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This Style of House Has Many
Advantages That Combine
to Make It Popular.
Same Foundation Wall and Same Size
Roof Covers Both Floors-Interior
Arrangement Admirable in Its
Command of Light
and Air.
Mr. ~'illim A Ra.dford will a~qwer
qu.nstih s, and give advi. i- itEk. )-'
COST on all sutbjets pe.rtl*in ng t,i the
subject of building, fr t,.- r. ,lrs of this
raipP r. O)n arn ount of his wid0 ...I) rienl. .
as E ,htor. Author arld Manrufa, tur-r, h.
Is, without doubt. th. highE .t :' ithority
on all th.s- subj.,'ts. Alrr.-s all inquilrie-s
to Willarn A. Radlford. No 1Z 'rair..
amen,.. (ilcrago. Ill . and only enclose
two-cent stamp for r,-ply.
A square-built, full two-story house
is shown in this design. It is intended
for a family of four or five who like
to entertain their friends in a mod
erate way.
A house that is nearly square cuts
up into comfortable rooms to better
advantage than almost any other
house plan. There is a great advan
tage in square corners that are free
from roof interference, because of
light and ventilation. In northern sec
tions a house that is nearly square
and is built two stories high is easily
heated. There is economy in build
ing after this fashion because the
same foundation wall and the same
size roof covers both floors. Such
houses always look well from the
street. They never go out of fashion.
This house is built of ordinary
two by fours in plank frame construe
tion manner. The studding is board
ed on the outside with cheap lumber,
h f·
and the lumber Is covered with build
lug paper and metal lath. The metal
lath is iled with stucco.
In cold climates especial attention
is given to the window and door
frames to have the stucco carefully
worked into the cracks and crevices
and to have the outside window cas
ings t close against the outside
stucco finish. Sometimes fresh stucco
mortar is troweled up close to the
window and door frames Just before
sailing on the casing. so that the
easing settles into the fresh, soft
The outside appearance of the
house is distinguished by an old-fash
ioned English entrance porch at the
side This porch is artistic and in
First Floor Plan.
teresting because of the two box seats
at the sldes of the entrance and the
little pale end root supported by
heavy brackets that protects the front
door and porch seats from the weath
er. On summer evenings such porch
seats are occupied by the men, who
like to sit and smoke and talk. Such
a porch is an Invitation to enjoy sum
mer evening sociability.
Opening of from the large living
room is a splendid loggla. A loggia
difers from a porch or veranda in
net having an outside entrance. It
makes a very pleasant outdoor sum
e living room that usually is fur
alshed to suit the fancies of the young
w members of the family. 8ome
times logglas are fitted up extrava
gastly, but in most instances good
tasts Is displayed, with comfort as the I
okeet rather than ostentatio 1
The main feature dowustairs is the
lagse living room 18 test 6 inches by 1
13 feet. lrge living rooms are de -
signed to accommodate all the mem
hers of the hally and their friends, (
and we siNppsed to be furnishd o a
*olltb. t
The plan hue shown provides two a
earners or large daveaports and 1
plenty of foor spae !or large uphgo
stered ebairs Large lvut rooms do. e
A Very Pretty Home
*wOse ati e am wak asd
Ene. far he b , a.m K ktea
Of Cr You Are
hei Lw a me1 w* pbsas
Jr. C. i NMMG
 U a - 3N - n f I
mand large pieces of household furai
ture. or else the modern heavy uphal
stered chairs and davenports demand
large living rooms to properly place
them. At any rate, large living rooms
and comfortable furniture have grown
to fit each other and the two together
have added more comfort to the so
ciable end of a modern house than
any other coimbination.
