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Union Saloon
nioq4uors. Cigars and 201 MOROAN STREET
V Consumers Bker. Jos. Talloo, - Proprietor
The Johnson Iron Works, Ltd.
'1:\ý ORLEANS. LA.
Machine, ForIe an 1 Pattern Shops and Foundry,
for Buildinl and Repairs to Steel and Wooden Vessels, .
Boil!r, Ilank and Pipe Shops.
wer 241 Al 4 illil.:, STA. Telephone Algiers 491
O-U call gxt the kind of goods here
that ~,ill satisfy.
BE the large assortment we always have on hand
in our delicatessen department.
ALA sets the prices and starts them
- down hill.
i J. LALA. The Teche St. Grocer
Phone your order' Phones Algiers 50--420.
george G. Brunssann,
Fineral Director and Embalmer,
All Kinds-Place Your Order
0fin g sWith Us-Can Make Immediate
IRubber---V Crimp Corrugated
314-316-318-320 Chartres Street.
harles E. Erath
Manufacturer Of
Bet Creole Pepper Sauce, Redanapper Sauce
Rgigeeed for United Mileage at Main Office 607 Whitney
Central Building
1916 Christmas Savings Club 1916
Which Opens Next Menaay, DECEMBER 6, 1915.
s deposit 25 cents, 50 cents, $1 or more each week. Out-of
muLrs solicited. Ask for circular.
_ll be mailed our 1915 Club members on December 11. 1915.
644 Bouny Street, Algiers.
son B e e r ., DRAUron Street.
All Kinds of Scales Repaired
and Adiasted.
Wagon and Railway Track
Scales a Specialty.
Phone Main 3894
1008 Tchoupitoulas St.
C0, INC.
SState of Louisiana,
ty of New Orleans.
2n t tis 29th day of the
A 196, before me. IHer
tovr public duly com.
tabove named parish
eame and appeared:
uwbse names are here
it the presence of the
wald and undersigned,
That availing them
state of Louisiana,
ation of corpo
of Act 267 of 1914,
i do by these lresents
themselves, as well
4so may hereafter be
into a corporation
,.l to enjoy corporate
of mnety-nine (99)
esas sooner dissolved,
stipulations which
Sther articles of incor
mIof this corporation
and Export Co.,
hereb declared to be
state of Louisi
o ther legal process
b esident, and, in
and purposes of
ature of the busi
it, are hereby de
eire, to hold, own,
|.ga and to invest,
d pgs, perfumery,
ansls, salt, cement,
say other goods,
S or property of
.;to do a gen
merchant's and
therein; to export
dlb as principal or
se things and all
hatever, without
Otative cf err
.as, and as such
Alt' business inter
xand to act as
oad ale of all kins
tg, notes. s'orks
Purchase, acquire,
dispose of. Tort
and real and pc-
and class in the
Sand al forein
manage and
alter and re
sad to buy and
Uiy by uilde.-a:
ra real estate
fee itself or as
Power to borrow
Metgg or other.
To enter into all contracts, agreements or
- engagementts or incur any obligations con
nected with or appertaining to any of said
objects; to establish branch offices or agen
I, cies at any place, or places, that the board
I. of directors may deem advisable, and to carry
e on any part of its business and exercise any
part of its powers outside the State of Low
isiana, or in foreign countries.
h And in general to do anything necessary,
: incidental to and connected wtih said bo
jects and purposes, as well as to exercisce all
e rights and powers conferred on corporations
I, bv Act 267 of 1914.
Article III.-The capital stock of this cor
i, poration is hereby fixed at the sum of ten
- thousand dollars ($10,000.00), all of which
I, shall be common stock; which capital stock
s shall consist of one hundred shares of a par
11 value of one hundred dollars ($1ii0.00) each.
