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l A , "t A a , fit. t, of l ý,uisiana,
I: ,t  ..un" t:, ..: . t'" I,,:th da.y of the
I. ,'n ,f , .e. i. Ir the .,r .r t ,iu: Lo.rd one
,ho .at,I t:.l ' ,, '"" I .. ," f f:l' et. a id (of the
t t -r.,! " , , t t .e 1 I . l't if America
th " ..,- ! ,' alt, "1 . l' -T 11- l ': ht':. ,re m e.
fit- tiiohi
prh~\:. I1 .'.I. , !\ , , ti ,"
Ar tr II 1, t . , .1 I , : .
e,,h i" . .. "tt, r . ' ·,, ' ,o, t"
I ,- , ,1;.,-I ! ,u
t.,Ir .. .y. . "1 A ri . ,-"- . n.. , i i ui i
h all f, ll r s a ns i:t t. , " . t + . i .. .k e . I 1
h, , h. ., - 1 . i, n,, .l t . . .' . ,. 1, ~1r tio t -!,
e,. , I ,l 1." . e s , 1 :.r , ,,'.
otllr''ai. .
.Arp . I", it t ,e ' .,f 1 '' li ... ....
,t e or ", 1, , . t -t i- t + :, n th,,
htoldets so aIIictir' l 1nce witli l
Articl. I. -. II all l o.ti'. .f i r di.e. ti r s
eaoh st 'iLhlder shall Ibe ittlllrd to oniii vite
for teai l .I.ire of st..lk. wtte,"i.l .y hut f.r
.Aisuot l ii cipitil st'ik of this citrittir
atmon t- I.r.-y de"lartd t.' i"e thirty tlhtiutadt
$rarIst. ii , d llirs divid-il til. three hlittl.rtl
share-. if the liar value of 'tle huittiet dollars
one htltlulre.l thlu... aa d . dIl. . . $SIItI .tIt.
ldArtile X- . Th, "t sttli ..it-li .t t li a the
owiteershili i all stock it t . i.irIhri atItn ire
masel atil taken , u,|,n the cnli nitn that any
hilder iof stuck tIesir ang t" sDll the 'attre
shall tirst i-lre his stok ti the coIiirprt itt
at his ltwest ,ricer and tche cltirratiit shall]
have thirty days i -,t htch to exercise its
days ti, exercise their option to purchase . uch
stocik at sad price. After the expiratiotn o
such time the stockholders shall Ie free to
make any other sale of his stock.
Article XII.-The nantes antIl ltlces of rtei
dence of the incorporated inemers oi f the sul
scriters hereto and the tIunuir of share, sub
fcrihed by ealr of themo are as follows:
Aomain L. Vl'guerie, 427 S. Pie'rc St., twll
hundred and ninety-eright (291; James L.
Smitha, 4426 lryades St.. one share (l); John
D. Murphy, il N. Scott St.. onue share (1);
James L. Smith has this day paid in cash
the sum of one hundred dollars being in full
Aryment for the share of stock subscribd by
im. John . Murphall y has this day paid in
cash the suIm of one hutndred dollars tlO.00)
in full payment of the share of stock sub
scribed by him.
tin payment of the two hundred and ninety
eight ahares of stock subscribld by Romain
L Vituerie the aaid Romain L. Viguerie does
by these presents, transfer to this corporation
the business now carried on at No. 301 I)ecatur
street together with the stock, merchandise.
accounts receivable, cash in bank, licenses.
stationery, bills, receivable, stocks and
bArtinds hores vehicles, offce and store fur
niture and tixtures, merchandise in Isonded
warehouse and in transit, copyrights and good
will all of which has bten appraised by the
directors and incorporatora at the sum of
hsixtynine thousand four hundred and seventy
and 41-100 dollars, ($69,470.11) less five hun
dred dollars for bad accounts and which
values has been agreed upon as the fae
market value of al of said property, thi,
aorporation assuming the followinlg liabilities
due by said business as follot s:
Salaries due and unpaid. $476.00; rent,
$130.00 due creditors. $36577.94. Total, 37,
this orporation for the sum of one thousand
seven hundred and eigthy-six and 17-100 dol
lars as the whole more fully appears by the
detailed and itemized statements hereto an
Article Xn.- oe stock holder shall be held
liable or responible for the can tracts or faults
of this corporation in any further sum than
the unpaid ealane due to the corporation on
the shares owned by him nor shall any mere
informality in organiestion have the effect of
rendring this charter null or of exposing a
his unpaid stock, if any.
Thur done and passed, in my offie at the
City of New Orleans, on the day month and
year herein frst above written in the prea
ence of srs J. Pomr s and Frank F. Federico
competent witnesses who have hereunto saied
with the said ppearers and meu Notary after
readinl of the whole. (Original signed Ro
main L Vigerie. James Lr Smith, John D.
Mrpayrie. o anes Frank F.hnr rednitc
$m ilet Pea oNetot. Pub scie Tota
LI the untleraid recorder of mortga es
th and for the Parish of Orleans, State of
Louisian t do herehy certify that the above
and foregoint at of ncorporation of the a. L
Vinerie Ditribuiin Co., Inc.. was this dad
drfthscordad in my ofce, book 1157, folio
itewOrleans, La., April 9th, 1915. (Sagned)
A true copy. Dmie Pome.s, Notary Public.
Apr. -29 May aa6-13-0-27, 1915.
United States of America State of Louisiana,
Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans. I
Be it known, that on this twenty-third day
of the maonth of March. in the year of oaur
lard ons thoausand nine hundred and fifteen,
sad of the independence of the United States
of Aamerica, the one hundred and thirty-ninth,
before me. William McLellan Fayssoux. a
notary public, duly commissioned and qual
ised and in and fr this city and the Parish ai
eof Orleans. therein residing, and in the pres
sace of the witnesses hereinafter named and h
ndersigned, perasonally came and appeared,
the persons whose names are hereto sub
scribed, who declared, that availinl them
saelves of all and singular the laws of the
State of Louislana and especially of the laws
eulative to the organizaton of corporations i
and of all of the prorvisions of Act 267 of the t
General Assembly of 1914, they may have cov- It
ensated and agreed and do by these presents
oeenant and agree and bind themselves as I
well as all such other persona, who may here a
leaser heeoms associated withn them, to forms
a eearpoMation for the objects and purposesr and
nder the articles, agreements and rtipla- a
tiens followin to-wit: t
Article I-The name and style of this corh .
