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Railroad Schedules.
NIEW "R 4NS ,il.ItN AND tR; l*
1l.Li Ih1.1,WAY 't Ar
A;l "s,,r
4 I :'. l n T',,'. e V' , " . :..' i
I , a . d , 1 I . ", "'- . P ,
T1l. 1\, ..:'iE:Ml::it . , 1913. AT
0. Aý. V.
S r I ' a 1, I' i i,
-' t .. a I/ ~t .1 ,!31 0 m an t , 4 9 .0
$ 41' .:t I, l I.'io t ti'o a.
{m..t ar . n otion .
nd : 1-'-, 5 2 1. 0m.
E -,Ta. ". r. (1 4, AN
}'-~ 1 I I t"' ' :: n • te 1 I' '
I.. .,-v na rln uuul or' A : f
\ I..1 . ! ta: , .. i , '! ,e a, 1: . . 1a r. .,r .i 1
Et A &lE EAT(N AI-5 , 1i R 0 T, N .
From 1: t"" m. rt. i r. tt1 * . 1 mi t5 1c
4 l.ira 1 :11 .. I T' , th h our~. anlll
. :r I t 2 :' , :' 5 1 , 1:5, 4 :intt, 15,:a ,
n lmr a1 ,4 :ifm ' :" a fter th ie eo: ho
-a'rt a ,. ,I l :tl" , li. ""n t0 , I8o :r a, a 23,
in It.-e a:.1 41 r:ln:itn a after tIie hoaIr.
F'anal .F er ry I. 10miA :te, 30 a. mlit.
I.=t " ^t I" av, iW l tr.-na fior lml gIratlon
1it5l ,0,: 1. m4 a. m.
Idst car mIsvnts lrrtnr for ('ar lrn viut
Newton and 'T'ti Sta 1::3n0 a. m.
From Immigration taftion. l0 mtnqtel, 30
Elmlira and Nae tin. tln the hour aind 2:0
and 40 nmlnulte aftn'r the totr.
lat Barn Ileavcs GIin vratl : minlAutes, 1
mlnutl e and 43l iilluilevaftr ll~r th'e hollr.
'anal St. Ferry, 10 mlinell. n0 mteutes
Id 50 mIlnlultes after tile hour t
Newton andol Teche Sta. 1:3 mi nutes. 3:
minutes and 53 minutes after the hour.
irst ear leaves Immlratlon Station 5:3
a. m.
aist ear Ie.,ls Immigration Station 11 :b
Last car leaves for Ca- Barn via Newton
20 minutes and 40 minutes after the hour.
mlnut: and 43 s.ln'lie atter the hour.o
Elmira and Newton Sts., 5 minutes, 2
minutes and 45 minutes after the hoar.
F,'om car Barn. 9 mlnutes, 29 minutes
and 49 minutes after the hour.
Leaves Gretaa Jackson Av nuee Ferry
lntdag, along W'oprnu A nue, poastn
Texas and Pacllc and Southern 1oaci!re le
pots to Fouth Street. thence along Fourth
Sret to P'ubll Road, crossing larrve'a
Canal to Amesville.
Returning over same route, meeting the
Algierss Rilws cars and Jackson Avenle
elrry at Gretna. Ui
LEAN O RETV A-5 :50. 6 :30, 7 :10. 7 :560.
8:30. 9:10. 9:50, 10:30. 11:10
11 :50 a m.; 12 :30. 1 :10,. 1 :50, 2:30,
3:10. 3:50,0, 4:0, 5:10. 5:50, 6:30,
7:10. 7:00 8:30. 9:1o. 9:30, 10:30.
11:10, I1 :5o p m.
Pass ilarvey's Canal 7 minutes alfter iaY
ieach Amesvllie 15 minutes after leavig
,LAVS aMES VtbIIlJ :05, 6 05, 17 :25,
8 :05 8 :45 9 :25. 10:05, 10:45,
11:25 a. m.: 12:05, 12:45 1:25
6:05. 6:45, 7:25, :05,. 8 45. 9 .:2.
010:05.0 :41, 11:25 p. m.; 12:0
a. a.
'sea Harvey's Casol 7 minutes after leav
ing Amesvilie.
Reach Giretna 1 minutes after leaving
last ('ar leaves Gretna for Ameaville
11 :50 p. m.
lst Car leaves Ameaville for Groina
12:05 a. a.
(Unlo Station.)
6:45 a. m..Telu Local, for Houwn
ton and all stations iterme- a
I1 :08a. m...m. Sunset Exprea. tor
pourton., Austin, Flrt Worth.
Dallas and other north Tex
a iltn oit.... .....:... p..
I1 .I a. .SATeSt presa. for u A
Antonio, Melo, P Paso,
Arlsosa and Callfornia ... 6:41 p. a.
8:05 p.m.. Lafayste L.oeal, for Ia
fletteo and all statioas Ia
termediate ............ 10 11 ot
8:30 p. . le Uldtnlced, .for Hout
ton, Galveaton. AUstln, Waeo,
o ort Worth, Dallu and nth r
north Texa poits ...... : 4 0a.m
II :46p. m..aunset Mall, or Hoau
ton, Obalvro o, Waeo, Fort
Worth, Dllas and other naorth
Texa pontas.......... 7 m :4 a.
I1 :4e p. m...Sunst Mall, for Sa h
Ao inu MexiYo, elr Pa o,
Artass and Calllornla... 7 :4 al. a
South--Leave Milnebuel 5:30, 7:00, 3:20, 9:35
10:30, 1i:1 a.m.; U:30, a:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00
4:30, 540. 5:10, 6:00, 6:1R. 7:00, 7:X0, 3:00, 3:3
North-Leavt e Pontchartrain Junction s.o ,
6t 0 7:50, 9:00, 10:02 11.10 Ia. a.; 1:01 1.0
:00, 300, 3:30d, 4a:00, 4:th 5:0t0, :36.t 6:0
7:00, 7:30, 3:0 8:30, 9:00. 10:00, 11:0 p. m
South--Lceave Milnebur 6:00.m 7o 00 7h . 3:35
10:00, 11: 11:i9 a.m. 1:00, 2:10, 3:25, :2,
4:40. 5:40, 5:40. 7:00, ,t6, 3:15, 9:3, 10:30 p. a.
North--Lreave Pontchanrain Junction 5:30
6:30, 7:50, 7:50, 9:3, 10:J0, 11:30 am.; 12:0,
1:40, 2:45. 4:05, 4:0S, 5:10, 6:30, 6:20, 7:40, 7:40,
3:45, 10:00 p. m.