The capital stock of this corporation may he
n increased to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
e No stockholder of this corporation shall
) sell, or offer to sell, any stock of this cor
I, pration owned by him until he shall have
h first offered the same to e.ch of the other
:stockholders thereof, fot a period of thirty
f3io days, at the book value of said stock.
n This ofler shall be made in writing to the
, hard of directors of this corporation, who
e shall, for the purpose, be considered the
agent for the remaining stockholders, who
s shall have the right to purchase same at said
it look value, in proportion to the stock owned
by them.
f Article IV.-All of the corporate powers
of this corporation shall lbe vested in and
exercised by a board of directors composed
if three (3) stockholders of this corporation,
t, : e elected at a meeting of the stockhold
ers held for that purpose, at the domicile of
the company, on the second Wednesday in
April of 1917. and annually thereafter; notice
o,f which meeting shall be given to each
f ickhl lder at least fifteen (15) days prior
•:o each oeeting,i either personally, or by
Sepositing same in the post office properl
t ,lressea, to the last known address of each
r s:.,ckholder, as shown by the books of the
1 c. rporation.
t The board of directors of this corporation
shall. immediately after their election and
qualification for office, select from among
a their number a president and a sceretary
rtca.urrr, and may select one or more vice
;ires dents. The first board of directors of
s his cor;poration is declared to be composed
. f Az:ur J. Braniff, of No. 1921 Napoleon
avenue. New Orleans. La.; Gerald S Ken
t:cdy, of No. 1817 Berlin street, New Orleans.
I..,., and Edward B. Ellis, of 4001 Berlin
-*reet. New Orleans. Louisiana. with Arturo
I. lBran:ff as president and Edward B. Ellis
1aas scretary-treasurer.
Ti he said board of directors shall have
power to appoint agents and employees for
I this corporation, or to remove the same at
pleasure, and they shall also have the power
to fill any vacancies in their number, and
s shall make such by-laws from time to time,
and amend the same, as they may deem ex
Article V.-Said appearers declared that
they tsi'.o r:he, respectively, to the full.wing
, :' ( .f ,-yer s of the c ipital stock of t!:i.
c, or ,. ,. A.. 1. Branuif, twenty-s:x t .s )
share ;, ; tr.ild l K. K nrcedv. twelve i114
"h are,. F.I. ard B. Eil.t, twelve (12) shares.
lhe s t1 "- p,'..n of Artlo, 1. Brar.tt
:.iull b.e ,-ty p,,d f rt an') settled l ,v hirl
!,y th e i t" .t t .` a " .ra:t , .
I "p'tt rt, . tan on the deta.lt ,tater t
`eret., " .r -a;d pr,lcrty h., a:::q L,
.\ .1I . ,i f h . 1 II.,. 1. , I' ., .,r !
+ :,.  I ,! r, ' th\ t, t. .
II '' , "I t , I),,:. \ il . " .It
I re: , - slt \l A . ( I t'A . It ,
. . ' . . a ;,_ . . a s t, . '" ,
' i' " ' 1It I I I' 11 '' }<.\ " - i tlk , I'.
1 t - ". '
S , . l f fll e
1.1 ituie fii this Statr'.
i ' . it i f the 1 ., ,i ut
i'd w t * ' 1' i ti " fir a c -
"l t a '" " I "1 1 1 r .\dI 'it, .it ' i t
S - ' . • ,·. 'h tere a nd taIe of lt i.. ar
t" 1l .5 it t h.d shill hale
i'd1 t-- p -r--l t''-' p r ir r !, prtit. i ri tes
ul'rls i.') rA t i0 , f 1914\ refI'I're ti.
. II h \ I1,\1. Ti l .I. i. 1 tt'. . e lt "i .
