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Devoted to the Upbullding oef the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly Aewspaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
I~-- - .. .. -
Aen's Silver Initial Belt
ij "
" f
We have detern'l'' , t ,ke a spi ' ial offer of Mn's .-ilver
tackles, and th.r".: i!l ti t of r the sanm. Silver Initial iBelt
le for men, whi , la:' y'ar at 300 6.,o and 71 . . fr
2.50 3.50 4.50
iAlly Noteworthy i n:.t in- , ad a beautiful Fa.ter gift.
Easter Clothes for Boys
At Bargain Prices
Boys' Blue Serge Suits 3.98
rictly all wors-td tixnI po.iti.vei all fast blu nobbyh Norfolk
for boys 6 to 17 year-L a very spe'ial price
Wash Norfolk Suits 1.98
im kiad that wa-h and gibe satisfaction. made to one's own
Iwhite and colors, the kind that wash: all age..
Wash Suits For Smaller Tots
t~een new lots just rt.ceived that \ere maIde up of .pecial
rbwheh we closed out at a low price. in white and colors.
with smoking as s-Ihow . only on high-grade suits.
are in this lot at ..........................
Panama Knickerbocker Pants 75C
IM"lar dollar valtues ........................
Hats for Children 75e
rice 1.00 to . ........................
Summer Union Suits 25c
in gauze weight ......................
Blue Chambray Shirts 25
or without collars- 50c value ................
police have lodged in
aUmed Choice Woods.
charged with grand
spwat of the disappear
~$ jewelry from a
Is Mrs. Ernestine Kil
hmen a room at the
ol Mrs. C. Johnson,
Mrs. Kilduff ar
ia last week with
her valuables in
y she discovered
binuifately notified the
*as arrested and ad
*41m the tin box,
a steps, but denied all
Slb miasing valuables.
Say knowledge of the
himself later.
amounts to $334.
of 1532 Mandeville
John A. Schuler, of
street. of the
his pocket while at
both are employed
rban Drug Store,
Special Information
We bandle a full line of the Ptelffer
Company's line of Dr. Hobson
All articles in this line are sold
a positive guarantee.
Bruahes. Perfumery. Candy and Base Ball
No. 8~-Money orders, etc., at all hours and
tors for All Uses
Plants :: Cold Storage Boxes
igrna St. Fastry: 1024-26 hone St.
New Orleans
by the Southern Pacific. Mayer says
he caught Schuler's hand in his hip
pocket, but he did not have the money
there. Later he discovered his money
had disappeared from his right hand
pocket. Schuler wp.s arrested, but
was discharged.
The Saints John's Social Club have
sent out notices to their members
that the club is to give a dance for
the families and friends of the mem
bers. This entertainment will be held
at the Masonic Hlall on Saturday,
April 29tth. and will begin at 8 p. m.
All of the members of the Sts. John's
Social Club are entitled to invite as
many friends as they desire, and also
their family.
This club is one of the new organi- i
zations in our district and it goe'
without saying that the affair will be
one of the social features of this sea
son's festivities.
On April "'th the King's I)auhters
will give a boat ride to Rtest .\while.
Mandeville. The price of tickets will
be .,1 cents for adults and e' s out
for children under twelve years of
age. For tickets or for further par
* ticulars apply to Miss Sarah E. Pear
son, 5IS Pelican avenue.
.\11A cisterns on premises .erved by
d ater mains must be remnoved by Au
gust 1st. or the Sewerage and Water
Sloardt, acting on the authority of the
.Act of 1:'.,. \\ill order tlhem dtemol
islied, according to a resolution adopt
ed by tihet bard at it.. te., tin, Thars
day afternoon.
.M1ss t/.ra Pet'terkotrn. w ho has
heten the .guest of .Mrs. Jo-. Wilmore
for the past few nmonth.. left Sunday
f,r her hotme ini I.afayette. La.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Malain announce
the- approaching marriage of their
tiaclhter. Mary Itowena. to 'Mr. Fran
cis T. Carroll, of talveston. Txas.
The ceremlony \\ill take place at the
('hurch of the Ilolo Rosary. Espla
nade avenue. \VWdnesday afternoon.
April 26th. at 4:..
The regular soini-annual insp ection
of thile garbage carts of the dlixision of
public wxorks. Ilepartlnent of Public
l'ropert , was held in Elk Place
Thitr.day by Conltrissiolter E. E. La
fayet. IDuty ( o1ln1iissioiner Josephl A.
Gltason and (I'hief ('lrk tlo!,ert ('.
i)unc-an. One() hundred care were in
line. Second prize, pair of hamnes. do
nated by Rasch Btrothers. was won
by cart No. 142. owned In Mrs. Hlintz.
of the Fifteenth ward.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A.\cker announce
the enaaement of their dauchter.