paeatie shall he the "United Cleaning Con. a
I euerpoiated." rand br that name it a
l have power and authorty to exist and t
enjoy aeceeasion for the full term and period o
ds agaty-iaie years, commeneinr on and to =
be oeuted freome and after the date and day
Article Il-lTh domicile of this norporation b
shall re In the city Aof New Orleas, State P
eof Llalsas. All citations and other legal I
pese shall he served nepon the president of
ahe.~. mb onM -" yo... Tmb (ml a.d ý.la.ma.e Belt Cw
Open daily from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
ADMISSION ................ oc
AL) * LL wIea b gemies d Yb. fhsM · we esp
N&a WSeaK GeUAm Pram sum
Olr.~b ;/,':. 1 .1~ ~
said corporation, or in case of his absence
or inability to act. upon the vice-president,
or in case of the absence or inability of both
the president and vice-president to act, then
up,,n the secretary of this corporation.
T he president shall be the executive officer
of the corporation; lie shall preside at all
:nleetngs ot the board of directors and stock
Artitle III -The objects antI purposes for
which this it:,,a"ation is established and the
natiure of the !,a.inless to ibe carried on by it,
are declarttl a:.l specltird to he; to clean.
dve, press, rc; air. renovate, alter and store
I cl thtihg, g.aie.:;ts, draperies, rugs, carpets.
I c rt-: i:i,. .::,l- w sh:tdr .. wearing apparel,
lil:ts t, n tl, I-tear.l good, and other ar
t b. t., 'ls -i.t. - a. st-ruct. purchase, maintain
.atd olperate an. ,eh ,ua a es plants, factories,
* sl i", w -k-ho,., laboratirtie and dwelling
h ues fir .rkikngtmen and otherwise.
t taan.: . tt te, Ibuy srl!, import, and
exlT ,re a!l n 'val y tmaahlatnery. engines
"i t r : lp t ' ana d co- vea ictai ces for
t , - I ,,:: rctitn with sloaning, dyeing,
p," .sts a lr.l t g . et- vtintt g. altirinlg and
t Itf tnog, ga-.:t,enta., dra ertr '., rugs.
. ( ta t,-,. Ns. t lilg ap;-:e!, tt-rlitti re
. I, at(i g t't' ally tsul .a , all
Sl. ", :.:t.+1 t. . ev-us tihtiu g a:.,t
S , t . . I, ' t 'i t' o ) - t a no 1 t"'1 l-, - ' , f ,i r
, i 1 t - 1 p. ,t , . m.t: , is .rc . rl tt.ie .
A:aH r .l IV '.t: , t r ti n aht crill r le atrc ;
. -.1 . ; t: , , I ~'~.eit to :.:t'e hlid, hatc e
r t t, 7 \ t , l , : ., - . '. ,a t iv e y . s e l l, in t - r t g a g e .
I:1 ' 'i; ,at, . pel,;a a. ela-e atnd sub-Ialea re, ati d
., , t l t , ! a1,' m ix . !d p r ,a t' t t y ; a --o
,i tr . s . l,.r. 1.l-.1 :n. rt tl n m ake c ,onr tra cts;
- ,,i wr a' it, " at' I.to t. a'r pernsontal pr-taerty.
. , , .. 1 iit-a " .,, .r;te seal, the satie
It a- .:t-: : r.air ' ak at tplea.tre; tail e attd at'
,,+iri -.lt , I-. ilttt.ti d.a:tea-,oar',, aoficer,. clerk,
.tl .e tt.ts ., th e.ta -l i r e -t at ad l -cn vi e tt ea , ' I
.f - 1  ,,.ip . 0 r. n m a y r te q uit re : m a k e a cl d
S.- h .)l -atw ,- r tl ," a :. I retgu la tional
ar the [i " 1:.t .ge r:It ,ctia d regulataon of t
t! till ,tl~a d a t .nd al spoataon as may Ibe
.. y, a:,t the i ian to alter and change
,t p i ta -t ', a t ,i sh. l p a. css a ll th e r ig h t, .
-, c ,we , ,r ,d ,-1 tvie 'is I,0 w sa ch co.rporatton
at'.t i nta be by a:iv getneral law or laws
it i . state .attinirtel and. ertatled to pas
- - sa. prlt attitn ta.y exercise its cr
t:ittc posiera a attn a" ny other stite or ter
rt.'L y in the nttted *States or foreign coun
try that .hail pert :.t the same.
Arti!e V The capital stock of this cor
r, Ti t i'as hL rtr v t:xed at the sutn of thirty
t l ,uatnd & ia-Ii ' (iSS.((J.0.(l dollars, repre
s,-ntert tby three hundred (Oma shares of one
hurait.red d,,li.lt a et. h. All stock subscribed
for sha.ll e payable in cash at the time the
taritata.ti, thertf are is-ned or thie same
ray.i be assuell at not less than par for prop
- tv attalally received by said corporation.
T'l'h siti aorporati.n shall commence busat
ines when thirty thut iand dollars worth of
shatck shall hae been subscribed for and paid
All transfers of stock shall be made on the
!b-,ik- oaf s atd trpotratln by surrender of the
ctrtatic.te thereof to the presiding officer,
who shall write the word "cancelled" promptly
acro s the face thereof and erase the presi
dtnt's signature therefrom before issuing a
new certilt.. ate.
Satid catital stock may be increased in the
manner provided for by the laws of this
state. Whenever an increase of said capital
stock shall have been authorized, fifteen days
written notice shall be given to each stock
holder within which time persons holding
stock in this corporation shall have the right
to subscribe for sai itncrease of stock in
proportion to the nu:a::.er of shares of stock
held by them, and which additional shares
shall be paid for at such times and in such
manner, as the board of directors may direct.
After the expiration of the said time for
subscription and payment the board of direc
tors may dispose of the shares not taken, for
the benefit of the company it. such manner
as they may think proper at not less than
par value.
Article VI-At all elections by or meetings
of the stockholders each share of stock shall
be entitled to one vote to be cast either by
the person in whose nate the stock appears
on the books of this corporation at the time a
of the voting or by hs agent or proxy duly t
authorized in writing to that effect.