Daily Except Ounday.
I:5l0am..Jlckson, Columbia. Ty
lertar, Folio t and Inter
iat- ........ . - ---------" -50p. m
4 a15 m.. obom. Colimbla, Tyler
ton a ndItermediate... 8:50 .
I:4 .e ..Jaekn Oohlumba, Ty
lertewn and Intermediate. 8:00 p. a
* .00 p. a..Columhla. Tylertwn, _o
ualas and Intermemdate.. 1o0:20a
Sunday Exeunrlson
1:48a m.. Folshom, Colngltn, Aiblta,
"8prilp. MIandevllle. laomhe.
Fori Glen, Bogllusa and ln
termediate ............. :00 p
Be it known, that on this 15th tly ol
the month of July, In the year of our Lo l
one thomelnd nine hundred and fourteen,
lad of the independenc, of the tinilted tates
of Amerca the one hundred and thlrty
nithn, bheore me, Fredcrle ctharles Marx, 5
noa7l4t ohlihb dully tommissoned and qual.l
lend for He parh and state aro,
aid therin resldlng and in the preseno
of the witneses hereinafter mamed and un
deasignod, persloally came and appeaed:
the sevell pemons, whoe nam are her
nto aubcrlbed, wbo declared: that avraliln
thmnelvle of the provIsloos of the conan
lttion and laws of the state of housan._s$
rIelatlve to the formation of corpolrtions,
they do by ths presents form themselvs,
tir s esr and wss into a corpo
ration under the laws of the state of Lou
salna, and under the st5nlatlons bereln
after sot forth, to-wit:
m*rZlICL I.-The name of tbis corpora.
ttl shall be 8TAt DIOPPUINENT COM
PANY, under utich name It shall have nd
enjoy corporate existeuce and sceion jer
a period of etlaeishe es from the &ate
k wau; to ·qa.n nmmaha,e. ad sl.
rfq ror~l~gotheawise ·tnlomm
Ir., t:.y ;.rop,'rty. ovable or immovable. in I'
the "P,'c of iii intlr ei to -i-su
S:,.. ,a ime. -ort
, -: , fi :' - : .,- ,1 f .,:, r .. , : ::*le1
. , . it " " . I eE. . l : w 1 ' rd i
I . . .. 1, , ;" -t c ! h I
r .i.er of -ti l - -ri t ', l -f t "l'etot " l
, 1" tii i.. . u t , f ,ht c'h. .. , o r Ie
l :1 t " .' ,:.-r iz " t , . i t . r.' r- I
^ ,.- . . , i . s t. , w n r f-" !.rp c." ,r -
i io ti, . .i y . -i. a s hall r :,,. Si
r• as iirr. -', i " the ., l rt li"k., . ,
,a , , :rdi - tr ,r - ,t t:, -.an t t o vic'
. . . .i " i,-.t. i' shall ie t .a - f"' "' ri ilt
nly fn the hupersn ...f twe co.mm upon uer
is i wi m, .t shali t, r f on the .
V.4li of te 1 i 1 lr y Is m tef ,th.e. comp an
mhain wth outh..irIz tt tri t fthi ri d -" n
w.t i lr ,i . m ' . t . . r 'i ' -.l ' ,o r "e ':t e
. h .t- t" ta t $ 2 .t i . t 2 ,a ta shan : l e a ve -
a o ied of t phre e ii rnt tra, r a nt ) sai.
m,. r ,r a y , . r, .. ,s ' ." J u l s ,ler • . i ,
rle t int rr I and tnlon t a. ' a o ar d of pt i
It- I'al, dir rs u l . .ec.. d , y. b f llo
1at it tt nit, t of the . shr hor,
, r t te s ip.rvis ti .f tpa an shall er . I
ofne dnth - ap bni y t n ste roftary
tr s.wrer. T i i he . e .t•,~ ha -l , r ell n . t
ren ," nayrehol or diry of echt er vc
n al, on th thme s . f the . . . ,,af er, u ,on ac
died. frn iheprno by f ptos. 'kol er torhae
pro r s to he, " otit of s" a an meetion .
te i, rI d ., , f ,r ofl dIr lan: shal", i .t rl haeo o
posed totf attel mayniiura lene E.
Aohee nd ori ade rtc k h aital toant
matur at re V te-o thy ab-,li t dler tis vor
prolteon shll tI» clar tne g. Mos es y -
I aritrto,t rt t e dirctor sa arsanft de ulrs
er and eat hil orie tl th ,sr-" le ed mon bal.o
Juh'ly Inh the ye" l, .i
hd r and mmov ,Ton of itwno co t mi sie a rof
pany, wi" hou'  r11" ·rit.o
f e todo, ap--t nd ythe mnayt os lary
r.a . ,fr n t n,- n mri s all ell ty ofn t
'an rend Te d,. ire frJ.ay of eahIrearcd noe
be nth s.tit ·hneylu to ar de to ra oftr
Atie all ntoty i t.)of telhe shareho"lde zr to he
share, holer sh .d b ie n,.h tlocna o dc t er
vole.fInpersoorer nt proe, othanr ntn thae
oiori o the bo lllyin o ch ts h an oee tin of.
tnabnle totf atted mlay maberre tene company
proxIs. sha,,llr h io nwra :iting .,n :,r ttz,
The io arts d of directors shall have full
power and athtri l ty, to e l np leanl otog'k.
for tse thn io r a lltp, the properu t to uch
rIles and rmulots l su theyl may adue opt.
at ito annsa renrt upng o the shareholde rs.
itnr ant to dporvla,a oi thwo commaynlonnpr
anof cle, r ialreint ld any othe ,t of ulreos
torf. wer cmy, l~ i thonll atr iholt on the
mrolnd with oh maklre a1. tnter and, np,
fIorm 'tilt n y aIc:t whtoe er for atckh ih, i the
tprher to the hollnor on iesch and loctlornn.