In this particular plan the loggla
may be enclosed with casement win
dows to shut tight in winter, so that
the loggia becomes a sun parlor at
tarhment to the big living room. This
arrang.emIent requires some means of
heating the sun parlor
There is one large chimney in the
center of the hous,. with thre", flues,
one for the furiar ., and one for the
kitchen! range be-ides center flue
which goes up dir,.vtl) over the fire
Tho. value of a tirel lace depends
principally upon the blute it is more
.l D 1 fM'
.1fD III $ .VAr-t
Second Floor Plan.
important to have a good draft for a
fireplace than for a stove, because the
fireplace is open and the draft cannot
be so easily controlled. If a fireplace
smokes it is not used. Fireplaces with
fires in them are valuable as ventila
tors because heated air goes up with
a rush that carries impurities with it.
A comfortable way to heat a house
of this kind is to run the furnace low
so as to take the chill out of the air
in all the rooms in the house; then
the additional heat from the fire
place keeps the living room comfort
Upstairs there are three splendid
d- bedrooms and a bathroom. A num
al ber of clothes closets and a linen
closet help to make up the necessary
m conveniences of a modern house.
or There also is an alcove opening off
ly from the front bedroom, which is in
es tended to be furnlshed with a crib for
s- young children.
io It will be noticed that the space on
0o the upper foor is practically all util
leis ed for useful purposes. There is
re very little room taken up in the hall
is way. In fact, there is Just enough
ft wall space to accommodate the dif
ferent doors opening into the rooms.
is The outside appearance of the
h- house may be much improved at
e 1 slight expense by training climbing
n- vines against the sides of the front
porch, also the loggia may be deco.
rated in the same way by hanging
wire trellis supports from the eaves.
The best trellises for climbing vines
are made of square mesh wire fencing
with wires six or eight inches apart.
Such trellis supports are good for all
kinds of climbers that hang by ten
drils or by winding about the sup
port. Trumpet vines and others that
climb by rootlets should not be plant
ed near a house. They are better on
heavy wooden trellises out in the
Activities of Women.
Among the over four thousand five
hundred applicants for positions in
New York city one recent week there
ts were 573 women.
1e Unemployment caused by the war
iy increases among women in London at
at the rate of 1,000 a week.
b. Many women are among the 120
h volunteers who are furnishing blood
1 for the wounded soldiers in the Lyons
(h (Puance) hospitaL
a. Miss Lillian Scott has been elected
president of the Ransas State Teach.
era' association, and it is the first
il time in 52 years' history of the aoso
i clation that a woman has been so hon.
It ored. Miss 8cott has been head of the
o department of pedagogy in Baker urS
versity since 18H4.
e Duck Turns Into eep.
m- At the State University museum is
d the body of a duck that has turned
" largely into soap. Doctor Wolcott
fotnd the bird up in the sandhill roe
Sglen on a recent specimen hunting
7 trIp. This is the first known specimen
- of the kind. Doctor Wolcott explains
r- the phenomenon by saylag that the
. duck was fat and the water, alkali and
- sea hot. The action of the latter on
the alkali and the fat simply made
0 soap of that portion of the duck that
J was susceptible of being so trans.
I formed.-Lincoln (Neb.) correspond.
l ent Omaha Bes.
Mde to rder HomIs!
S ssI a -tbe kind that give yri
most comfort So tbs least moesy.
I ild of mh- tews
1 a A at m 3ss iss
Many Beautiful
d Homes standing la Algiers today are
the skilsl works 61
Bailding Contractor
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on any home appearing on this page.
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s Practical Slater
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Repairs Promptly Attended to
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" The Standard Way"
Then you will be well pleased with the job. Get
an estimate from us ad be convieced.
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Complete Isolated Plants Installed
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do all kinds of Electrical Repairing.
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Contractor and Bailder
. ee met fiior'an',.timial,:,ti that illhidin
As importaat factor is the
matteref GOOD HEALTH
SMah sickaes is due to defective plumbiag
Charlton Bros.
2857 Careadelet St. Phas Uptow 2418
2225 S. Franklia Phone JackseL 935-w
Centracter sad luilder. iair WtI a Specialty
t Lender--Say, can't you remember to
pay me that five?
t Spender-HMake It ten, old man; I
never can remember small things.