,3 A ,r1 1 ,' - . "V., ' . 'll t ' . ti 'pis at) ' ,
tire. I Iii Iii i-i Ih-- ilsettue or dP'i'ill:tsy ,
'l'e -en' t' tie i !.
erl . - -t, real up-)i , ' -.it, I, a . t. i t I tIy an,
itc . ient i ri t '!;. t ,t , .. . h en -a  r*!i i ,t e
thait .,v I ..t r " t ir t ve i rl, of lt e a:I l n,
It tle :It i , .1 t ' 111 -real etit 1 b S .il'lte.
a Its - i 'l e .i-"i
i' let IV -Th-, 'piiltrTl stick of this acor-.
iut n three hndired (.tii shares of thes lar
ale, kt -n . Act 27 of tle 4.lars e , acth. ,andf
I114, ti i "e , and become r :a goingt, concern,
a. hen three ndI the:el (vn,, shares of its cap
ital ptick shalil have bee sutile hcred and
At the e iei n ordf tese prsents and in
the n itnner flts in". to-wit: Fiitien thou
-tand sti i,:l ire, ll llti.( l d ollars. tash
praiti li TI. 'e the tT.tein.g full paymi t t -
fi"r one hunried Inl tifty-six (lnt shares.
Seven thtt-'iL Ind ta--I hundred (17,3i.00) OO i
s,- cash. pild tiv: Ii.  II. rehtlander being
ftill pirasment tifr . veint-two (.,72 slares.
Seven tli'iii-andt two huttired ($S7.3l.i)i ddi
l.r:t calsl,. tla, l ir y t ). E . Vethlanler. bei, g
full liaylien; fitr seventy-two (72) shares.
Article ,.-All tran fers of st4, k shall he
ttile .11, thle hoetks of this corporation, on the
tiur-u nt'i i t st l "u 1 trles as the fi, arl nw f di ct -
Article V'I.--Tlhe chlarter Of this corfwra
tiont ma, he ni.lrieil h, r tahe vite of two
t!iir is .lf all : li stck. at a ervetng of the
tre, ckollers , :,rly :alle for t tye purpose.
The calital 1stck ,.f this eorpand tion may be
S.crease or tiel r-ease by the vote of three
fi.tlrths of all its stock at a meeting of the
ate r aclere al , c ralled fry deal in prop-se
at all niect inse pai er-l fnir, in this charter,
each share eij ott:k shfll  ie entitle n to one
v~tte. wl.tc, may he cast ,iy the stockholder
or iby his agent or proxy. which proxy may
;,e evi encei by letter or othler written doc
.Article VIT.-Tle cir' orate powers of this
corpoat aion. as granted liy law and by this
charter t;irll lie vested in a eoard of direc
tolr ti le comnpse. of nut less than three
ntr tat:re than ter-e directors, to be elected
Ivy the stockholders at a general meeting to
t htelhr n the second IMonday of anhe pary
n eacl year. o stockholder of this ch, andr
prthation shall be eligile as a director, un
less ite owns and his own name, full paid
and tnpledeed. at least five shares of the
capital stock of this corporation; nor shall
any stockholder be personally responsible
Or liaid l fo r the contracts or fault of this
cAt therporaton; tr liable to the creditors of this
corthe ratiner n, to an mont in excess of the
unpaid balance due on his stock subscription.
Artndle s I I.-Tdrhe board of directors of
this corporatioa shall have power to make
for the conldulct of the Tiusiness affairs of
tli:s cttrputratioin, an.) they shall elect from
theaid nu E. 1.a president, a vice-president
.nd a sec retnry-treastter. A majority of
sat:d lt-.arii sh:ull constittite a quorum for the
transaction of all business.
Article IX.-At all meetings, a majority
tif the votes cast. shall elect and decide all
tqevtien s iefre the meeting; if at any time.,
tlrete shuld he a failure to elect officers on
lle iayn provided for, in this charter, such
farture shll nort dissolve the corporation,
iut the then existing officers shall centinue
in ottffice, and as soon thereafter as possible.
an election shll he had by ten days written
notice ly mail. addressed to his last known
atidress. to each stockholder; any vacancy
occurring hy death. resgnoation or otherwise,
on the board of directors, during their term
of office, shall be tilled by the remaining
Artiele X -This corporation shall have pow
er to sue and he sued in its corporate name,
t, make anl use a common seal. and to alter
same at pleasure; to acqluire property, real
andt personal. by grant, gift, or purchase, and
to devise or bequeath, to lease, hold or dis
poste of and to mortgage and pledge the same;
, ppoilnt such officers and agents as the
bstiness of the cirporation may require and
*o tix their compensation; to make by-laws;
lx or alter the management of its property.