Tlhe first ,ard of dthrrcompatrs shall hae o -
pmurre ant alt.Fopresident u o adtler as ile
frceetn lh. s nd t s'lm re ole. Mse roera, n Ied
aer.a than;- lloe' , aad i·ai ard o e bterseort
Ashl hl ofet untilof te scond p oress ty oe
toth n ofrter or f thi nompansny shale a
mprenliont a vd ntl, r heiirsoe ansrd ar s ertarl
etrd aqurr. T ie ofretare t-roas hdr eted notA
Atl all shall noetdno ol t ine hnhlerp each
Arthe boat-T airs acthof salco poravtfi
aorl hc halnr shall 1oor aelasee, ort othe
ior. aIn fprton mr bse doan thed wi hare
ohe hre trl horlroctrs. any s lrck topre who Ir
rinable to attend may I ronprne thei rh anytr
onther dtrctor, or any tocl h lor who shallt
asto thoe ioe oa the nsoent the ctor. poi
ptrol is shall he tIn rt ng. em
The r adrd of dlrectorf shall have foul
power and u thorlty to aellk oo, emort hale
or l any or aIlt o the erp corpor, mova-tion
isfor oanr to do soy an they may ialc pur
tchase eor cash. or ofn stc olic. opdert oi
any kind reluired lor any ouf the purpoes
on tse ofmpany, without nuthorety bo the
vhareholderso ; or mato any toe tra-o and por
norm han aset hatsreneral tor ain Ing the
nhmh on the corporathon, whh-h the morpora
The hsard othe derec to eers shall harve rlll
power ad authority to ecmploy, and appoint
, cane of any iacancy In the board ofh
directors thoe remlrlnha anmlwrs shall hale
the power to fill the vacacies, antl all elrha
to and offcers oee this consmpany shall re-ia
main In oaa e until their ne lcre.,r 8rs elect
Sitln shall not dissolnve the corporatlion.
may i e cdanod modnh y iemtat of r teothis
of the -okurth n o r th rtokpr,.nt ar rep
trhsnted st a meetlnt -nrnai for thi t oftr
holders e alter ten (10 d ays' wrttn notice
matled to each stockholdek at his last bnown
a.t office, addres.o.
t. th io e or al eor domlnlfhtnh op the capn
tal sit-it shall i tanen In the manner pre
Sterled by the laws o the state or Leoulsl
ARTICt E VIII.--rno stocrholdrer shall
eer ti hei liasle or responesible ofor the
Scontract or naults of the isaid corporationa the t
In any further sum than thle uaald balyne
adue on the hard oe Inok ownmed by him,
nor shall aney mere nsormalnty in ornhand
lon heae the erect ow ritdt r in this charter
null or Aod. rand o. oxpoipu a stocnyholder
psla-ntd ltb-llte whond the umousnt oh hir
th s wlet ot renderltnla any stocholder nh
ARTI'[E IX.--Whenrver this eorporation
t ar dlafltr dether b tlimstton t of w rt l
yIn the determination or the stolhoders, Its
aft'ncis shall he Uitqidated ofndAr the sutr
oseion si two lluldators to bledh at ntdo e or
ithat prtli-sh atagne, ierial msetsingr o te
in the IdresnC of tiah sttockhold er a leut b
l lthem wth thd secretary of the company.
At r:wh m,thlt to cav sldn r the lqsf ldt
tision of the crporation the restelt shL
rdetrmln tly byo the cosent o of thre-ourths
ol tie s1t prasnt or reeresented at sRcr
matinn tri c fe op te death or Inablity
to (nt of one e f the CluldMators, the Pitol'
nnr ahoe proy a ded or the 1 selcton o
AThlDSne and pa.ed In my 0ome lt the
petent ktnownth. who heisunto saiy otheur
nn,, wi h the yrof lor appr ners and me. no
tarye andr fu reae1nn ofo the ihele.e -
a'Nlseto Ote hnieteds.ai (ltnsseto r: A, the
S[a', of I Jr, arnotary pulic dl
1. the uco ,h'rsmi nn nd q ed, in andr this
, in and f atr ah t e,.,rish of rerars. sinte gt Loua
initnae do hrcev crtift that ne aseove .heiat
Devdlapment Cuderainv d pert dalyduly re
corded in ny o()ce, in G. ch 11ef7 r f aloo
(Sealne tel puw y t ecorder.
A tho t copy:
Iojul In geal tuh 6 13 o a
RA OD R &. CO. SiANdER i & a thO,
emin the ymr oe our Lord one tho. and alas
-sm; t· naedve Eeml~m, ad da h_
sold for consignors' account; also to buy
and aell outright.
The capital stock of this corporation shall
ie :t.n :'ib.unand i.l .ars t 10.OOt.040i. divided I
into one hundied ,-hare- of thie par value of
.n,. utllndr.'I diLar- Ir1(41 (il -achb. wbhich
t : e ,ahi f r wh' n issue.d, in cash, or
. r p -ro,' y. ,r fr s , ,v: c.s rendered, as
,L', Ilb', L, I h ' ard of dir-ctors.
IL t.- , r atin .shall b.',in buliinna.vs as
.: k wan il h ,ave hi *tl su1 .
i -:',' r, :-h', h.t',,. ; t ·i to' ;.,.W ., gr:- · ant
1" , - r lo r.:I , n y i. l h, lt o r"
S...... ,t' v,. ; ." t, vontra't. .le actl
,. ," . :, r nt - r .e, to h.oI. r'
·!- bypm '~ ii. -q y. -I
, : , li: y ,' L,'+' t , '+t ' ,+, i
-. I" " t 1 .- , u t I' , -" t
I "l , 5,r " iii r' ,', '- , . I i. * '
i , Iv " t . , -, - kb, " ,,1.
S1 ,. I ,,f
- ".. - i . r in i .' - "- k- . W , i i .,1 ,,
. I . . r .i .t,.i i - is I-. catl, f t he,
!t iit I .In r t r, , i- .
I fi In1 n :t \ i''1 t h i flfien .ll f 1110t
i ri r 1i , o .t i,:n -, ".'tb ,|r-. ant I ., t,
i ti. t ai s-, . ' i- e ,t tie t".I rI, o r l
, so hist ,,,t i.-.o i. d i re tor -. li-f
S ·. ::I" n 1i - .- l.r l n . rf i t hits .I.i t,
f t" 1 fr. , . ;. t , - et, thr 1" t 4 . e , .f f
\ , k wn, , , , t..r, -+,. r i's.t
!" fo.1r ne on r anri t orf:ir'u. wuof s thal
-i . tie - a o i o , ',th i ", , i .' -ntl tahen on
t' ,. ,- ".r ut i n t on. < l , h -. .i t r , on - ,r i f
If , . r,. t!. oacl lstr , of .hre- f-r" at tne and.o
,.- , ia -,. :t h t.a hai , the l ,orpira
"I tIn s i hall to , ,ir ,tai t lI-," to ilrctn , i aon
.,Ik- t, I1 ' t ,1omark-, t ,. l , l,.ue. ,,a hc" | ·
Ift sin.,rta ire f, ii , til thaei ,l r ti,' ,f thi i
I , ,p ti .o and i l ltat v e n r va.an ekl.iter l
.i trit i or ati",n a l : f 11 i e i etin aile n.! f
aIluit pih-.e if ntill lase in writ-ng mall
I.. il "f tld" e ir.a tci tf ili i'r' a t 1o i n ie .an
,,I V . , i n e ,, onl t, lit " ,res .,r< n rr ho thal
i,.e itn t nl" citfe , o :- I", -i n . tn tue dr -
tion airh-f, rtoi '"?,, fn!, in . th ,s, cha rtr.e
t t t, te t irini ,ttlirsIn , 1 ' . hrtt . i 1.
