthe rpower to do andu
the dretors all acts nfice shall holand prthoper to
fully and completl an elecy liquidate thall be heaffairs
adfter ten dayst' notu the proceeds time anyd placemong
there stoiiv kholders of the said corporation toan
thual electi on stockhall be held on the trst Tuesdayeach.
le amended, and thered oafter on thed, or this cor
poratcon dissolved by a vote of three-fourthe
of letohe shall be of the total amountlour of stock
ten a meeting convened for that purpose afters on
ton for whatysver cause shall ein wrt mailed toby the
rean of each stors. Tckholder. rst oard of di
recThus done and evrypassed in my boarial of drcec
tin the city of New Orlect ans. State of Louisi
anacers for tihe trday, monf ther and year herein
rst abokholvers shall be eligibln the for electeon asof
W. Catry Jones and Will of directors. Edwards.
Artitcle Viii. Whresents, together with the par-ation
ties dhsscrto and methe notary, afteraton r for anyof
the whole.ard f dectors o are hereby vst
(d wtI f ll power to sell any and all ed)
Samuel an. St, w te w ur and coEmlete titleM.
absereto, and shallres; A. E. Mazurette, Jr., 10and
irftnesses:r all acts necessary and proper to
Article IX. This Wct of .corporation mAy
We amended. altered or'modifiSd. or that tof
UNSOPHISTICATED OSCAR ~ By Greg~ory ______al
ý ,HE MAkES ,In0
4DtBUT In ou1
*' - /1 j
A. A. MORENO, Not. Puh.
I. : u:ider sticr c. Recrder of M ,rtgages
S: a 'r !h, l I',sh .ti Orletans. State o
. cer:i ty the .;ove at:
.. , t . : f th I'lu
".. ,ti fv . 1 .v ! 7. N ,'41" I ). F.
w .. ,:, '.e
A1 A M,, , . u
Crt'RACT Is the twin brothel
of honesty, inaccuracy of die
honesty. --C Simmons.
True dignity is never gained by plare
and never lost when honors are with
drawn. -Messenger.
The following are something a little
unusual, and will be found also verj
Apple and Celery Appetlzer.-Take
equal parts of celery .nd apple cut it
small pieces. To this Ad about as
much more pickled beets, also finely
cut, a small quantity of chilipepper. s
very little minced onion, all well
mixed with French dressing. Serve
on lettuce leaves, a leaf to a portion
containing about a tablespoonful of
the mixture. After arranging, sprinkle
each portion with finely minced par
Serve breadsticks or unsweetened
bread with this salad.
Beef Ollves.-Cat thin slices from
cold roast beef, chop the trimmings
and fat, allowting a tablespoonful ol
the mixture to each slice of the beef;
season highly with salt, pepper and
herbs, and mix with a fourth as much
cracked crumbs as meat.
Add flour to the fat in the pan and
when brown poor on a pint of boiling
water. Season with salt and pepper,
and pour over the meat, which has
been spread with mixture, rolled u;
and allowed to simmer for an hour of
until they are tender.
Lettuce and Egg Salad.--Cook as
many eggs as needed, cut across, re
move the yolk and out a small slice
from the end to allow it to stand; pul
a leaf of lettuce to each plate, crumble
over it a little cream cheese. Twc
small ones will be sufficlent for sever
al plates. Sprinkle over this the yolb
of egg put through the ricer or s
sieve, then stand the egg white om
each and fill the little cup with may
,onnalse dressing.
t'n1ttd States .i Amcrt. ,. State of I.,orsiana,
iarish of t (trle.ins, ity of New rileans.
lie it knoR n. that on thrQ eighth day ,f
the morth of June In the year if our Lord
one thouuand nine hundred and fourteen and
of the independence if the t'nted States of
Amertia the one hundred and thirty-eighth,
biefote me, Jules F. Metnier, a notary publitc.
dulyv ' omntiiined and aw,,rn. in and ior
this citv and the Darish of ()rlean. therreit
resdllnu andti tl tin Irescnte .i the wlttnerre
herein.fter nanmed and undt.rsigtined.
I'ter ,nally came and appeared: Messrs. Paul
Albert Ii.tian and August R. Muller. both of
lawful age and herein ac;ting in their respect
ire ca,,a, stics of president and secretary of
the Loimntana Mutual Aid I-ire Indemnity So
cietv., corpiration domitciled in this city.