('atherine. to B1enjanmin F. IBradford.
the weddine to take place .lJune 1 ait
St. I'aul's Episcopal ('Churc·h.
Thet many friends of little Luise
Kraemer will be pleased to know that
she has ret overed from a severe at
tack of pneumonia.
*Mr. and Mrs. J. A. lautenshlagger
announce the coming wedding of their
daughter, Louise. to M.r. Frank Jo
seph Beninate, the wedding to take
place Wednesday, April 2"th, at the
Maison Blanche
Columbia Records
. splendid list made up of all the nl meblie that are fa
mniliar to everyone at this -ea- on ,of the year. No record c ,l
lecti on i. complete without one or more ,Of the- tine sacred I
,elections. \\e will gladly play any tof thles f,,r \-iitors to,
our mu-ic department. third flor.
There Is a Green Hill Far Away. (Stebbins.) Henry Burr. tenor.
Organ accompaniment-with-Over the Line. (Phellp and Brad
ford.) James F. Harrison, baritone, and Harry Anthony, tenor.
Welcome Happy Morning. (Calkin., Columbia Mixed Quartette.
Organ accompaniment-with-Ho.anna. Easter Song. (Granier.)
Frank ('roxton. bass.
On ('alvary's Brow. (Sweney.) Frank C. Stanley. baritone, and
Henry Burr, tenor. Organ accompaniment-with--Throw Out the
Life Line. (('fiord.) Frank C. Stanley., baritone, and Henry
Burr, tenor. Organ aconlpaninment.
Palms. The. (Faure.) Baritone and tenor dnet--with--Face to
Face. Sacred. (Johnson.) Henry Burr, tenor.
Palms. The. (Faure.) Henry Burr tenor-with-lrd'~. Prayer and
Gloria Patria. Columbia Mixed Quartette.
(All 10-Inch Double Disc, 65c)
Redemption. Unfold Ye Portals. (Gounod.) C(olumbia Mixed
Chorus-with--Gallia-Finale. (Gounds.) ('olumbia Mixed ('horus.
Stabat Mater. (Rossini.) Fac ut Portem. (I will sing of Thy Great
Mercy.) Margaret Keyes contralto. In Latin.
Stabat Mater. (Rossini.) Quis Est Homo. (Power Eternal. Grace
Kerns. soprano. and Margaret Keyes. alto. In Latin.
Crucifix. (Faure.) Reed Miller. tenor. and Frank ('roxton. hass
with-Elijah. (Mendelssohn.) If With All Your Hearts. (harles
Harrison, tenor.
Te Deum No. 7 (Festival) in B Flat. (Buck.) Columbia Mixed
Quartette--with--MorniAg. (Von der Mehden.) ('oiumhia Male
Morning. (Von der Mehden.) Columbia Male Quartette-with
Te Deum No. 7 (Festival) in B Flat. (Buck.) Columbia Mixed
(All 12-Inch Double Disc, $1.25)
Palms. The. (Faure.) David Bispham. baritone--with-Ring Out.
Wild Bells. (Gounod.) I)avid Bispham, baritone.
Stabat Mater. (Rossini.) Pro Peccatis. (Through the Darkness.)
Jose Mardones, bass. In Latin-with-Simon Boccanegra.
(Verdi.) II lacerato spirito. (The Wounded Spirit.) Jose Mar
dones, bass. In Italian.
Parsifal. (Wagner.) Saltanto un arma val. (There is but one way.)
Edward Johnson. tenor. In Italian.
Parsifal. (Wagner.) II Santo Gral. (The Holy Grail.) Edward
Johnson, tenor. In Italian.
(All 12-Inch Double Disc, $1.50)
Phone or mail ortlers protnptly filltil.
A Columbia Grafonola for Easter
Nothing could be more appropriate as a gift. not (nly
to make this Easter a happy one. but as a source of joy and
genuine pleasure for years to come.
Ask to see and hear this Columbia out
fit "75." It is a splendid cabinet instru
ment. comes in mahogany or oak. and
would be an ornament in any home.
The outfit. including 12 selections on
6 double records. $7.90. Sold on the club
plan. $15.78 down. $7.89 monthly, no in
iSt. Louis ('athedral Th'liere % ill also
be a reception held at th.' Italian,
lail. tic' I Espllauadle a,'venue
Mli.s ('anmille .\itchell. of ,t;7 1''.
h'itic avenue, re'eived the French doll
that teas displosed of rteenthl for the
!benefit ofi tlhe Wm\'an:il's [iiLt·nsur'y.I
.lr. and Mrs. (Geore Koltutl and lit
tie danuhter. I.ouike. ha\lt returined
frout ltilutxi. a her* thel } . p.tl thei
past thlree a eek.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. t'. Ilttut;etre arte
recetiving congratulations on the ar
rival of a son last Su:ida>.