the regurlation and management of its af
fairs, and the manner of the certification and
registration of its stock; to conduct business
In this state and in other states and pos
sessions of the United States, and to do and
perfors, all manner of contracts and trans
act all manner of hustness which may be
connected with. incidental or germane to, the
rrBoses for which this corporation is organ
Articlse IT-Whenever this corporation shall
e diss-lved., either by limitation or other
caiuste. its taffairs shall be liquidated under
the sphervision of a commissioner to be
electeol iv the stockholders of this corpora
tion, convened for that purpose, after thirty
dIns p-ir otance by mail to each stock
h'lder at his last known address. and with
the asscent of three-fourths of the capital
s:ock of the corporation then subscribed and
sad for. Said couminissioner to remain in
offhce until the affairs of the corporation
shall have been fully liquidated
Article r II.-Until the election to be held
as hereinaove provided, the following shalt
constitute the orat board of diredors, who
shall hold oflice until their successors shall
have hcetn elected and duly qualified
E. II. V'-; nder. 31 l.aurel .' . \N w Or
h Ins; i1. ' II. Verl bder. 734 Elte.. re S'.
New 4-ric Is; I). E. Verlandtr, :, V\ rb-It.
S , .N 1 I:er~a s n ih. ' E. II V r '',l r -
;,re-:dint, I S. II. Vlria:d r a. ', I"
. . I• ) I-e \~.",:' -. l r ' -. , ..
J ,t
i I V
It :ire t i . i t a ,
r." . . ; r e
t d , of .uman n turs , , ' ,
S writin ord.
I-rk, for larce :nd - i- ;,': l I1' t
GEORGE A. Sill.11S
,13 H'hitney-Central Bldg.
~ ' hi F" \ I I tl I TV 111 distil; 4\ 1
I \ i: \\ I R I 4 I- \l . I- .," It\t
.l 7
\ 11
' " l ' s : :g - Ii ru :ax
,t thr : .,; :1 T . r1 : ,.te - t e wa
13:1 , aed, have .hven ir.n.l .Id
, 'ie , ,.d . . hv h e p e- . " ;.v .. - l
S .." ok 'i t- . :: .' : ' rn . ', ', w e I a i ad!
, 11i\a'. hereaf:e: ;, nne
r it th t`,r, tto i ran a c 'p at ;in fir
" ' eI t ar r ,\ l pur ., , :A n . ter the art:
.l p. t;;l. Iii tiltnwirg, ta -w t:
a . e I '~r i :. ': ". f ti. , , - " .. I ,
S ' i :: o. I , . a i" "I :1, ,. I T . I
;p e r11 It shal i it po wer a"-I su
n t. , r the fu l trrT ." -.i p"' r .
" r etf ar I\t.-- ar from and sfle thr
lte he it' : to , - :rict. or .t he r e.,f terd
1 c. - t:k '.1 " -s T c . r p ' r a e 1i i s n ' t ` , re
. l t;rt1 e, le. 'i s 1,1i , .'" ir , -.1 . t n * ),a
w zll - rI C in r CC ,id ll;ýrl ra s cti pr 'pirt .
:, t t i tt l:, I-ll!,tI ; 'T1 f 1 2e 't r rt' T ,
.I nd IJ I kt,, t his e cs a we- aN
:1'1.1 I: sto . n: bd. f - hTo y 1 i te:i. t htne C d!
a~ lat :i l.d d ,Il s ; " ! tsa:t e t, he ,ven l'r
. a 5rn: "n: f ,n f 1 t:, t s of .,-..tI c 'lr t .t atr f
-t ''.:c I I I-IV - er ef.seI '"rf ar;. el p t.
it e ,.' t u ,15 sat r,l a t' ll , rt ter s oTr ate-r
ll I .act - ' t hs:la eI  : r he o nR t'he ptes
.nt:ll of said crp or t iin. r in the evert a f
ep rs-~ n 1e N by the s- 'cehu red ( ien thaereof f
1 t'i:d :. e h: l -e ar a l ,c f frtt b i, ,'1 irce,
csh.ll alle s(cret. oht t .,. I,.I r &ott c ht
r'IItclte titl -lt .i i t s"all I pat u tpte andr
'f Ie:'t t, ' ..oi I - .1 ta' i:e -os-e .C t tilte
1 f, 1'e i.4 :l t " ll t. , !e c- rr:ed C .r. 1,u.