Gaoee you rendtubbr. Ifs I h . da
g, c ri aete eou lare I al ye
" tre I our h es at ubborn Ik
chr itned YOU Clae nceI' cayltle you
itrms MtAmm wI lihe hhra do8 .
] A crowd is what you!
need, Mr. Farmer, at
that sale. The more
bidders the higher the
prices your stuff will
I IPublish the entire list"
of articles to be offered
for sale, arid see what
Letter of the Law.
The little stenographer had been
typewriting so steadily all day that
at bedtime her tired brain kept work
ing in the same way. and she found
herself murmuring: "Capital-Our
space capital-Father comma-(Good
ness! what am I saying?)" So she
conscientiously began again. But, in
spite of her efforts, the prayer ended
with "('Capital-Amen period-" and
a sleepy, apologetic giggle.
(' itied States if America, State of Louisiana,
e Parish of Oirleans, City of New Orleans.
lBe it ki own, that on this the fifteenth
S15th l day of February, in the year nineteen I
hu.ndred and fifteen and of the independence
if the Utited States the one hundred and
thirty-ninth: Before me, Francis D'Assises
('harbot.net. Jr.. a notary public in and fr
this city and parish, therein residing and in I
the presence if the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally came and
appeared: The several persons hereinafter
named and ul.derslgned. who declared that
avalting themselves of the laws of this state.
especially Act No. 267 of 1914 of this state.
they have covenanted and agreed to form a
corptiration, under the limitations prescribed
by said act. anl b.y these presents do cove
nant and agree to form themselves, together
with the subsequent associates, into a corpor- t
ation. under the agreemer.ts and stipulations.,
ifllowing, to-wst:
Article I-This name and title of this cor
piration shall be "The National Rubber I
\Works, Inc."
Article II-The purposes for which this cor- t
poration is organized are hereby declared to
be: To conduct a general vulcanizing bust
ness and tire repair station, or stations, it.
this state ior elsewhere; to deal in, manufac- I
tlure, buy or sell automobiles, automobile tires. t
accessortes and appliances, to act as sales
men or agents, or individually, in the manu
facture or dealing in of tools, machinery, ac- t
cessories and appliances for the vulcar izing
of rubber and its products, and generally to
do all things that may be incidental to such
Article II-The capital stock of this cor
poration is hereby fixed at ten thousand dol- I
lars ($10,f(lOn).
Article IV-The amount of the capital stock a
of this corporation may be increased to t
twenty thousand dollars ($.0,00.00i. a
w Article V-The capital stock of this cor
poration shall be divided into at.d consist
of one hundred shares (100) of the par value a
of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each, which t
6 shall be issued only on complying with the p
Article VI-The domicile of this corpora
tio.t shall be in the City of New Orleans. i
Orleans Parish, Louisiana, where all cita- p
tion shall be served in accordance with Act a
267 of 1914. "
Article VII-This corporation shall exist a
ar.d enjoy corporate succession for ninety-nine
years from this date. h
Article VIII-The corporate powers of this a
corporation shall be vested in three directors, t
two of whom shall constitute a quorum for 14
the transaction of all business. Said board r
of directors shall be elected by the stock- a
holders, annually, on December 31st, or the p
first legal day thereafter. Until their suc- i
cessors are elected in December 1915, the u
following persons shall constitute the board
of directors of this corporation, to-wit: b
John D. Sellers, 1015 Arabella street, New o
Orleans; Allen H. Joht.ess, 212 Archbishhop a
Chapelle street, New Orleans; James Ricker, ii
2653 Lapage street, New Orleans, with John a
D. Sellers as presidentp Allen H. Johness, as b
vice-president, and James Ricker, as secre- a
tary-treasurer. All elections shall be by bal
lot and a majority of the votes cast shall be c
necessary to elect officers and directors; all to
elections shall be held after such notices d
and under such rules, regulatio.ns and pro- e
visions as shall be prescribed by the board of s
directors. v
Article IX-The names and addresses of the t1
0 subscribers to the capital stock of this cor- li
poration, together with the amount of stock d
subscribed by them and the method of its t1
payment, are as follows, to-wit: a
John D. Sellers, 1015 Arabella street. New
Orleans. two shares (2); Allen H. Johness, i
212 Archbishop Chapelle street. New Orleans, o
two shares (2); James Ricker. 2653 Lepage tI
street, New Orleans, forty-seven shares (47); tI
all of said stock being payable in the mar.ner ii
set forth in the attached statement, which is re
to be read in connection herewith, and which si
is made part hereof. h
Article X-All powers rested in corpora
tions hy section 7 of said Act No. 267 of 1914, C
approved July 9th, 1914, are hereby recog- y
nized and taken as the powers to be exercised ei
by this corporation, the said provisions of c
said section, ar.d of said act, being read into n
this charter, the same as if set forth at n
length herein.