Ip ,mr rix ed, o  the a tair t on . etit of th'a
,t al, ct intl -h -e the stockhol ders of .th.
t harais lrri. shall. a t it special meeting r
nl.'o th irse ditir', lii -tn , I ors' ntile mn wri.
I r ai sti khold. r at hi s l no m and
Till! le anien tianl . . e ,l ttii "I u i t rti.. . n
,, IL . ,' til,il a .s p 1in. for t" thi cha rte.
I . in the i c ti.t, f, thI ai air i.I tin- cor ot -
tn,'k ,hat . he* in rth:' ,vb leria T mlli i on.
h'ls i atnl rU tatb ,ei. l nty h i. ltn 1 ,cho1h1r. -
itnahi o i tlI. t a I, .hll m.It in , aIll f orel.R
tuht isr thse anifr" ten ns ' t sheriti t ln wh it
,ir tn I'. f iio ' a rihitikho ld t a t ho inhrpla
t,. 'nr't dne m.,rn; and da fr , ,! , whoar ial of
'lit .in. ai t:e ithe prit hl oif eth (nhertsan
emt ;Ili.[ ip h-r in air i al.mi tted wi t itn In thre
a Sca . IIb I R l J Not. i'uii.
I to sign terntin th e ,t s to ethm0rt nwih r.
. iantr and, - t"e, n ftfary. if rl reaids, ina of
It n,+.hiil to r aird ti n hct c ir n.r aof o 11 1a.i
I- til-I a ,nd fo t lnri o pa ' l, ld in v , i+stalrilt l of
l . Tarsin l h .'r"y c ertif i hat thr! i.--) a thv nd
for ,gong alh* ofe rn , p.rtto iitei with di
du;irlyr,,i anl.!d ,. inn-ary o t, de relrn t b i ll.
S oiilrrlo - t - ,ll ll i , th
hNew Or..ina. July 22. 1914.
f d .Sit a ign".!. F1IIrIs r . . lly. R.
The A aILve and flrene in0 1i a tre tandi
l corrilt conpy of the orinal act of ineorm o
t the -h ,r( '-, ri'er
N. Ir. Fhurlsiatl enj. JR
ilisilI;e.a hr,:e lr t30 atog 1 2ll0 27
i fer liv t awli r corporatn wr, thrt athory
itJ1y rm. d i n ilti m, y ,i elt ow in libook e1l"
f it It aTER
,t AT IIL h I t1| --ths dld 'o'-l"icl ( t, ill a d tru llta -
". lr~'a lror t h l I iese rve',,n ithe ii n. i ltle !'reil
Sllt.an in iiale N (idMPANY.
, Ie f t cii pco . That oii i tl ih t wentyf . lthuI
I h of Jul ,l . :nirrin ta Itar n hneern hlcndri-l
e nto b ie:T car, tt tfne rr, Ihels t of n lK-l. a
,trare . rep1lein II ld r tur he aill ve l i arilh
S a State, prn ly apear the sub.t -
s er her,: , d:i arid t'r lh it, a r.iling then
sctes ..f the ITny of Nery k RIE1, cass
f prvi , theyae. htre fi rm thn,- tClri s, their
I a, i , ,utes an, iti , ,te r, l hr . a: l geirp rat l .l a
at- riesathe fin.h ritig stipulateo , which they
adopt as their chrairter, t,,, a tt:
I ARTIICLE I,-'h na:e. an, tle s f t hiyf -
'crporrationl shall le Ws and I.II t)lN 'icM
PANY. n and sat crp.lration shall enjoy suer
i ceionl for a tpersod o t-f at1 - ln years from
tw h., date. and ishall have all the onnciw ith nsi
ii fuerred by aw uptn corpnoration , and authority
Sto xercir  all p.wetrs necea lry or cl i veenltint
t to is busiiness, with power to buy any exI st
, IJarg businesses and to pay therefor In cash or
-tick of the .orpratlon.
of ARTI(LE II.-The domicale of this corpora
,e tion shall be in the (' ti of New orlean,.
c. tate of le ,ousanda, and all citation a unt othc
Sleg proc-. hall hi e .' erred u- ,ne the rh re -st
Itidcnt, and i tn his abset ,nce ·rd Iahn :ety, ton
the saediretlars -Trhea ckurcr.
ARTICLE III.-1The objects and purptdse
of tho coraosratel and the r aturi of the pc-t-c
ts lle td ie <arrifd ,s l it arl hereby d tclarrd
i.to be: sTo carry on the businet of r antfa
to ring, reatrcl ng.e r h ltug ah d se llint t goll .
to liver, w rt 1e 7 and o ther i etal wares preoltls
Sware, chinaware, paintings,, cturis, antitquecs
f all knu , ant i rnttureI.g afr d e e erals y allt
objects of woodwcork, rugs, tale strlies, drap
claers. wpho sthra g mater lgs alf r all otheran
artcles of ter haiIe cvalnnected po ,wth or s
terr wood and ifeaorating and ruhssstoring
work, and all other work connected wtth said
tltne sm the carrying on of the busrnespt of
Shopawnbrker, and sgenerally to do ever d ything
i scidectal to th r ct nected with said business.
b ARTICLE IV. -The osapital stock of this
Scorporation his herrey fixsted iat the tm of one
erinto ol e thousand shares of the phar value of
-r one hundred dollars per share. The coriora
- tton shall have the oe right to commence s -ea
r. sand dllars ,off tnt the aptal stock shall have
ilyn subscriSed. All steck .shall ihe byad fob
r t eons as the soard of Directors shall prescrse.
SIAll otransfersst of toik shall b.e imade ons thei
r,.iks of tlhe i ompany on th e surrenderd of th.
, Itstanding eolertfcate and pursuant tl tei
Iruh' a-l the Board of lirectors may presershe.