ArticlheVII-The business and affairs and
corporate powers of this corporation shall be
transacted by a board of not more than five
directors nor less than three directors to be
composed of stockholders thereof and they and
each of them shall be elected at a meeting to
be held for that purpose. The stockholders a
may, however, elect less than five directors a
at any anr. tal meeting and the stockholders a
may prior to the next annual meeting elect a
additional directors up to the maximum num
ber herein provided for, to-wit: five directors,
but, the directors cannot increase their own t
number though they may fill vacancies as r
hereinafter provided: r
W. A. Kennedy. 2731 Louisiana avenue,
New Orleans, La.; Herbert D. Matthews,
4427 Carrollton avenue, New Orleans, La.;
George II. Matthews, 1627 Cleveland avenue,
New Orleans, La.; Adam Kerber. 715 State
street, New Orleans, La.; Neil H. Murphy,
Jr., 1226 Camp street, New Orleans, La., shall a
constitute the first board of directors and
shall hold office until the third Tuesday in
January, 1916, or until their successors are
elected and qualified, each subsequent board
shall take their seats immediately following
their election, or as soon thereafter as prac
ticable and shall hold their office until their
successors shall have been elected and and quali
fled. The directors hereinabove named shall
select their own officers.
The officers elected and designated to serve
until the third Tuesday in January, 1916, or
until their successors shall be elected are
as follows, to-wit: W. A. Kennedy, president,
Herbert D. Matthews, vice-president and
George H. Matthews, secretary and treas
On the third Tuesday in January, 1916, and
annually thereafter an election for directors "
by the stockholders shall be held at the
office of the corporation, after fifteen (15)
days notice thereof shall have been given in
office, properly addressed to the last known
address of the stockholder of said meeting.
Every board of directors shall at its first meet
ing after its election, or as soon thereafter as
practicable, elect from their own number a
president, and a first vice-president.
The said board of directors shall also elect
a secretary and a treasurer, who may com
bine the said two offices in one person. A
failure to elect directors on the date above
specified shall not dissolve the corporation,
but the then existing board of directors shall
continue in office and another election shall I
be held as soon therearter as practicable at a
time to be fixed by the board of directors
then in office, whereof fifteen days prior
notice shall be given in the manner herein
above provided, which notice shall be full
and complete notice to all stockholders of
such meeting.
Any vacancy in said board of directors from
any cause shall be filled by the remainian
directors. A majority of the members of said
board of directors shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction and management of all
business of said corporation. They may make
such by-laws rules and regulations as they
may think proper for the transaction of the
business and affairs of said corporporation, and
change, alter and amend same at leasuare; ap
point and fix salaries of all officers, clerks
and employees, the same to change or dis
miss at pleasure, fix salaries for officers pro
vided for herein, sell, convey, mortgage,
pledge, lease, and purchase property, movable,
mmovable and personal; borrow money, issue t
notes and bonds, lend money, make contracts *
and sign and cause to be signed all neces
sary acts, deeds, etc., to take judicial pro
ceedings in the name of and on behalf of this t
corporation, and to do all things which may
be necessary to be done in the management of A
said business and may be permitted by laws
applying to corporations and declare divi
Article VIII-No stockholder shall sell or 5
dispose of any of his stock in this corpora- P
tion until he shall have first ofered same to a
the other stockholders. Said offer of sale 5
shall be made in writing addressed and de- g
ivered to the president of this corporation, C
and shall name the lowest price for said stock, .
which said owner will take. The president s
shall acknowledge the receipt of such notice a
and shall immediately communicate the con- e
tents thereof to each stockholder. After fr.
teen days from the receipt of said written o
offer and on failure of said stockholders or ti
any of them to purehase said stock, the owner
offered to any other person or persons for a
not less, however, than said price ofered said t
Article IX-This act of incorporation may it
he changed, modif.ed or altered, or said cot-l
porstion may be dissolved with the assent of tI
three-fourths of all its outstanding stock at A
any general meeting of the steokholders of ri
ce said corporation, convened for that purpose,
It, after previous notice given in the manner
th hereinabove set forth in Article VII. But any
en and all meetings of stockholders, whether for
purpose of liquidation or for any other pur
er pose, may be held at any time without notice
ll by unanimous consent of all stockholders in
k- writing filed with the secretary.
Article X-The president, or acting presi
or dent. may in his discretion and shall, upon
he the written request of one stockholder, call a
it, special meeting of the stockholders of this
n corpration.
Article NI-No stockholder shall ever be
liable or responsiblle for the contracts or
faults of this corporation in any further sum
than the unpa,i balance due to the company
r on the haires owned by or subscribed for by
n him: nor ,hall any informality in the organi
s. z.t.n Ihave the effect of rendering this
ng charter rull or of exposing the stockholders
t, to anv liaility.
nd Article XII --Whenever this corporation is
es dAolvedl, either by limitation or from any
or other tauie. its aIlairs shall ie liquidated
it. inrder the -tlet i nernd ncyllc y of two stockhold
,i , to , Ie i h,-eni fir that purpose by a ma
. ,rits, in al;ll!t t of the stockholders present
re ,.r ".l,lsentedi at a general meeting of the
iii ,-tokh ldtir at which the electioni s held.
T s S it 'etluniSrters chall remain in ofice
or un til the aff.li ,if -aid co.rporation shall have
been u lly I:quidatel. In case of the death
i of iine of the ii:nli iiolners, or refusal or
r, isl}i, ty tio act, the surviving or remaining
'e. mi t ::lc.--,nr sha:ll continue to act and shall
id selct another stockhiolder In the place and
C stead of the cimmnlsitoier who shall have
s; ceased to act.
y. This s.ii l <harter shall serve as the origi
nie n lt sui icri.rttit list, the subscriler.s hereto
i- having set opposite their respective ntines the
Snui::tber of ha.re, of stock for wh-cil they
,e bhae subcrib id.
l Thu: done and passed in my office in the
ns Iity oi New t(rleta.s. aforesaid, on the day.
minth and yea.r test above written, in the
,e p-e'ine of Mes-rs. W. D. Troyer and E. R.
c IMahlrv., cmpletelnt witnesses, residing in this
ci.:h, who heIreun to sign their names with
ithe a.ld partles anti n:e. notary, after due
is reading of the whole. tOriginal signed) W.
s- A. Kennedy. 153 shares, 7.11 I.a. Ave.: 11. D.
r- Matthels, 72 shares. 447 ('arrollton Ave.; (;.