,organ.vtd uttnder the laws of this state, by
an act pased hefore Francis I). Charbonnet,
notry in this city. on Marih 28. 1893. record
ed in the mortgage office for this parish in
liok 48$. folio 2o), amended by an act pa-sed
before said notary. F. iF . .( harhlnnet. on D)e
cotterr 31, 18'4. reecorded in the mortgage of
tice Itook 488. folio .2, and amended hly an
act pass d before said notary, F. D. ( har
Ihonnet. on April , I'nt, recorded in the mort
gage otfice in book 842. folio 033, the said Dres
ident and secretary herein acting under and
by virtue of a resolution adopted by the metn
hers of said SGciety. at a meeting held on
the 21st day of May, 1114; a duly certified
extract of the minutes if which meeting is
Ihereto annexed and made part hereof.
Who declared: That at a general meeting
of the menmbers of said Society, held in this
city. on the 21st day of April, 1914, called in
accordance with its charter and preceded by
the notices required, section 3 of Article I
of said charter war amentded increasing the
period of its existencte fr,,.t twenty-five years
to ninety-nine )ear-. so that it shall read as
Article I, Section 3. "It shiall exist for
nitety-tine years, that is up to March 2,th.
l.2, unless Its fatatrs be stnter settled and
Iiqudlatedi as hereinafter provided fr.
That, at said meeting were present or rep
resetnted 477 membters representintg an aggre
gate anmuntt if itcndemnity of $1.2ti5,.37 out of
a total ntenlbershiitp of the Scte ty owning a
total aPDratsed atud indemnity value of $1,-.
541.58'.50, whih, tunder Article XI. of saidi
charter was more thitan the amniunt necessary
to carry said anmendment; as the whole lmore
fully appears hy reference to the minu!es of
said nmeeting hereto antexed, signed by Al
liphonse Zambelli and Pierre Chevalier. Com
missonters, within which is incorporated an
attffidavit of the secretary of said society, to
the gRiving of the notices required by law.
And the said appearers further declared that
they appeared before me, Eotary, for the pur
pose of putting in authentic form the above
Whtch above mentioned certified ouv of
which resolution was duly parahed "Ne Vari
etur" bhy me. notary, for identtification with
lthe i'orent act.
'Tlhu dlne andi assed in my office at the
city of New Orleans. on the day, month and
ye ur .ittrrsaid, In tite Dresence of Messrs.
Jornmi .letrnler attd Genrge Cazenavette, com
Ietenti wtitness<. who hereunto signed their
names with said appeater, andti me, notary,
after due readlt, oi the whole.
Orgmal sined '. A. Bace.s. Auig. R. Mul
er, Jerooe Meuntier., i.. I'arenavette.
J. F. MEItNIER, Not. Puib.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages, in
and for the parish of Itrleans, state of I[,uisi
-na. do herebqv certify that the abve and
toregting act of incorporation of the Louisiana
Mutual Aid Fire Indemnity Society was this
day duly recorded in my office in book 1127,
telho 137.
New t )rleans. June 8th, 1914.
,:id' F.MIIL.E J. I.EONARD. D. R.
1, t lit: .de i:'gntd ritary. d. herreby certify
0:i'it tlhe ai-, . d i rttg niig is a true and
r ct , ,y ,r," :he orliginal on tile and of
I . w r, wh r,,"f, I have i :et'. atfxcd
ri: ' .: seal of 'thte at the city of
, : .,:- . .th dat, of Ju:e A. It
T1 ' MEI'NIER, Not. PI'...
+1" Tilt. 1.%% 4 I'LEAN\S 1'.l( !A lRIi K
I . elPAN, Y
.:, I' sh "f Ila , I ty
i : k" ," :l t ,n th:. ~ :h day tof
1 .r. I : : , :, " .l' ."tnl"l r t uno e l,,inl h: h ,Iun r
" ., 1 , , I.,,1 r the r r ' t ,
i , .. ': , '.. 1 . t ',1 . .," .ii, , %.y ni., -t , .,.. r 1
.. ,, ..- :l , e'' . .. or, f ulc t , lt" rnl ,i'i t 1
i i " i ' .i .r v."ll " .i11' ' "! rt the! i .thto
I the I: ite, re 'a t t,
'l' I l t l , l t ri, he y i..t
.' .r: , srr s e r " , t r oisthe
(,..i' In Iaw Itr the o fe stn
.\" : title ,f t at r
'II Iet \\'. "rh . t B RI< K I 1.H'.NY.1
"- ,! " - 'l ' . i ct .: N e
at. .. , ,d it .hail htlle
(:. , , ! 1, I r,'ty ."!: ,t" 1 .al Ir l t 1 ~'t a nd
t I h the p acr i :,
·h~ '·~ .i rl. 1, .":., y r t u:t c l
-\. , . , r 1-, i : . t'Ih. e r ~~h e t a .e s e .h ll
' :, ', I 1 '1i ' "li 'I I r I' ll ' ! a I l t
5, I 1 1.1i 1 . .. f . r' - r . i tt ! the , ightsr
li. ll l I -il i.t I",tr i a rictd ilt bly It
I, , WI 1ut0t, t tll''
'. ' -n I' ! , 1 ctl. i ll.n-, liliftt lto' .llt li. ,
S..,,..,d -, , ,11 kind, ,.t 1'.:hhding u ipple 
1. ',111 :.,i. ,.,r 1 -: :I fui rtI o a tt. tl.t rly the t i1.,..