1No stockholder shall have the right to sell or
iotherwse f of hi s tock ar without fir
ihferbokg it h critalng for ten days, throuch
the Board of Directors, to the other stockhold
ers, who shall have the rsght to buy the satiryan
-TI proportion to thelr rcapicttve holdcIn.
wCthin said period for cash at aprici not bn
exceCs of the book falue as of ate of such
chase, the others shall have the right to buy
Ithe r ame in proportion to their respective
ty hohlic's: and all stock shall be issued and
heil subject to this provesion, and any per
soi aequcring same shall acquire and hold it
be subect to the terms of this article.
ARTICLE de.-Act the powers of this cor
isphration shall rae vested in and the busines
td and affaires shall be managed by a Board of
three Darectng r, elected at the annual meet
of St held on the fwrit Monday of July of each
ho stockholl hld offhce etsnl the first Monday
,, melet 1n15 All enchionste ha. l he by hal
It under the p upoervtaon kf samd anard. Nrp
' Sl retary-lasreanuder rg l ritonsth, delrvered or
"-The tf e.th stof khdlr. or by s ean pflfica
Ia n in a newspaper V- n thi s c ray. at least ten
-'. khlder shall h o e enithed tb one vlte inr
the .h'oks of the company at the date of such
he lhewise, its affamrm shall be liqmidlated h;
two commissioners to be appointed from
amongst th- sto kholdcrs at a general m et
Ing of the stockholde:s convened for that pur
pose, of whtih meeting notae shall Ie given
i r t h e , i ,' t a n d - ar n s , r ,v ! l c t i , r . . -
holjers' meetings in A::tle VII V if this chir
:er, and a m ator:ty i :t::: u.:t ,'f tht catp'ttt l
rem ain ini of lite 'iiit" I tie .ili i'" "t' ;.u t" :..
eir . i , r r t. l :t o : . "! i ' ) ; n . "t f t r
t I ! .' !,
'i,. rsill "ih ' ti ,t , i t . t i."
•t t c , 'i '
/ , :" . . . .f 1 . : . . .
. 1 , : . , \ .· .,
sti'r ae of 1
, . te c o ca
C HARLES RI)L N, N tar r 1':l1
1..1 ! . : : 'lRio. , ! ' I M: .i t -t '-: .r .I
of c:h, in a :r-, an joi to.gthe. \In t
rF" 'I IF; I" , ' ,- ! ... . .ll • v .. .. ..
Excellent German Ro kaen
Great attention is paid t the city .
of adgeburg ruia, to its bicycl
the country on smooth stretches of
iGum Arabic and laster ofi Pe rif.
stir plaster of parLs until the mi4ture
assumes the consistency o cream. Ap
., xc. letnti qratn Rads
ply aith a o brush to the broken edges
of china and Join torSether. In three
dayI the article cannot be broken in
the tsame place. The i hitenes oi the
cement adds to its value. o a
st ,itle of pa.ristii:a. thley hte fortme adi
tp.y w'ith ato Ibu 'itl the'.tti - ede.t it
otf i..na ian toin tolehi dIng th re
.it to iA lfr.ei
He it kinown, tihat on tfal hav 1t di of the
1i.tih of I7fr int the vi years o air to:he dte
er t II.fnl 11 sl.tncrn da lN.tary Public, duly
cAmnlsson 1d 1and qualoied in and efor te
i'arhti andt State afIireail', aid in the preit
Iitir.ae itf t ihe it'itie hessia ti et ncried oadc.
lnder-tined, persi ally cbot e ind appntaret
majority. and all residtng in this city, tieo
organoed, and by these presents do foral
then:'!ivs a o thiand cs.ntit ite a corporat:i n
and l- .IV politic In law, binding themselve,.
their successors ard thoseti who may become
asiorlcatr with there , under the follow ing
iofm .tind conditions, to-wit:
ARTICLE I.-The nwme of the coreoratlrn
I'AnEY. Its ldomcle shall he aIs the city sf
New ctr:lan, and it shall have its corporate
eist'ience ifor ninety-nine e.ars from the date
hereof, unless sooner dissolved according to
ARTICLE Ii.-The objects and purposes for
ahich the corporatAon is rc tatl hed and the
nature of tile torslhal, to be carried on are
after dttrmin the ond ard n f Ianuryt, 11 ors
nti tnhanuccessors withote bne rlectrtaon
i watsced with the rslt ande pwr the o doil
tIhnrfa all dthe 1 stch olCersi snll Cd weeiith
or ti aiy intner inlentss tit the afnoretaid
1urpo"e. and the owning of real estate.
ARTI('LE Io.--The capital stock of this
iitepreasitni htr~.ic drclredl to he the sue
of ten thousreand (,t al X.) dollacrs dividate
into IIE hulldred shaes m e the par value of
be fully paid for en cash or property received
i siy the l corporathy n la ean eende.
t his te rporatioin shall he ha going concern
awr thr teriuand ($3.tel'.ar dollars of siet
lfor. ta r othere peee sal
-ARTICLE IV.-Aei dorpe. orate pomers aof the
corporation shall be vested in a Bloard elf Di
rectors conshstng oftnt less than three or note
more than seven stockholders. The first
Board of Directors shall be composed of La
teren, Arthur schmidt o nld Slauel esoldman.
They ARTIhall serve until the secnd Tuesday
aftedr the second Mondar In o anuary, 1915, or
until their successoers hav e b ee n elected and
i tnstalled.
Sfn the acidornd Turcashay aftwer the second
yonihy ie Januarys 1915. and o itiah orahr
therea.ter, ther stockholders shallua elect oe
Stheir eai oaer not less thanri three nor ire
thkn seven dtrhctvrs to serve duringe tae en
suing year.
The offices of this corporation shall ornsit
tary, the Traseurer and stch officers as the
Board of Directors may elect. The offices of
one person., but tehe Secretary need not be a
e stockholder oir member of the oaardl and may
ey sulctl by w the latter ate any meeting de-a
I ntil after the first election in January ,
t 1915, the foellowind shall e the officers:
Lazare Levy, President: Joseph L. Cain. Vice
President Jaonardd Hochstein Treasurer, and
I Arthur Schmaidt. Secretary.
e All ritatieon or other legal cs shae ll ,e
servd on tune Prsignen. Reorder hos aMrgesce
Sthe inle a rnd dfnt o r the Secretary, at toe
T dhmifoe ofi te o f ticorporation of.t
ofAll employens shall hold their employment
at the wall of the oarnd unlche outhoritr for
zhiring aLvd diShrinm he parnicytlarls deaig
e du r the Board of Director Iy n an officer
thereof or some other designated person.