r II. Matthew'.. t0 shares. 1637 Cleveland Ave.,
n- pere II. D. Matthews: Adam Kerber, 10 shares,
.15 State St.; Neil II. Murphy, Jr.. 3 shares,
r- .22t ('amp St.. W. D. Troyer, E. R. Murray.
v W. Mel.. I:aycsoux. Not. 1Pub
c. I, the undersigned, deputy recorder of mort
te g ges. iin and for the Parish of Orleans. State
.1 if I.tusiana, do) hereby certify that the above
1e and foIregting a(t of incorporation of the
e l'nited ('leaning Cominpany, Incorporated"
. was this day duly recorded in the Mortgage
t. itice of the Parish of Orleans in book 1157.
fi ho -. New Orleans. Louisiana. March
if 23trd., 1'15. (Signed) Er.de J. Leonard, Depu
i. ty Recordler of Mortgages.
re I, the undersigned niotary public, in and for
te the 'arish of Orleans, do hereby certify that
r, the ablove and foreging is a true and correct
I Copy of the original act of incorporation of
the "'nited t'leading Company. Incorporat
a ed." and of the certificate of the recorder of
mortgages for this Parish thereunto appended,
te and of record in my office. In faith whereof.
Is I have hereunto set my hand and official
al seal this twenty-third day of March, 1915.
W. Mel.. Fayssoux, Notary Public.
._ Mch. 25-Apr. 1-A-15-22-29.
'i ' tittel l.ties of Anlt,'rlba. State of
Lotisistana. i ;rit W of Orleans, ('ity
r if New O rl-alic.
c Ie it kinown. Thii oni this si ili day of
ar .April. 1915. tbefore' ie. Herbert W Kii
.r si.r. a notairy litiblih ilt dtl% c(lomnli.sio..r l ld
State aforresid. anti ini the pr.c."nc'e iof
ts the wiit lesses hereriililfte'r namedl atil
II ilndersigned personiilI came and ap
iy lipeareid tlhe petrsons whoste nairnes are
rs herelnto suliisniriiiled who decltared that.
te availlng thetnselves of the proltsions of
y the laws of Ithe State of Louisiana and
tlartictilarly Act No. '7. of the G(eneral
d Assembly of the State of Louisiana for
t lthe year 1914. theyi have covsenanted and
re agred, and do by these ipresents (coe
Snlant. airee. bind. form and constitute
td themselves as well as such other per
to sons as may hereafter join and become
rs associated with them into a corporporation
rS and body politic in law. for the objects
rs and purposes and under the agreement
t and stipulations. following, to-wit:
2' Article I.-The name and style of this
5 corporation shall tie "Alaynick Manufac
n turing Company. Inc.." aslid tinder that
s name it shall have and enjoy all the
rights. advantages and privileges
e, granted by law to corporations. It shall
sI exist for a period of ninety-nine years
from the date hereof: it shall have
e" power and authority to sue and be sued
te in its corlorate name; to make and use
a corporate seal and to break the same
at pleasure; to hold. receive. purchase.
convey, mortgage and hypothecate real.
n personal and mixed property: to issue
' bonds. notes and other obligations; to
have and employ such managers. ofm
r cers, agents and emplloyees as the inter
est and convenience of said corporation
may require: and to make and establish
such by laws. rules and regulations for
the corporate management and control
of the business and affairs of the cor
e poratlon as may be deemed necessary
r and expedient.
Article lI.-The domicile of this cor
poration shall be In the City of New
Orleans. State of Louisiana. All cita
tion and otlier legal process shall be
served on the President and In his ab
sence on the Secretary-Treasurer.
Article III.-The objects anti purpo
ses for which this corporation is organ
ized and the nature of the husiness to
he tarrled on by it are herehy declared
nto be: to entace in the buying, selling
and manufacturing of wearing alparel
' for men. women andi children; and gen
erally to do and engage in any other
abusiness. undertaking or enterprise con
nected with or growing out of and inc
dental to the objects and purposes just
set forthl or contemplated by this char
Article IV.-Tlle capital stock of this
corporation is hereby fixed at the isum
i of Twelve Thousand ($12,000.00) I)ol
II lars. whi capllital stock may be in
creased In 'le manner provlded by law
to the sutn of Twenty-five Thousand
r ($25.000.00) Dollars. Said capital stock
of Twelve Thousand (812,000.00) l)ol
II lars shall be divdled into one hundred
if and twenty shares of the par value of
One Hundred Dollars. Of said capital
stock Ten Thousand Dollars thereof
shall be paid for in cash immediately
after the siagning of this art of Incor
n poration; and the Two Thousand Dol
II lars of said capital stock subscribed to
Sby the hereinafter signed Isldore Alay
Snick shall be paid for by transferring
to this corporation all the assets of the
d business now conducted In the City of
SNew Orleans by IslddJre Alaynick at 117
s Decatur Street, including stock in trade.
open accounts. machinery. good will,
bills receivable, etc.. which assets are
, appraised and valued by the Board of
Directors hereinafter named as worth
Sthe sum of Two Thousand Dollars. All
Sshares of stock shall be non-assessable.
.and no transfer of stock shall be bind- 1
Ing upon the corporation unless made
Supon its books and all certification of
stock shall be signed by the President
f and the Secretary-Treasurer of the cor
* poration.
Article V.-No stockholder in this
corporation may offer for sale, sell, as
r sigln or transfer his stock In this cor
poration without giving to the other
* stock holders thirty days prior notice of
Ssuch Intention. which notice shall be
given in writing to the President of the
corporation, and the other stockholders
shall have the privilege of purchasing I
said stock at the book value thereof for
a period of thirty days from the deliv
ery of said notice to the President.