tl. it I 1: , ,r ti ll r tl k .l ,l'd
!,t I t.i.-r i r 't 'Ii , li g ptirpi, r., and ti
S .,t krn . , ' st , n ril ut t n e Il that iliat . he
l,.,l- r il.t .n .t l..: lr wl ;i the n.llrla l ltui rt
I1 1 1 t . 1" III t :elll·f rni 'g . , , h, " r e e-ing
" 1 i .'~-. dlll ,ik.  ingle' lmid ottler arttI als
, i i 'il I "p ..ir nt stoikl Iposesh l that
"iv I il ""IIal i ,, ra t', rtein alwer for the
~ :1 f "... !':,., t, e rrnd I1s t s and luau,.,
l , n ,t ir' pui . . h le ,and tpir the rollhta t
S-l, i l Ir : t I , l--te a. ft l erth . f ,ri s and
1 i . I at. t.iutle p re' if bricks, butdh
ail t e kc s , h tll.ti and if ther t ,ilv ing mlateri,l,
"..i v tl. I tI,. " e t, tlo e !te d er ofd advR
11.1. li and th insu pel idu ot ina the hultard
":,l ie lid to tlit :e:l oflteAi !itlne lack o
T' ':, 1 , ,t r, .0,,1 ,"perate' -...,l bank, and
lianl tr. g t'e l pth , - sh all h rav be. rs, t,
lsie' hr In th thei nlr fi.try t:chinery an iis
il .. t I, r it la , thy ti tilt i lthe purp tt
'11 t . 1Il: tl it pi It',ll i rt at ro d d. Tof
Sar t i .t fit r tihel put haI e aan d l tli e ,Of anl
ri the . .tt ' ,lir tti br he tll Ifotiie dt' c ri!i td
i ii ,r Iil, ret ,.
I f tr hI d > - .t at, :ll ,thee niea e in tco-e
,.tr t r tl-'e' i '.1. : t ,,f the. o,11-t , a l- % c"
-I' t fatIe h. .', l'. i, l , *tt .Iet i t- . ire itnot [n
,lrilnslti al llht hi aii thi searte f lloun
.i tla tor ,a I tt l, the sta, en of America.
Art:h. Ill t'I ,-t a l .ti k oo f thie dvidets cr
pl, rat na he I. t i xet', .iit the su n i of $3t ,
gW. hs:,de'd t, t ll,,w :
1t,' lr lh.ie.i o t tf r it rre t,,, k of the pcto r
v'llet ,,t i h1'1 p rr 'h'ire'.
Thel prftrrltI stackhoildert shall not be eh -
tirl, t,, . :'y vll lng ho air In the orr t orat o h
it i aet it to the dir r ,'e" rs who I shall repre
'nt ethe -.li preferred stonlkhvlders on the
hoard of dlrectrs as hereinafter set forth.
The pref'rrd st,,,k. or any part thereof, shall
te tuh;ect to d redenipton at the option of theil
,.retrats, at anyl time after the lft day of
dm in,,v tY,, at the price of $12.5n per share.
fnnte snd redetmption shall be made in such
ar.t, ne'r and in such proportln as the board
,ft d:rectrs mhay deiteer:tine. Nlo dhe dend
shaill be paid to holders of common stock on
thait stck until there shall have been set
aside, n the treasury frothm tlhe earnings a
t rc tiricirset t, psay the dleivtdend of 7 pier
,I tihe preferired ,tltk for a perod of twre
tea'r follsoling an daiideand peard. hallud
faei h, sot -ir .nic s.ll nhlt hie lent to the
arper:stion or i ue-d fir ant sprpoe withoutn
the i nt ent i t thil and.l r atry if the directors
rtrentlandg the prrfarred astockhnalders.
rihei prefa rrtld -t,, hk shill toiat be paid the
aitdteed rally'dond of 7 per tent per ainen-I
after wsha , there shatll he et aisle from the
te alntnis of the c'rpitn] .c m an Afncient tan
p.iy the cn.,r.uii r.d divldend of 7 per cent per
if'nill for a peiod of tan year.; following
wnich the ineftrrid stoca shall participate Iy
tany further e rinies to the rextent of 25 per
cent of the total unt of the dividends to
'" di claret on the tilt m st,-ck.
It is provled that nn mortgatge shall be
placed uh.,on the plant without the affirmative
ote .r ctonsent iof a majority of directors
reýtr-snting the pi eferre'd stack.