Thus done, passed and incorporated in my ft
office at the City of New Orleans, on the day, f
month and year herein first above written, 4(
in the presence of Messieurs Edward B. B
Peyronnin. Jr., a.d Louis F. Sauve, compe
tent witnesses, of age and domiciled in this F
city, who sign with said appearers and me,
notary, after reading of the whole. (Original ii
Signed) J. D. Sellers, two shares; A. H. L
Johness, two shares: Jas. Ricker. forty-seven ft
shares. E. B. Peyronnin, Jr., L F. Sauve. ft
F. D. Carbor.net, Jr.. notary public. I
I, the unMdersigned recorder of mortgages, t
in and for the Parish of Orleans, State of 1I
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above L
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
National Rubber Works, Inc., was this day B
duly recorded in my office, in book 1157, -
folio 67. New Orleans, March. 8th 1915.
(Signed) Emile J. Leonard, Dy. R.
A true copy. F. D. CharboD.et, Jr., Notary O
Public. '
SMch. 18-25-Apr. 1-8-15-22. U
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, City of at
New Orlear.s.
Be it known that, on thbis, the 15th day of of
the month of February, in the year of our gi
Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifteen ct
and of the independence of the United States th
of America the one hun.dred and thirty-ninth, ce
before me, Charles F. Fletchinger, a notary pI
public, duly commissioned and qualified in cc
and for the State, Parish and City aforesaid, s
therein residing, and in the presence of the ci
witnesses hereinafter named and undersigted, pt
personally came and appeared the several a
persons whose names are hereunto subscribed, lo
who declared that, availing themselves of the
laws of this state relative to the formation pc
and organization of corporations, they have to
covenanted and agreed, and do, by these he
presents, covenant, agree and bind themselves, pr
as well as those who may hereafter become sh
assuociated with them, to form themselves into fr
a corporation for the objects and purposes, t
with the name and under the stipulations to
following, to-wit: s
Article I-The name and style of this eo.- re
poration shall be "the Society Lot the De- th
velopmeLt of American Shippig, lneorr
ated,' and by said corporate nam9 it hall1
have sucmcessioa and enjoy existence for a at
period of inety-mine years, ules sooser as
dsoltvedi ai te .manner pmvided by law ad
the Artiles of tahi satatr; and nnder said
corporate agme it shall ha,. pwer and an
thority contract, sad b rsued, to make p
and use a orporte seal, the same to alter of
or break at pleure, to make all aecessary s
rules and reulations for its eeoese ma- -
agemeant said control, d shal have d ti
s.joy ai the right, pllesa rad immai. Ot
ties whieh are ow coaferred e nme, d Im
hereafter he axted to s t a of s p
same kind ad character.