Article VI.-AIl the corporate powers
aof this company shall be vested In. and
rthe management and control of its busi
rness and affairs shall be exercised by. a
SBoard of Directors. composed of three
rstockholders. A majority of the dlrec
I tors shall constitute a quorum for the
transactlon of all business. The direc
r tors shall be elected annually by a bal- ;
lot beginning on the first Wednesday of
I the month of January In the year 1918.
t Al elections shall be held under such
Srules and regulations as may be deter
mined by the Board of Directors but I
after at least ten days notice of such
election shall be given to each stock
holder by mall sent to his last known
address or by publiceation for at least
three times In ten days preceding such
election In one of daily English news
papers published in the City of New
Orleans. No failure to hold an election 1
shall be regarded as a forfeiture of this g
charter. Any vacancy occurring In msaid A
Board of Directors shall be filled by the F
remaining Directors for the unexpired A
term. The firat Board of Directors of
this Company shall consist of Horace
Gumbel, reslding at 172? Napoleon Ave
nue, New Orleans. I.: Isidore Alay
nick, residiag at 2513 Marengo street, U
New Orleaus. La; and Harry Eskenasy,
rusidit at 2l045 Josephine street. New
Orleans. Ia.; with Isddore Alayalek as
Preosident and Horae Oumbel as Seere- o.
tay-Treurer. The three above named O
shall costitutoe the frst Board of Diroe- as
tr atd Ushall serve MaU1 their suces- .
er er li electd The Board of 51
Dirtes sa after emac eleeMaem etet is
Mre their ambeur Pre eet saud a I
-- h-i bell " er r
a, of rendering this charter null or of ex- I
er posing a stockholder to any liability Ihe- v
1y yond the unpaid balance due on the a
or shares of stoc.k suhscaribed for by him. a
tr- This act of inc.oraporation may hi a
ce changed. modified or altered. or this er- r
in poration may he dissolved in accordance .a
iiith the pro\isionlt of Sectiotn- No. t; a
si- and No. 28. of Act No. 26T7. of the c;tn-
on eal Assemblly of the.- State of t.llouisianall
a for tilhe year 1914. In the eve\'llt i the t
is dissolutiont of ithis e, prwatiaon by the ,
ixspiration of its char-tl. r o. r oth.lrwis. i
be Its hu tsiie-s. and affairs shall be lil'li
or dated and terminiatedd lby thlt., lilutida- a
Itm ,tors to he 'l,.t- d t y l i e antd a ,ia .. 11 t"
Riy a,,, khol-,rs at the ,.-. ti-n; ih h I-i - i
by ,Itl,-s ta, liiquildate. S ,1'h liq' ibhatotis
II s :hll halae ftll powtao r :i11d ,l- ai l' itVY tit
.s '--till all tlhe i lustl'- . . .al afta. llS l if th:1 a
rs irporlation In , si, ,,f d:ica th 'i r 'its- 1
aaility ot anly of said liqtali,tl,,rs th the
i s llil s ii ,rii I~t IIVil \ I'. h s all appol lit it r
i 'y sat-e..ssa ir I- I .- 'a-st a. s to al i lhlll ar th, la t r
ei fioin a ntilan thi. sut-lacki blairs..
d \ 'itl, le VIII ..---The. suis inali.ers her .to a
a- have lre sl 'li 'ly wl ittet "pt.usit' their n
- llb;ala'. I h ul a' ia aii t iit·: ltIsI c I taci r Ii
at 1.:lails ' hi amtiaaa lit it st-a-k i 1 i is-a - :I
he p atiat,,a sial i ir t hll..l toar )iy .'. 'I of th"i-t. 1
Id. so ti t till- at of Ir o , ,po al li'n lsl
cc als,, . ,rv. :Is ti*., Oril ;!,.:i la s ii a..s ; tiaillt i
Se 11 t oif sa )id 'i t il.: i . lt;ll
th Thu, lint- nd*I pas -I in miy i..1tad iat
otr otic . N o ::17 lhart.i ithu liin-. In tIlIL t
IK i'tiv of NieNa ril'at, , Stat, " f L, . iatllIani.
'I lo. d PI . tIl'Odwl. t',latitaat'lit wilti,'a'.ss 5
it %ia tao L e : re unto S nieil It hit waliies p
with th.e salid alltp arers and., l t in. alll it
S Nattry i 1 hlu"', attar dal. r.a. int  of t.- t
S a hh p tsula . 'l iss ly. I:. U( n hiatl l. I,. t
ie f'. i1iloaa a.i Iinir , . llin i.-'l, .9 -l:ari -:
Y iial ry Ii:-keltiisy. 1 sial:; I sid ir". Al.y- pI
lack. u slanur'.s. II. WV. Ka -il"r. Not. 1
he I'tua.
Y. 1. ti'' uii1lersia1.,iIn L a.urdalar of Mart- a
hte aits 111 ill fl r thei 'latil ah aof ll'han.l t.
R. Stait of t.lliousilana,. ,h I.rea-by .r.lty ti
1 1.1a tftle aht , a ltil fotl, a n a t ~a t ii- t
th i-u flara;itiun iof ti;' .1la iv!i k M.la iltfait ir
e i I'on tl lny Ir . ,as , this dlay , ailly I
ratcorr l ii in iim tli he i hooi k 11:,? I".,
li0 lal N. Neai t I'r t .-ains. Ia.. Aptil t h. s
1 l91., (I mlel .1.1. I. conltialI. Il It. A Itrle l
c'i p of lthe a ~ oinllaa l; t l t I itorpl:latI.n
S i l i fil" tll if Irc- a ir.l' in l y niatarial t
* offit e,. II. W . Kaits,-. Not. l't). n
-Aalr - 1--22-21, May .-12:-, i a
" "lialt' l Staat.s of Alaetri( a. State of ti
S L iuiilai. lavit h tof itl-anil s. l'ity
7 of Ne- t ntrli-tai n.
lh Ie it kn onit. 'Thati! tll l 'i l Iirst d ay
uaf lApritl in tlaa i:alr of our Lordii a liin,
Thu i-:aril ine Iliundt al aiil Vi-'fta.nl
or lit-tiare a-ni.. W tn. AtlaIra.w Collins. a Nat-s
at ary 1'u ltl . duly acotin isslioned andl
It qualiled in and for the l'arish of a io
of hiains. State of l.o isiatia. and In thi e t
- s '$1' lln c e o f t h e a i t nr.st s i -r't' ti' a f tlt r r
oIli. m 'ed ai, tih ,er i n led. lrsonaaif it
d, mile lani li tlipearel I . Harris. I'rlesi
if let atil WV. ":. l.atndiin. Secretary tof
al flarri lee 'rti-ant ('ornlatin y,' t al rpo
5 ration oralltized tunder tIh* laws of tlh
State of Louisianin .v tan Act lised-i
lefoalre tm. lNotary. oin lthe 27tl l ay af
.litly. 1911. who dit learePl thatat sia s ial I
nli t eoat f Il StocIkholallieris o f said a
t'roa iiny. h-t at it alnictile in the lilty t
- oif New ia rlaits. oni Mtlarti :l1st. 191.*, hy t
thle writtain cons'"nt of all -stockh ldatl,-r
alnd all stocalkhaller be.ing lpresent lnll
a rt rei:a lia d tiA a I' si.lll it wais unilla i
Snimasly r-i saithei TI'att rtiatle I of tha
Ilharter iof "i Hiarris ; c Ic'rea l o 'anl tisn
ie andl the satme was thsrll.v altered a atlllI
amended s. i as lto read ais follaows:aa
Articlet VI. -All the icorpliorate plowers a
ii of tlhis corporation shall he vested in
Sanid exerciseid by a tlloard oft irectors. c'
lto e composd t al .ar vtn Stockholders.