Ire" decC e s-e'l t . 'it rhe general w1el w'rk
.t1- 1,,1-s tha ng , r the anui ta.tu:e andr d
If. 11 -ltra d r, bfir a. rnd s traet . inter sf
and exteryor tinsit, and generally to ti> rrce d b
a.pf ert tn ng to the sai ,,u in .i th
Article W.- The capital stock of this car
tI retlotn .a hie e tx r ale d at the sum of te:
th..san d I ll rai' trs sti0 10, d. I e! into and
tc.ik .f he par value of i afty d otllars IS ef)
ta :h. and st hall be paid for ain ash
IC s a-. .lIk.o. ,I.. ,t of a erel ftor a apt -d of
or e sch ientallments. and lat such tie and
te o s le n hall .t te on s tre a t onle or the
lOt j'l c r ... t ..t..h i te - lll ,,Cii 'm of ch the'
at, t rf.o rard ft' i or aull ,orin r tho oe el ,f
rert ,ts  tslia s aln teale reheoioy te d ierd
etoct may be'elt ion shy, tll f rher. 1 r er
. I . hSl ceelllnn ,u itrch der, hlereofr :ia.
aitl tr e rf e t uishare, - tofe crthe satock
--,dh e stok i .i ,r iler fI ue ter a tIr" natti n
pet on same and all toc aci e Iny mannthr
cirertn sn al t bsuc r to the , t ov i n
of t ilr charter.
Arti cle o.-The catal stck of thiso r- on l
ei-_ratln uly he tcreay sed at the sumril of
Votehr ofy twods ofe all the stoek, atra meet
ingnalled tr, that purpoe. nt to excf
Articl f v-Ahe tile or phorft pers of the
thach. atlera, Jo s<hall Ie eastd ,rine asdh
r iell sbyl i alordL aof r ctrs comptiosede of
lie sc t.hrdan. 1her. tA starlrd BerIaf. he aird
tr. Sut.,tt of rtileoas, sari Iletoe shalle
.e iecr, alt t the air ol lalmer etie ora the
:e stockholdeslfts fo rpratem ant be theid
Inr hell erenred onda oMarctd eaeort, yoar
rol.rt sahtion i shall e bct o held o siae
t lei the r in t n oll r lrt'ter , ad. res y and
tall eetdairs f i afre of the smtock a eet
rin palledfors that purcost h
tclree ors eofc thIs corporation. o bt ithe
,nuhll . sliod tnd8 coiruret h unewsh Oreans.
lnt, saClehrl estoC eas e heitd ond Shall
Ae vat, ofedi errl s a.s fGorge Jt ei ofo
sta. elect2 AIrx St.one Oreas Ln ea.h seto
tht. erel ty 4rt, St. tl det t.r.N ewr lued ans,
larld to ch art sat k. preiet at presdeet
eht h tert valeren asn seethe nre t
Ail t etin rst Stid h f s hall b y al n eae
stock oma er soh al ld enitluto the voet-ar
eachshr ofee stock shanders nerehisn sharlt
the ireos of the corporaton, the vwie to
:he- C. Ithe i.n er sonr bty proxy atO thet
orl rchrsnlte to seuect . eproisnd s
Article \'to.--The cact of ilrdoftdireors I
Il ,thned, p reifed or taheed ore sJh not
dtl.t or efoct thsed olla reassiL. by ahn
Lotl btho a o of dretos hremsoku t ai min oet
ar called Ir that avce-purpside. Ges meJ
All ection shall be b balteon and ech
storh elect shallmon enitled o nme ao foretie
ente as-e-ed atoe ana ainsec of thet ne
ntockh voecs of thtc cuorion, tnhe to bel
icothon either fndray om dt. rehi eatd tr
hall ray i re ,mat i ty shall be theflle d f r thes
be givencthe o cct. tayen wr tang an'!