Artie II--The dsmidle of this oass -
I.n hal he inas dt N - Iew r
simtat d ,isras s aN s s s nd wi
lP ueas , shIal ha eed qthg s
i~ii~ YrI~ ~rb~L· as
- nature of the business to be carried on iy it
are hereby declared to he it encourage, aid.
a-vsit, pronmote st e otr and dlevelop the cul
It.;lit:,,.n, acqullittl n andl operation through
)U out the U'noted States of Amer ca oft mer
it i... ,t ' tsitIg the fag i the lsiited
It. . ,, t, rncourage and assist in the formsa
i 11h Stirltpr;es thr.ough the public press
'e '"'.":,•Ilet- , ir orther pulicatiouns to be 1
:.url by oir under the au.p lces or ra th the
- , " f thlr . , lI t s, toi t.licurage, by
ie i ': .It" ild Og. r, . t'th, ., the enact nicti.t
Si th : t, erc hantt iu.,re
rU ,n hq, aers and CAM I to it
{":1 ,.: t..." .In i,-I lt i in the prrmlnr t I ,,it ulr
: . ul .'il ":l`,r.+ t Itll, tr r|.r c.tl ' ur other
i- t r t e " ,tpe- s t lutildi g, a ,
r, . gi . at g ,r lopter.ting A t rnr cai shl
t. ! .... -t..,,k Illn l ns -:,h crp ,ratl ,,.s or or
t in I t", i .eSr ,otb grXerwa. and o-l
, IVldual , wer s a tiay hi ntceo.sary iatl tur
-t th ,l, r ,uhh ', a tattlral ,er oli in ht
it 1 th11 ,: 1,t, u~t- s i ,r l t, ' rrei tip i ',r"
S i,,, r ,, l o f iti e ~ .,i . te ,1i ;d a n d c ilrr . ic t cr.
Tn ;, ' te.I%% ,li of t h" State "t Loutp'-la."
r:cle I . I 1t auth ,rted capit.al -tok of
p ,.t itr ,n 1 i h cre b v hsxe I a t tl t h U -i
-. ,i ,: . ' , d, liar-. reptei,i ted by one
t al , . ll , .i .r' of the par vilue o i !
5,di Lit J 1ry ca to h ie pad at such
tills andt in suih tn.inlnr as lie li.rd oft
,: t,-" : iay let. tt .:id proisp r and;. may
,e tied f, r ash ,lney or itn pa nyment i,
SI iLp ,tI , r trvi l es ..1toally rct-ivet d n h r
a t t, hi ai t -.i! :ct  il,.ratsi n I'hls c rpora
t.i,,n -l ,l it t. itii" a g ,itist t' , te n as o, t. as
id ,Aial :t,ack shall ha.e rIe:t subscrised tfr
1I re l,.lr t-. hbereto dh. lure that they hereby
d ,iii , ft' tht e l n r;,ir r oif share, Set oippi
site their respective signatures hereto, or an
I .I cct-rate of S 3t,0li .i.
' 1hie <aplltl stock of this c.rlporation may he
I::ud re.,e to the usum 1of ;25. lm .i in accord
S anse wlth the provisions of law pertaining
td thetret.
iThe toard of drectors of this corporation
ihall re a:thrivd at any regular or special
- leetiing, to elect any citizen of the United
t.t.ote of Amersrica at Honorary Member iof
this sis!ety. Such honorary member shall re
tain sl ii Ithiethership at the pleasure of the
Ien ,ard of directors and need not be a stock
i hlder. Honorary ttembers shall have the
privilege of attending any or all meetings
1a, of the ,lcirty and to act in an advisory capa
city. They shall not hie iatile for any of the
rth fault or bllllations of the society nor shall
en they have anly it terest in its assets.
ice Article V-All the powers of this corpora
nd tln shall be vested in and be exercised by
es a hioari of not less than three nor more than
for ive directo, to he elected at the stock
in holders annual meeting. The persons so
ter natmei as director, all of whom shall be
nd hona tide stockholders may select from their
ter own number a president, a vice president.
tat at ia saoretary treasurer. The first board
te. of directors, with puont office addresses, are
te, as follows:
a Alfred II. Clement. 110l Hlennen Bldg., New
ed Orleans. La., presitdent: J. W. Corry. Gulf.
e- Itart, Miss , vicepresidenti George Taylor,
er 528 Whitney Central, N. O. La., secretary
r.- treasurer.