to lie telicted anltnually ,oil the seaondl
.1Moanday iot' Noimhber itf ea i year. tl
All such elei on ta shall lie by hallot. cl
I and shall he heldi and conducted at tilt.
l offi e of this corporation. under such Ti
retulations as may lie establisted ily tI
the Itoard of Directors. fs
Noltie of such eleation shall bIe riven n
by the Secretary of this orporatlion by ti
publication for not less than ten (1)
days prior thereto in a dally newspaper t{
- puhlihed In the inglIsh language in P
the City of New Orleans. li
u At all such elections and at all cor- P
torate meetings i-very stockholder shall P,
le entitled to onte vole for each share of 01
stock standing in his name on the ti
t ooks of this corpoporaton to be cast by a'
him In person, or by written proxy, and It
Sthe majority of such votes cast shall ai
I elect. tt
s Any vacancy occurring among the Di- h
S rectors of this Corporation by death. he
d resignation, or otherwise. shall be filled m
Sby selection for the unexpired term by It
e the remaining Directors. ft
A failure to elect directors on the 01
date aboie specified shall not dissolve tt
the corporation, nor impair its corporate
existence, but the Directors then in 01
office shall remain in office until their ai
-- successors shall have been duly elected ca
n and qualified. Any Director shall have 01
h the right to bie represented at any meet- tt
r ing of the Board or Directors of this
I Corporatlon by an attorney holding said 0
Director's written proxy. F
In all Stockholders meeting wherein E
Directors are elected, stockholders shall of
have the right of cumulative voting In tI
the election of said Directors, and said dl
right of cumulative votlng in the elec
tion of Directors of this Corporation dl
Sshall not be taken away. except by the tt
una imous vote of all the outstanding ot
stock.. et
The Board of Directors shall at its t(
first meeting and annually thereafter. w
elect from among its number, a .presi- at
aadent. a vIce--president and a treasurer. al
SThe Board of Directors shall also elect I
a Secretary, who may or my or not be a
- stockhold r. Theoe ofie of Secre:ary and al
Treasurer may be filled by onf e and the rt
same person at the discretion of the
The Board of Directors from time to It
time may name and appoint all such 51
othler officers and agents as it may deem at
n necessary for the purposes and business t
i of this corporation. The said Board 01
Sshall have power to fix and define the a
duties of every officer and employee, and B
d all officers and employees shall hold D
k office and employment at the pleasure of
the Board. The Board may make and Cl
d establils, as well as alter and amend. St
Sall such by-laws, rules and regulations o
i necessary and proper in its judgment ut
Sfor the conduct and management of the
business and affairs of such corpora
- The Board of Directors shall have full b
power and authority to sell, convey. na
mortgage, pledge, lease and purchase ot
real and personal property, to borrow sl
Smoney. Issoe notes and bonds, lend of
money,. make contracts, and sign and i
cause to be signed all necessary acts, ti
deeds. etc.. to take judicial proceedings c
In the name of and on behalf of the cort
e poration and generally to do any and all i
things reasonable, convenient and neces- 01
s aIry for the proper carryingn n of the r
business and affairs of this corporation. i
- The Board of Directors may issue full
paid shares of stock for cash and the m
said stock shall not at any time be Is- s
All transfers of stock shall be made at
-on the books of the Company, and under at
the rules and regulations as the Board be
of Directors may prescribe. fo
SAnd said Appearers further declared
- that they were duly authorized by aa
Resolution of said Stockholders' Meet- hc
( ing to appear before me notary, and to pa
sign and execute this Notarial Act and
to take such other and further proceed- th
lngsa. as might be necessary to effect the m
proper and legal amendment of the of
Charter of said Corporation, as above di
set forth. A certified copy of proceed
hereto annexed, li
Thus done and passed in my office, in by
the City of New Orleans, State of o
Louisiana. on the day, month and year fu
hereinfirst above written in the presence th
of L Brocard and Louis E. Ebeling, p
competent witnesses, who have hereunto th
signed their names with said appearers be
and me, Notary, after the due reading ca
of the whole. Witnesses: 1. L. Bro- an
card; 2. Louis E. Ebeling (Original lia
signed) E. R. Harris, Pres., W. E. Lun- ti
Sdin. Secty., Wm. Andrew Collins, Not daa
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mort- ca
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans, po
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify sit
h at the above and foregoing Act of
mending the Charter of the "Harris m
Ice Cream Company" was this day duly tha
recorded in my office in Book 1157, Folio or
132, New Orleans, April 1st. 1915. (Ori
gitnal slgned) Emile L. Leonard, Dy R. on
IA true copy Win. Andrew Collins, Not.
Apr 15-22-29 May 6-12-20
7iS ' 30331 1A3W, Ein. ar
United States of America, State of
louisiana, Pariah of Orleans, City al
of New Orleans.
Be it known, That on this sixth day ana
of the month of April, In the year of 'I
Our Lord, one thoumand, nine hundred thi
and Uteen, before me, Joseph Kenton pre
'x- Louisiana, in such cases made and pro
ie- viaed. they hase cotenanted and agreed.
he and do by these presents covenant and
in. agree and hind thltiselvis. as well as
ie all suc.h piersons as nia. heireafter be
i.r- 'tle ass.' iat . !i witih them. to tormn a
ti aind ntler th' iarticles a d .tiipulatlion
' In- llall % Ili. , ito-nl it.
l l rticle 1. 'I' I" n ,atlm e of this (nrpora
he 'ion >.b :ll h " I. ,i el 's .M odel ,''a r mn s, In
Ih litrpilllra d.' and un titer its said iorporate
ie. in . it I.-tll ,laie power ti l authority
a l- t li hate nlin t. y cnlp rate existen, 'e I
a- it , slli 1ceslll for the full terl n and.