maTle thiue echlsct okholderd at hi laestkno
dInr the dat st fMifteend daysfpr, iorlt the
dAretle or¢ fc. this a orporation, matyh:
ole charned odir.coletr at, 2edan ote cap
ntls stoirseasedor; dearreles d bytand 3l7
with withe Cardento f at w tsirds ofetalnlt
bemahide on sbyvl bave ofille the soc the ure
ofohalresmsed ad manor inrase of the tcapita
stock in excess of the amount originally
i I II \. \,' , ' '
The prog: i'hv&e steps of man's ac
quaintance with fir. are three-the
knowledge of tire. the means of uti
lizing it and the meanis of preserving
it. The last "tep. which is one of the
most imp.lortant in the history of man's
development, is fully illustrated by
the series of different apparatus and
materials. .any improvements have
followed the first steps in man's prog
ress, and each method has been sub
ject to various modifications by dif
ferent peoples. What was probably
the first method, that of rubbing two
sticks together with the hands, was
I improved by reciprocating motion ef
" fects; the twirling of one stick held
vertically between the palms and rest
ing on a second lying horizontally on
the ground, then by the addition of a
bow and socket. followed by the
weighted stick as in the pump drill,
and finally the machine with cogwheels
and crank as employed in Sudan.
The Gossip.
Miss Lydia flypath had thin lips,
eyes that bored like gimlets, though
they were as blue as the sea and had
been pretty in their time, and a nose
that was always ready to sniff at any
thing she doubted. She doubted al
most everything that was told her,
but told it as the truth to the next
person she met. She was slender and
small, with an alert movement like
a sharp blackbird, and she always
I wore dull black clothes with dazzly
white lines near together. They
seemed to reverse in color the fine
lines of dissatisfaction in her thin,
pursed lips, and up and down on her
narrow forehead, vanishing under her
gray, frizzy hair.-From "The Obses
slon of Victoria Gracen," by Grace
Livington Hill Lutz.
SMilk From the Desert.
El Paso, Tex.. has one of the most
interesting milk supplies of any city.
A considerable amount ot the milk is
goats' milk produced by a number of
goat dairies, one of which has a thou
sand goats. These goats get their liv
ing from the surrounding hot. dry ter
ritory, deficient in grass and only mod
erately covered with sagebrush and
cactus. A cow would starve to death,
but the goats, though fed neither hay
nor grain, give on an average about a
quart each. The milk brings the same
price as cows' milk and is sold both
In bottles and in bulk.-Farm and Fire
Phenomena of Sleep.
The myriad phenomena of sleep, of
Insomnia, of dreams, of somnambu
lism, of somniloquism (sleep walking
and sleep talking) are inextricably in
terwoven, and from the beginning of
human reason have been among the
most fascinating of studies, though al
ways baffling and evasive. In lieu of
any clear definition of sleep physiolo
gists say that it is induced by an
increased absorption of oxygen, our
inhaling gas, with an increase of the
exhalation of carbon dioxide, the lat
ter being the transformation from ox
ygen in the process of breathing. The
physiological results are slower and
more regular respiration, slower pul
sation. lowered blood pressure, the
glands of the skin more active and
cessation of voluntary muscular ac
Diplomatic Retort.
The drill sergeant was real mus
tard, and the recruits were having a
bad time. The weather had been very
wet, and the parade ground was still
slippery. In doing a movement smart
ly, as an example to his men, the ser
geant slipped and fell full sprawl, and,
naturally, the "rookies" could hardly
repress their mirth. Getting up with
all the dignity he could muster, the
sergeant's eye fell on Murphy's grin
ning face. "Well, you grinning
'yena!" he roared. "What's 'urting
you? Do you see hanything funny?"