is. in the second Tuesday of January, 1916
and on the same day of each succeeding year,
or- except when such day shall fall on a legal
>er holiday, then upot the next following layday,
the stockholders shall elect a board of direc
tr- tors for the ensuing year. the board already
to installed to continue to hold over until their
51 successors are elected and qualified.
it The boarud of directors so elected shall se
ic. lect from their own number the officers of
c. the corporation as above provided, and shall
rs- also appoint a manager of the corporation. The
iu- election of directors shall be by ballot, and
ic- the persons receivtl.g the largest number of
ng votes cast shall be declared elected. For
to electing directors or for any other purpose.
ch each share of stock, whether present or by
proxy, shall he entitled to one vote, and a
ir- majority of votes cast shall ie required to
1- pass any resolution or decide any question
sitbmitted to the stockholders, except for the
ek alteration or amendment of this charter or
to the dissolution of the corporation, as herein
after provided.
ir- The said of directors shall have pow.
rit er and authority to make all t.ecessary rules
ue and regulations for the management, opera
ch tion and control of the business of the cor
he poration, as well as to make all necessary
rules and by-laws. with power to fill any
a- vacancy occurring in their number. A major
Is. ity of directors voting at ar.y one time, in
a- person or by proxy, shall be required to pass
ct any resolution or adopt any by-law and which,
when so adopted, shall become valid corporate
at acts.
ne Article VI-Notice of all meetings of stock.
holders for electing directors or for any
is other purpose, shall be given in writing by
or least fifteen days before such meeting. di.
rd rected to each stockholder at his last known
k- address appearit.g upon the books of the cor
ie poration, unless said notiee Is waived in writ
c- ng by all the stockholders appearing as such
he upon the books.
rd Article VII-This act of incorporation may
be modified, added to, changed or amended
w or this corporation may be dissolved by and
ap with the assent of the holders of two-thirds
r. in amount of then outstanding stock given -
In at a general meeting of the stockholders, to
as be convened after fifteen days' prior notice,
as provided in Article VI of this charter.
I In the event of the dissolution of said
be corporation, either by limitation of its char.
i ter, or otherwise, its affairs shall be liqui
es dated by three commissioners, to be appoint.
o- ed at.d elected at a special meeting of the
of stockholders for that purpose, as above pro
vided, and who shall remain in office until
se the affairs of said corporation shall be fully
r- liquidated; and in the event of the death or
:k disaility of one or more of said liquidators,
ts the survivors or survivor shall continue to
w Article VIII-No stockholder shall be held
, liable or responsible for the contracts or faults
Sof this corporation in any further sum than
te the unpaid balai.ce due to the corporation on
): the shares owned by him, nor shall any mere
Cr informality in organization have the effect of
is rendering this charter null or of exposing a
:h stockholder to liability beyond the amount of
his unpaid stock, if any.
a- Thus done and passed, at my office, it: the
4. City of New Orleans, on the day, month and
Syear first hereinbefore written in the pres
d ence of John D. Miller and Frances Eiser,
Sf competent witnesses, who hereunto sign their
to names, together with said appearers atd me,
at notary, after due reading of the whole.
Name. address and number of shares: Al- d
y fred II. Clement, 1109 Hennen Bldg., New
y, Orleans, La., 400; J. W. Corry, Gulfport, Miss., era
n 400: George S. Taylor, 528 Whitney Central ent
B. Bldg., New Orleans, La., 1. or
- Witnesses: Joh. D. Miller, F. Eisier. Chas. po
is F. Fletchinger, Not. Pub. thi
e, I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages,
st in and for the Parish or Orleans, State of po
. Lonuisiana, hereby certify that the above and
in foregoing act of incorporation of the Society se
e. for the Development of American Shipp ing, pa
Incorporated, was this day duly recorded in wh
, my office, in book 1157, folio --. New Or
f lear.s, La., March, 1915. (Signed) Emile aft
ye Leonard, D. R. shu
ie A true copy. Chas. F. Fletchinger, Not. Pub. tr
y Mch. 18-25-Apr. 1-8-15-22. c
United States of America, State of Louisiana,
City of New Orleans.