.\ -n.ak thijet .tole a Il.Dayton bi
cycle belonging to Melton Bur; front
his Ihome at ::;4 Blermuda street sonti
titme Sunday. TheIt ma hine t a- v-al
tied at $7.
Mi.'s Naomi Lynch b ill re, Bite the
hat it anld veil of the o)rder it Mis-ion
llHelpers of the Sacred Heart on Mon
day at the tout lttl a here'. he- stulldied
in lBaltimlore.
Mrs. M. 1)olIt,. a sister ut Mrs. liamit
Mond Sirey. has return(, I to l.iter.
to rtesidte. ller tat still. :ave also
retiturned hItere.
lTheret \\till e a ptin> part i anid
ICaster e- hbutrt at thie r. -idetnc itl
Mrs. M1orri-oni. 2-7 I1larotdti treet.
Otn Saturday Iv.ti tug at . tt'lotk for
all tilidrent. Adltission will he lit e
ents. i'htre is to ei a ral liet' buit
ny giv*,n to lto t illi who tinds tlhe
'golden" *L'. Mainy litti pennyt ar
tihles will he .sold al-it. .\1t the .\l:iers
Ilayt'rointl. M11ss ('ora ol 'e. super
visor, ha. announcetld that Ahe has
somite reatd -mtalie n-t.- on iale all
this (teek. The ba.ket. are hand
tlade antd arit iery artistic. They xtill
e' soldi at It andil 27 te'tts
Oin Saturday. April '.th. there (till
he ta moving pictulre and vaudeville
shlo twiten at the Ntnlo for I eletn
Skelly. .\ Cood and interestini vau
det ille is promnisetd. .Admtission, 10
cents. atitd a special ritn of pit turns.
(ine of 'the features for the hi;
pltay _rtlts;l festival to ibe held on Mai
tIth  htin there a ill be a tmagnificent
pageant parade in a litch every play
e'rouind in New Orleans will te repre
setinteld, will be ant outdoor baseball
game bet welt the St. I{o('hlt teati and
.Algiers at St. Roch Pl'lay ground. Now
Algiers has ala ays made a good show
ing, so it's up to the big fellows to
shiow lwhat they can do to win. The
tContinued on Page 4.)
c':0; , < ,i l !.t ,,rr,. I ' at ha\*" "',n
j ,rknl i tar t!. pj,,; t ~i. ,. - at tit
1rant.r- 1) -'il tln Iti ;,tany a ll tin ty
)plbttt th . ir la tr- " .+it hti .ii, ,tt ort
.in trl , I s nt- cal rl 'il ,t r ead ttn
du hub .it."-. M r. .\. . (til'vitr. a tl,;
i. the print i1,al ;,r,}n,,t,.r .Irld r-an
iz,r o, f thll ctorn; ' . a tndl .hro ill
have cthar-, oi ,t th. hI " lr a olillarat of)l
ae ii ,lat'. halls ,t n a ryll busy n Lta
indtt t ,l ttint all the d.t.il- ar
range.d so as to he.in operation by
Snet week. In the bI.inntint: thtI er
I ill be abount Iao thousandt bushel oi
of ,'orn us+.-, ea. h da}i or between
-i\ty anri sevent thounit h uad a.hels a
iontolh. This uorn i ill o t. convertedr I
into coital tcial a rhol. ;hut the big
l,, ,n rn do,"- not -top at mtrt.l+ lman
iit turii it oniut, rial a. ohol bt
thre It -proui t: of thi, tni distillery
lill 'rtimean ui l 4r . or
l'rcin tnnc ion . t.' 1 t1" 1i- plant
thii- ,i tilh.ry aill tco other indlstris
S.hi re,'., this t y- ; ,r,,ll f hi 4 , ,rn
ilr b in ,d in l .ttt.t: 1rtt," Th
I'r of tic corn i al-, 1-e i l 11n
Totalurin. a I I for cattl -. This 1 orn
, i. a Etlr t l il ll. rothu. . is opular
lralt",d a.it, the liquid pr,., -1, from
the corn ntreeit i undertaker. \hri
ltoed into hiparnent. un al\. that it
ia suerir to It ant otr tood.n street.
T, Ine edifice makes a err hand
some appeanthe land it- it, ont ,tirao
tis quite a compivmenhyt to te ar:ohitct
thirty-lite to forty 1,-opll+
and alsom of the bultok of tit \iers
ia resillince in oloran istreet. b our
iers the ('or hnt oue. ut thave dispo-emand
iption to he alourihi lo, dutral etplantri.
Moust of the moneyfr owf te proer is for
eigtn capital and a little are ;lea u to
r.  Mloth isto oiurt. the oru. t.