"No, sur," gurgled Murphy. tactfully.
"But, shure, 1O wtUz just thinkin' what
a laugh we cud nave had it been any
wan lse save yerself, sergeant."-Lon
don Answers.
For Iron Mold.
A solution of salts of lemon and
warm water will remove iron mold
from linen. The article should be
well rinsed afterward in clean water
and allowed to dry.
A,:th-r f "The tsn ' r ' " poy a
--   v. .' etc
' - ,'
It and an iron staple to the front of
the box for it to hook on to; also
fasten a piece of chain or heavy cord
to nails driven into the box end and
into the edge of the cover, to keep the
cover from dropping back too far when
Fasten the refrigerator box upon
the window sill, close to the window
sash. Then, with the cover hasped,
the box will be tramp-proof, because
while the window is closed there will
not be room enough between the box
and the glass to raise the iron hasp.
For the larger refrigerator shown in
Fig. 2, get a grocery box that will
- C
II -
extend across the entire width of the
window in which the refrigerator is to
be placed, or take a longer box and
cut It down to fit. Place this box upon
its side (Fig. 3), cut two triangular
pieces of equal size, and fasten one
at each end of the box, as shown at
A (Fig. 4). The front edge of these
pieces should be six or eight inches
high and the rear edge about two
inches high. After nailing the pieces
in place fasten a strip B between the
rear ends.
Cut boards of the right length and
width to roof over the top, and nail
them to the tops of pieces A and B,
then cut two boards C (Fig. 2) to fit
the open front of the refrigerator, and
after fastening them In the positions
shown, cut a strip D to fit between
By making the plecss C wide
enough, you can probably find two
boards of the right width for doors.
Hinge them to boards C as shown.
The simple lock in the Illustration
is easily made. Cut bar E as long
as the width of one door, and screw
it at one end to the center of one
door; then screw two screw-hooks Into
the other door, with the hook ends
turned up for the bar to drop onto.
Screw a screweye or screw-hook
into each end of the refrigerator box,
twist a piece of wire around it, and
fasten the other end of the wire to a i
hook or eye screwed into the window
Bore a hole through each end of the
box into each compartment, for venti
Remained LUnsatisfied.
In a recent county court case ths
defendant pleadd poverty as his ex
cuse for the nunpa.rment of a debt
and informed the judge that "no one
knows b, tter thai the plaintiff what
my circumstanc"s are." The Judg-.
turning to this g.nt lInan, aske(l, "( anl
he pay two guinmap a wek'" "Yes.
easily." promnptlI rpplied t':e latter.
"Then." said the judge. ad 'r..usirg the
defendant "as you say that the r.im
ant knows best what you can do yoe
must pay this two guineas a week
And even then the uo.fendant did not
m-m satisfid.-London Tit-Bits.
1,(;My 1 <t I )moriail t
- I . I - .1 1 I -
,i * i ', t .
r : i' :.' 1i' ." .'I.i t . i.e l ,
- 'tier "i;e - '" " :l. "' i 1 I i 'uor th
ith r l l 1S ti, ii I\ ' ."i: , 1'I\ ,11" . ,i.'1" ti
i .' .,'3 , llc , i·. t1, ',l, 1 . I t ti. l" _ ; , . .l
tirtI lil n ie . I 'tr I t Il '1111 na lt :l lt
i,',' I l:It iu ,, i .d I!ti - n' , Id " -r l itf
fcers of rJ lion toia i,* I tive do
lira, " i , , i ,I i 117 ,71 1 ,q'lc t) :il ill.-an t
fiiidlt, I an iit.tci , t i t h w ,on I-.,ru tilr
itl liy 1h: r1 i ti u sll .iti r s:l l lt il: l .n
1Ibi , di e. - I" " i" tuba r o1 f1:i hi: I ti cll l
it. I had S~i lit' iti I 1i \1s l ls-t :i d ,iit
o ft ar l iof nSt i.il r Iyr ritl lils ; ir .
thevr i h wiar I h:1,llt I l in tsuch ell Ilirl Ilin
tlt. dIuii aslto what stbe asi1d iriv ig lat.