ATICrLE V.-This charter m ay be o eamnd-i
Sed odiied or altered, or the crporation eis
stoholvd at any time by a ofte of thre. faurtha
of the stoekhtlders in general meeting cd
tvermi carled n r y that purpose hy the B oard of
t Dirltors arter ten dayrs notice in writing to
9 wise, its affairs shall he iquidated by toie
I.Haare ey Pzrectors then in office, and in caVe
r of the death of nae or ohtre of thems the surr
A.rthu or Schvtirl shll conttnue to act Snt
Alrlrs af or their election shall be filled by
in the trhrence eJshnt. A. Wentorh h ann
t James I.r' anley, competent witnesses of law
it cul ae and residing in this city, whr hrri
A ueoo segn with said parties and mem poyetr.
I ater reading of the whole on the day and
h date aforesaid.
I Laeare Levy, ten sharest $1.00n; Joseph Lo
e Cain. per Lazare Levy, four shares. dit;
Leonard tHochtyin, fourteen shares. -fo.urt
SArthur Schmildt. per S. Goldmanl one share.
e $'0e: Samuel Goldmran one share B $100.
S Ir the undtrstgned, Recorder of wortgagest
I in and for the Parish of orleans, State of
.Louiialn , do hereby certify that the above
ws and foresoing act of incorporation of the
B, dufy recorded in my office in Book 11a,
' llA. Rl ER
l.l.TO-R i' Ti 1;.\KRA ;I. I 4 \. I t
IN.I El) e.. F. I F A011 it A. IAIL
" l l t.tll
II.. , I 1 f NI, t RI I AN [ iA
I ' t L.. 11,x. ,," ... '' i" t,.,: I 1 ' I
" , ,
kel .1 1 , . ,
i, .
S I , e,-, .t t~h he t' , m a the ,tf
l I.,- ,,v ~. A . 1 , t ,ft e.' h ye1r. r Ii:
, :,, V" L, :, IIx,,1 v ti lt I t d d lf r',-:
it" I lir t I -se H . i* I I l /: ell ,[a
,1 : .. .. iie ri A, T pr,,, Ai ,i '' p t m t
h IH!ve sit-el tiei PI * n I.
, t ." t e h t : e I' . r -lI's -. ',
A . e t. tI" t I -:... " . i a - t c, , s h a i .e
I, I'I!t. ,i rle I ,'tt ,: t. ,,erase [it
,I I tI . . lit I. I the t,rNta tl i, pro
S! d ,! I i. " .:, .:.,v th l.oti e ito at ,
tfy.,at' .L t o, . '" tile.- -Il te r a t1 t; nag the e
I . . . . t h i " t-, ", I "s i" "-i: . T i thee " a t i
.!:,,!! `,r in,- ,,,-th d , \rieav o ;. Sh: :.it and
: isI tih h1 e i'--. tLes e pa , 'y I l nI of
lu. , l 1. !.t b! , I-. 3e It rAR .ll I '. It.
T hr h ,:sit,. ,' i ' 1:, ," it, ti, r f i a aet
I h. .. d ,t, , : . i ·t ,t [C r v T hE I R'.r , t f ,::t
011 thl. E Kt · ANKL-EIl. COSRUTO Ld, ' i
,!" t Ai, CO. TM PA N I , t d T . u' r aL ;tneral
,t.i1 " . t esh e sf Arte nta y aSd, Tae ofaLi r inlv
Mrtga 4.s ait iii w rr r cans.
Mth ,. T r i: iv re L, Rdt Iv n.r tt' hor a , n
Rnu er a ot ay public, duly co nitutisioed
AtIi ulift d i.id:, fi r  ' th r al It 'f, of lr
la s I sar, lte n. o , L, .itu I.l r s orlly a.et ai . Ii
.lipe ar, e r t i ' rt s whirlose nI. tesrer underll. -
i- el.E t Rt a.v oFiRD e in the.
I tv t r I t I Ipt. .tl, , the ,laumr of n th tarnd
hen tlIa the t I t n" d ,a M . . \e Ill:and do
yI'- a , I t' . rt M. Ati-'en ,, a ,itpetnt td e t
i:,en" \. ,t e l ve 'th:ei tsc essr and ars,ig ts,
Lt itttl d tt les rra. Staite of Louisiana,t.try
te It known. That on tl ts ath day of Jue'.
I, the Iter of ot, I.Lrd on e thoueand .lnme
.un ed- and fIurt. ore me. H(ynne G.
oge R. A. Tary public. auly comn1ss,oned
ANrt qul In and findr the parprh of l r-a
tleans, shal of Lll tne poersolny came andth
allvear .d the ,rties wltose nstaes are undn r
ance, .iwho dts lae u that, availng themselves
t te r(lfviseons . the li lawr s of this , istate
relative ,to the tor a tion of corporationres
benoi thrim'tltntts, thsesr successors and assignsi
ran.l iored thbes plvs into and rconsitute a
R. A. "''owiENR to-wNt:ary Pubc.
I a L.dCOM., and Ynder said corporate na
it shall have s-l the powers and authority
Unted by the laws of cs state ofand Louisianaot e
e it known, That on threfros 20th day of Jue
Iin e lhyeacts of :urpo Lor one this orpora-in
leans, strut of Lousi ana. personally oame and
appe hall have ptiower whose purchase re ualnder
dlgned who declared thati availing themselves
sof the or mtd propertyhe of all kinds, the
Sars I to hold at their hsonvcnienrcp and to do
et mll ncessary things un tonnenthon with the
SsaOtd c)ontrafCint and construction business.
relaThe domicil the of this corporation shall be ins
Sthecity of covenanted rlan state of Lousana.d do
The capital stock shall be teng thousand
y tllrt c se), divided into ond agree hundred
band the telveo, their successors and assigns,
rand torsll themselvt Itlto and constitute a
hears eofan ann andl, this corporation shall
IN c sen f absene, uinabten thousand dollarsm
ranceody the oritcp ytlsok being subscribed.
Thei corporate powers shall be exraercised by
,t a n of directoars, to ie composed of three
ti stockholdrs, the officers thereof being a pre.s
and nore than one of the said ofwces may
e held by one memer. The officers and dthe
rectors shall be elr ctond eolloin, tmon ndg
Shereof asnd annuallyn thereafter upoon th oth
id onilrnday in Joune. o th cns
In Tne of abisence inahility atnon-perfsha rm
ahane iof duty, the masor ty ofthe boiard of
diolars t are empowered to appoint a successor
to fill the unexpired a term of such offcer un
wahle or r(fusingOtn act.