.Be it known, That on this tenth day of th
Sthe month of March, in the year one thousand,h
nine hundred and fifteen; before me, Felix by
J. Dreyflous, a notary public, duly comshis. i
sioned a d sworn in for the Parish of Ofr
p. leans and City of New Orleans, therein re
siding, personally appeared, Messrs. John
Rin le, Morris Levy, Herman Aron and Carl me
L. aietze, all of the eridll age of majority o
that, availing themselves of the provisions
f of the laws of this State, relative to the o
r gan zation of corporatio e .s, and more parti.re
- ularly Act 267 of the General Asmbl of by
Sthis State, approved July 9, 1914, they ave F
, covenanted and agreed, and do, by theseab
y presents, covenant and agree, bind, form andv
n constitute themselves, as well as such per
I, sons who may hereafter join or become asso-e
e ciated with them. into a corporation aLd body re
I, politic in law, for the objects and purposesa
Sand under the agreements and stipulatons fol- ma
, lowing , to-wit:
e Article I-The name and at le of this cor
n poration shall be: "Crescent taper Box Fac- ht
e tory, Inc.," and, under that name, it shall ure
e have ar.d enjoy all the rights, advantages and thi
privileges granted by law tO eorprations; itl
shall exist for the period of ninety.nine years o
from this day; it shall have power to COt
s, tract, Isue and be ud in it corporate name; a
Sto maike and use a corporate seal, and the nu
same to break or alter at pleasure; to hold,
rteeve, purcnhae, convey, rage, hypo.
Spersonal; to issue bonds, notes and other ob
I ligatiora or negotiable instruments; to have d
a and employ suc managr directors, officers,
Sagents and other emloyea as the interest pl
d and convenience of said corporation may re- jus
I quare or demand; to make and establish such req
i- by-laws, rules and regulations for the ,or- pl
e porate management and coatrol of the afairs p
v of the corporatior- as may be deemed nees b
y sary or expedient. t
A rticle Il-The domicile of said corpora.
d tion shall be established In the City o ewd
rtay or treasurer.
, cArtiel III-Thobjects a
r wthh e this corrtio is ed and t
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.) "'downll town" was by the telephone. t
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,ofial tril s. and found it was e ,ven tiori( .. " ropr
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calculation, oice practice, and business English .
Main I0. 711 Common Street.
vices to be used as containers for merchan
dise ai.d other articles of commerce, and gen
erally to engage in and carry on any other
enterprise or business which may be germane
or incidental to, or connected with, the pur
poses hereinabove set forth or contemplated by
this charter.
Article IV-The capital stock of this cor
poration is fixed at the sum of seventy-fire
thousand ($75,000.00) dollars, divided into
sever: hundred and fifty (750) shares of the
par value of one hundred ($100) dollars each
which have been entirely subscribed and
paid for in cash by the appearers, as herein.
after more fully shown. All shares of stock
shall be full paid and nonassessable. No
transfer of stock shall be bindin upon the
corporation unless made upon its books, as.d
all certificates of stock shall be signed by
such officera as may be designated by the
board of directors.
This corporation shall have the right to in
crease its capital stock to the further sum of
seventy-five thousand ($75,000L00) dollars, to
be divided also into shares of one hundred
($100) dollars each, provided said increase in
the capital stock shall have been authorized
by the stockholders at a meetirng to be held
pursuant to the provisions of Article V of
this charter.
Article V-All the corporate powers of the
company shall be vested in, and the manae
ment and control of its affairs shall be exer
cised by a board of directors composed of
four stockholders, the membership of which
board may be increased to five. A majority
of the directors shall constitute a Quorum
for the transaction of all business. The di
rectors shall be elected annually, by ballot,
hy the stockholders, on the first Monday In
February in each year Each stockholder
shall be entitled, in person or by proxy, to a
vote for every share owned by him, and all
electioni shall be held under such rules and
regulations as may be determined by the
board of directors, after 15 days' notice by
mail of such election shall have been sent to
each stockholder at his last known address.