Itsly o 11ywa git'rl tifl l l  e oit (vlt ce foii
ior she Kait i nlll.- naI ing thellll l hlif
thlrouih re. Her glround of acti no
way that .she had d(lined several of
frsi of ria htli tien to cicept lthe d-e
ftndanti , that lIe had won her alffte
tilon , her other suitors hb:if li been all lr
ried, dih,,. disatilp :i-ar, or failed to pro
Iotle againi. Slhe be it thus Itritv dclp'iv
ed of a Iick of iib iral fortii unes. She
odrouieptithese assertlioll by shtlisg meol
love hletter from these dI'rtihs, and on
Inqliry 1I learned that thwy wtre rich
itlitn. loWhlat I did not hlearn was that
itihey were inot still availale n as hus
r"ady to hi e tri-d. a cry line oune
thingt occurrIil to cause drlay. Ornde
the :linltiff, lltwho was ai lwas specni
lating, iha init rlnnll lo,(e i in wheat.
offered to settl e it all on her and marry
her ia well if she wllld IecepsBt thlu
comnlprolmise: . Se perellptorlly declin
ed. Tt ill Imoney was soon lst Ie t Tlllc
per, anid iy lli o mntmy ,isurprise scrn
ed suddeily mortilied and showed signs
of dropping the suit. I froolishly show
ied her a letter from the defendant, who
was gletting worln out ast I was with the
nse, upbridingll her. whereupon sho e
turned squ ae about aithl demandebld the
whole amount for which she had .sued,
costs were grc1nllg. Tl he widow paln
lily Ii1 ll ronitly, but the cositsq We
ush li woull lrohly ot e ioun tle en,
getlintlln f anylhinit , li omIiunal award
and woul have i o t reayl te bort asi
well as s y rofson.l fees. t hi
dhi ioi sl-t:her retur in he ,lasut. Tll!
sumlt ofr wa.it3 iniil i? tlibl, anhld son wrentli
ingtoul (thI lltsry. Le i'rh rllortis aoet
that she oaed his lihrhler $ eery hin
who lnlte lt.r Iler. I wru s arnl hips
that she wotl the lVibart.d hertelf abrkn
drop her caeii nahln.t -itz .ooiiy. No
unchl hi ootlir-lk. The It we In Asln
gust he wroa e I tcndit shei wouhel re
turnl immetiately after iyl bor day and -
ideirl that I woub r'le rto tdy oll caritn
her suit to rial i ol thir rel fer f ot
"ut whory she rtuliric In- chinou e hadt
come ifor Fitz Mo. . ey. le had snk
a lot of only il Cotton, a:d on1 wi d
lag tp his ilent.s thle a(VOllit showe,
affairs wih tilhe w'i ow, had broken
down his health, and he was lylin
lvery b11bi in is tita i.
Suih was h-i b ondition wii n a thiy
obaintlv sailed In iti y ofilce and oskI
nied me dif s ready to i try h case.I
TI ritI. by lvtig her a bro ielf account
of F'itz Momney's ti'sfrtuneot addintI
that I ftarled e would ie before 5e
m"O. Icny gof o i nv gra,.I ot'.i was th f
N(,ver it-th I -it.n tis.,ro suddlen
tit one,, til I !te it e-re. a!pi' rently
oblivioun 'if Ii-v . ofir r: dMiot- to its
and drve t, tih, h. ittel.n fr
Thanb is he e last t iltw of hr gill aft
attwnded trlite .tlg. I have seen
.. but rtvinz laob thcs. I learrud
klftr on th',t th. cu le ha,! b-,n en
/g'ld fd l.:z1 h'~ "ia spat oHavasonad
flaEut mo'.m hi ao- ttintimO from
another trii. iot of thni grew the
whole tratyanelo
Although the tavana or havana
sI.t iobacc ga at-e ow ii n ,tin - . they
are high in ou: . T!hri si-tthi,.rl- t In is

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