This corporation shall exist for term of
twcentctive years, or until liquidated tn the
manner orpoided by law l
at Thusrdonf adir pasd in my ofmo ce in the
n tent witnesses. residing in this parish. who
a have signed rheir names neth the said portces
r and me, notary, after a foll reading of tie
her es of subscribers oa ttter upo n t e d)r
Y. (,OOl)RICH,
WYNNE 4;. ROGERS, Not. Pub.
I. the undersigned, recorder of mortgages, in
and for the parish of Orleans, state of ouirsi
dana, hereby certifies that the apove and fore
going act of incorporation of the Kane-Ke!ly
Conatructton (ompany, Ltd., was this day
duly rearntded in my ofice in hook 1127, folio
1ES. (Signed) 1EMILE J. LEONARD.
ISeal 1 I). R.
r tIhis is to certify that the above and fore
estitig is a true antd correct copy of the orig
inal of record in my office, with the certifi
cate if the recorder of mortgages, parish of
4 rleans. and the original subscribers thereto.
S In faith whereof I hereunto sign my nane
this thirtieth daoy of Jutne, 1)14.
0 (Seal.t WYNNE D. ROGERS, Not. Pub.
r. july 16 23 30 aug 6 13 20
e Years Make a Difference.
d At sixteen a romantic girl expects to
marry a prince who will drink wine
y from her slipper; ten years later she
rmay grab a chap who drinks suds from
.d1 scan.
he it knowrn, that on this 25th da of the
month of July, in the year of our rd one
thousand nine hundred and fourteen, and of
the nIdependence of the United States of
America. the one hundred and thirty-ninth,
,j before me, William Andrew Collips, a Notary
re Public, duly commissioned and uplified, in
se and for this City and Parish of Orleans, there
in residin, and in the presence of the wit
nesrses, hereinafter named and aundersied
personally came and appeared, the severa pr
ties whose names are hereto subscribed who
severally declared that, availing themseleof
the laws of the State of LourIsian, is suoch
cases made and provided, they have eSveasaot
In these modern days, with d:stance almost annihilated. the a - . ne
is tigurative!y cut off and isolated.
Househ >ld duties, sncial requtrements, pleasure ard entera r-: , . . .
er less dependent upon the teie;phone.
Lunst,,m, rnte:cnts may he turnred nto pleasant conversation w.b, f-.- .s . .
in the next block or the adjoini:g S'ate.
Marketing and shopping may Le done without effort frcrm one's ar,. .l
The family phys i.r::, the nurse, the drugg:st, may al be sJ:.:r 1
not,e if a t!elehone is at lihed..
In caseq a t emner e ..y, father, hutband or 'irrther ry le I
I re, bu-gars and other dingr: s lhse their terror it ::.e c:: : e a
t leh t:e at her command.
onsl :t with us about residence telephone service. Yuar hrome sh, ^'.i r.:e a
4, -1t Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Co., Inc.
The Murry Hill Buffet J. H..Vezie'
wines, Liquor
. Cigars, Etc
Short Order Lunches a Specialty
507-511 Patterson Stree:
- _ -- FOR YOUR--- -----
Comfort and Convenience
N. O. Gas Light Company
XXXX Extra Fine Beer
New Orleans Brewing Co. Telephume, Jackss. 232
id and agreed, and do by these presents cove- in
nant and agree and hind themselves, as well sI
a, -uch persons as may hereafter become asso- It
ciattd with them. to form a corporation and ai
hily piolitic in law for the objects alnd pur- e
pose,. rd under the articles antd stipulations
ioll.,wiig, to-wit:
ARi I.E I. - The t:ame of this corporation ci
'ANY." antd by that name it shall have ti
power and authority to exist and enjoy suc- st
reC,,tn for a full term and period of ninety- sl
nine ('ei) .ears. commencing on and to be a
comtuted fronm and after the date hereof. 11
ARTICI.E II.-The domicile of this cor
paration shall he tn the City of New Orleans. si
State ot Loutsiana. All citations and other V
legal process shall be served upon the Presi- C
dent of thts corporation. or in case of his ab- s.
sence or inability to act, upon the Vice Presi- e
dent, or in case of the absence or inability of %
both the President and the Vice President, t
upon the Treasurer of this corporation. ii
ARTICLE III.--The objects and purposes
for which this corporation is organized atd
the nature of the husiness to be carried on by s
it are hereby declared to be: To manufacture, tl
buy and stell ice, ice cream and milk prod- a
ucts, bread and confections, to own and
operate ice and ice cream plants and bakeries s
and to sell the output thereof at wholesale f
and retail, to engage in the confectionery I
t,tt.ttr:.ss and to buy and sell all kinds of p
merchandise, produce and dairy products and a
to do all things necessary, incidental and I
convenient to said business. I
ARTICLE IV.-It shall have all the rights
and privileges granted by law to such cor- I
iporations, and shall have the power to con
tract. sue and be sued in its corporate name; t
to make and use a corporate seal, the same r
to break and alter at pleasure; to buy, own.
hold, lease, receive, convey, mortgage, hypoth
ecate or pledge property, both real, personal c
and mixed; to issue bonds, notes and other r
obligations; to have, engage and employ such
officers, managers and employees as the busi
ness may require; to make, adopt and estab- r
lish such by-laws, rules and regulations In r
the corporate name, not repugnant to the r
charter of this corporation or the laws of the t
State of Louisiana, or other States, Terri- 1
tories or possessions of the United States or a
foreign countries in which it shall engage in i
business, for the management of the corpora- t
tion's affairs, as the stockholders and Board
of Directors may deem necessary and ex
ARTICLE V.-The capital stock of this cor.
poration shall be fifty thousand and 00/00
($50,000.00) dollars, represented by five hun
dred (500) shares of one hundred and 00/0100
($100.00) dollars each. The stock shall be paid
for in cash when subscribed for, or may be is
sued at not less than par in payment of prop
erty actually received. This corporation mCy
become a going concern, and shall be author
ized to commence business when and as soon
as three thousand and t0)/00 ($3,000.00) dollars
of its capital stock shall have been subscribed
ARTICLE VI.-AII the corporate powers of
this corporation shall be vested in and exer
cised by a Board of Directors, to be com
posed of four stockholders, to be elected an
nually on the second Monday of November of
each year. All such elections shall be by
ballot, and shall be held and conducted at the
office of this corporation, under such regula
tions as may be established by the Board of
Directors. Notice of such election shall be
given by the Secretary of this corporation by
publication for not less than ten (10) days
prior thereto in a daily newspaper published
in the English language in the City of New
-Orleans. At all such elections and at all cor
porate meetings every stockholder shall be
entitled to one vote for each share of stock
standing in his name on the books of this
corporation, to be cast by him in person, or
by writt n proxy, and the majority of such
E votes cast shall elect. Any vacancy occurring
among the Directors of this corporation by
death, resignation or otherwise shall be filled
by selection for the unexpired term by the
remaining Directors. A failure to elect Di
rectors on the date above specified shall not
dissolve the corporation, nor impair its cor
porate existence, but the Directors then in
office shall remain in office until their suc
cessors shall have been duly elected and
qualified. Any Director shall have the right
to be represented at any meeting of the Board
of Directors of this corporation, by an attor
ney holding said Director's written proxy.