I, pri, I ofll tii.t-nin ye ars front andl
lI- a lt, r the late,' hier" t ' to conl l'a t, to I
Irs t'l and bl e s.tied. to makeand litot Ilse a
I;l cLIt*ipeiae til' el an.H d the "illle to ai lter
he t l rt I ga e antl lypti!hetatle pii 'little '
I t r .ai, pl 'rsonal anl l 1 "1 lX '. cor tporeatl al n i
m tiin trpl 'i al, to mlanle i-ulla appoiint srue i
;. as ilts binteil* .- tern. t and cnni ennlnt'l"
it lrtay r lt ie . and ti li to i.e and estabilsh.r
Ir- , hell as alterll aind i lntn, fll r 1''t ln et
II to time suclh hl.-liws, 'rules and resula
a}' Iloni for the proper gternment of the
res coar'y and prope r.
I .litlc le If Th l' ' Ic· n lcil tie o f this cor
i le potation hloll he th Pe l'ity of No- %v
it trla'eln 1 r ,' l : s S tate o f I .La imal rlt . a nd aill rita
l.l ltrls ill"r other I legal ipro ess t liall tie
, ,- -of upon the l 're-d'l nt ofi . ('d cor
c i p r olln, or" i n the o ntl of his al bsenct .
i uponil the 'l ie-Pi'r.s l.nt thereof, and inl
., t ilii l'em ii of botlh of said offtticers. Uptlt
I ilet ~Sect itrll y oftl saidl corporatil hon.
Article Ill --The otbljects attnd. plr
i..- poses, frc for h Ih corporation is otr
t- are h.rety decl.ared to he; to engage in
h e dl a iry tiu i nlil s , tint l t n th e c ,iitll'l -
f l lnn aid seling of atll lrm and planta
t1- lul products ou f ev tievry nature. kind rand
Ir- t iari actr wilatsloe.vr; an the raising,
ly buyingi atnd selling of cattle, imules,
in- Ittnetis, huirses. iitnl re, cults, don'ikeys.
I. sheei , gieats. hiti-s. ipoultry, gees.'.
, l'ucks. gutintea fwis and ostriclhes; and
in n fuirtherancl tihereof to buy, lease or
all aquire suchl real proplerty as may te
tnectssary tio properly condluct and prose
Iute' said lisiness; in the esatablishmenlt
an.1! maintenancte of fatilories, plants or
,therwisel; and enerally to do and per
Sfolrm all things pertinent and incidtent
ait I 1chihh llmay be proper and necessary
if to carry out anl execute the objects
Il lt til urlliposs iof this 'corporation.
Art icle. IV.--The capital stock of this
illcorporatiotn is herelby fixed at the sum
II. of Twently Tiousalnd and i)0 100., ($20.
n il 4 Ill l t) . Dtl llllars. divided, into and repre
t- sItltd b1y Itwenty htundlerd (1,001) shares
ni f thi lr value ar of Ten and 00 100
i t10.0t0), iollars each. Said stock shall
1I. be paid for in casi, or in such install
lr itil. s lid at such time and after such
Snotice to subscribers as the lBoard iof
I t rect lrs may fix, or same may ie
f isued at not less thllan par for lahir
lne and sert ices perlfornled 'foir said
ici.oriporation iir for ptroerty or rhtets
e a'tlally received by said c oriolaton.
f Ten Thousanid and 0i) 1t00 ($10,000.i00)
ia Doillars ofl the capital stock has been
id siscritid lto the corporation at the time
t, of the passing of this act of incorllora
Sthion. and thisd corporatlion shall tielome
i ali loing concern and shall be author
l tA.! to commeiii nce business as soon as
Ii- Ifie Thousand and an t Ith)100 ($ t,0i.0o)
l,. ollars of its capital stoclk shall hale
lle nt paid for. tilher in cash tor for labor
ili dlone. ir services performed for said
iicorporation, ior for property or rights
rs actually tratnsferred ito it.
in Article V.-The capital stock of this
corporation may tie incretased to the sum
oif (nile lHundred Thlousand and 00 100
l (=100,U00.00) Dollars, by a vole of two
third s of all of the stock, at a meeting
t. callted for that put posie,
t Article Vt.--Transfer of stock shall be
tel made only on te books of the corpora
ion tion, subject to such regulations and
formalities as the Board of Directors
tn may prescribe. Any stockholder wishing
v to sell his stock must offer the same in
) writing to tihe other stockholders.
or through the Board of Directors. at a
in price not exceeding the book value
thereof, who shall have an option to
r_ purchiase all shares of stock to be dis
i!! posed of by sale. resignation, death, or
of otherwise, or any of its members, and
lie tey shall have fifteen days in which to
,y accept or decline said offer. Should the
,ij Board of Directors decline to purchase
Ill any stock, the stockholder who has made
the offer to sell. may then dispose of
i his stock in any manner or at any price
i. he may see fit, but any sale or transfer
Smade by a stockholder in violation of
y this article shall be void. and no trans
fer of stock shall be made on the books
e of the corporation unless the provisions
e thereof are strictly complied with.
t Article VII.-All the corporate powers
in of this corporation shall be vested in
ir and exercised by a Board of Directors.
Pd composed of nine (9) stockholders, five
e of whom shall constitute a quorum for
t- the transaction of business.
is Victor Loisel. A. C. Carpenter. Edward
id 0. Wild. Rene F. Clerc, Dents Clement.
F. It. Lymann. William O. Hudson.
in Edouard F. Henriques. Raoul Sere shall
11 compose the first board of directors of
in this corporation. This first board of
in directors shall serve until the second
c- Monday in April. 1916, after which the
tn directors shall be elected annually by
e the stockholders at a meeting to be held
g on the said second Monday in April of
each year. Said meeting of stockholders
ts to be preceded by fifteen days notice in
'r. writing sent to each of said stockholders
it at his or her last known place of real
r dence. Each stockholder shall be en
t titled in person or proxy to one vote
a for every share owned by him or her;
id all elections shall be held under such
te rules and regulations as may be deter
Smined by the Board of Directors. The
Directors, when elected, shall continue
to in office for one year and until their
Ssuccessors shall have been duly elected,
m and shall have been qualified. No falil
sure to elect shall operate the forfeiture
rd of this charter of any right under the
le same. Any vacancy oecurring on said
d Board shall be filled by the remaining
d Directors for the unexpired term.
a Victor Loisel shall be President; A. C.
id Carpenter. Vice-President; E. O. Wild.
d. Secretary, and Rene F. Clerc. Treasurer
s of the first Board of Directors, to serve
t until the second Monday in April, 1916.
ie Article VIII.-The funds of this cor
a- poration shall be deposited from time to
time in a bank or banks to be selected
11 by the Board of Directors. All checks. 4
y. notes or Instruments drawn or executed '
ce or issued in said corporation's name
w shall be countersigned by at least two
d officers of the corporporation. No official
d shall thus sign or endorse the name of
, the copoporation save astrictly in its
Is concerns.
r. Article IX.-ThIs act of incorporation
11 may he changed, modified or amended
Sor the capital stock increased or de
a creased by and with the consent of two
a. thirds of all the stock.