he directors thus elected shall continue in
office for one year, or until their successors
have been duly elected and qualified. No fail
ure to elect shall be regarded as a forfeiture of
this charter. Any vacancy occurring on said
board shall be filed by the remaimnn direc
tors for the unexpired term- the said board
shall likewise elect the additional members
in case they should determine to increase the
number of said board. Said board of directors
shall at its first meeting after its election,
nominate out of its number, a president, a
ice-president, a secretary anda treasrer,
Said board shall have the right to appoint and
dismiss such clerks, managers and other em-.
ployes of the oporationas conditions may
justify, or the buines of. e orporatio may
require. The tenure of o eof all the> e
ployei of the orporation shll be during the
pleasure of the board of dirtors. Aiy of
die directors shall have the right to oint,
by written inrstrment, aothrt a--p_:o, ,
stockholder to t a h is a and aior
steaod at any and all meeti-gso the be h o
Article VI-No stockholder shall ever e
held liable or responsible for t contracts
faults or debts of said orporete, ssh shal
have the aect e[f = ie s ebarser mulanizatiwl,
orof ds ine 0 a sl~ ' any iA Ity I
a AS - ,..ass ,au - my
tiffi~ Ji
the stock of the corporation, at a
meeting convened for that pmpa whS
at least ten days' written notice ed
ing has been given through mea
to each shareholder at his last
of residence. In case of disshlltins
expiration of this charter or
stockholders shall elect three
from among their t umber, to
settle the business and affairs
pany, In case of death or disrWk.
one of said commissioners or
survivors, or the remaining ln ý
appoint a successor to him. The
tors shall have full power to settle
pany's affairs, collect outstanding
and convey property, pay its I.
divide the remainin.g money and
among the stockholders. Ther
have power to meet and act wir -
laws of the corporation and eiI -
tions to be made by a majority d
dators; to fix the price and
terms and conditions of sale de id
and the manner in which the ols
made, and take notes at.d bonds,
mortgage or otherwise, for the part
purchase price for all or any put d
property; provided, however, that 1i.
herein conferred upon the lidsfl
be modified, changed or deniad *6
of the shares of the capital 4td
poration. The said liquidators sIe
thority to sue for and recover the
property in the name of the
may be sued by the same name, aeaI
be liable in solido to arsy credlnft
holder for the monies and
corporation which shall come to
possession as Ihquidators, and fer t
application and distribution thetd4
Article VIII-The said John R -
,postoffice address is 1520 Joe
New Orleans, Louisiana, has
348. shares; the said Morris I·ct
postoffice address . 11i3 Nas1hvIl
ew Orleans, Lutisiana, has
39 shares; the sail llerniau Ai4,
postofice address is Emlah Co ta
New Orleans. Louisiana, has
shares, and the said Carl L. DiA -
postoffice address is 5',)4 Chestnot 4Ws ,
Orleans, La., has subscribed to 2 sag
Until the election to be held *M 4
Monday in February, 1914 the
named shall constitute the first
rectors, viz: John Rirle, Morris
man Aron at.d Carl L. Dietae, wV1
John Ringle as president, the id
Levy as vice.president, the said Bef
as secretary, and the said Carl L
treasurer. Ld
Thus done and passe! in my
day, month and -,car, Tirst above w1
the presence of Frai k B. Twomey --:M
L. Weiss, competent '..sses, .
signed with the appe ,. ,,nd me, he---.
after reading the wh;.,
(Original Sign-d) F B T woy
Weiss. John Ringle, :V - ..-es;
398 shares; Herman Arnr., . shala
Deitz, 2 shares. Felix J. Dreyfoae, ir
I, the undersigned rec rder of
the Parish of Orleans at d City d
leans, do hereby certii, that the
foregoing act of incort, .tio,n of the
Paper Box Factory. In:.." was this
recorded in my oce, ,ook .11,
New Orleans, Mare'" l:., 1915.
Emile J. Leonard, D. R. M.
A true copy from the original se
SNot. Pub., 2
t ' ewOrleans.
.... a·

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