ThiuI corporation shtall cmanience nusiness as
soon as $5,tn of its capital stock shall have
be'en tubscrihed for.
Article IV.-All the corporate powers of this,
poration r.i hall sie vested s and exerct s red
by a roard of directory, c amnsed of not lesM
than seven nor more than eleven stockholders.
ath n of scon tuithe board of directort.
If said bJard yhall cInSIst of senn five of the
ftr.ctors ahall be elected hv the holders ot
cimmiln sthrck and tmwo by" holders of pre
ferred stick. if it shall consist of nith e dc
reictor, six thak l he elected by the holdarn
sf chmalnt stock and three by holders of pre
ferred is ock. If it shall c tnoit of eleven
directorsi seven iepall be elected by holdera
af cannsun stre k ar l four hv holders rf ere
All corporate elections shall be by ballot
and a majortty of the ,rtes cast shall elct,
and each entire share .r stock sha!l Ie .r
titled to one vi .te, either o lp'ron .r !'
51 ilt*in 1i 'c. c ,fr" e !erin f: ! Le g. ,
't, c bh .t khI ,ldd r y th, ' t
t ' ' , It , , , . - r
nor t. a 111 i
,'·t · 'l . , ''.. *.. • y kh , e"r . i.. ' -
r. , "i p ., - to t,+' ., " I w i u a g ,. .
· !:" . t h, "i , aL -e,1n r n- ri si rv
VccIs E. 3 arI. V, I':
p ,.g ,,:! .h -. ,! , i 't lt.: ..-i ,tt ,
i;,,-. n . ,-el l ' . el , T ,f N.Ra , 10 lh ,r'
,I . ,I' . ,(' , " .,.e , . 1 ,. .r , ty !.e I th- 1:,
I\'t",,1., l, .1 ." ,' - a. ti: rs i ',l at. .I I ,
";i ,T I t . t R.I }olav 1rtil1 i.
VRIe it I- t II ri N t rslit of shies
" t 1:" . . , T n t. , , 1 f+. | , '
I. 4-e ir' re. t ,r" ar l , p A l ,i 
'I..... t,:e. ,,F t ,t !,K R
f .... r , "e p-ii"i ti 0te " *i" tht'
hu r t v~N, Wi . i far f thett
,lý l" " , " t tl t, , ,,t ', t~! " lo' ,,Rlt. at a!r . I
p c of~r rthe ots and fr the -ip'ub
'vs , 1r , ;.. I t .! n . - I -t, ,
w I , 'e It e Io tri
(I nied ` St cite A' cic, i.Stae of L'utisan I.
l sh of IOrli-ais.
e it . iFThr i ths 13th day otf bjctii.,
11. t therrndesignei several M i ersl ,s ofh
I., t ..i iln I. a ,h residing n the cit , ag
nc , .rla1 .ni tla a i selvi, tr s es c-f thei
especiall, of st N., - o:f :t. do herer. -
formit erselies P nt. acoreloratitoi and ids.
1n1 fo Allnwing tit :
,Arti Ic I: TuTe n;e and title of u this cotr
N f tw Orleant, La.a
Art.ile II. ,The pu rpotses and objects of, r
the ca rt osratio. are her iy decla red to
the: Tol etgage l n an a.tot'nt:bile car agc i:.
and garage; to buy, sell, rent, hare, repair
atd store automobiles and other motor-driven
vehicles, and all a 1cesories thereto; and gen
i. rhr n ,drri i' "" . { T lr v poL iti. c . r',·:.
ient to priperls conduct the business of this
:Arti.'cle IrI -This nrporation shall exist for;
a period .f ninety-nine years from and after
the ilate hereoft unless ,sooner dishlved in
the na iier here.iiW a f:er pronav p. t' ,df
N tlw ito c r ltli ,i . ll" ln under its 1, , at
rti..e it shll -he h ,is- t cir icl aut lisi t , ti
',ntract. tllr d I. e '  t- I; t,,r ' niL k- i i -'i
,: rp," " i*rat ,l .il thie .t:cae ii hing e
r I to ~ l T a F ItII'r thIIl\" ', li'.u
t e ita seal shall t i th lis 13th day .o1 5,r,
1 s14 wer, the ur:. ingrsignei everal pets.o i o
t lawful are, in, peach reidig-. hsn the.it . con
sener al llaws i f . plState rf ald sana, an0,
especially of at N,. 7 of liy. do heLre, 'v
for onrselves i~tlt a crporation and hotl
politic fer the objccts and under the stipu:ad
pley sli. i nlani it es, di rcctl rs. itlicecs ail
-las . iles aon regula tios fr g, t-he w t:
Article - -t .- conth l if title ff. this eor
o MI'.ri wirra th its domay ie in the city aol'
p roper a .-d the sae to altses and ab'et no.i
Alle citation aiin ot her process sclared te
ser: To enga the tresidento an i ct ar agenc
and garagae; to buy, sell, rent, hire, repair
and store automobiles and other motor-driven
sete i the vice -ipresidcnti and an thii ass
erally to do alln thin s necretsary-trea cnven.