The Board of Directors shall at its first
meeting and annually thereafter, elect from
among its number a President. a Vice Presi.
dent and a Treasurer. The Board of Direc
tors shall also elect a Secretary, who may or
may not be a stockholder. The office of Sec
retary and Treasurer may be filled by one
and the same person at the discretion of the
Board. The Board of Directors from time to
time may name and appoint all such other
officers and agents as it may deem necessary
e for the purposes and business of this corpora
e tion. The said Board shall have power to
f fix and define the duties of every officer and
f employee, and all officers and employees
, shall hold office and employment at the
y pleasure of the Board. The Board may make
a and establish, as well as alter and amend,
all such by-laws, rules and regulations neces
. sary and proper in its judgment for the con
I, duct and management of the business and af
·- fairs of such corporation. The Board of Di
o rectors shall have full power and authority to
if sell, convey, mortgage, pledge, lease and pur
b chase real and personal roperty, to borrow
. money, issue notes and bonds, lend money,
make contracts and sign and cause to be
signed all necessary acts, deeds, etc., to
take juddwial proccl'ings in the name of
and on th2,, f ,f t'..t i.rporatton and gen
irally to Id- ad! r al all things reas',oable.
convenlint at-4 ie ti-- v fi: the trnper (.ir
rt.yng on of the i .u me .s and affairs of this
corporation. lhe Htoard of Directors may is
sue full-paid shares of stock for cash, and
the said stock shall not at any time be ai
sued for less than par. All transfers of sto k
shall he made on the links of the Compans.
and under such rules and regulations as the
Board of Directors may prescribe.
ARTICLE VII.-The following shall con
stitute the first Board of Directors:
William B. Edgar, E. R. Harris, Mrs. Rosa
C. Naser and Mrs. Stella L. Eberling, which
said Directors at their first meeting shall
elect from among their number a President, a
Vice President. and shall also elect a Secre
tary and a Treasurer, or one person to serve
in both capacities, in accordance with the
sixth paragraph of Article Six (6). The said
Board of Directors shall hold office until the
second Monday in November. 1915, and until
their succes ors shall have been duly elected
and q ualified.
AR TICLE VIII--Whenever this corporation
shall be dissolved, either by limitation or
flim any other cause, its affairs shall be
liquidated by three commissioners to lie ap
E ptinted from among the stockholders at a
I cenerl meeting of the stockholders convened
I wr such purpose, of which meeting no.tce
shall be given in the manner and time pro
vided for stockholders' meetings by Article
Nine of this Charter, and a majority in
;,aiurt of the capital stock of said cornora
tien, sepresented at such meeting, shall bie
requisite to elect. Said commissioners shall
remain in office until the affairs of said cor
poration shall have been duly liquidated. In
I case of the death of one or more of said com
missioners, the vacancy shall be filled by the
1 surviving commissioners.
ARTICLE IX.-This act of incorporation
may be modified, changed or altered, or said
1 corporation may be dissolved with the con
sent of three-fourths of the capital stock rep
resented at a general meeting of the stock
holders convened for such purpose, and after
r notice shall have been given In one or more
newspapers published in the City of New
Orleans, once a week for four weeks preced
ing the meeting, and by a written notice to
each stockholder mailed to him to his last
place of business, or domicile, thirty days
prior to the date of the meeting. Any change
proposed or made in reference to the capital
stock shall be made in accordance with the
laws of the State of Louisiana, on the sub
ject of "Altering the capital stock of cor
porations." But any and all meetings of
-tockholders, whether fqr the purpose of
I liquidation or for any other purpose, may be
held at any time without notice, by unani
mous consent of all stockholders in writing
d filed with the Secretary. or Ati
d ARTICLE X.-The resident, or Acting
President, may, in his discretion, and shal
upon the written request of three stock
holders, call a special meeting of the stock
holders of this corporation.
ARTICLE XI.-No stockholder shall ever
f be held liable for the contract or faults ot
y said corporation, in any further sum than the
C unpaid balance due the corporation on the
i share of stock owned by him; nor shall any
mere informality in organization have the
e effect of rendering this charter null, or of
y exposing the stockholders to any liabilhtv
d beyond the unpaid amount remaining due on
d his stock.
' ARTICLE XII.-The subscribers hereto
r- have written opposite their respective na-' e
k the amount of stock in this corporation s:l,
is scribed for by each of them, and this act .f
ipcorporation shall serve as the original sab!
) scription list of said corporation.
Thus done and passed in my office at t!he
1g City of New Orleans, on the day, month andl
I, year hereinbefore first written, in the per
ence of Messrs. John F. Roth and W. E
SI.undin, competent witnesses, who have here
unto signed these presents, together with the
said appearers and me, Notary, after do,
n rea-ling of the whole.
. (Original signed): E. R. Harris, 250 shart,:
d Mrs. Rosa C. Naser. 25 shares; to authors,l
ht my wife, W. I'. Naser; Mrs. Stella I.. Eb1,r
rd ling, 25 shares, per W. P. Naser;: W. . BI-d
,r. gar, 25 shares John F. Roth; W. F. Lu ,!r:.
st Notary Publt..
m T, the undersigned, Deputy Recorder -,f
ai Mortgages, in and for the Parish of Orleatr.
c- State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that tI
or above and foregoing act of incorporation -.
I this day duly recorded in the Mortgage Off-ce
lie of the Parish of Orleans, in Book 1127, Folh
to s11.
er New Orleans, La., July 27th. 1914.
ry (Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD.
. Deputy Recorder of Mortgage'.
to I. the undersigned. Notary Public, in atr
ad for the Parish of Orleans, do hereby certify
es the above and foregoing to be a true and ct,:
he rect copy of the original eact of ineorporation
I and of the certificate of the Recorder of Mort
- gages for this Parish, thereunto appended Jr.d
,n- of record in my office.
if. In faith whereof, I have hereunto set my
)i- hand and official seal, on this 27th day of
to July, 1914.
)w Notary Public.
y, 3 Jy A 6 0 27 Se 31, 1914

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