It A change in the objects and purposes
te may be made only by a vote of all the
s. stock therefor issued; and an increase
of the capital stock in excess of the
le amount originally named herein as the
r amount to which the capital stock may
d be increased. may be made by three- 4
fourths of all the outstanding stock.
d This corporation may be dissolved by
as vote of two-thirds of all the stock
1- holders at a meeting called for that
. purpose.
d Notice of all meetinsl referred to in
- this Article shall be given in the same
e manner as is provided for the giving
e of the notices of election. In case of
e dissolution or termination of this char- 1
I- ter, either by limitation or otherwise.
a the affairs of this corporation shall be
liquidated by three liquidators, elected -
n by the stockholders from among their
f own number, each liquidator shall have S
r full authority to settle and wind upt
e the business and affairs of this cor- i
M. poration. The terms and conditions and
Sthe compensation for such services shall
Sbe fixed at the time oft election. In
Scase of the death or other disablility of
any of the liquidator. before the final
ii liquidation of the affairs of the corpora- g
tion. the remaining liquidator or liqui
L dators shall fill said vacancy or va- L
cancies. 0
S Article X.-No stockholder of this cor
. poration shall be held liable or respon
F sible for the contracts, defaults or debts 0
t of this corporation, nor shall any mere
5 Informality of this organization have a
V the effect of rendering this charter null.
I or of exposing any stockholders to any
- liability beyond the unpaid balance due
on the stock held by him. A
- Article XI.-In order that this charter -
may also serve as the original subscrip
tion list, the subscribers hereto have
* written opposite their names the num
ber of shares subscribed for by them. |
The subscribers to thin corporation
are: itl
SAll of which above subscriptions are p
Spayable in the manner, mode and species
as is set forth in the list hereto annexed
r and which forms a part of this charter.
I Thus done and signed at New Orleans,
I this slxth day of April. 1915. in the
I presence of Ferdinand Behalff and O. a
- Cochran. competeat witnesses, reildeats
-of this Parish, who have signed, these t
.preseats, toethe with a rrs
I se me, Noa after a e of the
Beer Brewed in New Orles
brewed to suit the clin,
.A That is why
American Beer
Is Best B" ,
American Brewing.
John Couget,
Beef. Veal. Pork and Mutton
St. John's Market.
George 0. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
The Johnson Iron Works, Ltd.
Machine, Forge and Pattern Shops and Foundry,
Shipyards for Building and Repairs to Steel and Woodea YVl
Boiler, Tank and Pipe Shops.
P. O. Drawer 24 1 ALGIERS, STA. Telephone AlIg S1
Soul Collop ligl il
Now in Session
Wide awake parents vfaor eeag
because we offer the DIIUST
English, shorthand and m
SOULE COLLEGE nes courses, 4, =* aw W.
per month.
Is the Gateway Positions secured wrttb Im
to Success Well fo It wllr py
In :usiness best schooL.
Fine Wines, Liquors of all
CORNER OF ALIX and clus.
"Algrs,391-W Contractor and BmlIkde:
Going to Build or Repair? My bid will
save you $200 to $300-Plans, estimates
and specifications furnished free.
n D RUonE vim 0so ROOFIN
alvanized Iron Fomled Ral Prooflng-Storus I
B. V. REDMOND & SON, ad-e-asl so- e
Model Sheet Metal Works
Phone Algiers 377 916-18 Tecbhe St
Cafiero's Ice Works
P HONE Crystal, Clear and Pure a55a
Slsiers 46688 Prompt Service to All C 48!
Workes at 216-218-220-222 lmer Street SM. H. Cia, N
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver
and Platedware.
1233 UECATUR STREET, near U. S. Mt. Pbh., ligh
e State of Louaisaha, do hereby certify
that the above and foregoing act of
incorporation of the Loisel's Model
I Farms, Incorporated, was this day duly
I recorded in my ofce in Book -, Folio
- (Original Signed) Emile J. Leonard,
I I ereby certify the above and fore
going to be a true and correct copy of
the original act of incorporation of the
Loisel's Model Farms, Incorporated, and
of the certificate of incorporation of the
Deputy Recorder of Mortgages, except
from this copy of said act there are
omitted the names of the subscribers,
and the number of shares subscribed by
each incorporator. In faith whereof,
witness my hand and omcial seal this
6th day of April, 1915. J. Kenton Bailey,
Notary Public. (Seal.)
April 15-22-29 May 6.13-D0
Pair Warning.
Maid at Country Hotel-Please, sir,
will you use the hot water soon, as
there's an 'ole in the ean?--Londm
Marriage Makes a Difference.
IDring the courtship a woman will
ankly acknowledge that the man In
the cMse is her superior, but after ma.
rlee she admta she was msttake.
VI eo ol Fr m  s ainemm .
It a 1s M eseeam ee wpl Il a
Where Reggle Leo Ou .
"What in the world ma5 a
Reggle?" "Oh, he got os nM
always asking permlssion MI
-Dallas News.
What It Really AmeSU* AN
A man who brags about IMS -
common sense Is usualtly It
apologise for being behlad *
Uncle Pennywils fit -
I ain't got much legal IM
don't believe I'd smirk sad
wus on trial fer murder.
Words In Various
There is no accurate or
timate available of the
words In the vocabularies of
OUR nations. The English
however, is generally conoeda
the largest number of wordS
lowing dures are taken hem
dletionarie of the variou
and are fairly completo:
44Mue words; German, 3P
aeek. H144WN words; Ias ,
WIlds; "panwt, 1MW* WS* *'
t .

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