Article III. -This corporational stok allof thexis for
sand perod llarf ninety-n divided years finto and after
stieii lv two hui'dred and tiftiy (25tio alaris
th e ar value of, un ones soonerd dil d ir n
the mach er hereiafter prvided.
The corloration shall become a go ing con
night, privileges atnd ituntUze "to gr.,nted c
law to ui rpatsn aidas thunde thouits d t ill ir
t3.itu. It shall hcav-ita l stock shall rat her
contract, a at" , d h,"e -nrd; th ak' u: ,l u-"
osrte f l the orh rea itnghare thes roist;k
shall lie issueld by the -hear of durectres
whet an, as theyv at lei t and r. :leu.
All have as fsea sal stck snohall be d fr t t
its ituir let,l adingd must the full pi r'e
ore the tunce f the certate icate t: ,,.f and
Artlerlt : t~ -- I 'I rt'glt,)lh le l +nds "sto .1,t:s
shall ibe iinusessaile. Said stock ,hblli e
oarle onl n theh, o debt;f t h e .,oany o ,
lthe ,surrender:aln of the outctandirg ocers at
r proof oanf loss hierelf. ann l nder .tuit I ltrtl
anld regulati as t,'he board of dtahrecrs u a
-writ aig aniit its ook valuea , ito the ,I-.h'l
the opt.iot of purchasing ani e aat thl, li o.
ropvalue atnd the samte sad stock is adternd tn
s ale; antin sh ald the dircctors fasl'! tl ie
the purchasd the prof saiden stock with in thirty at
from thei time of offvice-presid thent, and in l'r and
owner of the stheck may disposek of at in ther.
open market. But the iatcorporators hierthuy
specially agree that the stock herann sub
scriend fur by them shall not be solhi or
transferred to anyone other than ro one or
more of the incorporators without the coinen
of a majority of the ancorporators whot are
still stockholders at the time of the tdros
ferance of the stock.
The said capital stock may be Iinreaset or
ance with the laws of the State of rouistira.
Article V.-All the corporate powers of this
shall own at least one share of the corpor.
tion. Said directors shall be elected by lbthto
at the annual meeting of the stockho Idrs of
the coinpaty which annual meeting shall be
held on the third Ttesiay of Janutaryinac
year; at which meeting each stockholder shall
have the ri~t, in person or by proxy to c.st
te vote on h ishre of .sok l.,'wled 1
l three t ere: bert'. of the -" ,ard ,f , , - :1
, ! "' -10 a, , ,qua in : " b e" ,' 1 1 0 .. t e
,:" . " ' .1 si \:. , e in , t.
i pr t ' . . : t.
. ",", t . .L " , I ' . 1 ," . \" , , .i . . 11.1;:
S. I . I, ess * . ' .t ! i ', r
a !,-. : , .- • . • t , .If "{ t a " . :. . . '! . : a l.. .
I. , ..7  *  , :i , : Ifi , t c d
I: :.1 1 r aI v s t' l7l ., 'r.
h ,.+. ,...,., "A
.:11 , '·. 1r . e. e ' h . ,1 ! " , ! . .t '7
I3r~ rlc:col 1 I. li.. 17:1
.tf ,ýr y t I . t htt ", I!1 1 , y at t: r, t+ i 
!Ir ..,., "'I ,, r a t.'' . \"Y t.I l t,
.\" t r ," t t r :.\ ' ' ,  .' I ,le .e dt \.r .h -
". , ,e .'we, f+ ,| . ll n. t 'on lr, in.. . t, -
"p ,:. . \', 1t " f t i'," "r7 te , .y her i tr. ht :
7.i r is.llte Ln .tocl se iar
l i -n ,r i y in .4 e il t t! e ai, ount e tdf e . tn
tlT. " s It. , ..t c, rter nI , , a 1.rd
dAmi'.. sl . '' Pie .1u-ei it thre fIurithis
flt. ,' t mreP t1i, t, .l 7 i:a t t i.'t ' ih
. i, u , .t. tw .'ih l h te . 7. n t iveti in tem'
eer,:s t t.! v;.1,e. i . , a rC ' .. f this ch tarter.
Ar'l , ar ill i: Il ci . t h it a ir tii o ,1l -I
.l- Cr e, t 1. te , 'i, ..t : V 7 frii other
te d m it of\ ,(, tI 'iF t ed,
\i M I a F'  . I -I' . f ......' it- , 1ru ,
i, . ! "i t lr ` |, hr e , 7r 1 i. at e ti nd e r .