Pre oin( tI 1 ro 2d loor. 11on
onre in. te ve il ri2:ve v bein 4
ro inamt in the r 1ar 44 11epa
Precinct 4 :"; .:1 .7 2"3
ratecinct i5 ,l 7 lli !4 4entire
Precinct t; 71 1.:, ,!t 1:34
Thre eint i 4b 6 il 1 1i 113it
Toall tal 41 .1ies 4incl 1.2in a
Mr. Eile tin. Moth. our popular
Morgan street undertaker. has
moved into his new bungalow which
hatti been erected in Sezuin street.
Thile new edifice makes a very hand
some appearance and its construction
is quite a compliment to the architert
and also th.e builder.
Mr. Mothe has conducted his busi
ness. occupying the same building as
a residence, in Moran street. iss Ee
site the Courthouse. but the demands
upon the flouris ing industrial plant
of the Johnson Ieon Works .rought
ibout the transfer of the property of
Mr. Mlothe to that concern for $67I.0.
which sum and a little more was util
ized by Mr. of the on tfrie nwds in honorild
Tof he resi confirmae portion of the new
abr. thundance.s office. the morue. etc.
are on the roend floor. oeated onMisses
aone side. the vehiona driveway einl
on thred and Susies leadThorning to te spa-nd
elious ha Boudr the rear a yard iolsepa
Lufrating tElsie tdao mildins. The entire
Pegroundas. floor is of schillinger padvs Mter.
Hida Hotard. uarmling will bite fitted wit.
aIrene Sinclair. oladyeniees, including a.
Reaineyi.ng at Station s. Ne Orleansut
r. ostofnd ier. khas. Adams.i Thursday.. and
licks. SJaIdneob R. Ktdams. Mlrs. E.Dan Lebau
neM, McRoy. BurkJoseph Mesillrs. oph Reed. Ed
Frank Towers. Lut. eorge and Dee
LadThorning. iss Tilfred Boudreaux. Miss Eddive
sephlyn Ory. Miss Crey Rines. Mrs. Stel
china. Emmett and Floyd a St.tigey
On Sundab Roy last .lma Luft enter
and baby Roy Lutt.
SThere is a certatit statalp (f int i\idualit\
allutt a \\b U :Il' Millier v,. Mre thatl 1,
II an1 other article tf h'r dress i, herl ta-ltc ex
pressed 11\ it.
Attratctiv-cteness at d'sigtz. sitlatrtl.es at
Shape aud l tec l iiIII leS ,l ci e ,.t, Vitll Ort pert
bllldisll g5 ill sl1halt,.S :Id t'i trillllllin s. .r thIl'
COlll)Iil'latit) S S, tit' ll' t i ,h tI'h wl ll 1 I ,I ta: tei~'
II it is a Hltlies" t :t . 1u cat dCeped upo
it that selc tic)ls hav 'been m.e w hicllh em
hra:tce this C(o ciniilL ti (oll
i r'olac ti \ ill lit) s>e'ast( I (I reIC 'lit \catl.r have
s1ll: . h' < l 11, c hliefr ta I St\ls ill I t i 111111111 5
II()rc. at tratcti\ e.
Ihe ribhl - o tt an td oIlucer> that precdt'lmnaiate
live v. ulderiul ceie ct'.
The same carel and expert judgm.l iet is ex
ercised id the ,electiuHl ( our mno~der:tte-priced
hats, as in o)ur mt ore expensive Milliierv.
D. H. Holmes Co.
Pn.". Nry rk.,, LIMITED eAO&N.d
Berlin. L.endon n F ne. April 2. i42.
al*( liahu dlll agile. \11 "ii g
anud gr~c, tramI~ I
.All of o'ur ('uto)nler% will tell
yVou e .ace themat money. Wht
not '.nu 1w our c~u)to)ler.
'.\TTFIB%14l & \'.\IJIETTI
1 ".t 11'1'l i,..:I . . ,. ! • ,i .. ., *,.,.ý I,' ,, :. I-'t!'..
Successors to Cable Piano Co. STREET
Easter Egg Dyes,
Flex German Egg Dyes
White Rabbit Dyes
Per Package
Chocolate Cream Eggs
Six in Crate Two Sizes
25c and lOc
ErEIJ UPP, Drugdist
Bermudo, E & V&erretts:
The Winner
porto Ii I t p ii t it Ii n g o
coiii- tit'II a por. l ii f a iii a
r'tu vr I iili pr ~naL t I hit
Itron L I,' "liniip -titlo ll bI%- that
grisat "ýt of aiss is
.uch pull uitin co on li lh at
tained si an 41 hol Iurouugh the,
'11511uing Sea= onilyb lit strict
ailhereui~t ut I a ata nulau set at
the firm's iniiiptioun:
UII NT sF:1tV"I( 't:-Htº\F:ST
Vt I l(.IT - NO) M1IItfI PhiF
SI T \ TI)ON-\() S'l'RTIT'
Main Store: 201 RoyIl St.
Phone Manin 2.500

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