Ir.e  .~1i ti1" -h'e l1 re:t t at the i s . i
td ., 1.y 1" 7 iti it ..fi s, el".p " t ii ,. t ' Al'
iut r n Sor-e, th lie int nai 'th r dwar tit
1 ' :~.r n 1 h at ter ". .7l e ...o.. 1l1i. h tbhee
At,e ou~l . *, rt--l , ln chart er ,r th. chantged
.ul:it uft" i d til'e ,l l."h ,hr , tt l, three dP nartlti
,l ' , the -1 .i7 .tr u - "t 7 t, t r 7 - r7 V.1t_,
at is y ,l:.r , llty be ,ii toif atirt trlt d'te to
0 Vr t -l' VI.t l h. It harte -r naytr ,etelled,\
n:'r er 7,t o aleicre a7t7 t le Vlfce idthi crat l a
*, d -. ,,l t +tc.ti her thet. a IJlltn thre fnirother
t7 .0.7 tl.t7 , 7 ,} e,.e 17 7 t eaed tn d
At i i lI IN v t,.t A n .-7 1 e . tr' ite.~ ..f the stok
b,7 e , .ie 7 I, r ' h t b,, a . ti, r te i7 71 t.1
r .t'It t ht e st . *ha l r.,e i the  re idente
r ir lt he 7.7 7,i ur7t7 c ti r tishttt1 te uert
777 it77 a~ 7 New rot e:t:. o the day.
r'Iontth at' s i , r t ilt 7,7 ,,r .itn raed t and of+
thle 7-77e, d, le i1 other i' 177 I 7177.1 Star es oth f
,Amrn a, t. ue h r7, r i l.ed an titteeighthe
1s the 77r0 777 .f Mes"rt. tl.. Itladin fuffy
atl Vi alter H 1). 77Culiia" mei~ttittbent wit
u i ' ie .: i tled I. tat i '. tte L t' an.!. t dere te
si-l'tegI ,tt hie sett'e. thettr ninmes with the
the '. Iaftr re.. t te, teof, the said iancor
farll 'rs su:ri. .iri.,] i', e fur the ttnu tr of shares
" ",,tetr St" kt, !: ,,h r in tie |,lace ansd stead of
F. III.AI)'IN 1)1 FEY,
Hi. t-H !rt 1. , a tvt. 1)(.,d tG A
: . Al"l. . SPEARING. ¢t. Pub.
It. t the te I,t7t'.!, r c t rder of t ortageident,.
['|:us d,,t.t itd pa ~re d i'ef,+r he, the under
i T, n for the a parish of orians of  ofuia
St a, di here . certify that. the above
iand fartg I inact ,of ic.o raion of ned, and outh
trh Motir Car | . ma, ye the a as this day dulyf
erde n n y th i ne hundred k 1127, foio rty-eihth,.
New Orleans. Lta . Juner. 16. 1ladn 14
A true co altr of the onal comharternt, with the
tnes, s id rlers th city and therein of share
siding. witi hate- sti ed the'ir rames with the
ur€]ile=:gt itd in:c,,rt,,,rat r, and me. notary
pia'Lhe, att-r readin:g thereof. the said incor
i',r.ttr, snul rl - .rii for the d. er of shares
Shlaced l ppte t.MAN A Iir AN OrAN
1. L .\t'll. SPEARING. Not. Pub.
i, the tn er, tg. r, r thirder ofet day ofges.
7' 777 7the 7t' tne i. iun iiatn'u hutndred
tritr the adis of the n ost tf e of
Lu 7lana.1 do hereby certify thath the wtabove
and fhreinact nmedr-raton of South
ern 'otMl ..o e 'ar Cmpany, a as ths day dulys
New l Orleanse. La, uere 16, h4.t whii
A true 7 cpey of the original charter, with thels
t "of e, if. ,.t7t7, n irs and number ofi state f
Lt.'-.~ , 77 777 7ea i.mtle and prf e.
1. ZA(lt.ee SP tARING, tt. Putses.
nttee ! 7 il th . t frtm t0 o 2 X7.
AN1 T t't'K (;Rti)\V AKS' AS.\ ('IA
I .T i i.N ). it. I .t'ISIA .\. th t at
tie as. lo utit a .ili1l hare . oIer ('7 .u7 ati thiry
s t i 1to hae .71, .j.a y o" ffr a full
- it 7 nof 7n. iet i.': ,in te it, thirtieth day ftr
the date hereaf t o; t t,rt. tue atl line hsudred
t7,rd o :-tt ttn, tue a i-r r -e. t e lltam Renaudi, t
t r .,tari ith l tge l. I rd alt f -r the parish of Olr
reatl e. leiai se, ait.n the .Se .7tc1 of the wit
'er1, 7 tll .rtgige ai appearthhdte tperso'ity.
either real. erScl nid that7 avaling t henml'elves
'f the itrst tuton tnd law'iee of the state of
hen7tt,7n7 m. reqiret aid make and p alvesa,
7e11 77.17 t-laws, tuly s 17777! reg lationi'o for
thje rtt.; n, I rianageni'. t 7f itnd affaitr.e and the
'.er77 at. t ,,hi dge atti at er f ,l pli. asure.
Article II.--The d7meat'i1 ttf san! association
I. tatu na. 1a 7 all " itatlE tR or 77th1cr legal
tiriew a ..ltall r eh l h itiive t u t the atre hidet
Aititle IIl--That e ljects and p'irposes fial
which this as'.-.ciation is organiced, and the
iature of the tisine'os ti lire carrie.! on by ise
are deilare, tno lie as f,,llo-wst tn-wit:
atiil truhck farmtiing, and sell the same in sutch
elmantier 1 117ta17a,. in the opinion of the nianage.
7.1h or pr itilatle., atid generally to buy and
sell articles of tra-!e aidt comnmerce, and do7
all thenttig i'ir7t aT17t t. lroter or necessary an
cotnectiiin therewith and tIsefok in carrying
h7 the nlteess; to reclaim, improve and de'
'elip real .--tate of all kinds; to lay town
titin aend erection of Newer, drainage and
water ut.es, either for its own soe or the use
of ithers. I.d erect ither for itself p r others
ti'iilitcngo. a17071 generally to ido and engage
natrny oeither business undertaking and en
terpro e contnected with, growing out of or
In these modern days, wi'h distance a amost art.:h!!.lted, the ho::n r. J ..
is hgurat;vely cu: off ar:d isolated.
II sehwld dut:en, sit. l require'ents, pleasure a d er.:ert. inment, s r .
or !r's depender t ulpo: the telethline.
1., sme or e: r nay ie tu", e ' into pleasan:t co:vetrat:in wib ft :eir. -
:n t::e next blk or t!:e ad; ,r: : g ta'e.
Market:ng and shoplzr.g may be done without effrt fr~.:i one's own ho:ne
". te fam:ly hvs:ic..:n, tie nurse, the druggist. :.ay all te sum ,',.ed . r
noltice if a telephonle ii at !:and.
iii cases of .:er e:.:y, flr e: h and cr rther . v e a!led
-'ire. bu gl.irs a::d o'her dars e:. i.ie the:r terr.r it tl.e w -'i a."n f the hi::e . a
telephot.e at her command.
ut.sult with us about res:dence telephone service. Your home shiuld have a tel;
Cumberland Telephone
l, h and Telegraph Co., Inc.
The Murry Hill Buffet J. H~.,Vezier
I r W ines. Liquors.
Cigars. Etc.
Short Order Lunches a Specialty Ciars. E.
507-511 Patterson Street
SF-- - --OR YOUR-----
Comfort and Convenience
N. O. Gas Light Company
---DRINK ii
XXXX Extra Fine Beer
New Orleans Brewing Co. Telephone, Jackson 282
gcrmain or incidental to anvy of the obhjects
iandi plurposes set forth it contemplated by this
2. I1o purchase, hold. transfer, assign, mort.
-..g. jpleglr- .- tlcrwsise dispose of the shares
*i the capital stick of or any bonds. deben
, -tcurstit, .r .other evilences of inlebt
11 . rcatel Lv any other corporation or
i,,iti :I.. 'tof this or any ,titer state. terrl
t.rs or country, and while the owner of such
stick to exercise all the rights. powers and
pritvilcies of ownership. intcludl ig the right
to vote thereont.
3. 'Tlo thrr, l money in such manner as the
a i natian ttiAy dleem tft. andti to mortgage
,:wl othcrnsi e-t pledge the assiciation's prop
crl to seciure the same.
4. To 1,u\. sell. hold, assign, transfer, mort
sage ;,trd dhal in anid with real estate and aill
interest therein: to hbu, sell, hold, assign.
tr.anfer, tnmrtg:age and deal in and with
gi.tils. wares. tnrchattdise and all kinds of
per.,isonal prlperty, licenses and franchises, for
the purp..se herein set forth, and. in general.
condutilct ;iany lsusitless necessary to carry out
said lpurplises, and to exercise all the rights.
poiwers antli privilt ges now or hereafter con
ferrc, by law ulpon associations organized un
der the plrovisions of the laws authorizing the
formationt of asso'ciations.
Article V1'.-The capital stock of this asso
ciation is hereby fixed at the sum of three
htuntlerd thosand dollars ($.tfl.tf)., divided
into thirty thousand shares of the par value
of ten dollarl ($1'". each. which shall be paid
f,. in cash. or o'n such terms and conditions
as t:nay he decidled upon by the board of di
rectors. ocr in 1y Ibe issued for not less than
par fi-r property putrchased by or services ac
tiually rendered to said association. All
-hares oif stock shall lie full-paid and non
ti-rea;le. No transfer of stock shall he
'!inlitteg upon the association unlesx made
upon the ibok, and all certificates of stock
s.,ll ,he signet lby such officers as may be
dle'-ignatedi by the hoard of directors.
Article V.- All corporate powers of this cAr
pratior' shatll he vested in and exercised by
a hoardl f directors composed of not less
than five or not more than nine directors.
all of whom shall be shareholders. and who
sh ll Ie elected annually on the first Tues
day of Itne of each year. The first electr.n
under this charter shall he held on the first
Tutesilay of June. 1915. provided, however, that
immediately upon the passing of this charter
the sharehodlers shall convene and elect di
rectors. who shall serve until the first Tues
day in June, 1915.
Said election shall be by ballot and con
ducted at the office of the association, and
notice of said election shall be given by the
secretary-treasurer to each stockholder in
writing ten days prior to said election, mailed
to the stockholder's last known address, shall
lie sufficient notice. Each stockholder shall be
entitled to one vote, either in person or by
proxy. The directors shall serve until their
succensors have been elected. The directors
shall have the power of filling any vacancy
occurring among their number. For all pur
poses herein a majority of the board of direc
tors shall constitute a quortm. They shall
have power to employ or discharge such em
ployees as may he neces sary for the conduct
of the husiness.
The officers of this corporation shall consist
of a president, first vice-president, second
vice president and a secretary treasurer; thre
twu otficers last named may be merged and
held by one, all of whom shall be elected by
the board of directors from among their num
her. The capital stock of this associat-in rnat
he lncrreard accrdio:g to the laws of this
Ar icle V' -\Wheneveir this corporatoin I,
dissolved. tnlther I,. limitatton or from any
other caiiw. its atfairs shall le lituilatcl
To, Ite appointed by the s-,, kholdrurs fcor that
piPlsi at "a ýinit;al metitng convened for
-lrch purtpoe; .hlch sairr comnmisstners shill
rim'i n in ofthe unti thi e- affairs of this avc
ic ,tton shall have been ,ly settled and liqui
Srel.d and in the case- f the death of one or
more of the comms.: ,oerns the survivor shall
Article VII. S- his act of incorporation
may ie changed, mni,led or altered, ot said
a-.ociation mpay hie isnolved with the assent
of three-fourtis (3.-4) of the capital stock of
siid assciation at any general meeting of
the stockholders thereof, convened for that
pur pose, after thirty days' previous notice of
such meeting shall have been published i:
-wo of the daily newspapers of the city of
New t irleans.
Article VIII.-No stockholder shall ever ha
held liable or responsible for the contracts
or faults of said association in no further sitis
than the unpaid balance due to this associa
tion on the shares owned by him, nor shall
any mere informality in the organization have
the iffecet of rendering ents charter ntll, or
of exposing a stockholder to any liability be
yonmd the amount due on his stock.
The subsirncsrs hereto have respectively
written opposite their names the amount of
stock of this corporathiin subscribed by them.
so that this act may also serve as the original
suitscription list of thei subscribenrs.
Thus done and passed in my notarial office.
at New O)rleans aforesaln. in the presence It
William A. H\enck and Thomas J. Carey. Jr.
competent witnesses of lawful age and resilt
ing in this city, who hereunto subscrite th iar
nalmes, together with said partles and me.
notary, on the day and date set forth in thie
caiution hereof. (Original signed)
Ienry Forres. F. A. Ilickson, E. S. Thomas.
Jewell A. Spering., M. Rooney, P. S. Schnei.
dau, W. A. Henck, Leo 'jify, E. G. Gould.
Iohn Joseph (Gust, Albiert B. Forres, I. IB.
rennylon, Thomas J. Carev. Jr.
I. the undersigned recorder of mortgages,
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of The
( ermnan-American Orange and Truck Growers'
Association of lonuisiana. was this day duly
recorded in my office in book 1127, folio
New Orleans, La.. July 2. 1914.
(Seal.) D. R. M.
1. the undersigned, notary, do hereby cer
tify the foregoing and within to be a true
and correct copy of the original act of incor
poration of The German-American Orange and
Truck Grwores' Association if Louisiana. to
gether with the certithicate of the recorder of
mortgages thereunto appended. on file and of
record in my office.
In faith whereof. I hereunto set my hand
and seal this 2d day of July, A. D. 1014.
july 2 9 16 23(11 aug 6

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